Wedding March 5: My Boyfriend's Back (2019) Movie Script

[cheerful music]
Did you check the cellar?
We'll never find it
if it's in the cellar.
That doesn't mean
that it's not there.
This is all just getting much
more complicated than I thought.
Olivia cannot find out
about my anniversary plans.
Who are those for?
Oh, Annalise.
I thought it would be a nice
little welcoming touch.
Not getting nervous,
are you?
Well, this is her first wedding
since the start of her
new company,
and I just want everything
to go smoothly for her.
Well, she's been a wedding
planner for a while
with her old company.
And you've worked with her
lots of times before now.
And she's got you as a teammate,
so what could go wrong?
Guys, it's a wedding.
Who knows?
She does have a point.
Do you mind bringing these up
to Annalise's room for me,
Anything for you.
Thank you.
[mischievous music]
Duke, I need your opinion
on something.
Yeah, shoot.
Okay. So, Mick and I have
an anniversary coming up.
What is it?
Well, um, I mean I doubt
he'll remember,
but Sunday is our 25th
anniversary of our first date.
I am amazed that you can
even remember that.
I know, it is a long time ago.
But I want to do something
really special for him.
Well, you know him best.
Uh, what do you have in mind?
I don't know, I'm trying
to figure it out.
But aren't you going to be
really busy with the wedding?
Well, yeah, but Mick's always
been the one to do
all these special little
romantic things for me,
and I want it to be my turn
this time.
It's a great idea.
[phone rings]
Ooh, I gotta go.
Annalise is headed up
right after her party.
Thanks, Duke.
You are welcome.
Anything you need.
Oh boy.
[cheerful music]
To Annalise.
We hate to lose you,
and we hate to have
the competition.
But we wish you every success
with your very own company.
To Annalise Collins Designs.
Thank you.
Thank you, everyone.
So, I hear you're talking to
investors about your company.
If this investment group
comes on board,
I'll be able to hire a staff
and really move the company
to the next level.
So what needs to happen
before they pull the trigger?
Well, I know they're going to be
looking really closely
at this next wedding.
Oh. No pressure, then.
Hmm, not at all.
Only the entire future
of my company,
and my career,
for that matter.
Just remember, you've got Olivia
taking second position with you.
Our company has done
lots of beautiful weddings
with her before.
When you were the lead.
Right. There's no reason
I can't do that again.
You're going to be
a huge success.
Well, from your lips
to the investors' ears.
Thank you.
Though I'd really, really
love to stay a while
I've already got
my walking shoes on
though I'm really going
to miss your sweet smile
Gotta move along
It's time to go,
I gotta hit the road
Got a pocket full
of dreams
just burning a hole
It's time to go,
'cause life is calling
Can't stop me now because
I'm following my soul
- Hi.
- Hey!
Welcome to Willow Lake Inn!
Thank you.
Good to see you.
How was the drive?
Oh, it was beautiful.
I'm so happy to see you
guys again.
You too.
Hey, do you mind if I put
my things in the lobby?
I want to go over the ceremony
before the vendors show up.
Oh, no problem.
Some things never change.
Well, I'm excited.
Or, nervous.
Or, make that "terrified."
You, terrified? Impossible.
Well, maybe more
"excitedly terrified,"
if that's a thing.
You're going to do great.
Yeah, and Olivia's going
to make sure of it.
I'm so happy that we're
working together.
We're going to have
so much fun.
The wedding arch will go here.
And the flowers will circle
around the altar
and then flow down to create
the aisle,
like a garden pathway.
Ooh, I love it.
[message alert]
Oh, party rentals are here.
Oh, great, right on time.
Hey, how's it going with
that guy you were dating?
Uh, it didn't really work out.
Aww, I'm sorry.
That's okay.
You know, I'm starting
my company,
I love what I do, what more
could I ask for, right?
I love this gold rim.
Let's switch the charger plate
with this one,
and this wine glass
with this napkin.
Exactly what I would've done.
Let's show this to the bride.
[metal clattering]
[metal clattering]
Duke, Duke, hey.
Here it is!
Oh, yes!
What are you guys doing?
Uh, spring cleaning.
But it's summer.
It's never too late.
Just, uh, we're good.
Hey. Is everything okay?
Uh, Mick, can you give me
a hand?
The birch guy's here.
Oh, yeah. Sure.
Birch guy's here.
That's a lot of birch.
What's it for?
Oh, it's the wedding arch.
Annalise is building it.
I had an installation artist
make one a few years ago,
and I thought, this would
be perfect for Jen and Lucas.
So you're an artist now, too?
No, but how hard
can it be, right?
Oh, what's this,
"Vintage Baskets by Dean?"
It's addressed to you,
can I open it?
Oh, no. I'll take that.
So, Annalise, we should probably
load this birch up, huh?
Oh, here they come.
This place is unreal.
Yeah, even better
than the pictures.
I love it already.
Well, I knew you would.
Uh, you look busy.
Oh, this is your wedding arch,
do you like it?
- Ahh.
- It's awesome.
Yeah, he's very easy
to please.
One of the reasons I fell
in love with him.
Well, Jen and Lucas,
this is Olivia and Mick.
They own the inn.
And Olivia here is going to be
my right-hand woman this week.
Yes, I am.
- Nice to meet you.
- Yes!
Good to meet you too.
Lucas Donovan.
We've heard so many good things
about you.
We're both really excited.
Hey, I thought your best man
was coming up with you.
Ah, he had some work stuff.
He'll be up in a bit.
Well, why don't we meet up
in about 10 minutes,
and I'll show you where we're
gonna have the welcome party.
Sounds good.
Good, good, let's get you
guys settled.
Jen and Lucas seem great.
Oh yeah, they're the best
and very much in love.
So, tell me about 'em.
What do they do?
Uh, Jen is a marketing VP at
this huge advertising company,
and Lucas works
for the same company
but on the creative side.
Okay. How'd she find you?
Well, we met in a spin class
in New York
and we've just been friends
ever since.
I'm so happy for them, you know,
especially Jen.
Yeah, why is that?
Well, she's kind of like me.
What do you mean?
Well, she's always known
what she wants
and she won't stop
until she gets it.
And she found that with Lucas.
And Lucas.
Well, tell me about him.
What kind of guy is he?
Well, I've only met him
a few times,
but he seems great.
Very relaxed, fun loving,
he really brings out
that side in Jen.
He reminds me of my ex,
Your ex?
The infamous Brad Buckley.
Infamous, huh?
Well, it wasn't exactly the best
of breakups.
Long story, but that's
ancient history.
We haven't spoken
in about five years.
[message alert]
Oh. There's Jen.
Enough of the past,
on to the present.
Oh, yeah.
This... this is a perfect space
for the rehearsal dinner.
Don't you think, Lucas?
Yeah. This'll be great.
Oh, speaking of
the rehearsal dinner,
I figured out what I want
for a signature drink.
Ooh. What were you-
Hey. I'm sorry to interrupt.
Hey, buddy.
Hey man.
Look at this gorgeous couple.
Look at you two.
You're making a big mistake,
I'm just saying.
Olivia, this is Brad.
Oh, you must be the best man.
I am, nice to meet you.
Yeah, nice to meet you, too.
Yeah, Olivia and Mick
own the inn.
Oh, it's incredible up here.
Oh, thank you.
Yeah, we really love it.
Oh, speaking of,
there's Mick.
Hey, Annalise.
What are you doing here?
I'm the uh, I'm the best man.
What are you doing here?
I'm the wedding planner.
So you two...
Yeah, we've met.
Yeah, we go way back.
Small world.
It's a very small world.
Okay, uh, why don't we get
Brad checked in?
Let's do.
What's going on?
Nothing. It's all good.
Tell me.
I'm just a little surprised,
you know,
Brad being here.
Wait, how do you know Brad?
You remember that guy
I told you about?
My ex?
Brad? No way.
- Stop it.
- Yeah.
How is this happening?
I mean, what are the chances?
I'm trying to figure that part
out too.
Oh my gosh,
I'm, I'm so sorry.
No, no, no, no,
don't worry about it.
That's not your ex, is it?
The very same.
Oh boy.
It's fine.
There will officially be
no problems at your wedding.
Do you understand me?
Are you sure?
150 percent.
Come on.
Uh, did you know Brad's
ex was Annalise?
No idea.
Brad, how long you known Lucas?
Oh, um, we've known
each other what,
four, five years?
Uh, yeah.
Brad owns an expedition
We met on one of his trips.
Oh, what kind of expedition?
Hiking, river rafting, kayaking.
Yeah, we hiked the Grand Canyon.
Got caught in a sudden
hail storm.
Oh, gosh.
Still here to talk about it.
Yeah, that kind of thing
bonds you for life.
So, you own your own company?
I do, yeah.
A couple offices, actually.
I actually have an office in,
uh, New York,
as a matter of fact.
Wow. Small world.
Very small.
You cut your hair.
Uh, about five years ago.
It's great.
Well, Brad, got any baggage?
It's pretty, your hair.
Yeah. You too.
Well, that's not what I meant.
We're all here.
Happy wedding.
[laughs nervously]
[duck quacking]
Easy for you to say.
You don't have to make
with your ex all week.
[duck quacking harshly]
Okay, okay, I'm going.
I'm going.
Oh, this French toast has
my name written all over it.
Mmm, it does look good.
But I think I'll stick
with the eggs.
Good morning.
Have a good sleep?
Perfect, and I love my room.
Yeah, mine's awesome, too.
So, Jen tells me we have a
pretty intense week planned.
Not intense, fun.
And you are invited
to all of it.
Yeah, but you can't come
to the final dress fitting.
You're not seeing me
until I walk down the aisle.
I can't wait.
Hi, pal.
Hi, guys.
[carafe sputters loudly]
[coffee pouring]
Not hungry?
Uh, coffee's good.
Oh, good morning.
Good morning.
Everybody happy?
Couldn't be better.
Oof, I have a feeling this
could be a very long wedding.
I wonder what happened
between those two.
I don't know, but couldn't
have been very good.
I'm gonna get some eggs.
I have eggs, right here.
No, no, no. The ones out there
look great.
Oh, yeah.
What... what was that about?
Oh, I don't know.
Picky eater?
Oh, okay.
Duke, I have an idea
for the first date anniversary.
Oh yeah?
Yeah. I'm thinking about
making him a photo album,
you know, of all the pictures
of when we first started dating.
Oh, that sounds really nice.
Yeah, good, good, 'cause
I'm going to need your help.
Is there a problem?
No, no, it's not a problem.
So. What's the plan?
Well, what do you mean?
Well, like, maybe, what time
of day might you be planning
on giving him the photo album?
I don't know. Why?
Do we have something
on the schedule?
Uh, no, I don't think so.
Okay, then why did you ask?
Oh, I was just curious.
Why are you acting
so... uh...
So what?
Well, I don't... I don't know.
You're just kind of acting,
[fumbles words]
That's just me being me.
Hey, Duke. You busy?
Not at all.
(whispers) What's up?
They don't have it, either.
They said it's been
That's impossible.
Well, that's what I thought.
I think I have an idea.
Yes, I... I understand.
That's what it means.
I'm... I'm not raising
my voice.
What's the problem?
I realize that, but...
Yes, I did.
I... I talked to them, but
they told me to talk to you.
Wait, what?
What did he say?
Excuse me, can you repeat that?
Oh, Vinita, with a "v."
And Ada.
Got it. Thank you so much.
Thank you very much,
you just saved my life.
Okay, they haven't
got it either.
But at least we've got
a solid lead.
So, that's three down
and one to go.
For the first part,
but I still don't know how
we're going to do
the second part.
Could I have a little
enthusiasm, here?
This is nerve-wracking enough
as it is.
Deep breaths, buddy.
You're doing great.
[sighs heavily]
You mind?
Sure, feel free.
Lots on the agenda today?
Yep, and I've got it
all under control.
Don't doubt that.
So, this is pretty crazy, right?
You mean the fact that
you show up as the best man
at the most important wedding
I have ever thrown in my life?
Yeah, pretty crazy.
You know how things work
with us.
Crazy things always seem
to happy when we're together.
Yeah, well, we're
not together now,
so I would call this,
I don't know.
Bad luck?
That's one way of putting it.
[exhales heavily]
So, um...
This is your most important
wedding so far.
It is.
How come?
Well, I've started my own
wedding planning company,
and I have an investment group
that's interested in it.
That's great.
That's- congratulations.
Look, I don't mean to be rude,
but I think it would be best
if we keep our distance
as much as possible
until we get through this.
Of course, we'll keep
our distance.
That's... that's what
I was thinking, yeah.
Okay, um.
Good luck.
You too.
Thank you.
I'm just gonna be
somewhere else.
[upbeat music]
- Hey.
- Hey.
That was a pretty quick exit
at breakfast.
Look, I know how you felt
about Annalise,
and I know things didn't end
that great.
That is the understatement
of the century, my friend.
Might be a good idea if you and
Annalise try to patch things up.
You know, at least
for the wedding.
That's easier said than done.
But hey, don't you worry
about that.
It's your wedding, man.
You relax, you enjoy.
Thanks, man.
Yeah. Of course,
don't worry about it.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no!
This thing's so stupid.
Happy to help.
I'm fine, really.
All right, it's your call.
I'm just saying, you're busy,
I'm handy.
This is what it's supposed
to look like,
and these are the directions.
Great. Shouldn't be a problem.
Is that the knife I gave you?
Didn't I give you that
on your 21st birthday?
I don't know, maybe?
It's a good knife, okay?
Go do what you gotta do.
I got this.
Something else I can
help you with?
Aren't you going to read
the directions?
Nope, gonna let my creative
intuition guide me.
You know people are gonna
stand under this, right?
And it would be a good thing
if it didn't fall.
Because, you know, people could,
uh, get hurt.
Did I do something?
No, you're fine.
Okay, I could be way off here,
but I'm getting the distinct
impression that you are mad.
Do I look mad?
You look a little mad.
Well, I'm not.
Okay. Good.
Okay. Fine.
It's just that you broke up
with me
on the day that we were supposed
to move to New York,
after the car was packed.
I did do that, but you didn't
talk to me for five years, so.
You broke up with me!
Why would I talk to you?
I don't know, maybe because
I called you a hundred times?
Not to mention the emails.
No, no, no.
Don't turn this around on me.
You're the one
who backed out.
It was five years ago.
Why you gotta be so...
So what?
Stubborn, rigid.
I'm sorry.
No, no, no.
No apology necessary.
You still want me to help
with this, or?...
Oh, yeah. Please.
Just go with the flow,
you know.
Just have at it.
My boyfriend's back and
you're gonna be in trouble
Hey-la, hey-la,
my boyfriend's back.
When you see him coming
better cut out
on the double
Hey-la, hey-la
my boyfriend's back.
He's been gone for such
a long time
Hey-la, hey-la
my boyfriend's back.
Now, he's back and things
will be fine.
All Right.
I just got off the phone
with the bakery,
we are confirmed for the cake
tasting this afternoon.
Great. Thanks.
Hey-la, hey-la
my boyfriend's back.
[inhales sharply]
He is never going to get
that thing done right.
Might not be able to wing this
like I thought.
Don't tell Annalise
I said that.
Didn't hear a thing.
There you go.
Hope you don't mind me
asking, uh,
how's it going with you two?
Honestly, not great.
How long have you known him?
Since the second grade.
Wow, that's a long time.
I know.
And we wouldn't have known each
other if it wasn't for baseball.
Baseball? What do you mean?
Annalise's dad was a huge fan.
First present he ever got her
was a ball and a bat.
The minute they moved to town,
he signed her up
for the all-boys team.
First girl ever.
That's how you met,
on the team?
We didn't exactly meet.
She took me out sliding
into home plate.
It was pretty impressive.
Brad didn't think a girl
could slide,
so I figured he had it coming.
Anyway, against all odds,
we were inseparable.
Why do you say
"against all odds?"
I've always been focused,
all about sticking to the plan,
sometimes to a fault.
But Brad is charming, fun,
all about go with the flow.
Yeah, how so?
Well, for instance, I knew
I wanted to go to college,
have a career.
All Brad wanted to do is climb,
kayak, that kind of thing.
He always said life
was his college.
But even though
we were different,
somehow we always
just clicked.
Wherever we went, the strangest
things happened.
Like, the world was there to
entertain just the two of us.
Even the simplest things
were special,
as long as we did
them together.
And no one made me laugh
like Brad.
No one's ever really believed
in me like Annalise.
And what happened then?
She got this great opportunity
right after college
to work for this high-end event
planning company.
Brad didn't know what he was
going to do in New York,
and there's not many mountains
to climb in the city.
But we decided to get our own
apartments in New York,
and keep dating, and on the day
we were supposed to move,
he broke up with me.
Did he say why?
He did, but it didn't really
make any sense,
and here we are.
Do you still have feelings
for him?
It's over.
He made that clear.
Yeah, Mick and I broke up
in college.
Took us 20 years to reconnect.
I... I didn't realize that.
Are we interrupting anything?
Absolutely not.
Ready to see who sits where?
Wow, color-coded
and everything.
Oh, um, this is the schedule
that I will be putting
in your welcome bags.
That's awesome.
I will take that
as a compliment,
especially from a graphic
And I will tell you
that Annalise took
a calligraphy class
just so she could handwrite
every single one of them.
Annalise, it must've
taken you forever.
I love them.
Well, I will write the last few
before we do the cake tasting.
- Great.
- Yeah.
What do you mean?
These are delicious!
But they're not Milky's Milk
Moon Bars.
All right, Mister Milky Milk
Moon Bars expert,
what is missing?
I don't know, they just
tasted better.
Oh. Well, why didn't you tell me
that earlier
because I was just down
at the market
and I got a big bottle
of better,
so if I sprinkle some
of that on there
and then that'll make
everything better.
Give me a break here,
will you?
This is a big day.
If we're gonna do Milky Milk
Moon Bars,
we gotta do it right.
I order cut Calla lilies
for the table arrangement,
and I get dozens of Stephanotis
in pots instead.
Ooh, brownies.
Uh, well these are...
And nasty.
Yeah. And, uh, don't you have
a cake tasting in a while?
Uh, two hours from now.
Oh, well, I mean, given
that these are no good,
we, uh, we might as well
just throw these out.
I'll take care of that
for you.
Don't you think Mick is acting
a little weird lately?
Well, no more than usual.
Brought you some lemonade.
Thanks, I already
have something.
No, wait.
Um, this isn't any old lemonade.
Is that so?
Yeah, this is my special
apology lemonade.
You must not make
that very often.
No, no, I really don't.
Um, but when I do, one sip
and you are guaranteed
to forget that you were
ever mad at me.
Hmm. Must be strong stuff.
Very strong.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that I called
you rigid.
And stubborn.
Yep, that too.
A little lemonade
never hurt anybody.
Good. Just gonna leave
this here
and return to my cozy
little doghouse.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
Its okay, it's alright.
It's alright, I got them.
I got it. No, it's okay.
[water splurtz]
You can read that, right?
[blow dryers whirr]
That's gonna work.
Let's give it a go.
[clears throat]
[unintelligible mumbling]
Yeah, that works perfectly.
You got all that?
It's not funny.
No, it's not funny.
It's very serious.
Well, I'm glad
you're entertained.
You might remember that
I'm very easily entertained.
Thank you for saving them.
Or at least trying.
Yeah, of course.
Least I can do after destroying
all of them.
Okay, um. I guess I'm gonna go
for a hike.
Hey, Brad?
So, are we calling a truce?
At least for the wedding?
Yeah, of course.
Let's do that.
It's not fair to Jen and Lucas.
(All) Hmm.
This is definitely
my favorite part
about being a wedding planner.
I'm voting for the double
espresso chocolate cake.
I was just going to say that.
We have so much in common.
Huh. Maybe we should get married
or something.
You better get married,
I already paid for the florist
and the caterer.
[message alert]
Oh, I gotta run.
I'm meeting Brad.
Uh, he's going to help me get
the schedules printed out
for the welcome bags.
It's a long story,
but don't worry,
you will have welcome bags
and they will be perfect.
So, are... are you
and Brad...
Yeah, we're doing better.
It's not like we're
best friends,
but, uh, it's silly to hold
a grudge, right?
Oh, of course.
Are you and Jen okay going
through the final head counts
for the rooms without me?
Oh, absolutely.
Great, thanks.
Just text me if you
need anything.
Okay, will do.
Have fun!
I mean, good luck.
I mean, with the schedules.
Right. Thanks.
You know, picking out stationery
isn't all it's cracked out
to be.
You can still back out
if you want.
Back out?
Of stationery picking?
I am not dumb, I know a good
time when I see one.
Okay. You asked for it.
Thank you.
What is a welcome bag,
Well, it's an important
wedding essential
given to each and every guest
when they arrive.
Ergo the name "welcome bag."
But in keeping with the theme
of upscale country,
Jen and Lucas's bag
will be a small basket.
You have my attention,
I'm listening.
Well, a welcome bag
often contains
a schedule of the events,
small snacks,
and in this case, a river
rafting coupon.
River rafting?
What company?
Uh, Black River Rafting?
We partner with them sometimes.
It really is such a small world.
Okay, we need to focus please.
Uh, we have schedules
to print-
- And fonts to choose.
- Fonts to choose.
Fonts are a very important part
in setting the tone.
Yes, obviously.
Wouldn't want to stray from
the upscale country theme
or people will be
wildly confused.
I agree completely.
(Annalise) Uh, no to Desdemona.
(Brad) A big no.
(Annalise) Ooh, what about
this one?
Snell Roundhand?
That's very proper, very,
uh, erudite,
with a slightly effete air.
I know. Picture this.
[In British accent] Thou art
invited to Lord Lucas
and Lady Jen's
nuptial celebration.
High tea to follow.
[British accent] Oh. That's way
too formal.
It's a little formal.
Curlz MT.
What's that like?
Yo, there's a wedding.
Yeah, like, come or whatever.
Yeah, or whatever.
Ah. I'm leaning toward
Lucinda Script.
Yeah, that's good.
Not too casual,
not too pushy.
It's just right.
Yeah. It's just right.
[acoustic guitar playing]
[acoustic guitar playing]
Okay. Now we dip?
And then we end...
like this.
Great first dance rehearsal.
I loved it.
I'm not much of a dancer.
I love the way you dance.
Thank you.
Do you have a minute?
Good job guys.
It was great.
Thanks, Mick.
[mischievous music]
Now that's a Milky Milk
Moon Bar.
Was that so hard?
So, how did it go with Jen
and Lucas?
Uh, good.
They worked out a nice
dance routine.
Ah, no kidding?
Oh, they're so sweet.
Yeah, really sweet.
Well, I got some stuff to do.
Oh, what kind of stuff?
Oh, you know, just stuff.
You don't think he noticed,
do you?
Noticed what?
You're not going
to believe these.
Oh, wow.
I know.
Talk about a blast
from the past.
Do you have any I could add
to the album?
I think so. I'll have a look,
Good, good, okay.
So, here's my plan.
I'm thinking we'd have
dinner here,
then I'd put on maybe
his favorite music,
a little candlelight, and then
we'll give him his album.
But don't you think
he'll see you setting up?
Well, I thought you could
keep him occupied.
Well, that's a lot
of occupying.
Um, what do you think about
doing this in the barn?
The barn?
Yeah, because that way he won't
see you getting ready,
and at the perfect moment,
I bring him down there and
you give him the photo album.
Hmm. I like that.
You really don't think Mick's
been acting weird lately?
Like, just now.
He's not doing something,
is he?
I mean there's no way
he could remember
a first-date anniversary,
Oh, I find that very hard
to imagine.
Right, right, that's...
that's perfect.
Thanks again.
Hey, this is really
coming together.
Uh-oh, I don't like that look
on your face.
Get ready, she's asking
[knocks at door]
(Olivia) Mick?
Can I come in?
What are you guys doing?
Guy stuff.
Guy stuff?
Yeah, talking sports.
Yankees vs the Mets.
That's a thing.
You're not...
I mean, is there something
I should know about?
Like what?
Is there something you need
to say?
Me? No.
Never mind.
She knows.
There's no way she knows.
You're sure?
I'm positive.
So how do you like New York?
I love it.
Oh, good. Glad it all
worked out.
Can't believe you're starting
your own business.
Yeah, it's crazy.
Can we get two coffees,
Well, it looks like
the wedding's going to be
a smashing success.
I hope so.
Are they all destination
weddings like this?
Well, actually, that's how
I'm trying to position myself,
you know, my niche.
Yeah, that's a good idea.
What about your business?
Or, I should say businesses.
Oh, well, it's going all right.
It's going really well,
strangely enough.
Tell me more.
Well, we got nine
full-time guys,
and ten part-timers.
That's a lot.
Who's your biggest clientele?
We do a lot of excursions
with private parties,
but our main bread and butter
is corporate trips.
That's great, Brad.
Who would have thought you
could make a healthy living
taking people out
to have fun.
[clears throat]
Oh yeah, you did.
What's it feel like
to always be right?
Is it nice?
Wonderful, actually.
Oh, good.
I gotta try it sometime.
Do you remember the guy
you introduced me to
before you left?
The one with the advertising
He's my first client.
Turns out he was really into
these motivational events
for his employees,
and he knew a bunch of other
companies that were, too.
You knew that.
I knew it.
Well, I guess Buckley Adventures
has you to thank
for being what it is today.
No, that's all you, Brad.
Seriously, your success
doesn't surprise me.
It surprised everybody else.
Well, then shame
on them.
Are you dating?
Not really.
Can't seem to get past
the dreaded third date.
Lucky if I make it
to the third date.
You know what, I'm just gonna
come out and I'm gonna say it.
I am so sorry for breaking up
with you
on the day that we were moving
to New York.
That was horrible.
Yeah, it was pretty bad.
I know.
You never did give me
a good explanation
why you broke up with me.
I don't know.
Uh, it was a long time ago.
You know?
Yeah. It was.
I heard that you lost six-months
rent at that apartment.
Served me right.
I'm sorry I didn't talk to you
for five years.
Yeah, that was pretty bad, too.
I know.
It's nice hanging out like this.
I really missed you.
I missed you too.
You did?
Of course.
It is so stupid that we let
all this time go by.
I know.
And there's no reason why,
you know, we can't...
Be friends.
Friends, yeah.
Friends would be a good thing.
That's a, that's a good thing.
I'm sorry this is
so last minute,
my cousin's not too up
on wedding etiquette.
It's fine, it happens.
What do you think about putting
him at the Williams table?
- Sure.
- Yeah?
That works.
Okay, great.
Oh, have you heard back
from the Flannigans?
No, sorry.
We love them, but that side
of the family
isn't the best at RSVPing,
Just count them as a no.
Getting that seating arrangement
figured out?
Hey, yeah, it's all set.
Listen, how do you think you
and Brad would feel about
a little fishing tomorrow
while the ladies are
at their dress fitting?
I'm down. I know Brad will be.
Thanks, Mick.
Okay, they've been gone
for three hours.
I wouldn't read too much
into it.
It's a good sign.
I don't care what you say.
What's a good sign?
Jen is convinced that there
might be a chance
for Brad and Annalise.
I know he broke her heart,
but now that I've seen her
around him, I...
Yeah, I don't disagree.
See, it's not impossible.
Well, I guess love makes
anything possible.
Well, I can't argue with that.
Let's keep our fingers crossed,
Hi, guys.
Did you figure something out
for the schedules?
Crisis averted.
Are we all set with
the seating chart?
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
we're all done.
I'll let the caterer know
that we'll have one more.
I'm going to get some rest.
I had a good time.
Yeah, me too.
Night, Lise.
Goodnight, guys.
Night, bud.
I thought she said she wanted
to be friends.
She did, she did,
but I'm still confused.
I can't tell if she said that
because that's what she wants,
or because that's what
she thinks that I want.
You're right,
that is confusing.
What do you want?
I'm not sure I get a vote, man.
Why not?
Because I burned her once, Mick.
I'm not sure I get
a second chance.
Trust me, it happens.
Yeah, I don't know, I don't
really know where she's at.
I figure it best to just
leave it alone,
see what happens.
That's what I felt
with Olivia, too.
So I did leave it alone.
And then I blinked
and 20 years went by.
[knocks at door]
Knock knock.
Oh, hi.
You ready for the dress fitting?
Oh my gosh, I am so sorry,
I must've lost track of time.
Oh, it's fine.
We still have a few minutes.
Are those of you and Mick?
Yes. Look at this.
Oh. Look at you guys.
I know, so young.
It's funny, when I look at him,
I still see the same guy
I fell in love with.
It's amazing that you guys
got back together.
Yeah, yeah, it was
a long road,
but oh, it is amazing.
There really is nothing
like your first love, is there?
No, there isn't.
I love it.
It's perfect.
You look beautiful.
You think Lucas will like it?
How could he not?
I've been dreaming about this
day since I was a little girl.
A few more days.
I'm so happy for you.
Okay. I'll be right out,
and it's onto the salon.
I can't wait.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I just thought maybe
you were putting on
a strong front for Jen.
Am I that easy to read?
So, is it Brad?
We decided to be friends
last night.
You don't sound too happy
about that.
I don't know.
I think I still have feelings
for him.
It's a lot more complicated
the second time around,
isn't it?
How did you two even
get back together?
It wasn't easy,
I'll tell you that.
And I was engaged
at the time,
which made things
really difficult.
I feel like we're
so protected now.
It's like we're constantly
talking in code or something.
I remember that, too.
But eventually you told him
how you felt?
Yeah, I did, eventually.
Weren't you scared?
I was, I was terrified.
I mean, why do you think we're
not engaged after two years?
You're still not sure?
Oh no, no, I'm sure now.
I mean, I'm just... just saying,
it's taken time.
I don't know how he feels
about me.
Ugh. It's a lot to wrap
my head around.
It is, it is.
Maybe you should just take it
one step at a time.
Yeah, yeah.
And the first step is telling
him how I feel.
Because if you don't,
won't you always wonder?
[sports game playing]
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
No, no, no, no, no!
Yeah, yeah, yes! Yes!
He called it.
I told you he was duped.
Hey, guys.
I'm no expert, but this sure
doesn't look like fishing to me.
Fishing didn't really work out.
Are you saying that because
we didn't catch a single fish?
Or the fact that somebody fell
in trying to catch the fish?
I never thought that lake water
could be so cold in the summer.
You look nice.
Why thank you,
husband to be.
Sorry we took so long but after
the fitting at the dress shop
we just figured we just
had to stop off
for a mani-pedi, too.
Ooh, nice.
Ooh. Very nice.
Thank you.
You got a minute?
I want to show you something.
Uh, yeah?
Good. Let's go.
[phone beeps]
Uh, Lucas?
Oh no.
When did you do all this?
I got the lion's share
done last night.
Last night?
I don't know.
Around 3:00 in the morning?
Couldn't sleep.
Something on your mind?
Yeah, actually.
I was hoping that
we could talk.
Really? Me too, actually.
About what?
Well, you go first.
Right, um.
Well, I was thinking a lot about
what you said
about us being friends.
Hey, sorry, but we, uh,
we need to talk.
Oh, yeah, what's up?
I just heard from my cousin.
Yeah, the Flannigan cousin
who never RSVP'd?
They're coming.
Wait, they're?
All ten of 'em.
I'm so, so, sorry.
But first Brandon decided
to come,
and then Colin decided he'd
come because Brandon was coming,
and then suddenly all the other
cousins are coming too.
Look, I know you've got
the menu
and the seating
all figured out, but...
They're really laid back.
I mean, we can just tell them
to grab a bite to eat
before the reception,
that way we don't have to mess
up the seating chart,
or the caterer.
They can bring their own drinks,
you know, like BYOB.
You know, maybe I'll...
I'll just tell them
they can't come.
No, don't worry.
We will figure it out.
I... I don't want this to stress
you out.
It's your wedding.
You're the one who shouldn't
stress, okay?
We will make it work.
Didn't I tell you?
You're the best.
Really, thank you.
No problem.
So, isn't everyone
coming tomorrow?
Yeah, mm-hmm.
What are you going to do?
Not BYOB, that's for sure.
Were you able to find extra
rooms for the Flannigans?
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Um, so we have six
at the Overland B&B,
and four at the Hansen's Inn
down the road.
Would you happen to have
two more antique tablecloths?
Yes, yes.
Thanks for the reminder,
I think I do.
I just got off the phone
with the rental place.
Oh great, what did they say?
Well, they have two tables
and ten chairs,
but the chairs don't match
what we have.
That's not good.
I'm gonna call Party Pros,
hopefully they're
not all reserved.
(Olivia) Yeah.
(Annalise) Oh, and I have to
call the caterer right away.
You know, I'll call
Party Pros.
Yeah, your plate's full enough
as it is.
No problem.
Thank you.
That's nice.
That's so great.
What is it?
I don't think
it's going to work.
What are you talking about?
The generator.
It's broken.
Well, it can't be broken.
We have to have the lights.
Well then, maybe you can fix it.
I'll show you.
We're a little busy in case
you haven't noticed.
(Duke) I know, but we're
also running out of time.
And I've looked into getting
a new generator shipped,
but if you need it
for the anniversary,
it's not gonna make it
on time.
(Mick) Yes, I need it
for the anniversary.
That's the whole point.
Do you have any suggestions?
Don't look over there right now.
I told you... I told you not
to look over there.
All right, I trust
you completely.
Will you please handle this?
Don't give it another thought.
Hi, this is Mick Turner
over at the Willow Lake Inn.
Yeah, I was wondering if
you had any extra chairs
for this Saturday.
Yeah, I know it's a little
short notice.
Okay. I'm gonna go look
for the table cloths.
You know, I... I just left
a bunch of messages
for the caterers,
but I hate to do it,
but I think I'm going to have
to call their private number.
That's okay, I mean you don't
really have much of a choice.
Don't worry, we are going
to make it work.
I hope so.
Hi, it's Annalise,
um, I hate to call you
on your private line,
but I've got a hiccup.
Yeah, we're going to have
ten more people.
Yeah, ten.
Okay, well, if you could call me
as soon as you know,
I'd really appreciate that.
Thank you, bye bye.
Everything okay?
Well, the caterer
doesn't seem too happy,
but what's up?
Just checking in, seeing if
there's anything I can do.
Thanks, but not really.
You sure?
I could run out and get
some hot dogs,
beach chairs.
Change the theme from upscale
country to downscale beach.
I have a feeling that's not
going to work.
All right.
I'm sure it'll work out,
things always do.
Uh, I know things always work
out for you,
but I can't just fly by the seat
of my pants.
I plan things.
I know.
But it's not going to help
things to get stressed out
about it, either.
It is what it is.
Adding ten more people might
not seem like a big deal to you,
but it puts a wrench
in everything.
It's chairs, Lisy.
And some tables,
and some food.
It's not that big of a deal
if you don't let it be.
Sorry, but I'm not like you.
I don't see life like one
long day at the park, Brad.
It's not one long to-do list,
I'm sorry, I didn't want
to stress you out more.
No, it's fine.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
I have some calls to make.
I can't...
Hi. It's Annalise Collins.
I've got a problem.
Oh my gosh, it's always great
getting to meet
the parents of the bride
and the groom.
Well, Jen's had nothing
but great things to say
about the Inn, and her
wedding planners.
All true.
Oh, thank you,
I appreciate it.
We have had so much fun
working with Lucas and Jen.
We're looking forward to taking
advantage of the area
over the next couple days.
We, uh, we love to hike.
Oh, you'll have plenty of time
to do that
before the rehearsal dinner.
Great, well, let's uh,
check out the welcome party.
Follow me.
(Olivia) Nice to meet you guys.
Have fun.
The welcome party is
on the outside patio,
and all the events
are in the schedule.
And most importantly,
have fun.
[phone buzzes]
Oh, if you'll excuse me.
This is Annalise.
Okay. I understand.
Thank you.
Is everything okay?
We still don't have chairs.
I hate how last minute
this is.
Don't worry, though.
We will find a place that
has everything we need.
Well, I hope we find it
before it's too late.
This is, uh...
He was looking for you.
Great to finally meet you
in the flesh.
Yes, Cameron.
Oh, sorry,
Cameron Clarkson.
Clarkson Group?
We're interested
in your new company.
Of course.
[forced laugh]
That's great, you're here.
I thought the best way
to evaluate your work
would be to see it first-hand.
I hope you can find room
for me at the Inn.
Hi, I'm Olivia.
Mick and I own the Inn,
and we will find you
a room no problem.
Yeah, no problem at all.
Thank you.
It's a great venue.
Oh, thank you.
I'd love to see more.
Get the tour, maybe get
caught up on your plans
for the weekend.
Why don't you help yourself to
a drink at the welcome party,
and I'll join you in
a minute or two?
Looking forward to it.
Nice meeting you.
I can't believe
this is happening.
Did you know he was
gonna be here?
I had no idea.
I don't have time for this.
What, are you kidding?
Go do what you need to do.
But I have...
No, no, no,
we will handle it all.
Go, go, go.
Okay, so we need to divvy up
everything that we need to do.
All right, give me a list of
what you need me to do.
I think I have an idea.
We've been very impressed
with the other weddings
you've been involved with.
Thank you.
I really do love my work.
Hey, sorry to interrupt.
I'm Brad Buckley,
I'm the best man.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, too.
This is Cameron, he's interested
in my company.
Oh, fun.
And I was just going to give him
a tour of the Inn, so.
Great. Did Annalise mention the,
um, river rafting coupons
she included in all
the welcome baskets?
Um, no. she hasn't.
But I like that idea.
Combining a destination
wedding with the local events?
Thanks, I like the guests
to feel like they get
a full experience, even beyond
the wedding.
I know I'd love it
if I were a guest.
Good. Well, uh, how about
we go on that tour?
The reason I mentioned
the, uh, coupon is because I run
an expedition company myself.
In fact, we partner with
Black River Rafting a lot.
I'd be happy to take you
on a private rafting tour,
if you're interested.
There's also some really great
hiking trails I could show you.
River rafting sounds fun,
but I hear the hiking is
beautiful around here.
Oh, it is, Cam.
Let me tell you.
You know what, we actually
have plenty of time today
if you want to go
for a quick hike.
That way we can save the river
rafting for tomorrow.
If that's okay with you,
of course.
Why don't you
show me around,
and we'll talk a little
and then I'll meet you
in an hour?
Yeah, sounds good, Cameron.
The chairs just got here.
Thanks for checking in.
Okay, bye-bye.
How was river rafting?
Brad was a perfect guide.
I can't wait to do it again.
I'm so glad.
Nicely done.
Well, I gotta go get cleaned up.
Yeah, it's not a problem.
Did you get everything sorted?
Yep. Thanks for keeping
Cameron occupied.
I think you scored me some
extra brownie points, too.
I'm sorry I was so...
Hey, it's okay.
I know this whole thing
means a lot to you.
It's all right.
Yeah. It's hard to believe
that tonight's the rehearsal
dinner already.
Feels like it's been
such a whirlwind.
It has.
I'm going to go
get cleaned up,
I'll see you tonight.
Uh, Brad?
Thanks again.
I really do appreciate it.
Like I said, it's not
a problem.
I double checked
with the caterer.
Well, good.
What did he say?
He said he could cover
the ten extra plates,
plus one for my investor.
Oh, great.
Looks like everything's working
out, believe it or not.
I feel bad.
I was just caught up
in everything,
I didn't give Brad a chance.
Don't you think
he understands that?
I do, but in a way,
it just makes it worse.
I don't know, Olivia.
He said something
that really made me think.
What's that?
Basically that I look at life
like a chore,
and it just made me realize
how different we are.
Yeah, but you know
what they say.
Opposites attract.
Yeah, but there's a reason
he broke up with me.
Maybe it's just not meant
to be.
Is that what you want?
But it's like he used to say,
you can't force things
to happen,
no matter how much
you want it.
Come here.
[playing acoustic guitar]
[singing under his breath]
That's a cool song,
did you write it?
Olivia and I wrote that.
First song we ever
wrote together.
Might be the most
romantic thing
I've ever heard
in my life, Mick.
Why did you let Olivia go
when you were in college?
I'm sorry, that's none
of my business.
No, it's a good question.
I was... I was young
and stupid.
I guess you could say
I was so full of myself,
I couldn't see her.
I regretted letting go of her
for a long time, still do.
You're lucky, you know.
You guys ended up together
even after you broke up.
Well, I don't know how much
luck has to do with it.
What do you mean?
Well, we worked at it,
you know.
It's not always a fairy tale,
but there are such things
as happy endings.
So this may be none
of my business,
but why did you let
Annalise go?
I didn't want to.
What do you mean?
Annalise was so full of dreams
and plans.
She, uh, wanted to go
to New York so bad,
and start a career.
And I thought that if I went
along with her,
that I would just
hold her back.
Did she know that?
No, no, she really doesn't.
Well, you might want to consider
mentioning it.
It may make a difference.
Yeah, but that's kind of
the point, though, you know.
I, uh, I still don't want
to do anything
that's going to keep her
from what she wants.
Well, just a thought.
You may want to give her
the chance to choose.
Oh, yeah, yeah...
[glass chimes]
Uh, this is the part of
the night
when the wedding party's
supposed to get up
and make speeches,
but I, uh, I thought
I'd say something.
First of all, I'd like to thank
Annalise and Olivia.
There they are, still working,
I see.
I want to thank both of you
for rolling with this crazy,
crazy wedding.
I mean, the whole experience
so far has been
fun and full of surprises,
and just incredibly beautiful.
Which brings me to
my almost-husband, Lucas.
Before we met, if something
happened like,
I don't know, having ten guests
unexpectedly show up?
I love you, Flannigan clan.
But honestly, if that happened
before I met you,
it would've completely
thrown me.
I wouldn't have been able
to just be in the moment
and enjoy one of the most
special days of my life.
Lucas, I want you to know
I'm a better person
with you in my life.
You really taught me
that if we have each other,
all the other stuff
is just details.
So why get too caught up
in them?
So, thank you for changing
my life.
Thank you for being my life.
I truly believe that everything
that's ever happened to me,
the good and the bad,
has brought me to you,
and you to me.
So, to love.
(All) To love.
To love.
To love.
That was some speech
Jen made.
Yes, it was.
You know, I've been wanting
to thank you.
For what?
Well, you, you helped me
see something.
I did?
Yeah, you reminded me
just how happy I am
that Mick and I could put our
past away and move forward.
So, you're saying
we should too.
I know it's scary.
There's no but.
Falling in love is always
a risk,
but in the end, what other
choice do you have?
You look pretty.
You look beautiful.
Look at her dress.
[organ plays "Here Comes the Bride"]
Thank you, sir.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
I love you dear.
Please, be seated.
Good afternoon, everyone.
(All) Good afternoon.
Jen, Lucas, thank you for giving
us the opportunity
for celebrating love.
Thank you for reminding us
that there is no higher calling,
no greater comfort,
no greater success
than loving well and deeply.
With that, let us begin.
And now, by the power
vested in me,
it is my true pleasure to
pronounce you husband and wife.
[cheering and applause]
Ladies and Gentlemen,
may I introduce for the first
time, Jen and Lucas Donovan.
[cheering and applause]
[crowd gasps]
Don't say it.
I wasn't even thinking it.
No problem.
Best wedding ever.
Hands down.
Annalise, your wedding
was wonderful.
It embodied everything our group
loves about your company.
Thank you so much, I
really appreciate that,
but it was a team effort.
Well, the weekend went
absolutely perfect.
Besides the wedding arch.
It only added to the charm.
I'm going to send my
recommendation on Monday.
I think this is going to be
the beginning
of a long and very profitable
Thank you.
[squeals excitedly]
I'm so proud of you.
I don't know what to say.
Well, don't say anything,
just relax and enjoy
your own party.
Speaking of which, Mrs. Donovan,
may I have this dance?
I'd be delighted,
Mr. Donovan.
You two actually pulled
this off.
We all did.
Thank you for everything.
No, thank you.
Okay, boys I'm going to head
inside, okay, see you soon.
And now I think there's someone
I need to talk to.
Think they'll work it out?
Oh, I hope they do.
You know, I am really glad
that we did.
Have I told you that lately?
Not lately. Not that
I can remember.
I'm glad. Really glad.
That makes two of us.
Hey, what's up?
Are you okay?
I just thought I would take this
opportunity to congratulate you
on successfully completing
your best man duties.
Thank you.
I think I nailed
the ring handoff.
Oh, second to none.
And this wedding planning
is top-notch.
Brad, I owe you an apology.
No, no, you really don't.
No, just. Let me get this out.
Um, you were right about me.
I was?
The last five years,
all I've done is work.
My life has been one big
to-do list without you.
There's something I need
to tell you, too, um...
I never wanted
to let you go,
I... I never wanted to,
uh, break up.
I thought that if you stayed
with me,
that you wouldn't be able
to pursue your dreams
the way that you wanted to.
That's why you didn't come
to New York.
We could've talked about that.
I didn't want you to look back
in 20 years
and regret not going after the
thing that you cared about most.
All I've ever wanted
was to be with you.
I can't believe you kept that
after all this time.
Yeah, love will make you do
stupid things.
What did you say?
I love you.
You do?
Lisy, I have loved you since
the day that you took me out
at home plate.
I've never stopped loving you.
I'm warming up to the idea
of moving to New York.
Got an office there,
you know.
You would do that for me?
It makes zero sense to let
geography get in the way.
I know that now.
Uh... I'll be...
I'll be right back.
One sec.
Hey, Duke.
Is everything set for tomorrow?
Uh, we should be good.
Uh-huh. What do you mean,
"should be"?
Uh, he is looking over here
right now,
so you might want to...
Yeah, okay, I got it.
Everything okay?
Yeah, perfect.
It's been fun, folks.
If you guys are ever interested,
I've got a killer glamping tour
that you might like.
Well, I'm game if you are.
I am.
Glamping's right up my alley.
Well, we should all go when you
come back from your honeymoon.
Yes, and thanks again
for everything.
It was amazing.
Well, you guys have
a great trip.
Bye, Mick.
Okay, bye Olivia.
Thank you so much
for everything.
Thanks for everything.
We did it, yes!
We did it!
Everything's set?
Yep. Are you ready?
I can't see, it's dark.
Sorry. I should've brought
a flashlight.
This is perfect and I will be
right back.
[sighs happily]
Funny meeting you here.
Mick. What is all this?
It's beautiful.
Glad you like it.
Have a seat.
Oh my goodness.
Is this the blanket your mother
made you for college?
How'd you guess?
Don't sit on the Mick,
that's my spot.
Oh, wow.
This is amazing.
First class.
Wait till you taste
the wine.
Here's to old memories,
and making new ones.
Tastes like the wine we drank
in college.
You've got to be kidding me.
Where did you find this?
I thought they discontinued it.
I can say after
extensive research
that Thunderbolt Rose is
available in certain drugstores
in two different cities
in Oklahoma, Vinita and Ada,
in case you want to know.
Okay, thank you for that.
I'll, uh, I'll be sure
to remember that
next time I'm passing
through Oklahoma.
I hope you're hungry,
because I've got some mighty
fine cuisine on the menu.
You know me well.
Wait a minute.
I know what that is.
It's a...
(together) Milky Milk Moon Bar.
Oh my gosh, it's so good.
And this basket, it's just
like the one I had in college.
Yes, it is.
And this, this is the picnic
from our first date.
You remembered every detail.
It's not something a guy
easily forgets.
Or a girl.
Here. This is for you.
You remembered too?
Of course I did.
What is this?
Oh, what...
Oh, look at this.
I know.
This is incredible,
I love this.
Where did you get
all these?
I've saved them
for the last 25 years.
Box of photos went with me
everywhere I moved.
Duke added a few, too.
Oh, there's the picnic.
Just like this.
Do you remember
that we wrote
our first song together
that night?
Do I remember that?
Do you remember?
I don't know if I remember
the words.
Well, let's see.
We've got the right key
to mend the wrong direction
The right dreams
waking up too fast
It's a long road
full of good intentions
Whoa, if we take it,
I know we can
make it last
Thank you. This is perfect.
Almost perfect.
Come on.
It's time.
Our time.
You've always been the best
parts of my past,
and I know you'll always be
the best part of my future.
I love you.
Will you marry me?
I love you so much.
Does that mean yes?
It's so beautiful.