Weak Layers (2024) Movie Script

- So I'm not even allowed
to be mad
'cause he's gay?
I know, I'm pissed.
I am definitely not, not pissed.
Like we had sex, like a lot.
I mean maybe not a lot, a lot,
but it was still sex, you know?
Okay. Sorry,
but are you in finance?
- Yeah.
- Yeah. I can tell.
- Are you?
- I'm, I'm like an outdoor
adventure filmmaker.
Like Scott Gaffney.
- That rock climber guy?.
- No, that is Jimmy Chin.
And he is not the only guy
that makes movies in
the outdoors.
Gaffney's like more core,
like for the people.
That's the kind of filmmaker
that I am.
- Anything I've seen?
- Of mine?
Uh, it's more of a passion
right now.
Lot of rejection.
- Well, I bet you're amazing.
- Ah. Never stop grinding.
Even when everybody's like,
"Cleo, you're actually
kind of bad at this.
Cleo, You've been living here
for 10 years
and nothing's happened
in your career yet."
- "Cleo, your boyfriend's gay."
- Ex. Ex-boyfriend.
You know what? Good for him.
Let's do shots.
Town's so busy because of
Hot Lapse.
- Hot laps?
Like skiing?.
- Four shots of whiskey.
No Hot Lapse.
With an E.
The ski movie competition.
Oh my God.
Literally anyone in the
industry that matters
all in the same place
competing to make the best
ski movie in 72 hours.
- Whoa, cool. Good luck.
- No, I'm not in it.
It is like the real deal.
It's for the pros.
I'm, I'm a nobody.
- She fucking calls
me a sexist.
Are you fucking kidding
me? Asian?
- Oh, that's Lucy.
That's my roommate Lucy.
- How am I propping up
the patriarchy?
'Cause I don't geotag my
fishing spots?
Okay. Okay.
Jack Kero-woke, you
fucking Instagram poser.
Do the work yourself.
- Honestly, Lucy's probably
the best skier in town
that nobody's ever heard of.
Which is saying something
'cause my other roommate is
an Olympian.
Well was an Olympian.
She's retired.
It's actually kind of
a sensitive subject.
Tina. Where is she?
- We can't get caught
doing this.
- Are you in town for
the competition.
- Flew in from Japan last night.
- Oh, sick. Ja-pow.
- I'm fucking with you
bro. I'm from Idaho.
I'm Chinese, not Japanese,
there's a difference
and I don't believe in
competitive sports.
- I know what you're thinking.
We're living the dream.
I really don't
actually like whiskey very much.
- Yo, Daron, look. Tina's
got her cans out for you.
- Did you take a lesson?
- Yeah.
- You rent stuff?
Pizza. French fries.
- Pizza. French fries.
- Okay.
- So the bear rears up on his
haunches, I chamber my rifle,
my buddy goes,
"Take the shot, Luce."
So I aim right where his
heart should be,
turns out their organs str-
Oh crap. Fuck.
- Uh oh.
Oh no.
They're 10 years younger
than me.
I gotta parent. Stand by.
- Ooh.
- Oh.
- Whoa.
- Whoa. Yo, Tina.
- Seriously, Cleo? Shut up!
I'm in love.
- Okay. I'm ha- I'm really
happy for you.
But hi, nice to meet you.
We gotta go.
Do you know what time it is?
Tab. Bring him.
- Anthony, come on.
- Whoa, what are you...?
- Okay, you can get me
a drink another time.
- Afterparty!
- Afterparty!
- Send it, you pussy.
- Woo.
- Is this your real life?
- Mm, yeah.
- This is awesome.
You should be like filming this.
- Nah.
You think?
- You could be just like
that Daffy guy you were
talking about.
- Gaffney.
- Yeah, that guy.
You could be the next him.
- All right my turn.
- Lucy! Lucy!
Lucy! Lucy!
- What!?
- Oh, fuck.
- Fuck, I missed.
- This is fucking Oscar-worthy.
- Yeah, yeah move.
Welcome to the afterparty!
- Give her the onion!
- Disgusting.
- Let's fucking party!
- Disgusting,
uncouth, uncivilized animals.
- Stop with the
adjectives. You wanna come in?
Grab a drink?
- I've never seen such utter
and callous disregard for
someone else's property.
You're out.
I want you gone by tonight.
- Bro, I might be dead
by tonight.
- Is it even legal to
evict someone like this?
- No.
- I don't care.
You three are easily
the foulest young women
I've ever encountered.
Absolutely vile.
- I mean that feels
like a bit of a stretch.
Great timing.
- You banged pizza,
french fries guy.
- I did.
Yeah, you wanna go left.
- You still wanna ski today?
- No.
- Fuck her.
- So we're homeless.
- Easy come, easy go.
- Not that easy.
We have to get first,
last, and security deposit
for a new place, which is
like five grand in this town.
- Meh.
I met the man in my dreams
last night.
There's two feet of blower
pow outside.
- What? Who?
- Pirates of the Baberian.
- I'm seeing it.
- Oh, shit.
- Whoa.
No dreads.
But it's a little blurry.
Point is, I say we go skiing.
- Can we figure out where
we're sleeping tonight first?
- Tina can pay for that.
She's an Olympian.
- All her sponsors dropped her.
And where is she by the way?
- Missing.
- Like missing persons missing.
- No. Missing.
- So we're not worried.
Nice. Good for her.
- Okay,
I'm gonna load the sleds.
That was a late night pull.
- Hey, Marty.
- Hey, Vidiots girl.
Heck of a storm, isn't it?
- Sure is.
- Hey, I saw your video.
- Oh, God.
Feel free to erase that from
your memory.
- All right. I'll see ya.
- I was just finishing up
a thought.
- Take your time.
- I hear Dane Blake and your
boy Gabe Paul
are up here for Hot Lapse.
- My boy.
Bet you think he's hot too.
- Is this like a closure talk?
- No. Closed as she gets,
I'd say.
- Is there an actual reason
as to why you're here?
- I need your van.
We got evicted.
- Get a hotel.
- We have no money.
- None?
- Like very little.
- Sell your sleds.
- No. Ross.
- You know I love this van.
- Well, we'll treat it
like we're meticulous gay
mountain men.
- Hmm, semi-homophobic jabs.
Probably not your best
angle right now.
- Ross, this is me being chill.
You dated me for way longer
than you should have.
And even though I actually
hate you right now,
you're still my best friend
because I don't have
a new one yet.
So olive branch.
Gimme your van.
- One week.
Not anymore.
- One week max.
Probably less.
- Do not let your heathen
roommates fuck it up please.
- Okay. Okay.
- Oh my God.
Have you ever slept in
a fire truck?
It's so comfortable.
- I went back out
last night.
- Yeah,
I figured.
Nice hat.
- Thanks.
Won it playing poker with
the fire boys.
- Oh my.
- Is this Ross's van?
- Oh no. This is our new home.
Yeah, we live here now.
- It was Lucy, wasn't it?
- I mean it was a group effort.
So that video I made.
- The afterparty one?
- Got the most views of
anything I ever made.
It kinda went viral.
Not like viral,
but like kind of.
- You should totally
enter Hot Lapse.
- Yeah, totally.
- Actually,
that's an exceptional idea.
- You don't just show
up to Hot Lapse like,
"Hi, my friend thinks
I should be in this."
You first of all dedicate
your life
to the thankless machine
that is adventure filmmaking.
- Okay, well, Cleo, have
you ever even applied?
- I'm a realistic person.
- You're a visionary.
And not only when you're drunk.
Also the prize money's 10 grand.
- Which I wouldn't win even if
I did get in, which I won't.
We need a real way to
come up with five grand.
Skiing can't solve all of
our problems.
- If you won,
it would solve most of them.
- Not happening.
I'll strip before I enter
that goddamn competition.
- Why does it always
come down to stripping?
- Fuck!
- Gabe Paul.
- Be cool.
- I'm in heat.
- It's these like
new sleds, man.
There's like all the throttles
all off.
- It's for sure the sleds.
- Well I'll try
to go whiskey with it.
- I think the guy who's
sled's stuck is Dane Blake.
- Did he bleach his hair?
- Oh my God, he wants
to be Hollywood so badly.
Should we go help them?
- Yeah.
- Now my knee's
fucked up.
- Got her in there good.
- Um, tell you what,
let me take your sled.
I'll head back to town,
we'll grab some guys,
'cause I don't know how
the two of us
are gonna get this done.
- We can help you out.
- Uh, thank you but I
think this is gonna take
a little manpower,
but it's very sweet.
- I've seen worse.
Plus hate for you to get
stuck in another tree well
all by yourself out there.
Whoa. Nice sleds.
- Yeah,
they're really brand new.
Haven't quite broken
them in yet.
- Where are you
guys headed?
- Fucking nowhere now.
- I love it there.
- Great. More manpower.
- Dude.
- 3, 2, 1.
May I?
- Sure.
Be my guest.
- That's my girl. Woo.
- Sometimes just takes
a woman's touch.
- Oh great. A feminist.
- Thank you ladies.
We're trying to find
Pothole Basin.
- It's about three
miles that way.
- That way?
- Uh-huh.
- Thanks.
- Okay. He's like really hot.
- Unbelievable.
- Pothole Basin's that way, huh?
Mm, mm, mm.
- And, uh, 60 chicken nuggets.
Who has money?
- Platinum's maxed.
- Gambling problem.
- Oh, God.
- Yo,
this one looks perfect.
- Two bedrooms, wood stove,
no electricity, outhouse?
- Aka, off grid.
So cool.
- 2300 a month cool?
- I still think you
should apply to Hot Lapse.
- Tina. I literally can't
with this.
- I'm with Tina.
We're not gonna make $5,000
in two weeks any other way.
- Uh, there's a free ride
competition this weekend.
Why can't you compete?
- Dude. I don't believe in
- Filmmaking is your passion.
- Passion is not how you
make money.
- Passion is the only way for
millennials to make money.
- Even if I were to get in,
I'd be up against the
best ski movie directors
in the entire industry
and their handpicked pro
skier farm teams.
- But you have Lucy.
And she'll huck her meat
off anything.
I'm a bonafide Olympian,
and incredibly unique for
a ski movie I might add.
And you're the gritty
storyteller to tie it
all together.
- Great points.
- Why not you?
- I'll look like a loser.
- What are you 14? Who cares.
- You know what?
I'll apply to this stupid thing
just so you two lay
the fuck off.
We don't need 60 chicken nugget,
I don't know why we get 60
chicken nuggets every time.
It's embarrassing. You guys
always make me order it.
And that's way too many nuggets.
- I mean, it's
60 divided by 3, so...
- Pissin' me off.
- 20 each.
- Morning!
Free breakfast.
This spot's a gold mine.
- What spot is this?
- Welcome to Vidiots. A-hem.
I'm your host Cleo Brown,
aka Vidiots girl
for those of you who can't seem
to remember my incredibly
simple name.
New faces in the audience,
on Wednesdays we watch
amateur ski movies.
It's basically like Hot Lapse
but with less money
and more ego.
Nope. Okay, uh...
Wanted to extend a warm welcome
to the professional athletes
that are in town for this
weekend's festivities.
Huge fans here.
All following your climate
change activism careers closely.
Uh, yeah,
let's just roll some clips.
- What is
wrong with you?
- It would take less time for
me to tell you what's right. -
- This is the hospitality
business. As in be hospitable.
You're like a tornado of
shit lately.
- Forgot your leadership style
is cripple them with shame.
- If you wanna leave,
leave. No hard feelings.
- Hold on. You're firing me?
- I'm telling you to
figure your shit out, kid.
- No, don't tell her.
Just say you talked to her.
It'll be fine.
Just tell her about the guy.
- Thank You.
- It's very healing.
- That's like what
alcoholics say.
Is she okay?
She says she had an awkward exit
with Pirates of the
Baberian at the coffee shop.
- Oh!
- Geez.
- Turns out he's
working the free ride comp.
- Uh-oh.
Did she do her pirouette?
- Yep.
- It's whatevers.
- Yo, did Hot Lapse
call you yet?
- Uh, as a matter of fact-
- Oh! Congrats.
- Uh, no.
- Greg fucking loves you.
You know,
Greg from registration.
They think you're the next
big thing.
- Huh?
No, it's not possible. I,
I didn't...
- On your phone.
I talked to him this morning.
- This 510,
you talked to this Greg guy
for 20 fucking minutes?
- I felt like he needed
someone to talk to.
- Wha...?
- What I think she's saying
you got in.
- There's no way.
No. Okay.
Take it down. Take her down.
- We should probably go
find out for sure though.
- I'm going back to bed.
- I can't believe you're
this drunk, this early.
- Donovan Banks here with Octane
TV live at Palisades Tahoe
where the biggest pros
and the best filmmakers
in the industry team up
for the most anticipated
media event
in the ski and snowboard world.
- Five, four, three, two...
- What's up Cleo?
- Hey Pete.
- Keys?
How's Ross?
- Oh, he's dead.
He died. He left me his van.
You gotta jiggle the wheel.
The throttle sticks and you
got a hot wire to start it.
Good luck.
- Okay, here's the plan.
- The big story this weekend
at Hot Lapse
is Dane Blake and Gabe Paul.
After a three year hiatus
following a tragic avalanche
that took the life of Gabe's
girlfriend, Sadie Lupin,
the iconic duo is back.
- Hey.
- Hey. What's up?
Team name?
- Um-
- Thought that was you.
- Oh, have we met?
- Uh, yeah.
You were the one,
I'm pretty sure,
that gave me those really great
directions to Pothole Basin.
- Oh that, yeah,
that is ringing a bell.
- Is it?
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah. Oh, such a nice spot.
And I never,
never in a million years
would've found it without you.
- I'm always happy to help
a lost tourist find his
way somewhere.
- Yeah. I just feel so welcome.
- You should, you should.
- If I may,
I just wanna say it's great
to have you back, bro.
You're the greatest of all time.
- Oh thanks, man.
I think this competitor
would like to register.
- Yeah, for sure.
Team name?
- Are you just gonna stay there?
- Yeah.
- Team Afterparty.
- Afterparty.
- One word.
- Thank you.
- It's after the party,
it's the...
- Yeah, I'm not seeing it, but
what's like your name, name?
- Cleo Brown.
But if we're not on there-
- Wait, oh shit! You're Cleo?
Oh man, Greg saw your
edit on the grandmas.
Like these chicks are
sick. We gotta get them in.
- He did?
- Legendary, bro.
- Legendary.
- Only one room left in
the entire hotel.
But I think you're gonna dig it.
- I don't have to put
like a credit card down
or anything, do I?
- Oh no, no, no.
It's all comped.
- Comped.
- I just need you to sign
right here for me, please.
- Welcome to the
shit show Cleo Brown.
- Yo.
All right, good news.
Jill and Josh are stoked.
Uh, we should be good to go.
Are we dialed in here or...
- Uh, no actually, would
you mind handlin' that?
Thanks man. Cheers.
- Okay.
Hey. Hi.
- Team name?
- It's Dane Blake.
- Holy shit.
- The White Room.
- I can't believe
this is happening.
- This is gonna be the best
weekend ever.
- Nicholas,
are you there?
Look, there's been a mistake.
You get those girls
outta there right away.
- A last-minute VIP,
like I'm sorry.
You know how it goes.
But here's access cards
to all the amenities
and 400 for alternative lodging.
- Can we get like
a parking pass?
- Yeah, of course.
- This is honestly than
being evicted.
- I say we go fuck up
those Mindys.
- There's a party.
- Yeah.
Is it cold in there?
- No flirting with
the celebrities.
We need to buckle down and
win this thing.
- I literally get
the tingles
when you're all focused
like this.
- Well, I'm serious.
No drinking, no boys.
Just 72 hours of
movie-making magic.
- Um, yeah,
that's not gonna work for me.
- Why? It's
like two days.
Of your entire lives.
- I didn't drink for
19 years before the Olympics
and then I crashed.
- Exactly. You
should have drank more.
- That's what I'm saying.
- That had nothing to
do with alcohol consumption.
- So we can still drink?
- No, I just need
to know I can count on you.
I don't wanna be pulling
like CIA operatives missions
all over town extracting
you from various locations.
- Okay, Cleo,
we get it.
No full-steam ragers until
after we win.
- Thank you.
- Woo!
Party at the Taphouse ladies!
- At the Taphouse!
- In the van.
- Hi.
- They're not available.
- Big dicks.
Large dicks.
Slightly curved dicks.
Nice dicks.
Okay. She's in her virtual
reality goggles, let's roll.
Grab the cash.
- What? I drank less.
Only beers, no shots.
Just like you said.
- Yo, check out this bad boy.
- Where did you get that?
That's like a $20,000 camera.
- The guys at Warren
Miller had an extra one.
Everyone's so nice here.
- What's it like being hot?
People just give you stuff?
- Do you wanna use it or not?
- Yes.
- You're welcome.
- Morning.
- Are they in this?
- Time's have changed bro.
Diversity before talent.
- It's okay. I don't need a
pep talk on having thick skin.
I'm good.
- I was just gonna tell
you to quit.
This whole thing is
just a bunch of assholes
and overpriced gear.
Save yourself the misery.
- Vidiots girl. Rooting for you.
- Thanks, Sheila.
Up against a pretty
heavy hitter.
- Make us proud!
- Woo!
- That was sick!
- Whiskey break?
- Do you maybe have like
a small drinking problem
or are you just in your 20s?
- Woo.
I never thought I'd say this
but I kind of miss racing.
- Filming's too much standing
and not enough skiing.
If this just being a pro,
no thanks.
- Jimmy Chin nearly died
making every single one of
his movies, so.
Buck up girls.
We're just getting started.
Don't look at me like that.
- Here she goes.
- I want you to ski this
one from here.
You know what I'm saying?
Drop into that emotional truth.
Be the healing.
Turn, release.
Okay buddy?
- Yeah, I got it.
- Okay.
I'll radio up.
Shred it. Woo!
Yo, I'm not even set up.
I told you I needed five.
Well, I guess you're
gonna be hiking.
- Oh I didn't get nearly
enough footage today,
what we did get looks
really good.
This camera is so sick.
- We're so sick.
- Yes you are.
So I'm thinking tomorrow we just
tour off the summit in
the morning
and then go session Granite
Chief all afternoon.
- I'm out for the morning sesh.
- Well it's not optional,
Lucy, sorry.
- They have my money already.
- Who does?
You signed up for the free
ride competition tomorrow?
- Accidentally.
- That's physically impossible.
- Okay. True.
I accidentally told
Pirates of the Baberian
I was competing.
He's gonna be there. So then
I had to actively sign up.
- Yeah, girl!
- No, not, "Yeah girl."
Since when do you even
believe in competition?
- That's just something I
say to take the pressure off.
- I thought that's what
the drinking was for.
- That's for hooking up
with dudes.
- Okay. This is so chaotic.
Have you even ever
competed before?
- Tina? Help?
- It's easy.
You just dedicate your
entire childhood to it
and then your parents
get a divorce
because they don't
agree on coaching styles
and then you lose and
you let your whole family
and your entire country down.
- Okay Tina,
just do your breathing.
- I thought you wanted me
to do this.
- Yeah. Before.
So I'm losing my best
skier to chasing a guy.
- Best skier? Jesus.
- Hey, hey, hey.
Winner takes $2,500. This
is a business decision.
- Whoa. You could be onto
Lucy could win tomorrow
and we could go touring
Sunday morning.
No big deal.
- So we're still going to
Granite Chief tomorrow
- I will be there. I promise.
- Where are you going?
- Nerves.
I need drink.
- I'm chaperoning.
- Take it easy tonight you
guys, please.
I need you both for
another two days.
Chaperoning my fucking ass.
- Okay. Okay.
How about this?
We open on a white stallion
and it's galloping across
the snow-covered glen.
This is Sadie personified.
- No.
- Yes.
Hear me out, okay?
Then it's a night shoot but
you are all lit up, LED suit.
- Oh, my God.
- Greens and purples
through the snow.
You're skiing through
your memories.
Whoosh, whoosh.
You're chasing the unattainable,
then bam!
It's fucking daylight.
And it's a metaphor for you
waking up out of your grief.
- Absolutely not.
- Dude come on. This is
what everybody wants.
The sponsors, the fans.
- Oh fuck them.
- Fuck them?
- Yeah, fuck them.
We're not shooting a fucking
pity party for my grief
to sell fucking jackets.
- Gabe, what is your idea?
Do you realize how outta
the game you've been?
You, you want to just
go out there and compete
with the 20 year olds?
- I don't fucking...
- I mean, you need an offering.
You need a story.
- Well then tell one.
Just leave Sadie out of it.
- Please tell me your
kitchen is still open.
- Sorry, the kitchen is closed.
- No.
- This is a sick idea, Gabe.
- No.
I promise you it's not. And
I'm not fucking doing it.
- This is the best idea
- Any fried pickle?
- I have.
- Like do you have
a pickled green bean, maybe?
I'm sorry.
- That's really sad.
- Okay.
Three years off and you
really haven't gotten
any easier to deal with,
you know that?
- And you get more brilliant
every fucking year, man.
- I'm gonna be in my room and
if you can think of an idea,
you let me know, baby.
- I wonder what Mossup's doing.
- I wonder what
Crossland's doing.
- Sorry about that.
Sorry, sorry.
I'm really sorry about that,
- Are you gonna eat those?
Thank you. Okay.
Kitchen is closed and
I am starving.
Not in like a model way,
in like a poor person way.
Oh my gosh.
Lover's quarrel?
- The entire bar did hear
that, right?
- No, no.
Super low key. No, you're good.
- Oh God, that guy.
He's got very big plans for
my comeback.
- He's like a big
plans guy, hey.
- Oh yeah.
Yeah. Big plans guy.
Except for how to stay
relevant apparently.
- You want me to
tell him or are you going to?
- If you wouldn't mind.
- I would love to.
- He won't hear it from me.
- No, I would happily do that
job for you.
- God, I don't even know why he,
or I guess we, I guess,
I don't know why we are
even trying.
It's so...
You looked like you were
having fun out there today.
- Hmm.
Well we can't all be salty
veterans like yourself.
- What? How am I salty?
- Ask the guy that told
me to quit this morning.
- Ugh. That's...
I just think quitting
is a winning attitude.
- That seems to be
working for you.
So you don't wanna compete,
you don't wanna sell
jackets, I heard that.
Like, what are you doing here?
- That's a very good question,
Cleo Brown.
- Thank you.
- I think my therapist
would probably call it
an identity death or something.
- Whoa.
- What?
What? Was that too much?
- You go to therapy?
- Yeah.
Yeah, like I very much go to
therapy, like often.
- That's so hot.
- That's so hot?
- Yeah.
- Well,
you know,
when you watch an avalanche
take somebody that you love,
therapy becomes like a,
like a sexy little necessity,
you know?
If you want to not put like
a sexy bullet in your head.
That was too far.
Sorry about that.
- Yeah, that was way too far.
- Yeah, I was just kidding.
- I just wasn't-
- Not about the therapy, but.
- I wasn't expecting-
- Honesty?
- Which is a yuck.
- Gross.
Wow. I'm having a day.
I'm gonna get another drink.
You want one?
- Only if you're gonna tell me
more of your fucked up secrets.
- Sure, why not?
- Okay, but only one
'cause I am, I'm editing and
I am, I have to stay focused.
- Yeah.
Two Long Island iced
teas please.
- Yeah, right.
- Oof. A year and a half.
- Ah, it's so embarrassing.
- Oh, it's nothing to
be embarrassed about.
It's just like you're like
a hopeless like romantic.
You know? It's like very like,
like Patti Smith, like
Robert Mapplethorpe.
It's like cool and chic and
like you're like an artist.
- You think?
- You got a blind spot.
Don't you beat yourself
up over it.
- Huge blind spot.
I was like, maybe I'm
not that a good in bed.
Maybe I'm like not that-
- No. Come on.
- sexy.
- It couldn't have been easy
for your ex though
either, right?
- Yeah, I prob-- probably
- It sucks for everybody.
- Fuck him though.
- Yeah. Fuck that guy.
I mean totally fuck that guy.
What's your film about?
- Shredding and having
a good time.
- Right? Yeah.
But like what's it about?
- Shredding and having
a good time.
And the spirit of the mountains.
- That sounds like that
could be pretty cool.
That could be great.
- So that's how you
placate someone
when you think their
idea's terrible.
- What?
No, I don't do that.
I wouldn't do that.
That's not me.
- Well what's your film about?
- Dane tells me it's
about a phoenix
rising from the ashes
of his grief.
- I'm sure it'll be great.
- Hey, can we get one more?
- You can't yell.
- Why?
- You're too famous to yell.
It's rude.
- Okay, I'm sorry.
- He broke up with us.
- We don't need that guy.
You know why?
'Cause when you are
famous, when you're famous,
they put like a little gift
basket when you show up
and there was a bottle of
whiskey in mine
and I'm also like super
hot, well adjusted.
So I go to therapy. So let's go.
- Okay. Okay.
I had a jacket.
Where is my?
- Yeah.
- Up and at 'em.
Registration's in 45 minutes.
Where's Lucy?
Seriously, where's Lucy?
- She was at the MSP party.
- I thought you
were chaperoning.
- Hello?
- Lucy. Hi.
Where are you?
- Just kidding.
This is Lucy's voicemail.
Leave a message-
- Why are you
so fucking useless?
- Lucy?
- Hey.
- Yeah, fuck, where are you?
- The garden of Eden.
I believe.
It's so be beautiful
here, Cleo.
- So we need to get you
to the top of the face in
30 minutes
so that you can compete.
So can you tell me where you are
so that I can come get
you please.
- Bliss. I'm in Bliss!
- Can you tell me
where Bliss is?
Get in!
- You found me!
This is Nick.
Short for Nicholas.
- Hi, Nicholas!
- Bye, Nicholas.
Lucy, get in the van.
- You're going in.
- Can we put some music on?
- No, no, no, no.
- How high are you right now?
- Yes!
- You know you have to compete
in like 15 minutes, right?
- I cannot wait.
- You're gonna crush it, babe.
- Thank you. Aw.
- Fuck. Ross is gonna kill me.
- You smell like
a lot of things.
- Only because I
drank 78 drinks last night
and woke up in Gabe Paul's
hotel room.
- Shut up!
- I also woke up fully
clothed on top of the covers
because we're just friends.
- Maybe he was being chivalrous.
- He was being
- Watch, watch, watch.
- Hey, question.
How much purpose do you think
ski movies we should have?
- Really?
- No, I'm just talking
range wise.
Like are we, are we talking
bifurcation of consciousness
or like subverting the male gaze
or is it just like women
can wear pink
and go skiing and have fun
and that's-
- Cleo! Just go
with your gut.
- You make that sound so simple.
Where are your skins?
- I don't need skins.
- You definitely
need skins.
- I'm a snow leopard.
- No fucking up.
- She's helping you.
- I don't have time for this.
- Oh, you don't have time
for this, but we all do?
- Well, considering the movie
was supposed
to solve all of our problems.
Yeah, I'd say it's pretty
high priority.
- Shit.
I love your braid.
I always thought it was
so unoriginal
for skier girls to have braids.
Yours is fucking stunning.
Show pony.
- Can you not? And maybe
gimme some space.
- I can respect that
boundary that you're setting.
Where's the ground?
Where's the ground?
Seriously, kind of
freaking out. Where is it?
Is this going faster than usual?
I need to get off this thing.
Oh, my arm.
Oh, wow. My tongue.
I'm cotton mouthing.
- Are you gonna be okay?
- Like spiritually,
physically, emotionally?
It's all connected to my dad.
Oh, fuck. Good lord.
No, no, no, no.
No, no. No, no, no.
- You guys are welcome
to come in.
- Is she okay?
- She'll be fine.
She's severely dehydrated
so we have her on an IV drip
while the drugs leave
her system.
She had a panic attack.
It happens.
- Thank you for fixing her up.
- Is this a regular occurrence
for her?
- No.
- Oh yeah.
- Definitely not.
- Dude, I'm so embarrassed.
- This is like the least
embarrassing thing.
- Oh, it is.
My liver's fucked, apparently.
- Well, pretty sure they're
- You're human, sweetie.
- Yeah, totally.
No one caress that you
basically fucked up
the entire shoot today.
- You've been freaking
out about it all day.
- Freaking out?
- Yes.
- More like,
have I been demonstrating
a super-human level of
responsibility for all of us?
Sure, I'll take that on.
I'll own that.
- Responsibility?
- Yes.
- Your version of responsibility
looks a lot like selfish
to me.
- Selfish?
- Yes.
- Me? I?
- Okay guys, chill.
- You.
- I've been working my off
while you two run around
like a couple of juiced-up
frat boys.
- Working your a...
Are you...?
Get over yourself, Cleo.
- Can we get outta here?
- Is she insane?
- So, turns out Pirates of
the Baberian isn't a pirate.
He was that doctor.
- Wait, that was Pirates of
the Baberian?
- Hey, Lucy.
- He doesn't look
a pirate at all.
- I think you owe the
pirate community an apology.
- Oh, I owe a lot of people
an apology.
I shit myself in the tram.
- Wait, like actually
shit yourself?
- Yeah.
So that was chill.
Then I barfed and then I barfed
again on hot pirate-doctor.
- Maybe he didn't notice.
- He brought me a fresh
pair of pants.
I think I got his attention.
Are you serious?
- Hey, I don't know if
I can take
one of these parties sober.
- Well, I mean,
we're just going for
the free food.
Tomorrow night's the big night
with the awards screening
gala thing or whatever.
I think tonight should
be mellow.
- Shh. Don't say that.
You'll jinx It.
- True, actually.
Smash cut to you doing
body shots off pro skiers?
- Yes.
- No.
- What's up Cleo?
- Pete, you are actually
just the guy I wanna see.
How much purpose do you
think ski movies should have?
Be- because they can't be
but they also can't be
'Cause it's like, you
know, these metaphors,
like this lifecycle of water
and then shots of skiing.
Like I just, the connection
feels so over the top.
But then shredding and having
a good time's not enough.
So I don't know.
Oh, hey guys.
No? Okay.
- Club soda!
- It's not like 0011
but it's 1100.
- Hey.
You guys aren't professional
athletes, are you?
Well, thank God.
What do you guys do?
- Oh, we have a, a startup.
We're up here for the
weekend from the Valley.
Just the boys,
shredding the gnar.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Can we buy you a
beverage of your choice?
- Uh, not tonight, boys.
- Striking out.
Let's go back to the chalet.
- Chalet.
- Do what you gotta do.
I'm gonna be a while.
Decisions are hard for me.
- Somehow convince the
fucking park service
to let me go on the top of
Mount Rainier.
And I had this idea that
I was going
to paraglide down one
of the glaciers, but...
- Hey are, are you Chloe Brown?
Scott Gaffney. I'm the
guest judge this year.
Just wanted to introduce
myself to all the filmmakers.
- Oh, fuck.
You're the guest judge?
- Yes, I, I am.
So what's your film about?
I've heard a lot of really
cool concepts this year.
- Um.
Uh, women. Um...
- I'm sure it'll be great.
Good to meet you.
- Scotty, motherfucker.
- Hey, buddy.
- How are you, dude?
Good to see you.
- What's going on?
- You fucking savage. Come on.
You did.
- I know.
Can I buy you a drink?
- You buying me a drink?
Fucking A, let's do it.
Let's do it.
- The standard OGs.
What's up Paul?
- Gaffney, what are you having?
- Uh, Kolsch.
- Kolsch. Two Kolschs.
- Sweet. Thanks, man.
- Put 'em on his tab.
I'm just fucking with you.
No, put 'em on min.
- Okay.
You're almost a worst
cliche than I am.
- What cliche is that?
- Sad girl.
- Want some privacy?
- Um...
- Um, yes
or um, no?
- Are you just like
naturally insanely athletic
or do you like go to the gym
and work really hard
to achieve your goals?
Because it's a very important
- What do you mean? Skiing?
I dunno, I just ski.
- Annoying.
- Can I have a sip of that?
- Oh. No,
I need this whole thing.
- I had a nice time last night.
- You did?
- You okay?
- Yeah, I mean, I spent
the better part of the day
stressing about whether
or not my ideas are stupid
because some drunk pro
skier told me
that they were last night, so.
- What the fuck
do you care what I say?
- Because you're you.
- Come on.
- No pep talks.
- No, no pep talks.
- Interesting.
Well there's this something.
- What, you got your period?
I don't care.
- No, not that, but,
well good for you.
It's just that I've been
living in a van
and at this time we don't
really have
like a process around showering
or really basic hygiene
in any way.
And this rash cream
like exploded-
- You're so fucking hot.
- Am I? I mean,
that feels generous.
Oh God.
- And I've been in my
ski gear a lot and hiking
and it's been a lot of
chicken nuggets diet wise.
I just feel like I probably
don't smell
that good-
- Cleo.
Shut the fuck up.
- Okay. No problem.
- That's not you.
- Totally bro. It's Eileen Gu.
- Seriously though,
you can teach us?
- Want me to grab it?
- Grab what?
- Ooh, that's naughty.
- Okay. Stop, stop, stop.
I gotta go.
- No!
- Where's my shit?
- Come on.
No, let's just order some
room service for us, please.
It's the final day of Hot Lapse.
- Yeah, and we should
spend it in bed
eating shrimp cocktails
and having as much sex
as possible.
- Okay,
well I love that idea.
- Me too.
- Like a lot.
- Yeah.
- But...
- No but!
- Rain check.
- No, you're just gonna
leave right now?
- Well, that story about me
living in a van with two girls
wasn't like a honey trap to
tantalize you.
- Well it worked.
- I can really use that
prize money.
And by use I mean need.
So bye.
- What?
- That face you made
when I mentioned winning.
- W- what?
- You don't think I can?
- That's not what I...
- It isn't?
- N- no, it's just, it's just,
it's a really hard
contest to win.
- Wow.
- Cleo.
- Unbelievable, oh! Fuck.
- Ready?
- Oh, man.
- Epic.
- Great.
- Epic.
- It's gonna be a beauty
day up there boys.
Yeah. Shoot.
Sorry, dog.
Okay boys, let's go.
- Yes.
- Go for Tina.
- Tina. Fuck, where are you?
Needed you here like 15
minutes ago.
- Yeah,
I'm an hour east of Reno.
- What? Why?
I'm at a craft beer expedition
with our new best bartender
friend, Jill?
Actually, I made that up.
I don't know her name.
She's in the bathroom.
But don't worry,
you got this girl.
- No I don't.
You fucking hung up on
You know what? I don't need
skiers to make a ski movie.
I'll just film you idiots
flirting with boys.
Give the people what they want.
- Yeah,
I mean he is coming back.
I can see some of the
old athlete in there,
but he's got some
and some hesitation.
- Whoa!
- Who was that?
- Huh? I don't know.
Just a nobody.
C'mon. Let's hit it.
- All right.
- Oh, sorry.
Who do I give this to?
Team Afterparty.
It's one word.
- Uh, you were looking a
little sluggish this morning.
I was worried about you.
- Were you?
- Uh-huh.
- Sounds awful.
- You know, I can't wait
to see your little movie.
Who knows.
Maybe you're the next me.
- Ugh. I can only dream
of having a fan base
of tasteless middle-aged men
while I direct women how to play
non-threatening housewife
in detergent commercials.
- All right, well let me know
when anybody offers you
$5 to direct anything.
- Five bucks.
Is that all you're making?
You should charge more, Dane.
Know your worth.
- You're here?!
- Hey, glad you made it.
This party's sick.
- So is finishing Hot Lapse
all by myself.
- What?
- I thought you'd at least
check in when you got back.
- The party was already on.
- Do you even give a shit
that our film was due 20
minutes ago?
- Yeah. Did we get it in?
- I got it in.
- Yeah, baby!
- What the hell?
- Lucy's here too?
- Chill.
We're just having a good time.
- While I hustle my ass off
trying to win this stupid
so we're not fucking homeless
next week.
- Why are you being like this?
- I don't know, Tina.
How should I be when my
two best friends bail on me
on the most important
weekend of my life?
- Bail on you?
If it weren't for me,
you wouldn't even be in
this thing.
- Because you inspired me to
apply or...?
- Just forget it.
- Because you pulled
some strings?
- It was a string, but yes,
I pulled it.
Well, what did you expect?
That you'd magically get in
without actually applying?
I followed up Cleo.
As one does actually
want something in life.
You fucking lied.
- Fuck off, man.
- She's not answering any
of my texts.
- It's Cleo. She'll be fine.
- I went a little hard.
- She's just having a midlife,
but not like the fun kind.
- What's up, Palisades Tahoe?
Welcome to Hot Lapse.
I am Donovan Banks.
So we have a crazy
lineup of films tonight,
you guys should be stoked.
Hold on, hold on.
I say we crank this
party up a notch, yeah?
- Tommy, we doing Antarctica
this year or what?
- You bet we are.
- Yeah.
- You got them first big
premier jitters, huh?
Well, there's nothing like it.
Hands down, it's either the best
or worst night of your life.
- A local legend himself,
Scott Gaffney.
- Three-minute warning for
Warren Miller.
- Uh-oh. Heavy hitters are up.
you gonna say hi or what?
We used to date a lot of
the same women.
- Sherpa Cinema. Two minutes.
- Thank you.
- Still just
stoked that I was all good
and could shred another line
the next day.
- Kind of imagine it being like,
you know,
like fucking
Russel Crow "Gladiator."
Like that killer instinct.
You know what I'm saying?
- Without further ado,
let's bring out a director
we all know and love
back after a three-year
hiatus from Hot Lapse.
- You know its all
bullshit, right?
- You're up. Let's go.
- Dane Blake.
- Uh, look.
Hey, seriously, if you bomb,
it's totally cool because
nobody knows who you are.
Good luck.
All right.
- Yeah.
It is great to have you back
from LA dude.
- Oh, well,
it's great to be back, bro.
Just wanna say it's so,
it means so much and
it's so sick
to see all this new talent.
You know, just like, feel
the stoke, good vibes only.
And I gotta say something else,
all right.
LA has got nothing on the
realists of this town.
- Oh, yeah.
- Screw LA!
- So tell us about your
film, man.
- My piece tonight is about
My boy Gabe, y'all might
know him.
Where is he? Where he at?
Oh, there is.
Give it up for Gabe. Come on.
One of the most beautiful
human beings
I've ever met in my life.
And, um, my boy Gabe, has
had a rough couple years.
We wanted to explore
pain and joy,
darkness and, and light,
death and rebirth.
And I'll tell you
something that, you know,
these are, these are concepts
that a lot of athletes out there
that they're too afraid,
they don't have the, the depth
to explore these kind of things.
But not Gabe 'cause Gabe
is like, um,
he's just Gabe.
I'll stop talking.
Love you, bro.
- Ladies and gentlemen from
the living legends themselves
with their,
with their offering tonight,
simply titled "Gabe."
- Oh my God.
- Jesus fucking Christ.
- Shh.
- Cleo Brown. Two minutes.
- Boo! Boo.
- That, that was brilliant.
- Sometimes the truth
has to cost.
- Mm. Mm-hmm.
- Thanks.
- Oh, one more time for
Dane, guys.
Oh, shit.
Okay, moving on to our final
contestants of the evening.
Really, you could call
on the underdogs it-
- Team Afterparty.
- Oh, oh man, um.
I'm sorry folks.
It looks like Afterparty is a scratch.
- Boo!
- I know, I know.
Uh, maybe a little too
much pre-party, huh?
- I hate that I'm here.
- Come on. Inside.
- Like what was I thinking?
- Grilled cheese for breakfast?
- Breakfast was pancakes. This
is a late afternoon snack.
- Blueberry?
You're kicking me out,
aren't you?
- Your crew dropped off
the van this morning.
- They did?
- Astonishingly clean.
- Weird. I wonder who they paid.
Do they hate me?
- First question I asked.
- Shut up, Ross.
I'm vulnerable right now.
- They found a house.
- Yeah, right.
- That's what they said.
- In one morning, without
me? That's impossible.
- Here, I'll take you there.
- 'Kay, but wait.
Can we share custody of Buster?
- No.
- But he loves me.
- No.
- Buster,
do you wanna live with me?
- Stop. Don't answer that.
- Thank you.
For everything.
- Hey!
- Hey. What's going on here?
- Savage, right?
There's an ice luge party
at staff accomm tonight.
- Cool.
- Go on in. Check the place out.
- You have a problem dude.
- How baller is this place, huh?
- So we live here now?
- Yeah. Did Lucy tell you?
She went cat skiing with
these tech guys
and taught them how to 360
and now we're staying in
their winter rental till May.
- That's-
- Amazing, right?
They're only here every
other weekend.
- And we're like
their harem?
- They're actually really nice
and super fun to party with.
Like all top-shelf liquor.
- Oh. Just what I need.
- You're gonna love them.
Especially Kyle.
He's totally your type.
Kind of fem.
- Is that my type?
- Mm.
Oh hey. Sorry about last
night and everything.
You doing okay?
- Uh, I mean-
- Oh my gosh.
So hot.
Wait, is that mine?
- Can I get the ass cheeks out?
Is it too much?
- No such thing.
Do it, okay, I'm gonna help you.
Wait for me.
- Hey! Get the fuck on stage.
I'm getting crushed up there.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah. I'm coming.
- Oh, hey Cleo!
- Hey!
Oh my God.
There's actually people here.
My mouth is so dry.
Um, welcome to Vidiots.
Where on Wednesdays we
watch amateur ski movies
made by normies like us.
I'm your host, Cleo
Brown, aka Vidiots girl.
You know, I gotta say,
when I first moved to town,
I was like,
"This place is amazing.
You never have to grow up."
Now, decade later I'm like,
"Why are my roommates 22?
Why do I still have roommates?"
But that's ski towns.
Full of people like me.
Stuck but always moving
across town.
I've, I've had a, a big
few days and key takeaway,
it's not the town that's
holding me back, it's me.
I need to change.
Yeah, no, don't worry,
you guys don't have to
I know you hate that.
I made a thing for Hot
Lapse that I didn't show
because turns out I have
crazy self-limiting beliefs
and am a giant pussy.
But also kind of,
fuck them you know?
This, this movie was always
for you guys.
And yes, it took an absolute
meltdown in the green room
in front of who I thought
were my heroes
to realize that actually,
you all are.
So I give you "The Nobodies."
This is awful.
What's up? I'm Cleo
Brown and I am a nobody.
Trust me.
Just ask anybody that's
a somebody.
Watch this.
Hey Daron. Hi.
- Yeah?
- Can you be in my
Hot Lapse movie?
- Who are you?
- Sorry. Do I know you?
- What kinda camera is that?
- Oh, sorry.
- I don't even know if
I know you.
- I got like,
I got a thing actually.
- I've got a plumber coming
over later.
- Uh, I gotta pee.
- I said no.
- Well...
- Who me?
Yeah. I'm a nobody.
- I'm Marty and I'm a nobody.
- My name is Pete and
I'm a nobody.
- My name is Betty and
thank God I'm a nobody.
Well actually it depends
on who you talk to.
I am kind of a legend in
some parts.
- Unless you ask the guys
at the Wednesday races,
then you better watch out
because that's where I've
taken this
for the last three years.
- Oh, I'm definitely a nobody.
That's the only way to
actually go skiing.
I hear if you're a pro,
you just stand around.
- I thought about going pro,
but somebody's gotta park
the cars around here.
- My name's Krista.
I work in marketing here.
I mean,
every time I'm out there,
it's another "pinch me" moment.
- Dude, I ended up
breaking my fib.
Cost me my whole season.
I'm not a nobody though.
- Hey, Jerry.
Ready to get your kicked today?
My brother,
he moved to Kansas City.
I don't know if I could do
that city life.
He doesn't much like plowing
and thinks I'm crazy to do it,
but takes care of the family.
I'm good with that.
Take that, bitches!
- Any kind of part-time job
you can think of, I've done.
Especially if it's something
that works in the evening,
because then I can free
up my days to go skiing.
- I can clear a parking
lot with this thing
in like two hours.
- So I've been a dog walker,
I've been a ski nanny.
I've been a bartender.
- You know, as much
as it hurt to fall on my ass,
skiing is my favorite
thing to do.
- Depending on how nice you are,
you have one to three chances
to date in a ski town.
It's just so small.
After that,
you're single for life.
- Pete,
you almost hit the tree.
- The tree almost hit me.
- Despite all
the changes,
what doesn't change is
the people,
the community spirit and
the adventure.
That will always hold us
all together.
- Wow.
- Yeah, had to get an extreme.
- Go fast, eat ass.
I moved here for the babes.
I'm not getting any babes.
So now I'm here for the snow,
I guess.
For the friendships.
- I lived in big cities
and I felt so alone,
but here I totally fit right in.
- I wish I'd have been
able to grow up here,
but you know what?
I sure am glad my kids could.
- I think that's what's
between like a city versus
the mountain.
Everybody knows everybody.
Three generations of
families growing up together.
- A big part of being in
the, in this community is,
you know, giving back.
I give everything, you
know, I give it my all.
I help the kids with coaching
or you know, shoveling,
clearing people's driveways.
- Has anyone been
helping you
shovel while you've been hurt?
- No. I, I think everyone's
just been really busy.
- These are the unsung
heroes of every ski town.
They're passionate about
the mountains,
but they're even more passionate
about their community.
Well, if this is being a nobody,
then that's just fine with me.
- Bar. Bar down.
What a beautiful day.
Chilly though.
You from here?
- I have lived here for the
better part of a decade, yes.
- Huh, what a great
place to live.
I- I'm actually from the city.
I always wonder what it
would be like
if I had stayed in a ski town.
- Well, I'll let you
know in about 30 years.
- Well, funny.
So what do you do for work here?
- I'm a filmmaker.
- Really? Anything I would've
- Nope.
- Do you live here too?
- Me?
I'm just here checking
out the local talent.
- Wow.
- Okay. Okay.
You're still mad.
- Yep.
- Do you two know each other?
- Uh, yeah, you could say that.
- Could we please have this
conversation up at the top?
- Would an "I'm sorry"
text have killed you?
- I was so stupid
that I figured that you
would want some space.
- Yeah, like a little.
- And I thought I was
gonna be able
to apologize properly at
Hot Lapse.
- Well, I decided to
self-sabotage instead. So.
- I heard and I wanted to call
and I, I would've called or
texted, but we're trash people.
We didn't even exchange numbers.
- Well, you know my name,
I hope.
- Come on.
- You ever heard of a DM?
- What, like social media?
Like, like my-
my PR team handles all that.
- Oh, gross.
- Or they did, anyway.
I, no, I fired them.
I fired everyone, actually.
- Like, everyone, everyone?
- Yeah.
- Seems kind of rash.
- Yeah, I don't know, it,
feels pretty great.
- So you just came skiing
hoping for a rom-com miracle?
- Yeah.
But after I found the van that
you're no longer living in
and after I had a beer with
Ross, who's such a gem,
what a solid guy.
And then I, I discovered
your, your Vidiots girl,
but it was the day after
your premiere
and, and I checked out that
real dump of a housing option.
Good thing you're not
staying there.
And then I was just trudging
uphill in the snow both ways.
Just searching for you.
After the carrier pigeons.
- Come on.
- Stop, don't fall for this.
- Please? Please fall for it.
In my head I imagine that
going much differently.
- Yeah, me too.
Not that I was thinking about
or anything.
- No, no, no, no. Not you, no.
- So this is it, huh?
Just a couple of unemployed
ski bums.
Ski enthusiasts.
- Yeah. You can't say
that anymore.
- Recreationalists.
- But yeah.
I love it.
Where we going?
- You're asking me?
- I missed you.
- Yeah, Vidiots girl.
Get her done, woo!
- We going skiing?
- Yeah.
Come on.
Oh, you sandbagging son
of a bitch.