We Die Young (2019) Movie Script

- [tires screeching]
- [dog barking]
- [man 1] They're coming.
- [man 2] They're right behind us!
[man 1] Watch out!
- [gunshots]
- [man 2] Right behind us!
- [gunshots]
- [tires screeching]
- Watch out!
- [man 1] Miguel!
[Lucas] It don't look it, but it was the
best day and the worst day of our lives.
Fifty thousand tourists
visit Washington DC every day.
But my part of the city...
they never see.
I can ride my bike to the White
House and make it in 20 minutes,
but here,
the gangs run the streets.
And I work for the biggest gang
around: Mara Salvatrucha, the MS-13.
I always dreamed to be the
next Derek Jeter or Cabrera.
But in my neighborhood,
drugs come before baseball.
Everywhere you go, you see
the blue colors and the ink.
Rape, control, kill.
That's like their motto.
Our clique, The Coronado Locos,
ran the taxis, the hookers, the drugs
from University Boulevard
to the train tracks.
If it was in the neighborhood,
they owned it.
The system was so jenked,
you got bagged anywhere in DC,
you had to be processed
in Federal.
So most of the time,
the chota never even bothered.
And the gangs, they'd grown even bigger
than before 'cause no one talks to the cop.
Not 'cause they're loyal,
but because everybody's scared
shitless now of getting deported.
Ten thousand gang members
in over 40 states.
[radio chatter]
[Lucas] And these ugly maras...
even though they're locked up
in El Salvador,
they call the shots in every
clique from New York to LA.
They have the drug boys...
The drug boys
answer to the collectors...
the collectors
answer to the soldiers...
the soldiers answer to Jester.
He was one dumb-ass homey,
but was also the segunda
palabra, second word.
Everyone had to go through him to
get to the boss, except for me.
That's why he hates me.
And at
the top of the food chain...
[man screaming]
Rincon was
the most feared badass in DC.
He became prima palabra when he was
19, first word, out of the clique
'cause he offed all the
other crews and dealers
and any snake who ever thought
of flippin' or ratting out.
am a Jew.
"Hath not a Jew eyes?"
Please, Rincon. Please, please.
"And organs...
[Lucas] When Rincon
started doing his Shakespeare,
you knew some poor bastard's
about to get smoked.
"If you prick us...
do we not bleed?"
"If you tickle us,
will we not laugh?
If you poison us,
do we not die?"
[crying] He fuckin' switched the hub.
He had me.
"And if you wrong us..."
You know
I would never betray you.
"Shall we not take revenge?"
[speaking Spanish]
No, no. No.
[Lucas] See, lots of junkies
come here looking for their fix.
Smack, meth, scoobies, pac-man,
you name it.
But of all my buyers...
Daniel was different.
[labored breathing]
[Lucas] I never got
what brought him here.
What's up, Daniel?
I read it. It was pretty good.
Okay, fine, I didn't read it, but...
I don't have time for reading.
[recorded male voice] Kid
your age should be in school,
not running for the clique.
Yeah, whatever.
Easy, Daniel.
That shit's gonna kill you.
See you around.
Hey, Daniel.
You got some for me?
Fuckin' doctors, man.
Say I lost my benefits.
Say I was drug seeking.
Man, G. God bless you, brother.
God bless you.
Yo, Lucas. Friend to the street.
Nah, nah, nah.
But soon to be king, though, right?
Yo, check it out.
- [rapping in Spanish]
- [beatboxing]
- [Lucas] Oh, dope, man.
- Come on.
- I like that shit.
- Lucas!
Yo, Lucas. You need any help
with your collects?
[speaking Spanish]
Any jotos giving you shit?
I hope you drop them bitches.
No, man. I'm good, Rodrigo.
No psych, Lucas. I'm gangsta.
Waiting for my initiation.
Gonna get jumped in.
Give me a cop. Bam.
Little gordito is gangsta, all right.
Wants to be in the gang, huh?
- Hey, give it back.
- Listen, boy.
You don't have to shoot no cop.
I mean, you could just eat him, right?
Give it back!
See you, guys.
- [gun cocks]
- You want some?
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Oh, shit! Fuck. Fuck.
- You want some, too?
- Yo, you want some?
- Yo, chill. Chill, chill, chill.
- You want some?
- Whoa, whoa. It's cool, man!
- Calm down, man.
- Get the fuck out of here.
- You want some?
- No, just fuckin' with you.
Yo, Lucas! I'm gangsta!
You ready for tonight?
I wish they was here.
All right?
Mama will be just as proud
as I am.
I'm sorry.
My wife, she's sick
from the chemo.
I have to close the store
for a few days.
I will pay next week.
Tell him... tell him I'm sorry.
Here. For you and your brother.
I'll cover for you
this time, Carlos.
But you better have it
next week.
- This better be the last time, okay?
- Thank you, Lucas.
You're a good kid.
Tell him...
Tell him I pay next week.
Sit down.
- It's okay?
- Yeah.
Brenda, caf. You want a cup?
Uh, no, no. I'm fine. Thank you.
[speaking Spanish]
Your cousin tell me
you are having the...
the ceremony here?
Is that a problem?
Well, a Catholic wedding
must take place in a church.
I know you
since you are a little kid.
I know what you've been through.
We come from the same place.
I've seen you growing up.
I know how much you love your sister.
She should start a new life
in the house of God.
Padre, I respect you.
But nobody tells me
what to do with my sister.
I'll see you in the evening.
- But, Rincon...
- That's it.
Admissions program. The army can
provide you with 100% tuition assistance
to take college classes
even while you're serving.
Hey, what's up?
What's up?
Hey, Lucas.
What are you doing here?
Why aren't you at school?
I'm workin'.
Get outta here.
I gotta meet the drug boys.
Yeah, you're meeting me.
Really. You're meeting me. I'm the
new drug boy, man. I got the benches.
You're supposed to
give the stash over to me.
- What?
- Yeah.
I'm the new drug boy.
I just started today.
You're not selling.
Get your ass to school.
Fuck school, dude!
I'm gonna work for Rincon.
- You're not working for Rincon.
- Hey. Listen, I'm setting up.
Soon, I'm gonna be
a runner like you.
You're not like me and you're
not gonna sell. Come on, man!
- This is bullshit!
- I gotta take care of your ass, too?
I don't wanna see you
back here again.
- If I do, I'm gonna kick your ass.
- [Miguel] I'm gonna be a runner!
Yo, Daniel, my brother, my man.
Got a five? Got a ten?
I'm not coppin' no more, man.
I'm strictly buyin' food.
Takin' care of myself.
Got me on a meat diet.
Cuttin' out bread, sugar
and all that shit.
'Cause, man, them carbs,
that's the shit that's gonna kill you.
They call it a primal diet.
Primal like a caveman.
You know how them
vegetarians don't eat meat
'cause how it's killin'
all the animals
and they feel all bad
for the animals.
But you know what scientists
are sayin' now?
They sayin' vegetables...
Vegetables, man, they also got feelings.
Like a lettuce or a tomato
know that you eatin' 'em.
Straight up.
Heard this shit on NPR.
Said they done studies
on this shit.
Like, if you eat a cabbage,
that cabbage, it knows you eatin' it,
and it feels pain.
[labored breathing]
Believe that shit? Cabbage.
It got feelings, too.
So what are vegetarians
gonna eat now, huh? Rocks?
Man, they don't understand,
but in this world one man gonna
survive, another man gonna get hurt.
That's the way it is.
That's the way it's always been.
God bless you.
Semper Fi, my brother.
Semper Fi.
Finally, Abraham Lincoln granted
freedom to all slaves in what year?
[speaks Spanish]
If I ever see you back there...
Fuck school, dude!
I'm getting in with the gang!
Sit down!
I'm gonna get jumped in!
No, you're not! Not on my watch!
I want what's best for you.
Can't you think?
I'm pickin' you up at 3:00 and I'm
takin' you straight to practice.
Don't let him leave.
[door closes]
Okay, kids.
Abraham Lincoln initiated
the Emancipation Proclamation
so that slaves could be free.
What does that mean for you?
How could this affect
your lives?
[girl] Daniel, Daniel.
I thought you said you quit.
That's the same thing
you said last time.
Are there no ratty body shops
where you're from?
No, it's not that I don't like
having you here. I do. It's...
[labored breathing]
Stop it. [Chuckles]
I'm just asking, you know,
'cause normally, it's the Latinos
looking for jobs
in the white neighborhoods.
[recorded male voice] I guess
I just like the people here.
Felix, hey, put that more in the
middle, right there.
[speaks Spanish]
That's good.
Tomas, huh.
- [speaks Spanish]
- You look good.
[speaking Spanish]
This is my family.
[speaking Spanish]
I'm taking Maria
to the "Y" after school.
Meet you by the creek?
- Take a seat.
- Please, please.
You want breakfast burrito?
[indistinct chatter]
5.50. Hey.
Fifty cent, man.
Fifty cent more.
- Come on, chavala, get movin'.
- Ain't no pills here, white boy.
- Fifty cent more, man.
- It's a food truck.
Come on, chavala, get movin'.
Move your ass.
Boys gotta get back to work.
Yeah, get movin', chavala.
Hey, fuckin' junkie.
What? Hey?
You wanna fuck me or something?
Ooh, he givin' you
a bitch stare.
You don't talk much,
do you, chavala?
Wanna get
fuckin' ball-deep or what?
Ooh, that's what I thought.
What you gonna do,
punk-ass? Huh?
You wanna fuck with us?
- What you gonna do about it, chavala?
- Huh?
What you gonna do, huh?
- What you gonna do, huh? Huh?
- What you gonna do, punk-ass?
- Old man river.
- [mocking]
Yeah, that's right.
Keep walking, junkie.
You, uh...
You ready for the big day?
I hear you're finishing up at
Montgomery College this year, right?
[Tomas] Right.
[clears throat] Right, I'm...
I'm getting my associate's degree
in construction management.
My brother's waiting for them in Orlando.
Got a job for him.
Prepared a room in his house
and everything.
Good. Good.
Gabriela's excited.
Me, too.
She hasn't
been outside of DC in...
She's going to love Florida.
It's beautiful.
Beautiful people, beautiful food.
Disney World.
[speaking Spanish]
[labored breathing]
[labored breathing]
[speaking Spanish]
[indistinct chatter]
Hello, darling.
[woman] No, yours is good,
it's good.
Yes, I think you should.
Look at the bride.
[both laughing]
You look great.
- What do you think of my hair?
- Like Jessica Alba.
- Yeah?
- Way prettier than Jessica Alba.
Come on. Let's go.
We gotta get dressed before
the photographer gets here.
- Right.
- [speaking Spanish]
- Sorry.
- Lucas.
Come here.
You know Tomas and his family.
[speaks Spanish]
If you'll excuse me,
I have business to talk with Lucas.
[speaking Spanish]
The wedding, huh?
Fuckin' mess, man.
Hey, you hungry?
You want something to eat?
No, I'm good.
What's up your ass?
Look, I wanna ask you
about some things.
Oh, shit. I forgot.
I got you something.
- Brenda?
- What?
Hey, Brenda, bring in the suit!
[Brenda] What?
- Bring in Lucas's suit!
- [Brenda] What?
Lucas's suit! Bring the suit!
That's for you.
Stand up.
- You like it?
- Yeah, I love it.
[speaks Spanish]
- Thank you.
- I want you wearing that for the wedding.
I want you to sit right
in front with the familia.
Never worn a suit before.
It's perfect.
- [Brenda] Okay?
- [Lucas] Yeah.
[both speak Spanish]
[door closes]
How was the run?
The run.
Oh. Yeah. It was good.
Look, Rincon,
I wanna ask you about something.
I wanna ask you about Miguel.
I don't want him having this kind of life.
I don't want him
to be a part of the gang.
- He's been getting so good at baseball...
- What are you talking about?
Miguel. He can get out of here.
He has a shot...
[man] Please, man, I'm...
- He says he still don't got it.
- I'm sorry, man. I'm your boy, really.
I'll get it, buddy,
I promise. I promise.
Hey, after three fuckin' times,
I ain't your fuckin' buddy.
- You got that shit?
- [crying] This is the last time, man.
This is the last time...
Do your fuckin' job.
Jester. Jester.
Take care of this.
I'm trying to discuss
business with Lucas.
[whimpering] Yo, please, man.
No, man. No! Argh!
Please, man. Please! Hey, man, it's me!
I'm your boy, man!
- [door closes]
- [whimpering continues]
- What the hell is this?
- [Lucas] Oh...
Carlos said he couldn't pay.
His wife's sick.
But he promised
he would pay next time.
Didn't I talk to you
about this before?
He promised
this was the last time.
You know...
you got too much
of your older brother in you.
He was smart, but soft.
He got his ass killed on the other side of
the world thinking he was helping you out.
People have to fear you.
Your heart...
like stone.
- Understand?
- Yeah.
- [muffled screaming]
- [scoffs]
Paco, tell Jester
to keep it down.
I got my sister getting ready
in the other room.
You know, I felt sorry for
them, too, when I was your age.
I came here alone with nothing.
Younger than you.
My father and brothers
killed in El Salvador,
my mother raped and murdered
by the coyotes,
leaving me to take care
of my little baby sis
born with a disability,
the way she is.
Had to do
what needed to be done.
Know what I'm sayin'?
Just like with your father.
Fuckin' MAGAs wanna come in here
and take control of my own barrio?
The Bloods, the cops,
the federales, whatever.
You gotta be ready to do
what your enemy is not.
[speaks Spanish]
You know...
I wasn't always
the biggest dealer in DC.
But I was the one
who killed them.
I'm gonna send Mousey
over to Carlos tomorrow.
No, man,
you don't gotta do that.
No one's gonna take over that
crap-hole once he's gone.
And then the payments
will stop coming in.
So, I thought, what's better,
a guy with two broken knees
and an empty shop,
or we wait a week or two and then
the payments will keep coming in?
See, that's why I trust you
more than any of these clowns.
I got a drop-off for you.
Two bricks of smack.
Pure "H." Take it to the gas
station across the train tracks.
- There'll be someone waiting for you.
- By the gas station?
Give him the bricks,
come right back.
All right.
This ain't no ordinary drop-off.
I'm counting on you.
Get to the gas station,
make the drop, and come right back.
You gotta get ready
for the wedding.
[labored breathing]
Here, I got these from upstairs.
They're dry.
Thought you said you were gonna
stick to your prescription.
[recorded male voice] Doctors
changed up my dose again.
At least Lucas sells me
what I need.
What happened to the rest of it?
The tattoo?
I think it looks good like that.
It's, like... more special.
[man] Daniel.
Let's finish the Caddy.
[Rincon] I want you
to keep an eye on him.
He's meeting
our friend from El Salvador.
You're sending him
across the tracks?
The car's still outside.
I got the feds on my ass.
I don't want no trouble
at my sister's wedding.
I promised her I wouldn't
have any deals go down today.
Then why send the kid?
I could make the deal.
Are you stupid or something?
I just told you, the feds are on my ass.
It's gotta be the kid.
Go, please.
leave his kid brother alone.
Yo. Yo, Lucas.
- I'm busy, Rodrigo.
- Too busy for the jump-in?
Whose jump-in?
Watch your head
and take it like a man.
And whatever you do,
don't cry like a bitch.
Hey, Miguel. What the hell?
- Hey! What are you doin'?
- He's not being jumped in.
- Yeah, he is.
- No way! My brother's not!
Just like me. Just like you, Lucas.
I got the call from Jester.
Besides, you should be proud.
Kid's got cojones
your older brother never had.
Don't let him scare you.
Just 'cause his jump-in left
him with a couple broken bones,
it don't mean
the same gonna happen to you.
- Come on, Miguel!
- What you doin', huh?
- What the...
- Fuck you, man.
Hey, Miguel! Come on!
You don't have to do this!
Come on, Miguel!
You're not being jumped in!
Leave him alone! He's just a kid, man!
He's just a kid.
- [grunting]
- One, two...
- Get up!
- [dog barking]
- Three.
- Leave him alone!
- He's a kid, man! Let him go!
- Four.
He's just a kid!
Five. Six.
Seven. Eight. Nine.
Ten. Eleven.
[Lucas] Get off!
[Miguel] Lucas!
[cheering and applause]
- You a bloody mess!
- Hey! Get off him, man!
Well, at least
you didn't squeal like a girl.
- Welcome to MS-13, bitch!
- Get off him. Hey.
- You all right, man?
- Yeah.
Everything's gonna be fine.
Let's go.
Hey, hey, hey. Where are you goin'?
He's gotta get to his spot. Hey!
Look, I don't got time for this, man!
Rincon's gonna be pissed.
- What?
- He's gonna be pissed.
He wanted me
to take him to the drop-off.
- Yeah? Well, he didn't tell me nothing.
- Of course he didn't!
The delivery
is across the train tracks.
He wanted me
to take him with me.
- What?
- Hey, I...
You wanna go ask Rincon?
Let's go.
He should be with the priest and
Gabriela getting ready for the wedding.
No, no, no.
Well, go on. But then bring
his ass back to his corner.
All right. Let's go.
- [dog barking]
- Wait.
Come on.
That's what I keep telling you.
You don't run with the gang.
It's too late for me, but you're smart.
You have a chance at something.
Do you just wanna
throw it all away?
[engine starts]
You were right about
the starter relay.
Take it around the block.
Make sure...
[speaks Spanish]
[speaking Spanish]
[door closes]
[labored breathing]
[car honking]
- You look beautiful.
- [chuckles]
Thank you for everything.
I don't got
any pills on me, man.
We're good.
Why don't you mind
your own goddamn business?
- The tracks are that way.
- We're not going to the tracks.
I'm getting you out of here.
- Why are we home?
- Just wait here.
- Lucas.
- Just wait here!
[dog barking]
[Miguel] Drink up, drink up.
Drink up. Come on.
Come on. Drop it and let's go.
No, I'm not gonna leave her.
I said let's go.
You're not taking it.
[Miguel] It's our brother's dog!
I'm not gonna leave her.
You think this is some kind of game?
I'm doing this for you.
Look, I'm starting out
as a drug boy
and working my way up,
just like you did.
You're always acting like my...
What is that?
You see what this says?
You got in. You hear me?
You got in.
All right, let's go.
We need to get out of here. Come on.
Shit, I lost a brick.
- [Jester] Lucas!
- Fuck.
Oh, shit.
Whatever this is, I don't got time, man.
Gotta get to the drop-off point.
Yeah, yeah.
Just like you told me.
Rincon said to take your
brother, huh, smart-ass?
That's what he said.
Why don't you believe me?
Oh, cut the shit!
Why ain't you
at the drop-off, huh?
And what the fuck's
your brother doing here?
Jester, you dumb-ass.
What did you call me?
Dumb-ass. You really think the deal's
going down by the train tracks?
You think Rincon
would tell your fancy-ass face
where the real
drop-off point is?
Just 'cause he's your cousin,
you think he trusts you.
With your Ricky Martin clothes and gel
and shit, like you're his right-hand man?
"Oh, I'm Jester.
You gotta listen to me."
You're not on top.
You never will be.
I'm the right-hand man,
and you know it.
Only me and Rincon know
where the deal's going down.
Get out of my face.
I got shit to do.
Come on.
[both laughing]
Let's go
ask Rincon ourselves, yes?
[indistinct chatter]
Everybody, ready for the picture?
Come on, everybody.
On the right side, please.
Sir? Good. Good.
Rincon, please?
Everybody's waiting.
Could you get in the picture?
Yes. Very good.
You know how pissed Rincon's gonna
be when you interrupt the wedding?
- You wanna be green-lit, Jester?
- Yeah.
Except it'll be your ass green-lit.
- I'm gonna fuck him up.
- Yeah, fuck him up.
I should feel sorry for you.
You remember what Rincon
did to Smiley last year
just because he started
selling without his okay?
They're still finding pieces...
- [barking]
- Shut the fuck up. I don't wanna hear another word.
Got it, smart-ass?
- [Lucas] Whoa, whoa. Hey, hey. Leave him out of this, man.
- Lucas!
- Leave him out of this.
- Get the fuck out of here, man.
- Stop!
- Lucas!
- Shoot the fuckin' dog.
- Lucas! Lucas!
- What did that mean, man?
- Get the fuck off him, man.
- Get yourself killed.
- Get off him, man! Leave him out of it!
- He's just a kid!
- Get the fuck back, you punk!
[speaks Spanish]
I don't mind. We'll skin
your kid brother first.
Let you watch him die.
You scared, kid?
- Boom! Boom, boom, boom.
- [laughing]
- Yeah!
- Put it down!
You like that, kid?
You scared, kid? Huh?
- You scared he gonna blow out your little brain, dude?
- [Miguel] Argh!
What? Let's go.
You're just a little bitch, man.
Look at his face, man.
Fucking fish, huh?
Not so smart now, huh? Huh?
Are you cryin', man?
Look at him
when he talkin' to you.
- Oh, he's gonna cry.
- Oh, you gonna cry, man.
- I think he got something in his eye, man.
- Don't do it, me brother.
Come on, you fuckin' midget.
What the fuck?
Can you boys give me a push?
Get your shit out of the way, old man.
I said get it out of the fucking way!
[indistinct chatter]
Hey! Hey!
Come on! Hurry up! Just drop
the damn thing already.
It's our brother's dog.
- Come on, come on!
- Go, go, go. Go.
Oh, shit!
[Lucas] Go, go, go. Come on.
- [woman screams]
- [glass breaking]
Come on.
Come on, come on, come on!
Come on. Hurry up.
- Leave the damn dog. Come on.
- Take the dog!
Yo, hurry up!
Yo, hurry up!
[woman shouting]
Come on!
[indistinct shouting]
[woman screaming]
[Lucas] Move, move, move.
Get the dog! Get the dog!
[engine sputters]
Let us in.
Go, go, go. Hurry up.
- They're coming. Go! Go!
- Go! Go!
- Go, go!
- [Jester] Stop!
- [Lucas] Go! Hurry!
- [Jester] Stop, boy!
They're right behind us! Lucas!
Go straight. Go straight.
Right, Daniel. On the right.
Daniel, come on.
[Lucas] Get in the street.
Right. Right. On the right.
- [Lucas] Watch out!
- [Miguel] Go, go, go!
[dog whimpering]
Miguel, you okay?
- You hurt?
- I'm okay. It's the dog.
He's dying. He's dying.
- Watch out!
- Look out! Look out!
[children screaming]
[Lucas] They're coming.
On your left.
Shake them off.
Shake 'em off, Daniel.
- [Miguel] Argh!
- [Lucas] Get down.
No! My gun!
Watch out, Daniel.
Get down!
[indistinct chatter]
- [gunfire]
- [speaking Pashto]
[man in English] Why is all
this furniture busted up?
[speaking Pashto]
- [man 1] He says Afghan party...
- [man 2] Calm the fuck down.
- [Miguel screaming] My leg! My frickin' leg!
- [Lucas] Let me get it out!
- Come on!
- [Miguel continues screaming]
No. No! No! Oh, my God!
Hurry up!
It's stuck!
[police sirens blaring]
Come on.
- [Lucas] We need to go. Come on.
- Wait! My dog!
- No!
- Come on!
No! No!
- [Lucas] Leave the dog! Come on!
- [Miguel] No! No!
Let's go.
[labored breathing]
- [Miguel grunting and screaming]
- Come on. Come on.
- It'll be fine.
- Ow. Argh.
[Miguel] No, no.
No, don't touch it.
- Stop, Miguel.
- Don't touch it, dude.
You're making it worse.
All right, stop.
- [Lucas] Let me see it, man.
- Stop. Stop.
- It's all right.
- Ow.
We're safe here as long as
those cops are still by the car.
Is he gonna be okay?
How does it look?
Okay. [Groans]
Where'd you learn all that?
My older brother was a Marine.
You remember?
Yeah, he got drafted
as a green card soldier.
He wanted to get out, you know.
He wanted a different life for us.
He wanted to get out of there.
He used to send us pictures of
him shooting his guns. Remember?
It was awesome.
He hated the food from there.
And the weather. He wasn't used to it.
He got killed in action
before he got his citizenship.
Yeah, so whatever.
What, citizenship?
Don't know.
Rincon just told us
if anyone found out about us,
they'll take us away and put
us into a home or some shit.
Yeah, the two of us.
It used to be us and our dad, but he
split after Jose left for Afghanistan.
Better off anyway.
You ever was there? Afghanistan?
This will be the moment.
It will be beautiful. Your moment.
Of course, during the mass,
I will ask you to read...
la carta del apstol San Pablo
a los corintios.
You'll be the one...
[speaking Spanish]
- Okay?
- [Jester] Rincon!
[Lucas] He's got the whole clique on us.
We gotta go. We gotta move now.
It's baseball camp for Miguel.
Let's go.
[Jester] I knew...
that kid wasn't goin'
to make no drop-off.
You saw him drive off
with the chavala?
He helped him get away.
The package?
He's still got it.
I always knew
he'd turn his back on you.
After all you did for him.
I gave you one job.
To look after him.
And you couldn't do that?
Now I gotta fuckin'
fix this for you?
Get everybody.
I want the bricks
and I want the kid.
Knowing Rincon,
he's got his drug boys on lookout.
[scoffs] It ain't here.
[Miguel] What?
The brick. It fell in the car.
- What?
- The brick. It's our only chance.
[recorded male voice] Wait
here while I get another car.
Miguel, let's go.
[recorded male voice]
I'll drive you out.
Why do you wanna help us?
Let's go.
Look... Okay, I'll be back.
All right.
[indistinct chatter]
[man speaking Spanish]
I'm glad I'm not late.
I love weddings.
Go inside.
- [sirens blaring]
- [radio chatter]
Oh, shit.
My first time in DC.
Maybe you show me the sights.
Who's that president
sitting on the big chair?
You shouldn't be here, Spider.
I told you to wait on the
other side of the tracks.
Your homeboy never showed.
The federales could've seen you.
They've been on my ass all day.
You mean those hura bitches?
I spotted that shit a mile away.
Back in El Salvador,
they say you're hot shit.
"That Rincon, he a badass.
One day, he gonna run
the entire East Coast."
I need badass.
Don't worry. You'll get it.
I couldn't get close enough to the car.
But I saw the brick. It's full of cash.
Cash? How much cash?
I don't know,
but more than I've ever seen before.
Why is it full of money
instead of drugs?
It's back at the apartment.
- What?
- The other brick.
I need to get that money.
Let's go.
Capitan is in prison expecting
you to make your payment.
I can't go back without
that quarter million.
You think this is local heat?
This is the feds
we're talking about.
After they took down
the clicas in Virginia...
I gotta be smart.
They find out about the money,
they take out our entire crew.
I gotta look out for my familia.
That's why this was supposed
to look like a drug deal.
And you were supposed to be
on the other side of the tracks.
[recorded male voice] Run now,
while you have the chance.
Chance? What chance?
Look at us, man.
The only kind of future
kids like us got
is getting drafted by
the army or by the gang.
And even then,
if I get into that baseball camp,
what chance you think I got
without that kind of cash?
Miguel, let's go.
[recorded male voice]
He'll get you killed, Miguel.
Hey, you don't tell my brother what to do.
I know what's best for him!
I raised him on my own.
Back off, all right?
I don't wanna hear that phone no more.
[labored breathing]
I sell drugs to you, man.
Why would I listen to you?
Leave us alone! Let's go.
[speaking Spanish]
[woman] I'm on my way to my grandmother's
who lives deep in the woods.
[man] And what have you got in your
basket, Little Red Riding Hood?
[children laughing]
[woman] Some yummy carrot cake
for my poor old grandmother
so that she can feel better.
[man] Carrot cake?
I'm allergic to carrots.
[children laughing]
[puppet show continues
What are we waiting for?
[whispering] Let's go. Come on.
Stay low, stay low. Come on.
[children laughing and clapping]
Anyone else down here?
No, just me.
Come on.
Hurry up.
Thanks for opening it.
- Come on, Miguel, hurry up.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa. What's going on?
[Lucas] Don't worry about it, man.
Thank you. Appreciate it.
Come on.
Come on.
Hey, where you been?
Everybody's lookin' for you.
Shh. Quiet the fuck down.
Rincon's got the whole clique
looking for your ass.
Said you stole his smack.
Tried to make a run for it.
Do me a favor,
go stand over there.
Anyone comes up,
you let me know.
- All right? Thanks.
- Okay.
- Go it. Keep my eyes open. I'm watching you.
- Shh.
- Shut the fuck up.
- Always watching you!
- Shut up.
- Don't forget. I got your back.
[Lucas] Shut the fuck up.
Come on.
Get back.
Hurry up.
Close the door.
[music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
Is everything okay?
Everything is fine. Okay?
Just like I promised.
Let us be.
Go outside.
Don't talk to anyone.
By the time the wedding ends, the money
will be here, and you'll be out of here.
- [Miguel] Come on. You got it?
- [Lucas] Yeah, let's go.
Come on.
Come on. It's clear.
Right out the back.
- Come on.
- Come on. Let's go.
Come on. Let's go.
Come on.
Come on, guys, let's go.
- All right?
- Yeah.
- [Miguel] Whoa!
- [Jester laughs]
- You lying rat!
- Hey!
Don't be like that, Lucas.
Finally getting down with the gang.
- I trusted you, man!
- [Miguel] Lucas!
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, don't blame little gordito.
He's just doing
what he's told, man.
Just business.
Maybe you should've done
the fucking same, huh?
[Lucas] Hey, get off me, man.
Let me see it.
- Where's the other brick?
- I don't got it.
Where's the other brick?
I'm telling you the truth.
I swear.
Oh, this was it?
- Ow.
- [Miguel] Leave him alone!
You wanna keep playin' games?
- [Miguel] Get off me!
- I don't got it, I swear. It burned in the fire.
- What?
- It's ash!
It's all ash.
I swear.
Where's the chavala?
- Ah...
- Hey.
What is that?
They're ready.
[groaning and crying]
No, you stay away.
This is all your fault.
You stay away. It's okay.
- [Anna speaking Spanish]
- [coughing]
They were looking for you.
They said you stole Rincon's drugs.
You and the kids.
Did you?
They couldn't find them on
Lucas, so they were looking here.
They tore this place apart.
They had them in the car.
Both of them.
[speaking Spanish]
Est bien.
Don't get involved.
[priest speaking Spanish]
What are you doing?
I could talk to him.
Out of respect for my ex,
they'll listen to me.
You're going after them,
aren't you?
You know what's gonna happen to
you if you go in there alone?
Do you know
what they're gonna do to you?
This isn't your fight.
Why don't you just call the cops
or something? Why do you have...
Francisco, my ex.
He got this tat
on the back of his hand.
Three dots.
All the maras have it.
Do you know what it means?
It's the three places you end
up once you join the gang.
the grave.
You think
you're different from them?
You're not.
Stupid-ass boys...
doing stupid-ass things.
Just... talk.
[labored breathing]
[priest speaking Spanish]
[all] Amen.
[priest continues
speaking Spanish]
[music playing]
and indistinct chatter]
[Jester] Oh, man,
I can't wait to see your face...
when el Rincon
marks you luz verde.
Take you up
to Daingerfield Island.
Who knows?
Maybe he'll even let me
cut up the two of you myself.
I don't know which one.
miney, mo. [Laughs]
See, I don't even know
the fucking rhyme,
but I think he'll cut up you
first so you can fucking watch it.
[laughing] Yeah.
[singing in Spanish]
[door opens]
You hungry?
You want something to eat?
What the fuck do you care
if they're hungry?
The kids don't need no food.
Now run back out there...
and get us some beers.
What, you don't like boys?
What the fuck?
Gotta put your bitches in check.
What kind of crew you run?
Hey, that's the chavala.
- No way, man.
- Hey, what you doing down here, white boy?
Fucking junkie.
You in the wrong
part of town now, fucker.
Wanna get your fix, huh?
Ooh. You wanna party?
Where the fuck you think you in?
Yeah, motherfucker.
Sit the fuck down, motherfucker.
That is how we deal with
punk-ass gringos here in DC, boy!
You gonna die today, bitch.
- [grunting]
- You come into my house...
- [screaming]
- [grunting]
Okay! Fuck!
[groaning] Argh!
Go clean the kitchen
and check on Brenda.
[door closes]
Shattered legs...
they heal in time.
But some betrayals...
fester and poison the soul.
I'm a fucking dead man.
On my sister's wedding,
you pull this shit?
And now I got a dead man
in my kitchen.
Last night, you're getting fucked.
I see all these fucking...
You know something?
You're fucking dead. [Groans]
- You know what's really fucked up?
- What?
You bringing in a bag of tortilla
chips on a Mexican stakeout.
Where's my other brick?
Jesus Christ. Who the hell?
Call 217. Now.
FBI task 443. FBI task 443.
Send some units. Breaking protocol.
I repeat. Breaking protocol.
Am I a bitch?
[man] Hey! What the fuck?
- What the fuck? Get down, motherfucker!
- Put the fucking gun down!
Put that gun down, motherfucker.
- Get in here, you white piece of shit!
- Let's go, man! Go!
- [FBI agent] FBI! Drop your weapon!
- Put down the fucking gun, man!
Fuck you, hura! You in our world now.
You fucking drop it.
[FBI agent] Drop your weapon!
Drop the fucking gun,
[FBI agent] Son, te quieres morir?
Drop your weapon!
- Put the fucking gun down.
- [FBI agent] Drop your weapon.
- You fucking drop it.
- Drop the fuckin' gun.
[Lucas] Get down, get down.
Get down, Miguel.
Oh, fuck.
[Lucas] Get down, get down.
[indistinct shouting]
[Miguel] Lucas!
[labored breathing]
No, no, no, no.
Go get my sister.
[gunfire and screaming
[siren blaring]
[Tomas] Help! Help me!
[train horn blaring]
- Come on, Daniel.
- [gunshot]
Nowhere left to run,
You ain't talking your way
out of this one.
Sit the fuck down, motherfucker.
Get down!
The reason you ain't dead already is
'cause Rincon gonna kill you himself.
[Rincon] Hey!
Why'd you do it?
You know why.
I was like a father to you.
I treated you like my son.
And now, Gabriela, she's dead.
She's dead!
Look at me!
And don't fucking come back.
You're gonna let him go?
After he betrayed you, took the money,
you're gonna fucking let him off?
You... you fucking lost it, bro.
If you weren't so soft on the kid,
none of this would've gone down.
Well, fuck you, Rinc.
What you gonna do, huh?
What the fuck you gonna do?
Should've trusted me with the drop-off.
That's a kid!
You're my own flesh and blood.
My little cousin, man.
All I wanted
was to be the next in line!
- Now I am!
- [Rincon] Jester.
Toss it over!
You drop the fucking gun.
Give me the fucking brick.
Give me the fucking brick.
[woman screaming]
[man] All right, boys, let's go.
Let's go. Come on.
Hold his mouth. Hold his mouth.
Breathe. Breathe.
Give me two. Give me two.
Quick. Come on. Hurry.
Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.
Come on. Breathe.
[Jester] Where's the money?
Where's the money?
Where's the fucking money?
Lucas. Lucas.
We did it, Miguel.
Come on! Come on, run! Come on!
Yes, Miguel!
That's what I'm talkin' about!