Wedding Planner Mystery (2014) Movie Script

It's not just a business to me,
it's about getting
to know my client's personally
and delivering on
their every wish.
My latest is a double booking.
First, Diane Perry, then
her cousin Nicky.
They're famous of course,
but since getting to know them,
I've started to think of the
Perry family as my family, too.
It's one of the perks about
my job I love the most.
This is me: Carnegie Kincaid,
wedding planner,
and believer in the picture
perfect romance,
even if it has never
happened to me.
Put the salmon pieces in
the CuisinArt, now it's pate.
There's a clean shirt in my van.
The reception's pen is dry.
And Tim said somebody put
the groom's cake in the freezer.
Well, you tell Tim to put the
cake in the oven on warm
for ten minutes.
The best man lost the notes
for his speech.
I told him to memorize it.
I have a copy of it in my phone,
I'll email him.
Anything else, Kenny?
Yeah, apparently there's
a reporter in the vestibule
named Aaron Gold.
Aaron Gold, I presume.
I'm with the Sentinel.
Do you have an invitation?
Yeah, yeah, I do, but I must
have uh...
misplaced it.
Because I planned this wedding,
and there were no invitations
sent to media.
Well, that's a faux pas
on your part, certainly.
But I forgive you.
You know Douglas Perry
stayed home today
specifically to avoid people
like you.
You have me all wrong.
I write for the society column.
Dressed like that? I doubt it.
You know, you can be a hero.
You give me an exclusive,
and I won't even use your name.
Douglas Perry and
Keith Guthridge
are rotten to the core
tax cheats.
I bet you have
fly-on-the-wall access
to the Perry family.
What I have is no comment.
Goodbye, Mr. Gold.
You know, I think that
we could talk...
[Door shuts]
Society page columnists
I can handle,
but I'm not used to
snoopy reporters.
Mr. Aaron Gold just
bought himself
a permanent place on my
do not admit list.
Ray, what are you doing in here?
Nicky is allergic to the roses.
She can't hold her bouquet.
Even so, the fianc
to the maid of honour
can't be in the bride's
dressing room.
Sorry, Carnegie..
Skid-addle, Ray.
John, I'll need a silk
replica of a bridesmaid bouquet.
I'm afraid you won't be able
to drink at the reception.
Thank you.
You think of every detail.
It's kinda my thing.
I will get you new flowers
next week
for your wedding, Nicky.
You're getting orchids.
Two family weddings
in one month,
it's so exciting.
I can't stop staring at your
engagement ring.
Ray has wonderful taste.
Well, I have a sneaking
suspicion his mother
helped pick it out.
Well, if I ever want
a ring like that
I'll have to buy it myself.
Don't say that.
In fact, you might want
to start thinking about
your wedding, Michelle.
Don't you think it's about time?
Seriously, you and Shawn have
been dating longer than
I've even known Jeffery.
Longer than I've known Ray, too.
Shawn's just not really
into tradition.
So, do something
Yeah, out of the
ordinary weddings
are becoming quite popular.
Couples are getting married
on boats,
while rock climbing...
I even planned a scuba
wedding once.
He'll never ask me.
Then you should ask him.
Oh, come on!
It's not the dark ages anymore.
You two are the best cousins
ever, but...
I don't know.
Do you really think I should?
[Knock at the door]
Come in.
Carnegie, your very
last minute wish
is my command.
Voila, silk bouquet.
For those of you who haven't
yet met the genius,
the artist behind the floral
designs, this is John Nevin.
Ladies, it's an absolute
pleasure to meet you,
but you will have to excuse us.
There's a garland emergency
in the chapel.
Now you have to be the next
one to get married.
[Phone ringing to tune of
Wedding March]
Did you find our missing waiter?
That's why I called.
I got a replacement.
His name is Marty.
He's very experienced.
Can you go find him?
I'm on my way.
Who was that?
I mean, who still carries around
a business card case?
[Message alert]
Great... okay.
Look out!
You're lucky I was here.
Well, Lance said you
were experienced.
Well, I guess I have been
around the block.
You're really over-dressed.
Dress code is black pants
and a white button down.
Really? I didn't know
there was a dress code.
I just came from the airport
and might have
a white button down in my car.
It's too late, we'll make
it work.
Marty's here.
I can see that.
You're not Marty, are you?
But right now I kinda wish
I was.
Oh, you found them.
I just made a fool of myself,
didn't I?
Well Carnegie, of course
I can't speak
to your way of doing things.
Hello, Dorothy.
I thought you were still
on a boat
somewhere in the middle of
the Mediterranean.
I was, and I assure you
it's the only reason
I didn't do this weddings.
The bride's mother is a very old
and very dear friend of mine,
and of course she was
crushed when I was unavailable.
Well, they all seem very happy
with my work.
Yes, I'm sure you've done
your best.
Even if you've allowed that,
that woman in here.
Queen Mary is just a harmless
old lady
who likes layer cake.
Who shows up at every wedding
in the city
whether invited or not.
I also happen to know that
after Nicky's wedding next week,
you'll be back to cold calling
bridal boutiques for business.
And if you keep this sort
of thing up,
you won't have anything booked
for a very, very long time.
It's perfect.
Once again.
Thank you.
[Wedding March]
[Wedding March]
Another job well done.
But, as I always say,
it's not over until somebody
catches the bouquet.
You didn't have to humiliate me,
I just want to get married!
Like my cousins
and all my friends.
I told you when we met, I wasn't
the marrying kind!
Pardon me for thinking that
the last six years might
have changed that.
We're through.
Michelle, come back!
I got it.
You saved the cake!
Mary, thanks for your help.
I wonder why so many people
are breaking things tonight?
What do you mean?
That tall man in the parking lot
was breaking cars.
How could you, Shawn?
I don't know where she's going,
but she's taken your car.
[Car peels out]
[Glass and metal shattering]
Excuse me! Excuse me!
Ok, call the police!
Yes, I need to report
an accident.
I don't know, I haven't...
She's not moving.
Open this door, young lady.
Eddie Breen was my father's
best friend.
When my dad died, Eddie stepped
into that role,
he's my business partner
and an early riser.
I only got home an hour ago.
Something terrible happened.
Here. Don't I know it.
Michelle Perry, niece of
disgraced former equity trader
Douglas Perry, was killed
last night
at her cousin Diane's wedding.
They're wondering if Nicky
and Ray will go ahead
with the wedding as planned.
Nicky doesn't need this,
she's upset enough
about Michelle.
Forget Nicky,
Carnegie Kincaid Wedding
Design doesn't need this,
and as your business partner,
I don't need this either.
A pair of weddings is the only
thing keeping us afloat.
Well, they say any publicity
is good publicity.
This kind of publicity is
bad for business.
We need another big client,
or next month we're running
on fumes.
I will get us a big client
for next month, I promise.
The convention is coming up,
and I always make at least
one good booking out of it.
Where do these reporters
get their stories?
Who wrote this, anyway?
Aaron Gold, I should have known.
He tried to get into
Diane's wedding last night.
Oh, I wanted to tell you:
Queen Mary said she saw someone
messing with cars
in the parking lot.
I think I saw him, too.
Queen Mary is hardly a reliable
source on anything but cake.
I know, but what if the crash
wasn't an accident?
It could still be sabotage.
I wish your dad was here
to see this.
He loved a good conspiracy
Difference being he could
always admit when he was wrong.
Now get to work.
[Phone rings to tune of
Wedding March]
Nicky needs me.
I'm trying to keep up a good
front for Eddie,
but the truth is I'm worried.
Nicky's father, Douglas Perry,
and his ex-business partner
Keith Guthridge,
are involved in a huge
tax scandal.
And between that and what
happened to Michelle last night,
I've got a bad feeling
that Nicky's going to call
her wedding off.
And if that happens,
Carnegie Kincaid Wedding Designs
is going to be out
of business, too.
Theo Decker, is the
Perry family chauffeur.
He's loyal, to be sure.
The strong, silent type.
But that still isn't
going to stop me
from asking him questions.
Hi, Theo.
This might seem like
a strange question,
but did Nicky's car have
any problems
that you knew about?
I wasn't Mr. Perry's chauffeur
when he bought the car.
The police still have it.
Right. Never-mind.
Sorry, it was crooked,
I crave symmetry.
It's just a thing.
Here we go, hot tea
with a squeeze of lemon.
Enter Clara Perry.
A stepmother of the bride-to-be,
she proves all the
fairy tales wrong.
No, thank you for taking care
of Nicky last night.
You're a great friend to her.
This is so tragic.
Michelle was such
a beautiful girl.
Did Nicky ever have problems
with her car?
Douglas was obsessive about
keeping that car safe for her.
There's no way there was
anything wrong with it
when she drove it
to the wedding.
I'm sorry you had to see
the accident, Carnegie.
It's just hard to accept
that Michelle is gone.
And Clara and I are committed
to hosting a charity gala
this week.
It's too late to back out now.
Well, I'll help in any way
that I can, Douglas.
My assistant will fax you
the details today.
I guess you could imagine
why we wanted you here
in this family meeting.
We can postpone your wedding,
if that's what you decide.
Most of the vendors
will hold the deposits
for a future date.
I'm happy to reimburse
Ray's family
for any money they lose on plane
tickets if you cancel.
But I know my little girl is
tough, just like Michelle was.
I don't think she'd want to see
you change a thing, sweetheart.
Could we alter the wedding
We can dedicate the event
to Michelle.
I'll call the printer today.
It wouldn't be in bad taste to
mention that wild life charity
that Michelle supported
so that people could donate
in her name.
Ok, I say we go on as planned.
Clara, you still haven't seen
my dress!
And Daddy, you can't see it
until the day of the wedding.
I promise, I'll be gone
before you finish changing.
Now, Clara, have you seen
today's paper?
I'm going to sue this Aaron
Gold character into oblivion.
Not only is he making hay
out of Michelle's death,
now he's writing that Keith and
I were running a Ponzi scheme!
Douglas, Douglas.
Your blood pressure.
I told you, reading that paper
would only make you
more anxious.
If I drop dead, it'll be this
Gold and Guthridge to blame.
Mr. Guthridge is Nicky's
godfather, right?
Keith was my college roommate.
He was best man at my wedding
and I was best man at his.
But he betrayed me.
Emptied the firm's business
tax account and then blamed me
when the IRS accused us
of tax evasion.
He already RSVP'd that
he's coming to the wedding.
I know Nicky wishes he could
be at her wedding,
but I can't risk an ugly scene
on her special day.
Would you have a word with him?
Of course. I will handle
it tactfully.
I have every confidence in that.
Ma'am, I'm Detective Borden,
Seattle PD.
I'm following up on
Michelle Perry's death.
What were you doing just now
in the Perry house?
I'm Nicky's wedding planner.
I was also Diane's
wedding planner,
and I also talked to the officer
on the scene last night.
Carnegie Kincaid, right?
You're the one who called 911.
I did.
You're also the one who gave
Michelle Perry alcohol
before the crash.
I supplied the bridal party
with a customary
bottle of champagne.
How much of that bubbly
did Michelle drink?
I don't know.
But she was drinking, right?
Alcohol that you gave her.
Am I some kind of a suspect?
Actually, we favour the term
"person of interest".
Michelle was drinking, but
I can't monitor every guest
and every glass of champagne.
Point taken.
But my gut tells me that
you're hiding something.
Did you look in Nicky's car,
Have you ruled out some kind
of mechanical problem?
Police garage has the car
right now,
we're considering
every possible lead.
Anyway, you have a nice day.
We'll talk again.
Drive safely.
So now I'm not just the Perry
family's wedding planner,
now I'm a "person of interest".
Now it's getting personal.
As promised, I'm meeting
Keith Guthridge.
I was not looking forward to
stepping into this lion's den.
Mr. Guthridge, I know
you aren't just Douglas's
business partner...
Former business partner.
Douglas is trying to blame
me for getting the firm
into this tax scandal.
I know, but here's the thing.
Why are you here, Miss Kincaid?
Look, I know that Nicky
would love to have you
at her wedding,
but I also know that
Douglas doesn't think
it would be a good...
I don't give one wit what
that embezzler thinks.
I'm in an awkward position
here, sir.
Aren't we all?
Which is why I was hoping
you'd understand,
for Nicky's sake.
I read about Michelle's death.
It's unbelievable.
Nicky and her cousins are like
daughters to me.
After Nicky's mother passed away,
she practically
moved in with us.
But now I can't even call
to give her my condolences
about Michelle.
Douglas has threatened
to slap me
with a restraining order
if I try to contact her.
I thought the wedding
was cancelled.
Nicky must be devastated.
But canceling the wedding
would just make things worse,
I suppose.
You know her well.
And the last thing she needs
is to witness a confrontation
between you
and her father at her wedding.
All I want for her is to find
some happiness.
And if that means me staying
away from the wedding,
then I see that's the only
honourable thing I can do.
Thank you.
My best friend Lily is one
of those people
who's always up
for an adventure.
But even she isn't ready for
what I'm about to spring on her.
[Knock on the door]
Come in!
Thanks for coming, Lily.
What're you doing?
Well, I called you
because you're the smartest
librarian I know
and I need a keen mind
on this case.
What, this case here?
Sterling silver, nice.
I didn't think anyone carried
these anymore.
Who's is it?
Well, I'm trying to find out.
The police are saying
that I might be liable
for Michelle Perry's death.
You're kidding.
You're not kidding?
It happened at one of
my weddings.
But you didn't have anything
to do with it.
No, I didn't, but I just feel
like I have a responsibility
to figure out
what really happened.
And this case is part of
that how?
I found it in the church
parking lot last night
next to Nicky's car and I think
it might belong to the guy
that I saw out there.
And you think he might have
been messing with Nicky's car?
And then why the toaster?
I had to dry the cards.
They were in a puddle.
Of course.
In a puddle.
We're ready.
You know, at first I thought
it was Keith Guthridge
because there's a lot of bad
blood between he and Douglas,
but he loves Nicky
way too much to try to hurt her
to get to her father.
I'm trying to figure out
maybe these cards will tell me
somebody who would do
such a thing.
This one belongs to a gym on
Freemont, what do you think?
I think I love a good mystery.
The police can't hold
you responsible.
Michelle wouldn't have been
in that car
if I hadn't encouraged her to
ask her boyfriend to marry her.
So I do feel like I had a hand
in what happened.
Besides, I know I saw someone
loitering next to Nicky's car.
Queen Mary saw him, too.
Queen Mary?
The little old lady who crashes
weddings for the cake?
I'm gonna text all the
wedding planners I know,
see if I can find out where she
might show up next.
My brakes.
My brakes aren't working!
Are you kidding me?!
Ok, hold on, I've got this.
I knew we should have
taken my car!
Hold on!
[tires screeching]
It's gonna be fine!
It's not gonna be fine.
I've got this.
You don't got this!
What bout the emergency brake?!
The emergency brake!!
Make it stop!!!!
We could have been killed!
Just like Michelle.
Lily, what if I'm not
imagining things?
What if someone caused
Nicky's car to crash
and now they're after me, too?
Your mechanic has no idea
why your brakes failed?
That doesn't necessarily
mean that someone isn't trying
to get rid of me,
maybe it just means I need
a better mechanic.
Come on.
Just fill out your names.
The computer at the front
desk must have a list
of all the gym members.
Sounds logical.
If I can get a look at it, I
can cross-reference the names
against the cards in that case.
Do you think Hercules over there
is just gonna let you look?
I do not, which is why
I need a diversion.
Why do I feel like you're asking
me to play damsel in distress
to that Chippendale dancer's
knight in shining
armour complex?
Well, I need somebody to act
out my devious schemes.
Ok, I'm on it.
Ouch, oooh!
A little help?
A little help?!
Piece of cake.
Two business cards,
two locations.
All we've gotta do is find
someone who belongs
to this gym who also
frequents the pool hall.
This should convince
Detective Bordon
I'm not a "person of interest"
anymore, and I can go back
to being a plain old wedding
Have a good workout.
Now there might have been
a million reasons
why my floral designer, John
Nevin, would be at this gym.
Most of them were just
a coincidence,
but I can't be sure.
And I don't want to tip
my hand just yet.
Did you get it!!
Let's go.
I don't want to believe it,
but it does make sense.
The guy I saw in the parking lot
was big like John.
Our library database is linked
to the department of records.
What's weird is the only thing
I can find on John Nevin
is his floral business
license application.
Maybe it's not his real name.
[Phone ringing to Wedding March]
Oh, it's Nicky.
I promised her I'd help her
pick out gifts.
Hi Nicky.
I will be ten minutes late
but I will be there, I promise.
I don't have a car.
It's perfect.
We'll take two.
One for Clara and one for
my future mother-in-law.
This is good stuff.
Aaron Gold.
Holier than thou wedding lady.
You're that reporter
Daddy hates.
She calls the biggest tax cheat
since Al Capone, Daddy?
Daddy didn't do it.
It was Uncle Keith,
and he didn't mean to.
Uncle Keith?
Can I quote you on that?
No, you may not.
In fact, get away from her
before I call the police.
Freedom of the press.
What about Nicky's freedom
not to be harassed by you?
I don't think you'd like it
if your every waking
move was scrutinized
or if people made up
horrible stories about you
just to sell newspapers.
Oh, calm down.
I'm trying to earn a living
here, alright?
Daddy Warbucks stays holed
up in the family hermitage
and only makes statements
through his lawyers.
I don't care about the
tax scandal, anyway.
You and Michelle were
like sisters,
how are you handling her death?
Ok, that's it.
I'll catch up with you later?
Wait a sec.
Hold up, wait.
Leave Nicky alone.
Do you remember me from
the wedding yesterday?
I was the cake lady?
You helped me save the cake
that was falling?
Well, you told me you saw
a tall man breaking cars
in the parking lot.
I saw him too.
Did you get a good look
at his face?
You know, my memory might be
the only thing worse
than my eyesight.
Hey, Mary.
I heard there's a wedding today
at Temple Beth El,
rumor has it the cake
is raspberry cream
and chocolate ganache.
Here you go.
What's this?
I just thought you'd like to
know who's going to be suing you
if you decide to publish
any of those photos.
See you later, Nicky.
Say Hi to your dad.
Wedding lady.
Carnegie, have you met
Holt Walker?
He's Daddy's lawyer.
I uh...
we are...
you definitely are not
Marty the waiter.
I didn't realize the last
time we met
that you are the wedding planner
that Nicky's talked
so much about.
That's me.
With the accident and
everything we never got a chance
to say goodbye to each other.
Yeah, goodbye.
I mean we should have.
Or something.
I trust that we will get to see
you at Nicky's wedding.
Hopefully I don't have
to wait that long.
Listen, Douglas wanted me
to get Nicky back,
so we better get going,
but it was very nice
to meet you again.
You too.
So, my Mr. Tall and Handsome
has a name: Holt Walker,
and he's a lawyer.
And you're calling me
because you know I have access
to the Martindale
Hubble database.
I don't know what that is.
It's the who's who of attorneys.
Educational background,
cases litigated...
I think it's premature to do
a background check on the guy.
Which is why I'm your best
So Holt Anderson Walker Rhodes
Scholar, Harvard Law degree,
Pillar-Greyson-Fein in Chicago
and then he moved here six years
ago to open his own practice.
You're such a fountain
of wisdom.
Mmmhmm. Thank you.
Hey, what should someone do
if they think they're
being tailed?
There's a black sedan that's
been following me
since I left downtown and
it's just parked behind me.
Carnegie, do not play
stunt driver
while you're driving my car.
Sorry, Lils, gotta go.
Do you have a gun in here?
An icing gun.
I think somebody is after me.
In a secret admirer kind of way?
No, in a "we need to
eliminate all the witnesses"
kind of way.
I'm serious!
The brakes went out on
my van earlier today,
and I'm starting to think that
Michelle's death
was some kind of fumbled attempt
to hurt Nicky.
And whoever did that
would like to get
rid of me, too.
I mean, people willing to
take out a famous heiress
aren't going to think twice
about snuffing an anonymous
wedding planner,
and I've been asking too
many questions.
I'm a liability.
[pounding on door]
Do you want to lower
that flame thrower, sir?
I just talked to your
business partner, Eddie Breen.
Why didn't you say you saw
someone tampering
with Nicky Perry's car?
Because I barely saw him.
But there's this elderly woman,
we call her Queen Mary,
she said she saw
someone break a car.
So I guess I should just put
a bulletin out on a Queen Mary
and hope she comes in,
sits down with a sketch artist?
Did you know that Michelle Perry
had a 0.9 blood alcohol content
at the time of her death?
You were the one pouring drinks
that night
so why don't you tell me?
You can't be serious.
Miss Kincaid, did you know that
hindering a police investigation
can carry jail time?
False leads cost a lot of
man hours, so what was it?
Did you see someone tampering
with Nicky's car that night
or not?
I don't know what I saw.
And I have work to do,
so unless you have something
more substantial then...
Ok, I guess we'll be talking
to each other very soon.
You have a good day.
Well, he seems nice.
[Message alert]
The cheque for Nicky's
wedding venue bounced.
Ms. Kincaid.
I'm Sally Merkowsky.
Acting chief accounting officer.
I'm handling the liquidation.
It was too emotionally draining
for Clara.
My assistant informs me
that you bounced a cheque
out of Nicky's wedding account.
Yes, but I was sure that the...
Don't sit.
You won't be staying.
Sorry, I'm not sure how
things work
in the corporate world
of high finance.
I contacted the bank
and this has all been
a misunderstanding.
Clara withdrew money
from the account
for other wedding expenses,
unaware that you were making
unauthorized purchases.
Nicky authorized those purchases
because Clara was out of town.
Nevertheless, the money has been
returned to Nicky's account.
If you re-submit the cheque
it will clear.
Good day, Ms. Kincaid.
Good day.
Thank you.
Just when I thought things
couldn't get much worse,
the second card in that case
leads me right back
where I started.
John Nevin again.
My game again, my friend.
This is a pleasant surprise.
I didn't know you played pool.
I don't.
We need to talk.
I've been following the clues
surrounding Michelle
Perry's death
and I'm sorry to say that they
have lead me here to you.
Are you accusing me
of something?
Well, forgive me if I'm wrong,
I just, I don't think that
you'd do anything illegal
but I found this card case
near Nicky's car the night
of Michelle's accident.
Why wouldn't you just give
this to me
the day of the wedding?
I didn't know who's it was
at the time.
So can you tell me why the only
existing record of you
is your business
license application?
My father loves John Wayne.
Named me Marion after him.
Called me John, also after him.
Nevin is what you might call
a nom de gare.
It looks better on signage
than Navinsky.
Also, you can imagine
what it's like growing up
with a name like
Marion Navinsky.
So I opted for John.
Now, if you're satisfied.
I'm so sorry, John.
As am I, Carnegie.
One would have thought
that our friendship
would put me above suspicion
in your mind.
I don't know what
I was thinking.
How do you do that?
Follow me without me seeing you?
I am a highly trained
professional, Miss Kincaid.
Maybe, but you're not right
about me.
I'll withhold my judgement
until police mechanics
is finished with Nicky's car.
Just curious, your brakes
failing the day after the crash.
Yes. Curious.
But if Nicky's car wasn't
tampered with,
my little police eyes will be
back on you
in a New York minute.
Anyway, if you need a ride home
I don't mind.
No thanks. I'm good.
You would have thought
a little charity soiree
at the Perry estate would have
been just the thing
to take my mind of making a fool
of myself with John,
and you'd have been right.
And with the Perry family
in attendance,
you never know who else
might show up.
Maybe even a handsome
lawyer, say,
with blue eyes to die for.
Somebody like Holt Walker.
All the sticks need to be at
a 45 degree angle
pointing into the centre,
and then one in
the centre counter...
Excuse me?
Why thank you, kind sir.
My friends call me Holt.
Does that mean we're friends?
I'd like to be.
Carnegie, that reporter,
Aaron Gold is here.
Please ask him to leave.
I spoke personally to the
managing editor at the Sentinel
and asked them to send
someone else.
I don't know how, but he's
managed to get his hands
on a press pass.
I'll take care of it.
Duty calls, Miss Kincaid.
This is a private event,
and you weren't invited.
I believe my backstage pass
says different.
Now you're trespassing.
I bet you planning weddings
makes you think
that love is all about flowers
and parties
and expensive honeymoons.
Does it look like I care
what you think?
That is not what I think
about love.
Not that I am in love,
not right now,
it's just that I haven't met
the right guy yet.
You think you'd know him
if you saw him?
I think I know what I want.
And it's none of your business.
I want to talk to
my goddaughter!
I'm right here, Uncle Keith.
I just want to explain
why I won't be at your wedding,
Oh, this is the money shot!
Hey, you're ruining my frame!
I'm gonna mess up more than
your framing
if you don't stop it.
Guthridge, you rat!
I told you to stay away!
[Scuffle ensues]
Daddy, your heart!
What's up with Perry's heart?
I'm sure I don't know.
Come on.
I can find out.
I have other sources, Hazel.
I am not your source!
And... why did you call me that?
Because you have the most
beautiful hazel eyes
I've ever seen.
That's why.
Well, one assumes that you
got what you came for,
so please leave.
If you won't talk about Douglas,
how about a nice, kind
word for Clara?
I have nothing to say
about Clara.
Can I quote you?
You can leave this property
or I will call the police.
Alright, fine.
You want to cohort
with criminals?
It's your funeral.
You know, I kinda like it
when you get angry with me,
you get this cute little crinkle
in your nose.
You're going to catch a cold
out here.
Thank you.
After an event I always like
to take a moment,
let it all sink in, you know?
Think about what I did wrong,
what I did right.
Oh, you did everything right,
I wanted to thank you
for sticking by my family.
I know we make the Kardashians
look like the Waltons.
I always heard we got
two chances at family.
The one we're born into
and then the one we make
for ourselves.
I think you and Ray are going
to make a beautiful family.
I made you some hot chocolate.
Do you see why I can't resist
this man, Carnegie?
I hope someday you find
a man just like Ray.
Sometimes I think all the good
ones are spoken for.
That wannabe Woodward
and Bernstein misquoted me.
Look at this: "one
anonymous staffer says
she has no kind words
for Clara Perry".
Aaron Gold.
Are you mad because
he dissed Clara,
or because he called
you anonymous?
I can't tell you how badly
I need the Perry wedding,
and Clara saw me talking
to Aaron at the gala.
I think I was the only one
that did.
Actually, I feel bad for her.
She raided Nicky's wedding
probably to cover her own bills,
and then of course when Nicky's
cheque bounced
she rushed to replace the money.
I'm sure she's just embarrassed.
Need I remind you the woman's
married to a billionaire?
Well, need I remind you that
when women marry money
they have to work
for every dime?
I hear Douglas keeps her
on a tight budget.
[Phone ringing to tune of
Wedding March]
What, what, what?
Holt Walker.
THE Holt Walker?
Yeah, we could go out
for dinner.
I mean, I eat dinner
every night,
so why don't we eat together?
So I have a date!
And I think I handled that
with the cool detachment
that drives men mad with desire.
You moonlighting, wedding lady?
I volunteer, putting together
orders for the Book Mobile.
Some people can't make it
to the library.
Why are you following me?
It's informative.
For instance, I now know that
we're neighbours.
Lakeshore Apartments, number 13.
You should stop by sometime.
That is too close for comfort.
And I know tenacity must pay off
in your line of work,
but I don't appreciate
being stalked or interrogated.
How do you appreciate
a prison cell?
I don't scare as easily
as you may think, Mr. Gold.
I'm from Boston.
I used to work at the Globe
with a guy who tracks
some of the biggest embezzlers
and tax cheats around.
Do you have any idea
how many innocent victims
wind up behind bars when
prosecutors start waiving
plea-deals around?
Do you really know where
all that money
you're spending on Nicky's
wedding is coming from?
What I'm saying is that
you could be implicated
on something that is way beyond
either of our pay grades.
I still don't have anything
that I can tell you.
I'm just telling you this
you're feisty.
And I've kinda got a thing
for redheads.
Be careful.
I'm always careful.
Because if you're half as
involved as I think you are,
you're potentially
in a world of hurt.
Well, I'd love to stay and chat
but I have a date
to get ready for.
You're dating!
I'm devastated.
Not dating, a date.
Stop following me.
You know, I spend so much
time searching out
romantic locations
for my clients
that I never stop to enjoy
moments like this for myself.
So what is the strangest place
that anyone's ever wanted
to get married?
I had one couple tie the knot
while they were bungie jumping
down the Columbia gorge.
I've had stranger.
You know, I get my best gossip
at the trade shows.
Yes, wedding planners have
conventions just like salesmen.
I'm going to one this weekend
at a lodge on Mount Rainier.
So does this lodge have
a restaurant?
Five star.
So would you think I was
too forward if I said that
I wanted to book my own
room there
and take you to dinner
Saturday night?
You would do that?
I'd even offer to drive you up
the mountain Saturday morning.
I don't know what to say.
Just say yes.
Yes, of course.
You know, usually I'm a
methodical type of guy.
I approach with caution.
I take my time.
There's just something about you
that makes me wanna
just take a chance.
I could really fall
for a guy like Holt.
Of course, there's still
that little matter
of possibly being a suspect in
a murder investigation,
but maybe he'd come visit me
in prison.
I am sure it wasn't John
who tampered with Nicky's car,
and I don't think
Keith Guthridge would do
something like that
but somebody did.
And to clear my name,
I have to find out who.
I didn't notice it at first,
but then it hit me.
That smell.
Cheap cologne.
And it wasn't mine.
Somebody had been in my house,
and maybe still was.
Eddie, can you come over?
Right now would be good.
Well, there's nobody here
Did you wear Switchblade
cologne today?
You must be kidding.
I wouldn't use that stuff
to clean the toilet.
I wear Burberry, why?
The house smelled like
switchblade cologne
when I got home tonight.
I think somebody broke in.
Anything missing?
No broken windows,
and the door was locked.
How'd you know it was
I dated a guy who wore
the stuff.
I was young, he was stupid,
it was nothing serious.
Did you log into your computer
an hour ago?
No, I wasn't home yet.
Yeah, well somebody did.
Just my luck.
What are the chances
that somebody
would break into my house
and be breaking
into my computer
at the same time?
When you have that
nosey reporter on your trail?
Pretty good.
Ugh. Aaron Gold.
He would just love to get
access to the files
on Nicky's wedding.
Yeah, well.
Who are you calling?
The police.
And tell them what?
That I smell cheap cologne
in my house?
The police already think
I'm interfering at best
and a suspect at worst.
[Phone ringing to the tune
of Wedding March]
Hi, Nicky.
I found this note in
the mail box that says
they're gonna kill Daddy if he
testifies against Uncle Keith.
Who would do that?
Well, it can't be Keith,
he hardly seems
capable of murder.
Holt, what is it?
Uh, Nicky, I need to speak
with you in private.
Carnegie can hear whatever it is
you have to say.
Your father was working in his
office earlier this evening
prepping for his Grand jury
What's the matter?
What happened?
Nicky, your father...
he had another heart attack.
The card should say "wishing you
a speedy recovery, Carnegie".
Thank you.
Why would Aaron Gold be
at my door?
Come on in!
You know, you do have
some nerve.
Well, thank you, yes I could
use some help
with these review copies of
books I'm donating
to your friend's library.
What're you doing?
What, are you playing charades?
Because I'm going
to guess bloodhound.
Do you ever wear
Switchblade cologne?
Right, because I'm classy
with a "k".
It's only Ivory soap and
shaving gel in my bathroom.
Well, then what are you
doing here?
Because I don't buy your
books as a good deed schtick.
Didn't you get enough details
when you hacked
my work computer?
Oh, come on.
I have a little more
journalistic integrity than that,
you know.
No, I didn't know.
Well, did you know that this
latest heart attack
is Douglas Perry's fifth
such incident?
Oh yeah, sources, Hazel.
So what, did Nicky
cancel the wedding?
Look, I'm just an outside
observer here,
but I think you're a little
overly emotionally invested
in Nicky's love life.
It's my job.
Oh, I know it's your gig
to book the church,
hire the band, buy the flowers,
But you do know that's just
the shiny wrapper
on the delicious candy bar
that is love.
Real love.
Oh, and what do you know
about real love?
Well, I know it doesn't always
arrive in a velvet jewel box.
Sometimes it shows up in
a brown paper bag.
You get me?
No, I don't. I don't get you
at all.
Is this the part where you
toss me out?
I love perceptive men.
Nice chat.
[Phone ringing to tune of
Wedding March]
Clara Perry.
Mrs. Perry has agreed
to handle things quietly
to avoid further strain on
Mr. Perry's health.
I feel so blindsided by this,
We trusted you.
Can you explain these
financial irregularities?
There must be some mistake.
These receipts show amounts
totaling nearly double
what I know I paid for these
goods and services.
No, what Douglas and I paid.
The tragic thing is if you had
asked for money
we would have arranged a loan.
We're not heartless.
We considered you almost family.
If this was how I did business,
do you really think I would be
driving around
in a ten year old van?
To avoid the negative publicity
of a prosecution,
Mrs. Perry has agreed to
terminate your contract quietly
on the condition that you sign
a confidentiality agreement
and that you stop
leaking information
about the Perry family
to the media.
I've been stalked by a reporter,
I've been made a suspect
in Michelle's death,
and I have accused a dear friend
of criminal activity.
All of it to protect
the Perry family.
My understanding of
a business like yours
is that it survives on
word of mouth.
I would hate to think what
would happen to you
if any of this became
public knowledge.
You should take this deal,
stay away from Nicky,
and be grateful for the Perry
family's discretion.
Do you understand?
I brought dim sum.
To what do I owe this
kind gesture?
Clara Perry just fired us.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, that can't happen.
We need this wedding
to stay in the black.
Well, it's done.
She showed me the doctored
the ledgers that show us
embezzling thousands of dollars
from Nicky's wedding account.
Do you know where
the money could have gone to?
Carnegie, are you accusing
me of taking the money?
No, I'm not...
I mean, I don't want to.
Are you hoping for a confession
or a denial?
You know Carnie, people
like the Perry family,
they were never my kind of folk.
I can't help it if the people
that can afford a big wedding
are the people that
are the most demanding.
You know, I'm pushing 70.
I've got my pension
waiting for me.
I should be sleeping late
and bowling all day.
I think it's time for me
to retire.
No, no, you don't have
to do that.
They say family and business
don't mix.
I don't have to work,
but I do need family.
You and your mother are
the closest thing I have
to flesh and blood kin.
Now I'll clear out my desk
before I go.
I'm not really in the mood
for dim sum.
[bike horn]
You're not supposed to drive
a bike on the boardwalk.
Oh, well my car's not fit
for polite company.
So these are my everyday wheels.
You can report me,
I hear you're on a first
name basis with a cop.
A detective.
At least he's following me
for what he thinks
is a valid reason.
You're just digging for dirt
on Douglas Perry.
What if me finding you here
was just a coincidence?
Then pigs would be flying
through the sky.
I'm not buying it.
Alright, maybe I saw you
headed here
and I thought what the hay?
Do you know how hard it is
to trail a vehicle
up and down the hills
of this city on a bike?
I'm sorry that I threw you out.
It was rude.
That's totally acceptable,
I was being a jerk.
No woman should have
to put up with that.
I have to apologize.
That book thing was just
a bribe.
I'm sorry.
Well, you don't have to bother
pumping me for information
about the Perrys anymore.
We've had some
creative differences,
and I resigned.
C'est domage.
Maybe now we can be more
than just wedding planner
and journalist.
Sounds like fun.
Which one of us should
pretend to be the journalist?
I can see you've been crying.
It's not the softest shoulder
in the world,
but it is absorbent.
You know, if you want
to talk about it.
Is it possible that this guy
isn't just a nosey reporter?
Is Aaron Gold actually
starting to grow on me?
Sorry must be my mantra
today, Nicky,
but I didn't take your money.
That's all I can say.
Clara gave my wedding
to Dorothy Fenner.
Can you do something?
I'd love to help you, but
they won't even let me near you.
Carnegie, I trust you.
I know you'll think of
But at this moment, the only
thing I'm thinking is
how am I going to save
my business now?
Lily, we've gotta go.
Any couple geeky enough to want
a superhero-themed wedding
is probably going
to be there on time.
You look great!
Really? Because I feel
Panther Lady or whatever you're
supposed to be.
Thanks for doing this.
Without the money from
Nicky's wedding coming in
I need to save on staffing.
Thank goodness for this last
minute party.
Are you kidding me?
Grown adults partaking in one of
society's most scared rituals
while dressed as
comic book characters?
I wouldn't miss it.
[Knock at the door]
I have to finish my make up.
Did Halloween come
early this year?
I have a superhero-themed
Your personal predilections
don't concern me, Miss Kincaid.
Is this the woman you know
as Queen Mary?
Yes, this is her.
Mary Yager, 74, killed last
night by a hit and run driver.
Well, she's the only witness to
whoever sabotaged Nicky's car.
The car was too banged up
to determine sabotage.
I need to get my tail.
Just wait there for a moment.
Mary's dead.
I think she was killed
because she saw the killer,
which means Nicky could be
in real danger.
I've got to do something.
Well, how are you going to get
into Nicky's wedding?
The Perrys have more
security than the White House.
I'll think of something.
You distract Borden.
I'll see what I can do.
Atta girl.
The Perry family had
hired professional security
to keep Nicky's wedding
a private affair,
but I needed to get in there
and warn them
they might be in danger.
Seemed easy enough.
Who's going to notice a
grown woman in a cat costume?
Hi, I found a woman
and she's unconscious.
St. Anne's, Lake Washington
at 39th.
Mid 50's, I think.
I'm 39, Carnegie!
For years and years now, 39.
Let me help you up.
Someone hit me over the head.
Nicky's been kidnapped.
Do you want to ask for
the ransom now, Carnegie?
Or shall I get the police
to check this
against your handwriting?
Are you kidding me?
You think I kidnapped Nicky?
The same way you managed
to get passed
the best security money can buy.
You're clever and devious.
Oh, Douglas. Nicky's gone!
Douglas had made it out
of the hospital in time
for his daughter's wedding.
"No police or we'll kill her!"
This was probably going
to put him back in.
It must be Keith.
I'll destroy Guthridge if
he touches my beautiful girl!
Where do you think you're going?
Somebody has to pull
the plug on this wedding.
Hey, this needs to remain
a secret.
Get Douglas home,
I'll bring Ray.
Ray, we have a problem.
Is she having second thoughts?
No, not at all.
Douglas and Clara are waiting
to speak with you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I'm afraid that Nicky has
suddenly come down
with a case of the stomach flu.
The wedding is to be
rescheduled and,
on behalf of the entire
Perry family,
I'd like to apologize for
any inconvenience.
So that means there's going
to be no wedding today.
Note to self: next time you
have to cancel a wedding,
wipe the cat whiskers
off your face first.
So what really happened?
You weren't a real usher.
So much for your journalistic
Oh, what about honour
amongst wedding planners?
You weren't even supposed
to be here today.
I can't discuss it.
Carnegie, I need you.
As pick-up lines go,
I'd have to say that's
pretty direct.
Can't you ever be serious?
I don't know, never tried.
This was on the table
in the dressing room.
It's Nicky's engagement ring,
the one that should be
on her finger.
What is going on here?
Nicky's been kidnapped.
We think it's Guthridge.
We have to call the police.
We can't go to the police
or he might hurt her.
We don't even know
if Guthridge is the one
who did it.
We have to do something.
If you want to do something,
then take over for Dorothy.
I'm sure she's not up
for rescheduling.
Take care of the vendors
and keep up the ruse
that Nicky's sick.
We stick to your cover story.
The police will never suspect.
Ok. I won't be home tonight
because I'll be
at another event,
but I'll make
the calls on my way.
Ray, I'll give you a ride
to the Perry's house.
So, about this weekend,
the convention?
I think I should stick around
in case the Perrys get
any news about Nicky.
There's nothing more we can do.
And us just sitting around
isn't going to bring Nicky back
any quicker.
You need this convention
and I want to spend time
with you.
Maybe you're right.
The only thing I can do
for Nicky right now
is to postpone her wedding.
Holt might be right,
I wish there was a way
to help Nicky,
but I just don't know
what to do.
Thanks for the ride,
and for helping me out.
I should put you on the payroll.
You can't afford me, Carnegie.
Is there anything I can do
to help the Perrys?
I mean, Nicky must be
so terrified right now.
Lily, if there was anything
either of us could do,
trust me.
We'd be doing it.
[Message alert]
Holt texted me.
Perry got a ransom demand,
10 mil and a promise
that Douglas won't testify
against Guthridge.
It's been Guthridge
this whole time.
We should have known.
Maybe, but when I spoke
with him at the country club
he seemed so convincing.
And there it is again.
Switchblade cologne.
Hurry up, she'll be home soon!
I am hurrying, Mr. Walker.
Maybe once we get rid
of the girl,
I can rent this place.
I'd kill for a view like this.
Oh, Dennis.
You are an idiot.
Once we get the Perrys money
you'll be able to buy yourself
a decent houseboat.
This one's a dump.
[Muffled yelp]
What was that?
I don't know, why don't you
go check it out?
See anything?
Alright, let's get out of here.
Come on. Let's go.
After my unplanned swim
in the bay,
there was only one person I
thought I could still trust.
I didn't know where else to go.
Come in.
I feel honoured that you
came to me in your hour of need.
I think you owe me the truth.
It was Holt Walker.
Your boyfriend.
Incidentally, kinda awkward
you dating the Perry's attorney
after they fired you.
How did you know that?
I am an investigative
Holt broke into my house,
but I hid myself.
I think he's somehow involved
in Nicky's disappearance.
I can't believe I fell for
his dark and handsome act.
Well, he is dark and handsome.
If you like that kind of thing.
So wait, so Perry's schiester
grabbed their pride and joy
At her wedding.
Do you mind if I record this?
Yes, I do mind.
You'll get Nicky killed if you
print a word of this.
I saw Switchblade there, too.
I think Switchblade was the one
who was near Nicky's car
that night.
Maybe he's Holt's accomplice.
Maybe they're both working
for Guthridge.
He sabotaged Nicky's car,
hoping that it would
convince Douglas not to testify.
Instead, it killed Michelle.
It's common knowledge that Perry
has two weaknesses:
his heart and his daughter.
So, once he survived
the heart attack,
I guess they decided to go
for a frontal assault.
Part of the ransom demand
is that Douglas not testify
against Guthridge
to the Grand jury.
So is Holt working
for Guthridge?
Or is he just using his name
to draw suspicion
from himself?
Either way, I have a little bit
of a problem.
I have a weekend getaway
date with him.
Tell him you changed your mind.
I can't, he might know
where Nicky is.
You can't go with him.
He's dangerous.
I have to.
I have to go and get him to
tell me where she is.
This isn't what I had planned.
I had this picture in my head
of exactly what love
will look like when it
finally shows up,
and it definitely
isn't Aaron Gold.
So why am I feeling like this?
Is it possible I have it planned
all wrong?
[Knock at the door]
I couldn't sleep a wink.
You can't go off with this guy.
I don't think I need
your permission.
Don't you think the police
have more experience
handling this type of thing
than you do?
The police still think I'm a
suspect in Michelle's death.
I know what I saw and heard
last night,
I just have to prove it.
Holt's here.
Ok, you need to hide.
Hey, I expect updates
from the road.
I put my contact info into
your phone last night.
And I added yours to
my cloud, just in case.
You're a good man, Aaron.
Bet you never thought you'd
hear yourself utter that phrase.
[Knock at the door]
I can't let Holt know that
I'm onto him,
or that I suspect him
of being a murderer.
I have to play it cool.
This is my cool look.
It has to work.
At least until I can find
out where Nicky is.
This isn't the way to the hotel.
It's not the way you're
used to going.
My GPS found a short cut.
Well, the lodge is west
of Sunset Park.
That thing has us going east.
What's the matter, Carnegie,
you don't trust me?
No, of course I trust you.
I trust you with my life.
It's just that I'm feeling
a little bit car sick.
Do you think you could find
a nice, clean gas station
and pull over?
I'll only be a moment.
Whatever you need.
Is there a back way out of here?
[train sounds]
[phone ringing]
Hey, are you ok?
I'm not sure.
I'm at a gas station.
He pulled off the highway
onto a side road
and now we're headed east.
Listen, the police are looking
for you.
Your face is all over the news.
I'm a news item?
Well, I guess that makes me
a scoop in your line of work.
I'm on my way.
I'm tracking you on my phone,
I'm about a mile north
of you right now.
You're white steed in a suit
of armour better show up fast.
My white steed is a
black Camaro.
I'll be there, I promise.
Ok, hurry.
Who are you talking to, hun?
Why are the police
looking for me?
Well, because they found Nicky's
necklace in your kitchen.
It's the one she was wearing
when you and Eddie abducted her.
You planted it there.
So this is a set-up
and I'm the patsy.
You see, Clara's going to
deliver the ransom at sundown,
and you'll be at the cabin
to receive it.
Nicky will be set free, you'll
bring the money to me
and I'll disappear.
And you get to spend the rest
of your life evading arrest.
And why would I agree
to any of this?
Well, because I know
where Eddie Breen lives.
And I don't play nice.
[Out of breath]
You're just wasting my time!
The plan is all set!
I'm not going to let you ruin
this for me!
Would you believe I actually
doubted you'd make it?
That's never wise, Carnegie.
I'm a man of my word.
Where's Holt?
Not far behind.
You drive, I'll navigate?
[tires screeching]
Where are we going?
To get Nicky.
Holt told you where she is?
He didn't have to, his GPS
was programmed
to where he was taking me
and I bet that's where
he's keeping her.
Now I'll email Clara and
tell her not to pay the ransom.
You're one smart cookie,
Carnegie Kincaid.
Miss Kincaid, I'm
beginning to think
you've done this sort
of thing before.
Well, I have arranged more
than a few surprise weddings
over the years.
Come on.
So did he try anything?
When you were in the car.
Did he try anything?
Why? Are you jealous?
No, I mean I...
There it is.
So what're we gonna do?
Just walk in the front door
and say
"hey, the wedding planner's
You go left, I'll go right.
Look through the windows,
check out the inside.
We'll circle around, meet at
the back and find a way in.
You have done this before,
haven't you?
Be careful.
[Twig snaps]
I thought I told you to go left.
You shouldn't've come here,
Miss Kincaid.
So now I'm wondering what
the Perry family chauffeur
is doing out in the woods.
Hello, Carnegie.
Clara, good.
You got my note about
not paying the ransom.
Uh, Carnegie.
Oh, it's ok.
He's with me.
I know.
And now I know.
You were the accountant
at Douglas' firm.
You were the one who didn't
pay the taxes.
You embezzled all that money,
but it wasn't enough.
You wanted ten million
in ransom for Nicky's life.
Douglas is ill,
and his will probably leaves
everything to Nicky,
doesn't it?
You won't get a dime.
So when framing Keith
Guthridge didn't work,
she got Holt Walker to put
you in the right place
at the right time to take
the blame.
This is why I hate reporters.
Theo, take Mr. Gold
to the woods,
make sure he doesn't
find his way back.
You should be ashamed
of yourself.
Carnegie, go inside.
Get in.
That way.
And no funny business.
Move it.
You had Holt take those
from my house
so you could frame me.
Guess you really thought
of everything, Clara.
Yes, Carnegie.
You and I are a lot alike
in that way.
Only I was never satisfied with
using my organizational skills
for planning weddings.
Oh, I'm going to need
your phone now.
[pounding on door]
Come on, Clara!
What are you doing here?
I'm here to save you.
They said they were going
to let me go
as soon as Daddy paid
the ransom.
She's turning on the gas.
She's trying to kill us!
You already paid it.
The problem is, the person
who was supposed to deliver
the ransom to the kidnapper
is the kidnapper.
Clara did this, Nicky.
And she's framed me for it.
I smell gas.
She's trying to make it look
like it was an accident.
She's going to burn the place.
You know, I've had to pick more
than my fair share of locks.
Turn around.
Yeah, ring bearers and flower
girls always seem to be
locking themselves in
bathrooms at one of my weddings.
Do you really think
you can do it?
At this point we've got nothing
to lose.
As a wedding planner, I've
become used to the unexpected,
but even I never could have
imagined ending up like this.
Trapped in the basement of
a cabin in the woods,
framed for kidnapping a bride
who's stepmother hired
a chauffeur and a lawyer
and a guy wearing cheap cologne
to extort $10 million
from her own husband.
Carnegie, I'm sorry
for all the trouble
my family has caused you.
You kidding me, Nicky?
This has turned out to be
the most exciting wedding
I've ever planned.
There we go.
I don't see her.
There's no reception.
We've gotta get out of here.
Is she out there?
I don't see her.
Ok, listen.
Aaron's car isn't very far.
We're gonna go get help.
You know, it's not nice
to abandon your date.
Go, go, go!
I knew I should have lit
the match.
Which one of you killed
my cousin?
Technically an associate of
mine is responsible for that.
You see, me, I wouldn't know
the first thing about
draining power steering
fluid from an automobile.
Is he here, too?
Unfortunately, he's unavailable
due to an outstanding warrant.
But he should be out
in 15 to 20.
With good behaviour.
Now what are we gonna do?
For starters, you're going
to put down the gun, Mrs. Perry.
What kept you?
You know, the woods around here
all look the same.
Where's Theo?
He uh...
he ran into a tree.
[sirens wailing]
I want a plea deal.
It was all her idea,
I'll testify against her!
He's lying!
Save it for your lawyer.
Holt is my lawyer.
How awkward is that?
Theo, why?
I had some trouble
a long time ago.
Clara threatened to blackmail
me if I didn't help her.
I would have lost my
chauffeur's license
and probably gone to jail.
Not "probably" anymore.
Thank you, you saved my life.
Well, actually we saved
your life.
We make a pretty good team,
you and me.
No comment.
And so, at last, the big day.
Nicky Perry's wedding, take two.
But despite his promises,
there's no sight of my date,
Aaron Gold.
Carnegie, are you ready?
I think so.
I've never done this before.
You've never been a bridesmaid?
What can I say?
Always a wedding planner,
never a bridesmaid.
If you want my two sense worth,
I think you make a very
beautiful one.
What're you doing here?
Well, it turns out that a man
can only roll a bowling ball
down a lane for so long
before he starts to get homesick
for his old job.
His old boss.
I missed you so much.
I heard what happened.
Clara's arrest and all.
I figured you'd be here today,
and I didn't think
Nicky would mind.
So unless you have a date...
I thought so.
Turns out he couldn't
be bothered to show up.
Aaron Gold.
How did you know that?
I read his article in
the Sentinel
about how he helped
you save Nicky.
It wasn't hard to read
between the lines.
I hate to break up this happy
little reunion,
but we have a wedding.
Come on!
Alright, let's go.
I don't get it.
I meet a guy who shows me
that I'm missing
the romantic forest for
the trees all these years,
and he stands me up.
It's so good to see that
you're up and around.
How are you doing?
Much better since you
gave me back my best friend.
I told him not to marry Clara
in the first place.
I never did trust her.
Anyway, thanks for getting
Aaron Gold
to print that retraction
in the paper.
I thought we might see him
here today.
So did I, Douglas.
So did I.
[Piano music]
[Piano music]
[Piano music]
Now I'll be the first to admit
that there have been easier
weddings to plan
than Ray and Nicky's.
I've actually arranged some
where there wasn't murder,
kidnapping and extortion
But when I see the two of
them together and so happy,
it makes me think that no
matter how bumpy things can get
on the trip to the altar,
true love will always
find it's way.
Ray and I never could have
imagined the road
that we've had to take just
to get here,
or that we'd lose a loved one
along the way.
Sometimes it takes almost
losing everything
to show you what's really
important in life.
I vow to spend
the rest of my life
proving how grateful I am
to have you back.
You better, Ray.
It's bouquet time, everyone!
One, two, three!
I'm sorry I'm late.
Thank you.
If it's any consolation, I
planned to be here early.
I've realized something.
You can plan a wedding,
but you can't plan love.
Sometimes it shows up in
the most unexpected places,
like in a plain brown paper bag.
And sometimes it shows up late.
Not to pressure you son,
but Carnegie's mother and I
would be very supportive
of a short engagement
and a summer wedding.
Sorry about that.
It's ok.
You think you can put up
with a guy like me?
I do.
As I used to say, it's not
over until someone
catches the bouquet.
But I guess I was wrong.
That's not when it's over.
That's just the beginning.