Webcast (2018) Movie Script

It's happening again.
That's about twenty feet.
Are you still getting this?
It's er... It's open.
What have we got to do now?
Start with your name.
My name's Ed Dickens.
Currently staying at 7.
And what is it you're about to do?
I'm about to break into 9.
We've got to do this, we've got no choice.
We've got to find out what the fuck is going on.
- You gonna be okay?
- Yeah, I'll be fine.
- You uploaded the other videos yet?
- Shit, no. I'll do that now.
- Okay.
- Hi
- Hi
- So am I the topic of the documentary then?
- No.
- What happened to the camera anyway?
- It got stolen.
Alright, okay.
- Shall I
- Shall I erm... we'll go film yeah?
- Do it, yeah, yeah.
It's not. You've got it on.
How's it look?
Yeah, no, no, just keep blowing the smoke
into the lens and fucking up the focus.
- Better for you?
- That looks so much better.
You should quit, you know that, right?
- I want this film to be about Amelia.
Who Amelia was. What she
meant to her family. To my family.
And what her disappearing left behind.
I think it's weird that no-one has
spoken about it for so long.
No one knows what happened to
her and no one seems to care.
Maybe there's a reason for that?
Well, maybe there is and I want to find out.
That's what this film will be about.
Kind of the not-knowing.
- What do you want to do now?
- Shit!
- What are doing?
Oh my fucking God.
Oh God, okay, okay.
- Hi Mrs Webber
- Ed!
- How long's it been?
- Oh y'know, just a couple of months.
Three months I think.
Three months? That long?
- You two want something to eat?
- Yeah.
- Mum, we're filming.
Alright. What are you filming?
- Something for our final project.
- Okay.
- You want something?
- I would love something, Mrs Webber.
- Alright, alright.
- Have you done something to your hair?
It looks great.
- Stop it.
- Don't start.
You are so disgusting.
Me and her tonight it's on.
- No, she's my mum.
- Get some R. Kelly. I won't piss on her though.
- The way you threw that cigarette.
- It was like a professional javelin thrower.
It was ridiculous.
Oh come on.
- Why don't you tell her? I don't understand.
- Because it's none of your business, that's why.
- None of my business?
- Yeah.
- Did you get that all on camera?
- Of course I got it all on camera.
- But seriously, did you get it all on camera?
- Oh yeah.
I mean you've got to be careful Webber.
You never know whose watching
when you're up to no good.
Dun dun duh!
I've got pictures of her here...
playing in this room.
And I've got pictures of her as well opening her
christmas presents under the tree in the corner.
This is the last picture taken of her.
It was used in the press.
Shall we got outside and do the intro?
July 14th 1984.
A small street in the
village of Cold Christmas...
Oh ff-
I don't think this is working.
I'm just going to walk up here.
I want you to follow me.
July 14th 1984.
A small street in the
village of Cold Christmas.
Amelia Wells says "Good evening" to her
parents, steps out onto the street
and is never seen again.
Her little sister, grew up to be my mother.
My name is Chloe Webber and
Amelia Wells was my aunt.
- Right, be careful of the bed.
- Of what?
- Of the bed!
- Oh alright.
Ow! Ow! Ow!
Mate, you were right, this is like a time capsule.
This is so weird.
Oh wait really? You literally left that open.
Are you still doing the WEBcasting?
Yeah of course I am.
I've got 300 followers now.
- 300? Wow! That's great!
- Shut up!
- Don't you watch them?
- What? No.
I mean, maybe one.
It's pretty cool huh?
It's pretty creepy as well.
When I was little, this room was off limits.
I'd sneak in here and my mum would
scream at me if I got caught.
And how does she feel about it now?
Now that you're sleeping in here?
Anytime I'm not around she
comes in here and tidies up.
- It's like she wants sit to be as
un-lived in as possible.-
She drew, she wrote, she's all these things
and then one day - she just isn't here anymore.
How does anyone move on
with a room like this in their house?
I think they just expected her to come back.
I think they still do.
Granddad, this is my friend Ed.
We go to college together. Isn't that right Ed?
Do we?
- Talk to him!
- What do you... erm...
Hey Joe, oh, what you looking at outside mate?
It's his favourite spot.
If we move him anywhere else
he gets really really grumpy.
Is that so?
It's fine he does it all the time.
- Are you having a giggle! Look at that mattress!
It's so fruity it hurts.
- It's fine, Look!
It's absolutely fine,
I've slept on it hundreds of times.
Used to have a TV in here somewhere,
but I don't know where Granddad put it.
Oh what is that?
- That's a pretty cool box.
- Yeah my granddad made it. It's really old.
Your granddad made the box?
Yeah he did.
I'm just impressed that Joe made that.
Why are you not more impressed by this?
What? Did he make that as well?
Go on..
That's Amelia with my mum.
They look really happy.
That's my Granddad.
That's Joe?
That's my Gran, Sophia. She died
a couple of years after Amelia disappeared.
Half the family gone in just two years.
That's awful. Poor Joe.
Are you sure this party for him is a good idea?
No, not really. But try telling that to my mum.
What are you doing?
Birthday messages.
You going round to everybody?
Happy Birthday Dad! That's me done yeah?
Two lovely ladies.
I was just wondering if I could ask
you a couple of questions about Amelia.
Oh that's a long time ago. Yes, I do remember
Amelia, yes she was really really sweet.
Yes, I knew her, Yes.
What was she like?
She was a bit shy. Yes.
So Peter, tell me about your love of gnomes?
My love of gnomes? They're glorious little chaps.
I've got a collection of them in the garden.
One sits there all day with his little fishing pole.
I've never seen him catch anything though.
Always very helpful with neighbours
and stuff like that.
We just used to be party animals, y'know.
There used to be lots of guys around her, cause
she really was quite a stunning looking girl.
What did she look like?
Little bit plumpish, freckles.
Short, vivacious.
I seem to remember she had
very beautiful blonde hair.
Tall, long dark hair. Bit wavy.
And I tried to be friends with her,
but she wouldn't have it.
Maybe I've got that effect on people.
I just wanted to ask you a
few questions about Amelia.
Erm... what was she like?
She was a bit strange because
she always had a mac on.
And she had to hold the mac. She would be lovely
underneath, but she would never take her mac off.
She had this kind of weird...
"french" persona about her.
Yeah. I actually heard heard talking french on
the phone once. It was a pay phone where we were.
I don't speak a word of french so actually
I couldn't tell you if it really was french?
But she said it was french.
What happened to her?
She went missing from
the street thirty years ago.
The street? Which street?
And I think she went to America,
because I know somebody told me that.
Has she been reported missing?
Yes. Thirty years ago.
Thirty years ago and they've
done nothing about it?
Well, I think they tried to find her.
Hello Dr Colby, how are you?
Just wanted to ask you a couple
of questions about Amelia if that's okay?
My father took me to one side one day
and said "You do know, she's a prostitute-"
- Did you think she was a prostitute or was that just something that your dad said?
- Well...
I don't want you to be
doing things like this now, of all times.
We're not here for you to try and
be the spotlight because you want-
No! That wasn't that at all.
Is this thing on? Switch it off now.
- What you doing?
- Who's this?
News of the world.
News of the who?
No, no, no, no, Ed, don't.
Kimberley's sister?
Jessica Holloway, told me. She lives at number 16.
She told me she was wearing a red dress
the night she went missing.
I heard she was odd.
I get the feeling it's a story a lot of people
round here would rather not talk about much.
Oh, here comes Mother Teresa.
Who's that?
That's our neighbour, Holda.
Darling, how lovely to see you.
Is that your boyfriend?
Erm, no. Erm...
He's very cute.
Turn it off.
She used to own all the land around here.
Before they built the estate.
Had to sell it all to cover their debts.
I want to ask a couple of questions
actually. About Amelia?
She had a blazing row with Joe before his stroke.
I'm not saying she brought it on. I'm just
saying I'm surprised she's here that's all.
I thought this was about your
grandfather? It's his birthday.
Yeah, yeah, it is.
We're filming for him and
for school so it's both.
Well, I don't know what I can tell you about Amelia.
Her parents were very distressed by
what happened. They were heartbroken.
You were there when Joe
got attacked. What happened?
Excuse me, need you in the kitchen.
Party time!
Party! Party!
Boyfriend eh?
Shut up.
It is off isn't it?
She had sort of dark, reddish,
blonde-looking hair.
but really fucking beautiful at the same time.
Do your Lorraine impression.
"Well I thought, she was going down there..."
she was just -
Is that it? That was literally the
worst impression I've ever, ever heard.
But I don't understand.
She asked you to turn he camera off,
and I still had the mic in her face.
- You were flirting with her quite a bit actually.
- Are you jealous?
No, of course not.
Are you jealous of Lorraine?
What happened to gone and not forgotten?
I wouldn't mind, but there's pictures
on the wall of her.
So what do you think then?
I don't know. You're probably
better off asking Peter's gnomes.
You're making a film about Amelia?
Yeah, did you know her?
I've got some old press cutting at home.
Press cuttings?
Yeah, from the time.
Well, she was a bit troubled
- d'you know what I mean?
What do you mean troubled?
Just to take off like that, just to run away?
No phone calls? No letters?
Someone in there said she was a prostitute?
She had a few problems.
- What do you mean by a few problems?
She didn't fit in very well at home.
She was a bit of a loner.
Everyone keeps saying that she was unhappy,
but we've seen all these videos
where she seems really happy.
You're only a friend of my granddad's,
I don't understand how you could know
she was really miserable and upset?
Do you think she was murdered?
I don't really think it's the best
time to talk about that.
And so say all of us!
Just want to say a massive thank you
for to you all for coming here today.
As you know, when dad fell ill,
my daughter Chloe was there.
And I just want to tell her
in front of all of you
how much I love her
and how thankful I am.
Thank you, my darling girl. Thank you.
To Joe!
To Joe!
Cheers, Joe.
Great speech though.
What's up?
You alright?
Yeah, not too bad.
What you doing out here?
Just, looking at stuff.
Just filming my face again.
You know you don't have to film everything
just because you don't want to talk about stuff.
I'm fine.
Obviously I want you here.
I just don't want to talk about it okay?
Let's do something.
Let's go do some filming.
Yep, yep, sure.
Let's go do some shit.
How do I look?
Like a ghost.
- Cut!
- How does it look?
Can you like... try and look less cold?
Right. Shall we go again?
Erm... come down the gate here instead.
This one?
Yeah, yeah yeah.
What the fuck?
Hold on, Chloe,
come back, I didn't get that.
- Ed!
- It's alright.
- Please let me go!
- I got you.
- No!
No! No!
Are you okay?
- Yeah yeah!
- Please! Help! Help!
- Thank God!
- Help me please!
Go get Dr Colby!
- Now! Quickly!
- Go! Go! Go!
Let me go!
- Let me see Summer.
- Help!
- No!
- I think she's taken something.
We thought we'd looked everywhere.
Help me!
She bit me and she attacked him too.
Stay back!
Can you turn that off it's not helping.
No keep the light on, it helps.
Summer? Summer, listen.
Just calm down.
Stay back.
Stay still.
- I'm going to give you a shot.
- No no no no no no.
I'll call an ambulance.
No no. No need to call one,
I can deal with this inside.
Take her under the arms,
we'll deal with it inside.
That's it!
Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah I'm fine.
You'll be fine, you'll be fine.
That's okay. You're okay.
What the fuck?
Is it really necessary to film this?
Let me see.
It's fine.
- It looks really sore.-
- Are you sure you're ok?
- Hmm-mm.
Did you get it all on film?
I would, but it's fucking freezing!
Hold on, Chloe,
come back I didn't get that.
She look's fucking crazy.
No! Let me go!
Can you see how she came
out of nowhere just like - BAM!
Hi, could I speak to the police please?
Amazing! When did you get this?
Last week. What are you doing?
No, come on, Chloe, put the camera away.
Wait a minute.
- No, seriously what -
- They can't even see us anyway. Shh!
You're filming someone's
personal shit right now.
Right, are you happy now?
That's it?
She runs out...
like she's running for her life.
Why would they need a grown
man to pin her down to the floor?
That's it - now go back, go back.
She's screaming help to
you because she knows -
- Yes!
if you go near her, she can start
attacking you. That's why.
She looks absolutely petrified.
She doesn't look like she's on drugs.
"She got out"
You heard "She got out"
Like "she escaped!"
No, that's not what I said.
It would be hard wouldn't it?
Keeping someone prisoner against their will?
What if she wasn't on drugs?
Just listen, okay?
- What if she was hysterical,-
and then, they're over here...
the life and soul of the party,
and yet she's next door on her own.
Would you leave someone in that
frame of mind, on their own, next door?
This is weird!
What do you mean, "this is weird!"? This is weird - is this your new thing now?
- Oh no no no, I'm documenting this.
What you documenting it for?
What the fuck is that gonna do?
- We need to see what the fuck is going on.
What do you mean "see what's going on?"
You can see what's going on. She's off her tits!
Why are you doing all this?
Why can't you just leave it?
Because this - what we just
experienced is fucking weird.
Right. Chloe, what do you want us to do?
We've called the police. We've done
everything we fucking can.
I don't think we've done enough.
- Morning
- Morning
Yeah, no, it came from...
I don't know... around this area?
And what did it sound like?
Dunno - like, a low rumble?
Yeah. But do all the houses
around here have basements?
I've got no idea.
Can I stay in your room tonight?
Have either of you
two seen Lorraine's lipstick?
She's called twice already today.
It's fine. I'll get it.
What did she want?
Keep filming.
- Why would I keep filming?
- Keep filming.
Darling! How lovely to see you!
This is for you.
To thank you for all your help.
Oh wow!
Thank you so much!
- Chloe!
- Is that apple?
Come here my darling.
Thank you so much, darling Chloe!
What's going on?
This is so difficult.
Would you like me explain, Holda?
It's my niece, Summer...
she's - she's a drug addict.
Oh Holda!
We tried to keep it from everyone
We've had to keep
Summer locked in the house.
She's been in withdrawal for a few days now.
But last night she took something and well,
it led to a skirmish in the street.
A skirmish?
A skirmish?
But these two... they saved her.
We didn't really do anything.
Simon says you stopped her from
running out into the street further away and...
yes you did!
I take it it was you who called the police?
Yes, of course, we were worried.
We've got Summer locked inside the house.
She's given her legal consent for it.
We've had to gain that from the Police
otherwise she wouldn't be able to do so.
You can do that?
She's been in rehab three times already.
Sorry to bring this up...
especially as Holda has been so grateful,
I couldn't help noticing your camera.
You were filming?
You were filming?
Yeah, woah! We were filming,
but nothing to do with this.
- We were filming the final project.
- Really?
- Yeah.
A final project?
We didn't capture anything if that's -
You sure you didn't capture anything...
because there's a lot of stuff...
just gets filmed and put up on the
internet these days and I'd rather...
I'd just rather it be deleted.
Yeah no, we were filming but when the camera
dropped to the ground it stopped recording.
Ok, so it's just it's better to have
these things wiped out entirely should t
hey exist than for them to be there at all.
I'm sure that's fine.
Thank you for coming and
explaining it all and just -
Well thank you for these two.
I don't know what we
would have done without them.
Oh give us a hug. Bless you.
Ed, wake up!
Chloe, what the fuck do you want man?
She's outside again.
She's just there. Summer?
Chloe, be careful.
I just want to talk to her.
Have you had a fight with Ed?
No, he's just gone into
town to get some stuff together.
Have you kissed him yet?
Mum! Yes, I have. I have kissed him.
But I've not really spoken to him about it.
We've not really spoken about it.
I've spoken to him actually since...
or until this week.
Oh, Chloe.
I know, I was just...
It's not really been my priority.
You know, being here,
Granddad, that's my priority.
- Mum?
- Hmm?
Can I talk to you about Ameilia?
What do you want to know?
Er, wow! That was -
that was a lot easier than I expected.
Well, I dragged you away
from the city, put you in her room...
So ask me?
I don't see it like that.
Well that's where we are.
How do you remember her?
She was a good sister.
She smiled and laughed a lot.
Oh we'd fight sometimes
as sisters do and...
she'd boss me around,
but she always stood up for me.
She punched a boy in the face once.
He was calling me names.
She didn't even threaten him
she just walked straight up to him and
smacked him in the nose.
Yeah she was like that. A do'er.
What's this picture?
When she was sixteen,
Amelia got ill.
The doctors said it was a tumor.
A tumor?
That's your necklace right?
When the doctors diagnosed her...
they said she had months to live.
She gave me this.
But then one day, she didn't look as pale anymore.
And the doctors said it was a miracle.
The tumour had just shrivelled up and vanished.
She was different after.
Different how?
More insular.
She told Dad she was moving away.
So that's what you believe happened?
Yes and no.
Towards the end she was kind of erratic.
I know it's not logical.
And I know something else
probably came of her but -
I can't think of her like that.
I see her...
marching up the street the way she marched
across the playground ready to hit that boy.
She just did it.
Oh, I know it's stupid.
It's not stupid.
That's what you should do with that boy.
March right up to him and tell him how you feel.
Or even better, march right up to him and kiss him.
Or whatever you want to do.
- Mum!
- I don't need the details unless you want to tell me.
It's good that he's here.
How are you really?
I'm good.
Come and have a look at this.
What's up?
Well if you had a junkie in your house,
would you invite guests over?
What the fuck is that?
What can you hear?
What can you hear?
No, I'm sorry. This is bollocks.
Oh come on. Really? Witchcraft?
Honestly, brilliant journalism.
It's not ridiculous if they believe in it.
You saw it for yourself.
That crippled guy walks into the house...
What? An hour later comes out
and he's completely fine walking freely?
It's just like what happened to Amelia.
Parties, social occasions,
anything she might pop up in.
Wait! Aren't these the same people
from the party the other day?
Christ, don't they ever fucking age?
What's this one?
Wait what is that?
I saw that symbol in her book.
- Wait, what?-
What is it?
Fuck me.
Look, it's her. She's right there.
I don't know.
It's fucking her.
Look at it!
How is that possible?
- Why? I want you to tell me why you don't
want to be part of this documentary anymore?
- What do you mean 'why'?
Because I've got no fucking idea what is going on.
This shit is creepy! All this stuff, everything that's
been happening - can you explain any of it?
No I can't. Not yet anyway.
Why can't we just give this shit to the police,
just get it over and done with.
Oh you're just fucking chicken aren't you?
I'm a fucking chicken?
Yeah you are.
You're just scared aren't you?
This is why, I'm so done with your bullshit.
What the fuck are you doing?
I'm fucking done is what I'm doing.
Are you fucking joking me?
No, I'm calling the police.
No you're not!
What the fuck are you doing?
Get off! Stop! Fucking stop!
Is this what you always do after sex?
You film the other person?
Shut up!
How are you?
Yeah, I'm not too bad.
7 out of 10 I guess.
6.5 if you're lucky.
What? Why 6.5?
.5 because I'm bring generous.
- What? So you're giving me a 6? Why? Is it because
I like... finished in 30 seconds and started crying?
- Yeah that would be right.
I'm really sorry that I
didn't speak to you for three months.
That's okay.
I am really sorry though.
That's fine, Iook at how much fucked up shit you've
been through. I just didn't understand, that's all.
What happened between you and those three boys?
Oh there she is.
Get your keys.
Hurry up, come on.
Yeah, alright, okay.
Ok, so go left down here.
Yeah, right.
Just don't lose them.
They've got to be around here somewhere.
They've got to be. They couldn't just disappear.
Alright, that's it. We're going to turn around at the next turn because this is just pointless.
- No, no, no. Don't do that.
- What do you mean 'No'?
Don't know why you're being such a pussy about it.
What did you just say to me?
I said why are you being such a pussy.
- A pussy? A pussy?
- Please Ed, just please! Carry on!
- Really? A fucking pussy?
- We're gonna lose them.
- Oh, I'm not a pussy when I do all this for you, but now I'm a pussy because I wanna go back.
- - Ed, Ed, Ed, Ed, please!
- Ed what? "Ed" what?
- Come on!
We're in the middle of fucking nowhere,
in the middle of the fucking night.
You've no idea what you're doing!
You absolutely joking me?
Look please just keep going, please!
I'm begging you, just keep going.
There must be a left or right or something.
Is that them?
I don't know. Have a look. Is it red?
No, I don't know.
No it's not them.
Where would they have gone?
I don't know. Nania.
- Have you seen any turnings at all?
- No.
Anything? Like whatsoever?
Are we done?
We've been up and down this street,
there's nowhere for them to go. I don't understand.
This is way beyond us, Chloe.
I'm really sorry.
It's fine.
I am. For everything.
What if this is what happened to Amelia?
Where is she?
Oh no.
No, no, no, no, no,.
Oh God!
We could have stopped this.
Chloe... Chloe! It's not our fault!
- What are you doing?
- Get in.
Right. You said you wanted evidence
of whatever the fuck they're doing...
So I'm going to go over that gate and get it.
So... you're sitting in the car here?
No, I'm just staking it out first.
Well, couldn't you have, fucking...
you know, hid the car a bit?
Rule one of a stakeout - you don't sit in
your car, eight foot away from the door.
In broad daylight.
We're not in the middle of the hood are we?
We're in the middle of the suburbia.
They're not going to be watching
outside their window with Uzi's.
Yeah, and they're gonna know exactly who we are!
- You're gonna break in?
- Yeah.
Look over there.
Cake tins are out.
Oh! What a surprise.
No shock.
Cakes away.
- Oh shit! Get down!
- Shit!
Is Simon in?
No, no, he was leaving when I got in the car.
Wait, wait, what are you doing?
Chloe, wait! What are you doing?
Just keep a look out.
Fuck sake!
Spade! Where the fuck is the spade?
Come on, come on, come on.
Oh fuck sake Chloe, come on.
Come on, come on.
What the fuck are you doing?
Oh fuck!
It's Ed innit?
Er, yeah.
Yeah! From the party.
What are you doing now? You filming?
No. I'm just er... filming something on the go...
and I'm just checking the camera. So. Yeah.
I know people that might want
videos done for birthdays, or...
you know, weddings.
I've got to go.
Oh okay, well er...
Yeah, yeah okay, thanks. Bye!
Oh fuck!
Think, think, think, think, think, think, think.
Good one, Ed, you dickhead!
Hi, I just wanted to return your tin to you.
Thank you so much.
That's very kind of you, Ed.
Don't rush off because I do have some more in the kitchen.
You know, I've got so much stuff to do
and really have to get going, but thank you...
Good morning. I'm P.C. Hutchinson.
Received Sir, copy that.
Yeah, stay back you bitch.
What - What's happening?
What's he doing?
Are you fucking joking?
Er, Chloe!
- They said they
run it over and then they buried it.
- You fucking joking me?
- Chloe!
That's bullshit! A fox?
Chloe! I'm sorry officer.
Who runs over a fox and buries it
in their flowerbed? That's fucking weird.
You need to calm down.
A fox?
- You need to refrain from swearing.
- That's bullshit!
- You need to ask your daughter to calm down.
- I need to calm down?
- Thank you very much, officer.
I'm really sorry about this... Chloe!
- Oh my God, how is it a fox?
Fucking fox.
Didn't you see any fur?
Have you any idea how long Holda
has been a friend of this family?
How she supported me when my mother died?
How she's helped with your grandfather?
Breaking in? Spying? Jesus Christ!
You told me you were alright.
You said you were coping.
I'm fine.
And by the way, if you'd actually stopped to
listen instead of being so rude to the policeman,
you'd know that summer was
taken to a clinic yesterday.
It's Lorraine.
Mum, what happened again?
Oh God. Erm... Lorraine had an accident.
They said she was sleepwalking.
What happened?
I can't believe this.
They said that she got hold of a hammer
and smashed it against her jaw.
Yeah. I'm still here.
You ok?
Yeah, I just can't believe it.
Why would she do that?
Take the third exit at the roundabout.
It was. It's the same lane.
You have arrived at your destination.
Wait! Wait! Go back! Go back!
Look familiar?
Jesus Christ!
These are really, really old.
Chloe, get off the grave.
Look at these trees.
Why's there a whole bunch of apples here?
Well they're not from the trees
are they? Can't be.
What these trees?
Oh yeah, these are definitely apple trees.
- These 200 foot high... what tress are they anyway, they're pretty cool.-
They look kind of clean.
What is that?
Shit! Something just hit me.
Chloe, what you doing? Come on.
We need to go. You okay?
What's up?
What is it?
Erm... I don't fucking know. I mean, Erm...
Ok, shit. Ok. Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Hurry up, we need to go.
Jesus, wait for me.
Oh, you're fucking kidding me.
You're fucking kidding me.
There's nothing gone at all.
Everything is just messed up.
Can we just get out of here please!
Ed, where's the night vision camera?
Oh, fuck! Nah! Are you being serious?
Wait, hang on, the stuff we filmed last
night on the camera, is that still on there?
I found it! It's here! It's here, look.
Thundridge Church, also known
as "Cold Christmas" Church...
Ah! Look! The church is
said to face the wrong way.
Locals report tales of witchcraft,
vandalism and desecration of the church.
You alright?
Urgh. Stop the car! Stop the car!
Alright, alright.
Hey! Wake up!
What are you doing?
I think I can hear someone.
Come on!
Who's down there?
Who's there?
Xyla, where are you?
Yo! Xyla?
Xyla? Where are you?
- Xyla?
- Xyla?
She can't have got out, I locked up.
Well she's not inside, is she?
What if we were followed? What if it was them?
Chloe, don't say that.
What if it was?
- Chloe?
- Oh my God!
I'm burning, I'm burning!
Oh! I'm burning! I'm burning!
Oh my God! Oh my God!
- Oh don't touch me! Don't touch me!
- I'm sorry!
Mum. just go away, I'll be fine.
Mum -
I'm just worried -
Leave me alone.
Oh God!
Can you hold this?
Can we talk about what happened last night?
There's nothing to talk about. They took my dog.
What the fuck is this? Is this C.S.I.?
It's erm... it's research. I'm writing a book.
Unsolved murders, people who go missing...
girls who go missing.
She's there.
Only made the local news.
Did you know the number of women
reported missing in this county annually
is three times higher than
the national average?
Do you think they're connected?
I think these are.
I was married when I first knew your grandfather,
when I first started working with him in fact.
And we used to go out together, the four of us.
Hadn't been married that long, and my wife was
very keen to try for a baby.
But we hadn't been having much luck.
So your grandmother, she's says to my wife,
"I know somebody who can help."
Now this person, she's a kind of healer,
she makes remedies from plants and things.
And this was Holda?
You're grandmother and Joe
had gone to this woman
when they were trying for Amelia.
apprently she'd given your grandmother
like a "special drink"
and within a week, she was pregnant.
So, my wife thinks "Yeah, that's great.
Can we try that?"
And I didn't see any reason not to.
But you know, it was really strange
because Joe - he came up to me
and said "Don't do it."
Straight out. He said to me
"Don't do it. She's a charlatan"
He said "We've paid a high price for this."
- Well, of course -
- Wait! "A high price for it?"
Were those his exact words?
What the fuck?
What the f-
Hold this. Hold the camera.
Don't stop filming. Don't stop.
Chloe! Oh my God!
Ed, quick! Go get Dr Colby.
Internally, there shouldn't
be any lasting damage.
She will however suffer some
scarring from the cigarette burns.
Psychologically, I think it
best we seek professional help.
She hasn't been the
same since the assault on Dad.
She keeps talking about
Amelia. What if it's hereditary?
Schizophrenia can be
passed through the genes, yes.
Then again it could just be trauma.
You say she won't talk about it?
No. But that could
trigger it, couldn't it?
They said that the trauma was enough
for Amelia - that's what triggered it in her.
It could just be a cry for help.
I could put you in touch with
a friend who's the best in his field.
Keep her off her feet for
a while. Absolutely no filming.
Why are you late? Seriously?
You fucker! Why'd you do that?
Do you like the shitty location?
Yes, so romantic.
What is the big plan for today?
Oh right yeah erm...
All I'll say is... prepare yourself.
I can't believe you brought me here.
Open your eyes.
Ah yeah! Ah! Speechless!
Speechless, aren't you?
Well you have stepped up from
the arcade. So I'll give you that.
Ah yeah! It's the hands!
So I have this theory right?
That the only time you smoke...
is when you're with me. Cause you wanna
try and look like, mega mega cool?
- It was good wasn't it?
- It was alright, yeah.
Yeah, and the only reason you didn't like
the arcade was because I beat you.
No, no it wasn't that.
What was it then?
It's because it was shit.
- Eh!
- Eh!
Oh I'm sorry Mrs Webber,
you're daughter is an alcoholic.
It's so cold! Thanks for bringing me out here.
Man up!
It's great. Man up? I can't see!
I just want to know I did good.
That you did good?
You took me to an arcade!
Oh come on! Stop going on about that!
Keep smiling.
You're filming this aren't you?
Thanks for today.
What is you're fondest
childhood experience?
Hearing the air raid sirens.
The searchlights going up to
look for the German bombers
and then the searchlight lit up a barage balloon
and I thought this was the most amazing thing.
Granddad, come here! Look!
Wait for it.
There! See?
They're out there everyday.
Little pricks.
We shouldn't have to put up with this.
I want to get their faces on
camera so I can show it to the police.
Oh God, don't even think of it.
You can't go messing with that sort of person. No.
Please drop the idea.
I can look after myself, I'm an adult.
- They won't see me.
- - They'll go for you and they'll steal that camera, that's for sure.
- That's a good camera.
- Granddad, I can look after myself.
That's not the point!
Don't go. I'm telling you, please, don't go.
I said, what the
fuck do you think you're doing?
I'm not doing anything.
You making videos of us?
Gimme that!
Oi Diesel, come here bruv!
What's going on?
Think she likes you,
Fam, she's making videos of you.
Stay there!
Fucking Steven Spielberg eh?
Let's make a video of you.
Fucking nosey little bitch.
- Put her titties all over YouTube!
- Chloe!
I've called the police, you better clear off!
Fuck off, Gramps!
Careful old man, you don;t want us to hurt this little girl -
That was fucking nuts!
You fucking idiot!
Ah that was fucking mad! I can't lie.
She ain't gonna film us again, is she bruv?
- Nah!
- Let's go!
You okay?
I feel like shit.
Listen, I was thinking. Why don't
we just get the fuck out of here?
Go stay at mine or something?
You don't even like staying at yours.
Do you think I'm crazy?
Not at all.
You fucking genius.
You brilliant man!
Yeah, okay.
No, you're fucking amazing!
Yeah, alright, stop, stop, stop.
No! Look what you've done - you're so good!
Ah, I've cured cancer.
How long did it take you to find this?
About 3 hours.
Her name is Anna West?
Hmm mm.
That's definitely her.
She's just like Amelia.
Just like Amelia. Oh my God.
Sid, we need to speak to you.
Could you come over right away?
Can I have a word? Ed?
I'm really scared,
Chloe. I don't know what to do.
I mean - swallowing cigarettes?
Do you really think
that I did this to myself?
Well who else did it to you?
She did it! They did it!
That girl is not her niece.
- She's just like Amelia.
- Listen to yourself!
It's the truth. I'll show you.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Enough of this.
I tell you what, I'm taking you to the psychologist first thing in the morning.
I don't want to hear any more about it.
Ok, Mrs W, I've just got to say this, okay?
I thought the whole thing
was absolutely fucking stupid.
But she's telling the truth.
Why would she does this to herself?
- And you know what else we saw?
- Ed stop!
Her name is Anna West.
She's on a missing persons website.
Stop! Stop!
And turn that fucking camera off!
In fact, I think it's time you
went home. First thing in the morning.
Ed! Wake up! Wake up!
- What?
- Shh!
Could you hear it?
Is that your mum?
I don't know.
Oh my God! Mum?
Oh my God, Mum! Oh my God! Mum!
Oh mum.
I just wanted to say I'm sorry.
I didn't save granddad, mum.
It's my fault he's sick. And now you.
I'm so sorry.
I love you.
What the fuck?
What the fuck is that?
Oh no.
Oh no, you've got to be fucking kidding me.
Oh fuck, no, no, no, no, no, no,
fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
My mum's necklace has gone.
They took it. I know they did.
I need to show you something.
I know this place. Where is it?
Just... keep watching, alright.
Oh my God.
That can't have happened.
That can't have happened.
Right here, hang on.
Fuck me... come on.
What the fuck is that?
I don't fucking know, alright?
But that's not the point, okay? I mean.
They filmed this shit on my camera.
They're gonna fucking pin this on us.
Chloe? Chloe? Chloe!
Ed? Ed?
It's happening again.
Wait. Those are the police officers.
From the other day.
I'm sorry.
That's about twenty feet.
You still getting this?
We've got to find out what the fuck is going on.
You gotta be fucking kidding me.
Where the fuck am I supposed to look?
Shit! Fuck! Fuck! What?
Get back! Get the fuck back!
Get back! Ed, fucking
hurry up! Get behind me!
What the fuck?!
Oh shit.
What the fuck!
Come on, come on!
Ed, hold the door.
Come on, come on!
I don't think they can get in.
Fuck! There's no signal.
There's got to be a way out.
What the fuck is that?
Shit! It's the girl from the
clippings. From Sid's house.
You serious?
Hundred percent.
Oh my God. Oh my God, it stinks,
What are those?
That's Lorraine's lipstick.
That's Lorraine's lipstick.
- That's not Lorraine's lipstick.
- It is.
What the fuck?
Oh my God!
That's my mum's necklace.
Come on.
Oh fuck.
What the fuck?
Chloe, are you okay?
Woah! No, no, no!
Wake up!
Fucking wake up!
I'm fucking sorry, okay?
I'm sorry. Just wake up.
I'm gonna get us out of here.
You just wait there.
What the fuck?
You've got to be fucking kidding me.
Fucking hell.
- Seed and womb.
- Sapling bloom.
- Bind the body.
- Bear the fruit.
- Oh God.
- No! No!
Oh shit, no, no, Chloe, don't look. Don't look. Come here.
Wait. Your blisters.
What the fuck is going on?
It's fine, it's fine, it's fine.
It's not fine.
It's fine. It's just -
Ed, this is not fine.
This is not fine.
- Don't worry about it. Just don't look, okay?
- It's not -
Fucking hell.
- Bind the body.
- Bear the fruit.
Oh, fuck off.
How is this real?
Okay, Chloe, Chloe!
We need to go down this way.
Very slowly, okay?
Come on, let's go - slow!
Chloe! Chloe!
Calm down. Calm down.
- They're not going to find us. I promise you. Okay?
Come on. Go, go, go.
Oh my God!
What the fuck is this?
What is this place?
We've got to get out of here.
Oh fuck!
Oh fuck, no, no, no, no, no.
Quick! Point the light in front of
me, take my hand and let's go.
You okay?
Come on, let's go.
- Ah you gotta be fucking kidding me.
- Ed, open the door.
Did we go wrong somewhere.
- Ed, please open the door!
- Alright, alright, okay, okay.
Come on, fucking, come on.
Alright, erm... turn the light off,
okay? Turn the light off.
You ready?
Ah fuck.
Wait, wait! Shh! One second.
I think there's a door?
No! No! No! No! No!
Okay, we're gonna - we're gonna get to the
car and everything is going to be okay, yeah?
Yea - yeah, yeah.
I love you.
Oh my God!
Ed! Ed! Oh my - Ah!
If there's anyone out there, please!
Please if anyone's watching, please, please help us!
Please! Ed!
Ed! Oh God!
- Seed and womb
- Sapling bloom.
- Sapling bloom.
- Bind the body.
- Bind the body.
- Bear the fruit.
- Bear the fruit.
- No!
Please help me!
No! Somebody!
Help me!
Right - get her out of the hole. Now.
Do it! Come on!
Get her out of the fucking ground now!
Take another inch closer and this bitch
doesn't make anymore fucking pies.
Chloe! Chloe! Chloe,
come on. get in the fucking car!
Get back you! Chloe,
come on, come on, come on.
Get in the fucking car, come on!
Yeah, I took your apples bitch!
And I ate them aha!
You try and kill me now,
you old wrinkly fuck!
How the fuck are you alive?
Huh? Wha?
- It's fine. Don't worry about it.
- Ed, what the fuck?
What the fuck, Ed?
Where are the fucking sta-?
What the fuck?
How are you alive?
Er... got hungry.
What the fuck?
Got hungry.
What the fuck is wrong?
How is this happening?
This makes a fucking - it's a good
finish for your film, right? Huh?
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Please just get us the fuck out of here.
Shall we stop at McDonald's on the way, huh?
I fancy a fucking Big Mac.
You fucking idiot!