We Don't Belong Here (2017) Movie Script

When I feel a panic coming on,
I'm supposed to list off
words in my head
associated with my surroundings.
This technique helps ground me
in the world I live in
so I don't disappear
into my head.
What happened to us?
I would like a room, please.
It's 50.
I'm the apostle of affliction.
Open up.
What the hell's going on
in there?
Are you okay?
Was I sleeping?
I mean,
I thought maybe you were dead.
Oh, no, no, no, not yet.
Why don't you tell me
what your goal is
for this work?
I don't wanna take medication
and I don't wanna talk to you.
Well, what were you feeling
last night?
Were you having...
racing thoughts
or suicidal thoughts?
Are you gonna try and tell me
something about my mind
or the way it works?
Here's a pill. Feel better.
I think you may be bipolar.
Is it great? Is it "great"?
Well, what am I supposed to say?
I don't know. You could
say anything. You could say:
"That sucks."
"That sucks."
That sucks.
How about that?
- I have four children.
- Mm.
Two of them, Lily and Max,
have mental illnesses.
Madeline is fine.
And my other daughter...
She's also very pretty.
Oh, she is, yes.
She's red and just...
But any... I came here really...
What I'm very concerned about
right now is Max.
Oh. He's a very bright boy,
am I right?
Heh, heh.
Is he, uh...?
Is he incarcerated?
Like in jail? No.
Um, he's bipolar.
That's it.
And I haven't heard from him
in a while now and that's not...
Yeah, it will be okay.
He's fine.
I can see it.
Oh, my God, I could cry.
I was so scared
about coming here.
Oh, everyone is the first time.
Heh. But you're here.
That's the important part.
I keep my thoughts
to myself, I think so much
that I need to run
to keep them quiet.
I don't need a doctor
to inform me of how I feel.
I'm the center of the universe.
I can feel
the world around me changing.
Everything is real.
Nothing is what it seems.
My name is Lily Green
and I am on a path...
Are you okay?
I'm fine. It's nothing.
You sure?
You scraped your hands.
I got a first aid kit...
I'm fine.
It'd just take a minute.
I could clear it up.
No, thanks.
Two minutes...
I said no! Okay? Jesus.
I'm 17, you pervert.
I was trying to help you.
I don't need your help.
I was 16,
and there was this bridge.
It was, like, where all
of the local kids would go
and get drunk and smoke pot.
And, um...
That's where I lost
my virginity.
What's your relationship
like with your family?
It's... It's good.
Yeah, it's, you know....
I would prefer not to talk
about personal things
because I have a hard time
with that.
You don't get along
with your family?
Elisa and my
mom hate each other.
One night, Elisa had a meltdown
and began yelling at my mom
about time travel.
My mother told her
she was mentally ill.
Listen, just open the door.
Fuck, open the door
so I can say I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Open the fucking door.
In the lives
That we planned
What the fuck.
Until it's time
For you to go
Yes, we're different
Worlds apart
Who are you?
I'm Frank.
I'm Elisa.
What I feel has come
And gone before
No need to talk it out
We know what
It's all about
Hangin' around
Nothin' to do but frown
Rainy days and Mondays
Always get
Me down
Oh, ho-ho-ho, good.
Do you like being watched?
What are you doing here?
Well, I'm stalking you.
No, they pay me 40 bucks
to tape the open mic.
Right. Right.
and you simply walk, walk, walk,
walk, walk, walk, walk,
and put out your ass.
Okay? I want you to do it.
Come to me.
So, um...
what brings you here?
I don't know.
I just want to be
somewhere else.
You're a long way from home.
Not really.
Come up here, please.
Where were you tonight?
It's late.
I was...
I was at a friend's.
What friend?
Just a friend.
Come here.
You need a manicure.
I clocked my best time
at track today.
You did?
Oh, how great.
Do you ever get the feeling
that you're being watched?
are you sure you're okay?
I love you.
I love you too.
I love you too.
Have you heard anything
from Max?
Under no circumstances
discuss unexplainable things.
My grandmother says
that everything is real.
No matter what people say,
what we see is real.
Who's there?
I wanted to see you, but...
I know you're always here, so...
I like it here.
I know.
That little guy wandered
in here today just like you.
When do you see people, Grandma?
When I watch my television.
I think my grandmother and I
are the exact same person.
I won't tell her that.
I'll tell her something else
I stopped taking my medication.
What else, Lily?
I wanted to lose my virginity
last week,
on my way to see this guy,
I started to hear music
in my head.
Like I could really hear it,
like it was all around me.
As I was walking to see...
Davey is his name,
I started to forget
where I was going,
and then I started to forget
who I was going to see,
and then...
I forgot my name.
Sometimes I wonder
if we live in purgatory.
And I'm not speaking
metaphorically, Grandma.
I don't know what happened
that night.
They found me in the woods.
You went out to have sex
and you wound up
in the hospital.
That's what happened.
My mom's only friend
is Joanne Carpenter,
a self-made woman.
I've caught the two of them
smoking cigarettes
on several occasions.
Well, you missed
absolutely nothing.
It was a complete waste of time.
Sarah's teacher informed me
that I don't have to worry
about her and the boys
because she's going to be
a science prodigy.
What the fuck?
My daughter will get laid
Your daughter has gotten laid.
Shut up.
I miss seeing you.
I miss you too.
Why do you live here?
What? It's my home.
Are you gonna tell me
what's wrong?
You never talk
about your family.
I told you.
Me and my mom
stopped getting along.
What else?
That's it, really.
Something you're not telling me.
I introduced my bipolar brother
to my drug dealer,
and he ended up in the hospital.
There it is.
That's it.
It was an accident.
Well, you're the bad guy.
And what happened
to your brother was your fault.
You did that.
Yeah, I know that.
Nice one.
I found Elisa's journals.
The sister, the one
that my mom disowned.
The singer sister?
She's sort of
on the famous side, right?
Gosh, I feel so out of touch.
Anyway, the journal
is really, really painful...
Because I feel like
all the bad stuff
that happened between them...
I'm so sorry, I'm just a little
bit lost here. So you're...
We could just change
the subject.
You know,
talk about something else.
Are you still thinking about
that boy a lot?
Yeah, I guess.
Do you think about
having sex with him?
I mean, we don't really, like,
know each other that well.
I mean, we talk here and there.
Can I see a picture of him?
If you don't mind.
I think I have one in my phone.
He looks like he does drugs.
How would you know about that?
Well, I am a doctor,
and I have had some experiences
with that in the past.
A little too much, I'm afraid.
It was not a good thing.
Oh. Figure it out.
That's what I'm gonna
leave you with today.
Figure it out?
Yeah, figure it out.
And keep taking your medication.
Hey, Mom, it's Madeline.
I didn't get the job
that I told you about.
So anyways,
I'm gonna fly home tonight.
I just feel like you and Lily
need me right now.
See you tonight.
My sister Madeline
is well-adjusted
and therefore superior
to the rest of us.
This is so...
great, us being together again.
She annoys the shit out of me.
What are you doing here?
I'm moving back in for a while.
Don't sound so excited.
We're excited.
Super excited.
Why don't you talk
to Elisa anymore, Mom?
Are we supposed to act
like she doesn't exist?
Will you stop?
I saw her in a magazine
and her website.
Stop it.
May I be excused?
Yeah, you're excused.
You need to pay attention
to her, Mom.
She's clearly not well.
you're not here with her.
Every day, I see her.
I've seen how she's progressed.
She's really doing great.
How's Max?
I haven't talked to him
in a while.
I haven't spoken to him either.
He doesn't return
my phone calls and...
Do you think he's gay?
I don't have any idea
about that.
Elisa's diary.
Elisa by the pond.
A man named Frank Harper.
Who are you?
Max in the closet.
Time travel.
Elisa in a closet.
Mom, I'm scared.
Where's Max at?
Max by the pond.
The bad man.
Love you.
Love you.
Don't know well if I do
What I am here to do
In my head
Don't know well if there's
Sanity or not
Sanity or not
Sanity or not
Sanity or not
Sanity or not
Sanity or not
Sanity or not
Sanity or not
Wanna go shopping or something?
I have a doctor's appointment.
Didn't you go yesterday?
Sunday, Monday, Thursday.
That's a lot.
It's really good though.
It's great.
You seem off.
Did you take your meds?
I told Mom to tell you
to stop asking me about my shit.
It's good to have support.
You know?
Plus, the key to you having
an amazing life is medication.
Is that so?
An amazing life?
You're the worst.
Max told me he was gay once.
Just me, nobody else.
I was 12
and it made me feel important.
Then he took it back.
He asked me not to tell anyone.
I never did.
It's time for checks, Maxwell.
A few days, but he
doesn't want to talk to you.
I'm sorry. I'll try and get him
to call you later.
Can you please...
Max is gonna go to Elisa's.
Is that okay?
Yeah, it's... It's...
We are discharging him
this afternoon.
Thank you so much.
Of course, Nancy.
Thank you, doctor.
I'll look forward to hearing
from you soon then, right?
I'm sure he'll call you later.
Okay. Thank you.
I think my
mother's greatest fear
is that Max will leave
the same way Elisa did.
What would she have then?
What are you
looking for up there?
Just looking.
Oh, no, no, no, I shouldn't.
Thank you.
What did you do that for?
Because the nurses just hate it.
Dan, you better stop that
or you're gonna lose
all your privileges.
Smoking break is over,
time for group.
Oh, and they approved your taxi
for this evening.
Where are you going?
Eight, seven...
- Hey.
- Hi.
You seem good today.
I am good.
I'm better, thanks.
I just...
I wish that...
I don't know.
I'm very happy
that Maxwell's safe.
I just want the family
I came here with...
I'm entitled, I feel...
I feel entitled to that,
that's all.
Lily isn't taking her
what would you like me to do?
I'm tired
of being the grown-up.
Someone is
watching me, helping me.
I look for signs.
Everything is in plain sight.
A puzzle.
There it is, Harper.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to scare you.
I'm Frank.
You're Frank Harper?
Yeah, this is my store.
Just opened last week.
You wanna come in?
Excuse me?
You heard me.
Thank you.
These are for you.
Thank you.
So last night I was, you know...
thinking, and I just...
That if my husband was alive,
I thought your husband
was lovely.
Just so you know that.
Are you sleeping with someone?
I guess that's a no.
You're the only person I like.
That's not hard.
Hey, let's get out of here.
Let's run away.
Well, you're too late.
I got old waiting around
for you.
Aah... You are very smart.
I really am.
Look at that.
See, I like our little dates.
Me too.
I do.
I look forward to them all week.
Does your husband know about us?
So I've been reading up
on bipolar disorder.
Reading up, I thought...
Aren't you a doctor?
Do you think you have
Have you been taking
your medication?
Do you like soap operas?
You know, like TV melodramas?
Maybe you're attracted to
a dramatic environment.
Have you ever thought that
or like, you know,
dramatic state of mind?
Are you familiar with
the laws of attraction?
Are you even a real doctor?
What's wrong?
My mind... I don't know.
My mind isn't safe.
I don't feel like my mind
is safe.
How is your mind not safe?
Sometimes I feel
like I'm going crazy.
Then I'm fine,
but I'm not fine.
And I'm... And I'm never...
I'm never gonna be fine.
You are gonna be fine,
I promise you.
You are.
You're gonna be fine.
Oh, no, no, no.
I'm just...
I'm just nervous.
About leaving the hospital?
What's wrong?
I've been...
Are you still a little shaky
with the language there?
No. No, no, no.
Everything should just be okay,
I should be able to move on
and be in a better place.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry about the way
that I'm speaking right now,
but it should be...
If things are so bad,
if things are so bad
and you move through it,
and you go through it,
and you live through it,
then everything
should just be good.
Things should just be good.
Am I wrong?
I'm alive and I...
I don't belong in here.
I really don't belong in here.
I don't.
What on earth are you doing
all the way out here?
"I saw the best
minds of my generation
"destroyed by madness.
"Starving, hysterical, naked.
"Dragging themselves through
the negro streets at dawn.
"Looking for an angry fix.
Angel-headed hipsters."
Madeline, you're liking it?
You are?
Okay, one more paragraph,
then you go to bed, okay?
"Who were expelled
from the academies..."
Fade away
Hey, lady.
What took so long?
What's up?
What's up
is I brought you something.
You know, we should, like,
play a game together.
Like, we could get high
and play a game together.
Like chess?
Chess? No, like, um...
truth or dare or something.
With two people?
Yeah, I guess
it doesn't make sense. Heh.
Hi, Joanne.
Oh, my God, look at you.
It's been so long.
Wow. You are such
a beautiful woman.
Boobies and everything.
Madeline once told
me that she thought
Joanne and my mom were lovers.
A strange idea
considering Mom thinks
homosexuality is a choice.
Am I the first one here?
Wow. Heh.
So, what are you doing now?
I do...
Well, I'm here,
that's what I'm doing.
What were you doing
when you were my age?
Uh... At your age...
I had two kids.
Wow. Already?
it was a different time then,
but, yeah, I had just had
my second child,
and I had just opened
my first gallery in the city,
Yeah, I don't have a job
or kids, so...
It doesn't matter what I did
at your age, I mean,
you'll figure it out.
They always do. You know?
And besides,
would you really wanna be
living in this place
when you're my age?
What place is that?
Elisa said that she was raped
by Frank Harper when she was 6.
That's heavy.
She said it happened,
but that it didn't happen.
And then the day
happened again like...
time travel.
I'm uncomfortable.
You want to hit this?
Yeah, you do.
You do.
I'm gonna record my song now.
Yeah. I'm not stopping you,
croon away.
I was just telling you.
Just do it.
I want you to leave.
I want you to get out now.
What are you...?
What did I do?
I'll give you your privacy.
I don't want you to come back.
Come to bed with me.
Come on, let's go to bed.
What? Are you gonna hit me?
What have you done to me?
I'm frightened
Can't you see?
You're crazy
How I'll be
I know you.
You do?
Well, who are you?
You're crazy, right?
You look scared.
Are you scared?
Are you scared?
I think you're scared.
It's okay.
I'm scared.
What the fuck?
What the fuck was that?
I'm not a queer.
I didn't realize...
I'm not a fucking queer.
You're fucked.
My head stings.
Well, it looks a lot better now.
Thanks. Heh.
Can you throw these away?
I'm really sorry.
It's not your fault
that I got sick.
I don't know.
Just stop, okay?
What do you wanna do now?
I need you to take me home.
Just like that?
I love you.
I'll take you home.
I was very young
when our dad died.
He was on his way
to pick up Elisa from therapy.
Why an 11-year-old girl
would need therapy
was beyond me,
until I read about the bad man.
My mom must not know
about what happened to Elisa
at the pond, but I do.
- This is Max. Leave a message.
- Mom, are you okay?
Do you remember when you...
traded all of your Barbies
for all of Maxwell's collection
of little race cars,
remember that?
No, I don't.
I got so mad at you
and I was really mad
at both of you.
I just didn't want...
I just didn't want him
to be gay.
Not because I have a...
Because it's not normal.
It's not... It isn't... It...
It's because...
I didn't want him to suffer.
I don't want my children
to suffer.
People can be really cruel.
But I don't care.
I just... I don't care.
I just want him to...
pick up the phone.
And I don't know what I did.
I'll be down in a minute.
I can hear the inside
of your stomach.
I like it.
Do you ever worry about...
being alone?
I am alone.
Do you like it?
I have to go.
I'll text you later?
Maybe we can have sex...
Never mind.
I'm so sorry it took me
so long to come down.
It was fine, I just had
to talk to really boring people.
Heh. Don't say that.
Really long time.
Please don't leave my side
right now. Please?
Max and Elisa.
Oh, my God.
Who is it?
Who's in that car?
Again, ladies, you
gotta get off this bridge.
Who's that?
Who's down there?
I'm not gonna ask you again.
Back off the bridge.
Come on, come on.
No! No, no, no.
My children.
Are you here?
It's Lily.
I'm in trouble.
I don't know what's happening.
I don't...
I don't know what's happening.
I need...
Don't know well if I do
What I am here to do
In my head
Don't know well if there's
Sanity or not
Sanity or not
Sanity or...
Lily, wake up.
Oh, my God, I can't believe
you're still in bed.
Come on. You have Deborah
in half an hour.
Let's go. Wake up. Come on.
Is that dirt?
Change the sheets, please.
My God, I'm not a maid service.
It's sort of exciting
when a lightbulb
just pops out and dies
like that.
Never mind. Ahem.
Just feeling a little off.
Did you take your meds?
It's okay to feel vulnerable.
Oh, fuck.
I've just had
the strangest dream.
What's been on your mind?
I'm really tired.
Maybe I should take a nap
or something.
Go ahead and rest.
Please make yourself
I've got a great book here.
That's not a book,
it's a catalog.
I care about my family.
That's good.
Because you said the other day
that I didn't care
about my family,
but I do care and I just
wanted you to know that.
Why do you care what I think?
I don't know. In case I die.
Do you plan on dying soon?
Well, my mind comes apart
in fits
and scatters around
this dark hole.
Then I ask myself,
"Why am I here?"
I really don't like
that feeling.
You're safe here, Lily.
You're in this room,
and you're here,
and nothing bad's gonna happen
to you, okay? I promise you.
You're safe.
Do you like soap operas?
You know, like TV melodramas?
Have you ever thought
that you might be attracted
to a dramatic environment
or state of mind?
Are you familiar
with the laws of attraction?
Last night, I felt this, um...
like, warm, bright light.
It felt so real,
and it just made me feel like
everything is gonna be okay,
you know?
No. No, I don't know.
And if you told
your doctor that,
he'd hold you here
for another week.
I feel okay.
I really do,
and I'm really sorry
about what I did.
I really regret it.
I really do, and I wanna live.
I really wanna live.
All right. It's all right.
Take it easy.
Take it easy, kid.
Come on.
What are you doing?
What do you mean?
Go home and talk to your mother.
I'll call you later.
What are you doing in here?
What do you want in life?
To be happy.
You do?
Me too.
Will you read Elisa's diary?
This is my job?
Hook it up...
To the thing?
Bridge closed, right?
You have fought me hard
All night
I'll never see
The light
This is your hell of blues
Feels like heaven
So I stay
I'll never get away
From your hell of blues
When the morning comes
I cry
For you to let me die
I hope you do it soon
Love me, take me
Anywhere at all
My body's yours
And no one's
I'm just a doll
Now the best
Has surely passed
My soul is yours
At last
My hell of blues
When Mom and
Elisa used to fight,
the rest of us would sneak over
to the cemetery
to talk to our dad
and look at the stars.
It made us feel connected
to each other.
You have guests downstairs.
I know.
They'll hate me anyway.
We just decided to wait up here.
I know it sucks.
One day, we're all gonna be
down here somewhere.
I don't know.
I don't know
if we're ever really gonna die.
Well, I've never had much luck
with it.
What happened to you, Max?
I don't know.
I couldn't face it.
Well, suddenly, I...
I saw myself
the way the world sees me.
You know? I'm just a...
I'm a crazy, wild loser.
And I...
I don't have anything.
I don't think that's true.
How did you know?
How did you know...
that he hurt me?
Who hurt you?
You know.
I don't know.
Yeah, you do. I know you do.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Did he hurt you?
I'm so scared.
Don't be scared.
Oh, it's fine.
Let me just get it.
I have to follow the sign.
It's fine, trust me.
Look, the sign doesn't mean
It's irrelevant, okay?
He doesn't wanna do it.
Okay, fine. If you just
back up and turn around,
we'll take the other road.
You're... You're home.
Oh, thank God.
You having a party?
I'm really...
I'm really tired.
How about everyone else?
Elisa, do you want some bourbon?
I would take some.
Max, is it okay for you
to be drinking?
Are you even gonna look at me?
I'm looking. I didn't...
I thought you weren't...
It's very, um...
It is.
Tell me about your music.
I'm pretty famous.
You could Google it.
Uh, I mean...
what about it?
- Mom?
- Hmm.
Who is it?
Have you heard Elisa's music?
I mean, it's interesting.
It's pop, but it's a dark pop.
You know,
like a trance, chill, sort of...
I don't know.
Kind of...
neon, electric,
but sort of, like, depression.
It's fun. It's fun.
What is this place?
I wonder all the time.
What place is this?
It's just too mean.
I can feel it cracking,
a tragedy about to collapse.
I love you.
I know.
It's a mutual kind of feeling.
I don't know.
Run away.
Good night, Joanne.
Good night, my friend.
I feel the world
coming full circle,
and I'm afraid.
I don't wanna go.
You say that now,
but if you don't come
with us tomorrow,
you'll wish you had.
Don't cry.
Let's just be quiet.
I just don't really know
how to explain it.
Can you try?
I don't know.
I don't know what you want me
to tell you. I don't...
I read your journal, Elisa.
I didn't know
what was going on with you.
I didn't know...
I didn't understand.
What didn't you understand?
About Frank Harper.
What about him?
I talked to Max
about a year ago,
and he told me what happened
with him.
I didn't know about Max
until today.
It's not that.
Just didn't...
Did he rape you, Elisa?
I guess.
I'm sorry.
Talkin' to myself
And feelin' old
Sometimes I'd like
To quit
Nothin' ever seems
To fit
Hangin' around
Nothin' to do...
Oh, my God. Hello?
Help. Help me, please.
I feel like
I don't know you anymore.
I feel like...
you know me better
than everyone in this family.
Feelin' like
I don't belong
Walkin' around
Some kind of lonely clown
Rainy days and Mondays
Always get me down
Whatever baggage we're bringing,
let's grab it
and put it out front.
Nice to know
Somebody loves me
Found this for you.
Funny, but it seems
That it's the...
You got something on your face.
Where's Mom?
The door.
All right.
You can't open the door.
Is it unlocked?
Yeah, it's unlocked.
It just won't open.
All right.
All right. Help me.
One, two, three.
One, two, three.
Oh, shit.
Oh, my God.
Is it bad?
No, it's okay.
It's just a small gash.
Okay. I'm just gonna...
You need to just...
No, no, you need
to stay conscious, okay?
So just... Just...
Can you tell me your name?
Yeah. Frank Harper.
My name's Frank Harper.
Just wait.
I need to go and get help.
- Oh, is that you?
- Yes.
Is help on the way?
Yeah, give me a hand.
I wanna stand.
No, no, no. Stay down.
Okay. Okay, you're right.
What were you doing here?
I don't know.
I got lost. I think I...
I think I took a wrong turn.
Do you know the Greens?
No. I mean, I...
I, uh, I think I knew the kids.
Why? I don't know them.
I don't know them very well.
God, I feel so dizzy.
Where are you going?
What are you doing?
Look, look,
I didn't do anything wrong.
What? Where are you going?
What are you doing?
It'll be over soon.
Whatever you think of me,
it's a lie.
Please, don't.
Don't... Don't...
That dress is pretty on you.
Your dress is pretty.
It's not mine.
Well, it looks good on you.
Everything looks good on me.
That's probably
a pretty good place for it.
You don't feel it yet?
Feel what?
This lightness.
You'll feel it soon.
Let's go?
Let's go.
We are
I've come apart
And you made me
Float like
A pretty box
Of your evil
So tired
So easy I
Bleed out
What the fuck
Were you thinking?
We are
Gonna fall if you lead us
No wasted time
I'll be a thorn
In your side
Till you die
I'll be a thorn
In your side
For always
If we sink
We lift our love
I'll be a thorn
In your side
Till you die
I'll be a thorn
In your side
For always
If we sink
We lift our love
We are
Let me stop
For a second
Held heart
Only beats
In the evening
Low tide
Watching for flight
I tell you
To cut it out
If you made me
You know why
The slowest spark
Is a breather
How high
How will you decide
I'll be a thorn
In your side
Till you die
I'll be a thorn
In your side
For always
If we sink
We lift our love
I'll be a thorn
In your side
Till you die
I'll be a thorn
In your side
For always
If we sink
We lift our love
So low
You keep stalling
Can you not see why?
Say, say, say
Love was
Say, say, say
That you see cry
Say, say, say
A simple call
Seems right
And I know why
I'll be a thorn
In your side
Till you die
I'll be a thorn
In your side
For always
If we sink
We lift our love
I'll be a thorn
In your side
Till you die
I'll be a thorn
In your side
For always
If we sink
We lift our love
Say, say, say
Say, say, say