We Are Monster (2014) Movie Script

He's had an accident.
(MUFFLED) Drop it!
Drop it now!
On your knees,
hands behind your head!
ALTER EGO: You done it, lad,
done us proud.
Now you're a monster.
A proper monster.
New arrival from Kingfisher.
Robert Stewart.
We're almost at capacity here,
they're trying to give us all
nervous breakdowns or what?
He's asking for trouble...
Thought so.
Back with us again.
Had him before when he was
here for his court case.
Says here he's only in
for harassment
of a chat-line operator
this time.
Not much in the way of a security
file or medical records.
Looks like he's gonna
be a lot of fun, though.
Sound of body,
if not of mind, eh?
We've got a prisoner,
Robert Stewart.
How many cells
we got with a space?
Any singles?
No singles.
What about cell 38?
He'd be sharing with Mubarek.
Asian lad. He's out
in a few weeks.
No trouble. He's all right.
All right, cell 38 it is, then.
I'm sure they'll become
fast friends in no time.
Should be a bit of a laugh, eh?
Okay lads, take him through.
Right, Stewart, follow me.
Come in, Stewart.
You all right?
What you in here for, man?
Not in for nothing, mate.
I'm in here for nicking
razor blades, man.
Joke's that I'm even in here.
Well, I'll be out in
six weeks, at least.
You've been inside before, bruv?
Take that as a yes, man.
You know...
Don't have to talk if you
don't want to, you know.
It's not a thing.
No problem, bruv.
ALTER EGO: All right, lad?
ALTER EGO: They ain't got
a clue about you, have they?
Thought you'd done one.
No, I'm never gone.
Not when you need me most.
Clueless, aren't they?
No medical, no security files,
no discharge reports.
Fucking useless, right?
Yeah. Fucking useless too,
right, mate.
But don't worry,
I'll look after ya,
'cause you're all alone now,
aren't you?
We're gonna show you how
to become a monster.
'Cause you ain't
a monster yet, are ya?
But you want to be
a monster though, right?
Let me tell you something.
We're gonna make you one.
Because it's us
against them out there.
The fucking Pakis
and the niggers,
the do-gooders and all
those darkie-loving cunts!
Yeah. Tell me more.
That's what I've been saying,
no one's been listening to me.
Oh, I will, lad.
I'm gonna show you the world
for what it really is.
'Cause only now are you ready
to reach your potential.
These fucking parasites
and their nigger-loving cunts
have fucked everything for us.
The teachers we had,
the psychiatrists we saw,
the filth.
And don't forget our dear
old mum and dad, eh?
They been fucking ya
from the day you were born.
They all have.
They all been out to get me.
I been there with you
the whole time,
I seen it.
I seen it all.
I don't remember.
I just hate them...
I hate them all.
I remember,
don't you worry.
I was there, weren't I?
Dad were nasty to us,
hitting us,
threatened our mum, too.
You remember this, don't ya?
Dad was scary, right?
Look at that brother
of ours hiding.
He was a fucking wimp,
our Ian was.
We was all wimps.
Crying and whining.
MOTHER: What's wrong with you?
I fucking saw you...
Chatting to that darkie
from your work...
God's sake, it were nothing...
Fucking darkie was touching you!
- You some sort of slut?
Putting it out to darkies now,
are ya?
- FATHER: Shit!
Shut it, you little rats!
Fucking cunt.
ALTER EGO: That's it.
You're getting it.
We'll show 'em.
But we got some
educating to do first.
Need to show you everything.
Take a seat.
What is it?
Our mum...
She did nowt.
Fuckin' nowt.
Never did nothing
for us, did she?
As bad as Dad, she was.
You see her? Our mum?
MOTHER: I'll send you away,
be done with you.
Wetting the bed,
for fuck's sake!
At your age!
You dirty, little shit!
A right fucking picture of
love and tenderness, eh?
Done it again, has he?
I'll fucking do ya,
teach you not
to ever wet your bed.
You hear me, you little shit?
FATHER: I'll fuck you up.
How 'bout this?
What was it that psychiatrist
said about her?
Don't remember.
You mean, you don't
want to remember.
We've spoken before about your mummy,
haven't we, Robert?
Do you feel happy when
you're with your mum?
Yeah, better that way.
For now.
You ain't ready.
It's just me
and you.
No, I don't need no one.
I survived by myself, didn't I?
What, like you did in Hindley
once Trav got done?
Do me a fucking favor...
That were us, you know.
And were all our fault.
Were it?
Let me show you, lad.
AVERILL: Fuck are
you looking at?
Fucking looking, eh?
ALTER EGO: Look at Averill.
That dirty fucking nigger.
ALTER EGO: You goaded him,
didn't you?
You pushed him into it.
You gave him that blade.
You wanted him to bleed,
Averill, didn't you?
Yeah, I fucking did.
Averill were fucking
bullying us, weren't he?
Good. Now that is
what I want to hear.
And no more of all that
attention-seeking shite.
Like trying to harm yourself.
That's what you thought
we wanted.
But it weren't, were it?
You and Travis,
swallowing nasty stuff,
screws, soap...
Cutting yourselves.
TRAVIS: What are you doing?
Brought you out, lad.
Feels good.
Feels real good.
I know.
It's nice.
We could do this
proper, you know.
Do it together, like.
Like, show them some blood?
Get let out of here for a bit?
They'd send us to hospital.
Yeah, they might.
Could be good for our case, too.
Fuck knows. Eh?
It'd mean a fucking break
from here, though.
You up for it, lad, eh?
Oh, I'm up for it.
Don't you worry.
When he turns, all right?
It's driving me nuts in here.
Can't take much more.
I'm gonna snap.
Reminds me how
I felt in Hindley.
They all think I'm mad.
No, we'll fucking show 'em
what madness is, eh, lad?
Or are we going mad?
Or are we already?
Fucking place is
driving me nuts, too.
- Whoo!
- Shh.
People make us mad, though.
Like that slut
off the chat line.
Oh, we freaked her out
though, didn't we?
Now bend over.
How far?
Way in.
What's it look like?
Red. Yeah, it's bright red.
I liked her, though.
I liked chatting to her when
we were at Hindley.
She were nice.
I'm gonna do dirty things
to you, girl.
Just you wait and see.
Gonna give you
a right seeding, too.
You dirty.
You like it dirty though,
don't ya?
Ah, you a real dirty girl,
aren't you?
Yeah, I like it dirty, yeah.
You give her my love, lad? Eh?
I don't mind sharing her
with you, Trav.
We can go halves, if ya like?
Nah. I ain't paying for it.
You're some tosser, ain't ya?
She could be a right minger.
Oh, no, no, she ain't,
she can't be.
How do you know?
You ain't seen the slut.
'Cause she sounds all right.
Gonna go and see her when
I'm out on probation.
Yeah? How'd you know
where she's at, then?
Ian's doing it for us.
Tell you what, lad,
she's gonna tell you
to fuck off.
You wait and see, dick.
You think so, do ya?
We'll see about that.
ALTER EGO: Then we found out
she was a nigger-lover.
Dirty, dirty girl.
ALTER EGO: We felt soiled, eh?
So we cleansed our body.
Purified ourselves.
Got rid of that fucking nigger lurgy
she could have passed on to us.
Then we stalked her.
Followed her.
She hadn't a clue.
We was on probation.
Then we saw her dirty
little half-caste rat!
We was sickened.
We was disgusted!
No, I... I'll tell you what
I'm gonna fucking do.
I'm gonna fucking sort you out and then
gonna sort out that fucking kid of yours.
Make you wish
you never fucking had it.
Yeah. Yeah, you fucking cunt.
'Cause I know where you
fucking live, don't I?
Yeah, I'll tell you what,
you're a fucking cunt and
so is your fucking kid.
Now, fuck off.
Fucking slut.
ALTER EGO: And what was it
we said we'd do?
(LAUGHING) Oh, yeah!
Murder that little
half-breed kid of hers.
Purge the earth of them all.
You see that nigger?
Fuck him.
I should have done him
right then.
His time will come, lad.
Fuck him, and forget
about that chat-line slut.
what about our old bird Sara?
Oh, yeah,
Ian wrote us about her.
She was the best sort
from down our end.
He heard rumors she's
been seeing some darkie.
We got to sort that, right?
Too right.
Can't be having none
of that now, can we?
Tell you what...
Let's write a nice, friendly
warning letter to our Sara.
Make sure she ain't
hooking up with no-one...
What is this shite music?
Fucking gangster rap shit,
ain't it?
We hate it.
No, it's good music, man.
Listen. I like it.
Good. We got rid of him.
He is one fucking Paki coward.
You know what to write her?
Gonna give it to
her straight, like.
Right. Get this down then,
will ya?
Tell her it ain't natural,
having relations
with anyone who ain't white.
We hate 'em spreading
their filthy seed
into our fuckin' people.
Like them niggers down our end.
Tell her, we got to protect
white women like her.
Don't make me come
sort you out, girl.
That's good, lad, eh?
That should fuckin' warn her.
No messing about.
Tell you what, if she
don't write us back,
we get Ian to sort her out.
We tell him to get someone
to burn her, eh?
Like that time we burned
that girl's hair at school.
ALTER EGO: Snotty little fuck.
Mocking us, weren't she?
Like all the other kids
at school did.
Serves her right.
None of the other kids ever
mocked us again, did they?
They asked us why we did it.
For fun, I said.
ALTER EGO: We ain't never gonna let
no one make a fool of us ever again.
That's what we done,
and that's what we'll do.
Niggers and Pakis beware, right?
Stewart? What you doing?
Cell inspection,
Stewart. Yeah?
Bloody guard out
to get us now, too.
Tell you,
that Stewart kid's weird.
Swear I heard him talking to the wall,
but when I walk in...
Poof! Nothing. He's just staring at wall,
looking all glazed.
Oh, yeah? When was this then?
When I was doing my rounds.
He's nuts. He should be in
Broadmoor or something.
Yeah, he ain't all there,
that one.
But what can we do about it?
They want to fill this place
with nutters and overwork us
then they're asking for trouble.
But it's not my problem.
Yeah. Yeah, you're right.
Filed a report, fuck knows if
anyone will take any notice though.
Ha, ha. Good luck.
We got his file from up north.
Some nurse from
Hindley had written
that he and a mate of his
called Maurice
weren't safe and
could be dangerous.
I just think he's
a bit of a weirdo.
Al least he lightens
this place up a bit.
No offense, Rahul.
- Yeah, whatever.
- Yeah.
Have fun, lads.
ZAHID: Promise.
Cell mate's a bit weird,
that's all.
You hear?
No, don't know.
Yeah, he's something anyway.
No, no, no, no.
It's cool. It's cool.
Honestly, he doesn't...
He doesn't even bother me.
He keeps himself to himself.
I do the same thing.
It's all right. Yeah,
it's fine. Promise.
Exactly, exactly. I'll be out,
in what, in a few weeks.
Yeah, I promise, I'm gonna
keep myself to myself,
I'm gonna get back on track.
Yeah. Sorry,
I let you down, Dad.
He's a funny guy.
What's he think he is?
They're all after me.
Fucking tripping on me.
It's full of 'em in here.
They keep staring me down.
That nigger, you seen him?
...the morning after.
Even so, it was a scene
unknown in the United Kingdom
outside Ulster,
since the Blitz...
ROBERT: They're all
after me, I'm tellin' you.
ALTER EGO: Fucking mad arse,
they are.
Don't they know who we are?
We gonna make the ape extinct.
Well, what we gonna do?
Let me think.
Sit the fuck down, will ya?
It's the blackies
we wanna watch.
Pakis ain't shit.
We got to sort
the niggers first.
We are the shining light,
the shining knights that are
gonna save our kind
from these fucking monkeys.
Trav would know.
He don't know nothing.
I want to tell him
how it is in here.
What? That it's shit?
Planet of the fuckin' apes?
Yeah, that I've got a Paki
pad mate to come back to
and niggers keep
fucking with me, too.
He knew how to sort
these mad-arse cunts.
Fuck Travis.
He can't do nothing.
I know what to do.
We're gonna keep our
heads down for now.
Let 'em think
we're an easy target.
That they've got to us.
Then they're gonna come for us.
These niggers,
they're like a pack of hyenas.
They're fucking cowards.
We'll lull them in,
make them think we're weak.
You seen 'em do it before.
We seen 'em do it before.
Pack mentality.
Always preying on the weak.
And if they can,
they steal and rob
while they're at it.
So much the better.
REPORTER: The police who
had taken a low profile
for most of the day,
appeared again in strength this evening
as groups of youths
began to gather
and the tension began
to rise again.
- There were some nasty moments...
- ...but nothing like the concerted
confrontation - (CROWD CHANTING)
which we witnessed last night.
With so many police present
in so many places,
there was, of course,
no opportunity
for any brutes
to try to seal off the area...
Look at them.
That's what you get when you let
fucking egg and spoons come over here!
We ought to send them packing,
bunch of fucking...
Freeloaders, the lot of 'em.
Yeah, I know.
But I got to protect myself,
that nigger has
got it in for me.
Look, come here, will ya?
Break the crossbar
on this table.
It'll still stay upright.
Don't worry.
What if they notice it?
Never gonna happen.
Them inspections are shite,
they walk in and walk out,
like that lazy Paki guard.
Do it, I'm telling ya...
You'll be all right.
They ain't never gonna think
twice about what we're up to.
What you got planned?
Gonna fashion ourselves
a weapon, lad.
Gotta get you some
protection, right?
When will I do it?
Paki be sound asleep.
You got light from
the toilet lamp.
Guard's only gonna look
through the window wall,
couple of times, at most.
You got no chance
of getting caught.
And when the nigger
least expects it,
when him and his mates think
they got us running scared...
I'll fuck him.
Right, lad.
Just like when we did that one who
tried to stop us taking that car...
Yeah, that's right.
Your turn, man. Right, go on then.
Just jimmy it,
just like I showed you.
Just push it, lad. Come on.
No-one's about. Fucking hell!
Come on.
MAN: Hey, hey what you doing?
Get away from that car!
- Leave it, you bastards!
- Go!
What're you doing, huh?
Come on then, huh?
That's how it's done, lad.
The nigger won't
know what's hit him.
Mike, can I have a word?
You might want to read this.
Stewart's letter to
a Maurice Travis at Hindley.
Some heavy racism in it.
Racism is part and parcel of what
we have to put up with, Andrew.
You got bloody blacks and Asians mixed
with whites, that's what you get.
It's hardly anything
new now, is it?
Just file a report.
First, there was the
threatening letter to his girl
and now this racism stuff.
Look, we can't make a special
case out of every damn letter,
just because there's
a bit of racism in it.
Now, report it
and get it on file.
I guess you're right.
It's their problem, not ours.
If you can't serve the time
don't do the crime.
Now, return it,
but don't make a fuss.
I don't want to panic
the Paki lad in his cell.
You know, race isn't
a problem in this place.
Them lot up above don't give two
shits about race relations here
so neither do we, right?
Need you in night shift
again, Andrew.
What's going on, bro?
I can't believe it.
Oh, now you're sure
it's in that H2O.
What's he doing, bruv?
Wanna get buzzin',
smoke some weed.
Make the time go better.
ALTER EGO: You fuckin' jokin'?
The only way you're getting'
weed in this joint is off a nigger.
We'd soon as kill a nigger
before talkin' to one, right?
I like weed.
ALTER EGO: You mean you did.
Like you liked that monkey music
and Bob fuckin' Marley shite.
ALTER EGO: Now, come on.
Up! We got work to do.
Got some fuckin' educatin'
to do by the looks of things too, eh?
What's up, man?
You see what I mean?
It's just so fuckin' shit
in here.
I wanna blaze.
Don't you see 'em?
These niggers,
high as fuckin' kites?
Where's your white pride?
Your English pride.
It's meant to be a punishment
in here.
They look like they're havin'
the time of their lives.
Smoke weed
and spread their dirty seed.
That's all these
jungle bunnies do.
Never done a day's work
in their lives.
We should make 'em all slaves
again, right?
I know, but weed's good.
I love the buzz.
Wanna get buzzin', do ya?
Fuck the weed.
Get a nigger or a Paki
and set fire to 'em.
We love fires.
Could do it now, here,
right now,
like that time we did with Trav.
Nah, not this time.
They'd fuckin' do us again.
We got better plans now
though, don't we?
Like when we started fires
in school.
That was somethin', eh?
Reminds me of school in here.
ALTER EGO: We fuckin' hated
school, didn't we, lad?
Everyone was outside
with their mums and dads.
We were the only ones
with no mum and dad there.
ALTER EGO: Fuck 'em.
We showed 'em.
We showed 'em what
shunned angry demons we was.
I like that, "Shunned angry demons"
has a nice ring to it, eh, lad?
We almost burnt the school down.
Like when we burnt that Paki shop
after I did a runner from home.
More of that to come.
We're gonna nail bomb
some Pakis.
Blast 'em, burn 'em all.
Fuckin' Bradford. Southall.
Fuckin' sick that'll be!
But first we got
to protect ourselves in here.
Keep safe.
Then we'll show 'em
what we're made of.
Did I get this or did you?
We both got it.
It was when we became a warrior.
A white warrior.
When we became a man.
Celtic fuckin' cross, mate.
You done that,
when you were a skinhead,
a wannabe Jamaican rude boy.
Disgrace to white pride,
that is.
You should laser it off.
Me and Trav were skinheads.
Skinheads love Marley.
That Rasta nigger bullshit.
Fuckin' Travis.
He got you into that shite.
But then we got you
on the right track.
Not that nigger-loving crap.
You ain't a skinhead,
not no more. They're weak.
You are a fucking white knight,
a defender of English pride.
Fuckin' skinheads.
"Working-class lads are
working-class lads," they said.
Bullshit. England is for
white working-class lads.
And we ain't taking on any more of that
fuckin' black culture, not no more.
Now, let that shit on your arm
be a lesson to ya.
And this...
This says fuck off to
anyone who ain't white.
Wish Trav were here now.
We'd sort them all out.
Me and Trav
ruled the fuckin' roost.
ALTER EGO: No, we ruled
the roost, lad.
We did.
You think them days
were glory days, do ya?
Well, wait for the days
that're nearly upon us.
Then you'll see glory.
He thought he was leadin' us,
but he weren't, we were guidin' him.
And don't you ever forget that!
TRAVIS: I bet I can ruin twice as
many Pakis as you in half the time.
Love to see that, not a chance,
not if I get me a weapon.
Ah, you got lots to learn, lad!
I don't need a weapon.
I'm the most dangerous fucker in here,
no one messes with me.
ROBERT: That's it, Trav,
go on!
TRAVIS: I fuckin' love someone
to try it in here,
I'd fuckin' cut 'em
with a razor.
Fuckin' stomp on their heads so
hard their fuckin' eyes pop out.
ROBERT: Go on, Trav,
fuckin' tell 'em!
TRAVIS: Fuckin', yeah! What're you
gonna do lad, eh? What're you gonna do?
Fuckin, come on! Aargh!
Fuckin' have it!
ROBERT: I'll pop their eyes out too,
but I'll use a blunt fuckin' razor.
So, you'd have to fuckin'
saw and saw and saw.
And after,
if a Paki squares up to me,
I'll tell him his arms are
too short to box with God.
Yeah, that's it lad.
Fuckin' go on! Pakis, beware!
You wanna burn that nigger cunt?
Or you wanna cut him?
Get you a blunt blade.
So you have to fuckin' saw
his fuckin' neck.
- Yeah, you fuck!
- Nice.
I miss Trav.
Fuckin' Trav.
We were like family.
It were great
when we was neighbors.
That's what I want.
I know.
But that time's passed.
We fucked 'em though, didn't we?
Did a lot of damage.
Remember them cells
at Hindley, don't ya?
Yeah. 'Course I do.
I can see it like
it were yesterday.
ROBERT: Trav? You got
something? Tell me.
TRAVIS: I tell you what we fuckin' do, lad.
I'll tell ya.
ROBERT: What? What? Tell me.
What do you get when
you put two fuckin' hoods
in adjoining cells, lad, eh?
ROBERT: I don't know, Trav.
What do you get?
TRAVIS: Fuckin' chaos.
The jokers who run these joints
ain't got a clue, have they?
Over and over, us and Trav
put in the same joint.
Time and again we shared cells
where we was neighbors.
Fuckin' morons deserved
the chaos we caused.
ROBERT: Ahh! Fuckin', yeah!
ROBERT: Fuckin', come on!
Fuck, yeah, have some of that!
Fuckin' have it!
TRAVIS: What're you doin', lad, eh?
You gone to sleep?
You gotta fuckin' man up, man, 'cause you
wanna cause the kinda damage I cause!
ROBERT: No, mate.
Why don't we really show
'em what we can do, eh?
TRAVIS: What've you got
for me, lad, eh?
ROBERT: I'm gonna give 'em
more than your fucking chaos.
I'm gonna give 'em
a blazin' fuckin' holocaust!
I'm making myself a fire.
Fuckin' great, weren't it?
Muppets had zero supervision.
I don't even think they knew
us and Trav were mates.
We're gonna do better though.
Don't worry.
Trust me.
Because we're more dangerous
than Trav.
You remember Averill, don't you?
We made Trav do it.
We got him to bleed the cunt!
Now, that is power!
'Cause it was always us.
We let him think
he was in control.
And we're gonna do it again.
We're gonna bleed someone.
Fuckin' white pussy's
got issues, man.
GUARD: Oi! Knock it off!
- Derrick!
- DERRICK: What?
Pack it in.
Next time. Fuckin' white boy!
But that's just it,
they don't know everythin' about us.
They crush us and vilify us,
but our probation officer
was the one
who didn't think
we were worth monitorin'.
I were different with him,
We're different on the outside.
Being banged up does
crazy things to your mind.
Or you sayin' we was
bein' manipulative?
You can't manipulate
a probation officer, can ya?
They crucify us and then don't have
any way of rehabilitatin' you.
Fuck that.
I'll be the one doin'
the rehabilitatin' from here on in.
You're spot on, mate.
I know I am.
Mubarek's requested
he be moved from cell 38.
Why is that then, Zahid?
Stewart, sir. It's just
getting too much now.
He freaks me out, can't take it.
The other day, I woke up,
and he's just sitting there lookin' at me,
just starin'.
It's not the first time either.
Just not right,
something's just nasty about him.
Has he threatened you
in any way?
No. It's just the way
he looks.
- It's like...
- Has he behaved aggressively towards you?
No, not physically...
Physically assaulted you and
he hasn't threatened you?
So what,
he just looks at you funny?
Has he even spoken
to you at all?
No, that's what I'm trying to say,
we haven't even had a proper conversation.
He's just weird.
The other day I could've sworn I
heard him talking to the wall,
I didn't catch him
at it, though, but...
And you suspect something
similar as well?
I've walked in on him
facing the wall
like he's been staring at it
for God knows how long.
I'm not sure if I've seen him
actually talking to walls,
but he is definitely weird,
ZAHID: He scares me, guv.
I don't like it,
it's just weird.
To be honest, I don't think he even
wants to be in the same cell as me.
So he's a weirdo who maybe
talks to walls or to himself.
Look, If he's done nothing threatening,
I can't move you.
Besides I've got nowhere else
to put you.
Look, you're out in
a few days, Zahid,
so keep your head down
and ignore him.
How am I supposed to ignore him though,
guv, the cell's so small...
Go on now, on your way, son.
We're almost
at the breaking point,
I've got to deal with
a whining Paki.
ROBERT: That was
a fuckin' wicked film.
Hando is a fuckin' Nazi God.
Romper fucking Stomper.
We gotta spread the word.
That's what we're gonna be.
We need to tell everyone.
We gotta tell Trav about it,
he needs to watch that.
Write him a letter.
Tell him Romper Stomper is a fat film.
Tell him we are gonna
be like Hando.
Them niggers.
Kill 'em all.
Like 'em blokes who had
killed Stephen Lawrence...
I wish they was in here now.
I would shut those niggers up.
I'm fed up with talk.
What are we gonna do about it?
You're gonna be a hero.
We're gonna be heroes.
One fucking nigger at a time.
I want back to Hindley.
See Trav.
If you want back to Hindley then
I'll get you back to Hindley.
But we don't need Trav.
Look at that letter
you wrote him,
telling him what we're
gonna be when we're out.
Trav's gonna be so jealous.
We don't need no one.
We're like the fuckin'
KKK of Feltham.
Wait... (SNIFFING)
Someone's comin'.
Free man tomorrow...
Free man.
I can't believe it, man,
I owe my parents big time though, man.
That's why I gotta keep my head down
and sort things out, man. Trust me.
INMATE: Reckon you'll be
joining up the army then?
You know what?
I might try, man.
I enjoyed all that stuff with the
Prince's Trust, do you remember that?
Would you?
Nah man, Not for me.
(LAUGHS) Not for you?
Make sure you hit me up.
- I will, man.
- When I'm out, yeah?
- I will, I will, I will.
- Make sure you do.
Left you this magazine,
if you want.
- No?
- Whatever.
It ain't right, is it?
They ain't gonna give us bail
and he gets out tomorrow!
Don't seem fair, does it, lad?
Paki walks free and we
can't even make bail.
I never thought I'd see the day
that a Paki gets treated
better than a white man.
A son of this land.
Let's give 'em something
to think about.
We'll write 'em another letter.
A warning letter.
We'll let 'em
have this one straight off.
Let 'em know what'll happen
if we don't make bail.
I'll give them guards
something to shit 'em up.
And then I wanna see the weapon.
Those niggers are gonna
get a fright.
Right, come on then,
Paki's out the way, let's have a look.
It's looking grand,
ain't it, mate?
Those niggers won't know
what's hit 'em.
I can hear him comin'.
He might find it.
I'll have to batter him.
He ain't gonna find it.
At least, he better not find it.
If he does, you'll be on your own,
I can't help ya.
Now, pop it underneath
the mattress, between the bars
at the end of the bed
like I told ya.
He'll only check under mattress,
like, if he even checks.
Besides, he's a lazy
Paki guard, this one.
Just like our pad mate.
Thought he was out to get us,
but he ain't paid enough to give a shit.
Like all of 'em.
Fuckin' useless.
Paid too little
and work too long.
Still, serves him right for
bein' a Paki though, eh?
Cell inspection.
See! No problem.
Easy fuckin' peasy.
No, I promised I'm gonna keep my
head down this time. Honestly. Yeah.
Sorry, I let you down, yeah.
ALTER EGO: If we don't get bail,
we'll take extreme measures.
We'll get shipped out.
We'll kill our fuckin'
pad mate if we have to.
How's Mum?
We'll bleach our sheets and
pillow case white and make a...
"Ku Klux Klan crucifix."
It's all talk, Andrew.
Like I said, just a bit of harmless banter.
Shouldn't be so sensitive about
every sentence and paragraph.
We're hardly the center of cultural fuckin'
relations, are we?
Yeah, I guess you're right.
Just make a report on his file.
Besides, I'm too tired to give a shit.
Okay, will do.
ALTER EGO: The screws here don't
know us like those at Hindley did.
We'll change the cross
on our head to a swastika.
That'll fuckin' show 'em.
Whatever, man.
I'll give him a show.
What's wrong with you?
Move on, you two. Now.
Cell inspection is done.
Fuckin' tired.
Anything to report,
anything confiscated?
Nothing major, no.
Some broken furniture was all.
One lad snuck some food in,
but I binned it.
They wanna break stuff,
it's their problem.
On duty tonight, Rahul.
With Nigel.
DOCTOR: That's fine,
Robert. Just fine.
Mrs. Stewart.
Have there been any improvements
in the physical relationship
between you?
I have been trying.
It's just it's still
so difficult.
I just...
I don't...
At least you're trying,
Mrs. Stewart.
Look at you.
Look at me.
Sat there crying
looking at a school photo.
Ugly. Ugly.
But we ain't weak no more.
And you, lad...
You were right!
We are ugly.