Welcome 2 Karachi (2015) Movie Script

Sir, for you... No problem.
Alright. Thank you.
Hey, Jayesh. Tell me.
No, Jayesh. This date...
I mean, almost everyone
wants a booking on that date.
As you know,
everyone in Jamnagar wants
to get married on a yacht.
I agree with you, Mitesh.
But if you could offer
us some discount.
I am giving you the yacht, food, music,
drinks, a DJ and foreign dancers
for free.
You will be only paying for your safety.
Safety is important.
That is why I have hired two
experts on the yacht.
One is captain Shammi Thakur,
ex-Navy officer.
He has weathered many a storm.
Captain Shammi Thakur,
how did you manage
to single-handedly
sink the state-of-the-art and most
powerful submarine
of the Indian navy?
Sir, I beg your pardon,
but your question is irrelevant.
It is unfounded and baseless.
'The word submarine
is made up of'
two different words,
sub which means submersible
and marine which means water.
Allow me to prove it.
Look at this, sir.
How can anyone sink a boat
that's already underwater?
And the other person
is a technical genius,
my son Kedar.
The Americans want him,
but he refuses to go.
Tell me your name, please.
Scott Wright.
Not my name, tell me yours.
Kedar Mitesh Desai.
But it says here
you have recently applied twice.
As Kedar Patel.
Yes. But you don't give visa
to Patels.
That is why, I changed
my surname to Desai.
How long do you intend to stay
in The United States of America?
If I get a visa,
why would I come back?
But your application is
for a tourist visa. -Yes.
And you have already told me,
you are not coming back to India.
No. -How are you going to manage
your finances?
Through money transfer.
Pay in rupees here
and get dollars there.
No problem. It is very simple.
What are you going
to do in America?
I will organise the best
cultural events in New Jersey,
earn a few dollars and marry
an American lady
I will have no problem at all.
I have an aunt named Jayshree
who has been staying in America
illegally for the past 22 years.
She gives rooms on rent for $600.
Many people I know have gone there.
Mahesh, Paresh, Suresh and more.
I have had a word with my aunt.
Lodging and boarding
is not a problem.
Why don't you give me
a green card as well?
Enough. Get out.
What is the problem?
-Hold on.
Please wait.
Keep this.
What is this?
Mr Wright,
once you give me a tourist visa,
nobody will know whether
I came back or not.
It is between us.
No one will know.
Shammi, I am very angry.
First they rejected my visa
because I was a Patel.
I changed my surname to Desai.
But they rejected
my visa application again.
Mark my words. They will give me
a permanent visa some day.
You want to go to America, right?
I will take you there.
Neither of us have visas.
How will we go there?
You need a visa to go by air.
We will go there on a boat.
What are you saying?
Can that really happen?
Of course. Why not?
We will
go via Africa.
can't we go via London?
Only for you.
We will go via London.
We will party there.
Thank you.
-It's okay.
Why do you want to go to America?
My dad organises parties in India.
I will do the same in America.
I will organise cultural events
and earn a lot of money.
I lie through my teeth to get business,
and you want to go to America
and party? -No, dad.
We were discussing our future.
You were discussing your future!
What future are you talking about?
The two of you have no future.
Mitesh, your plans are short-term.
And we are making long-term plans.
Our vision is...
One needs to have brains
to think about their future
and that is what you both lack.
Therefore, just do as I say.
Don't use your brains.
I don't want anything
to go wrong tomorrow.
Don't take the boat too far.
And drinking is prohibited
on the boat.
Once the guests arrive,
leave with the boat.
Alright. We won't use our brains.
Very good. That is what I want.
Thank you. Good night.
-Good night.
Once the guests arrive,
leave with the boat.
Have a blast and
come back by evening.
Do you get it?
Shammi, start the boat.
The guests are here.
Look, the boat is leaving.
Stop the boat.
Oh, it's party time!
Booze is on my mind.
Let's have shots on the boat.
Baby, let's do
something naughty.
It is the tequila
that is talking.
Beautiful girls are next to you.
Try to stay in control.
These cute girls
happened to be indelicate.
They are so mesmerising.
They are also very smart.
They click selfies. That is
something I don't understand.
So, let's just go with the flow.
Everyone is here,
let's have some fun.
Let's have shots on the boat.
What the heck, man?
You got to be
kidding me, hottie.
Show me the money.
Don't say you are coming.
I'm coming after you, running.
She is a guzzler,
she is electric!
She brings the monsoon along!
Let me blow your fuse.
Let me show you what I got.
Come, drink the juice of love.
Party on the boat,
boys and girls are rocking.
On the boat,
let's have some shots.
Oh, it's party time!
Get on the floor.
On the boat,
let's have some shots.
Let's have shots on the boat.
-Oh, it's party time.
Let's have some fun.
-Booze is on my mind.
Party on the boat,
boys and girls are rocking.
Let's have shots on the boat.
Everyone is here,
let's have some fun.
Let's have shots on the boat.
Everyone is here,
let's have some fun.
Let's have shots on the boat.
Everyone is here,
let's have some fun.
Let's have shots on the boat.
Everyone is here,
let's have some fun.
It's a storm!
Hello, Coast guard! We need help!
Shammi, do something.
Save the girls!
You fool! Don't eat those melons.
They are to be used as bombs.
I'm sorry, boss.
If these watermelons don't explode,
none of you will be spared.
Send the watermelons
to their destination.
He was a fool to commit suicide!
His watch is half an hour fast.
At around 8 this
morning two powerful blasts
happened at Karachi beach.
Twelve people died in the blast
and another forty are
reported to be injured.
This is the third big blast
in past 20 days.
Security has been increased
in all parts of the city.
The government will...
We have just received news that
'Lashkar-E-Jaish' has
claimed responsibility for
the blasts in Karachi.
There have been explosions
on the beach of Karachi.
All hospitals are overcrowded
due to the blasts.
And the biggest problems the
doctors face is scarcity of blood.
As you can see,
the beach is being vacated
and the wounded are being
taken to the hospital.
Pakistan intelligence...
Sources suggest, there are movements
in Islamabad.
Check everything thoroughly.
What's that over there?
Come here and check what's this over here.
What do I do with these things?
Send them for analysis.
Move! Are you mad?
People often get irritated when they find
themselves alive
in this city.
Now that you are alive,
allow me to share the bed with you.
-Get lost!
Jayesh Kakkar.
Excuse me.
Hey, you!
This man looks like my uncle,
Jayesh Kakkar
but it is not him.
His nose is too big.
Who is he?
-How will this country progress,
when the youth knows not
its great history?
Muhammad Ali Jinnah.
A true patriot.
Tie anklets on the feet
of this girl and make her dance.
Prithvi Raj Kapoor...
Have you seen my watch,
wallet and chain?
You should be happy
that you are safe.
Alright. I should go.
Be seated. You still have
to take the compensation.
I don't want compensation.
He seems to be very rich
to refuse compensation.
No one in Karachi lets go
of the compensation.
Karachi? -Yes.
This is the new Pakistan.
-Yes. Mr Sharif had stated,
if he wins the elections,
every person who dies or
is injured in bomb blasts
will get compensation.
Who is Mr Sharif?
The injury seems to have
taken its toll.
Look over there.
That is Nawaz Sharif.
Why is his photo here?
-Where else would it be?
What is going on?
I have informed the reception.
The doctor will be here soon.
Kedar! Oh no!
Excuse me.
What's that written on the wall?
Shameless fellow!
You blindly follow western culture.
Are you ashamed
to speak Urdu?
Shame on you!
-Why are you insulting me?
Young man...
-My name is Kedar.
Don't you know Urdu?
So that's the problem.
Hold on!
Let's all dance and make merry.
I've got a new parrot,
and it can sing.
The third one is only for you.
Let me sit here.
Let me tell you
something, my love.
If you are with me,
everything is fine.
Now tell me something.
You know one language
but I know three.
Who is the winner?
Tell me.
Is this Karachi?
-Yes, it is.
The one in Pakistan?
-No, the one in America.
Can I use the phone? -The phone
booth is outside. You can use that.
A thin and tall guy
came in here with me.
Have you seen him around?
You came in with forty
other people.
All of them are in the same ward.
Did you check?
I checked the ward.
He is not in there.
He could have gone home
after receiving treatment.
He cannot go home.
If he is not in the ward
and hasn't gone home,
then he must be in ward number 11.
-Thank you.
Ten. Eleven.
Oh God!
I'm sorry.
I will never be able
to forgive myself.
It wasn't your fault.
I was steering the boat.
I should have died.
I didn't even get the chance to tell you
that you were like a younger
brother to me.
We partied...
-Who is he?
What the...
This is my watch.
You scared me.
You thought that was me.
You were crying for me,
weren't you? Yes, I know.
I knew, you were standing behind
me. -I am touched.
Don't talk nonsense.
Do you know where we are?
Karachi, Pakistan.
The one in Pakistan.
Oh God! Don't cry.
Just chill. Calm.
I want to go back home.
-Me too.
Please take me home.
Look at what they do to people
who live her legally.
And we haven't come here legally.
Please take me home.
I have to think of something.
-My dad will die of shock.
We have to do something.
-I don't want to...
I have an idea.
We should change our clothes.
Let's wear their clothes, mingle
with the crowd and get out of here.
Then, go to the Indian embassy.
-How do we hide our face?
We are in Pakistan,
not in Africa or China.
We look just like them.
Thank God!
Have you seen him?
Have you seen him?
Let's go.
-Thank you.
-Greetings to you too.
Have you seen this man?
No, sir.
This is not fair.
It is very wrong.
Yes, it is wrong.
My clothes are torn,
but yours are not.
This is not fair, Shammi.
Are you going to a fashion show?
We have much bigger problems
than that.
My dad says not to wear torn
clothes. It is a bad omen.
We are in Pakistan.
What could be worse than that?
Let's go from here before
we are caught. Come on.
Who will catch us?
What nonsense! It's not that easy.
Where are you taking me?
Kedar, run.
-Kedar, listen to me. Run.
What happened?
-Don't run.
Don't run.
-Who is he?
He is my assistant.
Don't shoot him.
We are innocent.
What do you want from us?
Let us go.
Soon, you will know everything.
Come on.
What do you want from us?
We want you to deliver a child.
That is impossible.
Go in.
My Lord!
I will do something.
Were you shot?
Yes. But at that time, I was
not wearing this garment.
Is there a phone in here?
What is the hurry? Hold on.
-Why don't you do something?
I want warm water and a towel.
I want warm water and a towel.
Shammi, it is a tense situation,
and you want to take a bath?
This is what I have seen in movies.
Hello, dad.
Kedar, where are you two?
-We are...
We are in Karachi.
What should I do now?
Darn it!
Darn it!
How long will you fool me?
Where is Shammi?
-He is helping with delivery.
Push! Push!
I didn't send you for delivery.
Hold on, dad.
Shammi, ask that girl
to lower her voice.
Sorry, dad.
There is a lot of disturbance here.
Both of you come back with the yacht,
right now.
Dad, the boat...
Hold on.
Shammi, will you have something?
Black coffee for me.
Should I order something for you?
Mister, can you please
get one black coffee?
Thank you.
Hello, dad. We are in Pakistan.
If you are in Pakistan,
call the Indian army.
Why are you troubling me?
But how do we contact
the Indian army?
You fool!
I have an idea.
Is there a vacuum cleaner?
-Vacuum cleaner?
You fool, first, do your job.
You can do the cleaning later.
-I am doing my job.
Sir, I need a vacuum cleaner.
Now, the baby will be out in no time.
Dad, you won't believe this,
Shammi delivered a baby.
Kedar, no matter where you are,
come back to Jamnagar
with my yacht.
It's done.
It is a boy.
To whom were you
speaking on the phone?
I was talking to dad.
Your dad? What did he say?
He doesn't believe
that we are in Karachi.
Shammi, what will we do now?
Let's go to the Indian consulate.
I'm sure, we'll get help there.
But where is it?
We can't even ask anyone.
Hey, mister?
Do you know where
the Indian consulate is?
We don't want to go there.
We want to go to Amjad's shop
which is on the same street.
Okay. It is at Clifton.
-Thank you.
Who is Amjad?
-No idea.
I assumed there must be one
Amjad in every house in Pakistan.
And who taught you
how to help with a childbirth?
Raju Hirani.
Let's go to Clifton.
One call has been made to India.
Here are the details.
Blast? They spoke about the RAW.
And also about a delivery.
What's the calling location?
Was he one of them?
But he is a doctor.
Are you sure, he is a doctor?
Do you have any idea
where he has gone?
He asked for the Indian
consulate's address.
Closed until
further notice.
Please contact High Commission
of India, Islamabad.
Where is that written?
On the second board.
How can they be closed?
The government officials
in Pakistan
are just like the ones in India.
Shammi, I am hungry.
Let me ask someone.
Sit here.
When will the consulate open?
-It won't.
There was a shootout here last week
in which the tea seller died.
Since then I have been
selling tea here.
He was shot for no reason?
-This is what happens here.
Stay in the car.
People in Karachi love to kill.
Bullets are cheaper than potato.
-What are you saying?
Hence, I too have purchased a gun
for my protection.
Excuse me. Have you seen this man?
This is very dangerous.
Hello. Why haven't you reached
the location yet?
India? I said meet us at the Indian
consulate, Clifton.
You want to go to India
for everything.
Have you seen this man?
Him? Hold on.
Shammi, a beautiful girl
is looking for you.
What are you looking at? Shoot!
Darn it!
Jahan Bahadur,
it is a situation of war.
I knew that you are a Pakistani.
She wants to kill you
because you knocked her up.
But then why did
the tea seller shoot at the girl?
That is a point.
-Shut up!
America, do I need to tell you
that our army is set. This
little man is going to show you.
You are going to lose.
Beware, America!
Now I got it.
Whose clothes did I steal?
A dead man's clothes.
-A dead man cannot talk.
And whose clothes did you
steal? Tell me. -Doctor.
Doctor is alive and
complained to his wife.
So, she has come here to take back
the doctor's clothes.
That's why she is shooting at us.
What a country!
They are ready to kill even
for a pair of clothes.
Kedar, run!
They are fools.
They are a bunch of losers.
They fell out of the frying pan
and into the fire.
They are fools.
They are a bunch of losers.
They fell out of the frying pan
and into the fire.
They must find a way to escape.
Else their lives
will be in danger.
Run, else...
Run, else you will be dead.
Run, else you will be dead.
Run, else you will be doomed.
Fly like a rocket or
run like a rabbit,
you got to cross the border.
Fly like a rocket or
run like a rabbit,
you got to cross the border.
You are so screwed that
this will end badly.
Quickly find a solution to it.
You should start praying.
Else, you won't be spared.
Run, else...
Run, else you will be dead.
Run, else you will be dead.
Run, else you will be doomed.
Either hypnotize or mesmerize
or surprise everyone
to break the rules.
Go beyond limits
and change your destination.
Your luck isn't favouring you.
There is danger everywhere.
If you don't stay alert,
it could get worse.
Run, else...
Run, else you will be dead.
Run, else you will be dead.
Run, else you will be doomed.
Aslam, what do you think
those men want?
I am scared that their presence
might terrorise the city.
I agree. We must keep it a secret.
I cannot walk further.
You have to walk.
-I am sitting down here.
Please give me food.
I am very hungry.
Either give me food
or sing a lullaby for me.
My brother rocks
the cradle for me...
It is not right to steal.
It is not a good habit.
A thief is always punished.
It is not right.
Kedar, run!
Kedar, run!
Wait for me. Where are you going?
Who is it?
You are not the groom,
and your friend is not the doctor.
And you both are not Pakistanis.
You have come from India.
That too in a yacht.
Wow! -You are the first person
who has believed our story.
No one is ready to believe us.
Do you think I am a fool?
How do I believe you?
You can see my father
and I dancing in Youtube.
Youtube is banned in Pakistan.
Do you subscribed to 3G services?
Everything is banned,
so you should unsubscribe 3g!
Tell me,
whom do you work for?
Who sent you?
-We work for no one.
No one sent us.
We stole pizza because
we were hungry.
We didn't know, there was
a gun inside the pizza box.
It was he who stole the pizza.
-Who will pay for my loss?
Your dad?
His dad will pay for it.
Shammi, my dad doesn't give me
money. Why will he give him?
He will definitely pay
a ransom for you.
What's the number?
I am asking for your dad's phone number.
What's the name?
-Kedar Patel.
Hello, Kedar Patel?
I am talking to your dad, not you.
-Mitesh Patel.
He is Kedar Patel.
Hello, Mitesh Patel.
This is Azar Baloch
for Karachi, Pakistan.
Mister, if you want to book
my yacht, call up the office.
You fool!
Listen to me carefully.
I have your son and his friend.
If you are a friend of
Kedar and Shammi,
I will break your bones.
I am not their friend.
-Excuse me.
Can I try?
-Talk to him.
Mitesh, what are you doing?
Why are you arguing?
He might shoot us.
You know where we are.
-Give me the phone.
Hello, dad.
You never took me seriously.
Had you believed me the last
time, it wouldn't have cost you.
Now do you understand?
Listen to me carefully.
Sir... If you want 10, ask for 20.
If you want 20, ask for 40.
He'll pay you
only half the amount.
Rs 10 million.
Rs 10 million? For two people?
I have an idea.
You keep them.
Who will pay for our loss?
What could be the loss?
You have them
only for the past two days.
One of them is with me
since his birth.
I didn't ask you to father a child.
I just want my money.
Rs 5 million is too much. Let's
make a deal in Rs 2.5 million.
You bargain a lot.
Close the deal at Rs 3 million.
Rs 3 million?
It seems, Karachi is a cheap city.
You will get Rs 2 million now
and Rs 1 million after the delivery.
Until we get the money...
They are our guests.
Take good care of them.
What will you eat?
'Sheekh' kebab, 'tangdi' kebab
and 'chapli' kebab.
Please get that along with 'roomali' rotis
and 'biryani'.
'Nalli nihari', 'bheja masala',
'mutton chop' and 'kaleji'.
'Phirni' for desserts.
If you like to send something else,
please do.
Azar, I am a vegetarian.
Boss, we have got the money.
Alright. Send them back.
Excuse me.
Mister, I am talking to you.
I said, listen to me.
I am talking to you.
Azar, I can hear from my ears.
My mouth is busy,
but you can speak. I am listening.
From here,
you will go to Orangi town,
get your passport
and go back to India
via Kathmandu.
I have a question.
Can't we go to Bangkok?
Do I look like a fool?
Don't you dare answer that!
Oh Lord! Take them away!
That is where you have to go.
This is a Pathan neighbourhood.
If they see a Baloch,
they will attack.
Everyone in this city
wants to kill someone.
We shall meet again
if destiny wants. Please go.
You are talking as if we
won't ever meet again.
If you ever come to India,
you can stay at my house.
I will send you a request
on social media, accept it.
-And also...
If you want to remain alive,
make him shut up. -Okay.
What did he say?
He just said...
-I hope, he said nothing about me.
You will get them in an hour.
-Where will we go for an hour?
There is a hotel nearby.
-We don't have money.
You can have tea there.
-Who has tea for an hour?
He is stupid.
Get lost.
what will we do now?
Let's go to the hotel!
It is an old match.
Well done, Afridi!
-Very good, Afridi.
It is an old match. India will
win this match. Believe me.
It is a matter of half an hour.
Oh no!
-On God!
Now, cheer for him!
You lousy Pathans.
What happened?
Why are you quiet now?
A wicket has been taken.
Afridi is out! Get me tea.
You all were cheering for Afridi.
Out! In the pavilion.
Get me some tea.
You like cricket?
Yes. Yes. Yes.
What happened?
Don't mess with me!
Get me a cup of tea.
He seems to be a migrant.
Run, else...
Run, else you will be dead.
Run, else you will be dead.
Run, else you will be doomed.
Run, else you will be dead.
Run, else you will be doomed.
Get out of here.
Else, you won't be spared.
Run, else...
Run, else you will be dead.
Run, else you will be dead.
Run, else you will be doomed.
Run, else you will be dead.
Run, else you will be doomed.
It is all your fault.
-My fault?
You messed with the Pathans.
I was carried away by emotions.
But what about you?
Had you not messed
with the Pathans,
we would have crossed
the border by now.
It is America's fault.
It is all because of America.
You wanted to go to America,
so the yacht sank.
But I wanted to take a flight.
It was your idea to take the yacht.
It was my plan,
but it was your need.
It is America's fault.
It is always America's fault.
Had we been going to Dubai on the yacht,
it wouldn't have sunk.
Right or left?
We took a right last?
If we take a right again,
we might go back to the same place.
Go straight.
If you don't mind,
can I say something? -Sure.
Take a left.
-Take left.
See, we would've been lost.
-I could be wrong at times.
Hold on!
Oh darn it!
Who are you?
-How did you get in the car?
I am warning you,
we are very dangerous people.
I am a traveller.
I can take you to your destination.
Sir, we want to go
across the border.
I know the route to every border.
He seems to be a refugee.
-Can you take us to the border?
Go straight.
What happened?
-You scared me.
I was trying to scare him.
Where should I go now?
Just go straight.
Who are they?
My friends.
They look dangerous.
They look very dangerous.
I just hope, they take us
across the border.
Let's go.
I hope, you had a comfortable journey.
Can you two please shift
the luggage from the boot?
The journey was fine,
but I had a situation.
these two men could be very useful.
is this a fruit basket?
I don't think so.
Stay quiet. Don't say anything.
Take it out.
They are fools.
They won't ask many questions.
They want to go across the border.
Ask Aaga to take good care of them.
They might be useful.
Excuse me.
Who is he?
-Pasha of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,
Mullah Nasrullah.
Didn't you recognise him?
-Yes, we did.
We very well know him.
He is our friend.
Boys, go with my friend.
He will help you cross the border.
What are you doing?
Thank you, sir.
Greetings, brother.
Well done.
here is a gift from
Mullah Nasrullah.
They want to go across the border.
Mullah Nasrullah said they might
be helpful.
They are birdbrains.
They won't ask many questions.
What is your name?
My friend is mute.
No problem.
Kedar, this place
is very dangerous.
If we listen to these men,
we are going to die
and even if we don't.
We should elope from this place
as soon as possible.
I am thinking... -How would
I know what you are thinking?
Doesn't this place
look like Shimla?
Let's stay here for a few days.
Will your dad come here after
a few days to save us? -Hey!
Do you know how expensive
a holiday in hill stations is?
We are getting this opportunity for free,
and you want to run away?
Think like a Gujarati, Shammi.
Right now, I can think
of only one thing.
What do I get out of this?
Two nights and three days,
free holiday with the terrorists.
You said, your friend is mute.
His name is Gunga,
which means mute.
And what is your name?
Gunga, are you Gujarati?
Gunga, you are ready.
Aaga, the great, also feels
that you are a Gujarati.
Our next destination...
Our next mission is Gujarat.
We will bombard the entire state.
He was preparing for that.
I am ready.
Gujarat was my mission.
Now, I will go to Gujarat
and blast it apart.
I will plant bombs in Gujarat.
I need people like you.
-Thank you.
Who can travel anywhere.
Let it be Gujarat or Gujarwala.
Let it be Washington or Wadala.
I am proud of people like you.
We are proud of you too.
-We are proud of you too.
No. I am proud of you.
No. We are proud of you.
No. I am proud of you.
-No. We are proud of you.
We all are proud of you.
-We all are proud of you.
We all are proud of you.
We all are proud of you.
Those men
are fools.
They are from Gujarat, India.
Let them be from India or Pakistan,
it doesn't matter to me.
-Yes, father.
Start their training.
Prepare them.
Let them know everything.
Show them our hospitality.
They will be very useful to us.
Prepare them for a sacrifice.
I want their blood.
Come on.
-I am going.
This is too high.
-Come on. Dive.
What are you doing? Hey!
I am still a kid. Mom...
This gun is very heavy.
Ahmed, be careful.
-Yes, boss.
Give my regards to Aaga.
I think he is Mullah's delivery boy.
He delivers all arms
and ammunition.
Should I ask him?
I will call later.
Do you deliver vegetarian pizza?
Vegetarian pizza?
I am hungry.
-Who are they?
They are Mujahids, sent by Mullah
from Karachi.
Come on. Get in the car.
Aaga, we have got the arms.
This is the detonator of the bomb.
But it looks like a mobile phone.
Say it loud!
Let's get ready for war!
-Say it loud!
Hello, uncle.
-Hello, Shammi.
Now, it's our turn to attack.
Aaga, can I ask you something?
How do they send phone bills here?
They don't send us bills. Only
the brave hearts are allowed here.
Hail the Almighty Lord!
I am very thankful to you all
for coming here on my invitation.
It is time to fulfil our aims
for which we have gathered here.
Our enemy assumes
that he is more devious,
more cunning and smarter than us.
But today, I will prove
that we are smarter
and more cunning than him.
Can you see this sheep?
I have 100 such sheep
and have filled RDX
in all their stomachs.
My sheep
will go to all the officials
of every ministry.
These sheep will be a medium
to end their lives.
Instead of meat,
they will deliver death.
Not bad!
Kedar, the truth is,
we have learnt to fire a gun here.
We couldn't have
done that in India.
That's right. I never thought
my aim would be so good.
I am feeling very scared here.
If we do as they say, we will die
and even if we don't.
These words sound familiar.
My friend Shammi had told me that.
Oh yes! -Shammi, I'm sorry.
Let's go from here.
I have an idea.
It is a little dangerous.
You always give dangerous ideas.
What can I do?
We are with the Taliban.
Everything here is dangerous.
Tell me the idea.
Quietly, let's go from here.
We'll give the excuse
of going to the loo. -Okay.
We are going to the loo.
We are right here. Where can we go?
-We're going to the loo.
Shammi, where are you taking me?
Hide yourself.
It is not right to steal.
It is not a good habit.
A thief is always punished.
It is not right.
It is not right.
Cell phone.
What is this, Shammi?
In the generation of iPhone 6,
you want this outdated phone.
Let's take the laptop. We'll get
a lot of money by selling it.
Stupid! I can use the phone
to call your dad.
You are so smart!
This place is stinking.
-Let's call your dad.
Come on.
Make a call.
Come over this side.
There is no network here.
-Come up.
Did you find the network?
Hold on. It was blinking.
Tell your father's number.
Say it.
-You thought, I forgot?
-Yes. Is it ringing?
Your dad's name is activated.
Your dad's name is activated?
Last I heard, it was Mitesh Patel.
My dad is a little weird.
What is this light for?
Darn it! What was that?
There are explosions in Kaba hills.
-32 degrees, north.
Move to Kaba hills.
That looks like a camp.
-Is it a Taliban camp?
I spot something, sir. Two males.
Look at that.
Stay with them. Don't lose them.
I want to find out who they are.
We are innocent.
What are they saying?
They seem to be from Al-Qaeda, sir.
They are moving. Stay with them.
Go after them.
Where are we off to?
-Drive faster.
You can run, but you can't hide.
The air is blowing from the right.
-What is this?
Move in this direction?
-What does this mean?
It is air. Take a right.
No. Move straight.
Start the right indicator,
but take a left. -Okay.
What are you doing?
To the left.
Load the ammunition.
It is right behind us.
-No. On the other side.
It is coming from ahead.
Stop the car.
Don't shoot.
What are you doing?
Please point the gun at him,
not me.
Who do you think, these guys are?
Just fools, sir.
It is a cover up.
Why would the Taliban
bomb themselves?
Maybe because they think,
it's a shortcut to paradise.
You think, it is revenge?
Whoever they are,
they are very clever.
Look at them. Look at their faces.
This is the new face of terror,
and it is threatening America.
Now, you get in there and find out
who they are.
You know this guy?
He was an actor in 'Mandela'.
I have seen his photo before,
but I can't recognise him.
I don't know.
So, what are you guys?
Why are you here?
To blow this country up?
Where are you from? Afghanistan?
What is it? IIFA or ISIS?
I for Israel?
We are from Gujarat.
Yes. -He is Gujarati.
I am Indian.
We are not from Israel.
We don't look like them.
So, where is Gujarat?
-I know this answer.
Gujarat is a state.
Gandhi Nagar is
the capital of Gujarat.
Language spoken is Gujarati.
Our favourite dance is 'garba'.
And we love...
Shut up!
I asked, where is Gujarat?
Not what it is.
Gujarat is in India.
He and I, we are from India.
We are Indians.
Remember this?
So, this is the problem.
We are very sorry.
This is the first time
we robbed anything.
This is the first time
we robbed a phone.
We have never robbed before.
No. I stole dad's car
when I was a kid.
I wanted to take Hetal for a ride.
Father's car.
He borrowed his dad's
car for a date.
Before that, I stole Rs 200
from my dad's wallet.
He stole money.
Little money and car.
Lunch. When I was in grade ninth,
I stole Kamesh's lunch box.
Kamlesh is his younger brother.
He robs only in the family.
Not outside the family.
This is the first robbery outside
the family.
You stole pizza.
He stole pizza in Karachi.
-One pizza.
I was very hungry.
So, you stole money,
food and car.
And you say, you are not thieves.
You claim, you are Indians.
But this is very casual.
Everybody robs small things.
By the way,
that phone doesn't work.
It might work for you.
They are not lying, sir.
They are idiots and innocent.
They think Barack Obama is
Morgan Freeman from 'Mandela'.
How can anybody be so stupid?
They think, you brought them
in for stealing a mobile phone.
They didn't even know,
it was a detonator.
Oh! This is a good day.
Time for us to take the claim
and win the game. The world will
now see how much they need us.
God bless America!
Greetings, you are watching
Indian News.
Welcome to
Tonight with Deepak Chaurasiya.
This news is from Pakistan.
America has destroyed a big
Taliban camp in Waziristan
with a huge bomb blast.
Good morning and
welcome to TNA News.
Last night,
in a covered operation,
American SEALs terminated
twelve big Al-Qaeda leaders'
using only one drone.
So, smell the coffee.
Once again,
the world is a safe place.
Well done! Congratulations.
Good job.
Good job. Very good. Well done.
Well done.
What? You are not celebrating?
Wrong! This is wrong.
We haven't even done this.
What about those two Indians, sir?
Let's give them a medal.
What are you doing?
Spider-man stunt.
Can we find a taxi here?
Usually, people
who go in this end up dead.
It looks like a coffin to me.
We have reached.
It is so suffocating inside,
I wonder how they sit inside.
-Indian border
is 5 miles that way.
Keep walking, and you
will get to the border.
-Thank you.
Thank you. Let's go.
-Let's go.
5 miles? 500 miles? Who knows?
5 miles is approximately
10 kilometres.
Shammi, would we get a taxi here?
Good idea!
I am not a traitor, mom.
This doesn't feel right.
The world needs to know this.
From where did you get this?
-It was lying here.
What is it?
-It is a compass.
It might be useful.
I have a fantastic friend
who is quite jolly.
Though he is sarcastic,
he is good at heart.
My friend is swanky.
He acts a little hanky-panky.
He loves alcohol, just like me.
Let it be rum or whisky.
We are very risky.
Let it be rum or whisky.
We are very risky.
Thank God,
we are together in this situation.
For me, friendship comes first.
The rest is all secondary.
For me, my friend is my priority.
Nothing can replace him.
For me...
My friend is my priority.
Greetings. Welcome to Karachi TV.
New facts related
to the Waziristan incident
have been revealed.
This has exposed
America's conspiracy.
A video clip of the Taliban camp
destruction has gone viral'
which clearly shows
that these two gentlemen are
responsible for the destruction,
not American officers.
The question is
who these gentlemen are.
The Lord is my companion!
The Lord is my master.
Your shrine is always lit
with four lamps...
Your shrine is always lit
with four lamps.
Your shrine is always lit
with four lamps.
And here I come to light
the fifth lamp in Your honour.
O master, O companion and Sire
of Sindh and Sehwan.
The red robed Lord of Qalandar.
Let me sing Your glory.
You could be court-martialled
for this.
With all due respect, commander,
so could you because you
have lied to the world.
I won't spare you.
You know very well,
I get scared when left alone.
Don't get lost
in the foreign land.
Stay with me. Don't get lost
in the foreign land.
We have to be with each other.
For me, friendship comes first.
The rest is all secondary.
For me, my friend is my priority.
Nothing can replace him.
For me...
Friendship comes first.
Who are these two gentlemen?
Or civilians like you and me
who were frustrated
with terrorists.
When will the government reveal
the truth about them?
What does the ministry have
to say about CIA's lead?
Those two men are
the residents of our country.
And they are ready to sacrifice
their lives for the country.
Why haven't you released
an official report then?
Whenever Pakistan
will be in danger,
the youth of our political
parties have decided
to lay down their lives in order
to protect the country.
Since when did political parties
start hiring such people?
Since terrorists and
Talibans have assumed
this country to be their playground.
The youth of our political party
have decided
to do everything possible
to protect this country.
Long live Pakistan.
-Give the phone to Mr Malik.
Sir, an officer of the intelligence team.
Yes. -Sir, as per
an intelligence report,
the two men whom you have
declared to be Pakistanis
are actually Indians.
They are Indians?
-We have just got the news.
Are you in your senses?
Absolutely, sir. And I don't
think, they are dangerous.
I will decide who is dangerous
and who is not.
Your job is to gather information.
And find those men.
They must have reached
India by now.
Shammi, what is this?
Border? It looks like a border.
-It looks like a border.
This is Pakistan
and that is India.
Shammi, don't you think,
this border is small?
Borders are always small.
Differences are big.
I cannot see any wire here.
This place is between India and Pakistan.
All wires must have been stolen.
Both of these sides
are filled with thieves.
Let's cross the border.
-Hold on.
Let's do it together.
One. Two Three. -Yes.
The grass looks greener on this side.
I feel so different.
I like it. Today, I realise
the importance of India.
Let me do something.
What are you doing?
Hail the Lord...
Mr Malik's statement
makes it very clear
that these two gentlemen
who are responsible
for the Waziristan
incident are Pakistanis.
They have been associated with
Pakistan Democratic Front
and army for a long time.
I love Punjab.
Let's have some buttermilk.
When time came,
they risked their lives
and successfully completed
this mission.
The ministry has decided
to facilitate them with a reward.
We are back.
I love Punjab. Yeah!
Come on.
What is going on? Silence!
He recognises me.
-Oh God!
Gentlemen, you two are amazing.
Let's have dinner.
People of our country
are so caring.
So much warmth and love can only
be found in our country. -Yes.
Hail the Lord!
May I say something?
You have done something
that even the army couldn't.
Please don't...
What is he talking about?
Weren't you scared?
We were very scared
when we crossed the border.
Do you go on the other side
of the border?
We had gone there by mistake.
Shammi, no matter what you say,
but Pakistan is lovely country.
Yes, it is.
-Too good.
To tell you the truth,
people of India are also very good.
Pakistanis and Indians
are almost the same.
It is the border
that has divided us.
You are right.
-Scoundrels are on both sides.
It's one and the same.
Amazing! You do great jobs,
yet you are still so grounded.
That's true.
Munniya. Please go.
Come here.
Is everything fine?
Mister, why are you crying?
What happened?
He has become emotional.
He has come home after a long time.
-Go, wash your hand.
You will also understand
what I am going through.
I'll go and wash my hands.
What else can I do for you?
What happened to you now?
Shammi, that man is staring at me.
That man is blind.
Look. He is also staring at me.
Let it go. That man is a Pathan.
Will you have anything sweet?
Even we would like to have
something sweet.
Get a cold drink.
-Why did you call for string?
I said cold drink, not string.
Will you have it?
No, let it be.
We want to go and meet our uncle.
Mr Baloch.
We know only one person in Pakistan.
Mister, can you drop us there?
We can drop you.
-Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
He will ruin our lives.
I am at your service.
I will arrange for a ride.
Kuber, you are right here.
How are you?
You said we would
never meet again.
Take us to Mr Baloch.
Mr Baloch.
Mr Malik has confirmed that
these brave hearts
are Pakistanis.
But the question raised is
where exactly they are and...
Mr Baloch.
Hello, uncle.
What are you doing, Mr Baloch?
What have you done?
Sir, it is Shammi's fault.
He messed with the Pathans.
They were cheering for Afridi.
They were praising him.
I was getting very irritated.
The patriot inside
me couldn't tolerate it.
When I get angry,
nothing can stop me.
I abused them...
I won't spare anyone.
I would have shot...
Tell me from the beginning
what exactly happened.
From the beginning?
That will take a lot of time.
Don't worry about that.
I have a lot of time.
Sure? Do you want to start
or should I? -I will tell him.
First, Kedar and then me.
-Sir, here I go.
I was born on 1st April, 1988
in Rajkot.
That was a very shocking event
for Gujarat. -Yes.
I don't want to hear
from the very beginning.
My schooling days?
-Tell him about your youth.
Amazing days!
What is Waziristan?
Tell me how you met the Taliban?
Oh! Shimla!
-Oh God!
Darn it!
-We met a man named Mullah.
He was very dangerous.
Let me tell you that in detail.
Then we met Zuber and came here.
We came in from that door.
-You were seated here.
Then you stood up and we hugged.
Then we sat here to eat food,
but I haven't eaten anything yet.
Pass me the kebab.
Sir, how did you know
that we met the Taliban?
Tell us. I want to hear this.
Just like that.
I guessed.
You are so smart!
-Yes, he is.
Why didn't you inform me,
you were investigating about them?
Sir, I was waiting for results...
-Greetings, Mr Malik.
Who is this?
-This is Azar Baloch.
Hello, Mr Baloch.
What reminds you of me today?
I always had the desire
to be a part of the ministry.
Forgive me. But this desire of
yours won't ever be fulfilled.
The two fools whom you have
declared to be Pakistanis
are in my house right now,
having lunch.
What do you want?
-Election ticket.
You will get it,
but you won't win.
Send someone to get these men.
As far as being a part of ministry
is concerned,
leave that to me.
So, you wanted results.
I wish, the Lord had blessed
you with some brains
along with that beautiful face.
I believe, those two are civilians.
Keep your views to yourself.
I will have to tolerate Azar Baloch
because of your foolishness.
Go and make the Pakistani
passports for those two men.
But, sir, as per law...
-Now, you will teach me law?
I make the law for this country.
Let me handle the situation.
Hand over your report
to your junior officer, Asma Siddiqui.
You have all the details
of this case.
These two gentlemen are locked
in ward number three.
Mr Malik wants
that their identities are not
to be made public at any cost.
Oh Lord!
No. Please.
Why are you torturing us?
What are you doing?
You will do what we say.
Let them freshen up
and then take their measurements. -Okay.
I thank you all for
coming here today.
I present to you the brave hearts
who fought the Taliban.
They are true patriots.
These men risked
their lives to complete
their mission successfully.
The true sons of this country...
What did you say their names are?
Colonel Itefaaq
and Colonel Wahtafaq Baloch.
Colonel Itefaaq
and Colonel Wahtafaq.
Long live Pakistan!
This world is filled with evil
and sinners,
but only a true hero
spreads joy all around.
Please raise your hands
to ask questions.
-Mr Malik.
-Mr Malik.
Shahnawaz! -Where were you
trained for this mission?
At our base in Abbottabad.
The same place where you had
hidden Osama Bin Laden?
Next question.
Sir... Please listen to me.
Please, sir.
-Ma'am, ask your question.
My question to you is,
what is your choice in music?
Do you like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
or Atif Aslam? -Ma'am!
Since their childhood,
Pakistani intelligence agencies
made them hear sounds of bullets
and bomb blasts on headphones,
all day long for many years.
That is the only music
they have heard.
Can you tell us about your parents?
You fool! I am their parent
and guardian.
I am Mr Azar Baloch.
Please ask your question.
-Are you married?
That is a personal question.
Please spare them.
That's enough.
Now, these two courageous officers
would like to say something
to the world.
Long live Pakistan.
Attention, everyone. These brave
soldiers represent our PDF party.
Hail the brave hearts.
Hail the brave hearts.
Long live Pakistan.
This man is Kedar Patel,
'born to the family of
Mitesh Patel in Jamnagar.'
His friend is Shammi Thakur.
The question is why
Pakistan claims them
to be the heroes
of their country.
Yasir Ali from Jiah TV
is here with us today
to give us some more
information on this case.
Yasir, Kedar's father,
Mitesh Patel claims
that they had left Jamnagar
in a yacht.
Due to turbulence in weather,
they reached Pakistan by mistake
That's strange, Deepak.
Is it easy to destroy
a Taliban camp?
Think about it. One can
neither enter Pakistan
nor destroy Taliban
camp by mistake.
My friend, they are trained
Pakistani soldiers.
Allow me to introduce
their family to you.
She is Colonel Itefaaq's mom.
This is his aunt.
This is the family of Colonel
Itefaaq. That is his uncle.
His brother and that's her niece.
Look at them.
Look at these innocent faces.
Do you want more proof?
It is high time Indian media
should check their facts,
correct any error,
and not try to claim...
Yasir? Hello?
There seems to be
a technical problem.
Or he has disconnected the line
because he has no answer
to our questions.'
But as you can see,
this has become
a serious matter.
My Lord, I welcome you
to this gathering.
Forget bullets and bombs
and relax your minds.
I am here only to entertain you.
My evenings are
like the evenings in Awadh.
My mornings are
like the mornings of Benaras.
I've stolen
the nights from Mumbai.
I've stolen
the nights from Mumbai.
Lahore's glow on my cheeks,
I've got earrings from Baloch.
My beauty you could die for!
From Pindi to Delhi,..
...boys call me Shakira
from Karachi!
I wanna drink, I wanna dance.
Give me what you can.
I am a beauty,
you are a hottie.
You will lose yourself.
Even the worst of scoundrels...
...turn to God for me.
From Pindi to Delhi,..
...boys call me Shakira
from Karachi!
Come with me now.
These people
are going to kill both of you.
Just leave. Leave now.
You are nothing but a liar.
Do you even realise
how embarrassing it is
facing the President for this?
Intelligence report says,
the Taliban are planning
fresh attacks.
And all of this because you left
those two fools in that country.
Now, get out there
and clean up this mess.
Shammi, I am very tired.
I am missing my dad.
I am bored of this place. Please.
Please take me back home.
That is your problem.
You are always dependent on others.
You are dependent on your dad
and others.
Why don't you become independent?
What do you mean?
Had I known the way back home,
I would have gone myself.
since I have met you,
I have lived my life like you.
If we want to get out
alive from here,
you have to think like me for once.
Please get serious in life.
Can I ask something?
Will you tell me the truth?
Are we going to die?
Are you mad?
That won't happen.
All will be well.
My poor Itefaaq!
Poor Wahtafaq!
I didn't know the Taliban would
take this matter so seriously.
They actually abducted them.
-Stop pretending.
There are 20 days to go
for the elections.
How much more will we use them?
-I don't know what to do now.
I am asking you.
Shammi, it's too dark in here.
Are we dead?
I have never died before.
I have no idea.
Guns? Black?
-They are dressed like Talibans.
White? Black?
-They don't look like Talibans.
They all are different races.
Talibans also look like Americans.
-Shut up!
Who blew up the Taliban camp?
We didn't.
-We didn't.
Who blew up the Taliban camp?
You did that.
Are you sure?
-Of course, we are.
We saw you doing that.
I know, it was you who did it.
Yes. Remember,
I was trying to call my dad from
that cell phone and... -Quiet!
If I send you back to India,
will you tell them that we did it?
Of course, we will tell them.
We are not scared. -Absolutely.
I will get it printed
in all newspapers.
I will personally message everybody
and tell them, you did it.
So, you will let the media know,
we did it.
I will tell uncle Jignesh,
aunt Jayshree
and all my cousins in Jamnagar.
Got it?
Boys, pack your bags.
You are going back to India.
-But we don't want to go.
-No one respects us there.
Here, we are in great demand.
The ISI wants us,
and so do the Talibans.
We don't want to go.
When we wanted to go,
what did you do?
You left us in a dessert to die.
I would rather trust Pakistanis
than you. -Come on.
What happened to him?
We won't go.
Okay, boys.
I am sorry.
I am very sorry.
We don't trust you.
Yes. I might trust my father once
but not you.
The GPS in his tank wasn't working.
Don't give us excuses.
He could have asked someone
for directions.
Who was driving the tank?
-Fire him.
Okay. Gary, you are fired.
He is not working for me anymore.
-Good one.
I need someone. Can I have you?
What do I have to do
so that you fine gentlemen
get out of here
and are not seen in this country anymore?
Give us five seconds.
We want to go back by Air India.
Air India doesn't fly from here.
-We don't care.
-And we want two separate cabins
with double beds
and big screen televisions.
Are you serious?
And I want to watch
only Hindi films.
The plane shouldn't land
before my film ends.
It will continue
to stay up in the air,
and finally land in Gujarat.
Multiple choices in food,
vegetarian and non-vegetarian.
At least 25 dishes.
I'll see what I can do on that one.
Normal, good-looking air-hostess.
Wait a second.
Now, you are pushing it.
You are going a bit too far.
-No way.
Good cutlery.
-No way.
Clean bathroom.
-Darn it! That's impossible.
Alright. We'll fly in any airline.
Thanks. I suppose, now,
you would be wanting
American passports.
I want Indian passport
with multiple entry,
life-time American visa.
And you?
Dual citizenship.
-India and America?
America and UK?
-I too want that.
For both of us. Thank you.
Do you have a gun?
-I always carry a gun, sir.
Do you want to shoot them?
-I want to shoot myself.
Shall I load the gun for you?
Dorothy, I want you
to get them ready,
and send them home.
This time, for real.
Thank you and have a safe journey.
-Thank you.
Will you go to India
without a passport?
Thank you.
-Thank you.
It didn't make any noise
when it fell.
Hence, I didn't realise it.
I'll keep it safe.
You cannot handle yourself.
How will you handle a passport?
I can't handle this bag either.
When the bag falls,
it will make noise. Let's go.
When did you come to Pakistan?
I was sent on the other
side during the partition.
Stand on this side,
facing the camera.
Security, his passport is fake.
Take him away.
Next please.
Show me your passport.
Thank you.
Stand on this side,
facing the camera.
Take off your glasses.
Please come back.
What made you come to Pakistan?
My yacht drowned in the sea
because of a cyclone,
and I swam all the way to Pakistan.
You have a great sense of humour.
Here is your passport.
Have a good day.
Thank you.
-You too.
You have to go this way.
-I know.
Oh no!
Look there.
The Taliban delivery man.
Remember we had seen
him with the Talibans.
Let's confront him.
-Shammi, wait.
Mr Delivery Man.
How are you? Did you recognise us?
Itefaaq and Wahtafaq.
Shammi, how would he recognise us?
We don't look like Itefaaq and Wahtafaq.
Hold on!
you had come to delivery
a consignment to Aaga.
I had asked you if you deliver
pizza as well,
and you got so annoyed.
Do you remember?
Did you? Hold on.
Now? Hold on.
Guys, I think, you got
the wrong person.
I got a flight to take.
Really? -Sorry.
He turned from
a delivery boy to pilot!
So what? Even you turned
from a Navy officer to a Taliban.
But in my heart,
I am still a Navy officer.
And I am a Gujarati.
Then, that man is definitely
a Taliban at heart. -Yes.
Something is going to happen here.
Believe me, Kedar.
Shammi, this is Karachi.
Something or the other
happens here every day.
Is the flight on time?
Thank you.
-Thank you.
Something is definitely wrong.
Shammi, I just want
to go back to India.
Something is wrong.
Sorry, sir. This child was playing,
and she threw the ball at you.
-That is no problem.
Very sorry.
-Where are you off to? Picnic?
No, it is not a picnic.
We are taking our team
to London for Paralympics.
-All the best.
She says, thank you.
-Tell her to get the trophy.
How cute!
She says, she will definitely win.
Thank you. -Good.
All the best. Have a safe flight.
-You too.
All the best.
All the best. Bye.
All the best. Bye.
-Thank you.
Kedar, that Taliban guy is also taking
the same flight.
Something is just not right.
Shammi, these kids are going
for Paralympics. What is not right?
I am talking about that
Taliban guy, not these kids.
What if he does something
in the flight?
But he is a changed man.
Even you saw that he has
become a pilot now.
Let's suppose you are right.
But what if he is still
a Taliban at heart?
Shammi, it wouldn't be right
with these kids.
That is what I am saying.
But we have to go home, right?
What about the kids?
It is a risk.
We could die.
If we had to die, we would've died
when we were with Taliban or ISI.
But we did not. We are still here.
Nothing will happen.
If we save these kids,
our lie would be caught.
But if we stay here,
we will go back home.
I cannot go home
with a heavy heart.
You can stay if you want.
I am going.
Don't underestimate
the power of a Gujarati.
Good boy!
What do we do now?
First, we have to inform
Officer Shazia.
And I will stop the pilot.
-How will I do that?
You are Colonel Itefaaq.
You can do anything.
Yes. Think of something.
Come with me. Watch me.
Is this the way you wear a cap?
What are you doing? Listen to me.
What are you doing?
I am Colonel Itefaaq.
Get back! Look.
I said, I am on a secret mission,
but you refuse to hear me.
Call Officer Shazia.
Yes, sir.
-Others, follow me.
Come on.
Itefaaq and Wahtafaq
are at the Karachi airport.
They have identified me.
Activate plan B.
Catch him.
-Sir, your boarding pass.
Ma'am, your boarding pass.
Thank you.
Boarding pass, please.
Stop him!
-I know you are not a pilot.
I am here, my friend.
Kedar, pass me the magazine.
Throw it.
Cover me.
I have to stop the Taliban guy.
Nobody moves.
Hey, you!
Go on, Shammi!
I'll stop them!
Easy! We're here to help you.
Air hostess, close the gate!
Where's the pilot?
The door is open.
Someone help!
Where's the cockpit?
Come on!
Why did you hit the pilot so hard?
I came to save you.
-Who will land the plane now?
Who is flying the plane?
-No idea!
Shammi, do we have
to take a left or right?
I think, we should go straight.
If we take two rights,
we'll get back to the same place.
If you don't mind,
can I say something?
-Take a left.
Run, else...
Run, else you will be dead.
Run, else you will be dead.
Run, else you will be doomed.
La La... La La...
This is a lullaby.
La La... La La...
This is a lullaby.
My mom says to come home
early in the evening,
have dinner and go to bed.
And if you don't get sleep,
listen to a lullaby.'
La La... La La...
This is a lullaby.
My mom says to come home
early in the evening,
have dinner and go to bed.
And if you don't get sleep,
listen to a lullaby.'
I am not a little kid now.
I don't drink milkshakes anymore.
Sharp at 7 pm, I am ready
with a glass of whisky.
Let the liquor flow.
Let's all get high.
Let's empty the bottle.
Now that there is a chance,
let's do it.
I remember the lullaby,
but now I need a glass of whisky.
It is not a sin.
-It is not a sin.
I remember the lullaby,
but now I need a glass of whisky.
I am addicted to it.
-I am addicted to it.
I remember the lullaby,
but now I need a glass of whisky.
I am not drunk.
I remember the lullaby,
That's right.
-Now I need a glass of whisky.
I am not drunk.
La La... La La...
This is a lullaby.
Listen everyone.
I will go home at four.
But first, I'll chew a mint.
If my dad is awake,
I will sing a lullaby for him.
I don't feel like sleeping.
I have to have an after party.
I want to have whisky till 7 am.
Let me get high until I fall.
Let me shake my legs.
Let's get drunk.
Now that there is a chance,
let's do it.'
I remember the lullaby,
but now I need a glass of whisky.
It is not a sin.
-It is not a sin.
I remember the lullaby,
but now I need a glass of whisky.
I am addicted to it.
-I am addicted to it.
I remember the lullaby,
but now I need a glass of whisky.
I have had booze.
I remember the lullaby...
That's right.
-Now I need a glass of whisky.
I have had booze.
Hey, bartender!
Don't fuss and make my drink.
DJ, play the music loud.
I can drink how much ever I like
on the road or in the bar.
After I have emptied the bar,
I'll lie down in my car.
When my friends ask me
what happened to me,
I advise them to have
a taste of whisky.
This is a lullaby.
DJ, pump up the mania!
Now I need a glass of whisky.
-I have had booze.
This is a lullaby.
Sing along.
-Now I need a glass of whisky.
I have had booze.
This is a lullaby.
Do it.
I have had booze.
I remember the lullaby,
but now I need a glass of whisky.
It is not a sin.
-It is not a sin.
I remember the lullaby,
but now I need a glass of whisky.
I am addicted to it.
-I am addicted to it.
I remember the lullaby,
but now I need a glass of whisky.
-I have had booze.
I remember the lullaby,
That's right.
-Now I need a glass of whisky.
I have had booze.