Web (2023) Movie Script

'All characters in this movie are fictitious and
bear no resemblance to anyone, living or dead'
'No animals or birds were harmed, they were
created by computer graphics and shown in this film'
'Thanks to TV, Print media
Internet and Social media friends'
'Thanks to friends and family'
Abi...open the door.
Coming, mom
"Weekdays are meant for duties!"
"Weekends are meant for parties!"
"blast until dusk to dawn"
"Wear hi-heels and mini skirt"
"have a bang!
gala gang!"
"Live it up!
"Weekdays are meant for duties!"
"Weekends are meant for parties!"
"In the life, full of dream,"
"relish and gleam!"
"Get rid of the gloom!"
"booze up and bloom!"
"Nobody can command and charge us!"
"We will stir, step up, and"
"swirl as we wish!"
"Weekdays are meant for duties!"
"Weekdays are meant for parties!"
"blast until dusk to dawn"
"Wear hi-heels and mini skirt"
"have a bang!
gala gang!"
"Live it up!
"Weekdays are meant for duties!"
"Weekdays are meant for parties!"
"blast until dusk to dawn"
"Wear hi-heels and mini skirt"
"have a bang!
gala gang!"
"Live it up!
"boarding on weekdays for
partying on weekends!"
"Saturday! Sunday! party! party!
We are hot and naughty!"
"blast! Bash! Dance! Tango!"
"We don't care!
Who are you to stare?"
"My life, my rules!
Parties are our fuel!"
Get lost...!
Examine the mail statements.
Check the mail.
Hi, Abi.
Could you please double-check this?
Just follow the procedures and run. okay?
What happened?
what happened?
She could have gotten drunk
in a wrong ratio.
She enjoys mocking me.
She appears competent until she drinks.
You don't get hangovers
to demonstrate your skills.
Did you hear what she said?
Let's see who is the first to withdraw.
Hey, I won't be able to control you guys later.
Where are you guys going at this time?
without even informing me?
We will be coming, okay?
Don't be afraid; everything will be fine.
What are you saying?
it's ok. relax
'Bye, bye, bye...'
Where is she going?
I don't know where she has gone.
Where have you gone, Abi?
Leave me alone. What time is it?
You didn't even answer the calls?
Where have you actually gone?
Just leave
Hey, Abi...I keep asking you.
You're leaving without saying anything to me.
Hey Abi...
Abi, what happened to you?
Oh my god, what happened, dear?
Get up, dear. Wake up, Abi?
Hey, congratulations on your marriage, yaar.
Thank you incredibly much.
Whoa, look who's arrived!
How are you? all good?
How are you doing, sir?
New groommmmm
hey Maha...
Congrats da...
Thank you, Maha.
Hey, how are you?
Congratulations, new bride.
Thank you.
Let's sit down.
How is our project going? all okay?
Hey, leave that.
What drew you back so quickly?
Actually, I also want more fantasy, but
There is a lot of work to be done.
You are a complete jerk.
Do you want to know what I would have done?
I would have been flying around the world
taking off for one month
You might have plans.
We have yet to receive the
project approval from clients
How can we both have fun over there?
He's starting over...
Sincere chap...
You're still like this.
'You've got to know something, lad,'
Not only in IT, but in any field
Nobody will be expecting him,
to complete the task...
So sad...
for sure...
Pay attention to what I'm saying.
Abi completely mocked a guy the other day.
In the pub
perfect smack...
Why are you citing that now?
must be published
Okay okay...
listen guys
We are going to conduct a party this weekend.
For this beautiful couple.
Hurrah! Come on!
Come on, everybody!
So I invite you all to attend this party.
In the name of the Wolf Gang...
Thank you
Congratulations to you!
Let her cut.
Take it, both of you.
Come on, come on, come on...
anything else?
Disco lights, party mode, a DJ
Do your work during the weekdays first.
Then you can throw parties on the weekends.
Many problems arise
as a result of the coding here.
What issue?
Can you get that if I tell you?
I'm frantically sending projects to clients
believing you all.
What Abi? Is that how you
are leading the project?
Coding and testing are not at all convincing.
I have asked you to run and monitor the program.
What about the reports?
Do you have the reports on the roof
to look over there?
What yaar?
Last night, we got hungover, right?
I forgot where I kept that.
It's all blank.
Sir, those financial savings...
production issues...bla...
Just speak only about our targets.
Don't play the blame game to distract things.
This weekend is the deadline for this project.
If we don't receive
the client's approval before that,
I will send an escalation mail to the head office
to dismiss the entire team
'Sir, what, sir?'
As soon as possible, debug the tickets and issues.
We don't have a lot of time.
Remember, performance matters.
Is your honeymoon over now?
Concentrate on your work.
yes sir...
Bring the cake to my cabin.
Before beginning the work,
Throw this cake to that dunce.
Allow this project to be completed.
Then I will look after him.
Where is the file?
Take this...
Final project output
Running and testing reports of the program.
The reason behind the previous problem is
that the data was not uploaded
In accordance with procedure
and it was uploaded manually. That's it.
We sent the depiction sketch and
the detailed reports via email.
Is that enough for you, or do you want more?
something else?
Please wait while I check for
client's approval
Great work, guys!
well done.
Wait a minute.
Let me make a call.
Hello sir
The project is complete.
I have a fantastic team on my side.
How fake?
No pressure, sir.
Well. You can send us a hundred projects.
My team will deliver before the deadline.
Yeah. That is something we can do
in the following project
Hardware interface...
By today, please.
It will be completed by today.
Thank you very much, sir.
I heard something similar to this:
Come on, Abi
You know me personally, right?
I've only just induced you.
You worked hard and completed your task
Only with that motivation
I have just guided you.
You have to take it that way.
No hard feelings.
I am employed by the company, and
not for you. okay?
So I know what I'm doing.
and my responsibilities.
We are talented. so we can find
another job, if we don't want this.
ok ok...
I got it.
In addition, finish that
hardware interface by today!
What exactly is this, sir?
You've known about us for a long time.
That also happened today...
What have you said?
After 6 p.m. on Saturday
It is impossible to work.
Okay.,. let's go.
Please share me the party location.
It's ok. You carry on.
Carry on
At the very least, you'll bring me along.
Even I am unaware of it, sir.
Just come
Let's go in disguise, shall we?
"utmost pleasure...!"
"Enjoy it for sure!"
"gliding soul"
"Booze is bliss!"
"Nobody can stop us!"
"Booze is unbiased!"
"leading to new destinations"
"To stand out on stage,"
"Booze up!"
"Until the sun comes out!"
"Tune up and twist!"
"Dive into a new destiny! "
"This is enough"
"Tune up the volume"
"What else do we need?"
"Shall start at once!"
"Cheer up, it is the weekend! "
"Our spree has no end!"
"Our other home is the pub!"
"This is our fashion!"
"Drink and delight! Glee and flee!
is our scheme of life!"
"Morals and meanings are fruitless!"
"Let's dance and rock!"
"Take a look at
our excitement on social media!"
"At least show your zeal there! "
"Will you agree or astound?"
"Grab a spot in our hearts!"
"Play and win our hearts!"
Your bash has crossed the limits!
You're all together now.
Wonderful party, yeah.
You forced her to drink.
who is not used to
What is this, yaar?
Why are you like this?
Look at how she's rambling.
cant! cant!
We're not going to let her today.
we insist
Come yaar...
What are you thinking?
What are you all planning?
Don't be the stereotypical husband.
So you all changed your
clothes just for this?
Should you have to roam after this?
Why are you reacting like this?
Leave it for one day, please.
We will not abandon her. please please
It's already too late.
You go and start the car.
let's party...
Get in
Get in, yaar. you sleep alone today.
Rakesh, farewell!
Just hit anyone who comes across us.
It's not a big deal.
Hello, Deepaa...
Hello, is anybody there?
What place is this?
Even I don't get anything.
Why do they bind us?
What kind of place is this?
Nisha, get up, yaar.
Please give me 5 minutes more.
Get up.
We are kidnapped.
Whoever it may be, please leave us, sir.
You. Why are you begging?
They are annoying us
while completely unaware of us.
It could be Anand, who we insulted
in the pub the other day.
Yeah, that might be.
You made fun of him, and he kidnapped you.
But why have I also been kidnapped?
She has a bird's brain.
I also don't get that.
Rakesh will be searching for me now.
She's a lad who is always
thinking about Rakesh.
Who else would have done this?
What place is this?
Who are you?
What do you want?
Why have you tied us up like this?
I warned you to untie us.
Please Abi, don't;
My husband will be waiting for me, sir.
Please leave us.
you shit...
What do you have to do with us?
We've never seen anyone like you before.
Why are we here, sir?
You, what is this?
Why are you begging and pleading with him?
You don't know anything about us.
Don't dare deal with us.
You don't know about our capabilities.
Please leave us alone.
I continue to speak.
You're still standing there, staring.
You damn it.
Sir, Sir, Sir
You will face the consequences. don't!
Take off your hands!
I have instructed them not to speak.
isn't it?
Isn't it?
Hey, what are you doing?
He ordered you not to speak.
isn't it?
Please don't do anything.
Leave me please...no no...
What are you doing?
please don't...
What happened, Abi?
Leave, please!
i insist...
Hey, who are you?
Look, I'm asking you...
Have you heard the sound?
yes. It is a train.
There must be a railway station nearby.
That means police will be present as well.
So, if any of us manages to flee,
The police will handle the rest.
What an idiot you are!
Someone has to escape from here for that.
You stop talking because
you are not aware of her presence.
Let it just be:
Why does he kidnap and torture us?
That I don't comprehend
Women are generally kidnapped.
for two reasons.
Both reasons have the same cause.
Body of women
It is either organ transplantation or
The another is...
It's over. We are all stuck.
Hey, it's ok. don't cry.
We have made a blunder.
Ok. Let's handle this.
it's ok.
He's going to come.
Ok. stay strong. try to help.
Even I am terrified.
Hey you, what are you thinking?
I am not getting anything.
It's all blank.
Hey. Something is
undeniably present in this.
Yes. Something must be there.
He's beaten that girl even more.
Could it be the medical mafia?
No idea.
But whatever it is...
We should not give up hope
until the very end.
We have to fight back
and escape from here.
And reach home safely. okay?
Stay strong. okay?
Who are you?
Who are you? What are you doing here?
(A song is being played in the speaker)
What has become of him now?
I need to use the restroom.
I have to use the restroom.
It's urgent.
hey Abi...
You check there.
No, dear...
It's danger.
You shut up.
Should we be imprisoned here?
Give it a quick cut.
Check to see if he arrives.
What are you doing?
Shouldn't we escape?
We will be caught.
Finish before he come
Hurry up.
keep quiet.
No, no, don't do
Super dear. Give it right away.
I warned you that it was dangerous.
But how come?
Hey, leave me.
You shut up. leave me.
Leave me.
Abi, be calm.
Abi. Abi.
Come on out, moron.
Be quiet, Abi
She won't change.
Hey, come outside.
Don't shout
Leave me
Hey Abi...
who are you?
Give your hand
Why have you tied us up like this?
Don't cooperate, Abi.
leave her
He is coming.
If you dare, untie me.
Then you'll know who I am.
don't shout.
Just leave my hand.
don't shout
Hey, leave me
Abi, please keep quiet.
Ask her to untie me.
You keep quiet.
If you untie me, then you will be over.
Sir, no, sir.
Abi, please, Abi
Deepa, please advise her.
Kick Abi.
Sir, no sir
Don't spare him.
No dear. please understand
No dear. Please, Abi.
Yes, Abi.
Come on, Abi
No Abi. come back
please Abi
No Abi. please listen.
hit his head.
No, Abi.
leave her. attack him Abi.
No, Abi.
Be careful, Abi.
Give me your hand
Let go my hand
Missed the chance!
Leave me alone
I knew very well
that you would try this.
Leave me
Tie her up.
What is this?
Is any other wants to escape?
Shall I untie them?
I'll cut them up into pieces
Staring at me.
Shucks. what happened?
Where have you gone?
leave it.
Let go of me
What exactly are you doing?
Leave her...
Nisha, get up!
Hey Nisha...
Leave her, Nisha.
get up
Leave her...leave
Please leave her.
Leave her...leave
Get up, Nisha. get up
Hey Nisha
Maha...get up!
Leave her
You must always wear this.
Rakesh, where are you?
what happened?
Rakesh, look at me.
what happened?
Look at me, Rakesh.
what happened?
What dear?
hey Deepa...
What happened, dear?
Tell me what happened.
Get up, dear. tell.
Get up, Deepa
Killed him
Wait Deepa
Killed him
Killed him
You have killed him.
You have killed him.
What wrong has he done to you?
Why did you kill him?
what happened?
What exactly has he done?
He murdered Rakesh.
He killed my husband.
He killed my husband.
I don't know.
I'd like to reclaim Rakesh.
I want my husband back.
You're all aware of how much I adored him.
Why did you kill him?
Why did you kill Rakesh?
Who are you?
Stop, you damn it.
Who are you?
What are you doing?
Stay there.
Deepa...Abi. Maha
I have already alerted them.
What have you done to them?
You won't heed me.
I will call the police.
Why did you do this?
Who knows that he will die
in just one hit?
He died
It's already been one week
since four girls have been missing.
What is the action taken
by your department?
The search is currently underway.
We are making every effort to save them.
It appears that KV Group Anand and
Those four girls have disputes already.
Have you inquired about him?
or abandoned him because he is a tycoon
There is no connection
between him and this case.
In fact, he was not in India
during the incident.
Someone else must be involved.
If the criminal is wealthy,
the answers are ready.
Mind your words.
You have no idea.
We've been struggling for a week now.
I, too, have a daughter their age.
Last month, three girls were kidnapped.
while walking back from the pub
This kidnapping is also carried out
in the same manner. I think...
Both are carried out
by the same individual.
We will produce those
four missing girls alive within 24 hours
Whoever it may be, I'll arrest the criminal.
and have him sentenced
24 hours, isn't it?
Will meet
I know you will be caught.
Pals, eat well.
He will be caught in due time.
What exactly are you looking at?
Are you seeing death before you?
I am not seeing it yet.
I will show it to you.
Stay back
Leave her.
Stay back
Leave her
Sit down.
No noise should be there.
Please leave me
Why did you kill her?
Hey, psycho
Why have you done this?
Why have you done this?
He killed Deepa
He killed Deepa
She neglected the food.
At least you eat this.
Good boy.
'We will find and produce
four missing girls alive within 24 hours'
We know that you have kidnapped
those four girls.
You've been surrounded by cops.
You can't escape.
Help me. help
Please help, madam.
You are caught.
Please help us!
It will be better
if you surrender yourself.
Otherwise, we will have to
take drastic measures.
If they shout again, kill them.
Help me.
Madam, please save us
We will undoubtedly save you.
Help me
Will cut your head off if you shout
No noise should be there.
Fine. We will be quiet.
Don't do anything.
'Don't move'
Don't move
He was arrested. yes
Oh my god!
Hey chunky. got caught?
Have you seen who was caught?
Do you know what is meant by hospitality?
To treat well those
who have come to see you
Shall we treat her well?
No, don't
Shall we treat her well?
Let go of her
Let go of her
She is dead.
Don't cry and bother her.
Got that?
You scoundrel
Have I come by mistake?
Nothing is here.
So much dust
Whoa! vodka
It seems to be an imported one.
I used to drink domestic liquor.
Let me try this!
Wow! smells heaven!
But something is missing! sidedish!
I drink a bottle with a pack of chips.
I now have a gang of chicks.
Wondering about the level of booze
Hey you! All the chicks are only for you!
Enjoy buddy! yummy!
Everyone is as drunk as a skunk.
They must be a bigger alcoholic than I am.
Ummm ah! rose milk!
Butter milk! yummy!
Sorry dear!
Bun Butter Jam
What a plan of prudence!
They have tied themselves
to avoid falling down.
I'm not as clever as they are.
This is the path we must take.
Let's get down to business.
It looks like a garage!
We'll need a truck to transport them all.
It's futile
Oh my god!
Coolers! one more!
I am coming!
A very dangerous place!
Hey! Who are you?
Has he sent you?
You baldy! Who are you?
Baldie? Beastie!
Hey, he is a burglar!
stolen our things!
That is my pendant.
What happened to yours?
He has taken them!
Are you a thief?
let us ask him to help us
Let us ask him for assistance.
Sir...sir. Please help us.
Consider this as well.
What are you doing?
Give yours as well.
Don't give
He is a thief. Don't do it.
Thanks. Bye dear!
Sir? me?
Please tell me again!
You also repeat it.
thief sir!
You also mention it once!
get lost!
What do you want, girls?
Sir, we are all kidnapped!
They are torturing us.
Please save us, sir.
Sir, please.
You all sound like the devil.
while you're tied up itself.
If I untie you, that is not good for me.
No, I can't!
Is he going to help us?
Please sir. Do any small help, sir
What to do?
Sir, sir, please.
Give me your phone.
Why does she ask for my phone number?
Yes dear. He is giving
What plan do you have?
Call the police.
Police? Give it back.
You're using my phone
and putting me in hot water.
No sir.
I'm not sure I'll give it.
Sir...Please sir. Please sir
Okay. I can do one thing for you.
Please tell me your addresses.
Why is he asking for the address?
Okay. Sir, No. 4, Shastri Nagar, Adyar
Thank you very much, dear.
Why sir?
You are all tied up here.
So nobody will be in the house.
So what?
What I have here is insufficient, dear.
So I went back to your house and
took some more and fill this bag, dear.
I am leaving. Bye! Bye Bye!
Sir...sir...don't leave, sir.
You referred to me as the devil. you demon!
Sir. please sir.
Please come back, sir. sir please.
To curse with you...
That moron was paid well.
Hey Maha!
Hey, Are you fine?
I got out of here and ran.
Somebody took me back here.
Is it?
Yes. got injured here.
Ok, ok, fine
All the doors are closed.
How did you escape?
As I was leaving, I noticed
an abandoned house near this place.
I fell there.
We have to believe whatever you say.
Even I don't know where we are.
You don't believe me?
You don't believe what I say?
Hey relax. cool. It's okay.
Don't make noise. come.
It's okay.
You are all not believing me!
Ask her to be quiet!
What happened to her, Abi?
She is afraid that she might be killed.
Are you afraid?
Hey, why am I afraid?
You be quiet.
I am not afraid at all.
You sleep.
It's ok, dear. Sleep here.
Come and sit down.
Hey, why did you kidnap us?
You told that I was scared!
I'm going to murder you!
Why did you bring us here?
Keep quiet
Either relieve us or kill us right here.
I want to go home
It's okay
Sit down, dear.
Hey, Maha.
It's fine. relax. It's okay
I want to go home
We're becoming mad!
I haven't been in my house for
two days continuously
But, here...
I am sorry if I were erroneous.
Hey, you are also a woman.
Can't you understand
what we're going through?
You are simply coming and injecting drugs.
We aren't aware of anything.
You simply provide us with food.
You are treating us as if we are animals.
At least, while seeing the girl
in that room.
Don't you feel sorry for her?
How can she feel that?
There is no difference
between her and that dog
She has become a psycho
like him as a result of her obedience.
How can you expect humanity from her?
Who is the psycho? Is he?
Yes. He is a psycho.
You have also become a slave
and a psycho like him.
If she is a woman,
she can empathize a woman.
Yes. According to you all
One who thinks and
works hard for their family
Anyone who lives
for their family is insane!
What did you say?
You asked whether I am a woman.
I'm pretty sure I am a woman.
But I don't know about you all.
Is he a psycho?
"You are my world!"
"You made my dream come true!"
"Only since you have to save me,"
"You were born before I was."
"You are my blood!"
"You carried all of my aches and pains!"
"You are a human-masked angel!"
"You are my mother disguised as a brother!"
"You are my world!"
"You made my dream come true!"
"Only since you have to save me,"
"You were born before I was."
"You are my blood!"
"You carried all of my aches and pains!"
"You are a human-masked angel!"
"You are my mother disguised as a brother!"
"Without looking into my face"
"Your day won't begin!"
"Forever and a day,"
"Your love is eternal."
"Your perspired and poured your love"
"for me to grow and blossom!"
"You made a path for me."
"to achieve my aspirations!"
"You are a friend who carried me
in your shoulders!"
"Nobody can be as divine as you!"
"You are my world!"
"You made my dream come true!"
"Only since you have to save me,"
"You were born before I was."
"You are my kin!"
"You carried all of my aches and pains!"
"You are a human-masked angel!"
"You are my mother disguised as a brother!"
What happened, brother?
I don't know.
I'm not sure what It struck up suddenly.
What is this, bro? shouldn't you
double-checked this? It's already late.
Let me take a look, dear.
I never expected this.
It's already late for college.
There is also no shortage of fuel.
I'm not sure what the flaw is.
Brother, it's late.
Make it soon.
One minute, dear. Let me think.
Please hand me the phone.
Wait here, dear. I will find a way.
'Buddy, I got struck up on the way!'
Where are you, pal?
I will come. Please
tell me where you are.
Sister is standing in the middle of the road,
halfway to college.
Dear sister...
Get up, dear!
dear Nandhini!
Nandhini! dear...
Nandhini! dear...
Oh my god!
My sister is deceased.
Oh God!
Move. please move...
Catch that car
- Nandhini!
- Veera!
Where is Nandhini?
No! I want to see Nandhini!
- Nandhini!
- Veera
Nandhini has left us alone, Veera.
- Nandhini!
- Doctor.
- Sir, relax, sir, relax.
- No, I can't.
Nothing. Nurse...
I want to see Nandhini.
No. You're lying.
- Lie down, Veera.
- Nandhini!
I don't understand.
They caused the mishap.
You are torturing her and killing them.
Why did you kidnap us?
Why are you torturing us?
- She has a point.
- Are you innocent?
Hey! Go fast.
Drive fast.
TN 02 BZ 0123
You have no options.
Get lost.
See how hastily they are driving.
I won't spare them.
When? I don't remember anything.
We've messed up with
a lot of people.
How are we going to
find out who he is?
We just passed that way, right?
You're acting as if we've hit you.
When you drive recklessly,
If you thought that the passerby would
also have a family as well.
You would have all been in your house.
And not here.
What happened, Abi?
Maha, what happened to Abi?
Abi, are you okay?
Nothing, I am perfectly fine.
How long have I gone without sleeping?
In your lap like this
You are busy with your work.
After that, you start to roaming
with friends to pubs and parties.
You don't have time to consider me.
You've changed drastically.
Sorry, mom.
From now on, I won't go
anywhere without you.
Will return home directly from
the office. I promise you.
I will be happy if that happens.
Ok dear. I have cooked your favourite
lemon rice with potato fries.
I will bring it.
- Hey!
- What?
Don't go away, Mom.
- What a miracle?
- We'll eat something later.
- Be right here. Don't go.
- My dear.
Please forgive me, mom.
I've abandoned you.
after dad's death.
I assumed that financially
supporting you would suffice.
I should have stayed
with you all the time.
I should have
spoken with you.
I apologize, mom.
I'm not sure if I'll be
able to return home.
But, wherever you are,
I know that my words
will reach you.
Mom, I adore you.
Hey Abi!
- Abi is crying.
- Abi!
What happened, Abi?
What happened?
- Why are you crying?
- I am missing my mother.
Abi...don't cry.
I never imagined our lives would unfold
in this manner, upside down overnight
How long have we been here?
What is happening outside?
Will anyone come to save us?
Or is this the end of our lives?
I don't get anything.
We have made a blunder.
Deepa is poor.
She died here, because of us.
I'm concerned about why
we brought her to the party.
At least, she might have led
a safe and happy life.
It is obvious that
we will be killed.
But I'm not sure
who was the first.
Do you have any last wish, Nisha?
For me?
I want to see my parents.
Before I die.
Only once.
For you?
At least one day I want to play
with my niece and nephew
I want to go out and
look at the sky.
To take in fresh air
We will only be afraid until
We know when will we die!
Our demise is now in front of us.
Hey! Get up!
Quick, let's go!
How will you go?
Do you have the car key?
We don't have the key.
Is it in the bag?
Hey, it is there.
No! You've already
been caught once.
Please don't.
You go, Nisha.
I am afraid.
I can't go.
Please go.
Silent. careful. relax
It's scary.
She took the key.
Nisha, come.
Abi...hold him.
Don't leave.
Abi careful.
Let go of them
Let go
Let go
Come soon...
Let's escape.
Leave her.
Hey Nisha!
'Come, damn it.'
I insist that you come.
Let's go.
Leave her.
Leave her.
Let's go.
He is coming.
You escape.
You go.
Come careful
Be careful, dear.
Get in.
Abi...come, dear...
Mom, I came to you.
Sit down, everyone.
Bring water, please.
You sit down, dear.
We have struggled a lot
to escape from there.
Don't cry, dear.
Will be alright.
Drink water, kid
We have no idea why he kidnapped us.
What happened? Where have you been?
Why are you all frightened?
It's a big story, mom.
Thank God, we have escaped.
It was a dark house, mom.
He tortured us a lot inside.
HE means? Who do you mean?
Sissy, he looked exactly
like a psycho-killer.
You don't know how he tortured us.
For me as well.
Dad, he misbehaved with me.
What are you saying, dear?
It's extremely difficult to
get out of there.
He should...
Mom, he killed Deepa.
- He killed her husband too.
- Oh no!
Scoundrel. He was
not afraid of police even.
He killed the commissioner
who handled our case.
Oh my god
He killed the police.
A girl is stuck up there.
She is struggling for life.
We have to save her.
Mom, she only assisted us in escaping.
She made us escape and
get stuck up there.
I don't know what happened to her.
At least if we call the police
We might be able to save her.
Please, somebody call the police.
Do you know what he has told us?
Someone has hit and
killed her sister in booze.
So he kidnaps those
who are going to clubs.
Leave it, Maha,
He must be caught and hanged up.
He must be killed brutally.
Until he is free, he will plan to
kidnap and kill someone.
It will be danger for women if
Those kinds of guys are free in the world.
Please contact the authorities.
Aunt, Please call the police.
Mom, do you think we
are blabbering on booze?
Mom, what I said is correct.
Please believe me, mom.
If you don't believe us yet,
Should we bring that
psycho here to prove it?
- How did he come here?
- Abi!
- I'm going to murder him.
- Stop her.
He's the psycho.
Abi, pay attention to me
Please wait and listen to us.
Sit down, Nisha.
Maha, calm down. calm down
Please be quiet.
He is Ashok Subramanyam.
leading psychiatrist
Is he a psychiatrist?
What are you saying, Mom?
Hey girls, chill, please.
It's nothing but a treatment.
There is no intention
to harm anyone.
- Doctor, Please sit.
- Is it a treatment?
Are we insane to be treated this way?
Not like that. All are emphasising the
importance of physical health.
But they don't care about
their mental health.
So, those ailments that must be
cured in the initial stage...
...are reaching a serious stage and
they need treatment.
Mom, he is acting smart.
There must be a plan behind this.
No. Not like that.
You are all unknowingly
addicted to a lifestyle.
You haven't felt that change since
It had reached the second stage.
What if it advances to the next stage?
- What's wrong with us?
- Drugs and alcohol.
That is a casual occurrence.
It's casual if it happens barely.
If it's routine, something is serious.
Why did you kill Deepa and Rakesh?
- Deepa...
- Hi...
- Sorry.
- Sorry girls.
You cheat. Do you know?
I cried so hard for you.
Sorry. Really sorry.
Cool, cool, cool.
That girl, who was tied
and tortured in that bathroom,
Please come, Mithra and Pavithra.
Hey, see her...
They are all my colleagues.
They are part of this process.
Sorry guys.
- Why have you done this, Mom?
- I don't know what else to do.
Tell me, madam.
What is the problem?
Doctor, we have seen
your online program.
You have to save our daughters.
Who is your daughter?
What is she doing?
Our girls are working
in the IT department.
They were addicted to drugs, smoking, and alcohol.
and drinking as a result of a nefarious friendship
Their activities are getting
worse day by day.
Have you previously used any treatments?
Yes, we admitted her.
But they never cooperated
for anything.
We are very worried that
we may lose our daughter.
Don't worry. I require some time to
study your daughter's lifestyle and case history.
Then, I will plan what kind
of treatment is appropriate.
We hope there will not be any issues.
We are trusting you completely.
Please don't worry. I will treat your daughters.
and return to you safely.
There is a reason to call you.
A few youngsters are destroying their lives.
by becoming enslaved to bad habits
They are unable to reduce that
and relieved from that
Your daughters are all in that stage.
right now.
In fact,
It is incorrect to regard these habits as casual.
'the adverse symbol of a immoral lifestyle'
The society, which was
embarrassed to be drunk,
Is now hesitating to tell me
that they won't drink.
In accordance with your
daughter's case history,
I can cure them only if they are inserted
into a new habitual lifestyle.
Medicine will only help
to a limited extent.
Rest is only possible with
their cooperation.
As their parents, you also have to support
and cooperate with me.
We will work completely
with you, doctor.
All we want is for our
daughters to be cured.
We have planned a
treatment method for this.
Anything can become a habit.
if we follow that for 21 days.
We are going to treat your girls in a special way
in a closed circle for 21 days
We can put an end to
their heinous habits.
It is, after all, a rehabilitation program.
in a completely different format
As we proceed this, consider
your girl's situation
Will be trapped like an insect
in a spider's web
They can think only about escaping from there.
and nothing else.
When they appreciate the
value of their lives,
They could attack me
or even cause themselves harm.
Of course, you can be with them as well
for those 21 days.
And also monitor them.
But doctor,
Is there any risk of mental illness
as a result of this treatment?
Certainly. We have an
alternate plan for that.
We have requested their friend,
Deepa, to support us.
However, we have
previously advised.
But they never heeded us.
That is why we are preparing
a treatment for them.
That treatment consists of 21 days.
In that regard, we need your
support for two days.
Can you help us please?
Without drugs, they are more
likely to harm themselves.
To avoid that, a reliable person is needed
to be with them.
That could be Deepa.
If Deepa provides the support,
The treatment will be favorable.
- Me?
- Sure doctor.
Deepa will cooperate not only for two days.
even for ten days.
We will offer our full support and
assistance to cooperate you
We will be delighted to be a part of it.
What do you say, Deepa?
Thank you so much, Rakesh
Pavithra and Mithra will be with your
Daughters throughout in this process.
They will keep an eye
on your daughters.
Hey girls, relax.
It's not like you've made a mistake.
And we fixed that.
You have unknowingly
created an invisible wall.
As 'My life, my rules,'
You haven't emerged from that and
not allowed anyone to come inside.
It's nothing but a compact prison.
I have a doubt.
Recently, when have you ever
spoken to your parents from the heart?
When you were thinking about
your mother at the time,
Your mother was there only and
looking at you.
I apologize, Mom.
It's ok.
The harsh reality is that
when your mother,
Requires your love and attention,
you were not with them.
You were hooked.
These drugs and alcohol will
slowly separate us
From our families and society
The social drinking that you have
mentioned is the start of that.
Work pressure, stress, and commitments are
all the most common causes of inebriation
If you want to spend your time well,
You don't have to go to pubs and clubs.
You must devote that time to
Your friends and family
There is no greater addiction
than love in this world.
To cross the invisible line that
You gathered around yourself.
We have no option other
than this treatment.
While you were undergoing treatment,
Your familiar drugs and alcohol
Were available in front of you.
But you never thought of those.
Because of the fear of losing one's life
You just focused on that.
Get out of there
Do you mean that men can drink?
Is it wrong if women drink?
There is no gender parity in boozing.
It is absurd if you repeat the
same mistake on following them
If he falls from the top,
will you do the same?
Booze in any form is
harmful to your health.
What we conducted was
just a stage drama.
The contrast is, you are the audience.
Please leave me!
Thank you.
Thank you, doctor.
The search is currently underway.
We are completely striving for that.
- What is this?
- Oh my god!
What about the molestation
that happened to me?
Please leave her. Nisha...
Wake up. Breathe.
Thank god
Thank you, doctor.
So you would treat us harshly
with our hands tied up?
Have we shackled your hands?
Bring those handcuffs
Pavithra, not her.
Tie her up her.
Pull it forcibly.
We only expected this from you.
You couldn't make it there
because your mind was clouded.
You can now do so because
you are so clear.
That you narrated about your sister?
Is it a story?
That was a fact.
But I don't have to be the victim.
It might have happened
to someone like me.
I returned your daughter as herself.
Thank you very much, doctor.
- Thank you.
- Most welcome.
What they have done is fine.
How should we treat our betrayer?
I won't leave you.
Hey wait.
No. no.
Hold her. we shouldn't spare her.
Hit her.
Attend the call.
Who is on the call?
- Boss.
- Is he?
Attend the call.
Hello. Hey girls, Where have
you been for the last two weeks?
Back to Chennai?
Let's have some real fun.
How about a weekend party?
Tell me, girls.
Shut up.
That's it.