We Are Kings (2014) Movie Script

Lilly, Lilly, Lilly
did you hear that?
Did you hear that?
Do you hear that?
Yeah, yeah, yeah I do
They screaming
for you out there.
Oh, Ok
Put that stuff.
Naw naw, forget about
that, forget about that.
Forget about that,
you a star tonight.
Take that off, get rid of that.
Come on!
it's not good news
but it shouldn't surprise you.
We foreclosed on the bar.
Actually two weeks ago.
Two weeks ago!
We made payments
didn't we Lilly?
July, but Mr.
Simpson business at
the Blues Bucket has
been just been terrible.
The young people are moving out.
A few senior citizens
come through.
We're down to
nothing, just living.
You still
have to make payments.
We revised the loan, we
give you a grace period.
We refinance and you
don't make payments.
Been dealing with you people
for months and months, years!
What do you mean you people?
We need that place!
We didn't need your
money, we need the place!
Your bank wanted us
to take that loan.
We don't have anything.
What are we supposed to do?
You just gonna throw
us out on the street?
Money means that much to you?
in my space now.
That means I call security.
You can't do this to us!
Paul please escort
Mr. and Mrs. King
off the premises.
Hell, we don't
need an escort.
We're out of here.
And you have a nice
day Mr. Simpson.
Up in Chicago
I love Chicago
but you know what?
I don't love all that
concrete asphalt.
You know what I mean,
down here they got cotton.
Now I admit the closest I can
come to cotton is.
We're not talking
about picking cotton.
We're talking about dinner.
I've got Lilly's very, very
famous barbecued chicken.
that Chicago barbecue?
Naw this is Mississippi!
This is
Mississippi barbecue.
This is where Chicago
barbecue came from.
This is
Mississippi barbecue.
Mississippi, really?
Lilly's barbecue just as
good as Chicago barbecue.
I'm trying to tell you man.
Well won't
you try it and see.
give me a plate.
I tell ya, I tell ya.
Y'all know how I feel about it.
Lilly and I eat, breath,
sleep, everything right here.
This is our place,
this is our home.
This is our home base.
You couldn't pull me out of here
no amount of money.
This is my place.
I am the luckiest
woman in the world tonight.
Well hey, I got
the electric fire
for this fired up over
there for you baby.
We got it all.
Oh yes we have.
But you know I'm
worried about the bank.
The bank?
No need in worrying
about the bank.
Everybody's having
problems and the bank
can't do nothing without
sinking it's own ship
you know what I mean?
I'm not worried.
I am.
Me too.
This is Deputy
Tate please evacuate
the building Mr. King.
Evacuate the building Mr. King.
Getting thrown
out of my own place.
I tell ya' life's hell!
Work hard all my life
can't keep nothing.
Five, six, seven
hundred and 50 dollars.
That's it!
You'd think after all these
years it would be more.
But don't be looking at
my coat and my rings.
You gave me those
and I'm not giving
them up for nothing.
Baby you'll
never have to give up
your coat and your rings,
you know that those
are yours, forever!
But I'm a tell you
something seven hundred
and 50 dollars is
better than nothing.
Yeah but
look, now remember?
Oh no, not the
recording contract again.
It might be
our only chance.
No way!
Oh IB listen, the
man said come to Chicago.
He's gonna give us five
thousand dollars signing fee
plus royalties.
Yeah but Lilly
you got to sell
a billion records to make a dime
and you don't know how
sleazy those guys are.
I'm gone take
this seven hundred
and 50 dollars right
here in this bucket
and I am going to
buy plane tickets
for us to go to Chicago.
Plane tickets?
You know I can't
get on an airplane.
You seen those electrical fires.
They're making 'em
out of plastic.
They falling out of the sky.
But do this for
me, do this for us.
Do this for our music,
IB, it's our music.
What's wrong baby?
I don't know, maybe
it's just the stress.
I don't know, it's so cold.
I'm just gonna flop
down a little bit.
Just like this.
Well get some
rest baby take a nap.
And don't you worry
about a thing.
We gone get through
this just fine.
Breakfast for my
baby, breakfast all the time.
Lilly King, I'm coming girl.
Come on sit up,
have your breakfast.
You Ok?
Don't leave me baby!
Are you there?
Speak to me!
Speak to me please baby!
Let's get
her on a monitor.
a listen to her lungs.
Let's go ahead and get
some blood pressure please.
Ma'am can you open
your eyes for me?
Can you open your eyes?
Mr. King I must tell you
that at this point
we don't think
the prognosis is that good.
It does look like
she's had a stroke.
Well alright doc you
just got to understand
we've been through a lot lately.
We've lost everything.
She's all I got left doc.
So please do everything you
can to take care of her.
Lilly, I don't know
if you can hear me baby
but I'm a take you up
on your idea I promise.
I'm going to Chicago, get
the money for the auction,
buy back the Bucket and
take care of everything
here with the medical bills.
That's attractive.
Planning on sleeping in
the cemetery tonight?
It must be fun
to celebrate Halloween
three hundred and
65 days a year.
It is.
Yeah, I was thinking
a parakeet for Christmas
but you'd have to promise
not to paint it black.
Yeah, really funny.
I thought you
were a country singer.
Used to be.
What is this
Janice something.
Maybe it is.
You don't know
what you are do you?
I'm leaving now,
thank you very much.
For where?
I have a gig tonight.
Are they paying you?
Of course
they're paying me.
Yeah, why
don't I believe that?
Can you give the
whole gun thing a rest?
Oh you mean
can I give the second
amendment of the United
States Constitution a rest?
Hey I might not be
your father but this is
my place and my rules,
don't forget it!
Bye mom.
it's really cold out.
Yeah I know, I'm
singing tonight mom.
Can't you
give her a ride Brad?
I say it's time to quit
this wanna be Dracula thing
and get to work.
I guess not.
I guess I'm walking.
Yes this is Mr. King.
I'd like to speak
to my wife please.
Lilly, I'm in Chicago
it's freezing up here.
Before I get all that done
I got something I want you
to hear, listen to this.
how can I help you?
I have an appointment
with Mr. Berman.
Mr. Berman, Ok.
whoa, had enough of that!
Did you finish those lugs?
Yes sir I did.
Well how
about the axle on the chopper?
Yes sir.
Anyway you're
here to work as a mechanic.
Not be the next
Stevie Ray Vaughan.
You know what, we're done!
You're fired!
You can sleep here
tonight if you want.
But tomorrow you're out of here.
Funny thing
is, I didn't think
that was his plan for me anyway.
not my plan either.
What are you doing?
I'm saying a prayer.
For you, for
for the both of us.
dammit don't you say
no damn prayer for me,
that's the last thing I need.
Well open mike
at the bowling alley.
I'll be back tomorrow
to clean out.
Um Mr. King,
I have to go to lunch.
But Mr. Berman will be
right back and get you.
You're going out to lunch?
What am I supposed to
do, just wait here?
Mr. Berman
is very busy today.
I know it's one of his
really busy days, sorry.
Alright, I'll just wait.
What do you want?
I'm IB King, we
had an appointment.
We talked three days ago and
you told me to come on down.
Who did
you say you were?
IB King.
Ok good,
nice to meet you.
You saw us play
in Moon Mississippi
at the Bucket.
You told me to come on down.
Well have a seat.
Thank you.
me what you got.
I need a deal to
be honest with you.
I need a good record deal
and I got lots of songs.
I'm just trying to get
me one second please.
Hello Berman, I
can't do that now.
Can't talk now, bye.
Some people just don't give up.
so what do you got?
Let me hear something.
I got some original
songs, got plenty of 'em.
No not that
one, I don't like that.
That's not commercial
enough anymore.
I got other songs you know.
Let me go back.
Well it's
What else you got?
How about a
little slower one?
Berman here,
Ok hold on a second.
Excuse me IB, I need
to take this call.
Can you got out in
the waiting room
for a couple of minutes?
And I'll get right back to you.
Hit me again.
Ok listen,
come on old boy.
You give me one mo'?
No, no that's it.
completely sloshed.
This is America,
this is America.
You're a danger
to society, alright now.
Announcer in Green
Our next act is
a young girl with a bruiser
of a name, Layla Knuckles.
Let's hear it for Layla.
Lordy Lordy, I'm out of gas.
Oh my Lord.
Announcer in Green
I don't know where
this next guy comes from.
But he says he's
from way down south
and after listening to him talk,
he made a believer out of me!
Let's hear it for Dustin Ladue.
So, think I'm
like the only one here
in El Paso who
doesn't have a car.
That makes two of us.
Wait, what
happened to your car?
Doesn't everybody
here have like a car?
Well I came
up here from Louisiana
to work with my uncle
and he was letting me
borrow his car but
he got all in my face
and yelled at me
and he fired me.
I guess it just wasn't
my destiny you know?
Hm, your destiny,
what do you mean by that?
I listen pretty
carefully to the man upstairs
and he usually has a
pretty good plan for me.
But without a home,
it's gonna be hard.
Wait, so
you're like homeless?
I guess I am.
Me too.
Hell I give up.
I'm just gonna die.
This must be what it feel like.
You just fall asleep.
Sing it baby!
Why'd you have
to leave Lilly?
Why'd you have to
leave me like this?
Right down here.
It's freezing out here.
Hey, do you hear that?
Is there
another club out here?
No there's not.
Wait a minute, are you
sure you don't hear that?
Am I going crazy?
People laughing and
blues music, it's loud.
Really, I
don't hear anything.
wrong with your ears?
Maybe something's
wrong with my ears.
Let's go towards the music.
We might be able to find a ride.
Why'd you have
to leave Lilly?
Why'd you have to
leave me like this?
What makes you
think I've gone anywhere?
'Bout to die, go away!
Do you really
want to freeze to death
and just die out here?
Hell no, what choice I got?
You have the
choice between believing
in something as opposed
to believing in nothing.
The last gig is in Moon with me.
At our place.
Holy cow!
It's somebody.
Sure is!
Oh my gosh
I think it's dead.
It's a he
and he's alive.
And dead drunk too we gotta
get him out of this cold.
He's gonna freeze to death.
He's got a guitar too.
Come on sir, gotta
get 'cha out of this cold.
Wow, I'm worn to
a frazzle and he's heavy!
He's out and
snores like a truck.
He must be really uncomfortable
with his leg like that.
I can't believe this.
I lost my job,
can't use the car,
had to walk to town,
then we walked down here.
I hear this music
coming out of nowhere,
that you can't even hear.
I don't know about you, but
I gotta see who this guy is.
What do you think ?
You want to stay here?
Well, why not?
We can't leave the
guy here alone.
Besides Layla, do you
really wanna go back home
to your serial killer
step father any way?
No way.
Oh God, these
guitars come from?
That ain't mine,
what's going on here?
Hands up, I got a weapon here!
Hey Hey Hey Hey!
Calm down, we saved
your butt last night!
You're lying to me kid!
You were gonna
freeze out there!
We saved your life.
You were sitting out
there just drunk.
We thought you were
dead, we drug you in here
and then we crashed.
Aw naw, that's not
true, where are we?
What do you want money?
You didn't take any
of my money did you?
No, we want a ride
and we saw that you only
had two dollars in there.
Well, where you
want a ride up the road?
That would be no problem.
I play music too,
we could play together.
You a musician?
Last thing in the world I need!
Here's 50 dollars.
I don't know.
I'll take it!
What about you Goldilocks?
I'm going to
my aunt's in Missouri.
I can't have no young
thang running away now.
I'm 21 actually.
21 you look like you 15.
Here's 20 bucks for gas.
I don't usually
take money from minors
but you
can ride, alright!
Knuckles, we
should write a song
about our experiences
on the road.
So I got this old
swamp groove in A
that we used to
play on the front
porches down in the Delta.
It's gonna be a A and it's
gonna groove from that.
And it's gonna go G to
be B, and then the chorus
section is gonna be B
back to A, B back to A.
And it's just.
Can you feel that?
sing it
from the heart, here we go.
This thing's loud!
And it shakes like one of those
vibrating beds my
uncle used to have.
That's alright, don't
talk about the bucket man.
It's been well
preserved, we babied it.
And everything works.
My uncle's got the gout.
Do you have the gout?
Do I have gout?
What kind of question that?
You gone ask me if I have gout!
He's got those
big feet like you.
Huge, what size
shoe do you wear?
A plank and a half.
Hey, what's this?
Don't touch that!
That's a complicated
piece of equipment.
Don't ever touch that
without my permission,
not ever!
I was just curious.
Speaking of which, what
are we gonna do for dinner?
I gotta feed you and
Goldilocks back there?
I ain't worrying about her
but from the looks of you
I got to worry about you though.
You should too,
'cause I eat like a tank!
Well you better buy
your own bullets then.
You know that little
bit of money you two
gave me gone run out.
It's only gonna get about
another hundred miles.
I got to do something
gotta get gas and food.
Thought I'd never
have to do this again!
Ladies and gentlemen,
we want to welcome you
to the blues
we appreciate you coming out.
we gonna come out and
play some blues for you.
We need you to help us out.
Put some money in the
bucket, ladies and gentlemen.
make blues today.
Ladies and
gentlemen, hailing from
Baton Rouge Louisiana,
the original swamp fox,
Dustin Ladue, two thousand
12 gator wrestling champion!
Wake up , wake up
ain't not gator I can't handle.
What does the
blues mean to you?
Besides country music,
the blues tells the story
of the human condition,
so when I'm playing
my heart's on my sleeve,
my head don't hurt.
If you don't feel
it in your heart
it can't possibly be the blues.
That's something else.
I like Mississippi
Fred McDowell
that slide, you
know what he say?
I don't play no rock and roll.
That's what he say.
That's on the front
of his record.
I like him.
And then of course you got
the great Robert Johnson.
Now Robert Johnson
everybody has played
Robert Johnson's music
from the Rolling Stones
to Led Zeppelin, Robert
Johnson was the mother
of all blues, but
we wasn't the first.
Layla Knuckles
here gonna play
the laundromat next,
I have no idea why.
But we will follow
Captain King anywhere.
Soup's on!
Tuna and
hotdog buns, that's it!
What did you do
with all the money we made?
That 20 dollars?
18 of it went for gas and
there's not much left.
Well, if
this is all we have
we might as well be thankful.
Can I say grace?
Of course you can.
Lord, thank
you for this tuna.
It's all we have and
boy are we thankful.
And we're thankful to be on this
musical adventure with IB.
Even if playing at
an empty laundromat
was a complete
failure of vision.
Now hold on a
minute there Lord.
You know there was
failure of vision
'cause I worked that way
for years made money
and then I ran into
the terror from Baton
Rouge and Miss Goldilocks
and they ruined my business.
Hey now, you
know the Lord always
makes a way for us and I'm
sure he will this time.
Let's observe that with
a moment of silence.
Now don't
get me wrong I got
no problem with cold tuna fish.
Put some ketchup
on that and whoo!
Do we have any ketchup?
Ketchup, what do you
think this is a restaurant?
Hey guys, listen
to me I have an idea.
How about we play
at a high school.
A high school?
That's the craziest
idea I ever heard.
A 60 year old man
with a wife dying,
club going down the
drain, foreclosure
and you want me to go
play for a bunch of kids
that don't have any money.
you still
getting ready for school?
I know you not.
You pull me up outta here
daddy's not gonna be happy!
Daddy's really not
gone be happy now!
Is he asleep?
I'm a fire
up his P.A. system.
I got a blue
bucket, we need to fill up
So we can make it
to the next town
In a 'ole beat up blue truck
That's right people.
Just one dollar at a time
As long as tuna ain't our dinner
everything will be alright.
I told
you to get ready
for school didn't I?
But you can't get
ready for school
'cause you got your face
in this damn internet.
Look at this place.
For I go upside yo' head!
Man why you
always hitting me?
You ain't never hit me before.
taking my damn picture!
Let's go!
Wait, do
you have an appointment?
Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
Hi my name
is Layla Knuckles.
We're super rushed.
If I could just have
a minute of your time
just to explain
what we're doing.
Hi there
Hey, I didn't know
there was another bus.
Today there is.
I mean but I
just missed the bus.
No you didn't.
Uh, that's not
gonna work with me.
Today is a very
special day and you'll see.
Come on, get aboard, let's go!
I missed the bus
and another comes along
I'm sitting in back and the
driver's singing a song.
A driver singing, dad hitting me
and my ears are
ringing very strange.
This is
like reality T.V. show.
It's happening, it's live.
It's happening, it's all
going on, it's like reality
It's like a
whole new art form.
And this is my paintbrush.
with the bucket?
Oh, this bucket.
It's for our arts foundation.
The kids can contribute.
It's for a really good cause.
Hey, we wanna thank
y'all for coming out today.
We trying to make some money
to get to the next town.
You see, we uh, I lost my job.
Can't use the car no more.
Then we ran into this
drunk half frozen guy.
And now we're eating one
can of tuna fish a day.
and we don't have nothing
Yes, the foundation, give
some money to the foundation.
What are you doing?
Who are you?
Nobody, man get
that thing out of here.
All y'all sitting out
there looking at me for?
Y'all look like
Popsicles with hair.
You frozen.
Look here, come on up.
Come up closer.
You want to learn the blues
you got to get up
here close to it.
Aw yeah!
I give you these
hotdog buns in the highest
amount of gratitude.
I accept these buns
and knight you king of barbecue.
Thank you
Princess Knuckles.
I'm flabbergasted.
A, let's just find
the hotdogs alright?
Holy Moly!
What's going on out here?
What the hell!
Hey kid, hey, hey,
hey it's the kid
from the school, remember?
Get up kid.
Get him in there.
What the hell is this?
Where'd you come from?
Who are you?
Talk to me man!
Where you going?
South, south where?
Arkansas to see my aunt.
What you running
away from boy?
My dad's been beating me.
Son I can't hear
it, you got to go!
Do you understand that?
I ain't going back.
Aw naw, you
going back, you going
you got to go back!
I can't take you with me.
You'll get me in
all kind of trouble.
Come on man,
have some heart!
Boy I got more heart than
everybody in here combined.
I'm not going to
jail for no minor.
We can't
just leave him here.
We're in the middle of no where.
He don't care.
Look at him, look at him.
He already, he filming.
At least drive
him to the next town.
Dammit there
is no next town.
We got to stop by a
field and cook our food
and we'll just have
to drop him off.
If he can film, he can walk.
And you need to put
that thing away anyway.
Get out my face.
What I'm a do with you boy?
I better go
see about the dogs.
Don't want them to get
burnt up out there.
Oh, it's cold out here.
How they coming?
They almost done.
Tell me, what is your story.
Well it's like
what I already told you
ever since my mom
died my dad's been
just mad and frustrated
all the time.
And hitting you.
Yeah he's just not himself.
Maybe he is himself.
Well he just different.
You miss your mom I bet.
Yeah, I talk to her a lot.
Well, what you gone do?
What are we gonna do with you?
I don't know
but just please don't
let me go back home
Mr. King, please.
Well for right now,
you just take care
of these dogs.
You know they sang so dang good
at the high school
I had an idea.
We got to make a record.
You mean like on
of those plastic things?
Plastic thing,
naw a record, vinyl.
Oh you mean those
things that go around.
Yeah they go around.
You never had a record player?
What, oh my God
another abused child.
Tell you what, tomorrow
we're gonna be in Memphis.
He'll give us a deal.
We'll cut the record
Lilly always wanted me
to cut, we don't need Chicago.
And then we'll sell it.
Well how you gone sell it?
Well I don't know.
But if we make it,
somebody will buy it.
I could sell it online.
No no no no no I'm
talking about a real
recording and a
real record deal.
Can I be in it?
Can you be in it?
What do you do?
I rap.
You rap!
Are you any good at it?
I'm real good at it.
Well show me something.
Kid, you're
not out, you're in!
You're hired, we're
gonna make this record.
Holy Moly!
we have a possible
child abduction I'll
be a code
five when we get here.
People in the
Winnebago come out.
Put your hands in the air.
I'm gonna miss you Ladue.
I'm gonna
miss you too Knuckles.
Where are you going?
Mississippi with IB.
And you better come to,
no matter what it takes.
Well this
is getting complicated.
Seems you Layla Knuckles.
That's me.
there's a general bulletin
on a Miss Layla
Knuckles for gun theft
which is a felony.
So that means you're
gonna get fingerprinted,
photographed, and the
handcuffs are gonna go on.
And you're gonna
be sent back with
Deputy Tom Dickerson.
You can put those
handcuffs on now Tom.
She should be considered
a flight risk.
Shoot the
cuffs out here young lady.
What are you
putting hands cuffs
on a little girl for?
What do you think
she's gonna take off
running through the
cornfields with the cows?
Shut up will ya?
Sir you
don't understand your
rights, you speak when
I ask you the questions
and then you can answer me.
Yes sir.
you, young man, there's
a runaway report so
you're both going back
with Deputy Tom.
Can you shut that recording
device off please?
Ok Tom, they're all yours.
come on you guys.
We got a long night ahead of us.
Watch yourself there.
Come on out!
This is a great
opportunity for me man.
I mean, I liked you.
I liked your music, I
like this old bucket.
The man upstairs put
this right in my lap
and you want to take it all
away for no good reason.
I gotta get
back to Mississippi.
My wife is sick, probably dead.
And I outta be dead myself.
This is killing me.
Picked up you kids,
you got me in trouble.
Got the police on my back.
You gotta go and
you gotta go now.
Thing is you never
even heard me play the blues.
Too late for that now.
Maybe for
you but not for me.
Alright kid, get
back in the bucket.
I'll give you a ride
to the bus station.
I'd rather walk.
Do me a favor, plug
me in and listen.
You at least owe me that.
Well suit yourself.
Break a leg walking down
to that bus station.
Hey there sweetie.
I'm not such a bad guy.
You can take those
cuffs off if you like.
You know what you want in life.
May I speak to Mr. Moore.
Well I wanted to ask if you
could postpone the auction.
Well I'm gonna be there.
But that's my place,
that's Lilly's place.
Lilly King you
left me in a mess!
I can't take this no more.
I can't do it by myself baby.
If you were here I
might could make it.
But I can't do it by myself.
I'm done, I'm through,
I can't take it.
You see this bucket?
It's been with me since Moon.
It's still empty, this is crazy.
There's no record
contract in there.
What's going on here.
You don't
believe I'm real do you?
Girl you scaring me.
The last gig
is in Moon with me.
Lord Lilly you
done sent me to hell.
You promised me
you were going home, Ok?
I hear you Lilly.
I'm trying to get back.
Alright thanks.
Oh can I get some coffee
from you too sugar please?
Yes, I'll
bring it right out.
Now that's odd.
Chow down tonight guys, it's
your last night of freedom.
Can I go to the bathroom?
Oh, me too.
One at a time.
I kinda got
to go right now.
Alright go ahead.
I've got your guitar.
Why don't you get going?
Don't I know you?
Sure you
do, now take off!
Well hello
there stranger.
You are one handsome man.
And I'm an attractive woman.
where'd you come from?
Everywhere and no where.
But what matters now
is that we're together.
We are?
Hey did you see two
kids back there?
All I see is you.
everybody go?
Layla are you Ok?
Come on get up, are you alright?
Sam I'm so cold
I can't feel my feet.
I can't feel anything anymore.
We have to go, come on.
Maybe we should just
stay here and just sleep.
No, we'll freeze,
we'll die out here.
And that's Ok with me.
What's the point anyway?
They're just gonna take
me and send me back
to that broken down home again.
Come here, come here.
I'm sorry Sam
I'm such a loser.
No you're not,
you're somebody special.
Just go without me.
No you'll freeze out here.
I can't, I can't move.
Yes you can, come
on we're going to Moon.
We saw Lilly remember?
I'm not sure.
That changes everything.
That means there's
hope for all of us.
She's an angel Layla.
Come on that means
life continues.
Let's go we've got to
save the Blues Bucket.
Come on.
Oh man, what a night.
Oh, I think I was
dreaming about Knuckles.
I kinda miss her, I
wonder where she is.
What's up?
Hey could we get a ride?
Where you going?
Climb aboard.
going all the way to
New Orleans so you got lucky.
did you spend a night
in a cow field?
Yeah, we're freezing.
Wow you guys got a computer
back here and everything.
Yeah, Wifi, Mac
Can I use it?
why the hell not?
That's what it's there for.
You look
pretty tired yourself.
Yeah, all the
way from Henning, Minnesota.
I almost nodded off back there.
I knew you'd
make the right decision
brother, I heard
the music and I knew
it was the call, your call.
Let's hit the road.
Dustin I don't
know what happened.
Lights were flashing
and the truck
was moving all around,
music was coming out.
I didn't do nothing.
I had nothing to do with it.
It must be Lilly's call.
She's not dead yet.
We gotta get back to Moon.
And I'll tell you
brother I'm so glad
you're back with me.
I don't wanna ride
by myself now.
Too many strange
things happening.
Let's go!
I'm telling you I
know Lilly's up there.
I know the
But I don't know how in the
world she let this happen.
If they was so all powerful
then why am I out here like this
broke on the street
and gotta go back
and watch these
people sell the place.
Something wrong
with that picture.
Ladue, Ladue you still
sleep back there?
You crashed out,
you still sleep?
Man great company
you turned out to be.
What a companion!
How's it going?
Well the website's
up, we're on YouTube
and we're on iTunes express
and we're on iTunes express
You're not gonna believe it.
Sam you made this video?
You made this yourself.
You captured everything
at high school?
Look at that,
somebody bought the song.
I've got like 10
friends on Facebook.
We need all
the help we can get.
the Blues Bucket!
You have a charger?
Can I use it
my phone is dead?
go right ahead.
We need you guys' help
to save the Blues Bucket.
Please back us up.
Ladies and
gentlemen we're here
today on behalf of the
Midwest Central Bank,
who has foreclosed
on this property
and all it's contents.
We would like to
give the opportunity
everyone of you bid,
you had the opportunity
to read the terms and
conditions of the sale.
If you haven't ever been
to an auction before
you just raise
your hand like this
with your finger in
the air and I'll tell
you whether you're in or out.
Layla, we got
the money IB needs
to help him for his auction.
Yo' this is crazy!
Look at the count it keeps
going up.
How much farther is Moon?
about 10 minutes.
How many
dollars here today for
this wonderful piece
of property again
in Moon Mississippi
here and
give me a hundred and 50.
One hundred and 50 thousand
give me a thousand dollar
bill to go, thank you!
Two find three thousand dollars,
four thousand, now
five find five,
six thousand, 15
thousand, now 20
20 now 25, how 'bout
25 thousand dollars
to make it
30, 30 thousand dollars,
35, 35 40 thousand
dollars, 40 45 thousand,
to make it
50, 50 thousand dollars
60, 60 thousand now
What are you doing here?
I got the money
just keep bidding.
Young man
You're too
young to be able to bid.
Everything's gone viral
Everybody's been buying the
song for a of money
Do you have an adult
that's with you that can
I'll bid for him.
Thank you
sir, that'd be great.
70 thousand sir, 75 thousand,
75 thousand 80, 80
now 85, and now 90
a hundred thousand dollars here,
a hundred and five and now 10,
a hundred and 10,
a hundred and 15
thousand dollars
to make it one 20,
one 20, one 22 and a
half, one 22 fifty,
Now 25, one 25, one
25 is the bid here,
a hundred and
25 ,
a hundred and 25
dive, sold right here
to this gentleman right
here with the beret.
A hundred and 25 thousand
I'm IB King
this is my place.
I'm so
glad you got it back.
Thank you, thank you.
You bet.
So this is
what we're gonna do,
we're gonna go boom
dot dot ba doom dakum
badum da ka da ka dum da kum
The drums are gonna
play through twice
by themselves Ok,
And I'm a go da da
You're not in yet.