Welcome to Central Jail (2016) Movie Script

IN 1990 - ONE NIGH Please cover!
No.10 - Kesavan!
Your wife delivered a baby!
A baby boy!
- Let it dawn. I shall take you there. - Ok, sir.
Go inside and see.
Sign this.
A blessing in disguise... Govt met the expenses
If outside, you'd have had to bear huge
Poor fellow! He became a victim!
We would've also done the same thing
if we were in his place.
What will you do if4 - 5 men
try to assault you in the midnight?
He hacked them to defend his life.
Two of them died.
And when others attempted to kill him,
His wife finished off one.
The Court also didn't show any mercy as
they have a revolutionary background.
- Is that your wife?-Hmm.
"In the bough of night, the poor female bird
Weaved a nest with pain"
"In the nest, the breeze which came
to give company to the young one, rained heat."
"Lullabies are sung by someone
for my dear one today."
"The male bird which wanders,
will come this way to see you."
"In the bough of night, the poor female bird"
"Weaved a nest with pain"
"In the nest, the breeze which came
to give company to the young one, rained heat."
"In his hands, which cradle you with love,"
"You must go far away in the sky,"
"In a diamond bed given by dream,
to see the shore where love blooms."
"When this song is pressed down, sobbing,
in the ears of earth, tell someone my nameless
I called you here to tell a bad news.
We can't change the law, right?
Our law allows a child to stay with its mother
in Jail only till 5 years.
As you have no kith and Kin
to take over your child,
we are forced to move the child to an
I won't go. I won't go leaving mother.
Don't be adamant, child!
O mother!
I won't go, leaving you, mother.
Come child! Let's go.
Leave m e.
Come child! Come!
- Leave me. - Stop!
Mother! Tell them not to take me.
Oh Janaki!
"On the bosom which it first embraced,
and in the smile, the eyes searched first,"
"The little koel's heart longs
"The gift given by time,
someone stole stealthily"
"When the door to the affection
was shut in front,"
"The lamp which was kept alight
with prayer by mother, went out"
"In the bough of night, the poor female bird"
"Weaved a nest with pain"
"In the nest, the breeze which came
to give company to the young one, rained heat."
"Lullabies are sung by someone
for my dear one today."
"The male bird which wanders,
will come this way to see you."
Hail God! Please forgive all my sins.
Protect me O Lord!
With an intention that YOU should be
with me always, O God,
I took you away from each and every Sanctum!
As our law, call it as theft, I put an end to it.
I'm again back to Jail after my 7 days parole,
As there are no other idol thieves in this area,
YOU stay in Peace, O Lord!
Nobody will rob YOU away, O Lord!
All other Lords, please protect this Lord
Bless O Lord!
- Greetings! - Greetings!
We are temple committee authorities
If you've finished worship, please come to the
I'm sorry, please!
I can't accept your felicitation now
as I'm running out of time.
Oh! From which Ashram are you coming,
Viyyur(Jail) is the Origin!
Now I am living here
seeing God in each and everything!
If you wish, we can arrange for your stay here.
I stay in a government shelter home.
That is my habit.
If I don't go, they will take me and go
They will take me with beats and drums!
Before I give a chance for that, I need to go.
See you!
Protect us O Lord!
- What a radiance in his face! - Obviously!
Stop..Stop.. stop I say.
Will you drop me inside the Cell?
Reached the Sanctum Sanctorum at last!
Come quickly! Let me fasten it.
Has the Idol-thief Saint reached?
Don't turn the Jail day into
your death day? Mind you.
Go and fasten it.
You get lost!
Welcoming to an Apt Place!
Has he gone into trance while standing?
May I come in, sir?
Let me step in with my right foot.
I stoop my head only here and in Lord's
Protect me, O Lord!
Is your obsession with saffron
attire still not changed?
Indulging in any such crimes again?
Now my aim is only Salvation and not
Let me change my dress and go immediately.
I've given my name for running competition.
Kind attention! Those who given
their names for long jump,
please come and collect your
chest numbers as soon as possible.
Next is opening the lock contest!
It's a special contest conducted only for
With the help of the iron wire in front of you,
the person who opens the lock first,
will get a prize from me!
- Is it clear to all of you? - Yeah.
All of you take the lock and
the iron wire in your hand!
Take it!
Ready! Ready! Start!
Only the person who opens first
will win the prize.
Don't annoy us!
We may lose our concentration.
Come on try to open.
First person who opens it will win a grand
Sir, I opened it.
- Really? - Here it is!
Let me see! Well done!
Really smart!
Now I shall tell you a truth!
This was a part of my investigation to find out
who broke-open the store room lock last week,
although it is not a contest,
I'm going to give him a trophy.
- Come here!-I am coming
Oh my God!
How is the trophy?
This is the most painful ever rolling trophy!
You will have to load all
these sacks in the vehicle after sometime.
These are the seeds of tubers for farming
Get inside quickly.
You only have to carry this sack
- Why?-Or else they will find out
that a person is inside.
Come on fast
As promised, reach the cash at my home.
Rs.2000 Cash, one bottle of brandy
and nose stuff to give your father, isn't it?
I already agreed
That is the reason I'm helping you.
Bend yourself. Come on fast
Let me put all this!
Hey. Stir it properly!
Hey you! Come here.
- Put those sacks down.-Shucks! Cherian sir!
Keep everything there.
It's too heavy!
Your duty is not over here, right?
Then, why are you hanging around here?
You asked me to load all these
sacks in the vehicle outside.
Inside this tank is organic manure,
mixture of cow dung and cow's urine!
Immerse all those sacks in it for a day
and load them tomorrow.
Put all the sacks into this.
Tell him the seed has already sprouted!
He will nip your bud now.
Put that also inside.
What's this, man? Move away.
Put that also into it.
O Lord! Please help this soul!
Oh God!
What is this?
O Lord! May there be enough oxygen in the
Looks like some chemical reaction
Not a Chemical reaction! It's Raghavan's
Rag havan?!
If he is not untied immediately, he will die, sir.
- Hey you rascal! - Oh no! it's Organic manure!
Go and rescue him.
- I don't know swimming, sir.
- Oh is this an Arabian sea.
Go and help him.
I also don't know swimming.
Unfortunately it is knotted
Where am I now?
Turn back and see.
Trying to escape you rascal!
Has anybody else planned to escape? Tell me.
Sugunan also planned to escape.
Don't let him escape.
Sir, he may die.
As it's organic manure, let his hair grow well!
Next is Chest number 66, Sugunan.
Sir! Looks like he's scaling the wall!
Good bye fools!
Who are you QUVS?
Bro! Good catch!
Rightly said, bro! Good catch!
Roll him up!
Is this called "Police spreading net"?
You want to break the jail!
Don't kill me, sir
I will break your legs!
Will you ever try to abscond?
Severe pain, is it? Any need for it!
- What happened?- Went to act in a video film.
Hit and broke the bridge of his nose!
Taking him to the Jail hospital to reconstruct!
Who broke this bridge?
Superintendent Unnikuttan!
It's like monkey getting a flower garland!
This will happen if a mentally ill person
becomes a Superintendent
Are you trying to shine
when I'm the superintendent here?
Have you come across Police band?
Oh no! Ouch!
Take him to the doctor.
Didn't I ask you to hit slowly?
I don't know to hit slowly!
Oh no! I know!! I forgot. It's paining.
Oh, is it paining for you
Won't it pain for others also?
This is the 3rd person taken
to hospital because of you!
It was not deliberate, Gopietta.
I'm sorry, sir.
I'm not able to stop beating if I wear this
What a thrill!
h my Gopi sir!
Didn't you find any other person
than this donkey to make a Superintendent?
Hear it
As he was raised up in jail, you
are giving him too much consideration.
It's the result what we see here
Cherian sir always wishes to bully me!
I got this role after pleading so much
I can become a police only like this.
You don't take it to heart
Turn a deaf ear to bad words!
No...Henceforth I will beat him slowly.
We'll start again.
Who will be ready to come
to get beaten up by you?
- Sir, if you bend a little..
- I will give you a punch.
Ramesh, please come buddy.
You come and hit me.
If he comes, I will start hitting him.
Please come, Ramesh
Get Lost! I already have a difficult in passing
Thorappa! Please come.
- I'll serve you Fish head for lunch. - Eh!
Didn't you hear?
He will give you fish head for lunch!
Fish head?! My head is enough for me.
Fearing you, nobody will come now.
Your hit is so hard!
Let's do onething.
We'll take the fight scene later.
Let's take the dialogue portion now.
- I will rock that-Bring that script
- Did you write the dialogues? - Yes.
Don't feel offended!
There is not enough punch in your dialogues.
Like some films after wearing khakhi
attire some hero delivers dialogues like...shit!
In films, stupid persons will write any
That's right.
You won't get me for that. Do as I say
Not that...for example
"You won't feel the pain
if you touch a khaki-dressed man"
Weren't you shaken up on hearing this
Similarly everyone should be shaken!
Sir, you come up with such dialogues!
You already messed the fight sequence.
Don't poke into this at least
I am not able to do anything
after getting a chance like this
- Shall I do it?-No
Sir, this is going to botch up
Gopinathan, why are you in prisoner attire?
Sir, I'm always in a Police uniform
I wanted a change!
Sir, I am a superintendent in this
Stop talking
I have given the sanction as you told
this is for prisoners' awareness
It should betelecasted
only after it is shown to me!
What's the name of this telefilm?
Jail flowers
Jail flowers
Will the name Flowers be apt for such people?
Sir I suggested another name.
Iron bars of Prison
But this Gopi sir didn't allow it.
He thinks people may interrupt
in wrong way, right Sir?
Hey stop and move away
Come on, let him talk
- Come on say-Nothing to say.
If I tell more then there won't be anything to
Sir, but the freedom to express
is a little less here
Does he know all this?
Of course! He was sent to jail
for keeping hidden camera in the bathroom,
Best cameraman'.!
Only one problem, however, he keeps the
Camera, it'll be below the neck only!
That's why we are acting upside down.
You should not be here in such cases again
What will you do if your
wife or sister face similar situation?
Sir, he first kept hidden camera
in his wife's bathroom!
Unfortunately his grandma came for bathing
Ganapathy got what was kept for the crow.
Sir, Crow got what was kept for Ganapathy or
vice versa.
First to whom, sir?
First to you! Shut up!
Well, you guys carry on with your work.
Shall we begin?
Someone please come
Sir, bell is ringing.
We'll have lunch and then continue.
In the pretext of shooting, are they doing
a Muslim dance here forming a circle?
When is my argument? I feel hot in this dress
Let the take get over.
Have lunch and come. Don't change your
Yes, you are right!
Do I need to change it, Gopietta..Sir?
Can't I keep wearing it for my life time?
And You continue in this dress!
Giving too much freedom to him!
Let him take undue advantage.
Kitchen duty for you, isn't it?
Go and get the food.
And give it to female block.
You Advocate and Superintendent...get going.
At least this way I can be called
Shall we cut him saying male goat?
He thinks he is going to be M.T (famous writer)
Take the food to be tested!
Oh!! Is your shooting over?
Not yet! Will resume after the Interval.
However, this costume suits you well!
You're right!
Can't you continue this forever?
If you ask, officers will agree that also,
They have great concern for you.
He requested, but officials disagreed.
Shut up! If I had asked seriously,
they would've agreed.
Am I not the scion ofjail?
Honestly speaking, this is my ancestral home.
Only when I come here,
I feel my parents' presence and smell!
female prison is like my maternal home!
Distributing food in female prison is as good
a feel as giving free food in ancestral temple.
- So any other offering? - Move, man!
If you offer anything else,I will kill you
No wonder he takes up the
others' case on himself to come here.
- He gets good sleep only if he sleeps here!
- Really?
Here is the test food!
Sorry, tasteful food!
Salt is less in this!
It's added in the sam bar (curry)
Anyway we mix everything and eat, don't we?
So please adjust.
In that case, I'll have to mix up things!
See! Salt is perfect in curry, isn't it?
Sir, please test it quickly.
If you are alive, I can distribute to them, right?
Come again!
If you say ok, then I can distribute it to them,
Shooting is not yet over!
Okay, supply the food.
Walk fast! Crows may peck me.
Won't Sun go for any job in the day time?
It flares up!
Too hot, isn't it sir!
I will make the rain pour!
Not necessary! To hit me and
make me pass urine, isn't it?
Isn't this disease cured yet?
Go and have lunch, dude!
Oh sir, you!
Hey, stand there.
- Hey You! - Sorry, sir. I thought it was Baskaran.
Will not happen again!
Thank heavens! Else another year in Jail!
I'm in big tension, dude! Lengthy dialogue for
You concise it and tell!
I will give you a blow!
Hell with his Video-shoot and acting!
Right from top to bottom,
you have too much of influence.
If I had been the Superintendent here,
I would've put an end to all your tricks in one
Why are you so angry with me?
I hate all this, your stupid comedy and excess
It's not College Campus...
But Jail...Central Jail!
Name itself sounds a TERROR!
You know how thrilling it was before.
Everywhere there was third degree torture
You turned it into a play school! Move!
Hey you!
Why playing in water'? Get in.
I'm washing.
I will wash you away! Get in I say.
I'm washing my clothes. Or you wash it for me!
Does he know that I wash clothes at home?
Hey You!
We need to play atrickon him, dude!
Yes! I will give.
Why walk like nursery kids when I ask you to
Is living in harmony and affection here, wrong?
I got more experience than you in this jail.
That's why higher officials
have soft corner for me.
Or else will they discuss about
your promotion with me?
Did Superintendent sir tell you a word
about my promotion?
Yes! As it's a very confidential official matter,
he asked me not to disclose it.
- Will you disclose? - No..No..tell me.
- Sure? - I promise.
The fact is..Oh no! My belt loosened
I will put it for you.
Don't sit this way! People may mistake you.
You hold this. I will put on my belt.
Sir, the matter is..
- Unable to buckle it.
- Do that later, tell me this.
While I was working in Superintendent sifs
room last day,
He asked me what is my opinion about you!
And what did you say?
I said, "Although he shouts at me all the time,
he is very devoted to work"
Sir also asked me whether
Cherian takes bribes from prisoners relatives?
Do you take bribes, sir'?
No! I've not taken any bribes.
Who the hell complains about me!
You go and have lunch!
Don't waste your life being too diligent.
Come to this matter.
Did you take any bribe from the relatives
of that liquor contractor?
When they came up with an offer
I told them not from here!
I meant, I told them right on their face,
that I don't want anything from here.
But here there is a gossip
that you've taken bribe!
Only because of that, your promotion
hangs in the air - give or not, give or not...!! ..
Please fix it
Let me first fix this. Will you help?
Thank you!
Then, what happened?
What else to happen? Ultimately they
decided not to give you Promotion.
- Oh! Thank you! - It's okay.
What are you up to, sir?
Oh my goodness! If you do my work,
then don't I have to do your job?
Please move, I will carry
You are very selfish!
Want to do everything alone!
Won't you be coming there after distributing
I'll serve you stomach full
of what you are destined!
Move, Rascal!
A big mess!
Shall we fill your stomach?
I meant, Food has come...Fill your stomach
Oh...my! For the time being,
let me put my hands in pocket and adjust.
Get in.
Dude! Beating is for sure.
We'll suffer if he has work here.
We'll have to screw him well!
If you eat like this, then you will not be there
to serve your life sentence.
If this continues, Jail will run at a loss then!
- Come here! -What is all this?
I was about to salute you! Any Fancy dress?
- How is this? - Splendid!
Gopi sifs video film!
- Com petitons are over?
- Yes Kayika(Sports) are over.
Nonsense! Sports competition!
Unni kutta, I won 1st prize
in the Paddy pot contest!
You have a good aim.
Didn't you break your husband's
forehead with a shot by a Pestle?
That too in the dark!
Look at her pride!
I'm 1st in APPAM(Pancake)eating contest.
Is there APPAM(FATHER)Biting contest also?
- Pancake eating! - I see!
Play with your age people
Well, who has occupied my mother's cell now?
It's that lady.
- My mother also will not forgive you. - Why?
Don't occupy such persons in her cell.
Tell the Superintendent!
To get thrashings?
- Can't he do it, knowing one's mind?
- Yes, Yes.
I'm getting released next week.
What is the use? You'll be back soon
taking up someone else's case!
As if! I will not take over all stupid cases!
It's for the boy who pursued to become a
Someone trapped him.
That is why I confessed
I kept the Ganja in his bike.
Had I not taken up this case,
this world would have lost a doctor!
Yes Yes!
Trying to get into good books
of all the officers here.
Don't trust him.
If we stoop a little,
he will fire crackers even on our butt!
Being the son of criminals,
it's no wonder if he's a criminal too.
What's this sir.
Is it enough if we stand like this,
shouldn't we see?
What do you mean?
During free time, don't we have
to see with our families!
My wife is a good cook
Are you fine?
Misbehaving and asking whether I'm fine?
- Anything wrong? - What happened?
He touched my back!
You lass! Don't talk nonsense.
So you can do dirty things, is it?
Back means exactly at which portion..
Don't you understand that it was on her butt!
So incident happened on her butt
Hey, Jokes apart! This is a serious matter.
O my girl! Where did I touch you?
Madam, please listen...
you also listen..All of you listen.
Dear, turn that side.
While stretching my hand,
I might've accidentally touched her like this.
Or the tip of the finger might've
accidentally touched her this way.
And not with any purpose Itouched her like
He is touching her again and again
Is this, his only business?Still...
Oh my God! Superintendent sir is coming.
Don't tell all this to sir!
This poor sir will lose his job.
Really? Wait, I will show you!
Please tell her...O my girl! Don't complain!
Is this, your only business?
Why are you misbehaving with ladies?
If that girl com plains about me to
Superintendent, I will lose my job.
Sir, why are you scared? Are we not
standing beside witnessing everything?
Then, okay.
- You guys noticed me doing anything? - Oh no!
- So you did it without our notice, is it? -Hmm!
Oh my God! He is coming...coming
Please tell him.
Let me ask him.
Is there any truth in her complaint?
Certainly, sir! We saw"
...him catching hold of it!
- You!! - True, is it?
You are suspended.
Oh no, sir! Give me one chance also.
To catch hold off?
Get lost!
Get lost! Idiot!
Next item of this programme is conducted
by the 5th Block artists!
I only scripted for this programme
otherwise they'd mess it up!
Swami! In this costume,
don't go behind the stage, ok?
Sexual harassment accused are there!
Even guys inside will not spare me.
Don't switch off the lights between the song.
It's a risk!
Try to announce it quickly.
I will come and touch you, ok!
Don't spit on the mike.
O bro! I'm not seeing
this hanging one for the 1st time.
O my God! Mike!
My dear Criminal brothers and Criminal sisters!
In this World, no man or woman are born as
Between birth and death, only in this small life,
Some criminals become round.
Sorry, some are bound to become criminals.
You wrote this, sir'?
He might have stayed awake
whole night and written this.
For silly reasons... with a sudden
provocation..people committing murders..
- Is the Chest ok? - Superb!
For shaking...
I will kill you...
For giving burnt Vada to eat,
for the nail in the Biriyani,
for the shooting up of electricity bill on using
Like suchmmany murder crimes.
Our lovable Police officers in Khakhi
who nabbed the culprits.
To flatter them, right?
I shall flatter you then.
When we see the hardships and efforts
taken by our Police officers,
We will say "Police is the STAR"
My dear loved ones!
Boys of Central Jail presents
Cinematic, Dramatic dance with song.
Unheard rocking English mixing song!
Directed by Unnikuttan.
We are going to begin you feel it
Gosh! Electric Shock!
"Police is the star - Super star - Shining star"
"Thieves and robbers - Welcome to Central
"Police is the star - Super star - Shining star"
"Thieves and robbers - Welcome to Central
"Early in the morning"
"Early in the morning before the breakfast"
"Early in the morning"
"Early in the morning before the breakfast"
"Early in the morning"
"Early in the morning before the breakfast"
"Once I went to Chayakada (Tea shop)"
"I saw some Dhal vada"
"I want only crisp vada"
"I got only burnt vada"
"Once I went to Chayakada (Tea shop)"
"I saw some Dhal vada"
"I want only crisp vada"
"I got only burnt vada"
"Dear, we'll go to jail."
"Once I went to Ponnani"
"Once I went to Ponnani"
"With girlfriend Kalyani"
"We had biriyani"
"And I got mullaani (Nail)"
"Dear, we'll go to jail again."
"Police is the star -Super star - Shining star"
"Thieves and robbers - Welcome to Central
"Police is the star - Super star - Shining star"
"Thieves and robbers - Welcome to Central
"His father is Saithali"
"His father is Saithali"
"His home is in Manjali"
"His name is Mammali"
"But people called Kannali (Cow)"
"Son, I won't leave you like that"
-"I'll show you" - Allah"
"We." go...
"Police is the star - Super star - Shining star"
"Thieves and robbers - Welcome to Central
"Police is the star - Super star - Shining star"
"Thieves and robbers - Welcome to Central
"Police is the star - Super star - Shining star"
"Thieves and robbers - Welcome to Central
"Police is the star - Super star - Shining star"
"Thieves and robbers - Welcome to Central
"Central Jail..Central Jail"
If I keep this sticky beard, will it grow?
No, it will only itch!
Be quick!
Suits you well! You look handsome!
- How is it? - Buddy, you rocked the show!
True! Mood(Bottoms) out! So this is called
Mood out!
When Ijumped finally stretching my legs,
it tore off!
When I bent down and saw, I got afraid
fearing blood was seeping from under.
My red underwear had come down
This Red underwear is very dangerous.
In case if anyone has worn, take it off!
No matter if you didn't wear anything also.
- Take it off then! - It's a tie, man!
"It is certain that father will not wake up again"
"I know that it is eternal sorrow"
"I came to know him first through mother"
"There is no one to depend on and fill his
"I could not swing in his hands"
"I could not sleep on his shoulder"
"I could not walk hanging on his finger"
"Today he is no more to support me"
"Heaven, even if you don't give him to me"
"I have hung on the wall of my life's prison,"
"The smile of my father - the sun of my life."
It was an attack.
Police attack?
- No, man! Heart attack! - Oh, is that so?
When I lie down in the Cell where he lived,
I feel as though my father is beside me
When I lie down here,
I feel as though my wife is beside me.
Don": have such thoughts, oh?
Then, that will be your last thought!
Not here today! I will lie down here.
O my dear Padmavathi!
Oh maid Jan u, everybody has slept,
come soon, my dear!
Get away.
He is too bad! Don't you've wife
or sister at home? Shame!
Keep quiet and sleep boys!
Sorry, I dreamt I was in my home.
Sorry! For what?
- I should keep away from you!
- Let me at least watch and sleep!
Your son has come to see you.
Mother's leg pain is not yet cured.
Arthritis! But she says, doesn't matter.
Received any new proposals for Nazeema?
That is the reason for my coming.
She 27 yrs.
Proposals gets rejected
when they come to know her father is in jail.
I became the victim for the misrepresentation
caused by my fellow workers in the Bank.
I'm innocent.
It's not necessary that they should know.
Ultimately a proposal got clicked
after offering prayers to God!
Groom is in Muscat! Only has 1 month's leave.
Will take her along with him after marriage.
Without even discussing with you, I fixed it.
Good! What is there to discuss with me?
Coming 25th is the marriage.
Thank heavens! Ultimately her marriage got
I had too many dreams of her marriage.
As it is my daughter's marriage,
I would definitely get 7 days parole at least.
I shall forward the request today itself.
Please don't feel offended.
You don't come, father!
The reason is, I told the groom's people, my
...my father is dead!
I'm sorry, father.
With the intention of giving her a good life,
I was forced to tell this.
Don't worry, my dear son.
You told the truth, isn't it?
Your father died year ago, right?
Doesn't matter! Standing in my place,
you perform her wedding in a grand manner.
I will pray to God for the wedding to get on
Get going! I'm not worried.
I'm only haPPV-
What happened, Kader Mm?
My eyes swelled up with tears of happiness!
My daughter's wedding is fixed.
But I'm not attending.
My son compelled me a lot!
No, It won't work out.
When I go there,
each and everybody would start
asking my life in jail,
Why be a black sheep there?
Don't talk like that! You must attend it.
No need!
- You are getting released tomorrow,
aren't you? - Hmm!
You must attend my daughtefs wedding.
And when you come the next time,
tell me everything in detail.
That is enough for me! More than enough for
Poor man!
His son would've told him not to come!
- Hold it! - Throw!
Hold this also. Come on.
Hail my Central Goddess! Hail my Jail Lord!
May I come back soon,
With decent cases!
See you bro!
See that you don't be back!
Don't say anything with your evil tongue.
What's this, Unnikutta?
Don't you know there will not be
any thrill in your absence?
Won't I be back immediately?
Like the way we hang around out
when we get bored of sitting at home,
Assume it that way.
When you come the next time,
try to come with life sentence!
In that case, you don't have
to walk out now and then.
No Chance! I will never
take up cases like Rape and Murder.
- Aren't you interested?-No.
Smart boy!
If you wish, I will do the rape,
just take the blame.
If so, I shall also join you.
Get lost!
What is wrong with you people? Let him
breathe in fresh air at least for some days.
As if there is something wrong with the air
Is it not the best air here?
Best hydrogen!
Stop talking and unload the things.
I shall also help you.
Say something good like that.
Don't mess up in the Kitchen in my absence.
Prepare everything well.
Don't forget what I said!
Your mothers medicine, right? I remember.
It should reach her hands safely, right?
Not that! It seems old hag
received her pension amount.
Get it while coming.
Such bunches are seen only while loading.
Till now, we haven't got even
a single banana roast!
Who knows to whose Fort it is going!
Let officers don't hear it!
Had we got the talent of finding this,
we will also become Police!
Both of you load all the sacks inside.
- Yes right! - Yes.
Pass the banana bunch here.
I need to go and come back immediately.
Take it.
Pass it here.
Don't forget to attend my daughtefs wedding.
Forget? No way I!
I'm also presenting her a gift on your behalf.
May the Lord protect you!
Very pleasant like rocking the baby's cradle!
Pass it here.
Yes, sir!
Thank you very much! My suspension is
Here I'm joining my duty prosperously
Okay then. I will come and see you. Okay.
Keep aside the pumpkins.
I will set him right today
Hey you!
Oh no!
Sir fell!
Oh, the big pumpkin fell!
Looks like he kicked the bucket!
- Air comes out from his nose. - Lift him.
Don't gape! Carry him.
Damn heavy!
- Now it's clear to which fort BANANA goes!
- Yes Yes
Will they give us a holiday in case he's dead?
Go quickly! Othenlvise, you will have
to pay for the vegetables.
Poor fellow! After Suspension,
it is SICK Leave now!
Shucks! People here are roaming around
without doing any work
Can't they come to the jail at least?
- Forwhat?- To be in high spirits!
Greetings-Oh you reached?
How many days will you be here?
Not yet decided.
I will go back if get bored.
Did you forget to take the key
from Ramani's house like last time?
The shop will be filled with dust and cobweb!
- You could've cleaned it, right?
- Oh, is that my work?
I can sleep only after cleaning the entire dust.
Can't you stay in that house after renovating it?
Where do I have money for that?
My fathefs shop is there
for short visits, right?
- It's better to stay in Jail
-I really like that
Take it
Oh God, my dad and mom,
are getting eaten by termites.
Fortunately, head still there!
Please laminate this photo in some studio.
Otherwise termites will eat again.
What wrong have I done towards these
If you keep going to jail for others' sake,
everything here will be damaged by termites!
Try to do some business
in this shop and live here
Please advise him like that.
- Everyone says he is mad - That's right.
From childhood, Central Jail had began
to grow his mind!
He will reform only if this goes out of his mind.
Whenever I feel I've nobody here,
I go to the place where my parents lived!
Shall I call you dad from today?
Oh, no...No need! Even othenlvise
my wife has doubts on me!
You married her when she came here
for taking measurement.
So that doubt will always be there
To get rid of the thought
of not going to the jail
I'll tell you a trick
You have to find a girl who loves
you and whom you love, immediately!
Then, you have to marry her.
You will never feel that you don't have anyone.
You are right!
How it is possible?
Did they think about such things?
Without finding a bride for their son
who's crossed marriageable age,
they both have gone and become a picture!
Can't they find out an idiotic bride from
abode of gods or from underground?
So you want an idiotic girl?
Then no need! Let her be an auspicious girl!
Wow...You showed me the girl as soon as I
What are you blabbering alone?
Have you really gone crazy?
If now, I can take him to hospital by walking!
Oh God What happened?
- Brother!-Oh God
Kid's head has gone
Only in the photo, right?
Please restore this photo and laminate it
Then this one, enlarge this
picture and laminate
Any advance needed?
What you told?
Any advance needed?
Not that, what should I do with these photos?
You don't have memory even though
your Studio's name is ORMA (Memory)
These photos need to be laminated
So don't you want to take photo, son?
Oh...ok! As I've come anyway, let me take a
Since this is an old building,
there is leakage I suppose!
So I have to hold this while
taking photograph, right?
Hey, what are you doing? You keep it there
- That's for lights-Oh sorry
- So you kept this so that light won't get wet!
- You sit there
Are you not taking picture?
I don't take nowadays due to bad sight!
I'll call the owner
So, he has both poor eyesight as well as poor
Does he charge less for this?
Whom are you looking for?
Are you the owner of this studio
I never expected you here
While you were going in a 2-wheeler,
I was wondering who you were?
We couldn't get acquainted!
I know you well
How do you know me?
I used to see you in newspapers and TV.
When there's a case, the Manorama
and Mathrubhoomi papers publish my photo!
But I keep a distance with English Newspapers.
They always talk English only
I'm learning English through postal!
So what do you want?
Half or full?
Oh I don't take drinks
I mean photo
You can take as your wish
- Your name?-Radhika
Radhika, you can take picture as you like
- This button...-I will unbutton it soon
- You told me to unbutton it right?
-Button your shirt
Oh is that what you meant?
If I button this I will surely die
It's okay...it's okay. Just sit
Shall I come here frequently and take snaps
If you don't like then I won't
Then I will come here frequently
and take the copy of this
I'd already informed him to laminate this photo.
I guess he has a bad memory. Is he your
- He is my father's- Father's Yam a?
Joseph brother has been here from the time
when my father was here!
This is my dad and mom.
I feel sad that I couldn't take a snap with them!
What to do! Not lucky!
Then come next week
Oh God, Kaderikka's daughter's marriage
Dear, this is Unnikuttan
This is a gift from your dad!
He asked me to tell you
that this gift contains love of a lifetime!
"Why does the lovely bird in my heart flutter its
"Weaving a nest with leaves in the dreams,
why this swinging?"
"A sparkling in the eyes?"
"Dancing on my tender lips,
did honey tell a love story?"
"Why is the breeze showering fragrance here?"
"Why is the breeze showering fragrance here?"
"Spring season has come to my door again"
"Cool breeze is wafting here"
"Jasmine, don't wither in rain, sun or grief"
"My shadow is your shelter"
"I am your lovely umbrella"
"Didn't you save my desire from withering
by the shade of your umbrella?"
"Always your beauty is your heart
which is like fresh, tender sprouts"
"Forgetting to sleep I sat remembering you"
"Why does the lovely bird in my heart
flutter its wings"
"Weaving a nest with leaves in the dreams,
why this swinging?"
"A sparkling in the eyes?"
"Dancing on my tender lips,
did honey tell a love story?"
"Cool breeze is wafting here"
"Unknowingly you filled my heart"
"With desires, I waited aeons to see you"
"Didn't I search for colours
in the days, nights and twilights?"
"I drew your portraits on stone-walls
and the wall of my heart"
"I will caress you every day,
sealing your lips with mine"
"Why does the lovely bird in my heart
flutter its wings"
"Weaving a nest with leaves in the dreams,
why this swinging?"
"A sparkling in the eyes?"
"Dancing on my tender lips,
did honey tell a love story?"
"Why is the breeze showering fragrance here?"
"Cool breeze is wafting here."
I'm here. -Oh!
Have a look!
- How is this?-Whoa!
Now such things are possible!
Hasn't your depression of not taking
a snap with your parents, gone now?
Thank you!
She is indeed the girl showed
to me by my parents!
She falls into my sight wherever I go.
- One thing I decided. - What?
I am sure, she is my girl.
Is it enough if you alone tell this?
Know what is in her mind also.
Moreover if you go to jail frequently
girls may not like it.
But I don't go there doing crimes, do I?
I go to Jail only for the sake of poor people
who get hooked into case accidentally!
Can't say, maybe this can also turn out
to be your plus point.
These days, girls love even goondas!
Any bastard or scoundrel will find a girl!
Even my father found one, then why won't you?
That's ck'.!
- She is also like me, dude!
- How?Does she have a moustache like you?
I didn't mean that.
She doesn't have father and mother!
Lives in her uncle's home.
Her only earnings, is the Studio
which her father had run.
So there is no chance of showing any pride.
Even if I get a slap,
I will open my heart to her tomorrow.
Are you going to OPEN or BREAK?
"Famous film actor Guiness Pakru is going to
inaugurate the ice-cream parlour"
I started my business as an icecream seller
at age of 15,
In Commemoration of that I started this.
Running an Ice cream parlour
has been my 25 years' dream!
That's why named it Swapnam (Dream)!
Hi friend, what's up?
Your grandma delivered a baby.
Buffalo delivered at my home.
Hen has got breast!
What else do you like to know? Get lost, rascal!
This will also vanish like ice cream!
O God! May it not be an evil tongue!
Please protect me, O Lord!
Hi Unnikutta
Have an ice cream!
Artist Guinness Pakru is going to inaugurate
Inauguration is at 10.30, right?
I will reach here like a hurricane
at the right time!
I must go now.
Don't forget to come! We need to rock!
Where did she disappear'?
Told that she'd come here with the camera
Did she came to take snaps of monkeys
in the forest?
Instead why can't she take my photo?
See, she is running away with shyness!
Who is that?
Radhika, run away! Fast
Give way! The person whom you were longing
to see, has reached.
Did you plan to invite Mr.Suresh Gop
I for the inauguration?
Why do you ask?
I asked as the ribbon is tied so high
Everything will be set right on time!
You invited me here to cut the plants?
Didn't you get a bigger one than this?
I normally use tiny moustache
trimming scissors for inauguration.
Is it? I will arrange it right now!
Hurry up! Hurry "P!
Up! Chair up! Thank you
This is my first business
Don't worry! Whatever I touched so far,
has not gone up in smoke till now.
Thank heavens! Please protect me O Goddess!
I'm going to cut
Oh my Wis!
Who the hell is that?
O my God! Who is this?
Oh God! My dream shattered!
How will I bear it?
Someone help me.
O my nose!
Oh God! Blood!
Please help me
Why the hell are you hitting him?
Oh my shop!
Don: throw.
Enough! Now bring me down.
Oh my God! My shop!
O Unnikutta! With what difficulty...
Are you hitting us after inviting?
You hit me?
Come for the inauguration! Get out.
Get lost you elf!
Let my head not get hurt
My Shop is gone!
At least let me save the commemoration.
Why is it so crowded here?
I need to get down, please.
Oh God! I was invited for the
shop inauguration at 10.30 am
Why are you seated on the roof top?
Shouldn't we inaugurate at 10.30?
Where to inaugurate?
I will take you to task today.
Sir, I have reached.
Greetings sir! Why did you call me sir'?
Oh, he's come!
Sir, did you recover the body of the person
who drowned in the river last day.
That is your...!!
I've never come across such a person.
Oh no! Shivaettan! What is around your neck?
When he promised to reach at the right time,
I never thought it was for destroying my shop.
My 25 yrs' dream, Hand, Neck..and
in front of girls, my age - all ruined by him, Sir!
Some evil eyes had cast on my Shop's name.
Again it turned into a DREAM!
Still for a case, destroying a shop
at the time of inauguration was a big deceit!
No sir, it's not for a legal case!
It happened when I tried to nab a fellow
who attempted to kill a girl.
However I'm going to charge
a Case based on his complaint.
Please don't do it, sir!
It's risky if I go to jail now.
That poor girl's life will be in danger.
So please don't register any case.
How is that possible!
I will give whatever he needs
I mean I will rebuild your shop.
I'll pay you the full compensation
- If you can do it, it's fine!
-I will! Please don't charge any case.
Surprisingl! Is that you, who voluntarily ask
for cases, saying this?
In this situation, I must be present here.
Besides, you must also give her police
But that girl has not even
lodged any complaint here.
I'll make her give.
What do you say, then?
If the case goes to the Court,
Compensation amount will be delayed
I only want my shop to be rebuilt!
Then, for my next inauguration
I must not see you in this town.
Igive my word!
But until I'm here, you
shouldn't host any inauguration.
Sacred bell hits me back!
Being violent you are hung like this
Who are you? What do you want?
- Is this Radhika's house?-Yes
I am Radhika's friend.
Can you call her'?
She is not here now
Where has she gone?
- I want to see her urgently
.-She might have boarded the train.
She got a job in Delhi.
Oh Goddess, slipped off from my hand!
Any contact number?
Tell me the matter,
I will convey when she calls
That won't work out if you tell!
- My Al love you' has gone! - Who is he?
Forget it. If not her, someone else!
Don't become sentimental thinking over it!
There is something fishy!
Who came to kill her?
Why did he try to kill her?
Don't keep asking questions like in TV serials?
You leave this topic!
You can say so!
She is my first love
It's paining to know that she left!
Why should I be here?
I am going back to my ancestral home
Which ancestral home?
- Jail-Jail?
I've seen heights of madness! But like this...
Oh Jesus, What if I throw him to this stream?
- The searched creeper is on my feet
- Which creeper?
Original police!
- Stop-Stop the vehicle
Greetings sir
- What happened?
- Sir, I want to tell you something
Do you think it's a transport bus
to wave hands and stop?
Please arrest me again
for the case of destroying that shop
I don't feel peaceful here
I am not here to dance to your tunes. Get lost
Sir, please, you can even say in channels
that you overpowered me with great effort
Sir, you will be famous then
You get lost, don't provoke me
otherwise I will put you into the jeep!
That's what I want, Sir!
Please lift me, Sir!
Sir, can you somehow put me in central jail.
You'll get good deeds, please sir!
Will you go?
Trying to make me lose my job! You swine!
- Take the vehicle -Are you leaving me like this?
- No sportsman spirit! -What happened?
Policemen have become Saints!
- You know to write a petition?
- Hmm, written many against my father!
Can you give a petition against me?
Why dude?
- For beating and hospitalising you!
- But I'm not in hospital now
You are going to be hospitalized!
Don't do such idiotic things.
I need a reason, dude
I will go mad if I remain here!
He's really gone mad!
What should I do to go back to jail?
See there!
Hit him. He is a gentleman.
He will give case against you.
See how you are getting cases?
Oh no, he is a disabled person!
This will make the case stronger!
Two cases against you.
For assaulting a person for no reason
and second, hitting a disabled one.
To come out of the case, you need to beg him!
You're correct!
See God appears in many forms!
- You be a witness! - Of Course!
Hey, you hang around without doing work, ah?
I am going for work.
He'll go at times!
Oh, I see! When we are hanging around without
you are going for work!
Rip his bones!
Why you are beating me unnecessarily?
Charge a case against me for assaulting you
- Oh So that's the reason-Yes
I will finish off this case right now
Come here
I am a sick person
Are you a sick person?
You come here
- Want a case? Give a complaint
- Oh I have no complaint
- Give a complaint against me
-I have no complaints
You dog, take my slippers!
I have two! I'll wear this also.
- What is your line of job?
- I am a martial art teacher
Oh God!
Thank god, I didn't interfere in this.
Hey panji...
- Are you mocking at me, you swine - Oh
- My leg got hurt! - Let me finish him today.
Brother you alone limp and go. You go bro!
Didn't you tell he is a very decent fellow?
Yeah, he is!
Othenivise he might have killed you.
Neither a document nor a helmet.
You come.
Brother is it a real banana?
No, I made this in the morning.
- I asked if it was organic - What?
After eating this, will my organ fail?
That I don't know. I have stolen this.
You thief!
- What you want? - Nothing, you dog!
Your documents are not correct. Pay money
- Thank you sir-Okay
- Today collection is very bad! -How much?
Hail God AyyaPPa!
What is special in ancestral home?
No news! Where are you now?
- In hometown -Are you not coming?
So boring without you.
I'm trying hard for a case!
Where are you now?
In town.
What are the things
happening in the surrounding!
- Here a guy is making Dosa - No, leave that
What else?
A traffic Inspector is taking bribe.
Give a sharp blow on his face,
and see the rest in jail. I am here.
How much is the bribe for drink and drive?
How much is the bribe for drink and drive?
- You dog! - Calling me dog?
Gave a single blow to the policeman!
Three of them hospitalized
and also burned down a fireworks shop
As I slapped a policeman,
the case is much stronger now.
Two years of imprisonment!
After pleading, I somehow reached Central jail.
Hats off to you. You are so daring!
- But I am so happy about one thing
-What's it?
This is the first time I am
getting dad's jail number 10.
You know what, Maradona, Sachin, Messi
all are number 10.
Now I too got number 10!
Are they all prisoners?
They are players.
Don't talk about people who don't have
any other work than playing.
Which world is he from?
Haven't you seen any world cup still?
I have seen only Lockup!
You don't know that story?
His night duty starts when people
engross on TV watching World cup.
If police didn't nab,
it's World cup, otherwise Lockup!
That's right.
- Unnikuttan, Sadashivan is released - Oh
Kaderkka, don't you like to know
about your daughter's marriage occasion?
Yes I came to know everything.
After the wedding, my daughter
told everything to her hubby that night itself!
He is a nice guy.
Before going, he came to see me.
That's good.
So you don't have to worry about that
Swami don't be upset. Please come here
Any new admission in our block?
Couple of new admissions came.
This is the only place you can't send
them away displaying "HOUSEFULL" board!
- Shibu, a new admission-Any brawl case
No brawl, he groped a girl in the bus
That too, a policewoman in mufti!
Did he receive his welcome-beating?
That's finished. There was
some other offering from 5th block prisoners.
Come here, let him see
What is this? Looks like underwear
This blooms from my imagination
Mind always thinks of Undenlvearl!
I hate people torturing women or children
You shouldn't be seen in a mess
or in the bus hereafter.
- Get lost-Understand?
Swami, don't try to get anything from him
That's Simon
What's the case?
He is famous!
While studying in college, nipped his bud.
Campus political murder!
Court sentenced him a life imprisonment.
Really lucky fellow!
He can live happily here for 14 years.
You really need a luck for that.
Yes, if we get multiple life imprisonment,
then we can live happily here.
Only he can talk like this.
If you play with me, I'll blow you to death!
Attention, newcomers! You can survive here
if give respect to your seniors
Othenlvise I am a bad person.
- Did you understand? Who?
He only.
We all!
Why do you need a knife for removing
the stalk from chilly?
Don't you pluck it with your hands?
Please put the knife down,
I'm your father telling.
- Who is playing Kireedam?
- Just asked a knife to cut mustards!
Yes,I got it
Oh God protect me
May, You bless me with a happy life.
You go to temple everyday?
I always pray in the morning!
Be it happy, or sad
Simon, if you need, Church is here only!
Are you going to college for taking class?
No, I took books from the library!
Oh bookworm!!
Don't you read anything
I have good reading habit!
I read almost all the boards
"No Parking" "No smoking" "No Entry"
"Pull" "Push' like such.
Shall I ask you something?
Someone may die amid a brawl accidently,
or in the attempt of self defence,
a person may die,
these things are understandable!
But how can you kill a person in the name of
Did I ask for trouble?
Will this man kill me while I am asleep?
Let Swami sleep where I sleep and vice versa!
But, if his actual plan is to kill Swamy then?
I lost my sleep. Let me pray once more
A scoundrel has occupied the 7th block.
In spite of raping a poor girl,
he also inserted an iron rod, bastard!
Sir, why feed such criminals
in government expenses?
While apprehending him,
emasculate and give it to dogs.
Hang him to death tying both his hands behind.
You are right!
In the food he eats here,
there is the poor victim's family's tax money.
Suppose I were the judge,
How's that? Will anyone give a stick
to one who is expert in hurling?
If it's in gulf countries, no matter who they are,
he will be beheaded immediately.
Such laws should be implemented here.
Then, only girls can live peacefully here.
But here, there are people talking human rights
for these hardcore criminals
Please open the tap.
After bypass, I removed the block!
See this, Okay?
I don't want to stay here if you
are going to fill the jail with such dirty criminals.
I will live peacefully outside.
- Okay, go Doctor! - I am not a doctor, plumber!
Ponnama sir, no guests in my maternal home!
- Where is that lady? - Got released!
Sir, my mothefs soul will still be confined in it!
There is a new admission!
One drug case!
Playing dice game?
No! Hooking!
That's right, as you hooked your neighbour
army man's wife, you are here
Get off from here
Firing in boundary, neighbour caught
I'll kill him, Kaderikka.
You play, man.
Spread the net! Sorry Play your game!
Which is this new Statue?!
What happened? Why are you looking
at a distance as an actor in award film
New inmate! May be he didn't like the climate
Bro, do you have a wife of your own?
Hmm! And also 8 children.
Is he a children-making machine?
However it's good you came here!
Othenlvise, you would've formed an IPL Team.
I mean Cricket... IPL!
You're here because your wife gave a case, is
No! In a fit of rage, I slapped my friend.
And he died.
Something else was to happen
Anyway bygones are bygones! Don't worry.
Henceforth you can live here without any
You don't have to pay for Milk and Paper.
Neither Phone bill nor Current bill!
Free from the creditors and fund collectors.
And no complaints from wife.
Here, even the morning newspapers are free!
Apart from that, our food is also checked if it's
been poisoned!
Only American President Obama and we, have
this type of security.
We don't have to fear anyone.
Police are around guarding us night and day.
We've great value here.
One has to take an appointment
and wait outside to meet us.
If we say no, they can't see us!
What value do we have outside?
Everyone chase and thrash us!
You can stay here happily, bro.
Look at me! How happily I'm living here!
You alone will be like you in this World!
All the others somehow want to get out from
For him, happiness is bound to increase!
His lover is on the other side.
Is it true?
I thought I missed her in the home town.
Seeing my worries, my mother herself
put her into mothers cell.
Like me, she too got a 2-yr sentence!
Both of us can go out together, can't we?
Until then she will be in my custody.
If here, there's no fear
that someone will take her away!
Even if it's after 2 years,
we wish to see you leading a happy life!
Yes! Instead of coming to jail in the name of
your parents, think something like this.
Yes, that is right.
Try to profess your love at least here.
Sunday here also a holiday.
All cleaning and washing will be done on that
Rest of the days, you need to do
some job or the other.
For the first two months you will be
paid minimum wages of Rs.55 daily.
Even though she earned Rs.500 daily in
Out of greed, she stole money from a
contractofs bag and landed up in jail!
Are you here because of winning the Gold
medal in the Olympics!
Oh no! Both started! Shut up for a while.
That girl may think, we fight here
also like in the assembly.
What's there about what she thinks!
Ever since she came here,
she didn't even speak a word to us.
She will speak to us. Poor girl!
Can't you make out from her face!
I don't think so.
I doubt she is in ecstasy after taking drugs!
Will you please shut up! Too bad!
Some have the habit
of harassing new entries this way.
Don't take it seriously.
Forget your past and live happily!
This afternoon, there is a film on 'l'.V - Idukki
On seeing the Ganja plantation,
you will feel happy. Go.
Poor girl! Sad about not getting the stuff!
Rice and Fish curry!
Who is your girl in this?
Look there.
The lady washing vessel, right? Good match!
Not her! Fair one standing behind her!
- Really? But the other one is your perfect
- Does she have any sisters? - No!
At least a m other?
She has a 90 yr old grandma! Want to take?
You can take her when she dies.
Can I talk to the person who belongs to my
Is anything wrong in asking
that fair girl about her well being?
It's out of the rule...Still, try asking Ponnamma
Thank you, Gopiettan!
Sorry! As I see you in my brother's place
...l tend to..
You look very pretty today! Did any facial
- No, not at all! - Don't lie!
Anyway, your face is shinning
Has your mother-in-law gone to hometown?
- I'm drinking Badam milk since two days-Oh
May be that is the reason.
Even otherwise, madam you look glamorous!
Couldn't you act in films?
- Get off! - I won't!
Gopi sir, heard what he said?
Asking me to act in films?
Even after becoming a police woman,
she has no brains!
What is your opinion, Gopi sir'? Should I?
- Definitely! You've good expression! - Really?
- Gopi Sir, you always used to say..- What?
While Ponnamma madam walks,
Not only on her face, even on her back,
there is a good expression!
Don't you gesture with your face
while Ponnamma madam walks"
You are too mean, sir!
Talking such rubbish to these persons?
Oh no! Hereafter I can't walk freely also.
Too bad!
How am I going to face her now?
When did you look at her face, sir?
Anyway Ponnamma madam has left the place!
Now I can talk with my hometown girl without
Even while you walk there is such problem
- Ponnam ma madam told this.
- Get lost you crook!
When Iwalk, is it like that?
Are you not having lunch?
I was waiting for the queue to be cleared!
I'm the supervisor in the Kitchen!
We give best food here!
You can tell your suggestion after having food
Let me know your favorite dish
I will hide it in the food and give you.
Like big marriages, here also buffet system.
Only if you go there and show your plate, you
will get food.
Come or do I need to get it for you?
I went to your house one day. There I came to
know that you left to Delhi for a job!
Only now I understood what sort ofjob it is!
Well, who attempted to kill you the other day?
Anyone from your drug mafia group?
Don't take it seriously! Forget the past!
You stepped into my birth place with your right
2 years time will fly like the blink of an eye!
Needn't worry for anything! I will be in the next
com pound.
If there is any need, just call Unnikutta
I will hear your call in the Cell!
After releasing from jail, quit that business.
I mean Drugs!
Please wait!
Shall I tell you something important?
Think and tell me.
After finishing the prison term
can we begin a new life together happily?
Hurry up! Will be closed now.
Has she agreed? What does she find in him to
- Excuse me... - Get lost!
It's not that. I've told her something!
In my sistefs place, please ask her the reply!
It's a matter of my life. Please don't hesitate!
Get going!
I'm giving this to Gopi sir!
Get lost!
What happened?
My poor mother,
No matter however much late it is,
Waits for me with the food!
Now that mother
Was your mother so loving to you?
Yes! I also loved my mother.
What a pity!
Don't cry.
Shut up and take your food and
leave the place, you dog!
He just told about his mother
He is here for beating his mother to death.
It was not deliberate!
I lost my memory using Ganja.
When I saw a cat eating food from my plate,
I took a Coconut scraper and hit on the head.
Actually it was my mother in the place of Cat.
Kith and Kin accused me!
But my father hugged me and appreciated
Now he married my aunt and is living
peacefully, bloody dog!
If you are sad, don't eat. I shall have it.
No need! When I'm sad, I am more hungry.
You've been bending like this for long!
Which letter are you searching for?
- Ah?!-There are lots ofA in this book!
Where did you get these books?
I already told, it's from Library.
That sir has too much Pride!
When Iwent to Library, he chased me out
and said I should never come again!
As I've fallen in love, I went there
to read love stories!
I asked sir "ls there any love story books for
He told me Chemmeen (Prawn) is there!
I told him not for eating, but reading!
is there.
And I asked him, you want me to hang to
He gave me a push..
Still I asked him politely, "Sir is
Thakazhi's Poovam bazham"(Banana) there?
Sirjumped up and took off his pant.
What nonsense is this!
In fact he took the belt from the pant
and came to hit me!
- I actually meant that.- Only this much?
But I expected much!
Puvam pazham is not written by Thakazhi.
Both Basheer and Karur have written this
They are prominent writers of Malayalam
Who wrote Ethapazham (Banana)?
Who will write with banana, it's to eat, right?
Oh God! Will you let me read?"
Let me eat this.
For writing exams, he has applied for special
M.A Politics!
We are illiterate!
Being so highly educated, why did you involve
in such crimes?
May be for a time pass!
Don't utter a word!
You, who stole idols, have no right to advise
Don't use the word STOLE
When I had become a little poor, I sought God
I told HIM, YOU wish to come along with me to
As GOD is bored of daily worships and prayers,
He came along with me immediately.
Police nabbed us only when we both
were standing in the railway station,
Even when Police thrashed me, I called God
That is my devotion.
My foot!
Remember you are playing with God!
God needs my help to travel around!
And ultimately the blame is on my head.
Not allowing even to help God?
Are you going to sleep so soon?
How can I sleep?
- Until I know her mind?
- She will definitely like you.
Who will not like a good-hearted person like
How many would've liked you?
- You finished reading this?
- What for? To read?
No, to keep it under my head! Oh no!
What happened?
This book is so heavy!
That's why its reader has head-weight!
I feel Chicken needs to be cooked a little more.
- Not necessary! - Needs to!
- You heard? - What?
Women Laughing!
Oh God! Swami said there are many pretty girls
If we were able to go that side,
we could've loved someone.
Like the way Unni did!
- It's not necessary that you should go there. -
Have you read Basheer's "Mathilukal"(Walls)?
I have read "Don't Urinate here"
written on Basheer's Mathil(Walls)
Not that Basheer I meant!
I referred about Vaikom Muhammad Basheer!
When he was in the jail,
he loved a woman Narayani on the other side of
the wall.
Although they didn't meet, they loved each
other only through their voices!
That is divine love.
- Is it? - Yeah!
- Can such things happen? -Why not?
- Who is that on the other side?
- Your mother! Get lost!
I don't think Basheer's case will work out for
- Why don't we move then?
-She is not Narayani but Nariyani (filth)!
Till now, you never gave a reply!
What should I tell Unnikuttan?
The thought of a marriage life will
never be in my mind henceforth!
So, please tell him not to see me that way.
Don't worry! May be because of her present
plight, she would've said so.
If not her, won't you get a better girl?
Forget her! Close this topic. Forget everything
To bury whom, are you digging this?
Dig slowly!
Is this enough?
You mind your business!
Don't try to advise a supervisor!
- Any ghost possessed you?
-Get lost you demon!
Why did you move away from Kitchen duty?
I can't cook for any strange women!
Oh my Gopietta! Sorry, sir!
Isn't it better to make food
for women in the female block itself?
For that, Kitchen work in the female block
has to be com pleted!
By that time, I will be finished.
To tell the truth, I'm totally fed up.
I need to get away from the jail at any cost.
It's like a jail here
- What?-Still it's too hot here I said
Now you think that way!
You used to say your parents' souls rest here.
Souls will come outdoor also.
Can I always keep sitting
here embracing these souls?
If a need arises to go out,
I will offer incantations and drive them out.
Hey fatso! What happened? Come here.
My Goodness! Bengalis occupied our Jail also!
They will begin like this!
Assembly is the only place where Bengalis
haven't come!
These people are there in the Bengal Assembly
I will kill you! Mind you.
Counting stars with a sickle?
I will beat you with a hammer!
Hold this.
I lost mood for digging. I will cut the grasses!
You go!
Your leg! I will cut it now. Mad!
What is wrong with him?
I have not seen him like this before.
As that girl rejected his love, he is frustrated.
Is it true, Unnikutta?
Did that girl reject your love?
Hey, you! What a fool you are!
Doesn't matter. Girls don't like ugly guys like
They all belong to a new generation.
What happened, Unnikutta?
Cut his hand.
What happened?
Did you lose your sight? Blood !
Oh I'm going
Teacher! Good morning!
My Suguna! So You too landed here?
My student only!
So all your students are in a good position,
aren't they?
She is my 7th class teacher.
Really? May be for teaching you
she is undergoing this punishment!
Poor teacher! She hacked her husband
and threw her 2 children into well.
Well, where is Unnikuttan?
His vein got cut and is in the hospital.
Any suicide attempt?
People do such things when their mind is
He took the sickle and cut.
Some say it was done deliberately!
What is the reason?
Ask her the reason.
Come on serve food, Bhavani!
I'll give you! Don't die!
Here everybody has big concern for Unnikutta.
He is the only one who is not a Criminal here.
A good hearted soul!
I know Unnikutta better than others.
It was he who rescued me once!
Still why don't you...
I averted him deliberately
That's what I don't understand.
Tell me the reason clearly
Afterl go out serving my sentence,
I'm not sure whether I will be alive.
People who wish for my death
are anxiously waiting for me.
In such a condition, why give him hopes
And it is not that I don't like him.
Oh! So this is the reason.
Is it possible to say who'll die when?
In such a dire situation, is it not good
to have the companionship of a male?
If he is beside you, nobody can touch you.
I'm sure about it!
Poor boy is in a great disappointment now!
I'm going to tell him that you like him..Ok?
- Beautiful girl...- Oh God what happened?
Will I get some water?
Thank you!
I love you!
I love you!
"From the time I saw you,
my eyes are sparkling"
"Today I saw that sparkle in my mirror"
"From the time I liked you,\there was a
throbbing in my heart"
"A rhythm which only you and I can hear"
"From the time I saw you, though I wished
to tell you everything many times,"
"When I came near, I could not speak out"
"To offer you when I lean on your chest"
"I have kept a present in my heart,
its loveliness without fading a bit"
"Beautiful girl"
"when the breeze sees me or you,
why does it hum a tune?"
"if summer comes, or the clouds rain"
"if you are there, the flowering season will not
fade out"
"Grape, won't you come with honey, my dear
"When my heart flies to some shore in
my dream , that day is our wedding"
"Beautiful girl,"
"from the time I saw you,
I saw that sparkle in my mirror today"
"In my heart which loves you,"
"There is a rhythm which only you and I can
"When you touch me or I touch you,"
"ls there a tinkling of an unseen pearl
"May be from the sky or may be from a dream,"
"There is a pile of stars in my palm"
"In the jasmine grove which blooms
in the milky way of midnight,"
"We'll camp in the tent of heart,
embracing and kissing, filled with desire"
"Beautiful girl",
" from the time I saw you, though
I wished to tell you everything many times,"
"When I came near, I could not speak out"
"From the time I liked you,there was a
throbbing in my heart,"
"A rhythm which only you and I can hear"
"Beautiful girl!"
Stop it! Is this Jail or Dance club?
Have you gone mad?
No I got fits! Carry me quickly.
Or else Superintendent Sir will kick me to a
Run...Don't put me down..please
- Jabbar bai...-Sir, one minute!
Come back soon!
- What is the Case?
- Burning down a Car on Hartal day!
But one person was inside the Car.
Not an issue! I will be here for some days.
Hey, you!
Don't remove the skin, pesticides will go off!
Who is that?
Don't leave him.
Hit him! Don't spare him.
Tell me the truth, or else I will
burn you down to ashes.
Why did you attempt to kill that girl?
Speak out!
No, please.
This side! Ok!
Died? Throw him into the lake
Sir, some girl is capturing video
What a hell! Shucks!
Although I got the visual in my camera,
I didn't disclose this to anyone in fear.
But when they continued to attack me,
I moved to my aunty's house.
May be during that time,
you came home looking for me.
Only for my safety, my uncle
lied that I got a job in Delhi.
When I was in my aunty's house,
I happened to see that news!
The killer of the Karunan murder case which
created politics turbulence was finally caught.
Simon, who is active in student politics was
Police told that the accused wished
to marry Karunan's daughter,
Kodanand Viswam, central minister told the
murder was a very brutal and devilish act,
and this is really shameful for this literate state.
Karunan's death not only afflicted the Party,
but also put me down totally.
Hence I thought of reacting against it
I decided to hand over that visual to DYSP
I'm allergic to dust! So I don't touch old files.
I took many treatments!
Still, I couldn't get rid of this sneeze!
Do you have any copy of this?
It is in my computer, sir.
Good! For the time being, let it be a secret!
As he is a Minister, we follow some protocol!
You can leave.
What happened, sir?
Nothing, I just sneezed.
Immediate action will be taken. You can go.
What he said was true!
Immediate action was taken.
They recovered drugs which they themselves
brought from my bag.
In the pretext of that raid,
from my studio and home,
They searched and took whatever they needed!
Now there is hardly any evidence
for that murder!
But still, they are afraid about my being alive.
So, if I come out,
I may die of some accident,
or they will finish me.
Aviyal (mixed Veg dish) has become like
Sam bar(Veg Curry)!
Shucks! What is this?
Move away your closet!
Closet?! That is his coffer!
You know how many gold biscuits
he smuggled evading the customs sight!
Now there is also a name given in Facebook.
Maladwar Gold!
How can this gold be worn on the neck?
I received 450 "Like" too
When people find it difficult
to pass even normal motion,
How is it possible for you alone?
Is there so much of space for that?
What nonsense is that, man?
That is not an ordinary one!
But a royal one.. made of Gold1
Don't make fun of me!
I'll come there and slap you
Come if you dare.
Before indulging in stealing,
I was a tiger in goondaism!
Just ask him.
Yes !
When people started to sit on
the tiger like Lord Ayyappan,
This tiger stopped goondaism. Am I right,
I only asked you to support me.
Never told you to milk a tigress.
Why does he look worried?
Aren't you aware? His wife delivered a baby
What if its girl or a boy?
That is not the problem.
It's 3 years, since he had gone out from here.
Is it a Karu nya(Mercy) lottery?
Eswaran(Lord) bestows him generously!
That's right! He's Eswaran Kartha, my
When I'm let free, I'll kill that swine!
Don't worry!
Some rascals have the habit of hitting
a goal in goalie-less goal post.
They will suffer
Some people are like that only. Giving only
When I had a baby,
my brothers-in-law chased and hit me.
He had a child from a servant maid of the next
What is wrong? Isn't that also a baby?
I wonder with whom she lives now!
-It's already washed! -Wash it once again.
To wash again and again, is it a butt?
A highly educated person doing a slave labour
Though you're branded as a murderer,
why didn't you disclose the truth?
Even the Court didn't believe when I disclosed.
Why cleaning the tank?
To make it dirty from tomorrow.
No, it's for us to bathe
Why a sudden parole?
After one month, both of us will be freed
It's emergency parole!
The ancestral home where my parents lived
is totally damaged!
I discussed with Superintendent regarding it's
Superintendent can permit 10 days parole
if a house is destroyed in a natural calamity.
That is how I got this.
After marriage, we can't live on the streets,
I need to discuss about our marriage to
your uncle and finalise it.
You came here on the very second day I came
It was me who was supposed to go out first.
Now taking 10-days parole into consideration,
It will be you who will be going first.
8 days later I will also follow you.
If that is the case, we will perform
our marriage in May.
Hey you! Enough...
If Superintendent sees you romancing
instead of repairing the light,
Then, the shock will be for me only.
I will go now and come back with some other
Don't expose yourself in sunlight too much.
You will turn into a black raisin!
Shall we move?
Go and check the next block also
If this continues, before the sentence is served,
I guess Unni will elope with Radhika from jail.
Why don't we also follow them, Bhavani?
Will anyone deliberately fall into a dung-pit
If this dung is put to the plaintain,
it will grow rapidly!
Get lost you filth!
Finish up the work quickly!
As you know, I can't take too much leave.
Are you in Dubai?
Not proper Dubai! Just 14ft towards west, there
is a place called Czechslovakia! In that Centre!
Do you know anybody there?
- Go and deliver soon!- It's gas!
Concealed it there! May be to sell it in black
Here comes Sekarettan!
What happened?
I discussed everything with the girl's family.
They gave their full consent.
Therefore, don't delay it any more.
When you come out, perform the marriage
We'll take care of the arrangements here.
Just prepare the list of invitees and give me.
I don't have a big list.
But we have to invite the close ones
Thief Kumaran, Pickpocket Rajappan, Bus
stand Janaki...
Shucks! We can't invite such people.
Remember this is your marriage!
Not anything else!
Whatever it may be,
I've a good relationship with them.
If so, then why are you getting married?
Can't you live with these people?
If I give a smack...
I meant to say I was on good terms
with these people in jail!
If I don't invite them, then they
will start badmouthing!
Even, if I invite them, they will not come.
Because they all will be in sound sleep during
Suppose they attend,
In that case, you must handle.
At this old age?
- Just say they are his mother and sisters!
- No way!
Bus stand Janu and Jallikattu Mary, my mother
and sisters?
Introduce them as Shekarettan's children.
Am I running anything else here?
Don't fight. I'll handle it.
Or will introduce as your driving teachers
or your tuition teacher?
Don't take my life away.
- Have Janu and Ammini reached so early?
-Who is that?
It's been a very long time since we met!
I need to discuss something urgent with you.
Let them not listen. We'll stand there and talk.
You need to take over a case!
Oh I'm in Parole now.
Besides, my marriage is also fixed.
So, I don't take up new cases!
You will get cash of 25 Iakhs ready cash
25 Iakhs?
So, section 302? Murder?
I guessed it from the amount.
You already killed someone?
No! We are just planning.
Who is the person?
If you agree, I will give you the details.
He is a bloody scoundrel! DYSP Baburaj!
Everything Collapsed!
If this is a problem, then
I will change the name and say.
, DY SP'.!
What do you think?
He has to die!
A betrayer who fab ricates stories
and send innocents to jail!
Heard what he said!
Unable to bear his torture...
He even blackmails the Minister!
In spite of giving him loads of money,
his greed never stops!
Threatens that he holds the evidences of
Karunan's murder.
That too with us!
- Don't blabber unnecessarly!
-What is the need of concealing
Cat will be out of the bag one day, right?
I asked you to sit in the Car.
After taking too much of drink...
Don't utter a word! I will talk to him.
You tell the rest!
As you know everything,
it is better that you take up this case.
You don't have any risk in this
Other boys will execute the task.
Then our party will take care of the case
I normally don't take up cases like murder and
But I'll take up this.
It's for the Party, isn't it? I don't need any cash!
Such a big sacrifice to the Party').!
I will die for the Party!
You will be the secretary of Youth
after you come out from jail
Youth wing secretary! Take my word!
I got some work to do!
Only after my command, finish the person.
Don't ask for unnecessary trouble!
Anyway, your girl's punishment is almost over.
What is the use of proving her innocence now?
Don't I need to prove my girl
has no connection with drugs?
Othenuise after marriage, even if smoke comes out,
from our kitchen, people will start doubting.
Would we able to go to Idukki for a tour?
Won't freak boys come home asking for stuff?
"Hai bro, Hai dude, Hai buddy"
I will take a stickmand a big scene follows!
I must prove her innocence.
Should somehow snatch the CD from that
You are not clashing with an ordinary person!
But Central Ministerl!
They will destroy you!
Whatever happens, I must bring their crime to
Not only Radhika's matter,
that Poor Simon is also in the jail.
That's right! But till today, you've not even
stolen a pin.
How will you get into DySP's house?
Wasn't I staying with thieves and criminals
for these many years?
That experience is more than enough for me.
- Let your experience will not fail urine! - Eh!
Let your experience not end in failure!
There is a big dog in DySP's house.
Oh really?
There is nothing in this
Got an easy way of barging into a house
at night where dog is set free!
Whether to shake the assembly
or to break the Sage's penance,
A woman can do it.
Even for animals, female is the weakness.
Don't keep barking here.
If you get into any trouble, being a stray dog,
you will have many to support you
But to rescue me, not even a dog will come.
Where did the dog in this house disappear'?
Keep standing here and charm the dog
till I come back.
Dog is coming! You handle him!
Come on, lure him!
Charm him!
Not me! Charm that dog.
Give two kisses and raise his mood.
Any other moral dogs should not come now
Wall has no height!
Oh my dude! I don't keep any tools with me
Tools for opening the door will be
found behind the house. So simple.
Hey maid! Maid!
Who is that?
! House Owner'.!
Sir, please go.
I shall increase your pay, take you to Lulu
I will do anything you wish.
If madam comes to know this
That buffalo is in a sound sleep there.
We shall sleep here.
- You came here for sleeping?
- Stop your jokes!
If there are members at home, then the
cupboard key will be in its surroundings.
Damn sure!
Sleeping posture of the housewife
may provoke your desire.
Don't do anything. That is decency!
If she had moved and slept here...
What else is the way?
O Lord Krishna! You are my saviour now.
Please forgive me.
Whoa! O Lord! My Almighty!
Please protect me, O Lord!
O my Devotee! Where did (husband)Valsan
sleeping along with you vanish?
Who knows?
He is stealing butter in the Kitchen with the
Let the maid not deliver the heir of this clan
Oh my God! Go fast and dance kaliaya
on your husband's chest!
I'll put an end to everything today!
Hello sis! Don't kill him, please!
Ever since she came in, I doubted.
Oh my Lord! You protected me.
' So: m
Oh no! What am I seeing here?
I never thought you were such a filthy person
I actually came to drink water.
Oh, you drink water after taking off your shirt
and lying on the ground.
Clear the place when it dawns.
Madam, I'm innocent! Sir only..
Didn't I say I came to drink water'?
You too misunderstood me?
I understood everything.
Lord Krishna appeared before me
and revealed everything.
I put an end to our relationship now!
The ball is in my court now!
O Lord Krishna! Were you Lord Vishnu?
O Lord Vaikunta!
Unnikuttan reveals some surprising
facts in Karunan's murder case!
Unnikuttan handed over the visuals to the
which subtantiate the real culprit
is the central minister Viswanathan.
Radhika, a innocent photographer who handed
over these visuals to DYSP Baburaj
She was trapped in a forged drug case
and cruelly put in a prison
It's too cruel!
Now real culprits in Karunan murder case
is known to public
Unnikuttan requested the government
to take immediate action
to set him free as Simon being innocent in this
I will put forth more request!
With Unnikuttan's brilliant move,
real culprit will be nabbed soon believes
Karunan's Kiths and Kins!
He is there!
Come boys! Let us thrash & kill him !
If there are too many opponents
and we are unable to tackle,
We should not show our martial arts
Suddenly we need to transform into PT Usha!
Must run!
Close the gate!
Open the door.
Open the door I say! Oh Opened!
Why stopping there?
If you have the courage, come inside.
Nobody can dare touch me!
I have full security here. Get away from my
Get in if you wish to live! These party
people are daring enough to do anything.
Get off!
Don't try to threaten Policemen!
Hell with his party people!
Thank heavens! lam saved.
What was the commotion outside?
What to say, sir? Criminals are more outside
than in Jail!
It is their fortune that my parole is over.
Othenlvise, they would have
also come here killing me!
You become a great star now!
Minister Viswam resigned!
Will be arrested today itself.
If remanded, he will be surely brought here
And A Class prison room will also be occupied.
Anyhow things came out more than I expected!
Only after they come inside,
Myself and Radhika can go out and lead a
peaceful life.
- Unnikutta, you rocked the show!
Yes, if you play with me I will rock.
Are you happy? Verdict has to come!
Then, release!
What, dude?
When you see me outside anywhere,
get me a cup of tea and puffed rice balls!
Take them to U2 block
Welcome! Welcome!
If he gets into Politics,
he will surely become the next C.M!
Although you served your punishment,
the world knows that you are innocent.
You are lucky that way!
As your enemies are inside,
you will not have any more trouble!
That DySP is in suspension now.
You will be released after 2 days!
The sacred chain for your marriage will be the
gift from the staff here, ok?!
Did you know, our Superintendent sir is
New Superintendent is the arrested Minister's
I heard he is a troublesome fellow!
Neerkoli is his nickname (Grass Snake)
Hey, get UP!
Don't you know to stand up on seeing an
- Bloody rascal! - Please don't harm me, sir.
Not Cake Ravi, but KokuflfiraneRavi'.!
That is what I'm writing.
What are you guys doing?
Apart from the vessel for drinking and eating,
I shouldn't see anything around.
Throw away everything.
Move aside!
No entertainments are allowed here.
I will show you how the real Jail would be!
What is that?
Bring that here.
My wedding invitation!
Will be released in a week's time.
Oh! So you are Unnikuttan!
Don't you know you can't keep
all these things in the prison?
His bloody invitation!
What is your case?
Don't you have a tongue?
A case of attempted murder- of Traffic S.l!
That's why you're silent, right?
Laying hand on a Policeman! You rascal!
Be quiet & disciplined here !!
If you act smart,
I will rip off all your bones! Got it?
What is the need of hitting you
for the 2 yr old case?
He has started his move!
Everyone will be in trouble. Be careful !
Sir, she is Unnikuttan's fiance!
Releasing today!
Before I could get to know her well,
her punishment period got over?!!
Didn't I tell you I need a person
for cooking in my quarters.
My wife has gone to native.
Anyway, let her stay there for sometime.
Sir, her marriage is fixed.
With Unnikuttan, right? That will not happen.
Here take your 2 years's income...Mere sum!
If you come there and stay for some time,
you can earn 4 times this. What do you say ??
Sorry sir. I have no experience in that job.
Forthe time being, I feel you can keep your
wife herself, who is well experienced in this!
Thank you, sir!
- Madam, you must surely come for
the marriage. - Definitely!
See you!
Whatever it is, I feel sorry
to see you in this condition,
Just a 14-days remand, isn't it? That's not a
problem. I will be granted bail immediately!
Jail-term is a feather to a politician's cap!
One who put me in this plight is here, isn't he?
Just keep an eye on him.
Hereafter, he will not go out from here.
We've a new admission tomorrow! Our man!
A death occurred amid the clash
between two groups of prisoners...
That will be the report!
Othewvise, Media will unnecessarily trigger
How tall he is! Like gazing at a coconut tree !!
O the new comer has arrived!
Is this a BSNL Towel'?
- Get up! -What?
Move away from under the fan!
Are you playing don here
Go and lie down in some corner in a mat!
See that you don't wet the mat!
Can't you hear? Move away.
Are you Amitabh Bachan?
We're supposed to rag the new comers.
Are you ragging us?
Get lost!
- You rascal! - What the hell are you doing?
Don't kick him.
Oh God! Who is this devil?
I invited all here with the intention
that nobody will attend
Now I came to know many are
being released and coming on parole!
Around 50 people will be there.
What is happening here?
Hey, leave him
No Unni! Don't interfere!
You are about to get released.
What happened?
What are you looking?
Come my b0)
Got afraid?
- What? - Hey, no!
Hey, move away you oldie!
Come I say!
One fellow is creating a scene there!
Go and tell your complaints to Superintendent.
Nobody is permitted to leave the block is the
new order.
Where is Gopi sir?
He is on leave.
What nuisance are you doing?
Jumping into the water and bathing, You nasty
What madness are you showing? Leave him
Leave him I say.
Leave him! I told you to leave him.
Take off your hand from him!
Isn't there anyone to rescue him? Leave him.
He will die!
Leave him I say.
If you dare touch any of us,
we will roll you down into the mat,
as a corpse! You dog!
Give way!
Stand aside!
- Sir, he.. - Bring him.
Sir, not me. Him only!
Take him to the hospital.
Sir, it's him! Please listen to me.
Sir, not me..Him only!
I know!
Hang him!
No sir! Please don't harm me.
Sending a Minister to Jail and are you going
to get married and lead a happy life?
Let me see how you enjoy!
Now did you realize how the real Jail is?
Move away!
Gopi sir! l...!
Sir...this is too brutal!
Then, do I need to kiss him?
Charge a case against him for assaulting his
Let him be behind bars for 6 more years.
That is not his fault. That Hindi fellow assaulted
Is that why he is in a serious condition in Jail
Do what I say!
I can't! Not to dance to the tunes of Senior
I'm being paid here.
Don't shout, sir!
Entire 5th block prisoners have witnessed the
They will lodge a complaint to Human rights
During the investigation, I will
also give statement favouring them!
Then, Your cap will be thrown on the roof!
Hey you! I will..
You can't do anything to me, sir!
The power was misused in olden days
Now, even the Ministers are in jail! Be careful!
Release him.
- O my God! - Take the mat.
Hold him!
Make him seated! Slowly.
I will be good for nothing, Kaderikka!
I will never ever come back to this jail.
I don't wish to come.
Don't do anything foolish!
It's not a big punishment
to the one staying permanently in Jail!
I've decided his punishment.
That girl, who is waiting for him...
who cornered me,
will be killed tonight.
When he is released from jail tommonlv,
he will see,
only her dead body! That is his punishment.
Won't you invite me for your wedding?
Why are you staring?
What you got is not enough?
What is all this?
To defend my life, I was forced to kill a person!
Come... Come...
If the Court rejects my bail,
I will have to come back here only.
That won't happen. Go hopefully.
Did you see the plight of yourfianc\/?
Even if you marry him, he will not be of any
Good! You are back so soon!
Take her.
Yourfianc\/e is really a Tiger.
Here she goes inside after killing whom I
missed to kill!
My 5 Iakhs has gone waste!
Still, look at his destiny,
When he walks out for his marriage,
his fiance comes back in again.
Also see to it that his fianc\/e
doesn't lack anything here.
Don't you know? He is very much dear to me.
I already have a bad name in that matter!
Don't worry! I shall take good care of your girl!
When myself and other policemen get bored of
then suicide.
Then, you come and collect her body, ok?
Leave him...Leave him I say.
Sir, come quickly!
Hey, all of you come quickly! Come fast!
Kind attention for a minute, all of you!
I hope you all know what is special about
Today is Radhika and Unnikuttan's wedding
day, for which all of us were invited.!!
Auspicious time is also not over!
- Then, Shall we begin the rituals, sir? - Yes!
Hey, come here.
This gift is from all the staff here.
Begin the rituals!
Hey ! Tie it on her neck!
- My garland ?! - Here it is!
Thank you, sir.
Ok then, we shall relish the marriage feast, isn't
Here, Take it.
Assume it as grand feast
with 2 types of sweet puddings and have it !.
But, please don't throw the plates thinking it is
Plaintain leaf!
We will need it tomorrow.
Are you not having?
- I will have Biriyani. - Is there Biriyani?
When you take it as a marriage feast,
I'll take it as Biriyani!
Just a minute.
Gopietta! Lot of gratitude to you!!
In place of a father,
you perform ed our marriage beautifully.
Will our 1st night be in this Cell or in our Cell
there ?
First, you called me brother, then Father
and now, Uncle(Pimp) too?
1st night only at the time of your Parole!
Enough! Won't I get it today itself?
At least before 6 p.m?
Go and have your food.
Only Feast ahl!
Why are you laughing?
I laughed imagining our baby also
will be born in this Jail like me.
When your child grows big,
let him not show up here
saying his parents were living here.
I hope you now realized what a real jail is !!
My God! I very well understood!
My prayer is that nobody should come here.
However, We and our children
will never come back here!
Bye Bye Central Jail!
"Bye bye bye bye Central jail"
"Walking around with theft and crookedness,"
"Ploys failing in the end hand-cuffed"
"And sentenced to jail,"
"Wearing a white dress,"
"Covered by the shawl of darkness,"
"Bored of counting the prison bars day and
"Knowing the true colours of the stone
"Opening the iron gate and at last flying away
from the house,"
"The hearts say repeatedly, "Go!"."
"Bye bye bye bye bye Central Jail"
"Bye bye bye Central Jail"
"Bye bye bye bye bye Central Jail"
"The space of world shrinking to the knees,"
"Haughtiness will cease."
"if trapped once, you will decide certainly"
"That hereafter no more playfulness"
"Searching for light, the heart which had lost all
"Will gear up with excitement."
My god! Will the Englishman take her away?
Let me not waste my parole period.
"Let the new life in the stone fort,"
"Not knowing the place, come to an end."
"Central Jail"
"Bye bye bye Central Jail"
"Central Jail."