Welcome to Acapulco (2019) Movie Script

Can you believe it?
This is all for me.
And not in a good way.
- No.
I've got the Mexican CIA,
and some real bad dudes
on my ass.
I have no idea.
Or at least I didn't
at the time.
All I knew is that I had been
chased, shot at, bound, gagged,
and got the shit beat out of me
in just under a day.
Far cry from my cozy cubicle
back in New York City.
Welcome to Acapulco.
Where is it?
So the bad guys
caught up with me,
I'm surrounded by feds,
they all want God knows what,
and I have absolutely no idea
what to do.
Except survive.
- Oh, shit.
Okay, stop.
Take a breath.
I know what you're thinking.
How do you kill off
the main character
in the first scene
of an action flick?
I mean, I am
the main character, right?
Because that guy kinda has
a leading man thing going,
and I know
I've seen him before.
Look, regardless,
come with me,
while I tell you a tale
of how I ended up here.
And just like all good stories
in the digital age,
this one begins and ends...
with a cell phone.
MATT: Before you say anything,
I am just finishing up.
What? How are you
not at the airport?
I just in a bit of a snag.
I'm almost done.
Dude, this is your game.
Get the fuck out of there
and do not let
that piece of shit Carl
make you his personal slave.
- He's not, I'm...
- Your flight's in two hours.
- Do not miss it.
- Look, I'll be on that plane.
Yeah, yeah, we'll see.
Video games.
That's what I do.
They've been my entire life
up until today.
I imagine them, I design them,
I build them,
all so you can escape
for a few hours.
Something I never get to do.
Except for tonight
'cause I'm flying to New Mexico
and unveiling to the publishers
a sneak peek of my new
work in progress...
The most entertaining shooter
game you will ever experience.
If only my life
were anything like this game.
And that, my friends,
is how it's done.
Oh, and video games have
really warped my brain.
Just a head's-up.
But every now and then,
I'm freed from my cage.
And who knows? If all goes well
and the publishers love it,
everything changes.
Perhaps I'll be the hero
for once.
Save the world,
even get a girl.
Nah. Who am I kidding?
Another trophy
would be cool though.
Good evening.
So all that bitching,
and I get to the airport early.
I figured I'd kill an hour with
a nice tall glass of... water.
Just some water.
Little ice.
- You got it.
- I had no idea...
Get this guy a beer.
...that I was about to make
my first major mistake.
Water in the VIP lounge.
What the hell
are you doing here?
Scotch. Do me a favor.
Send those to the table.
Come on.
Last time I drank with you,
I ended up in Vegas.
Ah! Remember that?
So Tony's a friend of mine.
Real estate agent.
Father of three.
No reason not to trust him.
No reason at all, right?
You need to loosen up.
You're always worrying
about what might happen
instead of
embracing the moments.
You know? He's right.
Let's have some drinks!
Where ya headed?
New Mexico. Showing the new
video game I designed.
New Mexico? Great place.
You're gonna love it.
Yeah, I've been there
like 14 times.
You and I need to work on
our communication.
Fuck this. Peace. I'm out.
- Yeah, I do.
- It's not normal.
It is if you went to M.I.T.
I just never get to have
my own adventure.
- You need a hobby.
- Yeah?
- Golf.
- Golf?
You see this?
This is a gift from Eastwood.
Clint Eastwood gave you
that watch?
I shook hands
with Harry Callahan.
- Another round.
- No more.
To the rock and roll
Tony, I love you man.
You know, you get me in trouble
a bunch, but you...
Where the fuck you go?
Don't drink before you fly.
Excuse me, miss?
Can I get you something, sir?
Ah, no, no.
Well, maybe some water.
Anything else, sir?
Yeah. What time
are we gonna land?
We're running a little late,
but we should touch down
in about half an hour.
Thank you.
Water, water.
Ese es borracho.
Excuse me. So sorry.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we are currently
preparing our descent.
We expect to land
at 7:15 a.m.,
twenty minutes later
than your scheduled time.
If you want to adjust
your watch, it is 7:02.
The weather is sunny,
and the temperature
is 28 degrees Celsius.
We wish you a pleasant stay
in Acapulco,
and we hope to see you again
very soon.
- On behalf of all our crew...
- Fuck me.
...thank you.
What the hell
is going on here?
Excuse me, sir?
Did they say Acapulco?
Tell me that there is
an Acapulco in New Mexico.
No, sir.
Acapulco's in regular Mexico.
Regular Mexico?!
Yes, sir.
Welcome to Acapulco.
- Permiso, por favor.
- No, no.
Can you move, please?
Oh, fuck.
Oh, fuck.
Fuck, fuck, fuck.
Uh, what? You're where?
- Like Mexico?
Holy shit.
Dude, I said New Mexico,
not regular Mexico!
Did you skip out on us,
No, no, no.
I was on the plane.
It was the wrong plane.
- You got on the wrong plane?
- I have my ticket.
How the fuck do you
get on the wrong plane?
Like they check
your fucking ticket.
This is the wrong ticket.
This isn't mine.
Oh, my God. I can't believe
you fucked this up.
No, it's the right plane.
It's the wrong ticket!
What the hell does that
even mean?
This is your career, dude,
and you're...
I'll call you back real soon.
I gotta go.
Welcome to Acapulco, sir.
Take it off, please.
Yeah, take it off.
What is the purpose
of your visit?
Actually, I'm not
supposed to be here.
Just a second, please.
Licenciada, Sophia.
Come with me, please.
- So, Mr. Booth,
it appears you
made quite a fuss out there.
What exactly is the issue here?
I was told you claimed
you got on the wrong flight.
Look, I don't know
how this happened.
So I proceeded to tell her
the whole story,
or what I knew of it anyway,
how I was supposed
to be in New Mexico,
not regular Old Mexico,
and how I had a showing
of my new video game,
how Wrath of Todd was
this super fun shooter game
with tons of unexpected
twists and turns,
and how I think she'd
totally like it 'cause
she's in law enforcement,
and this is like...
A totally get-all-the-bad-guys
kinda game
with shoot-em-up
and guns and explosions.
Mr. Booth!
Are you on drugs?
Do you have
a drinking problem?
No! No! Look!
The last thing I remember,
I was in the VIP lounge
in JFK, all right?
I was having some drinks
with a friend.
We had a couple of beers.
That's it.
And then, I don't know.
I must have passed out
or something and...
There's that look again.
I need to buy a ticket
that gets me to New Mexico.
That's it. Are we done?
Okay. This wasn't a huge deal.
Suck it up, buy a ticket
and get the fuck out of here.
TONY: T-minus six hours and
counting you, limp dick fuck.
What do you want me
to tell them?
I am buying the next ticket
to Albuquerque,
and I am on my way!
Here we go!
The earliest I can get out
of Acapulco is tomorrow?
I can book your connecting
flight to Mexico City
- for tomorrow morning.
- No, I need to leave today.
Yeah, we all need
to leave today!
- That's not possible, sir.
- Why not?
All the flights are full.
It's a holiday weekend
in Acapulco.
And with that,
my soul slowly drained
from my body.
It's the only seat I have
for for tomorrow morning.
Take it! Make up your mind!
I can get you
a complimentary voucher
at the Del Cana hotel
for your stay tonight with us.
Just take it!
Take the voucher!
All right, lady.
Calm down. Bingo tournament
won't start without you.
- Here you are. Hotel voucher.
- Okay.
Our taxi driver knows
your destination.
That guy looks scary.
Probably should've noted that.
Hey, I've got bad news.
I can't get out of here
until tomorrow.
This would be a good time to
Let's, let's see here.
My career is over, the end.
Okay. I'm sorry.
That was immature of me.
Those are feds.
I can smell those assholes
miles away.
You're fucking me right now,
you know that?
Don't fucking yell, dude.
I'm not a child, all right?
- You're gonna have to present.
- No, dude, listen...
- You know it as well as I do.
- No. I don't...
- Just stall 'em. I gotta go.
- Don't fucking hang up...
You guys still with me?
'Cause it's about to get
a hell of a lot crazier.
- Fuck! Matt?
- Yeah.
Can you give me your password?
Wait, wait, you cut out.
No, no. 6-1...
How was your flight,
Mr. Booth?
I'm on the telephone.
Six, one... Wait, wait.
- How do you know who I am?
- 6-4-3?
I'm Agent Block.
This is agent Kessler, CIA.
- Matt!
- We need to talk, Mr. Booth.
- Fuckin' guy!
- Okay, Jesse, just one minute.
- I don't have a minute, Matt.
- Um, do you have some ID?
Mr. Booth is going to
have to call you back.
- Let me ask you a question.
- What are you doing?
I'm only gonna ask you once,
so answer honestly, Mr. Booth.
Yeah, what the hell
is going on?
Do you have the package?
So you're gonna hear a lot
about this package.
But don't worry.
You didn't miss anything.
I'm just as confused as you.
The package?
Is it with you?
Okay. Maybe you guys
don't understand
the morning I'm having.
But the last thing I need
is two creepy guys
giving me dirty looks
and asking
stupid fucking questions.
It'd be wise to answer
my colleague's question.
Do you have the package?
What the fuck is the package?
What is the package?
Is it gold?
Is it drugs? Is it candy?
- Check the case.
- Get your hands off my bag!
Hey, hey, hey!
WOMAN: Matt!
Mi amor!
Sorry, guys, can I borrow
my fianc? Thank you.
- Fianc?
- Do as I say or we're both dead.
- Hey!
- Run, run, run!
Get in the car.
We have agents
following the package,
but there is something else.
- Yeah, what's that?
- Adriana.
Puta madre.
Who are you?
Who are they?
Who the hell are they?
Stop asking questions!
What the hell
do they want with me?
I need to get you
someplace safe.
- Did you catch him?
- Not yet.
You put these two fuckups
on us, didn't you?
And you just made
the director of the CIA
come all this way
to arrest a nobody.
Hold up. Nobody?
If I'm a nobody, then why the
hell is everyone in Acapulco
trying to find my ass?
Put that in your pipe
and smoke it.
Well, that nobody is holding
the most valuable information
on the planet,
so I suggest that you catch
that son of a bitch
before Tony's guys do.
Have you tracked Woods down?
Master of disguises?
I wouldn't even know it
if I did.
MAN: Where's my goddamn
TONY: Good morning to you too.
It arrived in Acapulco
over an hour ago.
You should have it by now.
Wait a minute. Wait, wait.
Hold up. Stop.
I think that might be... Tony?
That looks a lot like Tony.
Is that Tony? Yeah, yeah.
That's Tony!
With a pornstache?
Huh? That's weird.
MAN: I didn't pay
a $60 million deposit
to be told I should
have it by now.
And I sure as hell didn't pay
to have the CIA waiting...
I guaranteed delivery, and
that's exactly what happened.
If you lost the package,
that's not my problem.
I'm starting to think Tony
might be more than
just an estate agent.
MAN: I want what I fucking
paid for, Woods!
And if you want the other half
of your payment,
you better make damn sure
that happens!
I'll look into it.
Where were we?
Ah, yes.
Employee loyalty.
HYDE: So you know that package
is right out in the open.
So I could probably
get it for you tonight.
SENATOR: Oh, good.
I'm glad to hear that.
I hired you for one thing,
Mr. Hyde.
Just to go to the airport,
get that courier,
and deliver him to me.
Sounds like that courier's
in deep shit.
I feel bad for whoever that is.
Yeah, well,
I wish it was that easy.
Mr. Hyde...
I'm a United States senator,
chairman of the military affairs
When I make a request,
it's not a request.
Are we clear?
Yeah, it's clear.
Lunch is on me.
Well, thanks.
I can protect you if you do
as I say, so stay in the car.
Now, I know
what you guys are thinking:
Is Adriana married?
Does she have a boyfriend?
Well, I don't know.
That's something I'm gonna
have to look into.
I don't know why she would've
popped into my life,
if she were taken.
That's probably what
she's telling me right now,
that she's in love with me
and wants to be my girlfriend!
My girlfriend is such a badass!
HYDE: I just got one question
for you, guys.
How does somebody escape
that doesn't even have
any covert training,
doesn't even have
any special ops knowledge?
How are they gonna
get away from you?
There was an unknown quantity
with them.
A woman.
That's a quantity.
Girls will be girls.
Who was she?
We don't know.
Well, if you don't know,
then you haven't been
paying attention
to the things
that I want you to do.
If you're not paying attention
to what I want you to do,
then, really, like...
what good are you, huh?
- Huh?
- Look, we're on it.
We'll get it done.
Okay, she's not
in love with me,
but she is all mad at me now
for not paying attention
to her. Take note.
If I had been, I'd know
a lot of people want me dead,
and that I need to do
everything she tells me.
Where are you going?
I need to see someone.
I'll be back in an hour.
You said you were gonna
tell me what's going on.
I will... when I get back.
Block and Kessler aren't
the only ones looking for you.
I'm trying to keep you alive,
so help me out.
Why should I trust you?
You shouldn't.
- Stay here.
- Okay.
I love her, but if I want
to get some real answers,
I'm gonna have to go
straight to the source.
I'm gonna need
a new one, Pedro.
- S seor.
- Gracias.
- Tony, it's Matt.
- Hey, buddy. How you doing?
How's the weather
in New Mexico?
I'm not in New Mexico!
I'm in Acapulco!
What? Acapulco?
What are you doing in Acapulco?
I don't know. You tell me.
Last thing I remember,
we were having drinks in JFK.
I wake up,
I'm in Acapulco, man!
And everyone seems to think
I got some fucking package!
- Package?
- I know. It's fucking crazy.
Well, where are you
right now, exactly?
I don't know.
I'm in some hotel.
It's really nice. It's all
pink and white. It's, uh...
Now, if I had known any better,
I would've tried
to throw him off
by saying I was at Holiday Inn
or the Overlook Hotel,
or that I was standing in
the lobby of a Howard Johnsons,
and I was wearing
a pink carnation,
but I didn't know any better.
- Uh, Las Brisas.
- Okay, stay there.
I have a contact in the American
consulate. I'll make a call.
- All right, hurry.
- Hey, no worries.
What are friends for?
I'll call you back.
He's got a contact
at the American consulate?
Oh, shit.
I knew I should've
noted that guy.
Now, how in the hell
did these guys find me?
I have so many questions!
Who are they working for?
How many more of them
are there?
Are these pools heated?
Why do they want me dead?
Hey there, you've reached
Matthew Booth...
I can't believe you, dude.
This fucking guy.
Are you kidding me?
I'm trying to help you,
you dumb fuck.
Help me!
Somebody please help me!
You can do this.
You're a fucking action star.
Oh, my God!
I'm gonna die!
Oh. Hmm.
Pools are heated.
All right, you know what?
I've had just about enough
of this bullshit.
Is there a police station
Uh, yes, sir.
Actually, there's one
very close by.
- Are you all right?
- Yeah, yeah. Everything's fine.
If you could just call a cab,
take me to the police station?
So I haven't been doing this
action hero thing very long,
but one thing I've learned
from the movies is...
ditch your car,
so you won't be tailed.
I'm not gonna lie.
This is kind of exciting.
Um, your taxi will be waiting
for you right that door.
Mucho gracias.
De nada.
I love the feel of real things
between my fingers, don't you?
Wow. This guy is
really profound.
You know who would love him?
My friend Tony.
Excuse me?
It's a shame.
Everything's digital now.
Newspapers, games,
all social interaction.
It's all gone online.
Whatever happened to just...
holding something in your hand
and appreciating it?
If you wanna talk shit,
I suggest you
find yourself an escort.
You wanna talk business,
you really should be
more to the point.
You're a woman
after my own heart.
You understand my need?
Location of the package
and to be sure
it reaches its destination.
And it's time-sensitive.
Is that gonna be a problem?
Not at all.
I'll put Hammer on it.
I like that name.
- Package is not here.
- Then where the hell is it?
If it is in Acapulco,
he has to have it.
Then you better get to him
before the feds do.
If I lose that package,
you're done.
What the fuck is the package?
Is it a bomb?
Is it Anthrax?
Enjoy my dirty underwear
and half-written love letters
to Adriana, fellas.
Keep searching.
I've made it to the cops.
- Do you speak English?
- Ruiz!
Do you speak English?
- English and Spanish, sir.
- All right.
I need to report myself
as a missing person.
- Missing?
- S.
- Uh, uh...
- You gotta calm down, sir.
You're gonna get a heart attack.
Come with me.
Thank God you speak English.
We have to
in this line of work, you know.
Too many tourists.
So how long you been missing?
My plan is to let them know
exactly what's going on,
that I'm being hunted and
my life has been threatened.
So I go to the hotel,
these two creepy guys
show up out of nowhere
- then this beautiful woman...
- Okay, okay.
I'll get the American consulate
for you.
You don't have to worry.
Everything is gonna be fine.
There's water over there.
Took you fuckin' long enough,
- Jesse, it's me.
- Yeah, no shit.
Where the fuck are you, dude?
Right now
I'm at the police station.
What are you talking about?
I don't have time
for this shit.
I just need
your fucking password.
Well, that's wonderful,
but I'm actually in some
really serious shit right now.
Okay, dude, this is the biggest
project that we've done,
and you're not fucking here
right now.
I'm hiding in a hallway, hoping
they haven't given up on us.
Just give me
the goddamn password...
Matt? Matt!
Fucking stupid fucking...
Damn it!
Fuck! Fuck!
You don't get it, do you?
I wonder what she likes
in a guy,
Strong, sensitive, caring.
She likes a smart guy.
Do you think I'm her type?
I bet she likes
a guy with a beard.
I'm gonna have
to work on my tan.
What the hell are you thinking?
They have people everywhere.
And who are they?
These assholes again.
See? I was a lot safer in
the police office with the guy.
He offered me water.
And you?
I got these motherfuckers
chasing me everywhere I go.
Look, Adriana, I know
Acapulco's beautiful and all,
but now is not the time to show
me the fucking amphitheater.
Oh, it's quite nice.
We should come back here
Okay, let's just be adults.
Let's communicate.
I don't have this package.
There's no...
Why you gotta go
fucking with my day, man?
Look me in the eye!
Hey, stop right there!
Who's your little helper, huh?
You don't wanna get
gunned down!
No, no, no, I don't.
- Hey! Whoa!
- Enough!
Get this over with!
Whoa! Oh!
Who the fuck are you?
Agent Hammer, CIA.
Pretty cool name, man.
Look at this guy.
He's got a beard,
he's fit and ripped,
his name's Hammer.
Wish my name was Hammer.
Booth, Hammer. Booth, Hammer.
He's got a gun, badass with
his man-bun and shit.
How the fuck am I
gonna compete with that?
- He's with me.
- Yeah.
You may have gotten
this far,
but you're still
gonna need my help,
and if I'm gonna help you,
I need to know
everything that you know.
This can't be happening.
We know the package was
passed to you in New York.
Do you have it with you now?
I'm gonna tell you
what I told them, okay?
I don't know what you're
talking about, all right?
I went through my suitcase,
there was nothing in it.
This? This is not my life, okay?
I'm not some international spy.
Do you know who I am?
Do you know what I do?
I'm a computer
video game programmer!
I'm not fucking Jason Bourne!
Booth! Matthew Booth!
Why don't you take us
to the hotel?
I'd like to have
a little conversation
with our friend here.
I don't think
that's a good idea.
It's okay.
By tomorrow morning, you can put
all this shit behind you
and get back to playing
your computer games.
Well, I don't play them.
I design them.
It's different. Really.
Very different.
It's like an adult thing.
You know, a grownup.
I have a job.
I mean, as a kid I played them,
but I don't do that anymore.
JESSE: Dude, I can't
believe you right now.
I'm trying to save
your fucking career.
I can't log in.
Call me back immediately.
Now, what's the room number?
We'll show you.
That won't be necessary.
There's no need for you
to leave the car.
I'll handle this.
You remember what Yardley
back in Virginia would say?
Never let a source
out of your sight.
Yardley was a fool.
This is different.
Yeah, 'cause I'm not a source.
I'm a person, so...
What the fuck!
Jesus Christ! Whoa!
Fuck! Shit! What the fuck!
That was a CIA guy!
- He wasn't CIA.
- He wasn't?
There's no Yardley
back in Virginia.
"Agent Hammer."
This is fake.
- How do you know that?
- Trust me. I know.
I am CIA.
Is there anybody in this town
that's not fucking CIA?
Yeah, uh, uh, uh
HYDE: What the fuck
happened there, Stark?
Block and Kessler are dead.
Shot to shit.
Looks like the target
had assistance.
Listen, I want Matt Booth,
and I want that bitch
who's helping him.
Yes, sir.
CIA? Why didn't you just
say that from the beginning?
I'm not here
on official business.
You wouldn't believe me anyway.
Yeah, I don't know
if I believe you now.
- What? What is this?
CIA headquarters.
Ask to speak to
Agent Adriana Vazquez.
Central Intelligence Agency.
How may I help you?
Agent Adriana Vazquez, please.
Please hold the line.
ADRIANA: Agent Adriana Vazquez.
I'm not available right now.
Please leave your message,
or press 3 to speak
to Agent Enrique Vazquez.
Okay. I believe you.
Sure. You don't wanna
talk to Enrique?
He'll confirm everything.
No, I'm fine.
So, uh, Enrique Vazquez,
he's your...
Please say brother.
He's my brother.
Tell me if you see
some things missing.
Okay, well, help me out.
What am I looking for?
What the fuck is the package?
Is it Bitcoins? A nuke?
Is it a sex tape?
I'm kinda running out
of things here.
What was I supposed to have
smuggled into Mexico?
Don't you think I deserve
a little more information
than "information?"
Yes, you do,
and I'd give you more
if I had it.
How do you not have it?
You're fucking CIA!
All I know is
files were copied
from a server
at a CIA black site.
What those files are
is above my pay grade.
But if they sent me to get them,
they must be very important.
All right, then answer me this.
If I have this information,
how'd I get it?
You can thank
your friend Anthony.
Tony? Tony Woods?
- Yeah. He was CIA.
- CIA?
No! He's an estate agent!
Trust me.
He was one of the best,
until he sold
classified information
to the highest bidder.
I'm starting to think
Tony might have lied to me.
Why me?
Come here.
- What?
- Come here.
I mean, if he's
who you say he is,
why didn't he just
come down here himself?
News got out he had the files,
so now there's a price
on his head.
Mind blown.
It all makes sense.
The disguises,
getting me drunk,
telling the Mexican gang
where I am.
He used me.
If it wasn't for me,
you'd be dead.
So what do we do now?
STARK: Adriana?
Hyde will love to know
that you are involved.
Hyde's here.
Who the fuck's Hyde?
He's a mercenary.
- Sorry.
- Don't make me kill you.
Last thing I want
is for you to kill anyone.
She broke my nose!
She broke my nose.
It's not broken.
Did you kill her?
She's just sleeping.
Enrique, tengo su problema.
I know there are guys,
like my best friends,
who would've
gotten out of there
the minute that they realized
their girlfriends
were much tougher than them,
but I didn't.
I gotta admit the truth.
It turned me on.
We need a pickup.
ENRIQUE: I'm working on it.
I need time.
We don't have time.
Fine. Be at the pier
in five minutes.
Don't take too long.
- You get a weapon.
- Hmm?
What? Oh, shit.
There are moments in life
that define who you are.
Who you inherently are.
Not who you've been
hiding behind.
Most never get to face
their true selves
because most never leave the
comfort of their safety zones.
And believe me,
I never would have,
not voluntarily anyway.
But then I would've
never met her,
I would've never
really met myself...
and I would never ever know
what I was truly capable of.
But now...
we're about to find out.
Use the gun!
VIDEO GAME: Game starts now.
So I just killed
a whole bunch of people.
Figured I'd just go with it.
She, on the other hand,
seemed to really get off on it.
Go to the boat.
"Hey, nice work, Matt.
Oh, thanks, Adriana."
It's been a long time, huh?
That's for my brother.
Put the fucking gun down.
You fucking know these guys?
We used to live
in the same neighborhood.
Different time,
different life.
Fuck no!
This guy's got tattoos,
and he speaks Spanish,
and they've got history,
got all sorts of stories
when they were kids,
and they played soccer
Fuck, I'm screwed.
Listen, all I want
is the package.
Tell Hyde he can't have it.
What are you talking about?
Who's Hyde?
Finally! Someone
just as confused as I am.
I'm starting to like this guy.
All right,
let's go through this again.
Tony Woods.
Liar, liar, pants on fire.
Consider our friendship
effectively over.
The senator.
Well, he's the senator.
They are all crooks,
so there's that.
Hyde. Scary motherfucker,
works for the senator.
Block and Kessler.
Fake feds.
And they're dead.
Moving on.
This fella. Bad guy? Good guy?
I don't know. Who cares?
Not dating my girlfriend.
That's all that matters.
This Miss Ryker chick?
Useless pawn
in this deadly game
to take down the senator.
Hammer. Cool name, not CIA.
Does it really matter?
He's dead. Fuck it. Let's go.
You know who is the real deal
though? Adriana Vazquez,
Definitely CIA.
Didn't really check
the badge super good,
but it looked really authentic,
and we're gonna get married
and have some babies.
This character breakdown was
brought to you by Las Brisas.
Hotel Las Brisas.
Slip away to a secluded oasis.
You owe me...
so get out of my way.
Let 'em go.
Let them leave!
Did you see what I did
with the gun?
What the hell is going on?
Those guys were chasing me
all morning,
and now they're our friends?
Where the hell
are we going anyway?
Calm down.
You ask too many questions.
Well, maybe if you answered
one of them, I wouldn't have to.
Geez, I'm sorry I'm not
calm enough for you,
but I don't like shooting people
and getting shot at.
Maybe you're used to this life,
but I'm not!
Sometimes you don't
have a choice.
Who was that guy?
Not your lover. Not your lover.
Not your lover. Not your lover.
That doesn't answer
my question.
My brother's ex-partner.
We all grew up together.
As a friend!
What happened?
They were undercover.
Raphael turned,
and my brother almost died.
I wish I was there.
What is it?
My favorite place
in the world.
La Roqueta Island.
She looks so pretty
on this boat.
We are looking at Adriana
and the package
getting off the boat now.
HYDE: Bring their sorry asses
to me.
I want both of them alive,
do you understand me?
Loud and clear, sir.
- Run! Go, go, go!
- What?
Go! Go!
Now! Run!
Keep it going.
I'm an action star.
Who's an action star?
You're an action star.
Goddamn it, these steps
are fucking killing me.
These steps are
fucking killing me.
Is he still behind me?
Yeah, he's still behind me.
Adriana! Don't.
Fuck it.
If there's one thing I've
learned through all of this,
it's that there is
always redemption.
That and Jesse's
a piece of shit.
Holy shit! That hurt.
Note to self:
no more hitting people.
Just shoot them. I'm starting
to sound like my girlfriend.
Come on! Get in the car!
Get in the fucking car
right now!
Now, I know getting
in this dude's car
is the absolute wrong thing
to do,
but what are my options?
Go! Go!
I'm just hoping his history
with Adriana pays off.
I let you go the first time,
but you're not gonna get
a second chance.
Oh, fuck.
Telling me to breathe,
but I can't catch a breath
So I'm off
somewhere blindfolded,
and this is the next scene
in the movie?
What are the odds?
Like an animal
Like an animal
Telling me to breathe,
but I can't catch a breath
You're telling me to sleep,
but I can't lay to rest
Apparently we have
the same taste in women.
How did you get in here?
Young lady, I would
rather be anywhere else.
I'd rather be on my plane
headed back home.
But this situation
requires an immediate result,
so I have to do it myself.
If you have a question, ask it.
Seems we have a mutual friend.
I don't think you and I keep
the same circle of friends,
Senator Campbell.
Oh, you know who I am.
Now, that sort of information
is dangerous to me.
It's fine.
It's what I do.
Client confidentiality
is important, so...
I'm not one of your clients.
Does your pretty
little friend here
have the same ideas on privacy
as you do?
Look at me.
Young lady!
You will now tell me
everything I want to know
about Anthony Woods.
ADRIANA: Matt, are you there?
MAN: Hello, Agent Vazquez.
It's been awhile.
What are you doing here?
Well, you didn't leave me
with much of a choice
after our last encounter.
You had me falsely branded
a criminal,
and I had to get out
of the States in a hurry.
I knew at this point,
I had to say something.
Matt, relax.
Sorry about the gag.
Your friend had a lot to say
about nothing.
Eh, not... I... I was...
Take the bag off his head.
DRAKE: I'll get to that.
Tell me who he is first.
He's not involved.
Sounds like he disagrees.
Come on.
You're better than this.
That's what I thought about you.
Um, she can't get any better.
Fuck this guy.
Look where that got me.
I thought we were special,
I thought we had a future.
I did not just hear that.
Then you went
and fucked that up.
I was doing my job.
'Course you were.
- How about this clown?
What's your name?
I'm Agent Matt Booth
with Interpol.
You're interfering with
an international investigation,
so you better cut us loose.
Don't lie to me, Mr. Booth.
I know exactly who you are.
You're the courier.
Then why the fuck
did you ask me?
Ah, shit.
He has beautiful blue eyes.
This might be bad.
Look away, Adriana.
Do not look into his eyes.
Look away.
Do not look into his...
Ah, shit!
She's lost in his eyes.
You look good, Adriana.
HYDE: You fucked up.
Really badly.
Right now I have
to look him in the eye
and tell him
that we don't have the package
for the second time.
Hey, better than looking
into Savage's baby blues.
Those things are
mystic pools of wonder.
I'll fix it.
Should I trust you?
- Senator.
- Mr. Hyde.
I think it's time you knew more
about Anthony Woods.
Ah, you get it, you get it.
Sounds like a good idea.
Why are we here?
Because I want
what's rightfully mine.
Uh, you're gonna need to be
more specific.
Look, you should know by now
I don't have whatever it is.
ADRIANA: It's the truth.
Then why are you
protecting him?
Because that's my job.
Did you hear that?
She said because loves me.
I think that's what she said,
I wasn't paying attention.
But she was saying it with
her eyes and her mind. Yeah.
Always about the job with you,
isn't it?
And with you,
it's always personal.
Mm-hmm. There is definitely
something going on here.
You and I need to work
on our communication.
Fuck this. Peace. I'm out.
This may just be another
assignment for you, Adriana,
but you forced your way
into my life, into my family.
You used us
to get to my brother,
and then he wound up dead.
Oh, no, wait!
Which brother?
- He was a criminal.
- No.
- Dealing in weapons.
- That's bullshit.
My brother dealt in
He was trying to better
the world, to empower people.
They put target on his head
because he threatened
their goddamn profits.
They were tracking him
for months.
I saw the files.
You saw what they
wanted you to see.
That's right. Your beloved CIA
betrayed you, Adriana.
My brother was a hero,
not a criminal.
- No.
- Really?
It's all right there.
See for yourself.
But first let's talk about what
your friend here is carrying.
I want what I paid for.
And what exactly
did you pay for?
This is it, guys.
Here we go.
HYDE: So I was told
that Woods was...
approaching a lot of
interested parties
with information that he
apparently acquired somewhere.
Do you know
what's on those files,
what makes them so important?
- Do I wanna know?
- Yes.
It's a detailed listing
of all the black ops
funded by the CIA.
DRAKE: It's all there.
A detailed history of operations
in Libya, Iran, and Afghanistan.
Proof of attacks on US soil,
designed to justify
Pentagon spending
and to fuel the flow of cash
directly back into
the industrial military complex.
of government officials,
religious leaders,
and prominent businessmen
from around the world.
Do you have any idea
what you're suggesting?
I'm not suggesting anything.
It's fact.
And Woods offered
much more than that.
Not only past operations,
but schedules
for those about to happen.
Mass murders in Europe staged
to look like terrorist attacks,
with a money trail
leading directly back
to the White House.
What the fuck's
that shit about?
Woods started a bidding war
for the decryption code that
unlocks the rest of those files.
Why don't we just find Woods
and kill him?
Yeah. Good luck with that.
I haven't recognized him once
this entire movie.
Package is being held
by a fucking nobody.
I could have it back
by tonight.
Excellent. Only nobody knows
where the fuck Woods is.
And by the way, you haven't
found that fucking nobody.
If I had the information
on those files,
you have any idea
what kinda power I'd have?
I'd control the Senate,
the Congress, the CIA.
All of them would be puppets,
and I would be
pulling the strings.
How would you like to be working
for the next President
of the United Fucking
States of America?
So what makes you
and everyone else think
that I'm the courier?
Because Anthony told me
he was sending you,
after I paid him
a $60 million dollar deposit
on the decryption code.
If we had the package,
we wouldn't be here.
That's why we're all
going to remain here
until Anthony arrives.
Why would Anthony come here?
Because your friend here
is going to ask him.
Someone should tell this guy
that me and Anthony
aren't exactly on
speaking terms right now.
So? What did he say?
Well, he said it's time to
put together a brand-new team.
- Whenever I've heard that...
- I'll start calling them up.
it usually meant
I was getting fired.
That's a good idea.
I wonder what getting fired
looks like
in the criminal world.
Except you are part of...
the old team.
At least it wasn't her ear.
That guy better not try to
make a move on my girlfriend.
Uh, I'm pretty sure
I can trust her.
I doubt she would ever
go behind my back and...
my... my...
What the fuck is this
on my back?
What the fuck?
Wait! Hold up!
That's the package?
This little pill
that was shoved in my back?
Oh, I see. There's like
technology in there.
Wonder what's on it.
So what are you gonna do
if you get the files?
Release them to the press.
People have a right to know.
Plus that file proves
my brother's innocence.
How about you, Adriana?
What's your orders after you get
the decryption code, huh?
How about your friend?
He expendable too?
MATT: Well? Am I?
No, you're not.
Oh, okay.
That's what I thought.
What if I told you
I knew where the package was
and I could find Woods?
I'd ask you how much you want
for that information.
Keep your money.
This is how it's gonna go.
New identities for a new life.
What about Savage?
I'm not going back.
I'm moving forward.
I complete her.
Yeah, and, uh...
No, just dump her body
where we always do.
That's fine.
H-How did you get in here?
It was easy.
Going somewhere?
I hear you've been talking
to Senator Campbell.
Sorry. He's just gone too far
with costumes.
I'm just playing it safe.
Basically, she knows too much
about the senator.
Tony likes to kill people.
The next part makes sense.
Here you go.
- Yeah.
- MATT: I found your package.
This is state of the art
I'm impressed.
And I know you are in Acapulco.
Mundo Imperial.
So if you ever wanna
see this thing again,
and unless you want the CIA
knocking on room 4403
in the next five minutes,
you're gonna meet me,
you're gonna look me in the eye
and give me some answers.
I'll send the location.
I know, I know,
I'm playing with fire.
Especially when this guy
clearly enjoys
eliminating loose ends,
like Miss Ryker here.
ADRIANA: Enrique...
Hey, buddy.
Long day?
You look ridiculous.
So I'm impressed.
How did you find me?
It was easy.
I had your number.
Ran it through some
line-tracing software.
Encrypted line.
Could only narrow it down
to a few-mile radius.
Only a few hotels in the area.
I knew you wouldn't stay
under your name.
And then I remembered your
obsession with Clint Eastwood.
- You met Clint Eastwood?
- You bet I did.
You shook his hand?
I shook hands with
Harry Callahan.
Callahan. Callahan.
And there it was
right in front of me.
Staying in room 4403,
one Harry Callahan.
I'm so fuckin' good!
I actually really like
action scenes
when I'm not the one
getting shot at.
Stay down, Raph!
Stay down!
Drake Savage.
Marion Fucking Hyde.
Tell me, was your dad
a big John Wayne fan,
or your mama was just hoping
for a little baby girl?
Well, I guess
that's gonna remain
one of the great
mysteries of life.
You know, we both know you're
nothing but a fucking traitor.
We both know that's not true.
Well, then maybe, uh,
I'll just collect the bounty.
Once that file's made public,
your bounty is not gonna be
worth the steam off your piss.
That's a good line.
Where's the goddamn courier?
Where's he hiding?
What'd you do with him?
On advice of counsel,
I invoke
my Fifth Amendment privilege
and respectfully decline
to answer the question.
You wanna deal
with Mr. Savage,
you'll have to
go through me first.
The decryption code.
And why would I give you that?
This is why.
That's right.
I'm a fuckin' action hero.
Put it down.
Oh, shit!
I'm a fuckin' action hero!
TONY: I said put it down.
So you know how some of you are
thinking she's just playing me,
and I'm just oblivious
to the whole thing?
Apology accepted.
Don't do it again.
Okay, this is
how it's gonna go.
Give me the chip.
I don't have it.
You think I brought it with me?
It's someplace safe.
Where is it?
You're going
straight to hell, Hyde.
That's kinda funny.
Exact same thing
that your brother said
right before I had him killed.
They shot him
in the back of the head.
- Fucking cowards.
- Yeah.
Answer that fucking phone.
Put it on speaker.
TONY: Be ready to make
the transfer.
La Quebrada, 30 minutes.
Well, well.
Guess you'll be living a little
bit longer than I thought.
Where is it?
Stay right there.
She moves, shoot her.
Give me the case.
HYDE: Okay, asshole.
Where is it?
You got 30 seconds.
Give me one good reason
not to shoot you
in the fuckin' head.
How about
because if you kill me,
you don't get
the deactivation code?
You kill me, and it dies.
I know you can hear me.
Look at me, baby.
I know you can hear me.
I'm gonna get you out of this.
I'm gonna get me out of this.
Blink if you can hear me.
Just blink once
if you can hear me.
There you go, baby.
There you go.
- How many seconds I got left?
Cut him loose.
Go ahead, cut him fucking loose.
Go ahead.
Transfer the money.
I want my other 60 million.
Welcome to the real world.
What the fuck did you do?
If this works,
Tony will lose everything.
CIA! Drop your weapons!
Don't move! Don't move!
Drop your weapons!
Fuck it.
My friend Tony,
ladies and gentlemen.
And there you have it.
The story of
how I ended up here.
Hope you enjoyed the ride.
Now I'm gonna go save my career
while you see how the rest
of this plays out.
This is for my brother!
Move! Move!
- I'm okay. I'm okay.
- You okay? You sure?
- We need to find him. Please.
- I will.
A doctor, please!
You know what? You're done.
Oh, I'm done? You set me up,
you son of a bitch!
That's not true.
You crossed the line.
I had to take that chance.
You know it, and I know it.
You kept me in the dark.
Now it's time to pay.
It's that simple.
You know, if you weren't
such a traitorous prick,
we would've made a great team.
Goodbye, Mr. President.
Are you fucking threatening me?
How about fuck you?
You think you can scare me?
Fuck you!
The investigation's closed.
The courier and the files,
both lost.
Look, I'm sorry about Matt.
At least you were clear
of any involvement.
I had nothing to hide.
Come on, I know that.
Yo s.
It's so good
to have you back.
I don't trust the system
Don't decide yet.
Just think about it
for a while, okay?
Take care.
Better catch up with this.
So in the end,
it all worked out.
The bad guys lost,
the files were destroyed,
and I got to live.
The phone didn't actually
stop the bullet, by the way.
Savage gave me
a bulletproof vest.
Don't wanna see you
get your ass shot off.
What, did you think
I was gonna die?
No, I swam out
to La Roqueta Island
and grew a beard,
got a tan.
Waited for the heat
to blow over and then...
reached out to my lady.
Maybe I wasn't
such an easy target.
Let's go home.
Goin' loco
Down in Acapulco
If you stay too long
Yes, you'll be goin' loco
Down in Acapulco
The magic down there
is so strong
Feel the pressure
Your back's against the wall
Love is gettin' on you
You're just about to fall
If you're afraid to love
Afraid to take a chance
You better hide
your feelings
Get out while you can
'Cause you'll be goin' loco
Down in Acapulco
If you stay too long
Yes, you'll be goin' loco
Down in Acapulco
The magic down there
is so strong
You can hear voices bleeding
Through those warm,
natural nights
Memories are lost and found
Leaving broken homes
all over town
'Cause you'll be goin' loco
Down in Acapulco
If you stay too long
Yes, you'll be goin' loco
Down in Acapulco
The magic down there
is so strong
You'll be pulling out
your hair
Drowning in despair
With a whole lot of lovin'
on your way to nowhere
It's like your paradise
will come to an end
When you realize
what a fool you've been
You'll be haunted by a face
Missing her warm embrace
Memories of loving her
Holding her tight
Every night
Was that the best part
of your life
Hearing her voice
Soft and low
Begging you to please,
please don't go
Don't go now
Don't go
Don't go
You can hear voices bleeding
Through those warm,
natural nights
Memories are lost and found
Leaving broken homes
all over town
All over town
'Cause you'll be goin' loco
Down in Acapulco
If you stay too long
Yes, you'll be goin' loco
Down in Acapulco
The magic down there
is so strong
Goin' loco down in Acapulco
If you stay too long
Yes, you'll be goin' loco
Down in Acapulco
The magic down there
is so strong
Goin' loco down in Acapulco
If you stay too long
Yes, you'll be goin' loco
Down in Acapulco
The magic down there
is so strong
Goin' loco down in Acapulco
Goin' loco down in Acapulco