We Are All Murderers (1952) Movie Script

- It's mine!
- Are you kidding?
What are you doing?
- Nothing.
- I saw you hiding something.
I haven't got anything.
Let's have a look.
That's mine, give it back!
Go on, get outside.
Hey, Michel, have a good night?
- He took my stuff!
- He can have what you have.
- You've got something to eat?
- What I can find in this war.
- I'm hungry.
- Haven't you had something to eat?
- Just some bread.
- I don't have enough, so don't bother me.
- Give it back!
- You can't use so many butts.
- You've got to give it back to me.
- You think that's likely?
Just because he really wants it.
So you shouldn't hide things.
You have things that he's found,
you should plan for yourselves.
- Rene, Rene!
- Yell all you like.
Give me back my things.
Keep yelling and I'll give you a rock.
Again? If you come back
again, I'll thrash you!
Looking through my belongings again!
There's no end to this worry.
Don't come back here
or I'll smack you one!
I really can't stand
what these people do here.
Don't follow me in here!
I can't do much with this, can I?
You'll pardon me for saying so,
but I don't think so, really.
It's a pair of boots.
I know, but look at the end here.
Can't I get more for it?
Take it back.
- Yes sir?
- How's the drink?
- Fine.
- This enough?
Did you do the dishes first?
There's seeds in here.
You don't know what
you're talking about.
Want to leave them here?
Good afternoon, and here is the news.
Today the death toll stands
at a maximum of 50 people.
With more in the south due to
increased activity from both sides.
Soldiers on both sides have
been at short-term adjustments.
It is believed tomorrow will
see even fiercer fighting.
Are you still there?
Ah, it's all hell, listening
to this news every day.
- Want a drink?
- No.
Want one?
I don't.
- You could change your mind.
- I'll let you know.
Is this the first time
you've been in this place?
There's other areas I like.
- Best I can do.
- That's enough.
Give me a refill.
Ah, Michel, come here.
You want to follow me in
here, then you have a drink.
- I'm thirsty.
- I want you to drink this.
Give the rest to him, in a glass.
The best bread for your body.
- How do you find it? Good, eh?
- It's OK.
Could be bad for the kid's growth.
Want something?
Yes, you've been around here recently.
That's the case, all right.
Come on, some people have
been waiting a while for you.
The mandate.
They're at Charles' home.
They'll be resting there a bit.
Do you think it possible, based on
your circumstances, if you can go?
You think about it.
I've already thought about it.
- Charles informed me.
- I still have to consider.
Yes, but there are other
people to think about.
If he closed the house, there's
no work, what would you do?
Have you thought about it this way?
But I have never killed
any person outright.
I've already thought about it.
Charles did not say what you
would be doing, don't worry.
Someone will give you training.
And the price will be
much higher than before.
But that's based on experience.
Why do you hesitate?
- How much?
- You'd be paid in cash.
That's different.
Is the client very strong?
It makes no difference because
he won't get out of the house.
On the other hand it might,
so you pay me directly.
This is certainly nothing
you need to worry about.
Is there someone who'll
take me to Charles...
or that he'll come to
me, or meet in some location?
One beer!
I can't see you return.
With me you don't need to
worry about this problem.
Some beer!
No one, right?
- You should go immediately,
- Have you got a setup for the house?
- Haven't you been in the right room?
- Not now, I simply can't sleep.
But now it may be too late.
I haven't gone to that floor.
Here, you take it.
Beer and soldiers are comparable,
some are better than others.
If you've already started saying
that then you're drinking too much.
- Your beer.
- Thank you.
- You've got the money?
- You're going to use this bag?
I've got someone else
with me, and a cart.
- He's very sharp.
- I can't see that.
Now you can pay me, right?
It's all OK.
- Then I'll go on the road.
- Don't let those soldiers find out.
- Take the key.
- Can you cut through the road?
- All right.
- Good.
You could turn up the music
while I go to where he's staying.
I know, but it's a bit complicated.
You go to the back, where
that kid is on the street.
Fighting on the front-line has seen the emergence of
new problems, most troops are suffering resistance...
- Enough joking around!
- There's complications.
Can you stop the noise?
- Who's that?
- Your brother.
Everyone's sleeping.
Whisper! The walls have ears.
Never mind.
I didn't think you
were going to come here.
I'm going to finish this up.
It would be nice if you could give me some
money, I'd also like to leave with you.
Do you think I'm crazy?
- No towels?
- There's no need.
You got anything? Show me.
Don't kid around, we'll
see who's stronger.
This watch is for me.
That's a present to me.
This is just change, this is the tip.
You're not human.
Go to bed, you have to dry up.
That's all.
China's new submarines have
been successfully tested.
Bound for the sea and now on their way.
If our country would just
make this kind of thing.
Get on the road, if everything
goes well, that money is all mine.
20 minutes.
- You afraid?
- A little.
I'll stay here waiting, while
you go ahead and be a lookout.
If it's clear, whistle.
- What are you doing here?
- Just a small break.
- Five minutes it'll be closed here.
- I'll go now.
Ah, air strikes again.
- Get to the air-raid shelter.
- But I have to go home.
There's aircraft up
there and we'll be killed.
We'll go take cover.
Get away from the aircraft quickly,
sir, there are air raid shelters here.
Put it over here.
Careful of the walls, you see the wall
was blown back, the owner was furious.
Is it so serious?
It seems much better, I don't know the
quality of the houses here, however.
- Can I play it?
- It doesn't go.
- My children are still at home, and I'm away.
- It's too late now.
- I already told you, don't touch.
- Stupid, can't you be quiet?
Hurry up, run, I have
to find a place to hide.
Go, go down here.
- You don't want to go with them?
- I want to wait it out.
My wife is always with
the dog at this time.
Because this time there
are many street dogs.
And my dog can predict
the time of the bombing.
Almost over, then we'll go.
What's leaking out here?
Oil, it's broken.
It's blood, what's in there?
You don't have any right.
There's nothing, I tell you.
Oh, excuse me. Maybe
you've killed somone?
A uniform?
It's only a traitor.
- You didn't find anyone.
- Didn't I?
I saw too, but together
we don't have to.
You want to drag me right into this?
You only get pulled in
to what is related to you.
If you go out, you'll be like him.
You're asking me to help?
You help us to see what the
situation is on the road.
Do you agree?
This is the first and
last time I do this.
I'll push, you move it.
Don't come back here.
Give it a hard push to the side,
and then we'll let it go from there.
We're here.
Come in.
- Finally.
- I'm thirsty.
Hold on a minute.
- Francine?
- Yes?
Could you bring some bread and wine?
- Right away.
- Thanks.
Don't you feel good?
My head's a bit dizzy.
Would you like to pursue
this as a future career?
I only did it this time.
Did you kill him?
- Yes.
- Can I ask why?
He wanted to rape my sister.
Most of it is left at home.
My wife; My friend.
We should work together, let's drink.
Pleased to meet you.
Your friend is late.
We can only wait for a while, he went to take
care of some problems best not mentioned.
These are the rules, do you understand?
Like others, you don't ask him too much.
I know what you mean.
Here he is.
This is Rene Le Guen.
- Good evening.
- Take a seat.
Have a glass?
- You?
- I wouldn't say no.
He'll be a good recruit.
- Sir?
- A glass of red.
Yes, sir.
You've done it once? You can't be
afraid of doing it for the party.
I'm not afraid of anything.
- Can you explain that?
- It's a bit complicated.
NOTICE: Following a cowardly attack committed against a
German soldier the following 10 hostages will be shot.
NOTICE: Following a cowardly attack committed against
a German NCO the following 12 hostages will be shot.
What's the matter?
I went to the designated place for Girard
and waited for two hours, no-one showed up.
I saw people tracking
him, I left to save myself.
If he was captured,
we might have trouble.
- Of course there will be.
- You mean I'll be in danger?
The previous five have been arrested,
they have a confession out of other people.
- Who?
- Don't panic.
Hello? What is it?
My situation is now very
urgent, I'm running too.
I saw them go to Sautier.
Sautier? Are you sure?
Yes, yes, I'm sure of it, certainly.
Military police are coming,
I can't say any more.
I've got to go.
We've got to get out of here, quickly.
I can't ask any questions.
But Girard does? He won't ask you?
I'd like to call Pierre too,
but I don't have the right to.
He's not at home, what do you want?
You can give him a call this evening.
I have to find him right away.
I can't wait until tonight.
I have a very urgent
matter to discuss with him.
- Find him quickly and tell him.
- Very well.
My husband isn't back.
- I'll wait for him.
- If you like.
I had a telephone call.
Is it serious?
I can't tell you anything.
You don't want to give me any bad news?
No, I've just come for a mission.
By the look of you, you have a headache.
- All the time.
- Would you like an aspirin?
- I'm not very focused.
- Wait right here.
I'll be back soon.
- You're going?
- See you.
- Where's Francine?
- She went out.
- Where?
- She didn't say.
What you are doing here?
Some of us want the freedom
to work for other people.
What kind of freedom?
It's written here.
I see.
Something went wrong when you
went to see him this afternoon.
- I was late.
- He didn't say anything?
He didn't give me anything
else than the work I had to do.
I find that a bit strange.
Forget it for now, come with me.
Has there been any work recently?
This situation is not a good thing.
Careful, let me go first.
Are you going to join me?
This is what he asked me to do.
Having a drink?
- I only started.
- Keep your temper.
- Need any help?
- It's nothing.
Go, it's starting!
There's fighting outside.
We're going out now, you go back.
Take the corridor.
Up there!
Two on the staircase, the
other at the chimney, let's go.
I'm coming with you.
- You didn't go?
- No.
The captain went to the battlefield.
Don't come near me!
Are you crazy?
- Where did they go?
- The yard, don't you know?
Who's out there?
Le Guen! What are you doing?
There shouldn't be anyone here!
You shouldn't be so noisy.
The occupation is over.
It is decided not to release criminals.
It is a moral issue.
Such cases are troublesome
about young men such as this.
In order to enable him to turn over a new leaf, I
have decided to take him out of home for two years.
His home will be school, to learn.
In order to enable him to truly become a
good man, this is the only thing we can do.
All of this will be
kept on file for life.
It's very difficult to grasp the
yardstick for childrens' education.
His family environment
has to be improved.
Does his father understand?
The rest is the responsibility of
the mother coming from good vinters.
From this point on you have
to help him gradually change.
I invite the official adjudicator to make
specific arrangements for the child's future.
We must show him tolerance because
his sister is a prostitute...
and we must take strict
action about his brother.
Why didn't you see me?
- I see what I like.
- What do you want to do?
I have to stay far away from you.
No Rachel, don't go.
I don't want to speak with you, I'm
not married, you have no friends.
I don't want you to ruin my reputation.
I could make you happy.
What can you do? Give me a bad name?
Stop, you can't just think like this.
You can give anything to me, even death?
Don't be so sad, I'm the
same, but we have to face this.
It's already the case, we have
no alternative but to accept it.
But we had never done anything!
Aren't we set up more easily?
- Michel is gone.
- Who made them do it, perhaps you!
Well, perhaps they should stop
saying that you can go to my home.
But just how can you master
a family with such a lot.
Let's go, this way.
Well, noted, this is already the
65th individual homicide we've had.
I'm sorry sir, there are guests waiting.
- I'm not finished.
- I'm sorry, your time is up.
I said I'm not done.
- My ticket.
- Fine, sir.
I'd like a towel.
Right here.
- Attendant!
- Be right there.
- You want a bath?
- Police. We're looking for someone.
Open all the doors.
Even if people aren't wearing clothes.
Sir, I'm not the one in charge.
We want to see if one of
your guests is a killer.
Perhaps there's going
to be blood everywhere.
I don't know, sir.
- Do you want to keep your job?
- Of course I do.
Then open the door immediately,
we only want to take a look.
Through here.
Police. Open the door.
But I'm not wearing anything.
Hurry up and stop talking rubbish.
It's urgent, so open the door.
What's happened?
- Go on, go.
- But I'm not ready.
- Do what I tell you.
- You better get out here.
You're the police?
- Is that him?
- No.
You disappear.
- Let's look at the other bathroom.
- Go through here.
It's noon and he's not back.
- Could you be a little nicer?
- Are you kidding?
Father, Mother, I'm so happy.
- What's the matter?
- I've never been as pleased as this.
Tell us about it.
In a minute.
Agnes? It's me.
Excuse me for being out of breath.
I've received a formal
position in the Law Society.
Law? What do you mean?
A total of only three people passed,
I got the highest single judgement.
Mama, he said that he was one of only three to
pass the examination for the Supreme Court.
Only three people? That's really great!
Well done, Philippe!
He has not done a good thing.
Well, no one hears his plea.
No. His life is all bad.
In the resistance he killed many people.
After the war, he killed many people.
He continues to maintain silence.
What he has not said leads him
immediately to the guillotine.
The official trial is finished, judgements have
been made in the light, as far as possible.
It will do good to set an
example for those in the future.
Only in this way will
such incidents occur less.
That is my wish.
Is there anything you have
to say before the sentence?
A jacket.
A vest, a pair of pants.
A shirt.
A pair of shoes.
A pair of socks.
A belt.
- Got a ticket?
- Here.
Are you ready?
After this you can't
remove the handcuffs.
The prisoner is heading
for the corridors.
Hurry up and let him go.
Sentenced coming right now.
Clear the aisle.
Everybody leave the aisle.
Hurry up, go on.
Clear the aisle.
Everybody leave the aisle.
Clear the aisle.
Everybody leave the aisle.
There's a new one for
the death sentence.
They don't need to send so
many people to "the machine".
This scene has become a habit.
There's already two here,
there's not enough room.
It won't be crowded for long.
Being sentenced to death is very
common, there's killing everywhere.
It's not such a small place
here but perhaps for you it is.
Look alert. Sit down here.
Why did you do it?
Life here is so upsetting.
Isn't it, Gino?
This evening? Will it be this evening?
- I've already said I won't come here tonight.
- I only believe what the judge said.
I'm sympathetic to what you
say, but I can't do anything.
This isn't the case, Gino. It's only a
show, he can't give you more than that.
Worrying again? Don't
think about it so much.
"The machine" is in Toulouse.
Toulouse! Last time you
told me it was in Bordeaux.
How long am I going to stay here?
You'll have plenty of time to
think about it, generally 600 days.
And we all have our own position.
For your own sake, you'd
better not look back.
Don't give us a bad impression.
Good night.
Not a bad impression.
What impression is there?
I simply don't need
to give any impression.
I, in particular, will be finished
before the rest of this period.
He's a good sort though.
Set your mind at ease.
It's day now.
But in the evening they
come from the other side.
Why are you worrying
this young man about it?
He'll come back again.
I don't want him to come back again.
You shouldn't mind.
Look past "it" and
this capital punishment.
I always wanted to protect my wife,
not poison her, that's not true.
Good evening.
Got anything to do?
- Nothing.
- But the gentleman sees the end of the day.
This will be sent out tomorrow
together with the others.
However, this package
doesn't have an address.
Here's the address.
Sante Prison? For an inmate?
But it's impossible for prisoners
on death row to receive parcels.
- Why?
- This is a provision of the prison.
They don't want to allow them there.
You can take it back,
I haven't marked it.
Then you just mail it to any person.
- It doesn't matter.
- To some unfortunate who needs it.
I'll just write an address, all right?
- I think he'll be waiting for this.
- I don't like to say.
But in any case I thank you.
Do you want to leave a name?
I think you should tell him what kind
of person I was to avoid this matter.
So I should say something to him?
Do you know how to do it?
I've talked to his mistress.
She was very agitated.
I don't have the right
to speak of the mistress.
Why, then, his wife left him.
It's not that his wife wants to become a mistress,
it's that he wants his wife to become a mistress.
But I do know that he was
not really keen on that kind.
How can I sleep?
You can't go to them and talk about it?
Obviously not.
Why did you move?
Do you think you it can
be put off another 10 days?
I ask you to help and tell
me that this is not really so.
I can't do anything. Good night.
Good night.
In this light, I never sleep.
I've got open space to walk.
How can you really sleep in this way?
Who would come?
Even if you say hello and have a word.
You're too quiet, so I'm disturbed.
If I could drink a glass of wine.
Why are you so tired of
the current situation?
He's often worried.
Can you understand this?
Not quite.
The town council, the political,
economic, cultural mess.
Everything's so peculiar.
What about you, also falling
into a trap like this?
You're here for murder too.
I don't think so, but
you're also a victim.
This is where you're wrong.
Don't give what he said a thought.
First of all, your family
thinks of you as such.
This week will begin some
movement and activity in the group.
Those are the rules.
I know nothing about these facts.
I'm going to sleep.
All right for you, I have
to wait until tomorrow comes.
You hear that?
Hear it now?
Maybe not.
I heard footsteps in the corridor.
And also in my head.
Gino, look at the window.
A late night.
So begins a new day.
Now I can sleep.
This is the coach with the new inmates?
No, the guillotine.
I can hear a lot of
noise from the corridor.
It's putting psychological
pressure on you too.
I heard it from the left side of the
corridor. It's coming from the right.
It's just the guards walking.
Gino always has very good hearing.
He can hear voices coming from far away.
- It's very strange.
- He's always in a crazy state.
- A doctor couldn't explain this phenomenon.
- Will he come out?
Very serious?
For others, there is nothing.
He only caused trouble
for his wife and doctors.
The lawyer's come to ask
you for some information.
Hello, Le Guen.
I hope you can establish a
file for each one of them.
These are supposed to have
government information.
- Did you come from the corridor?
- Yes.
Was there a coach?
- I wasn't paying attention.
- You should pay attention...
Enough Gino, go back to your place.
- Think.
- I didn't make out any coach.
Think about it well, was
it lined up, in a line?
I told you, no coach.
Yes, you certainly do not pay attention.
It is I who am too sensitive.
Excuse me.
Le Guen, first of all, I must ask
you to agree on this matter of murder.
It's no more than just
a joke, they always fuss.
Then I have to bring this
matter to a conclusion.
Just sign on the line!
Gino, you would like to
participate in a civic election?
This is a judicial procedure form.
I'll do as you say.
Sign here.
Make a cross here.
If you have been shot at, then an officer will
be brought to the trail for your representation.
Why, then, was it not done for us?
The Presiding Officer will
not represent each case.
It's grossly unfair.
Everyone should be treated
equally, is that not so?
If you go on like this, then who
would believe the judicial process?
It is not a decision by
the Supreme Court Justice.
With all respect, Judicial President...
but if I were a lawyer, then I would not defend
the so-called administration of justice.
This is because of my wife's sake.
I also ask you to believe me.
Although I can't see what is
happening outside, I can hear it.
Hey, when he comes out let me
know, I'll be around the corner.
- Who's is this?
- Here.
Aren't we all drinking red wine?
I used to.
If everyone was like you
the bars would be closed.
- I also know that, but I've drunk this for too long.
- Since 1:30, that's nothing.
You're not the boss of me.
Here there are no women
bosses for all of us.
Are they preparing something?
They must be.
I don't hear anything.
They don't want you to hear.
They already know your
specific appointment.
I'll tell you who.
I see them too.
What is it?
For now you don't have a lot
to say to the judicial system.
Who is this crowd?
Friends, although now the highest...
Enough is enough, lawyers.
You haven't given enough time to
prove the evidence was circumstantial.
You can let go of me.
I'm not afraid.
He seems to be brought out.
B. C.
- D.
- D What?
I'm only listening to what I can hear.
The decision is done, get out the book.
I marked those people
who have been beheaded.
Is Le Guen also finished?
He just started, but he'll
reach the end faster than us.
Sonnier. Ben Alloud.
Hausser. Vegard.
All of them will be commemorated.
I hope that we'll be the last.
You are now entitled
to make a last request.
My wife is dead.
My mistress?
No, I don't want to see her.
- Then you can go now?
- Clearly.
Goodbye, comrades.
Now you can sleep.
My son, today you will
be returned to God.
I would like to say sorry
to the General Counsel.
Our Lord is above, waiting for you.
Leaving this world can
be a beautiful thing.
I would like to say sorry to the guards.
I bring you too much trouble.
Father, I have not hidden anything.
My son, do you have anything to confess?
If there was another day, then
I would like to speak with you.
Prison can't do anything to save you.
But you walk like a man.
This is different from other prisoners.
I did not do anything to my wife.
Dutoit, freedom should be your faith.
Obviously it is your faith.
But for me, it's nothing.
It has no position in my mind.
Apart from my wife, I
am interested in nothing.
It's over.
Farewell, Dutoit. Rest in peace.
Here is the press corps from the second report,
Wilson vigorously took a shot and scored...
Completing the team's
last wish this year.
This is how it should be, you're
quiet and that's a miracle.
I should have something from home,
why haven't they come to bring it?
Maybe they're not ready.
Thank you, if you're also
like me, I'll share my pain.
You should stop hoping, you can't
receive things brought in here.
Why do you say that?
The second report, the French team in the
World Cup had a victory over England...
France's player number 12 scored
an amazing goal in the 13th minute.
With the morale of the French team increased,
the first half in the next game...
saw two more goals, the United Kingdom rose to
counter-attack but met with a strong defence.
Finally, it was France's
second victory in four.
This is the man who
should do the final report.
Rugby: Because of bad weather
last year we will stop -
Why did you stop talking so suddenly?
I don't feel like it.
I've got a stomach pain.
Clear the aisle.
Everybody leave the aisle.
Gino, someone to see you.
- Guard, I have dysentary.
- Is that so?
I'm not lying, this
morning there was blood.
Go and find him a doctor.
I'm ready, let's go.
Ah, now we can start.
Did you find a lawyer?
Here we go again, I
told you to rest assured.
But there's no time.
The Presiding Officer hasn't
said anything about Luigi.
If he doesn't say anything
then I can't be at ease.
I can't forget these
things. I'm not God...
so I can't do everything, understand?
I'm sure that I'll be torn apart.
I'm not talking about that.
And you, mama, how are you?
How are you making out?
I pray for you, I'm fine.
You didn't say about the lawyer.
It doesn't matter what I
say, you won't understand.
Mama, you have to forget me like
this, now you have to make a good life.
Who are you to say you are no use?
Take a closer look, your son is good
for nothing, did nothing for you.
You want me to hate you, right?
I'm in a blind alley.
Oh, mama.
I will bless you.
However, this doesn't
seem to have any use.
I'm useless.
You only worry.
Mama, did you talk about the murder?
You will be avenged.
- Swear it.
- Don't talk in Corsican.
I swear.
- Hurry, it's urgent.
- Just a minute.
Call an ambulance.
What? Wait, something's up.
- Who is it?
- Le Guen.
Director? What's happening?
There is a sick inmate,
send a doctor over fast.
He's got dysentary?
Try to cure him.
A little pain, excuse me, Le Guen.
Ah, no noise now.
- Is it done?
- Yes.
You're going to give me a dressing?
Steel pliers will do the trick.
They saved my life.
Hopefully everything will be fine.
Let me out there! Guard!
What use are doctors,
you're going to die!
They're not patients like you!
Are they making you well enough to die?
I can't sleep, what
do you want me to do?
- He's not happy.
- All he can do is vent his temper.
So that we can all understand it.
What's he in here for?
He's condemned to death, like you.
He's a murderer?
Here there is only the sick.
This dressing is troublesome.
There's still some pain.
Don't move.
- Have you noticed anything abnormal before?
- I didn't pay any attention.
In the past, my stomach
hasn't been a problem.
You have brothers or sisters?
One sister and a younger brother.
- Your sister's working?
- Yes.
- When did she start?
- About 12.
It can get better.
Don't worry, we have a
lot of good doctors here.
You can cure it?
Don't you believe me?
No, I just feel uncertain.
It's our bound duty to save people.
They're going to kill the
ducks, do you know who?
I'll go and see who's going to do it.
You haven't finished the wood yet?
No, I've got blisters.
You can stop doing this now.
Here. For the ducks.
- I've never killed a duck.
- It's simple.
Grab it by the neck
and give it one blow.
It's nothing after you
do it the first time.
The boss said to get firewood.
The boss first?
You really are funny.
Who's the master?
Go, what are you waiting for?
Is that you?
That's me, what can I do for you?
No kidding.
How could someone get such ideas about
this kid, it really is a fairy tale.
This is him, you talk to him.
This policeman's told me
something funny about school.
Have you got a pain
in your head? Speak up!
My head always hurts.
What's the state of his health?
50-50, he doesn't need a doctor.
But he is sick.
What does that mean?
- He should go to school.
- If he wanted to go.
I'm his master, I can't
even get him to do right.
You mind what you say to the police.
I never want to go.
He has his own ideas.
Then go and kill the ducks.
Go on!
He's too stupid a person.
Look at that.
It's inconcievable.
That's very well, but I can tell you
that not after long he'll be bored.
Should I prepare for a funeral?
You don't need to do that.
It is not unlike killing ducks.
I don't have the ability to write.
Don't be too hard.
Give it to me.
Look at the good points.
It's much better this week.
But still a bit floating.
Does it take a long time
to learn many of these?
As I see it, at this level
for someone like you...
Approximately a year's time.
For me, even six months
is a trifle too generous.
What are you doing?
I have to pee.
And I would like to
live a little longer.
He's quiet now.
For now. Here.
- You'd better be careful.
- Can you control such a thing?
Who do you think would control you?
They're fools, the President
is a fool, you're a fool!
You want me to silence you?
Feeling better yet?
Pretty good, it's quite
satisfactory for me now.
I've been looking for your
brother, but he refused to come.
I'd like to learn to write,
how long would it take?
How are you learning?
I just asked how long so I
could write a letter on my own.
- To your mother?
- My mother? That's crazy.
Before I die...
I want to write a letter.
To the President of the Republic.
I'm not joking.
I don't want to hide anything, I would
like to tell him our situation now.
Hurry up!
We need assistance outside!
Clear the aisle.
Everybody leave the aisle.
Stand facing the wall.
- What's happening?
- Obviously people are coming back in.
- Le Guen?
- I think, at the end. Take a look.
You have to understand the situation.
Hurry up and turn towards the wall!
Otherwise you will be subject
to disciplinary action!
Idiot. I saw Le Guen.
Never mind, you came back.
- Take a look at this guy.
- Ah, always so quiet.
I want to sleep.
I didn't want a speech.
Making life difficult?
You die in this way.
- I force myself to sleep in here.
- You know that's impossible.
You should face reality.
Gino, don't speak angrily.
Can we come in?
You can give them a baptism.
Come in.
Here the new priest.
It's very difficult now to
be faced with these children.
I'm here to help you.
I know that you're sentenced to death.
But we are all French.
As long as your heart is sincere,
your soul will become pure.
In front of me you are without trial.
I will not desert you...
or leave you to feel sad...
I will give you hope.
You know everyone has
a chance of rebirth.
This is a trial of self-opportunities.
The administration of justice, too?
Of course.
It is ourselves who have possession of our
own destiny, masters of our own decisions.
Then we can get true relief?
Of course, because people's
fate lies in their own hands.
God will understand us? Can he
understand why I can't sleep?
Stop talking!
He's too anxious, has no control.
God does not care for those
who kill their own loved ones.
Why shouldn't you be blamed?
Why do you have to put him on trial?
Each person will have a trial of their
own, and do not need other people for that.
He is not a letter on a list.
Through self-trial
you will feel better.
Each person is sacred.
Before God we are all sacred.
We are all irreplaceable.
Me too?
What's your name?
- Rene.
- Rene.
You are immortal, you are irreplaceable.
What about you?
- Gino.
- Gino, you are immortal and irreplaceable.
- What about you?
- Marcel.
Marcel, you are immortable
and irreplaceable.
That's inspiring.
You sit down, we haven't finished.
Would you like to see the other cells?
You must excuse me, but
I do not wish to see them.
This is my first time face to face.
If you want to get by
here, take my suggestion.
I don't know if you should
give them that sort of language.
And in the days to come
you will understand.
I know I shouldn't be soft-hearted,
they're all on death row.
A lot of people have seen me at
prayers on their way to death.
This is very delicate.
We have to watch them die.
But don't you feel sympathetic
to the fate of these children?
I think it's very sacred, but their
souls at that moment will be very pure.
For me this is normal,
I don't lose sleep.
My brother...
With this I can not go to sleep.
As if it will allow me
to wake from a dream.
Clear the aisle.
Everybody leave the aisle.
How are you, Marcel?
They cut off all my
sources of livelihood.
What do you want me to say?
If you want me to say that
these things should not come.
I feel very sorry about this.
Just sorry, just to come
back to you, no other meaning.
To this end, I could not sleep.
I've never stopped blaming
myself or had any sleep.
I really don't know how to
live after this period of time.
Our children are OK?
They're all well.
They should have a better life.
They won't learn my
mistakes, they will be free.
I'll send them to school.
Don't say you'll just
decide this for me.
That's not the case,
you're their father.
But I'm going to die soon.
Hello... take a look at him.
He's very sweet.
Yes, very cute.
I can't see him in my lifetime.
I was sick, I need to take care.
It's impossible for me to take
back what I did, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for what I did in the past.
You don't have to say this.
But if someone asked
you about my problem.
How can you answer to their
face, tell them what I did...
I don't want you to do it, because I don't
want you to be someone else's trouble!
That's enough, cool down!
I've had enough, why do you always speak to
me so fair, why do I always have to owe you?
I don't want her to
suffer again because of me!
We have to get him back
in the cell right now!
Father, the priest gave
you the appointment book.
It's troublesome to
send the letter back.
But why he did give it to me?
Tomorrow morning we'll announce to
everyone that you're the new priest here.
- Me?
- This isn't my decision.
You're a spiritual symbol,
no-one can replace this position.
Excuse me father, I can't find anyone
else to discuss this matter with.
I have an obligation but I don't
know how to be able to do it.
The prison Governor gave me a letter today making
me the new priest, I don't know what to do.
Excuse me, I was about
to eat, please sit down.
I came here to ask you
what to do every day inside.
I have to give the condemned a ceremony?
No, you don't need to do that for them.
Please forgive me for not being
able to invite you to eat with me.
I have only one egg, a little cheese.
You should not hesitate, we should
all do something for the church.
The church will assign only one
talent to go to such a place.
I don't quite understand
what this means.
They are sentenced to death
by law, not by religion.
My brother, but I do not
think so, I can't face them.
They should be the
same as any gift of God.
It is their personal matter, we should not lose
the soul of each of them who are taken to heaven.
You said that it is dangerous at
the end, what are these dangers?
Dangerous? It's just
a feeling you may have.
Sometimes we have to be with a lot
of criminals at a prayer meeting.
Sometimes we have to save them.
For example, through violence.
This was a method used by barbarians.
The public has the power to subdue them,
there is the Criminal Code to manage them.
How often among this confusion
have people been sentenced to death?
How many? They have no voice.
There are some.
But also how to do it
for some, that is just?
Are we going to give up on such a small number
of people for their education or reform?
Are these originally
your principles, brother?
While offenders are
murderers, they are also human.
Let's say that you may be
correct, but what can we do?
You really have a
generous heart, my brother.
It may be that they will die...
and you want to
repent for all of them.
But for them, what choice
is the best one available?
My God...
I beseech you hear me.
What do they want, all that you have?
Freedom, equality, and so on.
- Then we should not have to do anything?
- You can ask for their death.
Everyone should not demand too much.
Elderly people are tired of life.
They have always been very difficult.
And also often go to ask the
hospital about their situation.
They're outside the door.
I don't hear anything.
Outside another cell door.
Ah, I'm sleeping...
It's time for you to go.
But why?
Why me?
- It's provided for.
- There's no reason.
I won't go, I won't!
I don't want to go!
I'm not going!
Bauchet, today is the
day of your execution.
I won't! I won't!
Bauchet, now is really the
time for you to show courage.
I was just sleeping, I don't understand!
I can never sleep.
Get your good clothes on.
Why do you have to do this, I
don't want to go, I have to sleep!
Bauchet, someone will give you salvation, you
will go to a little room to make your peace.
- Peace?
- Don't worry.
Otherwise you will not be
prepared for what you will face.
No, I won't go, you can't make me.
- Hurry and change.
- No, I won't walk, I won't walk out.
Bauchet, do you want
to let everyone hear?
Quiet down.
I know, but I'm afraid.
- Put your shoes on.
- But they don't fit.
All these pairs are the
same, what do you want?
We will try our best to
meet your requirements.
Why should I trust you, you don't listen! What
are all these people doing looking at me?
Finish up.
Let go of me, I don't want to die!
I don't want to die!
I don't want to die!
Let me go, I beg you!
My son, you will go to see God.
I have to repent.
My son, do not worry, speak slowly.
I don't want them to hear me.
Tell me quietly.
Father, I have a wife with a child, you
must pardon me, you have to protect them.
- My child, do not regret it.
- Ward them, I beg you.
You must take care of them.
If there is true remorse,
then you will be forgiven.
I know, but I'm going to die, and
I've never had Mass, God won't help me.
Prudence of the heart will be fine.
I'm worried, Father, I
pray you, I really beg you.
Get down before me.
Hello, here is the control
centre, can you hear me?
Hello, we are receiving you.
We'll be starting in a few minutes.
God be with you, my son...
let him see you brave.
No, it's not finished yet!
Father, I don't want to die, I don't!
Father, I don't want to die!
Rest in peace now, Bauchet.
See you next time.
They've done with it?
They said it was the one
who killed his baby girl.
He didn't seem up to it.
Of course, it could have been different.
Maybe in some other areas.
But what could he do?
Parents and children in a small flat.
Yes, perhaps things could have
changed, but he was not normal.
Comes home after working all day and the
girl's crying makes it impossible to sleep.
So what can you say?
Would you allow our
children to marry such a man?
You can only talk about marriage
but you can't guarantee anything.
I know such things.
If nothing else, they
can only be abandoned.
My husband wants me to
come looking for counsel.
I know, this is my profession.
I have read about you in the
newspaper, I think you can help me.
Do you have time to listen to me?
Certainly, I'll be glad to.
You made a special charge
in fighting this lawsuit.
Come into my office.
You'll have to sit on the sofa.
Please forgive me, you're busy.
I beg your pardon, I don't fully understand
the purpose of you visiting today.
It's about Le Guen's death penalty.
He has been a help my people.
If not for him, we might not be
here today, I want to save him.
But Le Guen and those offenders
are convicted of capital crimes.
Who committed a crime in my hometown
would only serve life if convicted.
Isn't that better? Then
a person is still alive.
But in France, there is no such system.
We have no alternative but
to accept such a system.
Can't it be changed?
I have children, what should they do?
What kind of people will they become?
Mr President, I would like to say.
You haven't written the letter yet?
I have too many things to
say, I don't know how to start.
Maybe you can never write the reasons.
You're right.
- I learned too late.
- Clear the aisle. Everybody leave the aisle.
Le Guen, someone to see you.
Me? Who would want to see me?
This way.
Come in.
This cage is small, isn't it?
That's a handsome
uniform you're wearing.
Do all the guards have
to wear such nice clothes?
- Take a seat here.
- Haven't I seen you at a nightclub?
I never go to nightclubs.
- Oh, it's you.
- How are you, Rene?
All right.
- What about you?
- Fine.
It's been wonderful, I've gone
to Poland, and the Champs Elysees.
Really? That must be exciting.
Are you working very hard here?
You'll have to excuse me, until now
I haven't really had time to see you.
Old mama is always talking about you.
People are still like before,
often to her embarrassment.
However, she can take care of herself.
Now she will do mass.
And how is Michel? Has anyone seen him?
I've already written to him
and he says hello to you.
Then how about you? What do you
have to say about what you did?
Does it make you angry?
Rest assured, I have
improved a lot here.
Don't old people say that good
character is the sum of wealth?
Wouldn't you like friends to visit?
- Charles.
- He had a dispute.
He gave an order to
people, there was a murder.
There was a great commotion,
and a contract on his life.
Because that person may know things.
What do you mean?
I'm not sure, he may have
state secrets in his possession.
How's Rachel?
She's married, to a wonderful husband.
- Aren't you pleased for her?
- Sautier?
Are you really sure about that?
Of course, I can see from the newspaper.
Military Court.
Come in.
Le Guen, captain.
Bring him in.
Le Guen, this is your declaration.
You've signed your name to it.
On the evening of June 20, you went to 214 Breton
Street to carry out a mission at Sautier's.
- And you killed him.
- Yes.
According to a separate statement, it says
he was killed in a hotel at Epworth Avenue.
He was killed on the
spot during a robbery.
It's for me to say so.
However, it doesn't change what was
stipulated by the military police.
There is a required period of time
to change the case against you.
Le Guen has been sentenced to death,
you can't overlook this matter.
We just want a new
hearing, not a new case.
You should not act solely
on the basis of interest.
It's not personal interest, I do things
for the administration of justice.
Le Guen, how did you
come to know Sautier?
I was at his house after a job, and then I
became a member of the party's resistance.
First of all my task is to kill,
but murder is no more than that.
There were only a few
transactions between us.
Go on.
The captain knew Sautier.
He's the head of this organization,
he told me that Sautier is a traitor.
Sautier was a traitor?
You're giving me the first
chance to talk about this.
Sautier was to be killed.
Even though he was still
French, he did things.
So it was given to me to kill
him, and I must abide by it.
I took my gun to his home.
His wife admitted me.
Are you sure it was Madame
Sautier who let you in?
She left me to wait for her
husband until she returned.
I just waited.
Sautier entered, he told me that
he was looking for something.
And to go along with
him to the basement.
And it was there I killed him.
And this is all true? What do you
make of the captain's instructions?
He permitted you to do it?
- He was already dead.
- Of course.
So I put an end to him.
Ah, and this is your case, Mr
Arnaud? Pretty funny, isn't it?
Show Madame Sautier in.
I'd like to hear if this is true, too.
This is my job.
Madame, I'm sorry for you to recall
the suffering you have experienced.
However, there is no other way.
- Can I ask you some questions?
- I'll answer them the best I can.
Do you know this man?
Yes, I've seen him before.
Le Guen was in the resistance and in
your husband's employment as a killer.
Le Guen is a very simple person.
My husband would never
entrust him with any mission.
Madame, can you determine
what Le Guen would make?
Of course not, he's
never come to my home.
That night I was thirsty.
I had a headache.
That evening two Germans came to my
house, they left a deep impression on me.
They said nothing, killed my husband...
and left through the
underground passage in the basement.
What does the defence say now?
I was there too, yes,
it was me who killed him.
I was behind him on the
stairs when I shot him.
But I was there, I saw
that there were two Germans.
I can see them even now.
Take courage, Madame.
Madame, do you know this man?
Is he one of the men
who killed your husband?
But it's me, I'm the one who killed him!
I don't want to hear that again!
I'm not sure.
This letter of denouncement
gives precise details.
But a letter from who?
If I took on such a mission.
I'd take all responsibility.
But I don't know about
this Madame Sautier.
It was me! It was me who killed him!
Well, Madame?
I can see very clearly both
of them who killed my husband.
One was a little fat.
The other was no more than 25 years old.
It's neither of these two.
This time are you absolutely sure?
Thank you, Madame. Take him out.
Thank you, sir.
Madame, Le Guen is certain.
That he was given
instructions by the captain.
I don't know if my
husband knew this person.
Le Guen, you said you killed
him after taking a drink.
I did more than drink.
How can a prisoner be easily
identified by a letter?
Now I don't know what's
at the end of all this.
Madame, your husband was in
the party when he was killed.
- You say there were gendarmes your way?
- Of course.
But there were no cries for help.
I didn't know what was
happening at the scene.
I've had enough of those German police.
Wearing uniforms?
What would you have me know?
These Germans did not see you?
No, they went out, and I kept away.
Madame, once again excuse us.
If there is anything
further I will notify you.
I'm at your disposal.
Le Guen, you shouldn't think that
we're going to re-open the case.
On what evidence there is
now because there isn't any.
The most important thing now is to
confirm the reliability of information.
I think Madame Sautier is hiding something
because she knows that prisoners die.
More precisely, she
wants to protect people.
But we should all respect
each person's testimony.
I'm really not sure where you
find this in a condemned prisoner.
Condemned prisoners need to have
the time to explain their innocence.
Le Guen killed a
dangerous person in France.
He also said that this was
so, is that what you respect?
Is this what you do for other
people for the example of France?
Fortunately, I now see the man.
I've put this matter to you,
and you have the view that.
What you think is wrong will be distinguished
by the so-called military only.
In the torment before and after the sentence
he has changed a little in thought.
Although now he is in the same situation,
he still wants to do something for society.
You cannot help him? He endured
all the crimes he committed.
And still thinks about things
that are difficult for us to solve.
You see why the matter is so
important, he is on death row.
Although we cannot change
the outcome of the trial...
we can still do something for him,
so he can feel he has some value.
You speak fairly, but unfortunately
Madame Sautier is the key.
Where do I begin to look?
I have evidence.
And there it is.
Do you need anything, father?
Nothing, thank you.
Not eating tonight?
Anything you want?
Can you tell me this evening
that no-one is going to be taken?
It's not clear to me.
Look into my eyes.
Tell me tonight nothing will happen.
I'm taking good look into your eyes.
Nothing will happen.
Stop always thinking about
it, we came to chat with you.
I didn't finish it,
it doesn't taste good.
I'll give you a chat for your pleasure.
I went to a movie last night, do
you want me to tell you about it?
- Was it good?
- There was a girl with big eyes, long legs.
She was a Swiss girl...
You like to hear about it?
This girl is fun...
It's all fun until the end,
when it's a bit frightening.
They are at it in combat.
Skip this bit.
- What about the girl?
- She likes to sing in a bar.
She always sings with a beautiful smile.
Does she have dimples?
So, she went there to sing in
order to sort out some things...
and no matter where she went
a lot of people enjoyed her.
I only want to hear
something about the girl.
Not these other useless things.
She has beautiful shoulder-length hair.
What's her name?
You don't know how to tell a story.
She stood tall on stage...
Her dress wrapped around
her beautiful body...
It seems very comfortable.
Her mouth looks best of all.
So you would want her.
I've never seen a
girl as pretty as this.
You'll sleep easier with that thought.
I got a letter from the lawyer today
saying my son is to be executed.
We have to decide what to do
about Luigi, and put an end to it.
Gino must die with honour.
Easier said than done, about Luigi.
There can only be one way.
I can not let my family be shamed.
I hoped this tradition would
stop, but what can I do?
Well, now you quietly
do the right thing.
Gino. It's not my fault.
Now it's your turn.
I thought that you would feel better.
Gino, it's your time.
It can't be.
Aren't you mistaken?
Bellini, you should be taken out now.
Be brave.
That's not easy.
But I'll try to set an example.
We want you to see a good
example in this matter, do well.
But I shouldn't face death calmly.
I don't have a calm mind to
listen to you talking there.
My heart almost dropped to the
ground, I can't do anything.
Why should I assume these
kind of things just happen?
Gino, have you anything to say?
I don't have anything worth saying.
But I don't understand.
I killed a person who
transgressed, it was for honour.
There's nothing else I can tell you.
I don't know if it's my mistake...
and I don't know who's right.
You have to get dressed.
Please help me sit down.
There isn't a single person in such
circumstances who wouldn't be afraid.
You want to write a final note?
I've already written one.
I wrote down everything.
I only hope that my mother
could have been more happy.
Is this for your lawyer?
It's for my mother.
It says I died in the way of
the Corsicans that she taught me.
I'll tell her.
Let's go.
My friend.
I can't tell you goodbye.
Rene, thank you for the last
few days of life at my side.
I have the lead on you.
Rene, I have to leave.
Let's go.
Don't grab me.
I don't need to wear those things.
I'm not going to run.
- Ready?
- Here's the key, you'll be able to go from the balcony.
Remember, don't let them find anything.
Don't be afraid, my son.
Luigi, this is for Gino.
You should be brave now
that the time has come.
That night, Monique was
going to her grandmother's.
She would have come home soon if
nothing had happened on the way.
I went into my kitchen and suddenly
thought how long she'd been gone.
So I went out to look for Monique.
I looked for the whole night.
It was morning when I found her.
I shook her.
She was only a little
girl, 12 years old.
I want to tell everyone
about this for justice.
You should make a good example of him.
I hope that other mothers will never have
to go through this painful experience.
You have our sympathies
for your suffering, madame.
Any further questions?
Next witness.
Dr Detouche.
Proceed with your statement.
I was his doctor.
He had a condition that was
life-threatening if not treated.
Do you swear to tell the truth...
the whole truth, and nothing
but the truth, so help you god.
I do.
You were administering the accussed
during the time of the illness?
Yes, I talked to him twice.
I was touched by his current situation.
He is now aware of the whole situation and
tension among the people and has remorse.
He has since had a brain tumour removed.
It's really about the
implementation of a process.
That is more effective
than the use of violence.
But criminal law experts who have
examined him have discussed these things.
It simply does not work.
And they replied that this
is a very strange notion.
Some people are temporarily
unable to understand these points.
Since we are not aware of them.
But they haven't seen other people
experience the fear of death.
If they were punished in this state,
I think they would soon understand.
Those people are always only
about research and theory.
They simply do not have practical experience,
and I feel if they had some experience.
Then they would understand the
implementation of this program.
If it's necessary to experience
the process of the death penalty.
That's transforming people
into criminals, not their victims.
So they will never understand.
Try to give an example.
If your child was murdered
it would cause you much pain.
An example.
There's no clear
example, they're guilty.
Your honour, I trust my patients.
Their fear of death is punishment
enough, they will not forget.
After they have had a
taste of such experience.
They will be dissuaded
from reoffending.
If you were in prison and sentenced
to death, you would have nothing.
Your ideas limited by words.
After 15 years of psychological research,
I can fully understand their feelings.
If they are given a second
chance I think they would reform.
Some criminals will give
justice a chance to reform them.
One might take it into consideration, one would
make a decision, for one it wouldn't work.
They don't have so
much practice as you do.
Your honour, if you want to
guarantee your children's safety.
You would be worried all the
time about their wellbeing.
You would be watching them all day, in control
of them, not allowing them to do anything.
You wouldn't let them go, so
they're the same as prisoners.
Absolute and effective administration of
justice is able to prevent all of this.
Obviously, medicine can not provide the same
effective judicial means of prevention.
Why not?
Sentence on this is pending.
You speak to us about the
possibility of such an association.
I have a question.
I would like to ask you
how can we link these two.
It's very simple, Mr President.
If you think this is a dangerous person.
There is no free will to resist
them, if they can live comfortably.
They will truly know how to
be able to behave correctly.
Crime will be removed from the criminal.
Clear the aisle.
Everybody leave the aisle.
Good evening, Rene.
You're still angry with me?
I've brought you some company.
Well, come in.
This is your room.
Take a seat.
Now we have to change these
instruments of torture here.
Do you understand?
If you don't understand, you
can go ask your companion.
He came here earlier on, and
so is arranged to live with you.
He'll consider questions
if you know nothing.
Leave you to it.
Haven't I seen you?
I was a bit fat then.
What happened to you?
Nothing, nothing, just like you.
Regardless of your mental health,
the circumstances are very dangerous.
In the evening they
take off their shoes.
And stand behind that door.
Just like that.
They will come in without
a sound and take you away.
Your lawyer, Le Guen.
Good evening, Le Guen.
Someone else has left, he's new.
Le Guen, I met with the
President of the Republic.
He showed some interest.
What did he say?
The president said he needs some
time to go through your program.
- Good.
- Take heart, Le Guen.
Gino's lawyers also wanted time.
But he was taken away.
But for me, I can't
wait too long for this.
I'm worried that every day is my last.
- Every evening I lose confidence.
- Don't be afraid, Le Guen.
Can you please do something for me?
Now what worries me most is my brother.
I'll do what I can.
It's funny.
I always thought that
Michel was annoying.
But now I care for him.
I hope you can help me look after him.
Will you help him for me?
- Two o'clock.
- He's not back because he's busy.
Oh, and the things he
does are so serious.
He's happy doing it.
I hope he can make something true of it.
- He's back.
- Sit down, he can let himself in the door.
Mother, please forgive
me for being late.
Agnes will bring a little
boy here to have dinner.
She'll bring him by herself.
No questions?
It is Le Guen's younger brother, I'm
I'm bringing him here to stay with us.
You can imagine how busy
I've been with this case.
Agnes has agreed to this decision.
- When you see him...
- Thank you, I'm not interested.
I don't agree with the decision!
I don't know what Le
Guen's been saying to you.
He's a very motivated person.
Well done, that's your affair.
But that's not enough reason for
you to put that child in our home.
It's useless to say
anything about it now.
- I've already brought him.
- Paris?
- Here.
- Are you out of your mind?
I don't want so much, I just
want to do something for them.
- I'm just doing what he wanted.
- Philippe, you should ask our views first!
This is my home, get out now.
If you could see how pathetic Michel is.
I don't want anything to do
with Le Guen or his brother.
The man is a murderer,
this is incredible.
When I found him he was
ill and beaten by his boss.
I just want to give him
health and education.
Let him have a little human warmth.
- But not here.
- Eight days is enough to start.
It won't work, our home is not
a place to give him those things.
You talk to him.
Philippe, this is foolish.
- Foolish to save a child?
- But you shouldn't do this.
- This is not a hostel.
- Try for a few days.
My dear son...
a person's capacity is limited,
and not always able to get everything.
You say you can do it and you cannot.
You say this is what
the child should do?
You talk some sense into him.
Mother, can't you take a chance on it?
You want me to help them?
I would like to see him.
Well, there you go, everyone's crazy, now
there's a child in someone else's home.
I would like to see him.
But we're not a Relief Center,
why should we let him come in?
But I still want a good look at him.
I'll go and tell him.
I don't understand.
You want to bring him
here to this place?
I watch how you are every time
visitors' children go home.
Here he is.
Well, Louise?
I can't let him go.
This is your answer, Louise?
Do you know what you're saying?
Yes, maybe.
But I can't let him go.
I'll get it.
Are you hungry?
Michel, would you like to eat?
When people speak to him
gently he doesn't understand.
- Philippe.
- Who is it?
It's the Chief Executive.
This must be the President's reply.
Hello? Yes, it's me.
I will.
I'm waiting for him to come,
listen in on the handset.
I feel the situation is worse.
I also think that perhaps
it will not be good news.
Hello, I haven't connected.
In a moment. Shut the door.
Hello? Yes, I won't hang up.
Why should we wait so long?
The secretary's speaking.
Ah, that's no good.
Look at that child.
Poor boy.
Yes, I won't hang up.
No, I'll wait.
I just want to know the
results as soon as possible.