Weiner (2016) Movie Script

This is the worst.
This is the worst.
Doing a documentary
on my scandal.
I don't know.
I guess the
the punch line
is... is true about me.
I did the things.
Um, but I did a lot
of other things too.
Mr. Speaker,
I yield one minute
to the distinguished gentleman
from New York, Mr. Weiner.
- Great courage to wait
until all members
have already spoken
and then stand up and wrap
your arms around procedure.
You vote yes if you believe yes!
You vote in favor of something
if you believe
it's the right thing.
If you believe it's the wrong
thing, you vote no.
We are following a procedure.
I will not yield
to the gentleman
and the gentleman will observe
regular order.
The gentleman will observe
regular order.
Not in order.
It's Republicans wrapping
their arms around Republicans
rather than doing the right
thing on behalf of the heroes.
It is a shame! A shame!
If you believe this is a bad
idea to provide healthcare
then vote no!
But don't give me
the cowardly view
that, "Oh, if it was
a different procedure."
The gentleman will observe
regular order and sit down!
I will not.
It's about damn time.
It was an absolute pleasure
to see a Democrat not cowering.
Is it not the rules
of the house
that under clause 10A
of rule 21
what the speaker articulated
in this sentence
is in the fact the rule?
The gentleman is untimely.
Engrossment and third reading
of the bill.
Those in favor will signify
by saying, aye.
No question the guy knows
how to fight.
He's scrappy, he's combative
he's always been a great fighter
on behalf of the people.
He never backed down
from anybody.
You should urge them
to vote yes
something the gentleman
has not done!
You're scaring the hell out
of people in the right.
That's the sum and substance
of ObamaCare. That's your idea.
Why don't you like it,
now that we wrote the law?
I got 94 percent of my college.
What percent did you get?
How did that
whip organization go?
How's that crackerjack
Peter King whip organization
working out?
Stop whining
and get the bill passed.
Boy, that was passionate.
I... I'm glad somebody's finally
put their foot down and says,
"We're not taking it anymore."
Weiner is a rising star
in Congress.
Married to one of Hillary Clinton's
closest advisors.
Bill Clinton officiated
their wedding.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the honorable Anthony Weiner.
We turn now to Washington
where trouble is brewing
for a high-profile
New York Congressman.
It all started Friday night
at 11:30 p.m.
A photo of an anonymous man's
bulging underwear...
- Was Tweeted from
Congressman Weiner's account.
Tell me definitely,
is that a photograph of you?
I'm reluctant to say to you
definitively anything
about this.
So it's possible it is you.
We're trying to get
to the bottom of what
it's of and who it's of.
Have you ever taken a picture
like this of yourself?
I have photographs.
I don't know what photographs
are out there
in the world of me.
I don't know
what things have been
manipulated and doctored.
You would know if Th... this
is your underpants.
At an emergency press conference,
the truth came out.
Like a..
...like a dolphin wiggling free
of a blanket.
To be clear, the picture
was of me and I sent it.
Please welcome Congressman
Weiner's underwear.
Now, I'm not happy about it
but anytime
a new Weiner photo comes out
as a television host,
I am constitutionally obliged
to show them to you.
I took an oath.
He first and foremost
apologizes to his wife Huma.
She's pregnant
with their first child.
I am deeply regretting
what I have done
and I am not resigning.
If it was me, I would resign.
Today I'm announcing
my resignation from Congress.
Bye... bye, pervert!
Okay. Okay. Okay. Ready?
Here... Ready? Get on here,
and Daddy's gonna pick you up.
And... down.
Was there a moment when you
realized "I have to lie about this?"
Oh, almost immediately, I
was like, I gotta, I mean, yes.
I was in a, yeah, of...
I mean, if...
So, I mean, yes.
But yeah, I... I knew instantly
it was... it was pretty bad.
What was Huma's reaction
when you told her?
Her, told her the truth?
Told her what happened, yeah.
Told her the truth
or told her
you know, something's
going down here?
Well, walk me
through it. So...
- I don't remember.
I... I think that...
I mean, there was a period
of time
that I mean, I lied to her.
I mean, I lied to her too.
I didn't like, fess up to her
and then lie to the world.
I was try... The primary person,
I was trying to protect
finding out
about this was Huma.
And so, I think I was hacked.
I think, you know, whatever
it is, I don't... I don't
I mean, the same stories
I was telling, I was...
It started out
as my... my telling her.
Did Huma want you
to get back into politics?
Well, she did.
Uh, she did.
She was very eager
to get her life... back
that I had taken from her.
To clean up the mess
that I had made.
Running for mayor was
the straightest line to do it.
Former Congressman
Anthony Weiner made it official.
He is going to run for mayor.
He made his announcement
on the web.
Every day starts right here.
Honey, I gotta go.
And it's the best part
of my day.
Last time Anthony Weiner
made waves on the internet
it ended his career in Congress.
This morning, he's out with
a highly choreographed video
announcing he will be
a candidate
for the 2013 mayor's race
here in New York.
Look, I've made
some big mistakes
and I know I let a lot
of people down.
But I've also learned
some tough lessons.
I'm running for mayor
'cause I've been
fighting for the middle class
and those struggling to make it
my entire life.
And I hope I get a second chance
to work for you.
New York City should be
the middle class capital
of the world
and I've got some ideas
on how to do it.
Sixty four of them,
right on my website.
Take a look,
tell me what you think.
We love this city
and no one will work harder
to make it better than Anthony.
I will fight for you
every single day.
Thank you for watching.
Why are they filming you?
I can't... I don't know.
Most of the time I don't know
why they're filming me.
Are you somebody
I'm supposed to know?
Believe me, no.
He's Anthony Weiner.
Oh yeah. It is, isn't it?
Is it Anthony Weiner?
Why do you think you deserve
this second chance?
Okay, it's up,
in the final analysis
it's up to the voters
to make that determination.
And all I'm saying is
here's some ideas that I have
and at the end of the day, it's
not up to me, it's not up to you
it's up to the voters,
and that's all I'm asking.
Former member of Congress
Anthony Weiner has decided
he will be a candidate
for the 2013 mayor's race.
Welcome back, Anthony Weiner!
I think people ought to show
shame in public life.
When they do something
really wrong like this
they should get out of action
for a while.
We don't want perverts
elected in New York City.
No perverts.
Please step back, please.
Weiner's staffers had to do
crowd control with the press.
A problem the other candidates
dream of having
at their news conferences.
He's not a likeable guy,
and I think the question is
do New Yorkers
want a punch line as mayor?
If we elect this loser
to any office
from mayor to dog catcher
then we get the government
we deserve.
Man, they all full of shit.
Weiner, you got
my vote, brother!
Um, just so you know,
I turned down Andrea Peyser.
Siphen asked if she could
sit in and I said no.
Well, I... I... Well, why?
Because I don't think
that she's a real reporter.
Let her get it
out of her system.
Hi, Andrea.
- Hey, how are ya?
- Good, thank you.
So, first question
I'm gonna ask you is
what was your favorite
"Post" headline?
I... I don't read
the "New York Post."
You don't?
Alright, um, so how many women
were involved in the sexting,
the, uh, texting?
You know, I did some very
regrettable things
over an extended period of time
with more than one person.
You did some very what?
I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you.
Very, very regrettable things
that I have apologized for
and I'm gonna be spending
a lot of time, I think
on the campaign trail
apologizing for.
Okay, so why... why
are you hiding today?
I... I'm having conversations
on the telephone.
What do you mean hiding, Andrea?
Hi, Michael,
it's Barbara Morgan.
Hi, Andrew, it's Barbara Morgan.
Hi, Azzi, it's Barbara Morgan.
I'm gonna put you
on speaker now, okay?
Hi, Michael. Hi, Jill.
Hi, Jennifer, how are you?
How do we know that this
behavior is over?
You put Huma and Jordan
in the video.
Why was that decision made?
Your brother said
that your father
never hugged you.
Huma and I looked at one
and another and said
"You know, we don't
wanna be living
in a defensive crouch anymore."
Families get through things.
I don't begrudge citizens
wanting to ask me
about the mistakes
that I've made
but what I'm gonna try
to talk about
is the issues facing
New York City
the middle class and people
struggling to make it.
Every dollar available
for salaries
is being eaten up
by healthcare costs.
There are good bike lanes
and there are bad bike lanes.
The controversy
over Stop-and-Frisk
has been over
how it's been used.
- I don't think anyone...
- Wait, wait, wait.
Uh... are more women
going to come forward?
Do we have more
to look forward to?
There was some talk of going
away to a rehab program...
What does what happened there say about
your fitness to run New York City?
"The saga of, of the
transgressions of Anthony Weiner
"former youngest ever member
of the City Council
"former seven-term Congressman
from Brooklyn and Queens
"preening self promoter
"who never met a camera,
television or smart phone
"he didn't glam on to.
"And at this writing,
current candidate
"for the Democratic nomination
for mayor of New York City
"is remarkable for many reasons.
"Chief among them is what
the protagonist of the tale
"did not, as far as we know, do.
"He did not commit adultery.
"He did not break up a marriage
"his own or anyone else's.
"He didn't employ the services
of a prostitute.
"He did not stalk.
He did not misuse public funds.
"He did not grope or talk dirty
to subordinates or anyone else.
"He did not have any
inappropriate contact
"or any physical contact
with any person.
"He and his partners in sin
have never been
in the same room
at the same time."
Vacant space.
All of our offices
are vacant space.
- Hi.
- This is actually kinda nice.
We are in the market
for, um, office space.
Many years since I was here
Good afternoon,
Weiner for mayor.
On the street
I was passin' my time away
To the left
and to the right
Buildings towering
to the sky
It's outta sight
In the dead of night
Here I am
again in this city
With a fistful of dollars
And baby
you'd better believe
I'm back
Back in the New York groove
I'm back
Back in the New York
Rahad, can you take this?
Yeah. I'll be down
in one second.
Where... where
are you guys going?
- To rally for Anthony.
- Whoo.
- Weiner!
- Louder!
- Weiner!
- Louder!
In the back of my Cadillac..
Anyone have a voter?
Be poised and ready
to talk to voters.
This is Anthony Weiner
Yes, I'm that Anthony Weiner,
the one running for mayor.
Well, thank you very much.
I appreciate it.
And if I win by one,
I know who to thank.
Alright, bye-bye.
She knows two Anthony Weiners.
So baby
you'd better believe
I'm back
Back in the New York groove
My name is Fran Weiner.
I'm Anthony Weiner's mom.
How are you today?
Back in the New York Groove
I'm back
Back in the New York Groove
Look, you've had
a billionaire mayor.
Now you're gonna have
a thousandaire
who has millionaire friends,
so we're gonna be fine.
We're gonna be fine.
Alright, let me get
Huma up here.
I wanna get her started.
No, I really enjoyed it.
I really enjoyed it.
Those of you who know me
are probably surprised
to see me standing up here.
I'm usually back in the room
far away from the microphone
as possible.
I'm doing it because
I love my city
and I believe in my husband.
Launching this campaign
was not an easy decision
for my family to make.
People say a lot of things
about my husband.
Some nice, some not so nice.
Putting yourself
out there is hard.
Our challenges,
what we went through
it's nothing compared
to what so many families
in this city face every day.
No one fights harder
on behalf of people.
And no one will make New York
safer, stronger, more secure...
...than my husband, Anthony.
Oh my god, that..
...that was remarkable.
I feel what people
must have felt like..
...seeing Charlie Chaplain in
the talkies for the first time.
Like, "That's what
she sounds like."
This is kind of our first
campaign together.
The city is getting to know her
a bit and one thing is clear
if she were the candidate,
I'd be getting crushed.
I mean, man,
if there was ever anyone
like, if you in fact actually
just closed your eyes
and just imagined what would be
the ideal first lady
for the City of New York?
Someone who's graceful,
someone's who's interesting
someone who's got ideas,
someone who's got experience.
You know,
someone who's glamorous
someone who's an amazing mom
you know, someone
who's just amazing.
She's the right hand woman
of Hillary Clinton
known by just one name
in Washington, Huma.
She was by Clinton's side
during her years in the Senate
on the Presidential
campaign trail
and at the State Department.
At a pre-wedding celebration
for Abedin and Weiner
Clinton said
"I have one daughter
but if I had a second daughter,
it would be Huma."
She really stayed quiet
during the scandal.
Why does she wanna be out
in the spotlight now?
She wants to see her husband
no longer be a social pariah.
And she brings a tremendous
amount of influence.
We've actually talked to folks
campaign staff
who don't really much
necessarily wanna work
for Anthony Weiner
but they're very intrigued
about the proximity
to Huma Abedin
given that she's likely
to be an influential figure
in an upcoming
Presidential campaign.
Oh, for of course
Hillary Rodham Clinton
if she runs.
Have a great Fourth,
give my love to Jen
and I'll talk to you soon.
And thanks for the advice.
Alright, take care. Bye-bye.
He does not feel comfortable
writing you a check
because he's on John Lius'
finance committee.
This is your A-list?
I'm not gonna do these
if you're gonna make
this so unpleasant, okay?
I hate asking people for things.
I'm asking people, okay?
Why don't you do this.
"Tony, I got my husband here...
It's Arnie."
Arnie, I got my husband here
who... who's raising money
for... for mayor.
"Can I put him on with you?"
- No.
- And then you're off.
No, I think you get him
and then say Huma
she wants to talk to you.
Done. Done and done.
Here, give me that.
I'll... I'll close the deal.
It's Huma.
How could you tell my voice?
I didn't talk to you in a year.
How was the engagement?
I want all the details.
Aw. What a perfect engagement.
Well, that's... Well,
Well, he's working very hard.
Okay, I'll talk to you soon.
Have a nice,
have a nice weekend. Bye-bye.
Alright, he'll max.
His wife is gonna max out.
And he'll try
to raise another five.
He's like, "You know,
I've never given
or raised once in my life."
- And...
- No kidding?
Hey, Joe, it's Anthony Weiner
- It's Huma.
- Anthony Weiner calling.
- Hello, Joe?
- How are you, my brother?
That's true.
We have a long history together.
How's things at the shop?
How's the family?
Oh, really?
Hey, Mike,
I was wondering if...
- If you call your friends
and they're
you know, they're willing
to write checks...
- I haven't asked you
for two years.
I've given you
a nice long break.
You're the leader
in the community
so they're gonna listen to you.
Four thousand nine hundred
and fifty per person
and 9,900 per couple.
That's nice of you to say.
Now, are you is the 20 gonna be
in on Monday
when you... you're gonna
bring it with you?
It makes me feel very awkward
about this one too, but...
- Are you married?
- You're a good friend.
- Good to hear your voice.
- Two hundred and fifty.
Five thousand in five minutes.
That's not bad. You did well.
Bye, bye, bye.
See ya.
Thanks for everything.
Thanks, guys. Happy Fourth.
Hey, Marie. Thanks
for everything, guys.
Is he gonna get
on the ballot?
He's going to get
on the ballot.
- Yes?
- Yes.
Do we need to worry
about this? Are we okay?
Hold this, babe.
Oh, this is pretty exciting.
It is.
I'm a signer.
Huma is that the first petition
you've ever signed?
- I, yeah, it is.
- Yes.
Ever. It's pretty cool, huh?
I need a book. Like a prep book.
Just something,
I need... I need some
I need, like, I have nothing.
Just like a novel
or something that you could...
- No, but just something.
Don't you remember in my event
last week, the woman was like
"What's his position?" I'm like,
"I don't know what the hell
his position is on X.
Ask him."
There's a campaign going on
all around you.
I mean, you heard me
on Brian Lehrer this morning.
No I didn't. I didn't know
you were on, actually.
Okay, look.
- I will see you on Monday.
- Thank you.
I'm not crazy
about those pants.
Yeah, we all have
our... things to bear.
Do you like 'em?
They're lightweight.
I need lightweight trousers.
Yes you do.
Have you guys gotten any, like,
flack for working for Weiner
from people who don't like him?
What's the worst thing
that anyone ever said
to you on the phone?
"Fuck you", really.
That's pretty much it.
How can you work for him?
Like, you're a woman.
You should be... you should be,
you know.
And I'd be like,
"Well, you know what?"
"He's fought for my community
"for a very long time and
"you know, if Huma
can forgive Anthony
then why can't a voter
forgive Anthony?"
My mom at first was actually
really opposed to it.
She said, "Oh, no, you can't
work for him."
"You can't work for him.
That's awful.
It's awful what he did."
I tried making the reference
to like Bill Clinton.
And then she said,
"No, Bill's different."
I believe in Anthony and..
...some people don't,
but a lot of people do.
I really love his stances
on education
his single parent
healthcare system and
and I was really, really upset
when he resigned.
When he talks, when he,
you know, when he's out there
when he's talking about his plan
and his ideas
he's just so much better.
Do you think the Bill Fairy
pays for that?
We all pay for that
in higher taxes.
Providing Medicare
for all Americans
for all New Yorkers
for all people in this country,
saves us money
and it's the humane,
decent thing to do.
George McDonald.
I want to say one thing
about American values.
I would contrast my values
with Anthony Weiner's values
any day of the week!
Seven days a week!
Oh, what? You can boo.
Listen, ladies and gentlemen,
ladies and gentlemen
ladies and gentlemen, the...
Look, look, listen, listen...
Okay, you don't wanna
allow me to talk
that's just more time
for this glib narcissist.
Let's hear it for Gay Pride!
God bless America!
People are less likely to go
to a cop with a tip
if they think they're gonna be
frisked when they do it.
I want him to win so bad.
He's the best.
This does not need
a new government agency.
This needs a change of policy
at the top.
Alright, let's go!
Weiner! Weiner! Weiner!
Weiner! Weiner!
Tony Weiner lied.
He lied about his texting
scandal on CNN.
Whatever you think...
You can rest assured
that at night...
I certainly will not be
taking pictures of myself.
Thank you very much.
I said keep your hands
to yourself.
I heard what you said.
Don't put your hands
on me ever again.
Really? And what's gonna happen
if I do?
- You're a tough guy now?
- Yeah.
- Oh, are you now?
- I am. I can defend myself.
You can? You can? Okay, good.
Maybe get your anger issues
under control.
I don't have any anger issues.
I think you do, grandpa.
Let's do this again.
Let's do this again.
Before you go
can you assure us
that you're gonna stay
in the race?
That even if the going
gets really, really tough
which it will be nationally,
possibly internationally.
I don't want to support someone
who's going to later drop out.
I'm not gonna stop doing it
because I wanna make sure
that my son grows up
in this great city
and be able to stand
on a street corner
and yell at his future mayor.
Thank you very much.
If you mean that.
That's a good man,
a good politician.
- Thank you.
- I support Anthony Weiner.
- Yes, we do.
- Yes, we do.
Give 'em hell!
Keep talking issues.
- Good luck, Mr. Weiner.
- Great speech.
Thank you. I appreciate it.
- I think you can do it.
- Thank you.
Not bad, huh, bro?
Huh, I might have successfully
whistled past
the graveyard here.
And I'm back to doing
what I wanted to do.
And I always thought
I'd be a good candidate
and I always thought
I'd make a good mayor.
I remember once saying to Huma,
you know, it looks like
you know, that we're back.
We're back. It's back. You know?
How... how much,
how much sodium?
Six hundred
and fifty eight milligrams.
This is 340.
Hold on a second. Saturated fat?
- Point seven.
- Five.
Okay. Italian chopped
Italian tomatoes. Next?
- Olive oil.
- Imported olive oil. Next?
Well, you went on and on
about having no sugar in this.
We don't have
any sugar in here.
And we're back to being treated
like candidates, you know?
I went through that bad thing
and now I'm, and now I'm back.
Not, I mean, with a completely
different identity.
And I'm getting all this
attention which wasn't, again
wasn't a terribly comfortable
place, but yeah.
I thought
it was going pretty well.
Are we going to see more of you
on the campaign trail?
I'm trying to figure out...
I'm a mom.
I've got my own life.
And I've got my husband.
I'm very proud of what he's doing.
So yeah, I want to help him.
How's your first day on
the campaign trail with Huma?
Well, she doesn't
consider it a date.
Alright, there you go.
- This is my wife, Huma.
- I know Huma too.
I wanna thank you for your loyal
service to Hillary. 2016.
We went out campaigning
a couple times.
She had a ball doing it.
We had kinda been living
in this defensive crouch
for a very long time..
...and getting out of that
felt right, felt good.
Que viva Colombia!
Huma! Huma!
Thank you for supporting him!
Forget about everybody else!
Bullshit everybody else!
Don't worry about it!
Good for you!
Breaking news just into our
newsroom in New York City.
The New York Mayoral candidate
Anthony Weiner
sent additional explicit photos
and texts to a woman online.
The new lewd correspondence
- Good afternoon, Weiner for
mayor. This is Michael speaking.
They led people to believe
he had put
all the sexting behind him...
- "The Dirty" just published
screen grabs
of what they allege
are sexually explicit...
- And that's exactly
what happened.
But the key question
is whether he engaged in his behavior?
How does Huma Abedin react?
When he vowed
to be a changed man.
Now the website, as we mentioned,
is called "Dirty."
I under, I understand.
The photos did take place
after he left Congress
July of 2012 about a year ago.
Okay. I really appreciate it.
Thank you very much.
Okay, bye-bye.
Are we going to be going nuclear?
"This is absolutely not true
and this is fucking ridiculous?"
Or is that not our strategy?
That is not going to be the strategy.
Not gonna be the strategy.
When in fact, he is actually
going to have
a press conference
in about 20 minutes
to discuss this, we presume,
and some other things.
Uh, but that is really
the key issue.
Of course he resigned
from Congress June of 2011
I've been told that Anthony Weiner
is on his way upstairs at the moment.
We'll be hearing from him very soon.
Uh, could you move forward
a little bit?
If I do that, I'm gonna lose
my spot, so I'm not gonna..
He will arrive at this press conference
with his wife, Huma Abedin...
...who he has said has forgiven him.
Newly revealed messages are by far
the most explicit ones we've seen.
Some people are wondering
whether she might show up today.
The big question is whether
the allegations are true and..
Can you find Huma for me?
In this same window of time
there was one other person.
I said it was over
an extended period of time.
I never said
it started here and ended here.
Fuck! Fuck me.
What number can they dial on?
You want me to dial it in?
No. Could you get
Huma back in please?
And then close the door and stay
on the other side of it for a while.
I just, I don't mean disrespectful, but
please leave me alone for a little while.
Do you know what the timing
of any of this is?
No, I don't.
- Not at all?
- I mean..
It's when we were talking about the...
...about separating.
So where are you on the statement?
I... I can't get through
to them on the telephone.
We keep getting interrupted.
They think this is not
gonna work.
They think this is, whatever.
I... I don't know.
I'm like very anxious about you
and I being apart today.
Someone's gonna find you.
- Yeah.
- Unless we get someone on the f'ing phone.
Campaign office.
No, no, no, no.
Okay, Anthony's just
trying to get you on.
- Okay.
- Hi.
Well, you're, you're saying
that the timeline
is the problem with, again.
By the way, Huma's on the line also.
Okay, so go ahead.
Look, this is a continuum
of challenges in our marriage
that ended at a certain point
and we decided to move forward
with our lives
and that's, that...
that was a problem and now it's behind us.
And as we said, other things
would come out.
Getting obviously, you know,
we're getting deluged.
Well, my head is at
try to sell this as something
that people already know.
- Hello?
- You guys still there?
Can we just have the room
for a second, you two guys.
Uh, good, uh, good afternoon.
My name is Anthony Weiner,
Democratic candidate
for mayor
of the City of New York.
Um, I have said that other texts
and photos were likely
to come out
and today they have.
Perhaps I'm surprised that more
things didn't come out sooner.
Some of these things happened
before my resignation.
Some of them happened after,
but the fact is that
that was also the time that my
wife and I were working through
some things in our marriage.
But I'm pleased and blessed
that she has given me
a second chance.
Huma has been out there with me
and she had a few words that she
wanted to say, so..
Um, my amazing wife Huma Abedin.
Hi, good evening.
This is the first time I've
spoken at a press conference and
um, you'll have to bear with me
'cause I'm very nervous.
And I wrote down
what I wanted to say.
When we faced this publicly
two years ago
it took a lot of work..
...and a whole lot of therapy..
...to get to a place
where I could forgive Anthony.
But I made the decision
that it was worth staying
in this marriage.
Anthony's made some
horrible mistakes..
...both before he resigned
from Congress and after.
But I do very strongly believe
that that is between us
and on our marriage.
So really what I want to say is,
I love him.
I have forgiven him.
I believe in him.
And as we have said
from the beginning
we are moving forward.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Why should we trust
your judgment?
Why? Why should we trust your
Weiner is admitting that new sexually
explicit online chat have surfaced..
On the nightlife site..
- "The Dirty."
- "The Dirty."
Looks, looks
a little bit like
he got it caught
in a waffle iron.
Like a series
a series of,
series of paint swatches.
I believe that last color
is called public humiliation.
It was not just sexting
or text messages.
They spoke on the phone too?
Multiple times daily.
The timeline here
is absolutely crucial.
Uh, very crucial. He resigned
from Congress in June of 2011.
A little more than
two years ago.
So, when yesterday,
this emerged..
...It was a problem.
He did this big sweet spread
with his wife
and his newborn son
the same month
that he told the world
"I really feel
like a different person."
Turns out, it was true
he was a different person
because he sent these penis
shots under the screen name..
Carlos Danger.
- Danger.
- Danger.
Carlos Danger.
I assume it was to avoid
using a ridiculous name
like Anthony Weiner.
Can we get that clip up
of Huma standing alongside..
There is a victim
of spousal abuse.
Spousal abuse.
It is sickening to watch this.
She looked
completely despondent.
Her face was looking away.
She was shifting on her feet.
He's humiliated her
over and over again.
Uh, what does it say
about a husband
who lets his wife do that?
Power, lust, personal gain
and that's all the two
of them want.
They don't care
about anything else.
There was clearly
a calculation made
that Huma being there
was going to be crucial
to how people saw him, saw it,
saw their marriage.
If Anthony Weiner's
mayoral campaign
is gonna be saved tonight,
it's gonna be saved
by his wife Huma Abedin.
Ah, not great.
Not great. You know.
Javier at the Times tried to
nail me down on that question...
I don't really know the answer
to which is...
"When did it cut off?"
You know?
But she...
This girl has this narrative...
has this timeline that I don't
have any way to check with or know.
Okay. Alright, well, call, call
me when you have a chance.
Alright, bye-bye.
I need to follow up with him.
I just want to look at the questions...
...and talk to you about how
you wanna answer those.
So the answer to, "Were people in the
campaign other than Huma aware?"
- Okay.
- No? Then..
"Had there been multiple online
exchanges with multiple people..."
"...or was it just this one?"
Can I just say multiple people?
Or is it just this one?
I think you've got to,
I mean, there was more than one.
So, I think, I think we've got
to answer the question.
Uh, okay.
Problem was that, that
series of interviews that I did
when I got in the race
were after this.
And people asked me
is the number still the same.
I think I said to, six to
Dominic and then I cleaned it up
in subsequent interviews 'cause
I knew that was a problem.
Now, the question is,
do we answer it or not?
I think we have to answer
these questions.
I think we have to answer it
because if somebody else
comes out and we don't...
- So, okay. So then you'll give
them an answer.
So I'm going to say...
- Yes.
...It was more than one.
"Do you believe you're suffering
from any sort of addiction?"
...I was asked
that question during the..
We gotta get all of my interviews
and he's gonna ask, uh-uh-uh-uh..
He said now.
He's answered
this question before.
I think I answered in the
New York Times magazine's story.
I did. I did. I answered.
Yeah, you said no.
I think you can say,
"I think, I think Anthony
"touched upon this in the,
in the "New York Times"
magazine profile."
You don't have to answer right
at this moment, so...
No, I'm giving you the answer.
You showed me a thing with the question.
And I'm trying to give you an answer.
Why do you keep saying...
- I thought, I thought
you were thinking about it.
I thought you were trying...
No, I'm talking words.
"What's the strategy moving forward?"
is his other one.
Um, it's whatever the answer
was when I got in the race.
I think it's,
it's something that..
I don't know.
What's the strategy going forward...?
It sounds stupid to say this
but yeah, these are people
you know, you're friends with,
you know, your, you know..
...you're in the...
you know, you're
tonight you're like
pen pals with.
And, um, it was connecting
on such a..
...superficial level,
it was almost as if..
...It's almost as if I was,
you know, playing, you know
had a... a, I'm playing a video
game, you know?
Um, you know, people would
reach out to me
and we'd start just chatting
and then, you know
sending e-mails back and
forth, or Facebook, whatever
or something that goes
in a different direction.
Someone says you're amazing
and sending me a naked picture
and I respond to it.
I had a blind spot about it
and that blind spot
was a pretty big one.
Now, I want to stress,
this is verbatim.
This is exactly
what went back and forth
between Congressman Weiner
and the blackjack dealer
from Las Vegas, Lisa.
And if you'll start us off
with Lisa's first line.
"Are you as passionate
in the sack
as you are about politics?"
"Baby, you'd be crawling
for the door
to prevent me
from fucking you silly."
Just what I'm looking for.
I wanna bang the future mayor
of New York City."
"Making me hard."
Parsing language is clearly
not the right way to go.
And that was a mistake
on my part.
The level of guilt
and pain and..
That I feel, you know, I'm very sorry
I put everyone in this position.
It's gonna continue
a little while..
It's gonna continue
a little while longer.
But I, you know,
generally think scandals
you cry and crisis management
has a 72 hour window.
After the 72 hours, it's not on
the lead of Drudge anymore.
We're gonna try to look normal,
like we're holding together
as a group.
It's gonna be rough
for a little while.
Where we really are is back
to where we were on day one.
All that being said
I want to give you a chance
to, to, to either vent
or to ask me questions.
I think that my team is in
a better place than I'm in.
I'm in a very bad place
to be very frank.
I'm extremely frustrated
at your lack of clarity with me
in the innumerable conversations
that we had leading up
to me joining the campaign.
Um, I have not made
any decisions
about what I'm doing
or what I'm not doing.
As of this moment, I am here.
I'm in this room
and I'm in this campaign.
- Okay.
- I think we can continue this conversation.
Okay. We'll continue it.
Amit. You guys should talk directly,
the two of you.
What are you, the referee over
there? Okay.
No, I'm just saying, I mean,
it's Amit. He's like family.
No, I know,
but I just wanted to see if there
might be things that other
people might want to say like
"Yeah, I'm... I'm there too
I'm, I feel
um, and I think some of us
have been frustrated
with feeling like we're left
in the dark, not even about
you know, the actual... situation
but more like,
how it's being handled.
My whole team, Barbara's team
like, they really
want an apology.
- Right. Got it. I understand.
- But that, that was..
I would like to flag
for everybody that
stuff like this, people are
reporting back to the "New York Post."
And it becomes something where,
I'm walking down the street
and getting berated by
a New York Post reporter.
- Well, look..
- It's fi, you guys, it's fine.
It was horrific to watch today the way
they were treating you in the street.
"Yeah, we were walking and they were
badgering her, and they were like...
If you don't answer our questions, we're going
to write that you're having an affair!"
And it was bad.
Just a quick optics thing
as Barbara's really leaving.
I assume those photographers
are still outside.
So, you will look happy?
I'm saying this for you.
I don't want it be,
"The press secretary walked out
very upset at 6:30."
Everyone has to exhale
a little bit, okay?
This has been a brutally
difficult few days.
Take a deep breath,
have a drink.
This isn't life and death.
No one's..
- No one died.
- No one died.
The entire world knows about
this campaign, warts and all.
There's a lot of intensity
and I know I brought it upon you
but I don't want it to make you
crazy, so..
Joining me now to discuss
her online relationship
with Anthony Weiner,
Sydney Leathers.
How did all this happen?
How did, how did this begin?
Um, in 2011,
I messaged him on Facebook
chastising him for his behavior
with the first scandal.
He said that he was sorry
that he let me down
then started to compliment me
on my appearance
on my political views,
my writing.
I mean, just anything
you can think of.
He's laying it on thick.
So you would have phone sex
with him
and how often
would he call you?
Uh, the most he ever called
me was about five times
in a day, which is a lot.
- For phone sex?
- Yeah.
Good morning, my name
is Anthony Weiner
Democratic candidate for mayor
of the City of New York.
Today we're focusing
on creating a nonprofit czar
to be a liaison with nonprofit
And I'll be glad to take any on-topic
questions that you might have.
Any on-topic?
Yes, sir?
Off topic, is that okay?
Sure, certainly, sir.
I'm sorry, ma'am?
How many women were there?
Can you remember?
Six to ten, I suppose.
But I... I can't tell you
absolutely what someone else
is gonna consider
inappropriate or not.
Were they sexual, how many
conversations did you have
with women after you resigned
that were sexual in nature?
I don't believe
I had any more than three.
Why don't you just,
right now tell everybody
everything that you could
possibly remember about this
so that we all get it out
of the way and then you can
go back to the real campaign.
I basically have.
I mean, the only thing you
haven't learned
you want names of people, right?
I'm not gonna do that.
If someone wants to bring
themselves out
why should I drag them
into this?
The point is they're behind me.
It's a year ago, at least.
You keep saying that
this is behind you
but you've said that before,
last Summer.
You told "People" magazine that this
was over. How can voters trust now?
How can they be a hundred
percent confident..
There's a phoniness
on that side of the debate
about how outrageous
my behavior is.
They love stoking it.
They love talking about it.
They love building me up,
having me on their show
so they can excoriate me
and everything else.
There's a phoniness to it,
but let's..
I'm gonna make this very clear.
I mean, I did the thing though.
So when I, and I'm as, you know,
I... I wouldn't have told you
I was, you know,
that I understood politics
and I understand the rhythm of
the press and everything else.
I did the thing,
so it's not their fault
that they played their role.
They just were doing, you know
it's the, it's the frog
and the, and the scorpion.
Yeah, I mean, did you take
any of it personally?
It's hard, uh... uh, I mean
I... I think the same
constitutional, the same
constitution that I have that
made me do the dumb thing..
...made it possible for me to
to weather the stuff
without it gutting me.
I think I've pretty much said
what I have to say about that.
Now, what I would like to talk
about is housing in the Bronx.
Any questions about that?
Well, questions about, question
about housing in the Bronx.
Who cares about his issues?
We want to know
what he's going to do for us.
We don't care
about that personal garbage.
We're from the Bronx.
We don't care about his personal garbage.
Where is Lawrence tonight?
He's in D.C.
His voice will play in the earpiece,
not in the studio.
Joining me now
is Anthony Weiner. Thank..
It's my pleasure, Lawrence.
How are you?
For me it just comes down
to this, which is..
"...What is wrong with you?"
I don't understand the
question, what is wrong with me
that I care so much about the
issues that I fight for everyday
that I have, my entire career?
Are you,
are you saying that, uh
because I have things in my personal life
that are embarrassing
I shouldn't run for office? Okay,
that's, that's a fair position to have.
Some people have it.
Well, you're not
being clear, Lawrence.
So, so, so let's, let's work
a little harder at that.
It does not seem to be a fully
healthy pursuit for your life.
I know there are a lot of people,
there are a lot of people who talk.
Look, there are a lot of people
who talked about..
...the totality
of your life, Anthony
do you think you've spent
your time well...
- Ah, first off, that's not,
uh... uh... uh..
Anthony, I think there
is something wrong with you.
I know. You just said that.
You just said that.
Repeating it doesn't make it
more interesting.
I'm looking at your life.
Well, I appreciate it.
You are relentless about
some, about certain things..
That is not, that's not true.
That's not true.
That's not true.
What I'm trying to get at,
Anthony, is what drives you?
Okay, tell, in that case,
ask me that question.
You don't like things
that you know about me.
You want to make fun of me
on television. Join the club!
Frankly, bigger guys than you
have been trying to knock me down.
I mean it from
a psychiatric level.
Dude, dude, I don't really
need your psychiatric questions.
All you can focus on is,
"What's wrong with you?
What's wrong with you?
What's wrong with you?"
That's not it,
it's to debate either.
I don't plan on losing.
Maybe I'll come on,
maybe I'll come on this show
and kick your ass every night,
like I'm doing tonight.
You'll get the last word
online if you want it, Anthony.
Good night, Lawrence.
Part of what animates me
is I hate bullies.
It is pretty easy
to beat me up.
It's not that hard and I just
don't respect it all that much.
Bigger guys than you have tried to
knock me down and I'm still here.
And honestly, I'm an easy target for
you to say, "What's wrong with you?"
"I don't know something
in your private life that's embarrassing."
You can get on the list.
But I ultimately don't care
what you think about that.
I have never once criticized
you for your texting.
I think your photography
is just perfectly
a standard American photography
that's floating around the internet now.
I've never said anything
about that.
You just believe
that I shouldn't run once that happened.
Even if I think I'm the better candidate
with the better ideas, don't run.
I don't have a problem,
but don't run.
You know, Anthony, that you
are a gravely damaged candidate.
I said so..
Pretty crazy.
Who do you think looks better
though, me or him?
Do you want to see the online
version... where we continued?
Why are you laughing?
This is crazy.
It's terribly crazy, but what
else was I supposed to do?
I mean, tell me
what I was supposed to do.
This is where it continued.
- No, no, no, no.
- No?
Focus on your speech..
This just
makes me feel better.
This makes me get more fight
in me and less emotional.
- Oh, really?
- A little bit.
And it got better here because
he realized how badly it went, I think.
How bad was it?
It's bad.
For me?
What was I supposed to do?
Sorry, I can't.
What's wrong with you?
No, what's wrong with you?
That every night you
have to be on television.
You need a lot of attention.
What are you craving?
What do you got to prove?
You know,
that's a good question?
Whatever the opposite
of that is, it's what Huma is.
She must like that about you right?
No, I think she might...
...like me in spite of that.
Huma Abedin, what is the
simple explanation
for why she decided to get out
there in front of this?
I fall back
to the... the Blaise Pascal
the philosopher who said
"The heart has its reasons
of which reason knows nothing."
In other words, I don't think this is
simply a strategic, uh, decision for her.
I think Huma loves this guy.
She thinks he'd be a good mayor.
What you saw at that press conference
was the real Huma.
Blaise Pascal, you say.
I counter that with Shakespeare
"Has she eaten
on the insane route
that devours intellect
and takes reason prisoner?"
Do you think she's feeling regret?
What about?
- The whole thing?
- Yeah.
It's... it's..
It's not fair.
She shouldn't, but she does.
You mean fair to you?
No, it's unfair to her.
I mean she's not...
I created this problem.
Whatever acquiescence she gave
is secondary to the things that I did.
These things that I created for us.
Do you think it's been
worse than she thought?
How are you feeling today?
It's like living a nightmare.
Carlos Danger is now
trailing by nine points.
Twenty-five to sixteen percent.
Fifty three percent
of likely New York City voters
think Anthony Weiner
should pull out.
The most unpopular political
figure on record.
An unfavorability
rating of eighty percent.
I think that we can't afford
to leave the playing field
for too many days is my concern.
Got it. Alright.
So she's trying
to sell her story.
- Oh, really?
- That's what he heard.
Rodney does this...
Rodney does this joke.
I was in a very rough
The other day I asked a cop,
"Where's the nearest subway?"
He says, "I don't know.
No one's ever made it."
The other day on the way home,
some guy's running naked down the street.
I says, "Hey, what happened?"
He says, "You came home early."
My doc said,
"'Cause you're crazy."
I said,
"I want a second opinion."
He says,
"Okay, you're ugly too."
The Rodney jokes
are easy to remember.
Like they're just, you know..
'Cause they're stupid.
Oh, Rodney, no. He's a classic, Rodney.
What are you talking about?
"Oh, boy, so nowadays for, I am,
I need two women
so when I fall asleep they have
someone to talk to. Oh, boy."
"My sex life
ain't what it used to be."
Oh, boy.
Anthony Weiner's sexting
partner Sydney Leathers
has got a sex tape now.
TMZ's reporting Leathers
has already jumped
into bed
with Vivid Entertainment
less than two weeks
after the scandal broke.
Vivid, of course, brought you
the sex tapes from Kim Kardashian
and most recently,
"Teen mom Farrah Abraham."
He ended up running
for mayor of New York City
which he's still currently
in the race for.
He was actually number one
in the polls
before the scandal broke
and then I ruined that for him.
So, sorry.
Except I'm not.
I had him on this pedestal
and I thought he was this great guy
and I felt like
we had similar views
but you know it really is true
that you shouldn't meet your heroes
because you find out how human
they really are
and how flawed they really are
and it really ruins your
perception of the person, so..
Don't meet your heroes.
I made mistakes that embarrassed
myself, hurt my family
and for that I am profoundly,
profoundly sorry.
And for that
I am profoundly sorry.
For that I am profoundly sorry.
But at the end of the day,
this campaign is not about me
or really anyone else
on this stage.
Welcome. This service
provided by free conference..
Hi. Good morning.
It's Anthony and got Camille
here. Love your spots.
You were great.
This thing isn't
turning on its own.
We think we have to do
something different and so..
Anthony, we've done 350 interviews.
We now have Quinn ahead.
Thompson second.
We have 27, 21, 16, 10.
You're at 10.
Half of your previous base went elsewhere.
Everybody else is basically
saying enough already.
They've closed that door.
You polled in
the middle of a time
when we weren't doing anything at all
to define our own narrative.
No, I understand that.
I don't think you've ever done a snapshot
for a candidate
who is going through
a worse week than I am.
That's a fair statement.
So maybe we use it to tee up
you know, I don't know some kind
of a Bulworth kind of karma that
we just like "look," you know?
Let me just be brutally honest here.
There's no chance to win anymore.
Winning is now defined as if
Anthony wants to continue here...
keeping his head high and
saying something that matters.
And getting some, at least grudging,
respect back.
For your sake, you want to
keep going with this...
that may be the best and
liberating way to proceed.
I don't think there's a path
anymore to get to a runoff.
You know, let's, let's remember
something we... we've just
been pummeled in this week.
Just pummeled..
Just, just everywhere.
I mean, we basically not really mounted
much of a defense at all.
So why don't we do this,
why don't we
slap a version of that "I ain't
quitting" thing on the website.
Why don't I call around to...
I'll call around to the-the TVs
give them all a one-on-one
If you sort of go frontal
with that again...
people are going to have
an instant negative reaction.
I don't want to hear that anymore.
So this is a solo flight.
Okay, thank you very much,
guys. I appreciate it.
- Thank you.
- Take care.
like fuck those guys.
But you dropped
10 points in a week.
What's to say you can't go
back up ten points in a week?
I have one more thing on
the public schedule, or two?
I think it's two - I think it's
the City Island hit.
I'm getting crushed there.
Just crushed.
Do you still want
to go to City Island?
Yes, ah-ah, am I getting any
reports from City...
Yes, um, Andrew, I-I've got no choice.
It's on the public schedule.
I have to go.
So right now we have another
speaker, Mr. Weiner.
Oh, thank you very much
for reminding me...
Go home!
You know, I've had a little bit
of a rough week
I had committed to coming here
and I didn't want to miss it.
Communities like City Island
kinda reflect
everything that is good
about this city and also
what has kind of
gone wrong recently.
You the residents of this community
had a 160% increase in property taxes.
That's what the math is.
So sooner or later,
something has to give.
I'm prepared to fight for
the people of this city
and I'd love to hear your
questions, thank you very much.
I'm gonna address the 900 pound gorilla
in the room...
You lied to the people of New York
and you asked for forgiveness.
The people of City Island,
the people of New York,
Americans are very forgiving.
And then you go ahead and you do
it again, so the question is...
is there someone better qualified than you
to do this job
and when do you say enough is
enough if you do at all?
It's a betrayal of trust.
My... my personal issues
are very public.
If you believe it's on the same
level as committing a crime
if that's what you believe
that's your right.
A betrayal... of trust.
But I... no, let me just finish
the answer.
Let me... let me
finish the answer.
Yes, sir, you're exactly right.
I violated trust to my wife.
I did that.
That was wrong.
That was my... I was wrong.
I was wrong. And people have
every right
in the world to say that
it disqualifies me.
But I'm not gonna quit.
Do you think it was easy?
Do you think I just... "Okay,
let's go to-to City Island."
"Let's talk
to these good people."
"Let's bring 50 cameras,"
knowing that I'd get this question?
The reason I did that is because
I'm trying to communicate something here.
I'm trying to say, "Yes, you
know some things about me"
more than any candidate than
you'll ever know
maybe in your life, maybe way
more than you'd want.
Certainly way more than I want.
But all I can do is this.
These are my ideas.
I care about them.
I knew when I got in
this race that
this kitchen was gonna
get pretty hot.
And at a certain point, you've
got to say, "Look, I don't quit.
New Yorkers don't quit."
I'm not gonna go into the corner
and curl up because someone
found out something
embarrassing about me.
You did something we don't like.
Camera's in your face.
Change your mind.
Back down. Quit.
That's not the kind of mayor
I'm gonna be.
Sir, I say to you
with all due respect
do not vote for me, but don't
deny these people
the right to vote for me
that might want to.
Thank you very much.
I'm done, guys, I am done.
I'm off my fucking heels.
That posture of like sitting back and
letting people punch me, I'm done with it.
At the end of the day, turn some
issues and ideas.
Alright. How you doing, my
friend? Nice to see you.
All the secrets?
That guy's running for mayor.
You say, "Hey Mr. Dude,
tell him to vote for me."
Hello! How's business today,
You should get a little
discount for that.
How you doing my friend?
I'm Anthony Weiner.
I'm running for mayor.
Be well. Have a sweet year.
You're a real scumbag, Anthony.
Wow, very nice, in front of
kids. Charming.
Yeah, it takes one to know one,
Don't lose your temper.
What's that? What's that?
What's that?
You wait till I walk out till
say anything. That's courage.
We'll have a discussion.
Come back in here.
I'm not afraid of you.
You did disgusting things.
You have the nerve to walk
around in public.
And... and you're... and
you're a perfect person?
You're my judge? You're my
judge? What rabbi told you that?
I didn't do what you did.
What rabbi taught you
that you're my judge?
You're fine, you talk to God
and you work out your problems
but stay out of the public eye.
That's the difference.
I'm-I'm not gonna stay with-
That's not for you to judge, my friend.
I don't take my judgment for you
and I don't judge you.
You're a bad example
for the people.
That's your judgment?
- No, that's obvious.
- Okay.
That's why we have elections.
That's why we have elections.
And you're perfect.
You're gonna judge me.
I'm not running for office.
You know who judges me?
You know who judges me?
You know who judges me?
Go visit with your rabbi.
Go visit with your rabbi.
Shows you how much you know.
Think about your wife.
Friend, how could you take
the person you most
closest to you and trusts you...
Why didn't he just walk away?
Why did we need that?
It was going nicely.
You know who judges me?
You have shown no sign you're superior
to me and you are not my god.
You know nothing.
You know nothing.
Your ignorance is being shown
to the entire world.
Anthony Weiner
in an epic war of words.
Anthony Weiner had a meltdown
on the campaign trail.
Weiner got in a shouting
match with a voter.
You know who judges me?
You know who judges me?
The voters of New York City?
I've seen that tape
either online
or on television, you know
a 100 times and it's not
even about sex.
Why exactly is this
such big news?
Terrible shot, I got like,
right at the back of my...
Bald spot?
It does not look great.
Weiner begins to leave the bakery,
but then, listen closely.
This man, Saul Kessler,
makes a racial slur about
Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin.
Well, then yeah,
that guy.
I didn't know that.
What do you think?
I don't know, I...
- You regret it?
This is a nasty jackass.
Has anyone ever told you
it's hard to get
you to talk about
your feelings?
Let me ask you something.
Are there any...
There must be some specie of fly
that stays on the wall and talks.
But I've never heard of one.
Usually, is... is the fly on the
wall technique, isn't that have
to do a little bit with the notion
of not being seen or heard?
You just kinda pick up
what goes on around you?
Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
DJ Anthony Weiner on this phat
ride all night long.
I thought
my political career was dead.
And I was somewhat liberated
as well but
liberation in a very Death Row
kinda way to it.
Anybody here from Granada?
Anybody here from Barbados?
Anybody here from Jamaica?
Thanks for coming out.
Thanks for coming out.
It's hot and humid,
and Anthony's crazy.
Boy like me
Weiner! Weiner!
Weiner! Weiner!
Boy like me
Boy like me
Whoa oh oh
I'll come
A boy like me a boy like me
Ugly boy like me
If a never fi
the pretty Benz key
Never quit! Never quit!
Never will. Never will. Never
will, man. Thank you.
Go. Go. Go. Go.
If a never fi
the house pon the sea
Oh Shi would a never waan see
Si mi golden wagon
Well, she became
the poster woman for standing
by your man back in the 90s,
but is Hillary Clinton now
changing her tune a little bit?
Rumor has it the likely
presidential contender's
demanding her top aide Huma
Abedin drop her own
lying cheating husband
Anthony Weiner.
PIX 11's Mary Murphy caught up
with Anthony Weiner
this afternoon. Hey, Mary.
Hi, Tamsen and Scott.
New York Magazine
is suggesting that Weiner's wife
is being asked to make a choice
Hillary for president,
or Weiner as husband.
We tried race walking
with mayoral candidate
Anthony Weiner to get
a direct answer.
Do you think that your wife will
choose to stay with you over
helping Hillary Clinton
get elected president?
Look, I know there's been
a lot of damage done
collateral damage because of the decisions
I've made in my private life...
- You're not answering
the question.
And I'm gonna do the
very best I can.
Do you think your wife
will choose you?
- Can I get my answer here?
- I'm sorry.
But as far as Huma goes,
she's one of the most talented
people I've ever known
in... in public life
And I think anyone who's ever
worked with her knows that.
Do you think they should ask her
to make that kind of a choice?
I really gotta go.
Huma, are you joining
this campaign stop?
I have to leave soon.
You are joining. No?
I have to get on with Philippe.
- Okay, you have to telephone.
- Yeah.
- You know that?
- Yeah.
You know telephones work all
around nowadays.
Be out in the car.
I don't know if it's a good
idea or not.
Like let me talk to Philippe.
I don't have any like,
I have no prep.
- He's gonna be a no.
- But I don't have any prep.
For what? To whom?
The press. Is the press
gonna be there?
I'll give you...
I'll give you some prep.
I'll give you some prep
in the car.
You don't know anything.
Well, I would say you act
like a normal campaign candidate's wife.
I think Anthony's doing an
amazing job.
It's great to be out here.
I said I would.
Do my personal relationships
suffer because of
the superficial and
transactional nature of
my political relationships or is
it the other way around?
Do you go into politics because
it's... you're not connecting
on that other level and... and
did the technology that undid me
allow me to be in touch with people and have
kind of more superficial relationships?
You know, I don't... I don't...
I don't know.
I mean, look, it gets back to
the very premise, you know
politicians probably are wired
in some way that needs...
needs attention,
but I don't, uh, you know
I'm not... I'm not blaming
that for sure.
Um, but I don't...
I think it is...
it is hard to have, uh
it is... it is hard to have
normal relationships.
I've waged a campaign focused
like a laser beam on fighting
for the middle class and those
struggling to make it.
I've published two books
of new ideas.
A 125 of them, in fact, on
everything from restoring
discipline in our schools to creating
a single payer health plan for our city.
Are you gonna do this?
Oh, I thought you were.
I'm not in this ad.
Do I look like... do I look like
I'm camera ready?
If you are absolutely not
gonna do anything more for
the campaign, then yeah, then...
then there's then... then start now.
You should... you want me to
start, start now.
But if... if there's a chance
you're... you're gonna want to
at some point do it, then let's
go ahead and take that.
And it's gonna take 10 minutes.
We could have been done by now.
It will cause a firestorm,
but this like the first ad
it gets out and I'm in it and
then it's a story
and then we gotta
deal with it and
Forget it. Forget it.
Let's just drop it.
Like, why is that worth it?
Ah, let's go.
I just think it's a huge risk.
Alright, ladies, thank you.
And action.
I've waged a campaign that's
focused like a laser beam
on fighting for the middle class
and those struggling to make it.
Powerful voices made it clear
from the very beginning
that they didn't want me to get
to... to... to...
It's really apocalyptic
right now.
I'm not really sure
if the sun's gonna continue
to rotate around the earth.
Hello, my name's Anthony Weiner.
Want a chicken? Every pot.
Powerful voices have made it clear from the
very beginning they didn't want me to win.
But this isn't about
what they want.
They've gotten their way
for far too long.
If you give me the chance,
I will fight
for you and your family
every single day.
Honey, I'm gonna leave.
Leave a few minutes after I
leave before you leave.
'Cause someone might think
you're married to me.
Don't worry.
Do you think Huma will come out
on the campaign trail
between now and election day?
Will she be by your side
on election night?
I don't know. I mean, you know, I'm...
I'm walking a fine line.
You know, you have, as a
reporter, you have
an appetite for
the Huma side of the story.
I want to talk about issues
important to the middle class
and the issues that
citizens care about.
Fair enough, but Huma was
a key part of your roll out.
She spoke on your behalf
quite passionately
the moment the second
wave of scandal.
The media didn't put Huma into
this. You and Huma put Huma...
- I know, you're asking,
where she'll be in the future.
And I answered your question.
Did you want to come
with or not?
Yeah, I'm... I'm on the way now
but it's on the day
books for 9:30.
He... he's saying...
he's saying don't?
Philippe said that?
Okay. Alright. See you soon.
Here, let me handle this one alone.
I gotta go upstairs alone.
I'll... I'll...
I'll come back down.
It's my last race.
Running finally, y'know...
It's my dream to run for mayor,
I also want him
to see us together.
We'll do it later. We'll...
we'll... I... it'll be fine.
Alright, give me a kiss.
iPad? Alright, Jordan
do you want to get in the
stroller or you wanna walk?
Stroller? It's all wet.
Did you say all wet?
You wanna push? Okay.
Hey, I've got a fairly brilliant
idea. What if I say this?
You know, they... they lost my
name in the... in the books.
They can't find it, so we've
been running around
trying to figure out
how to fix it.
What if I just say
at 9:30 work on
Huma's schedule unfortunately
she has a work conflict now
and she couldn't do it, once we
had this de-delay, you know
we had this delay because of the problems
at the Board of Elections?
What about that?
Okay. Uh, it's a... it's...
it sounds like a duck.
Hi. Alright,
I'll talk to you later.
Beep, beep, coming through.
Beep, beep, coming through.
Josh, you're killing me, buddy.
Josh, get out of the shot.
Josh, get out of the shot.
Anthony, you seemed pretty upset at the
NBC interview about your wife's absence.
Does it say anything to us?
What absence?
Her absence and not being
here today or recently.
Oh, no, this was... this
happened because
of the same thing every...
when we had it
at 9:30 it was around her
When it became 10:30 it became
problematic for her schedule.
She's gonna be voting. I'm pretty
sure she's gonna vote for me too.
Alright, guys, we gotta go.
Um, we're gonna go that way. Is
that okay? Sorry, buddy.
Can we just do the one question?
We'll all get out of your way.
1 question? I've just done...
I've done 40 questions
and now you're dealing
with a 20 month old.
Get your wife's absence, you seem
pretty agitated. You seemed upset by it.
No, no, it's just... it's just 7 or 8
or 9 questions on the same subject.
After a certain point,
I think, well
a question being asked again
and again, you know, so.
Her absence,
does it say anything?
Alright, thumbs up. Thumbs...
Thumbs up.
The craziest part of the
whole Anthony Weiner thing is
the guy never met you
face to face.
No. He never met me.
Had more contact with him
already. Are you angry with him?
I think I am a little bit
angry angry with him.
What pissed me off was
him on the campaign trail saying
"Oh, I've changed."
And trying to act like he has
this perfect marriage now
and everything's just peachy.
- The hypocrisy got to you?
- Yeah.
I was like, bullshit. I am proof
that you have not changed.
You know what I... I
fantasize about actually.
If you did go to confront him.
I... I think we should.
Let's do it.
I'd be like Carlos Danger.
- Meet Mrs. Danger.
- Meet Mrs. Danger.
Yeah, that would be perfect.
- I'm ready to do it.
- I'm ready to do it.
Sorry to bother you right now,
but this requires your immediate attention.
Pineapple is at the office.
Sydney Leathers is
in front of the office.
- Alone?
- No. With media and signs.
With how many media?
I don't know how many media.
I'm giving you the tick-tock
of my plan right now.
We'll drive on 48th...
- What media is there?
I... I... Camille just called me.
I don't have any update.
I literally just ran here to give you
the tick-tock of my plan.
My... my plan...
This is the tick-tock for my plan...
I'm not going,
I shouldn't go.
You don't want...?
Well, the phone bank...
Just avoid the scene.
The phone bank is at the office.
Yeah, well, what's... well...
avoid the scene.
Why... why try to play it cute?
Okay, but if you do want to go
to the office,
I do have a whole
entire plan ready for you.
- Andrew.
- Hold on... hold on, hold on.
Bo... Bo... Boss wants to talk to me.
Just hold on the line.
Okay, you know what I would do?
I would get phone bankers
with signs.
If there's any press attention
to her at all
surround her and chant
the shit out of her.
But that's only if there is...
only if there is attention.
If she's not getting any
attention, then just let it go.
But if she starts to then circle
her and just chant the shit.
No physical contact and I'd
chant the shit out of her.
- Jordan.
- Alright, thank you.
Alright, Bye-bye.
Can you tell me
what's going on?
Pineapple's in front
of the office.
Who's... can you...
- Syd... Sydney Leathers
is in front...
Oh, shit. I shouldn't have
said that on the camera.
- Why not?
- I'm sorry.
'Cause that's our code word.
- Oh.
- But...
Sydney Leathers is outside of
597 Fifth Avenue right now.
Uh, we are staying calm and
managing the situation right now.
I have two contingency plans
in place if A... Anthony
absolutely needs to get to the
But I also need to develop
a... a backup plan.
It's my job to make sure she
fucking fails at life today.
I gotta wonder...
if I had more time,
could I rebound again.
Even when things we thought
were going pretty well
we still were dealing with
puns and the nastiness
and like the outrage
of the editorial pages.
Why do you think that is?
I lied to them.
I've got a funny name.
And, uh...
They don't...
They don't do nuance.
Headline writers and editorial pages -
they're the opposite of nuance.
They all like to say that the lying
was sort of the big thing.
You think that's true?
I've had this conversation with
myself recently where I'm...
I need to visualize...
...how different it would've been.
Not very.
They've... They've got the comfort
of being able to...
Righteously vilify you.
The results have not yet
been certified
but Bill de Blasio appears
to have 40% of the vote.
Second place finisher
Bill Thompson has 26%.
Anthony Weiner
with 4.93% of the vote
in the Democratic primary
for Mayor. So it's over.
This is Anthony Weiner.
How are you, my friend?
You ran a great campaign.
Somebody just emailed me to tell me that
this woman's actually inside the party?
She's downstairs.
We have a security detail
on her.
Sydney, what are you going to
say if Anthony Weiner walks
through this door about
10 feet away from you?
Well, I guess you'll see
with your eyes.
- Fuck.
- Yeah, she's downstairs.
We can sneak you in through
McDonalds and into
the staircase upstairs.
She'll never know.
- Okay.
- We discreetly pull up.
I'm... I'm budgeting 12 seconds
from car to door.
Okay. Everyone... can
everyone leave except for Huma?
And Huma, come in.
This woman is in the bar.
I'm not going to face the indignity
of being accosted by this woman.
She's not in the venue.
You think that's how
anyone's going to cover it?
What do you want to do?
Can we get a picture with
you? Is that alright?
Can somebody take a...
Are you okay?
Josh, come on.
You do have to move quickly
when we get out of the car.
We can't linger around.
Where's Pineapple now?
We're executing
the McDonald's plan.
Like, he cannot be that
afraid of me. Like seriously.
What is he so afraid of?
Turn the lights off, Anthony.
We'll be there in 45 seconds.
Huma. Huma.
Don't come. Go home.
Here we go.
No, you can't call me
back in 5 minutes.
Now. Now, now,
now, now, now, now, now.
Are you serious?
Hey, guys,
welcome to New York.
Where am I going?
Are you serious?
Ow, ow, ow, ow, my god.
Hold on, hold on, hold on.
Have we lost her?
Seriously? All to avoid
a 23 year old, really?
We might have come up a little short
in this campaign.
But we are all unified
in that fight.
If you keep fighting, I'm gonna
keep fighting.
Because we're gonna
keep New York the capital
of the middle class
for years to come.
Thank you very much
and God bless you.
What's the plan for tomorrow?
What's the plan for tomorrow, Anthony?
Don't push me!
Oh my God!
As he rushed into a car
Weiner's security team
scuffled with reporters.
The candidate's response?
A raised middle finger
through the car window.
I can't believe I gave
the press the finger.
I still have this virtually
unlimited ability
to fuck up things day by day.
Why have you let me film this?
- I, Bill de Blasio...
- I, Bill de Blasio...
- do solemnly swear...
- do solemnly swear...
- that I will support the constitution
of the state of New York...
- that I will support the constitution
of the state of New York...
- and the charter
of the city of New York.
- and the charter
of the city of New York.
- That I will
faithfully discharge...
- That I will
faithfully discharge...
- the duties of the office
of the mayor of the city of New York.
- the duties of the office
of the mayor of the city of New York.
- So help me God.
- So help me God.
The scandal has been reduced
ad absurdum.
The laws of entertainment
gravity are gonna suck the..
...the documentary
into the same vortex.
What do you mean?
The same things
that people want and
were intrigued by
and fascinated by
and titillated by, it's
as much as you may want
to tell a story
it's still gonna be
the same frame
of the same..
...thing, but...
I don't know,
I don't... I don't regret
letting you follow me around
and kinda
documenting some of it.
...I guess 'cause
I just think that it...
I mean, I would hope
that it's more
than just a punch line
kind of thing.
I wanted just to viewed
as the... as the full person
that I was.
And I can't believe my entire..
...everything is being engulfed
by this... by this thing.
And maybe that's what happens.
You know, I mean..
...It's kind of like, you know,
besides that Mrs. Lincoln
that was the show.
You know, maybe,
that was naive too.
You know there's a tendency,
and we do it for a living
guys like us,
to try to figure out
like what the meta viewpoint
we're all supposed
to have of this.
So hold on a sec,
hold on a second.
Hold on a second.
Hold on a second.
Hold on. The only... the only
point I'm making, Herman
I'm trying
to make a nuanced point
about a complicated situation
that you and your party
are trying to over simplify
by saying the President
is doing nothing.
- Nothing.
- 1600...
The next generation
of politicians act differently
because their entire lives
will be documented
on some sort of online platform.
I think that's already, I think
we all... I mean, after...
- Oh, look at the time.
I gotta get going.
- Oh my...
- Hey, buddy.
Oh, my God.
Hey, can I get a picture
with you?
Sure, let me just finish
with this guy.
Head this way.
That's it.
Hold it right there. Good.
Mom, mom, mom
guess who I am standing
in front of?
Anthony Weiner,
right across from my school.
Mom, I'm... Mom, you're right.
Yeah, I want to see your Wikipedia.
Please don't. I would
encourage you not to, actually.
What is that supposed to mean?
The written word is dead.
- Oh, my God.
- You got it, champ?
- Yeah. Oh, my God.
- Very nice to meet you.
Okay. Oh, my God!