Weight (2018) Movie Script

(sirens ringing)
(loud rumbling)
(deep intense music)
(soft slow music)
- Thank you for coming, Ms. Palmer.
- You don't give me no choice, do you?
- Did you expect me to
ignore the fighting?
- What you do this time?
- [Teacher] William attacked another--
- I'm not talking to you!
Same as last time, right?
Look, I'll talk to him.
- Now, you know that's not
gonna cut it this time.
- Look, I'm trying!
- You know what, William,
wait outside with your sister, please.
Look, I know you had to get a second job.
- Look, I didn't plan on
raising my brother's children!
- And I understand those
children had a hard summer.
I cannot have violence in my school.
- They watched they parents get killed!
(soft solemn music)
Look, the only time he's
violent is when he's
protecting Charlotte, okay?
Look, where's the other
boy, let me ask him!
- No, I'll talk to him.
But that doesn't change much.
You have got to get a handle on William
or he cannot stay here anymore.
- Okay, I will, all right, I promise!
- Wait, Ms. Palmer.
The fights are just a part of it.
William isn't talking at all and
his teachers are concerned.
And Charlotte.
- [Echo] Charlotte.
(rhythmic rap music)
(guns firing)
- What the hell you want?
- Let me see the gun.
- It's grown man shit, you
think you can handle this?
- Man, let me see the gun.
- You know your brother don't
want you playing with no guns.
- Man, fuck that nigga.
Let me see this.
- Have you ever shot
somebody before though?
- Watch this shit.
(gun firing)
- Man, give me this.
- I tried to tell you niggas.
(light talking)
(gun firing)
- Ya'll gonna split it?
(clearing throat)
Good lord.
How you doing, Charlotte?
- What's up, Junk, you
can call me Charlie.
- Hell no, nigga.
That's my baby motherfucking sister.
She's off limits to you, nigga, and you!
Ey, ey, niggas, she off...
This my baby sister, look,
she off limits for all you motherfuckers!
- William, we just talking,
would you calm down!
- Yeah, William, we just talking
for right now.
- Hey, man, look, don't ever
call me that again, all right.
My auntie and my sister
are the only people
that address me by that shit.
My teachers even calling me Dub.
- Nigga, you ain't have
no god damn teachers.
- Yeah, whatever, man.
Hey look, she got all
the motherfucking brains
and I got all the
motherfucking money, all right.
Let's not forget, I pay you
motherfuckers to work for me.
Besides, she too motherfucking
smart to be back here
with you dumb motherfuckers anyway.
Hey, it's time to go, man.
- What, why I gotta go?
- Don't you got some
homework or something to do?
I mean, shit, what am I paying for?
Law school, oh, that's right.
Go read your law book.
- Come on, it is time to go,
you don't need to be
around these street niggas.
- Uh, look at auntie, what you got on?
What is that, velvet!
- Shut up!
(people laughing)
- Look at Auntie done found god!
- Stop.
- Auntie acting like
she don't know nothing
about these streets though.
Didn't you use to stay here?
- Look, don't you start with me.
Just like you said, this ain't
a place for no decent woman.
Come on.
- Dub, is the food ready?
- Hey, yo, my girl here.
- [Aunt] Your girl?
- Yeah, baby, come on out for a second.
It's time to introduce
you to my Aunt Wendy
and my sister, Charlotte.
Hey ya'll, this Licia.
- Hey.
- Hey, baby.
Come on, it's time to go.
- Hey man, you ain't gonna speak?
With your rude ass.
- Anyway, when you come in,
bring me some food and some weed!
- Damn, why she ain't speak?
- Man, fuck you!
Man, what is you lookin' at, Dube?
- Your auntie, she tough.
- [Dub] Hey man, give me your pistol.
- What?
(gun firing)
- Still can't believe its
you with your cross eyes.
- Nigga!
Did he just say I'm cross eyed.
- What's wrong with you?
- He don't ever let me have no fun.
Shit is irritating.
- He's just trying to
protect you, Charlotte.
- From what?
So, it's cool for him to be
out here just living it up,
doing whatever, but I
can't even chill on a porch
and have a drink?
- Look, now you know he has
always looked out for you,
but Dub lives a dangerous life.
Look, and we just don't
want you around that.
Hell, I don't want you around it,
he don't want you around it!
Just not today, okay!
- It's not even that bad over here.
Come on, now.
- Now is that anyway for a
future lawyer to be talking?
You wanna go to church with me?
- Where the fuck this nigga at, man?
- [Man] What's up?
- Hey man, where the fuck you been out?
- What's up, bro, you all right?
Everything good?
- Yeah, where the fuck you been at?
Oh, (mumbles) that ass
you was trying to get at
came through the pump action.
- [Man] What, say what?
Man, for real?
- For real.
- [Man] For real?
- For real.
For real bullshit.
- Man, shut the fuck up, man.
Hey listen, dog, why you
all niggas around this bitch
cackling and laughing and shit,
I got some fucked up ass news.
- What's wrong, Mr. Sensitive?
- Man, Ali got hit last night.
- Yeah, by who?
- Police.
- Real shit, you pay
way too much money for
that type of shit to happen.
- Bro.
- What the fuck happened?
- Shit, I don't know,
we was on the phone and
we didn't get no full details and shit,
but she was basically was
saying she pulled up in
front of one of my spots, was chilling.
They pulled up on her, shook
her down, took her back.
- Where she at now?
- She at her girl house.
She say they didn't fuck
her up or nothing, she cool.
- Right, right, you saying her.
Nigga, you got a bitch working for you?
- Yeah, nigga!
I see it's been a while.
Listen dog, she my lieutenant man,
and she do a damn good
motherfucking job, man.
- I mean, that's fine, bro.
I just know Junk fucking her.
- [Man] Man, that's the problem.
Ya'll niggas play too fucking much, man.
- Nah, man, I most
definitely ain't fucking her.
She cool than a motherfucker,
I fucks with her,
most definitely ain't fucking her though.
- Hey, so that's the little he she bitch
you be bringing around?
- Yeah.
- Bro, that's probably
why 5-0 fucking with her.
All on how she look.
- Cuz, man, that shit don't matter.
She can hold her motherfucking own.
I mean, let's be real, dog,
you think I'd have her out there if she
couldn't handle this shit?
- Dub, I know you don't
wanna hear this shit, my dog,
she puts in that work.
- Look, I don't give a
fuck who working for you.
As long as they loyal and ain't dumb.
Right now, dude, that
sound like some dumb shit.
You got a bitch trying to
play the role of a nigga,
that ain't doing nothing
but putting a mark on you.
- How much they hit her for?
- She said a couple hundred.
She had just finished doing the drop so,
that's the good thing.
- Ain't worth going to war.
- Nah.
- Oh, hell nah, we don't need no war.
But at the end of the
day, we do need to remind
the motherfuckers what it is.
- Man, look, right now,
I'm about to expand this, all right.
And we don't need no issues right now.
Look, next week we go see Matteo
and I damn sure don't
want no issues with them.
- (mumbles) Mitchell.
- Shit, mean, we can at
least make sure they follow
the protection agreement we got with them.
- Man, them motherfuckers just
want some more chicken, man.
Mitchell ain't ever satisfied.
- Man, shit, he's never lied either.
But like I said, we don't
need no more issues.
- It's not worth going to war over,
not that amount of money.
- Hey, matter of fact,
go handle that for me.
- [Licia] Dub, are you coming?
- [Dub] I'll be there in a minute.
- Bro.
- What, nigga?
- She serious?
Nigga, is she here for all of us?
- Would you calm your
hiding dick ass down?
No, nigga, she mine, damn, man.
What the fuck wrong with him?
- Hey, you know the bitch
special, he got her in the track.
- If she here, whoever back at the palace
loaded than a motherfucker.
Maybe I should put my skates on and
slap through that motherfucker.
- Look here, you good
philosophying motherfucker.
Nigga, I'll kill you.
- Hey, hey, hey, man,
you know how that nigga
is with them ho.
- [Dub] For real, my nigga?
- Hell yeah, nigga.
Come on, dog, listen, I've
been knowing you since
we was kids, man, at the end of the day,
I know when you feeling a bitch, bro.
And you're known to fuck up.
- Say word.
- Come on, man, name one
time you ain't fuck up, bro!
Name one time, one, I'll wait.
- Hey man, you know what,
you's a hating motherfucker.
Ya'll just mad because I
got bitches in all my cribs
and you all don't.
You know what, I love you
three raggedy motherfuckers
just like ya'll my brothers,
but ya'll gotta get the fuck out, nigga.
It's time for Firestick and fuck,
something you niggas
don't know shit about.
- Hulu and head, man, (mumbles),
you don't know that bitch like that.
May stuck around give
your Hulu a virus, nigga.
- Man, get the fuck out, man.
- [Junk] Turn around and
bury your fucking Hulu.
(phone ringing)
- Hey, Demar.
Yes, I know why you're calling.
And no, I haven't done the reading yet.
Look, I am not gonna ruin
your little perfect GPA.
I'm going to do the reading.
But I'm saying, it's Saturday night.
My auntie want me to go to church,
my brother think I'm supposed
to just sit in the house
and do nothing, and you want me to read.
I just wanna have some fun.
Okay, dear, I'll be ready in an hour.
- Now where you think you're going?
You know Dub don't like you
dressing like no street ho!
- Dub introduced us to
a street ho tonight.
Now, if his girl can dress like this,
I for damn sure can.
Plus, I look good.
- [Aunt] Charlotte!
- Look, my date is here so don't wait up.
- Look, you better watch yourself before
you fighting a man up off of you!
- That's only if I'm lucky.
- Damn, I said a couple
drinks but you come out
dressed like you ready for a music video.
But I ain't complaining.
- So, you like it?
- Hell yeah I like it.
But we may be a little overdressed for
the party in my neighborhood.
- Okay, so let's go somewhere else!
Look, I got plenty money,
I'm trying to turn up.
- Well, we can't get
all the way turned up.
We gotta study for school tomorrow.
All right, how about we
get halfway turned up?
- What?
- 3/4 turned up?
- Demar.
- All right, fuck it, we
getting all the way turned up.
- Good, okay, pull off because
I know where we can get some weed.
(deep scary music)
- Man, all I know is my
uncle taught me you gotta
lay low on the (mumbles).
Don't draw no extra attention to yourself.
That's the kind of thing
that get you popped off.
This motherfucker Rob
got a bitch dressed up
as a dude.
Like that ain't gonna draw attention.
He's my brother and all but
he's a stupid motherfucker.
- Is it that serious?
- Hell yeah it's that serious.
You know motherfuckers gonna try her.
In return, that's gonna make us look weak.
Shit, if a motherfucker try to rob her,
they gonna have to come see me.
- [Licia] So, you gonna get rid of her?
- Nah, he vouched for her.
And besides, the money been there.
Don't get me wrong, I
don't like the shit though.
- You know what, you never told me what
happened to your uncle.
- This crazy motherfucker got stabbed up
by a chick he was cheating on.
And then my auntie joined the church.
That's when I took over.
- Hmm, your fucking friends ate everything
and I am starving.
- Your greedy ass.
- Nope, no, we not doing this, I'm hungry.
- All right, listen, we're
gonna go to the casino
after we get done.
- You wanna help me
take this lipstick off?
- Hmm, show me what you (mumbles).
Think about it
You dirty, you dirty, dirty
And you taught me a lesson
And I had to learn the hard way
I'm (mumbles) good person
Get it off my chest, got to let it go
Gotta let it go
Wish I knew where I was going
And I might explode, I was rocking
And I might explode, get out of my way
And I might explode
And I wanna know how
could you do me this way?
I was good to you
This is what you do
- So, did you always know that you wanted
to be a lawyer?
- Yeah, my whole life actually.
I used to dress up like
Johnny Cochran for Halloween.
- Damn, I just used to
be the little mermaid.
- Mmm, a fish that
wanted to be a princess.
- What?
- I mean, it might explain
why sometimes you're
kind of quiet and reserved like a fish,
while other times you're kind of loud
and spoiled like a princess.
- Hold up, so you trying
to say I act like a fish?
- You hate giving eye contact too.
- I'm doing it now.
No problem.
- You got a dark side to
you, too, huh, Ms. Charlotte?
- Hello?
Hold on, calm down, Auntie.
Look, I'm on my way.
- What's the problem?
- My brother, he got arrested.
I need you to take me
to the police station.
- Of course.
(deep dark music)
(energetic music)
- I don't know, I was
like thinking (mumbles).
What up though?
Yeah, meet me at the house, now.
I gotta go.
I gotta take care of this but
give me your number, okay?
I'll call you later.
(soft rap music)
(phone ringing)
(soft sensual music)
Show it all for me, girl
It's okay
- So, let's start with our trip.
- I'm saying what's up with,
you know what I'm saying?
- Oh my god, you don't wanna go?
- Man, you keep talking about this trip.
All you wanna do is spend some money.
- Because you don't ever
wanna spend no time.
- Oh my god, here we go.
- I'm just saying.
- Oh shit, Ms. Wendy.
- [Woman] Really?
- Huh?
Oh shit, all right, listen, don't trip,
I'll take care of it, I got it.
- [Woman] It's kind of late, ain't it?
- I got it, I got it.
I'll call you back all right,
I'm gonna take care of it right now.
All right.
This nigga.
- What now?
- Hold on.
- [Woman] Really?
(deep rhythmic music)
- Hey man, where you all at?
All right, I'm on my
way around there, man,
they got Dub, man.
All right, you get around there, man,
I'm on my way right now.
All right.
- Wait, where you going?
- I'm about to go get
my man's out of jail,
if you don't mind.
- Now, I know that's your man or whatever,
and I'm not saying ain't
nobody gotta get him,
but god damn, why it gotta be you?
- Because if he go down, we all go down.
- Exactly, if he go
down, ya'll all go down.
- I gotta go find me some--
- So, instead of trying to save him,
how about you try to save yourself?
How about you try to save us, damn?
- Man, I don't know where the fuck Rob at.
Your guess is as good as mines.
(deep drumming)
Hey, but if they raid the spot, man,
they shouldn't find shit.
Ain't shit been up in that
motherfucker for a minute.
But I can tell you what though,
if they looking for all of us,
we need to lay low for
a minute, real talk.
You right, you right.
Rob probably got the fuck on, man.
He's smart enough to know.
But you know what this mean, don't you?
This nigga Mitchell turned on us, bro.
What we gonna do?
- So, where is he?
- He in there.
They won't let nobody
see him, only his lawyer.
- What, he got a lawyer?
- Yeah, some bougie bitch
he probably fucking.
She said she gonna come
out here and talk to us.
Now, what is he doing here?
Look, you can go ahead and go
on back where you was going,
okay, you done all ready got
what you wanted from her.
This is family business, all right?
- Anything I can do to help?
(mumbles) at the courthouse.
- No, it's cool, we gotta
wait for his attorney.
- Hey look, you gonna
freeze in that jacket.
Here, take mine, just put
this over yours, okay?
- Thank you.
Look, I'm sorry about all of this.
- No problem, don't even worry about it.
Take care of your family.
I'll give you a call tomorrow.
Come get my jacket, it'll give
me a reason to come see you.
- Okay.
- All right, take care.
- Charlotte?
I'm Tamara Woodward,
your brother's attorney.
- [Charlotte] I didn't
know he had an attorney.
- Nevertheless, he's being
taken to county in the morning
and arraigned on Monday.
You can see him before arraignment,
but I'm gonna need to
talk to you tomorrow,
say at the River Front at 2:00 pm?
- [Charlotte] I guess.
- I'm just taking my client's orders.
(eerie dark music)
Hey, do you run?
- No.
- You should, you gotta
keep a hot body hot.
It's cool, I can walk a lot.
You can walk, right?
- I guess.
So, why you got me here?
- So, he's never mentioned me, huh?
- No, not at all.
- Your brother's a smart man,
he keeps everything private.
But I've heard about you,
his smart little sister
that he's determined
is gonna be an attorney one day.
Do you know why?
- So I can protect him.
The same way he's always protected me.
- Would you do anything
to protect him, Charlotte?
- Of course I would.
- Even if it meant
taking over his business?
- Me?
My brother wouldn't dare have that.
He don't even want me hanging around.
He is way too overprotective.
- You sure it was you he was protecting?
He says you have gifts.
He says you have the heart
to do what needs to be done.
Look, they said that he
was in a vehicle receiving
fellatio from some girl.
He says that he was driving
some ho home from the casino.
- You think he would admit to that.
I mean, at worse, it's just a fine.
So why are they keeping him?
- Because apparently
there's a warrant out that
he didn't know about and
that I didn't know about.
Something's off.
Meanwhile, the prosecutor's
out here trying to make
Detroit safe for the rich to come back.
And drug dealers are a problem for her.
- So, what are you saying?
- He's looking at about a
year alone on the warrant,
maybe longer.
Someone has to step up.
- Well, he definitely want it to be Rob,
maybe even Turk, they the ones
been with him the longest.
- He wants you.
He doesn't know who he
can trust right now.
- That don't make sense.
- He's always been there for you.
He's paid for your car, your clothes,
he's sent you to school.
You've never had to
work a day in your life.
You have to.
- Look, I don't know how to sell drugs.
- It's easy.
All you gotta do is buy it for one price
and sell it for another.
You pay your people and
then you keep the change.
You're smart, you'll get the hang of it.
You have about 15 minutes
tomorrow before court
to talk to him, and be there by 8:30.
And have your answer ready.
And don't tell your aunt, he
doesn't want her involved.
I'll talk to you tomorrow.
(birds cawing)
(deep intense music)
- So?
- You were right, they
are definitely fucking.
- Look, don't be using that
vulgar language with me, okay,
I'm a good Christian woman.
Show me some respect, god damn it.
- Oh my god, are you okay?
- Hey, hey, I'm good.
Where's auntie?
- The pastor had to come
over and pray with her.
She not doing good, she
can't take all of this stuff.
- Okay, look Charlotte,
there's something I need
to talk to you about.
- Okay, talk.
- Listen, that night,
things just didn't tranquil
out the way it's supposed to.
- Nigga, what the fuck
is you doing, I pay you!
- I found a way to get more.
- If you want my money, this
ain't how you gonna get it!
- This is exactly how you get it.
- Hey, man, fuck you!
- Whoa, whoa, can't do this right now.
- You lucky my partner
got a fucking heart.
- Hey man, fuck you!
- [Partner] Hey man, shut the fuck up!
- [Man] Cuff this motherfucker
and put some charges on him.
- Okay, so what about
the girl you was with?
What happened to her, she saw
everything, where's she at?
- Look, when they pulled me
over, they cut her loose.
She got the fuck home.
- We think their plan was to kill him.
When that didn't work out,
they decided to lock him up for a while.
I just got news from the prosecutor and
there's a lot of new charges.
- New charges?
- Charges, what charges?
- Possession of a weapon.
- A weapon?
- And marijuana.
(deep rhythmic music)
- Dub, who is behind this?
- I don't know.
- You do know, think about it!
- Charlotte, I do not know.
- Could it be another gang?
It could be an inside job?
- Look, all I do know,
somebody got to Mitchell
and it may very well be one of my boys.
But right now, I'm not trusting nobody.
Ya'll all I got.
- Crackhead broke in one
night, shot my brother
and his wife.
I was in the back asleep.
The gunshots is what woke me up.
When I ran in the room, I
saw that the man had his gun
right in front of Charlotte's face.
So, I went over to him
and knocked his gun down
but he knocked me down and
left me there unconscious.
When I woke up, the man was dead and
William was holding the gun.
(woman sobbing)
An eight year old boy
killed a man to protect us.
- You've been through so much
with them kids all ready,
but you must continue to
endure, sister, you must.
- Look, we've been here before.
Somebody thinking we
weak, they coming for us.
- We did what we had to do.
- Right, and we'll do it again,
because I got you.
I love you, all right.
- I love you, too.
- Look, I need you all to
find out who got to Mitchell.
Find out who tried to set me up, okay?
- Okay.
- All right.
- Time's up.
- I was young and didn't
know how to provide for them.
I was messing around with this dude and
he gave me money and taught
William how to hustle.
Never stood a chance, did he?
Is it my fault that he's like this?
- No, it's not, it's not.
Let's pray, sister.
- So, I have my work to
do and you have yours.
- So, what's your strategy?
- I'm gonna try to get us
any transcript as possible.
In the meantime, I'd
like to speak to whoever
this Lecia is.
She might have something
to say that can help us.
- Nah, that's just another hoodrat.
- It's worth a shot.
I'll be in touch.
- Get in.
- What?
- Man, get in the truck!
Lil sis, what up though?
- Please call me Charlie.
So what, nobody wanted to come in?
- Shit, how you know
they don't want us too?
- Well, you all just pulled
up in front of a court house,
so apparently you ain't
too worried about that.
- Shit, I figured if
they had the (mumbles),
they'd be hitting doors by now.
- Then we see you walking
out with the white bitch,
so we must be good, right?
- So what, you niggas following me?
- Nah, we just wanna know what's going on.
- Me, too.
- So, what the fuck happened, man?
- Who is this?
- It's Ali, she with the crew, she cool.
- What up, ma?
- Weed, weapon, public indecency.
Apparently this nigga
had his fucking dick out
when he got arrested.
Oh, and a warrant that
he didn't know about,
his lawyer didn't know about.
They got this nigga locked up.
It's gonna be a good six months before
he even gets a court date.
- So, why the fuck didn't he call us?
- One phone call, gave that to the lawyer.
Where the fuck is Rob ass at?
- Shit, ain't nobody
seen that nigga since Dub
got locked up.
We've been all laying low
at the spots, for real.
But he all right.
- Look, we gotta talk.
I'm gonna be at the spot tomorrow,
please make sure Rob's ass is there.
I'll text you and let you know the time.
- Yo dog, who is that?
- [Tuck] That's Dub's sister.
- Oh, for real?
- [Tuck] She's straight though, ain't she?
- Yeah.
- What's up, what took you so long?
- Oh, what is this?
- [Man] Just wait for it.
(light talking)
(phone ringing)
- Hello?
- [Dub] Hey.
- Hey.
Okay, so what do you need me to do?
- Okay, look, the house
is just a meet up spot.
We ain't doing no slanging out of there.
Turk, and Rob, and Junk,
they all got they location
for that.
Speaking of which, never go get no bags.
Let them bring everything to you.
Matter of fact, today is
pay day so I need you to get
over to the house and collect.
They all gonna bring you about 80,000.
- A piece?
- Yeah, a piece.
Look, it shouldn't be no
problem but you never know.
Just keep your eyes open, all right.
You remember where I keep my shit at?
- Yeah, I know.
What am I supposed to
do with all this money?
- Look, take a little bit out
for Auntie, for the house.
Write this address down real quick.
456 Washington Av, Tamara
gonna meet you over there,
all right.
Just throw her a little something
from my legals and shit.
Put the rest of it up, you hear me?
- [Charlotte] Yeah.
- All right.
Look, we gotta re-up with
Matteo in a couple days too.
Don't go see this crazy
motherfucker by yourself.
Take Turk and Junk with you.
- [Man] Count time.
- Look, I gotta do count time.
Let me get up outta here.
- Dub, Dub!
(eerie dramatic music)
- Four catch dice.
What up, sis?
- Hey, get these niggas outta here.
- What?
I got three bands on the
floor, bitch, please.
- What, nigga?
What the fuck?
- Whoa, whoa, we cool, what the fuck?
Come on, sis, chill.
We got money on the
floor, we working here.
This family.
- Nah, see ain't no lil sis, baby girl,
certainly not no bitch, my name is Charlie
and I said get these
motherfuckers outta here.
(dramatic music)
(gun firing loudly)
- What the fuck!
- Yeah, so that's how I
get you niggas attention?
You, throwing around that
bitch word rather loosely.
You think I'll miss, nigga?
What's my fucking name, nigga?
- Turk.
- [Turk] Man, don't Turk me, nigga.
I think you need to answer
the motherfucking question.
- Charlie.
- What?
- I said Charlie.
- Say it louder!
- Charlie!
- That's right!
Get the fuck outta my house, nigga.
I see you all got my text.
I'm glad you niggas came.
- Look, that shit might
work for you on a Friday
or Saturday night, but you
ain't that fucking fine.
- Somebody set my brother up.
Mitchell tried to kill him.
And until we figure it
out, I'm running this shit.
- So what, he sent you here to babysit us?
- As long as the money keep coming, nigga,
I don't give a fuck what ya'll do.
- Bitch, I knew you was up to something!
The fuck we look like answering to you?
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Gotta be cool, sis, I understand.
Dub want his money.
We're gonna give him his, ain't
nobody trying to take shit
from him.
Dub like family to me, like a brother.
But just know this, this
ain't the place for you.
This will get you killed.
- Well, this is what Dub wanted.
And ya'll both know I'm gonna
do whatever for my brother.
- Look, I've (mumbles) in these streets.
What the fuck we look like taking orders
from Dub's little sister?
- Nigga, this is my family.
Ya'll asses standing in my
father's house right now.
Truth be told, you can
get the fuck on, nigga!
- Dub know I'm loyal.
- Do he?
- What, he think it's one of us?
- Look, somebody got to Mitchell.
- Shit, I called Rob.
And he ain't answer the
phone, what you want me to do?
- Nah, see it ain't like Rob
to just run like a bitch.
- Okay.
But like you said, somebody.
And we here with our bags.
- I mean, did ya'll talk to his wife?
Something, ya'll don't know nothing!
- Look, Ali, she with him all the time,
she might know where he at.
- Nah, see I don't know
her so I don't trust her.
Matter of fact, one of ya'll
need to be sticking with her.
- Let me get this straight,
first you march your
ass in this motherfucker
talking about you the boss.
Then you come in here accusing of shit,
and now you need our help.
Get the fuck outta here.
And look, I'm not doing this shit for you.
I'm doing this shit for Dub.
I'll go find Rob.
- I would never let a bitch put me out!
Got your ass!
Man, I see hurricane
Charlie done put these
motherfuckers out.
- Man, shut the fuck up.
I gotta go find Rob, man.
- Dog, who the fuck is you, my babysitter?
- My nigga, can we just
get the fuck up outta here.
- Man, I'm just saying, what
the fuck we need her for?
She ain't nothing but a college brat.
- I know what it is, my nigga
crushing on Dub's sister.
Get the fuck outta
here, you can't fool me.
- I'm just saying, I'd get
that ass before you would,
my nigga.
Let's roll.
- What the fuck this midget say to me?
Better watch her motherfucking mouth.
- You sure you wanna do this?
- I'm all ready doing it, Turk.
- What you're doing is you
shooting holes in the floor.
- Well, it's my fucking floor.
You can get the fuck out, too.
(deep intense music)
- Hey, look, that's where you lose.
Bitch don't like me, there's
something wrong with her.
May fuck both of ya'll with
your big booty dyke ass.
Yeah, that motherfucking
pussy still work now.
- Yeah, just like I was knocking
your mama off last night.
Let's fucking go, yo.
(eerie intense music)
(doorbell ringing)
- Welcome.
- So, what's this place?
- This is your brother's apartment.
Well, yours now.
- Wow.
- You didn't think he
slept in the trap, did you?
- No, but he has his
place on Lotter Drive.
- He's got a lot of
properties but this is home.
- Well, you seem pretty comfortable here.
- I have a reason to be.
Let me show you where the safe is.
- Dub says to take care of you.
I expect him to get the best defense.
- He will.
- So, what does he do with all this money?
- He takes care of you and your aunt.
- What else?
- He spends a lot of money
maintaining his enterprises.
- Enterprises?
- In addition to his many houses,
he has a warehouse and a few businesses.
He has to claim the money but
that's my problem, not yours.
And this is a little light.
- How much we gotta give Matteo?
- A lot.
- Well, this is for our
support and my shopping.
So, I guess I'll be back later.
- Charlotte.
Take the keys.
- Would you like me to start you a room?
- Sure, thank you.
- Not a problem.
- Hello?
- Hey, what you doing?
- Nothing.
- Wrong answer, there's
always something to do.
- Look, I collected, I've
been to your fly ass loft,
and now I'm shopping, damn.
- Okay, look don't go
overboard, all right.
That shit can draw a lot of attention
and we don't need no extra heat right now.
- Oh yeah, well I seen
them fly big flat screens
you've got in your loft.
- Charlotte, whatever.
Hey, how much did you get?
- Well, Rob wasn't there, so.
- What?
- Yeah, Turk can't even get
him on the phone either.
Look, I hate to say this
but you know Uncle Raymond,
he had that boy together.
- Nah, nah, nah, he came
to see me yesterday.
- What, he did?
- Look man, I'm out.
- Hey, look, my lawyer, she
about to get this case--
- [Rob] Nah, man.
- Look, we can get to
the bottom of this, man.
- Nah, man, I'm out, man, I'm out.
- Bro, this is a family business, bro.
- Yeah, nigga, the one you
took from me five years ago.
- Bro, that wasn't my call.
- Hey man, but you had a choice!
I gotta do what I gotta
do for my real family.
- You know what, fine,
take what you need, man.
Just know you built this with me.
- Take what I need, listen,
man, I got what I need,
I'm good.
I ain't buy as many houses as you.
I'm just gonna make sure
that account's settled, man.
You know what I'm saying,
because I damn sure
don't want nobody coming after me later.
- Man, ain't nobody coming after you.
Nobody wanna come after you.
All right, cool, just get that money,
just get it to Charlotte, all right?
- Charlotte?
- She in charge now.
- Wait a minute, did
you just say Charlotte?
- Brother, she can handle it.
- You must wanna die.
THat's what it is, I
think you wanna die, man.
- I'm gonna help you.
- Gonna help?
(solemn sad music)
That's gotta be the dumbest
shit you ever said, man.
- You know what, what you gonna do?
- What I'm gonna do?
Shit, I don't know, probably
go to New York, rap.
Probably take my ass
to Georgia, buy a farm.
Hell, I might even go to
Vegas and lose it all.
Shit, I don't know.
- You did this to me, didn't you?
You mad because Raymond gave
it to me to run and not you?
- Did I do this to you, really?
- Yeah.
- I would never betray you,
you're my fucking brother.
(deep intense music)
- Then who, Rob?
- Man, I don't know, man.
That's the shit that's
tripping me out, man.
See, this ain't no crew shit
because I can handle that.
I'm just saying, man.
If I get caught up, man, that's
three for me, that's life.
And if I die, who the fuck
gonna take care of my kids, man?
I know you understand
where I'm coming from.
- You don't want that for them.
And neither do I.
Yeah, he ain't against me.
I mean, he didn't run off with that money,
you just need to find him.
- Well, Junk and Ali looking for him now.
Question is am I gonna
be able to go see Matteo
without his half?
- Yeah.
Look, but it ain't about the money, yo.
Hey, something else I
was thinking, though,
what if it's Mitchell?
- Mitchell?
- Man, look, the sooner we find him,
the sooner we will know.
- And what's up with this Ali chick?
- Man, I just need her to
run the work until I get out.
But watch her, okay.
Don't send that bitch to
do shit that you can do.
- Okay.
- Your room is waiting for you.
- Okay, thank you.
- [Woman] No problem.
(dark scary music)
- Charlie!
- He's dead?
- Yeah, they both outta here.
But look, you can't sit right here though.
- I just got over here.
- What the fuck you come
for in the first place?
- Look, Dub asked me to talk to Rob.
- So, that nigga just don't
trust us to do shit no more,
- It's not even like that.
Rob was like a brother to us.
- Let's get the fuck up outta
here before somebody see us.
- This bitch gonna get us killed.
She dumb as fuck, yo.
- What if it's not somebody small, though?
What if it's the cop or Lecia?
What if it's the fucking Mexicans?
What if it's somebody closer?
- [Tamara] Calm down, this
is the game, people die.
Dub said you can handle it.
- I can handle it.
I watched both of my parents
get killed right in front
of my face, that don't
mean I gotta like it.
Talking about Rob, that's
like my fucking brother.
- [Tamara] They have $80,000.
Small time can't keep that much a secret.
We got the meet coming up.
You need to be on your game.
- What?
- [Tamara] Let's get your
mind off of work for a while.
Who was the guy with you
at the police station?
- Demar, he's just somebody from my class.
- [Tamara] He likes you.
- I know, I mean, I like him too but
it's just not time for
all of that right now.
- [Tamara] Right now you need to relax.
Invite him over.
- Here?
- [Tamara] Yeah, tell him it's my place.
I'm leaving.
I have to go see your brother anyway.
- Well, give him my love.
(doorbell ringing)
- Hey.
How you doing?
- I'm good.
- I started to think all you wanted to do
was hit it and quit it.
- Nah, I like you, there's
just a lot going on
with my brother, him getting
arrested and everything.
- Yeah, well, tell me all about it.
You know I work at the courthouse,
I got a lot of police officer friends.
I'll do anything I can to
help you and your brother out.
- You got a lot of police
officer friends, huh?
Well, we think my brother
got set up by a dirty cop.
So, how can you help with that?
- Well, how about this?
- Mmm, nah, that didn't help.
- All right, what about this then?
- No, still didn't help.
Come here.
- Oh, all right.
(eerie intense music)
- I'm his attorney, you can leave us.
- Hey, baby.
- I have some bad news.
- What's up?
- It's Rob.
- What's wrong with Rob?
- [Tamara] He's dead.
(deep dark music)
- Fuck!
I knew it!
- All of his money is missing.
- It's that dirty ass Mitchell, man.
He couldn't get to me
so he had to get to Rob.
- What about Matteo?
Are you gonna send Charlie
in without all of the money?
- Nah, nah, nah, Matteo's good people but,
shit, man, we can't just not go.
- So, what do you want me to tell her?
- Just pay for Rob's funeral.
- Yes, Tamara.
I know, Dub left me very
specific instructions.
I can't re-up with Matteo because
I don't have all the money
but I still gotta go
explain everything, I know.
I got this.
- Matteo, shit is getting old
out here in these streets.
It's time to be out with
the old and in with the new.
- I'm not having a job fair.
No new faces, no new problems.
Anything else I can do for you, gentlemen?
- Okay, we'll be talking again.
- Have a nice day, officers.
- Dude, you all right?
- What?
- Man, you fucking with the money.
- Dude, I got this shit.
Let's go.
- I hope so, you fucking with my pockets.
(dark slow music)
- [Turk] I'm not sure
that I wanna do this.
It's a weird, sadistic, OCD motherfucker.
- [Charlotte] Look,
this is what Dub wanted
but I do appreciate ya'll coming with me.
- [Turk] Come on, sis,
you know we wouldn't
leave you hanging.
(slow eerie music)
(speaking in Spanish)
- Working on my Spanish.
And you must be Senorita Charlotte.
- Buenos dias, Matteo.
We need to talk.
- Talk?
Let's go to my office.
(deep tense music)
I'm sorry about your brother.
I'm sorry about Roberto.
You don't have the money.
And I don't have any information for you.
- The streets really do talk, huh?
- They do.
I can give you a few days to
get all this straightened out
but after that, we both
know the scavengers will
be coming for your territory.
You have a war on your hands.
- Oh, we won't have a
war, I assure you of that.
- Look, my brother sends his apologies for
the inconvenience, but
we gonna be right back
on schedule in no time.
- Your brother told me a long
time ago that if you ever
walked in here, bad things
were about to happen.
And here you are.
You understand my reservation
about getting involved.
- I will definitely be getting
to the bottom of all of this.
- You do that.
I'll give you a week.
Just one week.
- And then what?
(gun cocking)
- This is a business.
People wanna buy.
We sell it to them.
- Gracias, Matteo.
Until next week.
- Charlie.
If this was big, I would know.
Clean your house, mamasita.
(exciting rap music)
- Well, why would Matteo
wanna hurt his best customer?
He ain't got nothing to gain from that.
- Unless, he wants what's ours.
Dub said he was trying
to expand to the north
and the west side.
Maybe Matteo wants everything.
- Dub did say whoever got
to Mitchell had more money.
Matteo does have more money.
- What's good, family?
- What's good, my guy?
- We're ready, you all right?
- You tell me, man.
It's fucked up out here right now, man,
niggas ain't eating, niggas
on my head about the shit,
you know?
Niggas ain't eating, it's
my fault out here right now.
- [Turk] Tell you what,
just keep the motherfucking
bags open, the store
be open in one minute.
(guns firing)
(intense fast music)
It's money on the table
These labels, they can't afford me
I'm a different type of nigga
Gazelle, cover my legs
Always keep it real, my
nigga, you just pretend
I'm an unfamiliar nigga
- Nick, Nicky!
- What the fuck, take him to the back.
(intense dramatic music)
- Now who else knew exactly
where the fuck to find us at?
- [Tamara] I don't know, Charlotte.
But please, don't do anything.
We're not here.
Dub isn't gonna want you to
retaliate against Matteo.
You can't do that.
Charlotte, are you there?
Charlotte, are you there?
- Look, don't call me
Charlotte, it's Charlie!
(dramatic intense music)
- Your boy in there knocked the fuck out.
- Good.
- Sis, we gotta fucking do something, man.
Look, that (mumbles) put down.
- Nah, see, something
just don't feel right.
- A motherfucker just tried to blow your
motherfucking head off.
That shit ain't supposed to seem right.
- We can't be riding
out in that whip either.
You know all them hos, make
sure you leave that shit here.
- The (mumbles) put down.
Dog and them is on the way.
What am I supposed to tell them?
- Tell them motherfuckers I
said wait, nigga, is you deaf?
Matter of fact, have them
niggas get rid of the whip.
The fuck.
- Charlie!
(guns firing)
- [Charlotte] Well, why
would Matteo wanna hurt
his best customer?
He got nothing to gain from that.
- [Dub] Right now I'm
(mumbles), you're all I got.
(deep dark music)
- [Tamara] Someone has to step up.
- If this was big, I would know.
Clean your house, mamasita.
- [Junk] A motherfucker just tried to blow
your motherfucking head off!
(deep dramatic music)
- She's going to get us killed
if she runs after Matteo.
Do you think he cares
that she's your sister?
And do we even know that it's him?
She's with Turk at Her Place salon.
I'm scared for her, William.
But what if she tries to
go off and do something?
(dark scary music)
I think somebody's here.
(fast intense music)
- What's going on, where's Charlotte at?
- Call me back.
- Where have you been?
- I've been busy.
- Uh uh, get back over here.
Oh my god, are you hurt?
- No, look, Turk got shot.
- So, you messing around with them now?
- Not exactly.
- Then what exactly?
- The night Dub got arrested,
somebody was actually
trying to kill him, okay.
Now Rob is dead and they
trying to kill us too.
- Charlotte, what the hell
have you gotten yourself into?
- Dub asked me to take
over until he gets home.
- No, no, I'm not losing you too.
You are gonna stay in school,
you are not like William, you can't do it!
- I'm all ready doing it!
Look, that's my brother, I'm
gonna do whatever I gotta
do to protect him.
- Charlotte, listen to me,
I was young when I took
ya'll in, I didn't know what I was doing.
It's my fault anyway.
Look, okay, it's my fault.
Raymond should have never
taken Dub under his wing,
but not you, Charlotte.
You are gonna stay in school,
you are going to be a lawyer,
you cannot be a part of his shit!
- We are all ready apart of his shit!
You haven't paid a bill in 15 years.
What you thought, that (mumbles)
been taking care of us?
- Charlotte!
- Look, here's your money, okay.
I just came to get something
out of the basement
for when Dub gets his shit.
- Oh, lord, help me!
- Ms. Palmer, can I speak to you, please?
- You know, it's very
possible that both children
may experience violence outbreaks because
of what they've been through.
Even William, you know what he did,
it's understandable that that could--
- That he could go crazy?
- Without counseling, yes, his
mental health could decline.
You know, the principle,
she is very, very concerned.
She's all ready contacted me.
She's concerned about both of them.
- So, are you saying that
he could be a killer?
- I mean, Charlotte,
she's just seen too much.
You know, the state could offer--
- No, you're not taking
these kids away from me!
Come on, ya'll, let's go!
Come on, let's go!
- Ms. Palmer, we're gonna
have to discuss this.
(intense rhythmic music)
- Oh, shit.
What happened?
- Relax, my dog.
Only thing you need to be worried about
is you being straight, my nigga.
- Where's Charlie?
- Couldn't even tell you, my nigga.
She decided to move a minute ago.
- She what?
- Yeah.
- She gonna get her forehead blowed off.
- Bro, I feel you on that shit, bro.
But what the fuck is we
gonna do about Matteo?
They came for us, bro, and
that shit clear as day.
- First we gotta find Charlie.
Hand me my shit.
Then we worry about Matteo.
- Dog, that shit got to
be fucking Matteo, man.
- What makes you so sure?
- Yo, who else is it gonna be?
- Your motherfuckers
forgot about Mitchell?
Ya'll stop looking for him all ready?
- Nah, man, but--
- But what?
Ya'll let Charlie leave,
can't find Mitchell.
What the fuck do I need
you two motherfuckers for?
Ah, shit.
- You good?
It look like you playing paintball.
- Yeah, Kevin Hart, yeah, I'm good.
Hey, listen up.
Spread the word, tell rats
for whoever finds Mitchell.
You hear me?
Don't nobody touch him, nobody.
You call me first, all right?
All right, don't forget
to put the word out.
Get rid of that car.
- I'm on it.
- Man, I gotta go find this
fucking goddamn gangsta thot.
- Man, that bitch had that coming anyway.
- You right, but if we wrong,
and it ain't Matteo and
them, they up on our head
and I'm not about to fuck
this shit up for no bitch,
no bitch!
(deep intense music)
- Charlotte!
- What is he doing here?
- He wouldn't leave.
- Tell me what's going on.
- Nothing, Demar.
- Really, you come in
with blood all over you
and you seem different
ever since your brother
got locked up.
And I just don't know, man.
It's like you're involved
with his business somehow
and you gonna get yourself killed.
- If I don't help my brother,
he's gonna get killed.
- Why don't you let me help you?
You know I know a lot of people.
- Demar, look, why don't you just go home.
Forget everything it is
that you think you know.
Go be a lawyer.
- Look, I care a lot about you.
But man, I'll go.
But I ain't gonna stop
trying to help you out.
I'll be back.
(solemn slow music)
Who is this?
- Oh, I'm family.
- I'll be in the back.
- Just go, Demar.
- Ain't that right, Charlie?
That supposed to be your new boyfriend?
- How do you know about this place?
- I was with Dub when he
bought this motherfucker.
We used to fuck so many bitches in here.
That's before he fucked around and
started playing house and shit.
- What do you want?
- Whoa.
Turk good.
I thought you might care.
- Of course I care, you know that.
- He was worried about you too.
Thought you might be
doing some stupid shit,
like trying to kill Matteo and them.
- Like I said before,
I'm not even sure Matteo
is the person behind this.
- He on that same tip,
and put a $10,000 bond in Mitchell head
for whoever finds him first.
- Good.
I wanna know as soon as ya'll
hear something about it.
- Let me ask you a question.
You really think that
was Mitchell that came
for us tonight?
- I don't know.
- Man, what the fuck is up with you?
- What?
- All this, when you show
up, bad shit gonna happen.
- Look, I don't know what
Matteo was talking about.
- Listen here, little lady,
my family on the shit
farm and I pull the wagon.
So, you can't pull no shit on me.
You know good and god damn well what
the fuck I'm talking about.
- Nigga, I'm good over
here, just like you.
- Mmm mmm, the difference
is it's not my first rodeo.
- Well, it ain't mine either.
(deep intense music)
(light beeping)
- Well, I guess I should
get the fuck up outta here.
- Good.
- Unless...
You want a nigga to stay.
- I sure don't.
- You sure?
- Positive.
- So, you mean to tell me
I'm the only one that's
been feeling this little vibe between us?
Come on now, we both were.
You can admit it.
- Look, that was before I found out
that you were a fucking slut.
- Listen here, hos tell me yes,
but the bitches don't tell me no.
- Well, Charlie ain't no bitch.
(deep dark music)
- Check this out, if anybody
I care about get hurt,
I'm coming for you.
- Likewise.
- This is why dogs stay out of the house.
- We got an understanding, right?
Good evening, ladies.
(eerie dark music)
- Yup, I'll see you in the morning,
we got us a cop to find, right?
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm good.
(intense rhythmic music)
(rap music)
- (mumbles) your nephew.
Something wrong with that
boy, I'm trying to tell you.
- He ain't got no momma or no daddy,
so what you mean what's wrong with him?
I mean, what you expect for him to do?
- Well, you gonna have to do something.
- That's why I'm sitting
here trying to talk to you
about it.
I mean, I know I don't want
them to go to the state.
- Fuck it, I'll take him,
teach him something useful.
Give him some game about himself.
Plus, I got my nephew Rob anyway.
Hell, one more ain't
gonna make no difference.
- What about Charlotte, I
mean, there's two of them.
- What about her?
- I'm just saying, there's two of them,
what am I supposed to do with Charlotte?
- I don't know but what I do know is she
not built for these streets.
- Look, Ray, I don't know what else to do.
Like I said, didn't nobody else want them.
I just said okay because
that's my brother.
I mean, I didn't know
this was gonna happen.
- You know what, don't even worry about it
because Charlotte, she ain't even...
Dig, she gonna be all right, okay?
- Bring him in.
- Not Charlotte.
- Look, she's been my backup
plan for a long time, auntie.
There's a lot on the floor right now.
- What!
Why her?
She's not like you, she's not evil!
- You think I'm evil?
- Look, it's not your fault.
You shouldn't...
You shouldn't had to do that.
But we all knew you was gonna go crazy
if Raymond didn't teach you!
But not Charlotte.
She was okay, she was all right!
She's going to be a lawyer and
leave all of this behind her!
We owe that to her!
Me and you!
- What happened that night?
- You know what happened?
- Do you?
- What?
- You think I'm so evil.
Auntie, you was knocked out.
- And when I woke up, you had the gun.
- But it wasn't me that
pulled the trigger.
(intense music)
- No!
- Yeah, the one you
think is, oh, so normal.
(dark intense music)
(gun firing)
I always seen that, you never did.
You only seen what you wanted to see.
- I'm concerned about one more child,
you know, the Palmer children?
Well, I spoke with the
district psychologist,
and he thinks the girl needs
immediate psychotherapy.
(slow solemn music)
- Okay, as soon as the aunt gets here,
please let me know and
I'll speak with her.
- Okay.
(eerie music)
- All those (mumbles).
But Charlotte, she the killer.
And right now, somebody's
after me, auntie,
and if they can't get to
me, they gonna get to you.
Look, we need her!
- So, this whole time I
thought you was protecting
Charlotte from your life!
But you was saving her for a rainy day!
- Auntie, would you just hold your grip!
If it wasn't for you,
Raymond still be here
running the crew!
(deep intense music)
Rainy days, huh?
I guess we all gotta
sharpen an umbrella someday.
- Hello, Officer Peters?
Yeah, this is Demar
over at the courthouse.
Hey, I need a big favor.
Yup, I told you I'd
call and cash in on it.
Yeah, but it's something simple though.
I need you to run a license plate for me.
It's bravo, delta, tango, 9414.
Mmm, it should be...
Yeah, it should be
registered to Reshard Willar.
All right, how long would that be?
Yeah, I need it as soon
as you can get it to me.
About an hour?
Yup, an hour works, thanks a lot.
All right, bye.
(dark scary music)
- Well, look who it is, Tony Montana.
- Man, you's a fucking idiot, dog.
Where is everybody at?
- Getting money, where
they supposed to be.
- Turk, he good, what's up?
- [Junk] Yeah, he in the kitchen.
- Oh, he here?
- Word.
You sure it was good?
Hell yeah, well, check it out.
Okay, handle that.
You know I'll take care
of it, 100, all right.
- So, what's good, Turk,
ya'll got this nigga or what?
- Hell yeah they got him.
At his favorite hangout, you
ain't gonna ever guess where.
- [Charlotte] Where?
- Dearborn.
- [Junk] Ooh, got em!
- So, this nigga just
out and about, fuck it.
He ain't got a clue we on that ass.
- Ain't nobody more
feelings than a dirty cop
who feels like his boys
in blue gonna protect him,
real shit.
- Hey, but one thing this shit gotta be,
it gotta be perfect, we
can't have no mistakes.
- How we gonna do it?
- Hmm, shit, we can't, he know all us.
We step one step across
Warren Av, he on our head,
everybody dead.
- Yeah.
That nigga don't know me.
- Crazy this bitch, (mumbles) my nigga.
- What you gonna do,
pull that Glock on him?
- Nah, like you said,
shit gotta be perfect.
I'm gonna think of something.
What I wanna know right now is
where the fuck is my breakfast at?
Can I eat?
- See, see?
- [Charlotte] What?
- Got you together.
(intense slow music)
- What's up, fat boy?
I'm gonna need to get that
bread up out your boy.
Last time you didn't show.
That can't happen again.
But if it does, I swear,
I will close this raggedy
motherfucker down.
- Really, Officer Mitch?
I got that little couple dollars for you.
This gonna be your last time
coming around here though,
harassing me.
Know what I'm saying,
step off a Michigan ass.
I'm gonna send ya'll to your table
and you have a good night, Officer.
(soft rap music)
Damn, baby girl, are you new?
- Oh no, I was just looking
for the bathroom, my bad.
- Really, bathroom and locker room?
Catch your ass back here again,
I'm putting that ass to work.
(deep rhythmic music)
Yeah, Hey, I put up and flex
I ain't break a sweat,
I'm flexing on them
I just (mumbles) with my new connect
Her niggas making threats,
come see me direct
Come holla at me
Don't play my respect,
die by my respect
Niggas, I call all the
shots, I call all the shots
I call all the shots
I just ran me a check
up in my Nike Shocks
I cut that little ho off
and I cut off the top
I got the fastest shit
that's in the parking lot
- Excuse me, honey, I'm
gonna have to ask you to move
to another table.
This is the VIP reserve booth.
We've got a minimum booth
ordered required here.
- A minimum, what's the minimum?
- We need two bottles down.
- Okay, that's nothing,
grab them two bottles
and bring some of the girls back with you.
- All right, sweetheart.
- Would you please stop coming in here
like you own the place?
You're gonna get yourself shot!
- Where Charlotte at?
- I don't know, did you call her?
- Yeah, I've been trying
to, she's not answering.
Look, this is important.
- What, are you pregnant?
- I'm being serious, I got information.
- Okay, show me.
Trust me, I'm on her side.
- Well, last thing I got
Richar Willar's license plate,
I got a friend of mine over at DPT running
through the system.
- Do you mean Junkyard?
- Yeah, known associates.
- I could've told you Junk
was a known associated of Dub.
I have backgrounds on everybody, remember?
- Not Dub.
Look, should we compare notes,
one legal mind to another?
I know I started in the
spot with a couple of grams
Few mixed tapes,
later a couple of fans
Few shows on the road,
got a couple of bands
Independent street
money, supply and demand
That's why I'm serious for the benefit
The transition and full
effect, I'm killing shit
I've been hit the pin, I'm
trying to hit the dealership
These rap niggas, they don't
know who they dealing with
$1,000 for a feature or I can't do it
If it's money on the line,
shit I'm running through it
They was doubting me and
talking like I couldn't do it
I tried to put them niggas on and
Now they looking stupid
Damn, what a shame,
what a fucking shame
That's what happens when you
try to go against the grain
I don't owe you niggas
nothing, charge it to the game
I don't live the best life,
But shit, I can't complain
While you hating, I'm just
trying to get a bankroll
Get money, count cash until the
- Oh, check this shit out.
If she ain't the craziest bitch ever, man,
I gots to smash, my dog.
- Yeah, she cold than a motherfucker.
Don't know if that's a
bitch worth dying for.
- Man, who the fuck you supposed to be,
goddamn Dub junior?
- Nah, but that's damn
sure worse than a bullet.
- Well, I'm gonna have to
take that motherfucking
bullet, man, because she
perfect for a nigga, bro.
Don't know what the
fuck you talking about.
- Perfect.
I don't know if she perfect for the spot
she gonna get you in.
- Hey, let's get up outta here.
- Where you wanna go?
- Back to my place.
- Okay, but I'm driving, I
don't wanna leave my car.
- All right, well you're
gonna have to stay close
because I drive fast.
- Okay.
(fun rap music)
(phone ringing)
- Not now, sis, got a job to do.
- So, when I looked at
Reshard's known associates,
we had a William Palmer, Dub, John Turk,
and Robert Martin, which I
think they found him dead
off Plymouth this week.
- I all ready know this.
- Yeah, but did you know
Reshard was arrested
last year for possession
with an Alicia Mitchell,
alias Alicia Williams.
- Mitchell, who is she?
(deep intense music)
- See, I thought it was
interesting when Dub's arresting
officer name was Mitchell also,
so I did some checking.
He has a daughter named Alicia Mitchell.
- So, you think that Licia
is Mitchell's daughter?
That would explain how she got
away when they got arrested.
- Right.
- Yeah, I just sent you the address.
Look, hurry up!
- So, here's a copy of
her drivers license.
Does it look familiar?
- No, but I've never seen her.
- Well, let's try this.
This is her mugshot after
being arrested last year.
How about now?
- She changed her look.
- See, I saw her sitting
in the car when I was
leaving last night, Reshard's car.
- So, if she was with him,
then that means he's the inside man.
- So, I'm gonna ask you one more time and
I need you to be truthful with me.
Where is Charlotte at?
- I swear, I don't know.
But we need to find her
before he does something.
(deep intense music)
- What did you say your name was again?
- Charlie.
- That's right.
That's a sexy name.
(soft sensual music)
- You, uh, you have some
liquor, some wine or something?
- Sure I do.
You can have anything you want.
I'll be right back.
Hey, don't go no where.
(eerie rhythmic music)
Hey, man, look at you.
- You like what you see?
- Yeah, most definitely.
- Get your motherfucking
hands off my woman.
You wanna fuck her?
- What's happening (mumbles)?
You don't look so happy to see us.
- Tie this nigga up, man.
(dramatic music)
- On some real shit, Charlie,
we gotta talk about that motherfucker body
you throwing around this motherfucker.
Quit acting like I ain't got
my motherfucking dick on me.
- Now, you need to hold on, nigga,
that's my little sister, nigga.
- Would you focus!
I'm looking for the money!
- Now we got your punk ass.
- What the fuck?
Look what I found.
- [Turk] What the fuck?
- Wait until you see the rest of it.
Just look, it have everybody, you, Rob.
- This nigga been plotting us
the whole motherfucking time.
- Look at this shit.
- [Turk] What the fuck.
- We gotta get rid of it.
- All of it.
All this shit.
Motherfucker, you know what
you did, you killed Rob.
Now, you can tell us where
you put that play down
or we gonna do you right here, bitch.
- Well, you might as well kill
me because I'm not talking.
- Of course we gonna kill you.
You killed Rob, you
tried to kill my brother.
Nigga, it's over for your ass.
- Your brother?
I'm not talking.
My death ain't gonna be easy to cover up.
My boys will come looking for you.
- Yeah, well I all ready thought of that.
See, we done cleared out
that weak ass obsession
board you had.
Wiped out the computer, I got the money.
Only thing they gonna find
is them three phones you got.
Oh, and this one,
along with these panties
from one of the strippers
at the club.
- What phone is that?
- Just the one I used to
talk to my brother in prison.
My fingerprints are all ready off of it.
Once they trace it back to him,
you can't help but look like a dirty cop.
- Which you are, motherfucker!
- That has sex with strippers
and got robbed by one.
You old as fuck, you drunk as fuck.
Looks like you just got
in over your head to me.
- You sure you wanna have
all this fun by yourself?
- I'm never talking!
Your brother got greedy!
He wanted to expand
and make bigger players
with the Mexicans and
didn't wanna cut me in!
- Nigga, we pay you good
money for good protection!
- There is no you without me.
You throw me a few dollars
while you all rack up millions.
Nigga, fuck ya'll!
It's over, it's done!
There's somebody new taking over.
- Give me the fucking gun.
So, that's how you feel, nigga?
(gun firing)
- Clean that shit up for me?
- Got you.
(intense dramatic music)
- Yo, who that?
- [Woman] It's me?
- Me who?
- It's Ali, open up!
Fuck, nigga.
Where you all been?
- We had some shit to take care of.
Where the fuck you been at?
We hit you up earlier.
- Shit, I've been at the
spot getting that money.
What was up?
- Don't worry about it, you
just keep getting that money.
- Hello?
- Charlotte, where have you been?
We've been looking for you all night!
- I know, I know.
We had work.
- What did you do?
- Yeah, we found Mitchell.
- So, ya'll found Mitchell?
- Yeah, the money too.
- What happened?
- Let's just say he will
not be able to testify.
He had surveillance on
all of us, the whole crew,
even Auntie.
- Where is Junk?
- He good, he knocked out, why?
- Demar found out that Mitchell
has a daughter named Alicia,
as in Licia, and she's been
arrested before with Junk.
The three of them must
have been working together
this entire time.
- What?
Come on, man, he good, we all good.
- Demar said he saw Alicia in
the car with Junk last night.
I'm looking at her license right now.
This is the girl Dub described.
- Demar?
Come on, that don't even make sense.
If Junk was with anybody,
it would've had to have been Ali.
- Ali?
- Alicia.
(deep intense music)
- Is Ali a little butch?
- Yeah.
- What happened?
- What the fuck you think happened?
We smoked that bitch ass nigga.
(deep scary music)
- Charlotte, it's the same person!
(gun firing)
- Bitch, the fuck you doing, Ali?
- I kill him.
- Mitchell was her father.
- What?
What do you, what the fuck you mean?
- This Licia.
- Licia gone, we all saw Licia.
She was--
- A girl, a real fucking girl, huh!
Not like me, a dyke bitch, huh?
Bitch, you killed my father!
- And I'm gonna kill your ass, too.
- Bitch, we'll see.
(gun firing)
(tires squealing)
- Charlie, what the fuck,
man you gonna have 5-0
all over this motherfucker!
- (mumbles) she the
reason behind all of this.
- I get it, bitch took two of my boys.
But right now, it's Junk.
(solemn sad music)
This pain that I'm feeling
Looking to the ceiling,
lord, why you so sickening
If I was in the picture,
Ain't no way it would've
ended like it did
On my kids, on my mama, that's my mans
We go back four flats,
two peas in a pod
Countless times on the block
I got your back, you've got my back
- I would never betray you,
you're my fucking brother.
(slow solemn music)
- So, are you gonna get rid of her?
I miss hanging with my dog
- You know what, I love you
two raggedy motherfuckers
like ya'll my brothers.
I wish you could be with me right now
- Hello?
- Hey, how you doing?
- Well, I didn't think
it would end like this.
- Yeah, I know.
Hey, but look, there's one
more thing I need you to do.
- Oh, I know, me and Turk,
we gonna find that bitch.
- All right, let me know when it's done.
- Look, you gotta be careful
in there, watch your back.
- All right, don't worry about me,
I got protection in here.
Hey look, I gotta go.
- Hey, girl.
- Hey, girl.
So, what happened?
- Girl, when I say everything
went exactly as planned,
the waitress was perfect,
the dancer was on point.
This nigga never saw this shit coming.
- Great.
- And as planned.
- Thank you, boo.
You know I got you.
- I know.
- So, on another note,
when you bringing your ass back to school?
- Come on, man.
- We way too close to
the finish line, okay.
- Yeah, I know.
- So, think about it.
- See you.
See you, girl.
- Bye, girl.
- Love you.
- Love you, too.
- 100,000, man.
- What?
- 100,000 for whoever find her, 100 k man.
- Nigga, dead or alive?
- Don't touch her, nobody!
You bring her to us, 100K.
- Charlotte?
Tamara, anybody home?
(eerie dark music)
Somebody here?
Nigga, who are you?
- Auntie!
(fast intense music)
Tamara, she got my auntie.
Look, I'll see you in a minute.
Do we have any idea where
she might have them?
I failed.
I didn't protect my family.
She gonna kill my aunt and Demar.
They ain't never hurt nobody.
Because she think I'm
gonna bring it to her.
Nah, I'm gonna take care of this myself.
- Dub's warehouse.
If you wanna see your people again,
I suggest you bring it all.
- What?
Where the fuck is Turk's ass at?
Hello, where is you at?
I'm not giving her no fucking money.
Nigga, I will kill the both of them myself
before I give her ass a dime.
Just meet me at the
fucking warehouse, dog.
Gotta do everything myself.
(phone ringing)
- Yeah?
Yeah, we here, pull in.
(loud clanking)
(gun firing)
- My father always said, Alicia,
you want the power,
you need to go take it!
They wasn't gonna give it to me,
so I took my shot!
- Well, you fucked with the wrong crew!
- Did I?
Your brother was so stuck
on getting his dick sucked,
he never even looked at my face!
And your so called brother, Rob,
he got me in the room,
showed me the operation,
then let me in his crib to get murdered!
You wanna tell me I picked the wrong crew.
I beg to differ.
Rest in peace, Junkyard.
That nigga was sleeping on you!
(deep rhythmic music)
Niggas think a bitch
ain't good for nothing
but laying on her back!
So, I had to show them.
We could've been a team
but you bullshitting.
- You shouldn't have
fucked with my brother.
You shouldn't have fucked with my auntie.
You definitely shouldn't
have fucked with me.
(scary intense music)
(gun firing)
Don't try to stop me, Auntie.
- Kill that bitch!
(gun firing)
(deep dark music)
(soft slow music)
(exciting fast music)
It's a new me, it's a new me
It's a new me, It's a new me
It's a new me, it's a new me
It's a new me, it's a new me
It's a new me, it's a new me
You got us a new me
It's a new me, it's a new me
You got us a new me
It's a new me, it's a new me
It's a new me, it's a new me
I'm a boss, yeah, I'm moving silent
Took some time but I'm about it
Bumped my head so many
times on the ceiling
Oh, let's go and get this money made
Got my own shit, the
gray house, two whips
Way up, better bet I
got own my own chips
Fresh off the private
jet from my own trips
(Mumbles) my signature,
bitch, I sign my own slips
But I love to live this lifestyle
I'm trying to tell
you about my lifestyle
But you couldn't let me (mumbles)
If I gave you the bricks,
you couldn't build my house
It's a new me, it's a new me
It's a new me, it's a new me
It's a new me, it's a new me
It's a new me, it's a new me
It's a new me, it's a new me
You got it, you got
it, you got a new me
It's a new me, it's a new me
It's a new me, it's a new me
I almost took my mother's life
I couldn't ask her for much
She gave birth to me, the
closest thing to death (mumbles)
I had to make her proud
I had to deal with this low
life nigga that was no good
- This is your homie,
bird, your boy work hard,
he a trapaholic, think
about giving him some more
responsibility, move him up.
- Well, if that's what you thinking,
you definitely gotta bring him by.
I gotta meet him.
(phone ringing)
- Yeah, that's cool.
- Hello?
- Who was that?
- Tamara, looks like Dub is coming home.
- Good shit, we gotta throw him a party.
It's a good thing.
- Yeah, for him.
- For everybody.
I know what'll make you feel better,
crab house, crab legs, surf n turf, yup!
- So, I'm really happy
with what you and Demar did
with the community.
- Oh, thank you.
Compliment from Auntie.
(doorbell ringing)
- Hey, lil sister.
You gonna let me in?
- Yeah, come in, welcome home.
- Oh, my baby's home!
- Hey, auntie.
- Hey!
- How are you?
- Good.
- Good to see you.
- You, too.
- Man.
- So, you good, you
need something to drink?
(phone ringing)
- Oh, I'm gonna take this really quick.
- I mean, I ain't heard
from you in months.
You stopped coming to
visit me and everything.
- What do you expect, Dub?
We got a lot to do, I've been busy.
We had to rebuild everything that we lost.
Keep the work moving in the streets,
maintain the relationships,
all while not trying to look
weak to these other niggas.
- I mean, yeah, that would be a lot.
- Yeah, plus we've been doing
a lot of charity work as well,
you know school supplies,
sports equipment,
anything to keep the kids
off the streets, right?
- Right.
- We need some goodwill around here.
- Goodwill, huh?
- Yeah.
- I guess the education paying off.
- Actually, it wasn't my idea.
- It was mine.
Believe in giving back.
Bet you got some big plans ahead.
- Demar?
- Yeah.
- Hey, I owe you a lot, man.
- Oh, Charlotte's health
and happiness is all I want.
- You know Turk is planning
on throwing you a party
this weekend.
- Oh, really?
So, I guess you got everything in order.
I mean, do you still got a
place for me and my business?
- Not if it means things have to go back
to the way they were.
You know I'm a different girl now?
Nothing like the one you left.
- Of course you are, Charlie.
Man, look, I'm gonna
always need you by my side.
I know there's nothing you
wouldn't do for your big brother.
- Nothing.
- I protect you and you protect me.
- Nobody coming for us again.
- Nobody's coming for us.
I'm here now, okay?
Everything's gonna be fine.
I need you to do something for me.
- I'm not moving back in with Auntie.
- No, look, I'm gonna get you
an apartment off the water,
somewhere nice.
You and Demar be happy.
- You will?
- Yeah.
I just need everything to get
back to the way it used to be.
You in school, me running the crew.
- I'm allowed to protect you, Dub.
- Look, the best protection you give me
is being my lawyer.
It shouldn't have to be Tamara.
It should be you by my side.
That way if I need you to hurt somebody,
all I have to do is call you.
Auntie, you gotta know
I'm always in control.
You think I unleashed a
bitch I couldn't handle.
- Shoot him.
(gun firing)
- Charlie.
- Oh, Demar, did you meet
my brother, he's home?
(intense rhythmic music)
- It's gonna be okay,
Charlotte, I'll protect you.
(intense fast music)
I'm a natural born hustler
I'll be getting money since youngster
So much over the top with it
I was on the under
Running through the (mumbles)
Hit the mall, cashout
Running through the crowds,
running through the hos
Here we on the couch,
then the nigga stay froze
I ain't asked to be fly
But blame the game that I chose
Addicted to the fast lane (mumbles)
Hustle to the morning, never
stop until the cash came
My conscious, telling me
nigga, you oughtta chill
But I'm caught in (mumbles)
and loving the way it feels
Fine dining, nigga, but
I'm paying for my meal
It's probably but you
paying on your bills
But on the flip side, I
still gotta watch my circle
Be the niggas closest to you who
Be plotting to murk you
They swear to god the
money done made you change
But it's not you, it's them
who don't remain the same
You feel me?
I was taught to make the money,
Don't let it make me
I was taught to take the
streets before they take me
Now I got it all and
I wish for (mumbles)
I can't understand, why
does it hurt so bad?
The life I've been
living is so addictive
All the fast cars and all the women
Why does it hurt so bad?
The life I've been
living is so addicting,
So addicting
My mama raised me as a king
Why does it hurt so bad?
After living the fast lifestyle
It's like a high that never goes away
Now you hooked and hope
to never have a slower day
Ain't no feeling like
waking up in the morning,
Bad broad next to
you while you yawning
The moment you looking
out of the window like,
Damn, this what my life is
Buying nice shit, like
fuck what the price is
Reminiscing on my
days I was struggling,
Stuck, couldn't figure it out
Wishing I was (mumbles)
All of these niggas I hang around with
Broke with no ambition,
living on some clown shit
I was searching for my
niche and I found it
Now I'm fly, like I don't
know what the ground is
But I still gotta watch my circle
Be the niggas closest to you always
Trying to murk you
They swear to god the
money done made you change
But it's not you, it's them
who don't remain the same
You feel me?
I was taught to make the money,
Don't let it make me
I was taught to take the
streets before they take me
Now I got it all and
I wish for (mumbles)
I can't understand
Why does it hurt so bad?
The life I've been
live is so addicting
All the fast cars and all the women
Why does it hurt so bad?
The life I've been
living is so addicting
So addicting
And my mama raised me as a king,
Why does it hurt so bad?
Restitution had to (mumbles)
You can't enjoy the
fruits of your labor
A jealous nature make a hater
find a reason to hate you
Talk about when you move
far away where it's safer
Surrounded by rich
people as your neighbors
Damn, you're not living without
Having to downgrade my life
Because I've been grinding for years
And I've done paid the price
Fuck that, I'm gonna
ball how I wanna ball
Plus I only fear god, nigga
I ain't sweating none of ya'll
And I still gotta watch
myself and stay strapped
Because these niggas
wanna stop my health
Block my wealth
I ain't paranoid, I'm cautious
On some ball shit, I'm
gonna get it regardless
Talk to me (mumbles)
I was taught to make the money
Don't let it make me
I was taught to take the streets
Before they take me
Now I got it all and
I wish for (mumbles)
I can't understand
Why does it hurt so bad?
The life I've been
living is so addicting
All the fast cars and all the women
Why does it hurt so bad?
The live I've been
living is so addicting
So addicting
And my mama raised me as a king
Why does it hurt so bad?
(deep rhythmic music)
Why does it hurt so bad?
Why does it hurt so bad?