Web of Dreams (2019) Movie Script

Looks like we're early.
You sure you want to do this?
Don't have to,
if you don't want to.
He was my father.
I know, but it's only been
a few years
since you've known that.
It doesn't matter.
All right.
What is it?
You okay?
I am now.
It's not like when I was here.
Annie, listen.
I'll never let anything
happen to you like that again.
Okay? Ever.
I promise.
You understand me?
Yeah. I know.
That's my grandmother, Leigh.
I need to know
what happened to her.
Has no one been able
to tell you anything?
Nobody knows anything.
Maybe she's just one more
in a long line
of my family's secrets.
Her mother, Jillian,
painted this.
You know, I have a feeling
I wasn't the only one
who suffered here.
But I want to know for sure.
I'll go let the priest
know we've arrived.
Rye Whiskey, it's you!
Miss Annie.
it's been a long while,
hasn't it?
And here you are,
looking like
an all grown-up lady,
and fit as a fiddle.
My, my.
It sure is good to see you,
though a shame it's under
such sad circumstances.
It's good to see you, too.
I have something for you.
It belonged
to your grandmother, Leigh.
Are you sure this is for me?
Yes, ma'am.
It's from your father, Troy.
He told me to give it to you,
right before he died.
It's her diary.
My deepest condolences to you
and your family, Miss Annie.
God bless you.
Thank you, Rye.
I'm so happy.
My birthday is finally here,
and my coming-out party
is in just a few days.
Of course, my mother says
that a proper lady
should stop
counting her birthdays
after 28,
but I never will.
I still don't understand
why she thinks birthdays
are nothing but pain,
because, to me,
it's the best day of the year,
even better than Christmas.
Lord, forgive me.
Thank you.
There are so many of them!
Thank you, Papa.
Happy birthday, dear.
Yes, happy birthday, doll.
Thank you.
open that one first.
It's a diary.
Think of it as your own
personal captain's log.
Captain's log?
Yeah, to record
the fantastic journey
of your life, my child.
Yes, Cleave, however,
she's not a child anymore.
She's a young lady.
That's right.
Hmm. Maybe it's time
to start figuring out what
you want to do with your life.
Perhaps go into cruise ships,
like your old man?
Cruise ships
are hardly lady-like
and, in your case,
barely profitable.
Well, maybe not enough for some.
Indeed not.
Mama, are you leaving?
Oh, well, I have to go
get my hair cut and styled
and a manicure
for your big night.
It's all about you, Leigh.
I spared no expense
for your coming-out party.
Oh, it's beautiful, Mama.
A grown-up dress
for a grown-up woman.
Wait. There's more.
What does this do?
It will make your skin
soft and supple.
It's never too soon to fight
the ghoulish aging process.
Can you tell me
that story again?
Of when you were young?
I still am young.
I mean, when you were a girl.
When I was a girl...
not much older than you are now,
which wasn't that long ago,
I didn't have what you have.
I was forced to work like a dog,
with my sisters
ordering me around.
They would tell me that...
They used to tell me
that I was ugly, Leigh...
Ugly and gangly,
and that I would never
find a husband.
You've always
been beautiful, Mama.
Thank you for lying, Leigh.
I'm not lying.
Everything changed
when a man came to town...
looking to marry.
My sisters
had their own designs on him.
While they fussing
and primping their dresses,
I had to clean the house.
But then do you know
who he chose?
You, Mama?
You and Papa are both so lucky.
It wasn't just luck.
I had been watching
and learning
how ladies behaved...
how to lure men.
How to make him want me
to be their ornament.
Because, Leigh,
never get to really
have their own lives.
They must be accessories
to the lives of men.
We do?
Oh, yes.
And now that you're older...
I must teach you.
If you have nice hair,
heels, and expensive clothes,
and your natural beauty...
you can have any man you want.
Someone like Papa?
Set your sights higher.
And by "higher," I mean richer.
True wealth.
For your party this weekend,
I am taking you somewhere
so you can see the kind of life
you should strive for,
and the kind of man.
Isn't she darling?
Leigh, this is Tony Tatterton.
Welcome to my humble abode.
Ah, and this is
my baby brother, Troy.
I'm not a baby.
Hello, Troy.
Now come.
We must show you
what your mother has been up to
in her spare time.
this is the most beautiful thing
I've ever seen.
Well, Leigh,
I'm not quite finished yet.
The only thing
that would make it better
is if Jillian was in it herself.
You're too kind.
Thank you.
Leigh, look.
Your mother put me in it.
Imagine. This kind of talent
at the age of 28.
But Mama is...
Tony, why don't
I get started here,
and you can show Leigh
the rest of the estate.
But Mama,
I want to watch you paint.
I can only work alone, dear.
Let me show you around then.
Go on, doll.
Is Farthinggale
where you grew up?
The only home I've ever known.
I've only lived
in our home, too,
even though Papa
travels so very often.
Well, we both must
broaden your horizons.
There's the maze.
Wow. That looks fun.
Don't let it fool you.
People have gotten lost
in there.
Troy, why don't you
take Leigh to the studio
to show her some Tatterton Toys?
Stay till midnight.
You're incorrigible!
Oh! There you are.
Really, I don't know
what you think you saw.
He was zipping up your dress.
Because it came unzipped!
Oh, my.
You're adorable.
Such an imagination.
The things you think of!
Wouldn't it be magnificent
to live like that?
That is a real businessman.
He inherited everything
from his family's toy company.
Yeah, so what?
Papa founded his own company.
And all he does is work
and he's a penny away
from bankruptcy.
You deserve better than that...
Which is why tomorrow night
is so special.
You are going to be introduced
to some of the best families
from Boston, Newport, New York,
and most importantly...
their sons.
It's Henry.
His father
is in pharmaceuticals.
Good evening.
Pleased to meet you.
you look stunning!
Tony, you're gonna
make me blush.
Tony, this is
my husband, Cleave.
- Tony.
- Mm-hmm.
I've heard about the mural.
I trust you're pleased.
Oh, it's magnificent.
How about that?
Oh! Excuse me.
You're a dream, Leigh.
Hello, Tony.
Did Troy come?
Oh, he's quite easily
tired these days.
He's better left at home.
Come, Tony.
Let's go get a drink.
May I?
I have been waiting all evening
for this dance.
You have?
Before you tire yourself out,
may I have a moment?
You know,
one day, I'm gonna have
to give you away at the altar,
so I'd better get used
to lines of boys
vying for your attention.
Still, even though
you'll be married,
I want you to have a choice,
something that is yours
and yours alone...
Perhaps a college degree,
a career,
your own goals and agency.
I got you something.
"Listen to your heart
and the waves
will take you there."
May I?
I love it, Papa.
I love you, sweetie.
What are you doing?
You are embarrassing me.
You're drunk.
I take out
bank loans for your furs,
and still you act
like you are suffering
because we only have
one servant.
Theresa Heinz has four
and she is 10 years younger!
All you care about
is who's who
and your face and your hair!
My "who's who"
and my face and my hair are what
have gotten me here today,
and they will take me
somewhere else.
You and your silly little boats
can hit an iceberg,
for all I care.
I want a divorce.
Then a divorce it is.
Is he gone?
Where have you been all day?
Reclaiming myself.
Papa is devastated.
How could you do this to him?
Do what?
He's running the business
into the ground.
I practically have
to abandon ship before it sinks.
After all, I know more
about business than he does.
Funny business, you mean?
Like going all the way
with Tony Tatterton?
It's just us now, Leigh.
We have to be strong.
We have to create
new beginnings.
Okay, Mama.
Tony has been
such a wonderful patron.
He wanted to share my mural
with all of you.
How marvelous,
a party to celebrate your mural.
I love it.
It's so sui generis.
Thank you.
You're too kind.
All the more impressive,
given your age.
How's that?
Well, don't they say
artistic development rarely
occurs after the age of 30?
You know, you remind me
of someone I once knew.
The resemblance is striking.
Who's that?
My great-grandmother.
So, Leigh...
what do you think
of your mother's masterpiece?
I really had no idea
she was this good.
She could make a career of it.
When you're wealthy,
you don't need a career.
That's why it's a hobby.
Much more lady-like.
Look at the detail.
Passion and authority
in every brushstroke.
That's what makes it
beautiful, Leigh,
even great.
I learned that toy-making,
and it's corroborated tonight
by your stunning presence
in that dress.
How you've developed
these past few weeks.
Your style, that is.
Like a movie star...
while, before,
you seemed to be just a child.
If only Papa could see this,
then maybe he would understand
Mama more.
And then they could
get back together.
And then...
I guess it must be easy
to assume a woman like my mama
must be single.
So perhaps you could
talk to my papa
and explain
the misunderstanding?
You're so sweet.
This remarkable woman
and brilliant artist
at my side tonight
has brought life, love,
and magic into this house...
and I never want that to change.
That's why Jillian and I
have an announcement to make.
We're getting married!
Of course, you are all
invited to the ceremony,
which will take place
here at Farthy,
one week before Christmas.
What is more...
and her lovely daughter, Leigh,
will be moving in here
tout de suite.
Please, Mama, no.
You expect me to give up
everything that I know?
Everyone that I love?
My school?
My friends?
I will not move in here
and I will not let you
ruin my life!
I'm so glad that you're there.
What's wrong, kitten?
They're getting married.
You have to stop it.
Well, uh...
Your mother
has her own free will.
Maybe you can ask her
to take you back and we...
And she'll say no.
Stay away from her, Cleave.
Jillian, wait.
How dare you embarrass me
in front of all those people?
Do you want me
to send you to boarding school
in Switzerland
and have the nuns
crack your knuckles with rulers?
I'd be happy to do it.
It certainly would make
my life easier.
I'd rather move there than here!
Stop being an ingrate.
This is one of the finest
estates in the country.
Don't make me
move out of our home.
You and I can live there.
Your father and I
have sold the house
and we've already
signed the divorce papers.
It's over, Leigh.
Now, remember,
this is going to be
the finest wedding
of the season.
There is no expense
that's too much
for Mr. Tony Tatteron.
Now, remember,
we want the bride and groom
to be...
I want to make sure
that as I'm walking out,
everyone sees...
And no orange.
You know how I feel about that.
I want lots of flowers and...
Uh-uh! Careful.
That is Baccarat crystal.
It is worth a fortune.
And be careful
with the canvases.
I think we should use
the guest list from
Leigh's coming-out party
as a starting point
for the wedding.
Who would turn down an invite?
And no extravagance
is too extravagant.
Can we invite Papa
to the wedding?
it's pointless
to live in the past.
We must move on.
Look at this place.
Isn't it fantastic?
Now, I've been thinking.
The Baccarat crystal
would fit perfectly
in that nook in the entrance.
While your mother
fusses with all this,
I'll show you to your suite.
Is this my room?
It's your suite, Leigh.
Down the hall
is a separate sitting room
and a private study,
and, of course,
your own private bathroom.
Those are mine.
From my company.
They're marvelous.
I take that you like it?
Well, I'll leave you to it.
I'll send up your governess
so you can meet her.
My governess?
A lady must be attended to.
What lovely thick hair
you've got.
My name is Edith.
Oh, you mustn't curtsy
for me, dear.
My father said
that a lady always shows respect
to anyone.
Well, he sounds like
a wonderful man.
How do you like
your suite, Leigh?
It's even bigger than mine.
It's wonderful.
Perhaps we can go play.
Would you like see the maze?
Let's go.
Every summer,
Tony has his gardeners
plant new trees
and change the maze,
so it's unique.
He doesn't want
anyone getting bored
or running out of
things to do here.
I don't think I'll ever run out
of things to do here.
The trick to finding
the way out if you're lost...
Where does the maze go?
I've actually never
gone to the end, myself.
It's just dead end
after dead end,
which is why
we have the candies.
Good idea.
I'm going
to become a photographer,
make you my sole subject.
I'll be more famous
than Ansel Adams.
Let's go again, shall we?
I just fixed my makeup.
I think it's gonna rain.
We should head back.
Um, okay, follow me.
Let's hurry.
Um... this way.
Where are the candies?
The leaves are covering them!
I can't wait
to call you "Mrs. Tatterton."
Mr. Tatterton,
I'm so sorry.
I'm worried about
Troy and Leigh.
I can't find them.
We've looked at the beach,
the barn, everywhere,
and that storm is rolling in.
The maze.
Someone! Help!
My hands are so cold
I can't feel them!
Okay. Okay.
- Here, take this.
- No!
You need it.
Come on, come on.
It's okay.
You stay here.
I'm not going anywhere.
Come on.
Come on.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
- I'm cold!
- Come close.
Troy! Leigh!
Where are you?
Hey! Troy! Leigh!
- Troy!
- Do you hear that?
Sounds like the wind to me, sir.
This way!
Leigh! Leigh!
Tony! We're here!
Hey, I'm here!
- You okay?
- Cold.
Get them back to the house, now!
You okay?
Here! Put this on!
Let's go!
Thank you.
We're going to need
more blankets
and some hot water, thank you.
The doctor's on his way?
Yes, sir.
Is Troy going to be okay?
He does have
a touch of hypothermia.
With his delicate constitution,
one never knows,
but I think so.
He's going to be okay, Leigh,
thanks to you.
Come on.
Let's get you warm.
You must be freezing
to the bone.
You gave Troy your coat.
You saved him.
You truly are
a remarkable woman.
Take it off.
There's no need to be shy
or feel ashamed.
We'll soon be family,
and there are no secrets
among family.
Are you in?
Is it warm enough?
You're perfect.
This skin...
and your hair...
It's flawless.
Beautiful inside and out.
You don't have to.
I do.
We have to get the blood flow
to return.
Now relax.
Please... it's okay.
You don't need you to.
I don't want you to.
My sweet...
sweet daughter.
I have the most marvelous idea.
I want you...
to model for me.
For my new line
of bespoke dolls.
I need a new prototype.
You're perfect.
What do you think?
Isn't it brilliant?
Brilliant of Leigh.
I have to go check on Troy.
Are you warm now?
Do you like sitting there,
with a man,
my man,
just like your mama?
That little stunt out there...
you don't think I see it?
I'm confused.
We were p-playing and...
Tony is mine.
He's marrying me.
Of course,
he's marrying you, Mother.
Are you okay?
I need to take a pill and sleep.
It's been a long day.
Mm. This one's a bit plain,
isn't it?
None of the off-the-racks
will do,
so see if we can get
some material samples
from the designers.
Oh, good morning, Leigh.
Oh, my.
We really must do something with
your hair before the wedding.
Are you hungry?
She would like a grapefruit.
Where are Troy and Tony?
At the doctor's office.
Last night, he asked Tony
to bring Troy "first thing"
for another evaluation.
Oh, my God.
He's fine.
He's a sickling.
I wanted to apologize
about last night.
When I saw Tony
tending you in the tub,
it put me into a state.
Of confusion.
Emotional confusion.
And I don't want
anything to be strange.
But wasn't it?
Him bathing me felt...
I didn't like it.
Well, he's going to be
your father soon,
so you need to get over
your silly teen hang-ups.
why don't you help me
plan our honeymoon?
That'll cheer us up.
What do you say?
Oh. Thank you.
Oh, God.
Your grandmother's
going to be here later today.
Grandma Jana?
What's the occasion?
The same as it always is.
The opportunity to meddle.
Grandma Jana!
Hey there, sugar.
I've come to check on you.
They treating you well?
Okay, I guess.
Where are they, your mother
and this boy she's gonna marry?
Tony Tatterton.
Oh, goodness.
You really are only a boy.
My daughter could be your mo...
Let's get you settled in.
Jillian, show Mrs. Jankins
to her room.
Where did you get that accent?
"Mother, darling."
It's called "class."
And how long
did you plan on staying?
As long as it takes
to make sure
that you are on the up and up.
Oh, Mother!
I don't care what you think!
And it's none of
your business anyway.
I'll be right back, Troy, okay?
Do you think it was easy to find
a respectable man like Cleave
to marry you
when you already had
a-a bun in the oven?
You don't know that.
Oh, come on!
Jillian, you know
as well as I do,
she looks nothing like Cleave.
I don't know
who you're trying to fool.
She's not his.
Where are you going?
To get to know
your Mr. Tatterton.
Mama, wait.
You have no right!
But is it true?
Am I not your daughter?
You are my daughter
and I am your father,
and that's all that matters.
Are you okay, sweetheart?
Yes, I'm okay, Papa.
Listen, I will always be here
for you. Always.
And I don't care
what your mother says.
We can visit sometime.
Would you like that?
Very much.
We'll sneak around,
like she did.
You are a such a little
grown-up, aren't you?
I think
that is an excellent idea.
I love you.
Bye-bye, kitten.
You know, Leigh...
I came here to rescue you
from your mother,
but I'm very pleased to see
how strong you are.
Mr. Tatterton,
Tony and I,
were just chatting,
and he was telling me how well
you're getting along here.
Actually, I think
you're going to be okay.
You do?
I do.
And maybe...
this is where
you need to be right now.
You'll get the education
you need
and you will become
a fine young woman.
If things get too bad,
I don't want you
doing anything foolish,
so you call me
and I'll bring you
right back to Texas,
to live with me.
Oh... Don't cry.
Come on now.
You're gonna be
perfectly fine here.
And this fella...
He seems like a real gentleman.
He can guide you.
Protect you from your mother.
I trust him.
He has those Dean Martin eyes.
This is your doing, isn't it?
What is it, Mama?
It's a prenup, is what it is.
It's our ruin.
I could just ring your neck!
Mama, I didn't do anything.
If Tony and I were to divorce,
we wouldn't get a dime!
But why would you get a divorce?
Because look at you!
I swear, I didn't do anything.
And look at me!
The clock keeps ticking, Leigh!
But Tony loves you.
You're the most beautiful woman
in the whole world.
It was Mother...
poisoning the well.
Who knows what she said.
Did he say anything?
She's always been jealous.
Jealous of what?
Of my ability to attract men.
Of my youth.
Because I'm young...
And yet not.
Mama, you're not
making any sense.
My sweet daughter.
I'm so sorry.
This stress
has just been overwhelming,
but, after the wedding,
everything will go back
to normal, I promise you.
I need you to promise me
something in return.
That you won't take Tony
away from me.
Why would I ever?
I know that you want
a grand life of your own
some day...
and some day you will have it.
Your own life,
and your own
strapping young man.
I want a man like Papa.
Except, since the divorce,
when has he last visited?
Has he reached out?
Does he write?
But he said he would.
But did he?
And how many letters
have you written him?
I don't know how many
we've sent out for you.
A lot.
John Horowitz, please.
John, it's Jillian.
I need you to write
my ex-husband a legal letter.
He's not Leigh's father...
and I can prove it.
I don't want him
filling her head
with nonsensical ideas
and butting into my affairs.
He needs to stay away...
or else.
Are you okay?
Troy? Are you okay?
I'm okay.
Tony said I am.
Let's get you to bed.
Before Santa comes?
Come on.
This one's from me.
It's beautiful.
Thank you!
Merry Christmas, Leigh.
Troy! No, no.
Help! Please, someone help!
What's wrong with him?
It's pneumonia.
Very serious.
We're gonna try
to make him comfortable,
but no more disruptions today.
I want to stay with him.
We need you to get in touch
with your parents.
I tried.
They're on their honeymoon.
Try again.
It's urgent.
He may not make it.
My sweet...
sweet daughter.
We came as soon as we heard.
Thank you again and again,
Leigh, for staying by his side.
Did you talk to the doctor?
He's not responding
to medication.
His fever's so high that,
well, his organs could fail.
Doctor, I need a word.
Listen, I'm exhausted
from the flight.
Why don't you come home with me
and help me unpack?
I have a gift for you.
Someone has to look after Troy.
A gift, Leigh.
And Tony's here now.
Fine. Stay.
What do I care?
I don't know what's happened,
but your mother
has suddenly
turned a cold shoulder to me.
All this constant
fretting in the mirror.
What do you make of it?
She just...
tries to be beautiful.
She tries.
Some people just are.
Why don't we head back to Farthy
and we can discuss our new doll?
But, Troy...
He's going to be just fine here.
He's getting
the very best of care.
It's... beautiful.
I've painted it
in my spare time.
From memory, in fact.
But, as unforgettable
as your beauty is...
I'll have to sketch you
in person for the doll.
We might have to get
a little more...
Well, now that you see
my vision for you...
Go change into this.
It's cold.
I'll turn up the heat.
is everything...
for creating shape.
Chest out.
Can you hold like this?
I think so.
No! No, no, no, no, no.
Listen, Leigh...
I need you nude.
Like fully naked?
Yes, that's what that means.
So, please.
Otherwise there'll be no doll.
No. No, no, no, no.
There is no other way.
Look. These...
are the masters.
The best in history.
Now, what do you see?
I don't know.
Beauty, Leigh!
Our betters, years ago,
they weren't ashamed
of the human body.
They celebrated it!
Now, I want...
I need
to celebrate yours
in the same way.
Can we talk to Mama?
I am your father, Leigh.
You don't need her permission.
It's not permission I want.
It's what?
I should just talk to her.
I have a question.
Yes. What is it?
Tony, wants me to pose for him.
In the nude.
Of course.
Of course.
I've worked too hard, Leigh.
We must make him happy.
What? How?
By doing what he says.
But I don't
want to go back, Mama.
The doll will bring us revenue.
And it is art.
will become art.
Isn't that nice?
And if he's happy,
my marriage is intact.
Mama, please,
don't make me go back.
You'll understand
when you're older.
Just trust me.
I'm going back
to my beauty treatment.
There you go.
Leigh, my love?
I have a surprise for you.
Is it Troy?
Is he coming home?
I miss him.
No, I'm afraid not.
They're still working on him.
But I have something
to show you.
The finished prototype.
What is it?
It's just...
it's not me at all.
But it is you.
But the detail...
it's the body of a grown woman.
Well, it's your mother's.
A clever amalgam
of the two of you.
I told you
about artistic license.
But... but...
- But what?
- It's humiliating.
It's profane.
I will not be told
about my craft by a child.
You know what I would like?
To make you into
an everlasting sculpture!
Tony, please, I'm sorry!
It's fine, Leigh.
It's supposed to be
a reflection of you,
though if you disagree
so strongly...
Then I'll just
make another doll.
I promise.
I'm not a bad person, Leigh.
This is just...
part of the craft.
I'm sorry.
Hello, sweet Troy.
Leigh, it's you.
Hey, sport.
How're you feeling?
That's great.
That's great.
I have something for you.
Open it up.
I changed the body
to make it more doll-like
in its innocence.
It's beautiful.
I know that you doubted me...
and I forgive you.
What are you gonna name her?
I'll name her...
I'll name her Angel.
I love it.
An Angel for an angel.
I'll tell the marketing
department right away.
Now, I have one more surprise.
You didn't think I'd forgot
about your birthday, did you?
I'm so happy that you're here.
I told the doctors,
if they didn't let me go,
I'd hold my breath
until I turned blue.
Then you'll stay?
As long as
the cough doesn't come back.
Can we go get some food?
Yes, eat.
You need to gain some weight.
Hi, I'm James.
Pleased to finally
meet you, Leigh.
And happy birthday.
Thank you.
So tell me more about yourself.
I don't know what to tell you.
Have you ever...
kissed a boy?
Is that a yes?
Just my father.
Get off her,
you dirty little rat!
Tony, please, what are...?
I'm making sure
you don't defile yourself!
Get outta here!
This is my property.
You will obey my rules,
and you are never
to see that boy again.
Let go of me!
You are not my father.
We had to take Troy
back to the hospital.
He started coughing again.
Oh, my God.
Is he okay?
These doctors are very good.
I trust them.
I wanted to apologize.
I know I overreacted.
But it's because
I care about you so much...
And when I see you
with a boy like that,
I get so incensed.
I feel like someone's
gonna take you away from me.
Let me tuck you in.
Sweet dreams.
No! No, no...
What's wrong?
Why don't I
make you some breakfast?
I can bring it up to your room.
Your mother's eaten and Tony's...
Where is he?
Well, he left this morning
on an extended business trip.
For how long?
We're not sure, really.
He didn't say.
I'll be back
with your breakfast.
I need your help.
Mama, please.
What is it?
The worst thing happened.
Tony came to my room last night
and he...
He raped me.
You dreamt it.
He only has eyes for me,
and who could blame him?
Even though I won't touch him.
Mama, please listen to me.
You don't even know
what that means.
Such an imagination.
But it happened!
You dreamt it!
Now, you will not speak
of such things.
Do you understand me?
- Now leave!
- But Mama...
Why will you not mind me, child?
Because I'm not a child anymore.
He's been
gone almost seven weeks
and I can still feel his weight.
His ugly smell.
I can't sleep.
I can't eat.
I can barely breathe.
I have no peace.
I feel as though
I am awaiting my execution,
listening for the inevitable
snap of the rope.
There's no escape.
I'm alone,
living in this terrible secret.
I wish I knew what to do.
But I'm lost.
Lost and alone
and so afraid.
I'm so very, very afraid.
"Back to Farthinggale
end of week."
I wish you were awake.
Tony comes back
from his trip soon...
And so
I have to make a decision.
Just like my Papa said.
sweetheart, are you okay?
I've been sick for weeks.
It's my stomach.
Stress, I think.
Have you been having
your period, honey?
How long have you been
keeping this from me?
No, this isn't going to happen.
Do you understand me?
I will not be a grandmother.
I will not
let you do this to me.
I didn't do anything!
I told you, it was him.
He raped me.
No. It was you.
You seduced him!
We're going
to a special doctor tomorrow,
to do what I should've done
when I was pregnant with you.
Now come!
I'm not doing anything that
you tell me to do ever again!
How dare
you speak to me like that?
How dare you?
I don't know
which I wish more for you...
That you and Tony
live together forever,
or that he leaves you
old and penniless.
I'm my own woman now, Mother!
Not yours or Tony's.
I really need
to speak with my father.
Can you tell me where he is?
He's not here, sweetie.
Then where is he?
He's at a wedding
in the Caribbean.
Whose wedding?
His wedding, sweetheart.
He tried to reach you
to tell you himself, but...
I... I don't understand.
I'm so sorry.
Your mother
has made it very hard.
He could go to jail
for trying to see you,
for violating the court order.
I would never want that.
I'd never want
for him to go to jail.
Wait! Leigh?
Where are you going?
The only place I can.
Come on in.
Who are you?
I'm Loreen,
the realtor for the bank.
I'm prepping this house
for sale.
Who are you?
Is this Jana Jankins' house?
My name is Leigh.
Jana's my grandmother.
Oh, she...
was your grandmother, sweetie.
She passed away
a few nights ago.
Can't sleep here, miss.
Go home.
I don't have one.
Well, then find one.
What's wrong with you?
Don't you have a family?
Easy, mister!
She's fine.
She's with me.
Both of yous...
Get lost.
You really don't
have anywhere to go?
That concerns me.
I'm fine. Thank you.
How are you fine?
You're all alone...
in a train station.
- I can handle myself.
- You can?
I've handled a lot more.
I can do
whatever I put my mind to.
Fair enough.
So can I.
sometimes I find myself
down on my luck.
Doesn't mean
you have to go against
what you want for yourself
to take a little help
from someone who wants
nothing in return.
Especially if you need it.
And you, miss...
need it.
And maybe one day
you'll be able to help me out.
What are you thinking?
Just that...
I could use something to eat.
How 'bout this?
Let me take you out to eat,
and you can get
whatever you want.
I've never been to a mansion.
And I've never
been to the circus.
Do you actually live there?
Well, there is no "there."
We camp
and travel.
Spring to fall.
Then, when the circus
is off for winter,
I go back to my real home.
And where's that?
It's called Winnerow.
The country,
in West Virginia,
with my family.
Maybe one day,
when we get married,
I'll take you there.
Oh, yeah? Married?
Yeah. I had this strange vision
when I first saw you.
I don't think
I'll ever get married.
Why not?
Because I've seen
what it's like.
And I'm fine on my own.
I'm fine on my own, too.
But... who said people
can't be fine on their own
Yeah! All right.
What did we win?
We can choose.
You like cotton candy?
I've never had any.
Then you're missing out on life!
It's the best thing there is.
And it's all yours,
if I could just get
a little kiss.
Just a peck.
It's your choice.
I'm not trying to pressure you.
What part of heaven
did you drop out of
to arrive here, Leigh?
All you need to do is stay safe
and get a good night's rest.
I'll be sleeping
in my truck. Okay?
Be right outside if you need me.
It's cold.
There's room on the bed.
We don't have to touch.
How 'bout I take the floor?
But only if you insist
on me staying.
That doll looks
the spitting image of you.
It's a portrait doll.
I sat for it.
Well, did they at least
name her after you?
The resemblance
is kind of uncanny.
Actually, I got to name her.
Her name is Angel.
That sure is what you are.
I think, from now on,
that's what I'm gonna
call you, too.
I'm gonna go get my stuff.
I want you
to stay with me, Angel.
Back at my home.
Just till you decide
what you want to do.
Baby boy.
You're home!
Good to see you, boy.
who is this?
This is Leigh...
but I call her Angel.
She's down on her luck
and needs our help...
and a place to stay.
we certainly can use some help
with the chores in return.
I'd be happy to pitch in.
You're just in time.
We have some preserves
to put up.
Come on in.
Thank you.
Please, don't judge.
I wouldn't.
Is it yours?
I feel like
that's unimportant, Ma.
Then I feel the same.
When is an apple grouchy?
When it's a crabapple.
You know...
I mean, what happened.
I'm not a virgin anymore.
It makes no difference, Leigh.
You're with me now.
Would you marry me?
I don't have a ring or anything,
and I'm sorry about that...
but what I can do
is build us a house
and promise to love you
and care for you and your baby
if you'll do me the honor.
Are you serious?
Yes! Of course!
I, Luke Casteel,
take you, my Angel...
Leigh VanVoreen,
to have and to hold
from this day forward,
for better or worse,
in sickness and in health,
to love and cherish
and... I'm adding something here,
is that okay?
Of course.
And by love and cherish
and hold, and all that,
I mean as two equal parts
of a whole
in the eyes of the Lord,
until death do us part...
or if she ever
just wants to leave me.
Leigh, do you promise
to love and to cherish Luke
till death do you part?
I do.
You may kiss your bride.
I love you, Luke.
I love you, too, Angel.
How's my other angel
doing in there?
I can feel her kicking.
Gets it from you.
Where are you taking me?
I'm not gonna tell you.
What do you think, Leigh?
It's nice.
What is it?
What is it?
It's our new home.
I mean, technically,
it's our homesite.
But use your imagination.
There's gonna be
a big log house,
right here.
Okay, a small log house,
but still big enough for us
to start a family.
'Course, I gotta get to work,
but I finished clearing it,
and my dad and I
are gonna start building soon,
so that, by winter,
we'll be ready to move in.
What does baby Casteel
think of the place?
That it's beautiful.
Now... it won't be a mansion.
I don't need a mansion, Luke.
I know, I know.
It wouldn't
make you any happier?
I'm already
as happy as I can be.
Then it'll be
a nice little place.
I can smoke my pipe
and you can knit
while our children...
Are you okay?
I think...
Oh. I think...
I think my water just broke.
Oh, I'm having this baby!
Right now?
Okay, we gotta get you home.
Come on.
Ahh! I can't! I can't walk.
Ooh... ooh.
Hang on. Okay.
Lie down.
I'll go get the truck
and get Mama, okay?
She knows how to deliver.
I'm gonna be a dad, Angel!
Baby, I love you
more than anything in the world.
I love you, too, Luke.
I feel like I've finally
found my piece of heaven.
Fate is smiling on us.
Okay, I'll be right back.
"Dear Mr. Tatterton...
I regret to inform you
that Leigh VanVoreen Casteel
died in childbirth,
giving birth
to a daughter named Heaven.
I'm sending you her diary
given to me by a man
who said it gave him
too much pain to keep it,
Luke Casteel."
Hey, Annie?
Funeral's about to start.
Uh, yeah,
I'll be there in a minute.
Were you able
to find anything out?
That, as a young girl,
she had the courage to escape
the only world she knew
and become her own woman.
She sounds remarkable.
She was.
I see where you get it.
Come on.