Welcome to Dignity Pastures (2013) Movie Script

(somber organ music)
(guests whispering)
- I'm so sorry.
(somber organ music)
(dramatic music)
(woman growling)
(knife thuds)
(woman screaming)
(blood spurts)
- Ladies and gentlemen, I
sincerely apologize for this
We here at Dignity
Pastures take great pride
in assisting families to grieve their loss
and to celebrate the
lives of their loved ones
with friends and family.
If you will allow us a few moments
we will redress Mrs. Wilkinson
and continue with a respectable
and dignified service.
- Pardon me.
Sir, the Thomas family's
requested a last minute cremation.
- Thank you very much for your patience.
Please, excuse me.
(somber organ music)
(dramatic music)
(fire whooshing)
I love my job.
(dramatic electronic music)
(zombie growls)