Wedding Wonderland (2017) Movie Script

["Hardly Wait"]
Take me to a place that no one knows
Somewhere far away where no one goes
We can get away and finally take it slow
Time is on our side
Living the good life
Searching till we find our new home
I can hardly wait to see what happens
Every road we take is leading somewhere
I can hardly wait to run away with you
With you with youe To run away with you
With you with you To run away with you
With you with you To run away with you
Wow. It looks even prettierthan it was last year.
Well, if the trees could talk,I'm sure
they'd say the same about you.
Remember the first timeI brought you up here
I told youif you stayed really still
and listened, you'd hearthe snow touching the ground?
Yes, your not so clever attempt
at getting meto stay still long enough
so you could come infor a first kiss.
Well, not so clever,yet extremely successful.
Well, thanks for bringing mefor back
It's always nice to seeyour parents, but... my trips
up here with youhave always been my favorite.
Yeah, me too. It won't be thesame here without you anymore.
I have to say, now having seenit in spring, summer and fall...
winter is definitelymy favorite.
Today couldn't get more perfectif we tried.
No? Close your eyes.
Come on. Close your eyes.
-Take a step.-Okay.
-What do you hear?Come-You being weird.yes.
Take another step.
What do you feel?
Take one more step.
And really listen.
Hallie, will you marry me?
Oh, she said yes!Holden, she said yes!
-Oh, congratulations.-Congrats.
Oh, she said yes!HoldenThank you. yes!
-Congratulations.-Thank you.
-Welcome to the family.-Oh, thanks.
I already feel a part of it,though.
That you are.
I alrWell, did you everf it,really doubt me, Mom?
No. So when's the big date?
Honey, they just got engaged.
Yeah, Mom. Don't scare off myfianc before she says I do.
Are you kidding? Your parentsare half the reason I said yes.
You know, I have alwayswanted a daughter.
Well, hey, instead, you gotlucky and had two awesome sons.
Yeah? So when's the big date?
Uh, I don't know.Um, maybe this summer.
We haven't really had a chanceto talk about it yet.
Uh, well, you guys will havea lot to talk about
on that long ride back to LA.
As you know, you could alwaysget married here.
There is a beautiful churchon that lodowntown.ack to LA.
As you know, you could alwaysAnd did you know that Holden
is an ordainedmarriage officiant?
-Oh.-Uh, Mom.
Hallie's had a life long dreamof getting married in Cabo.
It's a well-known fact.
Hallie's had a life long dreamOh, I'm sorry, I didn't know.
No, no, it's fine.It'It's totally fine.t.
It's still a very sweet offer.
Well, you know, maybe we couldhave an engagement party
or something like that here.
Yeah, we could totally do that.
or someYeah? Alright.t here.
Well, whatever you kids want
we are just so happy for you.
Aw, thank you. That means a lot.
we areHallie Ann Pierce. you.
Oh. Doesn't that sound pretty?
-Well, let's go get some cocoa.-Okay.
It'll snow tonight.
-Well, let's go get some cocoa.[instrumental music]
Sorry about my mom.
-You okay?-Oh, yeah, I'm fine.
I was actually just thinkingabout what she said in there.
-Yeah, what?-About us getting married here.
It's kind of acute little thought.
Yeah, you having second thoughtsabout Cabo?
No. No way.Plus, what would my mom say?
It's her big chance to planher only daughter's wedding.
Are you kidding?
She's been planning your wedding
your entire life.
["Pretty Woman"]
Ooh pretty pretty
Ooh ooh ooh pretty woman
Pretty pretty ooh ooh ooh O Pretty woman y
You got that kind of class
Everyone's staring at
Pretty pretty woman woman
You got that Ooh ooh ooh you got that
Yeah you got it going on now
Got it going on now
Yeah you got it The way you do...
Uh, Hallie, I love it!
It's beautiful! Oh.
Alright. Now it's offto the makeup chair.
Ooh ooh ooh pretty woman
Pretty pretty ooh ooh ooh pretty woman
[Quinn]Welcome to the beauty chair.
Soon your makeup will bejust as flawless as mine.
Yay. Oh.
What? Oh, my gosh.Are you engaged now?
-Yup, I'm getting married.-Just like we called it.
Ah, that is so amazing.Congratulations.
For all the beautiful bridesthat you've made
you have a lot of really good
wedding karma coming your way.
Aw. Thank you,but I don't do it for the karma.
Making brides beautifulis what I was made to do.,butSo, who's the lucky fella?ma.
-Ooh, his name is what I -Ooh.ade to do.
-Oh, he's a hot pilot.-Who works for her father.
Thank you, ladies. Clearly,I can't answer for myself.
Well, he sounds dreamy.
Are you gonna do your own hair?
Not if this onehas anything to say about it.
When it's your big day,it's your turn to get pampered.
Not if this oneHey, I have been doing weddings
out of this salonfor four years.
I think I've earned the rightHey, to be a little picky.dings
And I have been doing makeup outof this salon for three years
I so I think I have a righthtHey, to bto my say
Also, did you just say,a "little" picky?
I soOnly if a little pickythtHey, to btmeans a
Hey, I just want everythingto be perfect.
And when I leave myselfin charge, I know it will be.
HWell, you might wanna trygtelling your mom that
because I don't thinkshe got the memo.
HWeHey, my mom and I arerygtin a 100% agreementt
on all things my wedding,thank you very much.
So where are yougetting married?
on all things my wedding,tOoh! June wedding..
At the beach, just after sunset.
Cabo San Amores Resort.
Wow. Well, it sounds likeyou have it all figured out.
I do.
[instrumental music]
Wow, this is quite a nice place.
Oh, you should seethe house in Miami.
-Hello.Wow, this is-Hello!a nice place.
-Oh.-I've gotcha.
What a darling engagement ring.
Oh, I can't wait to seethe wedding band.
I hope it comes with an upgrade.
Mom. I love this one.
-It's perfect.-Oh, well.
As long as you like it, honey.
Hello, Lucas. How are you?
Deidre, Duncan, these aremy parents, Marilyn and Holden.
-Hi!-Hi! Nice to meet you.
-Hi.-Hi. Welcome.
Well, come on in.We have a lot to discuss.
-Good to see you, bud.-Good. How are ya?
So, have you twodecided on a date?
Oh, darling, you knowthat Hallie wants a June wedding
in Cabo San Amores,just like ours, right?
Is that stillwhat you're aiming for?
Yes. Yeah, that was, is the plan.
Of course, if everythinggoes accordingly
and everyone can come.
Well, sweetheart,hang on a second.
Before you go any further,and evI do haven come.
a little bit of bad newshanabout Cabo.nd.
[Deidre]You see, earlier this week
a liI tried to call newshCabo San Amores.
to check on availability.
And unfortunately, they don'thave anything this June.
-What? Why?-Yeah.
And unfoWell, you knowy don'thavhow popular it
I mean, it's almost impossibleto get a reservation
any time during the year,much less the summer.
Well, hey, it's okay.
Maybe we can geta different place down there.
[Deidre]Another place?
Lucas, there is no better placea dithan Cabo San Amores.ere.
[Deidre]Which is why it is so fabulous
that they are available May 6th!
[Duncan]that they areYeah.lable May 6th!
Oh, great! Can you believe it?
It took a little bit of nudging,and a lot of money
to get full run of the place,but I have booked
It the entire resort for youing,anthat weekend.ney
-Oh, Mom, thank you.-Yeah.
[Marilyn]Oh, that is just wonderful,Deidre.
Uh, we'd be happy to help too.
If the kids still want,we would love to host
the engagement partyat the lodge.
[Deidre]Oh, no. That's really sweetof you.
But you don't have to worryabout that.
[Deidre]We'll do the engagement partyohere..
We'll have a summer-themed luauright on the deck.
Well, uh, if that's whatHallie and Lucas want.
Of course,that would be fine with us.
Well, that is what you want.Right?
Yes, of course!
-Yay! May 6th!-May 6th.
[Hallie]You too, Lucas, right?
[engine revving]
Can you believe in three monthswe're gonna be married?
Well, if I had it my way,it'd be tomorrow.
We're gonna haveto start looking for places soon
and we can get thosetoothbrush holders for two.
Down to toothbrush holders?
What abouthis and hers tattoos?
Serious,I know your mom means well
but I kinda thinkmy parents felt left out today.
They just wannacontribute something too.
but I kinda thinkmOh, wow, Lucas, I'm so sorry..
My mom just had me so worried,and then thrilled
and... I just wasn'tmOh, wothinking about it.orry..
My momWell, apparently,orried,aneither was she.
No, you're right.
We should let your parents throwour engagement party out there.
Of course, it won't bethe summer-themed party
like my mother was planning,because of the snow.
Does it really have to bea summer-themed party?
I appreciate your momhelping and all
Does it really have to bebut my parents wanna help too.
I appreciate your momOf course, they do.
We should definitelyhave it out there.
You know I want everyoneto feel involved.
I know you do.
You always want everyoneto be happy
even to a fault sometimes.
You always want everyoneOkay. It's settled.
Engagement party at the lodge.
Now I just have to figure outhow to tell my mom.
Don't worry,Engayou'll figure it out.odge.
[footsteps approaching]
Ah, good morning.
-Good morning.-How'd you sleep?
Oh, like a baby.
Mom, was someonestaying in there recently?
The right side of the bedwas turned down.
Oh, uh, that was me.
I, um, I nap in there sometimes
when I'm missing you.
-Oh, Mom.I, um,-Yeah. Um, anyway...times
I hope you kidsare staying for breakfast.
-Oh, Mom.I, Maggie came early to cookmes
and thosecrunchy avocado Benedicts
won't eat themselves.
Oh, thanks.Lucas is gonna love that.
Well, then why don't you gobang on his door
and get him up already?LucasIt's after 9:00.hat.
Well, then -Mom?on't you gobang o-Hm?s door
You know what elseLucas would love?
To let his parents throw theengagement party at their lodge.
You know what elseHallie, don't be silly.
We already decidedwe're having it here.
Mom, it's really the leastyou can let them do.
I mean, you and Dad are doingeverything for the wedding.
Why can't we let them do this?
You want an engagement partyin the snow
Wfor a summer-themed wedding??
Tell me howthat makes any sense.
So what if it'san engagement party in the snow
for a summer-themed wedding?Who really cares?
Everyone we know will.
And besides, I already ordered
these adorable place settingswith real starfish
and some monogramedcocktail umbrellas.
these adorable place settingsOh, Mom, that sounds great
abut I really thinkit's more important
that we allow Lucas' parentsto be involved somehow.
Hallie, what do you thinkyour Aunt Belinda will say?
Drinking pia coladasin her fur coat.
HalWell, you know what,nkyour Aunt Belinda needssay?
to get with the timesand get rid of her fur coats.
Animal cruelty, anyone?
Besides, I'm not even sureI want her there.
Can I have just a nice littleengagement party, just us?
Mom, I think if you sawhow cute their place is
and gave it a chance,you'd see how nice it would be
Mom, I tto have you sawthe engagement party there.
Hallie, is this what you want
or is it what Lucas wants?
It's what we want.
Personally, I thinkyou're making a mistake
but if that's what you want
we will have yourengagement party in the snow
but I'm bringingthe starfish place settings.
[knock at door]
Come in.
-Morning.[-Good morning.
So, I talked to my mom
and we can have the engagementparty at your parents' place.
Well, that's good news.
About time your momfinally signed off.
Kidding. Thank youfor doing the dirty work.
Oh, you aren't to thank me.
It's the right thingfor us to do.
So how many peopleshould we plan for?
Well, I told my momthat we wanna keep it small
So how many peopleso just like closest family.
I love that idea,almost as much as I love you.
Well, anyway,my mom will have her hands full
helping us plan the wedding,so she doesn't need
Well, anyway,myanything extra on her plate.l
Yeah, does your mom really everrun out of room on her plate?
I kinda feel like she has oneof those big family plates
that she keeps wanting peopleto eat from.
As long as this is whereit ends, and she doesn't try
to dish out our entire futureon to it
I think we can survive this.
Well, don't be too sure.
I'm pretty sureshe'd plan out our entire
children's future if we let her.
Okay, let's get some breakfast.
children'Buffet style.e let her.
So an engagement partyin the snow
and then a summer weddingin Cabo?
I know. It sounds kinda weird,huh?
I don't know, it just kindasounds like you're doing this
one thing for his parents
I dand then another thingdasounds likfor yoursdoing this
but... what doyou and Lucas want?
Quinn, you knowI want to get married in Cabo
as much as my mom wants me to.
It's been my dream since shetook me there for my sweet 16.
Okay, but is itwhat Lucas wants?
Lucas loves the idea. We'vetalked about it a ton of times.
Okay, but is it the only optionyou've discussed?
I mean, a winter weddingin the snow could be cool.
Hey, no. Lucas' momalready offered that.
And it doesn't make sense to gochanging everything on a whim.
It's all been decided and...
I really don't wanna ruffleany more feathers.
Oh, okay,now what I'm hearing is
you're just doing all thisto keep the peace.
Okay, Gina, Mara...
Hallie here needs a little helpexpanding her horizons.
Summer weddingversus winter wedding.
And go.
Summer wedding,people have time off work
and they're not worried aboutpaying for a destination wedding
after overspendingpeoplon the
Winter wedding, your guestswon't sweat their faces off.
Ooh, winter wedding,white winter doves on demand.
Win-And snowflake cakes.stswon't -Summer wedding.s off.
Beachside bathing suits,summer fun in the sun.
Beachside bathing suits,Okay, I get it. Both have perks.
And, yes, the idea of a winterwedding in the snow is cute.
It's just not part of our plan,
which has always beena summer wedding in Mexico.
Except for the engagement party,that part's in the snow.
So what? Why can't we havethe best of both worlds?
Except for the engagement party,You can if you're being greedy.
So how about you just pick one?And I'll take the other.
[all laughing]
Hey, you guysare not amusing me today.
A-are you supposedto be putting that much color?
It's fine. Trust me,I know what I'm doing.
Except when it comesto your wedding, apparently.
[Hallie]Oh, don't forgetwho writes your checks.
Weddings aren'tabout the bride and the groom
and what they want,
Wthey're abouttabwhat everyone else
So, if we do it this way
Wthey're abouttabweveryone will be
Fine. Self-sacrificeall you want
but speak for yourself, becausewhen it comes to my wedding
it's going to be all about me.
Hallie, hi. How are you?
Barbara, hi.What are you doing here?
Your mother sent me overwith some dress options
because we want you to pick out
your picture-perfectwedding gown
but she didn't really give meany details
so I just broughta little of everything.
but she didn-Yay!ally give
As if I reallyhad a choice, anyway.
Well, with the right hairand makeup by me...
you will bea gorgeous summer songbird.
Well, w-You think?ht hairand
I think it needs to be taken upa a little bit here, yeah?.
Well, w-You think?ht hairaIt's an easy fix..
What about that other onethat you loved?
I'm not trying that one on.It's too wintery for the beach.
So? I wanna see it.
And come on, you onlyget to do this once.
-Have a little fun with it.-Okay.
Hey, you were right.
This place reallyis a slice of paradise.
[Quinn]Can't you just imaginethe photos?
[Hallie]What are you saying?
I'm talking about the photos.
In our sun-kissed,hair-blowing...
Bye-bye, summer songbird.
[Quinn]Hello, white winter swan.
It is really pretty, isn't it?
Yeah, if you wantto downplay it, sure.
I can't wear this on the beach.It is reIt'd be't it?
Fine, why'd you eventry it on then?
You are the one who pushed meto try it on.
Yeah, but you're the boss,why would you listen
to what I have to say?
Will you just help mefix this, please?
Hey, I know thatI've been hard on you
but in all seriousness,you are going to set the bar
for the most beautiful brideto ever walk down that isle.
but in all seriousness,youYou know that, right? bar
forHallie, you can't makeideto evea wrong choice.t isle.
And maybechoosing a wedding dress
is... kinda likeadopting a puppy.
And maybeYou don't really choose it...
it chooses you.
Well, despiteall of these options
there is one thing I knowthat I must have at my wedding.
-What's that?-You, as my maid of honor.
I thought you would never ask.
[instrumental music]
Oh, so cute.
Look at this place.
[Marilyn]Hey, you guys.
Well, I know where I'm comingfor Christmas.
You are welcome to any time.
No one makes custard eggnoglike I do.
Marilyn, this is Quinn
my maid of honorand best friend.
And, Quinn, this is Marilyn,MarilLucas' mom. Quinn
-It's nice to finally meet you.-So nice to meet you too.
I have heardso many nice things about you.
Hallie fills me in on allthe celebrity makeup spreads.

-I am such a big many nice about you.
Well, did she tell youthat flattery
will also get youfree makeovers?
Oh, come on.
Seems like suddenlynow I have two daughters.
[Marilyn]Would you look at that?Now go ahead.
Put your things downand come on in.
Dad's madea fresh pot of coffee.
What are you doing?
Hello, baby.
[Lucas]Hey, Dad, do you guys knowwhen Leif's getting in?
I never got his text backthis morning.
Well, he's already here.
He's been out on the slope
snowboarding all morning.
-Mm-hmm.-He went without me?
-So not cool.-Yeah, we felt the same way.
Let's just pray he comes backwith all his limbs.
Yeah, what good is a best man
if he can't hand me the ring,right?
So what's the plan for tonight?
Well, tonight we go to dinnerat Peppercorns
and then we come back here,and you kids
can all jump in the Jacuzziif you'd like.
I fired it up this morning,upon Hallie's text message.
Yeah, I knewyou'd be all over that.

And the next timeyou kids come up
maybe we'll haveour new man-made hot springs
ready for action.
[Marilyn laughs]
Man-made hot springs?
-You're actually gonna do it?-We are. Surprise!
What are you doing to it?
Uh, well, you know,I've told you that his parents
are always joking about turningthis place into a wellness spa.
And now we are actuallydoing it. No joke.
Uh, w-why now?
Well, son, you knowthe lodge doesn't have
the same tourist turnoverthat it used to
what with all the, the fancyresorts around town, I mean...
tWe had to do something.rWe don't wanna sell.
what Ooh. What exactly fancyresare you gonna do to it?n...
Well, we are going to gut it,and we are going to renovate it.
what Ooh. What exactly fancyHere are the plans right here.
[Marilyn]And then you kids can come upany time you want.
You can get your hot rocks on
your acupuncture did.
[Holden]I mean, this isYouour new retirement plan.on
Apparently, these things are,a-are in huge demand right now.
-Where are you guys gonna live?-Out at the guest house.
We have three roomsfor when you kids wanna come up.
I mean, we're out there whenwe have guests in here, anyway.
We have three roomsforSo what's the difference? up.
I mean, we're out there whenwYeah, and the pond, the garden
We have three roomsforSo uh, the-the gazebo?ce? up.
I meIt's like we always whenwYeah, antalked about.he garden
We'll turn the barninto the yoga studio
I meItand the backyards whenwYeahinto the hot springs.arden
And wait till you see thesethings. These are incredible.
I mThen you kids can getwhenwYyour alkaline bath on. Hmm?en
And wait till you see these[Marilyn and Holden chuckling]
Oh, Lucas, come on,I thought you'd...
I thought you'd be happy.
No, I-I am happy for you guys,I tit's just......
It's never gonna be the samehere as when I grew up, and...
When me and Hallie have kids...
they're never gonna see itlike it was.
And I doubt they're gonnaWhenappreciate a hot springs...
the way that we didthe playscape.
Sweetie, we'll just, we'll justmove the playscape
someplace else.
It'll still feel like home,promise.
-And when do renovations start?-Next week.
We just wanna start renovatingwhen the snow melts
so we can be openin time for spring.
We just wan[Holden] renovatingwhen thYeah.w melts
[Marilyn and Holden chuckling]
Hey, is there anything I can do?
Well, yeah, you can show methat gazebo back there
before they bulldoze it,Hand conveniently lose the key.?
Or how about I chain myselfthto the other sideere
befand we could play it,Hand cRock-Paper-Scissorse key.?
and seewho gets to swallow the key?
Hi. Oh, no.
Please don't tell me you forgotthe starfish place settings.
Uh, this is no laughing matter,HiHallie.o.
Alright, look, theCabo San Amores just called.
The President of Mexicowants to throw
his daughter's quinceanera there
on the same weekend.
Well, I thoughtwe had a reservation.
Oh, we did.
And we paid good money for it
but now they're sayingthat they overbooked
but I know,I know that's just a lie.
-Alright.-Wait, can...
Can they even do this,if we already paid for it--
They already refunded us-Wthe money..
There's really nothingwe can do.
Oh, no, no, no. No.
There's plenty we can still do.
Hallie, sweetheart, don't worry.
We are still going to throw youThethe perfect Cabo
Even if we have to do itat their competitor.
Cabo San Sanchez.
It's gonna be okay, sweetie.Promise. Alright?
-You good?-Yeah. Good to see you.
Hey, we're gonna be fine.
We'll figure it out,-Ywe'll figure it out..
[sighs]Hey, we're Wow.a be fine.
We'llSo first,t out,my childhood home gets gutted
and then our wedding venuegets booked for a sweet 15.
We just can't catch a breakthis weekend.
-Can we?-Right?
WI never thought I'd be sokunexcited about our engagement.
No offense,it's nothing to do with you.
WI never thought I'd be sokunexciteNo, I, I get it.gement.
So what now?
I don't know.
Maybe we wait another year
and get married next summerdown in Cabo?
Look, come on, Hallie,didn't we agree
that we didn't wanna waitthat long?
We wanted to get marriedbefore the fall?
You know, start our future,get a home
start arguing about whatwe're gonna paint the walls?
I'm thinking slate gray.
I know. But that wasbefore we found out
the wedding venuewasn't gonna be available.
And... I don't even likethe San Sanchez.
I know. It's too bad thatwe didn't know all this before.
We could have justgotten married here.
That isn't such a bad idea,actually.
That isn't such a bad idea,Maybe we could get married here.
Maybe that's whatwas meant to be all along.
Hallie, you're joking, right?
Look at the signs, Lucas.
Honestly, I'd rather do it herethan down there
at someplace we don't even like.
Honestly, I'd rather do it hereBabe, I was just joking.
I really don't wannaget married here
after it becomes a wellness spa.
I know.
So why don't we do it now?
Have a last-minute wedding herethis weekend.
While this placeis still as we remember it.
Our parents are here
your best man,my maid of honor.
I even brought my altered dressOto show your
-Babe, it's a beach dress.-So what?
Maybe I can find one of those
wintry sparkly headpieceswith snowflakes.
You are being serious.
Hallie, you don't even liketo plan our Friday night
date nights at short notice.
I know.
But we want everyoneto be happy, right?
And this placewill never be the same
But we want everyoneunless we do it now.
Plus, what better placeto tie the knot
than wherewe first fell in love?
What about that summer weddingyou and your mom
always dreamed of?
Maybe thisis the next best thing.
And your mom?
I can't imagine that she's gonnabe onboard with this.
Well, she can't have ither way now, regardless.
And she has to respect the factthat we don't wanna wait
another year.So what choice does she have?
Just let metry and reason with her.
Brave girl.
Are you absolutely surethis is what you want?
Lucas, it doesn't matterwhere we get married.
All that matters here is us.
Well, I guess we havea winter wedding to plan.
-Am I too overdressed for this?-Oh, no.
-We're all just underdressed.-You're good, Deidre.
[Deidre]Well, it is an engagement party.
I just thoughtwe'd all wanna dress nicely.
This is gonna be a long weekend.
Oh, you have no idea.
Uh, okay, everyone,we have some news.
Oh, Hallie, Deidrealready told us about Cabo.
Uh-We're so sorry.,we
That's what we wantedato talk to you guys about.
Lucas and Iwere thinking that...
we wanna have the wedding here,this weekend
before you do your renovations.
Oh, heavens!
Oh, sweetie,befowe would just love that.ns.
-Wouldn't we?-Yeah.
-So is that okay?-Well, I-I...
Yes, I thinkthat would be just fine.
Okay, well, good,'cause I think so too.
Yes, I thinkHallie, you can't be serious.
Don't you wanna check and seeif another resort
Yes, I thinkHalliis available first?ious.
Well, we talkedabout that, and...
You know the San Amoresis the only place
that we wantedto have the wedding
but if we can't have itwhere you and Dad did
we don't feel there'sany better place than this one.
Okay, then why don't youwhejust wait a yearid
and we can still dothe San Amores.
I already put us on the listin case you wanted to wait.
Well, that's just the thing,Mom, we don't wanna wait.
We have plans, you know?
WellHallie, sweetheart,hing,you run a bridal boutique.
You know more than anyonethat you can't just
WellHallie, sweetheart,hing,plan a wedding so frivolously.
-I mean, who will even show up?-Well, it's fine, Mom.
Uh, the people who really carewill make the effort to be here
and we don't care that muchabout having a big wedding.
What we care aboutis that you all are here.
And you are. So, surprise.
[Leif]What's up? What's up?
You guys readyfor the engagement party?
Wait. What'd I miss?
So, have you two discussedan officiant for the nuptials?
Yes, and we would love
Soif you would officiateedan officthe ceremony.nuptials?
Well, we have a lot more thanjust an officiant to discuss.
What about the catering,and the flowers, and the cake
Well, wand the guests,re thanjusand the gift registries?s.
Well, Mom, maybewe don't need all that.
WelLucas and I could inviteanjusanour closest friends.s?s.
We, we, actually, made a list.
[Holden]You know, we can checkaround the B&Bs.
Uh, it's ski season, but, um...
Well, we can houseprobably up to twenty people
in the two houseson our property.
Well, we can houseprobablTwenty people? people
That's likehalf the amount of people
invited to the bridal showeralone, and...
-No, h-h-honey, this list---It's everyone who matters, Mom.
What about your three-tieredpineapple upside-down cake?
I-I was actually thinkingwe could do
a white chocolate blueberrywinter cake instead.
With our, with our colors beingwhite and powder blue to fit.
Whoa, what happenedto champagne peach?
Well, champagne peach won'tlook good against the snow, Mom.
But, wait, look.
-Isn't this pretty?-Can I see?
-Yup.-Oh, that's lovely.
I can totally make that.No problem.
And the greenhouse lends lotsof flower arrangements too.
Well, what about the guests?
[Deidre]You've got the Whitmeres andthe Walshes, the Cartwrights.
I mean, h-how are we supposedto let them know that this
whole thing is taking placein less than 48 hours?
Well, we figured thatwe could do an e-mail invite.
You're good at that,you could invite anyone
that mattered to you,and we, we'd make room.
An e-mail invitation?
Yeah, Mom,you'd be great at that.
Oh, but I'll still need you tocome downtown with me tomorrow
to help pick out decorations.
Hm. I'd like to help too.
We're gonna do a co-edbachelor party or anything?
Seven Card Stud again?
[Marilyn]Oh, and we could havea cake-baking
bachelorette party.
-Oh.-Oh, yeah.
Uh, yeah, well, we're, um,we're overlooking
one incredibly pertinent detail.
W-w-where are you going to havewethe ceremony?ng
Well, we figured thatwe would have it in the barn.
We've had a lot of good partiesthere and reunions
Well, we figured thatand we think it'd be perfect.
It's a wonderful idea.
A wedding in a barn?
Oh, barn is great.Wait till you see it.
Yeah. No, Mom, don't worry,it'll be beautiful.
-We'll decorate it ourselves.W-Hallie, I'm sorry..
[Deidre]I just don't wantmy only daughter
getting marriedin some backyard barn.
[Deidre]I mean, i-is that reallytoo much to ask?
Uh, I-I'm, I'm sorry. Excuse me.
Hey, you knowshe doesn't mean it.
I'm gonna talk to her.
Hey[Duncan]owshe dExcuse me.n it.
-Let's go for a walk.-Hm.
Check out the gift shopwhere we can...
-We'll be back, okay?-Yeah, you two kids go.
We're gonna pick up the check,and wait for them to come back.
-We'll b-Sure?, okay?-Yeah,-Thank you.ds go.
Have fun.
What was that all about?
Well, well, I'm sure that thisisn't easy for Hallie, either.
Well, she's certainlyWhaacting like it is.ut?
Honey, come on, you know her.
She's probably just tryingWhto appease everyoneut?
Honin this tough situation.r.
Well, I am not appeased, Duncan.
She has never talkedabout having
a winter wedding, not once.
Deidre, this is their wedding.She can change her mind.
Not when she's merely reactinga wito what Lucas wants.ce.
Honey, it's not fair to her.
And she's going to end upregretting this later.
-That I'm sure of.-Fine.
But you know what?She's nearly 30.
She's allowedto make her own decisions.
And if you don't at leasttry to get behind her on this
she's not the only onewho's gonna walk away from this
And if you don't at leasttry to gewith regret. on this
Hey, Quinn.
Sorry, I, I just figured
I'd give Lucas and Halliesome love space.
Hey, I, I noticedyou didn't get dessert
I'd give Lucas and Hallieso I got you a cream puff.
Hey, I, I noticedThat's sad, but thank you.
It's a nice night,well, minus the cold.
Look, Lucas' little brother...
valiant effort, but I'm engaged.
I didn't notice a ring.
Yeah, well, not thatit's any of your business
but it's just back in LAgetting cleaned.
Yeah, well, not thatiOh, when's the big date?
-In the fall.-Did you pick out any colors?
Do you always flirt this poorly
or just when you're hittingon engaged women?
No, no, no,I'm not flirting anymore. I...
or juAnd I would neverttinghit on an engaged woman.
I just thought that maybewe could be friends.
You have cream puffon your face.
You have cranky on yours.
What if she's right?What if we are jumping the gun?
Hallie, what do you wanna do?
Just wait aroundfor something to open up
while the lodgeis getting gutted?
Just wait aroundI want her to be happy for us.
I want herto want to be involved.
Just wait aroundMaybe she just needs more time.
Babe, we're getting hitchedin 48 hours.
Time is not on our side.
Lucas, you could bea bit more sensitive.
Hey, I was sensitive back there.
I tried to involve her.She just didn't wanna hear it.
Hey, I know. You're right.there.
You were trying to besupportive.
Thank you for always beingso patient with her.
-It means a lot to me.-Well, come here.
I understandthat your mom means well.
At least we have parentsthat actually care.
I'm honestly surprisedshe didn't scare you off
from the start.
Well, to be honest, it wasyour dad who scared me bad.
Mr. Big CEOflying on my little plane.
Um, yeah, and thenyou met my mother
and realizedthat he was the easy one.
UYeah, I remembernthat long trip back from Miami.
I was literally terrified
but not too terrified enoughto sneak into the salon
for a haircutthat I clearly didn't need.
but noWait, I thought enoughtyou hadn't met my momn
when my dad was showing youthose photos of me on his phone.
but noWait, I thought enoughWell, I hadn't, but I had
by the time I had enough couragethosto come into the salon.hone.
Oh, so you had met my motherwhen you chose to ask me out.
Yeah, but I learned itreal quick
that if I was gonna win you over
I had to win her over.
And I respect that aboutyour mom. She's protective.
And I think parents should beprotective to an extent.
You are gonna make a great dadyosomeday, you know that?e.
You know what,I'm just gonna try and keep up
with super mom over here.
You got the bestof both your parents.
Well, you certainly did too.
[Hallie]Ugh, Mom, will you pleasejust come out here
and see the dress?
It's the oneI got for Cabo, anyway.
So what makes you thinkit'll be appropriate
for a wedding in the snowor a barn?
Oh, Deidre,it's a wedding dress.
There's no such thingas a wrong one.
Yes, Marilyn,unfortunately, there is.
Yes[Hallie]n,unfortunaWait. there is.
-This is not my dress.-Then whose is it?
Who cares?It's absolutely gorgeous!
And what do you meannot for the snow?
It's like thisperfectly stitched snowflake.
This isn't the dress you chose,is it?
No, but, n... Yes, no.
ThI, uh, I did love this dress,when I tried it on
but it's not the onethat I asked Barbara to order.
Then what's it doingin a garment bag
with your name on it?
I don't know. I had them bothsent back together
but I only asked for alterationson the other one, not this one.
I don't know. I had them bothAnd yet you did try it on.
[Deidre scoffs]
I don't know. I had them bothAnd yet yoMom...try it on.
I don't know what's going onwith your mom
but this dressis absolutely exquisite.
Hallie, you are gonna bethe most beautiful bride.
Your mom's gonna come aroundas soon as she sees
how beautiful you'll be in it.I promise.
Thank you, Marilyn.
Quinn, look.
-They sent the wrong dress.-It's the snow bride dress.
[Hallie]They must have gottenthe alterations request mixed up
-They sent the wrong dress.and thought I wanted this one.
[Hallie]My mom nearly flippedthe altewhen she saw it.mixed up
That's perfect for this wedding.
If anything, you lucked out.
[Hallie]Yeah? Try telling that to her.
-Ah.-Maybe you should tell her..
I tried. It's getting old.
You know how stubbornshe can be.
Hallie,is getting married in Cabo
really ever what you wanted?
Of course,it's what I always wanted.
It's been my dream weddingsince I was a little girl.
[Hallie]It's wheremy parents got married.
It meant everything to me,but it just didn't work out.
So what, are you just doing thisfor Lucas?
I don't know.
What do you mean maybe?
Is it selfishthat I still really wish
I could have the weddingI always dreamed of?
I just wantthis picture-perfect wedding
and I don't even knowwhat that looks like anymore.
All I know is thatI don't wanna wait any longer.
It's okay to compromise
and still wishthat things were different.
You and Lucas still havea beautiful relationship.
and still wishthat thYou know that.erent.
I'm actually enviousof you guys.
What? Come on, you have Calvin.
And he's not so badwhen he's not off
being some big shotentertainment lawyer.
I broke up with Calvinlast week.
-What?-I'm sorry.
I didn't tell you becauseof all the wedding drama.
-What?Oh, no. What happened?
He never had time for me.He never made time.
-What?I don't wanna live like that.
I want what you guys have...
Someday. Don't doubt it.
And don't ever let anyoneget in the way of it.
Thank you, Quinny.
I really don't know whatI would do without you here.
Don't cry, I can't have you
ruining my beautiful palette.
[Leif]Don't crTwelve ball.ave you
["Slightest Thing" on stereo]
You walk in like a dream
Wow. Somebody's game is off.
You still, uh, crying aboutQuinn being engaged or what?
I'm just wonderingWow.if maybe you bit offoff.
more than you could chew.
You're getting hitchedso last minute
uh, when you knowher mom isn't happy about it.
I really hope this isn'ta part of your best-man speech,
little brother.
It's true
Alright, fine. Yeah.
This wedding got crazyout of our hands...
but what wedding isn't crazy?
You're right. Well,maybe I'm just overreacting.
Yeah, alright. Well, do youhave anything else to say?
'Cause, uh,"Congrats" and, uh...
"I'm proud of you"goes a long way.
[Leif]No, I-I am proud of you, okay?
I'm just doingmy brotherly duties
and checking in one last time.
You know, marriageis a big deal, Luke.
You know that.
I'm just making sureyou're ready.
Look at me.Do you think I'm ready?
I do.
Good. Now relax,let's have some fun.
I've been through way worsetroubles with Hallie's mom.
He's the fun one. I'ma much better competitor too.
Eight-ball corner pocket.
Oh. Whoo!
[instrumental music]
["Together Now"]
Put your arms around me
Feel my racing heartbeat
I've been dying to get out Put for so long nd me
And you're the last thing left here
-Hallie'll love it.-I guess.
We're gonna have to do thisall ourselves, correct?
-Yeah, actually looks like it.-Let's get to work.
You got that.
Close and tight
Hold you 'til you're deep inside my world
-Have fun.-Yeah. You too.
Oh, hey, don't spend that money.
So when I go I'm taking all I need
Oh A little you a little me .
Singing whoa oh oh-oh oh oh-oh oh
Another year will come and pass
But you and me will make it last
Singingear whoa oh oh-oh oh oh-oh oh
We're together now
Whoa oh oh-oh oh oh-oh oh
We're together now
Together now
So let your hair down honey
We won't need much money
We'll get by with one big dose of love
And I'm not thinking back to all the battles
Thank you so much.They're perfect.
A We're starting overck to a starting now
We start today Don't worry I'll...
-There you are.-Hey, how you doing?
Hold you 'til you're deep inside my world
-There you are.-HeLooks
'Cause I'm leaving town tonight
And baby I made up my mind I'm yours
So when I go I'm taking all I need
A little you a little me
Singing whoa oh oh-oh oh oh-oh oh
Another year will come and pass
But you and me will make it last
Singingear whoa oh oh-oh oh oh-oh oh
We're together now
-Looks whoa oh oh-Hey.h oh-oh oh
-To the pawn shop?-Yeah.
You and me we'll shine right through it all
When the skies are dark rig and doubtful ll
It's so good.
-They did a great job.-Yeah.
Oh through it all
-They did a great job.Alright. I-I'm out.
-Oh?-Groom down. Groom down.
-I'm out.-Father of the bride down.
Father of the bride down.The king with his pops.
Alright, I'm gonna raise-Fthe ante by a quarter.n.
Okay, better be hidingthe ace high, old man.
-Old man, huh?-Alright.
[Lucas]I'm gonna go seewhat the ladies are up to
before this heats up.
[Lucas]I'm [Holden] seeYeah, go hang with the ladies.
[Holden laughs]
[Duncan]I just wanted to thank you.
For what?
For asking for my blessing
before you proposed.
-Of course.-And you know, um...
There's also,I wanted to apologize
for Deidre's behavior.
She has good intentions.I wantI just...logize
She doesn't always havefthe nicest approach..
She has good intentions.No, uh, I understand.
It's her only daughter,she's grown up
she's getting married,she's starting a future.
-Yeah.-It makes sense.
I-I think deep down in Deidre
she knows that you're gonnagive her a great life.
We both do.
she kI just don't thinkonnagishe wants to admite.
that someone else can doas good a job as she can.
Well, there's only oneDeidre Reynolds.
tha-That's for sure.n do-No one knows better than I.
Well, -Alright.nly one-Have a good time.
Thanks, Dad.
So then he said,"Will you marry me?"
Oh, and what did you say?
I said, "No, we've onlyknown each other three weeks."
-You said no?Oh, and-I sure did.u say?
I said,"Ask me again in a year."
So April 10th, a year later,Oh, he asked me again.ay?
Aw, that's so sweet.
So April 10th, a year later,Deidre, when did Duncan ask you?
-Ah.-Oh, this is a good one.
Oh, please, it was so long ago
I don't even remember.
I remember.Oh, It was graduation day. ago
They'd both justthrown their caps
and my dad walks overOh, to my mom and says.... ago
"Congratulations.Let's get married."
What was your response?
Oh, she smiled and said, "When?"
That's not quiteWhathow it
Oh, I thoughtOh, someone didn't remember.en?"
Sounds like you ladiesare having way too much fun.
Uh, this is a bacheloretteparty, no boys allowed.
I'm just comingto get a refill, Mom.
-That looks good.-Well.
This is going to bea white chocolate
two-tiered blueberry cake.
Unh-unh! Bride's cake. Back off.
So what were you ladieslaughing about
before we walked in?
Oh, your mom and my momwere just sharing
your parents' proposal stories.
Oh, you-Oh, yeah?my momwere -Mm-hmm.ring
I wouldn't mind hearing Quinn's.
Um... I'm just gonna usethe bathroom really quick.
It's just a little frostyon my hands.
Um... I'm just gonna usethWhat? What did I say?ck.
Lucas, you know it's bad luck see the bride usethe night before the wedding.
I know, I know, I just neededto see her one last time.
-Hm.-Real quick.
I kn-Take a walk with me.ededto se-Don't be long.time.
-One bite.-Unh-unh.
-One bite.-Mm.
[door shuts]
I just wanna sayI'm really sorry.
I didn't mean to strike a nerve.
It's fine.
My engagement endeda few days before we came here.
-I'm sorry to hear that.-I am sorry I lied.
I think I waskind of lying to myself.
Well, we definitelyhave that in common,
'cause I'm really goodat that too.
Wonder what elsewe have in common
besides bold-face lying.
Wonder what elseweNeedle point?on
Tell me about you.
What do you wanna know?
How long have youbeen doing makeup?
I think I've been...
giving my friends flushed cheeksand shapely eyebrows
since I was about... 15.
-What sparked it?-Oh.
Definitely George Michael'ssinc"Freedom" video. 15.
Nineteen ninety.Year I was born.
Definitely George Michael'ssI mean, Naomi Campbell.
Cindy Crawford,Linda Evangelista
DefiChristy Turlington.el'sI mean, they were flawless.
And I just knewthat was what I wanted to do.
Little eight-year-old Quinnliving the dream.
Oh, and I was a really big fan
Litof the Molly Ringwaldinnlilipstick trick.
in Breakfast Club.
Litof the -Mm-hmm.ngwaldinnl-No, I know it..
You know, it's funny,I don't think
anyone's ever asked me that.
Okay, your turn.Tell me something about you.
My turn. Uh...
I'm 29 years old.
I like Mexican food.
I-I work part-timeas a bartender in Hollywood.
And I-I love all thingsextreme sports
but I hate watching sports.
Oh, thank God,'cause that was a deal breaker.
-I got a surprise for you.-What is it?
No, just wait here and find out.
["Like A Dream" playing]
I saw you from afar
I tried to win your heart
But you played hard to get
I fell so deep in love
You hit me like a drug
And yet I'm asking for your hand
I can't believe
And yet I You'll bow for me d
Was it just by a stance
Oh did you like the way I danced?
You move You move
Like I've never seen before Like I've never seen before
Never seen before Never seen before
I'm sure I'm sure
I can never ask for more I can never ask for more
Never ask for more Never ask for more
Would you believe Would you believe
We're dancing? We're dancing?
Would you believe 'Cause I can't feel the floor W under our feet
Hey, guys. It's chilly out here.
-Hi.Where is that music coming from?
-From the barn, I think.-You wanna check it out?
Like we're floating
We're floating
We're floating like a dream We're floating like a dream
-What's happening?-Are you kidding?
This is Hallie's favorite song.
-Hey.-Hey, guys.
What's going on?It's freezing out here.
I think we should get inon to this, really.
-I love this song.-Oh, yeah.
I'm sure -I love this song. I'm sure
I could never ask for more I could never ask for more
Never ask for more Never ask for more
Would you believe Would you believe
We're dancing We're dancing
'Cause I can't feel the floor under our feet
Like we're floating Like we're floating
We're floating We're floating
Like we're floating L We're floating
Like a dream
-This is so pretty.-So beautiful.
Oh, that's the restof your journey.
I know.
-Looks like a Christmas tree.-Aw.
-Sweetheart, how you doing?-Hi, I'm Gina.
-Glad you guys could make it.-Thank you.
-Excellent.-I'm Mara.
-Hey, Barb, are you okay?-Hi.
-How you doing?-Oh, good.
-Where's, where's Deidre?-Uh.
She's up with Hallie, probably.
Could I possibly talk to them?
-I mean, it's kind of important.-Yeah, yeah. Everything okay?
-Right?-It'll-it'll be alright.
Okay, come on.
[Marilyn]Hey, where did youlast leave it?
Oh, um, check the garment bagunder the dress.
Ah, got it. Yay! Whoo-hoo!
-Oh, honey, you look gorgeous.-Thank you.
Did you have to useso much blush, though?
I mean, she went from lookinglike Snow White to Rudolph
Did you have to usein a matter of minutes.
Uh, that is not blush.
This girl's flushed.
-Someone get her a fan already.-I'm okay.
Oh, wait, wait. Did someone givethe guys their boutonnires yet?
-No. Shoot, I'll do that.-Thank you.
-Barbara, hi.-Oh, hi.
-Hi, Barbara.-Hi, hi.
-Barbara, hi.So I guess I will just see
all of you girls outside,I guess.
Yes. Fine!
Barbara, you looked like
you had something moreyou wanted to share?
Wow, um, boy, so, I...
I guess I just wantedto let you know that I, uh...
I talked to my friend who runsthat cruise line, MS Cabo.
I talkAnd they were ableo runsthto pull a few strings.o.
Yeah, uh, saidCabo San Amores
I talkAwas able to talkeo runsto a regular guest of theirs
and they are able to push
I talkan annual seminareo runsthat they host at the resort
to October,so that leaves June 15th open.
Uh, anyway, um...
Yeah, I just, Deidre told mehow much Cabo meant to you
so, um, but clearly, you haveeverything all figured out
and wrapped up, so--
so, um, but clearly, you haveBarbara, wait just one second.
Honey, I know you've putsome work into today
but take a momentand think, okay?
Now you and Lucashave a choice, right?
Well, do we, Mom?
Because everybody'sout there waiting
and I'm supposed to be gettingmarried in, like, 15 minutes.
Hallie, all I'm saying
and is that you and Lucasttingmahaven't tied the knot yet..
And this news just didn't comeout of nowhere for no reason
so you do still have a choice.
You did say that you wishedyou could wait the other night.
I don't know what I want anymore
but it reallydoesn't matter now.
-Yes, it does!-No, Mom.
I am not gonna do that to Lucas.
-Yes, it does!-I won't.
Then you won't have to.
Marilyn and Iwill go talk to him.
Mom, will you just stop?
Marilyn and Iwill Marilyn... him.
will you just go
give the boystheir boutonnires, please?
It's fine.
Everything's fine.
Are you sure?
Excuse me.
It's gonna be okay.
[breathing heavily]
[Leif]You know, this is the first time
I think I've seen you nervous.And it's kinda cool.
Think you're so fearless, eh,Mr. Snowboarder-Skier-Surfer?
Just wait till you get married,little brother.
[knock at door]
Come in.
I got your boutonnires.
[Marilyn chuckles]
Oh, my little boy,all grown up. Look at you.
Marrying the love of your life.I'm so proud of you.
[Lucas]Thanks, Mom.
Oh, just watch yourself,little man. You're next.
What, for the boutonnireor for marriage?
Leif... Come on, up.
So did you finish your speech?
I wrote two. I'm not surewhich one I wanna use yet.
So dWhy did you pick two?eech?
I wrote onethat's really heartfelt
and then I wrote another one
that's really funny,and a little embarrassing.
And I'm not surewhich one I wanna use.
-Heartfelt, please.-I concur.
This is not the day to embarrassyour big brother, okay?
You boys just about ready?
Dad's out there,calming the masses.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, just about.How-how's she doing?
Oh, she's fine.She's just getting ready.
[Duncan]Did Barbara go overto talk to them?
I had sent her over there. Shesaid it was kind of important.
-Yeah, it's-it's all good.-Alright.
Wait, what did,what did Barbara want?
Uh, nothing, she just, um...
had a question.
Oh, w-what kind of question?
Lucas, it's fine. It's nothingto worry about, okay?
Are you sure? 'Cause she reallywasn't acting like that.
Mom, spill it.
Okay, so Barbara saidthat she could now
get Cabo San Amoreson June 15th, okay?
-What did Hallie say, Mom?-She said no.
No, she wants to do it here.And that's that, okay?
That's kinda not what I heardthe other night.
And what did you hear?
[exhales sharply]
Lucas, wait.
Lucas, what are you doing?You can't see Hallie.
-It's bad luck.-Hallie, look at me.
Do you really wannaget married today or no?
What? Of course, I do.Why would you even ask me that?
Well, Leif saidhe overheard you telling Quinn
that you wish you were gettingmarried in Cabo,
and you were just doing thisfor me.
-Is that true?-Of course it is.
Look at her, she's been a mess
over this whole thingthe entire weekend.
Lucas, maybe now isn't the time.LooYou have guests waiting.ess
over this whole thingWell, have them wait.
Can you all just give usa minute alone, please?
Can you all just give usI can't believe you lied to me.
Lucas, that is not what I said.
I only said that I wish we werestill getting married
in Mexico, but then I didn'twant to wait another year.
That's not what you saidthe other day, you said
"All that matters now is us."
Yes, and that was the truth.
And now that you can getyour Cabo wedding back,
your dream wedding,is it still the truth?
Lucas, it was a silly, selfishmoment that I was having,
but I didn't wannabother you with it.
We already had enoughon our plate.
Hallie, if you're feeling thisway, you have to tell me.
We Okay, sometimesughit's okay to be selfish
when something's that important.
You should never justdo something for me
to appease me when you knowyour heart's not in it.
You're just gonna end upresenting me in the end.
I just found out that Cabowas may be still an option
like ten minutes ago.
And I didn't just suggest thisto appease you,
I, I really thoughtthat this was the only
solid option we had.
Okay, okay, but I just don'twant you to settle for something
'cause you thinkit's the only option we have.
We should both be happywith this decision.
That's what marriage is.
I know. I just...
I thought it was too late, and Ididn't want to hurt anyone else
by changing our minds yet again.
But, Hallie,by you not telling me,
you could havemade things worse.
What if you walk down that aisle
you could havepretending everything's okay
and then right in that moment
I saw something was wrong?
And suddenly on the mostimportant day of our lives...
you're wishing you weresomewhere else?
And suddenly on the mostAnd I'm standing there wondering
why the love of my life might behaving second thoughts?
And suddenly on the mostAnd I'm stan[sighs]ere wondering
You're right.
I should've told you.
I should've communicatedwith you.
I should've knownthat you're not like my mother
and that you would'veunderstood.
I'm so sorry, Lucas.
Look, Hallie...
I want to get married to you
more than anythingin the world...
I wanbut not like this.o you
Not when we're not a 100% surethis is what we want.
This isn't us.
Maybe we should postpone.
Till we really figure outwhat we want to do
for our wedding day.
Till we really figure outwhat[exhales]to do
-This is gonna be fabulous.-I know.
Oh, son, we were justtalking about you.
-This is Gina and Mara.-Hi.
They work with Hallieat the salon.
-You must be Leif. Hello.-Ooh.
It's a pleasure to meetaboth of you.
Dad, can I talk to youfor a minute?
It's a pleasure to meetaboOutside?u.
Sure. Uh, would you excuse usfor just a second.
-Mm-hmm. Yeah.-Okay.
Sure. UhUh, excuse me,cuse usladies and gentlemen.
Hello. Uh, unfortunately due tothe inclement weather,
uh, we are going to postpone
today's festivities.
Um, feel free to grab a gift bag
on your way out and, uh,thank you all for, for coming.
Why did you tell himwhat you heard?
You don't even knowwhat you heard.
I already had to hear itfrom my mom and dad.
I really don't need to hear itfrom you too.
I just, I didn't wanteither of them
to regret their wedding day.
You do realize that youalmost ruined their wedding day.
That's not fair.
I love Hallie. I just wantwhat's best for both of them.
You know, this is exactly
why I don't date guys like you.
Oh. And what kind of guyis that?
Guys like you knowwhy how to walk into a roomyou.
Ohand light it up withuytheir childish, charming humor.
But then they take off
Ohanjust the secondithuytheir cthat it gets real humor.
and pursue to thisnext big adventure.
It's probably why you're stillbartending instead of doing
something importantnewith your life.e.
You're just a selfish kidwith no regrets.
I never said that I hadno regrets about today.
And for the record, the onlyreason I'm still bartending
is because I'm payingto go to school.
I'm gonna be a dentist.
Nah, shouldn't have figuredI'm gonyou would.ntist.
[knock at door]
Come in.
I have something to say,and I need you to listen.
You have to stop interferingwith my life,
especially when it comes to mineand Lucas' marriage.
I know I've said and donesome things that,
that have caused problemsfor you and Lucas, but--
Yeah, you have.
thatAnd at some pointlemsfoyou have to realizet--
that I'm a mature,responsible adult
who is capable of makinggood decisions
that I'm a mature,without your consultation.
whoAnd if growing up,ingif you would've given me
even one second to figure out
whoAnd if growing up,ingiwhat it is that I wante
maybe I wouldn't have even hadevthese ideas to begin with.t
whoAnd if growing up,ingiwhaI know. I know.wante
mayAnd if you'll forgive mehadfor stepping in one last time...
that is why I already toldBarbara to forget
about making a new reservation.
Why did you do that?
Honey, after watchingWhyyou and Lucashat?
dancing last night...
HoI now realize thatgnothing there could compare
to what was happeningin that moment here.
Or, or any of this, really.
I lied to you...
when I told you that we gotmarried in Cabo San Amores.

But Dad didn't--
Oh, your fathernever supported me
filling your head with those
silly ideas as a child.
And then when you got older,and you had your heart set
on getting married there too,I think he was just,
he was just afraidof how you'd react
if we said anything.
Please, it...
Don't be mad at him.
I mean, it was,it was all my fault.
But, wait, you, you and Dadhave that wedding photo
on that beautiful beach.
But, wait, you, you and DadOh, that was just, um...
[chuckles]It was a pretty stretch of
But, wait, you, you and DadOpublic beach in Oxnard.
[chuckles]on a really cold Monday evening
But, wait, you, you and Dadwith no one else around.
It was just us and a preacher,that's it.
I mean, we didn'teven tell our parents
we were getting married.
Why would you lie to meabout something like this?
we werBecause I...rried.
so wanted to get married there.
You know, it was my dream,but, um...
You know, your fatherdidn't want to ask
his parents for moneyand-and my,
my family couldn't afford it.
I mean, we had justgraduated college,
we, we didn't have jobs,
we had student loansa mile high, but...
but none of that mattered.
I mean, much more than Mexico,I just...
I just wanted to marryyour father.
So we did.
-Wow, Mom.-Yeah.
And now, I seethat's all you want.
I mean, you just want to getmarried to Lucas
and, and start buildingyour life together
I mean, you just want to getjust like we did.
Honey, I...
I put all the regretI had about...
not having my dream weddingon to you and...
I put all the regretI'm really sorry.
You know what?
It kinda sounds like you and Daddid have the perfect wedding.
It kinda sounds like you and Daddid have thWell...ct wedding.
maybe you're right.
The only day that couldmapossibly compare.
was the day I gave birth to you.
Ah. So...
-How is Lucas?-Oh.
--He's fine.s?-Okay.
We are fine.
You know, that boymust love you a lot.
[chuckles]To put up with someone like me.
I will, uh...
I will try to ease up on him,I promise.
-Thank you.-And you too.
I love you, Mom.
Mm. I love you more.
You alright?
Yeah, Dad, I'm fine.
So, did you and Hallie decidewhat you wanna do?
No, just...
Whole thing's such a mess...
I really don't know what to do.
Well, the only thingthat really matters
is that you still loveeach other
and you work through thistogether.
Whatever you guys decide,we'll be here.
That's right, son.
We love you,
and we are just so proudof the man you've become.
I love you guys too.
You wanna come inand get warm, huh?
I'll be in, in a minute.
-Goodnight, darling.-Goodnight, guys.
-Morning, Lucas.-Good morning.
-Uh, have you seen Hallie?-Hmm.
I think she's up by the gazebo.
Um, Lucas?
[sighs]I think I owe you an apology.
For, um, well, forhow I treated you, and, uh...
Oh, especiallyfor how I've acted
since you and Halliehow I tregot engaged.d, uh...
Thank you.
I really appreciate that.
Believe it or not, I, um...
I have a great deal of respectfor you, Lucas.
And, uh, if I'm beingperfectly honest,
I hathere's really no onespectI trust more to be there
for Hallie than you.
Coming from you,that means a lot.
Oh, and whateverthe two of you decide
on your wedding,just know that I will be there
in full support no matter what.
And I'll just...
I'll just be so proudthat my daughter
is finally marryingthe man of her dreams.
-Thank you.-Yeah.
Go get your bride.
Going somewhere?
Yeah, just for a few hours.
Rolling on another oneof my childish adventures.
That was harsh.
I may have been projectinglittle bit.
And I'm sorry.
Thank you.
But, but what you said was...
mostly true.
Sometimes I don't take lifeas seriously as I should.
Oh, well, hey, at leastyou'll always have good teeth.
Sometimes[chuckles]ake lifeYeah, provided I make it back
Oh, well, hey, at leastywith them all still intact.h.
You, uh, you wanna come with?
No, I should probablyhang back with Hallie.
I think that we're gonna takeoff this afternoon.
Well, that's too bad.
IAre you sure you don't wanteto stay for breakfast?
'Cause I love to hear more aboutdentistry school
and where I can geta free teeth cleaning...
I tell you what,you throw in a free coffee
and you show me your bestMolly Ringwald lipstick trick
and you got yourself a deal.
[chuckles]I'll think about it.
andDon't think too hard.eal.
Nice day, huh?
Yeah, it's beautiful out here.
Well, it must be settlingin the air, 'cause, uh...
your mom just hugged me.
And not one of thosecheap little shoulder pass
-What?that she usually does.
Wow. I guess miraclesdo happen, huh?
It would appear so.
Well, I was going to give youthis on our wedding day.
What's this?
Well, I was going to give youthis Groom's gift.g day.
-Our first date.-Yeah.
Honestly can't believewe were that confident
on our first dateto take a picture.
And even though you allegedlyweren't even
in love with me yet.
Yeah, well...
I may not have knownthat you were
the love of my life
in that exact moment
but I guess I sensedthat you were gonna be
a very important partof my story.
Well, I got a bride giftfor you, but it's upstairs
and it's kinda specificto the snow, so...
I don't thinkit's gonna work here
now that we're not gettingmarried here, I'd...
I don't thinkit's [chuckles] here
Well, that's okay.
Hey, I'm really sorry again,by the way.
I promise that I will try to bemore communicative
during our marriage than I'vebeen during our engagement.
No, it's, it's my fault.
I, I overreacted big time,and...
You had it worse than anyone.
I should've been more sensitive.
You had itIt's okay.n anyone.
So, what do you wanna do now?
No idea.
My mom cancelled ournew Cabo reservation...
-Of course.-And...
We already missedour wedding here, so...
Maybe the courthouse?
Well, if we're actuallyconsidering that
we would just getmy dad to do it.
So, why don't we?
-Not this...-No. Lucas, I'm serious.
Everyone we love is still here.
I get to wear my beautiful dress
and maybe use the amazingbride's gift you got me.
I'm gonna ask you one last time.
Are you a 100% surethis is what you want?
Even more thanyour dream wedding?
That was a fleetingchildhood dream.
You are my dream wedding, Lucas.
Anyplace... anytime
as long as it's you.
AnyplSo, yeah.ytime
I am a 100,000% sure
that I wanna marry you today.
Will you marry me?
You better believe I will.
You wanna get married today?
Yes, Mom. Today.
And we are really, really gladthat you're all here with us,
but we want it to be knownthat today is... our day.
No one else's. Just us.
So, does anyone haveany comments, questions,
No one concerns?ust us.
'Cause if not...
we're getting married.
Marilyn, I, I wanted to sayI'm sorry
for coming hereand being such a pain. It's...
Especially after you stillkindly welcomed us
into your beautiful home.
Ah, it's okay, Deidre.
You know, I-I wanna sayinto yI'm sorry too.home.
Ah, itFor what?Deidre.
For unintentionally upstaging
your beautiful daughter'sAh, itFwedding,Deidre.
the wedding you've alwaysdreamed of.
[chuckles]Oh, honey...
the wedding you've alwaysno one could upstage the wedding
I was planning to put on.
theBut you've certainlyysno one cogiven me a rune wedding
for my money with all this.
I can see now why Hallie loves
coming up here with Lucas.
I canIt's just beautiful.loves
Thank you. We're kinda partialto it ourselves.
-Like we are, your daughter.-Mmm.
We love Hallie like she's partof our family
and hopefully, you guys will bepart of it too.
Well, if it means family passesto the masseuse
at your wellness spa,you got a deal.
[chuckles]So, are we all done here?
Yeah, I guess so. All we needis the bride and groom.
[Marilyn]Ah, wonderful.Shall we go get them?
Let's go.
You know, I think that I'vefallen in love with you
all over again today.
I know this has been toughfor you.
-Oh?No, I'm, I'm fine.
I'm kinda good actually.
But are you sure
this is gonna be enough for you?
I mean, this...
this is probably gonna be itfor the kids,
so if you have any qualms,I whatsoever,..
I think now is the time to speak
or forever hold your peace.
Duncan, if this is enoughfor our daughter
orthen it's enough for me..
Just like you were.
-Thanks.orthen it's-Yeah.h for me..
Not so nervous this time, huh?
What's there to benervous about?
I'm about to marry the loveof my life, and you don't have
that best man speechto embarrass me--
Oh, no, no, no.
I am still going to embarrassyou with the speech.
It's just gonna be a slightly
smaller audience this time.
Yeah, okay.
Oh, uh...
can you bring that upto Hallie for me?
You know it's bad luckfor me to see,
canyou know, right upbefore the wedding, so...
You know it's bad luckI got it. I got it.
I love what you did, Quinn,it's perfect.
Lot of ups, little down.
I love what you did, Quinn,Always the perfect compromise.
Truer words were never heard.
Delivery for the bride.
-Oh!-And you.
What is it?
I thinkit's what you're missing.
[gasps]I think it's my bridal giftfrom Lucas.
Oh, and he got you one too?
Although yours is way prettier.
[Quinn]Come on, I'll put it in.
Are you ready for your fatherto walk you down the aisle?
She's ready.
["For Me, For Life"]
Wake up to you every morning
Sleep next to you every night
And even when you're not near me
You're by my side all the time
Will you, Lucas, take Hallieas your favorite person
to laugh with her,to go on adventures with her
support herthrough life's toughest moments
tbe proud of her,,to gogrow old with herth her
find new waysthrouto love her every day?ents
I will.
Will you, Hallie, keep Lucasas your favorite person
laugh with him,go on adventures with him
support himthrough life's toughest moments
be proud of him,grow old with him
find new waysto love him every day?
be proud of him,grow I will.h him
You may now exchange your vows.
Hallie, from the first momentthat we met
it was like all the worriesabout my future just
washed away.
In an instant...
I knew you.
Every day that I'm with you
you give me peace, a hope.
And even thoughEvyou were viciously dirtyu
when you stole my heart...
you were kind enoughto give me yours.
Not only are you my best friend,and the love of my life...
you are the greatest adventureI've ever been on.
Thank you for being mine.
Ah. Not quite yet.
[clears throat]
Lucas, do you remember the firsttime you brought me up here
and you told me thatif I'd stayed still long enough
I could hear the snowtouching the ground?
Well, I neverheard the snow that day.
Instead, what I heard wasthe sound of a future with you.
It was like a millionhappy moments
flooding my ears.
The sounds of vacations,birthdays...
and the sound of your voicethe first time you looked me
and saythose three little words.
and And then the soundsoicethe fiof babies cryingked me
and children laughing
and then the soundof your voice once again.
Even afterwe'd grown old and tired...
still ruining mewith those three little words.
I love you, Lucas Pierce.
And even though you may haveruined me for life
I can assure you,I will never grow tired
of hearing you saythose three little words.
I love you, too.
The rings?
Well, now that you'vegiven yourselves to each other
with sovereign vows...given and received rings
in front of God and all thoseassembled here today,
it is with great joy
that I now pronounce youhusband and wife.
You may now kiss your bride.
And it feels like
You were made just for me
You were made
You were made
And it feels like
You were made just for me
You were made just for me And it feels like
And it feels like
You were made just for me
You were made just for me
For life
For life
Wake up to you every morning
Sleep next to you every night
And even when you're not near me
You're by my side all the time
I've madeen my biggest decision
To never let you go
Now I'm completing my mission
To make you mine
All the time ng my mission
Yeah to make you mine
All the time
And it feels like
You were made just for me
You were made just for me
And it feels like
You were made just for me
You were made just for me
There's gonna be ups and downs
There's gonna be smiles and frowns
There's gonna be days when we wanna go our own way
But I'll take this ride for two
'Cause I live and die when we w with you own way
Through all the joy and the pain
I know that you'lle when we do the same own way
And it feels like
You were made just for me
You were made just for me
Y And it feels like me
You were made just for me
You were made
You were made
And it feels like
You were made just for me
You were made just for me
Y And it feels like me
You were made just for me
You were made just for me
For life
For life