Wedding Dress (2010) Movie Script

Presented by SOVIK Venture Capital,
in association with Sidus FNH
Produced by Road Pictures
Distributed by Sidus FNH
Production support by Korean Film Council,
Jeonju Film Commission
KIM Hyang-gi
KIM Myung-kuk JEON Mi-sun
Oh my god!
We gave her a wrong dress!
- I don't know if we can make it.
- Didn't you check it yourself?
I had Suran do it.
That stupid girl.
You should know better!
Hi Sora.
Screenplay by YOU Young-ah
Co-producer HAN Kyeol (P.G. K)
Get in, Sora. Come on.
What are you doing?
Directed by KWON Hyung-jin
Sora Jang, didn't I tell you
to take your umbrella this morning?
It wasn't raining this morning.
The forecast lady said
80% chance of rain, didn't she?
Are you going to do this
every time it rains?
What now?
I'm on my way now!
The wedding starts in 10 minutes.
Should've thought of that
before you switched the dress! Hang up.
Where is she?
They've already started.
Who brings the wrong dress
right before the wedding?
- I'm so sorry.
- Bunch of amateurs!
- Oh my god.
- What's wrong?
Where is the bouquet?
No one brought the bouquet?
Here is the bouquet.
You can't pull me out of
work like this again.
Aunt wasn't home.
How about a kiss here?
How about here?
Stop it. I have to go.
Okay. Go on.
Hey Gina. Wait up!
Do you want to come over
to my place after?
Oh yeah? What's going on?
My dad bought me
a new video game player.
That sounds like fun.
Come by some time. When?
What are you talking about?
Don't do this, babe.
Didn't you say you like tall guys?
What? I'm too tall?
Now I have a new business
and a brand-new car, too! A big car!
I'm too busy with so many students.
Don't hang up, babe.
I have no appetite now.
I won't even breathe.
Hello? Hello?
Who are you?
Were you crying?
Are you here to learn Taekkyeon?
You have no students.
They are not here, yet!
How can you possibly
eat dog meat?
Didn't you used to say that?
You like dog meat.
You got a problem I'm buying?
Just order chicken.
You eat for the taste,
and I do for health. It's a win-win.
Can we eat now?
Shall we?
Yummy! It's good. Eat up.
It wasn't your first time, was it?
You ate more than I did.
No, I didn't.
Here comes coffee.
How did it go?
Did you find her?
OK. Text me the address.
Thanks. I'll make sure to
give you 10%.
What is that 10% for?
You aren't running a
private loan business.
You didn't think I'd catch you,
did you?
This is your last day.
Hey, where are you going?
You said lunch was on you!
Why should I make a deal with you?
You're just a kid.
Ever heard of mutual benefit?
Hey, watch who you're mocking.
I'm much smarter than I look.
I know all about mutual funds.
So she left you for a smart man.
You rascal!
Anyway, I'm not interested,
so go back to your ballet class.
I'd just watch for an hour
in the corner, OK?
Why don't you pay tuition?
How about half an hour?
Why should I let you at all?
Cry baby.
No wonder she left you.
Yeah, I'm at the ballet school.
OK, I'll meet you there.
I have to go now.
Let's talk about this tomorrow.
Talk about what?
See you tomorrow!
Hey, you! Miss!?
It's been a while.
How have you been?
What a nice apartment you have!
When did you move in?
Nice bed. Where is it from?
Must be expensive.
And you got married?
Where did you get your dress?
Nowhere. Just borrowed it
from my mom's friend.
What is the matter with you?
Leave me your account number.
I'll send the money soon.
You said that the last time I saw you,
before you disappeared.
Do your thing. I'm going to
stay here for a while.
Sora, lie down here.
Let's take a nap.
Come on. What are you doing?
It looks delicious.
Are you rich now?
I've always been rich. Tell me
whatever you want to eat.
Can I tell you what I want to get?
I want a video game player.
There are many kinds,
and the best one is...
Let's get everything.
Isn't it fun?
Who bought it for you?
Whose daughter are you?
Do you like mommy or the game player?
Game player.
Aren't you brutally honest?
By the way, this TV is too wack.
Please come in. Come in.
Thank you.
- Here is fine.
- OK.
Thank you so much!
Turn this way.
Come on, that didn't hurt.
Exaggerate much?
It did hurt, a moment ago.
You should know
how to comb yourself now.
Look, it's all tangled.
Do it quick.
I'm going to be late for school.
Yes, ma'am.
Hi guys.
Good morning.
Hi Sora.
Do you have a set of
percussion instruments?
I should have Min-Woo's old one
Great, if you could find it for me.
Hi brother.
The restroom is always the first thing
you look for in this house.
Don't be upset.
I'll find it for you.
That's the way mom is... always.
What would you like for
your birthday? Anything?
Let's eat.
You go ahead.
Did you finish your
homework last night?
If you ever go to school
without your homework again...
Don't spoil her like that.
She is a pain in the neck.
Sora, this is ridiculous.
Can't you just eat like everyone else?
Aunt said this is
better than not eating.
You don't even cook for me.
Pay more attention to your child.
I'm still at work.
It'll only take a minute.
Let's go!
The roof opens up!
Hey, have you had a
sun roof before?
I'm in love with this car!
Check out the dashboard.
Feel the leather.
Hey, enough already.
What's wrong with you?
I heard you got promoted.
The director should drive a
nice car like this.
It's my gift.
Don't say no.
My car is just fine.
How old is your car?
What is going on with you?
I'm going to make your wife
sign it if you don't.
Then, the two of you will
end up living in this car.
Thanks. Bye.
Come on, Jeongwoon!
Sorry about that.
How about this?
- It's beautiful.
- Isn't it?
How much would that be?
Around $4,000.
But if you really want it,
I'll give you a special discount.
Anything more inexpensive?
You mean the cheap ones?
Of course.
They're on the 2nd floor.
Sometimes, people who are
in a hurry or
don't have enough budget,
get this stuff.
If you dry-clean it,
it shouldn't be that bad.
Let's get a new one.
We only get married once.
Do you think so?
What a guy!
He is so romantic!
Come look at this section, too.
- This design is so beautiful.
- It is.
This one will look great on you.
You said you didn't want to show too much skin.
This design is new,
so it'll take some time to get it made.
We need it for winter.
Can't you make it by then?
We can, of course.
If you put down a deposit now,
we can make it for you.
You will look great in it!
I'm sorry.
Another customerjust
bought this design, so...
I'm so sorry.
Excuse me.
I'll be right back.
What the hell are you doing, huh?
They were just about to
write me a fat check.
This isn't for sale.
Why design it if you're not
going to sell it?
Are you going to sell it
somewhere else?
This is for me.
Are you kidding me?
You don't even go on dates.
Second marriage sounds so convincing.
It's for Sora, OK?
Now you're using your daughter
to sell it somewhere else?
It's important to eat fruits
and vegetables to stay healthy.
Why did you come home so early?
To see you, sweetheart!
Hey, do you want to go to
the movies tomorrow?
I'm going on a picnic.
A picnic?
And you're telling me this now?
I'll just pick up some kimbab,
snacks and sodas from the grocery store,
just like last time.
What's the big deal?
I know, but...
I'm actually very good at
making kimbab, you know.
I didn't know that.
You didn't? You know what.
I was just busy last time.
It's so good that
you mightjust pass out.
Let's just buy it, mom.
Come on now. Please.
What's wrong with this?
It's raining.
Upon rain, no picnic.
But I stayed up all night.
Let's go!
We can't eat my first work
of art at home.
But, going all the way to beach?
It's not raining at the beach.
I saw the weather forecast.
What did you say to my teacher?
Told a little lie about
your grandmother's 60th birthday.
Don't worry.
I already told my teacher
my grandmother passed away.
Then, say she is
your father's mother.
I said both of
my grandmothers died.
Then I'll take the blame, OK?
Oh, this is my favorite song.
You know this song?
Of course.
Your dad used to sing it so well.
He sung better than the singer.
Did he?
Actually, he sang this song
when he proposed to me.
Isn't it romantic?
Dad was so romantic.
Shh... Let me listen to the song.
You're the one talking.
It's the sea!
I told you it wouldn't rain here.
I made it for you.
Try it.
Feels so good, doesn't it?
You're done.
Wash it more.
There's soap left in my hair.
Where? I don't see it.
- There is.
- OK. Close your eyes, tight.
One, two...
Say, three!
What's that?
It's your fault.
You are too cute.
You are so corny.
I'm going to tickle you.
Stop it!
She is so late.
Seems busy these days.
When is she not busy?
I'm proud of her, though.
You and I couldn't ever pull it off.
She always makes us worried.
She insisted on marrying
that guy we were against.
That, I'm sure, is
what killed mother.
What a harsh thing to say!
I pity that fool.
That's all.
Don't defend her all the time.
Go-Woon's running late.
Let's start without her.
Shall we set the table?
- Should I put this on a plate?
- I'll bring the plate.
Thanks, YeoWoon.
Eat as much as you want, OK?
It's good.
- That must be Go-Woon.
- Yes, that must be her.
Eat the noodles.
Your grandma's favorite.
- Would you like some more?
- Eat.
Come on in.
- Sorry.
- Be careful.
Sora fell asleep.
Of course she did.
I hit major traffic.
Blame the construction, not me.
You could've called us.
It was supposed to be a quick trip.
- You haven't eaten, right?
- Right.
You should have come earlier.
It's too much work for your sister-in-law.
That's why you came early.
You mean me?
Please, eat.
Thank you Lord for having
all of us get together
for a service in memory of
our late mother.
We thought we'd be the same
as we were when she was alive.
I regret that we couldn't share
as much love as we should've shared.
She's been here before.
She must not have told you, yet.
She has gastric cancer.
It's not looking too good.
You should come back tomorrow,
and talk to her doctor.
Sorry bro...
I'm always causing trouble.
Sora doesn't know yet.
Hi cutie. Learn Taekkyeon.
Tell your mom.
Good morning.
Take up Taekkyeon. Okay?
Tell your brother, too.
Do you have an older brother?
Bring him.
Hi, princess.
Come to my Taekkyeon class.
Hey, here.
You should hand out candies.
Hey you.
You go to this school?
Great. Here's more for
your friends, okay?
They usually hand these out
after school.
Have a great day.
After school...
Why aren't you coming to
ballet classes?
What about the recital?
Are you scared of me?
I don't like ballet much.
Oh, I see.
Oh, sorry. I just love
banana milk so much.
But I left you half.
Drink it.
- You were too nice to her.
- No. She chickened out.
- She didn't.
- Hey, she's coming over.
OMG, what are you doing?
You said you love it. Finish it.
You're scaring me.
After this one,
I'm going to take some time off.
You just want to make me
miserable, don't you?
I'm not feeling well these days.
Me, too.
I can't go to bed
without a little help from alcohol.
Join the club.
I have things to take care of.
Me, too.
My head is always hurting!
If you want to go home,
just say so.
Hello? Oh, hi.
I mean, her eating habit,
which wasn't an issue really
until today.
I'm so sorry.
No, please.
It wasn'tjust Sora's fault.
There's Gina, who used to be
Sora's best friend
Gina got embarrassed by Sora once.
Ah, I'm thirsty.
Why are you drinking my water?
Are you a beggar?
Since then Gina and Sora
don't get along.
Does Sora have any friends?
You guys!
Who told you to mess around?
Get back to practice.
When did you come in?
Who told you to do this?
What happens when
a teacher calls your mom?
It's over.
You should make sure to hide anything
she could throw before she comes home.
Your hour isn't up yet.
I'm going to hide things.
You're home early.
What's wrong?
I think I ate too much for lunch.
Mom, are you mad?
Why can't you eat with your friends?
It's fun to share your food
and talk to your friends.
It's dirty.
What's dirty?
Aren't you going to kiss
when you grow up?
How are you going to kiss?
I'm going to live alone.
What do you mean?
When you grow up,
you will go out,
meet someone and get married.
And you'll have to share
meals together, too.
I can't always be there
until you turn gray.
I can live by myself
without your help.
Do you even know
what it's like to be alone?
Why wouldn't I know?
I do homework by myself,
eat by myself,
wait for you by myself,
and go to bed be alone.
I've been fine on my own.
That's because I've been so busy.
Then keep on being busy.
I will be just fine without you.
Don't worry.
How can I not be worried?
If you ever need anything I can...
Aunt knows what to do.
She does a betterjob than you do.
Why don't you just yell at me
for fighting with friends?
Go live with your aunt then!
I should...
...have been there for her.
Sorry, mom.
I want to live with you
until I turn gray.
Is this the last one?
Yes, it is.
He's a divorcee.
He's got another studio.
A big one.
Isn't he tall and great?
Look. He's cute too.
Not interested.
All yours.
Hey, I checked him out for you.
Good. Two divorcees.
Can I go now?
I've got an important date.
Hey, I'm your boss.
Where's Sora?
She's not here.
She never comes.
Sora, where are you?
Hi, mom.
I'm at my ballet lesson.
Hey, Sora!
Even in hard time,
don't you have manners?
Is this how you recruit students?
I'm not like that.
We athletes don't think evil.
And I worked so hard to
set this place up.
I even starved, you know?
Sorry to hear that,
but as an adult,
don't you think you need to
guide kids in the right direction?
I mean...
Say something.
She's got it all wrong, right?
You really shouldn't have.
I'll go to ballet lessons.
No, you don't have to.
I thought you liked ballet.
Gina is there.
The one you got in a fight with?
Is she mean to you?
No, I just didn't want to go.
There's going to be a lot of
difficulties in life.
You can't always run away from them.
Why don't we do this?
Let's invite Gina and some
friends over for your birthday.
I've never done that.
Studying hard before
the party, really?
I'm not studying, just homework.
Where are your friends?
Are they running late?
Not coming.
No one's coming.
Hey, what are you doing?
Let's celebrate your birthday!
Who does homework
on her birthday?
Happy Birthday!
I like you so much~
I'll give you everything~
For you, my heart~
Sora, what else do you want to do?
Want to ride your bike?
I can't ride.
But I bought you a bike.
You just bought it.
To your right, right.
Balance it.
To your right, right, right.
Come on, balance!
I said right.
You keep leaning left.
You have to balance yourself.
I can't balance myself.
Stop looking back, fattie!
I'm done.
The bike's too big for me!
You need to ride till next year.
Why don't I learn to ride
next year then?
It's my birthday and
you're calling me fattie.
I'm sorry.
I won't call you fattie.
Sora, I got you right here.
Don't worry about a thing,
just keep looking ahead.
See that light post?
Let's make it over there.
Get back on it.
Good. Let's go.
You're doing so good.
You got me, right?
I got you.
You're doing so good.
Mom, I can ride now.
We need to have you admitted now.
Don'tjust say ok.
You can't handle it anymore.
But I take all my medicine on time.
The meds won't cure you.
They're just pain killers.
You never know how fast
the cancer can spread.
Let's check you in today.
Doc, I get scared easily.
If I thought I couldn't handle it,
I'd be the first to check in.
Bye Aunt. I'm going now.
Can you walk me home?
Oh, sure.
Mom takes a lot of pills.
A lot...
Is she really sick?
Real bad?
Where is she sick?
Sora, your mom is really sick.
But she's going to the hospital,
and we're all praying for her.
So she'll be fine soon.
That's all lies.
What are you saying?
I know it, too.
Big hospital, lots of medicine...
And she keeps passing out,
throwing up...
Hey, that's just...
Is she dying?
Is mom going to die?
Don't lie to me.
I might hate you later.
Sora, your mom...
How soon?
We don't know yet.
Your mom is a strong person.
Please don't tell her.
She's got enough on her hands.
Mom, I'm going to school.
Hey, mommy can't right now...
I know. Stop eating so much,
mommy pig!
What about your hair?
I'm good at doing my hair!
Bye mom!
80% chance of rain
Told you to bring an umbrella.
Let's go!
Sleepy, huh?
I'm almost done.
Told you to stay home,
didn't I?
I'm not sleepy at all.
When I'm with you,
I don't want to go to sleep.
Why not?
With my eyes closed...
I can't see your face.
Why didn't you wear a wedding dress
when you got married?
Your dad was poor back then.
He got me a nice dress instead.
Then you just make dresses?
I guess so.
You don't want to wear it?
What do you want?
Game player!
Why did you do that anyway?
And you never came back afterwards.
Girls. You're all the same.
So did Mi-young.
Did you get in a lot of trouble?
My mom doesn't get mad at me.
That's good.
I thought you were in serious trouble.
Don't you think I'm nice though?
I take the fall for you and
still buy you ice cream.
Hey, mister.
Have you been to a radio studio?
Do you like me walking you to school?
What if I didn't go to school today?
Why not?
I just want to hang out
with you all day.
What if your teacher
gets mad at me again?
I'll take the blame.
Shall we?
Okay, let's go home!
I'm skipping ballet, too.
Of course. No problem.
What shall we do at home?
Let's hang out and read comics.
Mom, look at this shell...
Shoot me now.
What economic down time?
You kidding?
Everyone's driving everywhere.
Damn traffic.
Rough day?
Don't even start with me.
You have no idea
how busy I was today.
What a bridezilla!
I just handed her
over to Suran and ran.
Told you to hire more people.
Why would I do that?
Why do you keep saying that?
You need to hire someone new.
You're right.
I do need a better designer than you.
But I don't think I can find
anyone as easy going as you.
I can't come in... anymore.
Let's hear what you have to say.
Why can't you come in?
Who's paying you more?
Are you getting your own shop?
Why do you keep bringing it up?
I'll be gone soon.
Where are you going?
To Sora's dad. Soon.
Suran. Hey, Suran!
Are you kidding me?
Who do you think you're talking to?
Hey, go home.
I don't want to see you.
You, you're fired!
Don't come back.
I'll send you your things.
Go home!
Come on in.
Is Sora here?
Yes, she says she'll be living here.
What's going on?
I'm going to live here.
We eat here every day anyway.
Let's just stay.
I packed your stuff too
so you can live here with me.
Oh Miss Mija.
You're gonna make me cry.
What a life? You worked so hard
to make a living, and now this?
I have heard that line before.
You think it's funny?
Should I be crying then?
My eyes are sore.
What are you going to
do about Sora?
I don't know.
What do you mean?
Is Ji-hye going to raise her?
I understand you're not yourself.
My husband's business tanked again.
We're scraping everything
and emigrating.
We can take Sora with us.
Canada will be better
for her to study.
Wouldn't blood family be
better for her anyway?
I know it's hard for you right now.
But Sora needs a good life.
With her dad already gone,
and now her mom...
Anyway, Sora won't make it in Korea.
Even if it's hard for you,
that's reality.
Your insurance beneficiary...
it's Sora, right?
What are you doing outside?
You're home.
It's getting colder.
Yeah, it is.
Yeo-Woon was here.
Is it?
Her husband's business
isn't doing well.
It seemed that way.
They are emigrating.
Asked if they could take Sora.
That was thoughtful.
Also, asked about insurance benefit.
Mom, I'm going to school.
Bye son.
Hi, Aunt.
See you later.
Who is it?
Oh, hey.
How could you?
How could you do that?
Have you any idea
what you've done to that dying girl,
who forgets she's sick,
worried about her daughter?
If you business is gone,
fix it yourselves.
How dare you ask for money to...
Go-Woon has lived with me
since your mother was alive.
She's notjust a sister-in-law.
She's a friend and my family!
I always thought of
Sora as my daughter.
It's Go-Woon dying.
She's dying!
Five, six, seven, eight, nine...
Sora, let's play.
Leave her alone.
She's not feeling good.
Her mom is sick.
I don't know.
I overheard mom and dad.
She's going to be hospitalized.
Shut up.
You don't know anything!
Why are you mad at me?
Come down for dinner.
Is it bean soup again?
We're making this hard for you.
No, you're not.
Don't you think
the soup is a bit salty?
Is it?
No, it's just fine.
Does it taste better like that?
Not really.
Then why do you do it?
You can't even have Topokki
with friends, can you?
I don't like that stuff.
You'll never get married.
I don't want to marry a pig
like you anyway!
She called me a pig!
She's your younger sister!
Sora, eat it.
No, I feel like throwing up.
- Let me get you a new plate.
- Eat it.
No, it's dirty.
I'm sorry.
Come here.
Hey, Go-Woon!
When are you going to get better?
You got into a fight with a friend,
and now with Min-Woo?
You uncle and aunt are so nice to you.
What are you doing to them?
Are you sorry or what?
I'm not sorry.
Do you want to see me really mad?
Are you going to live
like this forever?
Who is going to put up
with you? Who?
You are!
You can live forever...
and put up with me.
I don't need any game players.
You buy me these things,
and you're not here.
No, I hate it!
You're all I have.
I miss you already.
Why do you keep trying to
say goodbye?
Please don't die, mommy.
Stay with me.
Don't die.
I'm so sorry.
Mommy's sorry.
I'll stay with you.
I'll stay with you Sora.
Oh, my baby.
Are you asleep?
Can you sing me a lullaby?
That's yourjob.
Just once.
You're annoying.
In the morning I wake up~
And you're next to me.
I love you~
Now you sing it.
Are you sleeping?
Hey kiddo. Mommy will be home soon,
so you need to wait at home, okay?
- I'm her brother.
- One of you, ride in front.
Mom, I'll grant you a wish.
Tell me your wish.
Really? I wish for...
Sora to hang out with
a bunch of friends.
And also, I want to see
you do the ballet.
Really? Is that it?
That's lame, mom.
Oh, a solitary?
What is it, prison?
Single room!
Same schmame.
You look prettier.
When a woman gets sick,
she looks prettier.
I know, right?
I'm jealous.
Maybe I should get a bed here too.
Do it.
Since you left,
Suran is calling all the shots?
I should have fired her years ago.
Why did I listen to you?
You can train her.
I could die young trying to teach her.
You must have worked so hard.
I sure did.
So pretty.
Hey, the beads should not be here.
They should be closer to the center.
They are not centered.
Do you want me to re-do them?
There are more than 100 beads.
Well, this isn't how
they were supposed to be.
I want to come back to class.
Can you come to
the 6 o'clock session?
You can't catch up with this class
because of the recital.
I want to take ballet.
I can do it, I promise.
Sora, follow your friends, okay?
Sora, the other way.
If it's spread to your brain,
it can have an impact on your optic nerve.
Can I lose my eyesight?
That's so cruel.
Has Sora lost her mind?
She never showed up and
suddenly what is all this?
I know. She had no practice.
How can she be in the recital with us?
We're here.
I can't open the door.
Damn car.
Move back.
Hey, push it.
Don't be late tomorrow.
Keep up the good work.
And practice this skill, okay?
Now go.
- Good bye.
- Alrighty.
Isn't this much faster than
taking the bus by yourself?
So, you want to be in the recital?
You just suddenly want to do ballet?
Because it's a wish.
A wish?
My mom's wish.
Your mom's wish?
Thank you.
Ok, bye bye.
I want to show my mom
before she goes to my dad.
But the teacher said to
wait till winter.
Hi Sora.
Are you okay, mom?
Sure, why?
Have you been there? When?
I haven't been much.
I have never been.
I have a favor to ask.
I need you to go
somewhere with me.
I'm thirsty.
Can I drink some of this?
What are you doing?
Do you want to fight again?
No... I'm just thirsty.
That's better.
What's wrong with you?
I'm sorry I called you a beggar.
Guys, come in!
Good afternoon!
Mom, these are my friends.
Mom, you know Gina?
I apologized to her, right?
So, you're Gina.
Mom, I have a lot of friends,
so don't worry.
Miss Ballet Teacher,
I have something to ask...
What's wrong with my voice?
Hey, Ballet...
Why is she with kids again?
I should have brought them sooner.
These are called Portulaca.
These tiny flowers bloom from one root,
but they all have different colors.
Yet, they don't look sloppy.
It's amazing.
You and I...
we fought a lot, didn't we?
We were born from one root,
but didn't realize how beautiful we are.
I'm sorry. Really, I am.
Don't worry about Sora.
Don't worry.
Up, up... and down.
That's it for today.
Let's take a bow.
Good job, everyone.
Everyone, Sora's mother made us
pretty costumes for our recital.
Come on.
Is that your mom?
No. My mom's pretty.
They said you can't go outside.
But it's my wish!
You made them, right?
Ballet tutu.
There you go.
Are you comfy?
You look so pretty!
Hey, pin this on.
I can't wear this.
So your mom can see you
better, okay?
Solo would have been better.
Cover it up.
That corsage, I made it for her.
You were so pretty today.
I saw you yawning.
No, I'm going to listen to this
before I go to bed.
Oh, a postcard.
The drawing is really cute.
Miss Sora from HJ elementary school
sent this in.
Dear mom. I'm so glad to
be your daughter.
Sorry I complained
about your bad cooking
and you being too
busy to play with me.
But I love you the most in the world.
Mom, are you sick?
I want to be sick instead of you.
Mom, I'll do the dishes and
clean the room. I'll cook, too.
You don't have to do anything.
Can't you just live with me forever?
Mom, you're really really
really the bestest. I love you.
Sora, you are a present to me.
Am I a present to Sora?
I love you, Sora.
Mommy, are you sleeping?
Mom, I don't have to go to
school today, right?
Mom, these flowers would like
some water, right?
Mom, since I don't have school today,
I'll hang out with you all day.
What do you want to do?
Mom, you must be tired.
Get some sleep.
Patient 706.
Today's last round.
- Is this it?
- Yes.
Hi Sora. Good morning.
Can we go inside?
My mom stayed up all night
to play with me. She's tired.
Then, maybe we can watch
her sleep for a little bit, okay?
No, she's sleeping.
Don't wake her up!
Sora, can we talk?
Go in, sir.
- No.
- Come on Sora. Just talk to me.
- No! No! Mom! Mommy!
- Sora, she'll be okay.
Don't go, Mom.
Don't take her!
Mom. Mom!
Don't take her away!
You know we have
gym class tomorrow?
We do.
I can't hear you.
We do!
Don't forget to bring gym clothes.
Attention! Take a bow!
- Good bye!
- See you tomorrow!