Wedding Night Blues (2024) Movie Script

This is what you like.
This! This is what you like.
Choke me.
Do it.
This is what turns you on, right?
This is what you like.
Tell me, what do you want me to do?
Choke me.
Do it.
Can you just please stand up and
let's just talk about this.
Don't do this, please.
You must really think I'm stupid.
Hit me.
Hit me!
Hit me!
Dearly beloved, we are gathered together
to witness the joining of this man and
this woman in the bond of marriage.
Marriage is a sacred institution and is
not to be entered lightly, but
soberly, deliberately,
and in reverent fear of God.
Nosa Ezekiel,
take you,
Wonuola Thompson.
To be my lawfully wedded husband.
To love you in all
seasons, under all circumstances.
To honor you, respect you, submit to you.
To protect you, care for you, love you.
With every fibre of my being.
And with every single breath that I draw.
Both: Until my dying day, so help me God.
You may now kiss the bride.
Hey, brother, I need you to be on point
for tonight, your senses have to be sharp.
Seriously, guy, two
years, you didn't touch this babe.
Tonight, you have to really...[growls].
Oh bro, man.
Lets's go, let's go, let's go.
Let's do this.
Guy, check your self out.
Ahh men, shit.
You know you're in for it tonight?
I got you a perfect and befitting gift.
Have it.
Open it.
Like it?
[phone buzzing]
Sorry, one sec.
Babe, are you okay?
Yeah. I'm good, it's just my tummy.
Ahh... It must have been
something I ate from the wedding.
Okay... Well, do you need anything?
No. Erm... I'm good.
Just erm... I'll be out soon.
You belong to me.
Wonu, Wonu!
[surprised] Babe!
Wow, you startled me.
That took you long enough.
I was on a call with Kunle.
We were talking about.
The... housing project.
Oh, okay.
How are you feeling?
Are you feeling better?
Your tummy?
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I am okay.
Great! Because... I made you breakfast.
So tell me, what do you want?
Omelette, baked beans,
bread, scrambled eggs?
There is a cocoa, coffee,
tea, so which would you
Which would you prefer?
Let me get that.
Hold on.
Nosa: What's up? Chioma: Hello.
Kunle: Hi,
Nosa: How are you guys?
Chioma: Hi, Wonu. Nosa: Kunze.
Kunle: Mister.
Kunle: Mister.
Chioma: Sorry to interrupt
the honeymoon phase,
but these are taking up space in my car.
Wonu: Oh can I help?
Chioma: No, I got this Wonu,
Chioma: And you know my
house is not as big as this.
Kunle: I dey, I dey, I dey.
Wonu: Welcome.
Wonu: Hi. Kunle; Hey!
Kunle: You're looking great.
Wonu. Thank you. Kunle: Ahen.
Kunle: Just now, my man is...
Chioma: Abeg.
Nosa: What's wrong with you?
Nosa: Kunle shut up.
Wonu: All these gifts...
Chioma: Yes.
Kunle: Ah, there's more oh!
Kunle: There's more?
Wonu: Wow. Kunle: There's more.
Wonu: Aww.
Nosa: How far?
Kunle: This proposal.
Chioma: These guys are so silly.
Wonu: Thank you.
Chioma: How far na?
Chioma: Hmm... How are you?
Chioma: Um, Kunle!
There are some more gifts in
the car, so you guys should.
Kunle: Oh, okay sure.
Nosa: Go and get it.
Kunle: Come on, let's go together.
Nosa: Oh, okay, okay.
Chioma: So, how...?
How was it?
Was it everything you
ever dreamt it would be?
Wonu: I don't kiss and tell.
Chioma: Yeah, right.
But, no problem.
Since you've got no complaints,
I can imagine the rest.
Wonu: You are horrible.
Nothing happened, okay?
Chioma: What do you mean nothing happened?
You guys have been
waiting for two years and...
Wonu: And not like it's any of
your business, my darling.
Chioma: Okay.
Wonu: Nothing happened.
He had a running stomach and
we were both tired, all right?
Chioma: So, it will happen tonight?
We're travelling for our honeymoon tonight.
Did you forget?
Oh, babe, chill now.
We have a whole
lifetime to do this thing.
It will happen.
Chioma: Oh, I know it will.
It will.
And who says you have to wait till night?
Wonu: What is wrong with you?
Is that all?
Kunle, is that all?
Kunle: Yeah, yeah, sure.
Chioma: Awesome.
We have to go.
Kunle: I mean, we just got here now.
And me and...
Kunle: Oh, yes, yes.
We'll see later.
Nosa: Kunle?
Kunle: Sorry.
Nosa: Kunle.
I am so sorry about that.
There's no need to be sorry, you know.
I'll just sort this out.
What? Now?
Yeah. Yes. Now.
Ehh, you don't expect me to
leave it like this now, do you?
Go and have breakfast.
What is this?
And this?
Wonu! Wonuola! Please?
[door shuts]
[sighs] Ah... Why...
Why will she even
send this... [kisses teeth]
(phone ringing)
(phone ringing)
[OVER PHONE]- Hey baby boy.
Nosa: What is wrong with you?
Why would you send me the box?
Because you love it!
Tell me you weren't thinking about me
when you were touching her.
Nosa: No! I love my wife.
I'm done with that life.
I'm done with you.
[door unlocks]
Hey! Babe! Babe! Please.
You've been in there for too long.
Get out of my way.
Babe, please, I was
starting to get worried.
You've been there all day.
Babe, please, I'm begging you.
Please, let's just sit down and talk.
Don't you dare touch me.
Babe, please, I...
Can't we just talk
about this, please.
Bastard, that's what you are.
You cheated on me.
I didn't.
How could you?
I didn't, I didn't.
You must think I'm stupid, right?
How dare you lie to me.
That shirt was my gift to you.
You thought I wouldn't notice?
Well, I did.
You went about your dirty business
wearing my gift. Really?
No, I didn't mean to.
I went to...
Went to what?
Went to get some because you weren't
getting any from me,
I was so stupid.
I thought you loved me.
What man
goes on a two-year long
relationship without sex.
Shut up!
And let me finish.
I loved you.
And this is how you repay me, right?
I'm sorry, okay?
This is what you like.
This is what you like.
This! This is what you like!
Nosa: Wonuola please.
Wonu: Tell me.
How do you want it?
How do you want it?
Do you want to cuff me?
Go on, cuff me.
Or do you want to hit me?
Choke me.
Tell me, what do you want?
Choke me!
Do it.
This is what turns you on, right?
This is what you like.
Tell me, what do you want me to do?
Choke me.
Do it.
Just please stand up
and let's just talk about this.
Don't do this, please.
You must really think I'm stupid.
Hit me.
Hit me!
Hit me!
I've been a bad girl.
Punish me.
Hit me!
Choke me! Hit me!
[breathing heavily]
There he is.
That's it.
Do it.
Hit me.
Go on!
Do it.
Wonuola... Please, I'm sorry.
Wonu, I'm... I'm sorry, okay.
[box drops]
What are you doing?
For crying out loud,
we just got married.
Like, come on now.
Like, what would people say?
You should have thought about
what people will say
when you were cheating.
I wasn't... cheating, all right?
Like... We were... Like, it was..
It's complicated, please.
Like, I...
Wonu, please.
It's... compli...
Babe, please.
[throws an object] It's complicated.
Wonu, please.
Wonu, please.
[box zipping]
I'm begging you, please.
Wonu we just... We
literally just got married.
Babe, we just got married.
Wonu, please.
Wonuola! Wonuola! Wait!
Leave me alone.
Wonuola, calm down,
Can you... Can we just
talk about this, please?
We can fix this, please.
Wonu! Wonu!
Wonu! Wonu!
[door unlocks]
Doctor, my wife, how is she?
Is she okay?
Relax, Mr Ezekiel.
Your wife is fine.
They're both fine.
Your wife and the baby.
What baby?
It was your idea
that we kept our pants on.
Two freaking years.
Nosa: God.
I can explain.
Nosa: I've been a fool.
Wonu: I can explain, babe.
You know you could
have called off the no sex rule
at any time and I would have obliged.
It's not what you think.
Wonuola, you let
another man touch you.
Wonu: It's not what
you think, babe, just...
Will you shut, just shut up.
You're carrying another
man's baby in your belly
and it's not what I think! Really?!
I can explain.
Just let me explain.
There is nothing to listen to.
There is nothing to hear.
Like, Wonuola, I... I can't.
Nosa: I... I just... Like... I just... Ah!
Wonu: Babe, wait! I can explain.
Just hear me out.
Chioma: Babe, how far?
Has it happened?
Alright! Okay... Okay... It's fine.
Erm... Please reach out as
soon as you hear from him.
Sure. Thanks. Bye.
Kunle has promised to call us
as soon as he hears from him.
Maybe I should just call him.
You've already called a million times.
Okay then you call.
You know I have. He's
not taking my calls either.
And you still haven't told me
what you guys are fighting about.
Chioma: It's okay.
Wonu: It's not.
[sighs] You guys love each other
and I'm sure whatever
it is, you'll sort it out.
I don't think we can sort this one out.
Chioma: Come on, don't be silly.
Of course you can.
As soon as he gets back,
both of you should just
sit and have a conversation?
What can be that bad that
you can't just kiss and make up?
[phone rings]
[door unlocking]
Took you long enough?
I knew you'd come to your senses.
You've been a bad, bad boy.
And you will be punished.
[door slams]
[phone rings]
Kunle: Guy.
Nosa: Hmm...
Kunle: Why are you saying hmm...?
Everybody has been worried sick about you.
Didn't you see my miss calls?
Yeah, I was going to
call you when I wake up.
We need to start talking about that.
Madiba Estate project.
Guy, what's going on?
Nosa: We're having a meeting
with the directors by 2 p.m.
Guy, you're
supposed to be on honeymoon.
Look, I need...
a new suit and a toothbrush, okay?
Wait, did you sleep here?
Married men are not
supposed to sleep in their office.
What of Wonuola?
Are you guys...?
[door slams shut]
He's... He's fine.
He erm... He...
He stepped out for.
He stepped out for
work so... He went to work.
So, he ermm... He'll be back soon.
He just went to pick something up.
Of course! Yes, mommy, I'll tell him.
Okay, alright.
I love you too.
Alright, take care.
Chioma: I don't understand how.
Nosa would leave you all alone
in the house for days.
Babe, what is really going on?
Okay, if you can't tell me,
then you have to involve your parents.
You have to talk to someone.
Not our parents.
And obviously not me.
Nosa: If you and Nosa want to fix things,
then you really need to talk to someone.
Someone who can actually help.
Like who?
Chioma: A counselor.
A counselor?
Yeah, right.
Like I'm gonna sit in front of a stranger
talking about my marriage issues.
At this rate, very soon,
there won't be any marriage anymore.
Chioma: Don't look at me like that.
I told you and Nosa to go for counseling
before you got married,
you refused.
Now, look! Either ways,
during, before or after,
counseling is important.
[phone notification]
That's the counselor's number.
He's a friend of mine,
I'm sure he can help.
The decision to save your
marriage is in your hands.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Erm... For the record, you
are Mrs. Wonuola Ezekiel,
is that correct?
Okay, and erm... Is it okay for
the purpose of these sessions
for me to call you Wonu?
Are you nervous?
I mean...
It's okay to be nervous.
This is a safe space, okay?
Now, you stated in your form
that you wanted to
save your marriage, yes?
It's a good start.
It's very commendable, I must say.
You also stated that
your marriage is all of,
two weeks old?
(chuckles slightly)
Wonu, why do you think
your marriage is falling apart?
[phone ringing]
[phone ringing]
Yeah, Sophie.
Kunle: Please kindly reschedule
our meeting for later today.
Nosa is... indisposed.
Yeah, thank you.
Guy, go home.
Nosa: I mean, it's been two weeks.
Whatever it is, you
should be over it by now.
I'm not.
Kunle: Nosa!
Drop it!
Well, at least she's
not holed up in her office
day and night like you.
Now, how'd you know that?
Because I saw her.
Nosa: Where?
What did she say?
Kunle: Nothing.
It's not like we had a
sit down or anything.
I mean, I saw her at the
building across our site,
the one in Jakunde, a couple of times.
How many times is a couple of times?
Twice, maybe three in the past week.
I was going to say hi but...
She was with some guy.
[phone ringing]
What guy?
[phone ringing]
Hello, Chief.
No, I'm sorry we had to
cancel on such short notice.
No, no, no, no, we're
still very much interested.
[phone buzzing]
You know, it's not as
easy as you make it seem.
No, it is.
It is.
All you need is err... you
can get the phone number and..
Nosa: Are you the bastard
that got her pregnant?
No, no, no, no, oh my God!
Wonu: Nosa stop! Nosa: Are
you the one she's cheating on me...
Nosa, Stop!
I am so sorry. Are you okay?
What is wrong with you, guy?
You don't even know who that man is.
I don't care.
I know exactly what I saw.
(phone buzzing)
Why is Vera calling you?
(phone buzzing)
(door opens and closes)
What the hell is wrong with you?
Why would you beat up
that poor man like that?
Oh, please! Poor man.
You mean your lover.
He's not... my lover.
He's a counselor.
And all he's done is counsel me.
At least someone is
trying to listen to me,
hear my side of things, unlike you.
What's there to listen to?
You're carrying
another man's child in your belly.
What stupid explanation is there
for that?
Wonu: You know, he told me to call you.
Find a bridge between us.
There's absolutely no point.
Nosa: Oh please, get out.
(door slams)
Guy, Wonuola is preg...
I thought you two were...
Kunle, please.
[kisses teeth]
If my tears could speak up a word
It would say how much it hurts
To see you walk by
Not saying goodbye
If loving was stupid enough
I'd be loving you
more than enough
But you pulled out the lights
Now I'm dying inside
Never thought that I
would see a day without you
Never thought that I would see a day
without your smile
Would you love me today
and not love me tomorrow
Pain in my heart
never easy to bear
Maybe I'll leave it to heaven
Just to wipe my tears
Would you love me today
and not love me tomorrow
Pain in my heart
never easy to bear
Maybe I'll leave it to heaven
Just to wipe my tears
Just to wipe my tears
Pleasures of loving we share
Memories we're nothing compared
Now you're saying
goodbye like I just wouldn't mind
Fighting on but I'm losing the war
Losing the war...
Emotions are falling apart
Falling apart...
You pulled out the lights
Now I'm dying inside
So are we going to talk about the baby?
I'm sorry about what happened.
I had never seen him like that.
But then again,
I didn't know he was into...
I guess there are things
I didn't know about him.
You know, he probably
say the same thing about you.
Your husband is angry.
He's... frustrated.
And from his display,
the root of his
frustration is... the child.
So are we going to
talk about how you ended up
carrying a child
that's not your husband's?
It was my 28th birthday.
Nosa was out of town on
a business trip, so
he had my best friend
throw me a small party.
We had fun. It was fun.
I video-called him.
It was a good day.
Until I got an unusual gift from Fred.
Counselor: Who's Fred?
My ex.
Wonu: [hisses] Chioma: To
the best girl ever. Happy birthday.
This guy is an ass.
Can you imagine?
But the car is cute.
So what are you
going to do?
Return it.
You're not serious.
Dead serious.
How do you expect me
to explain this to Nosa?
[engine starts]
Counselor: More?
Wonu: Fred had been
a thorn in the flesh since
the beginning of our relationship.
And I told him, I made it very clear.
I didn't want to have anything
to do with him; Not anymore.
So the gift...
I didn't understand why
he would send me a gift.
A car. For that matter.
It was confusing.
Fred: Come on, babe. You were with me when
things weren't so great.
I just wanted to do
something nice for you.
I'm not interested. I'm not interested in
you. I'm not interested in your gifts.
I don't want anything to do with you, so
leave me the hell alone.
Is it because of my business?
Wonu: Huh!
Business? You are so full of shit!
You call
defrauding people, a business?
I call it surviving.
Are you listening to yourself? You are
even more stupid than I thought.
Wonu: Don't you...
Fred: Were do you think you're going to?
Wonu: Ever raise your hands on me!
Wait! Fred! Fred! Fred!
Fred! Oh my God! Fred!
Fred! Fred! [screaming]
No! Please!
Here you go.
Thank you.
Why didn't you tell your husband?
I was scared.
I was scared of what he would do.
Nosa and I had dated for two years.
And we never had sex.
I said I didn't want to.
I said I wanted to wait.
I made that rule.
How could I tell him?
Two months to our wedding
that I was raped by my ex?
Nosa had warned me about Fred.
He told me to stay
clear of Fred, and I did.
I promise, I did.
I just didn't think he would understand.
That I went there, innocently.
No one was supposed to know.
I went to the hospital.
I got checked.
I got post-exposure prophylaxis.
I took my morning after sex pill.
I did everything.
I'm not supposed to be pregnant.
I'm not.
But you are.
The question now is what
are you going to do about it?
How far na?
How is it going, bro?
Kunle: What are you going to do about...
Nosa: I don't know men.
Kunle: But brother, you seriously
need to get home.
Why don't you go and see the
[phone buzzing]
Counselor Wonuola is seeing?
Well, for starters you owe the man an
apology for beating
him up without cause.
And then again you clearly can not handle
this chick on your phone.
I can handle Vera by
myself, thank you very much.
I'm going to the bathroom,
just... order for me.
Look, Mr Ezekiel, if you've come here to
cause problems, I can guarantee you I'll
call the security department...
I'm not.
I err... I came to apologise. I
was out of line. I'm sorry.
That's it?
You... That's... That's...
That's why you came here, to apologise?
What? Did you expect that I would clean
your office as well?
So you attack a man that you think is
having an affair with your wife.
You eventually find out that you're wrong
and then you randomly stroll into his
office to apologise,
not concerned if you're going to get
arrested or something?
Do you want to arrest me?
Counselor: No.
I try not to kick.
A man when he's down.
[clears throat]
Do you offer all your clients drinks?
You are not my client, Mr Ezekiel.
So... I want answers.
How the hell?
Nosa: Did she tell you... Did she tell you
that we've never had sex?
That she wanted us to
be celibate and I agreed?
Yeah, she did.
Nosa: So how the hell
is she freaking pregnant?
How did she get pregnant?
Look, Mr Ezekiel, you're angry.
I get it. It's understandable.
The truth is, if you want answers to your
questions, you're going to
have to talk to your wife.
So she can tell me
she's carrying baby Jesus.
Whatever the case may be, communication
is important. It's key.
You need to talk to your wife.
I can act as a buffer between the both of
you so that, you know,
conversation can go smoothly.
But you and I know that you're never
going to let this go until you get the
answers you're looking for, yes?
Remember what we spoke about. No
outbursts. You listen
before you speak, okay?
Dammy, you can send her
in now, please. Thank you.
I'm glad you could come.
Now that we're both
here, err... I suppose we
can begin with the session.
Now, the purpose of this is for us to
actually listen to each other; For both
of you to listen to each other.
Can we do that?
Okay. I'll take that as a yes. Now, one
of you will ask a question, and then the
other person would respond.
Who would like to go first?
Who's the girl?
I'll tell you right after you tell me how
you got pregnant and who the bastard is.
Okay. I think we're going to need to put
up some ground rules here.
Whoever gets asked a
question is obliged to answer it.
No harsh words, no anger, no arguments,
and most especially, or most
importantly, no foul language.
Okay, then.
Let's try this all over again.
Nosa, Wonuola here
is asking you a question.
Who's the lady?
I met her through a closed WhatsApp group,
and... she's... kind of like the
only one I've connected with
My first experience of sex was with my...
My mother's friend. She
was a coded dominatrix.
I was 16 at the time.
By the time I was 20, that
was the only form of sex I knew.
I tried to date other girls.
It just didn't work.
They didn't... get me, you know...
But when I met Vera, we clicked.
She understood me.
She was... forceful.
She made me do... things
to her. She... She liked...
You've been a very naughty boy.
She liked it wild.
Vera: You should be punished.
And I...
Vera: Punish... Nosa: Ahh...
Vera: You.
My time with her was always
Wonu: So why did you marry me?
Because I loved you.
I did.
Nosa: I still do. Wonu: Ah!
You were sweet.
Nosa: And innocent.
Wonu: Oh please!
She didn't want to have sex,
but, I wanted to be with her.
I wanted to spend time with her.
I couldn't imagine my life without her.
With her, it wasn't
just about sex, it was...
Yet, you cheated on me.
Nosa: It was a moment of weakness.
Wonu: Of course.
Nosa: I was having a bad day, and...
Are you seriously pointing fingers?
You're not a saint. You cheated too.
I didn't cheat.
Nosa: Then how the hell are you pregnant.
With another man's baby?
I was raped!
I was raped by Fred.
He raped me.
Listen, babe.
I have to go.
Is this the end
Tell me, don't pretend
I want to know, from no one else
That you are gone
And let me to deal with
The mess you left behind you
Now you are gone
There's nothing left of you oh oo
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I still can't believe you
didn't tell me that Fred raped you.
You should have said
something, Wonu. We're best friends.
I just wanted to forget.
I wanted to forget.
Now, I can't.
Because I'm pregnant.
I'm not supposed to be pregnant.
I did all my tests.
I should never have gone to his place.
I should never...
It's not your fault.
Wonu: Nosa doesn't believe me.
But you have hospital tests
and records to prove that.
What I would like to do
is to have Fred arrested.
No. No, no, no. I don't
want any of that drama.
Sweetheart, your life is
full of drama right now.
So you might as well embrace it.
And let's get that bastard into jail.
What is done is done.
Fine. Alright. If that's how you feel.
So, what are you going to do now?
I don't know.
Nosa just walked out, and...
Chioma: Well, I meant about the baby.
But, Nosa would need some time.
I mean, no man wants to know his wife is
carrying the child of an ex,
no matter how it happened.
I'm tired. I need to rest.
But you need to take things easy.
And everything will be alright, okay?
Wonu: Thank you.
You go to bed, I'll see myself out.
Wonu: Alright. Goodnight.
That you are gone, you're gone
And let me here with
The mess you left behind you
Now you are gone, you're gone
There's nothing left of you oh oo
Nothing left of you
Nothing left of you
Nothing, oh oo
Nothing, oh oo
I don't know
You're getting rid of it.
So you... you want to keep the baby?
Honestly, I don't want this baby either.
I don't.
But I'm scared.
What if something happens?
What if... What if I lose my womb?
What if I lose my life?
My sister had her appendix
removed, and it took her life.
I don't want that to be me.
Nosa: We will go to a qualified doctor?
Still a risk.
It's one I'm willing to take.
I just want the baby gone.
Unfortunately, Nosa, that
is not your decision to make.
It is her body and so is her choice.
So what if she decides
to keep the baby? Huh?
What if she decides not to get rid of it?
What then?
[Door closes]
Don't forget you're not without sin.
You're moving around with
a chip on your shoulder.
Like you weren't just in a woman's bed
while we were together.
Are you being serious?
You're seeing that with a straight face
where you're carrying another man's baby.
I was raped.
By your ex.
So what?
Technically, it can't be rape?
Is that what you're telling me?
You shouldn't have been there.
You said you were done with him.
I am.
I was.
He bought me a car for my birthday.
Excuse me?
You heard me right.
I only went there to return it because I
didn't want you to find out,
because I'm done.
I've been done with Fred.
Then get rid of the baby.
The same way you've gotten rid of Vera.
Do you want him back?
Fred, do you want him back?
You're carrying his baby.
You're refusing to get rid of it.
So tell me, do you
want to go back to him?
Go to hell.
You know you are just being defensive.
Yes, Wonu made a mistake.
She went to see Fred and
he took advantage of her.
But you...
You cheated.
And that was intentional.
It was a weakness.
It is a weakness.
Wait, Does Wonu.
Know that you and Vera are still...
We're not.
We're not, okay?
The first time I was under pressure.
I wasn't having sex with Wonu.
You told me you enjoyed it,
and that it helped you.
I did.
It helped me detox,
but going back to Vera was a bad decision
and I regretted it afterwards.
And you still went there again?
Nosa: Because I was angry.
When I found out that.
Wonu is pregnant.
Look, I'm still angry.
Wonu: How dare he insinuate that there's
something going on
between Fred and I.
He's just pointing out the speck in my
eyes and completely
ignoring the log in his.
He cheated.
But you're the one pregnant.
That's really a big deal.
So I should abort it.
That's what you're suggesting, right?
That's not what I'm suggesting.
What I would like to do is to have Fred
arrested for what he did to you.
Don't let him get away with this.
What if the police doesn't believe me?
Think about it.
Chi, we were in a full-blown relationship.
We dated.
I went to his house.
That still doesn't justify
the fact that he raped you.
You have the hospital
test results to prove that.
I know, but...
What about Nosa?
Like I said before, it will take some
time for him to get past this.
What if he never gets past this?
What if we never get past this?
So you think a divorce is
the best err... way for you to go?
You see, Nosa and I
haven't consummated our marriage.
So technically, it's... just an annulment.
And is that what you want to do?
But what else would you have me do?
You can always stay
and fight for your marriage.
The only reason a fight is possible is if
the other person is willing to throw in a
punch or at least is willing to fight.
Nosa is not willing to fight.
It's over.
are you going to go ahead with Wonu's
request for an annulment?
If that's what she wants.
What do you want?
Does it matter?
Chioma: They're both giving me a headache,
I swear.
After shouting "God, when oh?"
"Relationship goals o" on their
matter for two whole years.
And just two days into their marriage and
it all goes to shit.
I don't get it.
Nosa still loves her though.
Then he should
forgive her, and go back home.
It's... It's not that easy.
His ego is bruised.
Wonu was raped.
While the culprit is walking around
freely, and her own husband thinks it was
her fault. Do you think she's not bruised?
Calm down, we are not fighting.
I mean, we are both
here because... I mean...
We love our friends and we
really want to help them.
She's miserable.
Then maybe she should'nt have
called for the annulment.
She felt it was the better way to go.
Better than just
aborting the baby of a rapist.
It's more complicated than that,
Kunle. She's afraid for her life.
Come on now, Chi! It's the 21st century.
I mean, some girls do this more often
than they drink water..
She's just over reacting.
Don't say that,
Kunle. Her fears are valid.
But wait! Does Wonu really want this baby?
[drops fork]
Wonu doesn't want any of this, you
know. I mean, no one in
their right senses would.
It's just the way things turned out.
Still doesn't make sense to me, though.
So, she's willing to risk her marriage
with Nosa, over a baby that she doesn't
want, with an ex-boyfriend who raped her.
Wonu: Well, when he puts it like that...
Well, Wonu, We're
all just trying to help you.
I mean, I know you don't want to have
anything to do with Fred,
and I also know you love.
Nosa in spite of his mistakes.
But, you really need to be sure you're
making the right decision.
[phone ringing]
You can't ignore your
mum forever, you know.
Sooner or later, she's going to find out
about what's going on.
If you don't try and fix things.
Exactly the problem.
How do I fix this?
I mean, you can talk to Nosa and you guys
can find a common ground.
Alright, that's it.
So, we're just waiting
for their feedback now.
In the meantime, I'm going
to get myself some good TLC.
And you need to go see your wife.
I mean, seriously. Just talk to her.
Kunle: Please.
I need to clear my desk.
[door closes]
[door shuts]
Guy there's no need to hover. I already
told you I was going to go and see her.
I'm right here.
What are you doing here?
What do you think?
You haven't been taking my calls.
And I
miss... you.
Do you really
want me
to stop?
Come on, kiss me.
You know you want to.
Kiss me.
You hypocrite!
Don't call me that.
To think I was coming...
I'm done.
Nosa: Wonuola! Wonu: I'm done.
Let her go.
She doesn't belong in your world.
She doesn't understand you.
But look, I do.
You and I...
We belong together.
Get out.
Come on, you don't mean that.
Get out!
I know you'll be back.
You always
come back.
[door shuts]
I don't understand.
How could I have been so stupid?
You were not stupid, Wonu.
You were fighting for your marriage.
There's no marriage! Chi.
There's no marriage! It's done!
Wonu, look.
Look... It's okay.
I want to be left alone.
Wonu: Please! Chioma: It's fine.
It's alright.
[screaming in pain]
Wonu! What is it?
What is it?
Chioma: Wonu! Wonu!
Wonu: [screaming in pain]
[screams in pain]
Wonu! What is it?
Wonu! Wonu! [screaming in pain]
[screaming in pain]
Wonu! What?
What is it?
Do you... Do you want me to call her?
No! No!
Maybe this is better.
Maybe Vera is right.
Vera is not right.
You walked away from her for Wonu.
Yeah, but I still cheated
on Wonu with her.
Yes, you messed up.
You owned up.
I mean, you're sorry.
Look, I don't know, man.
Wonu deserves better.
Nosa: I'm going to give her the annulment.
[phone buzzing]
Hey, Chi.
Guy, where is your phone?
It's right here.
I put it on silent when we were working
on the Stewart drawings.
What's up?
Ah-ah Chioma has called me severally.
Wait, what?
What's going on?
What's up?
It's... It's Wonu.
She's in the hospital.
Babe, are you okay?
[weakly] Nosa.
You'll be fine, okay?
You'll have to be.
What did the doctor say?
What's wrong with my wife?
It's the pregnancy.
What's wrong?
It's an ectopic pregnancy.
Ah, okay.
But she's going to be fine, right?
Doctor: She...
The baby...
But luckily we caught it on time.
So she won't be needing
surgery or anything like that.
We'll just give her a pill
to induce a miscarriage.
With your approval, of course.
Is err... Is that the only solution?
I'm afraid it is.
What of the...
Do what you need to do, doctor.
Look, my wife is going to be fine, right?
Like nothing can happen
to her, baby or no baby,
she has to be fine.
[weakly] You said...
Forget what I said, babe.
I can't lose you.
Don't worry, Mr. Ezekiel... Don't worry.
She'll be fine. Trust me.
This is the best line
of action for your wife.
Okay, so what now?
So now, you just, you
know, we're observing her,
giving her pain medication
after which we would...
[phone buzzing]
Hello? Yeah, man. What's up?
Okay, yeah. Alright, I'll see you.
Err... It's Kunle.
He wants us to meet up for
we have like a meeting.
It's okay.
Wonu: Sure, You can go.
Oh, my God.
[phone dialing]
Chioma: Have you seen the news about Fred?
It's all over social media.
I just saw it.
Why would he beat a woman to death?
Chioma: Why not? He raped you, didn't he?
Yes, I know, but killing
someone, that is extreme.
Chioma: Aunty, they are all in
the same WhatsApp group.
I'm just glad he got what he deserved.
Thank God he got caught
in a foreign country.
At least, I know justice will be served.
Chioma: What?
Abeg forget Fred,
he's a thing of the past.
How are you and Nosa?
Honestly, I don't know.
It just...
It feels like there's a hurdle
we just haven't been able to leap over.
And what do you think the hurdle is?
It's obviously not the baby, right?
Nosa: Yes, the baby is gone, but
things are still not the same.
Your wife said the same thing?
She was here?
What did she say?
The exact same thing you said.
Listen, I think the both of you need to
sit down and communicate,
so at least you
you know what the hurdle is.
It's Vera.
But I'm done with Vera...
Yes, really.
Guys, can we please calm down?
Wonu: I don't believe him.
He still...
We still haven't had sex.
That just means he's satisfying his
sexual desires elsewhere.
That's not true.
Counselor: And what is the truth?
Not to me.
Nosa, to her.
Those pictures you saw were...
Look, I was foolish.
Alright, and then...
I found out about the
baby, I was devastated.
And when Kunle told me that
you were at the hospital...
At that moment, I knew that I couldn't
live in a world without you by my side.
Babe, I'm done with Vera.
For real this time.
But if you still...
If you don't believe me...
What are you doing?
Nosa: You want assurance, right?
I'm giving it.
[phone dialing]
Vera: And the prodigal son calls.
I told you you'd be back.
You can't run away from me, Nosa.
You do know you'll be punished.
Wonu: Please! Vera: Hard!
Look, I suggest that
you watch your language.
And don't assault my wife's sensibilities.
She can hear you.
Vera: Am I... Am I on speaker?
And no, I'm not coming back.
I love my wife.
And we're working with a
counselor to get help.
Nosa: So...
Goodbye, Vera.
There you go, guys.
A step in the right direction.
Look, this is not going
to be a walk in the park.
However, it has been
proven that if you want to
break a bad habit,
perhaps you should pick up a good one.
I hope I wasn't too err...
It was perfect.
You were perfect.
Are you sure?
Of course.
[kisses hand]
[kisses hand]
I love you.
And I'm so sorry.
For what?
For... loving me?
What is wrong with you?
Don't tickle me!
Don't tickle me!
Yes, yes. Come in, come in, come in.
Hey! Please.
What can I do for you?