Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael (1990) Movie Script

I am back.
What are you doing?
What's it look like?
I am packing
What do you mean? Where are you going?
Places, I am going to places.
I'm never gonna see you again, am I ?
Take the baby without me
I... I can keep it. We can raise it...
With what? My lunch money?
We've talked about this.
So tiny.
Take it to somebody who knows about this
See you when I am famous .
# Who can try? I don't care #
# Forcing circles in the squares #
# You can spend, precious time #
# Marching in your perfect line #
But I don't hear that drum...
# I am looking for some thing else #
# And if you don't like what you'll see #
# You don't have to look at me #
# If you don't like what I say #
# You can turn the other way #
# If you don't like what you'll see #
# Then don't #
#Look at me #
# Don't look at me #
# Don't look at me #
# If you don't like what you will see
(Don't look at me) #
# Don't look at me #
# If you don't like what you'll see#
You may have been wondering why
why it is we we left school allowed early today.
Then there was some concerns from parents about this, which I can understand.
I am here to tell you, without any further redo
It' because it's a special day , and the start of a special week.
and being that here in Clyde , we honor the dead and the living.
especially we haven't seen them in 15 years.
I hereby, proclaim this:
Roxy, Carmichael !!
Come on, Roxy!
Now, I am going to turn the microphone over to Louise Garweski
The official chairwoman of the "Welcome home, Roxy" committee
Let's give Louise a nice warm round of applause.
Thank you , Mayor Klepler
Dinky Bossetti is here
Jesus. Dinky, do some with yourself.
What are you looking at?
Don't' sweat , Howells. She won't be around for long.
What do you mean?
I am also thrilled to report that we have acquired a wonderful band for the Roxy ball
G. wiliker and Gee wilikers will be our entertainment.
We got them! We got them!
And, as an extra added treat, our very honored Miriam Tennalio will be joining G
Starting tomorrow, there will be hourly tours of Roxy Carmichael's birth place.
You will see where Roxy slept,
and where she ate during her wandering years.
You'll also see pictures of her beloved dog, Bonkers.
She loved that dog. She used to ride it.
It was a big dog.
Contest has been canceled by an almost unanimously vote at the PTA meeting last night
And we urge all those who still plan to take it with work done on it to
Find another committee to put your energies into.
And we thank all the preliminary participants, especially ...
I just can't wait to see whether Roxy has been able to keep her weight down
-She developed so fast
-Too fast, if you ask me.
cosmetology and drama is nearing completion.
and we could use anybody's extra time and energy in getting to a place a tip top shape for Friday night.
Bought her underwear through a special catalog from Hollywood.
What are you talking about ? She never even wore underwear
# I don't hear that drum #
# I am looking for something else #
# And if you don't like what you'll see#
# You don't have to look at me #
# If you don't like what you'll see #
# Then don't look at me #
# Don't look at me #
Hello there, Cliff
It's a good boy, That's a good boy
Dave, Dave! How you doing, Dave?
How are you doing ? How are you doing?
Hello, Melvin, Hello?
What's the matter ?
Just not to wake you up
It's because of Roxy, isn't it?
No, it's not because of Roxy
Slow it down ! Keep it coming. Keep it coming!
Yeah, I got it.
A little more.
Yup , and Luthier is the very first job I ever had, rub was paid before I started to work.
Hey, say it if you want.
I'd like to see Carmichael. She is a damn good business woman.
-Must cost you a damn fortune.
-At least half a million
-Oh, hell no!
She's gonna bought it. She is famous.
What is she famous for?
Hey, Denton. It's about time
Bet you can't wait to see her, huh?
Yup, how were you looked to say, what she do
when you two used to go around together.
I am gonna go plant some up front.
Do you know Roxy Carmichael?
Yeah, real personally.
Here is Roxy's favorite flowers.
-Don't ask me why.
said they were wild and free.
Didn't give a shit where it lived.
She used to say they were smart for flowers.
You are that Bossetti's kid , aren't you?
How do you know Roxy Carmichael?
You don't know?
Nobody talks to me.
Roxy was my girl friend.
She was my wife.
-You are married
We got married on her 10th birthday.
Roxy wanted it that way.
told me she want to get over with.
I didn't care, you know?
I would get married to her when she was five.
That's when we first met.
That is ugly flowers
But how long were u married?
Eh, would have been..
Twenty years ago, Saturday.
To hell, we were kids you know? Didn't mean anything.
Was she pretty?
The campus is located in a beautiful whole pastoral scene.
We just totally remodeled this building.
We were very proud of fact that we have Olympics size pool
and an ultra modern recreation center.
I put together a financial package that I think will enable us
I want to have our own room
Oh, of course.
It's not that we don't love Dinky, of course
I caught her trying to bob wire her room last week
It isn't funny unless .. I want to have a normal family
The doctor thinks I can conceive now
unless we would like to have a child of his own
one that will let him be a real Father.
Dinky never would
Of course, I understand completely.
You've made a brave decision.
And if Dinky isn't
turns out to be as right a candidate for Lancer as we think
whatever we'll talk about it the weekend
I mean it's the best thing for Dinky
It's the very best thing
Here you've called , sweetheart.
How are you cole?
Hey, Melvin?
Don't be such a cliche!
Dave, try to be a cut above!
Show some manners!
Dave? Hey, Dave!
Get over. Here is your own piece of comfort.
You know the rules.
Now, let's all try and have a nice family meal.
You have no name yet, do you?
What about Wheaton?
I thin it has dignity.
What do you think?
I cannot believe I waited this long to find a dress.
You look stunning.
It's original.
Do you think it's too
Honey. If I had your figure, I would show it off as much as possible.
Roxy will be dressed of a hell if it.
Do you think so?
Guess what?
Barbey Webb just walked in.
Come in Danny.
Hi, Barbey
Hello, Evelyn
Hi, big guy
How are you, huh?
How have you been?
I am fine, Evelyn.
Listen Barbey, I took psychology at Lorraine business school
and I am aware of how hard this must be for you
what with Roxy coming back to town at all.
Evelyn, if you don't mind, I really don't wanna talk about it.
Oh, I understand
I mean I know I couldn't handle it
Knowing that my husband's true love was coming home.
I mean whatever everyone is thinking
She was his true love.
I mean he married you, didn't he?
Yes, he did, huh, didn't he?
Come on.
What's the matter with that lady, Mom?
Come on.
Hey, Dinky, move steady. When are you gonna get your stink on us , huh?
Yeah, would you go back to your buddy farm?
I want that bike in my junk collect sheet.
The house was built in 1927 by Roxy's grandfather, Carl, Michael, Carmichael.
A noted dermatologist and rumored of a villain.
It was at that time that he had a dream about a young woman, named Roxy.
Well, he had seven sons, much to Carl's dismay.
But his first grand child, was a little girl
would only eat pink food
And he named her, Roxy.
and she was his pride and joy.
Now, as you can see
We have simulated life just as when Roxy lived here
This is the actual dining room
where Roxy Carmichael ate her meals
with her beloved mother, Caroline.
May she rest in peace.
Now , if you just follow me this way please?
As we entering the kitchen, imagine with me for a moment if you will.
how it might have been is Caroline reached for some of Roxy's favorite foods
The Cheetos and the M&Ms
and of course Roxy's favorite, the pink package, Almond rocas.
You will notice, however, that they
have been spayed with lacquer.
thereby ensuring that no
bugs, or..
other or pests get into them.
As a matter of fact, it was in this very room
that Roxy first tried to creating a center of cosmetology and drama.
while chipping a tooth on a piece of rock candy
How odd
Dinky Bossetti!
I know that's you in there!
Don't you know this is a historic site?
"Actual Candy left in the room by Roxy Carmichael"
This is the Clyde police department.
Open up in there or I will tear the door know.
What do you want in this historical site?
Dinky , Honey!
God damn it, Dinky!
We have a sale on "Al bloom weather wave" next week.
Do you know how bad this is for public relations?
Hell, I will be lucky if I sell five boats.
Gloria Sikes was there and she is gonna tell everybody about this.
Don't you have anything to say?
Have the carpet sold on Gloria Sikes
Don't you dare laugh at her.
Dinky. Dink Bossetti
Is that the yellow sweater I bought for you last week?
That was a 32 dollar sweater , Miss.
And you dyed it black,didn't you? After you promised me you wouldn't!
Didn't promise I wouldn't as I tried not to.
What would make you do such a thing as to lock yourself in Roxy Carmichael's room and ....
I think getting to her bed
To be closer to her
But... Why?
I don't know
In the second act of King Leo Lear
Now we have four more of her original poems before we finish
David Skizem
Dinky Bossetti
Mauren Milkusky and
Timmy Roth
Any volunteers?
All right.
Eh... cough....
A cow knows not what its tail's worth
Until it's lost it
and sells it out
Dinky Bossetti?
From a deep immaculate kiss
She spread her two ripe dripping limbs
And then that happend.
I beg your pardon?
And the moon throbbed and he fought it with an angry sun
All that day and all that night
until it forced me out
Now I scout here
Touch me
with your white words and your dead hands
Now before I freeze
That will be enough!
and become one of you
You interrupted me.
I write too, you know?
No kidding
I am not sure that there were very many people
G, I can tell you how privilege to make me feel
I'll do my best
You married?
Have you been?
No? You?
It's nice to meet you Dinky
I have been watching you ever since I moved here.
Why would you do something like that?
Watch you?
Why was somebody moved to Clyde Ohio to become a guidance counselor?
Why not?
Care for M&M?
I loved this..
Roxy Carmichael loves these too.
She's coming home you know?
How could anyone not know?
This has helped a lot..
Jesus, Dinky!
God, you scared me.
I scare everybody.
Is it true that Roxy Carmichael bought that cotton candy machine when she was eight?
No, She didn't exactly buy it.
She stole it from the Cleveland Zoo after they kicked her out for riding a pig and the kitty fams.
She loved that kitty fams.
She loved animals.
How come she left?
Weren't cause of me. Can't tell you that right now.
She left.
She left cause something happened.
What happened?
Roxy was gonna have a baby
-She was ?
-Yeah, our baby.
-Your baby
-Your Child
-Mine and Roxy's.
what you mean was ? I mean , Didn't Roxy have the baby?
Oh, yes, she had it alright. Just 3 month early, that's all.
-3 months?
- Yup
-You mean it was premature
-I mean it was very premature.
Roxy wasn't good at math
You know she did won the Hubert Hummingbird Award for excellence in algebra in the eights
-So did I !
-Great, yes?
Still I think the baby had due been 7 months and 12 days old instead of ..
6 months and 12 days old.
You know, look normal to me.
You mean you saw it?
Yes, of course I saw it.
What kind of a father do you think I am?
I wouldn't know
What's that supposed to mean?
It was a girl, wasn't it?
Yes, it was. It was this perfect beautiful little girl.
-It was beautiful?
-Oh, hell, yes.
What happened to it?
-God you love to ask questions
- What happened to it?
I put it outside the hospital emergency.
With a sign, that's a "premature" on it.
They'd probably figured that out for themselves
I sat and I waited , until they took it away in an ambulance to the premature center over in Cleveland.
And I prayed.
as I watched them drive away in it.
God would bless it.
It never really had a chance.
If it was per Roxy Carmichael, it would at least have a chance.
Hey, Hey !
What did you do that for? Huh ?
It's a strange kid.
That's Daddy's truck ! That's Daddy's truck !
No, it isn't honey.
That sure looks like Daddy's truck...
Jesus, Dinky. What are you doing?
So what have you done and what to do about her?
Can you make this hold till Friday?
Oh, sure.
I love that kid, you know? I really do
Of course you do, honey.
It's just that I feel like we adopted a baby from Mars or something
She just is not like us at all.
Do you want part on the right or on the left?
I don't know , Charmaine.
I wanted to give Dinky everything I never had.
She is gonna be all little doll.
She never wanted any of that.
Just don't think she likes me.
us , very much
I was sure she does, Rochelle.
I think we are gonna have to send her to a special place again.
Send her back to that high school and everything...
What kind of special place?
Well, it's a school for gifted children.
Very beautiful
Well, as beautiful as place like that can be
you know, very clean, immaculate.
And it has got Olympics size swimming pool.
-Wow, does Dinky swim?
Yes .. well, really... I really don't know.
Can you give me some French bangs, or something?
-Should be at your office
-I know
There you go , ladies.
My parents were in the process of opening their carpet store when they
acquired me.
So I guess it was sort of a natural thing for them to think of me as another piece of carpet.
Some sort of remnant.
-It's a funny analogy.
I am here to amuse.
Ever have you tried to talk to them about it?
Once when I was six and a quarter, Mrs Bossettie and I sat down and we talked.
You don't, I know
Yes, I do.
I told her that I prefer books to dolls.
boots to ballet slippers
My ideal of a family vacation was to go to work on the Alaska pipeline.
I was only six and a quarter, I can't remember everything.
You really want to know the stuff.
She cried for 3 days.
She told everybody she felt like I was rosemary's baby.
tsk, think about that movie.
And then, she stopped trying.
and so did I.
That' too bad, Dinky!
It's really too bad.
She can't help the way she feels, neither can I , I mean.
There isn't anything wrong with that.
It's not like I have some romantic notion I am suffering because my parents
People for that matter don't understand me, I mean , so what?
Who understand anybody really? Who wants to?
Sorry I am not trying to understand yourself you know.
We just don't fit.
It happens.
It's not gonna matter after Friday, anyway.
Why ? Because Roxy Carmichael is coming home?
Cause my mother is coming to get me.
Your mother?
What am I to get it and understand?
It's not for you to understand, really.
Dinky , what do you say , we comb your hair?
Danny, don't do that with your potatoes.
The hams were good.
Come on.
Don't do that to him.
-Why not?
-Because I said so.
Don't talk to me like that.
Do whatever I want.
Just like you
What's that supposed to mean?
You promised
-I promised what?
-You know what.
I don't buy your house
So what ?
Tsk, little bitch
Don't you get better things to do than to check up on me?
She never loved you , Denton.
She didn't like you even.
She won't even as much to say hello to you on Friday because she won't remember who you are!
Hey, sweetie. How that thing is instead of a suit?
I am gonna rent a tux
with a pink combo belt ?
I really don't see what the big deal is
I mean , I really don't
Well the chance is not everyday that a legend returns to Clyde
Roxy was the first pro to
actual sex before she was ten that I ever met in my life
She had a definite cheapness about her but
She was not, she..
Oh, yes, she was..
I was her best Friend, I should know.
I wanna see those legs.
Roxy Carmichael has the greatest thighs I've ever seen
Stocking she used to wear, en ya...
You got to admit, she definitely has a sense of style.
I would have a sense of style too if I stole as much shit as she did.
-Evelyn, you don't know that for a fact
-Who are you in love with anyway?
Me or Roxy Carmichael?
I am gonna throw all that Pizza up I can just tell
This is Mike Oweis on WCPZ
Bringing you Melissa Etheridge's rendition of
Jack Slater's classic
"In Roxy's eyes"
# So you walked with me for a while #
# Shared your naked soul #
# And you told me of your plan #
# How you would never let them know #
# In the mornin' of the night #
# you cried a long lost child #
# And I tried, oh, I tried to hold you #
# but you were young and you were wild #
# But I , #
# I will never be the same #
# Oh~ I #
# I will never be the same #
# Caught in your eyes #
# lost in your name #
Eh, I am really sorry about the other day
#I will never be the same#
in class if I embarrassed you
I guess I sort of get carried away on account of that poem
# I never wanted for myself#
What are you doing Howells? We got to get going if
# But you guarded them like a lie #
# Placed up on the highest shelf #
You embarrassed yourself.
# In the morning of the night #
# When I woke to find you gone #
I am gonna laugh at you someday, Gerald, Howells.
# I knew your distant devil #
# Must be draggin' you along #
# I will never be the same #
#Oh, I ~~ I will never be the same #
# Caught in you eyes #
# lost in your names #
# But I will never be the same #
# And you swore that you were bound for glory #
# And for wanting you had no shame #
# But I loved you #
# then I lost you #
# And I will never be the same#
# Oh, I , I will never be the same #
You don't know a dick about building stuff, Dinky Bossetti!
# I will never be the same#
# Caught in you eyes #
# lost in your name#
# I will never be the same#
# I will never be the same #
# Oh, I , I will never be the same #
# caught in your eyes#
# lost in your names #
# I will never be the same #
I heard Roxy killed her Mom
She didn't kill her mom. Her mom killed herself, Beannie .
Well, Roxy was a reasoned one to kill herself.
So Roxy killed her mom
Shut up. I am trying to sleep
I heard that Roxy's mom spontaneously combusted.
when she heard Roxy's not coming back
That's how she died
Nice one, Dave.
Hey, Dinky Bossetti. What happened to your bike?
Did you trade it for that new bow you are wearing?
Let me off
Let me off~~
-Let me off!!
Dinky! Dinky stop!
It's your bow...
Yes. That's it, all right.
Dinky! I got to talk to you.
Why ?
Eh, because...
Just say it! Gerald?
Cause you are smarter than anyone I know
You've even got a sense of humor.
Ever since I moved here, I thought so.
Go on?
You got to take...
more of an interest in yourself. I mean how do you look, you know?
What for?
So you can be my girlfriend...
What makes you think that I want to be your girlfriend?
Look, cause I like you.
I thought maybe you liked me too.
I said last week that I am gonna follow my father's footsteps to become a dentist
So you don't have to worry
What about our stuff?
You are planning I am going to the same school your dad went?
-Yes, Wooster, Why?
-I wouldn't
Why not?
Well your daddy probably works on your teeth , right?
Yes, so?
So why hasn't he fixed your gaps?
I don't have any gaps
Hmm, yes you do.
It gives me character.
God. I want to kiss you so bad right now, Dinky!
It's good to want things.
They need me after practice today. Aren't they?
-Are you guys going to the boxing
-We'll think of that
And she just sits there alone all the time?
How long has this been going on?
It's on and off
Since for 7'th grade
That's when she was here.
-And she is how old now?
- I would say she is about 15
15 and a half
Oh, Beth! This is Ronald Reems.
Ronald, this is Elizabeth Zaks.
-How do you do?
Ronald is from Lancer school
Lancer school?
Yes, it's a private semi- rehabilitate school.
for socially inappropriate children
and likes you to come
Well, actually it's more than just for socially inappropriate students
Ronald is here to do a study with Dinky Bossetti.
What for?
To our understanding that Dinky may have a learning problem.
Dinky is an excellent student.
Not perhaps.
She's maintained practically A and ever since elementary school
that goes for every school she has been in and out since then.
yes, but at the expense of other students.
at the expense of what other students?
How is that hamburger gravy?
good, ha?
I brought on the misc over here when I became principal.
She is a good cater too.
Look at her.
They are throwing food at her. What would be a normal reaction, if you throw the food back that them?
You may have a point but my understanding is her..
Problem goes far beyond occasional food throwing as of it
It is , huh?
Well, let me ask you this, Mr Reems. Have you ever talked with Dinky Bossetti?
Not yet, but...
-but you would want to take someone else' word for her, right?
-I think that's enough
-I don't think so
Who sent you here?
What's going on? Babey?
Barb, come one, I think we should talk.
We've been talking for 8 years, Denton.
Not to each other, but then...
can't have everything huh , can you?
Barbey, I love you , and the kids.
-Come on.
-I know you do
We have a good thing here, Barbey.
We have a really good thing.
-Say goodbye to him
Oh, God
Say something, Denton.
Say some thing.
You need any money?
-Come on , here , take it
-No, take it
-I said no !
What did she do that was so great, huh?
Oh, God.
And you won't it wasn't about her ?
I want to know what was about Roxy Carmichael that made you not give a shit about anything else?
I don't know ! I didn't know, I swear I swear
Ask god, I just .... I thought it was over...
I don't know.. I thought it was over!
No , you could have it both wasted , I can't let you.
You want to know what she calls a penies ?
I don't know
Oh, come on , guess.
A huhu
You won't believe what she calls for vagina
Do you generally give out this kind of information about your mother?
She is not my mother.
Oh, right
And I don't generally give that information to anybody
Gee, I can't tell you how privilege you make me feel.
It's not like anybody asks
Listen, I don't like the way some people treat you, but..
You don't help them out , Dinky.
Believe it or not, these are not all bad people.
It's not like, the world is against Dinky Bossetti.
See? You don't risk anything Dinky, and that's why you don't anyting back.
-It's easier this way
-No, it's not
Dinky, don't shut me out. I am just trying to help.
Why? Why are you so interested in my creamy life. And Don't tell me it's your job!
Because I've seen what was gonna happen with people like you
You have, huh?
Anybody we know?
Well what, Libby?
You know?
It was fun, Libby
But I am not Roxy, am I ?
No, you are not Roxy
Wait, Dinky!
So, what happened at cafeteria today?
I feel sorry for you, Dinky.
Yeah, well, dont'.
Don't feel sorry for me, because...
I am glad they hate me. Let them. They hate Roxy Carmichael too
Loot at her
Besides I'm leaving this place tomorrow anyway.
And what are you gonna do? Sail all the way in your ark?
You know about my ark.
and that's
You fixed the roof, didn't you?
I forget.
Could we?
You are really gonna go away, aren't you?
Well, I don't really have much of a choice...
My real mother wants me back and I have to go with her
-Real mother?
-Roxy, Carmichael
Roxy Carmichael is your mother?
How do you know?
She is my mother and that's that!
She come back here to get me and we are gonna have fun. We are gonna have some kind of fun.
Don't you worry about Dink cause as soon
as soon as we get . .. So I am gonna send all of you
Oh, My god
Oh, Jesus. You don't know when to leave me up ,do you?
Oh, God
What are you doing, huh?
I told you about those cracks, didn't I? huh?
I told you about those cracks.
Put your knees on your territory
Here is a carpet of yours, and yours alone.
Ok, Stay , Stay.
Watch him
I like what you do with your hair there, Rochelle.
Parts on the left
Come on, not now.
would be coming now
When she comes
-Watch out the street now
Let go
-She will be coming
Now, look at what you made me do
Not on the plash, they will show every mark.
Dinky! Honey?
It's all right
She couldn't help to chill
My god.
Dinky? Are you OK?
Are you all right?
Are you OK?
What are you thinking of
Oh, I don't know.
Do you think I should go blonde?
I would if I were you
I mean if you were me
-If I were you, I would
-You would?
Got to go. You think she'll be blonde?
It's hard to tell of Roxy
Not that matters
Roxy is oxidizing Evelyn.
-I would if I were you
It's just that I hate to take a chance , you know, and have it turn out bad
Roxy Carmichael always took a chance.
I am not Roxy Carmichael and I couldn't care less what she would do.
Go for it.
Is there any particular reason why you are looking at me like that?
Come on, you haven't said a word.
What is she famous for?
Did you hear that song "In Roxy's Eyes"?
Jack Slater's song?
Heard it last night
First hit he ever had, right?
She was the girl in that song
And? That's it?
She was in a song, and that's why she is so famous?
She didn't save a country or..
invent something great or murder someone?
You know how hard it is to get yourself in a song?
-You can eat the rest of those?
-How could a song make her a legend?
She would have been a legend with or without that god damn song
All the album he devoted to her or all those interviews he did about her.
And he gave her everything he may in that song
it played for 23 weeks
She authorized. I hear she said for life.
still makes money of it whenever it played
Hell, I even heard a wimpy
version in the elevator, huh, the other day.
So, why did she leave him?
She's smart
She knew that she left him while they were still in love,
and just, it'd make her more of a legend.
Now Romeo and Juliet
or me and her.
What about the baby?
-I mean did anybody else know about her being pregnant?
-No, no one.
She had a real one
So you mean I am the only other person who know.
Yes, I guess you are.
Did she love it?
I mean did she love that baby?
Yes, she did.
She said while it was a girl inside her that was a real special child.
What about you? I mean, don't you ever wonder about that baby?
Don't you?
Huh. What kind of a father are you, anyway?
Don't you ever wonder what happened to your first born?
It's 7:15 M. Good morning Clyde!
This is Genny Durant coming to you on the day our Roxy returns.
Dinky? Are you away?
May I come in?
I am doing stuff, really.
There are some things we are gonna have to work out if this house is going to hold the 3 of us
Look, I am late for school.
Then we will talk about it tonight, Missy?
The name is Dinky
What's the matter?
So something about us?
And nobody in the faculty knows?
-No body knows
-No, I don't care about that, it's
You can tell me?
It's Dinky
and it's what you've thought for?
Look, Beth.
I want to know where we are going.
I mean we have been together for almost a half first
l year.
I just would like to know what direction we were headed in
Wanna think about it?
Dinky ?!
-I need a favor.
-A favor?
Yes, please.
I really appreciate this..
I haven't been shopping in years.
And this is kind of obvious
Cleveland will be a very expensive car ride.
and you told your parents about this right?
Well, I didn't tell mine.
Do you think I can deal with it?
Just as long as you are back and tab from my mother's
gonna get there at 9.
Well, I don't think I can make it. I am not big on parties
So, want to talk about your Scotty Sandholzer?
No, Dinky. I don't
You want to talk about your Gerald Howells?
I am beyond man
So you were a counselor when you looked
in New York too then, huh?
I am.. oh I just took a rest from that for a while
Mother with the bride . Why didn't you try something on?
I am working on it, ha?
Well, I burned out in New York, too.
Then, one day I just packed up everything and I left.
Who helped you jump in Clyde?
You want to know the truth?
It's usually the best thing
You are tired of driving
is not me...
How do you know?
You think I should try it?
Very nice.
Oh, Thank you.
I guess you are trying my stuff on now.
Ok, Dinky
Think mine will be as nice as yours someday?
I think yours are as nice as mine right now.
Yeah. You are the first person who's ever seen them.
I just don't understand how something like this could have happened
Straighten your head.
My father thinks that I should sue
But I said, no.
I will just wait and see if she can fix it.
-Thank you, Evelyn
Pardon me?
Care for some little Fiddle Faddle?
No, thank you.
I was at high school.
Dinky never showed up there today
Look, here is the thought.
Why don't I come back in a couple of weeks and we can reevaluate the situation then?
She will be back, won't she Les?
This is unlike Dinky
It's not normal for her.
Well, there is nothing normal when it comes to Dinky
She is just..
different shell, that's all.
and that doesn't have to be a bad thing.
There you go, defending her again.
I'm calling the police right now.
You are kidding about Dinky, right?
You are not serious, right?
I don't know, she's got a very good sense of humor.
We are sort of Rodney Dangerfield, but I wouldn't marry him
It won't get to against Dinky anyway
Well, for one thing she is new
Kind of , I mean
She is better than in the summers now, but she is always getting scent and or somewhere the kind of weirdness
So you know how was someone as new in school?
You are gonna make fun of them for a while to break them in?
Well, Dinky Bossettis really got to make fun of her, cause she is Dinky!
-She stinks
-She isn't a stink
Well, she did the other day.
Furthermore, she is ugly.
-She is not ugly
-or she aren't beautiful like Laura Coiller
who likes you and will ring you again in a minute.
- Hello, Gerald.
- Hi, Mr. Billings.
Officer Billings
You are right, Beanie, look.
Oh~ Hi, Dad.
Come on, your mom wants you home. She is making macaroni and cheese
With Swisser or Velveeta?
-I guess it doesn't matter
-What's that god damn candy way?
-By the way, you haven't seen Dinky Bossetti right huh, have you?
-No? What?
She is missing
Hey, Gerald, you want a ride?
Beanie, got your god damn skateboard.
I wouldn't worry about it too much
After all, she is just a kid. They usually turn up..
Well, I am worried, thank you. Can you do anything?
Hands down to do something.
I am really sorry, I have to be going.
No, No, I just made a fresh pot of coffee.
Let's please tell Mr Reems to stay.
Les, where are you going?
out look for Dinky.
Why? I mean what for?
Because she is our daughter.
We close at 4 today.
Oh, I got time
Not a lot!
And my boyfriend is gonna be here any minute, and he is got this thing of me of being here for.
I mean , he is.. he is a really possessive.
Don't tell him I said that, OK?
This is nice, isn't it?
Don't tell my boy friend I've said that, OK?
Can you have this hand by tonight?
We are official closed you know?
Yup, but I can come by tonight, right?
All right, I will pin them.
but I won't hand them, OK?
Come on, baby, Get it. Let's go
-No, You got to
-Well, I will try
-I'm begging you , please!
-How is this? Are you gonna wear these shoes with that? .
- No
Promise me, OK?
You really should have thought of this earlier.
-You promised me. Please, you got to do this.
-I will do my best, OK?
It is extra for the hurry.
-Here.. here.. here.
Ok? All right, go.
What the fk?
Not Again...
Hi, Denton
You want to talk?
For what?
When do they all come from?
Well, nobody else wanted them.
Except for Dave here, he is on his way to becoming a bologna sandwich.
And we've got kind of a family thing going here.
We argue sometimes but basically we respect each other.
So you are gonna do this for me, right? You are gonna come here after school and feed them for me.
Dinky, are you sure?
-I mean you are absolutely sure that Roxy is..
I am
Uncurtained window, huh?
You know I think it will be a big mistake if you stop writing
-Where did you get that?
-Clyde library
and it's tough time finding it though,
They put it under the home improvements section
You were in the five people who ever read it.
I liked it.
My book was a complete disaster.
That's why you are hiding out in Clyde?
I lost it.
I don't want to write anymore
That's a disaster
I've tried.
This is a good talk we have.
Bye, Elizabeth
Goodbye, Dinky.
-And I know I'll never meet anyone like her again.
-Come on. You sound just like I did
You know I've fallen in love first time once
She reminds me a lot of Roxy, you know.
The people hate Roxy like they hate Dinky?
Pretty close
They both scare people in the same way I guess.
Like aliens
I guess it's got a lot to do with the fact that Dinky is adopted
Now, look I got to go , I got to get ready for tonight. You need a ride?
She keeps saying she is leaving today.
She keeps saying her Mom's coming here to get her
Her Mom... Who is her Mom?
She says her mother is Roxy Carmichael
What, she what?
Wait a minute. She thinks Roxy is her mother?
No, it's between me and Dinky
It it's got something with Dinky, I want to know.
You really care about Dinky?
Yes, more than anything
OK, you go out and you do something real special for her.
Buy her some flowers
Buy her a box of candy
She is gonna need some
I saw your bike outside, Dinky.
I am glad you're home
I was worried about you, Dinky.
You were?
Do you like the carpet?
It's black
I laid it this morning
I had to bring it through the window
Let's party.
# Get your motor running #
# Head on the highway #
# Looking for adventure #
# In whatever comes our way #
# Yeah, darlin'
Gonna make it happen #
# Take the world in a love embrace #
# Fire all of your guns at once and #
# explode into space #
# I like smoke and lightnin' #
# Heavy metal thunder #
# Racing in the wind #
# And the feeling that I'm under #
# Yeah, darlin'
Gonna make it happen #
Take these !
My dad said you were taken to the station to get questioned?
Shit. He told me that you told them as I fight Dinky Bossetti all the time.
Yes, I do.
-Gerald Howells, what happened?
-What's it look like? I got brace-ts
-Well, I have gaps.
My dad's been trying to put them on me for a long time
So I let him.
When I know, it took an hour and a half.
Think Dinky will like them?
You look really ugly.
I know
# And now, when tears subside #
# she finds it all so amusing #
# To think she did all that #
# and she won't say #
# nod in a shy way#
# Oh, No. Oh no not her #
# She did it her way #
# For what is a poor man. What has she got #
# If not herself, then she had naught #
# To say the things she truly feels #
Did you find her?
Eh, no. I went wherever I can think of, I almost
I was maybe late for this
Me too.
You got braces.
For Dinky
# and did it her way #
So good, oh!
People, people!
She is here!
Roxy! Roxy! Roxy! Roxy!
Roxy? Where is Roxy?
What is going on here?
Roxy Carmichael will not be able to attend her very own ball and dedication services
due to circumstances beyond her control.
I know it.
She has however sent a dedication pack
and request that we enjoy the evening without her.
I am never gonna see you again, am I?
-Wait, I got to tell you some thing.
-I got to go, she is gonna leave without me.
-Listen to me !
-Let go!
-Get off, you are not her father!
-Yes, he is.
No, I am not, and Roxy is not your mother.
-Yes, she is!
-No, she is not. Dinky!
Roxy Carmichael is my mother. Don't you, Daddy?
I was that baby !
Is she, is she so stupid to figure out that was me.
-I was that baby!
-That baby died, Dinky!
It, it died.
It died?
I went to that hospital.
and it's , I saw her.
and I buried her.
I am sorry, Dinky!
-Don't be
-No, I am. I didn't know.
I didn't know that she was there real for you.
She is no more real for me than she is for you?
I am so stupid.
I lied to myself.
Yes, you did. So what?
Don't use this to run away again.
-You only thought that you needed it, Dinky.
-I don't have to listen to you
Who the hell is Roxy Carmichael!
Who the hell cares!
She is not here. Look around!
There are real people
right here in your life, who care about you, Dinky.
Save it for your lecture series, Gerald!
You don't understand!
I wanted this!
I really did.
It's good to want things.
# But I #
# I will never be the same #
# Oh~~ I #
# I will never be the same #
# Caught in your eyes#
# Lost in your name #
# But I will never be the same #
Lancer School
# and you swore that your were bond for glory#
# And for wanting
You had no shame #
# But I loved you #
# Then I lost you #
# And I will never be the same#
# Oh~ I #
# I will never be the same#
#Oh~ I #
# I will never be the same #
# Caught in your eyes #
# Lost in your name #
# I will never be the same #
# I will never be the same #
# Oh~ I #
# I will never be the same#
# Caught in your eyes #
# Lost in your names #
# I will never be the same #
You got braces.
I am hungry.
I am gonna kiss you now, Gerald.
OK, close you eyes now.
I guess it's gonna take a little time, huh?
Watch it, Gerald.
It's not that easy, you got a lot of work to do.
So do I.
Welcome home, Dinky Bossetti.
# You can try, I don't care #
# Fortune circles in the square #
# You can spend, precious time #
# Marching in your perfect line #
# But I don't hear that drum... #
# I am looking for something else#
# And if you don't like, what you'll see #
# You don't have to look at me #
# If you don't like, what I'll say #
# You can turn the other way #
# If you don't like, what you'll see #
# then don't~~ #
# look at me #
# Add it up, count me out #
# I am taking a different route #
# I did not mean to offend #
# Before I broke, I chose to bend#
# So I will be on my way #
# I have nothing left to say #
# But if you don't like, what you'll see #
# You don't have to look at me #
# If you don't like, what I'll say #
# You can turn the other way #
# and if you don't like what you'll see #
# then don't~~ #
# look at me #
# don't look at me#
# Don't look at me #
# oh, baby. you don't like what you'll see #
# you don't have to look at me #
# if you don't, if you don't, if you don't #
# if you don't like #
# what you'll see #
# then you don't have to look at me #
# you don't have to look at me #
# if you don't like, if you don't like, if you don't like #
# I mean you don't have to look at me #
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