Weaverfish (2013) Movie Script

Primary school class 2004
That was the last time
we were there.
Probably one of the last
times we were all together.
I had no interest
in going back.
They shut the place down after
Will Carter went missing.
Nine years old.
He was in the year below so I
only knew him by face.
But that was pretty much
the end of trips
to Fountainhead Creek
as I knew it.
It was no place for kids.
After that summer we all went
off to secondary school.
At the time, I remember, it
seemed like a big deal.
But after a while, life
just happened
and we never looked back.
We grew up.
We changed.
D'you know that when
stags compete y'know when they
fight each other at the start of
mating season that the winning
stag naturally releases a
surge of testosterone?
Yep. Then he get's to mate
with all the ladies-
that's the prize.
Loser gets nothing.
What's this got to do
with anything?
I think the first
time I fell in love
with Charlotte Menary
I was seven years old.
She kissed me on the cheek
during break time
after I helped pick
up the remains
of her broken pencil case.
She probably won't
remember that.
But me - being the kind of tit I
am - I never forgot.
Charlotte has been seeing
my best friend Matt
for nearly a year.
He's a cool guy -
but also kind of a prick.
He'll never know how
lucky he is.
Mmm, smells good Angie!
Oh, timing! Leg
or breast Matt?
Ooh, tough choice!
And this is me.
Most of me is locked inside.
At least that's how I feel.
Aww, come on, get your stuff
Char and Abby are already
at the jetty!
So it's happening now?
Yeah- why is it so
fucking dark?
Oh, I was developing
but they weren't --
Oops! Sorry.
It's fine.
Well where's your bag then?
Listen, Matt - I'm
not really feeling it anymore.
What? Why?
Aww, come on Reece, you gotta
come to this one!
Where we going then?
The fucking Fountainhead!
Fountainhead Creek?
Yeah! Mike found a way in!
He won't even remember me.
Course he will!
And the girls wanna
see you too!
I'm talking about Joe
fucking Richardson!
Err - we were ten!
You'll remember when
you see her!
Her and her friend
hang out with Mike and the band
and from what I hear
they're sluts!
Sometimes with Matt
it's easier to just give
in and say yes.
That's how he gets
what he wants.
Aww, he's wearing that shirt you
bought him.
still a bit - with me.
Remember what I told
you about women?
Tell me I'm right.
It's Mike! What's going on with
my hair?
'Au naturel'!
- Shit, shit!
All aboard ladies!
Believe it or not I
have no vivid memory of Mike
Even the most unforgettable
people are forgettable.
I wonder what that makes me?
Here, come on!
You don't believe me?
Ooh, nearly
Hey! Not fair!
You went Lakes with Matt
didn't ya?
You're still friends?
That's so sweet!
Reece, if I were you mate
I'd watch out for this one.
Don't act like you
know the boy!
I know Shannon!
You know Sh--?
Shannon Buckmaster?
SHA-nnon! Yeah.
If I were you Reece, I'd
look out for her.
Too late, Gav's fucked her!
Mate come on, that's his sister!
Oh shit.
Sorry mate, I didn't mean that.
She is seventeen Mike.
Ho ho ho! Even worse!
Shannon you dirty little bitch!
Just you wait 'til big
bro gets home-
He ain't gonna be happy you've
been out and about
getting it out!
Reece, I wouldn't worry
what it is, right
it's 'cos girls like Shannon
feel comfortable around
guys like Gav
'cos he has the outer appearance
of a caring homosexual.
Thing is, me and Gav
exude an-
aura of sensitivity.
and then when girls come to us
we're like - BANG,
fucking Rambo!
Ha ha ha!
The perimeter fence
was something we'd grown to
accept in our small town.
Like the way you
accept roadworks
or a construction site.
Lend us a hand someone.
Oh my God!
We should-- just about!
Good, 'cause I'm
not swimming in that!
You won't have to!
For Mike -
the fence symbolised everything
had been denied at
Fountainhead Creek.
Getting to the other side
was unthinkable.
It's piss! Come on.
It was an escape.
Just tease this slightly.
Now I know you're good
at teasing!
It's gone high
tide Mike.
I know!
So when I shout go
I need you to start easing
the boat through.
Might wanna hold on
to your bag!
Off you go Jo!
I'm so sorry.
I'm shit at driving.
Ha ha, take your shirt off!
That's better!
That's it Newbury!
Places like
the Fountainhead
always seemed so big
and exciting
when you're a kid.
And that was what we all
grew up treasuring.
Me, Matt, Charlotte -
You guys need a hand?
Oh yeah?!
No one saw any
danger in it.
We need a word.
Just -
What was that about
between you and Jo on the boat?
What, arm wrestling?
You let her take your shirt off
right in front of Charlie!
I mean, what the fuck!
Well she fucking ripped it!
That's a bullshit excuse!
How is that an excuse?!
'Cos it is!
If someone ripped my skirt
I wouldn't let them take it off!
Why the fuck not!
How are y--
I just wanted to say,
Listen -
just be careful, OK?
I am being careful.
Well, not just careful- caring.
Just - think about what
you're doing
and how it might look to
everyone else.
Oh like you do basically?
Matty boy!
Are you ditching me?
Sorry to steal him away!
Can I come?
It's muscles I need, Abby-
not a pretty face!
I guess he's just, like -
really passionate about
his music
it's nice-
I knew you liked him!
No! It's just -
most guys don't know what
they want out of life
at least he's ambitious!
I've got wood!
You know that joke's getting
really old now?
I was being serious that time.
Then I can safely say that
I've got wood too!
That's weird.
Might work for some though!
Does that mean that, er-
you wear the trousers then?
Oh Charlie's definitely
a trouser-wearer.
I love a woman with power!
There's some.
Eww, I'm not touching that.
What even is it?
Look, he didn't go with
them actually!
Ooh, you might wanna
watch out Reece!
Two of us -
One of you!
In case you didn't notice
I stopped laughing at
you ten minutes ago.
Sorry, which one of you
has the boyfriend?
Let's go, my feet hurt.
Sorry, I genuinely am
not aware of this -
who has the boyfriend?
It's not Reece is it?
it's Matt, give Reece a break.
Fuck, I'm getting it
from all angles today.
I'm not even gonna comment.
Oh God, what now?
Hey hey!
Come come par-tay!
Come on Gav!
Woo Hoo!
Come on Gavin.
Come on Newbury!
Oh fuck.
My little sister Shannon was
always an angel.
Until she hit seventeen.
That's when it all changed.
It's like she was in a rush to
experience life to its fullest.
To have fun.
Like time was running out.
Oh my Gawwd.
What are you doing?
You can't just turn up, tonight
has nothing to do with you!
Matt invited me.
Matt did?
Oh fuck.
What? What don't say fuck?
Do I go around turning
up to your parties?
To be honest, I'm surprised
to even see you here.
Because you're hardly a
fucking socialite!
Do you like someone?
Hardly a socialite? At least
I have my own friends.
These guys are my friends.
Err- no they're not,
they're mine!
Matt's your friend.
I went to school with these
I hang out with them.
They only hang out with you
because they wanna fuck you!
Gavin's obsessed with you!
You think I'd shag Gavin?
I dunno.
Mike seemed to think you
already have.
Mike talks shit, everyone
knows that.
Do they?
What is wrong with you?
Me?! I'm not the one hunting
for a new social life
now that I'm cool
and not wearing 'Little
Mermaid' lip gloss!
Studying fashion
opened my eyes-
It has nothing to do
with socialising!
Err-- opened your eyes to what?
Why don't you open your
eyes Reece?
Stop seeing life through
your fucking Polaroid?
It's not a Polaroid.
Whatever it is
it keeps you locked in
a dark room.
Either get out of it, or
fuck back off there!
I don't need a dark room
for a digital.
You need to come up with
a better... metaphor.
Eagle Eye records?
Why Eagle Eye?
Well, Eagle was my father's
maiden name.
Your surname?
Mike Eagle.
Is that your real name?
well it used to be Rocket, but -
I thought it sounded a
bit too - egotistical.
Beer boys?
You're pissed at me aren't you?
Hey, come on, you wanna
see something funny?
Come here.
These two -
These two are absolutely -
It's fine -
he doesn't like us Matt.
Oh no, it's not that.
He's just in a bit of a
strop with me.
What did you do?
Well I may have just
fuelled some-
sibling rivalry.
Oh come on Reece!
You need to enjoy yourself.
Have a drink!
I noticed
that you don't have a drink.
Menary! Shit, that's it.
You are...
So, how's life treating you?
Sorry Chris, one sec.
Hey, you alright?
Why you avoiding me?
I thought you wanted
some space?
Well I'm in a no win situation
here aren't I?
I said I was sorry and -
that didn't quite seem to
be good enough.
So you avoid me?
If I'm honest -
I thought if I stopped
coming to you -
you would come to me.
What's that supposed to mean?
Well you're kind of needy.
I'm needy?
Well yeah, but that's
a good thing
because now we can
work it out -
I'm not here to resolve
Well, then what?
Can't you see I'm waiting?
For what?
For a meaningful
apology - a hug -
anything to show you
actually care!
Jesus Charlie! I don't just say
I'm sorry for the hell of it!
I know I might seem like a
safe girlfriend to you -
Like someone who's always gonna
be there regardless.
But believe me, right now you
need to earn that back!
But you keep fucking off
all the time -
- and it's starting to
take the piss.
No one needs that much
attention Matt.
No one normal -
Why the fuck do you need it?
Ok, on the boat that was
an arm wrestle -
I'm not even referring to that.
Then what?
That girls like me?
I can't help that!
That's modest of you Matt.
Well it's true!
Then why are you with me?
I don't -
cos you're not like the
other girls.
When I'm with you, I
have to work harder.
That's reassuring.
Look -
I'm sorry.
I was fucking stupid!
I didn't mean any of it.
You know -
I hate this.
I just want things to go
back to the way they were.
I only go to other people -
to just distract my mind.
Your fucking weird mind.
My fucking weird mind.
Sort it out Matt.
What's up?
Right, one sec.
So how did you rediscover
this place?
Like how did you know
we could get in?
Ahh -
Interesting story.
Friend of mine-- Dan.
Well, I say friend but
he might be
a little fucked off
with me now -
Anyway - He does this thing
where he, like -
breaks into places and -
photographs old derelict
buildings and stuff.
Urb-exing they call it.
Kinda bizarre hobby but
that's modern art for you.
So full of anger
and destruction -
- fuck the government!
Anyway - Fountainhead's been
on his list for ages -
because of the old oil plant.
He wanted to be the first one to get
in there - just to prove a point!
And that's art?
Well what else?
I get what you're saying but -
surely the artistic merit
is supposed to be in -
exposing a world shut
off from society.
This is why we're here.
Not to fuck the government?
Well yeah, that.
And also 'cause we're--
reclaiming old territory!
This place was ours and
they fucking took it!
- Hey.
- Ahh!
Mind if I join you
Shannon, we were just
talking about you.
Yeah --
We like youre flower.
Gives you that seemingly -
innocent appearance -
that a nun might have.
Or an angel.
You're making me
self-concious now.
But yeah, why fucking close
it all this time?
I guess the council have
to be cautious?
But that's like saying we
can't think for ourselves.
See Shannon here, is
a human being -
very much in control
of herself.
But she's grown up -
over-protected by a society
that want her to live
this sheltered life.
But in reality -
throw a little life experience
her way -
allow her to live a little -
and bang!
She's capable of making
her own decisions.
She probably wouldn't even
fucking be here!
Oh my God, I know
what you mean.
Maybe you guys should find
your own artistic way
of expressing yourselves.
But this is it! Now!
This party is our expression!
Put me down, put me down!
Stop being so funny, get off!
Put me down!
Come on Shannon!
Fancy sticking your finger
up the council's arse?
I bet I look good in that one.
Do you not wanna go in?
I can't.
You're not scared of the
water too are you?
How about you?
Did you not want to get
your camera wet?
Yeah, not really waterproof.
I got one of those disposable
ones when I was in Australia.
You know the ones you can
take underwater?
It was pretty good.
Took it when we went
scuba diving and stuff.
The photo's of the
fish were amazing
all the different colours
and everything.
It's the only photography that
I've ever really done
that I've been -
passionate about.
I can see the appeal.
It's nice to look back
at them photos.
Yeah I bet.
You must have loads?
Yeah, too many.
I normally shoot on
a film camera--
recently been trying to
develop them myself.
It's fun, but, you know,
like you said -
the fun's really being able
to look back at them.
You know, like memories
and stuff.
So did you never go
diving here?
No actually. You?
It would have been nice
to see the fish.
I wonder what you'd see
in there now.
Sad about that little
kid wasn't it?
Did you know him?
I never understood how anyone
could get lost out there.
You looking forward to it?
I dunno--
it's all happening so fast.
Trust me--
I'd love to do university
if I could.
I wouldn't have had you
down for that!
Come on Abby? You not
sensing my erm--
intellect here?
Nah, I'm too intense for uni.
Ah, that you definitely are.
Urgh -
Can you--
can you smell fish?
Guys, what the fuck is
that smell?
That's disgusting!
I'm getting out!
Oh my god, what is this?
Have you not her warble?
Shut up!
So you sing...?
What, like Beethoven?
I sing songs with lyrics.
The funny thing
about people
is how easily they transform
through expectation.
When you take pictures,
you notice.
You can look back at your
friends -
and remember how cool they were
before they got contaminated.
But that's nature.
You cheered up now?
What the fuck are you wearing?
Does it look big on me?
Isn't big but it's a style.
Whose is it?
Thought so.
Well I feel metrosexual.
Oh really?
Well he gets girls though.
You should go for Kayleigh.
Well the girls like you, they
just don't think you like them.
Well I don't, not in that way.
Look, you're too fussy.
People are interested.
Maybe, but, they're
interests aren't--
Stop worrying, you worry
too much mate.
Look, you need something
a bit harder than that.
Come on, you're about as
tight as your mum's vag.
Do you remember that
old bus driver we had?
The really creepy guy?
Hang on -
when was the last time we
caught the bus?
I know.
Seems ages.
And you had your
idiot friends!
Who you always
took the piss out of.
And we used to
throw gum in their hair -
when they sat in front.
Yeah that's right.
Oh my God, look.
Shit - wait!
Charlotte's in there!
Reece Buckmaster!
You know what that
sounds like?
Yeah, yeah. You don't
need to say.
I can't stop until you shout.
No. Ow!
can - can I ask you a
personal question?
You can be totally honest
with me.
Do you -
- kind of -
- fancy Charlotte?
What? No!
That's Matt's girlfriend!
Why would that matter?
But, that would be
really fucked up -
Imagine the complications.
It wouldn't stop him if it
was the other way round.
Come with me a minute.
Help me find some dock leaves.
Why what for?
My legs are stinging.
That'll help won't it?
Yeah, it should help. Come on.
But since he's such
a 'man whore'-
have you ever tried
sleeping with him?
Who Matt?
Guys have a lot to offer
you know?
More than girls -
and when they're done
they just -
move on.
Girls are just so -
so damn bitchy.
Oww that's too hard.
How do you know?
Fuck you.
Ooh! Fuck you!
Did you want me to kiss
it better?
Yeah, you're shit with
your hands.
Ooh hostile!
Do you want to know a secret?
What's that?
OK -
you have to promise you
can't tell Reece this.
When I was little -
you were like -
my first crush.
Ladies and gentlemen!
I'm delighted to announce that
I have a very special treat
for you all this evening.
No, I'm not gonna take
my clothes off-
Nothing that special.
You're about to be treated
to some top quality tunes-
Hey, where did you go?
Abby's gonna sing. Come watch.
Allow me to introduce
to you beautiful people-
the lovely-
OK, one sec.
Have you seen my sister?
Which one's your sister?
Kayleigh wants a kiss!
Right, OK, help me first.
I think she went in the
woods with Matt.
A wave
of emotion
weave through my mind
Feeling better?
If there's anything I
might learn
from going back it's that change
is inevitable.
Watching the virus
of exectation-
slowly spread and poison
those around you.
It's so ridiculous it's
almost entertaining.
A wave
of emotion
through my mind
A wave
of emotion
through my mind
Thank you Ladies
and Gentlemen-
Do you have anything
to say Abby?
Thank you for all your support
and goodnight!
There you are.
Thank you ladies
and gentlemen-
Signs of a true star in the
making! Short and sweet.
Other people's ignorance is OK.
Until it becomes personal.
Then you realise there's
something wrong.
Either with you,
or with them.
When you start to notice
cracks like that,
they become increasingly
hard to ignore.
You can try your best
to cover them up-
but in reality they
still exist.
There's no mending it.
Who was that?
What's up? She OK?
She keeps making these
really weird noises-
and she's been throwing
up for ages-
and then she screamed and
now she's not moving.
Jo, are you OK?
Oh my God, what's the
matter with you babe?
Has she taken anything?
Paracetamol, but -
she just keeps throwing it up!
No I mean last night,
what did she take?
Nothing unusual.
She needs to get home.
Where's Mike?
Are you awake?
Shh, Charlie.
God -
You look dreadful Abby.
I'm fucked.
Is Mike in there?
It's one of the
girls - Kayleigh, Jo,
one of them - got themselves
into a right old state.
So you two didn't...?
When did you start feeling
like this?
He's not coming, he's fucked.
But it's his responsibility!
He said ask Gav.
Shan, we're heading off -
I need your help packing!
I thought you weren't
feeling well?
I'm not.
It's fine Charlie,
I'll wash it.
Don't be silly!
You need to rest.
What are you gonna
do with it?
Rinse it in the river?
The river's dirty
Charlie, just -
leave it, don't worry.
Do you need a hand?
Er, no.
We'll meet you down
at the beach.
Yeah OK.
It's fine, I can wait.
See you in a bit.
Where the fuck is she?
She said she was getting help!
What the fuck??
Let's go.
Let's go!
Half a pill -
that's all I had, plus
a few drinks!
I believe you.
So why you walking off?
Because I'm concerned!
Chill out, they're just
fucking lightweights!
Shut up!
Seriously what the fuck!
They've fucking gone
without us
the fucking pricks!
It's alright, they'll
come back.
I know! But I sorted that out
and Abby should be on there!
Charlie, it's alright
You tried.
They've gone without us Reece.
We have to wait.
It's just a come down.
I feel like shit.
It could be food poisoning.
Because if Gav had it too?
What did everyone eat?
I didn't eat yesterday.
- You didn't eat yesterday?
- No I'm on a diet.
Well you still have to eat
if you're on a diet.
I thought they had stuff
for the squits?
That stuff's lethal.
He's probably trying to call.
Yeah helpful right now.
You didn't drink anything milky
y'know, like White Russians?
Two beers.
We got any left?
Can we check the dates?
They were bought yesterday.
Look I'm only trying to help!
Well I feel like I'm on trial!
You're the one that
brought everything!
Like the pills.
Oh for fuck's - We
all brought shit!
Why does it seem like such a
ridiculous suggestion to you?
I mean I'm not having a go but
it does make perfect sense.
'Cos - Charlotte's fine-
Matt's fine-
Reece is fine.
Well Reece obviously didn't
take his-
I did.
I was there Abby.
Well maybe only some of
them were bad!
Slim chance.
Well did anyone not take one?
I can remember the way
out inland.
What the bike route?
But it could be a bit tricky.
Compared to sailing
under a fence?
Well I'm pretty sure it's
all blocked off.
Well, if we can get near a
road- we might be able to
get some signal- at least
then we can find out where
they went?
Yeah, tell Gav he's a -
Hang on, what we talking
about here?
Aiming towards the oil plant.
What that place?
It's our only option.
Are you fucking kidding me?
We have to fucking walk?
Well how far is it?
About a mile.
Well are there any footpaths?
What for all the people that
come down here?
I assume there's some
a bit closer.
Well what about once
we get there?
There's a road. Someone could
pick us up right?
So we just leave
It's not gonna get stolen.
I swear to God, if it rains
and my kit gets fucked-
I'll rip his fucking head off-
and shit down his neck!
Alright, let me get
my bag!
Did anyone bring water?
Maybe Abby.
Abby is this yours?
There should be
a new one in there somewhere.
Which way?
We need to head that way.
How do you know?
Well, the sun's west so...
Not really.
I just need five minutes.
You guys go. We'll catch up.
We don't know where to go.
Well Mike knows.
We'll stay, it's fine Charlotte.
This is gonna be
a long trip.
You should go see her.
Don't come over here!
I'm just here.
What's up Abby?
Come here.
Don't cry.
Oh, Abby.
Abby what's up?
What's the matter?
I've got something wrong
with me.
What the fuck are they doing?
I don't know, probably-
chatting. Doing their make up-
shaving their fannies!
Did you take anything
last night?
Before you make
any assumptions-
Let's just get her water.
It really hurts.
What do you think it is?
What the fuck?
Not a good time Matt!
Ooh. Yeah, I can see that!
How long have you had it?
I don't know -
it's been hurting a while
but I only just looked.
What so it was hurting before?
Kind of. It was -
it was stinging in the night.
Well, do you think something
bit you?
Well, I thought about it -
but I'm sure I'd notice
something like that.
You know, it's like it came
out of nowhere!
I couldn't get near, they
were all like -
touching each other!
But I got it.
What the fuck's your problem?
How you feeling?
You need a drink?
Cigarette's fine.
You OK?
We can go over there?
Do you wanna...?
How bad is it?
It's not too bad.
It probably looks worse
than it is.
Oh my God!
Oh God, what is that?
You have an infection.
Shit it looks bad.
Don't panic.
When did it start?
Last night?
Like at what point?
I can smell that smell again.
What is it?
Oh right, you weren't there.
When we were in the water
it fucking reeked.
How comes you didn't go in?
Hate water.
I never would've imagined that.
Just creeps me out a
little bit.
Man up, you're a
Does it hurt?
Right OK.
Right, look at me Shannon.
Shannon -
I'm gonna clean it for you.
It might sting a little bit.
What the fuck was that?!
What did you do?
What did you--
Charlotte, what the fuck?
Charlotte that's not normal!
We need to get to a hospital
now Mike.
Is Shannon...?
What's going on?
I think there's something -
alive, under Shannon's skin.
Like what?
I don't know.
Mike -
have you not noticed anything
weird with you?
It's not quite right is it?
What the fishy smell?
No, I was talking
about your, erm -
Can we just fucking get
away from this shit!
Yeah I literally can't
take it anymore.
Matt, I wouldn't touch those!
They're probably meant to
be stored somewhere.
This is actually really bad.
This place is such a shit hole!
Have you even seen any fish
since we got here?
I don't know.
Seems like -
detergents or something.
Do you think this stuff
gets used?
What would they use it for?
Oh, dispersants. That's the
word I was looking for.
Used to, erm -
break down unwanted compounds
like an oil spill or something.
Do you reckon there
was a spill?
If there was ever a spill
in Huxley Wells
we'd hear about it!
Would we though?
The oil plant just
beyond Fountainhead Creek
was shut down not long after
Will Carter's disappearance.
I remember my parents
knowing a guy
who worked there at the time.
He told us once that a spill
would take years to clean up.
That it would impregnate
the beaches.
Charlie I'm scared.
Do you think it could be
anything to do with that-
shit in the barrel?
Do you think they could
be harmful?
I don't know, I just don't
want to end up with my -
fucking skin all messed up.
She's done.
Let's get going.
She's choking!
Water, someone!
Where? Where is it?
In her bag!
Look Abby.
You're alright!
I'm scared!
It's OK Abby.
Look at me!
Look at what it's doing to me...
So I was right then?
What that this was all
my fault?
You have it too.
Good observation.
How much does it actually hurt?
Aghh - Like a fucking-
John Hurt chest burster.
Thank you very much.
We need to keep moving.
I know.
Just give them five
more minutes.
Are you scared?
They're relaxed now.
You did a good job.
What did Shan say when
you asked her?
She thinks it was the slime.
From the water?
Everyone who went in
there's sick.
Do you think it's from
the barrels.
That's what Abby reckons-
but you never know with her
if she's over reacting.
But Shan was covered in it.
I got one!
Fish puns in films.
What the fuck?
Like, film titles -
but with fish in them.
'Plankton menace'.
Oh I, I get it!
Like, like-
Star Wars...
But, with -
Let me think of one.
OK, I'm thinking...
I'm thinking.
'Anemone of the State'.
Hey, hey!
That was my go!
Matt's gone quiet.
It's so weird with him -
I can't see it getting
any better.
You won't tell him
that will you?
You two don't seem as close
as you used to be.
I guess.
You're a lot easier to
talk to than he is.
What's that film with
- with 'God' in the title?
City of God?
Yeah, no. OK. You
ready for this guys? OK.
The 'Cod' Father!
Get it? 'Cause of Cod!
That was bad.
Ok - ok!
I like it, I like it!
What are you doing?
I was just...checking my back-
from the fence, earlier.
What's that illness
you can get from rusty metal?
Yeah that one.
You mean you caught something?
'A Fish called Wanda'.
You can't have
that- it's already a film!
Come play!
we're playing 'Fish
Puns - in films'.
So far-
we've got-
'Scar Plaice'
'Blair Fish Project'
'Donnie Sharko'
and 'Prawn Identity'!
It's fucking wicked!
OK. How about...
Bass-ket ball diaries.
You know what Charlie?
I fucking love you.
You're fucking amazing.
You're like...
Yeah, Charlie -
what the fuck would we
do without you?
Our guardian!
We need to get going.
Not without Reece.
I'll get that boy.
How's your breathing?
Oh, better!
This shit is like medicine.
I'm getting worried
about you becoming a biologist!
Where are you Reece?
If - if Shannon was a fish -
it'd be salmon.
Wait up!
Where the fuck is she?
You're kidding me.
She was literally
with us a second ago.
I know.
You don't think she's
kidding about?
She wouldn't.
Unless she was completely
off her face.
This is fucked up.
I know.
Seriously something weird
going on.
What do we do?
Reece won't move now until
we've found her.
And it's getting dark.
Sometimes when I'm nervous
I imagine how the Carter family
must have felt- back in 2004.
What was going through
their minds?
How could they live
not knowing?
What's happening to us?
In most cases-
not knowing can be torture.
It's human nature to demand
reason and logic.
But not everything can
be answered.
Sometimes you just get
left in the dark.
You guys are gonna have
to go aren't you?
I think I'm gonna stay.
you know we're gonna have
to call the police.
Come on.
Let's go.
We don't even know where
to go Charlie.
I'll come with you.
It's fine.
Well I'm here!
Oh come on, you know Shannon's
like a sister to me.
What? Fuck off then!
I can't Charlie, I can't.
You can Abby, you totally can.
We're so close now.
We don't even know where
we're going!
If we can find a road,
we can find a way.
Jeez Abby-
your slight figure is -
Oh God-
I can't walk!
No - Charlie... I
can't walk - What the fuck!
- Don't panic!
- I can't walk!
So what, you can't put
weight on your legs..?
OK, let me-- Put
me down! Put me-
Oh what the fuck is happening?!
I don't know! They feel like
they're locked together!
It's OK Abby...
We can do it together.
It's the only place we
haven't checked yet.
I know.
But she's sick, you're not.
You can't get sick! If you
get sick, then, well-
we're all - fucked.
What do you mean?
Must have caught it
from someone.
What are you doing?
Like you said -
it's the last place we
have to look.
You're fucking insane!
Thank me later.
Can you even swim?
Help us!
Help us!
I can't see, it's fucking dark.
Oh shit.
I'll keep trying -
I'm basically just feeling
my way around.
What's it like?
It's fucking dense man -
I'm just trying not to get
this shit in my mouth!
Fuck my eyes are stinging.
Right, you should come out.
Hang on, shine it here a second!
Matt don't do that!
Matt come on over!
I can't fucking see!
I can't fucking see!
We could be alright!
It's me.
Charlotte, what the fuck's
I don't know.
Why am I tied down?
Charlotte, why the fuck
am I tied down?
Are the others here?
Who's doing this?
I thought they were the police.
I saw one of them before.
Last night - when
I went to go and try and find...
There was some fucking
guy in a mask!
Gas masks?
What the fuck's that all about?
You certain it was them?
I, I....
I thought it was someone pissing
around at the start but--
You don't think it's
Gav and that lot?
We were attacked!
If that's someone's idea
of a joke- they can fucking
die in a field!
We must be in some serious shit!
Why the fuck were they
dressed like that?
You don't think Abby was right?
What do you mean?
About the chemicals-
their infection looked
pretty serious.
What's up?
I think I can get out!
I just got my right hand out!
Oh fu - How long
have you been down here?
I can't reach anything.
Try undo some more!
That's it!
Shit, amazing keep going!
Well done!
I'm OK.
Just a bit dizzy.
Be careful!
And be so fucking quiet!
I'm gonna untie you now.
No, no Charlotte - try
and find something first -
something to defend
yourself - a bar or something.
I can't Reece, I wouldn't
be able to!
I need some scissors
or something.
Just- keep looking,
just try to find something -
don't waste time, try- try and
find a light or something.
Are you OK?
I think this is your camera
bag! How do you turn it on?
On the top twist it!
Oh cool -
I can sort of see you now.
Right, use the flash -
use the flash.
I think we're in the plant.
There's a corridor.
I'm gonna go find something
to get you out.
Thank you.
Don't thank me yet.
I know -
I just can't believe
you got out!
Are you gonna be OK?
You're the first person to
ask me that this weekend.
Oh my God.
Oh my God.
Matt will never know
how lucky he is-
to have a girl like
Charlotte Menary.
Maybe she won't know it either.
I lie here -
convincing myself
that she's gonna come
back any second.
She'll find Shannon
- she'll rescue her friends -
and then she'll free me.
Then we throw those
broken pieces away-
leave them here to sink
at Fountainhead Creek.
We disappear-
and never come back.
Because where there's a way in,
there's still a way out.
The only escape
if you're lucky.