We Still Say Grace (2020) Movie Script

Do you trust me?
Do you trust me?
Do you trust the Lord?
This is my blood of the covenant
shed for the many for
the forgiveness of sins.
Take. Drink.
Now, I ask you again.
Do you trust me?
With all my heart.
And then I say
unto you I will not drink
this fruit of the vine
from now until
that day I drink it new with
you in my father's kingdom.
God has always been good
to us in this hard world,
isn't that right, girls?
And he's always said
to me there would come
a time when I would
have to
bring you my flock and
deliver you unto him.
That is why you must
trust me now.
You have trusted me to
feed you and clothe you
and provide for all
things worldly
and now you must trust me as
I deliver you unto heaven.
Please do not be scared
or frightened
if I tell you you have
just drank poison.
Well, she rather I
lie to you or would you like
to look God in the eye
with loving anticipation
as you're delivered to him?
Now, poison is coursing
through our blood now,
but will we spend these
last five minutes weeping
and wailing in fear or
will we lay down our lives
with dignity joined
together as family, hm?
Maggie, come. Come, dear.
Come join us as we
pass together.
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
Trust me.
Trust the Lord.
Accept us, oh Lord, into
your loving arms.
It had to be done.
Maggie, come over here.
Sit by us.
I'm sorry we had to go
through that,
but now God knows that you
trust me with all your heart.
That's all he's every
wanted, all he's ever asked,
and now when the time comes
for us to lay down our lives
God will smile knowing
that you trust your father.
And that day will come,
but until then,
know that I will do
anything for you.
I will never let any harm come
to you, do you understand?
Yes, Father.
Why didn't you tell us?
Why does there have
to be a test?
Now trust in the lord,
and do not lean on
your own understanding,
in all your ways
acknowledge him,
and he will direct your path.
- Proverbs 35-
- Yes, yes.
God is very proud of you
girls tonight.
I'm very proud, honey.
Honey, there's one more load,
can you please bring it out?
Before you wander off, make sure
the breakfast dishes are done.
They're done.
Just make sure you're
home before dinner, okay?
Yes, Mom.
Oh, back so soon?
Maggie, honey.
Oh, what?
I'll get it.
Stay put.
Girls, stay here.
Oh, hi.
Sorry, we got a flat.
A couple, actually, down
the road there.
We were just wondering if
we could use your phone.
Do you believe in God?
Uh, yeah.
Well, I'd be glad to
help ya I just haven't
had a phone in years.
But come on in, we'll give
you something to drink,
and take a look at that tire.
Um, sure, why not?
Come on in.
- Thank you.
- I was thirsty
and you gave me drink, I was a
stranger and you welcomed me.
- Oh, thank you.
- Here.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
So, what happened out there?
Well, I'm not sure.
It's a pretty nasty flat.
Well, got a couple on
the right side.
We were able to fix
one of 'em with a spare
but I'm not sure what to
do about the other one.
Well, I'm sure we wouldn't
have gotten a flat
if you woulda stayed on
a paved road.
And I want it to be noted
that I suggested
taking the highway near gas
stations and civilization.
I mean, this is beautiful
country, we just-
We were hoping
to cut south
and eventually find highway 56.
Yeah, well, you probably noticed
there's not a lot of
traffic out here.
Yeah, yeah,
we did notice.
Uh, we must be 35 miles
from the nearest anything.
Do you have any neighbors
nearby that might have a phone?
Well, you're close.
29 miles as the crow
flies to the southeast
is the first neighbor.
How do you guys survive
without a phone?
Well, the
Bible teaches us
to avoid irreverent babble.
It leads people to more
and more ungodliness.
Oh. Okay.
So, you guys are pretty
self-sustaining, huh?
I think that's awesome.
Living off the land,
keeping it simple.
Living off the land?
What, are you gonna ask
George to tell you
about the rabbits next?
I'm not saying they're
"Grapes of Wrath" or anything-
"Of Mice and Men".
George and Lenny were "Of
Mice and Men".
We like to read.
Sorry, I have to apologize
for my friend here,
he's not really house
trained yet.
Uh, speaking of, this
lemonade is running
right through me.
You do have running water here,
Yes, Betty will show
you where to go.
Yes, right this way.
Sorry I couldn't help you
with the phone,
but I do have a tire iron.
Maybe we could go out,
take a look.
Oh, that's not really necessary,
maybe just a lift to the
next house or wherever
we can find somebody to call.
Well, uh, a tractor only goes
about three miles an hour
and we don't have a car.
Wait, no car either?
No, we had a horse once
but we've been meaning
to get another but...
We got a lotta sunlight,
I can bring my toolbox and,
patch you up, you'll
be on your way.
We really appreciate it,
thank you.
What the fuck?
Yeah, we put the spare
on the back tire
before we noticed this
front one was flat, too.
This road is rough.
It's a good thing you
broke down near my place,
you would be lost
forever otherwise.
We're not actually lost,
we were-
We really appreciate it,
thank you.
I'm sure there's a
reason that you're here.
God always has a reason,
you just gotta figure
out what it is.
Just put it in neutral
and I'll hoist it up
on the winch there.
Now what have we here?
Yeah, feel free if you want.
Well, Bible says do not get
drunk on the,
fruit of the vine
at least through debauchery.
Instead , be
filled with the spirit.
Hey, come on, man.
- Dude, what are you doing?
- Aren't you filled
- with the spirit?
- Are you gonna pay
us for that?
It's all we have left.
Well, I'm sorry.
You know, I really can't
have this around my family.
I'll make it up to you, though.
Dark beer.
Slice this
when you're done, please.
You think they're dangerous?
Oh, honey.
I don't think your
father believes so.
And God teaches us to
help any stranger in need.
What about all those
warnings of stranger danger?
Now, don't tease.
You were kids then.
Well, still are kids.
Then what is it? Do we lock
the door or invite them in?
Well, you leave that up
to your father,
you don't need to be
inviting strangers in here.
Especially boys.
It's not like this will
ever happen again.
I'm sure your dad will
have them on their way soon
and all of this
excitement will be over.
Yeah, they really
interrupted my busy schedule
of making mashed potatoes.
Stop being smart, daughter.
What's gotten into you?
Maybe they could
stay for dinner.
Honey, no.
I am sure they have other plans
when they get back on the road.
Dad's not gonna want them
here any longer
than they need to be.
I can tell you that.
Can I just ask him first?
Maggie, no.
Leave them alone.
You just worry about
those carrots.
Make some extra dinner,
it's gonna take
longer than I expected.
You boys familiar with
the phrase "run like
a chicken with his
head cut off?"
That's what life is like
without God to guide
your path, just.
What the fuck!
What, you want dinner
but you don't wanna see
where it comes from?
Jesus Christ.
Luke. Luke is it?
I hope you're starting a
prayer because we don't
like to take the Lord's
name in vain here.
Now, I'm gonna need your help.
Why don't you pick up the bird?
What? I've never done
this before!
Well, I'm here to help ya.
Just pick up the bird and
put him over on the bench.
Go on.
Look, I... go ahead, go ahead.
Yeah, good.
This is fucked.
You know, that's the
last time I wanna hear
foul language outta you boys.
Now, you know, I've
welcome you into my house
but you gotta honor my rules.
Can I trust you to
be in my house
at my table with my wife
and daughters?
- Yeah, fine.
- Yeah.
You're next.
Can't eat a bird with
feathers on it.
Gonna show you how to
pluck a chicken.
I'm going back to the car now
because we're supposed to
be working on that, right?
I'm sorry, I better go grab him.
I'm sorry about them.
Uh huh.
Yeah, we all gotta find
our own path.
Uh, I could probably help.
I've been on a farm before.
Oh, well good. It's easy as pie,
Just grab a handful and
you pull straight up.
- It comes right out.
- All right.
Well, as soon as the epoxy
sets that patch
should hold ya till you get
to the nearest gas station,
but you gotta drive carefully.
I just hope we can get it
fixed and be on your way.
Well, we'll check it
in a few hours
and you should be on your way.
We can't thank you enough
for your help,
and dinner looks amazing.
Oh, well thank you for bringing
some excitement into our lives.
Uh, don't, don't, don't.
We don't eat until we
thank the Lord first.
It may seem strange to you
but we still say grace here.
Lord Jesus, we commit
ourselves to you fully,
we ask for your forgiveness
for our eternal sins
and we ask for your
continued strength
in our struggle to come
closer to you.
We thank you for this
bounty of food
and nourishment in front
of us and we thank you
for bringing these young
gentlemen to our doorsteps
so that we could
provide for them help
and guidance in their
hour of need.
And we also thank you for
giving us the opportunity
to live our lives as examples
to your loving kindness
and to bear witness to
these young strangers
so that they may come to
know you in their hearts.
And we ask you to keep them
on the road to salvation
and to teach me how to
show them your ways
during their brief stay here.
- Amen.
- Amen.
So, you certainly have
shaken up our routine,
I can tell you that.
Oh, definitely could've
been worse than breaking
down next to a home-cooked meal.
Where were you boys headed?
Before you broke down, that is?
Oh, just a road trip
out west to California
before school starts
in the fall.
Your parents let you
drive across the country?
My parents actually wanted
me to explore the states
before I go to college.
Well, these girls have
been on this 25 acres
since the day they were born
and they couldn't be happier.
I love it here.
What's in California?
Hopefully what they tell us.
We haven't actually been there,
but we're just gonna drive
until we hit the ocean.
And, um, do you have a
church back at your home?
Uh, yeah.
I go on Sundays with my parents.
Yeah right, don't let
this guy fool you.
- He was just kidding.
- No.
Where are you from?
Please don't be nosy, honey.
No, it's fine.
Uh, Chicago.
That's where Northwestern
is, I've seen pictures.
I'd love to go to
college some day,
- I've never been any-
- Maggie.
That's enough now, you're
gonna be respectful
of yourself and others will
be respectful of you as well.
I don't think she
disrespected anybody.
What, you're not hungry now, hm?
You're not gonna shame
me into sympathy here.
Your mother made that
dinner for all of us,
our guests, and you're
not hungry, hm?
Not hungry.
All right, if you're not hungry.
We don't tolerate
disrespect here.
Can I use your restroom again?
Uh, of course.
Yes, you remember where it is,
Yes, yes. Thank you, Betty.
Why don't you
cut up the bird, Betty.
That looks good.
These apples are from our
very own tree.
Sarah helped me make it.
You don't bake a
pie every night, do you?
No, I barely helped.
I cut the apples,
that's about it.
Where's Randy?
Jesus, Randy get lost or what?
- Dude.
- What?
Come on, man, just show
a little bit of respect
before he cuts your head off,
come quick!
Harold, what happeneD?
Get me a wallet!
Somebody get me a wallet,
quick, quick, quick.
- What happened?
- Get me a wallet!
A wallet! I need a wallet!
- Don't want him-
- What happened?
Don't want him
biting his tongue.
He's having a seizure.
Go get some water
and a wash rag.
Randy, what happened,
man? Are you all right?
No, get him his pillow, pillow.
Grab that pillow there.
It's all right, girls.
Gonna be all right.
He's resting now, he's a
pretty sick boy.
He's had a epileptic event.
Looks like a grand mal seizure.
Do you know anything
about his medical history,
epilepsy, whatever?
- No, no.
- No.
This has never happened before.
We need to get to a phone.
Yeah, well, it's in the
Lord's hands now.
Please, will you please
watch your language?
We need to get him
to a hospital!
The hospital is an hour away if
we had a working car,
and we don't.
Look, I've been taking care of
my family out here for years
and in my experience
what he needs more
than anything else
right now is some sleep.
He needs rest.
How long is he gonna
be like that?
I don't know, it could be a
couple hours, couple of days.
We'll have to wait and see
where we are in the morning.
Damn, I don't know, man.
This just doesn't feel right.
We need to get a real doctor.
Where's the nearest phone?
It's 12 hours away through
those hills at night.
Now, the most important
thing that you guys
gotta remember is that he
needs his rest, so we'll spend
the night, see where we are
in the morning, all right?
- Right?
- Maybe he's right, man.
I mean, we don't have
anywhere to go anyway.
No, screw this.
I'll fix the fucking car
by myself if I have to.
I'm not gonna warn
your friend again
about this language,
all right, you know?
Now, stray from the path,
this is what happens.
Just don't go snooping around
where you don't belong.
Okay, then.
I'm sorry I didn't have more
time to put something together.
This looks perfect, thank you.
I'm sorry, I almost forgot.
Cleanliness is next
to godliness.
Do you boys have
everything you need?
Toothpaste, toothbrush?
Um, yeah, we got some
stuff in the car.
Well, let me show you
to the bathroom
before it's too late.
I think we have extras in there.
Um, before it's too late?
Harold has allowed you to
use the bathroom
just once before you
must stay in your room
for the rest of the night.
Well, come on.
Don't doddle.
I wanna assure you
your friend will be fine.
Harold has never led us
astray before
and we don't believe he's
gonna start now.
Don't get too excited.
They'll be gone soon.
Why do you always
have to spoil it?
Just remember, God knows
your true thoughts.
And you better pray for strength
that you don't get
caught up in lust.
Sorry about your friend.
Yeah, thanks.
Well, goodnight.
Hey, man.
How's it going?
I can't tell.
Look, let's just stay the night.
We don't really have a choice.
Are you kidding me?
That dude is fucking...
He probably thinks he could
pray Randy back to health.
Look, man, I don't wanna
stay with these Jesus freaks
any more than you do.
Unless you wanna walk 12 hours
in the middle of the night,
we don't have a choice.
Oh, damn it.
Look, we'll get the
tire back on in the morning.
It's not gonna work.
This can't be happening.
Come on, let's just get
some rest, yeah?
What are you doing?
What are you doing here?
Just praying for your
friend, keeping vigil.
Why don't you go back
to the room I provided
for you and Luke, I'll call
you if anything changes.
I just wanted to check on him.
Well, you can pray for him.
I'll call you if I need you.
Give them to me.
What's going on?
I just saw Harold in
a bath tub with Sarah.
The fuck?
Did he just lock us in?
Hey! What the hell, man?
Did you just lock us in here?
Dude, don't.
Don't what? He just
locked us in!
What do you expect?
I mean, you just saw him taking
a bath with his daughter.
Yeah, what the fuck, man?
Look, we gotta get outta
here. That ain't right.
Oh, shit, wow.
Jesus, what are
we doing here?
I mean, he told us not to
leave the room.
I guess he wasn't
fucking around.
But locking us in?
He's a man of his word.
I'm busting the
fucking door down
if it's not open in the morning,
then I'm fucking him up.
Hey, it's gonna be fine, okay?
Just try to get some sleep.
Shit, I actually slept.
Yeah, I heard him unlock it
around five this morning.
Hey, Luke?
Everything all right in there?
Uh, yeah. Just
looking for a towel.
Here, I
grabbed you one.
Hey, thank you.
Here you go.
Oh, dude.
- Okay, thank you!
- Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.
Well, I'm sorry, just.
You know, I wanted to
say that every visitor
that we get to the
house we think of
as a blessing from God sent
here to teach us something
and I just want you to
know that anything
you need, I'm willing
to help you.
Just, you know,
anything you need.
- Okay?
- Okay.
This is great.
Fisher, you taking this in?
Having some totally
normal family time.
We need to go.
We need to get the
tire on and go.
We're about to say grace
and have breakfast.
Why don't you sit down,
Luke? Have something.
Uh, Betty, this looks amazing,
and thank you for
everything you've done,
but we don't have time to eat.
We gotta get the car ready so
we can get Randy some help.
Luke, sit down, have
some breakfast.
Let's go, dude. Come on.
I'm sorry, I don't know
what's going on.
Well, Devil gets into all of us,
I'm sorry I couldn't get
you off earlier,
but I'll be out there as
soon as breakfast is done.
- All right?
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
- I'm sorry.
It's all right.
This better work.
It's not looking good.
Well, we gotta fucking try!
I don't think it's set up right.
Probably didn't mix the
fucking epoxy right,
I gotta do it myself.
So what? We have to take
this off again?
We gotta get it right.
You start, I'll get the epoxy.
What the fuck?
Why didn't you tell us
about this yesterday?
Yeah, well, truth be told
I didn't think it'd help.
You didn't think
this would help?
Are the tires the same
size as ours?
Well, I seriously doubt it.
It's an ancient machine,
I just keep it around
for the tractor for
spare parts and-
You told us you
didn't have a car.
I don't have a working car, son.
This is ridiculous.
No, this could be a blessing.
It's all how you look at it.
If you look at it dark the
Lord could just
snatch it away from you.
Do the tires at least hold air?
Well, let's try it.
Let's see if it fits
your car first.
This is awesome, Harold.
Thank you.
All right, let's pull one
off and see if it fits.
You know what? You've
been enough help already.
I think we'll just do
this ourselves.
Well, I'll pray for ya, then.
Thank you.
You still trust this
fucking guy?
This could help.
You know what this perverted
Jesus freak has been doing
and you're still fucking
chumming it up with him.
Why didn't he tell us
about this yesterday?
He probably just
forgot about it.
So, you think that boy is
gonna be okay?
I don't know.
It's up to God.
Dad says they're wicked and
they brought it upon themselves.
I don't think they're wicked.
Demons come in all forms.
Be alert and of sober mind.
Your enemy, the devil, prowls
around liKe a roaring lion
looking for someone to devour.
God must've brought them
here for some reason.
Don't be ridiculous, Maggie.
This is only a test of our faith
and your loyalty to our family.
I've seen you watching them.
Don't give the devil a foothold.
This might actually work.
Look at that.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Uh, you know much about cars?
No, I can't remember the
last time I was in one.
Yeah, we never needed one.
Everything we need
is right here.
You wanna get in ours?
- Can I?
- Yeah.
Come on.
Oh, don't worry. I got it.
All right, so,
hop on in.
What kind is this?
Uh, this is a Cadillac.
Yeah, it's pretty much a
piece of crap.
You can look at those
if you want.
Oh, that place was awesome.
It was like a 20 foot waterfall.
You could actually go behind it.
It must've been amazing.
Oh, um...
I'm just gonna...
So, this is an old
abandoned place we found
and there was like an old
diary, it was really cool.
It sounds like you guys
are having a lot of fun.
We should take one.
Here, grab the camera.
All right.
Double check that
- it still starts-
- This up.
It's been sittin' awhile.
All right, hang on a sec.
All right. So, smile.
There you go.
All right, well, let's
try to crank this baby on.
What do you think? You
wanna give it a try?
Sure, what do I do?
Okay, you just turn
that right there.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Okay. Come on.
Keep turning.
Tap the gas!
All right, here. Let me try.
There we go!
You did it.
All right, let's check
on that tire.
Fuck yeah! Finally!
Now let's get outta here.
Come on, let's go!
We're wasting time!
- Okay, well, thanks.
- Yeah.
- Take care.
- Very good boy.
Fisher, just remember.
Beware of your friends,
trust not your clan
for every one of them
is a deceiver
and every friend a slanderer.
I'm sorry about Luke, he
can get crazy sometimes.
Well, you know, you can
still stay here.
You know, there's a chance
for redemption here, hm?
We really need to get
Randy some help.
Thank you.
Thanks for the food,
it was amazing.
I'd give you my number if
you could actually call it.
So, goodbye.
Take me with you.
Margaret, that's it,
you're done.
Get in the house.
Let's go.
All right, bye.
Finally, Jesus.
Randy, we're gonna get
you some help, buddy.
Just hang on.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
You've got to be
fucking kidding me!
This cannot be happening.
I don't think he's
coming outta this.
Yeah, I know, man, but
we can't just
stand here and do nothing.
Boys, come with me.
Now sit, sit down.
Listen now.
Look, now, there is a
reason why you're here.
I mean, the car breaking down,
Randy getting ill, the crash.
Now, there's a reason,
don't you see it?
You have been sent
here to me by God
to cleanse your sins!
Jesus, I can't take all
this babble about God.
Listen, will you just
shut the fuck up?
It's just bad luck, that's all.
Shut your potty mouth!
Or is it?
You know what? Maybe
you're the sinner.
You're the evil one keeping
us here against our will.
What really happened to Randy,
Cleanse your sins and
purify your soul.
You don't know shit
about a clean soul.
You're molesting your own
daughter, for Christ's sake.
You get out of my house!
Get out!
- Get out of my house!
- Luke!
Don't you ever come back here!
Some sins cannot be cleansed!
What did he mean, Harold?
Oh, Betty.
Does it need ice?
No ice.
Sarah, what's wrong?
I don't know if I can do this.
Yes, you can.
You do the will of God and you
will receive what is promised.
Harold, isn't there
any other way?
Look, that boy is gonna
come back here
looking for his friends
and he's probably
gonna have the police with him.
Consequence is a sin is death,
and the boy is a
liar and sinner.
I praise you that if I
am walking in the light
as he is walking in the
light and I sit unknowingly
his blood will cleanse me.
If Satan seeks to rise against
me with a charge of guilt,
thank you that the savior
rises to my defense.
- Hi.
- Hey.
I brought you some
lemonade to take with you,
in case you get thirsty.
Just set it down.
I'll take it.
That's all right, I'll wait.
It's a long walk.
Good luck.
Which way you going?
I don't know.
One of us has to
stay with Randy.
Why did God bring you to us?
Why did this happen?
Maggie, what are you
doing in here?
This is off limits, what
are you doing in here?
Nothing, I...
Look, I'm gonna ask you
one last time.
Why have you disobeyed me
and why are you in here?
I don't know, I...
You don't know?
Well, Lord deliver me
from the sinner
of a liar!
Randy's dead!
That boy brought sin
into the house,
that's what happened to him.
I did everything I
could for him,
but the Lord had already
made his judgment.
- But, Dad-
- No, wait, wait, wait, wait.
This boy brought this on
himself and you should look
on this as a lesson.
All right?
He brought it on himself.
There's a dead
person in that bed
and that person took a
devious path and he trespassed
where he shouldn't and
this is what happens.
And now the Lord is testing you,
he's revealed this to you,
and it's now up to you
to decide what you're gonna
do with this information.
What are you gonna do?
I mean, how are you
going to present
your decisions to the Lord?
Are you gonna...
Wanna go behind my back
again like you did?
You think that makes the
Lord proud, hm?
You think the Lord is
looking down on you
with disappointment the
way I am right now,
I will reveal to you
what your path will be.
You will commit to this
family from now on
and you will have no more
riffs where you shouldn't
and you will never ever reveal
this or speak of it again.
And you will be obedient and
loyal to your Lord and father.
Do you understand?
Do you understand?
Hey, Maggie.
I'm sorry.
Sorry for what?
You haven't done anything.
I'm sorry for this, for
what's happened.
Hey, it's not your fault.
It's gonna be okay, Luke's
gonna get help.
He's been lying.
My father.
Look at the back.
He said we were born
here, we were raised here,
that I never left, but...
Lincoln, Nebraska.
What does that mean?
I found this.
Is that you and Sarah?
Yeah, who are these
other people?
Where did you find this?
In the old
car in the barn.
What car?
The one your dad has
locked away.
I've never seen a car,
we're not allowed in there.
I think whoever's car
it is broke down here
at some point just like we did.
Same exact tire damage.
Something's up.
I need to go check on Randy.
No, don't.
Stay with me.
I have to.
I was just there, I checked.
It's okay.
Just don't go in the house.
You should stay away
from my father,
something's gotten into him.
I promised Luke I'd keep
an eye on him.
It's gonna be okay.
where you going?
I was just headed to
check on Randy.
Come sit with us a minute,
would you?
I really think I should
No, I insist.
You read the Bible?
I was raised Catholic
but we never
really read the Bible, no.
Well, I can show you
the way if you're ready
to free yourself from evil
and the violent
ways of this world.
Yeah, I mean, I
really don't think
it's that evil out there.
I know a lot of
really good people.
Well, the time of
judgment has come
to the household of the Lord.
Will you stand with the Lord?
I don't know.
Will you stand with me?
Will you stand with us?
With God?
I'm sorry, I'm gonna
check on Randy.
Dad, I need to talk to you.
What is it?
Can I talk to you alone?
I saw Maggie sitting
outside with that boy.
I'm worried for her.
Well, I know what goes on
in my own house, Sarah.
That boy is not going
to corrupt my daughter.
God has a plan.
I see God's plan, too.
He's revealed it to me.
Dad, I see what's
gonna happen now.
It's amazing, I've never
seen his words
more alive like they are now.
I see why those men
knocked on our door,
I see our future together.
You and I.
Don't you see it?
It's not time yet, Sarah.
You know the first born
said to the younger,
"Our father is old and
there is no man
on earth to come into us as is
the custom of all the earth.
Come, let us make our
father drink wine
and we will lay with
him that we may preserve
the lineage of our father."
So they made their father
drink wine that night
and the first born went in
and lay with her father.
Hey, man.
How you doing?
Randy, wake up.
Oh, my God.
Oh! Somebody help!
He's dead.
He's fucking gone.
Hey, well, watch your language,
This is your fault.
What did you do to him?
You can't change the
will of God.
Shut the fuck up.
Seriously, what is with
you and that shit?
Look, I gave you all a chance.
Randy failed the test and
Luke had the opportunity
to stay and witness and
what are you gonna do,
What will you do?
I couldn't let you leave
in that car ever,
you knew that, didn't you?
Didn't you, son?
Oh, honey.
Can you make sure there's
nothing left on the line?
Mom, stop. I need to talk.
I hate falling behind
and you know how
- your father is.
- Mom, please.
Where is this from?
You two were so adorable then.
Oh, you still are, of course.
No, the back. Nebraska.
I've never traveled anywhere,
you said we were born
here in this house.
It's complicated.
And this?
Where did you get this?
In the car dad has been
hiding in the barn.
Who's car is that?
Where are we from?
There are some things I
just can't...
Are you really my parents?
We raised you.
But are you my mom? Is
Harold my dad?
Your father...
Your father wanted
children and I couldn't.
I wanted to give him
everything he wanted.
It was my duty as his wife.
What happened to them?
Somebody help!
Help me!
Somebody help me!
Thank God.
Are you okay?
- Yeah. Are you?
- Yes, but we have to
get out of here now.
I know.
Randy's dead.
I know. I'm sorry, Fisher.
I can't believe it.
I know. Let's go.
Where are we going?
I don't know, I just
have to get out of here.
I wanna come with you.
You do?
Oh shit, your dad's coming.
- Where do we go?
- I don't know.
Okay, come on.
This way.
Come on, come on.
- Maggie!
- All right, this way.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, Jesus.
Oh, my God.
We need to run.
We need to run now.
Come on!
Maggie, come on!
Turn me from darkness into light
and from the power of
Satan unto God.
And may I receive
forgiveness for my sins.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I know, dear. I know.
Are you happy now?
Is this what you wanted?
Couldn't let the family be
torn apart by those sinners.
Don't use that word,
we're not family, Harold.
Of course we are.
He's not even our real father.
What is this?
Our real parents, Sarah.
Harold, Betty, they
kidnapped us and killed them.
I am the true father!
No, you're not, you're
a sinner and you're just
as evil as the rest of them.
Of course he's our father.
He taught us the way.
I can't believe you killed them.
You murdered innocent boys.
He had no choice.
Their sin and their lust
challenged us, but we passed.
You must forgive lest ye
not be forgiven.
Then why didn't you
forgive Fisher's sins?
Or Luke's sins?
Did you kill Randy
on purpose, too?
God has asked me to
finish something.
Look what I've done for
the glory of God.
God came to me and asked for
sacrifice and I answered.
When you're lifted up in
the power those
that come against you
are crushed.
When I send up my wrath they
will be burned like dry grass!
No, no.
And if you believe that
Jesus Christ died
and was born again, even
so God will bring with him
those who sleep in Jesus, amen.
Your mother was very brave.
She trusted in the Lord.
And the time has come for
you guys to put
all of your trust in your
Lord and father.
I love you, Maggie.
I need to know your heart
is in the right place
before we give ourselves over.
Sarah, my heart has always
been in the right place.
I pray that it has.
You're not scared?
I don't know.
I might be a little scared,
but I'm not filled with fear.
Dad would never let any
harm come to us.
I trust in him and the
Lord with everything.
Do you remember when it
used to snow?
We'd play all day until mom
would finally call us in.
We'd sit in the laundry
room taking everything
off covered in ice.
But our feet would still be dry.
Mom always gave us old bread
bags to cover our socks.
She'd always have hot
chocolate ready, though.
And we'd sit on the dryer
waiting for our clothes
to warm up so we could
go out again.
Could barely hold the mugs
the chocolate was so hot.
Why are you
remembering that now?
I don't know,
that's all I can think of.
And the time has come
to join your mother
in the kingdom of
eternal paradise.
This is what we've worked for.
you remember...
So, this is what
we've worked for.
This is my blood of the
covenant shed for the many
for the forgiveness of sins.
Accept us, oh Lord, into
your loving arms.
Sarah, be calm.
Be calm, Sarah.
Stay calm, Sarah.
All right.
Be calm, be calm, be calm.
Okay, it's okay.
Okay, okay, okay.
It's all right, it's all right.
It's okay, it's okay.
And the Lord says he will
wipe every tear from your eye
and there will be no death.
No death, no suffering,
and no pain.
You didn't drink your wine.
You did and you're still alive.
God must have a new plan.
You have to trust me.
No, I trust the Lord.
You trust the Lord,
you trust me.
I have delivered you from
pain time and time again
and now you reject me.
Is that what you believe?
God has given me
special purpose.
Everything I have ever done
is through him and for him.
I see everything you've done.
Well, then you've seen
the Lord's work.
No, I see your work.
I have saved this family
from evil and I protected
you from sinners
your whole life.
Does that mean nothing to you?
What sinners? What are
you so scared of?
Girl, you have no idea
what evil is out there.
That's why you have to trust me.
Now, don't be scared.
I'm not scared of sinners
or what's out there,
I'm scared of you!
God has compassion for
all those who fear him.
Do you believe you're God?
To you there should be
no difference.
Drink the wine.
You have shamed your family
and you've shamed your father.
Let the blood be
poured upon you.
Drink the wine now,
honor your family.
You're not my family,
stop saying that.
You murdered my family.
And please now let me
show you mercy.
Drink the wine.
You have to choose.
Can I have a glass?
It's not too late!
There's still time
for salvation!
Don't go this way, hun.
Let me show you mercy.
Stop this.
Obey your father!
Help me, Maggie.
Help me, help me.
Please, Maggie.
Hey, Maggie.
Help me.
This is your mercy.
Drink this and it's
all over, no more pain.
Get in the back awhile.
Lord, forgive me.