We Are So Young (2013) Movie Script

Every day, when I wake up
I no longer have
the time that has passed
But I have a lot of time
We have all the time in the world
Every day, before bed
I remember and
forget what the day was like
Always forward
We have no time to lose
Our sacred sweat
It is much more beautiful
than this bitter blood
And so serious
And wild!
And wild!
And wild!
What was hidden is what is hid
And what was promised
Nobody promised it
It wasn't even wasted time
We are so young
So young!
So young!
My goodness. He hurt himself badly.
Here's the doctor.
How did it go, doctor?
The surgery went really well.
Thank God.
We had to install three platinum pins, but...
Do not worry.
It was a success.
Three pins because he fell?
No, no. In fact, he fell
because of the disease.
The virus destroyed all
the cartilage, and the
leg was only attached
to the pelvis by the skin.
- Glue it to Jim Morrison's face.
Jim knows the secret of rock.
And what is it?
Jim knows.
I liked it better when it
was the The Doors poster.
Direne, "my dear".
If the real world is how I see it,
I prefer to believe in
the world as my dream.
Solar wind and starfish
Do you still want to live with me?
Guess who's here?
I will prepare a snack for you guys.
Did I hear hippie music?
What were you playing?
L Borges is one of
my favorite people from Minas Gerais.
So that's why you didn't want me to
come to visit you earlier,
so I wouldn't find out about
your contradictions?
Not really, Aninha.
I just now was able to get off the bed.
That's when we need our frients the most.
When we're bedridden.
I was the nincompoop back at the Marista.
Now what are they going to call me?
The fewer people who come here, the better.
I brought everything you're crazy about!
Rock cassettes!
Rock magazines!
And cinema "cahier".
For someone who lived in Paris for
two years with a military attach dad,
your pronunciation is quite poor.
It's because I don't want to sound like a snob.
What about you, Renato?
Just reading, reading, reading...
Yeah, Aninha.
This loneliness of mine is tedious.
With a very large T. Huge.
I can only listen to rock, read and read.
And when are you getting out
of this solitary confinement?
When are you going
to end your big T?
-Be careful, Junior.
- Careful.
-Help me down, mom.
- Oh God!
-I'm fine, I'm fine.
I'm fine, dad.
I'm fine, mom.
Go on, dork!
Junior, keep going!
Go, go!
That's it!
Look, mom!
Watch out, watch out!
Hurry up, Renato. Believe
me, it's worth it. I promise.
Let's go, Herbert is awesome!
Who knows, maybe you'll learn by osmosis?
It's a Gibson.
It's Gibson's power, man.
It's the shit, wanna check it out?
Let me see.
Incredible, Herbert.
Unlike anything I've ever seen, brilliant.
Where did you buy it?
Man, my dad brought it from the States.
He's the president's pilot.
They don't have this at W3, man.
So this means you're going
to be the new Jimmy Page?
I don't know about that. I just know that I'm
going back to Rio to see what happens.
Yeah, I don't think I was
born to be Jimmy Page.
Nah man, all it takes is practice.
"I can't compare myself to the real poets."
"The stuff I write is good for songs."
"I dig the great poets but
I am a rock and roll guy."
"From 20 to 40, I will be..."
"I am a rock star."
"From 40 to 60..."
"I'll be a filmmaker."
"You know, Godard, Losey, the cool guys."
"And, after 60, I'll be a writer."
"No doubt. My life will be exciting."
"Silence, if you please!"
"My name is Renato Manfredini,
but you can call me Rei-nah-toh."
-But, Renato...
Aren't you a bit
young to be a teacher?
"Well, your admirable young teacher
lived his formative years in the States
and made elementary school there."
"Let's begin by studying the lyrics of
a song by Robert Allan Zimmerman."
"Also known as
Aren't you the famous teacher who sings?
Am I that well known?
Very famous. The students love you.
Oh, how cool.
But this magazine is 3 months old.
I spent the end of the year at home
and look what I brought.
"Man, the Sex Pistols, right?"
The Sex Pistols are from another planet.
This Johnny Rotten is really ugly indeed.
In the middle of the show
they call the queen a cow
and mock the system.
Wow, if we do this here,
everyone would be jailed.
But that is punk. Uprising music.
With three chords
they drive everyone crazy.
Three chords?
They don't have Pistols, but here's
is one from Stiff which is awesome!
Stiff Little Fingers?
Do you want to listen here at home?
Your stereo is too high fidelity, Aninha.
If punk is what I think it is, I prefer to hear
it on my stereo at maximum volume.
-"Thank you."
-Be careful.
Don't run!
What is this noise?
What is this noise?
This noise is the future!
Listen up: Ana Cludia,
telephone, party.
Aren't your clothes a bit torn?
I tore it myself.
This is the new me.
Good night, dad.
Good night, Junior.
The image is of a goat
butting against the wall.
The more it butts
the angrier it gets,
it starts losing strength,
but the wall does not fall.
Take it easy, Renato!
Gabi, I told you it could go wrong.
Do you want me to read tarot for you?
Cut it out, Renato,
tarot is nonsense.
Why don't you get a clue and
stop bothering people?
Come on, Zeca?
Are you afraid I'm going to find
a secret of yours by reading the cards?
Do you want me to take this
pin and stab you on the cheek?
Abandoned and bored?
Have ever you noticed how
When you are a boy, you meet up
after school at the court to smoke.
When you get older, you meet up
after college at the
the court
and do nothing.
Drink up.
Renato, drink up.
Seriously, you need it.
Take it slow!
This song is wrecking
my sanity!
What are you doing, Renato?
Watch out, here comes a banger!
Let's bring down the dictatorship!
Follow me!
Dude, did you put that on?
Man, I just arrived from London.
Punk rock is all they're playing.
My name is Felipe. Who are you?
Where's the famous Hill?
It's called The Hill, Renato, because it's the top.
Only whizzes live there. They all teach at UNB.
I know, how cool. Is your father a teacher?
He is.
Ah, so that means you're
going to be a librarian, I bet.
When my drum kit arrives from
London, you will see what I will be.
Good Morning
How are you?
Good Morning
Hey guys.
This is Renato, the crazy dude
- I bumped into at Gabi's party.
- Hey, Renato!
So you got promoted to "crazy dude"?
That over there is Lel, Roni, Andy.
Beans, Tony, Suzy, Gabi.
And my brother, Flvio, that
I told you about, remember?
If I sing, don't cry
It's just the moon
Your sea color dress
Your brother, he has a...
beautiful aura.
He's a scorpio, isn't he?
You are pushing it too far now,
my son.
-Where are you going?
I'm going to buy cigarettes and I'll be right back.
-Are we late?
Let's do this, girls
in the front, men in the back.
-What's the name of the birthday girl?
Good evening, we are
Thrse's guests.
Hi Thrse!
I brought some friends. Not a problem, right?
Of course not, please...
Happy Birthday.
Thrse. Congratulations.
Strange party.
Weird people.
I bet they are thinking
the same thing about us.
I'll take that.
Aninha, do you think someday someone will see me
behind my disguises?
See me for what I really am?
Will someone ever notice me one day?
Someone who, Renato?
I don't know.
The world.
Hey, let's dance while the
world doesn't notice you.
Make a circle!
Police roadblock!
Swallow that joint!
Hold on, dude!
Are they making us stop?
Do we have to get out?
Get out of the car!
Get out of the car!
IDs please.
Hands up.
Put your hands on the car, quickly.
Let's see some IDs.
You too, ID!
If your parent is military, go with him.
My parents are military.
Here! Military daughter here.
Ana Cludia Costa Pinto.
Are you General Costa Pinto's daughter?
You know daddy?
Returns their IDs.
These are silver spoons brats.
Listen up, brats.
Next time, it won't be this easy.
Vieira, you are acting too aggressive.
Come on, tell me,
are you a Taurus?
Who are these here?
The New York Dolls.
And this one, Renato.
Who is that?
Tiny Tim.
What weird people.
"Vive la diffrence!"
I wanted to show you guys something.
No, Renato. Please.
Be careful, folks, here
comes Summer Vacation
All painted in black,
white, gray and red
With numbers on the side
and inside two or three perverts
Armed, uniformed killers
Summer Vacation, Vasco fan
Comes around the corner
That was great, Renato!
I still need to write the second verse.
I was here enjoying your
records, and listening to you sing,
I'm also in the mood for rock.
Who knows, maybe well
write the second verse together?
For sure, man!
Would you take a picture
of Flvio and I, please?
Sure. Excuse me, Gabi.
Hold on, I want to join in.
It will ruin the photo, F.
One, two, three and...
Dude, my dad said
the shit hit the fan.
Inside Congress?
In the Plenary Hall, Renato.
The military, they don't want
to hear another word about elections.
These reactionaries, they
are afraid of the people.
This country makes me angry.
What country is this?
That's it, man...
It's a pain when Renato just leaves
in the middle of the conversation...
Come on, F.
Hey, Sid.
-Have you dyed your hair?
-Get out, man.
Sid Vicious, man.
He's brunette and you're blond.
The Pistols.
-The Pistols.
-Sex Pistols?
Yeah, enjoy them.
-Are you British?
-South African. And you?
I'm a punk candango, but
you are the real thing, man.
Please, come on,
let's meet the natives.
We may be naive but we are cool.
Yeah, let's go, man.
Do you have some vodka?
What's your name?
-Petrus, and you?
-I'm Renato.
That's what my dad wanted me to be
a racist.
He's your dad, man. Go easy on him.
Go easy?
My father is the ambassador of
the world's most racist country!
-Are you crazy?
-What are you doing, man?
What's up, punks?
We're appreciating your
"faggot englishman" costume.
This is Brazil, man.
Love it or leave it!
Shut up!
I really fucking love this country!
- I'll be back.
I drive my dad crazy,
you know man, crazy.
Then I lock myself in the garage
and spend all
day with my guitar.
Don't you need a bass?
Do you play bass?
I'm going to start playing.
What about me?
If your drum kit ever materializes...
Materialize, Renato?
I'm not talking about...
some off-brand crap
or shit like that.
I'm talking about a premium one.
It's coming straight from
London, the capital of punk!
From London, the capital of punk!
And who will sing?
You will.
Fuck off! Renato is going to sing.
No, not me.
A rock singer has to be handsome.
Renato, if you think you are ugly,
that's not punk!
Hey guys.
I've been dreaming for a long time
of playing in a real band.
Me too, man.
We will conquer the world!
Strenght always!
No, man, fuck!
I play the riff first.
-Go on.
The word "electric" must be part of the name.
Like those psychedelic
bands from California,
Like Electric Flag.
Eletric Prunes, yeah those.
I don't know, it could be like...
Electric Brick.
Electric Pineapple.
Pineapple is perfect.
When we go to Chacrinha
pineapple is in the name of the band already.
Electric Tambourine then.
No, F!
We are a punk band, aren't we?
It needs to be hardcore.
I don't know, what about...
a reference to
punk bands from England.
But since we don't play very well,
it will be like an abortion.
Electric Abortion!
Fuck, man! Let's celebrate!
Fuck! Our first song.
If we don't play live now,
we may never do it.
My father is forcing
me to serve in the army.
But you live here.
I will have to go back.
Hi Junior.
This is depressing.
All they say is either bad news
or it's a lie.
The world keeps getting
worse and you here,
watching this.
What do you want us to do?
You have to speak out!
We live in a dictatorship
and you just stand by!
I'm just an economist at
Bank of Brazil. I am not a militant.
That's no excuse!
You could do something
to help bring change!
What the hell, Junior!
Are you out of your mind?
This country is going down the drain, dad!
Wake up!
Wake up, Dad!
What shitty country is this?
Junior, are you crazy?
Are you trying to kill your dad?
I'm sorry dad.
I'm sorry.
You are no more guilty than I am.
-Let him be.
Let him be.
Let him be.
It used to be a lot worse,
when he kept piercing his ear with a pin.
This place is a bit unfriendly,
don't you think?
It is the band that is a bit unfriendly to the place.
And to think I raised you to
the sound of Bach and Beethoven.
One, two, three, four!
I'm buying a guitar tomorrow.
You figure it out and buy a bass.
But I can't play.
They couldn't either!
Abortion forever!
Not for me, man.
I'm going back to Cape Town.
You can't end the band.
I told you this could happen, Renato.
Do you think I want to go?
Petrus, possibility is one thing.
Another is knowing
that you are letting
us down to go and
kill innocent people.
What do you want, Renato?
You want me to become a deserter?
And lose my passport?
What's the point of having a racist passport?
It is better to have no passport at all.
Fuck you, Renato.
- Calm the fuck down.
- Fuck you too.
Look who's here.
A toast to the first
Where's Petrus?
He's leaving for South Africa.
The band is done.
Do you guys know how long
I've dreamed of playing in a band?
We're losing the band
but he's losing his soul...
To listen to you guys is one thing, but...
to play?
If you agree to join,
I'll put aside some issues I have
and I'll be lead vocals.
Singing some things I wrote.
I don't know, Renato, I don't even have a bass.
But I do.
You will play the bass and I guitar.
What do you think?
Petrus is freaking out!
I'll take care of him.
This is now my second skin, Renato.
Calm down.
Calm down, we will continue together.
It's just for a while, Petrus.
Flvio will play the bass,
I'll play the guitar, and
when you come back,
because you will come back,
you take the guitar back
and I just sing.
I will always remember you, man.
I just don't know if I can
keep it together, Renato.
The seasons have changed
Nothing has changed
But I know that something has happened
Everything is
So different
Remember how we
Believed one day
That everything would last forever
But we didn't know
That forever
Never lasts.
You await for a divine intervention
but you don't know that
time is against you now.
You lose yourself being so afraid
of not earning enough money
to buy without selling yourselves.
And you hatch your delusional schemes
and keep on pretending
That the world was never made.
But it turns out that everything has a beginning
What begins, ends one day.
I pity all of you.
And the nuclear attack threats
God didn't make neutron bombs
Someone someday
Will take revenge
You are worms who think they are kings.
I don't want to be like you
I don't need it anymore
I already know what I have to know
And now it doesn't matter.
What are they up to?
And three kids with no money and no morale
Let's go check it out.
And they forgot to tell everyone
The real terrorist is the
dictatorship that kills and tortures!
And suddenly
Water turned into wine
Electric Abortion. The 10th at 4 PM. 302 South
And the wound didn't heal
And the clean turned dirty
and on the third day
no one
was resurrected.
And on the third day
no one was resurrected.
You can boo now.
We are Electric Abortion!
On the drums, F Lemos!
Bass, Flvio Lemos!
And on vocals and
guitar, I, Renato Russo!
We live in the city
the president too
And everyone goes on pretending
to live decently.
Only I do not intend
to be so decadent.
Tedium with a Pretty big for you
Walking in the rain
Sometimes I dig it
I don't have any gasoline
Nor do I have a car
And I don't have anything
To do either
Tedium with a Pretty big for you
Tedium with a Pretty big for you
Don't you knock on the door anymore?
How come you got fired, son?
It's not my choice to be an
English teacher for my whole life, dad.
Well, I hope you haven't decided
on being a musician your whole life.
Being a musician is very hard.
What's wrong with that?
Are you being serious, my son?
Did I drop out of college?
No, I'm still going to CEUB.
I am 20 years old
and I think I have the right
to be unemployed
for a little while.
Going to college is one thing,
studying is another.
How about this?
If music doesn't work out,
I'll be a diplomat at Itamaraty, okay?
That would be an assurance in your life indeed.
Doesn't even seem like the boy who earned
Excellent Behavior awards every year at Marista.
our conversation is not over yet.
Where do you think you're going?
I will do you guys a favor
and end this inquisition.
You are better than that.
Enough of that.
Come here!
Don't be sad.
Is it so obvious?
I know about your dilemmas, Renato.
Boys, girls...
You don't need to feel sorry
every time this
dork feels confused
or alone.
If you preferred girls,
I swear I would date you.
Would you really?
Just to think that you would write
the most beautiful
verses just to impress me.
It makes me horny again.
Are you not going to have lunch, Junior?
I just woke up.
Is it just me or someone left
in the middle of the night?
It was Aninha.
I don't really like this coming and
going in the middle of the night.
We didn't do that back in my day, Junior.
But I would love it if you two got together.
I'll prepare you chocolate milk
so you have a proper meal.
Mom, we're just friends.
Just friends?
So she came here
just to take a shower.
Hey mom, I wanted to...
Carmen Teresa, later.
Mom, can I tell you something
that is making me upset?
Of course, Junior. Speak.
I think I prefer boys to girls.
Boys are indeed much more fun than girls.
Mom, I think you know what I meant.
But it is not physiological at all
It's more of an affectional thing.
What's up?
That boy is waiting since this morning.
Would you help him, please?
Sure, I'll take care of it.
-Are you Russo?
-Yes, I am.
Louro, Nordic.
Where does your name come from?
I'm paying tribute to two
of my greatest idols,
the philosopher Bertrand Russel
and the thinker Jean Jacques Rousseau.
-On the phone you said you were punk.
-I am punk.
I'm punk with a man purse.
This is the Tedium movement.
We had nothing to
do on the weekend
so we decided to make some noise.
And this movement started with Abortion?
Yeah, I attended their rehearsals
and I thought I could do better.
Right, Tadeu, my life goal has always been
to become an inspiration to the youth.
That's cool, guys.
I think I have enough to work with.
Now all we need is the historic photo.
Over there, in front of the symbol of power.
That was cool, right?
Yeah great. Only you spoke, Renato.
Well, only those who
have something to say speak.
Look at this! You guys are on the spotlight!
What's the matter?
I never thought you
liked Christmas that much.
That's not it, Carmencita.
They killed John.
John who?
The world woke up today...
John Lennon, one of the
Beatles, has been murdered.
The crime happened late
last night in New York.
Lennon came home...
It's over, Yoko.
... when a man approached...
The dream is over.
Hi, Raimundo.
The usual, please.
Did you fight with your girlfriend, Renato?
It's worse.
John Lennon died.
John who?
Raimundo, please hold my hands
let's say a prayer
for John together.
"Hold my hands", are you crazy, Renato?
I have to work, boy.
Please, Raimundo.
"Hold my hands..."
Where the fuck is Renato? Damn it!
You guys are playing tricks
to make us play first.
Don't pretend you don't know
how melodramatic Renato is.
What day of the week is today?
Maybe Renato got depressed for nothing.
As if John Lennon's passing is nothing.
We all take it our own way.
Chill out. If anyone is
going to find him, it's Ana.
I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I'm paying my
last tribute to John.
Yoko has asked the whole
world to meditate for him.
Forget Yoko, would you?
She broke up the Beatles.
Leave me alone.
They're going crazy
looking for you, Renato.
I've cried for John too, but
leave the dead alone
for the world belongs to the living.
You're becoming more like me,
my Maria Callas.
Pity you're not becoming like me.
It would be nice.
You are the most beautiful person on the planet.
Come on, everyone is waiting for you.
No more drinking. Stand up.
Let's go!
It's okay.
The concrete has already cracked
Cracked, cracked, cracked
The concrete has already cracked
Where were you, Renato?
Fuck man, Plebe Rude is
kicking ass! It's the second time
they are playing
because you vanished!
Give peace a chance, brother.
Renato! Wake up, man.
This is our most important concert!
It's all down,
but it's now or never!
Everything's gonna be fine.
John's spirit will bless us.
... they just look
But these people, they don't do anything.
These people, they don't do anything.
Peble Rude!
Thank you guys!
You may now boo because
we are Electric Abortion!
Be careful, folks, here comes Summer Vacation
All painted in black,
white, gray and red
With numbers on the side, inside two...
He's fucking up. He's fucking up, damn it!
Summer Vacation, Vasco fan
Comes around the corner
Son of a bitch!
The poor is born with murderous instinct
They know what they'll become since childhood
Stealing thieves,
marginalized murderers
Daddy I'll be a
cop when I grow up.
What's he doing?
The Abortion has been aborted.
End of the line, F.
It is finished.
We haven't been
getting along for a while.
Come on, Renato. You let the band down.
You left. We had to haul the
equipment by ourselves before you arrived.
I don't get it. Am I the one
who has to apologize?
Renato, my bad.
You know I like you a lot.
And I you, F.
So I think we better end it now
before it gets worse.
It's stupid to end it now, Renato.
The band is getting popular.
My dad is letting us
rehearse in the garage.
You're dropping out in the first disagreement?
Okay, Renato, I'm begging on my knees.
No way I'm doing that.
Hello, boys.
I'm glad you guys made up.
Since there's no more band,
you're free to do a lot of other things.
Mom, the band is back.
We're going to the cafe. Bye.
To ease the nostalgia,
the frenzy and the cravings,
"Rockjuana" invites you
to another tripping sound
joint in the woods,
starting at 9 PM on the 30th.
We thank Fucking Sound and we
hope you will be there.
Fucking Sound?... right.
Don't be a square, Renato.
It's really good, man.
Don't be a square.
That doesn't look good.
Check it out,
the cops are is here to help us
-park the car.
-We're going to jail, dude.
Everyone out of the car.
Hands on your heads.
Lean against the car. Quickly!
Officer, come here.
They got the stuff.
They have the stuff.
This is dangerous.
Gosh, F, they even have fireworks.
It was torture to spend
the night in jail with him.
Why don't you open up, Renato?
Didn't he ask you to stay in the band?
Are you crazy?
It's better than being in misery.
Flvio is good people.
He won't mistreat you.
Are your parents picking you up?
My parents?
They already warned me
that if I went to jail
there would be no reception committee.
What would you do without me?
Monsieur Manfredini.
9th Police Station
Renato? What's going on?
May I sleep with you tonight?
May I sleep with you tonight?
Are you drunk?
I really want to be with you.
Go home, Renato.
Please, Flvio.
I have no way of going back.
I have no way to go home.
What is this, Renato?
What is this?
You have destroyed my life!
Because of you I humiliated myself!
Stop screaming!
Yes I will!
So everyone will hear!
Shut up!
Come and do it!
Renato, come here.
Forget about me.
I do not exist.
So, Renato, you decided to show up?
I was busy writing a new song.
Come back later then.
Flvio, I'm sorry.
I was drunk.
You were.
Forget about it.
So, is the song ready? Can I help write it?
How does this work, Renato?
No, the song is ready.
I'm locked up inside and can't go out
Daddy said: I must get approved
Can't even listen to music anymore
How can I focus like this?
I don't know jack about physics
Literature or Grammar
Sex Ed is all I like
And I hate Chemistry
I can't even have a bit of fun
And I can't concentrate at all.
I keep wondering if I'll be able to
Pass the fucking entrance exam.
I don't know jack about physics
Literature or Grammar
Sex Ed is all I like
And I hate Chemistry
Here they come, the new freshmen
It's our turn to be part of the ritual
And if you want to join the tribe
Here in our tropical concentration camp.
Buy a brand new car, color TV
Pay your taxes, be influencial
Educate your children, vacations in Europe
Bank account, buy groceries
Be responsible, a good Christian
Model citizen, standard middle-class
You must pass the fucking entrance exam.
You must pass the fucking entrance exam.
You must pass the fucking entrance exam.
What wretched awful song is this, Renato?
Have you lost your touch?
This song man. It's uninspired. It's lame.
Things are more sophisticated now, like Joy Division!
-Sid Vicious is dead already, did you forget?
-Do you agree, Flvio?
I'll explain it to you guys so
it's very easy for you to comprehend.
This song is about how the middle-class
is so concerned with social status.
Everyone needs a diploma
to have a place in society.
Do you get it?
Or should I spell it out?
Ok, Professor Manfredo, what is it to you?
Are you playing the genius now?
For God's sake man, go take a hike!
My drums, fuck!
Calm down, F!
Abortion is done!
And this time, I won't come back.
Not even if you beg on your knees.
We are young birds
Far away from the nest
Very beautiful.
Only it's not punk at all, right?
So? What does it mean to be punk now?
Is it a torn uniform?
An attitude?
That's right, Dinho.
If you want to know, I no longer
consider myself punk.
That's why this song is called "I Know"
because I know that I know nothing.
I like it.
I don't know man, your playing style
makes the song sound just right.
Thats why Im
going play solo,
me and my guitar.
But enough about me,
tell me a little about you.
You remind me a lot of a couple I'm friends with.
He's in my class
a journalist. And she's a doctor.
He's a Leo, she's an Aquarius.
You know, when opposites meet.
What about you guys?
Say something, Helena.
I do not know.
Only it's not punk at all, right?
So? What does it mean to be punk now?
Is it a torn uniform?
I thought they were still here.
I just heard Dinho's voice.
Listening behind the door now?
You've been acting so strange.
Strange how, mom?
Am I the one who's seeing things?
You left the band, you
don't go anywhere anymore
and just hang out with these kids.
And then you tell me there's nothing strange?
there comes a time in life
when the individual
needs some breathing room
and not need to explain anything to friends, band
or parents, do you get it?
Of course.
I get it.
So when you're done
with your inner dive,
you let me know, ok?
Hey! What about the snacks?
Boy, nobody meditates on a full stomach.
You already know me
from Electric Abortion.
But here with you tonight
the Lonely Troubadour,
Renato Russo.
What the fuck is Renato up to, uh?
I know, but I'm not telling.
I don't know if you're aware,
but punk has died.
It was one of these days,
you probably haven't heard of it yet.
Having some respect is another thing I think
you probably have never heard of before.
So, to lighten up the mood so the lovers can kiss
I'm going to sing a song I wrote
inspired by a couple who are friends of mine.
Who will ever say
that there's a reason in
the things the heart does?
And who will say there is no reason?
Eduardo opened his eyes
but didn't want to get up
he stayed in bed and checked the time.
While Monica had a brandy
somewhere else in the city
as they said.
Eduardo and Monica
by chance they met one day
and had a very long chat
getting to know each other.
A dude from
Eduardo's class told us
There's a cool party to go
We want to have some fun
Strange party, weird people
I don't feel so good
I can't take any more booze.
Monica laughed. She wanted to know a bit more
about this boy
trying to impress her.
And Eduardo, a little dizzy,
Just wanted to go home
It's almost two, I'm screwed
-Play Cauby!
-Agnaldo Timteo!
Who will ever say
that there's a reason in the things
the heart does?
And who will say
That there is no reason?
I'm keeping this one
for good luck
just like Uncle Scrooge.
I'll have a drink with the other ones.
I was a big fan of yours when
you played in Abortion. Now even more!
Nice to meet you, I'm Carlinhos.
You have to get in character
to get the story.
It's kinda like in the movies, you know?
That's it, Renato.
It is like if I was watching a movie.
With a beggining, middle and ending.
The story was beautiful.
I almost cried, Renato!
Only you did.
Everyone else wanted to stone or crucify me.
Don't mind the punks, they're clueless.
Man, I wish I could write like you.
There are a lot of good
stories to tell in Taguatinga.
And Santo Cristo with the Winchester 22
shot the backstabbing thug five times.
Maria Lcia would later regret
she died along with Joo, her protector.
The people would declare that Joo
De Santo Cristo was was a saint
because he knew how to die.
And the city's high-society couldn't believe
the story they saw on TV.
Joo didn't get what he
to play the devil's game.
Hardcore music!
...so he can help with all the people's
Today I'm not saying: "Hello, dear gang"
Because throwing crap on
the stage may even be very punk
but it's done by spoiled brats.
Typical Coca-Cola yuppie.
Lovely performance, Renato.
The story was stunning.
I'm glad someone appreciates it.
I loved it.
A battle cry, a ritual
Gabi is killing it, uh?
She's great.
The drummer is very interesting.
-Carmem Teresa!
Well, you do have good taste.
A visceral guitar
I'd seen him play before but,
I didn't know he played like that. Well.
He's Marcelo Bonf.
-I have to go, guys.
May I call you?
The capital sin
It was tough not
talking to you, Aninha.
I thought you had sent me
to the gallows, you know?
But what I wanted to tell you,
I do not know,
it's about the humiliation
I felt after exposing myself to
Do you remember when you and
Zeca had sex and then he dismissed you,
told you to take a hike?
It was terrible. I felt like I was a nobody.
Humiliated, right?
But Biju was the worst.
would ask me to do some...
"different" things.
Like what?
Like, everything.
And did you do it?
I had fallen for him. I thought
he would dump me if I didn't do it.
Turns out he
dumped you anyway.
I felt like a whore. You know?
It's playing but I can't hear anything.
We've been talking for
so long I didn't even notice.
Let me turn it up.
Uh, what are you recording?
It must have recorded over the tape below.
Are you sure? Maybe not, let's see.
Humiliated, right?
But Biju was the worst.
would ask me to do some...
"different" things.
Like what?
It would be a pity to lose
this conversation, right?
Aninha, I'm sorry.
Aninha, I don't ever show it to anyone!
This is a way for me to capture
the world.
Then capture this, Renato.
You did it.
You became this lonely wanker.
Above all, grander than all,
alone, without a band, using your
friends with no permission, Renato.
I'm sorry, Aninha.
You don't need to steal anything from anyone!
I'm taking this one.
I'm dead to you.
No, Ana...
Why did you stop?
Why did you stop?
Why did you stop?
Why did you stop?
What's going on?
I don't know.
What's up, Renato?
Aren't you playing today?
No, not today.
What a pity.
I get nervous just thinking about it.
Nonsense, you'll nail it.
There's too many people. I can't do it.
That's precisely why you have to do it.
There's a lot of people
waiting, man! We rehearsed for a month!
What's wrong? Aren't you gonna play?
Ico, come on man.
Come on, you'll have to face it.
I'm out.
Then I said, "No, my brother
is a Lonely Troubadour."
Renato, Ico is gone.
Help a brother out, man.
Please, Renato.
Take the mic and sing.
For God's sake.
Of course.
Everything for my friends, F.
We've been programmed since birth
to accept what you
pushed on us, the canned stuff
from the U.S.A., from nine to six.
We've been eating garbage since we were little
Commercial and industrial
But now its our turn
We're gonna spit the
garbage back at you.
We are the children of the revolution
We're yuppies with no religion
We're the future of the nation
Coca-Cola generation
Coca-Cola generation
Coca-Cola generation
Coca-Cola generation
After twenty years in school
It is not difficult to learn
All the tricks of your dirty game
It doesn't have to be this way
We're going to do our homework
And then, you will see
Your children taking down kings
We'll make comedy
with your own laws.
We are the children of the revolution
We're yuppies with no religion
We're the future of the nation
Coca-Cola generation
Coca-Cola generation
Coca-Cola generation
Coca-Cola generation
Renato, tonight was awesome!
Man, we've never had
a night like this before.
Gee, it even makes me
want to join a band again.
Why don't we come back?
I think it's better we take a photo tonight
and then move on.
Yeah, let's move on to the
next one. Or next ones.
-Let's have a toast.
-For the next ones!
-Is Ana coming tonight?
-I don't know, Renato.
I miss her.
You're still in her blacklist.
What did you do? Tell me.
I can't tell you right now, but
can you promise me one thing?
Please don't add me to your blacklist,
I'm stealing your drummer.
More harmony.
More melody.
Less noise.
More rehearsals.
Also, no easy lyrics. And no lead guitars.
I got it. What are we calling it?
A band must have a
cool name to catch on.
We will be legion.
It's a very organized festival.
Everyone in the vicinity will be there.
It's not that many people,
but those who show up are very enthusiastic.
A friend of mine here in
What is the name of the city?
Patos de Minas.
we can pay for tickets and the food only.
No worries.
What really matters is
that Urban Legion will play.
Urban Legion who?
Aren't you Renato Russo from
the punk band Aborto Eltrico?
Renato is the same.
But the punk band is gone.
In the slums
In the Senate
Dirt is everywhere
No respect for the Constitution
But everyone believes
In the future of the nation
What country is this?
What country is this?
What country is this?
Third world, we are
a joke abroad
But Brazil will get rich
We're gonna make one million
When we sell all the souls
Of our Indians at an auction.
What country is this?
What country is this?
What country is this?
What country is this?
In your bosom, oh freedom
We have conquered with a strong arm
What country is this?
On keyboards, Paulista.
On the guitar, Paran.
On the drums, Bonf.
And on the bass and vocals, I, Renato Russo.
We are Urban Legion.
It is karma, Herbert.
That Gibson was
the first guitar I played
and now you're the first to record
a song of mine.
Renato, I'm not really in tune
with this karmic stuff man
but don't fret, the song is dope. For real.
Yeah, I heard.
But check this out. I'm calling because
I know you like my music
and now we have a new band.
The drummer Bonf and I.
We just had a concert in Minas. It was dope.
I remember you telling me about this band.
Who plays the guitar? Someone I know?
Guitar player?
We're always changing the guitar player, Herbert.
You know, we have way too many
Renato, here's my advice.
Pick someone quickly. No more back and forth.
I'll get on to it.
Look, I want you to think of me
not only as a composer, but a rocker.
No worries, Renato. Gotta go,
I'm kinda busy. Talk later man. Cheers.
What's up, Renato! Looks like this karmic thing
works for real
or was it telepathy? I'm not sure.
I got busy recording the album and I forgot -
my brother's going to kill me.
He asked me a while ago.
He's a writer for that magazine, remember?
I know, I know. Modern Popcorn.
That's right. So
he listened to your tape
and some other tapes
Bi's brother brought here.
He wanted to come down
and write about you guys.
Could you help out?
You can count on me!
Ok great.
I'll let him know
and we'll keep
in touch. Cheers.
That's what I feel, you know?
It's all happening now.
The Legion.
My music being recorded.
For the first time
I have the opportunity to
speak to an audience
For the first time,
there's a path ahead.
And it's a wonderful path, Aninha.
But a bit saddened
because you're not here.
Things become a bit more dull
because I can't share them with you.
Aninha, I'm recording this tape
so you can see that this time
I'm recording more
useful stuff than last time.
I adore you.
Wait a minute. So you left Abortion
and you play for The Beagle Boys.
I was in Plebe Rude.
Check this out. It will help you out.
It is a map of the promiscuity
Hold up, I wasn't in Dado
and the Animal Kingdom.
It was not official.
Yeah it was, Bonf.
You even played with
them in that one concert.
Don't try to hide your dark past.
Do you even know what band
you're in when you get up in the morning?
And you are...
We are Starting Capital.
And this is Dinho,
our band's new lead singer.
Only in this place could
Brazilian punk have emerged.
In the heart of the beast,
at the heart of the revolution.
I heard your tapes,
too bad I didn't hear it live.
Hey, are you going to be
around for the next two days?
Dude, I just play for fun.
We don't care about
technique at all.
Besides, the music is in your blood.
You are a Villa-Lobos.
I don't know, man.
Dude, opportunity is knocking on your door.
All right,
I'll help you guys out,
but I leave for France next month.
Okay, what matters is now.
Bonf, bring Dado home, I will
catch up in a little while.
Ronaldo, would you please
hand this tape over to Ana?
Do you swear you're really
handing her these tapes?
I told you I did. All five of them.
Watch it, Ronaldo. Bearing false witness is a sin.
was it a hand delivery?
It is very important
the tapes must be hand delivered...
Just tell me if you listened to the tapes.
I got them.
But did you listen?
What for, Renato? To hear half a
dozen beautiful words and melt down?
Aninha, I don't know if they're beautiful.
I know they're sincere.
I'll think about it.
Do you swear you will listen?
For old time's sake.
I will one day.
One day...
it may be too late then.
Why fight, if it's unintentional?
Who is going to protect us?
Will we have to answer
For the extra mistakes, you and me?
Man, I'm fucking up a lot.
Dado, when you think
you're about to make a mistake
just wait for the next chord.
I think we're done here. Let's go?
Before you go
I wanted your help
finishing a song.
Right now? Are you sure?
I really need this.
What's up, Renato?
Is today the big day?
-What did the I-Ching say?
-I don't know, Gabi.
Did Ana say if she's coming?
She didn't say.
First of all, I would like thank
Hermano Vianna,
for being here with us today.
We dedicate this day for him. He
was the inspiration for our party.
We are Starting Capital.
Against everyone and against anyone
The wind doesn't always say
I'm just waiting for what's going to happen.
I have stones in my shoes
Where the cars are parked.
Excuse me.
Walking on dark streets
Cars passing by.
Dude, what if nothing works out?
Maybe I'll become a designer,
or something like that. What about you?
I already told you.
Next month I'm studying in France.
There is nothing in Brazil for me.
Or for anyone.
I don't even want to think about alternatives.
Legion will succeed.
-Have you seen Ana?
Keep this.
What's up, Hermano. Enjoying?
Only here do we have music like this.
You just wait our turn.
Hello, gang.
We are Urban Legion,
and I wrote this
song for one of the
most important
persons of my life.
She always joked that she
wanted me to
write a song for her.
Now that I did, she's not here.
This song is for you, Aninha.
A girl has taught me
almost everything I know.
It was almost slavery
but she treated me like a king.
She had many plans
I only wanted to be there.
Always by her side
I had nowhere to go.
But, selfish that I am
I forgot to help her
the way she helped me.
And I didn't want to break up
She was as lost as me
And clung to me as well.
And I clung to her
Because I had no one else
I used to say: It's early still
Early, early, early, early
I used to say: It's early still
She said: you are afraid.
And I said: you're the one who's afraid.
We spoke of things
that should never be said.
She said to me: I don't know.
But what I feel for you.
Let's take a break
we'll see each other some day.
I used to say: It's early still
Early, early, early, early
I used to say: It's early still
Early, early, early, early
I used to say: It's early still
Early, early, early, early
I used to say: It's early still
Wake up, monster.
Why so violent? Did you go mad?
Mom asked me to wake you up
because you got mail from Hermano Vianna.
The guy for whom your
rocker's heart melts for.
Please don't kill me.
I promise I'll never wake you up again!
Direne, Legion is playing in Rio!
Whose garage?
Not a garage. A paid concert.
This is Brazil's rock stage.
And you, my well informed younger sister,
should already know - and you do,
that it is the Flying Circus.
I always knew you
were born to be in the circus.
invade the Marvelous City!
Renato, why are you leaving tomorrow
if you only play next month?
Because we can't just play.
You have to go to the
newspapers, the record companies.
What if this is our only chance?
Hey, Legion?
Let's go to Rio at once?
Let's go.
Wait a second.
Are you leaving for Rio tomorrow?
Let's celebrate then.
Come on, guys!
Come here.
Celebrate? It's now or never.
Look, Legion is leaving tomorrow.
What are we doing tonight?
Tonight we're crashing a party!
I'm coming with you!
Take your hands off me
I don't belong to you
It's not dominating me like that
That you will understand me
I may be alone
But I know very well where I am
You may even doubt
- I don't think this is love
Urban Legion played at Flying Circus
and released their first record in 1985.
Legion's 13 records sold
over 20 million copies.
Is this
only my imagination?
Is anything
going to happen?
Was this
all in vain?
Will we
be victorious?
We will get lost among monsters
of our own creation.
It will be entire nights
maybe for fear of the darkness.
We will stay awake
imagining some solution.
So that our selfishness
doesn't destroy our hearts.
Is this
only my imagination?
Is anyting
going to happen?
Was this all in vain?
Will we
be victorious?
Why fight, if it's unintentional?
Who is going to protect us?
Will we have to answer
For the extra mistakes
You and me?
Good night, thank you!
Strength always
Renato Russo
This is a work of fiction freely inspired by the biography
of the author, composer and performer Renato Russo.
All rights licensed by Legio Urbana Produes Artsticas Ltda.