Wee Dragons (2018) Movie Script

I wake up today,
it's a beautiful day
Like the sunshine
somehow removing the pain
I'm vibing away to
the music I play
Reinventing a great jam,
I'm feeling so great
It's a beautiful world
outside my window
I'm in touch with my sense,
just feeling the wind blow
Ease back, lean back,
whenever you feel low
Just remember that the
world's your oyster, you know
Now's the time,
now it's your turn
There's a fire inside,
you're feeling that burn
Father, I know you're very busy,
but may I have a word with you?
Yes, my dear, I always
have time for my daughter.
Whatever you need, just name
it, and it shall be yours.
Even a prince?
Not this again.
With all due respect, father,
I've done as you've
asked all my life.
You know nothing
can take your place,
or the place of our kingdom.
But it's such a big world,
and there are so many things
out there I have yet to learn,
so many places to see
and people to meet.
And dangers to face.
Which you've
prepared me well for.
Our kingdom needs its princess.
Our young dragons
look up to you.
They'll look up to me
even more if I venture out,
and find happiness
and success on my own,
And what, my dear?
And love.
Have I not loved you enough?
Oh, daddy, it isn't that.
It's different.
Different, how?
You're still my
little girl, Cai.
Your Majesty, if I may.
Well, sire, what Princess
Cai is trying to say is
Come on, Tinker
Toes, out with it!
It's okay, Tinker.
Your Majesty, Princess Cai will
always be your little girl,
but she isn't a
little girl anymore.
She's all grown up,
and she wants to spread
her wings and fly.
Ah, my sweet, sweet
dragon princess,
you must be aware you
have conflicting desires.
Finding the love of a
prince is best achieved
within the safety and
comfort of your kingdom.
Seeking freedom and
adventure is the best way
to delay meeting that prince,
and to risk losing
everything you have.
But father, how will I
ever know what life is about,
if I never try.
Remaining in the kingdom will
give me everything I need,
whenever I need it, but
how will I gain wisdom
if I never know the unknown.
And if I have to strike out
into the great unknown alone,
so be it!
Good day, Durwin.
I see you're busy doing
nothing, as always.
You again, what do
you want, Blister?
I just want to know
if you've any thought
to my rather generous offer.
You mean you're
offer to work for you?
Yes, that's the one.
I have.
You have, and?
And I think it's about the
funniest thing I've ever heard.
Yes, funny.
You have a talent, Blister.
You should think
about performing
for the king's court sometime.
I'm sure you'd make
everyone laugh.
Yes, everyone.
Everyone who heard you would
surely laugh their tails off.
Oh they would, would they?
Now, run along!
Durwin's thinking, in
case you didn't notice.
I didn't, I guess
it's easy to miss.
Well, I'm certainly sorry
to hear that, Durwin.
I was so hoping you'd
come along, willingly.
But since you won't,
from the plains of war and
the belly of the beast!
Are you casting a
a spell, Wee Dragon?
Oppose me and starve,
but serve me, you'll feast.
How many times have we
walked the same path, Big Gurt?
I don't know, Boyle.
Hey, is this a pop quiz?
No, hotshot, and it's not
a rhetorical question either!
Is that that one
wee dragon who lives
up on the volcano?
Big Gurt, you're my best bud.
Sometimes, I'm not sure why,
but you definitely
are my best bud.
You're my bestie too, Boyle.
I love it when we
take long walks.
That's kind of my point, Gurt.
We've taken a lot of long walks.
I mean, a lot!
They're good for
our leg muscles.
Yes, yes, they are!
But that's not really
my point here, buddy.
Right, if we flap our wings too,
it's like a full-body workout.
They call it cardio!
Oh boy.
Look, Gurt, I've spent my
whole life here in the kingdom.
I hear stories of what
goes on in other places,
but they're just stories.
I'd like to find
out what's going on
in the world, for myself.
You're gonna leave
us, aren't you?
I'm not gonna lie, Gurt, I'd
leave right now, if not for
If not for what, Boyle?
If not for Princess Cai.
Princess Cai, what's
she got to do with it?
She's pretty cool,
don't you think?
You, Boyle, have a
crush on Princess Cai.
I can't fool you, you're right.
I know!
But it's worse than you think.
It is?
I'm in love with
the princess, Gurt.
Love, is she gonna get married?
Oh, does she
you know, know?
I haven't figured out
how to tell her yet.
Are you gonna?
When I know the best way.
I can't just walk up to
her with my dragon breath,
and say, hey there, royalty,
I think I love you!
She's the king's daughter.
She can have any
dragon she wants.
I need to impress her!
Sounds complicated.
It is, Gurt, it is!
There you guys are.
I've been looking everywhere.
What is it, Gergle?
It's Durwin!
I see Durwin up
there in his castle.
What's he doing,
snoring too loud?
No, I saw him breath fire.
He's been unleashed!
Unleashed, wait a minute!
Only a sorcerer's spell could
unleash a dormant dragon.
Blister, Blister cast a spell
and turned Durwin ferocious!
Oh no!
Blister, this is bad!
This is real bad.
Now that you're finally
in my employ, Durwin,
I shall use your mighty
power to gain access
to the kingdom of the Goblins.
There, I can assemble
an army to lead me
to the kingdom of
the Wee Dragons,
and topple King Bedwyr
from his throne.
Once I achieve that,
I will rule the world.
The kingdom will fall.
Wee Dragon Blister
will rule the world.
And don't forget, with mighty
dragon Durwin by my side.
That has a nice ring
to it, doesn't it?
It does, indeed.
Let's hurry now, to
the Goblin kingdom.
The sooner we arrive, the
sooner my plan can be executed.
And then Blister raised
his arms and launched into
some incantation that made
Durwin get all crazy-looking.
I'm telling you guys, I've
never seen him like that.
He didn't even try to
fight back or nothing?
Durwin's so much bigger
than that squirt, Blister.
It's not that simple, Gurt.
Blister knew this spell
and used it to perfection.
Durwin's strength
was meaningless,
because his mind was
it was attacked.
No one could stand a chance
against an evil spell well
cast, not even might Durwin!
With sorcery, the
smallest minion can
bring down the tallest, giant!
Once the spell was cast,
Blister and Durwin were
obviously in alliance.
They flew off together,
thick as thieves they were.
I can't say for sure
where they're going,
or what they're up
to, but I have to say,
I fear for the safety of
every Wee Dragon in the land.
Oh boy, that makes me wanna
hide under a mighty rock
and never come out.
Gergle, from what you're
telling us, I'm afraid
our kingdom of the Wee
Dragons is in grave danger.
Indeed, Boyle, it
doesn't bode well.
Is there any way to
reverse an evil spell?
I'm not a sorcerer, I don't
even know any sorcerers.
What on wee earth can we do?
I can only think of one thing.
It might be the kingdom's
best and only chance.
Tell me, what is it?
Emrick the sorcerer may be
the only one who can intervene.
Old Emrick, he's
bonkers, isn't he?
I just don't know
what to do, Tinker Toes.
I want to experience the world,
but I also don't
wanna do it alone.
It would be amazing to
hold the claw of my love,
while seeing new lands,
and meeting new dragons.
Alas, I haven't met that love.
Maybe, he's out there and
you have to go find him?
You think so?
Stranger things have happened.
Maybe, this wanderlust
is the universe's way
of telling you to get out
there, and when you do,
good things will happen.
And you'll end up with
everything you desire,
travel, adventure, and love!
Oh, Tinker, I can
always count on you
to put things in perspective.
You are my princess,
and I'm here to serve.
I should start planning
my journey right away.
Why wait, there's no
time like the present?
Hurry, Big Gurt, we
gotta find Emrick, ASAP!
I'm flying as fast
as I can fly, Boyle.
Too many trapped-leery-con
eggs for breakfast.
Boyle and Big
Gurt, I've been expecting you.
You have?
Well, of course, I'm
a sorcerer, aren't I?
I see everything
two steps before it happens.
You ate too many trapped-a-leery-con
eggs earlier today.
Emrick, if you knew
we were coming, then
you must know why we're here.
Indeed, Wee Dragon,
your kindred Blister
has used a spell
to enlist the services
of the feared mighty
dragon, Durwin.
That's right, so how can we
break the spell and stop them?
We can't.
Excuse me?
Sorry, you're out of luck.
What do you mean,
we're out of luck?
Yeah, I don't feel
very lucky at all.
How could we have run
out, if we never had any?
You're a sorcerer, Emrick.
More than that, you're
the sorcerer around here.
No way, little Blister
is anywhere near
as powerful as you are.
It's not just any spell, Boyle.
Blister has cast
the Wyvern spell.
Oh no, what's the Wyvern spell?
The Wyvern spell
was first cast 13 score
and four years ago,
by Pure-gum the Insufferable.
It leveled the great
towers of Billet,
and plunged our land into chaos,
for a millennium.
I remember reading about that
in Wee history class.
You can read?
Not really,
it was a picture book.
The Wyvern spell
is not easily broken.
Only the great dragon
Queen Sah-Goom-rue was able
to reverse it,
and at great cost.
It hasn't been used
by anyone since,
and remains the darkest
chapter in Wee history.
Whatever the spell
is levied against
shall be destroyed.
Oh boy, I think
I'm gonna be sick.
Are you saying
we can only sit by
and wait for the
kingdom to be destroyed?
No, Boyle,
you can at least warn
King Bedwyr the Tremendous
that big trouble Cometh.
Oh great, that makes
me feel a lot better.
It does, 'cause I
still feel pretty queasy.
Go forth, Wee Dragons.
I bestow on upon you
the Boba spell of protection,
to see that you reach
your destination safely.
Well that sounds good, I
feel a little bit better.
Hey, I feel a little quicker
with Emrick's protection
spell over us.
How about you?
About the same here, Boyle.
Well, I'm glad I didn't eat
as many trapped-a-leery-con
eggs as you, Big Gurt.
You think we can get
to the king in time?
I hope so, Boyle, I hope so.
Halt, who goes there?
Are you the mighty dragon?
And you look
slight, you miniature thing.
Oh, I do, do I?
What do you two
interlopers want?
Just a moment of your time.
My name's Blister, and
this hulking Goliath
is my trusty servant, Durwin.
I notice you're all
by yourself here
in this big, old
castle, King Foul.
It must get terribly
lonely at times, eh?
I don't need any roommates.
Oh, I'm not suggesting
a roommate, king.
I'm offering a wife.
thank you for the offer, but
I can't suffer a wife, blah.
I wouldn't be so
quick to refuse, king.
The bride I propose is none
other than Princess Cai,
from the kingdom
of the Wee Dragons.
Princess Cai?
Yes, surely you're interested
in the chance to have her
on your goblin arm, no?
Your throne is known and
feared, far and wide, King Foul.
The one thing it's missing
is the proper queen
to complement such
a notorious king.
I won't argue that,
and though Princess Cai
shares unfortunate genes
with that primitive
monkey-brain, King Bedwyr,
she's young enough
that her mind
can still be righted.
And I can think of no
righter than you, King Foul.
Well, it seems we see some
things eye-to-eye, Wee Dragon.
But the question remains,
how is that you've come
to deal the princess's
hand in marriage?
Argh, that's easy, the
laws of the lands dictate
that an imprisoned monarch
cede his territory,
and his power to the
next, nearest monarch.
King Bedwyr's been
imprisoned, by whom?
By you, King Foul.
And as the next, nearest
monarch, it would seem
that you've not only
claimed Bedwyr's territory,
the kingdom of the Wee Dragons,
but also his daughter,
the lovely Princess Cai.
And as controller of
the princess's fate,
you can arrange her marriage
or marry her yourself.
You certainly are a devious,
little runt of a
dragon, Blister.
Thank you for the
compliment, king.
I shall take King Bedwyr
into custody immediately,
and see that he is
brought up on charges.
That sounds delightful.
What will the charges be?
Who cares?
I'll be the highest authority
in both our lands.
I'll figure out the charge
once we have him.
I can't believe I
never thought of this.
You can thank me later,
perhaps with some gold bullion
or one of your river's
three-headed goblin trout.
They're delicious snacks!
That they are.
I'll get you a net full
of them, how's that?
Just answer me one
question first.
As an obvious Wee Dragon,
why in the world
are you assisting
the downfall of
your own kingdom?
Why not, the kingdom
of the Wee Dragons has
never done me right.
I've tried to fit in,
get along, endear myself
to those winged twerps, but
only got the door slammed
in my face, again and again.
They don't take
Blister seriously.
I will take over the kingdom
and become their ruler.
I will make them
take me seriously.
We have a deal!
Halt, what's your
business, Wees?
We're here to see King
Bedwyr the Tremendous.
You and everybody
else, move along!
Well, it's important.
It's always important.
You know how many times
a day I meet Wee Dragons,
looking to get to
the king's ear?
No, is it a lot?
And what do they want
to do with his ear?
With all due respect, guard,
our business is different than
anything you've heard before.
The survival of the kingdom
depends on us warning
King Bedwyr of
the coming danger!
Uh-huh, I've heard
that one before too.
Why don't you two fly along?
The castle is no
place for tomfoolery.
Who's tomfoolery,
I'm so confused?
Look, if you
insist on persisting,
I'll have no choice but
to place you under arrest.
Okay, okay.
Can we at least relay
a message for the king?
We're not kidding,
it's super important!
You have three seconds to
get off the royal property
or both of you are under arrest!
I'll take it from here!
Did I hear you say, you
need to speak to my father?
And neither of us is
tomfoolery, just so you know.
We have something very
important to tell the king.
Our land is in grave
danger, and he needs
to know about it, stat!
Why did you call her stat?
Just follow me here, Gurt.
If there's any way we can see
the king, just for a minute,
I'd be eternally
grateful, princess.
Well, since you're using
terms like eternally,
I guess I should let you in.
I mean, yeah.
I hope we haven't
disturbed you, father.
May these two Wee Dragons
have a word with you?
Whoa, what's the
meaning of this, Cai?
Who are they?
Sorry to interrupt you, king.
My name's Boyle.
And I'm Gurt.
My friends call me Big Gurt.
How did you get in here?
My guards have instructions
not to grant entry
to anyone without
an appointment.
I let them in, daddy.
I made a judgment call.
I'm old enough to
do that, you know?
They seem honest and they say
they have great
danger to report.
Very well, out
with it, Wee Dragon.
What is this great danger
I need to be aware of?
King, we got word from a friend
that there's big
trouble headed our way.
Yeah, something
wicked this way comes.
Let me see if I understand.
You're here because
you heard a rumor
of trouble from a friend?
Yes, but a very trustworthy one!
Cai, my sweet daughter,
I know you yearn to
spread your wings,
but you really must
stop being so gullible.
I'm calling my guards to
remove these two immediately.
Wait, king.
It's Blister, he cast the
Wyvern spell on Durwin,
and they're planning
to destroy the kingdom.
Blister, what?
That Wee Dragon's been trouble
since the day he was born.
I know, right?
Did you say
the Wyvern spell?
Yes, the Wyvern spell!
The Wyvern spell, indeed.
Do we know where Blister
and Durwin are now?
Durwin, we're on the
precipice of greatness.
Once King Bedwyr
is out of the way,
we'll have limitless power!
Yeah, master.
With your help, I
will write my name
our names in history
as the mightiest
and most feared
rulers the kingdom
of the Wee Dragons
has ever seen.
In fact, I'll rename the land.
How does Blist-Wyne
Kingdom sound?
Then Blist-Wyne
Kingdom it shall be!
And every Wee Dragon, who
never took Blister seriously,
will eat their words
and quake in their paws.
With you and King
Foul on my side,
and the power of
the Wyvern spell,
it's only a matter of time now.
I'm no expert in war, king,
but maybe we should
fortify the castle
and put all the
guard on high alert.
If Blister and Durwin
try a sneak attack,
we'd be smart to prepare for it!
You may be no
expert, but you sound
like a natural, little Boyle.
My issue is that
the Wyvern spell is
for expert practitioners.
Wizards with centuries of
experience have been unable
to wrangle its power.
The idea of that little
Blister would master it
out of the blue
seems farfetched.
I'm willing to bet Blister
is all bluster, as usual.
I shall tell the
guards to stand down.
We'll keep an eye
out, but I'm not going
to start taking little
Blister seriously now.
You might be right
about that, father,
but what if you're not?
Gosh, are you sure
about this, king?
You doubt the king's intuition?
What's happening, Boyle?
Oh no!
Princess, I'm sorry about
this terrible turn of events.
I can't help but feeling
somehow responsible.
It isn't your fault, Boyle.
The spell is obviously real,
and Blister is obviously as
dangerous as you say he is.
For that, we can only thank you.
I need you two to go
to the land of Zah,
and find the all-knowing sage.
He can help us,
if he so chooses.
We shall be on our
way, Princess Cai.
What about you,
princess, what will you do?
One thing my father
always taught me it that
if you want something done,
you've gotta do it yourself.
I'm going to try
and find my father.
Be careful, princess!
Don't worry, I have Tinker
Toes to watch my back.
Godspeed to you two.
Godspeed, princess.
We shall meet again, soon.
Bedwyr, my old nemesis.
Enjoy your new home,
here in the Goblin kingdom,
from a king to a prisoner.
That's quite a trajectory,
you overrated swine.
It's been a while, King Foul.
And if you think you can break
my will with silly words,
you're as
foolish as you've always been.
I'll reclaim my
throne in no time,
and you'll pay dearly
for this transgression.
Ah, keep thinking
that, why don't you?
In the meantime,
Wee Blister will be the
new king of your land,
because it's so worthless, I
want nothing to do with it.
Except for one thing.
One thing, and what is
that, you thieving creature?
Your daughter, of course.
The Princess Cai!
How dare you!
If you lay so much
as a claw on her...
You'll do what?
I'll have you...
You'll do nothing, Bedwyr.
Remember, I'm still king,
and you're now my prisoner.
You'll do as I say,
and I say I'm taking your
daughter's hand in marriage.
No way!
Way, way, way!
And if you behave,
you may even receive
an invitation to our wedding.
Oh, Tinker Toes,
whatever will we do?
I know I put on a strong
face for Boyle and Gurt,
but I don't know if
there's anything we can do.
I may never see my father again!
Take heart, my princess,
there's always help
when we need it.
From who?
Have you considered
the Mushroom Elves?
The Mushroom Elves?
Why no.
I'd highly advise it.
Through them, it's possible
to gain entrance to
the Goblin kingdom.
It is?
Well, let's find them, Tinker.
We've no time to waste.
Boyle, I'm worried.
Why, are you still
feeling the effects
of those
trapped-a-leery-con eggs?
No, it's not that,
I'm worried about
the all-knowing sage.
He sounds like our best shot,
besides the princess
recommended him.
I doubt she'd take a chance
with her kingdom on the line.
But he's got a temper.
I've heard so many
stories about him.
When he doesn't like
something, or someone,
he can be a real savage.
Well, we'll see about that.
Let's find him
and make our case,
then we'll see how
rational he is.
I hope the rumors are
just that, for our sakes.
Look at that, Durwin!
All that land, all that
architecture, all those minions,
are all ours!
Let's settle in at the castle.
Our castle!
Tinker, we need to find
the Mushroom Elves' king,
but I have no idea
where to look.
Tell me about it,
we could've stepped
right over him, for all I know.
They all look the same to me.
There is one creature
who may be able to help us,
though I haven't seen
him in quite some time.
He knows the comings and goings
of everyone in the forest.
Nothing gets by him.
That sounds like
quite the friend.
Who is he, princess?
Look, there he
is, it's Mold Spot.
Oh, he's not what I envisioned,
at all.
Hiya, lady, been a moldy minute.
Where ya been hiding?
In plain sight, Mold Spot.
We haven't seen you around
the castle in a long time.
How are you?
Still growing, albeit slowly.
What brings you to the
wrong side of the tracks?
Oh, Moldy, I don't
know what to do!
My father's been taken
by an evil spell,
and the Wee Dragon Blister is
going to assume the throne!
Great Scott,
that's the worst news I've heard
since the barter store
began carrying fungicide.
Your father is a great
dragon and greater king.
Is there anything
I can do to help?
Perhaps, he's being held
captive in the Goblin kingdom.
We need to go there and
try to break him out,
but the Mushroom
Elves' king is the
only one who can
show us the way.
Can you tell us where
we can find him?
Uh-oh, what does that mean?
I'd highly advise both of you
to steer clear of
the Goblin kingdom.
The Mushroom Elves'
king recently lost
all his gold to
thieving goblins,
and is on the verge
of declaring war.
It's not a good time!
It's not a good time
for any of us, it seems.
But Mold Spot, if I
don't find my father,
I fear our kingdom
will be lost forever.
Raising the the ire of
the Mushroom Elves' king
is not advisable.
I'd rather make an
enemy of that king,
than lose my own forever.
I wouldn't ask if I
knew of any other way.
I'm sorry to hear of
your predicament, Cai.
I'll help you,
on one condition.
Yes, just name it!
Leave my name out of it.
If the king asks
how you found him,
throw someone else
under the cart.
I don't need anymore enemies,
and I don't need
that kind of trouble.
All right, the
fastest to the land
of the Mushroom Elves is through
the aisle of enchantment.
There will be perils but
traveling the countryside
will be five times the journey.
And it sounds like
time is of the essence.
Thank you so much, Mold Spot.
I'd hug you
but you're kind of stinky.
It's okay,
princess, I'm used to it.
No matter how much time passes,
you're always such a friend.
How can I ever repay you?
Inviting me to the castle
sometime, if this all works out,
and tell the servants
to hide the fungicide.
Before you go, princess.
You know you hail from
ancient dragon lineage, right?
Well, yes, of course.
Why do you say?
You possess magical powers
you may not be aware of.
I do?
Yes, they're in your blood.
Sometimes, it just
takes a little while
to recognize and master them.
It's wise to seek help
when we're in trouble,
but don't count yourself out.
You may not need anyone
but yourself, Cai.
Look over there!
There he is,
it's the all-knowing sage!
I feel lightheaded.
He he, it's just the altitude.
We're high up in the mountains.
Breathe in through your nose
and out through your mouth.
You'll be okay.
Come on, stick close,
I'll do the talking.
Thank goodness.
Go no further.
What brings you
mini-beasts to my lair?
I had no idea your kind could
even survive in this altitude.
Me neither.
Pardon us, sage, but
we're in big trouble,
and a friend recommended
we come talk to you.
What friend could we possibly
have in common, squirt?
Princess Cai, sir.
King Bedwyr.
How is that old boy?
I haven't seen him in ages.
Well, he's not well, sir.
The king's been kidnapped!
By whom?
By King Foul the Raffle,
who's holding Bedwyr prisoner
in the Goblin kingdom,
so that our Wee
brother, Blister,
who cast a Wyvern spell,
can take over the throne
and rule our kingdom!
Goodness gracious,
you've got a lot going on.
That we do, sir,
and we haven't taken
this decision to
find you, lightly.
We don't know else to do!
Well, what makes
you think I know?
Well, because
you're the
The all-knowing sage.
That I am.
But alas, I've resided
on this mountaintop
for longer than you
two have been alive.
I'm getting too old.
My all-knowing
capabilities are waning.
Well, could you
give us some advice?
Advice, you say?
Don't fly low in the mountains.
Clean your claws daily.
And stay away from
trapped-a-leery-con eggs.
Thank you, sage.
Might you have any advice for
getting our king back?
Regarding your problem
and the king's plight,
there is one thing that can
reverse the Wyvern spell.
There is!
What is it?
It's the Crystal Light
of the Mountain Pixies,
but it's not easy to find.
Convincing the Mountain
Pixies to help you will be
more difficult than dealing
with me.
I can assure you.
That's okay, sir, thank you.
We'll do everything we can.
I see that you will, youngster.
Go now, look out for
each other, and always
remember we're all just
walking each other home.
That's deep!
Whatever will I do?
The kingdom is doomed!
Only if you allow
it to be doomed, king.
Yeah, I get that a lot.
What's the meaning
of this witchery?
Take it easy, I
mean no harm to you.
We're in the same boat.
I too was a king once.
In fact, we knew one
another, you and I.
Allow me to reintroduce myself.
I'm Sid the Mighty,
ex-Goblin king,
before that monster, King
Foul, robbed me of my throne.
King Sid!
Great Scott!
How did this happen?
Also, King Foul.
I did not vacate my throne,
as was widely rumored.
I was disposed of,
and an evil spell
transformed me into this.
From the ruler of my
land to a stick of wood.
At least,
he let you remain yourself.
I had no idea, and
you've been here
this whole time?
Leaning in this corner.
Watching spiders spin webs.
Talking to prisoners
who are so crazy,
they're used to talking
to inanimate objects.
It's kind of refreshing to
have startled you, honestly.
You haven't yet lost your mind.
Nor shall I.
I'm going to regain my kingdom!
Any ideas how?
I see.
How about you and I
make a bargain, king?
What do either of us
have to offer the other?
What sort of
bargain do you mean?
I'll help you find
a way out of here,
if you come back for me,
and help me defeat King Foul
and retake my throne.
Anything, I can do to unseat
that monster?
Count me in!
Tell me, Sid, has anyone ever
broken out of this dungeon?
Not that I know of.
Then how do you
propose we do it,
if it's never been done?
Where there's a
will, there's a way!
I suppose you're right.
Besides, we've got
nothing but time.
Chin up, king, dragons
and goblins never say die.
I don't know about
these pixies, Boyle.
I don't think I wanna
deal with anymore magic,
if you know what I mean.
But you heard the sage, Gurt.
The pixies hold the secret to
reversing the Wyvern spell!
And then can also probably
cast a nasty spell on us.
If they don't like us,
maybe we should just
leave them alone.
We've come this far, Gurt.
I'm not turning back now!
You can go back now if you want.
By myself, uh-uh!
I'm sticking with you, Boyle.
It's settled then, on we go!
You can do this,
you can do this.
Here it is, Tinker,
the Isle of Enchantment
that Mold Spot told us about.
Hello, hello there.
What brings you, fine travelers,
to the Isle of
Enchantment, today?
We're here on
behalf of my father,
who's in a dire emergency.
If you could please help us get
to the land of the Mushroom
Elves, I'd be so grateful.
Well, I might have helped
you out of the kindness
of my heart, princess, but
I don't have a heart.
But I propose a test!
Solve my riddle, and
I'll help you find
the land of the Mushroom Elves.
But fail and lose your way,
both of you doomed to
wander this island forever.
You're on, you aren't
smart enough to stump me,
much less the both
of us, good sir.
Tinker Toes!
Go on, give us
your riddle, shill,
and prepare to be
thwarted in short order.
Very well, runt.
Try this.
All people have it,
rich people need it.
If you eat it, you die.
What is it?
Oh my!
Tinker, this is madness!
My father's life is at stake!
Trust me, princess,
this lad is nothing
but a carny gatekeeper.
That's it!
What's it?
You said it, Tinker Toes!
Nothing, poor people have
it, rich people need it.
If you eat it, you die.
What is it?
Well, you're smarter than
you look, I'll say that.
Now, can you tell us how to get
to the land of the
Mushroom Elves?
A quarter of a mile that way,
keep your eyes peeled,
then turn to your right,
then left, and you're there.
Let's go, Tinker Toes!
Welcome to the eternal
temple, travelers.
I see you're both Wee Dragons.
You must have come a long way.
That we have, mister
I'm Gruffydd, the pixie
groundskeeper and temple-keeper
around here.
Might I ask what brings
two young dragons,
such as yourselves,
to the eternal temple?
I'm afraid it's not that fun.
Our kingdom's in big trouble,
and we've been all over,
trying to help our king,
who's been held captive
by an evil spell!
A spell?
Let me cut to the chase.
We've come to see
about the Crystal Light
of the Mountain Pixies.
I'm afraid you've
erred, dragons.
The Crystal Light
won't be found here,
nor is it a toy to
be trifled with.
You should return
from whence you came,
and forget all about
this journey of yours.
Gruffydd, please hear us out!
Everything thing we've
ever known will be lost,
if we don't stop this Wee Dragon
who cast the evil
spell on our king!
If I take you to
see the Pixie King,
and he dislikes what he hears,
he may throw you in the pixie
pit of piercing pantaloons
for all eternity.
Then your bad day will
become a horrible end.
Do you two youngster
want to risk that?
I mean, I suppose.
This place has always
been shabby, Durwin,
but I've got plans.
With us in power, this
area will be transformed
into a dragon discotheque.
Do you think you
might be getting
ahead of yourself, Blister?
What's that supposed to mean?
Just that you're making
quite a few big plans,
but you haven't yet assumed
full control of the kingdom.
You could still be thwarted
by dedicated opponents.
Oh, really?
I'd like to see these
opponents, Durwin.
Tell me, where might
they be hiding, hmm?
Just presenting the
possibility, that's all.
I've been around a
long time, remember?
I've seen kings comes,
and I've seen kings go.
Well, you've never
seen a king like me,
King Blister the First.
As your dedicated
cohort, Blister,
I must tell you that
there is a power greater
than that which you possess.
Ha, boulder dash!
Name this power, and I'll find
it and make it my own, too!
The Crystal Light of the
Mountain Pixies can reverse
your Wyvern spell,
and any other spell
you might cast, for that matter.
Then the Pixie
King will also fall,
and that kingdom
shall be mine as well!
And with it, the Crystal Light
of the former Mountain Pixies.
This place is scary, Boyle.
Are you sure Gruffydd brought
us to the right place?
We're in no position
to question him, Gurt.
And we're running out of time!
We have to have faith!
Stop there, you are
strange creatures!
Who said that?
I got this, Gurt!
Greetings, pixie, we were
brought here by Gruffydd,
to see your king!
I know who brought you
and I know why you're here,
but do you really believe
you can just march in
and command the king's ear?
It's worked pretty well, so far.
Sh, Gurt, don't make him mad!
If it's the king
you wish to meet,
you'll be granted
court with the king
of the Mountain
Pixies, do you accept?
Sounds like we
don't have a choice.
You don't.
Then let's do this!
Well, well, well!
What do we have here?
A pretty lady and some
kind of grizzly creature?
Hey, watch your mouth!
I am Princess Cai, from the
kingdom of the Wee Dragons.
Oh, wow, you are her.
I wasn't expecting
please accept my apology
for my behavior, princess.
I'm not used to royalty
strolling in here
out of the blue and all.
Huh, fat chance, door man.
Tinker Toes, please!
Long Snot, I'm afraid
our visit is a matter
of life and death.
My kingdom is in great peril,
and my father the king
has been kidnapped.
Oh no!
I've followed King Bedwyr's
monarchy since I was little.
I even remember when
you were born, princess.
I must warn you it may not be
the best time to see the king.
He's in a
a particularly foul mood.
Long Snot, I know a princess
of the Wee Dragons
means nothing here,
but we're trying
to save my kingdom.
If there's any way we can
plead our case to the king,
we'd be forever in your debt.
Who can argue that?
You're even more impressive
in person,
Than the stories
I've heard about you.
There are stories about me?
Oh yeah, you're widely admired.
And not just in
your own kingdom.
Oh my!
I told you so.
This way!
I have big plans
for this dump, Durwin.
And I'm not about to let
anything get in my way now!
If there's a stupid
light out there
that can undo my
spells, I want it.
Right here, in the
palm of my paw.
No weapons shall exist that
aren't controlled by me.
And no one shall harbor any
secrets across this land
that I don't know about.
Starting right now, there's
a new sheriff in town.
Wouldn't you rather be king?
I am king, it's a saying.
You know what I mean.
Go forth, mighty Durwin, and
bring me the Crystal Light
of the Mountain Pixies.
Forgive the intrusion, king,
but we've had a long day,
and we won't waste
a lot of your time.
My name's Boyle and this here
is my companion, Big Gurt.
We're from the fun and friendly
kingdom of the Wee Dragons,
and it's in a lot of trouble.
Our King Bedwyr the
Tremendous has fallen victim
to an evil spell,
and has been replaced
by a nasty, little runt
of a dragon named Blister.
You may have heard of him.
If not, you're not
missing anything.
Yeah, nothing at all.
We've been told that the spell
that overthrew our
king can be reversed
by the magical Crystal Light
of the Mountain Pixies.
So, long story
short, here we are.
Humbly throwing ourselves
at your mercy, Pixie King.
Yes, humbly, very humbly.
All we want is to save
our kingdom, our families,
and our friends, king.
And our travels
have led us to you.
If you could help us, we
We'll be your friends for life.
Unless that's weird,
Then we'd leave you alone.
Unless you needed us.
Unless you needed us,
then, yeah, we'd be there.
If you needed anything.
Anything at all.
We heard you might
be in a bad mood, so
again we apologize.
You heard right, Wee Dragons,
I'm in a bad mood today!
A bad mood, because I heard
what happened in your kingdom.
And in my experience, a
usurer to a throne will
not stop with a
single kingdom, so
unfortunately I'm
anticipating widespread war
and destabilization,
across all our lands,
far and wide,
unless your wee problem-child,
Blister, is stopped now!
So, we're on the same page?
That's great!
Wee Dragons, there comes a
time in every creatures life
when one must venture forth
and test one's mettle,
against the world at large.
What's that mean?
Sh, be quiet, Gurt!
These journeys bring us
closer to our true selves,
and by undertaking
them, unlock within us
the latent strength and magic
that lay dormant
in us, all along.
Oh seriously, I'm totally lost.
Gurt, hush!
You Wees have undoubtedly
traversed much treachery
on your path to me, and cleared
many unforeseen hurdles.
True that!
What, I know what
he's saying now!
You've come seeking the
heralded Crystal Light
of the Mountain Pixies?
Yep, that's the thing!
Well, let me tell you,
there's no such thing.
What do you mean?
The Crystal Light is a myth,
a rumor started to
dissuade any attackers
and discourage any
attempts to overthrow me.
Really, and it's worked great.
Obviously, you risked your
very lives chasing after it.
Boy, do I feel stupid.
Me too.
I mean, I feel that way a
lot, but especially right now.
Feel not self-pity, Wee Dragons.
Instead, feel gratitude.
The lessons learned
in your travels
have opened an important
door, for you both.
Now, I'm confused.
We just failed our king and
our land is lost forever.
Forgive me, Pixie King,
but I'm not really feeling
this personal growth
thing, at all.
Young dragon, sometimes
the answers we need most
also reveal themselves
when they are most needed.
You are dragons,
therefore inherently magical.
The power you seek
is already with you!
King, king!
A high alert!
Our scouts have spotted the
mighty dragon Durwin in flight.
He's headed straight for us.
Clear the grounds and
lock down the castle!
Farewell, Wee Dragons.
Remember my words and
good luck on your mission.
It is not over until
you wish it to be!
Oh, Gurt, I don't
what to do now.
There's no where else to turn.
Maybe, we don't
need to turn anywhere.
You heard what the
Pixie King said,
the answer to saving
our kingdom is
already inside of us.
But what does that mean?
It means we go save
King Bedwyr ourselves!
Princess Cai of the
kingdom of the Wee Dragons,
and her companion Tinker
Toes, to see you, great king.
Good luck, princess.
Good day, king.
What brings you all the
way to my land, princess?
A big problem, actually.
My father, King Bedwyr,
has been overthrown
and is being held captive
in the Goblin kingdom.
Yes, I said rumor of this,
so it's true?
Sadly, yes.
Well, what do you want from me?
I want you to help me
into the Goblin kingdom,
so I can bring my father back.
I respect your
determination, princess, but
such a thing is unheard of.
Respectfully, king,
if I may interject.
Unheard of things are
happening all the time,
unheard of things
toppled our king,
and unheard of things
will also rescue him.
We're here to do
unheard of things.
And what will you
give me in return,
Wee Dragons?
How about we bring
back your gold?
Now, you're talking, creatures!
I will allow you into the
kingdom of the Goblins.
King Bedwyr, my sixth
sense tells me your daughter,
Princess Cai, has just
breached the Goblin kingdom!
She's here, king, and she
has a companion with her,
a small, Runtish creature.
I don't know the name,
but it doesn't appear
to offer much protection in
the face of grave danger.
Tinker Toes!
Can you see exactly
where they are now, Sid?
No, only that they're here.
They're on the move and.
And what, what?
And their demise is certain.
She shouldn't have come, king.
She shouldn't have come.
Nice to you save me the
trouble of coming for you,
and came to me instead.
I came for one thing, King Foul,
my father, the rightful
king of the Wee Dragons.
Ah, but the king of
your land is King Blister.
Check the castle if
you don't believe me.
The only thing that needs
checking is your mouth,
you despicable creep!
No, my princess.
The only thing that
needs checking is
where our wedding
will take place,
your kingdom or mine.
You really are crazy!
Crazy in love!
Come now, let's get hitched!
How about I turn you into
a donkey!
You'll have to work on
that magic, princess.
How about a hug instead?
Maybe, you're right, Gurt.
Maybe, we can do
this on our own.
We were looking
for help all along,
and all along we had
everything we needed!
Thank the Pixie King, Boyle.
I mean, let's face it.
I never thought we'd get
half as far as we did.
Wee Dragons, bah!
Hypnotized dragons, double bah!
Howdy, Boyle.
Hey, Gurt.
Boyle, what did you just do?
I think I just conjured
the Crystal Light
of the Mountian Pixies!
What are you guys up to?
don't remember?
Remember what, exactly.
Oh, nothing.
Say, Durwin
If you're not too busy,
we're gonna run a little errand.
You wanna help us?
We got ourselves a
mighty dragon ally!
Our work on my magic, all right.
I'd sooner groom a hairless cat
than ever kiss a dirty rat!
This is for my father,
King Bedwyr the Tremendous!
Now, that's impressive.
Amazing job, princess!
I couldn't have done it better.
Come on, Tinker Toes,
we have a king to rescue.
Oh, however did
you find me, my dear?
We never gave up, daddy.
We kept looking
until we found you!
How in the world
did you get past
that scoundrel, King Foul?
Magic, my king.
I found my magic!
I was wondering
when you would realize
your full capabilities.
We all find it at
different times.
You were born a
dragon princess, Cai,
and now is the time
to live as one.
I won't let you
down again, daddy.
I'll never let you down.
You never let me
down to begin with.
I've never been
more proud of you.
You're the best princess
in the entire world.
And you're the
best king the land
of the Wee Dragons
has ever known.
Stay on your toes, guys.
When we find Blister,
he won't go quietly!
He never does.
I sure am looking
forward to some rest
and relaxation after this.
I've seen an awful lot of
action, for a sleepy dragon.
Ha, you can say that again!
He's seen an awful lot of
action for a sleepy dragon?
Hey, where did Durwin go?
He's right next to me.
Hey, where did he go?
Nice try, wee jerks,
but my Wyvern spell is
more powerful than any
peddling magic you control.
You sure about that, Blister?
I've never been more sure
of anything in my life.
Have it your way!
Ha, what do you call that?
Go find a wishing well.
Durwin, attack!
Durwin, attack!
Your party's over, Blister.
It's time to pay
the consequences.
Why don't we talk
about this, eh?
Maybe, next time, Blister.
Right now, I have
a princess to see.
Off you go, wee jerk,
to a land far, far away.
If not for the
bravery of you two Wees,
our kingdom may
not have survived.
on behalf of the
entire Wee kingdom,
I want to thank you.
Anything you want,
you just name it.
Your majesty, with your
daughter's quick thinking,
unbelievable strength, and
bravery anything greater
than anything we
could've mustered,
we couldn't have gotten
as far as we did.
I appreciate the kind words
and will carry them
with me forever, but
the only reward I dare ask is
for Cai's hand in marriage.
Princess Cai, will you marry me?
Adventure and love!
Yes, yes, I will
marry you, Boyle!
I didn't know how to tell
you before, but
I've been in love with you
since I first set
eyes on you, Cai.
Oh stop!
I'm serious, you made
my heart pitter-patter
every time I caught
a glimpse of you.
I never could figure
out how to break the ice
and just introduce myself.
Silly dragon, all you
had to do was say, hi.
I don't bite.
I know you yearn for
travel and adventure, Cai.
And I want you to know,
I'll always be game for
any adventure you want,
on one condition.
Oh, what condition is that?
Always take me with you.
I love you, Boyle.