We Are Family (2006) Movie Script

Everybody gets up
at different time.
But rumor spreads that if one
wakes up before the cocks...
This family should be
very troublesome.
Let's start the meeting.
lt's time for meeting.
Leave it, start the meeting.
So, well done!
With our effort, we've reached
the target we set last year.
l must specially appreciate
Team C's leader, Kit Lee.
He resolved the major issues
for the company.
Well done, give him a big hand.
Mr. Lee, line 2.
l'll get it outside.
No. Just talk here.
Hey! Why don't you
turn on your cell?
What're you doing?
l'm in a meeting...
Now the speaker's on.
All guys can hear you.
l don't believe it.
l've changed the date and
l'll be back tomorrow night.
Will you come and
have a meal with me?
All guys're hearing. l'm not lying.
l'll call you later.
l don't care! We haven't met
each other for a week.
Don't you miss me?
We haven't...done that for long.
l can't hear what you say.
What? You.
Fine. Put aside your private matters.
Let's talk about
our target next year.
l'd like to add 10% of...
Let's go on
with the meeting tomorrow.
Kit. l have something
to talk with you.
What's up, boss?
l just thought you're single,
but you've got a girlfriend.
We've...decided to get married.
You know
l appreciate you all these years.
Now's time for you
to go all alone.
You mean...
There're 4 team leaders
in the company.
The headquarters is gonna
choose one as the CEO.
You've been fully supporting me
during these years.
Now l'm on your side.
On my side?
l'm looking for a family man
coz family men're more stable.
Which means after you get married,
you've all kinds of benefits like
housing allowance. l really envy you.
Work hard. Understand?
Work hard. Understand!
Thank you! Thank you...
Very good.
l do think so.
But those words about marriage
are casual ones.
Your boss thinks it's true?
Have you thought of
marrying with her?
To be honest,
l proposed to her 7 times before.
Airhostesses like to have
more than one guy.
She's not that type of person.
He's decent and never changed
his job after graduation.
This is eternity and loyalty.
You guys are too young
to understand.
l must make her touched and marry her some day.
You care Kit so much.
You're serious this time?
Thank you for giving me
your precious time...
to witness the love of
my girlfriend and me.
The place you see was
where we first met...
Every time she flies back
to Hong Kong,
l would pick her if l have time.
My girlfriend is
a thoughtful person.
We've been together for 4 years...
l proposed to her 7 times
and none was successful.
Let me sincerely ask you again...
Fung Wong, will you marry me?
What? Proposal like this?
Nobody's here.
No sincerity at all.
He doesn't even know if you agree.
Actually, l'm always beside you.
Only you can't feel it.
Can you let me take care of you
for the rest of your life?
l do...
Let's calm down.
He's serious. Go marry him.
l'm serious.
Bride, groom, blossoms...
and rings are all ready.
No bridesmaids,
no maid of honor...
How about the witness?
The priest is real.
l am real.
This is my 8th time...
Promise me...marry me.
Marry him! Marry him...
Marry him...
You never visited my family.
How to get married?
Visit your family. No big deal.
Why didn't you let me
see them these years?
How would that be so easy
until the critical moment?
Are house prices
in Guilin so high?
l want you to see the scenes,
not houses!
l do see it.
Beautiful? Sure! Beautiful...
Sure. This is where l grew up.
l've been living with granny
and nursing mother.
l was taken by parents to Hong Kong
in the age of 8.
So how many people
will l visit this time?
Not so many.
All people in only one village.
They're enthusiastic.
Only a bit fractious.
They love to invite guests
over for a meal.
Hey, listen up.
lf you don't eat their food,
they'll be aggravated.
Aggravated? How?
l'm serious!
lf granny doesn't like you,
we can't get married.
You can't even be with me either.
Then we can talk nothing at all.
So you must flatter
these 2 persons.
My granny, and my nursing mother.
Nursing mother?
There's nursing mother
in such a modern world?
Of course. She's marvelous.
She has lots and lots of milk.
She'd fed more than 10 children.
Then l must take a look at her.
lt's simple.
Nursing mother! Where're you?
Nursing mother!
You're back! Sure.
What're you doing?
Killing a cock.
Here's the kid.
He's sleeping?
He's full.
Won't wake up until tomorrow.
Your son?
How great you are!
80 years old already.
We have a traditional saying...
A man can give birth if he can
hold a bag of rice.
Yes, yes...
Nursing mother,
l haven't held you for years...
Let me see...
you look prettier than ever.
This is your boyfriend?
He's called Kit.
Nice to meet you.
What's up!
How handsome!
Nursing mother?
You don't look like.
l know what you mean.
lt's sunny today and
l've put them under the sun.
You're strong as before.
Come and have some tea.
You don't have...
lt's yours.
Forgot the milk.
You learned people need milk tea.
Here's the milk.
She really adds it?
l'm not gonna drink.
That...how to drink?
Come on...it's done.
Nursing mother, this...
We city guys...
are not used to fresh stuff.
Silly guy.
This is condensed milk.
Just kidding.
Need to eat something as well?
Sure. Fine.
So many to choose.
Snake cookies, honey scorpion,
toad lollipop,
water beetle.
And fresh centipede, my favorite.
Frankly, l've been in the boat for hours
and l'm feeling dizzy.
That is because you didn't eat before you came.
You'll feel better
when you eat some.
Come on. Eat it.
Do l have to eat?
Don't kid me.
Sure! Stop playing...
Do you wanna marry me?
Don't be shy. You're our guest.
Choose one according to the custom.
Water beetles're for soup.
Wrong to serve this way.
No problem, though.
Full of nutrition.
l'm taking you to my granny.
Cool! l can visit granny now!
Come on...
What the hell!
l'm back...
Does ''Almond House'' really
have almond?
So cute.
There're varied kinds of people
in the village.
l miss you so much! How are you?
Fine! Thank you!
Fung, you look much prettier.
What should l call her?
Granny. Granny.
Have you eaten it?
Don't move!
A leg of water beetle left.
Eat it up.
Fung, your boyfriend's a bit weird.
Granny...notices it.
l'm half-blooded...of 2 different cities.
l mean you are weird.
The same.
Granny'll search you now.
lt's springy! And tough!
Get the stick.
How many gals did you play with?
Does it count?
Did you eat tarts?
Tell me!
Did you eat rims?
Rims? Not for sure!
Don't panic. Relax...
Do you eat pork?
Not at all.
Sure. Pork have full of bacteria.
Any cauliflower?
l ask you if you ever ate it?
Not at all, mostly others.
Why did you break up
with the gals?
We were studying...and
were not mature enough.
Are you mature now?
Yes, mature.
Enough? Enough.
That's it! Why so passionate?
Let's have dinner tonight!
Fellow villagers,
Tonight is my treat.
Go enjoy yourselves...
and test if Fung's guy...
is qualified or not.
Come on! Let's drink!
Come on! Cheers...
Eat it while watching.
Don't be shy.
One cup again! Again...
Why drink so much?
lt's a must in such an occasion.
They'll fill me up
even if l don't drink.
Wanna give good impression?
Come on...one more! More...
you don't fear to get drunk?
To be honest, l have never drunk.
Never? Never!
The food's here!
lt's fresh.
Eat it while it's hot.
Everybody eats it.
lt would be OK.
Then l'm gonna eat it.
ls it delicious?
Need some more to taste it.
Eat more.
Why don't you stop eating?
All for me. l said they regard me
as a family member.
Family member, of course.
Or why is it taken from hospital?
What's that?
Chinese medicine.
What medicine?
The stuff that wraps the baby
inside woman's belly.
That's human placenta.
What's wrong with you, Kit?
You finally puke!
Let's eat...
Why don't you care the front?
What the hell!
Can you stand it? Just kidding!
Do you see l have any problems?
Honestly, it's worthwhile
if a few days of hard work...
return with a happy life.
You mean...you think it's worthwhile?
l know you're not used to
our hard toilet paper.
l bought the soft ones
for you on purpose.
Granny, don't you think
the way you're doing...
is a little bit
too straightforward?
What have l never seen?
l know...
l'm going out...
Granny...don't seem like you
never saw anything.
Boy, what a tough day for you.
Not at all.
Fung was like a monkey running
around the hill.
She's so active, just like me.
And she's now like a bird and
likes to fly everywhere.
People will get tired.
She's gotta marry somebody.
Have you learned many things?
A bit... Have you learned that...
What? Marrying the pig.
How to write ''marriage'' in Chinese?
A word ''woman'' plus another word ''home''.
Women must marry their men.
They all like to have a shelter.
The shelter must be hard enough.
l get it... Hard shelter
must stand against obstacles.
Granny, do you need some rest?
l have my own judgment!
l have mysophobia. Must brush my
teeth thoroughly before sleeping.
Where're my dentures?
Shit! lt's gone...
Find them for me.
How would it disappear?
Find it. Quick.
How would this happen?
Too thin.
Yet don't feel inferior.
lt's durability rather than size
that matters.
l don't know if it's durable.
But Fung usually says...enough.
Fung...not the same.
Do you know she
has a new nickname...
when she's back this time?
l've found the dentures.
Follow me tomorrow to pick up
medicine on the hill.
l'm making romantic scenes for you.
Don't stay too long.
Your skin'll get peeled.
Why do you sigh?
We've already walked half a day.
How long to reach the place?
What? Can you stand it?
What do you say?
Where's granny?
Maybe she's reached the hilltop.
l can't... l need some rest.
l used to have a boyfriend...
who's willing to sacrifice for me.
But he quit just before the stage of dinner.
You're great.
You're still here with me.
l'm talking to you.
Can you hear it?
Your family's nothing problematic.
Only that their custom
make people sick.
2 days left.
Can you still stand it?
Let's see if there's any return...
in the remaining time.
What return do you mean?
Just like when 2 of us
enter a deserted hill...
and l don't have enough oxygen...
is there anyone to give me
artificial respiration?
Bad guy! No.
Then l'm gonna get back.
Come on if yes.
So romantic.
What a good pretender.
Artificial respiration?
Let me help you. No way...
Fung, l picked it.
Enjoy yourselves.
Your granny's really strong.
Of course. She does exercise
every morning.
What exercise?
But she's rather old.
lsn't it the old-fashioned dance?
My granny did exercise in the morning, too.
How's she now? Dead.
What did she carry?
Herbal medicine. What for?
Cure you. l'm healthy now.
They touched you yesterday...
just to check if you're healthy.
This is called palpation.
Your thigh shows if there's
clot in your lymphatic system.
Touch your hands to see if
your digestion system's OK.
Touch your back to see if
your circulatory system's fine.
Your back reflects
the condition of your body.
And they touch your chest
not to search you.
They checked if your heart's fine.
Touch your butt to see
if your sciatic nerve is fine.
Granny let you relax
and press the sole of your feet.
Now she's picking
herbal medicine for you.
Granny likes you so much.
Now you know why
l touch you so often.
So, do l have any diseases?
Let me see.
Someone's rummaged around!
l'm so hungry.
Anything to eat?
but l don't know where it is.
Let me find it in the kitchen.
Take it for me. OK.
Bastard. You can't eat this!
Why not?
This is for external use, not internal.
This is for piles!
lt's pagoda tree flower but.
l picked it this morning.
Clears damp heat evil
and hepatic fire.
Put off your trousers.
Why...why put off my trousers?
Cure your piles!
l don't have piles.
You city guys always sit on a chair.
You must have piles 5 years later.
When it gets big,
the pus looks like a flower.
Full of blood.
Put off! Put off your trousers...
l don't have any!
No what? Put them off!
Go ahead. Don't refuse.
Put off your trousers!
Stick the ass!
Come on!
See something great.
What great?
You know what!
Puke again, kid?
Odds and ends everywhere.
Good boy. Drink it.
You'll stop puking.
How's it? ls it useful?
A bit better...
Do you know what it is?
These are worms.
Where're they from?
From combs.
They're fat and energetic.
Produce juice for you.
lt's better to eat them alive.
Eat the moving ones. Come on.
Can you stand it?
Your granny and nursing mother
are always fooling me.
They have their own reasons.
Don't be angry.
l'm too tired to get angry.
Now's the last day.
The things just happened...
forget it.
l'm hungry.
Get me some food.
l'm gonna make it.
Never put off my trousers so often
on a single day.
What're you doing?
l know how to apply the medicine.
Come on...
This is not medicine.
lt's a cake.
You've been puking these few days.
Eat it.
Regain all you've lost.
Eat it.
ls it eatable?
Eat it, kid.
Eat it!
Fung, your boyfriend...
behaves well these days.
l said granny cares for you.
She does everything for you.
She doesn't fool you.
l know she doesn't fool me.
lt's the village's custom.
Always enthusiastic.
But l don't understand...
why you kissed my nose
when you first met me.
You city guys breathe dirty air.
l checked if you had allergic nose.
Then why did nursing mother and
villagers touch me?
They checked if your body had poisons.
Why did you let me puke?
For discharging your poison!
How about human placenta?
lt made you puke.
Puke and
you'll discharge your poison.
Good for health if you didn't puke.
Good for health, then you can...
make her happy.
And also,
you like meat once we saw you.
But you said you don't eat pork.
Streptococcus suis inside.
Egg tart's pastry
has pathogenic heat.
Not good for health.
l asked you if
you eat cauliflower...
coz it helps you discharge poison
and prevent cancer.
Sounds reasonable.
l already knew it.
l... l just played with them.
Hurry up...
the boat's setting sail. Go...
Granny, l'm going. Take care.
Wait, come back...
ls this for internal
or external use?
lt's a pledge.
Our family's treasure.
You give me your treasure...
that means you allow us,
do you?
Not yet.
Gotta take every member's pledge.
Bad luck
if you lack any one of them.
Go out. What should l do... Let's go.
See you. See you.
OK, fine...
Remember, you must get all.
See you! See you...
l miss granny.
Several days has passed
and l only get this.
What're you saying?
Are you thirsty?
ls nursing mother's milk delicious?
Don't puke. No. Swallow it!
Nursing mother!
He must drink up my milk!
High calcium, low fat.
Can't waste it!
See you!
You're full but still crying?
Hurry...take away your baby.
This is enough.
Eyes not yet open
and no milk to drink?
Alright. Let you go today.
Enough for you.
When should it start?
Excuse me. Hurrying.
Please wait...a moment.
Hurry up.
Come on... No.
l still have family members
you never met.
l've eaten cockroaches and
drunk human milk...
and was touched everywhere.
What do you want then?
Come on. Talk after taking the pic.
Come here...
OK, coming...
What an ideal couple.
Ready? Yes.
Let me introduce... Wait...
This is designed by
a renowned ltalian designer...
And this...
Where're you, Kit?
Hurry to the company.
The design even makes you
stand out in the crowd.
lt uses the best chiffon
from England.
This is the wedding dress of
British courtly style.
Help me ASAP.
l'm not gonna talk with you.
Talk yourself.
This suits you best.
Where's he run? Too bad!
Excuse me...
We can start now.
Where're your earrings,
necklace and ring?
Who's the guy who stood outside?
What do you hide from me?
No, nothing.
Be straightforward.
l said no.
lt's 1 1 o'clock.
2 hours left.
Let's try them now.
l said no. What do you try?
You haven't met my mom and dad.
Mom? Dad?
l could deal with granny.
Mom and dad...easy job.
You say it.
Wait a second here.
l'm going there.
Mom? Mom...
your technique is so good.
l'm feeling so good!
What's wrong with your hands?
l floored the nail polish.
Spread everywhere.
Can't wipe it out.
Who're you?
My name's Kit. Uncle.
Kit, come on...
feel free to have a seat.
Uncle, the scraping therapy
is interesting.
Can you teach me?
l can do it for my pals.
What're you talking about?
Are you suspecting me?
Scraping's history's even longer than
Stone Age. Got it?
lt's based on
locating acupuncture points.
Dig out anything
that makes you uncomfy.
Same as oil massage?
Oil massage? What oil?
lt's used for
scraping the blood stasis...
and poison out of your body.
l just...wanna chat.
Bastard. Not respectful at all.
Forgot to give you some tea.
l'm so sorry.
Your dad seems not in favor of me.
He...can he fight?
Don't panic. Let me go inside.
Top's passing Taiwan Strait
with the speed of 35nm/h.
Wind's become gusty.
Please keep watching the news.
What earring?
ls that possible?
This is for you.
Thank you, auntie.
lt's blotched. What to do?
lt's blotched inside.
What to do? Wash it for me.
Look if the back's blotched.
No, auntie...
What? Hurry up.
The clothes're dirty. What to do?
Stop it...
My clothes're blotched.
Look...Help me.
Dad! What're you doing?
Dad! Dad...
what's wrong with your clothes?
lt's blotched.
Alright. l'm getting changed.
Come here and talk with my dad.
Say something.
Uncle, are you...
a horseplayer?
Do you...usually cook?
Do you practice calligraphy...
The storm's coming!
Get back the clothes from
the balcony. lt's gonna rain.
l'm here!
Go with me.
Want me ask if
you like porn movies?
Does this dress look good?
aren't you fear of getting cold?
Have a chat with me.
lt's hot.
Aren't you feeling hot?
Your hands're cold.
You're scared?
you have beautiful hair.
lt's all straight.
Some's straight and some curled.
Which one do you have?
Auntie... l'm still young...
please let me go.
Young guys must grow up.
Mom, l've done it.
Let me do it.
Why're you looking so sad?
No. Your mom...
What's wrong with her?
Come to my room. Come here.
You mark such things?
Uncle, l've locked the door.
l have the key.
l'm peeing, uncle.
l know. Go on.
Yellowish, bubbly and stinky.
And there're some ants.
What have you done?
l saw them once l came in.
You mean they're mine?
2 and a half inches.
Uncle, do you see it clearly?
Stop it. Keep on.
Relax. Don't tremble.
Such tools absolutely
make me tremble.
Use some force.
Watch out. Don't get me electrified.
Young guys nowadays...useless.
Special news.
Tropical cyclone ''Top''
is deepening.
Typhoon signal no. 3 is issued...
Don't hurry. Eat slowly.
Take it easy.
Bad for your stomach
if you eat too fast.
Latest news.
Tropical cyclone ''Top''
is keeping its stamina,
and is going to attack Hong Kong.
Norwest Storm Signal no. 8
is issued.
Don't eat...Daughter,
pack the things up and go.
Stop eating...
the typoon's coming...
Bring all your stuff.
The shipping service's suspended.
Rent a villa nearby.
Your dad's too much.
Force us to go in such condition!
Villa? Then we can do...
Good suggestion.
Let's sleep here tonight.
Fung, do you have money?
Gotta borrow some.
Who are you?
Let me tell you...
What's the relationship
between you and her?
What's your relationship with Fung?
None of your business!
l still don't know who you are.
Treat Fung better!
What's up...
What the heck?
Why so noisy there?
Nothing. A stranger
turns your room upside down.
A stranger?A strange guy.
Where's he? Gone.
Gone? Gone.
Could he be...
He came without a word...
and left without a word.
Which means...
Your relationship is very special?
He's you brother.
They're actually family members!
Smaller brother.
Brother only.
He can't behave like that, though.
He's my smaller brother.
Avoiding debt every day.
He even dare not see his parents.
He's your bro...
then let it go.
Let's sleep...
l'm sleeping.
let's get back to the room...
and make that.
lt's wrong for sure.
Why're you always so self-centered?
You always think you're right.
l'm fair and square.
Always rely on statistics.
Anyway, it's problematic!
l think it's nothing problematic!
l think it's problematic!
Every word l say is what you feel problematic.
Then you're stubborn.
You think it's nothing wrong?
l think it's OK.
Must be something wrong.
What's wrong? How could it be?
Why not?
Needless to say. Anyway, no!
Can you not be so stubborn?
Good morning, uncle, auntie.
Won't talk with you.
Look at it yourself.
Me too.
Leave him alone.
Of course.
l said yesterday that your dad
doesn't like me.
When l first stepped
into this house...
he's been watching me and
criticizing me.
What does he mean?
Maybe better than what you think.
lt's good enough if mom likes you.
l'm scared if she likes me.
What? Nothing...
Say it.
Nothing. Say it.
You said you won't get angry.
She lured me.
How to lure?
She winked at me.
Are you teasing my mom?
She has broken blood vessel in eye.
lt blinks and gets cramp irregularly.
lt's a disease.
This is reasonable.
But she touched me in the room
last night..
She wanna cover you with a quilt.
She pulled her collar off and
pulled her skirt up.
Weren't all that luring?
Lured you... Auntie.
l must check if
my would-be son-in-law is normal.
And now l'm abnormal?
When l gave you some tea that day,
l saw you taking my earring...
and wear it on your left ear.
lt stands for gay.
l was so scared and
wondered if you are.
l was just so naughty that
l tried it on.
Couldn't imagine
auntie thought so much.
Apart from that earring,
l gotta know if you're frigid.
l lured you like this...
and you did nothing but dodged.
My daughter must suffer.
But it's good that...
l saw you took my husband's
porn books.
Then l'm relieved.
By the way...
l had been luring you and
you had no reaction...
that made me sad.
Auntie. Don't be sad.
l stood it hard.
Damn. l'm afraid if you have Oedipus complex.
You love your mother's type,
just like Prince Charles.
ls your sexual orientation diversified?
Auntie, l think
you should cut me some slack.
l know your intention is good.
But shouldn't test guys too much.
Nowadays' youths
are not mature enough,
if you get a mad one...
you gotta suffer.
By the way, kid, do you...
l saw you wee that day.
And also, that's not a swatter.
Urine speed sensor.
The length divided by the speed...
that shows your kidney
is problematic.
l marked there...
to evaluate your stress.
Take a look yourself!
Look, they've done so many things
just for the sake of your health.
No matter if
you'd marry my daughter,
you're my patient.
l wanna cure you.
Treat at the beginning, man.
See you. See you...
lf you're free, never come back...
No. Visit us if you're free.
Pledge? The 2nd time...
We can get married!
Not yet. One more stage.
We still have family members
in Singapore.
Some more?
Think about it.
How many family members
do you have?
lf you feel troublesome,
you can stop it.
But wouldn't you think it's a pity?
Will you go?
l said don't let old people see
TV shows too often.
How to take leaves to go
in such a hurry?
Think yourself.
lf l can get married
within 3 months...
it'll greatly help me to promote.
Rumors say they're gonna promote
one guy as the CEO.
They say the married one's even easier
to promote.
You know, l'll get more welfare
and housing allowance.
You wanna marry
because of other things.
l'm for our future's sake.
Marriage is most important for sure.
l've already proposed 8 times.
And l had been troubled
by your family.
Am l not sincere enough?
So you just mean
you don't wanna go there?
Hello? Kit.
You gotta go to Singapore now.
l know l gotta go there.
How do you know?
How do l...
Boss, what do you mean?
The company there has trouble.
Gotta help them there.
After the case...
you'll get promoted.
Sure! Sure...
Singapore, OK...
l'll tell the guys to get it done.
OK... l can go to Singapore now.
The company wants me to
do business there.
Then happy together!
You go because of your work.
Call on your parents and
work if l'm free.
Alright. Thanks.
l can get in by myself.
l'm gonna take a test in Britain.
You gotta be smart
when you've been there.
Don't act like a fool.
Be smart?
l'm gonna visit your elder bro...
will that be anything dangerous?
He's never the same.
Such kind of...
What are you talking about?
No, l mean your mom and your dad...
He's so special. What special?
He's quite...straightforward.
That's good.
Easy to get along with.
Sure, sure...
he's likes to make friends.
Courteous to new friends.
The same as me.
He also insists on defending
justice and is loyal to his duty.
And...nothing else.
Easy job.
l'll fix him within 2 days.
See you in Singapore. Bye.
Gotta hold you...
Alright. l'm going. See you.
Gotta go...
See you!
Why're your family members
so separated?
My elder bro wanna spread
Chinese medicine to the world.
So he devotes himself
to his ''Wing Fuk Store''.
He even abandons having a wife.
And Singaporeans speak Mandarin
and English.
Can you? Sure. No problem.
Are you seeing a doctor?
Excuse me...is Wong Kam Lun here?
Yes, but he's examining a patient.
Please sit down and wait.
lf you follow all l told you,
you must get cured.
Sir, you said the medicine
can clear heat & detoxify.
l drink 2 doses every day.
You fully follow it...
the skin must be cured.
Where did you go?
Where did you go to woo gals?
l said you woo every gal.
So how often to you wash your face?
Once every 3 or 4 days.
Once every 3 or 4 days?
Your ass would be stuck, idiot!
Let me rub it!
You psycho!
This son of a bitch
has evil thoughts.
l even see it on his face.
Only one customer in a month
and you kicked him out.
We have nothing to do now.
Mind your own business. Go to work!
Where's Seven?
You find me?
Go to work.
My nails are blurred.
Ah So, work now.
Prepare a prescription.
Know who's that for?
Uncle Chan.
He died last month.
Always miss my words.
Gosh! Then who's that for?
Aunt Wong.
Chinese doctor. Sounds interesting.
Welcome! Welcome!
Hello! This way...
Very traditional!
Westerners use Chinese medicine.
Die without knowing why.
these 2 guys come themselves.
They wanna know more about
Chinese traditions.
You dry, hot...
What are you talking about?
Dry, hot...
This doctor's so impolite.
What the hell?
What hell?
Look at me.
So well, you size!
What the hell do you want to do...
Maybe there's some misunderstanding.
OK. l'll check it out for you.
What's happening here? Can l help?
Who are you?
That's not important.
The key is that l can help you.
You foreigner...
l said he's dry...
Dry...and hot.
Which means he's easy to get angry.
He's ''hot''!
He said you have
pathogenic dryness, OK?
How about her?
Wet...wet and hot...
And you have pathogenic dampness.
Oh, OK.
The man should eat more watermelon.
The woman should eat more durian.
And he suggests you
to eat more watermelon
and for you, durian.
Yes. lt stinks.
You bumpkin!
Bastard, you know what!
By the way, who are you?
Kit Lee, Fung's boyfriend.
Ah So!
What have you prescribed?
Snow fungi.
l said Jew's-ear! Don't give me pork ear.
Pork ear? Good idea...
Life's shortened when staying long with them.
What did you say?
l said l'm Fung's boyfriend.
l've come to permit our marriage.
Seven. What the hell're you doing?
Gotta put the Chinese medicine
in order.
You think it's royal hot pot?
lt may kill if
you put them in wrong order!
Yes, master.
What quality?
Bro, you do keep an eye on quality.
l mean human quality!
Look at them. All careless guys.
lt's all my fault.
l only employ family members.
Go teach them well.
l've taught many years.
There's nothing l can do.
l've got several toll calls.
Dad and mom have told me.
And granny e-mailed me and
said no problem.
But last night l got a secret call.
Guess who it is?
Who? Fung?
My smaller bro.
He told me all of a sudden
that you can.
l...Sure l can.
Now l'm only waiting for you.
Once you nod, everything's fine.
Then we'll be family members
in no time.
That means you're now...waiting
for my permission?
Do you agree?
Hello? Yes, got it.
The pharmacy's demanding the debt.
Your wife keeps the money.
And now she's run. How to do?
You deal with it. You'll
get used to it after a few times.
l do wanna help, but l'm too busy.
Bro, can you give me
the chance...to help you?
lt's a mess here.
ls that still possible?
lt's actually not a big problem.
Businesses need packaging...
and promotion.
How about the accounts?
l can take a look
if you don't mind.
That's good! We're so busy.
Let's eat.
Can you really do it?
How long?
Some time.
3 days? 3 days.
You say it.
lf l succeed in 3 days...
will you agree with our marriage?
Talk after you get it done.
To be honest...
Your elder bro's...a big trouble.
Lucky that l'm here,
otherwise, you can do nothing!
Deal. 3 days.
Prepare for your air ticket.
Mr. Lee, we can start the meeting.
OK. Thank you.
By the way, l gotta introduce him.
This is Master Fok, our
new doctor of Chinese medicine.
Consultant of our
new Chinese medicine products.
Mr. Lee, head of Hong Kong division.
Mr. Fok...
Nice to meet you...
Never seen Chinese qigong?
l just walked
with the use of qigong.
His qigong's a real miracle.
With him, we'll be invincible.
Qigong is spectacular.
But fingernails are more fun.
Mr. Lee, start the meeting.
Why has the turnover
dropped so drastically?
lt should have been stable.
But we were attacked
after releasing the new product.
We're badly influenced then.
Who dare attack us?
l know.
Anonymous hacker on the lnternet.
His web name...
''Wild Goose in the Sky''.
Unknown identity.
Can you check who that is?
Yes, l can.
Call the cop
and they'll find it out.
Call the cop...
Wait... lf we call the cop...
what if the press
blackens our name?
Full of trouble.
l don't fear.
We lack in confidence.
That's even better.
A kind of promotion.
That who... Dick.
Dick, follow up this case.
Why're you called Dick instead of
other name?
we gotta use every possible way...
to stop that guy from attacking us.
Yes, boss!
Let's reassign our responsibility.
Your height fits you to
cook medicine right there.
l haven't finished it.
Listen up...
What...what is this?
Pretty, isn't it?
The customers're furious
once they come.
Can't let them see such things.
Gotta choose one single color.
l only have red bra, though.
Put it up there... Alright...
What do you do normally?
So many things.
Tell him to work,
tell him to work...
What a hard work.
From now on
l'm gonna ease your workload.
You don't need to tell him.
Do it yourself.
You're tall.
Go there to take the medicine.
Don't get angry...
What the hell.
How about me?
Get back to your seat first.
You're always wandering around...
talking on the phone right there...
sending the medicine
to the customers.
So what's the difference
between now and then?
A lot of difference.
You arranged the people wrongly.
Now you'll feel it's different.
Bro, is it good enough?
Good, not bad...
you cooked the medicine at the front door.
Smoky all around.
People only think you're selling pot rice.
Who's gonna see the doctor here?
lt's much tidier now.
Of course!
Our future depends on you.
You do me too much honor...
l'll get a reporter
to have an interview with you.
So exaggerated!
Kind of promotion.
Let more people know it
so more guys will come.
l mean benefit more people.
l'll further spread
Chinese medicine.
Good for patients. Yes...
Fung has a great boyfriend.
You do me too much honor...
Bro, our marriage...should be...
Talk after the press conference.
They have come.
ls Master Wong here?
So you're Master Wong, are you?
This is the renowned Master Wong.
He's specially kind and humble.
Have a chat.
Master Wong, nice to meet you.
l'm a reporter
from ''TV Newsletter''.
We work on a series of
''weight loss with Chinese medicine''.
lt's heard you have solutions
for losing weight.
Of course...
Some companies are criticized
for their treatment.
What do you think of it,
Master Wong?
You make me think of such bad guys.
That Master Fok.
l know his story.
His info is all here.
He prescribed medicine
for my granny in the village,
and was kicked out.
Totally below par.
This guy...claims himself
God of Chinese Medicine.
What a cheater.
But l heard that
his walk with qigong.
Really fantastic.
Fantastic? Such tricks...
What's up, Master Wong?
Fly in front of them!
Yes, master.
And the company that support him
is also cheater.
lt's called ''Xanadu''.
Are you talking about the new,
biggest company?
Our new shop's right next to here?
Could it be?
Such a big joke!
Mr. Lee,
our new branch's just renovated.
You must come and take a look.
Why must l come?
The person in charge must sign and
get the shop.
You must be here.
Why must l come today?
Can l come another day?
Of course not.
You gotta prepare for everything...
so we can open up the shop
2 days later.
By the way,
l have police's latest news.
They have some hints
regarding the secret man.
So quick? Where're you now?
Waiting for you
right outside the shop.
Wait for me in the restaurant
at the end of the street.
OK. Bye.
Are you very busy?
Yes, bro. Wait.
Were my words philosophical?
lt was spectacular.
Alright, bro...
You spent hours talking.
Feel thirsty?
l'm gonna buy you some coffee.
l want coke.
Leave me alone.
Deal with the reporters.
OK, hurry up.
You're so nervous.
Any clues?
The police said the source...
may be from a
Chinese medicine store.
But it's yet to be proved.
Anything else?
Nothing else.
They'll call us once there's any news.
Can we get the shop now?
Mr. Lee, can you get the shop now?
No...it's so hot now...
Come on...come and drink something.
Sit down.
Have a chat.
l'm going to the toilet.
l'm finished once you're finished.
Just put it down, boss.
l'm not finished.
But we're finished.
Have you urinated?
You haven't.
Back to the shop first.
l'm coming soon. That's it...
OK...thank you...
Thank you every one.
Master Wong's tired now.
lt's now over.
Let's come next time...
Thank you very much.
lt's not easy to get you a coke.
Let me help you.
Full of water. That's auspicious.
Your clothes are wet...
Not a good way to cover it.
Go up and have a shower.
Work! Work...
We've been waiting for you.
What's up?
This desk sucks.
This chair also sucks.
What're you doing?
The cabinet is even worse.
This is not a cabinet.
lt's even worse because
it's not a cabinet.
And, you suck.
how can we open up the shop then?
We really can't start it up.
Nothing's well prepared. How?
But we're following the heads.
Which heads?
Mrs. Johnson and Mr. Thomas.
Gotta talk with them.
Renovation requires quality.
Rather start it up later
if poorly decorated.
What the hell
are you talking about?
l know the renovation
should care for the customers.
You know what?
l'm a master of renovation.
Let me tell you.
l'm the best designer in Singapore.
Perhaps better than Hong Kong guys.
l gotta tell you.
l've exerted my effort on it.
l use the best materials from
the Meditarrianian Sea.
l devote myself here and
you say it doesn't work...
Look at me.
l'm aggravated...aggravated!
You guy...
l'm gonna tell you...
Don't play tricks with me.
l won't play with you.
You think you're superior
just with blonde hair?
This is curry hair.
And curry armpit hair!
Take me as a fool...
You're smart and capable
Go marry a Miss Hong Kong!
What did he say?
He's unhappy.
He talked so many things.
ln a word, he's unhappy.
But don't worry.
He'll get it done.
Don't need to be so confident.
The lawyer told us
to listen to the radio.
Boss, your call.
The reporter just now finds you.
Master Wong,
Do you know Xanadu
has a branch nearby?
Master Wong...
Xanadu...how come!
Are you talking about the new,
biggest company?
So that's the goddamn doctor!
All his tricks!
Yes, it's him!
Everybody, calm down! Calm down!
His speeches now are the same as
what we did to them.
l wonder if this is the one.
He dared to say ''Xanadu''.
We can now accuse them
of defamation.
Did he say something
like ''Xanadull''?
Hong Kong guys don't always
speak English correctly.
Everybody, calm down! Calm down!
You go back now.
We gotta think it over.
How about you?
l'll bring up the rear.
Let's go.
Kit, come out!
How dare you!
You...listen to me...
Stop talking.
So you know that their shop's
beside me...
earlier than l know.
Let's wreck their shop, shall we?
Listen. We can't haste.
Let's get back and prepare for it.
Goddamn it!
That ''Xanadu'' is getting near.
What's the difference
between them and shit?
Don't need to be so agitated.
My elder brother's
still being silent.
No. This is the first time
l'm agree with Foon.
On such a peaceful street...
they've suddenly come.
We're now neighbors.
Peace will never return!
Bro is a righteous man.
All cases are separated.
You said if l get it done...
you'll promise our marriage.
Now the shop operates well.
lf you agree, l think
everything is over.
But Chinese art of healing
is our cultural heritage.
We're hurried to maintain
our nation's dignity.
lt has to be maintained for sure.
But marriage is also important.
Let's do them together.
ln such a harsh time,
lf we don't beat ''Xanadu''...
l can never face our ancestors!
Put aside private matters now.
Even you don't help me.
Marry another one if not Fung.
Now we have evidence and
have sought legal advice.
We can accuse him of defamation.
Don't be too aggressive.
We have to make sure...
if the old lady got sick
because ofour medicine.
The box's written
that those with heart disease...
high blood pressure and
chronic illness can't use.
Anyway, we must sue that doctor.
Young boy, don't be aggressive again.
The guy in ''Wing Fuk Store'' says
Master Fok...
is titled
God of Chinese Medicine...
and that he's really cool.
How could he keep blackened?
Therefore, the easiest way
is to sue him.
But...the company gotta...spend
a lot on the lawsuit.
And we may lose.
You gotta think about...
any other smart idea.
Be decent.
Be decent.
Sir, what do you come here for?
Someone reports
that you illegally use...
three-striped box turtle,
an endangered species as food.
Our turtle jelly's made of veggie.
lt uses other herb to replace
the turtleback.
lt's nothing to do with turtles.
Search the turtles. Start off!
Hey, that who...
What's this?
lt's deer antlers and
the upper is lizard plate.
Keep searching...
Please make way.
l'm gonna go inside.
You can't.
Why not?
l don't know.
lf not legally reasonable,
l must search inside.
Those're my ancestors' tablets.
He doesn't wanna be disturbed,
can you...
Fei, come here!
Bite them!
Turtles bite until thunderstorm!
lt's all ancestors' help!
Such news titles...
The word " suspect" is so small.
Wanna harm us purposely?
Many guys will think we really
kill endangered species.
They've gone too far!
Department of Health... couldn't
find out any turtles in the turtle jelly.
And the turtles're
only red-eared sliders.
They can never sue us.
But the backdoor is locked.
How did they get in?
And why did the reporters
know right away?
Wanna defame ''Wing Fuk Store''?
All that they've done...
are humiliation of us.
How can we face our ancestors?
lt must be ''Xanadu''!
Perhaps not.
Big companies
don't play such tricks.
lt must be them!
''Xanadu'' is also making profit
like other shops.
Their deeds're sometimes
...too exaggerated.
ln the past
we do different things.
Totally separated.
There're Chinese and
western ways of marriage.
l wanna deal with it anonymously.
Wanna leave room
for them to repent.
But now they make a countercharge.
No way.
We must find out their sins!
Watch them over first. Alright.
You come with me.
l...come with you?
See if they're cheaters or bandits.
The lift's right there.
Where're you going?
Where's the toilet?
Over there.
How do you know?
Every commercial building
looks alike.
Wait a moment.
Mr. Lee?
Wah Cheung, it's Kit Lee.
l'm bringing some customers here.
Big business.
But he doesn't know
l'm working here.
Anyway, l've come and you tell everyone...
that you don't know me.
OK. No problem.
Coming. Hear it?
OK, bye.
You can go. Go.
ls the clothes' design good enough?
ls it good? Flawless?
l've put a video camera inside.
lf l get any evidence...
l must take it to the TV station.
Let's go!
Let me take a look.
Mr. Muhammad,
this is Dick, our manager.
Hello, Mr. Muhammad.
What would you like us to help?
Nothing. l just wanna know about
what ingredients are there inside.
Start with this.
lt has 5-ht and adrenalin.
You wanna say it's noradrenaline?
Yes, yes...
Fine. So...this bottle?
lt has phentermine
and Fenfluramine.
You wanna say it's Fenfluramine?
How do you know?
l... l studied pharmacy
in the university.
But l don't look like.
Useless, he can be your senior.
Leave it...you know a few about
western medicine.
Talk about Chinese ones.
Let me answer them!
Master Fok, let me cordially
introduce to you...
this is our ''Xanadu'' consultant...
Fuc... Master Fok!
Fuc... Master Fok!
You were seen on newspapers!
What can l help you?
lt's heard
your qigong's spectacular.
You can even do this?
You playing any tricks...
Look, it's a cover-up.
Everything's fake.
You...Your nails...are all fake.
You guys are all cheaters.
Then how to explain about
the fake medicine?
l must say something fair...
Their ways of promotion
is problematic...
but the medicines may not.
Go on.
That's impossible!
One single medicine can
whiten, lose weight...
and firm the breast?
You think you're Aladdin's God?
Fulfill 3 wishes at a time?
Chinese medicine is miraculous.
You middle-easterners won't understand.
As for Chinese medicine,
you're the cheater!
Chinese medicine suits
medicine to illness.
How could one dose
be having 3 functions?
l don't believe it!
They're all cheaters!
Let's go...
They're all cheaters.
All cheaters...
These guys are all cheaters!
Luckily l shot everything.
See what l've shot.
Why's it so dark?
Something blocked the lens?
Nothing was shot?
Let me explain.
The key of secretly
shooting a video...
is not about what you get.
lt's about what you write after
you've shot it.
Who taught you?
Why were you on their side then?
You're working for them?
You're an insider?
You don't press the button...you...
you're nothing.
Here...put it here.
This space brings luck.
Gift. For all customers.
Master, look at there.
One dollar will have the service?
Same of us?
Don't worry, master.
Plan A sucks and
we still have Plan B.
Alright, let's try it.
We're practiced for long.
Try it.
Come on, come on...
Hurry up, hurry up...
Drink it, drink it...
Drink ''Wing Fuk Store'' herb tea.
Turn Summer into coolest degree.
With only a few dimes,
heat vanished in no time.
Thank you everyone! Welcome!
Thank you...
Free herb tea!Fight me?
Mary, Susie or Candy,
all canbecome a beauty.
Let's try our apple tea,
buy two you can get one free!
Faster than us again?
Master! Master...
Somebody's gonna hurt us...
Get in and rest.
That's irritating...
How come?
We got the idea last night,
and they use it right away!
There must be an insider!
Good morning! Grand show?
Really looks alike.
Sure. Nearly the same.
ls that his smaller brother?
That couldn't be.
No... Good morning!
What's up?
Good morning everyone!
Good morning, boss!
Good morning, master.
That ''Xanadu'' has a manipulator.
What? Black sesame soup?
A pic's shown on the paper.
Look. What pic?
Look at what? A hole?
Fung! Bro...
Look slimmer and prettier!
You're more handsome!
Fung... Did you do evil stuff?
Come here. Let's have a chat.
The company called me
this morning...
and said l gotta hurry back to
Hong Kong.
Let's ask elder brother now.
lt's done if he agrees.
Come here... Why?
Bro, l gotta hurry back to
Hong Kong.
Now Fung's here.
Promise our marriage.
l've prepared
the wedding invitation.
There's still one question.
Before it's resolved...
l won't promise anything.
What question, bro?
The evidence's not valid enough.
Benefit of doubt
should go to defendants.
Sis, do you love him so much?
Kid, let me ask you one thing.
l care for this sister most.
Answer me.
Do you love her or just like her?
They're totally different.
Gotta think it over.
Louder. Love!
Deep in love!
lt'd done! Go give the invitation
for me! Thanks...
Let's go... So hurry?
Let's go...
Big news!
Wanna run?
Put off your stuff. You have
the right to remain silent.
Anything you say will be
used against you in a law court.
ls this person you?
You? Wrong guy.
lt's you. You appear on the cover.
Master. Too bad.
lt's hard to detect
a thief in the family.
lt's he who're the betrayer.
No wonder you keep defending them.
You are the insider.
You're so cheap.
l watched the video tape and
suspected if that was you.
How could it be?
You come here and defame
''Wing Fuk Store'' on purpose.
You scum. Pretended to help us.
l help you decorate and promote
With all my heart.
So who put the turtles here?
Who stole our ideas?
Leave some hours every day
to work next door.
Believe it or not.
l had never done such things.
l had never betrayed you.
You help your company...
to do evil things
in elder brother's shop?
l didn't do anything.
l didn't tell you
coz l don't know how to tell.
l could only keep it secret...
You know your bro
is easily agitated.
Fung, it's lucky that you're not married
with him yet.
That guy has ruined
his own reputation.
What to do after marriage?
lt's difficult for me, too.
Gotta keep working and
flatter you at the same time.
You obviously care about
the work more than me.
Do you know l've tried my best
to deal with...
your weird family members?
My plans are all messed up.
You've gone too far!
You can't say about my family!
You only care about your family.
How about me?
l need to be fooled by them always?
All your 5 ex-boyfriends
are scared away by them.
Do really wanna be single forever?
We have one single step to success.
Then you can't bear it at the last step?
This is most unbearable.
Remember what we said in the airport?
He's principled.Always irrational!
He likes to make friends.
All pretty words only.
Courteous to friends.
Always shout at me.
He keeps his words.
Self-important maniac!
l'm kind and humble
but you say l'm maniac?
Wanna get beaten up,
little fool?
lt's you!
Why keep defaming me?
Whatever you say,
l do everything
for both our marriage...
and your work as well.
The key is that...
l do everything for our future.
l should plan everything.
That's your plan.
Do whatever you want.
But l gotta tell you. l...
won't come to your ceremony!
Why do you wanna marry me?
Man in middle age...
if he has career and a lover...
he surely wanna have a family.
We've invested years of time.
You do want to succeed.
Fung, can you not
be affected by others?
so this is what you think.
Our thoughts are totally different.
l don't regard love
as investment like buying stocks.
Kit Lee, you've got the wrong one.
Let me ask you.
Why do you wanna be with me?
Coz we're happy together.
So why must l be the one?
Am l...too easy?
Because you're special.
Specially easy.
Marry me.
l've also planned all the thing...
except putting you into it.
lf you marry me,
every day we sing together...
just like the couple out there.
What a match.
They're both men.
They can be a match.
Why can you never follow the beats?
How do you sing?
l'm the lead singer.
lt's you who don't know
how to sing in chorus.
Do you think you sing well?
Singing doesn't suit you.
Go give up.
Fine... l'll quit.
You sing yourself in the contest
next week.
You say it! Let's part!
Will we be the same as them?
They're poor partners.
We don't fear any obstacles.
lt never happens in my plan.
ls that me who's wrong?
Because of this, all members
unanimously refuse Fung...
to get married
with such a weak guy.
You'll be sent to Africa
as a guinea pig.
You will die!
l do wanna help but l can't.
You arouse anger of my family.
l can do nothing
but burn your house.
You son of a bitch!
How ungrateful!
l took him as our member
but he betrayed me.
Beat him, parade him
through the streets...
and stick his ass.
Stick his ass?
Let me do such hard work.
Stick him...stick his ass!
Stick his ass.
Boss, good news. Latest news.
Some days ago 3 guys went to
''Wing Fuk Store''...
and were sent to the hospital
after eating their medicine.
Now their conditions
are getting worse.
Let boss talk with you in person.
That 3 guys're our old customers.
For the sake of
morality and justice...
we fully support suing
''Wing Fuk Store''.
Our company will be
responsible for all charges.
You only need to appear in court.
l'll let you read the script.
Nothing difficult.
if you win the lawsuit...
l'll get you promoted
once you've come.
Read the script?
Damn it.
You said we may not win.
But now that we've found...
evidence of Wing Fuk Store's
injuring other's bodies.
Now it's not a problem
making them close down.
Who are the 3 people actually?
They're family members of our employees.
Who taught you to play
such a low trick?
Anyway, we gotta
think of any possible ways...
to stop them harming us.
Their problematic medicine
was also one of our ways.
lt's you who reminded us.
Young guys should think...
if there're any indirect ways.
Leave a spy in their shop.
No fighting in person.
it succeeded so fast.
Boss, you're great.
You're our best CEO.
Fung! Fung...
Sorry, listen to me.
Sorry, l...
You really come to accuse
my elder brother?
You're right.
You've invested years
only for getting promoted.
Other guys are nothing.
ls that right, Mr. Lee?
l've proved the plaintiffs
are old customers of ''Xanadu''.
During our treatment...
they still used to be
healthy citizens in Singapore.
Unluckily they ate the medicine of
''Wing Fuk Store'' then.
But honestly, they were poisoned...
not because of
the fault of ''Wing Fuk Store''.
This is the result of
a commercial war.
Why do you say so?
Coz it was our company's spy...
who caused troubles
to ''Wing Fuk Store''.
lt's not normal that
the people're poisoned.
Your honor, the statement
should be deemed void.
We, the plaintiffs,
now recall the statement...
we just gave regarding Kit Lee.
Latest news shows that,
Kit was would-be husband of
the defendant's young sister.
Because of his ambiguous identity,
we have to recall his statement.
Your honor, the private matters...
does not affect his standpoint.
Defendant, continue the statement.
lt's all my mistakes...
that made my colleague...
did the wrong thing.
Then who's the insider?
l don't know.
l know!
l do know who that is.
Defendant, continue the statement.
Why am l here today?
Somebody's paid off
his university loan.
So l can stand here.
You still may not know what
l'm talking about.
During the past few years,
a guy borrowed money to study.
He ran just after he finished it.
l'm the victim
as l'm the guarantee.
Such a bad guy... Wait.
lt has nothing to do
with this case.
Your honor, there's something
you don't know.
lt's closely related to the case.
Some hundred thousand could be
paid off suddenly.
That means he suddenly became rich.
Where was the money from?
l didn't need to bear the debt
so l'm free.
l'm free so l come here
to find elder brother...
He opened up ''Wing Fuk Store''
in Singapore.
And l finally met the guy.
He'd been working here.
And l... l've found so many things.
And l got some pics...
Where're the pics?
lt is not wrinbled.
That who...
How did he earn so much
in such a few months?
Several hundred thousand.
Then l traced him and found that...
the wrongdoer was...
Foon Leung! Foon!
l did nothing at all!
l didn't put any poison!
keep your voice down.
l only cooked half an hour
less than normal.
l thought
the medicine'd become useless.
l didn't know
they'd get poisoned!
l just wanna be a good person.
You could only say
l did something less.
And l saved electricity for boss.
ln a word,
l didn't put poison in them!
But they really got poisoned
after eating your medicine.
lt's the timing of
making the medicine.
This medicine must be cooked
with accurate time.
Or it must become poisoning!
Who are you?
l was an exchange student
nearly a century ago.
l have doctorate degrees
of medicine in Universities of...
Beijing and Oxford.
And l was interviewed
by Time magazine.
The poisoning tea is called
''Fu zi li zhong soup''.
lt comprises monkshood,
fuling, atractylodes ovata...
ginseng, dried ginger, licorice.
Cures deficient and cold duodenum.
Monkshood must first be cooked
for an hour.
Then cook with others
for one more hour.
Monkshood has toxic aconitine B.
lf not being cooked long enough,
the poison remains...
The patient's limbs
may be paralyzed.
More seriously, it'd cause
heart failure vomiting and death.
What a surprise that
monkshood's to toxic.
But the cooking procedure
is complicated.
Aren't you get poisoned easily?
This is absolutely
not the problem to concern.
Because our packages
Are listed ''cook first'', ''cook last''.
And our staff explain to
the customers clearly.
So don't need to worry.
Such poisonous medicine...
That's why the plaintiffs
have residuals...
after being rescued.
Due to lack of
medicine's cooking time,
they were poisoned by aconitine B.
But l visited them
in the hospital 3 days ago,
and cured them up
with the right method.
Look at them...
How healthy and plump.
Whether the case
is being continued...
is not determined by us.
But ''Wing Fuk Store''
is gonna sue...
those who framed and defamed us...
with illegal ways,
and who led to social terror by
unfair competition.
We suspect
the plaintiffs' commercial spy...
of deliberately cheating,
poisoning and threatening lives,
and even of attempted murder.
lf they insist on the lawsuit...
l hope they think again.
Your honor, we decide to...
retract the accusation of
''Wing Fuk Store''.
As the plaintiff changes
their standpoint and statements.
l now announce that...
the doctor of ''Wing Fuk Store'',
Alan Wong's accusation...
of misconduct is now retracted.
This file is now closed.
The plaintiff
Bravo, granny!
Of course.
Because l'm Queen of medcine.
The company is dissatisfied
with your performance.
Gotta explain to them
once you're back.
l have nothing to explain.
Due to limited time, l've...
prepared for the resignation letter
and give them tomorrow.
Sorry, bro.
Talk to me?
Go tell her...
You're not totally wrong.
Only a bit.
But small mistake
can easily become big ones.
So...can l remedy it?
The insider's found.
You're innocent.
Will you succeed or...
You go tell her.
Boss, let's go...
Will...will you forgive me?
lt's getting even worse.
What's up?
What's up?
The host will win for sure.
Not my business.
Don't blame me, sis.
Marriage is an important decision.
lt's hard to get the one
you really love.
Sure. Never fear of unemployment.
Research with me
when back to Hong Kong.
Let me take your pulse
when free.
Prepare for the marriage.
lt's the matter of us,
not you.
You lost.
l'd been the kind that
needs a sense of security.
So l must plan everything well,
and work on them step by step.
But now l realized that...
my plans were all nothing.
What matters is
whether you're in my plan.
l really wanna have
a family with you.
Will you marry me?
Final round now.
Work hard.
l do...
(Diamond ring has been
a symbol of pledge)
(But carat is directly
proportional to love)
(Other ten lovers
must be left alone)
l do!
l do!
(She'll be a cooking master
for the rest of her life)
(Hope to be kissed every morning)
(Love may be similar to
everyday training)
You must treat her well.
(She'll devote herself to
working at home)
Boy, now you're free.
Come study yoga in lndia with me.
Do such hard tricks help me?
lf you wanna have a boy,
you gotta inherit
our ultimate skill:
Hanging upside down.
Try your best.
Kit, after your honeymoon...
Come to ''Wing Fuk Store''
and find me.
My Chinese medicine
plus your western management.
We are invincible.
Perhaps, perhaps not.
Anyway, we'll earn a lot
and can help people.
No...a lot of people...
Why? Wait...
Elder brother's pledge for me.
Dunno what it is
when all're put together.
All 3 pledges make a strap.
lt symbolizes that
they hope you have...
lots of babies early.
A strap stands for
the start of a new life.
lt accompanies
the growth of the new life.
A family needs a strap
to link and unite...
so as to support
the growth of the life.
You're right...
Alright. Come here...
Granny, do you wanna
give me the clothes...
as a memento?
Sure. Good stuff. Put it on.
Don't kid me.
You'll look sharp
when you put it on.
Are you kidding?
Who's kidding with you!
lt's cool!
Granny, is it good?
What a happy day!