We Are Legends (2019) Movie Script

Watch where you are going!
You little punk!
My God,
where have you been?
I ran here
straight from work. Come on.
We won the last two fights, good work!
But this fight... You have to lose.
If you lose,
Blackie will erase our debts.
And five-fold just for you.
- Remember, make it look good.
- Okay, all right.
Are you ready?
The Energizer Bunny!
Blackie, where's my money?
Let's talk to this guy.
- Let's get it over with.
- Who will handle what just happened?
- What?
- Blackie is looking for you.
- Bunny, find a place to hide out.
- You want to fight right now?
- Go, Jack!
- Hang in there!
Jason! Hang in there!
You got him, Bro!
Your fight with Jason Chan went viral!
Over three million views
on YouTube alone.
did you break his arm on purpose?
Will you apologize to Jason?
It would be like apologizing
to a punching bag.
MMA is not a sport.
It is survival of the fittest!
When two fighters enter the cage,
only one gets to come out the victor.
If I had won by points,
he can blame the judges' decision.
If I had knocked him out,
he can call it a lucky punch.
But I broke his arm in two.
He only has himself to blame.
With 49 straight wins on your record,
you are a legend among amateur fighters.
What's it like to be famous?
Truth be told,
I am not a talented fighter.
We don't have champion coaches,
or special machines to train with
in the gym.
Everything I have today,
I earned by hard work and dedication.
We heard that you have quite
an interesting upbringing.
Care to share that with our viewers?
My little brother and I
actually grew up in an orphanage.
Hey, brush those leaves down the steps.
Take it seriously!
Or you don't get dinner tonight.
And you.
- What now?
- That pile is yours.
Hurry up, time to clock out!
Sun is about to set!
Good work!
Here, come on!
One, two, three.
Here, watch. One, two, three.
Just like that.
One, two, three.
Straight punch goes right through.
Who let you play ball on my court?
Give me back my ball, you tub of lard!
Hit him, Bro!
Let go of my brother!
Bro! Get him!
- Hit him!
- Hey!
No fighting on school grounds!
No fighting! Hey!
Headmaster! The janitor hit me!
What did you say?
You little rat!
He's flopping like Zidane.
You are hitting students now?
I am so firing you this time!
It's not Eric's fault!
You can kick me out instead!
Jack! You can't talk
to the Headmaster like this.
Where are your manners?
I have had enough!
I hate this damn job!
I quit! No more!
I go!
I will take care of them both!
Good Day!
You two, come on! Hurry up!
Wrong way, this way.
Come on!
Watch your step.
Dad, I found a spot!
Get outta here, kid!
- Dad...
- Sorry, excuse us.
- What now?
- Quiet.
Dad, what do we do?
How do I know? What can I do?
We just gonna sleep here?
Toughen up, Jack, it's just one night.
Big sister!
Bad karma...
Kneel down in front of Simo!
Anymore this time?
We will sleep in my old room!
You won't even know we are here.
Come on, upstairs boys!
This way. Hurry.
Come on, Bunny!
Grab the bag. Go!
Grab the bag!
Left glove clockwise.
Right glove anti-clockwise.
Left glove clockwise.
Right glove anti-clockwise.
- Here, have some more.
- Thanks, Dad!
Tomatoes too.
What are you doing?
This is not how you punch.
Let me show you how it's done!
Last delivery to Chubby Ling,
we go yum cha!
Yeah! Hurry up!
- Hurry up!
- Oh!
- Dad!
- Dad!
Dad! Dad.
Call an ambulance!
Dad! Hurry!
Since dad had a stroke,
as brothers,
we began to grow.
I found out that he was
taking underground fights.
Stop it right there!
What now?
Me and you!
If you win, you do what you want!
If you lose,
no more underground fights!
Why am I trying to earn money?
I pay your tuition
and you keep skipping school.
Now you are expelled!
Why am I going to school?
It's also for money, right?
Do you remember why we learned to fight?
It's not about money.
We fight for the belt, to be the Champ!
You are the one who wants
to fight professionally, not me!
I can't do that. It's not me!
Go fight for your belts.
Dream on, but I've got bills to pay!
Look at yourself! You grind yourself
all day long for pocket change.
You turn around
and you don't get to come back!
I won't!
- The prodigal son returns...
- Yes.
Amateur fighters
are just afraid of me.
Forget those losers.
My next fight
will be my professional debut.
If you get to see your brother again?
What would you do?
He's still my little brother.
What can I do? Beat him up?
That's all the time we have.
Thank you, Jack, for being on our show.
Hope you find a worthy opponent soon.
Good luck on your professional debut!
Thank you!
Let me take the pretty reporter
to her car.
Thank you for coming to our gym!
You little shit!
What's everyone looking at?
You bunch of weirdos.
Same thing every time.
Aren't you bored?
I have good news guys!
Lily, you are getting married?
Jack found an opponent!
He just signed the contract!
- Yeah!
- Congratulations Jack!
Congratulations Jack!
Hold up!
Who is the lucky bastard this time?
Jason Chan?
Again? I kicked his butt
within a minute. Not him.
How boring.
Don't gloat!
After you broke his arm,
he signed with a new gym
and a new coach.
He has just won his last five fights.
The fighters from his gym
are all tested veterans.
Every single one.
But you have me as your coach,
I am not bad myself.
It's not a sure win for you yet.
Wow! Bunny is back!
- Big sister.
- You little shit!
- Don't encourage him!
- Hey!
Worry about your own fight.
Jason trains with world champions,
nutritionists taking care of his diet.
Protein powder sponsor.
You have to lose ten kg in 14 days.
You won't make weight
even if I cut your legs off.
We won't do that.
You have done this before. You will
make weight, just like last time.
Not now.
- Bunny!
- What?
Come see your dad!
Kneel down!
Sleep well?
How bad did you beat the white guy?
- Not that bad, I pulled some punches.
- Ah.
Stand up! Let me look at you.
How many times have I told you,
protect yourself at all times!
- How much do you weight now?
- Hundred and thirty-eight.
- Kilogram?
- Pounds.
Hundred and thirty-eight pounds.
My old man always used to say,
the best fighters of the world
are 150 pounds.
- Perfect balance of speed and power.
- Hm.
Where was I?
Speed and power.
- Yes! Hundred and fifty pounds!
- Yes.
Now your little brother is back.
What a reunion! Train hard!
Build up that body!
Hundred and fifty pounds!
- Say it with me!
- Hundred and fifty pounds!
Win me some golden belts!
Why do you need all these belts?
You don't have belts to use?
What's this?
Looks like chicken intestines.
L, E, G...
Your team leader told me.
You can't go on like this.
I saw your boyfriend's interview on TV.
Not bad, handsome kid.
Can you really make a living doing MMA?
Do people in Hong Kong
even know what it is?
Why don't you just find a nice guy
and get married?
Not everyone wants to marry rich
and give up. I like the struggle.
Don't you have dreams?
Nope, I don't dream.
That's why I don't have
to work two jobs like you.
and have to rush back to
that smelly gym every night,
Teaching Jujitsu without getting paid.
Hey, Sis.
could you ask my brother in law
for a week holiday?
Of course! You and I haven't been
to Tokyo shopping in years!
Your brother in law doesn't want me
at the office anyways.
Jack is in camp for a fight.
He needs me by his side to cut weight.
He really needs me.
If you want to waste your youth
on a furniture mover,
go right ahead.
I will just tell him you quit.
Okay, let's recap what we learned today.
What do we do when an attacker approaches?
One, maintain your distance
with the attacker.
- And?
- Two, survey the area for an escape route!
Correct! Good, class dismiss!
Big sister, can I join your class?
Oh! That stinks! Sis!
Simo, this is Jason's last fight.
He is very impressive.
Shirt off, on the scales, quick!
What are you looking?
What are you looking?
What the hell...?
What are you arguing about?
Hurry, come on!
Seventy-five kg?
Don't make me have to cut your legs off!
- Stay focused, Jack!
- I know.
Big sis, are you going for a run?
Wait up! Put this in my locker for me!
Simo, I am going for a run!
It's all your fault
I couldn't care less
It's you who made me fail.
Check out the babe.
- Let's see what we got.
- Come on.
Hey Honey!
Check it out!
Not bad at all.
What are you looking at?
- I can look at whatever I want!
- No, you can't!
Are you crazy?
Please stop, stop hitting me!
Please stop!
Sis! It's me!
Let go of me! Stop!
He's robbing me!
No, please stop!
You had no business tagging along.
You could have been seriously hurt.
That temper of hers...
No one can control it.
Come on, what now?
- Simo.
- Huh?
I will go check on her.
I thought I smelled cigarettes on you.
If Simo found out,
she will ban you from teaching Jujitsu!
Why don't you go tell her then?
I am not a rat.
But she's right, you know.
I knew you would say that,
you just sat there
while she berated me.
I have been a blue belt for five years.
She knows I am battle tested.
She just won't promote me.
After Master died,
Simo stopped promoting all together.
Is getting a purple belt
really that important?
I already dyed my hair purple
just to match!
It's time to let go.
you want to blow off some steam,
I get it.
I completely understand.
But... you can't let Simo find out. Okay?
Wow, you are not even worried
about my safety!
Worried for what?
You have been
a blue belt all these years.
I worry about the perverts
more than I do you!
I am about to enter the cage,
I need to stay focused, okay.
Hey, that's not fair!
You can't put that
weight cutting stuff on me!
It's been tough. Working during the day,
then classes at night.
I only get to train at night.
I am still not on weight yet.
I am an ass, I know.
I told you to quit your job.
I am working
at my brother in law's company now.
I got a week off to be with you.
- What more do you want?
- Don't lie to me!
I am not lying!
Your sister called me, said she fired you!
She warned me...
if I don't put a ring on your finger,
then I should let you
live the life you deserve!
You can do so much better than me.
I have no right
to make you struggle with me.
Jack Chiu!
You listen carefully!
Don't think you can
push me away with that crap.
I knew the day I met you,
this is all an act.
I know how important I am to you,
even if you won't admit it.
So, go ahead,
call me bitch in front of the students.
I don't mind.
I don't care if you win 49 fights
or lost 49 fights.
I will always be by your side.
I will always love you.
You can't run that easily.
What are you laughing about?
You two love birds! Just keep it clean!
No boom boom before big fight!
You will be weak in the knees!
Simo! I got it!
Will be weak in the knees.
Simo made a great point just now.
It's been awhile since
we had made boom boom.
- Go boom yourself!
- How about this?
We do a little role-playing game.
I will be a pervert,
you will punish me.
How do you like that?
You like that?
- So, you are a pervert?
- Yes.
And what do you want me to do?
How about a triangle choke?
Lay it on me!
Do it to me!
I am all yours!
Arm bar me!
Kick, come on!
One, two!
Come on! One! One!
One, two, three, four!
Hurry up! Cross, one, two!
Hands up! Hands up! One two! Hands up!
Move, move!
One, two!
We have a special treat for you today!
I have invited Sanda Champion Dixin
to spar with you!
Hi, thanks for having me!
- Simo...
- Huh?
This chubby is not in my weight class.
What? Are you scared?
Me? Scared?
Sanda Champ, right?
I am just a beginner,
I am here to learn.
You can punch harder if you like!
Get back in there!
- He really is a treat!
- Did I hurt you?
Okay, okay...
Sparring match is over.
A round of applause for Dixin!
Thanks for inviting me.
Sorry about that.
Thank you.
Simo, I am not done yet!
Bunny, get in here!
Who? Me?
Five minutes!
Only punches,
I don't want to see any blood!
Keep calm, you know how his temper is
Man, give him the four ounces.
Let's see what you street brawlers
are made of.
Dixin, thank you so much.
I wanted you to humble him a bit.
Whatever I can do to help.
Simo, he's punching for real!
Why are you pulling your punches?
Jack's about to fight,
what if I hurt him?
The fight is only days away.
Take it seriously!
I got my money on you, Bunny!
You bitch...
Sorry, Bro, are you okay?
I'm so sorry.
Brawling is for losers.
Do you know what MMA really is?
Come on.
Jack, that's enough!
Hey, he's your brother! Take it easy!
You little shit!
I work two jobs,
teach classes every night for what?
To support this gym of ours.
Do you know how much Simo
and Dad worry about you?
They want you to make good use
of your talents!
What have you done thus far?
Chasing tail! Underground fights!
You never ask about the guys at the gym.
You didn't even visit Dad!
Not once! You never did!
Calm down, get some rest.
Hm! What's that smell?
Stand up.
- Did someone shit their pants?
- Hm.
Simo gets to give you
a shower after all.
- Ah!
- Here, go on.
Can't believe
what they are saying about Jason!
This one is even worse.
He asked Jason to resign.
What is it?
Look, the forums
are attacking Jason.
Let me see.
We can't let them do that.
Jason, the fight forum is going crazy.
The trolls are attacking you.
Let them write what they want.
I don't care about
things like that. Let them.
Let them?
We will fight back!
Sis, Jason has really improved
as of late.
You broke his arm with that Kimura lock.
He will be ready
for your submissions this time.
Then we attack the arm again.
Trick him into worrying about
his right arm. Give me your arm!
We fake the armbar.
Then when he overcompensates,
we switch to the rear naked choke.
Jack, throw a left hook at me.
Ouch! Dad! Groin kicks are fouls.
So, I lose a point. But I ruined you
for the rest of the fight.
How many times have I told you?
You can't plan for an opponent,
you adapt to them!
I got it, Dad!
If I win this match, I will get to fight
in the Shooto Japan tournament.
If I win the belt, I get $100,000!
We will get you out of this wheel chair.
Don't worry.
Don't waste
your money on me, I am done.
If you make some money,
you really should put a ring on that.
Who? Lily? No, thanks!
She's mean, not pretty,
and she is flat-chested.
I should look for another one.
Say it again, I dare you!
These gloves belonged to your Master.
I kept them all these years.
Now, they are yours.
- Honey. Honey, don't fight him,
- Huh?
I will get rid of them.
We welcome all challengers at this gym.
Don't worry, I got it.
Be over in a minute.
Wow! Bro! You got him!
Sis! Brother just won!
He won!
Bro! Wake up Bro!
No! Wake up Bro!
Call an ambulance!
Sis, they don't use these gloves
for MMA.
You will get staph infection from those,
throw them away!
Time out.
I need to drain your cauliflower ear.
So, how is the weight coming along?
Not bad actually.
This camp has been a breeze.
Don't worry.
A breeze? One week out from your fight.
You should be letting your body rest.
You always over train.
It's been tough on you,
taking care of me.
I know I can be an asshole sometimes.
Really? Only sometimes?
Hold still.
Just apologize to your boss
and get your job back.
I have been by your side
for every fight you had.
Why would this fight be any different?
After this fight
things will get easier for the both of us.
All done.
Since you have been a good boy today,
how about a treat for dinner?
I don't want a treat.
Nurse lady,
I have other places for you to drain.
- It has been bothering me
- Where?
Welcome back
to this week's Fighting Words.
We are honored to have two of the best
amateur MMA fighters
in Hong Kong joining us.
Welcome, Jack and Jason!
I heard that you are
working as a truck driver?
Do you even have time to train?
I move furniture, actually,
and I don't need to train for you.
Take my drumstick, you need it!
Jack is cutting weight, don't tempt him.
- I will eat it.
- You eat again?
48, 49...
I will finish you in one minute.
One round knock out!
Push. Come on! Push!
What a waste.
I would spend every second
of all three rounds.
I will beat you so bad,
you mom won't recognize you.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
we are in for an exciting fight!
How many left? Let's see.
Seventy-two, that's close.
You look like a zombie.
- Are you feeling okay?
- I am fine.
Let me take a shower first.
Are we gonna keep waiting?
I have no idea where he is.
Let's start, keep it moving.
Welcome, members of the press
to the Shooto Hong Kong press conference.
Please welcome
Shooto Organizer, Master Yung!
Thank you.
Thank you to the press!
The next bout will feature
two of the best lightweight fighters
in Hong Kong,
facing off each other
in their professional debut.
Representing Lui Jun Sing
Fight School, Jack Chiu.
Representing FAC, Jason Chan.
We apologize for the delay.
If Jack Chiu doesn't arrive
in the next ten minutes,
we will begin the weigh-ins.
And if he misses the weigh-ins,
he will be automatically disqualified.
Hey, time's up!
Hey, is he coming or not?
May be he's still heavy.
Hey, Bunny!
Okay, okay.
What's his weight?
Huh? How would I know, I am not the scale.
Ten minutes left or they will DQ Jack.
Bro, are you ready?
Jin said they will disqualify you
if you show up late.
Almost there, half a pound.
- Five minutes.
- Hurry!
Come on, Bro, push!
It's time for the weigh-ins to begin.
First to the scales, Jason Chan from FAC.
Jason Chan weighs in at 155 pounds, 70 kg.
On weight!
I am very sorry.
Since Jack Chiu has yet to--
Fighter, please take you seat.
Now, onto the scales,
from Lui Jun Sing Fight School.
Jack Chiu! Please.
Jack Chiu...
weighs in at 155 pounds, 70 kg.
On weight!
Both fighters,
please take your position to face off.
Got yourself a new boyfriend,
Face the cameras.
I know you hate to be at the fights.
I promise I will win, no matter what.
It's late, go to bed.
Lead us not into temptation,
deliver us from evil.
For thine is the Kingdom and the power
and the glory, forever and ever. Amen.
Are you guys ready?
Everybody stand up!
Jack, Jack!
Jack! Jack!
Jason, no matter what,
stick to the game plan got it?
Jack, beat him good!
Good evening, fight fans!
Tonight! We've got something
very special.
Two of Hong Kong's best amateur fighters
facing off in their professional debut.
Introducing, in the blue corner
with an amateur record of
2 wins and one loss,
Jason, the Raging Bull Chan!
And introducing, from the red corner...
with 49 wins and no losses...
the undefeated, Jack Chiu!
Big Sister, fight is about to start!
Both of you know the rules
of the fight.
Protect yourself at all time.
Let's have an exciting fight!
Touch gloves.
Back to your corners.
Are you ready?
Are you ready?
Action, action!
Jack never took the fight seriously,
You can't work two jobs
and expect to train for a fight.
He doesn't even have time to rest.
He didn't take Jason seriously
Yeah! Great fight!
Wake up. Jack?
Are you okay?
- Jack, Jack.
- Are you okay?
- How is he doing?
- We don't need your sympathy
You hit him after the bell.
- Calm down!
- What are you doing?
- Hey Jin!
- That's enough!
- That's enough.
- It's just a fight!
Hold him.
Good Job.
You did well.
Let's go, brother.
Watch out.
The winner,
by knock out in the first round!
Jason Raging Bull Chan!
- Congratulations, Jason!
- Thank you.
So tell us...
having previously lost to Jack,
how does it feel
to finally get your revenge?
I want to thank my team,
my girlfriend, and my coach!
Right, coach?
Jack, don't worry,
you will beat him next time.
Jin, leave him alone.
He will be fine.
Bro! Calm down!
- Get out of here!
- What are you doing?
None of your business!
- Watch out, Man!
- What's wrong?
Get out! Out!
All of you out!
All of you out!
All of you out!
I am really tired.
I am really tired.
I don't want to fight anymore!
- Last can, there's none left.
- Hey!
No more!
Just go to sleep.
So, you lost a fight, big deal!
- Hey!
- Simo, I want to fight Jason!
Are you guys crazy?
I want to challenge him!
How many times have I told you?
Martial arts is not for revenge!
If you two can stand a round against him,
I will consider it a win.
Jack! You said it!
Bunny, I got your back!
- Good!
- I got your back too!
Didn't you hear what I said?
Don't waste your time with them.
You two have no chance.
They will never sign the fight.
Why don't you two go challenge Jet Li?
Jin, shoot a challenge video for me!
I will challenge Jason myself!
- Are you rolling?
- Just wait... finding the focus.
Hurry up!
I am ready.
Jason Chan,
I officially challenge you to a fight.
Enter the cage
and fight me like a real man.
You KO'ed my brother in 30 seconds,
I will knock you out in three!
If you won't accept my challenge
then you are not a fighter...
you are a wanker!
- Jason...
- Hm?
Bunny posted a video
to challenge you to a fight.
Who is Bunny? I don't know a Bunny.
Jack's younger brother.
What are you two still doing here?
- Coach.
- Jack's younger brother.
They are posting videos online
calling him all kinds of names.
I'll fight him, I don't care.
We are not fighting!
Why not?
- Beat him up to shut him up!
- They are nobody.
Jason just won
his first professional fight.
We don't fight amateurs anymore.
- You, come with me.
- Okay.
Oh! Bunny!
You video reached one million likes!
- Come check it out!
- Oh, wow!
Told you your big bro
is the best. You see the camera work?
- Sure.
- Nice! So, I get a cut of the likes?
Sure, but technically,
if there was money,
- it should go to me and her.
- That's right.
But I am the guy in the video,
I should get the money.
It doesn't matter who is in the video,
because I shot the video.
Master Yung from Shooto called.
He said your fight went viral online,
he wants to do a rematch.
I just said good,
now what's your problem?
Man, what is going on?
What are we doing here?
It doesn't matter,
you have any money bro?
Sure, couple of bucks.
What do you need it for?
I just need to pay someone back.
- Be quick.
- I will be quick.
Hi, I would like to join the gym.
- Sure, let me give you a tour.
- Okay!
Please, this way.
Welcome to our gym.
We have our main training area here.
- This area is for boxing and Muay Thai.
- Quick.
Slowly, slowly.
I'll count to three.
- Weight training equipment as well.
- One, two, three.
Done. Quickly!
Can I take a look around?
Sure, feel free.
Bro! I am filming Jason's training.
Are you crazy?
Get out of there, what are you doing?
Hey, what are you doing?
- Are you filming us?
- I can't take a selfie?
Give me back my phone!
Hey, give it back.
That's my phone.
What's going on?
- She's secretly filming us.
- Hey kid, you can't do that.
- Stop it!
- Hey! Enough!
Stop! Stay calm!
What's wrong.
- Bro, she hit me!
- Get away from her!
I know you.
You are from Lui Jun Sing Fight School!
Yes, we are. So what? We can't be here?
I don't care which gym you are from.
You can't film in here.
This is private property. Please leave!
At least I am not like you people
picking on a helpless little girl.
If you want a fight, fight me!
- What did you say?
- I will fight you!
Jason, we found you a sparring partner.
Give him the release form to sign.
- You wanted to fight!
- I am not scared!
Give me the 12 ounces.
How come?
I don't want to kill him.
Don't worry, sis. I got this.
- Don't worry.
- Don't fight him.
Come on!
That's enough!
- Stop it.
- Come on!
Bro, are you okay?
Remember to tell Jack...
I stood with Jason for one round!
Fight's over.
Take him to the hospital!
Bro, are you awake?
Where am I?
How are you feeling?
Does it hurt?
I am fine, I feel great!
By the way... how do I look?
Awesome, I am posting this on Instagram!
Give me the phone.
- Take a photo for me!
- Don't be silly.
Sir, do you ribs still hurt?
Oh, hi.
Yes, it does hurt.
Right here.
Sir, calm down.
- Tell me where it hurts.
- It hurts.
My heart... it's beating so fast.
It's pounding and pounding.
Is that normal?
Sir, heart beating is very normal.
I think I need a sponge bath.
How is your brother doing?
What are you doing here?
Get out of here, go!
- Calm down okay?
- Keep your hands to yourself!
- We don't need you here, out!
- Stop.
You were the one
filming us in the first place!
- What's going on here?
- Hey, why so noisy?
Hey, you better control your people!
Don't tell us what to do!
- Enough!
- Get out of here, you bitch!
We don't resort to violence, okay?
We want to see if Jin is okay.
- You are not welcome here!
- Get out, bitch!
Don't push me!
- Bitch!
- Hey!
- Are you crazy.
- Why did you hit her?
You are crazy.
- Hey
- Put it down, calm down.
I am fine.
Man, have you lost your mind?
Bringing Jin to their gym.
Look what happened now!
Don't blame her.
You said it. It was you.
You said Jin could never
stand one round with Jason.
Now he did it. Are you happy now?
If you can stand one round with him,
I will consider it a win.
Jack, come on, let us help.
- Take a break!
- Sit down and have a break.
One, two...
Three, four...
Good, right kick! Front kick!
One, two...
Right kick, again!
More power!
Hey! Are you okay?
I am fine.
- I will take a break.
- Rest up.
What's wrong with your leg?
Don't lie to me.
How are you going to fight now?
Stop worrying, okay!
I said I am fine!
Don't tell anyone about this.
if you win the lottery one day,
you have all the money you need.
What will you do?
Why are you asking?
Just tell me.
- Me...
- Hm.
I would open my own gym,
hire Simo as head coach...
and get you out of the wheelchair.
Maybe train Bunny to be a fighter.
You think Bunny can be a real fighter?
It's the lottery.
It's not that easy.
It's not really that far-fetched.
You are already living your dream.
Dreams, huh?
Dreams don't exist when you wake up!
I want what's best for Bunny.
But he doesn't think so. What can I do?
I know you wanted
to prove yourself to Bunny.
Get your rematch.
You want to show Bunny
you can beat Jason.
But do you really think you will win?
I will this time.
You know you hurt your leg.
Still, you pretend nothing is wrong.
I told her to keep quiet.
She told us for your own good!
Simo wanted you
and your brother to be happy.
She didn't care
about the gym's reputation.
This gym of ours...
no one has ever paid tuition.
It was like that
when your Master was still alive.
We lose money every month.
The money you earned could only pay
for half the expenses.
The other half...
the other half came from Bunny.
Why would he sacrifice himself?
He did it for you, your father
and for the gym!
You two are always on his side.
I am not finished!
That day you guys fought,
you know what Bunny told me?
He said he will make more money,
so we can hire a world champion
to become your full time coach!
I don't need his money!
You see that temper of yours. Huh?
It never goes away.
You are stubborn just like your Master.
Bunny wanted the best for you!
Do as you please!
Brothers don't hold overnight grudges.
You are his big brother.
Set a good example for him.
Let your little brother know
fighting is not for revenge.
It's not a tool to express anger.
The true spirit of a fighter...
You know what that is, don't you?
What now?
Bunny! Where have you been?
I got a fight lined up for you!
Easy money. You are in, right?
If you win in the first round,
wait for it... three-fold!
I won't fight anymore.
I know you want to fight pro, like Jack.
But Bunny, think!
You are a brawler,
the pros aren't for you.
You owe money again, don't lie.
I am not lying!
I got a good fight for you!
What's more...
you have to remember that,
the money you owed Blackie,
I took care of it that day.
Stop using me for your deals.
Listen. I promised Simo
I won't fight for you again.
And don't worry about the money,
I will pay you back.
Don't worry. That's it.
You are his big brother.
Set a good example for him.
Let your little brother know
fighting is not for revenge.
I will be stepping down
from the fight against Jason.
- I won't be fighting.
- Why not?
My leg is hurt. I can't fight.
I want Bunny...
to take the fight with Jason.
What? But you promised to avenge Jin!
Teach Jason a lesson!
Fighting is not for revenge.
Someone reminded me recently
about the spirit of a true fighter.
We are not giving up.
Staring into the mirror
Within the mirror
Sometimes we fall,
but we get right back up.
The important thing is
knowing what's important to you.
With courage and perseverance, we fight!
Without courage or determination,
we will lose.
This fight...
is not about my reputation.
It's about the gym's reputation.
I believe in Bunny!
I want to train him with Simo.
So he can step
inside the cage against Jason.
We only have two months left.
Bunny has never
fought a professional fight.
Don't worry, there won't be a problem
with Simo and me training him.
Let's see if Bunny can pass the tests!
Pretending to be happy
Perhaps running away is
- Eighteen.
- As attractive as the paradise
Flowing tears with all the might
- Twenty.
- No need to feel regret for me
Step into the ring!
Haven't escape, haven't escape yet
Hanging through
The long night until dawn
Staying here is like in captive
Full of questions
Valueless body
Will have to return eventually
- Whoa!
- Maybe it's better to back off
Bro, give me a break.
Don't you want me to pass the test?
Oh, right...
Okay, okay, come on then.
Stop! Time's up!
Time for Jujitsu!
Refuse goodbyes, don't be sad
Perhaps running away is
As attractive as the paradise
If it's gonna end
Don't feel sad for me
Sister, why are you so serious?
This is supposed to be a test!
Keep pushing me to work hard
It's not the most misfortune
All remarks
Leave their marks
There is nothing called seriousness
The nature to tame me
Can leave peacefully like a junk
I haven't been happy
But I have to bear the responsibility
Can't even cry
My soul is imprisoned by you
Who is willing to be foolish
To sleep with me
Did I pass?
Just barely.
Wake up early tomorrow!
Oh! Yeah!
Hey, Big Sister!
Who's there?
It's me, Monster!
- Monster!
- Yes, it's me!
How many years has it been?
Where did you go?
After Master passed away,
I went to Brazil.
Who knew I ended up staying there.
How is everyone?
- Pretty good.
- Sister? Seems like you have something
troubling you.
Is it that obvious?
I am still trying to decide
if I should let Bunny enter the cage.
Wow, Bunny has improved a lot.
If you ask me,
if a person knows what he is good at,
with the right type of training,
he will achieve his full potential.
Whether he wins or loses,
it doesn't really matter.
your manager wants you to fight.
You know I am against
you fighting that kid...
what's his name? Bunny?
Anyways... What do you think?
It's no biggie, it's just a fight.
If I win, I get to fight in Shooto Japan.
There is an upside here.
You better think long and hard.
You are supposed
to beat a street fighter,
but if you lose...
you will tarnish your professional record.
You better take this match seriously.
I will.
Shoulders turn a little more.
- Okay, you decide.
- Five.
- Four.
- Sure.
Three, two, one. Man!
Keep going.
Twist your hip.
One more!
- Six.
- See you at the weigh ins.
Hey! Everyone!
I have good news!
Jason's manager just agreed.
They just signed the contract!
- Everything is delivered?
- Yes, all done.
By the way, I need to quit.
Quit? Why?
- I am about to fight in an MMA match.
- MMA?
The ones with the guys
wrestling each other?
- You know MMA?
- Similar to those.
You should have taught me,
so I can roll around with my wife.
You are well trained already,
I can tell.
Anyways, go do your best in the cage!
Put on a great fight for us guys!
- You are welcome back anytime!
- Okay.
Bunny, come here.
What is it, Simo?
Jack fights with explosive power,
your style is a bit different.
Your reaction times
are faster than most.
Conor McGregor once said,
"Precision beats power,
timing beats speed."
Bro, you are a better fighter than me.
Since you were a wee lad,
you were never afraid of losing.
You can find inner peace inside the cage.
- Trust your instincts!
- Got it, Bro!
Oh no, do I have to cut weight?
Don't be silly.
You are half the size of Jason.
What you need is
5,000 calories a day to gain weight.
- Awesome!
- What?
I want muscles okay, not an ounce of fat!
A lean and mean 136 pounds, son!
That would be awesome too!
Go see Chubby Ling at the market!
No pork chops! Chicken only!
Yes, muscles.
I will find you a boxing champion
to train you!
Try again.
- Good work
- Sister,
how do I get out of a suplex?
My best advice to you is...
don't let your opponent take your back.
Hang in there!
Push! Do you want this fight or not?
Come on!
Come on.
Come on.
Good work!
- Jason.
- Yes?
I invited two pro fighters
to help you train.
Coach Tony and Coach Godson.
Turn more!
Keep pushing, maintain power!
Keep the tension
Don't let him rest.
lateral movements.
Maintain pressure!
Coach Tony, take a break.
Let Coach Godson take over.
He is the same size as Bunny.
Measure your distance!
Pick your shots! Think!
Control him.
Guys, maintain pressure back there!
Yes, sir.
You sound confident.
So, how will you defeat Bunny?
I knocked his brother out in 30 seconds.
This time,
I will knock him out in 20 seconds.
Premature ejaculator!
Please welcome Master Yung
to begin the weigh-ins!
Fighter Jason Chan,
70 kg, 155 pounds!
On weight!
Fighter Bunny Chiu, 66 kg,
145 pounds. On weight!
Time for the fighters to face off!
What's wrong?
Tell you what.
I got your number.
I know you are about to fight Jason...
If you win this match... Blackie...
He promised to erase all our debts.
Bunny, kick Jason's ass, for your brother.
I can't believe you are drinking again.
If Simo finds out,
you are so getting spanked!
You are the one fighting tomorrow, not me.
Why aren't you in bed?
It's too early still.
- Bro...
- Huh?
You only lost once.
Why don't you want to keep fighting?
Why did we end up being orphans?
Getting bullied.
Why didn't we have a home,
parents to take care of us?
If we weren't orphans,
Eric would never have adopted us.
We wouldn't have met Simo.
You would never
have gotten together with Lily.
And you wouldn't
have learned how to fight,
just so you can protect me.
Am I the big brother or are you?
You are. Of course, you are.
I know.
The way we grew up,
it wasn't really that bad.
I know that.
There is no one in the world
that can beat my brother.
You are my hero!
Don't give up on fighting!
Do you know how hard
it is to be your hero?
How hard fighting is...
Weight cuts...
Jack, the fighter...
It's not the real me.
Don't listen to dad about 155 pounds.
You are too tall to be in lightweight.
You burn yourself out just so
you can make Dad proud of you.
Don't you think I know that?
I didn't do it for Eric.
I did it for you!
I fought Jason as a professional fighter
to show you, inspire you.
To know that even if we are orphans,
being dirt poor, living on the streets,
if you can visualize it,
work hard on your goals,
you will succeed in anything
you set your mind to!
I am not giving up fighting.
Growing older made me realize
what's more important.
Fighting isn't the only thing
that makes me happy.
I have always wanted
to have my own family.
It's more important
than anything right now.
If I beat Jason tomorrow
I get to fight in Shooto Japan.
If I win four more matches,
I will get $100,000!
Then I can help
ease the burden a little bit.
How do you know
you will win all your fights?
Come on, Bro.
Of course I will.
How much is $100,000 in Hong Kong dollars?
How would I know?
I never think about losing when I fight.
I know it's just street fights,
but every time I step up against someone,
I think about the same thing.
If I were you, how would I fight to win?
Every time I think about that,
I know I can win.
You little shit.
Cheers to that!
I know it has been tough on you.
I am sorry.
What are you sorry for?
Everything that Master couldn't achieve,
and everything that I couldn't achieve...
I know you will.
Last beer before bed, okay?
- The Kingdom, the power, the glory...
- The Kingdom, the power, the glory...
- For ever and ever,
- For ever and ever,
- Amen.
- Amen.
This belongs to you.
My God...
Is the same as your God.
Everybody scream!
Bunny, Bunny, Bunny!
- Bunny, Bunny, Bunny!
- Louder, please.
Bunny, Bunny, Bunny...
You can do it!
Knock him down.
Big Sister, the fight is about to start!
Bunny, Bunny, Bunny!
Bunny, Bunny, Bunny!
Bunny, bunny!
Don't play his game.
- Knock him out
- Go, Bunny!
Ladies and Gentlemen!
Are you ready?
This is the main event of the evening.
Fighting out of the red corner,
the YouTube sensation!
The Energizer Bunny!
Chiu Wai To!
And fighting out of the blue corner,
with a professional record of 1-0,
Jason the Raging Bull Chan!
You both know the rules of the fight.
Protect yourself at all times!
Let's have an exciting fight! Understood?
- Touch gloves.
- Move back to your corner!
Are you ready? Are you ready? Fight!
Manage your distance!
Get into your own rhythm!
Secure the position!
- Hang in there, Bunny!
- Maintain top control.
Bunny! Hang in there!
- Attack!
- Cover up, Bunny!
Three, two, one.
That was after the bell!
- Bro, his punches are too powerful.
- So are my punches.
You can take my punches, can't you?
Keep pushing forward, you got this kid.
- Hm.
- Attack and retreat, pick your shots!
Seconds out.
Seconds out.
Seconds out.
Second round. Are you ready?
Are you ready?
Trap his right arm!
Ten seconds, hang in there!
Bunny! Don't fall asleep.
- One.
- Stop!
Sit, sit.
how many fingers am I holding up?
- One.
- Good, how about now?
- Three.
- Okay!
What's wrong?
Bro, I can't see very well.
Okay, hang on.
Hang on.
Relax, fight like you did in the gym.
You got him rattled, just let it flow.
And remember, don't let him take you down.
You are the badass fighting king, right?
Stand and bang with him!
Final round!
Step back, step back!
Are you ready? Ready?
Yes! Yeah!!!
Good kick!
Time out!
He hit a downed opponent!
Yeah! I won! Bro, Simo! I won!
Shut up. It was a foul, point deduction.
You can't soccer kick a grounded opponent.
- It was a foul,
- What happened?
You can do anything
you want in MMA, right?
Blackie, it's not over yet.
Why not?
- Come here.
- Hey!
- What the hell is going on?
- Step back.
Step back, step back!
soccer kick to a down opponent,
one point!
No, right?
We won.
Point deduction in the third round.
He will lose by points.
Bunny won't win by points.
He must knock him out this round!
You ready?
- Bunny! Get up!
- Bunny!
Stand up, up, up!
- Get up!
- Hurry.
You can do it!
Get up!
Bunny! Don't let him take your back!
Keep it up, Jason,
you got this! He's done!
Damn it!
He's open, slip to the right!
- Come on!
- Keep going!
- Jason!
- Jason!
What a punch!
I told you! I told you he'll win!
- That's my boy!
- Amazing!
How soon can Bunny fight again!?
Soon! Next month, in Japan!
- Japan!
- Go to Japan!
Oh, okay.
- What happened?
- Nothing, you're fine!
- Why did they stop the fight?
- Nothing.
The winner in the third round
by knock out!
Advancing to the Japan Shooto competition!
From the red corner, The Energizer Bunny,
Chiu Wai To!
Bunny, Bunny, Bunny!
There was a lot of animosity
between the two teams,
leading up to tonight's fight.
But now that it's all over,
how do you feel?
I just want to say,
even though we grew up in an orphanage,
we were poor
and had to sleep under a bridge,
with hard work and dedication,
we can be champions!
Bunny! Bunny! Bunny!
Everyone! This is the final match
of today's competition!
Last two blue belts, Sindy and Lily!
Trap her arm!
Look out.
Lily wins by Armbar!
Thank you.
Congratulations, Lily!
Belt promotion ceremony begins!
Other than congratulations,
I don't know what else to say.
Come on,
you are supposed to protect your girl!
No! I will do it myself!
What's wrong?
Haven't you had your dinner?
Whip harder!
Hey! Everyone,
I have an announcement to make.
We have a new boss at the gym!
It's Jack!
Not only am I co-owner of the gym,
I am also the head coach!
Simo and I will be sure
to push you to the limit!
- Yeah!
- Push me too!
Jack's brother Bunny...
has been invited
by the Shooto Association
to fight in the Shooto Japan competition!
We will start the training now!
- Wow!
- Wow!
What does that mean?
Means awesome!
Wow... Awesome.
- What's wrong?
- So many fighters here, I am nervous.
Nervous about what?
You can even get a massage!
- Look at this place!
- Hundred thousand US dollars!
- Hi! Master Eric!
- Oh.
- Peanut.
- Thank you.
Please touch gloves
and go back to your corner.
A professional fighter's life
is not for everyone.
The happiness you feel after winning,
the feeling of hopelessness after a loss,
only you yourself know about the feeling.
I cannot be half the person I am today
without the help of my coach
and my teammates.
Most importantly, my girlfriend
who supported me all these years.
It's not important
whether you win or lose.
What is important is
I will keep challenging myself.
I have set a new challenge for myself.
I have built my own MMA Gym.
I'm here to train the next Conor McGregor
and Ronda Rousey.
I don't wanna see through
All broken into pieces
In the real world
Legs hanging out barefeet
In the cold night
You have been taught well by Simo!
When can I compete?
You need some more training.
So, when?
By the way,
what does your brother do?
He is a fighter, just like you.
A fighter? May be I know him.
- What is his name?
- Hey, sis.
Hey? This is my big brother.
Very nice to meet you.
- Likewise.
- My name is Jin.
Jin? Where do I know you from?
Lui Jun Sing fight school.
Sounds familiar.
- Really?
- Hm-mm.
Excuse me, Miss,
could you tell me where Dayau St. is?
- Dayau Street...
- Hey, are you hitting on my wife?
He's just lost.
Use Google Maps, why don't you!
You and your temper...
What if our baby grows up
to be just like you?
- You're pregnant?
- Yes!
- I'm gonna be a daddy!
- Yes!
Oh, my God!
I told you
Half Guard position would work!
- I got it!
- Got what?
If it's a boy, we will name him Conor!
If it's a girl, we will name her Ronda!
Speedy Delivery, Choice of Champions!
As attractive as the paradise
If it's gonna end, don't be sad for me
Keep pushing me to work hard
It's not the most misfortune
All the remarks leaves their marks
There is nothing called seriousness
The nature to tame me
Can leave peacefully like a junk
I haven't been happy
But I have to bear the responsibility
Can't even cry
My soul is imprisoned by you
Who is willing to be foolish
To sleep with me
Just see me living
Like a dead person