We Are Family (2010) Movie Script

Why you are always late?
Thank God you have come,
If you won't come then I would
lock myself in bathroom,
We are saved and you too.
Did you hear my line?
Ofcourse I heard that and from that
one line you stole my heart.
Don't go papa!
I shouldn't go,
then who will organise your special
birthday present,
Please papa!
Now I have grown up,
However you grown up but you will
be always my princeess, Get in!
My childrens will listen.
From your childrens.
It's been three years.
of Maya and my divorce.
My childrens are also grown up.
I thought first make friendship
with them and then....
you want me to meet your childrens.
I know you are strong and silent pe,
But it feels good to hear you.
Okay fine I will say that.
Here is your magic corn,
an I give my wishes from magic corn?
ust spin it three times and your
all wishes will come true.
Mummy! do you want something?
I don't need anything,
I got my wish.
you! what else I want?
Mom! tell me again how did I came?
that night I was alone in hospital.
your papa wasn't there,
He was stuck in traffic am,
It was a rainy night,
Nobody was with me,
ven nurse wasn't with me,
you were scared?
yes, I was so scared.
But after few moments my fear
has gone,
because you came up,
and after that I am not scared anymore.
because you are always with me,
Since you are with me I am
not scared anymore.
It's mom's ob to stay with their
Maya! it's me man,
Hi man,
I was preparing nali.
Magical Fairy,
Who gives wishes.
isten! bring the cake and
don't be late.
He wor along,
yes! actually it's a girl.
Her name is Shriya.
Have you seen my daughter nali?
Papa! it's me nali.
This is for you,
Special like you.
you guys scared me,
Why did you scared? I am with you.
When I have this ngel so
why should I get scared.
It's not angel it's fairy.
Papa! have you brought my Barbie cake?
Papa! who is she?
She is my friend?
Wanna meet?
Friend? what do you mean?
Happy Birthday nali!
you dropped my cake,
I am really sorry,
you have ruined the par ,
She is your papa's guest,
Don't treat her like this,
Where is the washroom?
Now how we will celebrate the
par without cake?
you are right, we can manage the
par without cake,
that's why I will bring a better cake,
you have never seen such an
entertaining par like that.
I wanted to become their friends,
But now I am the wicked witch.
I thought everything will be fine,
Sooner you will become a friend,
aliyah has seen man and
me together.
Together means?
What's wrong with you?
ust listen to me, why?
Why did you brought her here?
you didn't think what we will feel?
How bad mom will feel?
I thought about everything,
you didn't think if you thought
you won't bring her here.
He is my papa! Go away!
an't you see?
She was about to die and you
would kill your father as well.
you can't talk to my daughter
like that.
If you won't come here then
it won't happen.
you have right to live your own life,
But please....
Stay it away from our house.
nd don't try to bring her in
our lives.
Is she papa's girlfriend?
Papa have no girlfriend,
He is my papa.
Why did papa brought her home?
I promise it will never
happen again,
Why don't you do something?
She will take papa away from us,
She can't take him,
Mom is with us,
you don't understand anything,
Our parents got divorce,
It means papa can
marry anyone,
With her too.
Mom! if she will come here....
then we will put water on her,
Withces melt down in water,
that's why they don't take bath,
They were monsters in
childrens disguise,
Really? so what man said,
He says everything will be fine, he
wants to meet us again,
I don't wanna meet them,
Papa supposed to come to pick us,
He has gone for urgent shoot and
your mom's phone is not reachable.
I will only go with my mom,
Too bad!
only I am here,
man! I have already told you,
This weekend you supposed to
come to pick us,
We supposed to live with you,
Not with her.
What can I do?
My photo shoot has been delayed.
you guys were alone there.
I tried to contact Mom.
but her phone wasn't reachable.
Papa! I won't go anywhere
with her,
aliyah! she is not so bad as much
you think,
She left herjob to help you,
you are the elder and mature,
I know you will help her.
I'll fix your papa's room,
you guys sleeps here.
Where will you sleep?
In guest room,
Why mom's phone is switched off?.
Don't know,
Probably you would have bother her,
so she might be taking rest somewhere.
you are not our mom.
I know,
nd I don't wanna be a mother like you.
Thank God for that.
I am sorry,
I shouldn't said like that.
you guys didn't have your meal.
at something please.
Sine we met something bad
is happening,
When I said I don't wanna be
your mother,
So I meant that you have already mom,
how could I become your mom,
But we can be friends,
you should never say never,
man! I am gonna kill you,
you left me alone with kids.
Where is man?
Who is this?
What are you doing there with
my kids?
Where is my husband?
He is in paris, His shoot is delayed.
verything is fine here,
an I talk to my kids please?
yeah sure.
your mom's phone,
Pick up the phone,
where are you?
I didn't know your papa won't come,
So come and take us from here,
I promised to Prabha unt
that I will stay with her tonight,
She is alone,
But mom you promise....
When you will come?
We don't like her,
Tomorrow morning!
I promise.
If I would have my magic corn,
then you would come in a second,
But I forgot it home,
So what?
We don't need any magic corn to meet.
Now close your eyes.
you will see a large cloud nearby,
On the upper side of that cloud
there is a table.
and the upper side on that table.
there is a cake.
Did you see that?
Be patient you will see soon,
When cloud will come to moon,
then you will see everything clear.
Mom! I can see that.
It's strawberry cake,
ome soon otherwise it
will melt down,
Where is the breakfast?
I didn't made it, why?
Did you brush your teeth? No!
Have you made your bed?
It's a rule of this house,
you have to do something to eat.
My ob is to make breakfast.
yourjob is to clean yourself and
your room.
I will be right back.
Why this fridge is locked?
I am gonna call my papa right now,
Go ahead, phone is in living room,
Do you want number,
you can't do that,
If mom will know then she
will kill you,
I have your mom's number,
Do you want?
What do you want?
I have brushed my teeth,
you don't need to listen her,
Did you forgot she ruined
your birthday cake,
you have only 15 minutes to
finish your breakfast.
I have to go somewhere and your
mom didn't come yet,
Where are we going?
Don't ask questions and come with me,
you called us monsters, that's rude.
you also called me Wicked Witch,
that's rude too.
I have won because of you.
Now what will I get?
But it will take time to bring it.
To make some magic on princess,
to make her sleep then we
will have to steal it.
Do you want ice cream?
So shall we go partner?
re you coming?
you guys stay here,
nd I will bring the ice cream,
Mom never let us have ice cream
before lunch,
you guys can't see what she
is doing,
yes, she is bringing ice cream for us,
No! you both are stupid,
She wants to marry with papa,
She want to take him along,
that's why she is appeasing me,
When you will become her friend,
and she will take papa away
from us forever.
Papa will go because of you,
It's ice cream not a poison,
you touched it,
that's why I didn't gave you breakfast.
nd here it is for nali,
Where is nali.
all papa and mom,
Thank God you have come,
I knew you will find nali,
Where is nali?
I swear I ust lost my attention for
a mniute.
aliyah said....
un will take you away from us,
Nobody can take you away from me,
My photo shoot was delayed that's
why I couldn't come,
I have send Shriya to you,
to take care of you,
I should have come,
you should have come,
How could you leave our kids
with her?
What she knew about kids?
She behave like kids,
How she will handle my kids?
Our kids....
an you even think what could
happen today,
But nothing happened?
I mean I know you were scared,
but she didn't meant to do that.
But I won't let it happen again,
you promised me that...
We made many promises to each other,
Why are you showing my anger to him,
Shriya! ust stay out of this,
It's not easy for both of us,
So I will make it easy.
Tomorrow I will go to court
and get the orders,
that my kids couldn't be live
alone with her,
then there will be no problem,
I have to sort this out,
I will meet you home,
Don't go to lawyers.
Why did papa left us?
We fought alot,
We fought on everything,
Why did you fought with him?
Sometimes these dads are
very complicated.
fter loving someone alot,
they couldn't live with them,
I am not gonna marry when
I will grown up,
Ofcourse you will...
you will have Grand Indian Wedding,
and I will rub Heena on your hands,
If papa will love Shriya more than you
It will never happen,
Will you tell me what happened?
ike she talked that was rediculous.
you know man everything was
going perfect,
In fact I made friendship with nali.
ust because of this reason....
It won't happen again,
you will have to stay away from kids.
I have promised that without her
permission you won't go to kids.
I know I made a mistake,
but man I can't live without you,
and you can't live without them,
et Maya handle the kids.
She knew about kids,
She is a good Mom,
I am not a Mom so I don't
know anything,
I didn't meant that.
If you both will handle the kids then
kids will be confuse.
and it's not good for kids.
Then what are you doing with me?
It's not good for kids.
Why don't you go back?
But the truth is....
Why don't you go back?
Whatever you said,
I am doing everything,
you have survical cancer.
you will have to operate me,
you will have to start radio therapy.
I feel now you should have
inform man,
I am coming back.
What about Shriya?
That's not important right now,
Don't tell her.
I won't.
I shouldn't left you like this,
Shriya! I am going back.
To live with Maya and kids.
I won't do it again,
I won't interfere with kids.
I think you should've tell to childrens.
To telling to childrens?
what you mean?
you told that treatments
is going well
not now.
So there must be another treatment.
So many people can survive
There's protector measure
of the cervical cancer..
Telling me to tell to kids.
Do you know what that mean?
How can she tell?
What'll we say that their
mother is about to diex
How to tell kids..
I dont know
I dont want to tell..
because I know..
you'll be fine.
I'm not angeli
look at my painting
Please help me mom
you won
the winner will treat
a lucnch to loosers
What happend to you?
I'm not mama today
Today I'm angeli
I wanna tell you somthing
We know it..
you and papa are couple agian
I'm sick..
you got fever?
not fever.
When germs attac at our body
Then our body's soldiers
fights with them
and kills them
But sometime they makes mistake
rather than germs they
starts attacking at our body
an speacial doctor is treating me.
you got cancer
Why do I trust you
you told us that you won't
let us leave alone.
But you gone.
What happens when we died
dont know
nobody knows.
Diffrent peoples , believes
on diffrent thoughts
But mom says..after death
the person will become star
and watchs us from sky
Sometime our mind believes
on heart after knowing everthing
mayby science will know one day
what our hearts says.
Is mom going to become star?
not yet
But we won't let it happen
Will hold her forcefully
man isn't at home
I bought something for angeli
I know I shouldn't come here.
I promised to angeli
It will ust take one minute.
I stolen it from very beutifull
for you
Dont tell anyone.
I brought something for
ankush and alaia
this time?
at candy's house..
her parents are out.
but why she didn't tell me
I heared on phone that there;s beer
what happend?
Its all my fault
I'd promised to alia that
I'll take her to fashion show.
Therefore I took her..
and made her little dress up
you knows it
Did you taken the permission
She wasn't know
you'll never come near
my kids.
do you want to know.
everybody laughs at me
nobody wants to be my friend
They says..
that I'm uncool
But you never let me do anything
you're not going to survive
more days.
I'm not going by my wish
What do you think its easy for me
i'm fighting daily for living
few more days
forsake of you people.
That night, shouldn't had been
taken all the responsibili
I didn't done it for you
I need to talk to you
have to tell you something
venthen I can't do that.
I'm an carrier woman
IF you're woman..
so you're mom pe
Since born, every woman has
the hiden formula of mother.
But carrier woman like you always
forgets,but you'll recall it at right time
I'll say it til I'll be alive.
Why she's coming to live with her?
to helping me.
she has come
what're you doing?
what can I do?
Fter me they'll need mother.
no one can take your place.
I'd do it, If I'd be on your foot step
What happend?
I've to complete my homework
will you help me/
Momma Is very sleepy
why dont you get help
by your sister.
She must have some work
we'll do it together.
you help me in my drawing,
and I'll in your poem
nd I like drawing
i'll become designer.
I'll work in publishing like momma.
I want to become astronauts.
It would be very hard.
you can't never take the
place of momma.
I dont even take.
Then why do you come here.
So I can help her.
but Its not possible without your help
what're you doing still here.
School bus will left in 10 minutes.
today kids won't go to schol
who said?
I thought you need some time
with kids.
there's no need to remind them that
I'll not live many days.
you've to drink milk..
dont you get tired?
you do it time to time
like machine.
verybody is enoying here
ngeli is not ready to
leave her birthday par
When have to pick her up
In a hour
Its not allowed at wee day
How can a person be
in a good mood.
Do you understand anything.
i'm speaking hindi
speak in B language.
so we all can understand.
how's the school today
I can't understand what're you talking?
Talk properly,
he can't understand.
I'll back to change.
We'll see staurt little
what's going on.
we're making peanut butter cokkies
spit it
what do you think you are?
Its cokkie not poison
you called me here and now.
When everytihng is going fine,
kids are being friendly with me
then you started new drama
What's your problem.
angeli got allergic to peanuts
If she'd eat it little,
she'd not be able to take breath
she'd had to go to hospital
If you'd read the list,
so you'd known it, I've read it
Its too long..
so I can't remmeber
How come you can't remember,
when you can handle kids.
you're behaving like
was perfect since start.
you've not come from sky
after becoming mother.
you must had time to learn,
yes, but not like yours.
you didn't learnt from your mother?
I was 6 month old when mom died.
what's all this?
Which is right.
If anyting would be
happend to angeli so?
She's not right for kids..
how can she be
you can't let it happen
dont you know.
there's limit of obstinating
do you want to give a normal
life to kids?
but they're confusing
We all cares about kids.
I ust...what?
were you protecting kids?
stop poking kids between
till she's not right for you,
so can't be right for kids.
today was appointment
for medicine's ..
you ust take care of maya..
I has come to give you
3 wishes..
I want to go home
at diwali
let your momma take a rest.
My kids always be with me
that D would be here..
Tell her that come in
How come you know.
with this.
and with this.
Momma's 3rd wish was that
you'd be here..
angeli was 3 years old
how can you make a mistak
you're perfect mom so.
We were in mall
was crying obstinating
nd I given her a pack of
biscuit without seeing.
you can't do like this.
they need you
not mine
you know their enire life.
their every story
every wound,every tear.
you're their mother.
you'll learn it
I'm feeling scared.
fter few years when lia
will get married.
nd I'll dress up her.
will dress up her hairs
then she'd thinking that.
That I wish my mother
would be here..
nd I'm afraid that
she won't think like that.
But what she need to choose
in between us.
she can love us both
I've their past.
But you got..
their future.
but chances are very rare
we'll take her home
its for yo
Whenever you'll wave it.
I'll be there.
If I'd not be appear,
so remmeber I'm there
I know magic, I'm disappeard
eventhen I'm there.
your papa had given me this ring
an't tie the relations always..
ust there's only way to
whenever you seen in sky.
so remember
kids has specially choosen
your outfit.
had kept for alia and angeli
this ear rings belongs to my mother
its for angeli
tell alia..
she's most beutifull bride of the world
do you remember your lines?
where' alia?
i can't do this
But today we've to do it for momma
I said...family photo.
its for you
your momma given to me.
told me to give you
at your wedding
lets go..the wedding
par has come
atleast we became mom dad.
Who thoughst.
today is the wedding alia.
as i said.
She's missing you
what're you doing here?
Both parents has to
come in ceremony
you're the world's
beutifull bride.
I've their past.
and you got their future.