Wedding Bells (2016) Movie Script

Ooh, uh-huh...
Yeah, yeah...
I'll have the sketches
for the winter line
ready in a week or two.
Yeah! Yeah. Yeah.
Don't worry.
It's going great.
Okay. Bye.
...This will be
The first time anyone
has loved me...
Are you ready?
My final dress-fitting
at the bridal salon, remember?
You said you wanted to come.
I'm so sorry, Amy.
I'm way behind on my deadlines.
The department stores
want to see the "look book"
for the winter line
in a month.
I don't have sketches
to make patterns
to make clothes.
You have to eat.
I'll buy you lunch, and you can
just sit on the pretty couch
and tell me how gorgeous
my dress is.
It's your sworn duty
as maid of honor.
You're right.
Of course, I'll come.
Maybe we can get cheesesteaks
from that truck
across the street.
You're kidding, right?
Why, what do you want to eat?
Cold-pressed juice
and kale chips.
How are we even friends?
James is going to die
when he sees you in this.
I don't think he cares
what I wear to the wedding.
He'd be happy if we got married
in a ditch.
It's kind of sweet,
though, right?
I mean, he just--
he loves you.
You'll have that too someday.
I know you will.
Probably not,
but that's how I want it.
I like my drama-free life.
Sounds kind of
boring to me.
Hey, not everybody needs a guy
to live happily ever after.
That is what
everyone says,
but no one actually
means it.
Okay, how long have you and I
been best friends,
and have I ever not meant
what I've said?
Okay, fine.
You will be
alone forever.
Thank you.
You're still coming with us
for dinner tonight, right?
To Nick's new restaurant?
Yes, but don't try
and set us up again.
That was years ago!
And I didn't technically
try to set you up.
Um, you locked us
out on your balcony.
[Laughs] Yeah!
It was a great idea.
Can I help it if there
weren't any sparks?
What kind of food
does Nick serve
at his restaurant?
[Amy]: "Modern
American Fusion".
Sounds like
a game show.
Keep an open mind.
So James,
Amy tells me
your business
is doing well?
It's been
a slow start,
but I love helping
regular people
with their savings.
Sure beats
Wall Street.
It's all about new clients.
Where would we find
a house with a basement
in the city?
We don't have to
live in the city.
I can give financial advice
from anywhere.
So, what? What
are you saying?
You don't want to
live in Manhattan?
Hey, Nick!
Hey! You guys
finally made it in!
It's about time!
[Amy]: Nick,
do you remember Molly?
Blame her. She's as impossible
to make plans with as you are.
Congrats on
the restaurant, Nick.
It looks great.
Thank you.
Yeah, it's, uh, it's been
a long time coming,
but it's good.
How about you?
How's, uh, how's the shoe biz?
No sales at all.
Mostly because
I'm not in the shoe biz.
Right. It's, uh...
Yes! Okay. Well, let's get
you guys a table.
-Come on!
-All right.
Don't worry.
You'll be a huge fan
of Nick's after tonight.
The food here
is amazing.
Whoa, whoa. Wait.
You've been here
It was before
he officially opened.
You were
at your gallery late
for that show
with the paintings
made out of
coffee stains.
-Coffee grinds.
Well, we're here now.
Bride and groom,
maid of honor,
Nick, the best man.
All finally together
in the same room, right?
Let's just enjoy the meal.
For our first course--
a smoked quail egg marinated in
an oak-aged apple vinegar foam.
Tastes like, uh...
an eggy pickle.
Two things I enjoy...
Not bad for
our third weekend!
Yeah, Isaac,
I didn't get the oysters
again today, though.
Didn't get any seafood
this week.
Sorry, partner. Minor cash-flow
issue until we find our legs.
We'll be stocked up
for next week.
All right. Thank you.
You keep the doors open...
...And you keep 'em
coming back.
Thank you.
[Cell phone alert chimes]
What is it?
I don't believe it.
Are you okay?
It's about this investor,
Frank Van Allen.
He's been caught in
some pyramid scheme.
Did you know him?
He invested
all of my parents' savings.
They've frozen all our assets,
pending the investigation.
Now my father wants us
to postpone the wedding.
Oh, Amy, I am so sorry.
They were supposed to make
the final payments tomorrow,
but now they can't.
I can't afford
a wedding for 300 people.
[Amy]: I know.
Let's go back
to your place
and talk this over.
We'll figure
something out.
Amy, I'm sure there's some way
we can still make
this wedding happen.
If we can find
a good location,
we could still have
a nice ceremony.
[Cell ringing]
Excuse me.
[Tearfully]: I know.
Nick, can I talk to you a sec?
What's up, buddy?
I think I know
someplace we can do this.
No, no, no. Look.
You know I'd do anything
to help you guys,
but I don't think the inn's
a good idea.
The place is falling apart,
and... well...
it hasn't been open
since my mom passed--
[James]: I know.
It's worth a try.
Are you
kidding me?
I have a tapeworm.
Oh, come on,
you didn't enjoy any
of the meal I prepared?
I'm sorry, Nick.
I'm just not a "foam" person.
I don't even like
Okay, fine.
Next time, I'm gonna make you
macaroni and cheese.
How's that?
You promise?
Yeah, I promise.
So did I hear
you guys right?
Do you know some place
where we might be able
to have this wedding?
Oh, come on, Nick.
I mean, you saw her.
She's a wreck!
Anything would help.
All right, my father owns
an inn in the Berkshires.
Is there some way we could
see what it looks like?
Is there a website?
My father doesn't know
a website from a campsite.
He doesn't even
own a computer!
I mean, come on, James!
You've seen the place,
it's a disaster!
[phone ringing]
I guess the inn wasn't
such a good idea.
Sorry, guys.
I gotta take this.
Isaac. Hey, what's up?
Do you think
Amy's going to be okay?
I don't know.
I mean,
her whole lifestyle
is about to change.
Maybe that's
not such a bad thing.
It's all a bit much anyway,
you know?
I guess that depends
on who you ask.
I can't believe this.
What happened?
That was Isaac,
my business partner?
Turns out our primary investor
is another of these victims
from the pyramid scheme.
Says I have to
close the restaurant
until he can find
another investor.
I'm sorry
to hear that.
You'll open back up.
You're too good
not to.
What am I supposed to do
until then?
Maybe you...
you could cater
a country wedding?
Come on!
I'm not
trying to pressure you,
but don't you have
a fridge full of food
that's not gonna
be used now?
Okay. You're right.
Yes. Yes.
I will call my father.
Thank you, Nick.
What's going on?
Your wedding, that's what.
I can live with "maybe."
Anyone up for
a Berkshires road trip?
I am.
[Amy]: How fare are we going?
[James]: I'm so glad
you ordered a stretch limo.
[Nick]: Okay.
Everybody comfy?
We're great.
Thanks for driving, Nick.
[Molly honks horn]
I thought
it would've been
more of a "beep-beep!"
Okay. Let's go.
[Lily Frost "Blissed Out" plays]
Follow your bliss
Focus and listen
to intuition
You'll easily find your way
No one else knows
Where you should go
in the world
You are the one to say...
["order up" bell dings]
[Molly]: Do you know
what the mark
of a good restaurant is?
A chef who's passionate
about his food?
Ranch dressing.
Molly is quite
the ranch connoisseur.
One taste,
and I know
if it's fresh
or from a jug.
If it's from a jug,
I know the rest
of the food
is going to be "ugh."
You know,
you should really
get a job writing
forThe Times.
Mm. Try it.
-[Nick gags]
-Come on!
No way.
Come on, Nick.
Think of it as a "foam,"
but for normal people.
Now you're
turning on me?
I'm just trying to
expand your horizons.
Do it.
Come on!
Fine. Okay, okay.
Great, right?
Grudgingly, one point--
ranch dressing.
[cell phone chimes]
Ugh. I can't even look.
It just keeps getting worse.
Good thing my parents
own their apartment
or they'd be on the street,
Or living with us.
What am I gonna do?
I know that
I'm being insane.
It's just
a lot to process.
[phone vibrates]
What was that?
Barneys wants first
right of refusal
on my winter line.
That's amazing!
That's awesome.
Why aren't you
jumping up and down?
[Nick]: Yeah!
Mostly because
I don't like anything
I'm designing
and probably won't have
anything for them,
then I'll end up
selling v-neck T-shirts
on the subway.
Maybe getting out of the city
will inspire you.
I got it.
Yes. I want to do this.
Can't wait
to see the inn.
And Charlie.
It's been awhile.
Yeah. It's been
a while for me, too.
[Amy]: Did you really
grow up there?
[Nick]: Afraid so.
Ahem. Be right back.
Ladies' room.
[James]: Nick wasn't always
this trend-setting
New York chef.
Use this one.
Must have been fun, though,
growing up with
all those people around.
Yeah, he was
the best bellboy
the Berkshires
ever saw.
Yeah. [chuckles]
Thank you.
Thank you...
Thank you.
Thank you.
The number one employee...
In fact, he also made
an excellent housekeeper.
Did you just
say I was "fat"
or did you say
"in fact"?
Well, both.
Brought it
back for you.
-Thank you.
-Thanks, Amy.
[Molly]: Everybody ready?
Let's go.
Let's go.
[Hushed]: Hey! That was
really cool, by the way.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
What a mess.
It's not the Plaza.
It's fine!
It's perfect.
-Oh, thanks.
-You're welcome.
Well, here we go.
-Hey, Dad.
-Good to see you, Nick.
What's up with them?
It's complicated.
Hey, Charlie!
Good to see you.
Lookin' good.
Yeah. Sure.
You must be Amy.
Nick told me what
happened. I'm sorry.
Thank you.
It's nice to meet you.
Charlie Turner.
Molly Quinn.
I'm Amy's best friend.
Oh... I thought
you were Nick's latest.
let's go inside.
These roses are stunning!
I water 'em.
They grow.
Use 'em in the wedding,
if you want.
Thank you!
That was sweet.
They are beautiful.
Do you really think we can
make this place work?
Only one way to find out.
[Nick]: It's even worse
than I remembered.
Uh, Mr. Turner--
Call me Charlie.
I was wondering
how many rooms
you have here?
Uh, well, nine.
Nick's room is still full
of his stuff.
That sounds
What? It's not like some weird
shrine to me, or anything.
I just haven't picked up
my boxes.
All right,
can keep this going?
My afternoon nap
isn't gonna take itself.
Wow! This is nice.
Uh, fridge. Stove. Pantry.
You know where everything is.
You've been in here enough.
Nick? You okay?
Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Fine.
Nick, is that your mom?
She was beautiful.
Yeah. She was.
Yeah, are we, uh,
are we done in here yet?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Everything still working
and everything in here?
This? Whoa!
Dad! Come on!
When is the last time
you used this stove?
[Molly, gasping]: Wow.
Look at this!
It's just...
You can't get this in the city.
Ow! I think something
just bit my ankle.
Do you realize
we could get an entire
house in the country
for half the price
of what it costs
to live in the city?
You know I don't want
to live anywhere else.
if you don't
want to rush this,
I mean, we can just wait
until your family
gets back on their feet
for the wedding.
No! I love James.
And I'm tired of
being engaged, you know?
I don't, actually,
which is fine.
You realize the reason
you haven't been in
any long-term relationships
is because you bail
the second you get
into a fight?
I don't bail!
I just-- I just know
there's no point
in wasting time
if the romance is gone.
Well, look,
if you're fighting
in the beginning,
you'll be at war
by the end.
Just like my parents were.
You are
the most depressing
Maid of Honor ever.
Check it out.
Is that barn empty?
If you don't count the possums.
He's joking, right?
Here you go.
James, I-I can't get
married in a barn.
[yelps] Ahh!
It's just
an old cobweb.
Sorry. It's just...
I didn't think it would
be so haunted house-y.
Amy, it's okay.
Just try to look at the space,
not the dirt.
Look, call me crazy,
We could have the ceremony
up here, in front,
and then the reception
back here,
with tables on the sides.
Hey, what's up there?
Amy, come up here!
This is perfect!
Hayloft cocktails.
I promise you, Amy,
we can make this work.
Do you trust me?
You know I do.
Do you trust Nick
to cook?
Of course!
Do you want to get married
next Saturday?
I do.
[giddy laugh]
Oh! It's gonna be beautiful!
I promise!
Now, the first thing we should
do tonight is sit down
and figure out
what style you want.
[cell buzzes]
It's from my dad.
The lawyers called
an emergency meeting tonight,
they want me to come.
You know, I'll just call them
and tell them we can't come,
that we're trying
to save the wedding.
No, Amy, you should be there,
but we don't all
need to go back.
Why don't you and James
take Nick's car?
You're fine with that,
right, Nick?
Uh... Yeah, yeah.
Sure. Of course.
Yeah, you and I
can stay here
and start planning,
and they can join us
in the afternoon.
[inhales sharply]
You're the best.
Yep. I know.
You know why else
this is perfect?
You can stop by my studio
and get some supplies.
For what?
You need a wedding dress,
don't you?
you're already
doing so much.
Ah, I've been meaning
to expand my repertoire anyway.
Don't you have to work
on your designs
for the winter line?
Um, still waiting
for inspiration
to come on those.
Right now,
I'm all about weddings.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
I guess we should
head back?
See you tomorrow.
-Good luck.
Not a scratch
on my car, okay?
Drive safe.
This isn't, like,
a more elaborate version
of locking us
on the balcony, is it?
[microwave beeps]
What are those?
You want some?
Pizza bites! Mm.
Ugh. I'm not
eating that.
I'm gonna make
something else.
Suit yourself.
I'm going upstairs.
We'll figure it out
one of these days.
Don't wait too long.
Dads don't last forever.
I lost my folks
too early.
I'm sorry
to hear that.
What are you making?
It's the best
I could do
until I can get
to a market.
my mom taught me
how to improvise
in the kitchen.
She used to be
able to make
the most amazing things
outta absolutely
nothing at all.
I would've given anything
to have a mom like that.
Your mom didn't cook?
Can you give me the salt?
Yeah, well, she did,
but all she made
my entire childhood
was diet food.
My therapist said
she was trying
to spare me the pain of being
a chunky kid like she was,
but there wasn't a day
that I wasn't hungry
for something real.
Uh-uh-uh! No.
That would explain
your fondness for comfort food.
What about your dad?
He was smart.
He stayed out with his buddies
for dinner
most of the time.
When he was home,
all they did was fight.
You know, I never once
saw them
hold hands or kiss,
or even hug each other.
That's probably for the best.
How can you say that?
Can you get me the, uh,
spicy chili oil, please?
Uh-uh. No, no, no.
No, this one.
Oh, hey, um, what were you
thinking for the hors d'oeuvres?
Uh... I don't know,
I'm not sure.
Maybe we could make
some dishes for the wedding
from your mom's recipes.
I mean, didn't she cook for
big groups of people every day
when the inn was open?
No, no, no, no.
Not-- Not those.
I can't cook my mom's recipes.
I mean, I can
cook my mom's recipes,
I just I... I don't.
We might be the worst
two people in history--
...To plan a wedding.
Yeah, you might
be right.
Got your room ready.
I love it.
Sheets are pretty good.
Clarissa was always
going on and on
about thread counts,
pillow tops,
and all that.
I never cared about
that stuff.
I had what I needed.
Are you sure you're okay
with us fixing up the place
for the wedding?
Why wouldn't I be?
Well, it's just...
I'm sure every room
holds a lot of memories for you.
Just leave the kitchen
the way it is.
That's all I ask.
I will.
Yeah. Bathroom's down
the end of the hall,
on the left.
You're the only one using it.
Nick's room
is on the opposite end.
Snoop much?
Sorry. I thought
this was the bathroom.
This is the cutest thing
I've ever seen.
Well, it's just
a bunch of stupid
ol' recipes
that I made up
as a kid.
Okay. Cookies,
sugar balls...
Sugar balls?
Stick of butter rolled into
a ball, and dipped in sugar.
Did you eat that?
Yes, I did...
Can you make me "Nick's
Famuss Chocklit-Chip Cookies?"
No. No way.
Oh! Why not?
You got the tools
here and everything.
Because the main ingredient...
is chicken.
No, it's not.
I'm gonna go ahead
and cancel that order.
Good idea.
Uh, actually,
if you're interested
in cookies,
you might want...
to try these.
Mm. Those look delicious.
They are delicious,
and you can barely taste
the chicken, so...
That there
is my first spatula.
Yeah. Learned to cook
with that.
And it's hidden away
up here?
It should be
on display somewhere.
Like a ballplayer's
first glove.
Oh, come on.
I'm hardly Derek Jeter.
It's just a...
you know, it's a spatula.
That's why you've held
onto it all these years?
Let it inspire you.
Mm-hmm. Okay.
[sets book down]
I should probably go.
Yeah. Of course.
Second door on the left.
Uh, the other left.
There you go.
[birds singing]
Somebody went shopping.
Not burnt...
Good start.
[Nick]: Hey, Snoopy.
Oh. Hi.
I see you made my mom's
"Country Baked Omelette".
-Hope that's okay.
I figured
I could probably make it
without messing it up too much.
Well, it smells
exactly the same.
Do you want to try it?
I'll try it and see.
Oh, no! It's terrible,
isn't it?
It's exactly
how I remembered it.
Hey, so I talked
to my guy in New York
and the food'll be here
in a couple days.
That's great.
Can I show you
what I've been working on?
All right.
"Upscale Vintage Farmhouse."
You see?
It's classy... yet comfortable.
What's wrong with it?
It's perfect.
Actually, I was thinking
that we would modernize the inn.
You know, bring in
some more metal
and glass,
maybe some stone...
That would ruin the whole vibe
of the place.
No, no, no, no, no.
It'd be calming.
It'd be more refined.
"Less is more,"
you know?
So basically, "One Quail Egg
on a Plate: The Hotel"?
If the egg is done right,
then yes.
That is what I do.
how about this?
You go work
on your idea,
I'll work on mine,
and we'll let
Amy and James decide
if they want
a quail egg
or a lobster roll.
Oh, suddenly,
the wedding is in Maine?
Just go over there.
[phone vibrates]
Amy! What's going on?
We were just about to leave
and the lawyers called us back.
There's more going on
than we realized,
and my mom is a mess.
It's okay, Amy,
don't worry about it.
Stay there and take care of her.
We've got this covered.
But we haven't
picked a style yet.
Well, you can do it from there.
So you get
the idea, right?
"Upscale Vintage
The cake...
the roses and chairs.
It's elegant...
but traditional.
Molly, I love it.
[Hushed]: Come on!
My menu concept doesn't
really gel with that.
I was picturing a version
of what I do in the city.
Simple, clean, elegant.
I said "elegant" first.
And I think that
we should incorporate
those modern elements
into the style
of the wedding itself.
He has a point.
I don't know,
what do you think?
You decide.
It's your special day.
Isn't it yours, too?
Of course, but...
I'd be fine getting
married by Elvis
at a drive-thru.
[phone chimes]
It's my dad.
I really have
to talk to him.
That's fine, just tell us
which style you like.
What about both?
B... [scoffs] Both?
[words catching]
How are we supposed
to do that?
I'm really sorry,
Molly, I have to go.
I know whatever you do,
it'll be amazing.
[chat-end alert chimes]
[weary sighing]
Now what do we do?
Well, you heard the bride.
She wants both.
"Minimalist Modern
Vintage Farmhouse"?
That's not even
a real thing.
Yeah. I know.
I was joking.
But, clearly, she
liked mine better, so...
[scoffs] No.
Amy said she loved mine.
Okay? I heard her.
Unless we really
can do both.
You wanna see it?
Yeah. Sure.
So, the vintage
farmhouse lanterns set the tone,
but the blue palette
will modernize the look,
even the candles change...
"Country meets city."
Timeless and trendy...
all at the same time.
Well, I have to admit...
it's pretty cool.
Why aren't you saying anything?
I was expecting you
to say you were joking.
No. No, I'm not joking.
I think this can work.
[nervous overlapping chatter]
All right.
We need supplies.
[Nick]: I don't know, for me,
I like the cool-tone whites.
I actually like
the warm yellows.
We want people
to feel like
they can take
their shoes off.
Ugh... there's nothing worse
than women taking
their shoes off at a wedding.
So tacky.
Try wearing heels
for five minutes
and then see how you feel.
Well, all I'm saying
is that you spend hours
getting ready for the wedding,
and the second
the conga line breaks out,
you all turn into
a bunch of hillbillies.
I feel like you have
some deep-seated issues
with feet.
No, no, no, no, I just, uh...
I like things to be
more refined, you know?
And I don't?
No, you don't.
You like things
to be more comfy.
What's wrong with comfy?
Nothing's wrong with comfy.
Just not all the time.
If you grew up in a house
where everything was white,
spotless, and off-limits,
you'd see why I value comfort
above all else.
It's okay to relax sometimes,
you know?
Do you realize that
you never sit down?
I can rest when
I'm dead, right?
You know what?
I'm going to teach you
how to relax.
No, thank you.
Challenge accepted.
Look at these remnants.
and fabulous.
Is this the wedding version
of Maria von Trapp
using old curtains
to make playclothes?
Yes! You know that movie?
What, a guy can't
enjoy a good musical?
Yeah, I just didn't
think that guy was you.
It was my mom's
favorite movie.
Used to watch it
every year.
Mine, too!
You're not gonna burst
into song, though, are you?
[huffs unconvincingly]
Yeah, you were.
[Nick chuckles]
Oh, I can totally
re-purpose this for Amy's dress!
It's gorgeous.
Yeah, it's nice.
You know,
I betcha five bucks
this whole place
and everything in it
is haunted.
Nothing's haunted.
Oh. Except this box.
There's definitely
a ghost in there.
Oh, yeah? [gasps]
[high voice]: Help me!
I'm trapped inside
this antique store
and I can't get out!
Nick! Is that you?
Henry! Hey.
How're you doing?
Good to see you!
Uh, Henry, this is Molly.
Very pleased to meet you.
Wow, it's-- it's been ages.
So what brings you
back in these parts?
Well, actually,
we are planning a wedding.
Oh, I could tell.
You two have
that certain something.
Reminds me so much
of your parents when--
We're not the ones
who are getting married.
Yeah, we're helping
our best friends
plan theirs.
Yeah, we barely
know each other.
We're practically
Ooh! That's cool!
I don't believe it.
No way!
Gus! Tony!
Great to see you guys!
Hey, this is
a friend of mine, Molly.
-Molly, Tony and Gus.
What are you guys doing here?
We're here to help
whip this place into shape.
Well, how did
you know?
Your dad called.
Really? He did?
So what do you want done?
Well, uh...
budget's a little thin
on this one, guys.
This isgratis.
Your pop
called in a favor.
You got paint?
Yeah, in the back of
Charlie's truck.
Seems like your dad's
really trying.
Well, he called
a couple of friends,
but he can still
barely talk to me.
Nicky, give your pop a break.
He did the best he could.
"Salmon roe parfait"?
[Nick]: Yeah!
Oh, come on!
We need to have
something on the menu
that isn't...nouveau.
You need to realize
the three main food groups
aren't cheese, bacon,
and ranch dressing.
Ah. But they're
the best food groups.
[grumbles] Ah. Come on.
We got to do
something better.
Amy and James,
they want something
more artful.
Come on!
People want to eat.
No, they want
How about the experience
of feeling full?
Leaving people
full is easy.
Anyone can do that.
Leaving them satisfied,
that means
engaging their senses,
taking 'em on a journey,
and that's gotta have
sight, smell,
taste, everything.
I got it.
Chicken pot pie.
Really? Did you hear anything
that I just said?
Everybody loves
chicken pot pie!
Wait a second...
What if...
What if we did both?
Hot, hot, hot.
Chicken pot pie--
Nick Turner-style.
It's got...
cremini mushrooms,
fresh leeks,
roasted heirloom
garden vegetables,
uh, hickory-smoked
organic chicken,
and a rosemary-infused
biscuit crust.
Sounds complex.
Yeah, it-- [stammers]
Would you just try it? Come on.
You hate it.
This is literally
the best thing
I've ever tasted.
Wow. Means a lot,
coming from you, thank you.
You know what this is?
This is the perfect compromise
for the wedding menu.
It's Clarissa's comfort food...
with a Nick Turner twist.
I really want to
argue with you,
but I think you're right.
We could do pasta--
Homemade pasta, with...
butter-poached prawns,
mustard greens,
and hickory-smoked bacon.
Fried chicken.
With a Sriracha brine,
served on peashoots,
and roasted
carrot pure.
served with...
sweet tomato confit.
And baked potatoes?
Sweet potato...gnocchi
served with kale
and arugula pesto.
That sounds perfect! Oh!
[both laughing]
What about the wedding cake?
I have a recipe for that,
upstairs, in my book.
What's in it?
I'll call a bakery.
Yeah. Good idea.
[mock sobbing]
I can't believe it.
Discount shoes
for my wedding.
Do I sound like a jerk?
A little.
You're supposed to say
I'm not.
You're crying
about shoes.
I'm crying
about everything.
You're acting like
we're not getting married, Amy.
We are,
and our friends are making sure
it'll be wonderful.
We're the luckiest
people in the world.
You're right.
We are lucky.
I'm sorry.
These look pretty good.
Come in a 13?
[thunder crashing]
[mutters to self]:
It'll come.
It always does.
[thunder clapping]
Just relax.
Something smells good.
What is it?
Hot cocoa.
Part of the Molly Quinn
Relaxation Experience.
Probably instant.
Shut up.
What are you
doing in here, anyway?
We don't have time
to sit around.
I was trying to work on designs
for the next season, but...
it's just not happening.
Ah. Sounds like we're in
a similar place, work-wise.
Nothing happening.
[rain pattering on windows]
Come sit with me,
listen to the rain
for a minute.
Why would I want to do that?
Because it's one of
life's greatest pleasures.
Well, it is to me.
I'm a life-long pluviophile.
That sounds disease-y.
[laughs] It means
somebody who's happiest
when it's raining.
Oh, well,
I'm a "get-er-done-a-phile."
-Just sit.
-I don't wanna sit.
-I'm gonna sit.
All right.
Take a deep breath in...
Let it out.
[exhales pointedly]
Now take a sip of hot cocoa
from my fancy owl mug...
And stare at the fire.
Okay. Boring.
Do it again.
Breathe in...
Just sit back.
[Molly laughs]
Just relax...
[breathing smoothly]
[exhaling deeply, slowly]
[quietly]: There it is.
My parents used to sit here
on rainy nights
and watch me play
when I was a kid.
It was the best.
Thank you
for helping me remember that.
My pleasure.
[thunder crashes]
[heavy dripping]
You should've had this
fixed years ago, Dad.
Yeah, with what money?
With the money
you'd get
from paying guests
if you hadn't shut down.
I can't run this place alone.
Then you should sell.
I told you
you could fix it up,
but I will not sell.
Sorry you had
to see that.
I'll be right back.
[plays some notes]
Do you play?
I'm a musical genius.
[grunts theatrically]
[plays haltingly]
Oh, come on!
Move over, hotshot.
Ohh. Let me guess.
You took lessons
your whole life
and you're about
to destroy me
with your talent.
Pretty much. Yeah.
[inhales deeply]
[Playing "Chopsticks"]
You're terrible!
Yes. I am.
As are you, madam.
A piano like this
deserves better.
Yeah. I know.
My dad used to play
a lot, though.
He's really good, too.
My mom loved it.
They tried to teach me
a little bit.
Thought it'd be cute
if I played for the guests.
Oh, now I see why
the place is so empty.
You're funny.
Thank you.
I always wished
I'd taken lessons.
I always wanted to be able
to play "Clair de Lune".
Yeah. It's beautiful.
Okay! Ahem.
Again. Fingers.
We got--
We got this.
Yeah, yeah. Absolutely.
You ready?
[Playing "Chopsticks" duet]
-[both laughing]
[frustrated sigh]
[exhales happily]
[machine chugging]
Little late to be
interior decorating,
isn't it?
What can I say?
Inspiration struck.
Maybe it was the cookies.
You got 'em, huh?
I just had to
redo these curtains.
I'm not so sure my dad's
gonna be okay with that.
Yeah, I talked to him.
He said we can fix up
anything we want.
Except the kitchen.
He wants us to leave that
exactly as it is.
Want some help?
That would be great.
What do you
want me to do?
It's 3:00 in the morning!
We need a snack.
So, this is my take on, uh--
Pizza bites?
No. Bruschetta.
Try it.
Oh, my gosh.
Mm. Not bad.
Not bad?
It's amazing.
It's different,
I think that's what I love most
about what I do.
Bringing together
different ingredients
that you wouldn't necessarily
think would work together.
Will they complement each other,
or will they contrast?
When you put 'em together
they kinda make
something amazing,
or will it just miss?
You know, believe me,
I've missed before.
But, sometimes...
the perfect combination
is right in front of you.
And as soon as you taste it,
you just know.
I think that's why
I love that term "fusion."
It's the bringing together
of different ingredients
and different styles,
to make something better,
something unique.
Something magical.
[birds singing]
What do you think?
I think...
Clarissa would just love it.
I think Nick would love
to hear you say that.
Ah, thing is, I...
I messed things up with him.
I don't know how to talk
about his mother
without having all the pain
coming back
like it was yesterday.
I can't even picture
loving someone that much.
Why not?
If you open yourself up
to love,
you open yourself up to...
It just doesn't seem worth it.
Oh, of course, it's worth it.
I want to
show you something.
It's the china we used to
use when we were open.
There's more than enough
settings here for the wedding.
Thank you, Charlie.
You're welcome
to anything in there.
"From the moment we met,
I knew we were destined
to spend our lives together."
"You are the sun
rising over a green meadow
bringing light and love
to my soul."
Good morning.
What's wrong?
Have you seen these?
What are those?
Love letters.
That your mom and dad
wrote to each other.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Who said you could pry
into my family business?
I wasn't prying.
Well, it sure
looks like it.
Nick! Stop it.
I let her find them.
I wanted her--
I wanted you both
to see what love can be.
That it is worth it.
Have you read them, Nick?
Your dad is a poet.
I don't find it poetic
to love somebody so much,
that you give up on life
when that person's gone.
I don't get that.
I wish I'd handled
things differently, Nick.
If I could do it
all over again...
I would.
Me too.
I don't want to talk
about this anymore.
I'm just saying,
if we sell your place,
we can buy a house
anywhere in the country
and not have to worry
about money for a while.
I would rather
be broke
than live
outside of Manhattan.
Seems you're well on your way.
Hi! We got the stuff.
[Molly]: Great.
Can't wait to get started.
[door slams]
You guys okay?
Yeah. We're fine.
Just happy to be back here,
ready to help.
Of course!
Where do we start?
How are you with a mop?
You missed a spot, Gus.
I know it's hard
to visualize now,
but once we get
it all cleaned up,
it'll start
falling into place.
I'm sure
it's gonna be great.
I am cleaning mouse droppings
off the floor
of my wedding venue.
I know it's not what
you dreamed of, Ames,
but your wedding
will still be beautiful.
It's not the wedding.
It's just,
before all this happened,
I thought I knew exactly
how my life was supposed to be,
and now I can't see it.
Have you
talked to James?
I tried,
but he doesn't
He thinks it's some kind
of a reality check,
like this is supposed
to be good for us.
Well, maybe in the end,
it'll bring you closer.
You have each other.
And you also have me!
24-7, on duty from now
until you walk down that aisle.
You look so happy.
I thought you and Nick would've
killed each other by now.
No way. [Gasping]
Do you like Nick?
Because that would
be amazing!
We could be
"married couple BFFs."
We could live
in the same neighborhood.
Our kids could be
best friends!
Amy, stop it!
There's nothing
going on.
-Are you sure?
-Yes. I'm sure.
It's impossible.
Neither of us wants
anything to do with love.
Who said anything
about love?
You did.
No, I didn't.
Very... very interesting.
Just stop!
[Nick]: Homemade pasta
with truffle cream sauce
and radish leaves.
Sriracha-brine fried chicken
on rosemary-infused
buttermilk waffles.
Pork medallions
with roasted Brussels sprouts
and kale.
And veal meatloaf with
braised heirloom tomatoes.
So you decided against
using your "Clarissa's"
restaurant menu?
Actually, this is, uh,
this is
more "Clarissa's"
than anything I've done
in a long time.
We're grateful
no matter what you make.
Maybe I should've stuck
with what I was doing before,
but, um, just wasn't
exciting me anymore.
Hope you're not
too disappointed.
Don't apologize.
The food is amazing.
We're not disappointed.
Uh, I'm sorry.
It looks great.
I'm terrible.
No, you're just terrible
at not being rich.
You know what?
In 20 years,
we're gonna look back
on this wedding
and be glad
it was small
and just about us.
We're just getting
the "poorer" part
of the vows
out of the way.
Oh, no. The vows!
We haven't written them yet.
I thought
we were just gonna do
the regular ones
everyone else does.
No, we talked about this,
[James]: When?
[Amy]: Can I just keep
one dream alive?
You mean aside from
living happily ever after?
Yeah, that too.
I have an idea.
[Nick]: Yeah, my dad said
you could do
whatever you wanted with them,
so, your call.
What are you guys
talking about?
These letters
that Nick's mom and dad
wrote to each other.
I thought maybe
they'd inspire you
for your vows.
"My lovely Clarissa--
"I never knew
what love really meant
"until the moment we met...
"and then everything
became clear to me.
"Every moment of my life,
"every decision I ever made,
"led up to this--
"to meeting you,
"to our future.
"You inspire me more than
I ever thought possible.
"I want to hold your hand
through it all,
for the rest of our lives."
"You bring out a side of me
I didn't know I had.
You challenge me.
You make me better."
"Love was just a word
until I found you."
"I will search no more
"with you by my side...
...I'm home."
Sounds a little
schmaltzy to me,
to be honest.
[James]: Yeah. I don't think
I could say that
without laughing.
You were right.
Let's go old-school.
Yeah... bad idea.
Uh, sorry.
Okay, well,
let's get back to work.
Um... right.
So, if you...
start wrapping these,
I can get to work on your dress.
I still have
half the bodice to go.
How about a bachelorette party
for two?
Well, we could order pizza
and hang out while I sew.
Just like when you first
moved to New York.
Except with better wine.
So if they're doing that,
does that mean
I get a bachelor party?
I don't know.
What did you have in mind?
Not like there's a lot
of options around here.
Uh, I'd be happy
playing video games
and slaying
a plate of nachos.
Yeah, I can arrange that.
Hey, guys?
See you later.
[both]: Bye!
Have fun!
Who, whoa, whoa, stop!
You can't cut in front of me
like that.
Go around the back.
Come to the finish line...
[overlapping]: Cheers!
[Brooke Tuner's
"Life of the Party" plays]
...Got nothing wrong
with right now
Hey, hey, look at me
I'm gonna count to three
Let's all go crazy
Life of the party...
No, no, no, no!
You guys thirsty?
Yeah, thanks,
Here you go.
Thanks, Dad.
There you go.
[Charlie clears his throat]
You wanna give it a shot?
You wanna play?
Aw, no, no.
Thanks for asking, but, uh,
I can hardly use a cell phone,
let alone
a gadget like that.
I'm gonna get
some more nachos.
You guys good?
Yeah, I'm good,
thank you.
Listen, Dad, uh...
Since you're here, um...
I wanted to tell you
that I, uh...
I read the letters.
And, uh...
I wish
that I'd have read 'em sooner,
'cause I feel like...
I get the feeling
that I would've understood
a bit better, you know?
It wasn't your job
to understand.
You lost someone you loved
as much as I did.
I'm just...
[voice breaks]:
I'm sorry I wasn't there to...
help you through it.
I ask Clarissa
for her forgiveness
every night...
Now I'm asking for yours.
[Sobs softly]
I missed you, kid.
I missed you too, Dad.
[Both sniffling]
[both exhaling
and clearing throats]
Yeah, I guess
I got pretty sappy
with those
letters, huh?
Yeah, a little bit.
You wanna try it?
Come on.
Sit with me. Play.
I don't know
if I can.
Oh, come on.
You can do it.
We'll do it together,
all right?
Can you show me
how to hold it?
That's steering,
that's gas,
that's brake.
There's the screen.
Ready? Go!
You're the blue guy.
It's done.
Oh, Molly!
It's beautiful!
I love it!
-Me too.
Heck, I'd wear it
if I were getting married.
Not that I would,
but, you know, if.
[James]: These are the best
pancakes I've ever had, man.
Thank you.
Hey, Charlie.
Good morning, Dad.
I'm making Mom's
banana-blueberry pancakes.
Want some?
Yeah! Yeah.
All right.
Well, here.
Take mine.
I'm, uh...
I'm proud of you, son.
I know Mom is, too.
No tears until tonight.
Why am I gonna cry tonight?
Have you met Amy's mother?
Good morning!
What's so funny?
You guys want some pancakes?
Do you even have to ask?
Okay, go. Go, sit.
[Amy]: Looks like
a beautiful morning.
I love this breakfast room.
[Charlie]: Me too.
[Molly]: It's such great light.
This is so good.
[Amy]: Wow.
[James]: My parents
are going to love this place.
[Amy]: I just hope
my mom and dad
can find it on time.
Oh, the rehearsal dinner--
it's going to look
so pretty out there.
[Nick]: Okay, everyone,
here we are.
[Molly]: Oh, my gosh.
It's going to be perfect.
Here we go, ladies.
Bon apptit.
Thank you.
[Molly]: These are amazing!
You know,
your mom used to do that.
Watch people eat.
I never knew why.
I think I do.
[Molly]: I'd get married here
in a second.
Me too.
Of course.
[Amy]: Can we take a look now?
I'm dying!
Yeah! Yeah. Come in.
It's ready.
[James]: Oh, wow. I can't
believe this is the same barn.
Oh, Molly...
I know it's not
what you had planned
in the city, but--
It is beautiful.
All right, everyone,
In honor of my best friend,
and his lovely bride, Amy,
and their wonderful parents,
who are joining us
for rehearsal dinner,
I have prepared my mom's
favorite fried chicken
with a Nick Turner twist.
It's a Sriracha brine
served on a rosemary-infused
buttermilk waffle
and it has a paprika crema
with it,
so please enjoy.
And, for you...
special order.
Macaroni and cheese?
As promised.
All right.
You seem to be
taking this rather well, sir.
There's a certain freedom
in charting a new course.
It reminds me of when
I just started out.
Meanwhile, my diamonds
are in the display window
at 3rd Street
Pawn and Loan.
We'll be okay,
I know.
You do?
we did it once,
we can
do it again.
I think this is
a good time for a toast.
To Amy and James,
who are charting
their own new course together.
Someday, if the path goes in
an unexpected direction...
don't be afraid to take it.
It may lead you
to exactly where you need to be.
As long as our path doesn't
take us out of New York City.
You're never leaving Manhattan.
We know.
You've made yourself
perfectly clear.
And so have you.
You want out.
You think I want to
raise kids in the city?
[Amy]: What's wrong with
raising kids in the city?
Nothing, but...
the country gives us
room to breathe.
Excuse me, but I need
some room to breathe.
Yeah. Good idea.
It's just
pre-wedding jitters.
I'm sure
they'll be fine.
Excuse me.
Do you think that
Amy and James are okay?
I don't even think
they're in love.
Me neither.
But then again...
I mean, what do we
know about love?
We don't even know
what it feels like.
I think
it feels like this.
I think
it feels like that.
Okay, so we're
in agreement, right?
Neither of us
is gonna say anything
to James and Amy
It's their wedding.
It's their decision.
Yep. Agreed.
None of our business.
This is me.
Is this, like,
the live version
of "you hang up,
no, you hang up?"
No. No, because that
would just be sad.
-You hang up.
-No, you.
So you're not gonna say
anything to James, right?
As long as you don't
say anything to Amy.
I'm not.
Okay. Me either.
[knocking on doors]
We need to talk.
I'm just trying to give you
a little "BFF Reality Check."
I just need to make sure
that you guys are really
on the same page.
Are you sure that you and Amy
are still on the same page
about what you want
for your future?
Ah, she's just nervous.
Her whole life
was turned upside-down,
and she hasn't had a chance
to process it.
It's not just your wedding day.
This is the rest of your life.
I guess it's more about knowing
whether you're happy...
or just going
through the motions.
I'm not the guy
who doesn't believe in love.
This from the girl who runs
from every relationship?
Are you trying to talk me
out of getting married?
Are you trying to talk me
out of marrying James?
Of course not.
I'm just saying,
if you're having doubts,
you should talk to him.
Okay, even if
I was having doubts,
I would never leave Amy
on our wedding night.
She doesn't deserve that.
Especially after everything
she's been through.
-Well, I'm here if you need me.
-I'm here for you.
[Charlie]: Welcome again.
Nice to see you.
Please go on in.
[woman]: Too bad this place
isn't open for business.
It's stunning.
Just gorgeous.
[Charlie]: Welcome. Welcome.
Everything okay
with James?
Yeah. Sure.
Why wouldn't it be?
Is everything okay
with Amy?
Of course. Yeah.
It's the, um, happiest
day of her life.
You did a wonderful job
with Clarissa's roses.
They're Clarissa's?
You didn't
say that before.
I didn't say
a lot of things.
But that's done now.
[music rises]
That's your cue.
Okay. Here we go.
[hushed]: Hey.
You look stunning,
by the way.
You look...
whatever the man-version
of stunning is.
Thank you.
[music continues]
Uh... Where's James?
Shouldn't he be
up here already?
Do you think
something's wrong?
How would I know?
I don't know,
unless you know
something I don't know.
-I don't know. Do you?
I know I don't.
Did you say--
Did you say
something to him?
Thank you, everyone,
for coming.
As you can see,
we've decided
not to get married.
[murmurs and gasps]
Don't be mad
at each other.
We finally admitted
what we both knew deep down--
that we'd be making
a big mistake.
I'm just happy
that we finally realized it
before it was too late.
And you're both okay?
Yeah. Perfect.
We're friends
and always will be.
Are you sure
it's not just what I said?
I'd feel terrible
if I talked you out
of your own wedding.
This was never
my wedding.
In fact, I think
it's fair to say,
from the dress to the design,
this is exactly how
you'd plan your wedding.
How's that for
a BFF Reality Check?
[Amy]: Sorry for
the inconvenience.
Thank you for coming.
I still think
we should've had
the party anyway.
We will...
when it's yours.
We did good.
We did great.
tomorrow, we're back
to our real lives.
It's going to be weird.
You think so?
Well, we just never
really talked about...
what now?
Right. Um, well,
I gotta go back to New York
and pound the pavement
until I find a new investor
for the restaurant,
and you need to get
your winter line up and running.
What winter line?
I don't have a thing.
You'll find your inspiration
when you get back
to your studio.
Mm. My inspiration was here.
Yeah. Yeah, mine too.
But we just have to find a way
to make it work at home.
So when you open
back up again,
you're going to
change your menu
to do more like
what you did here?
That's the plan.
Maybe I'll stop by, then.
Or maybe we'll both be so busy,
we'll never
see each other again. Right?
You never know.
I knew it.
No, no. I was joking.
I don't think you were.
Come on, can't we just enjoy
what we have right now?
Not worry about tomorrow? Huh?
Why, because you knew
what we had here
was just a fantasy that can't
last in the real world?
I have no idea!
And neither do you, by the way.
I knew it.
I knew this would happen
if I let my guard down.
It's easier being alone.
You got that right.
that's it, then?
I mean, once we leave here,
there's no room for us?
We're not even going to try?
Well, it seems like
that's what you want.
No, that's clearly
what you want.
Look, Molly--
I have to go.
Thank you. Enjoy it.
We just paid our rent
for the next six months
with that sale.
Oh, while you were
with the client,
James called.
Oh, thank you.
Are you getting
back together?
We are much better off
as friends.
Did you call him?
Amy, stop asking me that.
He was right.
We're both too busy.
You know what,
it's better this way.
I got to go.
Thank you.
[Isaac]: Hey!
None of this
was on the menu before.
What are you doing?
I was inspired
when we shut down.
I found my passion
making old family recipes
new again.
It's comfort food
with a Nick Turner twist.
It's good!
Well, he's not investing
in a roadside diner.
He's investing in Clarissa's.
This is Clarissa's.
[phone rings]
Hey, James. What's up?
You call her?
No, I haven't talked to her.
What's the point?
I messed up, man.
I don't think so.
You'll be fine.
Look, I gotta
go, okay?
All right,
talk to you later.
Okay. He's in.
He loves the new food.
I can't believe how fast
you pulled this all together,
You must have been
working on this 24/7.
Pretty much.
Definitely no time
for anything else.
Well, the Barneys people
are going to love it.
What's wrong?
This is huge.
Aren't you happy?
I couldn't be happier.
Can I take you out for dinner
next week to celebrate?
That sounds great.
Have you tried, uh,
Clarissa's yet?
I hear they're back open
and better than ever.
See you soon.
-Good job.
[Jenn Grant's "No One's
Gonna Love You" plays]
No one's gonna love you
quite like I do
No one's gonna love you
quite like I do
Holding my hand
in the back of the car
On a Sunday drive
where the mountains are
Holding my heart
and your hands get wild
It's summer time
Free as a child
No one's gonna love you
quite like I do...
Glass of wine.
It's on the house.
It's on the house.
Thank you very much.
Thank you very much for coming.
...No one's gonna love you
quite like I do...
It's a full house.
We're back.
Try to look happy.
Right. "Happy."
Yeah, okay.
Enjoy your meal. All right?
Thank you for coming.
It's Molly.
[car approaching]
It'll be okay.
I don't think so.
Ever since
I left here,
just felt... wrong.
I thought you were doing
what-- what makes you happy.
What really made me happy
was being here, with Nick.
But I got scared
and I ran away.
And now it's too late.
Are you sure about that?
[piano music playing nearby]
[Playing "Clair de Lune"]
Molly Quinn...
I don't want to spend
another second of my life
without you.
I don't either.
I was miserable.
Well, in that case,
let's stay here.
We'll re-open the inn.
It'll be me,
my dad...
...and my wife.
Will you marry me?
I love you.
I love you, too.
You knew how to play piano
this whole time, didn't you?
Ahh... maybe.
[Natalie Cole's
"This Will Be" plays]
Ooh, uh-huh...
Yeah, yeah...
This will be
an everlasting love
This will be
the one I've waited for
This will be
The first time
anyone has loved me
I'm so glad
you found me in time
And I'm so glad
that you rectified my mind
This will be
an everlasting love for me
Loving you
is some kind of wonderful
Because you showed me
just how much you care
You've given me
the thrill of a lifetime
And made me believe
You've got
more thrills to spare, oh!
This will be
an everlasting love
Oh, yes it will now!
You brought
a lot of a sunshine
In to my life
You filled me with happiness
I never knew
You gave me more joy
than I ever dreamed of
And no one, no one...