We Are Gathered Here (2019) Movie Script

You gotta do it now,
she already clinked it.
Let's go,
Ben. Come on, buddy.
Okay, okay, well first of all,
thank you all for
coming tonight.
It means a lot and I
honestly never thought
I'd be the one inviting all
of you here to my wedding.
Wasn't gonna be for mine.
Hmm, nope.
But in any case,
I'm really so happy
to be sharing this
with all of you.
And Lisa, I...
You know, I had a dream
last night about tomorrow.
I was heading to the
church and all these things
kept coming up and
getting in my way.
I just got so scared.
I was actually thinking
about giving up.
And then I woke up
and the first thing
I thought of was you.
I just wanted to talk to you.
And I'm so happy to be sharing
the rest of our lives together.
Save some of
this for tomorrow.
Yeah. Sorry.
Again, thank you all for coming
and let's have a great
time tomorrow, yeah?
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
He's such a mush monkey.
I think he's gonna cry
tomorrow, I know it.
- Bye.
- Thank you for coming.
Good to see you, man.
Thanks for coming,
I appreciate it.
See you tomorrow.
- Pleasure meeting you.
- Thank you so much,
- Bye Lauren.
- Drive safe, okay?
Have a good night.
What are you doing?
Hey, I wanted to give
you my gift, your gift.
Did you forget?
No, no, I just don't
have it here with me.
Best best man ever.
Thank you, Rachel.
Valet is bringing
the car around.
Getting kind of late, so
you two better wrap it up.
Don't open it now,
wait till you get home.
I'll wait too.
See you in the morning?
Yes, absolutely, but can
I walk you to the hotel?
I wanna be a proper gentleman.
No, no, no I'll
go with Samantha.
Get some rest.
If you go to bed now,
you might actually
be well-rested tomorrow.
Yeah, I will, I'll
go straight to bed.
I actually think
I'm gonna take a walk.
You sure?
Yeah, yeah, it's
nice out, get some air.
You know, just drop Bobby off
and I'll see you
back at the place?
Okay. Oh you want
me to to take that?
Please, yeah.
So I will see you
tomorrow, okay?
And I'll leave
the door unlocked.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Okay, bye.
Hey, dad and I
got you something.
It's at the house, don't
drink it all tonight.
Okay, promise.
Have a good night.
Searching for answers
For questions on my mind
None of it seems true enough
Answers I can't find
Searching for
Searching to find
I'm searching for the
one thing I'll find
That'll make
the hurt no more
That'll make
the hurt no more
It's open.
It's open, Rach.
It's so good to see you.
What are you doing here?
Oh, I'm here with Jules.
Jules is here?
She is, she's
here to tell you.
Maria, what are
you doing here?
Ooh, I really want to say
but it's totally a Jules thing.
What thing?
This is a really nice place,
how long have you lived here?
Maria, are you sure that
you don't want to like...
She should be here soon.
Hey Ben.
So did Maria fill you in?
This is your thing.
Come on, tell him.
I'm in love with you.
She's in love with you.
Yeah, hold on, do you know
I'm getting married tomorrow?
Yeah, and I was trying to
reconcile that within myself
and I realized it.
So what do you think?
I think it's
pretty weird, Jules.
I mean it's pretty messed up.
Okay, well I had to
tell you how I felt.
I couldn't let you get
married without telling you
how I feel.
And what do you
expect me to do?
I don't expect
you to do anything.
Okay, well this seems
to be moving along well
so I'm gonna go to the
bar and have a drink.
Yeah, okay good.
Yes, that's good.
Oh, no, wait.
Do you wanna give
me the keys to the car
in case things go well and you
maybe wanna stay the night?
If I don't hear from you
in like 10, 15 minutes
I'll call a Lyft?
I think you both should leave.
I don't really follow what's
going on but I think you,
no, don't do that.
Ben, I just wanna talk.
I'm not really comfortable.
I mean come on, it's me.
Okay, you know what?
I'm not asking you
for anything, okay?
I just have been
thinking about you a lot,
since I saw on Facebook that
you were getting married.
And it's driving me crazy.
So I just wanted to come
over here and talk, okay?
That's it.
You just left.
I know.
And that was it.
You wanna know
what I think about?
That's what I think about, do
you want to talk about that?
Um, I was thinking more we
talk about the good times.
You know when a good
time to think about
the good times would have been?
Probably before now, for sure.
What are you
trying to do here, Jules?
I'm not trying to do anything.
I feel compelled, okay?
To be with you and talk to you
and work through this with you.
And then we can go our
separate ways, okay or not.
This is crazy, Jules.
You gotta stop, okay?
You can't just come back in here
and think that I would just...
Yeah, okay.
You were right, I don't think
that you would just anything.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for the way
that I ended things.
I just wanted you
to know that and...
You know, also that
I'm in love with you.
I made a mistake, okay?
I made a big mistake.
But we are good together, okay?
We're really good, we made
each other better people.
Okay, well you made
me a better person
but I mean I got
you out of your head
and out into the world
and it was so good.
I mean, don't you miss it?
What's up?
Hey, what are you doing?
I'm just hanging.
No, I mean
what are you doing here?
Why are you sitting outside
of Ben and Lisa's house?
Mmm, I'm waiting for
Jules while she goes
to work on Ben.
I'm sorry, is Jules here?
Is she inside?
Okay, I'm gonna take
that as a yes, excuse me.
Into the world and...
What are you doing here?
What the hell
is she doing here?
She's staying with me tonight.
Seriously, you're asking
what I'm doing here.
She's my best man.
The best best man.
And she's spending the night?
- It's fine.
- I know.
Jules, what are
you doing here?
I'm here to talk to Ben.
What do you want
to talk to Ben about?
It's a private matter.
You need to go, now.
Calm down, Rachel.
I am calm.
Okay, Rachel, Jules.
I don't know.
This is sort of, I don't really
know the protocol for this
but I don't want
you guys to fight.
You don't
know the protocol for this?
What are you talking about?
Okay, okay, Rachel,
I know that you and I
never had a great relationship,
but do you think that you
can maybe give Ben and I
just a few minutes
to talk privately?
I don't know what's going
through your head right now.
Jules, you need to go home,
you don't wanna do this.
Yep, I'm pretty sure I do.
You don't.
No Jules, don't push this.
Please, five minutes
to talk privately.
Yeah, I'm not gonna
let that happen.
You are not gonna get
to talk to him alone.
I don't appreciate,
this is unacceptable.
Ben, do you understand that?
I am 100% unhappy right now.
Hold this and think
about what you're doing.
Hey Bobby.
Oh, you don't
need to call Bobby.
Yeah, you might
wanna come over here.
Your brother's about to
make a giant mistake.
What the hell?
Jules is here.
Yeah, and she's trying
to ruin his life.
No, no, I'm officially not
trying to ruin your life.
No, he won't kick
her out, it's...
Oh yeah, if we fought I
would definitely win...
but Ben would probably
just try to break it up, so...
Rachel, hang up the phone.
We're going to deal with this.
Oh, that is a good idea.
You know, I don't
want to do that
but you might be right.
Hey, Ben, which knee
did you have surgery on?
Oh, come on, what
the hell, Bobby?
Just get over here.
Okay look, Rachel,
I understand where you're coming from
and why you feel like
you have to do this,
but we're all adults here
and I don't appreciate
you stomping around like this.
Hey Lisa, it's Rachel.
Oh wow, okay, this is so
not what I wanted to happen.
Yeah, you might
want to come over.
Stop it, Rachel.
Jules, what are you doing?
I do not like where the
numbers are going on this, okay?
If she's gonna call people
then I'm gonna call people too.
Okay, Lisa, it's only
for a little bit...
Hey Lisa, no nothing I just...
We're just having some fun here.
No, it is, it's very weird.
I love you too.
Chica, why aren't
you answering?
Oh, I could hear
everything from out here.
Okay, well I need you.
Okay, well, you're
doing a great job.
Thank you.
Come in, come in.
Okay, if you want to do this
in front of a bunch
of people, I'm down.
Whatever you need, I'm here.
I don't want to do this
in front of everyone,
I don't want to do
it in front anyone.
Look, Ben, we just...
Oh no.
No, I'm gonna listen
to what she has to say.
You know, I'll listen
and she'll talk
and then we're all going to bed.
Are you seriously
not getting this?
I'm not gonna let that happen.
You don't get to let
anything happen or not happen.
What is going on here?
Are you two from, are you
from somewhere that like...
I don't know. Somewhere
where things like this...
Is she okay?
I'm okay, I am the okay one.
Okay, Rachel, I came
here to do something and...
Okay, Ben, I love you.
I'm in love with you and I
know that you love me too,
and that's what's
important, okay?
You don't love Lisa, do you?
I mean we're
getting married tomorrow.
Okay, well, I can see where
you're coming from with that.
Yeah, I'll rip the
band-aid off for you, Jules.
He doesn't love you,
you should go home
and think about
what you've done.
Ben, you need to
trust me right now,
you have to get these
two out of here.
You know, this isn't
really about you, Rach.
You know, just stay out of it
and let me handle it, okay?
Ben, don't talk
to me like that.
Was I not there?
Do you not remember this
whole thing coming apart?
You sleeping on my couch
because you couldn't go
back to the apartment,
almost losing your job
because she broke you.
Broke me?
You are so lucky, Ben.
You're lucky you came
out of this last time,
you're lucky that Lisa
came along, snap out of it.
If Josh randomly
showed up at my door,
wouldn't you do something?
Oh, I'd definitely
do something.
So can you see
where I'm coming from?
Where does this go, Ben?
I don't know, I'm not the
one that invited her over.
But if she wants to talk,
then we should talk.
No, that's bullshit.
You are playing with fire.
She's garbage and only
capable of hurting you.
Jesus, Rach.
Jules is right here,
she has feelings.
Thank you.
Rachel, that was really mean.
Ben, babe, please, can we just...
Ben come with me.
Okay, relax.
Look, I know that this
is a messed up situation
but you are blowing this
way out of proportion.
She just wants to talk,
we'll talk and she'll leave.
Yeah, maybe or I don't know,
maybe she screws with your head
and makes you doubt yourself
and then who knows what.
I do not even want to
think of the hypotheticals
because they're all so bad.
She's not going to
screw with my head.
Jules? No, no, of course not.
I'm crazy to think that
Jules showing up here
the night before your
wedding might throw you off.
I'm taking this seriously
because I think
it's serious, Ben.
I'm not gonna do anything
that's not in your
best interest.
I know, I know.
Okay, breathe.
Let it out, let
some sound out.
Yes, yes, pump
it up, pump it up!
What are you doing?
I'm, what would
you call this, Jules?
This is absurd.
Jules, you've made your point.
You have anything else to add?
You say what you
need to say, Jules.
I am right here,
I've got your back.
I mean he hasn't
changed his mind,
so yeah say it, don't say it.
Just wrap it up and get out.
Well Rachel, I do
have more to say.
But I didn't plan
it out or anything,
I feel like really
on the spot right now
and I feel like it would work
better in a more supportive
and less tense environment.
Oh, shit.
Hey guys.
Hey Ben.
Don't let me interrupt, I guess.
You're not, Jules and
Maria were just leaving.
We were not.
Ben is understandably
in shock,
can you help me
walk these two out?
What's going on?
It is a little bit
complicated, Bobby.
Actually no, it's
not that complicated.
I want to talk to Ben
and she won't let me.
Wait, why are you here?
Ben, why is she here?
This, this scenario
does not seem right,
you two have a history
together and her being here,
- that's off.
- Mm-hmm.
How do you even know
where Ben lives?
It's not that
hard to find out.
Yeah, that doesn't help.
I asked Lauren.
Lauren Lauren?
I'll deal with her tomorrow.
This all sounds really off.
Well, maybe but
Ben is an adult
and if he wants to talk to me,
then he is allowed to.
What... Bobby, what good
could come of them talking?
I don't know, closure over
past stuff between them,
why am I the...
What were you hoping for?
Bobby, you got it right.
It's closure, closure
over past stuff.
Nope, she's hoping
to stop the wedding.
Is that true?
Not necessarily.
But it seems like that
might be what's going on here.
It is.
Jules, you shouldn't
break up a wedding.
I know that this seems...
Do you though?
'Cause you're kinda trying to
break up a wedding right now.
No, Bobby, wrong.
I'm in love with Ben, okay?
I love you, and I think
that he's in love with me
and I don't think
that's something
that should be thrown away
without a conversation.
Yeah, but are
you not following
how that might break
up the wedding.
I don't know how to
explain that to you
if you're not getting that.
I get it!
Sorry, I understand what
you're trying to say
and I'm not saying that
anything has to happen.
Just please don't kick us out.
Well, would you be okay with
like a guest-starring role?
Like is that what
you're hoping for?
something that's
like unconventional?
Excuse me?
Okay, so there's Lisa and Ben
and then there's Jules as...
I don't want to say a side dish
because that seems reductive
but not main course food item...
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Oh, I have no idea.
Yeah, I could see that.
Ben, I just want to talk to
you alone for five minutes.
Okay, okay, let's
just go to the bedroom.
- No, no, no, no!
- Oh my God!
If you're gonna talk privately,
you're gonna do it on the porch.
It's called a pergola.
Well, whatever it is,
you're gonna talk out there
so we can watch and make
sure that nothing happens.
We're just gonna talk.
No, Bobby, can you please
help me kick these two out?
It's a good question.
Physically I'm capable...
I have the capability, but
in practical terms there's...
It's not the time
to be practical.
Well, it would
be very unbecoming.
Oh Bobby.
Okay, why is Ben
not in charge here?
- Ben.
- Ben.
Alright, come on, let's go.
No, I...
They're going to the porch.
Cool lamps.
Okay, what do you wanna say?
I didn't map it out
point by point, so...
Well, you never map
it out point by point.
When I left you...
After two years
of being together.
I'm sorry.
I never said that to you.
You deserved to hear it.
And you really deserve to know
that it hurt me to hurt you.
Well, it all worked
out so thank you.
But you don't need to worry.
I really am happy now.
This all just got so
real when I found out
that you were getting
married, you know.
'Cause I always just felt
like you were out there,
and something would
bring us back together.
And I never approached you
because it just felt too raw.
Jules, I can't, I can't.
Why, you left and I don't
understand why you did it.
I freaked out.
I never had anything
like what we had,
and I didn't know
how to maintain it.
And I got scared
and it was just...
What are you doing?
You have a bug in your hair.
You have a bug in your hair.
Oh my God, get it out.
Relax, stop, don't be a baby.
Get it out!
You need someone to
bring you up to speed?
Give me a second.
Okay, Ben, maybe I could
talk to you for a minute?
Yeah, yeah, I think...
Not right here, okay?
Okay, first of all, hi.
You smell like smoke.
I just bummed one
on the way home.
That's it, I promise.
So what the hell is going on?
I walked home and I was
making myself a drink,
one drink before bed and Jules
and Maria just showed up.
They kind of barged in actually.
I've been trying to
get 'em to leave.
And Jules is
like here for you.
She's like here to do that?
I think so.
Are you done?
No, Rachel, I'm
not done, okay?
We didn't even get to talk.
She's here, it's
over, they're talking.
Jules, this is real life,
you can't just run around
doing things this way.
Okay, I know that
this is real life,
that's actually why I'm
doing this, Rachel, okay?
I'm carpe dieming, I'm...
I don't know, I came
here to talk to Ben
and I've like cool stuff to say
and I don't really want to
waste it on you, so sorry.
Thank you.
I feel bad you came over.
I asked Rachel not to
call you and Bobby.
No, no, it's fine.
I mean I'm glad that I'm here.
It's not really the kind
of thing I want to hear
about after the fact.
So can we just like
hang out here together?
Assume Rachel can take
care of the situation?
Rachel has a way
of escalating things.
So I think we should
take care of it.
Oh no.
Yeah, come on.
But you're not mad?
No, I mean I'm not
like happy or whatever
but honestly, it's
just another thing.
Okay, do you wanna strategize?
No, I think you need to
just tell Jules to leave,
that she's being inappropriate.
I kinda tried that already.
Maybe if you tried
to talk to her?
Oh, you need me to
do your dirty work?
You're just a lot better
at that stuff than I am.
And honestly, what's the
point of marrying you if...
Stop, you are like on
the edge of trouble, man.
You're not in trouble
because I do feel like
this legitimately
isn't your fault
but you're right on the
edge, don't get cocky.
But maybe you could talk
to her and see how it goes.
Yeah, okay.
Thank you, my very
sweet soon-to-be-wife.
I appreciate everything you do.
- Yeah, you better.
- I do.
Should I put some
music on or something?
Yeah, what do you have?
No Bobby, we
shouldn't put music on.
We should forcibly remove
these two, please help me.
Hey Jules.
Do you want to tell
me why you're here?
I am here to talk to
Ben about something.
Right, you want to tell me?
Actually I don't think
that would be a good idea.
No, right, I agree.
I just, what I'm trying to do
right now is I'm trying to see
if there's any way
that this is not as bad
as I think it is.
I think it probably is
as bad as you think it is.
Okay, well things have
been kind of crazy recently
with the wedding tomorrow
with like friends and family
coming from out of town,
maybe I'm distracted,
maybe I'm just not getting it.
You wanna walk me through it?
Okay, um, okay, yes.
I think that it is
great that you and Ben
have been having such
a good time, you know
and all these really good
times that you had probably
is why this wedding seemed
to be like a good idea, okay.
I think that you and Ben
are good for each other
on some level and I actually
think it's beautiful
when people can
cross-pollinize each other...
I don't know what
you want me to say.
I'm in love with him, and I
think that he loves me too.
So yeah, I thought that I could
let this happen but I can't.
And Ben, he's what?
He's like reciprocated?
So, you shouldn't
be mad at him.
I'm not mad at him.
I might need to sleep
on your couch tonight.
I built this new
like fold up Murphy bed
and I can't get it to open.
I was like that's what I was
doing before Rachel called.
I was trying to pull
it down, it's stuck.
And I don't wanna
sleep on the floor.
I was gonna call anyway but...
I mean...
I'll sleep on the
floor, it's fine.
No, no, you can stay here.
Of course you can stay here.
Well, I mean if this whole...
Okay, she's not
making any sense.
I agree.
How, how, how can a person
say something like that?
Well, I am quite a catch.
I want you to let
Jules do what she wants.
And why would I do that?
Because she's my friend and
that's what I want to happen.
Well, I want something
different to happen.
Interesting, a real dilemma.
Listen, alright, I'm
just gonna go on the record
as saying that
Lisa is the catch.
Somebody should be breaking
in her hotel room right now
to stop her from marrying you.
You know, that's probably
happening right now.
Yeah, it probably is.
I mean it definitely is.
They're breaking,
maybe multiple exes.
Yeah, definitely
multiple exes.
They're breaking in but
luckily you're not there.
Yeah, but I wonder what
would happen if I were there?
I mean they might convince me.
Yeah, I guess I
have to thank Jules.
No, don't do that.
No, don't worry.
You're wearing it,
do you like it?
Yes, I love it,
it's beautiful.
I can't believe your Nana
was willing to part with it.
Well, I am her favorite
and you're a part of that.
Mm-hmm, I read your note too.
I love the way you write,
especially when it's for me.
Did you open mine?
No, not yet, I'm sorry.
Just all this chaos.
So I think your original idea
about just like hiding out
was not the worst strategy.
Yeah, she has crossed
some kind of rubicon
and I don't like it.
Rachel, where's
the eject button?
I only have vinyl.
That's not a CD player.
Ben. Ben?
Jules, look, we talked and
I gotta be honest with you,
- we're...
- Flummoxed.
Yeah, we're flummoxed.
- I did not see this coming.
- This is very weird.
I know, I didn't think that
there would be so many people.
I just envisioned it
would be you and me.
Yeah, but it's not just
about us, Jules, okay?
There are other people
that are impacted
by this sort of thing.
Okay, but who cares
about those people?
It is about just us, okay?
And we need to talk.
Are you serious?
I don't know any other
way to end it, okay?
I mean it'll only take a minute.
I'll let her talk and we'll talk
and then we'll all go to bed.
Yes, he's being fair.
What could you have to say
that you haven't already said?
Look, if you and
I talk in private,
that'll be it, right?
Great, let's go.
Ben, what are you doing?
It's the only way
she's gonna leave.
I don't think that's right
and I am not comfortable
with this, am I overstepping?
I'm just gonna listen to her.
No, I don't understand why
you have to listen to her.
I am starting to get
a little frustrated.
Okay, Ben outside,
Lisa kitchen.
I'll be there in a second.
Bobby, watch these two.
Rachel, what are you doing?
I'm going to
talk to Lisa, okay?
I get it, you don't
want to be the bad guy.
That's not you.
Yeah, but you're saying
things that are bad, okay?
So I think it's best
if you stay quiet
for a little bit, alright?
I'm gonna try to calm Lisa down
and then I'll get Jules
and Maria outta here
and I'll try to keep things
from getting any worse.
But Rachel, I think sometimes
your approach can be like...
I push a little hard but
I can handle this, okay?
I understand what's going
on, and I know you can't,
am I right?
Well, I...
I'm right.
Okay, I just wanted to give
everyone a little time out
because it felt like
things were going sideways.
So I wanted to pump the brakes.
Yeah, I did feel like things
were going a little sideways.
Yeah, because...
Because you're taking
Ben literally right now
and that's why a lot of
this is sounding so bad.
I'm taking him literally
because he's being literal.
Ben's not an idiot, right?
I mean he couldn't,
He couldn't be so
stupid or insensitive
as he might seem, let's
just rule that out.
- Let's rule that out?
- Fine.
He's just...
He's just mollifying, that's it.
You know, it's how people talk.
Most of the time we
talk about nothing,
and it's nicer that way,
- more pleasant that way.
- Okay.
Then you get in a
situation like this,
and you just have
to zip through it,
let it all spill out
and when it's done,
you bury it, forget it.
If we can just get through
the next 10 minutes,
I promise you and
Ben will be happy
and everything will be great.
I just don't
understand why he's not...
Jules has put him in a
really tricky spot here.
He's being way too nice,
which is something he says
in job interviews is a weakness
but at a time like this,
it actually is a weakness.
He can't say the things
that he wants to say
because he doesn't
want to hurt anyone.
But I've known him forever and
you know him and he's good...
I'm freaking out, Rach.
No, you don't have to
freak out here, this is...
You know what, I
can just ask him.
What are you doing?
I didn't know what
was taking so long.
No, not that, this.
Lisa, relax.
You're getting all
worked up over nothing.
Oh, really? How's that?
Every year I go out to
Joshua Tree for a long weekend,
and I just sort of hike and
trip and listen to music,
I was just there
like two weekends ago
and everything is beautiful.
I am tripping four ways.
You know, extra dimensions,
wild animals, aliens,
the whole thing.
I'm sorry, what are
you talking about?
I wrecked my phone, I
dropped it in the water
at Barker Dam.
And at first I was really upset.
But then I went to the Apple
store and in like five minutes
I had a new one.
Everything was backed up.
Do you get it?
It's an extended metaphor.
Oh, I don't think the
comparison really tracks.
The phone is Ben.
Yeah, no, I
understand the metaphor,
I just don't really think that
if I lost my fiancee on the
night before our wedding,
I would immediately be
able to replace him.
I don't think
you're getting it.
So what I'm saying is
it's okay, just relax
because it's fine if
you and Ben uncouple.
Yeah, look, can everyone
just be quiet for a second?
Now, there's no reason why
we can't clear all this up.
So Jules, do you
understand that Lisa and I
are getting married tomorrow?
What? It's not a
maybe at this point?
Jules, do you understand?
Do you have something you'd
like to say in addition
to what you've already said?
Okay, and Lisa, that's
why you're getting
a little more upset
because it's disrespectful
and I've been going
along with that
and it's just not a
great thing to do?
Okay, great.
So you know, the point
is now that we all know
we're angry at someone.
So Jules, can you just say
what you've come to say quickly
and leave so the rest of
us can start apologizing
to one another?
Yes, yeah, that's all that
I want to do is talk to you.
Right now?
Yeah, just whenever
you're ready.
Ben, we had something
special, okay?
We have something special.
And yes, I screwed it up, okay?
Yes, we had problems
but I'm here now, okay?
Because it was real.
It's real, it is
the most real thing
that I've ever felt
and it's more real
than anything you could ever
have with anyone else, okay?
And that's why it's worth
fighting for, right?
That's why it's
worth stopping this.
Okay, okay. Okay.
Jules, I didn't love
you more than I love Lisa.
Well, that's not
exactly what I said.
Well, you kind of did.
I have a lot of shitty
feelings about the way
that we broke up and
I think that like...
Why are you engaging?
We didn't finish
talking outside.
Okay, so you left
because you didn't know
how to maintain a relationship?
You freaked out?
I honestly don't know
what that means, Jules.
It sounds like a cop-out to me.
I mean I tried to find you,
I tried to track you down,
I tried to just find you
and talk to you and so,
just like bump into you.
I don't think this is really
the time to go into this.
Okay, well it's
not a cop-out, okay?
It's how I felt and
that's why I'm here.
I'm trying to explain.
Explain what?
That you love me and
that you still love me?
But at one point there for
some reason you crushed me.
I loved you so much.
Rachel, I...
Rachel, are you done?
There's a possibility
that I am done.
What does that mean?
We shouldn't be fighting, Ben.
We're not fighting,
you're just slapping me.
Okay, it's part of
being the best man
and maybe if you get
to be Bobby's best man,
you'll understand that times
come up where the best man
has to step up and knock
some sense into people.
We are shutting down
this little therapy
session here, alright?
Jules, congratulations
you have successfully
marred a wedding.
Thank you for being
so awful and selfish.
Everyone else thank
you for showing up
in strange auxiliary roles.
And Ben you don't get to hash
shit out with your ex tonight.
Look, Jules, I think that I...
Damn it!
I call fascism on Rachel.
I'm not a fascist.
- Jules.
- Yes.
Honestly, you were the one
open-ended thing in my life.
You're the question mark
and this was long overdue,
- but I really...
- Done?
I get what you're
trying to do.
You're trying to protect people,
but you have to
think about yourself.
I think maybe we
should call it a night.
How can you say that?
Call it a night?
You're gonna ruin
your life and why?
To make a bunch of
people feel less awkward?
How is he ruining his life?
Marrying Lisa
would ruin his life.
No offense, Lisa, you're great.
Kind of hard not
to be offended.
Babe, we were doing just
fine, before they all got here.
This is all your fault,
you guys should be ashamed
of yourselves for doing this.
Okay Jules, you and me,
let's go talk in the kitchen.
I know this is a
difficult situation.
Shitty actually.
I feel like I
jumped out of a plane,
and really the only thing
left for us to do right now
is ride that out.
I really am sorry
but I'm doing this,
and actually probably
it's best for us
to really hash this out tonight.
Jules, be quiet.
I have a lot of rage
inside of me right now.
I'm trying to process it
before I start talking to you.
This is bad.
Yeah, I hear that.
What's making it worse is
you not kicking Jules out.
Honestly Rach, I think
you're making it worse.
Stay out of this.
I think everybody's
making it worse.
What is wrong with you that
you won't just kick her out?
He tried, things just
keep happening too quickly.
At this point, we are all
here and I don't see a problem
with hearing her out.
What good could come
of hearing her out?
Well, broadly it would
be sort of an epic story
of redemption if she
could win Ben over.
Okay, I don't think
that's realistic
and it probably doesn't
help my case with you so...
No, it doesn't.
So I would go back
to the closure thing.
Wouldn't it be great
if Ben got some closure
after all this time?
Seems like there's a lot of
unresolved stuff going on.
What are you doing?
Just looking for a glass.
It's one more over.
Okay, I thought about it.
I have put myself in your shoes.
I think I understand
where you're coming from
and why you're doing
what you're doing.
I would never do
something like this.
Well, you don't really know...
No, we're not
doing that, Jules.
You are going to go home.
You're not gonna
say goodbye to Ben,
you're not gonna say
anything else to anyone else,
you are going to walk away.
Lisa, I jumped
out of the plane.
I don't care.
I'm very sick of this.
I should be in bed
trying to fall asleep
and instead I'm here
dealing with you.
Do you think that's fair?
Well, that's not the point.
If you were me, wouldn't
you want you to go home?
Wouldn't you think you
were doing a terrible thing?
- Yes.
- So go.
But what if I'm right?
I know that I'm
in love with Ben.
And what if he's
in love with me?
Isn't it better to
find out tonight?
That wouldn't make
what you're doing
any less of a terrible...
Yeah, but you're not
answering the question.
If Ben is in love with me,
wouldn't it be better to find out
right now, tonight,
before tomorrow?
I don't think you
can argue with that.
I can't?
I think I can
argue against that
and I think you do have a
problem with me at minimum,
I have a very big
problem with you.
Right, that's fair.
Okay, Ben got his closure.
If Jules wanted closure,
she shouldn't have ended
the relationship
by ghosting him.
It was awful watching him
sulk around for three months
trying to find her,
stalking her online.
Wait, three months?
Ben, you were stalking
somebody for three months?
You didn't think to
bring that up with me?
You were going through
your Becca situation.
My Becca situation?
Not now, Bobby.
You were dating Becca?
Bobby, you and Becca
would have never worked out.
I mean you're fine
but Becca's like,
she's not for you.
It sounds like
you're saying that
in the worst way possible.
I'm saying it like your
physical attractiveness levels
don't match well.
And I don't think you'd be
able to handle her sexually.
I don't know what
to do here, Jules.
I tried being cool but I don't
feel like doing that anymore.
I mean you just, you keep
asking to like talk to Ben
for just a little while
and it sounds like
this tiny reasonable request...
Yes, thank you.
You know that it's not,
you're just gonna stay here
and keep stirring
things up until...
I don't really know what's going
through your head actually.
Until Ben decides he loves
you and you two run off
and get married?
Okay, well, I mean, I
don't, that's not gonna happen
'cause I don't really believe
in traditional marriage.
You know what, I'm
gonna kick her out.
Fascist! Fascist!
You know what, I
am really hopped up
on adrenaline right now because
I'm finally being honest
with myself, okay?
And I'm always running
away and I'm gonna stick...
Oh I got a foot cramp!
This is an emergency!
This is an emergency!
What is happening?
Why are you allowing this?
What is happening?
It's bad.
Ben, you have to do
something about this.
Get your crazy ex-girlfriend
out of my house.
I'm trying.
Trying, Ben,
what are we doing?
I am trying to be honest.
So am I.
No, I'm not saying that
you're not trying to be honest
but I am saying how
are you not frustrated?
How are you...
I'm super frustrated.
Okay, well then
do something, Ben.
I mean like give me something.
I don't know what to give you.
I'm not gonna lie.
Okay, well that's gonna
be a real problem, Ben.
What? What do
you want me to say?
This is hurtful and surreal?
I don't know, I just
want to be somewhere else.
So do I.
How did you
get the foot cramp?
Stop asking
that, I don't know.
Not enough potassium? I
didn't go to medical school.
- A banana, get her a banana.
- Push it the other way.
Whatever way you pushed
it to make it cramp
Push it the other
way and it'll stop.
Will that work?
Where's Ben?
I thought that
was the end there.
Jules, I almost died.
I know, I'm
sorry, it's so stressful.
Hey, just checking
in, you okay?
Can I
get you anything?
Like a soda or something?
Oh no, I'm good.
Hey Ben, things are getting
a little out of hand out here.
I just want to make sure
that that's on your radar.
It's on my radar.
Okay, good.
Alright, well I know
it can be hard to go
when someone's talking to
you so I'll leave you alone.
But when you're done,
we should really do
something about all this.
Yeah, sounds good.
Good, good talk.
How's your foot?
I mean it's okay.
Lisa, are you okay?
No, Rachel, I'm not okay,
not even a little bit.
Jules, is there anything,
literally anything
that would get you to leave?
Do I need to call the cops?
I haven't made
things right with Ben.
And I don't think that you can
call the cops on us, right?
Bobby, what else do you need?
I'm sorry, I was sort of
thinking of, I didn't...
What was the question?
I mean what else do you need?
Jules is here...
Oh, Ben, what happened?
Were you crying in there?
No, I wasn't crying.
Were you crying the whole
time you were in there,
when you were talking to me?
What does it matter,
can we just drop it?
Look, I know hard
crying, alright?
It is understandable, this is
a real bummer of a situation.
Let's just get
this all sorted out.
I'm okay.
No, I'm pretty sure
that you're not okay.
Isn't everybody
overwhelmed at this point?
I'm not overwhelmed.
Are you sick?
Did you have a difficult BM?
He's crying because
of the emotional strain.
Sometimes when I'm
diarrheaing, I cry.
But it's not cause of
any pain, it's emotional.
Is that what it was?
Okay, you know
what, Maria, Jules,
you two need to go.
No, Jules, I
think it's enough.
Ben is sick now.
I think you gave him a
stomach problem or something.
Isn't that enough for you?
I don't have a
stomach problem.
Maybe I should go.
Call it.
Call it, that's a breakup.
That's how a breakup starts.
Absolutely not.
Hi, do I get a say in this?
You've all been talking
over me and through me
and I can't...
I know where this is going.
- So I guess I just...
- Stop!
I'm just saying now would be
the time to do it, you guys.
I'm not breaking up with her,
she's not breaking up with me.
Yeah Maria, stop upsetting
them, you're being cruel.
Alright, that's it,
you two need to go.
Here, grab your jacket, take it.
Get out of here, alright?
Please get home safely.
That's how it's done.
Is anybody else hungry?
No? Am I the only one?
- Why would we eat?
- We just had dinner.
I could eat.
There she is, let's do this.
Okay, yeah. Come on Ben.
Am I doing a terrible thing?
He's getting married tomorrow.
So I have to do it tonight.
I have to do it before...
He loves me, I know it.
I agree.
I feel like we
should go back in now.
Oh, we're going back in.
It's just that when you
get kicked out of a place,
you have to wait a few
minutes before you try
and go back in, otherwise
you're just gonna
get kicked out again.
That makes sense.
You're a good friend
for doing this.
I know.
Alright, these are, good
stock in the fridge, you guys.
This is really good raw
materials, I can work with this.
Ooh man, I am glad
to be out of that, you know?
Mmm, you know it was very
surprising and unfortunate.
And now we can just
hang out, have a snack
and just decompress
a little bit.
So stressful
in there, right?
Super super stressful, right?
- Lisa, look...
- Just be careful.
I can, um...
I can feel that there's
some tension between you two
and it's understandable.
Do you both acknowledge that?
I'd like you both
to just acknowledge
that there is some tension
and that it's understandable.
Yes, I acknowledge it.
What can I do for you, Maria?
I think I left something
here, I don't know,
you know, I mean, just... rings,
my rings fall off 'cause
my skinny fingers...
Okay, I just wanna
know what happened.
So where is everyone?
Maria, I'm not
really in the mood.
You shouldn't be here,
you should be with Jules.
Ah, she'll be back, she just
needs to work up the juice.
Do you want to get
kicked out again?
I feel like it was a
very gentle kicking out,
almost to the
point of voluntary.
So I wouldn't call it
like an official kick out.
I think it's best when
we talk about these things,
just talk them through.
Now, I think a lot of
what has gone on tonight
is that communication
has not been good.
Would you agree?
Bobby, could you like not now?
I will take that as
a yes from Ben, Lisa?
Bobby, I'm hungry
and I just want to eat.
Okay, but do you
agree that communication
hasn't been great?
Alright, now Lisa
I think that you need
to take some
responsibility and I know,
Ben was just trying to say
something and you shut him down,
and that's not helpful.
Ben has got to take
responsibility for a lot.
This whole mess is his fault
and he keeps making it worse.
But Lisa, you also need to
take some responsibility.
Bobby, you are stepping...
And you know what
Lisa, I'm excited.
I'm excited because I
can already feel you
having this wonderful
attitude shift.
I can feel the space opening up
and you are creating
a great safe space
where we are going to be
able to just work this out.
We are gonna get
your blood sugar up.
We're gonna sort this out.
And Ben, you are
going to be careful
about what you say, right?
Great, good.
I think this is nice.
We have a nice little
bubble of safety here.
We got a nice little happy
place with sandwiches
and weddings and
stuff like that,
and we are gonna
support each other
and we are gonna talk
about our feelings.
I'm just gonna finish these up
and then we're gonna bring
Rachel into the bubble.
So is he still leaning Lisa?
You know, I want Jules to
win but if I'm being honest,
it looks like Lisa.
You remember him and Jules.
They were like
mismatched and crazy
but there's something about it
that just never lets go of you.
I can't fight you on this.
I don't have it in me.
You're hurting my
friends, you know that?
You're hurting Ben and
you're hurting Lisa.
Okay, it's not great
but I get to help
my friend too, Rach.
It's not your job to
fix impossible problems.
Don't you want friends
who look out for you?
Yeah, but what's
the point of anything
if you can't look
out for yourself?
So other than that, other
than tonight, how are things?
Work going good for you?
Are you doing small talk?
We're getting reacquainted.
You know, sometimes
in an event like this,
you leave as better friends.
You and I are not gonna
be better friends after...
Are you kidding me?
They're never gonna leave.
No no no
no no no, please.
Please no, no.
Where's Ben?
You have stated your case.
Alright, I can't push
any harder than I did,
it already felt
very ungentlemanly.
No, you did fine, Bobby.
Ben, Lisa, just just go
back in the kitchen, please.
Jules, what are you doing?
I'm doing what I was doing
before Rachel showed up, okay?
Before all of these
people showed up.
I was trying to get us back,
you and me and it's there.
It's there, okay? I feel it.
I feel it and I know
that you feel it.
And yes, we fought all the time
but that's because there
was passion, right?
It was that intense
because it was real.
Don't you feel like
that's missing?
Ben, you are
hurting people, okay?
She goes now.
Part of me does miss it, Rachel.
Not this, this in particular
is terrible but she's not...
Stop it, Ben.
Look, Jules and I used
to scream at each other.
Look, I know that that's
not good or healthy
and I do not want
to go back to that...
Just thinking, I'm
not saying anything.
Just put it on pause, you
need time to think, right?
I don't know.
Well Jules is not
saying don't marry Lisa,
she's saying don't
marry Lisa tomorrow.
Just take some time.
Okay, okay, okay, uh, uh Ben,
remember Lisa makes
more than you do
and I'm pretty sure her
father will never like you,
and you said you
could never be sure
you could really be sure that
anyone wouldn't cheat on you.
Even Lisa.
What are you doing?
I'm reminding Ben that Lisa
has some really bad things
about her too 'cause that's
the appeal of Jules, isn't it?
That's she's like, she's
flawed and she's exciting and...
So what, Rachel?
You think tomorrow
should just be like...
Then why are you
saying those things?
I'm doing the bad things
make you love people, right?
- The the fights and stuff.
- What?
It's what Ben said,
the, the screaming.
Wha... What?
I can't even breathe.
Where are you going?
I'm gonna sort of hide.
Ben, I said all of
that in a good way.
Ben, you're not saying anything
and it's really
making me nervous.
I'm not calling off a wedding.
I'm not saying you
should but it's good
that you're thinking about it.
It's good that it's in
your head as a possibility.
Is it a possibility?
It's fine, if that's
what you want Ben then...
That's that.
Jules, you are so shitty.
Ben, Ben, you gotta
be kidding me.
We're gonna...
We are gonna have to
apologize to 224 people.
No, we're gonna get married.
We'll have to
call Fr. Patrick.
We should start putting
a list together.
We'll have to call Fr.
Patrick and let him know
we won't need the church.
Maybe we can stop the flowers,
maybe the food and the
flowers and everything
could still go to good use,
maybe we can have
them sent somewhere?
Oh, I'll have to
call the car company.
photographer, the band.
Should I get a pad?
Yeah, that would
be great, Bobby.
No, Bobby.
Let's just take a minute.
We're not doing anything.
I don't think
we have a minute.
We need to de-plan a
wedding pretty quickly.
I can't make you marry me.
Sweetie, you're not
making me do anything.
He's in love with you,
you're in love with her.
An hour ago you were
ready to marry her,
you're still ready to marry her.
No, you don't understand.
No, I do understand.
No, Rachel, I appreciate
what you're trying to do
but I think the best
thing to do right now
is to start making a list.
We have a lot of
calls to make tonight
and it's already kind of late.
Who cares if it's late?
Well, I don't want to be rude,
it's going to be an
awkward call and I hate
that we have to do
it so late at night.
It's not right to call
after a certain hour.
That is just lovely.
Lisa, do you feel like you're
having a nervous breakdown?
Okay Ben, this is
getting a little too real.
I know.
You need to start
taking this seriously.
Do you think I'm not
taking it seriously?
I can't tell.
Can you tell if you're
having a nervous breakdown?
Does it taste like adrenaline
or chalk or something?
No, adrenaline
tastes like metal.
So do you taste
metal or batteries
in the back of your throat?
I don't know what
batteries taste like.
Would you two please just go?
Rachel, I don't think
I can diagnose her
without more information.
I think I am fine.
No, you're not fine.
No. I'm not fine, I mean
technically I'm not fine
but I can't be upset
right now, okay?
I'll be upset later.
Right now I need to do things.
Things, I'm on a big moving
thing and I need to stop it.
Lisa, I'm sorry.
There it is, good
sign, what else?
I'm sorry and I
love you so much.
Lisa, I understand
if you're pissed
and if you feel like
the love is gone...
I'm still in love.
You can't stop loving
someone in two minutes.
Hear that, Ben?
I just said I was still
in love with her, okay?
Ben, I am going to go.
I have a bunch of calls to make
and I don't really want to
make them in front of everyone.
Listen, you shouldn't do that.
Just wait one second, alright?
And if you're gonna do it, you
should just send a mass text.
Nobody makes
phone calls anymore.
My Nana sends me texts.
No, it's really
impersonal of a message.
It would be a very weird text.
I know, I'm just
worried that making
all those phone calls
is gonna be so painful.
Yeah, it'll be painful.
I don't want to
see you so sad.
Okay, Ben I'm gonna
go for real now.
I'll take care of everything.
I don't want to
call anything off,
let's just talk
all this through.
You don't want to
call off the wedding anymore?
I never said
anything like that.
The only thing I've done
wrong here is think out loud.
You don't think out loud
in a room full of people.
Don't do it.
Yeah, especially not
in a critical situation.
This is a critical situation.
I understand, Bobby.
You know, I didn't
invite everyone over.
What's done is done, I
can't unthink out loud,
what I've already
thought out loud.
Sorry everyone, I just
sort of was planning
on having a glass of
scotch tonight and relaxing
and thinking about things.
And now, I don't know.
I don't know, I'm just
trying to figure out
what the hell is going on.
It's not rocket science, Ben.
It kind of is, Rachel.
To me it kind of is.
Hey Rach, let's get a
bunch of people in a room
and have them debate what
the best way to move forward
with the rest of your life is.
You're not mad at me,
you're mad at, Jules.
No, I'm not.
You're maybe a
little mad at Jules.
I'm not, it's not her fault.
It is.
Right, actually all
of it is her fault.
You're not wrong.
But it's just like life, okay?
Sometimes it's
messy, and you know,
we should be on the same
side of this Rachel.
And the idea of
choosing, it's insane.
You either get married
tomorrow or you don't.
No matter what tomorrow comes,
you can't think
your way out of it.
I'm not thinking,
I don't need to think.
Jules, I'm in love with Lisa.
I am, and she's great.
She really is and
I really am not.
I don't know what's wrong with
both of you that you're here,
I don't know.
I have no idea, but
I'm in love with her
and I'm gonna
marry her tomorrow.
Tell me you don't
think about me.
I don't.
I'm happy for you.
You're so deniably
And reliably
Perfectly incredible
Okay, it was good
to see you guys again.
You're what
dreams are made of
Lisa, I know that this
looks bad and I'm sorry
that it happened.
I'm sorry if it looks
like I equivocated.
It looked like
you equivocated.
Okay, and I'm sorry if it did.
Are you saying you didn't?
Yes? I don't really know
what equivocate means.
It's what you've been doing
for the past hour or so.
Okay, well, I'm sorry.
It's not about Jules
and it's not about you,
it's tensions and
selective memory.
No matter how great the
thing you have now is,
sometimes you just think about
like where life could go.
I don't.
Okay, okay, well then you're
a better person than me.
There's no doubt about that,
but I'm not, I can't
be excused for this.
I understand that but I'm just
trying to explain the reason.
Like imagine if one of your
exes showed up unannounced.
It'd be weird and it'd
be hard to deal with,
and you might panic
a little bit, okay?
I'm not trying to
convince you I was right,
I'm just trying to apologize.
You're apologizing?
Yes, I'm so sorry.
For what?
For all of this, I
mean for the stress.
Isn't that Jules's fault?
So you don't have
anything to apologize for?
No, that doesn't sound right.
No, I thought
this was going well.
How do I mess up an
apology this quickly?
- Bobby?
- I don't know.
He can't help you.
What's my fault, it's...
What am I apologizing for?
- It's the equivocating, right?
- Right.
I understand how that, and
I know that there's not like
an excuse or I can't make that
up to you but what I can do,
what I can do is
I can promise you
that it won't happen again.
You promise what,
that your ex-girlfriend
won't burst through
the door on the night
before our wedding ever again?
Yeah, I can
absolutely promise that.
- Oh Jesus that's unlucky man.
- What the hell.
- You're lying.
- What?
You were doing that thing
that you do when you lie.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Stop, you're really just
gonna stand there and lie to me?
Just lie to my
face, to her face?
Why can't you just admit it?
Why can't you just admit
what you're feeling?
Because there's all
these people here.
You haven't caused
enough trouble for me?
Talk to me.
Don't do it.
No, fine.
Jules, I was happy
to see you, I was.
I was nervous about
tomorrow and you came in
and it made me feel good.
I remembered about
all these great things
we used to do together and,
then I realized that that's
not how it was, right?
That's not how it was.
Well, I shouldn't
have left you.
I shouldn't have
left you like that.
Yeah, maybe.
I honestly don't
remember the bad stuff
with that much clarity.
I sort of remember it but I
mostly remember the good stuff.
Me too.
But it's not right.
Because it wasn't all good.
So I'm remembering it wrong.
You can keep coming in and out
but that's not gonna
change anything.
I've had time to
think about all of it
and I have my bearings.
And I'm gonna marry
Lisa tomorrow.
You're going to what?
I'm gonna marry you.
Are you?
You sure?
Lisa, I've never been more
sure about anything in my life.
I know this has been a whole lot
but I don't have any doubts.
That's good, Ben.
That's really good that
you don't have any doubts.
It's good that you've been
able to work through everything
and eventually come
around to the position
that you don't have any doubts.
Sweetie, I'm sorry I
put you through this.
I know it's selfish and I...
No, I'm happy for you.
You were able to go on this
little trip down memory lane
and realize that marrying me
wouldn't have been
a huge mistake.
You, just, just wait.
No, I'm not gonna wait.
I have doubts, okay?
Now I have doubts and
I'm not gonna work
through them tonight because,
I don't really want to.
No no no, that's not...
Lisa, you gotta
give me a minute.
What are we gonna do?
We're gonna get married now?
Are you joking? That's not...
Come on, Ben.
Come... what?
Lisa, you gotta
give me a second.
Ben, I'm not gonna wait. I -
What would I be waiting for?
It would have been great
to get married to you,
to be married to you and
I think we would have been
really good to each other but,
I can't marry you now.
You're not sure.
I think you're just
reading this wrong.
You gotta give me time
to manage it properly.
No no, don't do that.
Can you just let me...
I'm going to leave and stop.
You guys.
No Rachel, that's it.
You take care of your side,
I'll take care of my side?
It was nice to meet you, Lisa.
We've met a few times, Maria.
Well, good seeing you again.
You look really great.
I'm fine, everything's okay.
Everybody, everything,
everything's okay.
I feel like I did a
lot of work to get here
and now it doesn't
feel so great.
Just go.
How we doing?
You wanna open some
presents or something?
No, he doesn't want
to open any presents.
Why don't you just
get out of here?
She's joking.
We can't do jokes
right now, Jules.
I can't do them.
I just...
Yeah, I can't help you.
I know.
Oh, I gotta call
everyone I'm closest to
and disappoint them.
That's the rest of my night.
Rachel, Bobby, can you
guys get me some, um...
Get drunk equipment?
Yeah, on it. Yeah.
I'm sorry.
Jules, I just lost my fiancee.
Okay, out of all the bad
things in your life, Ben,
none of them are
gonna be this big.
You're probably gonna
want to grow beard.
Ben, Ben?
Did he stop breathing?
He'll start.
He always does.
I'm right here, guys.
I'm okay.
Come on, man.
You'll push through this.
Just let it out.
Everything that is or
ever will be is gonna die
and it's never coming back.
Yeah, I don't know about that.
I appreciate it
but you don't have
to stick around, you know?
I think I prefer to just
die alone in a corner.
If I'm being honest,
this was really unexpected.
I know it didn't go well but
it was a difficult situation,
I mean what else
could I have done?
Oh, now you ask?
There's no good way out of it.
I mean not if I was
gonna be honest.
There were better ways.
I hope there wasn't
only better ways,
I thought I sort of middled it.
You want to start
calling people?
Oh, Ben, I wouldn't.
Okay, this is not over, okay?
I can fix this.
Right, what's happened happened
but we can figure it out, right?
Let's figure it out.
This is who I want
in the clutch, okay?
You guys are my team, right?
Dream team.
- Let's do it.
- Let's do it.
Do what?
You wanna go to Lisa's hotel?
Yes, we go there
and we do something.
We'll go to Lisa's hotel
and I'll do the thing,
the game changing thing.
Yeah, let's do
this, Ben. Let's go.
Do you think they're
gonna let us in?
What happened?
It won't matter,
will it?
No, don't say that.
No, going to her hotel
won't change anything.
Nothing will change anything.
Look, Ben, we...
No, you know I'm right.
I lost her.
No no, we can still try.
No, it's done.
I'm done.
How long do you think I
can hold off making calls?
Um... not long.
But maybe a little bit?
Yeah, a little bit.
You need me to do anything?
I can make some.
No, I'll handle it.
Can I stay with you until I
sort out a place or something?
Of course.
We will be right inside
if you need anything.
Hi dad.