Wedding Pullav (2015) Movie Script

Decorate the venue. Eat some sweets.
Shake a leg with the guests.
Whether it's your uncle.. or your aunt.
Invite all your guests.
Let the hearts unite.
And throw a feast.
Eat yourself and also treat others to..
The Wedding Pulav.
The Wedding Pulav.
The Wedding Pulav.
The Wedding Pulav.
Decorate the palanquin.. and the horse.
Play the music out loud.
Get a picture taken with the bride-groom.
Raise the volume.. and make everyone sway.
Play this song again.
The Wedding Pulav.
The Wedding Pulav.
The Wedding Pulav.
The Wedding Pulav.
The Wedding Pulav.
Pammi. - Yeah, Shammi.
I heard that Aditya and Riya are having a love-marriage.
I heard that too.
You see, Aditya designs bikes.
And Riya's father produces bikes.
Then it's definitely a love marriage. - Of course.
Sweety. - Hello, Pammi..
Hello, Shammi.
Thank you very much.
Have you seen Aditya's father around?
I've been looking all over for him.
If a Punjabi is missing for a long time..
..then you should go look at the bar.
That's where one can normally find them.
It's the pride of Punjabis.
Absolutely right.
I'll go take a look.
You enjoy yourself. - Yeah.
Go find him.
Make a large one.
Mr. Sodhi. - Mr. Khurana..
My near and dear.. Mr. Khurana.
Aditya has made us very proud.
Thank you. Thank you. After all he's my son.
Whose son is he? - He's my son.
Dimpy? - Yeah.
Hello, son. - Greetings, uncle.
Bless you.
Currently he's into garments' business.
He's doing very well. - I see.
Son, what car are you driving these days? - The S-Class, uncle.
You're the son of a A-class father..
..and still stuck on S-Class.
We used to have an S-Class.
But my beautiful wife.. - Hello.
Here she comes.
My very beautiful, hot, sexy wife said.. a bigger car.
And son I bought two Q7s.
I see. - I don't know why.
Just a minute. - Only one minute.
What are you doing?
Can't you see? I am socializing.
This isn't socializing, it's called making tall claims.
Sweety, I am not making tall claims.
We do own a Q7.
They're not going to come home..
..and check whether we've two Q7s or not.
You are.. - What?
Just too much. - Too much what?
Forget it. - Why should I forget it?
Carry on then.
Papa, loosen up.
Mr. Kumar.
My near and dear.. Mr. Kumar.
How are you? - Fine, until now.
And you'll stay fine.
Hi, dear. - Hi, aunty.
Oh my.. she's looking so lovely.
Thank you, aunty.
Aunty, where's Adi?
Guys, how am I looking?
Adi, you're looking.. just like yourself.
Go ahead and laugh, you rascals.
Every dog has his day.. you will too.
I don't want a day.
I'm only waiting for my wedding night.
And you'll be eating on your wedding night.
And nothing else.
It's okay, buddy, forget it.
Chill. Look.. he's wearing the wrong shoes.
Sorry.. sorry..
Don't vent your anger on us, bro.
Yeah, this is not fair.
I'll get engaged in 10 minutes.
And there's no clue of Lambu anywhere around.
You all better do something for me. - Yeah..
Listen, stop fighting.
I'll go down and find out.
Riya. - Mom!
I am so happy to see you, mom.
I wouldn't have missed this for anything, dear.
Mom, not fair. - What?
It's my engagement..
..and you're looking better than me.
That's not fair. - Silly girl.
Papa, mom's here.
By the way, you're looking nice. - Thanks.
Let's take a picture.
No Riya, really.. - Come on, mama.
Papa, come.
Come closer, nice.
Bit lower.
Let's all smile.
I looked everywhere, she isn't here.
There's no point.
The flight landed two hours ago.
And her phone's switched off.
Everyone's waiting, I must go now.
But one thing's for sure.
If I get engaged without Lambu.. she won't spare me.
Come on, me too.
Bloody rascal, you were getting engaged without me.
Two minutes more.. and you would've missed my engagement.
I said I'll come.. then I'll definitely come.
Thank God you're here.
Where are aunty and Gulabo?
If I had waited for them, I would've arrived tomorrow.
Yeah! - Forget that.. How was my entry?
Just like you..
Adi's best friend. Anushka.
Just came from London. In Business Class.
Anushka. I am so happy to finally see you.
Oh my, God! You're really hot, huh.
Well.. I know.
And she's got a good sense of humor too.
Wow.. you really got lucky.
Adi, today is your engagement.
I hope you remember.
Congratulations, dear.
Cut the cake.
Don't be scared.
Cut it. Go for it.
Hold on.
Anushka, this is the office.
That's the pantry.
And I'll show you Adi's cabin. - Yeah.
Welcome. - Wow!
Nice, isn't it?
Adi, I am really impressed.
Let me show you something.
Have a look at the best looking bike ever to hit the Indian roads.
Four-Stroke, Single Cylinder. DTSi Engine.
450cc Displacement.
It's the lightest and most powerful bike in its segment..
..and the most economical.
With a mileage of 45 km/L.. in city conditions.
And to top it all.. it's the most affordable thing.
It's not a bike, it's a phenomenon!
And that's what we call it.
Wow Adi, that's amazing!
Did you understand anything?
Yeah. - What?
You're the luckiest guy in the world.
You've a hot bike.. and a hotter wife.
Sir; there's a conference-call for you.
Excuse me. - Bye.
Riya. - Yes.
I just want to say thank you.
You fulfilled all my friend's dreams. - No, no, no..
Don't thank me.
It's all because of you.
Because of me? - Yes.
Well.. Adi told me, that you locked him in his room..
..on the day of his MBA exam.
Are you serious? He told you that.
If you hadn't done that..
..then he would be doing some boring job right now.
He wouldn't have designed the bike.. or come in my life.
So thanks to you.
Are you two going to share all the credits..
..or leave something for me too?
Hi, dear. - Hi, uncle.
The entire credit goes to you.
You gave Adi the biggest opportunity of his life.
Hello, sir. - Hello, young man.
By the way, when is the bike's launch date?
This bike will be launched right after Adi and Riya's marriage.
And this will be my wedding present to both of them.
You're coming to the wedding, aren't you?
Uncle, if I don't dance in front of his mare..
..he won't get married.
Funny girl.
Enjoy yourselves. - Okay, bye.
It's a message from mom.
She wants me to have lunch with her.
Do you have to go? - Yes, Adi.
Mom's here only for few days.
I'll have to go. I want to go.
I'll see you later.
Bye. - Bye.
Don't be so sad.
She's going to be yours forever.
Listen.. how about we go get some?
Come on.
So what's new?
So good, dude.
Another one.
Did you like Riya?
If I say no, will you cancel the wedding?
Of course I like her.
She's beautiful, she loves you.
And most importantly.. she's fulfilling your dream.
I am very lucky.
Riya's turned you into a dude.
You're eating roadside snacks in a tie.
What did you do?
You spoiled my dress.
I bought this especially for today.
Brother, please give me some water.
Sweet or sour?
Idiots, don't laugh.
It's my birthday dress.
When was your birthday? - Today's my birthday, you fool.
Why do you think..
..I'm decked up like Lady Diana since morning? - Sorry.. sorry.. sorry.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday..
Alright guys.
For a similar situation Sri Sri Amitabh Bachchan has quoted.
This calls for a party.
Hey.. hey.. what's it going to be?
If the beat's hot, then it's made for me.
Two pegs couldn't satisfy my heart.
Let's drink some more and get high.
Two pegs couldn't satisfy my heart.
Let's drink some more and get high.
We'll be getting some shots and making cocktails.
We want to get high and do what we want.
Let's jump.. and shout.
And put your.. put your hands up.
I want to empty all the bottles.
I want to party.
I want to empty all the bottles.
I want to party.
Let's bring the moon down.
So it can dance with us too.
We wake up late in the morning..
..and start drinking right again.
We're going to dance and sway.
Even if we fall down.. but we'll get up and dance again.
We're going to blow the champagne..
..and let the beer flow.
The youth wants to get a little crazy.
Let's jump.. and shout.
And put your.. put your hands up.
I want to empty all the bottles.
I want to party.
I want to empty all the bottles.
I want to party.
Bottles are empty yet I am not high enough.
I just want to feel nice-nice.
Less sugar.. more spice-spice.
Gosh.. shots are making me full tight.
Make every night-Saturday night.
Yes.. it's my wish.
I just want to party hard.
My friends are right here.. the mood's all set.
This is the moment to have fun.
We're going to remember this moment.. even tomorrow.
Now that's a dialogue at the right time.
Our emotions are on a high.
Drink and let drink.. that's our only slogan.
We're going to celebrate.
Get closer to friends.
We want to keep partying all our lives.
Let's jump.. and shout.
And put your.. put your hands up.
I want to empty all the bottles.
I want to empty all the bottles.
Yeah, hello.
Oh.. hi Jay, how exciting.
Hey.. who are you talking to? - Jay.
Jay who? - My boyfriend.
What's she saying?
She says.. she's talking to some boyfriend.
Her boyfriend? - Yeah.
She's drunk.
I want to empty all the bottles.
I want to party.
Look at these.. offspring's of the Internet.
I drink too.. but I never get knocked out.
I know it all.
I've cleaned your puke so many times.
Batli.. what about you?
Find a girl yet? - No, Gulabo.
Girls are losing their sense of taste.
They don't like decent boys.
Forget girls, even boys are losing taste.
Better be careful. - Thank you.
Or some boy might fall for you.
Oh granny..
All the oldies think about God in the morning.
And listen to the things you're saying.
Who are you calling old?
I'm in my golden years.
Golden years.
Come on.. come down and have your breakfast.
Congratulations. Get up.
Good morning.
I don't want your wishes. - Why?
Why didn't you and granny show up?
Two days ago granny had too many kebabs for starters.
She had a bad stomach.
How could I have left her?
By the way, dude.. I've heard that the girl's really cute.
Gulabo.. my girl's really cute, but your girl's spoilt.
Last night she was so high that..
..she was telling us about her boyfriend.
She was right.
Didn't you tell them about Jay?
I was about to tell them, but then..
Fine, tell them later.
Now get up.. I made stuffed bread for everyone.
Come down and get your breakfast.
Get up.. come on, hurry up.
I mean.. what's all this about?
So.. I and Jay have been dating for few months.
You really have a boyfriend? - Yeah!
Why are you so excited?
Do you guys want to meet him? - Yeah.
Come on.
Oh no.. I can't face Jay like this.
I haven't even washed my face yet.
You won't look any better even if you do.
Just shut up.
I'll just be back.
Well, I was expecting Anushka.
So you're the gang, right? - Yes.
Anushka's told me about everyone.
So wait.. you're Petha. - Of course.
Batlu. - Yes.
And you're the gorgeous Nikki, right?
Oh.. thanks, Jay.
We were all really excited to meet you.
You know.. - Where's Adi?
Hey, brother. How are you doing?
How was the engagement?
It was nice. - Good.
And Batli.. still a virgin.
My virginity's famous in London as well.
I haven't found anyone yet, Jay.
You will..
Jay, are you done with?
No, no, stay there.. I'll join you in a minute.
Hi, baby. - Hey, sweetheart.
How are you? - I am good.. and I'm having a blast with my friends.
But I am really missing you.
I miss you too.
When are you coming back? - Really, really, really soon.
Alright, Sweety.. I got to finish some work.
So I'll talk later, okay? - Yeah, no problem.
Love you. - Love you too.
Bye. - Bye, darling. See you.
Come on, guys, let's go.
So how was Jay?
I know.. he's not exactly Tom Cruise, but he's really nice.
And.. - There was a nude girl in his room.
What? - Honestly.
We all saw it. - Yes, Lambu. She was nude.
I mean she was completely nude.
She saw her too.
On one side.. he was saying "Love you baby, miss you baby"..
..and on the other side "Wait I am not finished yet".
Why are you all laughing?
Tell them.
Guys, just chill.
Jay is a painter. - So? So?
And his specialty is nude paintings.
The girl you saw in his room.. must be some model.
Ohh.. I see.
Granny, do you like a guy.. who paints nude girls?
Son.. we're satisfied that he's a boy.
Why are you over-reacting?
That's Jay's profession.
And anyway, he's Lambu's boyfriend, not yours.
And she's not married to him.
Well.. I haven't yet, but we're going to?
Really? Are you serious?
Adi, why don't you invite Jay to your wedding?
We'll have loads of fun.
I say.. let's get Anushka and Jay married as well.
She barely likes any boy.
Now finally she likes someone.
If we delay.. she'll change her mind again.
Granny.. what are you saying?
This isn't the way to get married.
You never planned for anything before. - Of course.
Adi, it's a very good idea.
And we're all going to be there.
And.. we'll invite Jay and his family.
You don't worry.
Yeah, no need to worry.
Son, Jay doesn't have a family.
Then talk to Jay directly.
Talk to him now..Talk to him now.
Talk to him now.
Riya.. there's a slight change of plan.
What? Are you marrying someone else?
You won't get away so easily.
You know, Anushka has a boyfriend.
You know, these guys are so crazy..
..they're saying call Jay here and get married.
Crazy.. idea.
Yes, Adi, I think it's a fabulous idea.
But it's not a bad idea. - Jay.
In fact, it's a great idea.
If you were in front of me..
..then once again I would've gone on my knees..
..and asked you..
Will you marry me, Anushka?
Hey listen..
Riya loved the idea.
Congratulations. - Awesome.
Guys, Jay didn't like the idea. - Why.
In fact, he loved it.
Really?.. Yes!
So Adi and Anushka will tie the knot..
In Thailand!
Granny.. in Thailand.
Granny.. move.. it's an emergency.
All the way you kept saying "it's an emergency".
And now you're drinking.
It's a welcome drink.
You're just.. - What?
You're too much. - What?
Forget it. - Why?
Carry on then.
Wife's angry.
Now that's Thailand.
Vodka.. at the arrival.
Oh my, God. Let's go for shopping.
Ohhh.. it's a virgin.
Granny.. can you tell by looking at it? - No.
It's the smell.
I think I'll have to arrange for myself.
The rest of the arrangements are in your room, ma'am.
You will find the best liquors in the world in your mini-bar.
I am General Manager of the Hotel, Luvinder Kapoor.
You can call me Luv Kapoor. My card.
Gulabo. - What?
My name.
Welcome to the JW Marriot, please.
Thank you.
I hope there are no chances of Tsunami. - No, no.
I am so happy you came. - I'm so happy to be here.
Excuse me, sir.
You must be the groom, Aditya. - Yes.
Nice to meet you. - Same here.
And of course, you must be the bride.
She's a bride, but of a different groom.
I am Adi's bride.
I am sorry. I am terribly sorry.
I was deceived.
It's okay.
Actually, we're best friends.
My groom Jay will arrive tomorrow. - Lovely.
Well, I hope you have a comfortable stay till then.
Sure. - Thank you.
Right. - Thank you.
Sir.. - Yes.
Do you have sandwich massage?
Excuse me?
Well young man, we've sandwiches in the room service.
And we've massage in the Spa.
So.. enjoy.
Stupid. - It was just a thought, so I asked him.
Come in.
Please keep it here. - Okay, sir.
Wait, wait, wait.. what are you doing?
Taking a bath. - Meaning?
Taking a bath.
You can join me.
Why are you taking a bath in my room?
Why not?
Are you thinking you will stay in my room?
Of course.
No way.
Take your luggage and get out.
But, Riya.. - Are you crazy?
Mom and dad will be here any minute.
I am going to marry their daughter. - Yes..
We still have a few days left.
After that, you can stay as long as you want.
But now just go.
Why are you behaving like this with your future husband?
I am behaving the way I should.
Adi. - Fine, I am going.
At least give me a kiss before I go. - No, Adi.
Just go.
What's this? - What?
Adi.. !
You're so.. cute.
Where is it?
Sweety, where's the flush?
These days they've sensors.
Wave your hand under the tap and the water comes out.
But what do I wave here?
My head.
Oh, God.. what did you give me?
You're just.. - What?
Too much.
Sensor. Sensor. - Yeah, sensor.
What are you two doing in the bathroom together?
We're playing a game, but you should've knocked before coming in.
Why? You two are not on a honeymoon here..
..that you'll get disturbed.
Listen to that..
He isn't even married yet, and he's already got questions.
I wonder what's going to happen after the marriage.
He's my son.
He'll do good even after the marriage.
Look, Adi.. your father-in-law might be..
..a big manufacturer of motorcycles.
But we Sodhis are no less.
Your father's absolutely right.
Don't be scared of Riya.
Mom.. I am not a coward like papa.
Naughty. - Adi, you're feeling really brave now..
..but by the time your honeymoon's over, you'll be tamed..
..or else you can change my name.
By the way.. this is a really romantic place.
So.. - I say we should not waste any time.
It's the modern age..
Bed her.. before the marriage.
Riya doesn't like these things, papa.
This means you've been thinking about it.
That's like a Sodhi. Give me a hug, son.
What are you teaching your son?
I am teaching him something I couldn't learn myself.
Come on, family hug.
You're too much.
Gulabo.. - What are you doing?
I am so excited, I never thought I'll get married so quickly.
Yeah.. looking at your actions, it's hard to say you're getting married.
Tell me something.. have you finished preparing.
You're missing mom-dad too, aren't you?
I am missing them too.
You know.. if they were here, they would've been so excited.. - Why?
Did I leave any void, dear?
No, Gulabo?
So tell me.. do you remember..
..who was your first childhood friend?
And who endured your tantrums?
You did, Gulabo!
And remember, who made you taste whiskey first?
Of course, it can only be you.
I am sorry.
You're the best.
Look, don't ever say such things again and hurt me.
When my heart aches, I need my medicine.
What? What medicine?
Oh my, God.. Gulabo, you're too much.
You want.
Punjabi folk song.
I love all this, so pretty.
Listen.. was your Ravinder always like this..
..or did he become like this now?
What do you mean?
Don't mind.. but he looks a bit lusty to me.
I doubt.. he troubled you a lot on your first night.
Tell me the truth.
No, no.. he couldn't do a thing. - Why? Was he drunk?
No, no.. when he came to me at night, I started crying.
I said 'I am missing my mom'.
He kept cajoling me all night.
No wonder he's been venting his wedding night frustration till now.
Granny, you're just..
Granny, it must be different during your time, isn't it?
I mean.. did people go on honeymoon?
We never went anywhere.
We would do it at every opportunity we got.
You're too much, granny. - She's just too much.
Oh my, God! They're so openly talking about their honeymoon.
Like.. I'm not going to tell them.. what will happen on my honeymoon.
Oh really.. as if we don't know..
..what's going to happen on your honeymoon.
Sweety. - Yes.
Where did you go on your honeymoon? - I went to Goa.
What did you see?
I didn't see anything in Goa? - Why?
I just saw the ceiling fan and came back.
Guys, I've a really exciting plan for today. - What?
What are you planning without me?
You're also part of it.
We're all going.. deep-sea diving.
Wow.. - Nice.
One minute. I can't come.
Why? - Why?
I'm scared of deep water.
I am scared of the sea, Adi. - What?
Adi, you didn't know Riya's scared of deep water.
We don't bathe together that I would know.
I am sorry, Riya.
Come on, we'll be together. - No, no, no.
Are you sure? - Yes, baby.
You guys go. And you guys have lots of fun. - Yes.
I'll see you later.
Bye. - Bye.
Come soon, I'll get Anushka and see you guys.
Anushka, where are you?
I've just come into the lobby.
I am in the lobby as well.
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
Then hang up.
Ma'am, your car is ready. - Thank you.
Anushka - What?
Are you going somewhere? - Yes.
I made plans for deep-sea diving, with you.
The entire gang's waiting.
I can't come. I'm going to pick up Jay.'re looking really hot. - Thank you.
Yeah,'re looking like a woman. - Hey..
But how are you going to jump in the water in these clothes?
She isn't jumping in the water. - Why?
She's not coming with us.
What? - Why?
What do you mean? Jay's coming.
I am going to the airport to pick him up.
Let's send a car to pick up Jay.
Jay's coming here to marry me, not the car.
Anushka isn't coming either. Nor is Riya.
Idea! Why don't we all go pick up Jay?
What an idea?
Anushka, do you mind?
Of course I mind.
We don't care. - Come on, guys, let's go.
We'll never break this friendship.
We'll give up..
What's that?
Anushka, turn left.. turn left.
What's that board? - I don't know.
It has your name written on it.
Are you guys playing some kind of prank on me? - No way.
What can be a bigger prank than you getting married.
I think we should find out.
Yeah, let's go.
Something's definitely wrong.
First left, now right. What's going on here?
Anushka, turn left.
So many balloons.
Something's definitely wrong.
Jay! Oh my God.
Get down.
Batli, get down.
Jay. - Anushka.
When did you get so filmy?
My God..this is so special.
It is for my most special lady.
My most beautiful.
How sweet. But how did you arrange all this?
With the help of a genie.
That I should've guessed.
Thank you.
Oh..this is called love.
This is called love at first sight.
Not first, it's second sight.
She's the girl we saw on Skype. - Yeah.
Why are you guys standing there?
Come meet Jay. - Hi, Jay.
Hi, Jay. How are you?
How was the flight?
Hi, Jay. Finally. - Yeah, finally.
Well, those are my friends.
Derek, Paula and Roxie.
Hi. - Roxie.
Hi. - I love you.
I knew it..
I love you.
How's Gulabo? - She's good. Let's go meet her.
Let's go to the hotel.
Nice guy, huh.
What do you say, sir?
Your arrangement was fantastic. - Well, thank you, sir.
Excuse me.
Sweety, what song did you select for our dance?
I was thinking about that old number.
Everyone's been talking about our love.
Sweety, what a selection.
Thank you.
You remember. - Why wouldn't I?
I would always stare at Mumtaz's hairstyle.
And I was looking at her tight sari.
What? - It was too tight, that's why.
See that.
She's teaching her father to dance.
You know..she's going to make you dance to her tunes as well.
Forget about me..tell your partner to rehearse for the dance.
Jay doesn't need to rehearse, okay. - I see.
When Jay and I come on the dance floor..
..we're going to be so awesome, everyone will be mesmerized.
I can't do it. I can't do it.
Papa, mom has already learned all the dance steps.
If she dances better than you, will you be able to take it?
What? Your mom's going to dance too? - Yes. With you.
This must be her idea.
She always wants to make me dance to her tune.
Papa, it's my idea.
Dear..I thought you're me.
Papa, please. Enough talking, and start dancing.
Come on, like this.
Since mom's dancing, I will have to.
3.. 4.. 5.. 6..
Very good.
Batli, teach me properly.
Ladies and Gentlemen.
First of all, let's begin with applauding for the two lovely couples..
..whose wedding you're here for.
Adi and Riya.
Congratulations, guys.
Anushka and Jay.
Thank you, people.
A poet once said that marriage is like an old wine.
Well said!
The older it gets, the more high it gets you.
Yeah right.
Well, according to me, Mr. Kapoor..
..marriage is like a chewing gum.
In the beginning it tastes sweet.
But later it tastes like rubber.
Maybe you're right, Mr. Sodhi.
Let's see how sweet your chewing gum..
I mean your marriage still is.
This is the theme of the party.
How well do you know your partner?
So..Mr. Sodhi, do you remember your first meeting with Sweety?
I do, Mr. Kapoor, I still do.
Sweety was wearing a red color sari.
I should've understood that..'s a sign of danger. - Oh, Lord!
Mr. Kumar. - Yeah.
When you met Amrita for the first time, how was she looking?
Mr. Kapoor, what did you just ask?
You should've asked him something business related..
..and he would've replied promptly.
But he won't remember our first meeting.
Well..she was looking beautiful.
She was wearing a white dress.
Her hair was untied, 'bindi' on the forehead..
..and a red purse in her hand.
Well said.
If you don't mind, ma'am.
Do you remember your first love? - Forget my first love.
I remember my latest.
Just some time ago, a very handsome guy..
..whispered something into my ears.
The black suit on his fair body looked just dapper.
And his brown two pegs of whiskey.
And the print on his tie.
Mr. Jay, what were you saying? - No..nothing..
Luv, I haven't finished yet.
Yes, but..Mr. Jay, what were you saying?
Tell us something about Anushka we don't know.
I am not good with words. - Come on.
Speak up, son.
I am just a painter, Gulabo..
..but I would like to say something today.
It's not easy to make a place for yourself.. Anushka's heart.
And no one knows it better than me.
But if she gives you a place in her heart..
..then you're locked there forever.
I love you. - I love you.
Well, Ms. Riya. - Yes.
Do you know anything special about Adi..
..which you would like to share with us?
Me? No, no, no..
Come on, Riya.
Please. Come on.
Speak up.
Adi has many special qualities.
He's..very polite.
He's..very generous, very helpful.
And most importantly, he's very intelligent.
In fact, he's a genius.
Great. Good going, thank you madam.
Listen, listen..attention please.
We all know that about Adi.
Right? - Yes.
But there's one thing that only I know.
Which one. - Tell us.
Tell us..
We should know about Adi's hidden talent as well.
You're going to love it.
So..we all know that Adi is a fabulous dancer. Right? - Yes.
But, Adi is not a regular dancer.
He is the best cabaret dancer.
I will kill you.
Cabaret dancers are really cute.
Right. As if you've seen cabarets.
You know, whenever Adi would get ragged in college..
..he would do this amazing cabaret.
Come, show us.
I am not going.
Come on.
Why not?
Come on, yes.
Adi! Adi! Adi!
Cabaret! Cabaret! Cabaret!
Come on, son.
Come on, show us.
Come on, Adi.
Cabaret! Cabaret!
Since I saw..your rosy eyes.
My heart's on a high.
Hold me..O friends.
As I am out of control.
Since I saw..your rosy eyes.
My heart's on a high.
Hold me..O friends.
As I am out of control.
You said you don't know cabaret.
I can watch and follow.
My heart's filled with your dreams.
Like a wall filled with images.
Why did I fall for you?
I am angry over love.
I am ruined..after losing my heart.
I am no longer good for anything.
What do I say..beloved.
Your bewitching eyes..pierced my heart.
Since I saw..your rosy eyes.
My heart's on a high.
Since I saw..your rosy eyes.
My heart's on a high.
Hold me..O friends.
As I am out of control.
Amazing, son.
If you're not waiting for someone..
..then..can I sit here?
I stopped waiting a long time ago.
Please, sit.
Looking nice.
I always look nice.
Maybe you just noticed it.
No, I mean it.
Maybe you started looking more beautiful after we parted ways.
Thank you.
You don't look bad either.
I guess you have put on some weight.
Why? No one to control your diet?
When I had you, my diet would stay in control, and my life too.
But you wanted total control over everything.
You even wanted to run our family like a corporate organization.
And how could a progressive woman like you..
..endure someone else taking decisions around the house.
Like your decision to send five year old Riya to boarding?
While doing that, you didn't realize that..
..while your business and Page 3 status was important for you..
..Riya was important for me.
You were responsible for driving me away, Kumar.
Amrita, please.
After you two left, I realized..
..that a home is not made of bricks and stones.
But your ego stopped you..
..from calling me back home, right?
I don't know, Amrita, but..
I missed you.
I missed you terribly.
Did you miss me?
Maybe even more than you.
Scarlet. - My favorite color.
And the name of our daughter too.
Why daughter?
Because she will be as beautiful as you.
Jay, am I really that beautiful? - Of course.
From head to toe.
You've the most beautiful feet in the world.
I love you, Jay.
What happened?
What happened?
I am sorry..but that Adi..
You know, that day when he did the cabaret.
He came and said to me..
You know, if you marry Jay..'ll see nude girls in your house all the time.
What the hell..
I will do this every day after marriage. - What?
But I love you.
Please, go. - But..
What's wrong? You look really happy.
Batli just proposed to Roxie for the ninth time.
Eleven. - So what?
Roxie baby, I love you.
I am sorry.
I am really sorry.
It's okay.
Where's Anushka? - She went with Jay to the waterfall.
Guess they want to spend some time alone.
Hi, Jay. - Hi, guys.
What are you guys doing here?
What are we doing here?
We're here to disturb you two.
We thought Jay's making some obscene painting of you.
It's an amazing place.
Don't think, Adi, let's go.
And three.
Come on, Lambu.
Batli, you too.
Run, run.
Jay, come on. - No, no, you carry on.
Petha, come on.
They are all crazy.
But that's what I like about you.
Come on, run. - I am not coming.
You go. - Come on.
Come on.
Adi, you're going to lose.
Come on, Lambu.
I won!
Oh my God!
Come in.
Mom, what are you doing in dad's room?
Dear, I..
Just listen to me.
Amrita, I was thinking..
You two..kept meeting and never told me.
No. - this happened, even we don't know.
What do you mean, mom?
Look, dear..relationships are strange.
Even if you stop holding hands, doesn't mean the relationship is over.
You know what, your mom and I came here for your wedding.
We met..and we realized..
..that we lost the best years of our lives, because of our ego.
But..we love each other.
If you two had seen through your egos earlier..
..then I wouldn't have received your love in bits and pieces.
Sorry, dear. We're so sorry.
Don't be sorry.
I am happy.
Just come here.
I love you. - We love you.
Tell we still look good together?
The best couple on earth..
Love you.
Punjabi folk song.
Punjabi folk song.
No.. no.. - Please..
Days just flew by so soon.
You had just arrived from London.
And's time for you to go back to London.
You're marrying a guy from London.
But don't forget our culture, our tradition..
..and the promises of marriage.
Mom, what promises are they talking about?
The seven promises of the seven nuptial rounds, dear.
Where the husband and wife promise each other.. be each other's strength, support each other in every situation..
..and..not just husband-wife, but they will be best friends forever.
But Adi's best friend is Anushka.
Before his marriage.
After the marriage, Adi will be your best friend.
And Anushka's best friend will be Jay.
I'll be right back.
Okay. - Okay, mom.
I'll just come.
Punjabi folk song.
Punjabi folk song.
Punjabi folk song.
Anushka. - Two minutes, I'll be back.
I want to talk to you. - Yes.
For the first time in my life..
..I am observing a fast.
Of Karva Chauth!
Riya, you actually believe in all this?
Yeah! I want Adi in every lifetime.
Okay, listen. Don't tell Adi about this, please.
I want this to be a surprise for him.
In fact, I told no one about this. Not even mom.
But listen, I need your help.
Will you please bring Adi at the poolside when I break my fast?
Riya, oh my God, no.
I'm sorry, I can't do this.
Anushka, please.
Please don't refuse.
Adi will go anywhere with you.
Come on.. - He never refuses you.
Riya, this is so silly.
Anushka, come on. For our sake.
Please, please, please, just say yes.
Yes. - Okay.
Thank you.
I'll call you when we're ready, okay. - Yes.
Thank you.
But Adi's best friend is Anushka.
Before his marriage.
After the marriage, Adi will be your best friend.
I am in love..what to do?
I am in love..what to do?
I am in love..
I am in love..what to do?
I am in love..
I can't live..nor can I die.
I am in love..what to do?
I am in love..
I am in love..what to do?
I am in love..
I am in love..what to do?
Listen to my plea.
I am restless night and day.
Listen to my plea.
I am restless night and day.
O Lord..I am in big trouble. me.
How do I endure this pain?
How do I endure this pain?
I am in love..what to do?
I am in love..
I am in love..what to do?
I am in love..
Didn't your husband come?
I can't live..nor can I die.
I am in love..what to do?
I am in love..
I am in love..what to do?
I am in love..
I am in love..
A'..sing from A
A'..sing from A
Tick-tick one..
Tick-tick two..
Tick-tick three..
A'..sing from A
O sweetheart..I am your love.
Oh my..your denial.
Come to me.
Come to me.
Come on.
Everyone's been talking about our love.
Everyone knows..
Everyone's been talking about our love.
Everyone knows..
Riya. - Hi.
Good morning.
Listen, I am really sorry about last night.
You know, actually I slept early.
And missed your calls.
It's a good thing you didn't receive my calls.
You know what happened? - What happened?
When I couldn't talk to you..
..I went to Adi's room looking for him.
And he was shocked to see me all decked up.
Nice. - Nice?
Nice happened after that.
When I told him that I was fasting for him.
He was so happy to hear that.
He made me drink the juice and broke my fast.
Can you imagine Adi doing all of that?
It was the most beautiful night of my life.
And all thanks to you.
I am so happy.
Girls, you can plan your honeymoon later.
First come and play this singing game with us.
Yamma Yamma... Yamma Yamma O the beautiful ambiance.
Tonight's the night to..
Anushka, you're on the wrong side.
You're on my team. Come on. Fast.
Come, come, come.
Sing something starting from 'H'.
I can't live without you.
I don't exist without you.
If I separate from you, I'll lose myself.
Because it's you.. it's you.
You're my life.
Wait, wait. I know this one.
I don't know how much I truly love you.
But I know that I can't live without you.
That's a really romantic number.
But I know that I can't live without you.
I wonder what crazy heart's heading down.
Some broken dream's still pricking in my eye.
The fake assurances..make me cry.
What's this punishment..O Lord.
Tell me..what fate wants.
Tell me.. why are our paths separate?
O fate..
The moments immersed in darkness.
How do I bring them in the light again?
Do I burn like a passionate lover?
Or like the candle.
But I've to burn all any condition.
What's this punishment.. O Lord.
Tell me..what fate wants.
Tell me.. why are our paths separate?
O fate..
O fate..
Batli. - Yes,
Your Sweety aunty. - Yeah.
Wonderful person.
But she gets angry over small things.
Last year, exactly a month before my anniversary..
..she got angry over a really small thing.
What happened?
I had an affair with someone.
And I thought..she's my wife, I love her.
So I must tell her first.
And so I did, and she got angry.
I wonder why.
Cheers, Mr. Kumar. - Cheers.
She can't see me happy, I don't know why.
Jay, come, come. - Hi.
Hello, Jay. - Hi.
What do you do? - I..
Uncle, Jay is a nude painter.
Nude painter? - Yeah.
Come closer son, don't just stand there.
Son..half nude or full nude?
No, uncle..he means I paint nude models.
Oh.. - There's Jay.
Gulabo. - Jay, sweety.
Come here.
Congratulations, he's a nice boy. - Thank you.
And the best thing is he's a painter.
Jay, why don't you paint me some day?
Curse you.
What happened?
Go get ready, don't you want to go to the party?
She wants her painting made.
Come on. Let's go. - Painting..
Hi. - Hey. You're looking nice.
Anushka said you're going to set the dance floor on fire.
I am not too sure about that.
You must have made many girls dance to your tune in London.
Well..that's true, but the situation here is different.
First time in my life I met a girl..
..that makes me dance to her tunes.
Jay, Adi..what are you doing up on the stairs?
This is a musical night.
Someone play the music.
Dance. - Right.
Welcome, son.
A beautiful girl walks by..
A thorn has pierced your feet, damsel.
A beautiful girl walks by..
A thorn has pierced your feet, damsel.
Don't lock..lock horns with love.
Or it will be a big mess, beloved.
Don't lock..lock horns with love.
Or it will be a big mess, beloved.
Know who I am..
I am a really nice boy.
I am a really nice boy.
I want to lock..lock horns with love.
Let there be a mess..I don't care.
Move aside.
You're a really bad boy.
You're a really bad boy.
The thread of the veil is stuck in the door.
Brother-in-law quarrels with his sister-in-law.
Younger brother-in-law, you will be blessed.
Don't quarrel with her, you have only one sister-in-law.
You've got no say, but you make tall claims.
Take a look at yourself in the mirror.
Why do you fight with me?
Why are you upset with me?
My love's really deep.
Take a dip in love.
My heart's totally crazy about you.
You know..
You're a really bad boy.
You're a really bad boy.
You follow me around..or you stare at me.
Your actions are so cheap.
I turned into Romeo only for you.
Let's start our very own love story.
Let's set things straight.
May our companion be super-hit.
Stay away from me
You're a really bad boy.
I am a really nice boy.
You're a really bad boy.
I am a really nice boy.
You're a really bad boy.
I am a really nice boy.
You're a really bad boy.
The thread of the veil is stuck in the door.
Brother-in-law quarrels with his sister-in-law.
Younger brother-in-law, you will be blessed.
Don't quarrel with her, you have only one sister-in-law.
Brother-in-law quarrels with his sister-in-law.
Let's go.
You think there's something between them..
No, no, it's nothing.
I didn't say anything.
So how did you know what I was going to say?
Excuse me, ma'am. May I get you a chair?
No, thank you. - Well..sure.
Pardon me, ma'am.
This is the only aspect of the moon we've seen.
Have you seen the other aspect of the moon?
I didn't either.
And I never saw the bride thinking all alone..on the Musical Night.
This happens..when there's a twist in the love story.
I'm trying to understand whose love-story is it.
It's so funny..
..but what are you doing here at this hour?
Why aren't you asleep?
Two kinds of people don't sleep at night.
Those who are in love..
And those..who never got love.
But..only one kind of people say such philosophical things.
Someone who don't get their love.
Am I right?
You know you're beautiful, and intelligent too.
And that's a lethal combination.
You didn't answer my question.
And stubborn.
There was a time when I was in love. - I knew it.
And did she? Did she love you?
Yes, of course.
So why was your love-story incomplete?
I was too late.
By the time I could confess my love..
..her parents got her married.
And then I realized, that love isn't enough.
One should have the courage to get your love.
Have a good night, ma'am.
The number you've called is not answering.
The number you've called is currently unavailable..
Hello. - Good morning.
Hi, could you please connect me to room 550, Aditya's room.
Sure, ma'am.
Ma'am, the number is busy.
Hi, aunty.
Where's Adi?
Thank God you're here.
Come in, quickly.
Things are in a mess since morning. - Aunty..
Do something. - We are. We are.
Here you go, dear?
What's this?
These are Riya's nuptial ornaments.
Aunty.. - Did you pack the sweets?
Hurry up. - Aunty, where's Adi?
Why would he be here?
He's downstairs in the lawn, the functions are about to begin.
Come with me, quickly.
No, aunty..I won't come.
I mean..I'm not ready yet.
You don't need to get ready.
These are not your ornaments.
Hurry up..we're getting late. - Coming.
Decorate the palanquin, the wedding procession has arrived.
It's the night when the bride leaves.
It's the time..when the eyes shed tears.
Dreams are turning into reality.
Decorate the palanquin, the wedding procession has arrived.
It's the night when the bride leaves.
O Wanderer..don't go.
O Wanderer..don't go.
Who are you looking for?
O Wanderer..don't go.
O Wanderer..don't go.
I don't want to let go.
Please stay with me some more.
I don't want to let go.
O Wanderer..don't go.
O Wanderer..don't go.
Why did you stop?
Adi, are you happy?
What do you mean?
Aren't you happy? - I am very happy.
All my dreams are coming true.
If you're happy, then smile.
I am confused.
I don't know who to share my confusion with.
Sir, pardon me if I say so.
You should share these things with Riya ma'am.
After all, you're going to marry her.
Why? What happened?
You're not comfortable with Riya? - No, that's not it.
Then what is it?
You like her, don't you?
Of course.
She's beautiful, caring, from a good family.
My parents like her.
I can't find a better girl.
But do you love her?
Yes..I think so.
I mean..I thought so.
I don't know, I am really confused.
Tell me one thing.
Which are the most memorable moments in your life?
Mr. Kapoor, I'm trying to understand what's going on with me right now.
And you're playing games with me.
Sir, I am only trying to help you find your answers.
Tell me..which are the best moments in your life?
Well..I can't forget that day..
Happy birthday, Adi.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday, Adi.
And after cutting the cake..
..the moment when I tasted beer first.
Come on.
Adi! Adi! Adi! Adi!
Only Anushka can be so crazy.
He's gone, Batli.
Adi! Adi! Adi!
You drank around three liters..just tasting.
Let's move on, what else?
The moment..when I bought the first bike.
Thanks to Anushka.
So, friends.
Welcome to the boxing competition.
The winner gets a brand new car.
If you lose, you get the bike.
And friends, hold your heart.
Because the loser gets a beating.. well as a new motorcycle.
And the first bike-ride after getting beaten up.
Come on, let's go.
And the moment when Anushka..
She turned all my moments from a dream to a reality.
And suddenly one day, she fought with me over a small thing..
..and went to London.
Anushka. - There you are.
Now you know it. - Yes..Anushka.
I've been wondering..what's wrong with me.
Everything seems absolutely new.
O beloved..what condition is this?
Feels a lot like love.
What have you done to me?
O beloved..what condition is this?
Feels a lot like love.
What have you done to me?
You're the tune..that struck automatically.
You're a secret..that unveiled by itself.
O beloved..what condition is this?
Feels a lot like love.
What have you done to me?
My dreams pleaded and my eyes complained.
But I couldn't sleep.
Each breath recommended and the heart became audacious.
It was the limit.
The heart fell in love.
The heart fell in love.
Just like a soft smile that spurted on my lips, but.. eyes were filled with tears.
You're that tear, beloved.
I am na ve, surprised..and a little troubled.
What do I explain to myself?
Do I laugh or do I cry, beloved.
How do I suppress my desires?
How do I hide whatever's happening?
O beloved..what condition is this?
Feels a lot like love.
What have you done to me?
O beloved..what condition is this?
Feels a lot like love.
What have you done to me?
My dreams pleaded and my eyes complained.
But I couldn't sleep.
Each breath recommended and the heart became audacious.
It was the limit.
The heart fell in love.
The heart fell in love.
Hi..what are you doing?
Getting ready. Jay's invited me for dinner.
Okay..can you come meet me?
Adi, I just said I'm going for dinner with Jay.
But I must meet you urgently.
Please. Please. Please.
I don't have the time. - I don't either.
Please, I want to say to you.
Please. Please, listen, Anushka.
It's important.
I wonder what crazy heart's heading down.
Some broken dream's still pricking in my eye.
The fake assurances..make me cry.
What's this punishment..O Lord.
Tell me..what fate wants.
You're looking really beautiful.
Adi, whatever you called me here to say, it better be important.
There was a confusion between my heart and mind for a long time.
The heart wouldn't agree with what the mind said.
And the mind says..
But now.. - You have to listen to one of them, Adi.
There can be nothing more important..
..than what I want to say today.
Anushka..when two people fall in love, and can't be together..
..they either blame the stars or the society.
Or the situation.
But the problem is somewhere inside them.
I realized today, when two people are in love..
..they should say it immediately.
Otherwise.. - Otherwise what, Adi?
Otherwise they lose that moment..
..and it never comes back.
Anushka, I..
Hello. - Hello.
Yes, Kumar sir.
Where are you?
I am with my friends. - I hope I didn't disturb you.
I wasn't doing anything special. - Adi?
One second. - Actually, I want to talk to you.
So come see me.
Yes, of course.
I'll come right away. - Good.
Okay, sir.
Tell me..what fate wants.
Okay, sir.
The fake assurances..make me cry.
What's this punishment..O Lord.
Tell me..what fate wants.
It's over.
I finished it while waiting for you.
I made you wait really long. - Not really.
Anushka, I won't ask you why you took so long to come.
Or what's been troubling you.
Because I know.
Anushka, when we love someone..'s really difficult to hide.
And the problem is..
..neither can you hide it, nor can I.
What do you mean, Jay?
I've lived you.
I have..lived you.
I love with all my heart, and..
Happiness came to me..with its back turned towards me.
As I shook hands, it started crying.
All my support..are helpless.
What was my mistake, O Lord?
Tell me..what fate wants.
Whiskey? - No, sir.
How long will you keep calling me sir?
Get used to calling me dad.
Did you call me for something important?
You see..we'll soon be related for life.
I know a lot about you, but..
..I want you to know few things about me.
Look, son..I achieved everything in life.
But there's just one thing I regret.
Amrita and I couldn't give her the love she deserved.
I realize my mistake.
And so..the goal of my life is Riya and her happiness.
And her you.
She'll love her all her life and keep her happy.
You do love her, but I've noticed..
..that you love your friends little too much.
I..didn't understand.
I want you to give Riya so much love..
..that she forgets her past.
Yeah.. - And Riya gives you so much love..
..that you forget your friends.
I hope you understand what I'm saying?
Yes, I do..
Good..I knew you would understand.
Anushka, what's wrong?
Dear, open the door.
Tell us what's wrong.
Anushka, for my sake.
Come out. - Open the door.
Open the door, dear. - Don't do this, dear.
Open the door, dear.
Anushka, for my sake.
Come out, come out, dear.
Open the door, dear.
Anushka. Come out, quickly.
What's wrong?
Be honest, dear. What's wrong?
The truth is..I'm getting married Jay.
Yes, dear.
Don't cry.
I know..
The truth love Adi. Right?
What's the point, Gulabo?
That's not it, dear.
I know.. Adi loves you.
It's not too late, dear.
Go and tell him.. - What's the point, Gulabo?
He should say something too.
Don't worry, dear.
You will get what you're destined for.
Don't cry dear.
Where are you headed now?
It's almost evening.
I've lost the address..
Everything I wrote down, was erased.
Where were you? I was looking all over for you.
Why? What happened?
You're still awake. - No. I am scared.
Feels like something is not right.
You look.. - Me?
What, Riya?
Just tell me that what I'm thinking is wrong.
Just tell me it's my imagination.
Just tell me it'll all be fine, Adi.
Just..just tell me that you love me.
Just that..
Please.. - Adi, tell me.
Adi. - Please calm down.
I am sorry. I am really sorry, Riya.
I am tired.
Go get some sleep.
I need some rest.
Good night.
Excuse me. - Yes, ma'am.
I said satin curtains in this section.
These are not satin.
Okay, rosewater, welcome drink and..
And these flowers? - Ma'am, you said white flowers.
I said white orchids.
Riya. - What?
What are you doing?
Forget all this, and get ready.
How can I?
I specifically said I don't want florescent color.
I just want soothing colors. - That's okay.
Relax, dear. It will all be fine.
When will it be fine, dad? After my marriage.
Everything's wrong here.
Everything's wrong in my marriage.
Dad, everything is going wrong in my marriage.
Nothing, nothing, nothing will go wrong in your marriage.
I am right here.
Look at me. Nothing will go wrong.
I will make sure everything goes right.
Oh my..what kind of a place is this?
You can't find a single thing.
Back in India, you make one call..
..and the shopkeeper delivers the goods to your doorstep.
Here's the telephone.
Call room service and tell them what to get.
I see..I can't find the drawstring of your pajamas.
Call room service and ask them to get it.
Hello, drawstring..
You don't get drawstrings here.
Exactly, I can't find anything.
And since the time you got here, you've been behaving like a tourist.
As if only my son's getting married.
And son..
Why are you so upset?
It's not good.
Now go get ready quickly.
You.. - And listen.
The list which the priest gave us also has betel leaves.
They should be here by the nuptial rounds.
Oh Lord..what is this you gave me?
I can't believe this is the same woman I married.
If I am lying for a minute, it makes her mad.
Crazy woman.
What are you up to?
Don't think I don't know what's going on in your life.
I know it all.
I am your father.
Seriousness doesn't look good on my face.
But all I would say.. what your heart says.
My son.
There's no place for dreams in reality, Anushka.
Get ready quickly.
Jay's waiting for you.
Just excuse us, please.
I'll be right back, Anushka.
Anushka, I invited you and your family over..
..and gave them a lot of respect.
Would you agree?
So isn't it your duty to.. think about Adi and my family's respect?
Uncle, I didn't understand.
What are you trying to say?
Alright. I'll be direct.
Adi isn't just getting Riya's love from this marriage.
He's getting a opportunity to fulfill all the dreams that he saw.
I know.
Who would know about Adi's dreams better than me?
But you don't know that..
..there's a thin line between friendship and love.
And it's hard to say when you cross it.
The friendship that you and Adi share..
..keep it till that.
You got that?
Because only Riya has a right to Adi's love.
And love is for the one that has the right to it.
I hope I've made myself..amply clear.
Uncle, you made everything very clear.
You are right.
And love is for the one that has the right to it.
I said I'm not in the mood to talk.
By the time you're in the mood to talk.. will be worthless.
Why are you yelling? - So that I knock some sense in you.
Forget it, Petha.
He can't see what everyone can.
So how can he hear your voice?
Have you two lost your mind?
Stop yelling at me and go get booze. - Booze?
Should we drink on the occasion of your marriage..
..or to drown your sorrows?
Mind your tongue. You're talking about my marriage.
You're not the only one getting married.
Anushka's getting married too.
And whether you think about her or not, but we do.
What do you mean by I don't think about her?
You do?
Then go tell Riya that you don't love her.
You love Anushka. Tell her.
Forget it, Petha. It's not his cup of tea,
He's a coward.
Who are you to tell me?
It's my life. - Leave.
No! It's not just your life.
Leave him. - Understood.
You're ruining Anushka, Riya as well as Jay's life too.
Seems like you love your bike more than their lives.
Leave him.
There's no point talking to him.
Let's go. Come on.
You do what you want. Come on.
Take the bride's hand in yours.
I am in love..what to do?
Sprinkle water.
I am in love..what to do?
I am in love..what to do?
Now pour clarified butter in the fire.
I can't live..or die.
Adi. - Yeah.
The priest is asking us to pour clarified butter in the fire. - Yes.
I am in love..what to do?
I am in love..what to do?
Adi, where are you lost?
Petha, Nikki, Batli..I don't see anyone.
Adi, we're getting married.
And you're still thinking about your friends.
Where are granny and Gulabo?
Where is everyone?
Petha, where's Anushka?
Where's Anushka?
She left.
She went back to London.
Adi, we're getting married.
You're still thinking about Anushka.
Anushka's gone. - Yes, she left.
Because she can't watch you marrying me.
She loves you. - I love her too!
Move aside.
I love her.
How dare you?
Hold on!
Mr. Kumar, we can retaliate with violence as well.
But we can't solve this problem with hitting each other.
Because this matter concerns the heart..
..and I think it's beyond your understanding.
Let him hit me, papa.
But even though you hit me..
..I will be honest with you.
The truth..that took me really long to understand.
That I love Anushka.
Why you.. - Papa, please!
Even I realized this truth.
My heart knew that he loved Anushka.
But maybe I took too long to realize this truth.
But how the hell can he do this?
You once said..
Even if you stop holding hands, relationships don't break.
Pardon me, Mr. Kumar.
I know this is your personal matter.
But when few lives are at the stake of ruination..
..then I can't keep quiet.
What do you want to say?
Just think, sir.
When will your daughter be happier?
If Adi doesn't marry Riya..
..or if Adi marries Riya, but keeps loving Anushka in his heart?
Everyone falls in love, Mr. Kumar.
But only a few have the courage to get their love.
Today Adi told the truth in front of everyone.
But somewhere everyone's betterment lies in his truth.
The rest is up to you to decide, sir.
Mr. Kapoor is right, papa.
Even if you get me married to Adi.
He won't be happy neither will I.
Because he loves Anushka.
I am really sorry, Riya.
Thank you, sir.
Adi! Adi!
I am still wondering..what just happened.
Everything feels new.
O beloved..
How? How can you leave me?
What else could I do, Adi?
Throw flowers at your marriage with Riya?
I thought you left me.
I almost died.
I love you, Adi.
I love you more.
O beloved..what is this condition?
Feels like love.
What have you done to me?
You knew that I would come.
Yes, I did.
Me too.
Jay. I am sorry, buddy.
There's no justification for love.
Love is
Thanks, Jay.
And by the way, I've booked your honeymoon tickets.
Adi..don't you think..
..we should get married before the honeymoon.
Lambu, come down.
Come down.
Decorate the venue. Eat some sweets.
Shake a leg with the guests.
Anushka's married, now I can drink in peace.
Invite all your guests.
That Luv Kapoor's looking so hot.
I am looking hot.
The Wedding Pulav.
The Wedding Pulav.
Come on, kiss..
Lambu, kiss him.
Come on.
Come on. - What is she doing?
What are you doing? Come on.
Hurry up.
Sweety. - Yeah.
The son's going for his honeymoon. - Yes.
What about the father?
You are just. - What?
Too much. - What?
Forget it. - Why?
Carry on then. - I am.
I am not doing it to you.
Did you two break up?
No, she said yes.
Play this song again.
Thanks, Jay.
This love story wouldn't be complete without you.
It's not complete yet.
This is just the beginning.
Aren't you a bit overdressed?
Of course.
It's my could-be would-be husband's wedding after all.
We're together!
Decorate the palanquin..and the horse.
Play the music out loud.
Get a picture taken with the bride-groom.
Raise the volume..and make everyone sway.
Play this song again.
The Wedding Pulav.
The Wedding Pulav.
The Wedding Pulav.
The Wedding Pulav.
The Wedding Pulav.