We Need to Do Something (2021) Movie Script

[soft music]
[somber music]
[thunder rumbles]
[phone buzzes]
- God, why won't it stop?
- Just give it a second, will you?
Where were you? You should have
been home by six.
I told you guys I was doing
homework with Amy tonight.
What happened there?
Did you hurt yourself?
Amy's, uh, cat scratched me.
It's fine.
- It's no big deal.
- Why weren't you answering my calls?
- Look I'm sorry, I just...
- [thunder rumbles]
I think it's an EF5.
It's not a tornado, baby.
- It might be an EF5.
- What the hell is an EF5?
It's like when two tornadoes
come together,
and they form one giant tornado.
- It rips everything in its path.
- [Melissa] God, is that true?
No, it's just a thunderstorm.
Everything's gonna be okay.
[lightning crashes]
Jesus, that was loud.
It was a little loud.
Sounded like a gunshot.
Maybe it's an EF6. Wait.
Is there even such a thing
as EF6?
Baby, there's not gonna be
a tornado.
It's just a thunderstorm,
and it's going to pass.
Most things come to an end,
don't they?
[slow, somber music]
Mom, I think something
might be wrong.
Like with the storm,
something bad might be happening.
No, it'll pass.
[Melissa sighs]
Who wants to play
The Great Hotel Escape?
- You can never read the cards when we play that.
- I can read!
- Guys...
- Mom, tell her I can read.
Mel, your brother can read.
See! I told you.
- Mom, did you see what Mel...!
- Enough!
- [lightning crashes]
- [boy gasps]
[phone buzzing]
- Who's that?
- Nobody.
Who wants to play
Goths and Vandals?
- Not The Great Hotel Escape?
- [Diane] Not right now, baby.
Look we just pull out the Goths
and Vandals game.
I bet you by the time we get
through the first round,
the storm will've passed.
Unless the tornado picks up
our house
- and carries it away or something.
- [Melissa] Shut up!
That only happened
in The Wizard of Oz.
It could happen here too.
God, you're so dumb.
What did I tell you about talking
to your brother like that?
Are you?
[phone buzzes]
[rain pattering]
[phone buzzing]
- Who's calling?
- It's just nobody.
- Yeah, who's calling?
- Nobody!
[Robert] Huh!
You really think this bathroom
is gonna protect us
from a big, old tornado
that swoops in and...
You really think it's gonna
make any difference at all?
Well if you don't wanna be
in here with us,
- you know where the door is.
- Oh! Now I have a choice.
What is going on?
- [thunder crashes]
- [all scream]
[ominous music]
[Bobby gasping]
Shh. It's okay. It's okay.
Why did the lights go out?
You guys, it's a thunderstorm,
Lightning probably hit
a transformer or something.
Stop freaking out for no reason.
[Bobby] It's a tornado!
It's a tornado! It's a tornado!
- ...[Robert] Bobby?
- [lightning crashes]
- [lightning crashes]
- [all screaming]
[ominous music]
Did lightning hit the house?!
- What the hell was that? Oh, God, what was that?
- Jesus Christ.
I don't know. I don't know.
Dad no! Don't go.
Just get the light, okay?
What the fuck?
- [Diane] What's wrong?
- It won't open.
What do you mean it won't open?
I mean it won't fucking open!
Melissa, give me your phone.
- No. What? Why?
- Just give me the goddamn phone.
Oh, what the fuck?
God damn it!
- [Diane] What is it?
- A tree.
- [Diane] A what?
- I think a fucking tree
- is blocking the door.
- [Diane] Oh, God.
What tree? You can't move it?
Does it look like I can
move it? Fuck!
Maybe it's a tree
from the backyard.
- What?
- Where we buried Spot.
- What?!
- [Melissa] Ugh!
God damn it, Mel.
- Is Spot dead?
- Let's talk about this in a minute, okay?
[Bobby] But Spot ran away!
Spot ran away! [cries]
God damn it.
- [Bobby sobs]
- [Diane sighs]
- [Robert] Jesus Christ.
- Where's my phone?
- Calm down.
- Dad, where's my phone?
- I dropped it.
- Ugh!
Would you stop being
hysterical? It's a storm.
Amy is fine. Jesus Christ.
It's not the end
of the goddamn world.
[lightning crashes]
[Diane] Mel! Shut the door!
Close the door!
- Are we stuck?
- I don't know. The roof is gone.
Oh, my God. Come here.
[lightning crashes]
[Melissa] What are we gonna do?
[ominous music]
We have to do something,
don't we?
Don't we?
[lightning crashes]
I guess we wait.
[Melissa crying]
[ominous music]
Hey, I was waiting for you
to stop,
back by the bleachers?
Oh, sorry, I didn't see you.
But you saw something else,
didn't you?
- I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to...
- Didn't mean to what?
Maybe I wanted you to.
What happened?
I used to be a cutter.
- Why?
- [soft music]
Because I used to be dead.
How bad is it? The tree?
[gasps, sighs]
[grunts softly]
You think the insurance
will cover it?
[Robert laughs]
I don't know.
You gonna try your phone
Wait, Dad, can I use
your phone? To call Amy.
Something's wrong with it.
Try yours.
Oh, I can't.
- You can't?
- Yeah, I can't. It's dead.
Oh, God damn it.
Fucking piece of shit.
- Uh...
- [Diane] What?
Well, I'm trying to check
the news,
but this fucking thing
isn't working.
Okay, well... Do you want me
to have a look at it?
No, I don't want you to have
a look at it.
Okay. I was just asking.
Dad, can I please try
your phone?
I have to pee.
I can't go with you guys here.
[Robert] I don't know
what to tell you, Mel.
[water running]
I can still hear you pee, sis.
Oh, my God, Bobby, Jesus!
Wow, it was really an EF5.
Yeah. It might have been.
[Diane] You guys think
it's over now?
Do you think people died?
No, baby, nobody died.
It's very possible.
[Diane] Seriously?
Hey, you guys! I see a snake!
- What?! Bobby get away from there.
- Where?
Over there, where the dressers
all smashed.
I don't see anything.
I think it's a rattlesnake.
What do you know about
It's right there.
Bobby, there's no snake.
Bobby, get inside
and shut the door.
- [door closes]
- Thank you.
I saw a rattlesnake
on YouTube once.
It was eating an alligator.
[laughs] What?
No rattlesnake's ever eaten
an alligator.
- [ominous music]
- [Bobby] It was a baby alligator.
[Robert] Oh, well it was a baby
alligator, sure.
Of course,
that makes perfect sense.
You should have mentioned that
before. [chuckles]
The only snakes that I ever met
in my life eat mice
and other shit.
[Robert continues inaudibly]
[Melissa grunting]
- Don't look at me like that.
- Can't believe you dropped it.
It was an accident.
Well, how are we supposed to
get out of here now?
I don't know.
Can't we just break the door down?
What about the wall?
- [Robert] The wall?
- The wall or the door or whatever.
Can't you just bust a hole
through it and crawl out?
Can we just...
- I don't... how? With what?
- I don't know.
Can't you just punch through it
or something?
No, I can't just punch
through it.
That thing is made of solid oak.
That is tempered glass blocks.
That is a rock wall.
This is tile. These walls are
six feet thick.
How the fuck are we supposed to
do that?
You wanna break your hand?
- Look, everyone...
- Be my guest.
Everything's going to be fine.
It hasn't been that long.
Someone will come.
Jesus Christ, Pollyanna.
What if it wasn't just a storm,
[ominous music]
[Melissa yelling, grunting]
[intense music]
[all grunting]
Is there anybody out there?
- [intense music]
- [all screaming]
[all grunting]
- We need that.
- Need what?
We need it to stay hydrated.
But I'm not finished with it
Well, can you be?
[water running]
Here, baby.
- I washed it out, don't worry.
- But Mom...
Just drink the water, Bobby!
Just drink it!
What, I don't get any now?
Relax, I'm just fucking around.
What's the matter? You can't
take a joke any more?
- Hey, why don't you just chill out?
- [sighs]
Hey, I'm just messing around.
Don't overreact
every time I say...
Listen, God damn it.
We have enough shit
piling up here
- without your weight added to it.
- What are you talking about?
You know exactly
what I'm talking about.
So don't try acting innocently
all of a sudden.
- Dee...
- Look, you wanna fight? Fine.
Save it for when this is
all over because right now,
nobody wants to hear it.
[Bobby] No. You have a six?
[Diane] Yeah. Here.
[sighs] Mom, I'm hungry.
Yeah, me too.
[Diane] I'm so sorry.
I wish we'd brought some goldfish
crackers with us or something.
Ugh! Goldfish crackers
are disgusting.
[Melissa] Hmm. More for me then.
I want some eggs.
I want a thousand eggs. With cheese.
- Gross, only old people like eggs, Bobby.
- No, they don't.
Mom, tell sis all types
of people like eggs.
Melissa, all types of people
like eggs.
Nuh-uh. Only old people.
And you know what that
makes you, Bobby?
- Don't say it...
- You know what that makes you?
Mom, tell sis not to say it.
- Melissa, don't say it. [laughs]
- Okay, okay.
[Robert muttering indistinctly]
It makes you a tiny, old man.
- Mom!
- [Diane and kids laughing]
Calm down. It's okay.
- A tiny, old man.
- [Robert] Stupid asshole. [grunts, shouts]
- Fuck! Fuck!
- [thuds]
Fucking piece of shit!
Stupid fucking battery!
You fucking useless asshole
You fucking cunt! Fuck you!
You motherfucker!
Die, you fucking bitch!
You stupid cunt! Fuck you!
Fuck you in your ass! [screams]
Why hasn't anybody come yet?
I don't know.
[Robert] Not a tornado.
Something else.
[Bobby] You mean...?
I think...
I think... [sighs]
It doesn't make any sense.
What doesn't make any sense?
We have neighbors.
Someone would've come.
Seen the tree.
[Bobby] Why haven't they, Daddy?
They're all dead.
Why would you say that?
[Robert] Or they've already been
Either way, it doesn't
bode too well for any of us.
[soft, tense music]
I used to be dead.
Most people are.
They just don't realize it.
What do you mean?
They said I was crazy.
That I did it for attention.
You ever heard
of Cotard delusion?
No, I don't think so.
Walking corpse syndrome.
It's like a mental illness,
I guess.
People become convinced that
they're actually really dead.
Is that why you used to cut
If I could still bleed, then maybe I
could remind myself that it wasn't real,
that I was still alive.
Did you want to be?
When you would cut yourself,
what were you hoping to see?
Mel, that's starting to look
It's fine.
I'm gonna put something on it,
Mom, Dad, I'm hungry.
[Diane] Okay, I don't know
what to say about that.
I want an omelet
with ham and cheese.
But Sissy doesn't get any
cheese, you hear that, sis?
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
What, what, what, what?
Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh,
my God, oh, my God, oh, my God!
- [ominous music]
- [Diane] Bobby, you stay there.
- [Robert] What the f...
- [Melissa] Oh, Jesus. What?
- [hissing]
- [Bobby screams]
- [Diane] Bobby, get in the tub!
- [Melissa] Oh, my God! [screams]
- [Diane] Okay, okay. Stay there. Stay there.
- [Melissa] Oh, my God.
- [Melissa screams]
- [Robert] Shit!
[pants] Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God!
Okay. Okay, I'm coming to you.
Hold on.
- [Melissa] Oh, my God.
- [Diane] Robert...
[Melissa] Shit, shit, shit,
shit, shit, shit, shit.
- Oh, my God. What the fuck?
- [Robert] What do I do? What do I do?
[Diane] Just don't move.
- [snake hissing]
- Jesus!
[all screaming]
- [Melissa] Oh, my God!
- [Robert] Christ!
- [Diane] Did it bite you?
- No, I don't think so.
[Diane] Okay.
- [Melissa] Dad be careful.
- [snake hisses]
Oh, shit. Robert, are you okay?
[intense music]
Mel, throw me that plunger.
[Diane] Mel, careful.
[Melissa] Shit, I'm sorry. Fuck.
- Jesus, Jesus.
- Shit, shit, shit.
[Diane] Okay. Okay.
- [hisses]
- It's gonna bite you!
[all screaming]
- Dad, it's gonna bite you.
- What are you doing?
- Oh, my God!
- Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
[Diane] Be careful. Stop,
it's gonna aggravate it.
[Melissa] Oh, my God!
- [Diane] Robert!
- Dad, stop!
- [Bobby] Go away!
- Robert!
Fuck... [grunts]
[grunts] Fuck you, snake!
- [Melissa] Is it gone?
- I'll fucking eat your whole fucking family.
Wait a minute...
Should we have eaten it?
- Gross. No.
- Snakes with extra cheese! Cheese with extra snakes!
I don't know how to eat
a snake, do you?
Yeah, you just pick it up
and bite the head off,
like Ozzy.
Wasn't that a bat?
Snakes are just bats
that can't fly.
What the fuck?
[soft music]
Tell me again.
[Diane] Tell you what, baby?
You know what. Please?
Okay. Where do you want me
to start?
Tell me about how big and fat
you were, Mom.
- Hey.
- [chuckling]
It looked like I was smuggling
a big, gigantic watermelon
underneath my shirt,
but all that was under there
was you. [chuckles]
I was saying, "Patience, baby.
I need you to have patience."
[Bobby] Because you weren't
at the hospital yet.
You were at a Walmart.
That's right.
You and Sissy.
But Sissy was my age.
No, Sissy was
a little bit younger, but yes,
Sissy was... was there with us.
[Bobby] What were you buying?
A pizza, because?
You were tired of cooking
all the time.
Oh. Yes, that's right.
I was nine months pregnant,
and I was exhausted.
Where was Dad?
I don't remember.
Dad, where were you
when I was born?
He was drunk at a bowling alley.
[Diane] No, don't.
[Melissa grunts]
[Bobby] Mommy, I'm tired.
Just close your eyes baby.
I'm tired, Mommy, I'm tired.
Yeah... I'm tired too.
[faint scraping noises]
- What is it?
- Shh...
[faint panting]
- I think it's a dog.
- A dog?
- Wait.
- Oh, my God.
- Bobby!
- Bobby! God damn it!
No, don't!
[Bobby laughing]
He's licking my hand, you guys.
Who's a good boy?
Who's a good boy?
You are, you are.
Wait, is that actually a dog?
Yeah, check.
[Melissa laughing]
Oh, my God.
It's... it's actually a dog.
- Is it?
- [Robert] All right, well, be careful.
You don't know what kind
of shit that thing has.
Do you think it's Spot?
I think it's Spot.
Spot, is that you boy?
It is, isn't it?
Everybody said you're buried in the
backyard. But that isn't true, right?
You just ran away and now
you've come to save us.
Who's a good boy?
Who's a good boy?
[demonic voice] I'm a good boy!
- [Melissa screams]
- [dramatic music]
- Oh, my God! Help! Help!
- [creature growling]
Oh, my God! Help!
Oh, my God! Help!
[screaming] Help! Oh, my God!
Why did it talk?
Why did it talk?
Let my daughter go,
I'll fucking kill you!
Oh, my God, help me! [screaming]
- I'll kill you!
- [screaming continues]
- Mel!
- [screaming continues]
I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry.
- [growling]
- [screams]
[Melissa panting]
What the fuck?
- [clattering]
- [all scream]
- [clattering]
- [gasps]
[creature growls]
Holy shit.
He comes back, I'll break his
goddamn skull.
Don't most things die with
their tongues ripped out?
What do I look like?
Some kind of fucking doctor?
[Melissa sighs]
Well, we at least need to try,
Try what?
We haven't eaten.
[Robert chuckles]
Mel, you're one sick fuck.
Mom, do I have to eat
the tongue, too?
[sighs] Yes, baby.
Okay, we have to eat this
in tiny bites
because it'll be tough to chew
but easy to choke on,
so we have to be careful.
One more day in here
I'd probably take a chomp
out of that creep's dick.
That's disgusting.
Yeah, dicks are for peeing,
not eating, Dad.
[all laughing]
Well, I'll try it first.
I'm the one who caught it,
- [Robert groans]
- Ah!
- Oh, are you okay?
- [retching]
- [Robert groans]
- [clears throat]
[Robert gags]
- Give me another.
- You sure?
Yeah, all of you.
We need to eat.
[Melissa groans]
[Robert vomiting]
How did everything get
so fucked up?
[Amy's voice]
You know what happened.
You know exactly what happened.
What are you doing?
My God, get the fuck
out of here!
Go, you fucking creep.
- I'm so sorry.
- It's fine.
He follows me everywhere.
Yeah, what a fucking dunce.
[cries] Why couldn't he just
take a fucking hint?
[somber music]
In retrospect, we shouldn't be
surprised at what he did.
You don't have to say anything.
Anything you think, I think.
[sobs] I don't understand
what's happening.
No one's asking you to.
We had to do something to stop
from talking shit, right?
We had to.
[shovel scraping]
Give me a hand?
[Melissa] Sorry, Spot.
The spell should be pretty
The mob does it all the time.
The mob?
It convinces people to stop
talking shit about you.
Gives them a stern warning that
you aren't someone
to be fucked with.
So, let's give this motherfucker
a warning, shall we?
[heavy rock music]
Back to you in a second.
I think his full name is Joseph.
I'm not sure it matters
that much.
[phone ringing]
Sorry, it's just my mom.
This way, anything he tries to say
about me will be turned against him.
[speaking in foreign language]
- I love you...
- Shh.
[speaking in foreign language]
I love you too.
This is how we really make him
Get up.
What? Dad?
- Get up.
- Why?
- Dad, why?
- When I tell you to do something,
do you you do it
or you question me?
I do it.
Then do it.
What are you looking at her for?
I'm the one talking to you.
[Diane] What's going on?
Bobby and I are gonna try
Try what?
- You see that?
- See what?
The goddamn opening.
Do you see it?
Good. I need you
to go through it.
I, I can't.
You're not even gonna try?
You didn't even try.
What is it gonna hurt
if you just try?
Why do you keep looking at her?
I don't know!
I'm your daddy, right?
And you want to make your
mommy and daddy happy, right?
[slow, tense music]
Then you need to help us
get out of here.
You need to climb through
there, squeeze through, please.
- [Diane] Do not do...
- Shut up!
Come on, Bobby. You can do it.
I believe in you. Do it.
[Bobby grunting]
You're not even trying!
- But...
- Come on, you can fucking do it.
Stop being a fucking baby
about it,
just squeeze through there.
[Bobby grunting]
Come on, God damn it. Squeeze!
[Bobby grunting]
Come on.
- God damn it.
- Dad!
You're almost there. Just do it.
Go through.
God damn it,
squeeze through there!
- Dad! Stop!
- God damn it!
[Melissa] What the fuck?
He's not gonna fit!
- Squeeze through!
- [grunts]
Get the fuck off of him!
Who are you?!
- What the fuck are you doing?
- What the fuck are you doing?
- That's our son.
- I have a plan. I'm trying to get us out of here!
- You're putting our son in the...
- What are we gonna die out here!
Now he's on the fucking ground.
Come over here!
- [Bobby groans]
- Bobby? Oh, my God.
- [screams]
- Bobby? Bobby! Bobby, it's okay!
Come on, come on.
Let's get in the tub.
- Let's get in the tub. It's okay.
- [arguing continues]
It's okay, come on.
Let's get in the tub. Guys! Guys!
- In the tub, in the tub! Get in the tub.
- [groans]
- Guys! Fuck!
- [Robert] ...ain't doing nothing! [shouting]
Guys, will you fucking stop?
Something happened to Bobby.
- I think... oh, my God, I think it was the snake.
- [Bobby screams]
- [gasps]
- [rattling]
[Bobby groans]
[Robert] Jesus Christ.
- [Bobby groaning]
- [rattling]
[groans, screams]
- [Diane panting]
- [Bobby groaning]
- Get the toilet lid.
- What?
The top of the fucking toilet,
get it!
[Bobby groaning]
[Diane] Okay, ready?
Oh, God, did it get you?
- [Bobby] Uh-huh.
- Oh, my gosh.
Here, let me see. Bobby.
[snaps fingers] Let me see.
- Stop it. Oh, gosh.
- [groaning]
- Okay. Can you get me your tie?
- What, why?
- For a tourniquet.
- [stammers] No, we need to suck the venom out of him.
No, I think we need to make sure
the venom doesn't go to his heart.
Give me your goddamn tie.
- [Bobby groaning]
- Okay, okay, one second, one second.
Okay. Wait.
- No. No.
- Bobby!
- [squeals]
- Oh, my gosh. Can you hold him?
- I can't do this.
- [groaning]
[Bobby crying, screaming]
[Diane] All right.
[Bobby groaning]
- Did you get it?
- [screaming]
- Did you get it? Did you get it?
- [spits]
- Did you get it?
- [coughing]
- [Robert] I... I don't know, maybe.
- [Bobby squealing]
[Robert retching]
[Diane] You're safe in here.
Baby? Baby, listen to me.
- [Bobby] We need water.
- Okay, I'll get you water in a minute. Just hold on.
- I know, just relax, try to relax.
- Motherfucker.
Fucker. Motherfucker.
You fucking motherfucker.
Is Bobby gonna be okay?
Mom, is Bobby gonna be okay?
Yes, he's gonna be fine!
Right, Bobby?
- Gonna be fine.
- Motherfucker. You fucking motherfucker!
- [crying]
- You motherfucker. You motherfucking motherfucker!
You fucker! You motherfucking
You fuckers! [screams]
- You motherfuckers!
- [thudding]
You motherfuckers!
Let me the fuck out of here!
I'll fucking kill you!
Open the fucking door!
God damn it! [screaming]
Oh, God, oh, God! [screaming]
- [tense music]
- [grunts]
[Bobby groaning]
Bobby? Bobby, I'm so sorry.
Bobby, I...
I'm so sorry,
this is all my fault.
[Diane] What? What are you talking about?
This is not your fault.
- This is all my fault. I'm so sorry.
- No, no, no, no, no. Shh.
- [Diane mumbling]
- It's gonna be okay. Okay? You're gonna be okay.
Honey. It's nobody's fault.
It's nobody's fault.
[man's voice] Hello? Hello?
- What's going on? Are you okay?
- [Diane gasps]
[pants] Hey, who's there?
We're over here.
We need help.
My son was bit.
My son was bit. Help!
- [Diane] Do you see someone?
- I don't see shit.
Please, we need a fucking
[man's voice]
All right, follow my voice.
Oh, Jesus Christ. [chuckles]
We can't.
We're stuck.
You follow my voice.
Please. We... My son needs
medical attention.
Okay, okay, hold on.
- I think I see you. Hold on.
- [relieved laughter]
[man] Hold on, I have to...
What's that... what?
- [creature shrieks]
- [man] Oh, God...
- Oh, God! No!
- [creature roars]
- [gunfire]
- [all screaming]
[creature growling]
[gunfire stops]
[Melissa crying]
Do you see anything?
No, I don't see anything.
But I think we should keep the
door closed for a little while.
But what about Bobby?
- [creature hissing]
- [Robert] Shut the fuck up!
- I think we should ta...
- Shut the fuck up, all of you!
[ominous music]
Okay, I think we can talk again.
But we should still watch
our volumes, just in case.
In case of what?
What did you see out there?
I don't know.
Did someone really shoot
that guy?
Maybe he was shooting something.
I don't know.
[Diane] Bobby needs help.
We all need help.
He needs a doctor, Robert.
You think I don't know that?
Can that bite kill him?
I think I sucked everything out.
I don't... I don't know.
Jesus Christ,
what the fuck happened?
I'm scared.
Me too, sweetheart.
[sniffles] What should we do?
Guys, what should we do?
Mel, why the fuck do you keep
asking us what should we do?!
We know exactly what you know.
Which is fucking nothing, okay?
Okay, I'm sorry.
I don't know what we're
gonna do.
I don't know what happened
out there.
I don't know who shot who.
I don't know why they shot him.
I don't know if we're ever gonna get
out of this bathroom to find out.
I don't even know if I wanna
find out.
I don't know if Bobby's gonna
be okay.
I don't know goddamn much
about anything right now.
We killed him.
I know. We fucked up.
We're in this together,
aren't we?
Yeah, we're in this together.
Thank you for not abandoning me.
Hey, I would never, okay?
It was a necromancy spell.
- That we used on Joe?
- No, Melly, not Joe. Me, I used it on myself.
I told you I was dead,
or at least I thought I was dead.
It's complicated, and getting
into the details now,
it's not important.
The point is this,
that specific kind of spell
is supposed to bring back
people from the dead.
And something inside of me
was dead.
So it only makes sense
that it could... would work.
Did it?
I, I thought I was better,
that I was healed.
Well, are you?
I haven't felt right
in the past couple of days.
And I thought maybe it was all the
deepfake porno bullshit Joe pulled on me.
But now I suspect
it's something else.
Something a little more evil.
[scoffs] Amy, you're not making
any sense.
What if it wasn't me
who was dead all this time?
What if something was inside me
and that's what was dead?
And when I performed the spell,
it woke up?
- Amy, I...
- It's just been waiting for the perfect moment
to announce its arrival.
- I don't think...
- It has to be why the tongue spell went so wrong.
I mean, I know we substituted
a dog's tongue for a cow's,
but still, I mean, holy shit,
what happened shouldn't have happened.
Unless the person who conducted the ritual
had something hiding inside of them.
Something beyond human.
Something what?
Something diabolical.
[slow, tense music]
Why hasn't he checked
on you yet?
- [Diane] Why hasn't who...
- Dee. Don't play deaf.
I know you hear me.
Don't you think he's worried?
I really don't think now is the
best time to talk about this.
I'm not trying to be
an asshole, God damn it.
I'm just saying
we need to get out of here
or we're fucked.
Especially now.
Who are you guys talking about?
It's okay, baby. It's okay.
I know.
I told him if he didn't...
...he didn't hear from me
by midnight,
then something might have
Something like what?
We really shouldn't
get into this.
Oh, I'm sorry,
is this a bad time?
I didn't know how you'd react.
I was scared.
Scared of what?
Of you.
[chuckles] What'd you think I'd do?
Hurt you?
- Maybe.
- Oh, Jesus fucking Christ. Have I ever hurt you?
Stop ignoring me.
What the fuck are you guys
talking about?
I gave you chances,
plenty of chances.
I gave you years and years
of chances.
Years? You wanna talk
about years?
I'll talk to you
about fucking years.
Talk about years
all fucking day long.
You think you're ever getting
out of here?
You think any of us is ever
gonna walk
- out of this door again?
- That's enough!
You're the most...!
You're the most delusional bitch
I've ever met in my entire life!
- Mom...
- Please stop fighting. Please stop fighting.
You're scaring the kids again,
Mommy. [groans]
It hurts, everything burns.
Everything burns.
[Diane] His heartbeat...
Bobby, you gotta
calm the fuck down.
You gotta calm the fuck down
right now.
- Okay, that isn't helping.
- What the fuck do you want me to do?
I don't know. Just not that.
[Bobby groaning, panting]
- [Robert screaming]
- [door thudding]
[Diane] Okay, baby.
Okay, baby, it's okay.
[Robert grunts]
I want you to take nice,
deep breaths, okay?
- [door thuds]
- Okay, do it with me.
- Deep breath.
- [door thuds]
- [Diane exhales]
- [Robert grunts]
- Nice and easy. Nice and easy.
- [Bobby breathing heavily]
- That's good. That's good.
- [Robert grunts]
- [Diane] That's good. That's good.
- [grunts]
- Mom, tell me again.
- [Robert yells]
- [Robert grunting]
- [door thudding]
Tell you what, baby?
- You know, please.
- [Robert grunts]
[Diane] We were trying to buy
a frozen pizza,
and you decided you had been
in my belly long enough.
[Robert grunts]
- Your big, fat belly.
- [door thudding]
- Like a watermelon.
- [Robert panting]
- [sniffles]
- [Robert grunts]
And I...
I couldn't walk anymore
and I was just...
- [soft music]
- [sighs]
It hurt so badly and you were
kicking me so hard.
Did they call an ambulance?
[Diane] They sure did.
And while we were waiting
for the ambulance,
[voice breaking] Sissy sat down
next to me and held my hand.
And she looked at me
and she said,
"Everything's gonna be okay.
You just have to be brave
and wait little bit longer.
Nothing bad is gonna happen.
And everything will work out."
[sniffles] And you know what,
baby? She was right.
She helped me be brave
and strong.
And we waited for the ambulance
to come.
And when they came,
they pulled you out of me.
Right there, on the frozen food
section floor.
- [Melissa sobs]
- [Diane sniffles]
And that's why I know you're
gonna be okay.
And Sissy's gonna be okay.
And everything's gonna be okay
and someone's gonna come.
Someone's gonna come and move
that tree and open that door.
And everyone will be waiting
And life will be better.
And everything will be okay.
You just have to hold on
a little bit longer, okay, baby?
Just have to hold on
a little bit longer. Okay?
Just trust...
[somber music]
I'm so sorry.
[Diane wails] No! Baby!
My baby boy, come on!
No, we just have to wait
a little longer! Please. [sobs]
[both crying]
[ominous music]
Where did you get this?
Some secrets aren't meant to be
- [Melissa gasps]
- Now me.
Make me bleed.
You can't fix the inevitable.
[Amy chants in foreign language]
[lightning crashes]
[sighs] Fuck.
- [lightning crashes]
- [rain pattering]
[phone buzzes]
God, why won't it stop?
Wait, where's, where's Bobby?
[ominous music]
Where he's always been, baby.
- [Melissa gasps]
- [dramatic music]
[coughs, groans]
Mom, my stomach hurts.
Why weren't you answering
my calls?
I... I don't feel good. I think...
I think there's something inside me.
We're all gonna die
because of you.
- What?
- You didn't know your own daughter was a witch?
Some fucking mother you are.
- Is that true, Mel?
- Please, help me.
Don't. It's a trap.
One of her witch traps.
You try to help her and she'll
curse you.
No, something is wrong.
- [groaning]
- [dramatic music]
Just give me a second, will you?
[Melissa vomiting]
Where am I?
Where do you think?
[Melissa] Oh, God.
- [toilet flushes]
- [Melissa coughs]
[retches, groans]
Jesus Christ.
Fuck, what's wrong with me?
After what happened, you...
you drank this, all of it.
[Robert] And you couldn't even
leave any for me, could you?
After... After what happened?
- [Diane sobs]
- [slow, tense music]
[ominous music]
This is all my fault.
All of this is because of me.
- No, it's not...
- No, no, just listen. You're not listening.
Last night...
Fuck, not last night.
The night all of this started,
Amy and I...
We did something bad.
I don't understand.
Amy was sick, okay?
Like, really, truly sick. We...
We thought that there was
something inside her.
Maybe something...
something bad, like a...
Like a demon or spirit.
[chuckles] Mel, what the fuck
are you babbling about?
A boy at school died.
It was because of us.
[stammers] We did a spell,
something to just make him stop
spreading rumors,
making up lies.
He was never supposed to die.
But something went wrong.
That night, he choked on his
tongue while he was sleeping.
It's impossible to choke
on your own tongue.
Well, it happened.
And who knows what would have
kept happening
if we hadn't put a stop to it.
What do you mean?
- Put an end to...
- An end to the thing possessing Amy.
[chuckles] A demon?
Well, we, we didn't know
what it was.
Just that it was bad.
- [Robert] What did you do?
- We tried to kill it.
We did a spell,
something we found online.
I think...
I think that everything
that's been happening
is because of a spell we did.
I think we messed up really bad.
[box clattering]
If that's true,
what you just said,
why didn't you say anything
- I was afraid.
- Ah, brave enough to destroy the world
but too chicken shit
to own up to it, is that it?
I want you to look in that tub.
I want you to look
at your dead brother.
Do you smell that? [sniffs]
That's his corpse.
Decomposing, rotting.
And all because of you and
your voodoo bitch girlfriend!
I hope your fun little time on the
internet was worth murdering your family.
[sobs] I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Speak that way to my daughter again
and I'll slit your fucking throat.
[laughs] I look forward
to the day.
[ominous music]
[sobs] I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
We need to eat him.
Leave him alone.
[Robert] It's our only choice.
Like hell it is.
We have to.
[objects clattering]
What are you doing?
I can't fucking see anything!
I think I'm blind.
Jesus Christ.
You have been sucking
alcohol wipes non-stop.
- No wonder you're fucking blind.
- We need to find something to cut the flesh.
Don't you fucking touch him!
- Stop acting hysterical!
- [ominous music]
- [Diane gasps]
- [grunts]
Now none of you fucking witches
better try and stop me.
We gotta eat.
[upbeat music in distance]
Jesus Christ, what the fuck
is that?!
What is that? What in the hell
is that?
When you don't know
Where to go to
Why don't you go
Where fashion sits
Puttin' on the Ritz
Different types Who wear a
day coat Pants with stripes
And cutaway coat
Perfect fits
Puttin' on the Ritz
Dressed up like
A million-dollar trouper
Tryin' hard to look like
Gary Cooper
- Oh, shit.
- Super duper
- [Robert] I think I got it.
- [ringtone continues]
[man on phone speaking
Of course.
[man on phone speaking
[man on phone speaking
[Robert] No.
[man on phone speaking
- I understand.
- [man on phone speaking indistinctly]
[Diane] What the fuck
are you doing?
What the fuck, Robert?
It makes sense, doesn't it?
She's the one who started it.
So she's the only one
who can end it.
[Melissa] What? Was that Amy?
End this nightmare, you witch.
- [Melissa gasps]
- Witch!
- Witch, witch!
- [choking]
Kill the witch, kill the witch!
Kill the witch!
Get away! Leave her alone!
Kill the witch. Kill the witch!
- Kill the witch!
- Leave her alone! Leave her alone!
- [Diane screams]
- [Melissa coughs]
[Robert laughing]
- [Diane screams]
- [grunts, laughs]
[Robert laughing]
[yells, spits]
[screams, sobs]
Kill the witch!
- Kill the witch!
- [crying, screaming]
- [Melissa screams]
- [gasps]
[Melissa screaming]
[Melissa grunting]
[Melissa panting]
[slow, tense music]
Have we always been here?
There's nothing
outside the door.
There's nothing...
[Diane grunting]
[majestic music]
Okay, okay...
I'm gonna go out and see,
I'm just gonna...
I'm just gonna see.
I'll be back.
[birds chirping]
[slow, tense music]
I used to cut myself.
[heartbeat thudding]
- Melissa!
- Mom?
Mom... [coughs]
I saw Amy.
- I know. I know.
- I saw Amy.
I know. I know.
I know.
Mom, what's outside?
- [groaning]
- Mom, what's outside?
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay. It's gonna
be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Everything's gonna be okay.
- [crashing]
- [Diane screaming]
[upbeat music]
If you're blue And you
don't know Where to go to
Why don't you go
Where fashion sits
Puttin' on the Ritz
Different types Who wear a
day coat Pants with stripes
And cutaway coat
Perfect fits
Puttin' on the Ritz
Dressed up like
A million-dollar trouper
- Tryin' hard to look like Gary Cooper
- Super duper
Come, let's mix Where
Rockefellers walk With sticks
Or umbrellas in their mitts
Puttin' on the Ritz
Have you seen the well-to-do
Up and down Park Avenue
On that famous thoroughfare
With their noses in the air
High hats and arrow collars
White spats
And lots of dollars
Spending every dime
For a wonderful time
If you're blue And you
don't know Where to go to
Why don't you go
Where fashion sits?
Puttin' on the Ritz
Different types Who wear a
day coat Pants with stripes
And cutaway coat
Perfect fits
Puttin' on the Ritz
Dressed up like
A million-dollar trouper
- Tryin' hard to look like Gary Cooper
- Super duper
Come, let's mix Where
Rockefellers walk With sticks
Or umbrellas in their mitts
Puttin' on the Ritz
Dressed up like
A million-dollar trouper
- Tryin' hard to look like Gary Cooper
- Super duper
If you're blue And you
don't know Where to go to
Why don't you go
Where fashion sits
Puttin' on the Ritz
Puttin' on the Ritz
Puttin' on the Ritz
Puttin' on the Ritz
Get your kicks
At the Ritz
Gotta dance
Gotta dance
[Satanic laugh]