We Are Boats (2018) Movie Script

Got anything to drink?
I don't drink.
Keep your clothes on.
How much do I owe you?
it's $300.
What's your name?
Cherry what?
Cherry Pie.
Don't you wanna know my name?
What's your name?
Well, Robert,
usually, we'd be naked by now,
but since neither of us
are taking our clothes off,
what do you want?
Just to talk.
What do you want
to talk about?
It doesn't matter,
just start talking.
I'm not much of a talker.
Are you loved?
By whom?
By my honey bunny.
She loves me.
- You're a mother?
- Yes.
ROBERT: And, a whore?
I have two jobs.
One doesn't pay so well.
Ask me if I'm loved.
Are you loved?
Have you ever felt like
you were meant to
die a long time ago,
but somehow, you cheated death?
I shouldn't be here.
All I do is hurt things,
and sometimes, just to
see if I feel anything,
and I don't,
not ever,
and that's how I know
I'm not supposed to be here.
I think you need someone,
but more knowledgeable
to talk to than me.
Like you.
You're here with me.
I bet your heart is
racing right now.
Oh, and I'd see you thinking,
"How quickly can I get to
the door before he stops me?"
All of that that you're feeling,
you wanna know what I'm feeling?
I'm feeling nothing.
This was a mistake.
- Mistake?
- Yes, yes.
There's no such thing.
I don't know what's
waiting for me,
everything that I've done.
I just wanna go home.
But I can't go alone.
There you are.
Where am I?
This is a way to give back.
There's so much to
be done, Francesca.
There you are.
Hi, honey.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
They'll come home.
She knew if this duck was
ever going to survive,
she would have to help him.
She named the duckling Time,
because she knew that's
what it would take
to teach him how to fly.
Time wanted to
give up many times,
but she refused to let him.
"You were put on
this earth to fly,
"and fly you will,"
she told him.
So, Time marched on,
and she kept trying.
All interviewees,
please report to the correct
designated room indicated
on your red invitation card.
Thank you.
Three helpful tips to conduct
a successful interview:
always remember to be
honest, be yourself,
and most importantly,
don't forget to smile.
Please have a seat.
Your interview wait time is
approximately 47 minutes.
Did the interviews start yet?
And I didn't know I
could speak English.
FRANCESCA: Which one
do you wanna sleep with?
CHILD: The duck.
The duck.
Okay, sweetheart.
There you go, honey.
Row, row, row your boat
Sir will see you now.
This job requires
a lot of travel,
and I see here you have not done
any traveling at all, Francesca.
I've been through a lot.
And do you think life
was meant to be difficult
or life was meant to be easy?
I haven't met anyone that
would say life is easy.
Is your actual name Sir?
So, you think life is
meant to be difficult?
Easy or hard, it
doesn't really matter.
You're writing that down?
I am.
And, you think because
I haven't traveled much,
it's a disadvantage.
Is it not?
I don't think I have to
leave to see the world.
I mean, I've encountered
every kind of man,
woman, too.
In my line of work,
the world came to me,
and that world
isn't very pretty.
I read that in your file.
You know what? Not everything
in there's 100% accurate.
There are two sides
to every story.
Oh, and what certain
story are you referring to?
All of them.
What is it that
you think we do here?
Something about transitioning.
Mm hmm.
It involves helping people,
and I'd be good at that.
I've helped a lot of people.
Well, and I think you
can help a lot of people,
and you do definitely have
that advantage over
other applicants,
but in every other field,
you are by far the least qualified
person I have seen today.
I'm the least qualified
in everything I do.
So, why should I consider you?
Because I won't quit.
Ah, and you think that all
the other applicants will quit?
Well, there's an opening.
Somebody didn't do their job.
Why are you really here?
- I told you.
- No, you didn't.
Honesty is very important here.
Well, if you already
know why I'm here,
why do I have to say it?
If I were to consider
you for this job,
you can't see her.
Do you understand that?
Not yet,
but if I do a good job,
then I can see her?
That's true, but...
That's why I will
get the job done.
I will do whatever it takes.
I need to see my little girl.
One last question.
You're in a desert,
and there's a turtle
on its back dying.
Do you blame the turtle
for putting himself
in this position?
Do you blame the desert
for setting the
scene of its death,
or is it the sun
for causing its death?
That's a stupid question.
is that your answer?
No, the answer is
there's no answer,
because the turtle doesn't die.
If I'm in the desert,
I don't blame someone.
I just flip the fucker over.
Random or not, I intervene.
But the turtle is
still in the desert.
Well, it found a way in.
It could find a way out.
Like you in my office.
Good day, Francesca.
Can I ask you a question?
What is your question?
How is she?
She's a bright little
girl with a bright future.
That's all I can
say at this point.
Why do you insist that
we meet down here?
I work down here,
and it keeps me fresh.
I don't get that
lost, puppy dog look.
I do not have a
lost, puppy dog look.
Well, you do, but
that's why I'm here,
so I can do the dirty work,
and you can hand
over a folder, so...
your way of getting things
done have many concerned.
Do I get the job done?
Faster and more effective
than anyone else in the region?
No one is questioning
your record.
I am talking about your methods.
If I was a man, you'd
be calling me James Bond.
I was just told
to suggest to you
that perhaps the sexual acts
could be kept to a minimum.
It's like telling
the ocean to dry off.
It's not gonna happen.
Really, a dollar?
I gotta get a new job.
Thank you.
So, where am I going?
It's a double-double.
The agent who was
on this failed,
so if you want the
job, it's yours.
Remember to not get
emotionally attached.
- Just physically.
- No.
I'm being serious.
- You do this, and...
- I can see her?
I'm not making any promises,
but this job does
end in Los Angeles.
I just wanna see her face.
Focus on the job first,
and then we'll talk.
I know it all
comes to nothin'
Still it's the
only way I know
Driftin' aimless in an ocean
Maybe we're all
in the same boat
You wanna buy
him a drink, too?
Here you go, brother.
That one's on the house.
Say you're gonna be
feelin' somethin' soon
You got a light?
Nah, I don't, sorry.
I should quit anyway.
Wait, here you go.
I'll quit tomorrow then.
Long and over the wave
The tides I'm
able to believe in
So, what brings you to Reno?
And, you?
I just had this stupid
conference I had to attend.
I was just about to leave.
What do you do?
I'm a consultant for
an appliance company.
It's a lot more
boring than it sounds.
It sounds pretty boring.
Yeah, it's so boring.
I'm Michael.
That's a pretty name.
Thank you.
I gave it to myself.
I should get going.
I got a long drive ahead of me.
You wanna walk with me?
I'm just gonna say
that it was a pleasure.
The pleasure was all mine.
You say you wanna
be alone since me
But ain't no roll of the dice
since you gambled with me
You say you wanna
be alone since me
Can I call you a cab, or?
I'm still taking my walk.
Where are you walking to?
That's up to you.
What do you mean?
You know what I mean.
I really shouldn't.
There's a meteor
shower tonight.
Doesn't that sound beautiful?
It would be a shame
to see it alone.
I want to, I just don't...
You say "don't" a lot.
No, I don't.
The thing is I'm married.
And I'm left-handed.
Well, I'd feel...
I'd love what you feel.
Good night.
I'll walk with you.
Where are you walking me to?
My hotel.
Are you asking me
out on a date, Michael?
I guess I am.
Yeah, I don't know.
I'm an expensive date.
How expensive?
$150 an hour.
I guess it'll be
a short date then.
That's my favorite kind.
You roll it once or twice
Let the devil in
I've never done this.
Never fucked your wife?
Of course I have.
Well, it's just like that,
but with me.
Then why am I so nervous?
I'm pretty sure that
you're the prettiest
girl I've ever seen.
And you haven't even
seen all of me yet.
Just for tonight,
we change your name,
your job,
we ignite your imagination.
We enter a new world.
How does that sound?
That sounds really good.
We need something
smart, but sexy.
You like that name?
I can be Alexander.
So, what do you do, Xander?
- I'm a doctor.
- Too stressful.
You can get a call and would
have to run off any minute.
You need to go for
something sexier.
- A magician.
- A musician.
Yeah, a musician, that's better.
So, what do you play?
Music. I play music.
What instrument do you play?
The bass guitar.
Are you in a band?
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, that's why I'm here.
I'm on tour,
and I'm just here for the night.
And am I a groupie
that's stuck in your room?
Yeah, let's go with that.
Still nervous?
I feel like a rockstar.
Save me
Save me this heartache
And don't hurt me
No, no
Keep me high
Keep me high
Keep me high
Keep me high
That was, without a doubt, the
best 10 minutes of my life.
Well, I take my
job very seriously.
Oh, yeah.
How much do I owe you?
After sex comes conversation,
you're only halfway done.
do you wanna talk about?
Tell me about your wife.
My wife?
Rachel's never done
what you just did.
Not many can.
She's the best person I know.
She cares about
everything and everyone,
even bugs.
Yeah, like spiders and moths.
That's funny.
She'll wake me up in
the middle of the night
and make me help her
take 'em outside.
You know, most would squash 'em,
but not Rachel.
That's so sweet.
Even flies,
I mean who saves flies?
(GIGGLES) Rachel does.
The truth is that,
well, we've been going through
a little bit of a rough patch.
We actually got married
to get out of the
rough patch, but...
What's the problem?
I'm the problem.
I don't know.
It's everything, really.
I bounce from job to job.
I blame her for everything.
I just get so mad,
and I shut down.
Well, that's stupid of you.
(LAUGHS) I know.
I know, right?
I hate that she paints.
I used to love that about her.
Now, I just fucking hate it.
We don't make each
other happy anymore.
This is the happiest
I've been in a long time,
and it wasn't even with her.
You should do to
her what I did to you.
That'll make her happy.
I need to tell her.
About me?
No, no, God, no.
I need to tell her that
I know what she's doin',
and that it's okay.
Call her.
Call her now and tell her.
I need to tell her in person.
See, she thinks I
don't know, but I do.
The whole office knows.
I need to tell her that I
understand why she's doing it.
You know, that I just
want her to be happy.
I need to go home.
Where's home?
I don't really know
where the light ends
I couldn't really tell
you where it began
Now I'm pretty sure
I'm crossin' it again,
And again, and again
I know that you're
sick of my excuses
You haven't paid
attention, but it's useless
It's the only way I
know I can feel you
What you gonna do
if the water's warm
What you gonna do
if the water's warm
Dive in
Dive in
Dive in
You play so strong
It's blinding me
This is her.
Oh, my God.
Hey, yo, the road to success
is always the scenic route
You gotta be willin'
to branch out
if you wanna reach the fruit
Yo, that's fruit
for thought, brother
We gotta feed 'em truth
My raps are real
Like healthy meals
meant to feed the youth
Yeah, we take
the scenic route
Some people take the seed
and root of all evil root
They in it for
money to ego boost
So, what we gon' do is find
a better path to lead 'em to
- Like door to doorsteps
- Woo.
I know some people who
stoop to see some clean
God helps those
who help themselves
That's how the Lord works
Before opportunity
Knock, you need a door first
I grew up with
holes in my clothes
I was poor as dirt
Had to learn to see
through the struggle
Like my torn shirt
That torn shirt,
I wore it first
Yeah, that's shared clothes
That's why we turn
pain into talent
And now we share flows
That's 'cause our money
was tighter than an arrow
We wanted to drop it
Kids and their damn rap music.
You know, I can
hardly hear anymore,
but somehow that crap was
still driving me insane.
I like rap music.
I didn't peg
you for that type.
What type did you peg me for?
What's in the box?
It's a goodbye present.
You got kids?
Yeah, two.
I'm just going to
see my daughter,
and she doesn't know...
That you're sick?
She doesn't know me.
You're one of those
kinds of fathers.
Oh, who knows?
Maybe when I get there,
I'll chicken out again.
Done this trip a
half dozen times now.
Trust me, you should
go through with it.
You won't have another shot.
What makes you say that?
It's the tissue in your
pocket that tells me that.
Well, that's embarrassing.
But you said
you have two kids.
You're gonna see your
daughter, and then?
What about your son?
We no longer talk.
His lifestyle conflicts
with my beliefs.
I've heard this many times,
and I'm gonna give
it to you straight.
You are gonna die soon,
and when you're gone,
you will be forgotten.
If you want to be remembered,
you've got to do something
worth remembering.
Now, go.
Go find a seat over there
and try to appreciate
that rap music.
You don't want me to
sit with you any longer?
It's not personal.
I just don't wanna get
attached to someone
who's going to be dead soon.
Even though Michael
James Lamina's time
on this earth was cut short,
the imprint he left
upon each of our lives
is lasting and deeply felt.
He may have been
outwardly soft-spoken,
but those of us who
knew him can attest
to a bounty of
spirit and generosity
that is exceedingly
rare to this world.
Tragedy, right?
What the fuck
are you doing here?
What are you talking about?
Leave, Caleb. You
shouldn't be here.
I'm not leaving.
Thank you for coming, Caleb.
Michael would have
appreciated you being here.
Let her go.
Thank you.
I'm so sorry.
You know, these
fuckin' suck, dude.
I didn't know him that well.
I can say I worked with
him for a little bit,
seemed nice, though.
Michael was nice, yeah.
It's crazy, right?
I mean, one minute,
you're driving along,
like any other day,
and then bam.
Lights out.
You're fucking dead.
How do you know him?
I'm his wife.
Oh, fuck me.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
No, I shouldn't
have said that.
It's fucking weird.
I shouldn't have
said the "Bam."
I'm fine.
Can I get you anything?
Yeah, actually, some water.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
I'll be back.
- Yeah.
- I know how you feel.
Excuse me.
I'm gonna be in the bathroom
for a little bit, okay?
No, why?
The dead guy's wife,
she's havin' a meltdown.
I'll take care of her.
She's my friend.
No, it's okay.
I got it. I just came out
to get her some water.
- I don't mind.
- Just let her go.
She's a bartender.
She's great with
depressed people.
Just remember I need
the car later on.
I work at three.
I know. I gotta drop you off,
'cause I gotta pick
up Freddie at four.
Okay, well, if I'm
not out in 30 minutes,
I'll find a ride.
30 minutes?
Okay, sure.
Your wife?
- Hello?
- Fuckin' sucks, right?
That dude, Michael.
I didn't really know him,
but to die like that.
I wonder if he felt it.
Well, I hope not.
Well, I hope not, too,
but you gotta wonder, right?
His poor wife, man.
Don't feel too bad for her.
Are you kidding?
Her husband just died.
I know, but she
wasn't exactly known
for being the best wife.
So the fuck what?
Look, what I'm saying is
she won't be hurting
for male attention,
because when they were married,
she wasn't hurting
for it either.
You're saying she
was having an affair?
With who?
Remember the guy
that I was talkin' to
when you came to
get a water for her?
That's not funny.
Someone died. It's
still a tragedy.
Yeah, I know, I'm just sayin',
she's no angel, all right?
Maybe she had her reasons,
I mean, we don't know what
their lives were like.
She had a reason to cheat?
What's a reason to
fuck someone else?
Oh, no.
Oh, no, no, what's a
reason to fuck someone else?
That is not what I
meant, and you know it.
Come on, come on.
I want you to tell me, right,
we're gettin' married in a week,
so I'd love to
know what validates
someone to have an affair.
You're being an asshole.
I'm being an
asshole? Fuck you.
What if I make you upset or
spend too much time at work?
So, then it's okay for you
to go and have an affair?
Can we just be sad for
a second that someone died
and not make it about you?
Can we do that?
It's just great to know
that some affairs are a-okay.
Come on, man.
I don't even know why
we're fighting right now.
Because you find nothing
wrong with the fact that...
Of course it's wrong, okay?
All I said was that it's fuckin'
sad that her husband died.
You know what? I'm not
talkin' to you anymore.
- Just drop me off.
- Okay.
Have fun with
your stupid friend.
I used to be a good man
I used to have friends
And you'd find
me in the evening
And it'd mess with my head
When I wake up in the
morning and no one's around
Just me in the dark
and flyin' around
I'm losin' my mind
I'm taking this.
Thank you, sir.
It's freakin' me out
Get outta here.
What are you doing, Rachel?
How dare you come here.
How dare I come here?
Well, what do you mean?
I'm always here.
You're disgusting.
I'm disgusting? Okay.
Well, okay, I'm disgusting.
So, what about you?
I'm worse,
but you were his best friend.
Don't do this, okay?
Don't do what?
The right thing?
What makes it right? What?
Because he's dead?
Come on, baby. It's
not our fault he died.
Yes it is.
We did this.
We wanted him gone, remember?
Out of the picture so
we could be together,
not dead.
We're horrible.
And what?
- Come on.
- You come here?
To fuck me, Caleb?
- Don't.
- He ain't comin' home, right?
He won't catch us.
Hey, hey, don't
say that, okay?
No more sneaking
behind his back.
- Hey, stop.
- You want me all to yourself.
That's what you
always wanted, huh?
That's what you always wanted.
- Stop!
- Stop what?
Stop this!
I don't know whatever the
fuck this is, okay? Stop it.
Black paintings, whatever
this is, just stop.
You're killing the animals.
I don't want you to
go through this alone.
That's it, honey, okay?
- Can we just...
- I hate you.
I love you. Don't say that.
- I hate everything about us.
- That's not true.
- Everything about us.
- Come on.
Michael trusted you.
Fuck, what do
you want me to do?
I'll do it, tell me. What
do you want me to do?
You're glad he's dead.
How can you fucking say that?
You are,
and maybe, somewhere I am, too.
- That's not true.
- And I hate myself for that.
- I hate myself for that.
- Don't say that.
We loved Michael.
WE loved him, and he loved us.
He didn't know about us.
Yeah, I know that,
and that we have to live with
for the rest of our lives,
but it doesn't change
how I feel about you.
Rachel, just look at me.
You know what cuts
my insides up the most?
It's that the best memories
I had while being married
to him weren't with him.
They were with you.
You ruined my memories.
You ruined my memories!
ruined everything.
Hey, that doesn't
fuckin' make sense.
You lost Michael, not me,
so don't shut me out.
Leave or I'll call the police.
Call the police,
fuck it, I don't care.
Oh yeah?
You wanna call the police,
go ahead, call the police.
Okay, I'll call
the fuckin' police.
If that's how I get to
talk to you, then call them.
Fuck it. I don't
care who's listening.
You know what I'll do?
I'll call Eileen.
I'll tell Eileen that
her son's best friend
was secretly fucking his wife.
That will kill her.
Is that what you want now?
Is that what you
want, to hurt someone?
Why not?
I hurt.
And I'm horrible
just like you.
Don't say that.
Give me the phone.
- Come on.
- I'm dialing.
I'm done.
Okay, fine, you win.
I'll leave.
And don't ever come back here.
Whatever we had,
it's dead,
just like Michael and all
these fucking animals.
I love you, Rachel.
Come in.
You can set that anywhere.
Look at this place.
You're all domesticated now.
I know. We even use
coasters. Can you believe it?
Well, where is she?
She's at work.
I'm startin' to believe
she might not be real.
People do that, you know,
make up girlfriends,
so they don't get
all lonely and shit.
Come on, you've seen
pictures. You know she's real.
Photoshop, bro.
For all I know,
she's really a cat.
Here, kitty, kitty.
20 minutes off the plane,
and you're already searchin'
for pussy. Come on.
I gotta get my ass
in the shower, first.
I smell like a fat Texan.
You seriously gonna
make me drink alone?
The guy I sat next to
actually had bacon
strips for a snack.
Well, did you see who did it?
No, it was like a drive by.
They just unloaded on us,
like dun dun dun dun dun.
It's not funny.
I'm sorry.
It's funny. It's a little funny.
Do you think that's funny?
I wasn't listening.
I got egged.
Somebody egged me. Is
that funny or not funny?
Yeah, see, not funny.
Okay, okay, I will
get you a new shirt,
but you're gonna have
to wait until I'm off.
No, no, no, I'm working.
I gotta go back right now.
Then, the yolk's
on you. (LAUGHS)
Again, not funny.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I just can't use my discount
until I'm clocked outta here.
Okay, I guess I'll
just have to work
these eggs into my set somehow.
Yeah, egg-zactly.
All right, omelet
you get back to work.
Hey, there's that
big polar bear I love.
- Come here.
- All right.
- See you at home.
- Love you. See you.
- Bye.
Sorry, I can help you now.
I wanna sell all of this.
Okay, cool, have
you been here before?
All right, so how it works...
I know how it works.
Just give me whatever
you can for this.
Right on.
Nice jacket, but paint stains.
Can we just get this done?
You cleaning out your closets?
You know, after a breakup,
emotions are usually soaring.
Maybe you wanna hold
onto a few of his things,
in case things get better.
He's probably gonna
be pretty pissed off
when he finds out all
his clothes are gone.
He's not gonna find out.
Well, then in that case,
I am going to keep this
shirt for my boyfriend.
Ducks are his favorite animal.
Move back right now
I'm not a disease,
but I am a mad cow
When you see me
Do you see a hamburger
When I see you
I can see the
murder in your eyes
It's no surprise
Everything dies
When a human is involved
Unless that human is evolved
But this problem
could be solved
You made a big mistake
I am not a steak,
my life's at stake
Life is not yours to
take and kill at will
I'll be damned.
Because fast food
That shit will
give you cancer
What's the answer
Eat some grass, dude.
Fuck fashion, fuck leather
Compassion is better
Left it all behind
and chanced it
Driven by a
blind enchantment
Poetry in motion
I believe that this devotion
Sets you free
Sailed the seven
seas to find it
Fire in my heart
Darkness seems to haunt me
You served?
Haven't we all?
May I?
Well, what's mine is yours.
It's been years,
well, a lifetime since
I've kissed Mary.
She's a wonderful kisser.
Yes, she is.
What's your name?
With an IE, no Y.
No "Y."
I mean, no Y,
with an IE at the end.
Jimmie with an IE in the end?
I see.
Do you like birds?
Living the way that I do,
where I do,
I have grown so very fond
of our feathered friends
Do a lot of ducks
pass through this alley?
Just this one here.
You know you're
very sick, right?
Only physically.
- Are you afraid?
- No.
I've been to much worse
places in my time.
A vacation sounds
pretty good right now.
Why, should I be scared?
You, no way.
No? Good,
because I've never been
too good at being scared.
You are beautiful.
I'll see you again.
- Yeah.
- Soon.
- Very soon.
- Real soon.
Aren't I a lucky duck?
I heard you're
waitin' for a trinket
Well I've been workin'
in a gravel pit
What can I get you?
A scotch, neat.
Thank you.
Had a long day?
Shitty day.
Ever have those kind of days?
At my age, every
day's a shitty day.
Well, that's just sad.
- Is it your birthday?
- Huh?
No, no, no, no.
It's for my daughter.
That's sweet,
but why are you here at a bar?
Liquid courage, I guess.
Your daughter's
that scary, huh?
In town to surprise her.
She doesn't know
you're in town?
She doesn't even know me.
How's that for a surprise?
So, you're here to play
it all out in your head
before you go see her?
Yeah, somethin'
like that, I guess.
Well, good luck with that.
Hey, can I ask you somethin'?
Would you be angry
if some sick old man
showed up at your doorstep
and started telling you
that he was your dad?
Well, only if you
followed it up with,
"Can I borrow some money?"
No, no money,
just what if he just
wanted to meet you?
Couldn't say.
The conversation
gettin' too close for ya?
No, my dad is,
he passed away.
But when he was alive,
he was my everything.
I'm sorry.
Don't feel sorry for me.
Feel sorry for your daughter.
Ouch. I guess I deserved that.
What I mean is
a lot of kids don't
get to see their dads,
but I work in a bar.
I get to see their
dads every day.
Isn't that fucked up?
So, that doesn't make me
that rare of an asshole, right?
You wanna know the one thing
that you all have in common?
Why not kick me
while I'm down?
You all wish you did
something differently.
Weird, huh?
Yeah, well, that's why
I'm here, to tell her that.
Why now after all these years?
She doesn't know she
has a brother here.
I kept my lives separated.
I regret that now,
but she deserves to know.
Is that proof enough
I'm a monster?
Monster? No.
Coward? Yeah.
But you're here.
You're alive.
I say go tell her.
Go out with a bang.
She'll hate me.
She probably already does.
I would.
I don't expect
her to forgive me.
I just want to,
I don't know, apologize.
Now, how the hell do I do that?
I'm just a bartender, but
I'd start with, "I'm sorry."
Wouldn't you want
more than two words?
Well, it's two more words
than she's ever gotten
from you, right?
It's a pretty good start.
I don't know, maybe she's
better off just the way it is.
Look, it's really
not a big deal.
People know people fuck up.
I fuck up.
You definitely fuck up.
We all fuck up.
We're only fuck-ups if
we don't learn from it,
and it sounds like
you learned from it.
I mean, pretty
late, if you ask me,
but better late than never.
Yeah, well, that's right here.
Come on, you know you
can't smoke in here.
Get rid of that.
Want you to feel me
Try to fit inside my skin
Wishin' death was somethin'
we didn't believe in
Ashes in the wind
Tryin' to figure
out the science
Eyes on the hills like
bling is on diamonds
I said you can't smoke in here.
Hey, I said you
can't smoke in here.
My husband just died.
Did he die from the smoking?
No, I killed him.
Well, you're killin' me now,
so either you put that
out, or I put you out.
So what, and who cares
And so long to these dares
Put it out.
That a girl.
God, crazy bitch.
But you call the shots
Or maybe not
Maybe not, maybe not
And the cold feels
so sober in October
(CHUCKLES) She lets
you smoke in the house?
Weed, yes.
Cigarettes, no.
Shit, she gets high, too?
Freddie, I gotta
ask you somethin'.
(LAUGHS) I didn't
use your shampoo, man.
I know how you are
with that shit.
Shut the fuck up.
No, I need a favor.
How much you need?
I don't need money, okay?
I just need you to
do something for me.
Will you just
ask already, man?
You're killin' my high.
I'm about to get married, okay?
I'm about to commit myself to
the same girl for the next,
(LAUGHS) I can't
help you out there.
I can't marry her for you.
Before I do,
I need to know.
Need to know what?
If she's the one.
You don't know
if she's the one?
I think I do, but I
need to know for sure.
What are you askin', man?
She's never met you, right?
So, if you were to
randomly meet her, okay,
and I don't know,
just be all charming,
do whatever it is that you do.
- I need to know if she'd...
- If she'd what?
She'd do it.
You want me to hook
up with your fiance?
No, no, I mean,
well, I want you to try
to hook up with my fiance.
You know, most guys would
frown on their friends
goin' after their girl, right?
I know, Freddie, but listen,
you know, you got a
way with girls, okay?
They love you.
So, she turns you down,
then I know for sure
that she'd never cheat.
You're just
trippin' right now.
That's just normal.
It's cold feet.
That's all it is.
No, no, no, no.
I'm not trippin', okay?
I'm perfectly aware what
I'm asking, all right?
I've been thinkin' about
this for a long time.
So, don't chalk it up
to me bein' scared,
'cause I'm not scared.
do you realize what you're
asking me to do right now?
Will you do it?
No, for many reasons.
One, because it's
fucking stupid.
Two, because if me and
her did hit it off,
you'd not only hate her.
You'd hate me, too.
And three, because I'm
going to your wedding.
It might be a bit awkward when
she sees me standin' by you
on the happiest day of her life.
Okay. (LAUGHS)
I forget what one was,
but two, I wouldn't hate you.
I swear to God.
I wouldn't even hate her,
I'd just know that
she wasn't the one.
Three, if she does it,
then the wedding's off, okay?
Problem solved.
(SCOFFS) Can't you ask
someone else to do it?
She knows all my friends,
and besides,
look at you, Freddie.
I mean,
you're a specimen.
You're carved from stone.
That's why you invited
me here, isn't it?
- No.
- It is.
- No.
- It is, you fucker!
You know, I'll admit,
I was a bit surprised
when you invited me,
because we're not
exactly close anymore,
but now it all makes sense.
I got no one
else to ask, okay?
And I can see why,
you just use people.
Use people? Fuck you.
All right?
You should be flattered.
This is my life
we're talkin' about.
I'm not doin' this.
I'm sorry.
Hey, hey, hey,
you owe me, okay?
You owe me. I need
you to do this for me.
Luke, this won't
solve anything.
No matter how it turns out,
it's bad on all sides.
I don't need your opinion,
I just need you to do one thing,
and then you can fuck
off back to New York
and do whatever the fuck it
is that you do all day long.
Look, I love her.
I'm gonna marry this girl,
and I'm askin' you.
I'm begging you,
man to man, okay?
As a friend,
can you please step
up to the plate
and just help me
with this one thing?
This is the only
thing I've ever asked.
You really need this?
Get in.
I'm gonna walk.
Get in.
If I'm lost at sea
Floating helplessly
Will you be the ship
that can rescue me
I need to ask you a question.
What is it?
The man that took me,
what happened to him?
He had no right to take you.
That doesn't
answer my question.
Please tell me what
you're thinking of
He was dealt with.
You'll know when you see me
Then, how was
he able to do it?
People make their own
choices and do awful things.
Sometimes, innocent people
suffer from those choices.
Why wasn't I saved?
I'm about to prevent a death.
That is my job.
Why wasn't my death prevented?
We tried.
Do you know how many
people die every day?
- How many?
- 150,000,
every day.
For some of them,
it's their time,
and for some innocent
people like you,
it's not.
It is a difficult
job we're doing
in a very complicated world.
I wish we could have saved you,
save people like you,
but we can't save 'em all.
So, it wasn't my time?
No, but yes, it still happens.
And it isn't Rachel's time,
but if I fail,
she dies?
If you fail,
She will die.
Is that why you wanted to walk,
questioning your job?
She wants to die.
Why can't I save someone
that wants to live?
We cannot do that.
We can only influence,
offer another option.
That's all.
Right now, Rachel doesn't
see another option.
That's why you are here.
We're here.
Who are you?
You know who I am.
No, I don't.
What are you doing in my house?
You called me.
Layla from the matches?
That's right.
How did you find me?
It's what I do.
I find people who are lost.
I don't even know
what that means.
Please leave.
I'm not leaving, Rachel.
We still have unfinished
business together.
What are you talking about?
You know what
I'm talking about.
After all, it was
you who called me.
What do you want?
I just saw your number
on a pack of matches,
and I was curious to know
how you knew Michael.
Michael, such a quiet man.
May I?
Where was I?
How you knew Michael.
Oh, that's right.
Well, we spent his last
night on earth together.
- Excuse me?
- We spent his last night...
No, I heard what you said,
but you're gonna have
to elaborate on that.
You want details?
Are you sure? I can
be quite descriptive.
Tell me.
We met at a bar,
and then took me back
to his hotel room.
I took him.
You know Michael, he could
be rather flat-footed
when it comes to
making decisions.
Go on.
After that, we
had amazing sex.
You want positions?
You know I'm his wife, right?
Of course, I do.
After we had sex, he
told me all about you.
So, you come here to tell
me you fucked my husband?
Why would someone do that?
You know how cruel that is?
He's dead.
If it's so cruel, why
don't you look sad about it?
What do you mean?
Look at your face.
You look relieved, happy almost.
You think I'm happy he's dead?
I think you're
happy he fucked me.
You're insane.
Eyes don't lie.
You're even happy
I'm here, aren't you?
- No, I'm not.
- Yes, you are.
You know nothing about me.
I know some things about you.
Michael understood why you
were doing what you were doing.
He wasn't even mad.
He just wanted you to be happy.
Bullshit. He didn't know.
He told me you were the
best person he ever met,
how you even love bugs.
He told me how you'd wake him
up in the middle of the night
to catch a spider
and put it outside.
"Most girls would
squash them," he said,
"but not Rachel."
Did he really know?
He knew he lost you
a long time ago.
He just didn't know
how to let you go.
And he wasn't mad?
Why not?
He was too busy being
mad at everything else.
The thought of someone making
you happy again was nice.
Did he die on purpose?
- I mean, did he...
- No.
Unfortunately, it was his time.
But, at least he went happy.
I don't remember the
last time I saw him happy.
What he wanted
most for you was
for you to be happy.
I know he's not here,
but you still are, Rachel.
But, he should be, too.
In a way, he kind
of is still here.
I've seen this before.
In fact, it's
happened to me once.
Seen what?
Have you been vomiting lately?
My husband just died.
And have you been feeling
ill in the mornings?
My husband just died.
No more smoking for you.
Excuse me?
You are pregnant.
No, I'm hungover and
I took too many pills.
No more drinking
for you, either.
No, I'm not pregnant.
You are, and this
stupid little letter
you were planning
on leaving behind,
I'm gonna take that, too.
How did you know about that?
It's written all
over your face,
but you can't
clock out just yet.
You're about to be a mommy.
I can't see you.
Something is wrong.
The pills, I took too many.
It's not the pills.
That's just you
deciding to live again.
Only people who are
about to die can see me.
I'm so fucked up.
It was a pleasure
working with you, Rachel.
What are you?
I'm a mommy, too.
So, do you make good
money at this gig?
I wouldn't say good money,
but the hours are good.
Gives me all day to
get my shit done.
What kinda shit you need
gettin' done? (CHUCKLES)
I'm tryin' to be a singer.
Oh, you don't do rap, do you?
I mean, I wish I did,
but my mouth doesn't
move that fast, so.
Well, let's hear it.
Blow them pipes. (CHUCKLES)
Maybe another time.
Oh, well.
that's somethin' I
don't have much of.
Well, then I
think you're ready.
Man up.
A girl needs a
father in her life,
even if it's only for a
few, fleeting moments.
And if she gets a
brother out of it, too,
then she scored.
I'm gonna do it,
monster or not.
You're playin' the
good guy in the end.
That's all that matters.
I hope you get
everything you want.
You deserve it.
If I deserve it,
then I'll have it.
And all the maps
that I've looked at
Just move ahead with
topographic view
That I'm feelin'
I think you're gonna have
to throw me out of here.
Get the fuck out of here.
Thanks, kid.
Come on, save it
Just grab on to that wind
'Cause this old boat is
gonna take you home again
I'm sorry, chief.
Oh love
I'll get you that drink.
Is not an ocean
What do you want?
It's a star, it's
not a language
Nothing. I made a mistake.
Hold out
What the fuck?
It's not the places
that we're at
Or where we're goin'
Come on, save it
I'm sorry.
It's a bar.
Happens 10 times a night.
I really don't know
how this happened.
No one ever does.
I'll take a beer and
20 napkins, please.
What kind of beer?
I don't know. Beer all
smells the same to me.
For you.
What kinda beer do
you wanna drink?
Oh, (LAUGHS) you choose.
Beer all tastes the
same to me, too.
'Cause this old boat is
gonna take you home again
We'll give you a bottle.
It's safer.
I'm usually not this clumsy.
I'm known to have
very steady hands.
Oh, yeah? Prove it.
Well, you're not an alcoholic.
Well, at least there's that.
What's your name?
Well, Ryan, I'm Johnny.
Well, enjoy your beer, Johnny.
Wait, can I ask you something?
At midnight, he's callin'
You don't look too happy.
That's not askin' somethin'.
That's makin' an observation.
Well, I'm very observative.
I'm pretty sure
observative's not a word.
Then, how did I just say it?
I can hear you callin'
Is there a question coming?
Why do I wanna know if
there's a question coming?
No, why don't you look happy?
Why do I have to look happy?
You don't. I just
wanna know why you don't.
'Cause I had a really
shitty start to my day,
but the last hour
was quite nice.
So nice, in fact,
that I was a little sad.
How does somethin'
nice make someone sad?
You haven't seen my Banana
run by here, have you?
Excuse me?
She's my dog.
I lost my dog.
There, I said it.
No, but the fact that I haven't
seen her is a good thing.
Trust me.
You look like you
lost something, too.
Are you okay?
Did you lose your cat?
I lost something else.
Are you okay?
I'll be great when
she's back in my arms.
No, I mean,
are you feeling okay,
Never better.
Maybe I can help you find
what you're looking for.
Maybe I just feel a
little lost right now.
I know what you mean.
The truth is maybe we're
all a bit lost, aren't we?
It's like the boats out there,
searching for the shore.
What's your name?
What's yours?
Well, Francesca, it was
a delight meeting you,
but I should continue
my search now.
I hope you find what
you're looking for.
Thank you.
Well, your boyfriend sounds
like a total fuck-face.
Aren't you the one
who's supposed to be
complaining about
life here, not me?
(LAUGHS) Well, I now know why
your day started off so shitty,
but I still don't
know the nice part.
Well, before you came in
my bar and broke everything,
I was chattin'
with this old man.
He had a real nasty cough.
He said he was dying.
That's sad, right?
That's not the nice part, is it?
No, he took a bus from Reno
to come visit his daughter.
He's never met her before.
Hmm, one of those guys.
Yeah, he was in here
to muster up the balls
to actually go through with it.
He said that he'd
taken the trip,
like a half a dozen times,
but never actually did it.
It's kinda sad, but nice, right?
Stories from the bar,
they get deep.
Occupational hazard.
I'm either an ass to grab
or a shoulder to cry on.
Well, do I get to choose?
(LAUGHS) No, but
seriously, that's nice,
and it won't be sad if he
actually goes through with it.
So, all is well.
Yeah, but I feel
a little guilty.
I lied to him.
I lied to a sick, dying old man.
Well, a lot of people
lie. It's normal.
Yeah, but I lied to
make him feel worse.
Do you think that's cruel?
It depends. What was the lie?
I told him my dad
was my everything.
Is he not?
I never met my dad,
but I don't want that
old guy feeling like
what he did was
normal, you know?
I wanted him to feel
guilty, horrible even,
so he'd go through
with it this time.
Sounds like a
good lie in my book.
What about you, Johnny?
Got any sob stories to spill?
I'm like a brick wall when
it comes to mushy stuff.
Well, sooner or later, every
wall crumbles like cookies.
Crumbles like
cookies, huh? (CHUCKLES)
Is there a smoking
patio or something,
where I can?
shit, look at you.
You have some
deep-rooted issues.
What are you talkin' about?
For a sliver of vulnerability,
you make a mad
dash for the exit.
You can come with me.
I don't smoke.
Then, keep me company.
I'm manning the fort.
Actually, hold on.
Can I take my 15?
I don't care.
All right, let's go.
Oh, come on.
What was up with that girl
that was like, screaming?
Hey, guys, we got $86.
Thanks, see you guys tomorrow.
Good job today.
Hey, I think we convinced
at least two people today.
BOTH: Yes!
Answer your fucking phone.
Answer your fucking phone.
So, it's that kinda
smoke break, is it?
Bartender requirement,
gotta bring light
to the darkness.
Where's your cigarette?
That's cute.
My gateway drug to the patch.
No, it's good.
I can't smoke a real one.
It's bad for my vocal chords.
I could tell
you were a singer.
How so?
I heard singin' to
yourself earlier at the bar.
- You were watching me?
- I was.
Well, Johnny,
let's build a window into that
impenetrable wall of yours.
This is where my cookie
crumbles, all right.
What do you wanna know?
You got like 14
minutes to wow me.
Oh, well, I live in New York.
I already wowed you.
You were easy. (CHUCKLES)
just love New York.
I've always wanted
to live there.
- You should.
- Oh, should I?
Why not?
L.A.'s fucking nuts,
plus we have these
things called seasons.
I think you might like 'em.
What do you do in New York?
I program apps.
What kind of apps?
All kinds.
Right now, I'm workin'
on an app that,
well, let's say you
lose your dog or cat,
you can turn on the app,
and it will locate it.
Well, they have to
buy a microchip,
but I think it will be pretty
big once people catch on.
So, it's like a
GPS for your pet?
Exactly like that.
Look at you,
saving the world
one pet at a time.
I just lost a few
pets growin' up,
and I haven't quite
gotten over it yet.
Me, too.
My first broken
heart was Wolfie.
I swore I'd never love again.
Did you ever love again?
Not like my first.
So, how long are
you in town for?
I don't know.
I might be leaving really soon.
I think I broke
your cigarette thingy.
Why are you
really here, Johnny?
Just visiting.
A friend, a
girlfriend, boyfriend?
- I'm sensing a bit of...
- Hostility?
Yeah, kinda.
What's with the
sudden interrogation?
You tell me.
Why would I be acting a little
bit suspicious right now?
Let's start over.
Can we do that?
You knew I was
getting married.
Oh, to fuck-face.
I didn't know that.
to that, I think.
I'm gonna give you one last
chance to be honest with me.
Another lie, I walk.
Please, don't walk.
Then, don't lie to me.
I have to lie.
You lied to that old
man because you had to.
I didn't have to. I
chose to, so choose.
My name's not Johnny.
How did you know?
I can connect the dots,
and when you said you made apps,
I knew for sure.
I was against this, I swear.
He dumped this shit on me the
second I got to your place.
Are you really playing
the victim right now?
I'm just sayin' this
all his plan, not mine.
You know what, Johnny?
Whoever you are, it was
almost nice to meet you.
Wait, please,
just don't walk away.
What was the plan?
Tell me.
Come here, talk to you,
hit on you,
see how you'd react.
I wasn't even gonna talk
to you when I got here.
I was just gonna leave,
but then I spilled that drink.
I don't know.
Why didn't you
just keep walking?
I don't know.
I saw you,
and I made a mistake.
I talked.
You talked.
Let me get this straight.
You came here to charm
me into bed, so what,
you could tell him I cheated,
so he doesn't have to marry me?
I have no idea,
but I know you deserve better.
Do I?
Do I deserve someone like you?
No, better than me, too.
I'm sorry. (SCOFFS)
When you said that you
knew that I was a singer,
was that the truth,
or was that a lie, too?
I swear, I don't remember
Luke ever telling me you sang.
Were you really gonna do it?
Go home with you? Fuck, no.
No, marry Luke.
I don't know,
That's not your call.
So, what?
So, do what you came to do.
I don't even know
what that means.
You came here to see if I'd
go through with it, right?
Now's your chance to find out.
I don't wanna find out.
So, it was all bullshit.
No, I don't wanna find out,
because I like you.
No, you don't.
I think I do,
and if I'm right,
I don't want this
to be how we met.
This is how we met.
We can't change that.
I know.
So, what do we do now?
We either step forward,
or we step back.
I want to,
but I can't.
Why, because you think
these feelings might be real?
Real feeling are bad?
What, fake feelings
get the girl?
How fucked up is that?
It felt real the
moment I saw you.
Then, do it.
Take a step forward
if you really want to,
no more lies.
What are we doing?
We're getting closer.
That's what people do.
This is to get back
at Luke, isn't it?
or maybe this has
nothing to do with him.
I think my 15 minutes...
Freddie, what the...
Can I help you?
Does Ryan live here?
Who are you?
Who are you, old man? Come on.
God damn it.
You wreak of liquor, man.
How do you know Ryan?
Does she live here?
You follow her
home, you pervert?
Are you stalking my fiance?
I just wanna meet her.
Is she here?
What the fuck is this?
A present, you
bring her a present?
You tryin' to be her sugar
daddy, is that what you're doin'?
Get the fuck off my
property, before I...
What the fuck?
Oh, shit.
Hey, there sugar love.
I know you're still workin',
but don't stop and
eat on your way home,
'cause I'm cookin'
dinner tonight.
All right, that's it.
I love ya. I'll see you soon.
Don't come back
now to me, baby
You'll only do me harm
The stones are on the ocean
Lord, we're a long
way from the shore
Don't be mistaken
I don't love you anymore
You notice the moon
Freddie, what the fuck?
You can't answer your phone?
I'm sorry.
What happened?
How'd it go?
Like I said, man,
I'm sorry.
(CHUCKLES) What the
fuck is this, huh?
What's happening right now?
I said that if you made
me do this, you'd hate me.
BREATH) Okay, okay.
Okay, very funny.
Game over, okay?
Fuck you.
Your plan worked.
Why are you holding his hand?
This is what
you wanted, right?
Freddie, why the fuck
are you holding her hand?
Man, I know how
this looks and sounds,
but shit, man, I never
felt like this before.
I'm just as confused as you are.
What are you doin', huh?
Stop holding his hand.
I don't even know what
to say to you right now.
Honestly, this is
the weirdest thing
that's ever happened to me.
Yeah, no fuckin' shit.
God, you guys are fuckin'
with me, all right?
I'm about to lose my
shit, I swear to God.
I'm sorry.
You're sorry?
Now, you know for sure.
No, no.
Come here, we're
gettin' married, okay?
No, we're not.
We're getting
married. Come here.
RYAN: We're not.
This isn't happening.
This isn't happening.
This is just a "Ha ha,
"let's teach the asshole
a lesson," right?
It might be.
It might not be. I don't know.
Oh. Oh, it might not be.
Stop fucking touching her, okay?
No, how could you do this?
How could you do this?
You did this to us.
could you do this, huh?
How the fuck could you do this?
Dude, you asked me to.
I asked you? Fuck you.
I'm getting my things.
Fuck you.
Fuck you, man.
Where did you get that?
Luke, where did you get that?
LUKE: Fuck you! God.
Luke, where did you get that?!
Okay, stop.
You're a fucker.
Where did you get this?
I'm sorry.
I was scared.
I don't care.
I don't care about that, Luke,
just tell me where you got this.
Just tell her.
I don't know, fuck.
An old guy had a heart
attack at the front door.
I called 911,
and they took him away.
I forgot to give
them the fucking box.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
I can't breathe.
Whoa, whoa, calm
down. What is it?
What did he say?
I don't know.
RYAN: What did he say?
I don't know,
he fuckin',
he asked about you, that's all.
Oh, my God.
- What's happening right now?
- I don't know.
He was my dad.
I can't.
Step forward or step back.
What the fuck does that mean?
Who is it?
My brother. (CHUCKLES)
I have a brother.
I'm home.
Clothes your eyes and
take your shirt off.
I got a present
for you. (LAUGHS)
Wait, I have to
tell you somethin'.
Just do it, hurry up.
Just close your eyes.
Come on.
- Are your eyes closed?
- They're closed.
Okay, good, good.
Keep 'em closed, keep 'em
closed, keep 'em closed.
All right, arms.
Open 'em.
You hate it,
but you love ducks.
You love ducks.
I love it. It's
awesome. Thank you.
I've gotta tell you somethin'.
Okay, okay, but hurry,
all right? I'm starving.
What'd you make for dinner?
Wait, why don't
I smell anything?
Just sit down for me, please.
Come here.
Okay, I will.
You're startin' to
freak me out, Damon.
So, your mom called me.
She was tryin' to
get ahold of you.
Is everything okay?
Is she all right?
Yeah, she's fine.
She's fine.
It's your father.
I guess he came here.
My dad came here?
Like, he's here?
Can I just finish, please?
This isn't easy, okay?
Yeah, well, okay,
well, please say it.
Your mom got a call
from the hospital, Taylor.
I guess she said
they told her that,
I guess your father,
he died. He just died.
God, no, look, no.
This is gotta just be some
massive mix-up or something.
My dad would never
come here, right?
He hates me.
But he came here,
that's the point.
He came all this way.
He came all this fuckin' way,
now let's let him do
what he came here to do,
and go see him.
It's important.
I can't go.
I'm not gonna go.
But if I cared,
you'd be right there with me?
Of course.
Come here.
Come here. (CRIES SOFTLY)
I'm sorry.
Off you go.
Where exactly are we going?
Well, looks like there's
only one place left to go.
I just have one question.
She's yours.
Congratulations, papa.
I knew I'd see you real soon.
Are you ready?
I didn't come this far
only to come this far.
It's just a few more
steps, and you're there.
I'm going,
but you can bet your
ass I'll be back.
The world hasn't seen
the last of me. (LAUGHS)
I don't think it has.
Maybe as a bird,
or a horse.
I like them, too.
I just can't draw them
for shit. (LAUGHS)
Aren't you coming with?
I have someone I
have to see first.
Oh, yeah, I know that look.
I'll see you around, then.
I can't believe I met my dad.
I think I met him, too.
What, how?
When he left the
bar, I bumped into him.
(LAUGHS) I actually
called him chief.
I guess I am pretty clumsy.
I don't know how
to feel right now.
You know, happy that I met him,
or sad that I lost him again,
mad at Luke?
Be all three.
Thanks for playin'
along back there,
but you don't have
to wait with me.
I'll be fine.
Hey, I met your dad,
ruined your wedding,
kissed my friend's girl today.
I might as well stay and
meet your long-lost brother.
I sound so dysfunctional.
(CHUCKLES) Plus, I realized
I need a place to stay tonight.
I think I do, too.
I think it's this way.
Who are you?
What are you doing, Francesca?
I've done my job.
Michael and Cliff,
two departures,
Rachel and her baby,
two saves,
I'm done.
She won't be able to see you.
I want to see her.
The longer you stay here,
the longer it is for
you to take another job.
There are people that need you.
She needs me.
My daughter needs me.
I don't know if you
were ever a mother,
but I would give up
saving a million lives
if I could see her.
You cannot break
the rules, Francesca.
Fuck the rules.
You can have tonight.
Meet me at the shore at sunrise.
Thank you.
It's time for bed,
little rascal. (GIGGLES)
Did you brush your teeth?
You want this up?
Sweet dreams, honey bunny.
Goodnight, Miss P.
I love you, Mommy.
I love you, honey bunny.
Not yet.
No matter who you are,
what tongue you speak,
or where you're from,
there are always
the same two words
that are uttered before death.
Sometimes shouted,
sometimes whispered,
but always,
"Not yet."
If you're here
to take me back...
I didn't come
to take you back.
Then, why are you here?
Free will didn't die
just because you did.
The choice is yours.
I can stay?
What they don't
understand is sometimes,
even though the ones we love
can't always hear and see us,
it's worth it just
to hear and see them.
What do you choose, Francesca?
I can't leave her again.
Then, don't.
But first, we must go
before they come for you.
I'll see you soon, my love.
We're blessed
We are loveless
We are cold and we are kind
We are stressed
We are so thankless
We are deaf and we are blind
And we're pained
and we're joyless
And we're at a
fork in the road
We go home to
loving families
And we are sleeping
in the cold
As everyone's in everyone is
in everyone is in everyone
Is in everyone is in
everyone is in everyone
As everyone's in everyone is
in everyone is in everyone
Is in everyone is in
everyone is in everyone
We are blessed
We are restless
We are dumb, we are wiles
We are young
We are old
We see the world
through tired eyes
We are lost and we are found
And we're saved and depraved
We are poor and rich
And we assure that its
Of love that we are made
As everyone's in everyone is
in everyone is in everyone
Is in everyone is in
everyone is in everyone
As everyone's in everyone is
in everyone is in everyone
Is in everyone is in
everyone is in everyone
As everyone's in everyone is
in everyone is in everyone
Is in everyone is in
everyone is in everyone
As everyone's in everyone is
in everyone is in everyone
Is in everyone is in
everyone is in everyone
As everyone's in everyone is
in everyone is in everyone
Is in everyone is in
everyone is in everyone
As everyone's in everyone is
in everyone is in everyone
Is in everyone is in
everyone is in everyone
As everyone's in everyone is
in everyone is in everyone
Is in everyone is in
everyone is in everyone
As everyone's in everyone is
in everyone is in everyone
Is in everyone is in
everyone is in everyone