We Work for the Dead (2024) Movie Script

[eerie whisper]
[dramatic music playing]
This is the nightmail
crossing the border.
Do you know that poem?
Do you have any idea what's on
the other side of that border?
Cause that's what we're waiting
till you need a fix.
And we'll come after you.
And after you.
[static fizzes]
[Blossom Dearie - I Like London
in the Rain playing on radio]
I like London
in the rain
With my boots on
In the rain
Feel the coolness
In the air
Let the rain
fall in my hair
[Magnus] How's your day so far?
[static fizzes]
I like London
In the rain
Wet umbrellas
Rhys, is it? Or 'Rice' ?
In the rain
Ah, Rhys.
The other couples
arm in arm
Scarlet? Ah, very fitting
star name.
London drizzle
has it's charm
Eeva? Eva.
Winds are blowing
lights are glowing
Falling rain
Emma, very English.
Ayssad? No, ah. Assad.
I like London, in the rain
[woman] So I said, sure,
if you love someone,
let them go.
But don't be surprised
if they come back
with chlamydia.
[Magnus] Jeremi?
-I thought.
-It's with an I.
[car honks]
He's got himself a what?
[I Like London in the Rain
playing quietly on radio]
A leather daddy?
I don't know what
a leather daddy is.
[pills rattle]
Is it one of those
T.V. recliners?
[scooter buzzes]
[woman 2] Every month when
I get my period,
I buy myself
an extravagant gift
to remind me
what I'd be giving up
if I ever got pregnant.
A girl playing Harry Potter.
I mean, Christ, I'm so done
with this gender swap shit.
If Harry Potter
had been a girl,
she would have just
put bio oil on the scar
and forgot about
the whole thing.
[Magnus] Wake up, sir.
We're here now.
-[car honks]
[man] I love the Queen.
Victoria, Elizabeth,
all of the queens.
You got quite the accent there.
Where are you from?
Iceland? Wow!
Oh, like Abba. [chuckles]
They got black people
in Iceland?
Awesome, buddy.
[plane whooshes overhead]
[Magnus] You come far?
[woman 3] Korea.
North or South?
[chuckles] Take a wild guess.
[thunder claps]
-[woman speaking Friesian]
-[car honks]
[Magnus] Where are you from?
Ah, you're Friesian?
Yeah, like the fucking cows.
Funny, right?
[phone chimes]
You know, there are rules
about what you can ask
your ride.
-[phone chiming]
-No personal information.
Just drive me where
the fuck I want to go
and keep your personal
fucking questions to yourself.
[phone chimes]
What's with these curtain, bro?
Trying to hide something
back here? [scoffs]
What little secrets
are you keeping ?
Vivid misdeeds
in the stranger's backseat?
[phone chimes]
-Alright, new plan.
-[phone chimes]
[ominous music playing]
That's not a good place.
I take you to Gates,
very close.
-Nah, bruv, you take me
all the way.
All the fucking way.
You gotta think
about them stars.
If I give you one star,
that's really going
to hurt you, bruv.
I mean really fucking hurt you.
-[man 2] So, my wife,
-[smooth music playing]
she comes out
from beauty parlor.
Big eyes, red mouth.
Like Coco Chanel she says.
More like Coco the Clown.
Those were my words.
And now I live in England.
[man 3] You got a charger?
Uh, Android, Apple,
whatever you want.
Water in the door.
So, how's your day so far?
-I don't want to talk.
Sure, whatever you don't want.
Some people look good
And some people look bad
Some people will have you
Some people been had
And if God made them slow
Then old Nick
made them quick
But who in sweet Jesus
made him such a prick
moving on
with my song
I've got to get past
that you're such a dumb ass
moving on, rolling strong
It's okay, I assume
to shoot you and raccoons
Moving on
People let's all get along
[Magnus in voiceover]
Some people are bad.
Some people are good.
Some like my music,
some mess with my food.
This job is my life.
Who gets in?
Who knows?
Crazy puppito.
[distant sirens wailing]
[car door slides shut]
Excuse you.
[long, squeaky fart]
[elongated] Excuse you.
Naughty Mr. Fruity
Fresh air, I think.
[soft music playing on radio]
[man on radio]
...perhaps his most famous poem,
Air and Angels,
John Donne likens the purity
of love to the freshness
of the air.
An odd comparison
and one wonders
what he meant by this.
Perhaps that a bad marriage
stinks. [chuckles]
[Magnus] Those would be
my words.
I don't see you.
You can see me?
I'm here.
[engine turns off]
I do my lights.
[door slides open]
[door slides shut]
They don't have no signs
on the buildings?
[man] It's a rehab center.
Discreet and that.
I don't care, but, some people
it's their first time.
Not yours?
-Fuck, no.
I got a season ticket.
It's my Thorpe Park, man.
Chessington World
of Fucking Misadventure.
[pills rattle]
Today's delicious substitute.
Mild as milk
but it gets me home.
See that how crack
gets you killed.
Go out for a baggy,
get a bullet.
I got hairy yesterday.
A rider...
he changed destination.
Takes me to this spooky place.
And I get, you know,
the willies.
Oh, yeah.
Very big willies.
I think for sure
he means to hurt me.
-Hey, change of plan.
I'll get out here.
Here is nowhere.
[engine stops]
-Way better.
[car door slides open]
[engine starts]
[ominous droning]
[eerie wind]
This is the nightmail.
[Joe Meek - I Hear
a New World playing]
I hear a new world
(I hear a new world)
calling me
[static fizzes]
[radio static fizzes]
[man 2] We found the boss
messed up.
Just walking
through the streets
No sign of Mr. Mercury.
-We followed her,
up past King's Cross.
fucking back and beyond.
Nothing there.
Just a phone box but no phone.
She was talking
to someone though, mad stuff.
This is the nightmail
crossing the border.
Do you know that poem?
Do you have any idea what's on
the other side of that border?
'Cause that's where
we're waiting
till you need a fix.
And we'll come after you--
[Pruitt] And after you.
[man 3] Alright Honey,
I get that,
but why the nightmail?
What does it mean , and...
why this box?
It's like nowhere,
so who found it first?
I mean, how many people
know about this?
What if I get it wrong?
What if...
what if they don't leave?
I mean, how the fuck
does this all work, man?
When you were given
a bag of monkey dust,
did you ever ask
what was in it?
You just wanted the high,
So don't ask now.
Just step inside
and say "This is the nightmail."
And then you wait.
This-- this is the nightmail.
[chuckles] Babe, you might
not even get a ride
your first time.
S-so who told you about this?
I mean, how did you find---
Alright, okay.
Come on it's...
it's a bit hard
to believe, right?
[chuckles] Yeah,
the hard stuff all right.
What's this? You won't--
Chalk, you'll need it later.
And if I do get a ride, yeah...
Jeez, it's late.
they have until sunrise.
Some might take their time,
choose the long way around
Others want to get straight
to it.
No conversation, nothing.
Every ride's different.
Well, when they leave,
that's when--
Yeah, baby, that's when.
And then...
...we come back
and we do it all again.
We call it the rise.
And I promise
you ain't never been higher.
You'll be here when I get back?
Always and forever.
[dress jangling]
[light flickering]
[knocks on glass softly]
[tamely] This is the nightmail.
-[eerie wind]
-[Pruitt] At last!
The London Stone.
Thank you.
-Hop to onto your wheels.
Sorry, Ryder, uhh...
I'm new to this.
You said the London Stone?
-111 Cannon Street.
Is that like a bar?
-Good God, boy! A bar?
It is, as the name
so strenuously suggests,
a stone.
Okay, uh...
Canon street.
[upbeat rhythmic music playing]
-[Lot] Alright then, Erning.
-[Pruitt] 1-1-1.
-I can count, you know.
-One wonders.
I wanna be your lemonade
In a tall, clean, glass
sipping in the shade,
I wanna be
I wanna be your Lemonade
[Pruitt] To the left.
[Lot] Just a guess, you know,
but you a teacher?
[Pruitt] There are rules,
you know,
on what you can ask your ride.
Now, halt here.
-The coming storm.
-But it isn't going to rain.
Clear skies, it says.
[thunder crackles]
[rain patters]
[woman] This is a belter.
[Pruitt] No shelter, boy.
I'm cold.
-Out stretch your hand.
Is this how it works?
I get like high marks
if I do a good job,
if I do what you ask?
-If you don't ask questions.
[gentle music playing]
-[joyfully] Ahh!
You can feel this?
-Mighty came the rain
upon us all.
And none by his right name
could thunder call.
Lightning was our light
and it rained more
than if the sun
had drunk the sea before.
You know boy,
there is a word
for the smell of the world
after the rain.
It is petrichor.
And it means stone blood
of the gods.
Stone blood, that's cool.
-Of the gods.
I had imagined fireworks
a sign of celebration,
some sense
that one's significance
finds form in this,
the lasting.
And here I am with you,
some youthful dolt
for whom I mean no more
than one archaic word,
newly learned.
[sighs] Come, come,
the sun shall hold for now.
[thunder rumbles]
-[running footsteps]
-[water splashing]
Though you may ask no questions
on our life before,
I shall answer one.
Why do I choose
the London Stone?
It is the last
of London's City Hall.
A once mighty border,
now a single wretched rock
ground down by time.
How act, I say.
How sorrowfully fitting
to mark the last of me.
A cold soul and unfeeling.
Without joy
I ground away the years
imprisoned by walls
of my own making.
And so you see,
the stone is me,
my place to rest.
D-d-d! Not against the glass,
boy! To the left.
That is perfect for the sigil.
-A sigil? What?
-Now, I hardly dare ask ,
-But do you have some means
to make the mark?
-Y-y-yeah right, uhh,
she gave us this,
the chalk.
-Ground down by time,
appropriate at least.
Now, this is my last lesson
so sit and attend.
Right. And this uh...
and this mark you said---
-Pay attention!
Now, are you right handed?
[ominous music playing]
Yeah, but--
[chalk scraping]
Do you see?
An N and M conjoin.
But look again, it is a whip,
a fissure one might say,
between two worlds,
a border broken.
I cross into your realm
and for a moment,
you cross into mine.
Uhm... What, so now,
I just wait
and you get out?
-How long does it--
-Live boy, and love.
-[creepy music playing]
-[Lot gasping]
[eerie wind]
[The Mother] Hamsey Market,
Yes, finally.
And happy days is close.
I say we walk.
The day is sweet.
The air is fresh.
It is somewhat
bloody glorious to be alive.
-By foot is fine.
There's no rush.
It's near.
You want to talk,
or do you prefer
quiet contemplation?
I don't care either way.
But then you'll have to put up
with my thoughts too.
And it's all mixed up
in there, right?
Well, so I've been told.
And I've had my complaints,
you know, about my thoughts.
Apparently they're fucking
[dress jangles]
-Whatever's good for you.
Honestly, I don't mind.
Actually, I'm pretty fucked
right now.
You're my second ride
of the day.
I say we have some music.
-Music is absolutely lovely.
Any special requests?
We're supposed to ask.
-It's been a while,
too long really.
Perhaps do something
with a little sass.
[chuckles] Sass?
You do surprise.
You know, I was a singer once,
without success. [chuckles]
Yeah and now you're dead. Sucks.
Oh, sweet.
[groovy music playing]
[Honey] I'd say you
were a suicide for certs.
Yes, I know the rules.
We're not meant to ask
how you passed and that.
So I don't ask.
I just take a guess
and I'd say pills.
Or was it fumes?
Did you suck it up?
The old 69
with an eight inch exhaust?
[The mother] I jumped.
From my bedroom window.
20th floor.
-Jeez, lady .
I've had my share of snuff
as at most a cock up cries
for help.
But 20 floors? Tut-tut.
You really wanted out.
-[quiet background busking]
So here we are, Hamsey market.
Not exactly Covent Garden is it,
the market I mean.
But hey, at least we've got
the bloody opera.
So anywhere in particular?
Or do you want me to--
-Just listen.
Please, please, just--
just listen.
-So she's what?
Your daughter?
-She comes here every day
just to sing to strangers.
Unafraid of judgment.
Just the joy.
Failure haunted me.
My spirit gone,
the rebel that I was,
the firebrand so dimmed
and daunted in the end.
How did I fall so far?
Go ahead and find yourself
cause you don't
need no one else
You taught me to love
-[The Mother] You taught me
to love.
-You taught me to fly
-You taught me to fly.
-Without you here,
I don't think I'll get by
-Without you here--
[sighs] Oh, God,
what have I done?
The tragedy
of suicide is not death.
It's what dies within us
while we live.
I had a snuff tell me that.
He worked for Vodafone.
[train rattling]
[Honey] Come on, let's make
the mark and get this done.
[The Mother] The sigil. Yes.
What is that?
What does it mean?
-It's like your girl, there.
She leaves a sign so no one
nicks her spot.
The sigil shows
a haunt is taken.
[mellow music playing]
-And when she's here,
she'll know I'm with her?
She'll feel me
[chalk scraping]
and my love?
-Always and forever.
[creepy music playing]
[eerie whispering]
[knocks on helmet]
This is the nightmail.
[eerie wind]
-[Perry]The Trocadero.
-[Juke] You got it.
-I've been waiting a while.
I'm glad I've got you.
Now, what's your name?
-[motorcycle engine revving]
-No names. You know the rules.
-Oh that's so silly.
[eerie whispers]
[smooth music playing]
[Perry] Ooh .
The wind through my hair.
[motorcycle humming]
Ooh. Oh, look at her. [laughs]
Hello, donkey. [laughs]
Oh, mhm, feel that breeze.
So, how about
I tell you my name?
It's Perry, but I always
pronounced it Purr-ee.
As in Gay Purr-ee .
So go on, give me yours.
-It's Juke.
-As in York?
-No, as in box.
-How musical. I like it.
Now, the Trocadero, that name
has some history.
It's from the Palais
du Trocadero in Gay Purr-ee.
An infamous pleasure dome
for the bold and beautiful,
the wanten and the wild.
-Oh, it's fine.
There's no one here till three.
Now, this is
the John Betjeman bar.
You know, Poet Laureate.
He came here all the time,
called it the Tronc.
Easier to find a rhyme,
I guess.
Like romp, or chomp or conq.
[laughs] But stop me there.
Ah, yes, I've made my choice.
This is my place to rest.
Yes, yes.
The memories,
the high times and the hoopla.
But how rude!
How me, me, me.
Tell me something about you.
No, I shall guess.
A boy with a bike and a blade.
What does that conjure?
A criminal of sorts.
A cad, a crook.
A courier. I'm a courier.
I have a knife,
sometimes we have
to open up suspected packages.
That's what we do.
-I see.
But I suspect
there's something more
concealed inside of you.
Delivery is not your choice
of destiny.
So, what
truly lies within?
I'm a poet.
-A poet! Oh I love that.
Is that how you got into this?
A lot of you are ex-addicts,
Looking for a different
kind of high ?
And poets, they all need
their inspiration.
Chewing the poppy, so to speak.
Was it H, like Coleridge?
He was high the whole time.
And you must know Kublai Khan.
Or was it K?
That stuff will kill you.
That's heroin for horses.
Do you like John Betjeman?
[bangs table softly]
I don't.
[dainty music playing]
It's John Donne.
He's my addiction.
There's this one sonnet
that he wrote,
Air and Angels.
Twice or thrice
had I lov'd thee,
Before I knew thy face or name.
it's a poem about the spirit
entering the body
of a woman that he loved
to feel her from the inside.
-Oh, like a metaphor
for fucking?
[chuckles] Yeah.
It's a great fucking metaphor.
-So Juke tell me, how did you
get into the nightmail?
I met a girl at this AA meeting.
After I spouted it out,
she told me about...
Well, you can guess
what she told me.
'Cause that's why I'm here.
[taps the bar]
So where's your spot?
Is it behind the bar?
Or under the chandelier,
Or on one of the tables?
Just tell where you wanna be;
Just for a moment .
Can you dance?
What? No.
-God, how we give up.
Night after night, I want
that feeling one last time.
The strain, the prick of sweat.
Look, the prick part, I can do.
I have no skills, honestly,
this is not how you want
to go out.
-If you do this for me,
I'll leave straight after.
It gives you the rest
of the day to get another ride.
Or if you prefer, I can stay
and talk, and talk, and talk,
and talk, and talk.
Okay, fine.
Is there any particular music
in mind?
-Well, let's look, shall we?
There's not much
at the jukebox.
But, darling. Yes, yes!
This is the one right here.
Let's take this slow, okay?
[Smokie - I'll Meet You
at Midnight playing]
-Come on. Let me in.
You might just enjoy it.
A summer evening on
Les Champs-lyses
I cannot believe
you have this song.
[Juke] Yeah. I don't know
how that got on there.
[Perry] Mhm, yes,
I'm sure you don't.
Jean-Claude was a student
at the University
Louise-Marie was just
a world away
He recall the night they met
was warm with laughter
The words were music
as she turned away
I'll meet you at midnight
-[Perry singing] ]I'll meet you
at midnight .
Under the moonlight
-Under the moonlight.
I'll meet you at midnight
-I'll meet you at midnight.
But, Jean-Claude,
Louise-Marie will never be
[Perry] Mhm.
-[Perry] Oh, thank you.
-[Juke panting]
-You were wonderful.
It was all you.
[emotive music playing]
-I'm ready now.
And here's just fine.
[music intensifies]
[Jade] Find Serenity.
Find Serenity.
The number for Serenity.
I know exactly
what you're looking for.
Rehab, right?
Yeah. What I need
is their numbers.
Ironic, they call it Serenity;
everyone goes crazy
looking for the bloody door.
[train rattles in background]
That's what they say.
So that when you go in,
no one outside knows you're a...
[whispers]...messed up junkie.
I'm Elias.
Messed up junkie.
Kettle's on.
Best get in.
You want to see
a bunch of addicts
going at Hobnobs.
[train honks in background]
[kettle bubbling]
He was so clever,
all those fine words.
I think that's why it took me
a while to get it
through my head.
This isn't love.
This is control.
Your body is his body,
to do as he wants.
And who's going to believe me,
the boss's bit on the side?
That's how it started.
That was the deal.
I provided a service
and he gave me pretty gifts.
But then it became
something more.
I was his possession.
[clock ticking]
So I started taking Percocet
to take away the pain
of a broken nose,
fractured wrist,
shattered fucking life.
And it worked.
But it didn't help
because he was still there...
Every night, waiting for me.
[ominous melody plays]
Hey! Hey!
Look, if you want someone
to take care of that prick
you've just gotta say.
I gotta get my train.
I'm serious.
If that fucker is still
troubling you, I'll see to him.
No, he's--
He's not a problem.
Not anymore.
Just the pills now, isn't it?
There is another way.
Better than the shitty
subs they give us there.
No chems,
no side effects, nothing.
Just the high, the greatest high
you've ever known.
You get lifted up.
There's nothing to it, right?
We take them
to their last resting place
in this world.
And when they leave us,
we get to see their world
just for a moment.
And it's...
kind of wonderful and easy as.
All we got to let them do
is have our body for a while.
You're right, too soon.
Tic Tac?
[mysterious music playing]
[man] I know what
you're wondering.
[Magnus] Oh, many things, sir.
Who you got
in your back seat tonight.
-Uhm... a musician, sir?
Rock star.
-Very big, famous?
[sinister music playing]
Might I ask how you began, sir?
I lost me one true love.
I started drinking
and the first thing I know,
I wake up in a pool in Luton.
Then this bully lady
drags me off the table,
takes me home.
She leaves me alone
in her house and it burns down.
I wind up in Lewisham
with some junkie bird,
who tells me
about the nightmail.
Better than crack,
she said, like snorting
the dead.
She offers me in,
which was kindly.
But I ran.
I find myself in Jaywick Sands
and move in with a delivery boy
who always fakes a limp.
Then that junkie bird shows up,
eyes like a pie dish,
not quite herself
and she burns the house down.
I move in
with an high school teacher
who ain't much to look at,
but does plumbing on the sides.
Everything's going good
until that delivery boy shows up
and tries to knife me.
Needless to say,
he burns the house down
and I hit the road.
First guy that picks me up,
asked me if I want to be famous.
What could I say?
[Magnus] And that's how you
became a rock star?
No, that's how
I got tuberculosis.
[ominous music playing]
[echoing footsteps]
[guitar strings ring]
[The Mother] You can fly,
my darling. You can fly.
[voice echoes]
[crowd chatter]
[Vashti Bunyan - I'd Like
to Walk Around in Your Mind
I'd like to walk around
in your mind some day
I'd to walk all over
the things you say to me
I'd like to run
and jump on your solitude
I'd like to rearrange
your attitude to me
You say you just want peace
and you'd never hurt anyone
You see the end before
the beginning has ever begun
[bag rustles]
[Juke] Hey?
[knocks on door]
Hey! Anyone?
[raspy male voice] Yes.
-You need to sign.
-Not for me.
It doesn't matter.
Now you're here, it's fine.
I'd sit there in the sun
of the things I like about you
I'd sing my songs
and find out just what
they mean to you
[train honks, whooshes]
[eerie wind]
[ghostly whisper]
This is the nightmail.
[spooky whirring]
[Ryder] Dalston Yard.
-[ghostly whispers]
-[motorcycle revving]
[Juke] W-what are you doing?
[Ryder] Look, kid,
I don't have time.
-[motorcycle buzzing]
-[heavy breathing]
[Juke] Wait here.
Hey, whoa, whoa, please.
Hey, please, please stop.
[Ryder] Let me in.
-This bike is my living!
-Nothing's gonna happen
to your fucking bike.
-[Juke yells]
-[tires squeal]
-Stop resisting.
Stop resisting!
-[heavy breathing]
Oh no, no, no.
[whimpering] No, no!
-Do as I say.
-You won't get hurt.
-Get ready. Get ready!
Break! Clutch! Stamp!
-[tires screeching]
[metal crunching]
[Juke grunts,
breathes heavily]
-[helmet clatters]
[painful breathing]
[Juke] Get out.
Get out.
[Ryder] Just say what I say
word for word.
-Oh, shit.
[train honks in background]
Tell me what the fuck
is going on.
-Tell 'em Ryder's coming,
here, tonight.
-Ryder's coming here.
-The man
in that kid's ear,
he's miles away in Mayfair,
but he still runs
these streets.
These corner boys, his eyes
watching through the wires.
So he's never seen.
[ominous droning]
Keep the fuck calm.
[Red Triker] Get Walker.
Get Walker.
[Red Triker] Your face
is unfamiliar.
Your face is unfamiliar.
[Ryder] Hold it. Hold it.
Mr. Mercury,
in myth he was more
than a messenger.
Mercury was also
the god of tricksters.
You say Ryder's coming?
[Ryder] Say nothing.
[Red Triker] That would be
quite an illusion.
Would be quite an illusion.
Ryder's dead.
[car engine revs]
[footsteps running]
[classical music playing]
[car doors opening, closing]
[Red Triker] Mr. Walker.
Mr. Walker.
[tense music playing]
[electronic whir]
[Ryder] Nice and easy.
Let me do the talking.
What was tonight?
La bohme.
Ah, sweet Mimi. Yes.
She dies at the end.
But you know that.
Who's this?
A winged messenger.
And he brings fresh news
of Ryder's eminent return.
[Red Triker] Imminent.
It means--
I'm not the one
that needs a lesson, boss.
[gun thuds]
But any manner of return
should be impossible. Correct?
Ryder's dead.
[Juke] The girl,
he took the girl.
-[gun shot]
-[Juke yells]
-[Red Triker] Walker!
-[boy] Walker!
[tense music continues]
[Red Triker] What girl?
[boy] What girl?
[Ryder] Get up kid!
Get on your fucking feet
and repeat after me.
Ryder's daughter.
He took her.
Ryder's daughter.
He took her.
You kidnapped Ryder's daughter?
You wanted her gone.
She's gone.
-But you needed--
[Ryder] My Aimee.
What has he done?
Following your orders.
Do you perhaps
recall another order
at the very outset.
We never touch the family.
[Ryder] It's working,
he's caving.
We've got the bastard.
...they always watch the family.
And now you've brought them
to our door.
Armed with idiots
and best informed by strangers.
And the girl is here, I assume?
A temporary arrangement.
[sighs] Until you're sure
of Ryder's death.
Perhaps he's right.
I have everything
to lose by being here.
Why would I be here?
The better question
is what do you want?
The girl.
[Red Triker] And if we comply?
And if we comply?
Then Ryder won't show up.
But if you don't...
it won't be just Ryder
showing up.
He'll come with enough blues
and twos
to light this whole place up,
like Vegas.
I see.
One last question.
Out of curiosity, why send you?
One might expect
a vanguard of more threat.
Yeah, well all the little boys
were taken.
[sarcastic laughing]
Touche, good man.
Get the girl.
What's her name?
Like Mimi.
But unlike Mimi,
she shall live.
She shall be carefully
unbound and placed
into the hands
of Mr. Mercury here,
who will escort her
to the freedom of London.
[Ryder] Yes! Stay with me,
stay with me.
[boy] That's what I want.
Are we fucking clear?
[tense music continues]
Yes, boss.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
Yo fools, we off yeah?
[electronic fizz]
Who are you?
wasn't big on trust.
He would never breathe
a word of what we did.
So why would he tell you?
How could he tell you?
He can't even breathe.
[plane flying overhead]
[Juke] You know he's watching.
Are you gonna risk it?
[Walker] Mess him up.
What now?
[Ryder] We bring them close.
Get down. Look hurt.
[door slams]
Tell me
what's going on.
I don't understand.
[Ryder] Go with me,
I've got this.
[Ryder] Get the gun.
Okay, we're good.
So now we go in
and I'm taking control.
Let go, kid.
-Stop resisting, son.
Go with it.
Let me take control.
[breathes heavily
I can't do this.
-Fuck you,
do as I fucking say.
-It's alright for you,
you're dead.
I got a fucking bullet
through my leg.
-That bullet was a through
and through.
-This is suicide.
If I go in, I die.
My life for that girl,
your choice,
my fucking sacrifice.
-You're not going to die.
[whimpering] I'm a poet,
I'm a poet who delivers
fucking parcels.
-And that's nothing, right?
How many times people told you
to get a fucking life?
Well, you've got one, mine.
Right now, you're me.
Everything I have,
everything I know,
so you're going to go in there
and get my little girl.
The only reason that I live.
-[breathing heavily]
-This is your chance, kid.
And you've gotta want
to know how it feels
to really be alive.
[Artist - Song playing]
[metal tapping]
Okay, what do we have to do?
Loose like a thief
in the night
it just comes and it goes
But you need it
for the rest of your life
What is a life without love
It's so empty and lonely
What is this thing
that is known to the rest
of the world?
[Walker] Perhaps I was mistaken
about you, Mr. Mercury.
It seems you're always right.
-[Aimee gasps, breathes heavily]
Not this time.
[Ryder] I'm back Walker,
I might look
a little bit different.
So you need some proof,
a secret shared.
You've got a fear of clowns.
We'd laugh about it, right?
It's just a guy
in a silly fucking suit.
[creepy circus music
playing softly]
You're dead.
[Ryder] Well that ain't
what I used to be.
[Juke] I've got you.
[Aimee] I-I'm all right.
But you're bleeding.
Really bleeding.
Okay, okay, we've gotta
get you out.
Lean on me. Go on.
I've got you.
Do you trust me?
Do you trust me?
Okay. There could be
impact fragments in the wound
without adrenaline,
that could hurt.
-[breathing heavily]
Unless we're fast,
you got a phone?
[Ryder] No.
-No hospitals,
they've got eyes everywhere.
I know that. I work A&E
at St. Mary's.
Are you a nurse?
Jesus Christ.
[chuckles] Not quite
that senior.
That guy could pull miracles,
but I need a light to work.
You got that phone?
- No, they took it.
-So what's your name?
[chuckles] That's the doctor's
small talk, is it?
Well maybe I just want
to know who the hell you are?
-[Ryder] No names.
As in York.
Do people get it wrong?
Yeah sometimes, it's not Juice
or Duck or--
[Juke screams]
So Duke.
Why'd they send you in alone?
I wasn't alone.
I had 10,000 men.
Well, that was a one man
suicide mission.
Half an inch to the left
and the bullet would've hit
your interior tibial artery.
That would've been my
dancing leg gone.
What I'm saying is,
you should be dead.
Deep breath.
Death, be not proud thou
art slave to fate, chance,
kings, and desperate men.
Do you know John Donne the poet?
No. [chuckles]
Death shall be no more;
Death, thou shalt die.
Okay, no frags...
so you'll live.
Unless there's more poetry.
Death is just a doorway,
it's not the end.
That's what the poem's about.
I know it's true.
Well John Donne should have
Friday night shift in A&E.
Last week, we had a woman
who jumped from 20 floors.
Her mother too.
Had to pick her body up
up like a bucket of sand.
Death's pretty fucking final.
So now we've stopped that flow,
you should start talking.
Telling me the truth.
Are you a cop?
-[Ryder] Not a word.
How did you know
they'd bring me here?
Did you know my father?
-[Ryder] Say nothing.
His name was John Ryder.
[door creaks]
[distant sirens]
[Juke] I heard that he had
quite the reputation.
Yeah. My mom said
he wasn't a good man.
She hated him.
First the army, then the police,
she said he took any job
that meant him got away from us,
and his responsibilities.
[soft acoustic music playing]
I don't know when
I last saw him
but somehow, in a strange way,
I used to feel that he saw me.
You know,
watching from a distance.
And then they came
and they took me
and I know why.
As bait.
He didn't come for me.
My father didn't come for me.
Just you.
[door creaks]
[Ryder] She mustn't
know the truth .
Better that she hates me.
In my death, I know her.
[Aimee] Whoa.
-[Juke] He didn't leave.
[Ryder] No.
-[Juke] He never left you.
-No, no, stop.
He sent me here
to set you free.
God forgive me.
So, he's dead?
[Juke and Ryder] Your mother
-[Juke] is the love of his life.
-[Ryder] is the love
of my life.
-[Juke] From the day they met,
-[Ryder] From the day we met,
-[Juke] You were his angel.
-[Ryder] You were my angel.
[Juke and Ryder] But they had to
pretend to live seperate lives.
[Juke and Ryder] so that you
wouldn't be a target.
-[Juke] And now,
-[Ryder] And now,
-[Juke] He messed up this time.
-[Ryder] I messed up this time.
[breathing heavily]
Now, he's gone, isn't he?
Oh no, no, he's not gone,
he'll never leave you again.
If you come here to this place,
he'll be waiting for you.
You'll feel his love,
you'll feel his presence.
Just trust me.
Yeah I trust you.
[Ryder] Take care of her, kid.
[eerie wind]
[Artist - song playing]
When you left
Things grew dim
Why'd you go?
Was it just a whim?
I've been fooled
For fear of letting you
Can't you see?
Don't you know?
Can't you tell?
I'm living in
a self-made hell
It feels much too much
for her man to bail
Can't you see
me, I'm on my own
...her fucking eyebrows done.
Her eyebrows, for two hours.
Why does she do it?
Who is she doing it for?
Has one man ever turned
around to another and said,
"Cor, look at the eyebrows
on that."
[car door slides shut]
[Magnus] Jeremy?
-Yesterday I had
woman passenger.
Her name was Jeremi with an I.
Yeah? Well, I'm with a Y.
Why the hell are you
going this way?
Take the bloody underpass, man.
[Magnus] Those foot mats,
special order.
Very lovely.
[Aimee] It's okay.
He's, he's not drunk.
He's okay.
Five minutes. Very close.
What happened?
You just passed out.
I guess you lost
a lot of blood.
Yeah, something like that.
Where are we going?
St. Mary's, get you some
stitches. And it'll be okay.
No names.
Trust me.
I trust you.
You're a doctor.
You're a good doctor.
Not qualified. Not yet.
I wanted you to feel safe
'cause you were really bleeding.
No blood, lady. Thank you.
-It's okay.
There's nothing.
So I lied.
But I wanted to thank you
for telling me the truth.
I didn't tell you
the whole truth as well.
There is more.
Oh Christ, where do I start?
There's a poem.
-No, no, no, hear me out.
Because it will
explain everything.
Twice or thrice
[gentle music playing]
had I lov'd you,
Before I knew your face
or name;
So in a voice,
in a shapeless flame
Angels affect us oft,
and worshipp'd be;
Still when, to where
thou wert, I came,
Some glorious lovely nothing
did I see.
But still my soul,
whose child love is,
Takes limbs of flesh,
and else could nothing do,
More than the parent
is Love must not be,
but take a body too;
So therefore where you wert,
and who, I bid
love ask, and now
Assume your body I allow
in your lip,
your eye, and your brow.
[chuckles] That's beautiful.
But I don't--
It's about the spirit of love.
Entering the human body,
occupying the form.
I know it sounds crazy, but...
it's sometimes a day
and sometimes a moment.
And when your father died--
What are you trying to tell me?
There's a kiosk,
well it's not a kiosk, it's...
a border.
It's like a portal.
It allows the spirit
to enter our bodies
and we take them to the place
where they want to rest.
Ah, Serenity.
I know this place.
We drop you first.
Rehab? Yes?
Very discreet and that.
My own music, if I may.
[Giacomo Puccini -
Che gelida manina playing]
Very big, lovely.
Che gelida manina.
What a cold little hand,
from La bohme.
Rodolfo is a poet
and something of a fox.
He pretends to call Mimi
that he has no candle,
so she must work in dark,
but all along his ploy's
to make her feel fearful,
so she gives him her hand.
Never trust a poet,
never trust anybody.
Even your shadow
leaves you in darkness.
But I say whatever leaves
always comes back
again and again
and again.
Do you mind?
I have a thing about clowns.
Foolish, I know.
[Walker] It's just a man
in a fucking silly suit.
Stop the car.
We need to get out.
Stop the car,
stop the fucking car.
-[car door slides open]
-[music continues]
[eerie wind]
In case you're wondering,
Mimi dies in the end.
[car door opens, shuts]
[eerie wind]
[Magnus] I see you.
[jolly music playing]
I see you.
Come out. Come out.
Whoever you are.
It was fun at the zoo?
-I saw the Panda chickens.
Panda chickens?
Ah, you mean the uhm...
What's the English word?
I know it.
Black white.
I have the name,
they're called uhm...
Bloody penguins.
Panda chickens.
Very fun.
Margaret, yes?
Gordon at the Home Office.
You must know him.
So I told him, I said, "Gordon,
"if we go any more to the right,
"I'll have to take out zumba
so I can leg lift a goose step."
We need to go left.
Left, I said we need to go left.
[Magnus muffled] I thought
you were talking to--
Oh, the minister
says he's on board,
but I wouldn't trust that man
to sit the right way
round on the lavatory.
I mean, sure, you get
to come back from the dead.
But my real issue
with becoming a zombie
is all the walking.
[dainty, mysterious music
[car door slides shut]
[car door slides shut]
[car door slides shut, echoes]
I just so wanted to punch her.
But, you know,
it was a funeral.
-[car door slides shut]
[woman] No, I don't want
to wait.
I can't wait.
I'm getting old.
There's no L'Oreal
for ovaries, darling.
Marty's pushing 60.
He can barely get it up
and I swear, when that man cums,
it's just white spiders.
-[car door slides shut]
-So, apart from Steve dying,
what else is new?
[car door slides shut]
-[distant sirens]
Ah, very messy.
[man] But left here.
Oh, you mean you
want to be left here?
Ah, you're on phone,
not talk to me, yeah?
It's okay.
-I can't understand
what you're saying.
[mellow music playing]
[Lot] That's the thing,
I did everything right.
I asked her why she wanted
to go, but she wouldn't say.
Or, she couldn't.
She didn't speak English.
Icelandic she said,
I don't know.
Anyway, she told me to get
into this car with this driver.
It's like,
it's like she knew him.
And then it started.
Their eyes,
right there on the backseat.
[ghostly whispers]
So what else could I do?
[train honking]
I made the mark and...
I left her there.
Not ideal, but fuck.
It's not your fault.
What does it mean, though?
That she's stuck there
in the back of that car forever?
Because she sounded
mad, like, crazy mad.
I mean, I think.
I couldn't really tell
what she was saying.
Look, it's not
your fault, right?
Not your fucking problem.
Not anymore.
[whimsical, mysterious music
It's like this guy I knew.
He's walking home
late from the pub,
he's been on the
Guinness all night
and his bowels are rattling.
He's not going
to make it home in time.
So he looks
around, all quiet like.
And nips over a garden wall
and he takes a dump.
And he's about to do
the right thing, you know,
bury it.
But when he looks down,
it's gone.
All of it.
Completely disappeared
like a fucking miracle.
Anyway it's bothered him,
what happened, so he goes back
and he's looking
over the garden wall
when the owner comes out
all red faced and shouting,
"What the fuck
are you doing?"
And my friend just
stands there and says like,
"Oh, nothing. You know, uhm,
just lovely flowers and that."
And the owner calms down,
and he apologizes and he goes,
"Sorry, mate, been a bit
of a weird one.
"Last night someone took
a shit on the Tortoise."
And that's my point.
You did your best,
but the car's gone,
so it's like that problem
took itself away.
Geez, it's late.
So you don't think
I'm going to, you know...
get any come back,
retribution, like, revenge?
Who knows?
This is all some
very mysterious shit.
[car rumbling]
[muffled radio man]
After the death of his wife--"
[mellow music playing]
[rock music playing]
[woman through speakers]
"I mean, sure you get
to come back from the dead.
[man through speakers]
Take the bloody under path.
-[upbeat, gentle music
[ghostly whisper]
[woman] Creak.
[Magnus] Naughty coco, eh?
Mr. Tricky.
[eerie wind]
[Honey] This is the nightmail.
[Man] Hackney Wick, please.
Hm, that's fancy. You sure?
-Why doubt my choice?
Well, your voice for one.
You sound a little hoity toity
for Hackney.
-Hoity toity?
Yeah, manners and that.
Like you're the kind of guy
that knows which knife to use.
Down that manor,
they'll stab you
with any old blade.
-That is barely my concern.
Yeah, well I'm still flesh
and blood.
-Then we can cancel
if you wish.
I'll get another.
No, I'll do it. It's fine.
-And could you try
to be a little more
Ugh, so you're that guy too.
The type that wants
us all to smile.
-I'm merely suggesting
that we both try to enjoy this.
[groovy music playing]
[train chugging]
[Honey] So what exactly
are we waiting for?
[man] A particular train.
Let me guess, you jumped.
and now you want to haunt
the very train that hit you.
Is that it?
-No, I did not jump.
That lacks imagination.
And I would
never fall to such a clich.
Come, come.
It's nearly nine.
Let's go.
-So if it's not the train,
then you're waiting
for a passenger.
A woman.
[mockingly] Did she break
your heart?
-Yes, my right atria.
Left, here.
-Hey, get out of them boots.
-The temptation
to enter your body.
Yeah, well you're dead.
so that's as stiff
as you're going to get
on my watch, alright?
-I want you here.
-What? In this armpit?
-This Keystone Arch
belongs to the Hackney Wick
London's first
to be constructed on a marsh
and thus a triumph
of Victorian architecture.
An exemplum
of true Gothic.
-And it's fucking miserable.
-[train chugging]
-[train honks]
How much longer we thinking?
Smell's rank in here
like I could catch something.
-We shall make a catch
of sorts and soon.
This would be more special
if I knew your name.
No specials on this menu, Mr.
[bells dinging]
Ah, do you hear
the 9:22 arrives?
How fabulous.
Well this has been fun,
but bon voyage.
[tense music playing]
[ghostly whispers]
[light thudding]
[man groans]
[man] Oh fuck the rules,
I'm inside you now.
-[man through speakers]
Was a John Donne sonnet
to his wife, which contains
the disturbing phrase,
"thy tender jealousy
dost doubt,
"know the devil let thee out."
-[creepy laughter]
[dog barking]
-You little bitch.
You won't ever get away from me.
[man and Honey] You broke
my heart with a carving knife.
It's you.
It was a mistake,
baby, a bad mistake.
How many times did you hurt me
then say you're sorry?
I always forgave you.
I always came back.
And now you're back, right?
You're back, baby.
-[man and Honey]
So we can start again?
[dog barking]
[Honey screams]
[tense music playing]
[woman] Hey baby.
Wanna go for a ride?
[engine roars]
[Magnus] Please.
-Do you miss me?
My white spider.
[Magnus] My love, forgive me.
[woman] You killed Coco.
-It was an accident.
It was an accident !
[demonic shouting]
-[tires squeal]
[eerie music playing]
[breathing heavily]
[Elias] I'm telling you,
they don't care
what's in this shit.
Her first day, her first time
on the subs, and off she goes.
Tripping balls, running wild.
That's what I heard.
Then straight
into the road, bam!
This shit.
We don't even know
what the fuck
we're putting inside us.
You should have told
her about nightmail.
I tried.
But... too early, you know?
She wasn't ready.
How often are you on it now?
Twice a week, sometimes three.
Good lad.
-Steady as.
-[train whooshes]
-[phone clanks]
Who's that inside?
Who's inside?
That is the question.
We just never know what
we're putting inside us.
Hey, Honey, are you okay?
[Elias] Come on, babe.
Don't bogart the box.
We've all gotta get
our dose of the good stuff.
The good stuff.
Hey, Hon, where's your coat?
It was here.
Her blood.
Get another badge, babe.
-Her blood.
Listen, listen Hon,
We heard you saw that accident
and it messed you up.
We get that.
But there's nowt
you could have done.
It's not your fault.
I know what I did.
What he made me do.
And he's still here.
He won't leave.
[Elias] It's your mind, babe,
playing tricks.
So go home, get straight.
Get well.
It'll come after you.
And after you.
[tense music playing]
[Elias] After you.
After you.
[ghostly whispers]
[mellow music playing]
[Juke] You'll live, she said.
She meant that I'd survive.
Now, Aimee wanders,
wondering if I'm alive.
Haunted by the haunted.
Did I yield? Who knows.
For other fates
must be revealed.
Magnus drives no more,
now driven mad,
addiction is the demon
on his back.
Elias offers him
a sweeter high.
But it shall ride unseen ...
For those we kill twice,
thrice come back afresh,
those spirits riding free
and others flesh.
So she's my quest.
Or else if is, she's lost .
She knows
the nightmail comes
a border crossed .
[music intensifies]
[funky music playing]
[ghostly whispering]
[static fizzes]
[man] Without a horse.
-[Artist - Song playing]
Loose like a thief
in the night
It just comes and it goes
But you need it
for the rest of your life
What is a life without love
It's so empty and lonely
What is this thing
that is known
to the rest of the world
If she loves you
and you know
Don't you ever let her go
If you do
It could break
your heart in two
That's a thing called love
Look in her eyes,
you can tell
Ringing out like a bell
That she loves you
And your heads in a whirl
Now that you know
You must love her
for ever and ever
Locked in your
heart is a love
that's unknown to the world
For it's your
and her's alone
To other people it's unknown
Keep your secrets
locked away with memories
That's a thing called love
A thing called love
A thing called love