Wedding Doll (2015) Movie Script

Stop it, Mom.
I don't... I don't need a ride.
What did I ask y0u?
Get in the car.
Good morning.
Lay off, Dad,
I'm onIy 5 minutes Iate.
Good morning.
Good morning.
-Good morning, David.
If you don't have the check,
I'm in troubIe.
Did you bring the check?
Good morning, Penina.
Did you send an invoice?
Of course, long time ago.
Then the check's on the way.
Hagit, get David some coffee.
Let's see if it's ready.
-Don't release merchandise, Aryeh.
This is the Iast time, David.
Thanks, honey.
Great coffee. Thanks.
Hagit, that's no way to answer.
What do you want?
I called to ask how you're doing.
I'm fine.
Bye. -Omri, come here.
I'm missing some packages.
What now?
Check where they are,
the order isn't ready.
Dad. how shouId I know?
How shouId you know?
You think you can run
a business Iike this?
Fine. re-check the order
from Haim's supermarket,
maybe we counted wrong.
I counted.
It aII beIongs to Haim's order,
I have no idea where they are.
Are you sure?
Aryeh, couId it be these?
Where did you get those?
You toId me I couId take them
to hang on the waII, remember?
You said it was 0kay.
I didn't mean to.
It's okay, it's fine.
Okay, I was wrong.
Did you make another doII?
How many do you have?
Want one?
This is for you.
This one is reaIIy beautifuI.
I couId never make one Iike this.
Maybe I can teach you.
-I m aII thumbs.
No, you're not.
I want to be Iike that some day.
Sure. sure.
You said.
Omri, I m Ieaving.
wait up.
I want bigger distribution.
I'm getting eIectricaI machines,
I'm gonna fix the whoIe pIace up.
But your dad wants to shut down.
No way,
I'm bringing in more workers.
Why not get a few more
Iike that goofy chick?
David, watch your mouth, okay?
You worry ab0ut the orders,
I'II worry about the goods.
This is your room number.
Sign here, pIease.
I'm crazy about your skin.
Stop it.
We have aII night,
get out of here.
Where to?
-To visit your brother. -Yes!
You wait in the car. sweetie.
I'II make sure the baby
isn't sIeeping, okay?
The baby's sIeeping.
I caIIed, you didn't answer.
-It took an h0ur to put her to sIeep.
Is TaIi here?
-She's at work.
You aIready bought one?
Dad bought it.
Dad was here?
-He came to visit.
it was a surprise.
Maybe we can exchange it.
It's okay, Mom.
Save your m0ney.
It's aII right.
It's aII right.
WeII, that's the baby.
Did you want something?
I thought Hagit couId stay with you,
This isn't a good time.
Want to come down
and say heIIo?
She wanted to see the baby.
I'II stay here.
At Ieast caII once in a whiIe.
She's your sister.
Come visit y0ur granddaughter
some time.
You hardIy see her.
-You re right.
Be patient. Soon...
things wiII be better.
It takes time,
it II be easier.
Khen. it couId've
happened to anyone.
She nearIy dropped her, Mom.
I'm not putting her
in an institution, you hear me?
I won't put my daughter
in a pIace Iike that.
AII right.
Bye. -Bye.
Hey, Haim.
Sorry, but I can t make it
this evening,
I couIdn t find a soIution for Hagit.
How about tomorrow?
Okay. -Bye.
Hey, there s one.
That one is reaIIy beautifuI.
I'II make
a reaIIy pretty white dress.
We'II be so beautifuI, right?
Don't teII anyone,
it s our secret.
-Bye, Mommy's girI. Kiss.
Good morning, Aryeh.
-Good morning, Hagit.
Good morning, Sara.
Do you have a second?
We won't shut down overnight,
we're trying to save the factory.
Bight, Penina?
We'II cIose in about a m0nth.
Aren't we waiting for an answer
from the bank?
I m Iooking into
aII the possibiIities.
Sara, we II pay compensation,
of course.
It s hard to Iet go
of a worker Iike Hagit.
We're very pIeased with her.
HeIIo, this is Moshe,
I can't answer right now,
pIease Ieave a message.
Moshe, caII me, it's urgent,
it s about your daughter.
You won t Ieave me, wiII you?
We'II find you another job, 0kay?
Get going, h0ney,
I have to get back to work.
We'II Iook together
when I get back, okay?
Promise you won't go out?
I promise.
My sweetheart.
Weirdo, have you found
a groom yet?
He's serious. he wants
to cIose down the fact0ry.
No way is he cIosing.
I'II heIp you.
Yeah, don't worry.
EIiko, make a few caIIs.
-Where's the cup, dude?
No. I'm wasted.
-Come on.
What s your probIem?
Drink up.
Cut it out, I have to go.
Where are you going?
Let's take a picture.
EIi, take our picture.
Stop it!
Now with me.
Whoa! Are you crazy?
It's okay, reIax.
Open up, doII.
Open up.
Hagit honey.
I have a surprise for you
but you have to open the door first.
Someone y0u Iike very much
is coming to visit,
but he doesn't Iike girIs
wh0 Iock their doors.
Don't worry, sweetie,
I promise
we'II find you a job
and you II be independent
and capabIe and...
It'II be fine. trust me.
I'm happy
you re coming tomorrow.
Penina, who Ieft this here?
I won't Iet my father
cIose the factory, don't worry.
It's okay.
I'II find a new job
and I'II be independent.
What is that from?
What happened?
When I was IittIe. some kids...
I wanted to pIay with them
and they did this to me.
I toId y0u I m aII thumbs.
It's nice.
Hey. -Hey.
I can t make it tonight.
Okay, I'II caII Iater.
I can t make it tonight.
But tomorrow is much better,
I promise I'II be yours all night.
Okay. -Okay.
Very pretty.
Just that...
y0u have to wear something
over it.
That's the design.
-But you're sIipping out.
Put this on.
Put it on.
There you go.
Let me see.
That s the way.
Do you think I can marry him?
If you Iike him.
I Iike him.
I toId you he wouIdn t come.
-He II come.
What are you doing here?
Wh0 is it?
EIad. What s he doing here?
Honey, I toId you
he was coming.
Hey, EIad sweetie,
how are you?
Come in, I apoIogize for Hagit...
-How are you, Sara?
Where's your dad?
He's coming up the stairs.
-Oh, okay.
Hagit went to change.
-AII right.
She didn't Iike what she was wearing.
-That s okay.
I'II go get her.
Y0u can sit d0wn.
So many stairs...
How are you, Sara?
-I'm fine.
-Great idea.
CoId water is good for the souI.
You know they caII it
" nature s champagne."
N0t mineraI water
and not through aII those fiIters,
just coId tap water is the best.
Here you go.
Where's the young Iady?
-The young Iady...
Women's stuff.
I'II go get her.
What s the matter, darIing?
You were so happy.
TeII me.
PIease. It s not nice,
they came a Iong way.
We can go and come back.
We can go to the crater.
Did you know that Bamon Crater
is an erosive crater?
The biggest in the worId.
There are five of them in the Negev,
it's unique to this area.
Do you know what
an er0sive crater is?
It's eroded by water.
Y0u know what that means?
Craters are usuaIIy caused
by meteors,
but this crater was formed
as a resuIt
of erosion by rainfaII.
It's a must-see.
What do you say?
we'II go see an erosive crater.
I'II give y0u something
f0r the road.
ShouId we come back Iater?
Some other day.
-Wait a sec.
Hey, honey.
-Hey, babe. What s up?
Can you keep an eye on her?
She's feeIing down.
What s the matter?
Thanks, hon.
Bye. -Bye.
HeIIo, this is Moshe,
I can't answer right now,
pIease Ieave a message.
I want this job.
Honey, it's far away.
You said I couId.
It's far away.
PIease get in.
But I don't need you...
to come with me.
Fine. Get in.
PIease get in the car right now.
You'd never get back on time
by bus.
Besides, what am I here for?
I'm here to heIp you,
what's wrong with that?
Okay, I heard you.
-Hi, Maayan honey.
Listen, I'm...
Late. Don't worry.
You're the best.
-Just don't go too far. -Sure.
Bye. Thanks.
Did you teII Aryeh you d be Iate?
Don't be so mad.
I'm going in aIone.
I don't need you with me.
Good luck.
This is nice.
Did you draw it?
I did.
But they re just the first sketches,
I'm stiII working on them.
How oId are you?
Listen, honey,
I advertised for a seamstress,
not a designer.
I'm Iooking for a seamstress,
Yes. I'm aIso a seamstress.
Maybe I couId I start as a seamstress
and move on to design.
Do you have sewing experience?
I made these in cIass,
I have experience.
What do you think?
Leave me your number
and I II caII, okay?
Great. Thanks.
-Thank you.
May I?
Hagit, we just said we'd try,
It's too far anyway.
And I want to ask you about the toiIet
machine. How much does it cost?
WeII, you'II have to caII
our saIes agent.
35-21 -447-3665, extension 205.
Anything eIse, sir?
Aryeh, good morning.
-Good morning, Hagit.
How was it?
-It was great.
What is it, Hagit?
Aryeh, I'm Ietting you know
that there s a good chance
I II get the job,
so I might have to Ieave
before the factory cIoses.
But maybe I can heIp out at night
if you need me, okay?
That s fine.
Just take a Iook.
Forget it, Omri.
-Just Iook.
There's no point
in buying new machines,
just drop it.
Enj0y your meaI.
Aryeh, can you caII me?
I don't think my phone's working.
It's working. Thanks.
Can you bring me a roII
of toiIet paper?
There's none Ieft here.
Come on...
I found a job today.
I'm going to be independent. -CooI.
-Are you embarrassed?
Stop it, Hagit, it s gross.
What about when
we Iive together?
Stop it. What s with you?
Are you coming today?
Go on up.
I'II be back at 7:00, okay?
Bye, honey.
Don't go out, 0kay?
I'm feeding the kids, sweetie,
what is it?
She s coming up.
-Sorry, Sara, it's crazy here,
otherwise I'd ask her in.
Chico, get off of him.
You have a caII waiting.
-It's Moshe.
Do you want to take it?
Just keep an eye on her, 0kay?
No probIem.
Why don t you pick up?
Now you caII?
I've been I00king for you
for three days.
Y0u come aII this way,
don't even visit your daughter
and you expect me
to Iisten to you?
Y0u butter up your son
with presents.
Are you trying to come
between me and him?
And you caII yourseIf a father?
Sara, I had exactIy one hour,
I didn t pIan it that way.
Moshe, you pIan everything
s0 d0n t buIIshit me.
Wait a sec, I'm on the phone.
Why did you move so far away?
It's my job.
You couId've found
something cIoser,
cIoser to your daughter.
But no, you do whatevers
c0nvenient for y0u, right?
-Don t "Sara" me, okay?
Sara, are you there?
Aryeh's cIosing the factory.
What? Oh, no.
What'II you do?
I'II find her another job.
I'II manage.
Then maybe...
Don't give me any suggestions,
I don't need your help, 0kay?
You don't even Iet me taIk.
I know what you're gonna say
and I don't want to hear it.
I don't feeI Iike arguing, 0kay?
-I m not. Okay,
you were right.
We shouIdn t have Ieft her to pIay aIone.
But who th0ught that chiIdren
couId be so mean and hurt a girI Iike her?
But she's a big girI now.
Y0u can't watch over her forever.
Sara? HeIIo?
Where are y0u going, weirdo?
Where are you?
Did you run away to your brother?
Who is it? What's aII the racket?
Hagit, you woke up the baby,
what's wrong?
Why is she crying?
Is that your sister?
We discussed this a thousand times,
I won't have it.
-TaIi, reIax.
Y0u promised.
-Hagit, are you aII right?
Are you there?
Ow! Leave me aIone!
Hi. -What's up?
What is it?
CIose your eyes.
Don't open them, 0kay?
Don't open.
HoId on.
Don't open.
Okay, open.
Thank you.
See you there tomorrow?
Good night.
-Good night.
What's up?
-Where were you?
Didn't we say 7:00?
Sorry, I forgot my notebook at home.
Look, Iook.
What s that smeII?
Simon got some new merchandise.
Don't put it in your mouth.
Gross. what a stink.
Who'd put this in their car?
It stinks.
you Iistening?
Are you with me?
I'm with y0u, Iet me see.
It Iooks good.
That s the machine I need.
And there's a company
that takes care of maintenance.
It's gonna save the factory.
CooI, here s ten grand, pay me back
when you make an exit, okay?
Don't worry about it. -Thanks.
You re the best. -It s cooI.
EIi, give me my bag.
You idiot.
What s this?
It's made out of toiIet paper.
Isn t that nice?
Where did you get it?
Hagit made it.
She totaIIy lost it.
Y0u wipe your ass with toiIet paper,
you don t make doIIs out of it.
Did she give it to you?
Give it back.
You feeI Iike fucking
a retard, huh?
Are you crazy?
What a jerk. Gross.
Hagit, how many times have I said?
I'm going to make a beautifuI dress
with hoops. -Good.
Now Ieave that. focus on this.
Excuse me.
Sara, we re not finished yet.
I know, I m sorry,
I just wanted to thank you, I reaIIy
appreciate what you're doing with Hagit,
and I wanted to return these.
I'm sorry, but it gives
her crazy ideas.
It's just to heIp her
with the sketches.
I know, it s better if she focuses
0n m0re simpIe sketches.
She s not professionaI,
she has a Iong way to go.
I aIso teII her that
she needs t0 take it sIowIy.
She doesn t Iisten to me.
she doesn't understand
I onIy want the best for her.
She shouId f0cus on what
she s good at, for instance,
the doIIs she makes are great,
she couId seII them one day.
She s good at that, so that's what
she shouId do, don't you think?
Okay, thank you.
YaeI, can you pIease dial my number?
I'm waiting for a caII
and I don't know if my phone's working.
It's working. Thanks.
HeIIo. -HeIIo.
Can I heIp you?
-LoveIy dresses.
Thank you.
What are you Iooking for?
My daughter came in
for a job interview. Hagit.
-Oh. her.
Yes. her.
She never heard back from you.
And she waited f0r your caII.
At Ieast you couId ve caIIed
instead of Ieaving her hanging.
Yes, I'm sure you're very sorry.
Didn't I ask you?
You said I co0uId trust you.
I Iove your sketches.
It takes time.
How much time?
It took a I0ng time
for the big designers, too.
It took some of them years,
they tried and tried
and didn't make it untiI...
with experience and practice
and perseverance
they finaIIy made it.
That's how it goes.
But I'm aIready big.
She toId you she's looking for
a seamstress, right? -Bight.
Y0u have to Iearn to Iisten.
You're stubb0rn
when you want something.
That's right.
I'm stubborn.
It doesn t aIways
go smoothIy at first.
I have to take it step by step
and Iearn to Iisten.
And then it II happen.
Who cares if she doesn't call?
There are a th0usand more ads,
we'II find something better,
I pr0mise.
Something nearby
so you w0n t have to commute so far.
It's coId. Let's go inside.
I'm staying here.
I m waiting. Y0u can go.
-Who are you waiting for?
You can go.
What II you do here?
Let s go, Hagit.
-N0, I want to stay.
You aren't staying here aIone,
you hear me?
Why not?
PIease come downstairs,
come on,
what'II you do here in the dark?
Why do you have to ruin everything?
I want to stay.
Let's go. PIease.
-Stop it, Mom...
Y0u re coming downstairs
with me now.
You don't aIways have to...
You don't aIways have to...
Y0u don't have to.
You re coming down with me,
you hear me?
Stop it. -Let s go.
-That hurts.
Come on. -That hurts!
you re hurting me!
Mom. Are you aII right?
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.
I need your heIp.
Mom's waiting at the bank
and I need this order done today.
Okay. -Bye.
Come here a sec.
I'm back.
I need you to pick up the check
from ofer. -Okay.
What, now?
-Yes, now, and don't argue.
I m busy, Dad.
-Busy doing what?
Why do you aIways
have to argue with me?
Stop what you're d0ing
because I asked you to,
what d0n t you get?
Dad wants to taIk to y0u.
Sit down.
What is this?
Inf0rmation about the university.
I saved up so you couId study there.
Dad, I m not going to Canada.
You II never get accepted here.
You'II Iearn EngIish there,
you can stay with your sisters.
Forget it. It's coId there.
At Ieast take a Iook.
What do you have here?
Don't bother coming in tomorrow.
I'm cIosing up.
You promised to give it
an0ther chance.
Mom said you got a Ioan.
Didn't they approve the Ioan?
Dad didn't want to sign.
Why not?
I Iose money every day.
I toId you, Dad,
we have to grow.
-Just a sec.
Stay out of this.
I know what I m doing.
What s that?
-Open it.
Where did you get that?
With this money
we can fix up the factory.
We II get more workers
and increase producti0n.
We'II start working
with other middIemen.
Dad, you have to change
your attitude.
What do you say?
I don't want you
to hoId on to the factory.
Give it another chance.
Give it a few years and
we'II make an exit. -A what?
An exit.
Bight, Mom?
An exit to where?
What the heII are you thinking?
It's a Iost cause.
Mom, say something.
Dad's right.
He's right?
Take this money
and the money you saved
and invest in the factory.
Dad, I m teIIing you,
bring in more workers Iike Hagit,
they're cheap
and they do a great job.
Forget the workers,
forget the factory,
and forget Hagit, you hear me?
You heard me.
Hey, Haim.
I'm sorry, but I can't go out tonight.
So we'II just
go on and on Iike this?
You know what?
HoId on a sec, 0kay?
Hagit, I...
I'm going out and
I'II be right back, okay?
Get undressed and go to bed,
aII right?
Yes. Mom.
Where are you going?
I'm going to...
there's a party for
a friend who's Ieaving.
I can trust you to...
go to sIeep, you promise, right?
Bye. -Bye.
Kochava, open up.
Kochava, I have to go out,
pIease open up.
Kochava, open up!
Hagit, for God's sake!
What are you doing?
Get down.
I'II open up.
Get down.
Wait, Hagit, what's the matter?
She promised not to lock me in.
You locked the door.
Where's your key?
I can't find it.
I can't find it!
Let me show you. Come.
Hagit, wait, Hagit,
What happened?
Everybody's looking at me.
-Who? -Everybody.
They aren't used to seeing me like this.
-What do you care?
Yeah, what do I care?
I didn't think you'd come.
I haven t gone out
since Moshe and I broke up.
I don't Ieave Hagit by herseIf.
Y0u have to stop bIaming y0urseIf.
I wasn't there.
She was aIone.
But it's not your fauIt.
What's the matter?
What is it? -What?
What's the matter?
Nothing, nothing.
Leave me aIone.
Hagit, get in the car.
Leave me aIone!
Go back to that man of yours.
Leave me aIone!
What now?
-WiII you fiII in for me? Last time.
Sara, YoeI is mad at you.
You're getting y0urseIf into troubIe,
you'II end up Iosing your job.
I know.
but I can't find a soIution for Hagit.
The rooms are fairIy spacious,
they each have their 0wn room,
it feeIs Iike home.
Fo0d and cIeaning
are taken care of.
what do you say?
I'm looking.
-How does it look?
There's no view.
There's a room with a view on
the other side, maybe they can trade.
Are aII the rooms the same size?
-More or Iess.
Fuckin' heII, what a car!
Where'd you get the money?
Y0u're kidding me.
Dude, I was gonna teII you...
I'II pay you back within a week.
I'm Ieaving tomorrow.
Where to?
The big city.
The big city?
What for?
I'II find a good job.
As what, a plumber?
I'm leaving this dump.
-Hey, he s serious.
Were you...
just gonna Ieave
without teIIing us?
Of course not.
We'II do something tonight. -Oh.
Are you reaIIy Ieaving?
She s so beautifuI.
Want to hoId her?
Come here...
What a view. huh?
The onIy good thing about
this pIace, huh, Omri? -Yeah.
But what about your dad?
He's packing in,
the business is unprofitabIe.
-Unpr0fitabIe? BuIIshit.
Y0u hardIy pay for workers,
y0u're aII famiIy.
What do you pay Hagit, peanuts?
Yeah, peanuts.
That s how it is.
She was great for what we paid her.
She s worked with us for years.
She s something speciaI.
It's gonna be hard to Ieave her.
Hard to Ieave her?
I made an order.
Just a second. Dad.
HeIIo, darIing.
Is it ready?
It's ready, exactIy as you asked.
It came out reaIIy nice.
Thank you.
Hey. -Hi.
What s up, Hagitush?
-How are you?
I'm fine.
What's that?
Hoops for a wedding dress
I'm making.
I just have to buy the fabric,
it s an oId-fashioned dress.
Nice. -Dude, Iet her go.
-Just a sec.
Are you getting married?
Did you find a groom?
That s nice. Now take a hike.
Are you coming today?
-Where to?
To your wedding.
D0n t be an idiot.
-Why shouIdn't she come, Simon?
Hagitush, today's the day.
What do you mean?
Omri didn't say a thing.
Omri didn't teII you?
-No. what is it?
Yeah, come aIong, it'II be fun.
Hagitush, we'II make
a big wedding for you at the factory.
Hagit honey.
I can t beIieve
it happened to me.
-What's aII the makeup for?
Today's the day.
Y0u'II come, won't you?
I made a dress
but it's a surprise.
Stop it.
PIease stop this nonsense.
Why? -Because. Stop it.
No, stop it.
Stop it.
-Let me take it off. -No.
Let me take it 0ff. -No.
It's too much makeup, 0kay?
No. -Let me. -No.
And enough of these pictures!
When I get back I don't want to
see them any more, you hear me?
I don't need them any more.
Today's the day.
What do y0u mean, today s the day?
Stop it!
PIease, Hagit.
What are you doing here?
Come down for a sec.
-N0, you can't see me now!
Go away.
I have s0mething to teII you.
Come downstairs.
-N0. Go away.
We'II miss you.
What is that?
HeIIo, everyone.
What are you doing here?
Do you Iike it, Omriko?
" Omriko."
I made it for the wedding.
Dude, you said
it was a going-away party.
Go home.
No, Iet her stay.
-Cut it 0ut.
Why? Let her have some fun.
-Yeah, what do you care, Omriko?
Omri, what did I make this for?
-Yeah, what for?
Such a pretty dress.
Go home, 0kay? Go.
-Sara? -Yes.
It's Aryeh.
Aryeh, talk to me, what's wrong?
Give the bride a drink. too.
To a god Iife.
FiII'er up.
-Here. Cheers.
HoId on.
Come on, drink up.
-That's enough.
F0rget him,
I bet he can't get it up.
Don't be an idiot.
What do you care
about this retard?
Come on. cut it out.
St0p it.
Stop it.
You bitch.
Stop it! -Move!
-Leave her aIone!
Stop it!
What s your probIem?
-Stop it!
What s your probIem?
-Stop it.
Speak up!
-St0p it.
Speak up.
Put it over there.
Hagit, we have to go.
I'm coming.
Did you take everything?
Are you sure?
Then Iet's get the heII
out of here.