We Were Wolves (2014) Movie Script

- There you go!
- Why can't we come?
- Hey, how you feeling?
- I want to die.
- [Carrie]: Hey, Mom!
- [Mika]: Dad?
[Woman talking on radio,
Dad, I'm talking to you!
- One second!
Where'd you guys go?
- Oh, some club with
a bunch of big, young idiots
trying to bag
themselves a cougar!
- We hardly went
this summer!
- I know, but you wouldn't like
it now. The lake's too cold.
You want pancakes?
- Hmm! Mm-mmm!
- Are you bringing Grandpa?
- Who wants the last one?
I've got enough for one more!
- Me!
- Yeah, you?
- Yeah!
- Oh, sorry! She beat you, bud!
- All set?
- Yeah, almost.
- If you waited a few weeks,
I could take some time off.
We could all
go together.
- I gotta close it up
before the frost comes.
Get the boat
out of the water.
- There's 2 different
plastic ones.
- It goes to the same place.
- And the bigger one.
You danced with
young guys last night?
- I didn't fuck
anybody, Nick.
That all ended
when we got married.
- We should go dancing.
- You don't dance.
- What do you need?
- I got it.
- Jesus, Jenny, let me--
- I got it! I'm just--
- I got it!
I got it! Jenny--
- I got it!
- For fuck's sake! Jesus!
- OK, sorry!
- I got it! I got it!
- I'm just trying to help!
- I got it!- Fuck!
[Sighing, sniffing]
- [Whispering]:
I'm sorry!
It's just a tough time.
- I know.
[Laughing]: Nick!
- Come on,
we've got time.
- [Laughing]:
In the fucking garage?
God, look at you.
Sometimes, I don't
even recognize
that skinny face of yours.
Call me when
you get there!
- All right!
[Door bells tinkling]
- Oh, Nick Blake!
- How are you, Les?
- Up for the weekend?
- Hey, there's a car
parked in our spot.
Any idea who that is?
- Here when I got
in this morning.
Must've showed up in
the middle of the night.
- Thanks!
Oh, Jesus! Fuck!
- Snickers!
Oh my God! Look at you!
You took that health
kick to the next level!
I gotta say, though,
I'm gonna miss those tits.
Those were some great tits!
- Ah, get off me!
- Oh, relax! Just saying you
did good. I'm proud of you!
Although, I do deserve
some of the credit
for calling you a fat
turd all those years.
I gave you the drive you needed
to be chiselled and gay!
- What are you
doing here, Danny?
- What do you mean?
I came to see you!
- Good! You bring
the money you owe me?
- Ah, man! Dad
left you the Buick.
Snickers, you lucky fucker!
How's she running?
- How'd you know
where I was?
- Mom told me you
were coming out.
I figured you
could use a hand.
Oh man! I must've taken about
5 wrong turns on the way out.
[Laughing]: Can't believe they
changed all the highways around!
- They didn't.
- Hey! Is Les still
running the store?
He must be like
100-and-fucking-8 by now!
- Ah, come on, Nicky!
I drove all night to see you.
You're not happy to see me?
- All right, I fucking
screwed up, OK?
Snickers, mea fucking culpa!
- Stop fucking calling
me that, all right?
- OK! Trust me, Nicky.
I wouldn't have been
any use to you.
- Yeah, well, as always,
I took care of it.
- See? Exactly!
You've always been better
at that stuff than me,
ever since you were
a chubby, little--
I didn't mean it! Ah!
Look, I'm here now to help, OK?
Come on, man! It's like the old
Blake boys back together again!
OK, well, for once. The Blake
boys back together for once.
Having all the good times that
we fucking should've had, OK?
Now, what do you say? Here!
- Oh shit!
- Jesus, is that--
- See, Danny, this is exactly
why I didn't call you.
You're about as helpful
as a fucking hurricane.
- Fuck, I'm sorry, Nicky!
- Look, just go, OK?
I don't want you here.
- Fine.
- What's that?
- It's for Mika. His
birthday's Tuesday, right?
- Yeah.
- OK, well, it's not much.
The fucking card
blew out the window
when I was smoking a J
on the way up,
but I don't know,
I think he'll like it.
- [Whispering]: Thanks!
- All right,
see you around, Nicky.
Hey, is the gas station
up the road or
down the fucking road?
[Coins falling,
Danny grunting]
- Start the boat.
- [Laughing]: Oh! We're gonna
have so much fun, Snickers!
- Drain it first!
- I will! I will!
Oh, and get some chips
and smokes and beer and worms!
Oh! And shit tickets!
Last time I was here,
I wiped with poison oak.
I'm really glad we're
doing this, Snickers!
[ Biggerby Elijah Ocean ]
It's a pleasure...
Hey, Snickers!
Remember how Dad used to
put you up in the bow
when you were a little kid,
way down in the boat,
'cause you were such a tub?
Over my shoulders
Hey, Snickers!
I said: "Do you remember--"
[Engine revving]
What? Jesus, Nick!
We almost went over.
It's not funny!
Tied to a boat
Bigger than me
[Bird squawking]
[Loon calling]
It's not as big
as I remember.
- Hey!
- [Laughing]: Oh!
Danny with the save!
The thing's all rotted!
- Yeah, he never
got around to that.
- Fucking shocker.
The place still has
that aroma to it:
shit and tobacco,
the smell of Dad.
- Hey, I only brought
food for one.
- That's all right.
I don't eat much.
I'll just lay off the weed.
Oh! Dibs on the bird cage!
- That's fine by me.
- I gotta hand it you, man.
He's not as hoarder-y
as I was expecting.
- Ah, I've been working hard
at it. It's my third trip up.
[Water flowing]
- Yeah, you always, uh...
You always had that feminine
touch, didn't you, Snickers?
How is the lovely Jenny,
by the way?
- Jennifer is good. She's
happy to be back at work
- Oh, right! You guys
had a second kid, didn't you?
- Yes, Carrie. She's 5.
- That's a hard age, 5,
always being yelled at.
Man, I can't believe that you
actually fucking managed to bag
Jenny "Wild Child" Warwick
- Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Don't fucking do that in here.
- Dad smokes in
here all the time.
- He quit 4 years
ago when I did.
- Well, leave all this shit.
Let's go cast a few. Come on!
- No, I'm gonna call Jen.
I'm gonna get to work.
[Door opening and closing]
[Insects chirping]
- [Jennifer]: Oh my God! Did you ask him where he's been?
- He's down at some
shithole bar, I'd assume.
- Wow, is he OK?
- Is he OK?
- Well, it must've taken
him a lot to come there.
- Jesus, Jenny! Why do you
always stick up for him?
- Nick, he's reaching out.
Give him a chance.
- Oh my fucking God!
Holy shit!
[Laughing]: Now,
there's a capital idea!
- You OK to put your worm
on your hook,
or you want me to get
a little girl do it for you?
- [Laughing]: Oh, going after
the older brother with a burn!
I appreciate the
effort, Snickers!
Your kids fish?
- Mika does.
Carrie just likes the worms.
- I bet they have
some fun up here.
- Yeah! He was begging
to come out this morning.
- What? You should've
let him come up!
I would've loved
to see him!
- Well, he's got this
thing called school.
- [Laughing]:
You're that kind of dad!
- Let's go over by the docks.
The weeds here are too high.
- Yeah, well, you
don't need to move...
...if you know how to cast.
Does Dad have a will?
- OK!
- Look, I'm not trying
to be insensitive.
I'm out of the loop!
- Why do you think that is?
- Will you go easy?
I'm just asking you a question.
- Of course, he had a will.
- And?
- And?
- Did it just say
"pull my finger,"
or was there something
to it, Snickers?
- I went through it
2 months ago with the lawyer.
- [Laughing]: And?
- And you were
nowhere to be found.
- Well, you know what,
I was on the road touring.
- That's supposed
to be an excuse?
- No, it's supposed
to be my fucking job.
- A job pays you money.
- Fuck this! I knew
this was a mistake.
See you around, fucker!
- Look...
Everything he had left
was on this island.
- Thank you!
So, what's gonna
happen to the cottage?
- Well, I've got
kids and a wife.
- Yeah.
- I live close by.
But he left it
to both of us.
- The property must be
worth some lot of money!
- Oh, for fuck's sake!
I'm fishing off the dock.
- OK, Snickers, ple--
Hey, Nick!
Look, will you just stay
and fish with me, please?
I'm sorry!
[Chuckling]: Just at least until
I get a bit before you, OK?
- Not a chance!
You should've seen the perch
I was catching up here in the--
- Oh, got one!
You see, Snickers,
what you need to do
is imagine that the fish
are made out of peanuts and
chewy nougat and salty caramel.
We're gonna eat good tonight,
Mr. I Only Brought Food for One!
- Oh fuck! Lucky that
didn't pull you in!
- Go fuck yourself!
It's gonna
be delicious!
- Mmm, no, I'm trying
not to drink beer. Gluten.
- Ah, fuck! Sorry, man.
- Actually, you know what?
Fuck it! It's OK.
- Yeah!
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
[Bottles clinking]
To blow jobs
and anal in heaven.
What are we looking for again?
- Just toss the junk.
Set any personal stuff
of Dad's aside
that you think we should keep.
- He kept Mom's sketchbook.
- Yeah, he kept everything.
- Can I have it?
- Sure!
They spoke a few
months ago, you know?
- Yeah, I heard.
He could barely
string a sentence together.
- It wasn't the booze.
He went off his meds.
- Oh yeah? His booze meds?
- He was a good man
in the end, Danny.
Even Mom chose
to forgive him.
- No, she chose
to forget a lot of things.
My memory's just
a little bit less selective.
- He asked about you
all the time.
- Oh, if I was dead yet?
- No, if you were in the city,
playing music, doing well.
- Well, I am, actually.
I'm doing awesome!
I'm about to record
a new album.
Some people think
it could be the one.
- Mom told me all about it.
- She's my biggest fan.
- Nothing. You two
make a cute couple is all.
Oh, hey, he, uh...
He wanted you
to have that.
- Yeah, you can give it to Mika.
[ Humming ]
[Axe chopping wood]
- You sure you
wanna sleep out here?
- I lost my virginity twice
in this little
place here, Snickers.
Good times all around, buddy.
- Well, suit yourself.
[Crickets chirping,
loon calling]
- Oh! Oh my God!
Oh my-- This is
freaking bullshit!
[Whispering]: Fuck!
- Oh, did the palace of the
lost virginity lose its heat?
- Oh fuck!
Eat a cock, Snickers!
[Insects chirping]
How the fuck
do we shower?
- You don't remember?
- Mmm, fuck!
- Whoo!
Come on in, big brother!
The water's fine.
- [Chuckling]:
No, I forgot my chest wax.
[Loon calling]
[Australian accent]:
Just look at this
mother orangutan!
She's really pregnant!
Just look at her labia!
Look how swollen they are.
She's not gonna
give birth for days.
She's not gonna
give birth in hours.
She'll give birth in seconds.
[Talking indistinctly]
[ Where Are You?
by Nick Everett ]
I woke today at sundown
And the first thing
through my head
Is the twilight
all around me
[Talking indistinctly, grunting]
Another day begins
It would be lying
not to tell you
[Banging in distance]
Hmm! What the fuck is that?
[Australian accent]:
Most peculiar dwelling!
[Lyrics indistinct]
Yeah, chopping wood...
Where are you?
[Talking indistinctly]
And why are you
so hard to find?
Where are you?
Don't worry!
[Laughing]: You
won't need the axe!
- You sure about that?
Let me guess. You're
Jack's eldest, Danny.
- Oh, oh, oh!
Sorry, sorry! There!
- Let me guess.
You knew my father.
- Yeah!- Mm-hmm!
[Danny sniffing,
Kathleen sighing]
- You got any more pot?
- You a cop?
- [Laughing]:
Am I a cop? No!
You reek, jackass!
Fork it over!
- OK!
[Both laughing]
I brought my own
lighter and everything!
Ooh! Merci beaucoup!
The name's Kathleen
Harrington, by the way.
- Harrington, as in Vic
Harrington from across the lake?
- I'm his second wife.
- I didn't know
he remarried.
- Redivorced too.
- [Chuckling]: Oh, I'm real
fucking sorry to hear that.
- Don't be. You're sitting
on my settlement. Oh...
- Do you know Nick?
- Uh, just from
a distance.
Pretty wife, 2 kids.
- Yeah!
- Never seen you
around here, though.
- Yeah, I'm not much
of the outdoorsy type.
- [Laughing]: Yeah!
Oh, that's right!
You're a big-city musician!
Jack told me.
- Did he now?
What else did he tell you?
Any expletives,
any put-downs?
- Are we talking about
the same guy here?
- I thought we were.
- When was the last
time you saw him?
- I don't know.
Nick's wedding, maybe.
Oh, unless you count
yesterday morning
when I almost dropped his
ashes off the fucking wharf.
[Both laughing]
- Oh God!
- So, what are you
doing out here all alone?
- I like the quiet.
- Mm-hmm! Nice place
to bring a young fellow
for a romantic getaway.
No one can hear
the cries of pleasure.
- You really are your
father's son, aren't you?
- Hmm! Them's
fightin' words...
- Ooh! This is
such good weed.
- Mm-hmm!- Holy crap!
- Yup!
Don't let me
stop you, champ!
- Where have you been?
- We have company
coming for dinner.
- Who?
- Kathleen, friend of Dad's.
Old as fuck, man,
but she's hot as balls.
- Yeah, I know who she is.
She screwed Vic over
when they split.
- She's bringing steak!
- I have steak.
- Oh, hey! I found
moon meadow on my walk.
A few trees down,
but I recognized it.
[Chuckling]: Almost got down on
all fours for old-time's sake.
You really wanna
keep this place, man?
God, it's fucking ghosts
everywhere, you know?
- You say you're here to help.
We barely put a dent in this.
- Oh God! OK! Loosen up
your fucking tampons!
I'm just talking out loud.
- There's more
boxes upstairs.
- Where's the light?
- Same place
it always was.
- OK, all right!
- You all right?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm fucking fine.
Oh fuck!
- Oh, Daddy's brushing his
teeth. Are you brushing yours?
[Gargling, spitting]
OK, there!
- [Carrie]: Read me a story!
- No, Mommy's gonna
read you a story.
- I miss you, Daddy.
- I miss you too.
Good night, sweetheart!
- [Jennifer]: Hi!
- I dread the day
she's too old for that.
- Start dreading.
How's it going up there?
Killed each other yet?
- Well, there's always tomorrow.
- [Chuckling]: I love you.
- I love you too.
- Love you, Jenny baby!
Wow, it smells good
in here, man!
- It's just boiling water.
- Hmm!
- Nice shirt.
- Thank you!
Is it new?
- I haven't worn it yet,
if that's what you mean.
- Nah, it looks better
on a man, anyways.
Speaking of men...
[Clearing throat]
I know we never got Dad to do
the real official blood test,
but I'm pretty sure
we're related,
so it's just not
gonna happen.
- Give me those.
- Here, take them. Oh! Sorry!
Oh! I don't know
what's happening.
Why does it always
do that? Strange!
- Fuck off! Just
give me them! Jesus!
- [Laughing]: Oh!
- They're just in my bag
from a trip to Niagara
with Jen, all right?
- You have to wrap it up
with your fucking wife?
What is the point
of being married?
- Look, 2 kids
is enough for right now.
- Yeah! You always
wanted kids, didn't you?
Fuck, I admire
that about you.
I always figured
I'd fuck mine up.
- Kids are pretty resilient.
- Mm-hmm. Well, too bad
condoms aren't.
[Knocking on door]
- Oh!
Party time!
- Hey!
- Hi! I've always been
jealous of your view.
Danny's in
the kitchen.
- OK!
- Oh, thank you!
Is this Jack?
- Yeah.
Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry!
I haven't looked yet.
- [Chuckling] Oh! Oh, well,
he always did love boxes!
- [Deep voice]: "And all the
shit you could put in them."
- So, pothead!
- [Laughing]:
Oh! Oh my God!
Hi! Hey!
How's the elbow?
- Oh, wacked off 3 times.
Right as rain!
[Both laughing]
Oh, look at this!
- Ah!- L'chaim!
- L'chaim!I didn't
have any mix,
but there's usually
tonic water here, so...
- Is there?
- Well, let's get
marinating, huh?
Hey, Snickers, why don't you try
to put on a fire, OK? All right!
[Whispering]: Will you
chill the fuck out?
[ Country music on stereo ]
There was never
any contest, see?
I mean, look at Charlie.
You'd never think Dad would
be able to outdrink him.
Yeah, thank you!
'Cause Charlie had about
fuckin' 25, 30 pounds on Dad.
Dad was all muscle.
See, I don't know
if you noticed, Nicky,
but Dad was a real sinewy
fucker back in the day.
I mean, if he hit you, it left
a welt. That's for sure!
There you go!
- Thank you!
- That, besides the fact
that he never stopped
pounding the booze,
meant he could hold it better.
- Charlie's his
older brother,
so there's no fucking way
he's backing down,
so he keeps pointing
at his glass as he says...
[Slurring]: "Fill it up!
You fill up my fucking glass!"
[Laughing]: Booze
is, like, pouring down
the fucking front
of his shirt.
He's a fucking disgrace,
but Dad, I mean,
Dad's just sitting there,
back straight, he's as
cool as a fucking cucumber.
- Oh my God! Where
was your poor mother?
- Uh, Mom! Yeah, uh,
I don't know where Mom was.
Probably asleep
or something.
- Anyways, I was spying on them
from the bird cage, and uh...
- No, I'm fine.
- Will you just take
the fucking drink?
So they're about this deep
into the bottle
of Ballantine's, right,
and Charlie just starts slumping
back in his chair, right?
And he's swaying this way,
and he's swaying that way,
and Dad's given him
all kinds of outs, right,
but Charlie won't
fucking hear it,
so Dad goes: "Fine, fuck it!"
He goes: "You know what?
"Double or nothing, rest
of the bottle, 2 drinks."
So Dad takes the
rest of the booze,
pours it out right up
to the fucking brims, right?
I mean, at this point, Charlie's
barely holding it together.
The glass was like a fucking
cannonball in his hand, right?
But Dad, I mean,
Dad is just--
Right before he drinks,
he looks and he sees
me spying on him...
- Oh!
- And he just finds me,
and he just fucking winks.
Knocks her back
all in one gulp
like there was
fucking nothing to it.
But Charlie fucking--
Charlie has one sip,
falls out of his fucking chair,
hits the ground, fucking,
like, out unconscious,
didn't wake up for
a fucking day and a half.
- [Kathleen]: Oh no!
- [Laughing]: Fuck, Aunt Carol
was losing her mind!
Couldn't find him.
No phone up here
then, right,
so probably thought
he was fucking dead.
Hmm...Charlie, yeah, he probably
wished he was fucking dead.
They bet the family
cottage that night.
After that, it was Dad's.
- Wow! How old were you then?
- Hmm, Jesus!
I don't know. 6, 7?
Nicky was just a baby. Don't
remember that, do you, Nicky?
The glory days, back before
Dad started being a parent,
'cause he finally had
something worth living for.
- What do you mean?
- [Chuckling]: Oh, Nicky over
there was Dad's pride and joy.
- I'm gonna get these going.
- Holy fuck!
We haven't eaten yet!
- No, we have not!
[Both laughing]
And I'm starting
to feel this too.
- [Laughing]: Cheers!
- Oh God!
[Ice clinking]
Hey! Hi!
- Hey!
- Uh, no, thanks!
That was his brand.
Dad hated that story.
Him and Charlie weren't
the same after that.
- Why didn't they
just call it off?
- Too proud?
A deal's a deal.
You been up
here for long?
- Oh, it gets a little
longer each year.
- Dad never mentioned you.
- Well, maybe
he had a few secrets.
I mean, he spoke
about you all the time.
- All good, I hope.
- Well, he told me about
how you took care of him
when your mom left.
That must've been
hard for a kid.
- Yeah!
I did what anyone would do.
A shame your family
couldn't come up.
- Yeah, Jen's got work,
kids have school.
- How old are they now?
- 12 and 5.
- 12! Oh my God!
You're kidding!
You must be older
than you look.
- Nope!
You guys thinking
of selling?
- Did Danny say that?
- Oh, no! No, I just saw
a bunch of boxes in the kitchen.
- Those are for Dad's stuff.
Make sure it doesn't get ruined.
- Why?
- Out of respect.
- [Laughing]:
Gee, he knew it was junk!
I mean, if he couldn't
let go of it,
I'm sure he'd be happy if--
- Listen, not to be rude,
but why is there tonic here?
You know he's been
sober for 12 years.
- Yeah! Jack never drank.
He kept it just for me.
- He stopped taking his pills.
Did he do that for you too?
Sorry! I don't know you.
You don't know me.
Let's just--
We'll leave it there.
- Fine by me.
- [Laughing]:
Now, what the fuck is that?
Aha! The hunters have
returned with their spoils!
Not so fast.
Come here.
[Clearing throat]
To new friends and the
elusive son of a bitch
that brought us
all together.
Down the hatch!
[Danny grunting]
- Could I have a drag of that?
- Uh, yeah, of course.
- [Whispering]:
Thank you!
- Good barbecuing, guys?
- Mmm!
- All right! Time to eat.
- Ooh!
[Danny laughing]
- [Kathleen, laughing]: Oh!
- Yeah, I mean,
I don't even remember
exactly how it
fucking started.
I mean, to tell you the
truth-- Do you, Snickers?
[ Country music on stereo ]
And there was this one night
when Dad was shitfaced,
so we snuck out
to the meadow.
[Laughing]: I think I stole
one of his beers before.
I mean, I had some balls
on me, that's for sure.
Anyways, we got to the meadow,
and the moon was
just insanely bright.
You know, it was
all full and fat,
and it was lighting
up everything,
I mean, every leaf
on the ground,
every leaf on every tree,
like every fucking
pine needle, right?
And Nicky just starts stripping
down, all 350 pounds of him.
[All laughing]
I mean, he couldn't have
been more than 5 or 6.
Anyways, halfway up that
fucking board right there--
See that molding?
Look at that.
- Yeah!
And he's just down there,
he's on the ground,
he's barking, he's growling,
and he's howling like this
little feral wolf douche...
[All laughing]
He's having such
a good time that I just..
I just joined in.
So there we were.
It was the dead of night,
and we're naked...
and we're down on all fours,
and we're just
howling up at the sky.
You know, we were kids.
[Clearing throat]
It was perfect.
- Hmm! Wow!
It sounds so...
[Exhaling deeply]
It's, like, cathartic.
- Hmm! Yeah, no, it sounds gay!
[Both laughing]
But, yeah, that was
something there.
- It's beautiful.
It is. It's really beautiful.
I wish that I had,
like, memories like that
from my family.
- Yeah. Yeah!
Yeah, I guess, you know,
we did have those--
Fuck, we had a few
good moments, man!
You know, Snickers?
We missed all
that shit, right?
- You and I remember our
childhoods a little differently.
- Hmm, yeah. Mine was shit
and yours wasn't.
Yeah, I get it.
- Oh gosh!
Oh, I love this!
This song, I love it. I do.
I'm gonna move
and dance and stuff.
OK, here I go!
[ Lost in the Light
by Bahamas ]
I pray for the night
To take me
To take me to
After so many words
Still nothing's heard
Don't know what
we should do...
[Kathleen exclaiming]
[Kathleen and Danny laughing]
- Hey!
- Hi! You like
this song too.
- Mmm! I like it now!
- [Kathleen]: Mmm!
See you through
All the hard things
we've all gotta do
'Cause this life is long
And so you wouldn't be wrong
Being free
Ah! Oh!
Leaving me on my own...
- [Danny, chuckling]: Uh-huh!
- [Kathleen]: Mmm!
Everything's good.
- Mm-hmm! Everything's
good with booze and weed.
- [Laughing]:
We need coffee!
- We need coffee? Are you
fucking out of your mind? Dope!
[Danny talking, indistinct]
[Kathleen exclaiming]
[Kathleen and Danny laughing]
- Yes, Dad used to
drag race drunk
with fucking mom
in the car,
pregnant with
fucking me, and then--
- No wonder you turned
out this way!
- And one time,
fucking 4 years later,
and he said drag racing is bad.
[Kathleen and Danny exclaiming]
- I feel like I'm 7 again.
[Kathleen talking, indistinct]
Oh, you know what I feel like?
- What?- Tinkerbell!
- Yeah! Do you?
- I'm gonna
fly in a second.
I've said some awful things
I take them back
- I feel like
- Danny!
- [Spanish accent]: I will
light your dress on fire.
Just remember when
Oh! Look who it is!
Before we were lovers
I swear we were friends
[Kathleen and Danny talking,
So if someone
could see me now
- Oh! Oh, oh, oh!- What?
Let them see you
[Kathleen and Danny talking,
- Oh! Contraband!
Let them see you
See you through
Oh wow!
All the hard things
We've all gotta do
'Cause this life is long
[Exclaiming loudly]
So you wouldn't be wrong
[All exclaiming]
Being free here with me
On my own
[Danny and Kathleen laughing]
[Crickets chirping]
[ Guitar playing ]
- If this is goodbye
I'll take the pictures
of you down off the wall
If this is goodbye
I'll punch a number
in wrong when I wanna call
- [Kathleen]:
When I wanna call
- I'll try to forget
All the little things
that you used to do
- All the little things
- And I won't regret
All the big things
I said I'd do for you
- I said I'd do for you
- If this is goodbye
If this is goodbye
If we're saying goodbye
If we're saying goodbye
Then I'll say it too
- I'll say it too
I'll say it too
Say it too
Say it too
That's so beautiful!
- Ah, thank you!
- You wrote that?
- Yeah, yeah!
In-between drinks.
[Danny and Kathleen laughing]
Oh my God!
[Laughing]: You're fucking
smoking Dad's brand?
[Danny and Kathleen laughing]
- Hey, come on!
How come you guys didn't
see each other for so long?
- Ah, well, you know, it's
the age-old story, really.
Nicky went off
to be an astronaut,
and I went to a monastery
to find myself.
- [Kathleen]:
Oh, bullshit!
- Have you not heard
a word I've said?
I'm a fucking
man of God! Clearly!
- Danny left home
the minute he turned 18.
I barely saw him again.
- Oh, OK!
That's how
it went down.
- When I was younger,
all I wanted to do was
live in the city with Danny,
play in his band,
sleep with lots of girls...
- So why didn't you?
- He never asked me.
- Hold the fuckin' phone!
No, no, no!
You fuckin' visited me once.
- I didn't.
- Yeah, you did.
- I was playing at Rocky's,
and you came to see my set.
- Hmm, I don't remember that.
- Oh, I remember that.
I had to lie
to get you in,
and I bought you
fucking beer all night,
and you hung out
with my band all night.
Ah, it was wicked.
Don't fucking lie to me.
- What?
- [Laughing]:
Oh my God! He--
And you told that
crazy fucking story
of walking in on Dad
trying to jerk off,
but he couldn't,
so he's fucking crying.
Oh my God! My buddies thought
you were fucking hilarious!
Ah man! You were crazy.
That was a great fucking night.
[Beer bottle shattering]
- [Laughing]:
Fuck it!
If we're gonna
salute him...
- Mm-hmm!
- ...then we will
do it right.
Danny, you have it wrong.
- What?
- You are wrong.
- Uh, yeah,
big fucking surprise, but--
- Wrong, OK! But what
about, Snickers? Fuck!
- He did not drink Uncle
Charlie under the table.
- Oh, fuck off!
- He had a bowl of ice
under the table on a chair,
and he would put
more ice in his glass
than Charlie's,
and he would wait
for that ice to melt,
and then he would drink.
And he would
drink more water,
and Charlie would drink more
booze with every drink.
- What?
- That's how our dad
outdrank Charlie,
by being smart.
- He fucking cheated!
- Nope! No!
He outsmarted him.
That's why our dad
hated this story.
Because he outsmarted
his brother...
out of all this.
Tortured his entire
fucking life.
[Sniffing, clearing throat]
- Nick?
- Leave me alone!
- Just come here and
talk to me, OK?
[Branches cracking]
- Ow! Fuck!
- What happened?
- Nothing! I'm fine.
Call out,
so I can find you.
- No, I'm fine!
- Just call out!
- N--
- Again?
- Here!
- Again!
- Here!
- Again?
- Here.
[Danny howling in distance]
What was that?
- A horrible,
horrible burden.
Will you excuse me?
- Yeah, of course!
[Nick howling in distance]
[Both growling]
[Both panting, growling]
[Both howling]
[Both grunting and growling]
[Danny exclaiming,
Nick grunting]
[Grunting, panting]
- [Wheezing]: Oh God!
[Danny and Nick panting]
[Danny and Kathleen moaning]
- Hello, there!
- Not going for
the easy choice.
- Why would you assume
any choice would be easy?
- So, what is this?
You miss my dad?
- People my age
miss a lot of people.
[Both moaning]
You look just like
him, you know that?
[Both moaning and panting]
[Moaning loudly]
[Both moaning]
- You were always
such a scary, fucking prick...
but a prick nonetheless
who just happened
to be my father.
[Sniffling, sighing]
So, fuck you once.
And fuck you twice.
[Sniffling, crying]
You look great!
- Why did you let
me drink so much?
- We have the same blood
in our veins, baby brother.
Mmm! You need some
greasy breakfast.
Ah, man! You would've
been a lightweight
during the glory days.
Dad coming home, piss drunk,
passed out on the couch,
if I was lucky.
There's the time
when he mistaked the
record player for a toilet.
Up goes the lid,
out comes the piss.
Then, of course,
there's all the times
he would pitch our shit
out into the lake:
my bike, canned goods,
photo albums...
- Is that a Caesar?
- Uh, yeah. Hair of the dog.
- When did you get
the tomato juice?
- I watered down
a can of sauce.
Do you want one?
- Mm-mmm.
- [Laughing]: No?
Mmm! Oh, listen,
Jenny called earlier.
- [Mika on phone]:
Mom, it's Dad!
- [Jennifer]:
Hi! So, your mom called.
- Yeah, what'd she want?
- Besides the chance to judge
my parenting skills,
she just was checking up
on you too.
Wanted to make sure
Danny gave you the gift she bought for Mika's birthday.
- Yeah. Yeah, I got it.
- Oh, and, OK, don't be mad,
but I let the bunny out of the
cage to run around,
and he chewed
through some cables.
- Jesus, Jenny!
- It's OK! I will get
my brother to fix it.
- No! Don't, don't, don't!
I'll fix it when I'm back.
- Everything OK out there?
- Yeah, yeah! Uh, we could
use another day, though.
- Stay--stay as long
as you need. I gotta go.
- OK!
[Dial tone]
- [Laughing]: Oh!
I thought we were out!
- You hid a few
in the toilet tank.
- [Laughing]: So I did!
Thanks for that one, Pop!
[Shivering, sniffing]
- You got a light?
- Yup!
- It's all weeds out there.
You gotta cast
more over by the dock.
- Uh-huh.
- You won't catch
anything there, Danny.
Fine! If you fish there,
you can catch me another minnow.
- For fuck's sakes!
Sometimes, you're just like him,
with the fucking criticism.
I'm on my vacation.
You're stressing me
right the fuck out!
- It's not a fucking vacation.
- It doesn't feel like one now.
- Hey, Mom called Jen,
by the way.
Wanted to know if I got that
birthday gift she sent for Mika.
- Oh fuck!
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
No, I left
that in the trunk.
- You know, she wasn't
a saint, either.
- What the fuck
are you talking about?
- Mom. You're always
telling stories about Dad,
but she fucked up too.
- I'm sure he told you
lots of bullshit
to defend himself.
- She had an affair.
Did you know that?
- Why would I know that?
- It's one of the reasons
he quit drinking.
- So fucking his kids up
wasn't reason enough?
- Dad didn't fuck me up.
You did. She did.
- What is that supposed to mean?
- Maybe they could've
fixed things
if she hadn't fucked around.
- That ship was sinking from the
first toast at their wedding.
- She was the unfaithful one.
- Fuck you! She was a saint.
- You never knew her, Danny.
You just made her what
you needed her to be.
You used her
to prove Dad wrong.
But it's OK!
You used her, she used you.
Then things got tough,
you took off,
and she started fucking
every guy with guitar and--
- Shut your fucking mouth!
Don't you say a word about her!
She's the only reason I didn't
pack it in fucking years go!
- Come on,
hit me, hit me.
- What the fuck?
- Come on!
- What the fuck
are you doing?
What the fuck?
Oh my God!
You fucked her!
You fucked her!
- What?
- You fucked her?
Holy fuck,
that's what this is about!
- No.- Holy shit!
Oh my God!
Nicky, listen, I know
you're feeling like
this is the end of the world,
but it's really not.
If you're thinking about
coming clean, think again.
Do not do it.
It's never worth it.
Just chalk it up to
the booze and Dad and me.
And the first one's free, right?
- No.
- In a couple days,
it'll be fine!
- No.
- It will.
You don't wanna fuck
things up with Jenny.
She's already borderline
way too good for you.
- No, I mean, it's not
the first time.
- What?
- What does it matter?
- It doesn't.
Just fucking why, man?
- You're asking me that? You?
Like you've never
fucking cheated?
- Of course I have, man.
Tons of times.
That's why I never
got married, though.
I never dreamed you--
Is it, like, a woman
from work or something?
- No.
- It was a woman, though, right?
- OK.
- Fuck off!
- Look, I'm sorry, man.
I'm just fucking
trying to help here!
- No one, OK?
They're just...
They're just girls.
A girl I met online.
A waitress.
- Sorry, Nicky. I just--
Fuck, I never pegged
you for the type, man.
Hold on a second.
Were you bringing one here?
Holy fuck! Did you
order a hooker?
- A hooker?
Fuck you!
- That's why you
never wanted me here!
Holy fuck!
Oh my God!
And the fucking pills!
And the condoms and
that fucking shirt!
I cock-blocked your ecstasy
fuck-weekend, didn't I?
Oh my God! Holy!
What the fuck, Nicky?
You're fucking married
to Jenny, man!
Jenny Warwick!
I mean, why don't you just
pop a few pills with her
and have a
fucking great time?
She got into some scandalous
shit when she was younger.
- Yeah, well, not anymore.
Not with me.
- OK, well, you're
having a dry spell, man.
- Don't give me fucking
marital advice, Danny! Jesus!
- Trust me, man, I'm not
giving anyone marital advice.
I'm not judging you. Hey!
It's just...
I don't know, man.
You know, maybe
this is a sign.
- What do you
mean, a sign?
- Well, maybe someone's trying
to tell us something, you know?
I mean, this isn't just
ghosts anymore, Nicky.
This is fucking real,
tangible bad shit her.
This place is cursed!
- No, you're fucking with me.
- Come on, now!
You got your reasons.
I got mine too.
Let's be rid of it.
Let's sell this fucking place.
- I can't.
My kids love it here.
- Well, take the money.
Take your half
of the money
and go buy 'em
something new.
You know, give them
the memories that they...
that we wanted,
you know, before all
the fucking baggage.
You're a fucking
great guy, man!
And your whole life,
you try to be stuff
that you think other
people need you to be,
and you don't even
fucking know who you are!
Of course you
fucking strayed.
Jenny, Jesus, man!
It's not like she's a saint.
Maybe she never
technically cheated on you,
but she probably
fucking did.
- For fuck's sake!
- OK!
- Jesus!
- All I'm saying is
it's over, right?
So, you tasted
the other fruit.
You know, you tasted the other
much older forbidden fruit.
- I took care of Dad.
I took care of Jen.
I did everything
I was supposed to do.
- I know, man.
And I should've been
there for you,
and I wasn't, and
I'm fucking sorry.
Man, did you really want
Jenny coming down here
with a morning coffee,
looking out over this lake
and seeing that woman
you fucked, everyday?
Come on!
You want Kathleen down here
teaching young Carrie how
to put her fucking makeup on?
- You leave my
kids out of this!
- Jesus, fuck!
I'm just trying to help!
Will you stop doing that?
- Sorry. Sorry.
Ah, I'm such a fuck-up!
- Yeah, well...
join the fucking club, man.
You're a Blake.
This place,
Nicky, this is...
This is tainted.
Just like it was when Dad stole
it from fucking Uncle Charlie.
It's time to bury the cross,
little brother.
Say adios.
- All right, fuck!
Come here, Nicky.
Come here.
It's gonna be OK.
You got it?- Yeah.
- All right.
What? Don't worry
about it!
Should've brought the beer down.
- Could you pass
me those bolts?
- Yeah.- Thanks.
[Both laughing]
- I'm not picking
them up, you fucker.
- You dropped them.
- I can drop you
in a second.
[Boat approaching]
Who the fuck is that?
Jesus, fucking...
- Hi! Daniel, right?
- What the fuck
are you doing here?
- [Man]:
We said 3:00.
- Yeah, fucking
next week, man!
- Hey! Who are you?
- Paul Garrety,
Action Real Estate.
I'm here for the appraisal.
- What appraisal?
- Oh, it's a few items I knew
you wouldn't mind I sold.
Right? A couple
odds and ends.
- The cottage and surrounding
property as we discussed.
- Oh, fuck you!
- OK, Nick.
Nick! Snickers!
- Don't call
me Snickers!
- Look, I'm sorry! I was
gonna say something!
- That's why
you're here? To sell?
You saw the opportunity
and you went right for it!
- It's not fucking
like that, OK?
Look, everything this
weekend, it was all real.
It was like the best
weekend ever for me.
- Fellas!
Sorry, can I interrupt?
I know now might not
seem like the best time,
but I've dealt with many family
estates, many in conflict,
and it's an emotional time.
It's charged, absolutely.
But it's my job, OK?
I'm here to help.
I'm gonna make this as quick and
painless as humanly possible.
Whoa! Excuse me!
- Do you know why
this isn't the
right time, Paul?
Because you're
a week fucking early!
- I'm sorry!
There's no need for violence!
- One more word, I'm gonna
beat the shit out of you
as painfully as
humanly possible!
- You're insane, asshole!
- Well, you're a fucking human!
- You're one too.
- How come I'm an asshole
if he's a human?
- You're both assholes!
- Oh!
I guess we really
showed Paul, huh?
- Don't fucking talk to me!
- Come on, Nicky!
Nick, would you just fucking
hold on a second, man?
Fuck! Nick, come on, man!
I'm fucking broke,
Snickers! OK?
I owe more than I've made in
the last 3 fucking years, OK?
Look, I'm not gonna blow it!
I got this really
good opportunity, Nicky!
- Aw, you're full of shit!
- I was at the folk festival
at Dunne Lake last year.
This big producer,
he's a big deal, he saw me,
and he thought
I was really good.
If I could get
this one album done...
- Then what? Then what?
There'll be more of your records
at garage sales
and flea markets?
- Yeah, there it is.
Safe, old fucking Nick.
You know, just go to work,
come home to your
perfect fucking wife
and your perfect
fucking kids,
wail on those
fucking pecks!
Maybe I want more out of life!
- How's that going for you?
- Better than you!
- Oh really?
'Cause I don't sleep
in my fucking car!
Look, I saw your shit
in your back window.
Your Gibson, your fucking
record collection.
Jesus Christ, Danny!
You're still trying
to be the bad boy.
You know what the bad boy
is when he's almost 40, huh?
He's a fuck-up!
He's a fucking waste!
- Yeah, I sleep in my car!
I slept with Jennifer too.
- What did you just say?
- Oh fuck! So, he
didn't hear me.
I fucked your
gorgeous wife!
- I'm not falling for
your bullshit, Danny.
- OK, 'cause she fucking did.
Oh yeah!
Hook, line and sinker, man.
She was a freshman,
I was a senior.
Fuck, it was easy!
You know what I loved
about fucking her, man?
When she's on top--
you know this--
and she's going down
real fucking slow
and coming up
real fast like that
with that high-pitched moan.
[Danny laughing]
Where do you think she
picked that up, Snickers?
Fucking Girl Guides?
You're welcome!
Yeah, I was her first!
And her second and her third,
and, fuck,
I lost count after that.
Oh, what the fuck
do you care, Nicky?
You've got Kathleen.
You've got all those
other nameless skanks!
You're fucking
knee-deep in pussy!
Oh, but not Jenny's pussy.
You know what?
I might stop in on
her on the way home.
- OK, you fucking fuck-up!
[Both grunting]
- Fucking Snickers!
Still hits like a fat
little fucking girl.
- You don't even know
what you did, huh?
You left him with me.
He couldn't dress himself.
He couldn't wipe
his own fucking ass!
You left him with me!
You and Mom fucking
left him with me!
Why did you do this, Danny?
Why would you come back here
and pretend to fucking like me?
We're not brothers anymore.
You don't have a niece
or a nephew.
I never wanna fucking
see you again.
[Groaning, coughing]
[Knocking loudly]
- OK, OK!
Nick, hey!
[Kathleen grunting]
Let go of me!
Let go!
Stop it!
[Both panting]
What's your problem?
Nick, come back here!
- OK! OK!
Oh, Danny's not allowed
to drive the fucking boat!
No! He's not allowed!
Fuck you, Snickers!
[Engine stops]
What the fuck?
Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!
I didn't drain
the fucking engine!
[Boat approaching]
Oh fuck!
[Whispering]: Oh my God!
What do I do?
Hey! Hey! Paul!
Over here!
It's Danny!
Oh, come on!
Where's your fucking humanity?
- [Kathleen]: Nick!
- Fuck off!
- You need to slow down.
- Just leave me alone!
- Nick!
- He couldn't fuck you when
he was on those pills?
- Stop!
- That's why he went off them?
- Stop!
- Was that worth it?
- I didn't know.
I--I wouldn't have
let him if I knew.
He was happy, OK?
We both were happy.
He knew what he was doing.
It wouldn't have mattered
what I said or what you did.
I knew.
I fucking knew!
[Crow cawing]
[Loon calling]
- Yeah, Jen was the
first girl I ever kissed.
I got her pregnant
on our 3rd date.
Now I just follow her around
the house, picking up after her,
sighing, throwing things on
my back like I'm a martyr.
It must drive her insane.
- Maybe you should
tell her that.
- I don't know how.
- Maybe you just don't think
you deserve the
things you really want.
- I'm glad he had you.
But I don't wanna
end up like him.
- You're not your father.
You're Nick,
you're brother's Danny.
and your father was Jack.
All fuck-ups in their own right.
All good men.
Maybe when you let him
out of that box,
you'll finally let
yourselves out too.
- Aw, fuck!
- Let me guess!
You didn't drain the engine.
- Ha! Well, look who it is!
Snickers in the
fucking gloat boat!
Where did you get
that piece of shit?
No, no, no!
Please, please!
I'm sorry!
I'm fucking scared!
Nick! Snickers!
- Why'd you do it, Danny?
- I fucking told you, OK.
I'm broke.
I haven't been to the dentist
in 10 fucking years!
My life's ridiculous.
Are you happy?
- Do I look happy?
- I got a kid, man!
- What?
- He's 3.
I didn't fucking know.
Some girl I met on tour.
- Jesus Christ! You expect me
to believe that, Danny?
- Aw, fuck you!
You know what?
Look! Huh?
Do you believe me now?
- Let me see it.
- I'm gonna let you see it!
- I can't see it from here!
- Then come get me!
- Nope!
- Fuck!
OK, fine.
Oh, fucking good
one, Snickers!
- How long are you
gonna keep this up?
- Keep what up, man?
- Do you really have a kid?
- No.
[Danny laughing]
He's my buddy's kid.
I almost had
you though, didn't I?
- Nope! No, you didn't.
- Yes, I did.
Aw, fuck!
Come on, Nicky.
Just get me back to the shore.
- No way!
- My life is already shit!
Why are you torturing me?
- Oh, let's see! You call me
Snickers for 30 years.
You fuck my fucking wife!
- A whole bunch of people did!
- Trying to sell the cottage
out from under me!
I don't know!
I can't think of a reason!
- That's funny, 'cause
I could think of a few.
- Jesus fucking Christ!
- No, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
- Look, you're not
a bad guy, Danny.
I know that.
- Thank you.
- You're not getting into
this boat unless you swim to it.
- You're a piece of shit!
- It's time, OK?
I know Dad threw
you in the lake.
I know that fucked you up,
but enough is enough.
Swim over here, stay over there.
The choice is yours.
- Look, it wasn't Dad, OK?
It was fucking Mom!
- It was Dad!
- No! No!
No, the reason why I hate
the fucking water, OK?
- Jesus! Enough of
your bullshit, Danny!
- Look, I saw Mom skinny-dipping
with that fucker Vic!
- What, with Kathleen's Vic?
- Do you know any other
fucking Vic, Snickers?
Who else do you think
she was having an affair with,
you fucking idiot?
- [Whispering]:
Oh, Jesus!
- I mean, I knew
how to fucking swim!
When Dad threw me in,
just every time I touched
that fucking lake, man,
all I could see was her tits
and his hands all over them
and the fucking sounds
they were making.
Oh God! And Dad's face!
I mean, I knew his wife was
fucking around on him, Snickers,
and I never told him,
and now he's dead,
and I never fucking will.
I can't breathe
over here, Nicky.
- Look, you know
why you didn't tell him?
- 'Cause I'm a coward!
- No, 'cause he would've
gotten liquored up
and beat the shit out of her.
You were protecting her.
- Then why the fuck
wasn't she protecting me?
Every suppertime,
she would send me up to that
fucking boathouse to get him.
I almost lost
my fucking eye once!
Do you know what the
worst part of it all is?
All I ever wanted to do
was have a drink with the man!
Nicky, get me off this boat!
- All right. There's only
one way off that boat.
- I'm gonna fucking murder you!
- I'm right here waiting.
I won't even fight back.
- You couldn't,
you fucking pussy!
Oh my fucking God! OK.
Oh fuck! Why, fuck?
Oh, you are such a cunt!
Oh my God!
Oh, I fucking hate you so much!
Snickers, you piece of shit!
With your fucking perfect
fucking wife and family.
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
- Swim, swim!
- Something touched my leg!
- Oh Jesus! It's a shark!
- What?
- It's a fucking
freshwater shark! Swim! Swim!
It's OK, it's OK!
I was shitting you.
It's just an eel.
- Eel! Jesus!- It's OK.
Ah! Ah!
That wasn't
so bad, was it?
- You're fucking dead to me.
- Ah! A shark!
Are you fucking serious?
- I really thought there was!
- You know, there's,
like, 5 life jackets
at the bottom of
that boat, right?
- Why couldn't I have
had a sister? Oh God!
- The kindling's soaked.
- A real couple
of boy scouts.
- Come on.
- So much shit
to pack up.
- It's nothing.
Grab a box!
[Crickets chirping]
- You know, I was thinking,
maybe I could come to
your place at Christmas
and, you know, actually get
to know the niece and nephew.
- You're never going
near my wife again.
[Both laughing]
[Both howling]
[ Beggar In The Morning
by Barr Brothers ]
Steady woman, won't you
come on down?
I need you right here
on the ground
I've walked the outskirts
of this town
Been terrorized
by what I found
I saw a standing
virgin bride
Where holy Dionysus died
She tore the heart
out of his side
Then laid it there
And there she cried
Whoa, oh, oh, oh
Whoa, oh, oh, oh
She said:
"Hello, I'm a monster too
"What poisons me
is what poisons you"
Into these animals, we grew
But when we were young
our eyes were blue
And I take my medicine
on my knee
Twice a day but lately three
It keeps the devil
from my door
And it makes me rich
and it makes me poor
I'm a beggar in the morning
I'm a king at night
My belt is loose
and my trigger's tight
It may come without warning
at the speed of the light
Make it shine so pretty
Make it shine so bright
Closed Captions:Vision Globale