Welcome to Curiosity (2018) Movie Script

Someone help!
Paging Dr Jones.
- Paging Dr Jones.
- Lee.
Lee, you know I can only help you
if you're willing to take a step
towards me, Lee.
I thought that we had an understanding.
Was I wrong?
People need my help for
all sorts of reasons.
Some have broken hearts...
...others have broken heads.
Then there's those too young
to know better...
...those running away from their past...
...and those who are just lost.
Until you can tell me which one you are,
we're done.
We'll review things again
in six months' time.
Craig, if you could please
take Lee to the ward.
Certainly, Dr Jones.
Morning, Fred.
Be back with you in a minute.
You can put some clothes back on, Rosie.
Morning, Lee.
Er... This is a crime scene.
I live right there.
Oi, where you heading?
That way.
Where you goin'?
Don't know.
Need a ride?
No thanks.
It's gonna rain.
There's a lotta weird people around here,
ya know?
Yeah, I bet.
This is a lonely road.
You'll wait ages for another lift.
Excuse me, how much longer will this take?
I... I have other patients to attend to.
It takes as long as it takes, Dr Jones.
Bearing in mind that you run one of
the most secure facilities in the country,
how could one of your most
dangerous inmates escape?
They're not inmates, they're...
they're, they're patients.
They need treatment, they're ill.
Lee Hunting, born October 31st 1985.
Quiet child, never really bonded with
other children.
While a teenager... Excuse me!
Quiet child, never really bonded
with other children,
something about throwing darts
at their backs in the playground.
While a teenager, developed
a bit of a thing for knives,
self-harming for practice
before turning the blades on four family
members on Christmas Day 2002.
I guess the Queen's speech brings out
the worst in all of us, ma'am.
Just shy of the 18th birthday,
treated as a minor,
and kept in the cushy confines
of an establishment such as yours.
- All right, that's enough.
- Instead of rotting in a class A prison
- along with all other murderous nutters.
- Excuse me,
but we try to help our patients live out
normal lives as much as they can.
We try not to dwell too much on the past,
and we certainly don't like to call
our patients murderous nutters.
Call them what you wish, Dr Jones.
This dangerous individual is now free on
my patch because of you,
so excuse me if I'm being a little
curt with you today,
but I've got nutters to catch,
people to protect,
and in my experience, time is everything,
so stop cocking me around
- and let me do my fucking job.
- You have no idea...
what you're getting yourself into.
Henry, you can give us
another chance, right?
I will promise you that the company
will make it worth your while.
Look, Tim, you're a nice guy, mate,
but I've had enough.
You and me, we do a deal on prices,
but then that cock boss of yours, Derrick,
moves the goalpost
every time an invoice shows up.
When I complain, he either sends me
an unsigned cheque
or one with the wrong fucking year on it,
so I can't even cash it.
Right, okay, well look, Henry,
I am very sorry about that.
It's not your fault, Tim.
To be honest, we all feel a bit sorry
for you around here.
Workin' for an arsehole like that
can't be easy, but...
...I've gotta protect my business.
Quite right, Henry, quite right.
Okay, but listen, what if I...?
Your delivery guys only deliver
in this area on a Wednesday.
I play golf on a Wednesday.
- Could someone else not be here to...?
- No.
Toddle off.
Why have we stopped?
Regulations. Can only drive for so long
without takin' a break, it's the law.
Thanks for the ride.
You got a name?
I should really get going.
What's the rush?
- No!
- Oh yeah.
No, stop!
Hello, Dexter.
I was surprised you wanted to see me, Max.
Of course I wanted to see ya.
I just always assumed that you probably
blamed me for what happened with Molly.
You know, there's...
There's not a day goes by
when I don't think about Molly.
She was my daughter.
My only daughter.
You were like a son.
Losin' her like that was, no...
tears me apart.
Me too.
But you have to move on, don't you?
That's the way she woulda wanted.
One million pounds.
In two days' time, a jeep will be passing
through here on its way to the airport.
Onboard is six million pounds.
Our European cousins, they're movin'
some assets offshore.
At least that's what they think.
I want you to steal it.
How'd you even know about it?
And our money ain't
what it used to be, Dex,
but you can still do a lot
with a million pounds.
You can move away from
all these bad memories.
Go somewhere warm, buy yourself a bar,
spend the rest of your days
drinkin' the profits.
You just got to do one last job.
Who gets the rest?
Oh, and the tip, of course.
My own crew?
You can take Al and that lunatic Topic.
The other side want two
of their people on.
Just in case, ya know?
Guys I've never worked with?
Not exactly.
How'd it go with, er...?
- Probation?
- Mm.
Twenty minutes of playbook
before cuttin' me a benefits slip,
tellin' me to keep out of trouble
and away from bad influences.
You come to the wrong place then, mate.
Oh, Jesus Christ!
Not quite.
So... how was Her Majesty's pleasure?
Was she as good for you as she was for me?
You remember Al.
Done some time with you, no?
Gotta say, Max really knows
how to pick the best of the bunch.
So, Dex, you up to this, yeah?
Hey, we'll get the job done.
Who are you?
- This is, er...
- Duffy.
Where's Topic, Duffy?
He's in the car.
Don't worry about nuttin',
finish up your drink.
They say if you're gonna drink
with the devil,
sup from a very short spoon.
I'm done. Let's get on with it.
It's long spoon. Let's go.
Oh, dear God, okay, well let's just go
through this again then one more time.
Oh, how many fuckin' times?
As many times as it takes, Topic.
I don't like to take chances.
It's like the education rooms
in the clink.
Some know-it-all givin' it all that.
Fuck's sake!
Do you wanna go back?
I hear you're missed in the showers.
I don't.
So we just keep goin' through this
until we get it right, yeah?
I'm just sayin'...
We've been through it
a million times already.
We know what we have to do, yeah?
Really? All right. What's that?
Look, why don't we just
keep this simple?
The security van with the money
approaches from the southeast.
While you, Dexter, you run interference,
and Al here pretends he's directing Topic.
Then, you knock out the driver and
his mate,
while I make sure he doesn't think about
reversin' out of there.
Boys give up the keys, eat the dirt.
We lift the coins, get the fuck out,
come back here, divvy it up, and split.
Always about the money, eh?
You make it sound so simple, Fordy.
It is so simple, Dex.
Not unless you're feelin' a bit rusty.
Wanna call Max, find someone else?
Otherwise, you do your job, we do ours.
24 hours.
Okay, that's enough, people.
Mouths shut and ears open.
We are 18 hours in.
And so far, we have no sightings,
no leads,
and the time is rapidly approaching
before something fucking big happens.
Let me remind you that Lee Hunting
is a cold, callous, pathological killer.
Forget what the white-coat do-gooders say.
We're dealing with a homicidal psychopath
who kills without remorse or reason.
Any form of sexual contact has
historically triggered a violent response.
After what some thought had become
a deep and friendly relationship,
one inmate got a little fresh with Lee
and got their throat cut.
We have a long list of assaulted
prison guards, police officers,
and it's only a matter of time
before Hunting kills.
I know you're tired, people,
but caffeine up.
Nobody is going home till we find
the trail of breadcrumbs.
- What a bitch!
- Telling me!
I can't believe it.
I saw Mrs Jenner in here only yesterday.
Her cleaning lady found her.
She's very upset.
I'm not surprised.
I know it's worrying, but what can we do?
Well, what are the police gonna do
about it?
I'm sure the police are doing
all they can.
But this is the third one in a month.
It's all right for you,
but I live on my own.
We have our very own serial killer.
Now, we don't know that.
They found the woman
tied up and mutilated.
Doesn't sound like the Kama Sutra
goin' wrong to me.
Nor me.
Who said she was mutilated?
Her cleaner did.
She said there was blood everywhere.
It must be an outsider.
What must?
The killer must be.
Because we all know each other
around here.
It has to be someone new.
Elliott, I've told you before
not to throw the papers onto
the driveway or gardens.
This isn't some American suburb.
Take them up to the front door and
post them through the letterbox
or find another job.
- Nigel.
- Yes.
Wonder if you can help me.
Yeah, yes, I'm on my way there now.
But, Derrick, sorry, um,
what's the guy's name again?
Don't fuck this up, Tim, all right?
We need this contract.
No contract, you don't get paid, ever,
Comprende, comprende,
I will not fuck up.
I promise, Derrick, I swear for...
Oh, Suse, how about a nosh-off
before lunch, hm?
Fuck off, Derrick.
Each time, the killer forces entry
via the back door
before making his way through the kitchen
into the rest of the house.
He enters the victim's bedroom
while they sleep,
injects them with a sedative
before butchering them methodically
with some sort of large knife.
Victims are always alone,
implying highly selective identification
of the victims and surveillance.
Oh shit!
Listen, do you think we should
get the press involved now?
Like I don't have enough fucking problems.
DS Binon, a word?
Yeah, you can have two - fuck off!
I just need to talk
to Officer Jackson.
It's all right, this is my nephew.
You okay?
Yeah, there's a man in our village.
I think he's the serial killer.
He's the local gardener.
I think he killed that woman.
I don't have time for this
right now, okay?
But he's really scary.
Yeah, so's my boss,
but I can't arrest her, can I?
Now, bugger off.
Fuck Derrick!
Yeah fuckin' right. Yeah.
Perfect, of course.
Thanks for stoppin', man.
Been there, right, for ever.
Thought no one was gonna stop.
Sorry, where is it you're going?
Insane, mate.
- Where?
- Any place but here, yeah?
My name's Lewis, yeah.
Sorry... Tim.
Oh, er, Lewis...
It's just because it's a...
- Uh, it's a company car.
- Company car, thank you.
Thank you.
Fuck it.
So Tim, what do you do,
for a livin', I mean?
I'm a rep for a beer company.
Yeah, why?
Don't look like the salesman type to me.
I'll take that as a compliment.
Still, it must be great,
all that free booze, eh?
No, I don't drink, so...
You're fucking joking me.
What's the point havin' a job
selling booze, right,
if you can't take advantage
of the perks, hm?
Yeah, I suppose.
- You hungry?
- Um, but I don't know anywhere
around here that we could, er...
Sure ya do, Timmy.
Oh no, please don't hurt me!
I've got a wife and kids.
Yeah, of course you do.
Give me your wallet.
PIN number.
And your fucking car keys.
Here, here, here.
Now then, Mr Michael Simpson...
if you breathe a word of this
to the police,
I'm gonna tell your wife and kids
your dirty little secret.
All right, Mickey?
So, let me get this straight.
This Derrick here, this bloodsucking
wanker of a boss, right,
who doesn't give a shit about his staff,
undermines you, right,
makes your work like a twat
night and day, yeah,
and then, right, threatens you with
the sack because he's fucked up?
That's about it.
Pathetic, isn't it?
That's one word for it.
You need to stand up
for yourself, mate, yeah?
This is how you deal with pricks, Tim.
We going in then or what?
Come on, Timmy.
Nice fuckin' work, Dex.
You're not outta the woods yet.
AI's right, let's not get
ahead of ourselves, yeah?
What the fuck was that all about earlier?
No witnesses. One person knows
and everyone knows.
Who the fuck was she
gonna tell, her priest?
No loose ends, Dexter.
What the fuck is goin' on, Fordy?
Don't be so naive.
I just want the money.
Afraid I can't do that for you, mate.
Do you want a drink?
My name's Sharice.
- Oh.
- What's yours?
Are you on your own?
Are you on your own?
No, no, sorry, um... I'm, I'm just er...
My, my, my, my friend...
Er... I came with Lewis.
He's my friend, he's coming back.
Oh God! My name's Julie.
Don't mind if sit down, do you?
I've been standing all night.
- You want a drink, Judy?
- It's Julie.
Oh, yours, all right.
So what do you do, Julie?
I'm a dancer.
Julie, do you fancy a fuck?
Mm. Ah, ah, ooh.
I'll just pop to the ladies'.
What do you reckon then, eh, Timmy?
Oh yes, Timmy.
Well, yeah but... It's just, um...
There's just one problem, isn't there?
That there's, um...
There's only one of her
and there's two of us.
You fucking plum!
We're both gonna fuck her.
- You serious?
- Fucking deadly serious, matey.
Come on, it'll be fun.
What's wrong with you?
- Okay.
- Good lad.
Can I go second?
Al, talk to me fella, come on.
Just leave me here.
You get out.
Shut up you, you fool, ain't leavin' ya.
- We've been driving for hours.
- Minutes, mate.
I just need to find somewhere
to get you patched up.
What, what are you gonna do
with your, your money, Al?
Al, Al.
Yes, oh fuckin' yes, come on now.
Who's the best, eh?
- Who's the fucking daddy?
- Keep the noise down!
- Come on! Oh yeah, that's right!
- Lewis...
- Fuckin' come on!
- Lewis.
- Oh yes!
- Lewis.
- That's right!
- Lewis!
What is it, mate?
Sorry, it's just that
the neighbours next door,
they're complainin' about the noise.
The fuckin' neighbours?
Don't worry about them.
Oh, do you, do you wanna go now, mate?
No, I'm, no thank you.
Suit yourself.
Fuckin' come on, come up here,
that's right, yes!
Take it, take it up the wrong 'un,
oh God!
Come on now, girl, come on!
That's right, oh come on! God, oh!
What's happened now?
Well, don't give me that.
You've got a face like a smacked ass.
- You argue with Adele again?
- Don't wanna talk about it, okay?
So, how was college?
Usual, crap.
Thomas, you could try to sound interested
in something,
instead of being angry all the time.
Let's just think about that for a second,
shall we? Why am I angry?
Mum and Dad are dead,
we're about to be evicted,
and if I'm lucky, in a few months,
I'll leave college, work on
someone else's farm
while they change ours into some sort
of housing estate.
It's not all about you.
Who's that? It's so late.
Hang on, I'll just use my X-ray vision
to see through the door.
Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.
All I'm saying is nothing good
ever happens.
In fact, nothing interesting
ever happens to us.
Sorry to trouble you,
but we need some help.
Fuck, fuck, fuck.
- Oh shit!
- Is he dead?
Not yet, darling.
How you doing, kiddo?
Musta been one hell of a party, eh?
So what do you want?
What's your name?
Martine. He's my brother Thomas.
We've had... bit of an accident.
We just need somewhere to lay low for
the night and get him stitched up.
Why didn't you go to a hospital?
Well, you see, Thomas,
it's a gunshot wound,
and hospitals have got a funny habit
of calling the police when a patient
rocks up with a gunshot wound.
- Where are your parents?
- Dead.
Anybody else here?
- No one.
- Girlfriend?
Aunts, uncles?
No, we live alone.
As I say, we're in a bit of a pickle.
We're not here to hurt you.
I just wanna get him
patched up and lay low.
You help us out, we'll be gone
first thing in the morning,
no harm done, I promise.
No harm done?
You just showed up at our door
wavin' your gun around.
We've got a half dead man
on our dining room table.
You could be anyone.
What's your point?
I don't want you in our house,
I don't want you near my brother,
and I certainly don't want you near me.
Point taken.
We'll be gone in the mornin'.
What do you want us to do?
Can you drive?
- Well, I don't have my licence.
- You're not driving anywhere.
Don't worry about what she's saying.
Are you capable of driving my car
from where it is
to out of sight round the back?
Will you do that for me, please?
Martine, I'm gonna need you to get me
some needle, thread, tweezers,
and the sharpest knife
you can find, and...
some of your finest
sanitary towels, please.
You are joking.
You really gonna take a bullet out of his
shoulder with a craft knife and tweezers?
And you're gonna stitch him up
with fishing wire and a tampon?
- Yeah.
- Cool.
Agh, fuckin' hell!
I'm just cleanin' it, mate,
I'm just cleanin' it.
- Drink some of this.
- You sure about this?
Not really mate, but what the fuck else
we gonna do?
- Woo, you ready?
- Yeah.
- Let's fuckin' do it.
- Wait.
Wait, have you done this before?
Well, then, give it to me.
I've got training.
- Really?
- Yes.
Well, what sort of training you got?
You like a doctor, a nurse or something,
Sorry, did you say vet?
- Yes.
- Right.
You did something like this before?
On horses.
Got it.
Thanks for that.
Thanks a lot.
I, er, I need a phone.
But I can't find one.
I've been lookin' everywhere.
We don't have a phone, it got cut off.
Where's the nearest phone box then?
About a mile and a half down the road.
You got a car?
My mum's old Jeep is
parked around the back.
Good, okay, good.
We leave in five minutes.
Do I have a choice?
No, no you don't.
- Anybody hurt?
- Yeah he's hurt pretty bad.
Will he make it?
Yeah, he's tough as old boots.
He's gonna make it, but...
We can't hang around here.
We need an out.
Turn your phone on at 7.00am
for 10 minutes.
I'll text you details.
Oh, and Dexter, don't trust anyone.
Yeah, I hear you.
I'll talk to you tomorrow.
So word from the boss.
You find Dex and his bum boy Al...
you keep his share of the money.
How much?
Don't know, the bastards bumped us
before we got a chance to count it.
But about six million
supposedly in the van.
Al was injured.
Now, if I was injured, I'd hole up
somewhere unexpected for the night,
get myself sorted then I'd push on
in the morning.
Got a couple of shots in the fuel tank,
so they wouldn't have got far.
It's a pretty isolated area.
Just do the rounds.
So what's your story?
Why do you wanna know?
Well, you've taken my brother and I
hostage in our own home.
I think we deserve some kind
of explanation.
Yeah, fair enough.
Um, I guess what you really need to know
is that Al and I pulled a job today.
Our associates were greedy
and they tried to kill us.
Didn't work, but Al did get shot
and that is how we came to be
at your house tonight.
And I'm truly sorry about that.
Nice watch.
Thanks, my girlfriend...
Sorry, my ex-girlfriend gave it to me.
That was nice of her.
Shame though.
What is?
Girl like that bought me a watch,
I'd be pretty pissed off
if she then dumped me.
As it happens, I dumped her.
I don't wanna talk about it.
She, er, stole money off ya?
She fucked your best friend?
- Did you fuck her best friend?
- No!
Well, what then?
If you must know, she wasn't a virgin.
And that makes a difference to you?
Yes, it does.
Let me, er... explain a little theory
of mine to ya.
Suppose all you'd ever eaten
was McDonald's,
you were very happy with your McDonald's,
until one day you walk past a Burger King.
Now these Burger Kings look great,
but you stay loyal to your McDonald's,
so you walk away and try to forget
these other burgers.
But sooner or later curiosity
gets the better of ya.
Curiosity killed the cat.
But you see what I'm getting at.
Burgers are a metaphor for dicks, right?
Something like that, yeah.
- Adele's a vegetarian.
- Then you're screwed.
Your friend Al, is he dangerous?
I mean, is Thomas gonna be okay there?
Al wouldn't hurt a fly.
A gangster that wouldn't hurt a fly?
Seriously, Al never really hurt anybody.
Except for his stepdad that time.
Don't move a fucking muscle.
Oz, long time no see.
Just come out the Scrubs.
Workin' for Fordy, eh?
Time bein'.
Where's the fuckin' money?
Beats me.
Dex left me with the kid and his sister,
took the money and ran.
Don't talk shit.
You two is tight as a duck's ass.
And if I didn't know you better,
I coulda swear you two were queer.
Now, where is he?
What happened to his stepdad?
This guy had been beating and bullying Al
and his mum for years.
One time, Al comes home...
Now, Al loves his mum, loves his mum,
so he decides to try and intervene.
But he can't handle this guy,
he's just a kid right?
Al hit him with a candlestick.
28 times.
28 times?
Look, as long as Thomas
doesn't try to fuck AI's mum,
I think he's gonna be all right.
I'll ask you again, and if I don't start
gettin' the correct answers,
I'm gonna shoot the kid,
starting with his feet.
Okay, hey, it's got nothing to do with me.
I don't give a shit.
I just want the fucking money.
Now, where is it?
I told you, Dex has it.
- Two...
- Come on, Oz.
Ah, fuck.
You always was a loser, Al.
Say goodnight.
- Aw, sh...!
- Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.
Ah, jeez, that's it, it's all right.
Fuck, ah, God damn it!
In here?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Okay.
Oh, oh fuck, my shoulder.
Okay, easy does it.
What? What's happened?
I need to show you something.
It's in the fridge.
That's a freezer, Al, what is it?
Oh fuck, Jesus!
What the fuck is this?
- It's Oz.
- Yes, I can see it's Oz.
What is he doin' in the freezer, Al?
- Fordy sent him.
- Fuck!
Why's he got sunglasses on?
Cos he was starin' at me.
Goodbye, Oz.
Are you okay?
It's strange I...
I don't feel any remorse.
Maybe it'll come later.
Do you, do you think they'll hurt us?
No, not intentionally.
I do think we could be in trouble.
Whoever's after those guys
doesn't care who stands in their way.
Well, it's not like we were
staying here long anyway.
Max says he's gonna sort us out,
get us on a flight to the Canaries.
Goes from an airfield not far from here.
First thing tomorrow.
How's your arm?
I'll hold.
That bastard hit me.
Well, you did kill him, to be fair.
What are we gonna do about those two?
Slight change of plan.
Here's what's gonna happen.
We're gonna get rid of that body
and then we're gonna go.
Anybody comes through here
looking for us,
Fordy, the guy who's been chasin'
us, the cops, anyone,
you never saw us, you never heard of us,
you never met us, understood?
Okay, now do me a favour,
go get me a torch.
We're not cleaning that mess up
in the next room either.
We'll do it.
Get up.
Let's get the fuck out of here,
come on, let's go.
- Martine.
- Women!
Oh shit!
No, wait.
This Fordy guy, how dangerous is he?
He's pretty fuckin' dangerous.
How long's it been just you and Thomas?
About a year since they died.
Did they pass at the same time?
Drink driver, just like that.
Fuck, I am sorry.
My dad was in loads of debt.
Deep, deep debt, and we knew
nothing about it, so...
Are you... Are you off now?
Gotta get back before
the old man gets home.
Long-distance truck driver.
Must run, bye!
Here he is.
Julie gone, I see.
She had us up all night, didn't she?
Dirty little cow!
Yeah, I... I heard.
It was good, wasn't it?
Yes, stick it over there for a minute.
All right.
Where the fuck are you going?
You know, I'm gettin' ready to go to work.
You're not fucking going to work.
Let me buy you a decent breakfast.
I can't, Lewis, I'm gonna get fired.
Timmy, Timmy!
Come on, my treat.
Just stay there, good.
I need five more minutes.
- Okay.
- Good lad.
So you have a problem with breastfeeding?
No, I have a problem with breastfeeding
in a public place.
- What's the difference?
- There's a massive difference.
Okay, enlighten me.
Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem
with any woman gettin' her tits out.
Well, most women.
But if the puppies are coming out
to feed a baby,
that's a different story.
Breastfeeding a baby, it's... it's...
It's the most beautiful and the most
wonderful thing in the world, it's...
Well, so is taking a shit, but I think
a few people might object
if I decided to drop the kids off
at the pool
in the middle of the diner,
don't you think?
However, if a woman started
breastfeeding in here,
I doubt anyone would have the balls to say
to her,
"Excuse me love, but would you not do that
while I'm eating?"
So what you're saying is...
What you're saying is that you don't mind
a woman getting her tits out
just whenever and wherever,
but you do mind if she does it
to feed her child.
Pretty much.
All right, well I wouldn't
look behind you then.
Two English breakfasts.
You must be hungry.
Well, a man's gotta keep his strength up.
Um, you didn't tell me what you did.
Well, it's the age-old clich.
If I tell you, I'll have to kill you.
I'm more interested in your boss, anyway.
What was his name again?
- Derrick?
- Yeah, why?
Well, it seems to me...
like he needs to be taught a lesson.
Hm, wouldn't mind teachin' him a lesson.
Wouldn't mind killin' him sometimes.
That's a good idea.
What do you mean?
Well, you know where he lives, don't you?
Tim, I'll be waitin' for him.
You're not serious.
Hell yes.
Well, we're...
We're not gonna do anything
to my boss, all right?
Tim, you asked what I did for a living.
This is what I do.
What do you mean this is what you do?
You kill people?
Like a... a hit man?
Guy's a fucking arsehole.
I know he is, but people are nasty
to other people all the time.
You don't, you can't just go
and kill them.
Even his girlfriend tells him to do one.
Nobody is gonna miss him.
I'm sorry, can you excuse me a second?
I'm just gonna...
- Er, where you goin'?
- Just to the men's room.
Well, you won't be needin' those, will ya?
You all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.
You sure? Bloke almost killed you.
I'm fine.
Get you a coffee or summat?
So what's your name?
What's yours?
You have Lee tattooed on your arm.
That's right.
Is Lee your partner or something?
Do I look gay?
You just never know these days.
Lee was my twin brother.
He died at birth.
I'm sorry.
Me too.
It's not like I knew him
or anything though, is it?
Well, still sad though.
So what about you?
What about me?
Do you have a sad story to tell?
I guess you could call it that.
It's a long story.
I've got time.
Do you want breakfast?
Because you might be hungry.
You're not making this very easy, are you?
What do you want, Elliott?
How's your new job?
Fine, thanks.
You've just started with
the police, right?
And they'd be able to find the last known
addresses of a vehicle's owner, right?
Yeah, where's this going?
I need to find the address,
the last known address of a person.
Yeah, I can't do that.
You know I wouldn't ask
unless it was important.
This better be life or death.
I've been locked up most of my life.
What'd you do in there?
Computers, creative writin'.
What'd you write about?
They asked us to write about our day.
Can you imagine?
Locked up for 23 hours of it,
doesn't exactly make for
very interesting reading.
So you never had a proper job?
I've tried courses.
Bricklayin', woodwork.
Only problem is you put a load of thieves
and druggies
in a room with expensive tools and
things have a habit of goin' missin'.
Not that you'd know about that.
Where are we going?
Let's have some fun.
Susie, Susie, thank God.
It's, it's Tim.
Is Derrick there?
No, he's not in at the moment,
but he did leave a message for you
saying he wants the company car back.
What, what's wrong?
Well, you can't keep the car
if you don't work for the company.
What, so... So he, he's firing me?!
You called this morning and quit, Tim,
and rather rudely too,
if you don't mind me saying.
Susie, I haven't phoned anybody today.
Well, it was your phone and
it sounded very much like you.
Oh, my God.
Goodbye, Tim.
Oh, my God, Susie, um,
I got, I'll talk to you later.
He asked me into the toilet.
Said he... wanted me
to help him with something.
And he hit me, head-butted me.
He held a knife to my throat.
I pleaded with him, I said,
"Please, don't kill me."
That was the last thing
I remember before, um...
I was knocked out.
I woke up and my wallet, my phone,
my wedding ring, my car, all gone.
I feel so stupid.
And you're positive that this is the man
that attacked you?
Oh yeah, no mistaking, that's him.
We're gonna need your car registration
and your bank details.
- Have you cancelled your cards yet?
- No, no, not yet.
Do you believe why he was in the toilet?
No more than I believe
in Father Christmas.
Run the cards and see
if he's used them anywhere.
- Sir.
- What?
- We've got a sighting of Hunting.
- Where?
At a diner on the A666.
Press time.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- You okay?
- Fine.
- Did you get the information?
- Yeah.
Look, shouldn't you be out
playing football or chasing girls?
I've never even watched a football match
on TV, let alone played one.
And all the best girls are taken.
- Is that it?
- Yeah.
Look, I could get fired for this.
So, who is it that you think is
the serial killer?
The local gardener.
It's a bit of an obvious choice though.
What I want you to do
is to read out the locations the truck was
registered at, okay?
Fire away.
August 2007, Birmingham.
Hang on, bingo, the Solihull Strangler.
Solihull, just outside Birmingham.
Three women murdered by strangulation.
Yeah, the name kind gave away
the method, Elliott.
Brighton, 2009.
Got two murders in Hove
that year, February, two kids.
What month do you have?
Swansea, 2009 to 2012.
Six men all disappeared overnight
in a three-year period,
and they were found dead
in a local marina.
Look, just because some crackpot website
has linked these deaths to serial killers
doesn't give you any proof
that this gardener is the serial killer
from around here.
We got three separate serial killers
around the country,
and a man linked to those areas
at the time of the murders.
Now, we have a serial killer in our town
who started just around the same time
the gardener turned up.
I don't know, Elliott.
If you're so convinced,
why don't you talk to your uncle?
I already did.
I've gotta get back.
If it turns out that it is the gardener...
and he kills again and we did nothing,
how you gonna feel then?
I'm not your babysitter any more.
Just try and stay outta trouble, okay?
Go, go, go, go, go!
Get out, get out!
Go, go, go, go, go!
Al, Al.
Okay, give me that.
I'm so... sorry I got you two
involved in all this shit.
I'm sorry about Al.
There's a main road over there...
on the other side of that field.
Get to it, hitch a ride.
Here's a big bag of money.
That'll sort you out.
What are you gonna do?
I'm gonna fucking kill him.
Thank you.
Look after each other.
You fucker!
Don't move!
Fordy, it's your time to die.
It's your time.
Look at me, you look at me.
Sh, sh.
Shh, it's okay, it's okay.
It's just your time.
This is where they usually leave.
- Who?
- Guys.
- What guys?
- Guys that I've been on a date with.
What's the deal with all these questions?
I mean, who wants to go out with
a prostitute?
Are you telling me
because you want me to leave?
No, I'm telling you because I want to be
honest with you.
Because I don't wanna leave.
Though I might, if you don't cheer up.
I know I've been a bitch,
but this is important.
I must have parked down here somewhere.
Here we are.
Let's run a bath.
Simpson's card has just been used
to book a hotel room.
I'll be right there.
Tim, welcome to the party!
What did you do?
What do you mean?
Well, he just needed
a little bit of a drink.
Tim, I didn't do anything!
Come back here, you horrible little man!
Hope I'm not too late to join the party.
Where's Al?
He didn't make it.
And Fordy?
Yeah, he didn't make it either.
Oh well!
One less thing to worry about.
Money safe?
- Let's get you on the plane then.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hands out, slowly, slowly.
I'm not a fuckin' idiot, Max.
I know you set me up.
The only thing I don't understand
is why you didn't kill me
when you had the chance.
I don't shit on my own doorstep.
Nothing to do with getting your sweaty
hands on that money then?
Nah, I'm givin' that all back.
Less a finder's fee, of course.
You never did stop blamin' me
for Molly's death, did you?
Neither did I.
You do what you gotta do, Max.
I told you not to trust anyone.
Fuck you, Dexter.
Is this what you were thinking of?
Okay, Hunting, put the fucking weapon
down or this all ends here!
Drop it, Lee! Come on.
And so it ends.
The biggest manhunt, or should I say
womanhunt, in Curiosity history
comes to a bloody conclusion here tonight
with the apprehension of Lee Hunting,
the alleged Christmas Day killer.
Lee Hunting, whose recent escape
from St Andrew's Mental Institute
that sparked the entire police
was apprehended here this evening.
She is taken off now.
The diminutive figure is led off
by the CID to be questioned
in conjunction with the identification
of an as-yet unnamed male body.
Well, you got her.
You be okay?
Yeah, I think I am.
So what now?
How did you find me?
You're so pathetic.
All right, this is how I would have
done it, I think.
Your home number was on your mobile,
the code gave me the area,
and the phone book, well, that gave me
your address.
And I already had the keys to get in,
didn't I?
What happened to Derrick?
Why do you care?
You don't work for him any more.
Yeah, why did you do that?
Why did you quit my job for me?
Because you don't like working for him.
The guy is an arsehole.
You can do so much better.
Did you kill him?
Look, I can't do anything alone, yeah?
I need you to help me.
Why me?
Because, Tim...
...I am you.
You are me.
I don't know what that means.
Come on, think about it.
Think about it. When did I first turn up?
Well, I picked you, I gave you a lift.
This is bullshit!
I do the things you wanna do, Tim.
Guess what, you ain't got the balls
to do 'em, have you?
Hey, Bruce Wayne,
he's got Batman, hasn't he?
Peter Parker, he's got Spider-Man,
and you Tim, you, you've got me.
The guy outside the club.
This is how you deal with pricks, Tim.
The girl at the club.
Who's the fuckin' man?
Breakfast at the diner...
Quittin' your job.
He needs teaching a lesson.
In fact, I wouldn't mind
killin' him sometimes.
That's not a bad idea.
Dealing with Derrick.
What the fuck are you doing here?
I told you to get your fuck...
What have you done, Tim?
What have you fucking done?
Agh, no, agh!
No! No, no, no!
Okay, Nigel.
It took me a while to nail you,
but I got you in the end.
Go, Frank!
Where shall I begin, hm?
Just a little anaesthetic.
So, where did all this begin?
Back in the day, I used to work
for various gangs
or firms, as we like to call them.
Information extraction,
torture, interrogation.
I could get blood out of a stone, me.
Psycho Stubbs, I was known as.
But like all good things,
they had to come to an end.
I was sent down.
I got ten years.
While I was away,
they sent in people like you.
Child murderers, shit like that.
They got their own cell.
Special dispensation.
Change of identity when they let 'em out.
While the rest of us where slumming it.
And then one day, close to my parole...
...I gets a little message in my ear.
"Track 'em down and make 'em disappear."
So I look at the headlines
in the newspapers for a clue.
Searched the internet.
See where I had to go.
How did I find you?
I only had to shake your hand.
That was enough for me.
Don't worry.
I'll make you disappear
before the police find you.
I think it's simpler that way,
don't you think?
It's not nice...
having people do things to you
that you don't want them to do.
Is it?
But you should've thought about that
before you started killing
all those lovely ladies.
Come on.
There, you hungry, fella?
You hungry, eh?
Looks like we're in for a long night,
- No!
- Hello, Timothy.
No, no, no, no!