Wedding Cake Dreams (2021) Movie Script

I think I found the one
The one that makes
everything right.
So I'm asking tonight
I close my eyes and I see you
standing next to me
Through little figurines
on a wedding cake
Promise that we're going
to make history
You lean in and kiss me
Saying that you're
the one I dream of
Maybe you're
my dream love
Oh, you're the one
I dream of
Maybe you're
my dream love
And so I hope this day
is as wonderful
as the rest of your lives...
Hey Carrie.
And your future is filled
with things
as sweet as this wedding cake.
Let's go play.
This is boring.
Norman Beiber, you're the worst.
And now our flower girl,
Miss Carrie Watson,
would like to toast
the bride and groom.
Carrie, honey.
Don't you want to give
your speech?
I can't.
You sure?
Okay. Love you.
Uh, change of plans everyone.
I'll be giving the speech.
What do you think you're doing?
Save some for me.
Why didn't you give your speech,
You were so excited about it.
I got Beibered.
What did he do this time?
I had everything ready,
and then he bumped into me
and my cards got all messed up.
You practiced that speech
100 times.
You could've done it
without the cards.
What if I forgot something?
I wanted it to be perfect.
Oh, honey.
Perfection is really hard
to get,
and nearly impossible to keep.
I missed the cake.
I know what to do about that.
Never attend a wedding
without something
to put the leftovers in.
So put this under
your pillow tonight
and you will dream of the one.
Which one?
Oh, I don't know honey.
Everybody's story's different.
That is what the cake is for.
If I put it under here,
I'll meet the man of my dreams.
You look beautiful.
Carrie, what's this frosting?
Earth to Carrie.
What's in this frosting?
It's delicious.
Lemon and thyme.
Careful, don't want
to contaminate
the samples with crumbs.
Hey, I'm doing my own very
important research over here.
Yep. That's delicious.
This time I adjusted
the acidity levels
and used a higher gluten flour
to increase the elasticity.
So basically you made it
more soft and lemony.
Baking is chemistry.
I think I have everything I need
to finish running this data set
while you're at
your sister's wedding.
I'm doing double duty
as the Maid of Honor
and baking Lydia's wedding cake.
You're not going to stop baking
once the wedding's over,
are you?
I've grown accustomed to this
new hobby of yours.
I didn't realize how much
science there is in baking.
I really enjoy it.
You need something to distract
you from this project.
You've practically been sleeping
at the lab.
I've only done that twice.
Three times.
Four max.
What's going on?
Just Ask Josie has
a new post up.
Can't get into that stuff.
You spend way too much time
with your head stuck
in a particle analyzer.
Everybody reads Just Ask Josie.
It's fascinating.
It's just other people's
love advice.
Hey, it lets me think
there's still hope for me.
Okay, listen to this one.
Sad in San Francisco.
Says she's in love with her boss
and wants to know if she should
tell him how she feels.
Why is it always women
that ask questions like this?
Wonder what Josie would say
if it were a guy.
I guess it could be a guy.
I sort of just assumed.
But whoever it is, Josie says
that Sad in San Francisco
should take their time
and get to know their boss
outside of work first,
because people can be different
in their personal
and professional lives.
She says if it's meant to be,
it will happen.
But if not, Sad in San Francisco
could risk their career
aspirations over a relationship
that fizzles out
after the first date.
Well, at least she gives
good advice.
Josie is never wrong.
You should follow her.
What are you doing?
Just for the entertainment value.
You and Griffin are
the perfect couple.
Were the perfect couple.
What happened?
Griffin said that he felt
like everything
was all mapped out with us
and he needed to feel
more spontaneous.
You two were my dream team.
Looks like you're going
to have to pin your hopes
on another star.
You know what?
His loss.
Because you are amazing,
and your dream guy is out there
just waiting for you to walk
into his life.
It would have to be the literal
man of my dreams.
I am so not interested
in chasing love.
Best Man reporting for duty.
I got my suit, I got
my dancing shoes,
and I promise you're going
to cry when I give my toast.
Tell your bride to keep
some tissues on hand.
All right.
See you soon, buddy.
Honey, I'm home!
You're here!
Dad, Carrie's here.
Hi Carrie, I'll be right there.
I have a million things
to tell you.
There's like 20 pounds
of Jordan almonds in the kitchen
that we have to bag
for the wedding favors,
and Dad ordered the monogrammed napkins
for the reception even though
I told him those are so 1985.
I can hear you, Lydia.
And I can't decide if I want
to wear red shoes with my dress,
or blue shoes for
my "something blue."
And I'm getting married
in like four days,
and I'm so happy you're here.
Did you have a good flight?
It was great.
Oh. That must be Brad
and Jason.
Brad and Jason are here!
- Hi.
- Hi.
Carrie, you have to meet
Brad's best man, Jason.
Are you okay?
Lift up your arms.
No, no, I'm good.
I'm good.
I'm, I'm, I'm fine.
She needs some air.
Brad, can you open up a window?
Yeah, uh-huh.
No, no, I'm good.
I just, I need something...
something to drink.
Let me grab you some water.
Oh no, wait, wait!
I'm the one who should be
moving around.
Get the blood... flowing.
I'll, I'll get it myself.
You know, it's not real because
I'm just imagining things.
I'll go with her.
You two will meet
for real at the BBQ.
- Love you.
- Love you too.
Over here.
Okay, so...
Coughing fit aside,
what, what'd you think?
About what?
About Carrie.
I don't know.
We barely made eye contact.
Lydia's been dying
for you two to meet.
Do I sense a conspiracy here?
No, no, there's no conspiracy.
We just think you two would
hit it off.
Relationships that start
at weddings
rarely make it past
the reception.
I've heard that before.
Lydia read that to me.
It's, it's from that website
Just Ask Josie.
She's obsessed.
She loves it.
You read that too?
Who doesn't?
Hey, don't we have to pick up
your cousin from the airport?
This is why I made you
the best man.
You never did drink
enough water.
You'd come home from soccer
practice totally red in the face
and I'd ask you "where was
your water bottle?"
And you hadn't even put it
in your bag.
I promise I didn't play any
soccer before my flight, Dad.
Well, you really need to take
care of yourself, Carrie.
We've got so much to do
before the wedding.
Oh gosh, maybe I should be
drinking more water too.
She's perfectly fine,
just give her a few seconds
to get her bearings.
Thank you, Mom.
Oh, the BBQ guy's here.
I hope he remembered that extra
tray of potato salad.
We always run out
of potato salad.
Oh wow, you were thirsty.
Do you want some more?
Yes, Ladybug?
Do you remember that thing about
sticking a piece of wedding cake
under your pillow?
Put it under your pillow
and you'll dream of
your future love.
Yeah. That one.
What about it?
I just wanted to make sure
you remember, and you do,
so that's good.
I'm going to go unpack, okay?
Okay. Do you need some help?
Nope. I'm good.
Thanks for the lemonade.
Are you sure you're all right?
Right as rain.
Hm. Okay.
Get it together Carrie.
You are seeing things.
It was just a dream.
But he looked just like him.
I mean, just like him.
Except three dimensional,
and with dimples.
This is nuts, Carrie.
You need help.
And you need to stop talking
to yourself.
I'm certainly not going to talk
to anyone else about this.
This is silly, right?
I'm not going to bare myself
to a stranger.
But I have to tell someone.
Maybe I can tell Lydia.
No, she'll tell Dad and then
he'll get all excited
and try and play matchmaker.
Or he'll think I've totally
lost my mind.
It's fine.
She probably gets thousands
of messages every day.
I bet she won't even see mine.
Dear Josie, you won't believe
what happened today...
I literally met the man
of my dreams.
Are you feeling better?
Mom said you decided
to take a nap.
Much better.
Well come on, sit down.
You have to help me
with this plate.
My eyes were bigger
than my stomach.
We were just telling Jason
about your work.
Oh, I'm sure Jason
doesn't want to hear
about analytical chemistry.
No, it's interesting.
Do you get to put things in
beakers and make them explode?
Well, I've only had a couple
of explosions,
but it's mostly a lot
of data manipulation.
Developing new analytical methods,
comparing variable ranges,
looking at linearity
and reproducibility.
Yeah, it's, it's really cool.
- Oh!
- Whoa, there buckaroo.
I am so clumsy sometimes.
It's all good.
Sorry, I gotta take this.
I'm going to go get more
potato salad.
Does anyone want anything?
I'm good.
- Good?
- I'm good.
What is going on with you?
Uh, wedding jitters?
Isn't that my job?
They're sympathy jitters.
I read about it somewhere.
Did you read about it
on Just Ask Josie?
The one where the Maid of Honor
is worried
that she's falling
for the groom,
but Josie tells her
it's just this weird
symbiotic thing that happens
with bridesmaids and brides.
You're into Just Ask Josie?
I love it.
Don't you?
Girls, look who I found.
Do you remember
little Norman Beiber?
Not so little anymore.
So glad you could make it.
You and Norman were such good
friends when you were young.
I haven't seen you
since high school, Carrie.
The years have really been
kind to you.
Norman has made quite a success
for himself.
He just opened up his second
car dealership.
And he just bought the house
at the end of the cul-de-sac.
You know, where the Connors
used to live.
Huh, that's really something.
Yeah, you know, I'd love to take
you down there
and show you how I fixed up
the old place.
Oh, I'm just so busy
with the wedding.
A Maid of Honor's work
is never done.
Ah, right.
Just the fellow I'm looking for.
I'm thinking of replacing
my old sedan.
So we thinking about going
sporty or more full luxury?
Uh, talk to me about hybrids.
Okay. Interesting, interesting...
I got this.
Come on, Carrie.
Let's see it.
Oh, gotta go, see ya.
Oh, oh here.
Cornhole, go ahead!
You first.
I'm afraid this seat is taken.
Oh, it's you!
It's me.
What are the chances, right?
Stars are spectacular tonight.
Yeah, they are.
Bet you got the best seat
in the house.
There's room if you'd like
to join me.
My mom calls this
her stargazing bench.
My dad got it for her,
whichever anniversary is what,
I don't remember.
But they still sit out here
every night
and look at the stars together.
That's a dream, right?
Dream? What dream?
I never dream.
I sleep like a rock.
No, I mean like of the future.
Finding that person you want
to share a bench with forever.
Lydia: Carrie,
are you back here?
You two look so cute cuddled up.
Smile for a pic.
Oh, I uh...
- That's cute.
- That's nice.
Maid of honor,
reporting for duty.
Do you need anything from me?
Mom wants to know if we think
she needs more lights out back
for the reception.
Oh, lighting is so important
for setting the mood, so...
What was that thing
you said about
not starting a relationship
at a wedding?
There's an exception
for every rule.
Sure buddy.
Whatever you say.
Dear Josie.
I've never written to someone
like you before.
This is going to sound bizarre,
but I don't know
who else to ask.
When I was 10 years old,
I went to my favorite
cousin's wedding.
Afterwards, my mom gave me
a piece of wedding cake
and told me to sleep with it
under my pillow,
and I would dream
of my future love.
It's been years since I thought
about that face.
Until today, when I literally
met the man of my dreams.
He's definitely for real
this time
and I don't know what to do.
Signed, Wedding Cake Dreams.
Dear Wedding Cake Dreams...
- Wake up!
- Hmm?
I need to hem your dress.
Do I smell blueberry muffins?
And I'm not saving you one
if you don't hurry.
Dear Wedding Cake Dreams.
It might feel like you already
have a connection to this guy.
But dreams aren't real life.
Give your dream dude a chance.
Don't let yourself
get swept away.
I don't think you're
crazy at all.
We've all had vivid dreams
that we can't forget.
But my advice is to proceed
with caution.
Sincerely, Josie.
Better be careful, Lydia.
She's going to outshine
the bride in that dress.
That's impossible.
Doesn't matter anyway.
The person I care about
impressing only has eyes for me.
We need to find a Brad
for Carrie.
Then I'll be a happy dad.
I'm working on it.
How about everyone take
a break from matchmaking
till the wedding's over?
Got the jars for
the centerpieces.
We gotta stop meeting like this.
Hello again.
I think we might be past
the point of handshakes.
I'll remember that
for next time.
Well, what do you think, Jason?
On the shoulder, or off?
I think she's beautiful
both ways.
Thank you.
Um, if you'll excuse me,
I have to go change.
My sister.
Dear Josie.
How do I proceed with caution
if I have to be around my dream
guy all the time?
There's no way for us
to avoid each other,
and there's another problem.
He's literally dreamy.
I'm not really attracted
to someone
until I get to know them.
But I feel like I've known
him since I was 10.
"How can this be real?
I need advice ASAP."
Brad: You look great.
Dear Wedding Cake Dreams.
When you're together,
try to emphasize...
I know I'm not having
the best hair day,
but is it really that scary?
What? You look amazing.
Did you give your dress back
to Lydia?
She still needs to hem it.
Oh boy!
- Do we need any Band-
- Aids?
Try to emphasize the fact
that the two of you
are just friends for now.
Hopefully he'll get the hint
and you can slow things down.
We're just friends.
I can be a friend.
Okay, ladies and gentlemen.
This is pretty simple.
You just want to take a jar,
wrap some twine around the top
to make it look pretty,
put in some sea glass
in the bottom,
insert a candle, and voila.
Costal beachy elegance.
Hey everyone, sorry I'm late.
I had to finish up some work.
I missed the instructions.
Oh, you just take one of these
and then wrap it around
the top like this.
Can I get a bump?
Teamwork makes the dream work, buddy.
I'm not well known
for my crafting.
I once hot glued my hand
to a Christmas wreath.
That's hilarious.
I love learning new things
about my friends.
So your dad was saying
that you and Lydia collected
all this sea glass?
Oh yeah, bags of it.
Drove Mom and Dad crazy
but they never got rid of it.
Oh, Judy and I used to love
to take the girls down
to the beach.
Do you remember what
all the colors mean?
I think so.
Oh, another jar down.
I'll get a broom.
So what do they mean?
Well, the white means happiness,
and it's the easiest one
to find.
Mom always said we should
remember that in life too,
that happiness is everywhere
if you're willing to look.
That's good advice.
The green is for energy.
What about the brown?
One time in 5th grade,
my teacher thought I was
cheating on a test
because I kept reaching
into my desk for something.
But I had just brought a little
bag of brown sea glass
and kept touching it to try
and get smarter.
Did you get an A?
I did.
Now, the blue is the rarest.
So if you find a piece
you should hold onto it
like a treasure.
What does it mean?
The blue glass means love.
Or it could just
mean friendship.
Just friends.
I get the colors mixed up
all the time.
Oh, hey Carrie!
Hi guys.
So we got this smoking hot
new convertible down at the lot.
I brought it by
because I thought
you might want to take a ride.
Um... sure.
How about now?
Ah, yes!
Let's go burn some rubber.
I gotta go, sorry.
I got a need for speed.
I'll see you later... pal.
You're going to have to take
your shoes off
before we get in the car.
Yeah, I don't want to mess up
the floor mats.
You ready?
- Ahhhhh!
- Hang on!
Brad: Look at this, beautiful.
Sure is.
Sorry guys, I think I'm going
to bow out
and try to get some work done.
Yeah. See you later.
Don't work too hard.
What is it that Jason
does again?
He's a web designer.
Thanks, Norman.
Yeah, well, a gentleman always
walks a lady to the door.
Oh, that's really not necessary.
Don't be silly.
I uh...
I got it if I just...
Thank you.
Yeah, you're welcome.
So here we are at the door.
Looks like your job is done.
You remember when we were
just little monsters?
Spent all summer running
around this neighborhood.
You know, I know you think
I didn't notice,
but I always knew you had
a crush on me.
Oh, I did?
I guess some things never
change, huh?
Hey kids!
Norman wants to take you
for a test drive
in his new convertible.
Oh, I love convertibles.
It's a precision piece
of machinery,
but you might want to put
the top up.
Well, there is no time like
the present.
Let's go!
I guess I'll see you later.
Have fun.
Dear Josie.
I tried the friend thing,
and I know you said
"don't get swept up" but you
haven't looked in his eyes.
I think I really like him.
Can I trust my feelings?
Thanks, Wedding Cake Dreams.
Oh, hey man. I just came by
to drop off the ring.
I'm just going to grab
another water.
You want anything?
- No, I'm good.
- Yeah.
Oh, Jason.
You're as bad as Lydia.
What does Just Ask Josie
have to say today?
Admin Mode, here's
what Josie is thinking.
What are you doing?
Why are you getting messages
for Just Ask Josie?
Oh, uh...
I design her website.
Oh, no way!
Lydia's going to freak
when I tell her this.
You can't tell her.
Why not?
Do you post all of her messages?
In a way.
So how does this work?
Does she call you and then
you type them up?
No, she doesn't have to call me.
How does it work?
She... is... me.
Just Ask Josie.
Okay, let me get this straight.
Um, you are Josie.
You're the one giving
the advice?
I know this is a lot
of information
to process right now...
How did I not know that
my best friend in the world
is the most famous love expert?
But you can't tell anybody.
Why not? This is awesome!
Do I look like a Josie to you?
No, but who cares?
My followers do.
If I am not who I saw I am,
how are they going to trust me?
Then why are you pretending
to be a girl, hmm?
Okay, remember when we were
in college
and I was a resident advisor?
Well, the students kept coming
to me and they'd be all upset
and say that they were having
relationship problems.
But then they were
too embarrassed
to tell me what those
problems were.
So I created a website called
Just Ask Josie
and I started handing
out fliers.
I know, it's a completely
stupid stereotype.
But back then I didn't
think anybody
would want love advice
from a guy.
You told me to break up with
that girl Mikayla when I thought
she was cheating on me
on spring break.
You're welcome.
She was cheating on you.
I can't believe that was you!
And then the site took off,
it started getting bigger,
and then it turned into this
whole social media thing
and now I am Just Ask Josie,
relationship expert.
Okay, you, you have to let me
tell Lydia.
If this gets out,
Just Ask Josie is over.
Oh yeah, um...
It's, it's starting to happen.
What's starting to happen?
Anytime I try to keep a secret
I, I break out in hives.
If Lydia sees this,
she's going to know I'm not
telling her something.
Okay, we can't let her see it.
Can you, can you fan that?
Oooh, ahhh, oh!
Why did anyone let me wear this?
Dear Wedding Cake Dreams.
If you're still unsure
of your feelings,
why don't you try asking
your dream guy
to some kind of group activity?
It will give you a chance to get
to know each other better,
but the pressure will be off
to be romantic.
- Hey.
- Hey.
We still need to do
a cake tasting.
I thought I'd just leave
that up to you.
Don't you want to be
personally invested
in your wedding's
flavor profile?
A wedding needs
a flavor profile?
I'm so glad you're here.
They don't put any of this kind
of stuff into bridal magazines.
So it'll just be you and Brad.
And I thought maybe you might
want to invite Jason...
Just in case you and Brad
disagree and need a tiebreaker.
It'll just be a fun group thing.
Can you turn the fan on?
It's kind of hot in here, right?
I need you to stay with me, Brad.
Nothing has changed.
Except now I know!
You can do this.
I can maybe keep my mouth shut,
but what am I supposed
to do about this?
You're up awfully late.
You too.
Just working on the ceremony.
I'm so honored that Lydia
asked me to be the officiant.
I can't think of anyone better
for the job.
I thought about getting
a staff and a robe,
but your dad said that it was
a tad too much.
I'm getting ready for
Lydia's cake tasting.
What are the choices?
We have chai cake with clover
honey mascarpone,
lemon thyme with
strawberry mousse,
and Mexican chocolate
with coffee whipped cream.
Why do young people have
to fiddle with the classics?
Just give me French
vanilla cake with strawberries
and buttercream frosting.
A marriage can stand on vanilla
cake and buttercream.
Maybe I'll add that to the mix.
I consider myself more of
an improvisational baker.
I don't measure anything,
I just toss in a little bit of
this, a little bit of that.
You never know what's going
to come out of the oven.
Baking is like science.
If you follow the rules,
you can predict your outcome.
Oh, I have had some
spectacular fails.
But sometimes I would end up
with the most delightful surprises.
So I should throw out
all my measuring spoons?
I'm not saying that.
Just saying trust your own
instincts once in a while.
Oh, Carrie.
They're almost too pretty
to eat.
Thank you.
But I will anyway.
Hi Brad! Hi Jason.
Why are you wearing
that sweater, silly?
Oh, I've got a chill.
Oh no, are you getting sick?
No, no, he's not getting sick.
I'm a little chilly too.
Don't you feel it?
Well, why don't we get started?
Nothing warms you up
better than cake.
We have four to try.
I was thinking that we could talk
about our likes and dislikes,
get to know each other better,
and then you could tell me...
I can't tell you anything.
About cakes, because Brad,
he can't cook.
You're so fidgety.
Well, this one is Mexican chocolate
with coffee whipped cream.
Have you ever been to Mexico?
I love travel, how about you?
Um, nothing.
What do you think of the cake?
It's great.
You need a glass of water, Brad?
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, could be great,
a glass of water would
be really good.
I'll get you one, babe.
Well maybe we could move on
to the next cake.
We have lemon thyme
with a strawberry mousse.
I tweaked the recipe a little
bit from the original,
so I know I can depend on it
to turn out perfectly.
Dependability is important,
wouldn't you say?
Well, if you
don't like that one,
I have a chai cake with clover
honey mascarpone.
Yeah, the chai has a spiciness
at the end
that's a real nice surprise.
Are you the type of person
who likes surprises?
Hmm, hmm...
What do you think, Brad?
Um, I... I can't decide.
You, you choose okay?
I love you.
That chai cake...
Really good stuff.
Do you think he's okay?
Yeah, don't worry about it.
I guess.
Well, there's still one more
to try?
Would you be sad if I said
I just wanted strawberries
with vanilla and buttercream?
Not at all.
A marriage can stand on vanilla
cake with buttercream.
It's not going to work.
You're doing great.
Just let me tell Lydia.
I'll swear her to secrecy.
If you tell Lydia, she might
tell her sister.
And then who knows
who Carrie will tell,
and then everything blows up
in our faces.
Just try not to think about it.
Would you be able to not
think about it?
The bachelor bachelorette party
is this afternoon.
It will be the perfect distraction.
You'll see.
It's so itchy.
You're going to be fine.
Hey honey.
I invited Norman to the party.
He said he's really
looking forward
to spending some more time
with you.
You know, Dad...
Norman's always been a bit...
much for my taste.
Ah, Norman's just an onion.
You have to peel a few layers
to get to the good part.
So you want me to date an onion?
All I ever want is for you
and your sister to be happy.
And have grandchildren.
Dear Josie.
I tried a group date.
It was awkward to say the least.
Maybe my dream guy
just isn't interested.
Should I just move on?
Feeling confused,
Wedding Cake Dreams.
Dear Wedding Cake Dreams.
If you really like this guy,
I don't think there
is anything wrong
with just letting him know.
But if that makes
you too nervous,
just play it super cool.
And it'll force him
to make the first move.
It's risky but it could
be worth it.
Oh, my gosh. I haven't seen
you guys in forever.
Sorry we had to duck out
so fast earlier.
Oh, it's no big deal.
What did you guys
end up picking?
Vanilla with strawberries.
Ooh, that is always a winner.
I like vanilla.
Do you come up with the recipes?
I'm imagining you
in your lab with like,
gloves and goggles like
a mad scientist
just coming up with flavors.
I guess it's kind of like that,
but without the goggles.
The worst that could happen
is I get frosting in my eye,
and that's kind of a delicious
problem, right?
Hey, are you thirsty?
Oh, no-, you know, I'm good.
Well, it was nice talking
to you.
Oh yeah, you too.
Welcome, to all
my favorite people.
I wanted today to be fun
and different,
just like me.
And so, we're not going
to do your usual
bachelor bachelorette pub crawl.
Today we're going to do
a wedding scavenger hunt.
Each team will get a list
of clues,
and the first team to make
it back to the finish line
with a picture of everything
on the list wins.
So everybody get
into teams of two.
Go. Go talk to her.
What do you say we make
a dream team?
Oh, yeah, I was just...
Sorry man, we're already
paired up.
Oh. That's a shame.
I guess I'll see you
at the finish line.
Hey. What do you say
we make a dream team?
I didn't want you
to get Beibered.
How did you know about that?
Lydia told me and Brad about it.
She told you, so then
you are in on the...
I'll get a camera.
So much for playing it cool.
Lydia: On your marks...
get set...
We're really doing this.
Where are we going?
The first clue says deep
friendship and young love
doth fill the only place
where time stands still.
I still don't know where
we're going.
It's a play on words.
Time and thyme, like the herb.
My dad's herb garden.
It's the only place where
thyme stands still.
You figured that out so fast.
Well, it won't matter
how fast I figured it out
if we don't get moving.
Sorry, Care Bear.
I guess you didn't
make it in time.
Let's go.
Hurry, take a picture.
Head up the street,
and once do you,
you'll need something old,
and something new,
something borrowed,
and something blue.
Come on, no time to waste!
You really want to win this,
don't you?
Losing's for losers.
All right then, let's do this!
- There you are.
- Hi!
I've been looking everywhere
for you.
I'm right here.
You missed the start
of the scavenger hunt.
And why are you suddenly
so obsessed
with wearing turtleneck
You know, I just really
didn't want
these leftover cupcakes
to go to waste.
I thought you didn't care
about the cake.
I do.
You're acting really weird.
Is something wrong?
No, no, no, no.
I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm great.
I'm great. I love you.
And, um, I'm going to go change
for tonight.
Wait, could this count
as something blue?
That would be cheating.
Who are you afraid of,
the scavenger hunt police?
The only thing standing between
us and anarchy is the rules.
Do you want anarchy?
Absolutely not.
Okay then.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Oh perfect.
Can I get some of those please?
Of course.
Okay, what's next?
Aren't we going to eat some?
We're losing time.
Do you know how
many antioxidants
are in these things?
Yeah, lots.
That could give us the edge
we need to win.
You're so weird.
Open up.
You have to actually chew.
Chew, right.
I guess now you expect me to
feed them to you every time?
We should hurry if we want
to finish in first place.
Excuse me, miss.
Oh yeah, I got it.
Thank you.
Dear Josie.
I think he just made
the first move.
What now?
Wedding Cake Dreams.
Dear Wedding Cake Dreams.
It looks like it's your turn
to step up to the plate.
Okay, looks like we only have
one clue left.
Should we take a look?
We're headed to the last clue.
Mmm. I love the smell
of victory.
I will not get Beibered.
Come on, we have to go back
to the house.
They're in the wrong place.
We can still win this.
Sure can.
This is it.
The winners can shout hurray
when they find
the most important clue
of the day.
The place where one story ends,
but also where it begins.
Why here?
This is where Lydia and Brad
end their single lives
and start their life together
as a married couple.
One story ends
and another begins.
Say cheese.
Should we hand our pictures in?
Hang on a minute.
My parents got married
under this trellis.
So did my grandparents.
And now it's Lydia's turn.
I guess I always thought
I'd be first
because I'm the older sister,
but it's completely silly,
because love just finds you
when it does.
Don't you think?
And sometimes when you
least expect it.
Oh, no!
God, they got there first!
Come on, let's go.
Come on, Ladybug!
Please tell me we're first!
Please say we are.
I think I left a lung
on Main Street.
Photos please.
She's got them.
We have our winners.
Nice job.
Yeah, yeah. Nice job.
Sometimes I wish
I could just fly away
Off to Jamaica or
some places like that
Where they're
making dub tracks
And the order
of the day
Is tonic, lime
and Tanqueray
Can I talk to you for a second?
- Um, I'll be right back.
- Yeah.
Come on.
What's up?
Have you noticed anything weird
about Brad?
What do you mean?
Like how he ran out
of the cake tasting
and he only wears turtleneck
sweaters for some reason,
and he keeps scratching his neck
when he thinks I'm not looking.
Maybe he has a bug bite.
But he keeps avoiding me.
I'm sure he's not avoiding you.
Every single time
Brad tries to keep a secret
from me,
he breaks out in hives.
Should've seen him when he was
trying to plan our engagement.
He looked like a lobster
with chicken pox.
He's probably just nervous.
Do you think he's getting
cold feet?
Absolutely not.
Lydia, you two are written
in the stars.
You're good, okay?
You're good.
I love you so much.
What would I do without you?
Well, thank goodness
you'll never have to find out.
Oh, wait.
Dad said we need more pigs
in a blanket.
I will see you on
the dance floor,
if Jason can spare you.
What are you talking about?
You're a wonderful sister,
but a terrible liar.
Seriously, it's all over me.
Woo, it's chilly.
I forgot how cold it is
by the water.
Glad you're enjoying
the night, mom.
Oh, nights like these are made
for dancing and romance.
Oh mom, I don't want to know.
I'm not talking about me.
So why don't you and that
handsome best man
leave the party and go watch
some lightning bugs?
They're fascinating insects.
Sorry, I gotta take this.
It's work.
Don't mind me.
I'm just lost in the music.
Sorry to call you so late.
Before you ask,
everything's fine.
Oh, good. I was worried.
I just called to let you know
that I overnighted
Lydia's cake topper.
For some reason
they sent it here
instead of your parents' house,
but you should see it first
thing in the morning.
Thanks. I'll keep a lookout
for it.
So how's everything going?
Really... well, actually.
I'm hearing some subtext.
Care to elaborate?
No, not yet.
I don't want to jinx it.
I guess I'll have to get
all my love stories
from Just Ask Josie.
Speaking of which,
have you been following
the Wedding Cake Dreams story?
Uh, no, not really.
I haven't been paying attention.
It is everything.
So this woman puts a piece
of wedding cake
under her pillow one night and
literally dreams up this man.
And then years later,
she meets him in the flesh.
The same guy from her dream.
And now it's all
"will they or won't they?"
Nobody knows, but everybody
wants them to.
Well, what do you think
about it?
That whole thing sounds crazy.
Crazy romantic.
If they don't get together,
there's something wrong
with the universe.
You really think so?
The world needs
more fairy tales.
Yes, I packed the cake topper
with extra bubble wrap.
No, I have a confession to make.
I know about your stash
of candy bars
behind the nitrogen evaporator.
No, listen to me.
I'm Wedding Cake Dreams.
You're what?!
I'm Wedding Cake Dreams.
I've been writing
to Just Ask Josie.
The cake, the dream,
the guy, everything.
He's here at Lydia's wedding.
He's the best man
for Pete's sake.
Carrie, you're famous.
Shh, I don't want everyone
at the lab to know.
It's fine. I'm here by myself.
So, I gotta know.
Will they or won't they?
She would, but will he?
Come on, Carrie.
Just go for it.
Josie is never wrong.
You do what's best for you,
but whatever it is,
I want details.
I gotta go.
Shall we?
Thankful to be sitting
For I could feel
something settling
In the middle of me
My knees weak
You're the person
I always
Hoped I'd meet
Oh, oh
I really had fun tonight.
Me too.
It's so nice and quiet.
I feel like we've been going
light speed since I got here.
Well, don't get too comfortable.
It's just the eye of the storm.
Tomorrow we have the rehearsal,
the rehearsal luncheon,
and then the main event.
I'm going to be up all night
baking the cake.
You're a sweet sister
for doing that.
I'm honored she asked me.
She could've ordered a big
fancy cake from anywhere.
Have you ever heard that thing
about sticking a piece of
wedding cake under your pillow
and dreaming of
your future mate?
Where'd you hear that?
Just read about it somewhere.
Don't know anything
about pillows or wedding cake.
That sounds like a mess to me.
Who thinks of this stuff,
But you know, I should go.
Lots to do.
Uh, can I help with anything?
No. It's a one-woman job.
But, I'll see you tomorrow.
I'll be the one on the other
side of the aisle.
Good night.
Good night.
You calling it a night?
I have cakes to bake.
It's nice to have you bumping
around again.
Oh sorry, I'll try not to make
too much noise.
No, no, no.
I mean it.
I like it.
It reminds me of when you were
in high school
and you'd stay up all night
studying for some big test,
drinking your body weight
in cocoa.
Back when I still had all
my little birdies in the nest.
How did you know
Mom was the one?
Honestly, I didn't.
But some things are worth
taking a chance on.
I love you.
I love you too, Ladybug.
Don't stay up late.
Everything I make,
I make for you.
I will show you
with these hands.
That everything I make,
I make for you.
And I hope you understand
That I, I'm trying to be
All you see in me
I'll give you all
All I can
With these hands
with these hands.
With these hands
Come in.
I saw the light on.
Can't sleep?
Just looking at these pictures.
Don't we seem so happy?
Yeah, you do.
So why do you look like
you've never seen anything
so sad in your life?
I know Brad is keeping something
from me.
There's just a lot happening
right now.
His parents are coming tomorrow,
and you know how his mom is.
She has opinions
about her opinions.
He won't even talk to me.
Maybe he just doesn't want to
put anything else on your plate.
What if he doesn't want
to get married anymore?
Don't think like that.
Can't help it.
You know how you told me
you're into Just Ask Josie?
She's everything.
Why don't we ask her what to do?
They say she's never wrong.
Do you really think
she'll have an answer?
What do we have to lose?
We'll ask Josie,
and then just try not to think
about it for a while.
You need some sleep.
Will you stay with me?
Just like old times.
Dear Josie.
My fianc has started
acting strangely.
He's avoiding me and acting
nervous all the time.
I think he may be having
second thoughts.
He hasn't told me anything,
but I just have
this nagging fear.
Am I overreacting?
Is this just normal
wedding jitters?
The Angsty Bride.
Oh, this is not how I like
to wake up.
I need to see if Just Ask Josie
answered us.
She did.
It's right here.
Okay, um...
Hold my hand.
I'm right here.
Dear Angsty Bride.
There's a million reasons
why someone might be nervous
before a wedding,
and most of them have nothing
to do with not getting married.
See, it's totally normal.
That being said,
if you really think your groom
is getting cold feet,
you've got to talk to him
as soon as possible.
You just gotta be brave.
It's better to know now than
to end up married to someone
who isn't ready to commit.
What if he says he doesn't
love me anymore?
Then you and I will run away
on your honeymoon,
and you'll find an impossibly
gorgeous man
on the beaches of Ibiza and
we'll post a ton of pictures
and make him regret everything.
But that's only plan B,
because that definitely
won't happen.
I hope you're right.
Okay, come on.
We've gotta start the day
and get some breakfast in you.
The mother of the bride
shouldn't have to do
that kind of work.
Oh, I don't mind.
I'm skimming the profits.
Rain check, Carrie.
I've got to go find Brad.
I'll have a stomach ache
until I talk to him.
I get it.
You're brave, strong
and amazing.
That is your mantra.
I'm brave, strong and amazing,
and hopefully getting
married tomorrow.
You are.
Was it like this when you
and Dad got married?
Yeah, pretty much.
We just had family
here at the house,
and then we had a nice dinner.
But we didn't care too much
for a party.
We just wanted to get
to the honeymoon.
Speaking of which,
did you hunt down those
lightning bugs last night?
No, afraid not.
Well, what's the hold up?
When Griffin broke up with me...
Oh honey, that's
just spilled milk.
No need to cry over him.
No, it's not that.
I was just certain
he was the one.
We were on the right track,
everything made total sense,
and then poof.
He tells me he's not happy.
He hasn't been for a while,
and that's that.
We're done.
It was like I was watching
a movie of a breakup
in slow motion.
I could watch it, but I couldn't
do anything about it.
I felt so foolish,
because I didn't see it coming.
I was picking out rings,
and he was planning a future
without me.
You weren't a fool.
You are an optimist.
But I felt like a fool.
And I don't want that again.
You have a long,
boring life ahead of you
if you're done taking
chances already.
Sometimes I don't like it
when you're right.
Just tell Jason
that you're into him,
and then worry about
what he thinks after.
And in the meantime,
help me finish these,
or else I'm going to need a
stretchier dress for tomorrow.
So did you talk to Brad?
I've been trying, but he had
to pick up his parents
from the airport, and then
he said he had to get his suit.
We've only texted all day.
Well, at least you know
he has to show up for this.
Here's hoping.
Brad's here.
What is he wearing?
Look at that.
Oh, beautiful.
I'm going to do it.
Right now.
I can't wait anymore.
- Hi.
- Brad, I need to talk...
All right wedding team,
it's time to begin.
Lydia and bridesmaids
line up in the front.
Groomsmen, find your positions.
I, I gotta go.
This is impossible.
Just get through the rehearsal.
Okay, okay.
You'll have time to talk
to him after.
And the wedding march begins.
The guests will all rise,
and now the bride.
And begin, slowly
and gracefully.
I'll hand you off to Brad.
And I will direct you
to say your vows.
Brad first.
Lydia, I...
Not today.
Save it for tomorrow.
And you will, and you will,
and I will say "now you
may kiss the bride."
Not until tomorrow, young lady.
It's bad luck.
Music please.
We all file out,
Brad and Lydia first.
I need to talk to you
about something.
I need to talk to you
about something.
Um... It just, uh...
One second.
It's groom stuff.
Hey, hey, come on, come on.
All right, that's enough.
We're going to get
to the bottom of this.
You're doing fine,
the rehearsal was great.
No, this is not fine.
I never meant for anyone to find
out that I'm Just Ask Josie.
And the circle's increased 100
percent in the last 48 hours.
This column is everything
I've been working for.
And all those people who
took Josie's advice trust me.
And if that trust is broken,
what's left?
Maybe they'll trust
you even more
when they realize
that you're not perfect.
That you're not afraid
of telling the truth.
You don't understand.
I want to, man.
I really do.
But I cannot wear a turtleneck
at my own wedding.
No more secrets.
I knew it.
I know you don't want
to get married tomorrow,
so please just get it over with
and tell me the truth
before we lie in front of
the most important people
in my life tomorrow.
No, of course I want
to get married.
I love you.
If you love me, then why are
you keeping secrets from me?
Brad's not keeping secrets.
I am.
Don't cover for him.
I'm not.
Brad found out something,
and I made him promise
not to tell you.
And that's why he's got this.
He's not a bad fianc.
He's being a really good friend.
What's the secret?
You know Just Ask Josie?
How did you find out about that?
What do you mean?
I wrote to Just Ask Josie
about Brad acting weird.
Well that is incredibly ironic,
because I am Just Ask Josie.
I thought you were
a web designer.
I just tell everyone that
to throw them off.
How is this even possible?
You're a guy.
It's easy to be
anonymous online.
I think that's why people aren't
afraid to tell me their stories.
All right, Brad.
Tell us what's really going on.
There's absolutely no way
this is happening.
I'm not making this up.
No, he's telling the truth.
I might be really mad
if I wasn't so...
unbelievably crazy happy
right now.
I can't believe Just Ask Josie's
our best man.
Okay, okay.
But to everyone else,
your best man is just Jason.
You guys will keep my secret,
Of course.
We just won't ever keep
any secrets
from each other again, right?
I promise.
All right.
Let's go to the rehearsal lunch.
I'm famished.
Thanks, man.
I love you so much.
Let's go get married.
Lydia: I love you, babe.
Let's do this.
I know this is crazy.
How can you do that?
Just pretend you're someone
you're not?
It's not like that.
I really care about the people
that write to me.
But you made a fool
out of those people.
You made a fool out of me.
How did I make a fool
out of you?
Carrie, there you are.
Come on and get some dinner.
I'm not hungry.
Oh, Ladybug, what's wrong?
I'm a moron.
Why don't you let me be
the judge of that?
Spill it.
Remember when I was 10,
and you told me to put a piece
of wedding cake
under my pillow and I would
dream of my future love?
Ah, that's why you're asking
about the old wives' tale.
Yeah, I remember.
Keep going.
Well, it worked.
I dreamt I was walking down
the aisle,
and there was a handsome groom
waiting for me,
and it was magical
and beautiful.
And then I woke up
and the years passed by,
and I forgot all about it.
Until a couple of days ago
when I met the guy
from my dream.
Oh my!
And that guy is Jason.
Double oh my.
But I totally freaked out
and I didn't know what to do,
and so I asked this online
love person,
Just Ask Josie.
Oh, I love her.
But it turns out,
hang onto your knickers,
Josie is a he, not a she.
Okay, bring on the big finish?
And that he is Jason.
That doesn't just happen
to people.
So not only is Jason
the guy I dreamt I was going
to marry,
but he's also the person
I already told all this to.
But he doesn't know that yet.
And if I tell him,
then I'm afraid that he's going
to think I'm crazy.
But if I don't, then I'm just
as much of a liar
as I accused him of being.
Oh, that's a real whopper.
Also, you can't talk to anyone
about this
because if people find out,
it's going to ruin his whole
career or something.
So sorry,
but welcome to the venerable
league of secret keepers.
Well, secret keepers
still have to eat.
Come on.
Yeah, let's go.
The whole doesn't add
up to its parts
There's a hairline
You know, when I was
a little girl,
my grandma gave me a piece
of wedding cake
to put under my pillow.
And guess who I dreamt of.
Your dad.
He was three years older
than me,
and he was the most popular boy
in the school.
And I was just this scrawny
little freshman.
You never told me this.
Well, the very next day,
I marched straight up to your
dad standing at the locker,
and I told him that I had
a wedding cake dream about him,
and that wedding cake
dreams stick,
and that we were going
to get married someday,
so he'd better remember my name.
What did he do?
He shook my hand,
and then he and his friends had
a good laugh and I walked away.
But you ended up together.
It took your dad four years
to ask me out on a date.
When he did, man, that first
kiss stopped traffic.
That's an amazing story.
Love is amazing, Ladybug.
You want to know something?
That wedding cake
didn't get us together,
and it didn't keep us
together either.
But I sure am glad that it
made me brave enough
to make a fool of myself.
Now come on.
I know you're starving.
No, you go ahead.
I'm not ready to talk
to Jason yet.
- Drive safe, take care.
- See you tomorrow.
Hey guys.
I'm really sorry
about everything.
I'm too in love to be angry,
and we're having the best
wedding ever tomorrow.
Did you talk to Carrie?
No, she kept disappearing.
Give her some time.
She'll come around.
I'm going to turn in.
I'll see you in the morning?
- See you bright and early.
- Alright.
I think he might be starting
to fall for her.
I love how you're just
catching on.
Okay, okay.
It's my wedding day!
It's my...
Oh, Carrie! It's glorious!
Just you wait.
It's not finished yet.
It's the most beautiful thing
I've ever seen.
You're the best sister
in the world!
Woah, okay!
Be careful.
We need it to last
till the wedding.
Are you okay?
I just have a lot
to think about.
About Jason?
About everything.
But today is your day.
Don't you have a hair
appointment soon?
Oh, my gosh!
I have to go get ready.
I love it.
It's beautiful.
I'm getting married!
You look beautiful.
You both do.
Stop it.
You're going to make me cry.
I haven't really said
anything yet.
I know, but I can imagine it,
and it's so nice.
I'm right here.
Do you have tissues?
Got 'em.
It's almost time.
My gorgeous girls.
Here, mom.
Thank you.
Oh. That's my cue.
You ready, Dad?
Here we go.
The impossible happened
And my dream came true
Isn't she beautiful?
Yes, she is.
And now
You're standing beside me
My dream is you
And I know that
This is just
the beginning
That has no end
Oh, now
I get to marry you
And now I pronounce you
man and wife.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Carrie, I wanted to talk
to you about...
- Come here.
- Alright.
Hey Kaia.
Uh, hang on a sec.
Is everything okay?
Yes, everything's fine.
I'm just dying to know what
happened with the dream guy.
Nothing yet.
Oh, you're too slow.
I'm going nuts over here.
But did you hear about
Just Ask Josie?
Did I hear what about her?
It's not a her.
It's a him.
He posted this whole confession
last night.
He said that if he wants
his followers to trust him,
he can't keep his identity
a secret any longer.
He's changing the website
to Just Ask Jason.
There's a picture of him
up there.
He's pretty hot.
Hold on a second.
Kaia, I've got to go.
Call me later, and please have
something good to tell me.
Most of you have been
with me for a long time,
and I'm sure all of this
comes as a shock.
I'm sorry I kept the truth
from you for so long.
I thought it made it easier
for people to tell
their stories to a stranger,
but then I remembered
that the reason people
come to Just Ask Josie is
to make deeper connections,
and the only way you can do that
is by being open and vulnerable.
I may lose some followers,
I may have to start over,
but you've all shared so much
with me over the years,
and now I am ready to start
sharing with you too.
If everyone will please
bring your attention to the front?
Mr. And Mrs. Brad and
Lydia Sisco will cut the cake.
Both: One, two, three...
I was afraid you were going
to miss the cake.
Can't miss the cake.
That's the best part.
It is.
Hey, you asked me about that
old wives' tale the other night.
The one where you put the piece
of cake under your pillow?
Yeah, that one.
Have you ever tried it?
Hang on a second.
Read it.
Dear Just Ask Jason.
I'm ready to tell the man
of my dreams the truth.
Wish me luck.
Wedding Cake Dreams.
I don't understand.
When I was 10 years old,
I put a piece of wedding cake
under my pillow,
and I dreamt of you.
And I don't know
if that dream means
we're meant to be
together forever,
or it was just indigestion,
but I like you.
A lot.
And I don't care
if I sound foolish,
and I don't care if it takes you
four years,
or if you never feel
the same way about me.
I just wanted you to know it.
Okay, I'll take that as...