Wekufe (2016) Movie Script

In another interview,
you said the political
corporate world was macabre, corrupt.
Can you expand on that?
Well, how is it not macabre?
Here we are at the beach,
polluted by the fishing industry.
Salmon farmers are responsible for
polluting the Chilo fishing grounds.
Many of these fishing grounds
can no longer sustain life.
Only 30% of the salmon farms
are producing here today.
Why? Because these are
corporations without a flag.
They don't have a sense of belonging.
They come here to exploit
the environment and then they leave.
The fishing industry is destroying
The local culture.
They are depriving the community
of their limited natural resources.
We had channels with clean water.
Today, these channels will remain
contaminated for at least 80 years.
That's what the corporations are doing.
These corporations
aren't building a country.
Instead, they take advantage of the
environment and local workers.
that's the way it is.
Before Spaniards arrived in the Mapuche
world, there was no
notion of WEKUFE or evil.
There was only a balance of
positive and negative forces.
There was no concept of the devil,
a creature from Christian culture.
Well, we are in the
store of Mr. Rodrigo.
Say hi to the camera.
Okay, okay.
And there's Paulita.
We're doing last minute shopping
to get supplies for our trip.
I'm getting some things to protect me
from the evils of the island.
Because we're going to the
darkest lands of the island of Chilo.
I bought garlic,
which they say
What are you doing Matias?
"Our" film?
It's not our film.
It's a report for my class.
But we already discussed it!
We haven't discussed anything.
We're gonna to do your amusing report.
But I intend to take advantage
of this great location.
We're going to make the best
found footage horror movie in history.
Seriously, this whole
movie thing is so boring.
Just because. Because those
movies are truly boring.
They make me dizzy because
they're horribly shot.
They make me laugh instead of scaring me!
Hey, the people that find
that "lost" footage say,
"Your daughter was brutally
raped, murdered, and mutilated to death."
"But I assure you that with some good
editing and background music"
"it would make
a great movie."
"Trust me,
she would have loved it."
How dumb, I really find it very stupid.
You're being ridiculous.
Okay, look! You know what?
I'm gonna make sure. Hand me the camera.
If you're watching this video,
most likely I'm already dead.
Don't let any unscrupulous douche-bag
fill his pockets at my expense.
Did you hear me?
Is that better?
Very funny!
Go ahead and make fun.
It's easy for you since you're a brat
just finishing college.
Not an old guy like me,
with life passing him by.
Come on Matias. How dramatic.
You're still young.
Great movie directors like Spielberg
made "Duel" at age 25.
Romero at age 28 made
"Night of the Living Dead."
Raimi wrote and directed
"Evil Dead" at age 22.
What have I done? Huh?
Me? Young?
Let's look for Matias.
Missing in action
after he felt attacked by me.
Ah, there he is.
So grouchy.
This is so magical.
Don't you think?
You want one?
No thanks.
I'm quitting.
- Seriously?
- Seriously!
This is the only link between
the American Continent and the island.
It's like the journey
of those Greek legends.
Where you had to pay the boatman
with a gold coin
so he would take you to the underworld.
The world of the dead!
You fool.
Okay, look, hold the camera.
It's not gold, but it should still do.
What did you wish for baby?
What do you care.
Tell us, how it feels to have
the camera stuck to your face
while you're driving?
I don't care.
Record anything you want.
This way you get a hang of it.
Get some takes for my movie.
Here you go again
with that chicken pee.
What a nice view.
Wow, baby!
Your mother was so beautiful.
Fortunately, I look like her.
Not so sure of that.
She truly looks very beautiful.
Your Mom is that type of person
you never forget.
I think about her sometimes.
She was so joyful.
That's one of the things
I miss most about her.
Her smile, her sense of humor.
The color of her voice
was also very special.
I don't understand.
The color of her voice?
A voice can be light or dark.
Her voice was
a little darker at a mid-point.
Somewhere between a light soprano
and a dramatic tone.
She sang so beautifully.
Did you ever hear her sing?
You missed it.
She said that she sang to me
when I was in her belly.
And, that's why I'm
so passionate about music.
How sweet.
When I was scared at night...
when I couldn't sleep,
she sang a lullaby.
Really pretty.
About a child that was
watched by a neighbor
because his Mom had to work.
At bedtime, the neighbor sang a song.
Saying that Mom will return and will
bring you many gifts, food, and treats.
In reality she couldn't bring anything
because they were poor.
Yeah, but that's kind of sad, isn't it?
Yeah but, just like
all other lullabies...
it's a little fairytale-ish, but nice.
Hey Matias, please shoot that
architectural aberration.
Which one?
But it's so beautiful sweetie.
Really horrible!
If we eat at the
food court in that mall...
Excuse me sir, do you have Chilote stew?
"Yes! Would you like to add
warm stones for 200 pesos?"
"Would you like to supersize
your warm stones for $400?"
I didn't know they
loved you so much in Chilo.
They erected a monument of you.
The Trauco, Chilean version
of the incubus
is a mystical and magical being
that lives only in the forests of the
island of Chilo, in the south of Chile.
It's a seducer of young women
and the doom of men.
A repulsive, malformed dwarf
with rough features.
According to legend,
he appears in young women's dreams.
Eroticized and enchanted with love
he takes them into the forest.
There, submerged in this deceit,
he possesses them.
Finally, the Trauco is used to
explain the fatherhood
of natural born children in Chilo.
Regretfully, this island is not only known
for its myths and legends
but also for the great number of
rapes, incest, femicide
domestic violence and
unwanted pregnancies.
These events account for
more than 70% of crimes in Chilo.
Since ancient times, these events were
blamed on this mystical being.
Today, we can't help think
that we're faced with a big lie.
Or the justification of a brutal reality
that affects Chilo on a daily basis.
How did it turn out?
Was it good?
I wasn't recording.
Just kidding.
It came out fine.
Find me in the forest.
I will be waiting for you
with my enormous beef whistle.
Cherry popping virgins,
so Paula finally believes that I exist.
And so she stops messing with
poor Matias and lets him make his movie.
Hey, what's with the face!
Really Matias. Don't bother me.
I didn't sleep well last night.
Sure you didn't sleep well.
You moaned all night.
Yeah, right Matias!
What was I saying? You liar.
I've no idea what you were saying.
You spoke in a weird tongue.
I don't know.
I don't believe you.
Look, next time I'll film you,
so you you'll believe me.
The last thing I need is
for you to film me while I sleep.
Now, turn the damn thing off.
I look like shit.
Another day of filming.
As I said, I'm gonna use this trip
to kill two birds with one stone.
I'm filming my movie,
and won't leave without it.
Whatever it takes!
Are you planning on
filming the whole trip?
Of course!
That's how they do it.
Ah, so now I have to say
the typical line in those movies.
"Well, you know Matias.
He loves to film everything."
Get used to it, because I
intend to film the whole trip.
Matias. You're unbearable!
You're going way to far!
- Shh!
- What?
How pretty.
What happened?
I don't know.
Turn off the camera.
Matias. Turn off
the camera!
Not everyone likes to be filmed.
Turn off the camera.
- Let's go!
- Why?
- No. No. No. Let's go!
- Matias. What's going on?
Don't ask!
Let's go, let's go!
Matias turn off the camera.
Maybe that's it.
Alright. Let's go.
Let's go. Let's go.
Okay, but turn off the camera Matias.
They're coming.
I swear. I still don't understand
why we left Matias.
Maybe they wanted to invite us to watch.
They didn't look too friendly.
Did you ever see "The Wicker Man"?
Or they just wanted you to
turn off the camera.
Not everyone likes to be filmed.
Miss Holmes?
Have you solved the mystery yet?
Let me work Matias!
I like when you play detective.
How are we going to shoot this?
I thought of doing it
Michael Moore style. Yeah?
Okay, but Michael Moore
doesn't have those fine curves!
Shut up!
- Good morning Governor.
- Good morning.
What is your take on
the number of unwanted pregnancies
attributed to the Trauco?
What do you do for the people?
Not a damn thing.
Stupid bastard.
You're just fucking around.
You piece of shit.
I'm Delfos.
I live here in Chilo.
My grandfather worked at the church.
I'm a tinsmith.
I'm 70 years old.
These people wash their hands.
Do you know me?
- No.
- Of course you don't know me.
I'm Delfos.
I own the tinsmith shop.
Look how the gentleman crosses his arms.
See what this man is all about.
My head is split.
Did you know?
I live in the most discriminated village
because my mother put up a sign.
"What Chilo lives is what Chilo is"
The real people
is what Chilo is all about.
These things happen.
- Good afternoon Governor.
- Good afternoon.
We are investigating
the truth behind the Trauco myth.
I would like to understand your take on
the number of unwanted pregnancies
attributed to the Trauco?
Well, it is said that
these are poor excuses
that women used a long time ago
to cover up their infidelity.
That sort of thing.
What is your position on
the rapes and incest
that account for more than
70% of crimes in Chilo today?
I don't know where you got
those statistics.
For many years, these of crimes
have not occurred on the island.
The district attorney's office
can validate what I am saying.
Thank God...
Chilo is a modern Provence
and invites progress in all areas.
We have very good education.
We have a strong police force
across all the islands.
Further, many Christian congregations
have come here.
Chilo is not only safer than ever before
But further, the region is also
a center for industrial development.
For instance,
foreign salmon farms have brought
increased employment
and local development.
There's also a bridge project
over the Chacao channel
which will further benefit
and increase progress
on our beautiful island.
Do you personally believe in the Trauco?
That's a very difficult
question to answer.
If I say "no"
I would be hurting tourism of the island.
And if I say "yes"
this would end my political career.
Let's just say that I'm Christian.
I believe in God.
Like most people on this island.
Are you sure?
Our investigation indicates
that the majority of inhabitants
on this island
do not share your belief
in a "God" that places
mankind at its center.
If you're referring to the natives
they do believe in God.
Just by a different name.
You're wrong
Mr. Governor.
"You're God" doesn't exist
in the Mapuche culture.
Christianity has tried to disguise him.
For the Mapuche,
a higher force does exist.
Mankind is not the
center of the universe.
I see you don't believe in anything.
You're wrong
Mr. Governor.
Like many locals of this island
I don't believe in the white bearded God
brought by the Europeans
sowing psychological terror
that entitles mankind the right
to exploit the environment
to his own benefit.
- No.
- But wait, listen.
Just like what's happening here
this island is being devastated.
Forcing its inhabitants to serve an
industry that does not belong to them.
That does not benefit the people.
Or help in their development.
Oppressed by their economic model.
Enslaved by their anti-union practices.
How do you respond to this?
Look! If all this blasphemy
is about the salmon farms.
I'm not here to discuss that.
Did you know that this industry has
the worst regulation in the world.
Did you know that?
- Let's end this interview now.
- No. Wait.
How is it possible to have the same...
foreign investment protection
created during the military dictatorship?
Mr. Governor, answer me!
Mr. Governor!
I can't believe that guy!
Love, you knew that if
you asked about the fisheries
that he would react this way.
You're reporting about myths and legends.
Did you see how he treated me?
He thought I was blasphemous.
In which century does he think we live?
If we continued the interview
he would have had me burnt at the stake.
I don't believe it!
This is the place.
With the lady's permission.
Of course.
- Good afternoon Mr. Renato.
- Hello.
We are investigating the
truth behind the Trauco myth.
So we can put things in context...
How did the legend
originate on this island?
There were interracial relationships.
The Spaniards arrived without any women.
So, women here, or mothers
in Chilo are Mapuche.
In this context, there is a mixed race.
Also, myths will get mixed.
The Trauco myth is
not entirely of Mapuche origin.
Because apart from Mapuche
it has other elements.
Within it...
the myth has a European influence,
which is Christianity.
Christianity introduced the idea
of good and evil.
Present within one another.
The Wekufe is evil.
In the Mapuche culture,
evil is expressed in the Wekufe.
And it is there where it is introduced by
the brujo.
Through a stick. A hair.
A beverage.
Darn! It didn't turn off.
Wait a second, the Wekufe is back.
I'm filming the tenth fire we've seen.
I finally caught one on camera.
Why are there so many fires?
I don't know.
Keep going!
And let's not take
that fucking backpacker.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
This way.
We will enter through the path
"Los Humedales."
It's an area with
crocodiles, snakes, and leeches.
That snake won't hurt you.
If you're wondering.
- Good afternoon Mr. Filiberto.
- Hello, how are you?
I understand that you're
an expert on the topic of
myths and legends on this island.
About the "Chilota" mythology.
To summarize all the dangers
of the forest back then
of which there were many.
Young girls were told
not to enter the forest.
Because a little spirit
would appear in the forest
with a very large penis.
And it would deflower them and
get them pregnant.
Do you doubt that
the Trauco legend is true.
No. How can
I doubt it?
The legend is the legend.
Everyone in Chilo sees it.
Especially the elders have seen it.
Although they say it's been seen,
they don't say "who" has seen it.
That's about it.
In a way, everyone has seen it
because everybody can see!
A burial as well. Everyone says
there's a burial there.
Where the arc of a rainbow lands.
It's that.
- Sure.
- Kind of.
Mr. Filiberto, do you know
anyone who's seen the Trauco?
Um, sorry.
Give me a second.
My phone.
Give me a second.
- Sure.
- Let's see.
This is like that bad horror movie.
So bad.
So bad.
Well, not that bad,
until they showed the monster
because it was computer generated.
- Yes.
- CGI.
The best horror movies
don't show the monster much.
Like "Rosemary's Baby"
or "Blair Witch Project".
- Yeah.
- What you picture in your mind
is much scarier than anything
they show in a movie.
Well, that doesn't
apply to the real world.
- Why?
- Because, if I'm in my bedroom
and I hear a noise in the living room.
I'll look for a rational explanation.
Was it the refrigerator?
An open window?
Or was it my cat?
But if I go downstairs
and there's a giant monster
with a huge animal head.
Huge fangs. Dripping blood
because it ate my cat.
And all that's left
is a cat eye stuck in a fang
I won't stop to think
What I pictured in my mind
was much more scary.
How stupid.
Know what I mean?
He's coming back.
Turn off the camera.
How did it go?
The last question you asked me.
If I knew someone
who was the son of the Trauco.
In Chilo, all natural born children
are offspring of the Trauco.
Now I think it's best for you to leave.
If you haven't considered
what I've told you
there's no reason for you to stay.
Because you are desecrating what is...
part of the Chilo culture.
Well, if it bothers you, we can leave.
Don't worry.
Have you ever heard about the Cthulhu?
- Cthulhu?
- Yes!
Oh, the monster
created by Lovecraft, right?
Created my ass!
Copied by Lovecraft.
Because the Cthulhu is Chilean.
How can it be Chilean?
It's Chilean!
If you read "The Call of Cthulhu"
They talked about the "Alert".
A ship that discovered
a submerged city called R'lyeh.
It's where the monster rests.
What does this have to do with Chile?
Everything, love!
Here it gets interesting.
The city was discovered at
47 9' south latitude
and 126 43' west latitude.
You're standing on those coordinates.
Yeah sure. Liar!
The legend of Cthulhu is very similar
to the legend of Cai-Cai-Vilu.
The Huilliche-Mapuche legend.
I don't know if you've heard it.
The Cai-Cai-Vilu was a monster that flooded
Chilo thus creating the archipelago.
And today the monster
is hiding, awaiting its release.
That's why Cthulhu is Chilean.
Because it's impossible for the
to have read Lovecraft
more than 200 years ago.
Good afternoon Mr. Armando.
Good afternoon.
It's a pleasure to have you here.
We're investigating
the truth behind the Trauco myth.
Unlike the Trauco
The legend of the "Brujos"
is more enduring.
Its followers were based...
in a cave, a cavern.
Located in Quicav.
To become a brujo,
first you had to have your baptism removed
by staying under a waterfall.
A test that very few people could endure.
To stay under a waterfall with that
considerable weight and amount of water
is not easy to do.
Especially at twilight.
The ravines of Chilo are
extremely dark and shadowy.
Kill someone dear to you.
To prove you love the Brujos
over your own family.
They bred a creature
in the form of a dog and
the form of a goat.
So the white man specifically
would not get close
to the cave of the Brujos
that was always associated
with the indigenous people.
The Goatman would leave the cave
at night to scare people away
with a terrifying growl
during the full moon.
That would terrorize any human being.
That's part of the story
about the Brujos...
- Let me get this, okay?
- Okay.
Have you heard of Moby Dick?
Moby Dick...
That's the giant whale, right?
Yeah right. You're gonna say
it's Chilean as well.
It's more Chilean than Chilean Beans!
Its name isn't even Moby Dick.
Its original name is Mocha Dick
and was honoring an island named Mocha
where in the 19th century an albino
sperm whale was seen near the island.
You're kidding me!
That's the way it is!
And just like Lovecraft or Melville
or Verne or Allan Poe
many writers based their novels on
myths and legends from Chile.
Also, when I was a kid, my bother...
showed me a graphic novel of the
"Swamp Thing".
It said that evil in this world
came from the island of Chilo.
Ah! great.
I'll sleep well tonight.
You love to scare me.
Let's leave, please.
- Yes.
- Come on. Let's leave.
- I'm kind of tired
- I'm freezing, Let's go.
Matias, are you filming?
Hmm... Yes.
Come on.
Come on.
What are you doing?
Baby. This is so you can believe
that you're really talking at night.
What the fuck?
I brought you some coffee.
What are you doing?
Can't you see what I'm doing?
How annoying Matias!
I'm not the only one
who didn't sleep well last night.
You obviously had a pretty good night.
What are you talking about?
You don't remember
who you were doing it with last night?
Matias. I was
I was sleeping with...
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
What is it?
I've got something's stuck!
Watch out!
What's that?
Let me see.
It's a chicken splinter
from last night.
Are you okay?
Take me to the bed.
Okay. Okay. It's over now.
Let's go.
You choked on a splinter.
That's all.
You're okay.
Let's turn this off.
Here's your Cthulhu.
- What?
- Your Cthulhu.
That's not a Cthulhu.
It looks like one.
Better find me the Trauco.
No. You won't find Traucos.
- Why?
- We don't sell anything from mythology.
And could you tell me why?
Because it is not native of this area.
They're things brought from elsewhere.
Things the conquistadors brought.
Not the locals.
But the Trauco
has been used quite a bit here.
To cover up incest and pedophilia.
Which is something
deeply rooted on this island.
It happens in rural areas
where there's a lot of child abuse.
As a matter of fact, we have the highest
rate of child abuse in the country.
And very distinguished people
from those areas...
use all kinds of tricks in order to
have sex with local children.
I believe that everything related to
mythology and legends is negative.
It doesn't contribute to the culture.
It discredits us.
It hides very cruel realities.
It's much more important to
confront them directly.
Of course.
How interesting.
- What is your name?
- Patricia.
I hate it when people come
to Chilo to learn about the Trauco.
I find it terrible!
Because if they knew what the Trauco is.
Also, no one has seen the Trauco.
Nobody has seen the Trauco.
Yes! My sister saw it...
and died very young.
How old was your sister?
She was 37.
How did she describe the Trauco?
She said that he is a small man,
with a big hat, and very ugly.
- Very ugly.
- They did this by copying the Trauco. See?
- Okay.
- Yes.
You see Matias? This whole thing
about the Trauco was invented.
But how about the other lady?
Didn't you hear what she said?
Matias, the Trauco doesn't exist.
We're at the 36th year of
the most important fair in Chilo.
To see what they have to say about the
countless pregnancies blamed on the Trauco.
And thus demonstrate that...
Matias, do you think I'm stupid?
- Why?
- I'm serious.
It wondered in the
forest and would appear
if it truly existed.
If you ask my dad, he'll say he saw it.
- Are you sure?
- Sure.
100% sure. He'll tell you
facts and the whole thing.
The truth of the matter is that
the Trauco does not exist.
The Jesuits invented it
when they arrived on the island.
The real word is Chau-Co.
They are two words in one.
"Chau" means people from here,
and "Co" means water.
A being of water.
When the Spanish invaders came
with the religious Christians Jesuits
they changed the word to Trauco.
When a man would go fishing
and stay out at sea for months
he would return and find his woman,
who was an indigenous Huilliche, pregnant.
The Jesuits that were here would
rape them and get them pregnant.
They created the myth to justify this.
The myth does not exist.
Nor the Caleuche or any of that.
Nor Spanish galleons.
We don't have any of that.
There were just canoes.
No mythical being or elf
that rapes and impregnates women.
The Brujos don't exist.
It's a western world-view.
Not an indigenous Huilliche view.
I believe in Brujos.
It was dawn.
I woke up at night
and looked towards the window
and saw the moon.
And right then something flew by.
It was something
that looked a lot like a witch.
Just like people draw witches,
with broom and all.
My cousin is 14 years old.
She used to live in a house and
the Trauco appeared in the house.
He was ugly and had something
like black seaweed
and had black hair.
And he started going like
Yuck! It was horrific.
The Trauco is a dragon, right?
Look! Look!
The musicians that scared
the shit out of you the other day.
This time I'll get an interview.
Hi, we're investigating the truth
behind the Trauco myth.
And would like to ask you...
What the fuck man!
What the fuck!
We already packed our bags.
We're heading back
to the capital tomorrow.
After the unfortunate incident
during the traditional fair of Castro
we realized that it looks like
some locals aren't comfortable
with our presence.
But first, we're making one last stop.
In a place they assured us
the Trauco was sighted.
The Enotuco forest.
The forest Matias?
Are you fucking kidding me?
They just threw shit on my face!
And you want to go to the forest!?
Matias, I've washed my hair
3 times! 3 times!
I still can't get rid of the shit smell.
And you want to go to the forest!
I'm fed up! I don't feel good!
I want to leave!
How can you expect to feel good
if you haven't eaten anything today?
Look! This is what I propose.
Let's eat at the lodge tonight.
We'll sleep. Get a good night's rest.
Early tomorrow we return to Santiago.
We stop at the forest.
You do your final wrap and we leave.
The handcraft fair.
Can we say goodbye to Patricia?
And I can ask more questions.
Can we get something to eat first?
I'm not hungry and my stomach hurts.
Let's stop, please.
Okay, cool!
Good afternoon.
Mrs. Patricia?
No, she is not here!
She's not?
Excuse me.
Can I help you?
Yes. Mrs. Patricia?
She works here.
No, she's not here anymore.
The other day she was working here.
Not anymore.
Do you have her contact information...
What's going on?
You're going to faint.
Sit down.
No ma'am. Don't worry.
What's going on?
Matias, I want to leave.
Can you give her something?
No. No. No. Matias.
No, ma'am.
- Love. Calm down.
- No. No. Matias.
Drink this herbal tea.
Don't be afraid.
I assure you.
Look. I want water.
Drink this tea.
No, I don't want it.
I don't want it.
I don't want it.
What's wrong?
Sorry! Sorry!
She's not feeling well.
Don't worry.
She's kind of sick. Sorry.
- How much for the mug?
- No. No. Don't worry.
- She's very sick.
- Yeah?
She has the Wekufe inside.
Her soul is sick. It's serious.
She just has an upset stomach.
It's not that.
It's something else.
Just like you, many Huinca
come to Chilo as tourists
looking for Brujos.
Mythological creatures.
And what do they find?
The Huinca himself.
Take care of her.
She is sick.
I'll check on her.
Wait! I'm the only one here
that can cure her.
- Really?
- Yes.
- Can I trust you?
- Of course.
Where are you?
Let's see.
There you are!
Feeling okay?
Yes, but why are you recording?
Because I have a surprise.
And I wanted to film your reaction.
What reaction Matias?
Is it necessary to film my butt face?
My love.
The miracle herbal tea lady
told me that she can perform
a Mapuche healing ceremony.
But seriously love.
She said I could film everything.
Uh huh.
Look Matias!
I'm gonna tell you just once!
So get it through your thick skull!
I'm going to Santiago
with or without you.
I'm finishing this
and getting the fuck out!
Criminal, retarded, ugly,
filthy irrational
Lazy, Ignorant, mistrustful,
dumb, marginal
Miserable, illiterate,
useless detestable
Grouchy bum
doesn't know anything
Primitive intricate
alcoholic stubborn
Stick head misfit
monkey face
Savage, you stinker,
take a bath
Dirty caveman,
you do nothing right
Hi, how is it going my friend?
Where is Quicav?
Whoa, it's way over there!
You've got a long way to go my friend.
What are you looking for?
The cave?
There's no cave here!
There are only Brujos!
I will tell them that you're
fucking around here
and they'll kick you outta here!
You're such a fool!
Catholics, evangelicals
named us witches
Spiritual dome
was introduced
You are part
of the devil
This is not fiction,
it is our testimony
We find ourselves
in a forest near Quicav
where locals of the island
Okay sorry.
Once again.
Here we go.
We find ourselves in a forest near Quicav
where locals of the island
claim to have seen
this mythical creature called Trauco.
Come on Matias!
Come on love.
Okay, but I can't do it like this!
Okay, just go ahead!
We find ourselves
in a forest near Quicav
where locals of the island claim
Did you eat a clown for breakfast?
Seriously Matias.
I can't concentrate like this!
- Why?
- I can't! Matias. I can't!
Hi, I think I just found a
beautiful virgin in my forest.
You're ridiculous Matias!
Get away!
Come on!
Matias, I can't continue
like this, really.
- Why not?
- We'll do your part first and then mine.
- You just look too silly.
- Okay, alright!
Nobody will believe you.
Love. How did it turn out?
My love. Marvelous!
We have the best found footage
horror movie ever filmed!
So funny.
We find ourselves in a
forest near Quicav
where locals of the island
confirmed to have seen the
mythical creature called Trauco.
According to testimonies we
gathered in this investigation
there is a duality when it comes to
the truth of this legend.
Many claim to have seen him.
However, the younger ones claim
that it is only an old tale.
This is why we want to verify
whether this creature really exists.
This is why we're spending
the night in this forest.
So we can confirm whether
the legend is true
or just a story to justify the crimes
committed here on the island.
- All done?
- Yes, very good.
Okay, Now some takes
of trees, some bushes
and later I'll add a voice-over
and we're done and we leave.
- What?
- Are you crazy?
The idea was to stay to give
your report creditability.
- You can't deceive people.
- Oh no, no!
Deceive people?
- Yes.
- Look who's talking!
Mine is fiction.
Yours is not.
Look Matias!
We already discussed this.
We agreed to come to the forest.
I would do my linking note.
We would "pretend" to stay.
We would gather material.
And we would leave.
The hell I'm spending the night.
No fucking way!
I'm not telling you to
spend the night camping.
When we arrived, I saw some nice cabins
right beside the forest.
They're beautiful.
- Matias!
- What?
Listen closely.
I'm not staying another night!
Your grandma's a chicken!
Come on Matias!
You little thingy!
Cut it out.
Don't be afraid.
Here's your Chilote Tarzan
to take care of you.
I can't believe you
brought me to this cabin.
You said it was a nice cabin.
I don't understand your concept of nice.
It's horrible and
we don't even have electricity.
I found some candles.
It's way more romantic.
Where's your romanticism?
It's more intimate.
It's impossible to find
romanticism here. It's horrible.
I really find it terrible.
- Oh! Your majesty.
- What?
Okay. Okay Matias.
Leave me alone.
Do you hear that noise outside?
Do you hear that noise outside or not?
Baby? Paula!
God damn it!
Love! Paula!
Paula! Love!
Paula, my love!
Love! Love!
Watch out!
Watch out!
It's me baby!
It's me! It's me!
But Matias, don't go so fast.
- Let's get to the cabin quickly, please!
- You're not barefoot!
Let's get back quickly, please!
I'll tell you about
the whole fucking thing later.
What the fuck is that?
How the hell should I know.
Let me check it out.
This shit is salt.
- This shit's salt.
- Don't touch it!
- Did you put the salt here?
- Oh yeah. I've got time for that.
Hurry. Hurry!
Matias, what's that?
Hold the camera a second.
- What the fuck!
- Hold it!
What is it?
I have no idea.
I want to see.
Don't touch that fucking thing!
- Somebody left us a gift.
- Yeah right. A gift!
Look, look!
- Matias, leave that thing!
- What?!
- Leave it there!
- It's nice.
I'm leaving this fucking place now!
- Why?
- I'm really leaving. I'm leaving.
Let's go inside!
- I don't want to go inside.
- Let's go inside.
- But Matias!
- Let's go inside, please.
I'll explain later.
Let's go inside. Let's go.
I want to leave this fucking place!
Matias, we are leaving this place now!
But it's ideal
to make my movie, please!
Don't you think you've gone too far
with this movie? Seriously!
I still need more!
Since you have your report,
the hell with my movie!
Matias, don't you have
your fucking movie?
I don't have it!
It wasn't enough to put
salt outside and that weird thing?
- Me?
- Most likely since you're so desperate.
Also, what the fuck did you see
that scared you?
Shit dude!
To see you walking
straight to a waterfall.
You looked like a ghost.
How can I not be scared?
Huh? Why didn't you tell me
you were a sleepwalker?
- I never knew!
- I don't know.
It used to happen when I was a kid.
How was I to know
it would happen to me now.
Apart from that, we are leaving!
Don't be selfish, please.
Since you already have your report,
fuck the rest!
Let me make my movie please!
Cut it out Matias.
We're leaving!
The spoiled brat plays
revolutionary reporter.
- Her family approves of her in every way!
- Matias, don't talk about my family!
Look! Don't start defending your family.
Not now.
- Don't start defending them!
- Matias!
No! No!
Shut up!
She's a revolutionary.
I'm studying journalism
instead of medicine
that's why I date a loser
and I'm not a doctor my folks wanted.
Shut the fuck up!
What's wrong?
Listen to that!
There's a weird noise.
Don't go!
- Give me some light.
- Matias. Don't go.
Don't go.
Matias, cut it out!
Mother fucker!
- What was that?
- We're leaving!
Do something!
Get back inside.
Where the fuck are you!
Matias, we're leaving now!
And where are we
gonna go? Huh?
We're leaving Matias.
What's wrong!
Don't ask stupid questions!
Okay, let's go.
Hurry Matias.
Hurry! Hurry!
What's wrong?
- What?
- It won't start.
How is that possible?
I don't know.
Let me check outside.
They stole the battery!
I knew it.
Love, where are you going?
Where are you going?
Mr. Pedro!
Mr. Pedro isn't here!
He went to town.
He said he'd be back in two days.
We're alone!
Don't go in there.
What's that?
I don't know.
Let's go to the car.
Let's go to the car.
Maybe there's someone who can help.
- Mr. Pedro!
- Where are you going?
This is fucking spooky.
What is that!
Mother fucker!
Crazy old man.
What is that?
It's like Lovecraft's
story about the painter.
He used to paint grotesque beasts.
No one knew where he
came up with these things.
In the end, it's suggested
that the beasts
lived in his own basement.
Matias. Turn off
the camera, please!
We decided to look for a place
where we can get a signal.
Paula didn't want to stay in the cabin.
Matias, don't tell me
that you're filming this.
Did you hear that?
Did you hear that?
Did you hear that?
Paula, what happened!?
We're back in the cabin.
Paula fainted in the forest and
I brought her back here.
I thought it was the safest place.
It looks like we'll have to stay
another night in this damned forest.
Well then...
I'm sure that the Trauco
is lurking out there, I'm sure.
I'm relying on this book.
It has everything about the Trauco.
It explains how we can protect
ourselves against him.
I'm gonna protect this room
so nothing get in.
Paula's still sleeping after she fainted.
I've got some garlic shrubs
and am gonna set some traps...
It's me baby!
It's me, It's me, It's me.
It's me baby!
It's me!
Paula, it's me.
Come here.
Come here baby.
Come here.
Come here sweetie.
What happened to me?
You passed out...
in the forest.
We came back to the cabin.
Why the cabin?
Because it's safer.
We couldn't stay in the forest.
- I wanna go home Matias.
- We're almost there.
I don't know what's wrong with me.
I want to go home.
My love.
First thing in the morning
we'll return to Santiago. Okay?
At sunrise we'll be in Santiago.
- I want to leave.
- Easy, easy.
Lie back here.
Get comfortable.
- Don't leave me alone.
- I won't. I'll be here the whole time.
Easy, love.
I'll be right back. Wait.
I'll be right back.
Let's see.
I have a present for you, okay?
Sleep, sleep little black boy.
For your mama is out in the field.
Sleep, sleep little black boy.
For your mama is out in the field.
She'll bring some quails, for you.
She'll bring sweet fruit, for you.
She'll bring pork meat, for you.
She'll bring many things, for you.
And if the little black boy
won't fall asleep.
Then the white devil will come.
And zap!
He will eat your little foot.
Chacapumba, Chacapn, Chacapn.
I love you.
Well then...
Paula finally fell sleep.
She's very troubled by all this.
I'm going to try an experiment.
I made three piles of dirt.
Like I read in the book.
The Trauco enjoys counting things.
There's dirt, stones, sand.
This may distract him.
Let's hope the experiment works
and I get him on film.
This is going to be real.
If I can get him on camera,
I would be the first.
This is my dream.
I've put all my faith in this working.
And that's that.
Come on.
Paula, are you in the bathroom?
Love? Paula! Not again!
Paula were are you?
Paula, love!
I've been looking all over for you.
This isn't funny.
Holy shit!
Paula, is that you?
It's Matias!
Baby I'm coming!
Holy shit!
Paula! Paula!
Paula, where are you?
Paula, where are you?
Paula, hold on!
What the fuck!
What the fuck!
Paula! Paula!
Paula baby!
Where the fuck am I.
Paula, Paula!
No. No. No!
Who are you?
Get away!
Get away!
Paula, Paula.
My love...
What did you do to her?
Let go.
Let go of me you fuck!
Let me go!
Help me!
Help me!
Help! Help!
Show your face!
Show yourself!
Show your face mother fucker!
Brother, don't shoot him!
Are you sure he didn't see you?
Our faces were covered with a Koyon.
What matters is what's headed our way.
We have to prepare for the worst.
the Governor is not going to
sit back and do nothing.
Child, be careful with that.
It's not a toy.
He's capable of burning down
all the communities
and can blame us for everything.
What's wrong with her?
She's sick.
What illness does she have?
She has an illness
that calls for machitn.
She will get better.
Will you give her medicine?
Yes, I' will give her medicine.
She'll be fine.
Okay grandma.
The Governor of Chilo,
Jose Ramn Balaguer
along with emergency services,
firefighters and local municipalities
are working tirelessly to get control of
the complex scenario caused by the fires.
The local government is accusing
the Mapuche of arson.
Police raided numerous
Mapuche communities
looking for those responsible for
starting the forest fires
after pamphlets promoting
the Mapuche cause
were discovered where
the fires were started.
The Chilean government announced
it will invoke antiterrorist laws.
The government applied antiterrorist laws,
carried over from the Pinochet dictatorship
to direct blame on the community members.
The body of an unidentified man was
discovered buried at the base of a cliff.
The police investigation continues
for the search of Paula Figueroa.
She is the primary suspect in the murder
of the young 33-year-old man,
Matias Aldea.
Ms. Figueroa's fingerprints
were discovered on the murder weapon.
Matias Aldea's body was
discovered, beheaded,
next to the murder weapon near Quicav.
Paula Figueroa, 22 years of age,
is the primary suspect in the murder.
There are no known
witnesses to the crime.