We Bare Bears: The Movie (2020) Movie Script

Searchin' high, searchin' low
Lookin' for a place where I can go
Bees got their hive,
moles got their hole
Lookin' for a place for me to go
My paws are aching
'Cause I've been walking
I've seen one million trees
Well, trees belong in the forest
But where's the place for me?
- I said, "Ow."
- Oh.
Look at you!
You look just like me!
Finally a friend my size...
but with stripes!
Come on, come on! Let's hang!
Whoa. Wait a minute.
Why are you just laying here
in the middle of the train tracks?
I was walking along the tracks
but then I tripped and fell
and my foot got stuck.
Not cool.
This is my life now.
No friends. No family.
Just me and the train tracks.
Don't be a sad bear.
Besides, I'm great
at un-stucking things.
Now up we go!
See? Hopeless.
Come on, man, you gotta believe!
- A train!
- What's that doing here?
Get me out! Get me out!
- I'm not strong enough!
- Come on, foot!
- Help... somebody!
- Help!
- Call the po-po!
- Call the cops!
- Help us... please!
- Somebody, help!
That's what I'm talkin' about!
The train got closer!
Hurry... hurry!
- We won!
- Freedom!
My bindle!
Go... without me.
Come on!
Move those baby legs!
Whoa! Cool!
Faster... faster!
Take my paw!
- I'm trying!
- Come on! Reach!
- Yeah!
- It's still gaining on us!
We're not gonna make it!
Oh, my gosh! The thing!
It's today!
Bros? I got to get read...
Pan-Pan! Bro! Today's the day!
We're running late!
Oh, my gosh! I totally forgot!
Let me change into something else!
Okay, okay! You look great!
Come on! Let's go!
Lil bro, stop chiseling.
Sorry, mailman!
- Excuse me! Coming through!
- Hey, Charlie!
Oh hey, bears.
Hurry! Come on!
Good morning, bears.
Coming through! Bear stack!
- Oh! Sorry! Our bad!
- So sorry. Our bad.
- Coming through!
- Coming through!
Grizz, we're gonna be...
Whoa! Watch out!
Look, one of those scooter things!
Renting now.
Hey, bears!
Slow down, guys!
Coming through! Look out!
- I feel slightly sick.
- Did we make it?
Bros, there it is!
Bonjour! Welcome to the grand
opening of Le Bonne Poutine!
Yes! We did it!
I've been waiting for this new truck.
And we're first in line.
Is this what being
an influencer feels like?
Feels nice.
I don't even know what poutine is.
What? Poutine?
It's the most delicious treat ever!
And you know it's good
'cause it's from Canada!
Yes, Canada!
Land of the free, home of the brave!
Plus, we love bears!
Oh, neat!
- We'll have three poutines, please.
- Comin' right up!
Hey, guys! Get in... guys!
- Say "poutine."
- Poutine!
So, I decided to start over
and rebrand myself online
as a cool guy this time.
CoolGuy28 to be exact.
I can smell the likes already.
Order up! Three poutines!
Guess we got here just in time.
Look at all these hungry people.
- We're not hungry!
- We're angry!
- We're angry at you!
- Yeah!
You ruined our wedding.
You ruined my pizza!
We're sorry. It was an accident.
We didn't mean to.
Well, we're tired of your antics!
Ice Bear's antics are entertaining.
- That's just what we do.
- Yeah.
It's fun and... endearing.
Alright, alright.
Everyone calm down.
Now, just state your complaints
in an orderly fashion
and I'll add them to our
bear complaint file.
Bear complaint file?
What is that?
Yep, broke... skateboard...
Excuse me. Pardon me.
Sorry. Just a sec. Thank you.
Stole bear complaint binder...
And he pushed me.
Can you guys believe this?
"Bears are too big and loud."
"Made tote bags uncool."
"The panda keeps asking me out."
"He is so awkward.
Why can't he take a hint?"
This must be another panda, right?
Oh, man! I had no idea
people felt this way about us.
Ice Bear not bad bear.
Just misunderstood.
We got to fix this.
But what do we do?
Hey, my car!
Hey... hey!
Now, you see here, mister!
What's up?
- It's Nom Nom!
- Oh, my god! It's Nom Nom!
Nom Nom.
Hey, Nom Nom, do the face!
Oh, you mean... this face?
Yeah, just give me the special.
Oh! I have something extra special
for you, Mr. Nom Nom, sir!
- Hey, Nom Nom.
- Hey, Greg.
Oh, it's Grizz.
And here it is!
It's a special Nom Nom poutine!
I'm full.
I'm so sick of being treated like this!
Nom Nom can get away
with anything!
I mean, I can't even get away with...
"Sat on my birthday cake."
Alright, I did do that.
Well, what do you expect?
That's just how people treat you
when you make cool videos.
- Nom Nom, Nom Nom...
- Well, then we just need
to make cool videos and stuff too.
Grizz, that never works.
Mom? Are you in there?
Here's your bottle.
Now, try to get...
- Bad video. No likes.
- Look, my point is
people didn't watch our videos before
and they're not gonna
watch them now.
We're just not popular.
But what if this time
we make the ultimate video?
The most viral of the viral!
I guess, but it's not like
we can force people
to watch our video.
Ice Bear has idea.
Hey, lil bro.
How's it goin' up there?
Lil bro?
Hacking complete. Ice Bear is in.
Alright... let's get this show
on the road!
Pan Man, how's the set
coming along?
Okay, I guess.
Grizz, I don't know about this plan.
Panda, it's foolproof.
We're putting every popular
Internet thing into one video.
They're gonna love it!
Shouldn't we be
a little more original?
I mean, won't this seem...
I don't know
a little cringey and pass?
Yo, it'll go great, man.
The Internet is a positive place
full of only kind
and supportive people.
Do it for the likes.
Okay, last thing we need is...
Oh! Your phone.
What? My phone? Why?
We have to connect to your account.
CoolGuy28, right?
How's that going, by the way?
What? How is that even possible?
Okay, you're right.
Nothin' left to lose.
That's the spirit!
Alright, places,
everybody, places.
Panda, you ready for your close-up?
- Yeah. I guess.
- Little bro?
Ice Bear born ready.
Okay, boys, it's showtime!
Yo, Bay Area fam!
You ready to party?
'Cause things are about
to get lit up in here!
We're comin' at you
with the most fire hits!
And don't forget to like,
comment, subscribe to bears!
'Cause bears are actually
really cool and the best!
Let's go!
- Bang the beat
- Let's go!
Bang the beat
Wow, this is so cringey.
Is this for real, dude?
- Daebak
- Saranghae
Jangnangam, jangnangam
Oh, man! So cold!
These memes are older than I am.
I don't get it.
This is going great!
Panda! Go check on the stats!
What? I think this is really working!
I think people love it!
Guys? Something is wrong.
Panda, stop worrying!
The stream must go on!
Oh, man! What's happening?
- Help! Help!
- What are we gonna do?
Well, stream's over, I guess.
Do people like us now?
Oh, sure. They're gonna love us.
Outraged citizens descend on
City Hall tonight in the aftermath
of a massive blackout
attributed to three bears
and their desperate bid for attention.
Quiet, please. Everyone, quiet.
Now, I know you're upset
but if we all calm down
I'm sure these bears
can explain themselves.
Sorry, everyone. We made a mistake.
But good news,
it's not gonna happen again.
Right, bro?
Ice Bear is filled with deep regret.
I'm sorry about everything.
I thought it was a bad idea
in the first place
but someone dragged me into it.
Welp, there you go.
Let's just jot this down
in the bear file and...
These bears should be
held accountable!
Their hijinks have gone on
way too long!
And they smell!
Okay, maybe pick up some trash
or paint a fence, or...
Who's that?
Step aside. I'll take over from here.
- Who are you?
- Agent Trout.
Department of
National Wildlife Control.
I'm here because someone
isn't doing their job.
I apologize for being subtle
but it's you.
You're not doing your job.
See, you've got a bear problem.
And I'm a problem solver.
Bear problem?
Bear problem.
Nature. We all love nature.
A stroll in the park,
a hike on a sunny afternoon.
But what happens when
nature... invades?
Coyotes bullying schoolchildren!
Pigeons dealing in contraband!
Wild cougars stalking the innocent!
I've seen it all, folks.
But I've never seen anything
as disturbing
as what you see here today.
Hey, is he talking about us?
No comments until the end
of the presentation.
In this world,
there is a natural order.
And when that order is violated
when wild animals
are allowed to live among us
in our communities, in our homes
that's when nature
becomes unnatural.
Are we really going to tolerate
these bears
wreaking havoc in the city?
Walking on two legs? Talking?
- Yeah.
- Sure, yeah.
And the sickest, most disturbing
thing these bears do?
They... stack!
What's wrong with that?
What's wrong with that?
These bears are a threat
to the natural order.
As long as they're here
your entire way of life is at risk.
W-W-What do we do?
Simple. We do what I do best.
Capture, detain and relocate
the infestation.
Send these bears back to
where they belong.
A bear reserve!
Cut off from human society forever!
Yeah! No more bears!
No more bears... no more bears!
What now, Grizz?
I don't know.
- Hey!
- You can't do this!
Hey! No! This is wrong!
This is our home!
You can't just force us out!
No... no! Please!
Don't shove Ice Bear.
Ice Bear knows where to go.
Hold it.
Leave us.
You've been living
among humans for so long
but that time has passed.
You can't do this!
This is our home!
Yeah! We'll get a lawyer!
Lawyer? What are you gonna do?
Pay them in honey?
Take 'em away.
Pay them in honey.
- What do you want?
- We want justice!
- This is unconstitutional!
- What are you, crazy?
If you hurt them, I will... I will...
write a very long letter to my senator!
I'm not going to hurt them.
I'm sending them to a place
where they'll be happy.
Isn't that what you want, little girl?
Officer Murphy is on his way
delivering the bears as we speak
and there's nothing you can do
to change that.
Hey, Trout. Where'd the car go?
- Officer Murphy?
- That's weird.
I was just getting
some coffee and doughnuts...
If you're here,
then who is driving the car?
Grizz, are you okay?
Hey! Would you mind
not driving like a maniac?
It's alright, Henry.
The carsickness will go away soon.
- Charlie!
- Charlie!
Hey, bears! A lil birdie told me
y'all were in some trouble.
She also taught me how to
hijack this police vehicle.
Charlie! You're a life saver!
Yeah, Charlie! We never would've
guessed it was you!
My Pan-Pan! Get in here!
Shouldn't you be watching
the road or somethin'?
No worries. I got someone on it.
How many animals
did you bring with you?
I don't know. Like, all of them?
Don't worry, bears.
I got a plan to hide and everything.
What's the news, Carl?
Great. Squeak, squeak, squeak.
Bears! Bears!
Looks like the coast is clear, fellas.
Here, put these on
so nobody recognizes ya.
- What's the point?
- One for you.
Everyone hates us.
And that Trout guy
wants to throw us in bear jail.
And one for you.
Ice Bear always the outlaw.
Never the law.
I don't know
what we're gonna do.
Here's what you do.
Burn all your stuff!
The more precious,
the warmer the fire.
My stuff!
We'll never find a place
to call home again.
Mi casa, no casa.
What a cruel world!
Hot... hot!
Alright, who's ready to burn off
their fingerprints?
Bros, I know what we can do!
Canada! We can start
a new life in Canada!
- What? Canada?
- Yeah, Canada!
Everyone's brave! Everything's free!
And they love bears in Canada.
Just look at this picture.
We wouldn't have to hide.
We could be free,
livin' the Canadian dream.
I don't think
this is a good idea, Grizz.
We don't even have passports.
We don't need passports.
We're bears!
So... so what are we gonna do?
Change the car so we can drive
around undetected?
Got my homie on the side
And he's got a fly ride
So pure, so solid
the beat amplified
I swerve to the left
The dude is calling out
"Yo, que paso"
Great job, boys.
Thank you so much,
Charlie, for everything.
Keep in touch, you know.
Ice Bear will never forget
Charlie's face... and feet.
It was nothin', bears.
I'd do anything for you guys.
Okay, now, where's Panda?
What's he doin'?
I'll see what's up. He loves me.
Hey, Pan Man, you all set
to go to Canada?
I know you might be a little
tense from nerves, but...
W-W-We're rushing into this
way too fast!
Canada? I-I want to stay here!
Hey, I don't wanna leave either, man.
But we don't have a choice, Panda.
But we're leaving everything behind!
Our home. Our friends. Our whole life!
It's way too risky!
Panda, I know it's a risk
but trust your big bro.
If we work together
- everything will work out fine...
- No, Grizz!
Come on, little bro.
You know it's smarter to stay here.
Lil bro knows that staying here
is a bad idea!
- We gotta go to Canada!
- We should stay!
- Go!
- Stay!
Please don't break Ice Bear.
You wanna go to Canada so bad
just go without me!
- Fine!
- Fine!
Come on. Let's go.
- What are you so happy about?
- Oh, nothing.
Just the fact that we have
all this time to hang out
and be best friends
in the woods all alone
forever and ever
and ever and ever and ever.
Wait up!
Wait! Wait! Wait for me!
I knew you'd come around, Pan-Pan.
Yeah... don't rub it in.
I'm only here to make sure you two
don't get into any more trouble.
Sounds good to me!
And I've got an idea to get us going.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah! That's what I'm talkin' about.
Hit it, brotha!
We are driving to Canada
in style, baby!
The lid was on.
Hey, guys!
I think I found another clue!
- Yay!
- That's my boy!
Well, the cave is completely empty.
Looks like the bears skipped town.
So, case closed.
This case isn't closed until I say it is.
But they're gone.
Isn't that what you wanted?
Don't worry. You and your adorable
little team can relax.
I've called my own reinforcements
to finish the job.
Trout? This seems like a lot.
Listen up. Three fugitive bears
are on the loose
and we're going to find them.
Let's show Officer Murphy
how we handle wild animals.
You are just
capturing these bears, yes?
Yes. Capture them.
No matter the cost.
O, Canada, our home
and something trees
- O, Canada...
- Grizz, enough already!
At least learn the words.
Come on, Panda. Lighten up!
We're road trippin'! This is fun.
Right, lil bro?
Fun? Grizz, how can you be
so calm about this?
We're fugitives!
Relax, Panda.
They'll never find us.
Don't think of this
as us being on the run.
Think of it more like...
a road trip!
What? A road trip?
But, Grizz, we're wanted.
We're criminals! And...
Listen up.
Come on, little bro
think of everywhere we can go
But, Grizz, the po-po.
No need to dwell
when we've got the open road
Ice Bear wants to lay low.
This is gonna be the best time
Put your fears away, enjoy the ride
We're gonna have a ball
on the way to Canada
- Just think of it.
- I don't know, Grizz.
On the way to Canada, we...
Can pop in on a diner
by the roadside
Fresh-baked pies and
cheer in every eye
What makes you think
they'll like us at all?
Probably end up mounted on a wall
We ought to lay low
on the way to Canada
Oh, come on.
Don't be a downer, Panda.
There's plenty of other things.
Like... oh, I know!
How 'bout...
Roadside attractions,
those are never a bore
A giant ball of yarn
or those concrete dinosaurs
So old, probably falling to bits
Crushed by the camp,
it'd be just the pits
We ought to lay low
on the way to Canada
Come on, Pan Man.
There's got to be something
that you wanna see
Come on, bros,
you love adventure.
- What's it gonna be?
- What's it gonna be?
Well, I guess...
I've always wanted to take
selfies in the desert.
Okay. Yeah! That's great!
Ice Bear wants to see
the redwood trees.
That's perfect!
And it'd be cool to send out
postcards to all our friends.
Yeah! There you go!
Ice Bear wants to see
the Muffler Man.
Okay, sure.
You know...
maybe this won't
be so bad after all.
Won't be so bad
Yeah, and just 'cause we fell
doesn't mean we'll continue to fall.
Not gonna fall
We left our home and that's a pain
But we're gonna have
a good time anyway
We're gonna have a ball
on the way to Canada
We're gonna have a ball
on the way to Canada
We're gonna have a ball
on the way to Canada
See, Panda?
Trust your big bro.
- Everything's gonna be okay.
- Yeah, yeah.
I'm gonna check and see
if there's any cool stops coming up.
Ice Bear sees stop ahead.
What's with all the traffic?
It's the police
and they have pictures!
Oh, yeah? Of who?
- Of us!
- Wh-What?
Oh, no! W-W-What do we do?
Okay. Stay calm. Just...
Back up and
we'll take a different road.
We're trapped!
Quick, Panda! Get Charlie's bag!
Grizz, stop it!
One second!
Grizz! You're on my foot!
Hello, Officer!
Turn that hippy-dippy music off.
You gentlemen from around here?
Ask again later.
Have you seen these three bears?
No. Oh, what are they doing there?
Stacking? That's so weird.
We're humans!
Right. I'm gonna need
your registration.
Oh, sure thing, Officer.
I'll have to run this by my boss.
You stay put.
We got a 436 on the 22.
We got to get out of here!
Go... floor it!
No! We can't just bolt out of here!
- We can get out and run!
- No! We just ate!
What if we sing another song?
- Cops hate music.
- Well, fine then.
Why don't we just leave really slow?
Yeah. Let's try that.
That's right, sir. We found them.
It's obviously just
three bears in disguises.
Hold them there. I'm on my way.
Yeah, so I start every day
with 100 push-ups.
- Is that a new baton model?
- Yeah.
Pretty nice, huh?
Can't wait to use it.
We'll find those bears
any second now.
Yes, sir. We'll hold 'em.
Dumb bears.
We got 'em, sir.
Open up, bears.
We know you're in there.
Do these people look
like bears to you?
Of course they're not bears,
you dummy!
Trick I use to tell the difference
is noting the lack of fur
and cute little ears.
'Cause they're bears.
Man, that was a piece of cake!
Everything is coming up bears.
Everything is not coming up bears!
- Hey!
- If we keep on the main roads
we're gonna get caught.
I found a detour. It's safer.
Okay, take the next left, lil bro.
That'll take forever!
We'll never reach Canada.
Come on!
The main highway's a straight shot.
But they'll find us on this road!
Panda, relax.
We're fine, buddy.
We're past 'em.
Just keep going this route.
- Hey!
- Staying on current course.
Stop it, Grizz! No!
- We gotta take the detour!
- Route updated.
Ice Bear suggests this route.
- Hey! Stop! Don't you start!
- Route updated.
- Give it back, Grizz!
- Just stay on this road.
- Stop!
- This is faster.
- Rerouting. Rerouting.
- Ice Bear picks this one.
It's my phone! Stop!
- Go this way!
- It's the best route!
Slow down, bro!
Ice Bear can't slow down.
Brakes not working.
- Everyone okay?
- Yeah. Barely.
Oh, great. Our van is totaled.
- Nice job, everyone.
- Wait.
Do you hear that?
Guys, guys, guys!
It's gonna be fine! We're good!
I'm sure whoever's over there
can help us fix our van.
Come on, bros! Forward!
We're gonna die here, aren't we?
Is this a cornfield?
Can we eat the corn?
No, Grizz.
That would be stealing.
Ice Bear just eating stuff
off the ground.
What the heck is that?
Weird. It's like
some kind of stick house.
A stick stadium!
What's it doing way out
in the middle of nowhere?
Ice Bear getting weird vibes.
Y'all going in or what?
Got a mad case of fomo already.
How... wh-wh-what... cow...
You forgot the password.
Happens all the time.
No worries. I got ya.
What's the password?
Yeah, that's it.
Alright, boys. Here we go!
Oh hey, girl! I see you.
It's like an animal rave?
"Internet Animal Fest"?
Wait, guys! I think
I recognize these animals!
They're all Internet famous!
Like you! You're Angry Kitty!
Yeah, that's me.
- So cool!
- So cool!
And I'm The Painting Elephant.
I paint with my nose.
Juice My Car Raccoons, man!
And I'm Jacked Up Kangaroo.
You bears ready to party?
You wanna party with us?
No one's ever asked us
to party before.
Yeah! Come on!
- Party!
- Yeah! Party!
Okay, we're in! Let's go!
Oh hey, guys.
I knew I recognized you.
You're Dramatic Cow!
Yeah, but I don't like to
brag or nothin'.
Hey, what's up, guys?
Crazy party, huh? Yeah!
Can you follow me? Please?
Sure. Who are you?
I'm Pizza Rat!
Here you go.
Yeah! One million and one followers.
One million.
Come on, bros.
Getting followers is so hard
especially when everyone
started copying my video.
Bruh! Stop that! I'll sue you, man!
I will, bro!
Anyways, so, how many
followers do you guys have?
How'd you guys go viral?
Nah, man. We aren't actually
Internet famous.
They're not famous?
What up? I thought you bears
were viral video stars.
Y'all were just basic
this whole time?
This party's for Internet animals only!
- It's against the rules!
- Boo!
Well, we tried to go viral.
Follow me at CoolGuy28.
Ice Bear popular in Asia.
What are you guys gonna do?
We're callin' the po-po.
- Oh, no.
- Trout.
Please let us go!
- Call the cops... call the cops!
- Stop! Stop!
You don't understand! Please!
You don't understand, sir! Wait!
- No! No!
- Stop!
Just hear us out!
- What?
- What?
Grizz, what are you doing?
I don't know.
I heard it in a movie.
What does that even mean?
"Parlay... to cease fire and
hold a conference"
"with the opposing side."
Well, sounds like we got
to hear 'em out.
- Okay.
- Makes sense.
Look, I'm sorry, everyone.
We... we didn't mean to
crash your party.
We just... crashed our car
and now we're stuck here.
We got kicked out of our home
just because we're bears.
Being Ice Bear shouldn't be a crime.
We're just trying to get to Canada.
To maybe find a place that will
accept us for who we are.
Nobody cares about us
because we're different.
Haven't you had any people
judge you like that?
Yeah. People think
I'm mad all the time
because I look angry.
But this is just my face.
I have other feelings too.
Nobody takes me seriously
as an artist
just because I paint with my nose.
And everyone just looks at me
as a buff kangaroo
but I'm so much more than that.
Why can't the people see?
The world can be
a cruel and unkind place.
We just want to believe that
it's not all like that.
Hey, maybe we did judge you unfairly.
We're sorry, bears.
Listen, we'll fix your car
so you can find your new home.
We're on it!
That was real inspiring, bears!
Yeah, we'll hook you up!
Come with me. You can stay
with us for the night.
- Wow. Thanks!
- Thanks, you guys!
Thanks, everyone! We love you!
What? They get to stay?
It took me 500,000 followers
before you even let me in!
How's that fair?
I'll end you, bro.
Hey, Grizz. What happens
if we never find a new home?
I don't know.
I never thought about it.
Ice Bear full of uncertainty.
Yeah, don't worry, bros.
We always figure it out.
Yeah, you're right.
- Well, good night.
- Sweet dreams.
Good night.
Please don't step on me, Grizz!
Oh hey, Pan. What are you
doing down there, bud?
Hey, no worries. I got you, dude.
Let me carry you
the rest of the way.
Gee, thanks, Grizz!
Hey, lil bro!
Alright, don't worry.
I can help you both off this bridge.
Oh, no! The train! It's gonna get us!
Not to worry, bros.
Plenty of time to get off the tracks.
Hey, Grizz, can you help me out too?
Sure, no worries, guys.
- Welcome aboard.
- What about me?
And me!
- Thanks, Grizz! Appreciate it!
- You're the best!
- Thanks, Grizz!
- Thank you!
Appreciate it, bro!
- Oh, no!
- We're not gonna make it!
- Help us, Grizz!
- He's gonna catch us!
Don't worry, bros!
I'll make sure you're safe!
No! No!
Please! No!
- Farewell, bear.
- No!
Grizz, what's... what's wrong?
Never mind.
I think I need some fresh air.
Okay. If you need anything...
I can't see a thing.
It's too dark in here.
Guys! Guys! Get up! Get up!
Grizz, stop waking us up.
What is it this time?
This is the end of the line, bears.
We have you surrounded.
Come out with your paws up.
How'd they find us?
Sorry, bears. I had to snitch.
- Pizza Rat!
- Pizza Rat!
Hey! I followed you, man!
I know, but so did they.
Yes! Yes! More followers!
Take 'em down, boys.
Oh, no! What do we do?
You're not welcome here!
Drop the beat.
Come on! Hurry!
Run for your lives!
You fools! Come back!
They're just a bunch of wild animals!
Actually, they're not wild.
They're cute viral-video animals.
Come on! Come on!
Everyone, these bears,
they need to split now!
Hey, don't worry.
It's all ready for ya.
Yeah, yeah. Check it. We're good.
Wow! You fixed it!
It's back to normal!
- Not quite.
- We juiced it.
- Yeah! Running on 100%...
- Lava lamp, baby!
We want to keep it on theme.
Enough! Quit talkin' and get drivin'!
Good luck, bears.
Be safe out there.
Yeah, but if you ever get in a pinch
just hit that button on the dash.
No, no! Not now, man!
- Oh, thank you, guys!
- Be safe!
Peace out!
Alpha Team, regroup!
They're getting away!
Step on it, Murphy!
Aren't you forgetting something?
Where are we?
We haven't been driving that long.
Looks like we're passing through
some kind of industrial zone.
It's all that's left
before we reach Canada.
Lil bro. Hey... why are you
speeding up so much?
Guys, we've got company.
This is your last chance.
Pull over, bears!
Oh, no! They've caught up to us!
Hello, police?
I was wondering if I could
request a jail cell
with a top bunk bed?
Panda, no! We can't give up!
We've come too far.
We just have to lose these bozos.
Lil bro, you up for the challenge?
Ice Bear ready to do or die.
- Step on it, bro!
- Burning rubber.
All units! After those bears!
Dude, they're right on our...
Turn left!
No, no, right! Drift, drift!
Watch out for that ramp!
Punch it, Murphy!
But, Trout,
there's a mean-looking ramp ahead.
- Just do it! Faster!
- Okay!
Stop running, bears!
You have no chance of escape.
Ram 'em, Murphy!
- What do we do?
- Lava power.
Oh, the special button!
Let's boogie.
Yo... what is going on?
No! Oh, no, what's happening?
What the sweet peas is that?
Is this some kind of control board?
I don't know, I'll pick the big one!
I wonder what lava power means?
Pan Man, what the heck
are you doing back here?
I don't know what the buttons do!
I pushed the big one
and it almost
brought the whole place down!
Well, push another one!
Just a second here.
- Try another one.
- Okay!
We gotta speed up, bro!
Ice Bear maxed out.
- Yeah! Take that!
- Lava power, baby!
Panda! I got you, Pan-Pan!
Oh, no! Cellie!
Drive steady.
Trout, be careful.
That looks dangerous!
Panda, hang on!
You will be captured.
Sweet biscuits!
Oh, no! The bears!
Panda! Grab my paw!
Murphy! Call reinforcements
to follow them!
But we don't know
where they're going.
They could be headed anywhere.
Sir, this is Unit 21.
We found something.
I'll be right there.
Come on, old van. You got this!
Oh, man! Now what do we do?
Guys, look, look, look!
Is that...? It is!
- Canada!
- Canada!
- Freedom!
- Acceptance!
Oh, what are we waiting for?
Let's run!
No, wait!
Let's stack!
Hearts everywhere
Up in the air
Me and you
Oh, is it true?
You and me
Hello! We're here to come to...
- Canada!
- Canada!
Bears! Oh, this is just great.
You guys are gonna love it here.
We Canadians love bears. See?
Oh, and we love you, Mr. Canadian.
I am so ready for
the beginning of our new lives.
Ice Bear ready
for universal healthcare.
That's wonderful, guys!
Just show me your passports
and you'll be good to go.
Just show me your passports.
We don't have passports.
Well then...
I can't let you in then, can I?
Wait, what?
- No! That can't be right!
- Grizz!
I thought you said
we didn't need passports!
But... but I thought...
I cannot believe this.
Please, sir.
You have to let us in.
I mean, we're bears!
We don't need passports, right?
Maybe not in the States
but up here, you sure do.
- Sorrey.
- No! No "sorrey"!
You don't know what
me and my brothers
went through to get here!
Surely there's some way!
Just let us through!
No can do.
Then we'll just climb over then...
we won't tell.
My poutine's done.
Well, good luck!
What? No! Come on!
Come on... come on!
Grizz, give it up already.
It's over.
What? Nonsense, Panda!
I'll think of something else.
We can just sneak in another way
or... we can go get passports!
C'mon! To the car, boys!
I've had it! I'm over it, Grizz!
What are you talking about?
This! Any of this!
Over and over, we get into trouble.
You make up one of your schemes
and everything ends up worse.
Schemes? I'm the only one
trying to get us out of this mess!
A mess that you created!
This never would've happened
if you hadn't pushed us
into making that stupid video.
Hey, people liked that video!
You are so in denial.
Oh, I'm in denial, "Coolguy"?
How dare you!
See? Now look what you did!
Look, let's just calm down.
Playing the blame game
isn't gonna get us
any closer to finding a new home.
Grizz, how are you not getting
it through your thick head?
You can't fix this.
We're not wanted anywhere.
We're never gonna find a home.
I'm outta here!
Hey! Where are you going?
- Come on. We gotta stick together!
- Stop it!
You can't leave! We're brothers!
No! We're not!
We're not brothers, Grizz.
We're just a bunch of dumb bears
who made up some story
to make ourselves feel better.
Very entertaining.
And, really, it's the least
you bears could do
after being so easy to find.
I mean, honestly,
this was almost boring.
My phone!
And now... you're coming with me.
Welcome, bears!
The fresh smell of
an animal reserve center.
I do hope you'll enjoy
our state-of-the-art facilities
including a new electrically
charged barbed-wire fence.
That's 10,000 volts between you
and the outside world.
What are you gonna do to us?
What am I going to do?
Well, I'll start by putting
each of you in one of these.
- No!
- No!
Hey, hey! Stop!
- Hands off Ice Bear.
- Don't touch us! Don't do this!
- Grizz, help me!
- Bros!
Lil Bro! No!
- Lil Bro!
- Get off Ice Bear.
Stop this!
- Stop!
- Let him go.
So he can say goodbye
for one last time.
What? What do you mean?
Why, we're sending the beasts
back to where they belong.
I don't wanna go!
No! You monster!
Trout? Isn't this a little cruel?
Illegal even?
You can't separate them.
I mean, they're brothers.
Brothers? Really?
I don't see the resemblance.
Well, Trout, I-I just don't...
This case is closed.
You won't be needed
anymore, Murphy.
Take them away.
No! Panda! Lil Bro!
Don't worry. We've got
something extra special for you.
Right over there.
What's wrong?
You don't like your new home?
Why are you doing this to us?
- We never did anything to you!
- Why shouldn't I?
Humans have been
Nature's dominant predator
since the beginning of time.
And this is the closest
I will ever get to hunting you.
So long, bear.
I've never seen so many bears before.
So, they captured you all too?
Oh, right. Sorry.
I never learned to speak
bear language.
Hey, don't be a sad bear!
What? What the...
This place is a dump.
What happened to us, dude?
What happened?
I messed up.
That's what happened.
I tried to make things better
but all I ended up doing is
making things worse.
I'm useless.
But what about our lil bros?
Don't you care about them?
It's impossible.
There's nothing I can do.
And it's all my fault
they're even in this mess.
They're better off without me.
I see.
That's rough, man.
But what about the promise
we made to our brothers?
What promise?
The day we first met.
We made a promise to each other.
Don't you remember?
When we... first met?
It's still gaining on us!
- Faster!
- We're not gonna make it!
I got you, guys!
Thanks for catching us.
We totally would have died.
Like, really died.
It was nothing!
I'm Grizz, by the way.
Nice to meet ya!
I'm Panda.
I can't believe we survived that!
You were amazing, man!
The way you came in
like, "Whoosh! Bam!"
And... and you were like, "Pow!"
And then like,
"Sha, sha, sha, sha, sha!"
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah!
And I was like...
Hey, I was not like that.
Wow, we make a great team!
Wait a second!
something's coming to me.
Hold on. Wait up.
Thinking... okay!
I just got a crazy idea!
What if we kept this team thing going?
What do you mean?
You know, like...
we'd stick together.
Have each other's backs
and take care of each other.
Like a family?
Yeah! Exactly!
And that would make us brothers!
But we don't even look alike.
I know! That's, like, the best part!
Yeah. Yeah, I guess it is!
Cool! I now have brothers!
Yes! Let's promise that
the three of us are brothers!
For life!
No matter what happens,
we'll always be there for each other.
Yeah, and support each other.
Alright, "Bros for life" on three.
One, two, three!
- Bros for life!
- Bros for life!
Bros... for life.
It's time we make good
on those words.
We made a promise!
Yeah, no matter what happens
we'll be there for each other, right?
Bros for life, right?
So, what are you gonna do?
I... I'm gonna save my brothers!
I'm strong.
I'm a big brother!
Yes! Now to free my brothers!
Fellow bears, can you help me?
Sweet! Alright!
But how do I get you guys out?
That's it!
They're all loaded up, sir.
Good. Get ready for departure.
Yes, sir.
What the...
Get out of the way, Trout!
We're going home.
You animals need to
get back to your cages.
What you're doing is wrong.
We're family
and you can't separate us!
I said, "Get back to your cages!"
You think you belong?
That you can fit in
with the rest of society?
You are nothing but some
filthy, mindless beasts!
You're wrong, Trout!
Am I?
Your brothers will return to
where they belong
and so will you.
What do you think
you're going to do with that?
Lil bro!
Take Ice Bear's hand
if you want to live.
It's over, Trout.
Ice Bear full of rage.
Your reign of terror is over.
Get back! Get back, you beasts!
These cages, this reserve...
You're doing all this because
you're afraid of what's different
not because it's right.
And we're not gonna stand for it.
No! No!
No! Let me out! Let me out!
Free me right now, you animals!
Nature has an order!
Nature adapts.
Maybe you should too.
Can we go home now?
Yeah, man. Let's do it.
Oh man, this whole place is on fire!
Gotta get outta here!
Quick, we need to get
everyone to the exit!
There's no way out!
Ice Bear senses impending doom.
Do you guys hear that?
What is it?
Hang on, bears! I'm on my way!
- Is that...
- Officer Murphy?
I'm bringin' her down.
Sorry, bears!
I can't land in this fire.
You gotta figure out a way
to come to me.
How do we get up there?
What do we do? What do we do?
- Wait, I got something!
- What is it?
We just gotta do what we do best.
Oh... yeah.
Brothers and sisters, listen to me!
Everyone! We gotta stack!
Murphy, we're coming up!
Roger. Hurry, bears.
The fire's closing in.
Come on. Hurry.
- You got it.
- I got you.
Don't worry, I got you.
Okay, hurry it up.
Okay, now keep stacking.
Yup, faster.
Help each other up.
We are reporting live from the scene
of a massive forest fire
an animal reserve center.
While workers have evacuated
dozens of bears are still trapped
with no means of escape.
Wait. Something's happening.
It's... it's the bears!
It appears that a grizzly,
panda and polar bear
are leading an escape attempt by
forming a giant bear stack!
But the flames are closing in.
There's no telling if they'll reach
that helicopter in time.
Hurry up, bears! Grab on!
Steady... okay, I think
we're gonna make it.
I guess you bears are
good for something, after all.
No! Don't do this, Trout!
And who's gonna stop me?
Your bear stack
can't reach me from there!
Sit down, Trout
and shut your doughnut hole!
Hang on, bears.
I'm getting us out of here!
Everybody! Lean!
Got it!
Here we go!
Hang on, everybody!
There you go.
You're gonna be alright, sir.
Hey, bears. How ya holding up?
Ice Bear is invincible
but a little sore.
I can't believe
we got out of that mess.
Yeah, but what about him?
Don't worry about Trout.
He won't be bothering you anymore.
So... what do we do now?
I don't know.
But we'll figure it out together.
Bros for life?
Yeah, bros for life.
- Bears! Bears!
- Over here!
How did you pull off
that incredible rescue?
How does it feel to be heroes?
- Heroes?
- Us?
Will you pursue legal action?
Have you thought about selling
the movie rights to your story?
When will you return home?
Well... I don't know if that's up to us.
Maybe ask him?
- Officer!
- Officer! When will
the ban on the bears be lifted?
Well... as an officer of the law
I will do everything in my power
to make sure that the bears return home.
- One more question.
- Final comment, sir.
- Sir, over here.
- One more question.
I can't believe it!
We're finally going home!
But what about all these bears?
Ice Bear will miss bear brethren.
I have an idea.
Hey, Officer Murphy.
Can you do us one last favor?
And one special bear-stack
poutine just for you!
Oh, this is so cute!
- Enjoy!
- Thank you!
Geez, I can't believe
we have our own poutine special.
Looks just like us.
Ice Bear can't wait to eat
poutine brothers.
You know, things have
really changed around here.
Yeah, come to think of it
we may be fitting in
a little better these days.
Ice Bear welcomes change.
Alright, guys. Let's eat!
I'm gonna do syrup and honey.