Welcome to Leith (2015) Movie Script

This is Mr. Cobb
and my lover, Kynan Dutton,
patrolling with
sexy-ass guns, yes it is.
911, what's your emergency?
Um, I'm the mayor of Leith,
down there.
- Yes.
-And there's been issues
starting yesterday morning.
A couple people
wandering up to my property.
Cobb and Kynan Dutton
both have rifles,
and my husband was out there
and they're yelling at him
-and yelling at him.
-Okay, okay.
Does he have a weapon? Ma'am?
My husband doesn't,
but the Cobb does.
They followed me home
from the Cooks'
and were just yelling
and cursing,
and calling me
all kinds of names.
- Where are you?
-We're in Leith.
- You're in Leith?
-Yes, right away.
Watch out!
Hey, hey, hey!
I became mayor
three years ago.
The two previous
mayors passed away,
so I was next in line
to take the job.
Before then,
I sat on the council
since I was 16 years old.
So, I got grandfathered
into the position.
Um, Leith is, uh,
three square miles,
and 24 residents,
with the children.
The city, it kind of
died off in the mid-1900s,
and there's only one
business left here.
We're very welcoming of
people because, uh, you know,
if somebody says,
"We wanna move there,"
we were grateful for it
because we had new neighbors
and, uh, just more
people around.
I was born and raised
in Longview, Washington.
And I lived in Oregon
all my life
until we got married.
Yeah, we've been married
almost 14 years.
We met in church.
Ya know, when we moved in,
we used to joke
that we increased
the population of Leith
by what, 25 or 50 percent,
or something,
with our kids and everything,
so it was kind of a joke.
I met my wife in
Norfolk, Nebraska.
She always teases me
about coming up here to live
and I was like,
"No, it's not gonna happen,"
you know, but, uh,
I pretty much
got comfortable up here.
Day-to-day life
here for me
is generally drive bus
in the morning.
The kids help me out
on the farm.
And so does my wife.
We live out here because
we like the privacy,
and the secluded feel,
and just the beauty
of the country around us,
it's just--
this is why we're here.
It's very rural America.
Everybody has
each other's backs.
I did what I would do
to anybody that had
just moved into Leith,
or as I was meeting them
for the first time,
I would say,
"Well, welcome to Leith."
I didn't want to, you know,
be buddy-buddy with him
because he did come across
as a little strange,
but I thought this was
just a lonely man,
you know, that needs
somebody to care about him.
That was my first thought
and I hate to admit this,
but, my second thought was
my mom was single.
I said, "Mom, there's
this guy in Leith,
he's lonely, maybe you
guys could hook up."
Cobb's arrival
happened a year ago
and at first, I just
thought he was a quiet,
keep-to-himself type of guy,
and, he told me at that time
he was working
in the oil field.
The oil boom has
affected us quite heavily.
We have a bunch of
businesses that support
the oil industry,
so they hire on
a lot of people.
Some are just transients
through looking for work,
some of them stay
for some jobs.
There's a lot of good people
that have come here,
but there's a lot of people
that have come here
just because they couldn't
find a job elsewhere.
You don't always know
who you're dealing with.
You don't know
their history all the time.
You bought this land
right here?
- Yes.
-Okay, and what did you buy
this land here for,
this empty land?
Uh, let me see,
these lots were $500 each,
-and I'm told...
Yeah, but now they're
worth about $3300.
I've seen him
once on the street
when he first got here.
And he turned around
asked me did we have
any land for sale.
He had on a long coat
and kind of looked over
his shoulder to ask me
the question,
and I thought it
was kind of weird
'cause the coat
was kind of warm
for the time of the day
and time of the year,
you know, and I was like,
no we didn't have
any land for sale.
And he kept walkin'.
At the time, I had no idea
what his ultimate plan was.
My name is Ryan Lenz,
I'm senior writer
for the Southern Poverty
Law Center's
intelligence project.
We monitor and report
on domestic extremism,
uh, hate groups.
The Southern Poverty Law
Center's intelligence report
documents an alarming rise
in the number of hate groups
in the United States.
A crime rooted in hate.
Eighty-eight year old
James von Brunn
entered the Holocaust Museum
opening deadly fire
at Stephen Johns.
An attempted bombing
in Spokane, Washington.
The admitted white
supremacist built the bomb
to protest multiculturalism.
Ambulance up, subject found!
The alleged gunman,
Wade Michael Page.
Army veteran and linked
to America's neo-Nazi
white power world.
We cover white supremacists,
we think white supremacy
is something
that shouldn't exist.
We don't want hate groups
to exist in this country.
We're gonna do whatever
we can legally,
using public information,
to destroy these groups.
Ya know, if you wanna be
a Nazi, you can be a Nazi,
but, like, I'm gonna make
sure the world knows
you're a Nazi.
We've been right about Cobb.
Definitely more than a decade.
I mean, this is a guy
who was on the lam
from a hate crime
charge in Canada,
this guy got kicked
out of Estonia
for illegal activities,
I mean, this is one of,
you know, top ten
white supremacists
in the United States.
How are people with beliefs
like yours using the media?
How are we using the media?
I guess like you are, Joel.
We're trying to set
our own myths,
instead of adopting
Jewish myth.
Get the fuck out
of our lives, kike,
let's legalize kiking.
We want our own
media company
and we have
the right to do it.
Let's go out
and throw somethin'.
Yeah, there aren't any
niggers in this area.
You're not supposed
to throw at niggers,
it might be
racial intimidation.
They're very sensitive.
Are any of you Negroes
armed right now?
Why don't you ask
the fucking white people
if they're armed?
That nigger popped my camera,
why didn't you go arrest him?
Craig Cobb has been involved
in the Creativity Movement
for years
and years and years.
They call themselves
So, when you say
you're a Creator,
I mean, you're not saying
you're a creation of God,
like there's
some God out there
that made you what you are.
No, you are God,
all-Aryan man is God,
and these people produce
a lot of violence.
White supremacist
Matthew Hale was arrested
for soliciting the murder
of a federal judge.
She had ruled he could
no longer call his hate group
"The World Church
of the Creator."
Craig Cobb posted
Judge Lefkow's home address.
Cobb is a bit of a maniac
about posting personal
information in retaliation
for, um, things
that he doesn't like
that are being said about him
or about his allies.
Lefkow's husband
and her 89-year-old mother
were both shot in the head.
Ultimately, Lefkow's family
was not killed by somebody
in the white supremacist
All we know is that Cobb
put the stuff out there,
whether or not it led
to that person finding
that information out,
And so Cobb had
posted something
on Vanguard News Network,
that white nationalist,
racist forum.
He had posted something,
sent out an open
advertisement, you know,
saying that he had
gone to Leith
and he encouraged
all white nationalists
to move there,
told everybody
what he was doing.
So, I flew to North Dakota,
to Grant County.
It's so weird when
you drive into that town.
You take that curved road
and all of a sudden
there's that plank
that says,
"Welcome to Leith."
There was no infrastructure.
Everything else just seems
to have been forgotten.
A B-roll to
"The Walking Dead."
And so I went
to the county offices and said,
"Hey, has Craig Cobb
sold or bought properties
in the last ten months?"
And she starts saying,
"Yeah, yeah, yeah,
he's actually been buying
quite a lot," you know.
I said, "Well, who's he been,
like--has he been selling?"
"Oh yeah, he sold some, too,"
and I said, "To whom?"
And she star-ts naming
these people, like, you know,
names that are, you know,
as much as they can be
luminaries on
the racist right,
you know, like,
people like Tom Metzger.
White Aryan Resistance
war out of Indiana.
Nigger, nigger, nigger!
Out, out, out!
Nigger, nigger, nigger!
Out, out, out!
Metzger's scary.
White revolution!
White revolution!
We sued that group
back in the early '90s
because people were
influenced by Metzger
to stomp to death
an Ethiopian immigrant.
You know, if you're living
in this little town,
the guy's across the street
and he's friends with the guy
who influenced someone
to kill someone,
yeah, it's a little scary.
He had sold Alex Linder,
who runs VNN.
The most extreme elements
of the movement
are really on
Vanguard News Network,
which is, uh, openly
in other words,
its policy is that Jews
should be genocided.
What we should do
is exterminate them.
Their behavior over
2,000 years has shown
that when you kick them out,
they always end up
being let back in.
They cause the same problems.
So, you know, Cobb
obviously had a vision
of bringing not just
white supremacists to Leith,
but bringing the leadership
of the white supremacist
movement to Leith.
I was like, this is real,
like, this is
the smallest town
I've ever seen in my life
and I can't believe racists
are buying up
properties here.
Then I star-ted thinking,
you know, "What a perfect
place to do it."
You go to someplace
like Leith, you know,
where people aren't looking,
where people
keep to themselves.
So, I went and talked
to Ryan Schock.
I was shocked, and being
as I live out here
and I've--haven't been much
place in this world,
I honestly didn't even know
what a white supremacist
was at the time.
I assured him it
wasn't anybody good
and I was worried
at that point, um,
I just felt
something changing.
It was this moment
where the outside world
that has kept apart from
much of rural America
comes in and just
son of, like,
rears its ugly fucking head
and you have to address it.
Something you didn't
even know existed
all of a sudden
just kind of like
came up through the soil.
Well-known white supremacist
Craig Cobb
plans to turn Leith into
a white nationalist community.
It would be extraordinarily
beautiful when people
enter the town because
we will have floodlit flags
of all the formerly
white nations of Europe.
Cobb says like-minded people
with white nationalist
will be taking up residence
on his properties,
so they'll have
the majority of votes
to take over the town.
What we're trying
to do is move people
into an area where
they can get jobs
at $50,000 a year
almost immediately.
Cobb has a plan
that as crazy as it sounds,
might actually happen.
He purchased one parcel
and another parcel,
and he finally got up to
12 to 13 parcels of land.
He had the whole town
mapped out as to what
he was gonna build on each
piece of land that he owns.
And after I see the map,
it's very scary.
Here we can gather together
and become a simple majority
by legal electoral rights
within the United States,
and have many young women
who are the mates
of young males in monogamous
relationships pregnant
because pregnancy
is a sign of confidence.
Where does all that hate
come from?
Uh, you know, we hate
that which threatens
that which we love, Gary.
And, we're being genocided
in our own country,
wouldn't you?
Wouldn't you be
bitter about it?
The irony of the story,
Bobby Harper,
the only black
in Grant County,
and his wife Cheryl
live directly behind Cobb.
Would you stay in the town
if his supporters came in
and star-ted
controlling the town?
Yes, I still would be here.
- How come?
-Because it's my home
and I have a right
to be there.
I mean, it was like
a stick of dynamite
that just blew up, I mean,
people were just freaked out.
I donated a building to NSM.
I support a lot
of what they do.
The National Socialist
Movement is one
of the largest neo-Nazi
groups in the country.
Just as our Founding Fathers
shot the warning shots
of the Revolution,
a new revolution
is brewing here.
The NSM lists
its headquarters
right here in Detroit.
Craig had contacted us
about what he was doing
in Leith
and had deeded us a property.
So, my thinking was,
I'll go out to Leith.
We got it for a steal.
And, you know,
when the media got involved
and SPLC tried to make
a big deal out of it
like he should be stopped,
to me, I took it as a threat.
Here's this guy
that they feel
that they can victimize.
Nobody victimizes the
National Socialist Movement.
That's asking for trouble,
that's like backing a dog
into a corner with a stick.
You keep poking that dog
into the corner with a stick,
you're gonna get bit.
I do understand
white nationalism
is radically defamed
as being antithetical
to human evolution
and so forth,
things like that that are
really overly dramatic.
But if the First Amendment
is taken away from people
in this country,
we have the right
to go to war.
We have new developments
tonight in connection
with a planned visit
by a group
of white supremacists.
Schoep is now asking
to have a town hall meeting.
Former members
of the activist group
Anti-Racist Action
have ties to North Dakota
and are planning to rally
around the town of Leith
and force Cobb out.
There's lives at stake,
and when the integrity
of your community
is at stake,
it's time to stand up.
We got your back!
No Nazis, no KKK!
No Nazis, no KKK,
no Fascist U.S.A.!
Our lives should not
have to change
because of one guy's agenda.
No Nazis, no KKK,
no Fascist U.S.A.!
You know, it's really funny
because millions of whites
have been driven out
of their neighborhoods
and cities by violence.
And here,
we just have democracy
and they want
to drive us out.
A strong showing
of support for Leith
coming from North Dakota's
Native Americans,
who came here angry and ready
to take on Craig Cobb
and members of the
National Socialist Movement.
You represent a dying cause!
- Yeah!
So, North Dakota, we got
one thing to say, this:
Go home!
Go home! Go home!
Go home! Go home!
Go home!
Okay, thank you
all for coming.
We're gonna get
about 20 voters here
and we will be in charge
of the city
government of Leith.
In the interim,
I wanted to thank
Commander Jeff Schoep
of the National
Socialist Movement.
This is how
we're gonna star-t out.
If you're making
noise in here,
and you're hollering,
and you're booing,
and you're being
we will remove you or
the police will remove you.
Yeah, I'll whoop
your fucking ass.
Bring it!
Yo, I'll whoop the fuck
right outta you.
I've read different things
and heard different things
in the media, people saying,
"Well, we'll try to kick him
out of town, we'll try
to drag him out of town."
That is a violation
of Mr. Cobb's civil rights
as an American.
The National Socialist
Movement is here today
to defend Craig Cobb
and his right to live here
in this nation, in this city,
in this town, in this county,
and that right will not be
abridged, period.
We're watching you
all the time!
Everywhere you go,
all the time,
we'll be watching.
We're gonna be watching
you all the time, buddy!
Every second of every day!
Every second,
you're gonna be watched.
There are gonna be cameras
on you all night long.
We're gonna be watching
you all the time, buddy!
Every second of every day!
Craig Cobb is no longer
the only white supremacist
living in Leith,
North Dakota.
Kynan and Deborah Dutton
and their five young children
recently moved
to Leith from Oregon.
Twenty-eight year old
Kynan Dutton
is an Iraq War veteran
and self-proclaimed skinhead.
The family lives in a trailer
on Cobb's property
and must use an outhouse
because there's
no running water.
The Duttons say they know
at least three more
white supremacists planning
to move to Leith.
There you go, this is
a good Reich one.
We have a lot of countries
here, historic and current,
some of which were
dissolved after the end
of the Third Reich.
Germany, Sweden, Norway,
the countries of Aryan
origins, for the most pan.
This one here is the NSM,
that's the organization
that I belong to,
which is the National
Socialist Movement,
and this is
the Britannia flag.
The National
Socialist Movement
heard about Craig
and heard about what
he was trying to do here.
All we want in the world
is our own separatism,
and our ability to live
within our own people
to reinforce our own culture.
We feel like in public
and in modern society,
there's too much
of the multiculturalism,
and that it's taking away
from our people's solidarity.
I just found out recently
that white children
under the age of five
are now a minority
in America
for the first time.
And so, it's something
that concerns us
as proud whites
and as proud Aryans.
We're a white civil rights
activist group.
The NAACP exists for blacks,
there's Hispanic
organizations for them,
there's the JDL
for the Jewish population.
We are nothing
that isn't what they are.
Just for whites, for people
of European descent.
Our goal is to do what
we're doing and leave,
and be successful to a degree
and then, of course,
hopefully the idea would
spread to other communities.
If we could have peace
and if we could have
a white community,
then others could, too.
So, we feel like
we're son of a stepping stone
to a greater purpose.
And there's more
people coming.
The idea it's just Cobb
and Dutton is a huge mistake,
because there's a lot more
people involved in this stuff.
These guys are just
the front-runners.
These guys are the guys
that are trying
to plant the seeds.
You know, but there's
a lot of other people.
All you have to do is
go to these websites
where these guys
are promoting this crap,
and talking about this crap.
This is off of
a White Nations post.
This is Craig Cobb himself.
"Now I want again
to put out a call.
We see all political
racially aware whites,
longtime incarcerated whites,
from federal prisons
as many as possible,
and fast, too.
Now is the time
to draw your sword."
He's got pictures on there
of him standing with his gun,
with a Christmas message.
He's got my name,
phone number--
Yeah, that's what this
is all right here.
He posts my name, my address,
my ex-wife, all the places
- I've lived...
-Your brother, your sister...
My brother, my sister.
It's--it's bad.
It's really bad.
Back in Washington,
we left some pretty
ugly stuff behind.
My daughter was murdered
when she was 17 years old.
Ya know, to even have
the mental capacity
to get up in the morning
was more than you could
cope with, you know,
lost everything.
People really
take it for granted
that somebody like Cobb
is not gonna do something
to their children,
and I wasn't willing
to take that chance.
This is what we sleep
with every night.
This one's actually mine.
This was my birthday present.
And we're going
to get our concealed
weapons permits, too.
'Cause we're gonna star-t
packing all the time.
I see Lee Cook's calling
into the program.
What are you guys
gonna do out there?
I live across the street,
I know what's going on.
Did you call
the sheriff out there?
The sheriff doesn't do
anything around here.
We had a briefing here
in the commissioner's room
and we had North Dakota
Highway Patrol, we had the--
you have your own criminal
investigations for our state.
We do a briefing
where you kind of go over
what we're thinking
could happen,
what, you know,
what we're gonna do
if an emergency
situation occurs.
Grant County
is 1600 square miles.
We don't have the luxury
of having backup.
Yeah, there's four deputies,
that's what we--
well, three deputies
and a sheriff.
We usually go
into something knowing
that it's probably just us,
you're probably alone.
The people of Leith
could not figure out
why we couldn't just say,
you know,
"Mr. Cobb, you need to leave
the area."
It just doesn't work that way.
How can he live day by day
hating people?
Well, let me tell you something.
Every time I think about
having sympathy for that guy,
I think to myself,
"This guy deserves no mercy,
no sympathy."
This is bullshit!
We are in America.
I am a disabled
American veteran!
You guys will not treat me
like this.
What have we done?
Flipped me off,
treated my family like shit,
ostracized my family
from these towns.
You guys think
we're some fuckin' game.
- We are goin'--
-You know what?
- We are goin'!
-You need some soap.
Your mouth is filthy.
- We are going.
-You need to eat some soap.
White power!
Sieg heil!
I'm only gonna say it once--
They refuse service
in all these towns to us.
Let's go outside.
Fuck you!
And the rest
of this fuckin' town.
Watch what you say to me.
That's what he's been sayin'
to all of us.
Let's go outside
and discuss this like we should.
I don't have a problem
with orange, green,
black, white, or brown people.
They don't bother me that much.
Stupid people do.
These type of people--
the "Gnat-zis," I call 'em--
white supremacists, separatists.
He's nothing
but an antagonistic,
misogynistic, uh,
let's see,
how shall I say this?
Uh, he's an idiot!
So, basically, what I did
was create a website--
and I had it up and running
within 12 hours.
The reason that I took on
this job
is because I have the expertise,
the knowledge--
And I do this for documentation
for the city of Leith.
Like I've told people before,
if you don't like my camera,
that's too bad.
I've not had a fire in my belly
for the last 25 years,
and this has put a fire
in my belly.
I'm right here--
The meeting has not started yet,
so why are you in my face?
This is a public place,
you're in a public area,
that's why I have a right to.
You can present your agenda
when the meeting starts.
- Otherwise, leave me alone.
-Well, he says to get in there.
Do what the man
tell you to, boy.
What's your, uh, boy's name?
You'll be going
to North Dakota Prison.
He's not my boy,
he's a man.
You shove me, I will hit you.
I'm staying right here.
Okay, you stay right there,
I'll stay right here, see?
This accomplishes nothing.
Okay, I'm gonna call
the meeting to order.
I need motions and a second.
Any discussion on events
from last week?
I'd like to mention,
that meeting,
there was no public notice
so it was illegal.
No public notice was given--
Please, please be quiet.
Oh, well, it was
an illegal meeting--
You'll have time to talk
at the end.
Alright--there's no reason
to cite something illegal,
I'm gonna drive to Hazen.
I work out of town,
so I won't let 'em stay here
by themselves,
they have to come with me
and stay with me.
- We gotta go.
-Yeah, we need to go.
He's, you know,
he's got that Cook
so rattled over there,
you know?
And that Cook is the nicest
fucking guy on the planet.
I mean, the guy wouldn't
hum a fly, you know?
But he's got him so rattled
right now--
And he's gonna push
that guy's button too far.
Until he goes over
and kills him.
- Yeah.
'Cause that guy
ain't just gonna go over
and slap him alongside the head.
I mean, he's gonna--
He'll take him out.
- Yeah.
I was on the phone with
the governor's office.
I says, "What would you do
if you were livin' beside him?"
You know?
And she says, "I know,
and I'm very sorry,"
and she's like,
"but you have to make damn sure
you control your people."
Keep 'em calm, and I'm like,
"I can't keep 'em calm
no longer.
I've done it for three months,"
I'm like,
"We can no longer
keep 'em calm."
I don't blame you.
You know,
the cocksucker's making
these threats on everybody,
so, that's where it gets scary.
You know.
With him holding his shotgun,
"Merry Christmas, Leith."
He doesn't own
one piece of property...
- That's not fucked up.
-That has water hooked up to it.
None of 'em do.
Cobb does not
have running water,
or a sewer in his house and,
with the new ordinances
that we're gonna emplace now,
they, uh, will require him
to have sewer running water.
That's our plan as of right now.
Yeah, I was just thinking
that one kind of creates
a little more of a barrier.
That's the only thing
I was thinking about,
this bigger one.
The more barriers, the better.
Do we have to serve him
with a paper
-starting the timeline?
Then he needs
to draw it up tomorrow--
So we get it to him this week.
From what I gather about
the history of this place,
the Scandinavians
and the Germans
did a lot of the settling
and initial taming of the land
and plowing the crops
and so forth.
But it was hard work,
and they were a hardy people,
really suited for this climate,
people like us
from Germany and Ireland.
Because I'm a white nationalist
and a National Socialist,
they're levying these laws
specifically to drive us out
because of what we believe.
Which is against the law.
It's against
our civil liberties,
it's against
our First Amendment rights.
And it's sad,
because that's white Americans
hating on us,
who are also white Americans.
And, uh, unfortunately,
whether they like it or not,
we're here to stay.
Hi, guys.
Leithans are thrust
into all of this.
Yeah-definitely something
we didn't want.
And he's not actually here
just now, is he?
- No, he's not.
-I mean, he seems to be
to-ing and fro-ing quite a lot.
Are you fighting a bit
of a losing battle here?
No, I don't think so.
I mean, I think, ultimately,
I think we're gonna win it.
I have on the agenda
the reading of the ordinances
for this evening.
Uh, Mr. Todd Kelsch will be
reading them for us.
It is important
to the health and safety
of the citizens of Leith
that each resident's dwelling,
building or other occupied
structure in the city of Leith,
have potable water
and a properly designed,
maintained and operating
onsite sewage treatment system.
A motion that we accept.
The lead motion--
do I have a second?
- I second.
-Bobby seconds.
Any questions
on these ordinances
from the Council first.
'Bout time.
All in favor, say,
Motion passes.
Thank you.
- How you doing, man?
-Hey, good.
- You alright?
-Yeah, I'm doing okay.
Craig Cobb will be served
sometime this week
with a 30-day notice
to hook up to city water--
Mr. Cobb, thanks for calling
in to the program.
Are you in Leith right now?
No, I'm actually out of state.
They didn't have any ordinances
on the books, Jay.
All of this hoopla
about sewer and water
was to try to,
basically, excoriate me
as how could a man live
without these things
in this day and time?
Let me grab another phone call--
Glenn in Missouri--
You got two white men up there
in one town
who are trying to make an area
that's safe for white people
and the white race is done up.
Simple mathematics proves it.
Craig, you were challenged
to have a DNA test done
to prove your Aryan heritage.
You accepted that
on your website.
You will take a DNA test
to prove your Aryan heritage.
It's a brand new
season of Trisha.
Today, on a Trisha exclusive:
You racist, bigoted .
I'm prepared for
an all-out riot.
Just step back.
Craig Paul Cobb
has undergone DNA testing
to determine genetic ancestry.
Eighty-six percent European...
Let's hear it.
...14 percent
sub-Saharan African!
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
Hold on.
Just wait a minute.
This is called
"statistical noise."
Sweetheart, you have
a little black in you.
Listen, I'll tell you this,
oil and water don't mix.
So, hey, bro.
No, no, no.
This guy had 14 percent
black in him,
and I'm trying to figure out,
how can you join a hate group
when you don't check your DNA?
He's black.
Sin is great.
The guiding principle
of all your actions
shall be what is best
for the white race.
It is our immediate objective
to relentlessly expand
the white race
and keep shrinking our enemies.
Here in Leith,
it's a constant struggle.
The people have done
everything in their power
to make us leave.
Our car was vandalized,
three tires were stabbed,
and it was spray-painted.
"Go home," they said.
Well, this is our home.
We're going nowhere.
Please file a report.
This has been noted before
as harassing,
so thank you,
and have a nice day.
Enough is enough.
Make these motherfuckers stop.
Arrest them!
I have numerous videos
of abuse and threats
from all these people.
This guy has honked,
come by to tell us to go home.
I'm looking.
You don't even belong here
Our family's gonna be here
for a long time.
Flipping us off,
telling us to go home.
We are home.
This is the license plate.
This is that fuckin' dude
that I told to leave.
Can we help you?
No trespassing!
You are not welcome here!
I've asked you to leave.
You've been asked to leave
many times.
I am recording you.
This is gonna be sent
to the police.
Leave us alone.
Leave us alone.
Leave us alone.
Leave us alone!
No trespassing!
Not welcome!
Leave us alone!
Yeah, I'm sure,
with all the vandalism--
look at our car!
I'm sure you love us.
Get out of here.
Leave us alone!
Leave us alone.
Grant County Police
will have their hands full.
Leave us alone!
We have a legal right
to bear arms.
We have a legal right
to protect ours.
If we weren't getting
harassed so much,
we wouldn't have to do this.
This is video documentation
that we're protecting our turf,
and not trying to be
threatening to anyone.
Yes, they are carrying.
This is Mr. Cobb
and my lover, Kynan Dutton,
patrolling with sexy-ass guns,
yes, it is.
Stop the hate.
Make sure that we're both
in the camera.
Oh, yeah--I haven't let you guys
get out of screen
the whole time.
Okay, you guys are going
quicker than I am.
You know--hey, hey,
you son of a bitch Christian,
I'll treat you
the same way.
Come on over here.
You think 'cause she's a woman--
fuck you,
you little pussy boy.
Come on over here.
We're going to property-
Hey, you fuckin' asshole!
You're runnin' us
out of this goddamn town,
-controvertin' every goddamn--
-Kynan, you need
-to get with him.
-And then you got the nerve
to tell us we're the fuckin'
demented ones.
Fuck you!
Make sure you got us on camera.
I got it.
Make sure it's on us.
Ah yeah, fuck you,
that's your way of
putting me down, you shithole.
-911, what's your emergency?
-Send the police right away.
They're out there with guns,
they're yelling at my husband,
-they've been yelling--
-Where are you?
- We're in Leith.
-You're in Leith?
- Yes, right away!
Craig Cobb and Kynan Dutton
approached myself and Lee Cook
with a shotgun and rifle
in hand.
I took photographs.
Couple people wandering up
to my property
with a couple rifles.
Okay, what's your address?
Where's Mayor Schock
in all this?
Where's he, fuckin' sittin'
in his house
like a scared little bitch?
Friggin' waiting for the cops
to resolve his problems for him
since he won't do it himself?
Wouldn't be surprised
if they don't come out
and attack us
at a certain point.
I've been meaning to get
some target practice.
Be sure--be sure--
be sure they fire
the first shot.
They have to fire
the first shot.
- Well, I'll fire the second one.
-Maybe the second and third.
Well, we might give 'em
a little more time,
depending how bad of an aim
they are.
Okay, let's go back.
I'm not sure what the Christians
are gonna do, anyway.
Make sure you have everything
in camera shot.
Don't say too much, Kynan,
let me do all the talking.
Same thing, Deborah,
let me do all the talking.
I'm just recording.
All the talking,
I'm gonna do all the talking.
Make sure you get
this guy on camera, too.
I got it.
Come on.
Not a word.
Well, they said they talked
to you on the sidewalk.
Just don't talk.
Put your arms out, please.
- Turn around.
-We got pocket knives.
How many?
Uh, one in my pocket,
and one in my cargo pocket.
Keep your other arm
out there, okay?
He's been making headlines
in the tiny town of Leith
since moving there in August,
but now, infamous white
supremacist Craig Cobb
and Kynan Dutton
have been arrested.
Prosecutors ask
that Cobb and Dutton
be held without bail,
and the judge agreed.
They face seven counts
of terrorizing.
If convicted, Cobb and Dutton
could face up to five years
in prison on each count.
If we'd have made any movement,
like we were going
for a gun or something,
I'm totally convinced
they would have shot us.
At today's preliminary hearing,
a Grant County judge decided
there was enough evidence
to send the two to trial.
The verbal altercation
and the mannerism
which he carried a gun--
well, that time
I felt like I had
a felony press.
If it were up to me,
and I'd've had my gun
on my hip that day
instead of my camera
in my hands,
I'da probably
shot 'em both dead.
Nobody threatened
to shoot anybody
or any type of violence
or anything like that.
It's strictly going on the basis
that people are saying
that they were afraid.
Appearing clean-shaven
and with a new haircut,
Cobb entered a Grand County
court room today.
Cobb's bail was set
at a million dollars cash,
and we learned
late this afternoon
the house Craig Cobb
owned in Leith has been sold.
Yeah, I bought it.
He said that he'd be interested
in getting rid of it,
and I said, "Well, I'll...
add it to my collection
of stuff in Leith, I guess."
I've no plans
of doing anything with it,
I guess.
I mean,
other than cleaning it up,
and keep the mice out of it
and bugs and--
didn't really care
what he was doing, really.
I mean, taking over the town,
that kind of bugged me, but...
anybody's--you can believe
whatever you want, I guess.
It began with
the Southern Poverty Law Center.
The Southern Poverty Law Center
has stalked me
for about seven years.
This is literally
the fourth time
via which they or their
operatives have done this to me.
That is, stalked me,
gotten me fired,
gotten me evicted,
gotten me run out
of countries, even.
And I'm not young, you know,
I'm an older guy.
So, why don't they say,
"Just leave this cantankerous,
uh, kind of, uh,
odd fellow alone?"
No, they're not going
to do that, you see.
For some reason,
they simply will not allow
the infinitesimal few of us
that there are
to keep one another's company
freely and openly.
In the early 2000s,
the federal government
was cracking down
on white supremacists.
And there was a high-level
U.S. Attorney task force
that was created
to deal with that threat.
The last time
they were supposed to meet
was actually on 9/11.
The federal government, um,
turned on a dime very quickly,
for obvious reasons,
and focused almost all
of its attention
on Islamic extremism.
the government was left
with no intelligence agencies
fighting back against
kinds of groups
that the Southern Poverty
Law Center tracks.
That's pretty serious.
You know,
there's a few hundred thousand
of these people
in the United States.
Some of them,
in the vein of Cobb,
are willing to use weapons
in ways that are dangerous.
Some of them
are willing to kill.
I grew up in Missouri,
and I had, I think,
an upper middle class
background, I'm quite sure.
So, that was privileged,
and I was glad for that.
My mother was a teacher and my
father was a land developer.
He was a 33rd degree Mason,
with a very high position
in that organization.
I'd rather not
get into it, but...
I spent a lot
of time reading,
an inordinate
amount of time.
I probably have
Asperger's syndrome,
which is a mild form
of autism.
A month after
I turned 17,
my father--
after a disagreement,
more than a disagreement,
a physical fight--
he put me in the military
at two in the morning.
Then I became a paratrooper.
I took an IQ test
with 400 people
in Kansas City,
I came in second.
And they said that
I could go into the NSA
and various things,
Special Forces,
and, uh, but I would
have to re-up--
I think it was
for six years.
I said,
"I'm not gonna re-up.
I was forced into this."
You know,
people don't like
the way I'm doing things,
both on the left
and the right.
And, uh, a lot of
those keyboard commandos
never do anything.
You know, I'm aged.
It's time for
young men to either
make their stand
or lose their families
to this tyranny.
This call will be
in one minute.
Back in November when
all of these alleged victims
were spoke to...
every one of 'em
told us
without any reservation
that they feared
for their safety,
they feared
for their life.
After the pre-trial
Mr. Bruce loudly
and proudly proclaimed
he had no fear
of Mr. Cobb that day
or Mr. Dutton.
They were not
going to hum him.
I'm really not
afraid of Cobb and Dutton
at all, period.
But at the time,
as a photographer, you know,
uh, photographers
are weird.
We just go after
the story and the film
and the photos
and so on,
and we don't really
think about any danger.
When I informed him,
"if you were not
in fear for your life,
or your serious
bodily injury,
it's not terrorizing."
He then made the comment
that he would make sure
he testified differently.
That's incorrect,
and I'm not gonna
call the man a liar,
but it is incorrect.
I never said that.
Mr. Bruce has made
a real mess of things.
Todd Schwarz, the Grant County
States Attorney,
he dismissed the charge
against Craig Cobb
that involved me,
which was count two
of seven counts
of terrorizing.
"It is clear that
Mr. Bruce lacked
the requisite candor,
trustworthiness, and credibility
for this count
to be continued any further,"
and they dismissed it
with prejudice.
I cannot put
a witness on the stand
if I believe
he's lying.
We now have
a weakened case
because of...
no other way to put it,
somebody who has lied
or mislead law enforcement.
That has to be taken
into consideration.
As I sit here today,
it's looking like
this case will be plead out
in the near future.
Craig Cobb may be able
to avoid a trial in court.
A judge today agreed
to give prosecutors
and Cobb's attorney
three more weeks
to reach a plea agreement.
The judge still has
to accept the deal.
As of now,
a jury trial
is set for July.
I want your take on this.
Do you think Leith
is being ridiculous
by wanting to take
this whole thing to trial
when there's a possible
plea bargain
to get Craig Cobb
the hell outta here?
What do you think?
I wanna hear
from you next.
Jay Thomas Show.
The 10 people
I've talked to,
every last one of 'em--
my next door neighbor,
uh, and the guys
that I have coffee and,
you know, doughnuts with
up in the cafe
in New Leipzig
in the morning.
Everybody agrees,
"What's going on?"
"Why isn't that guy
in prison yet?"
Uh, it's 100 percent
in Grant County.
Gregory, I gotta roll,
I'm out of time.
Keeping fighting
the fight, man.
We'll keep in touch.
Okay, Jay,
have a good day
and thanks for your time.
You got it.
I'm pretty much stuck,
because I won't leave
without my honey,
and, uh...
even if he gets
released, if and when--
I'm sure he's gonna be
on some son of probation,
which is probably
gonna bar us
from leaving
North Dakota.
I almost wanna stay
just because
no one has any right,
no matter who you are
or what you believe in,
to make you leave just
because they don't like you.
One of the men charged
with terrorizing in Leith
is going free after
accepting a plea deal.
Kynan Dutton was
charged with seven counts
of terrorizing.
Dutton's attorney
and prosecutors
made a plea agreement
that reduced the charges
to misdemeanors
and ordered him
to testify against
Craig Cobb.
He's been in jail
for nearly three months.
I'm just here
to get home to my family
and to help support them.
This has been rough
on us all,
and I know that I can do
better for them, uh,
as a free man than I can
here incarcerated.
So, I've got
my base batter.
And then last night
I made a variety
of competes.
Yes, we National Socialists
cook normal food
and eat normal things,
do normal activities.
As long as I've
been a chef,
I've always said
that someday
I'm gonna write
my own cookbook,
and I'm gonna open up
my own restaurant
that features my food,
my creations,
my flavors.
Someday, hopefully,
I'll be able to, uh,
maybe use some of
this negative publicity
as a good promotional deal,
you know?
Look at my nice cake.
What's your homework?
Homework from Miss Larson.
What's that homework?
Oh, it's--it's to look up
all these things
star-ts with an
"N" like "No."
What other words
star-t with an "N"?
- Nickel.
-That's a good one.
- Nine.
-Nine, that's right.
Really nice color.
Okay, there you go.
Regardless of how
one feels
about what we did
and how everything
went in Leith,
we had the balls
to do it.
It made me wanna
stand stronger, longer.
It proved to me
that the government
may or may not
be on my side,
that the police,
especially in certain areas,
are corrupt,
and that what I believe
is worth believing in.
It's cost me a lot,
but it's also
made me strong.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday,
dear Ryan
Happy birthday to you
Do you have ice cream?
You had the--
the motion in order
or what?
Right, right.
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
So, you're going ahead
to make the deal with Cobb
instead of going
to trial?
What a liar!
I can imagine there's
gonna be some repercussions
on this deal, though.
Hey, Todd, Lee Cook.
I hear you're letting
the asshole out.
I remember asking
you a question, you said,
I said, "Do you have
a pretty solid case
against Cobb?"
And your exact words
were to me is,
"I would not have
charged him
if I had not
a solid case against him."
The Nazi people,
I think they're all snakes.
And the only way
you can shut 'em up,
get rid of them,
is to treat 'em like a snake.
You gotta cut
their head off
to get rid of 'em.
The Health Department
condemned it,
so we're gonna
tear it down.
Give her a good tug!
It feels real good
to see that asshole's
property go down.
National Socialist Movement
still owns the land,
and we appreciate
the city cleaning
and clearing the lot
for us,
because now,
you know,
we have the ability to put
another structure there.
We appreciate it.
Multiple shootings
at a Jewish community center
on the eve of Passover
has left at least
three people dead.
Now, our cameras
were there
as that person
was placed
inside a police unit.
Now, listen to what
the suspect had to say.
He was a decorated
Green Beret in Vietnam,
but this guy's got
a whole resume of hate.
You know, most people when
they think about terrorists,
they think of young people.
In fact, there have been
a lot of old guys involved
in this kind of violence.
Frazier Glenn Miller,
an aging enraged anti-Semite
decided he was gonna go
and kill some Jews.
On Saturday...
on the day before the Kansas
City shootings this weekend,
he was online posting
a public notice
that he had just spoken
with this guy.
He posted frequently
about me on VNN forum,
and said, you know,
"Right, Craig?"
And I would
talk to him frequently
and tell him how
things were going.
And he's dying.
He wrote me
on January 6th
that he had one foot
in the grave,
and one foot
on a banana peel.
The reason the
United States government
goes all over the world
and kills hundreds
of thousands of people
is because, uh...
to change minds,
if you will.
And, uh...
And so, these fellas
in the military
have been trained in these
kind of things, you see?
The three people
who were killed this weekend
in that shooting
in that Kansas City suburbs
were a 69-year-old
named William Corporon,
and his 14-year-old
grandson, Reat Underwood,
as well as
a 53-year-old woman
named Terri LaManno.
Why did Cobb's
good buddy
go on the rampage
when he did?
Obviously, he just snapped
at a moment's notice.
Just like Cobb
and Dutton can do.
I don't think it's out of
the realm of possibilities
that this could
happen here.
Then people are gonna
finally take notice
and think, you know,
this was serious,
these people were
in danger this whole time.
But nobody seems
to take it that seriously.
I just--I'm afraid
that it's gonna take something,
you know,
closer to home,
drastic to happen
before people wake up.
You shoot all them bottles
till it's empty.
Should be nine
in there.
I've learned
how to shoot
every gun we own.
Yeah, if you get
a little closer.
I have to know how
to protect my family.
And it's sad that my kids
have to see that gun.
They know
what it means.
Even if I don't elaborate,
they know
why it's there.
If Cobb gets
out tomorrow,
it's a threat.
All rise.
Thank you,
be seated please.
We'll open Grant County
case 2013 CR 43.
The case is entitled
"State of North Dakota,
versus Paul Craig Cobb,"
also known
as Craig Paul Cobb.
And you're Paul Cobb?
Yes, sir, I am.
The information
in this case,
alleged seven C
felony terrorizing counts.
Mr. Cobb, is there
anything else
you would like
to tell the court
regarding the manner
of sentencing in this case?
Yes, Your Honor,
if I may briefly.
L, um...
I regret my actions,
I know I was wrong.
And I, um,
accept responsibility
for my actions.
And it was an unfortunate
confluence of circumstances
and bad decisions
on my pan, Your Honor.
I reviewed
the PSI report,
I've reviewed
the psychological evaluations,
I've reviewed
the victim impact statements,
I've listened to
the comments of counsel
and from the comments
of the defendant.
Based upon all
of those factors
and considering everything
I have read,
I am going to accept
the plea agreement today,
and sentence the defendant
according to that agreement
charges counts 1, 3,
4, 5, and 7.
The defendant will
be sentenced to one year
with all but time served,
suspended for a period
of two years.
He'll be on
supervised probation
subject to the same terms
and conditions
that he will be
on count six,
the C felony
terrorizing charge
the defendant will
be sentenced to one year
with the Department
of Corrections
and rehabilitation
with all the time served
suspended for a period of...
Judge David Reich
sentenced Cobb
to four years
of supervised probation
with 26 strict terms.
Cobb can't own
any firearms
for the rest of his life.
He is not allowed
to have any contact
with any of the victims,
including by computer.
A plea deal would be if
you're gonna serve 10 years,
let's plea it out
to maybe five,
you know what I'm saying?
But to walk out of jail,
come on!
That's ridiculous.
Cobb terrorized
that neighborhood, okay?
I live across the street
from this guy, okay?
I had fear every time
I walked outside my house,
thinking that guy was gonna
shoot me somewhere, okay?
I had to pack a rifle
on my own lawn
in fear of my own life.
I did not let
my family live there.
I did not let
my wife stay there.
I did not let
my kids walk that town.
It's over today,
but on the other hand,
it's really not over,
because when will it
be over, you know?
When--when are we gonna
know that we're--
we're safe back in our homes
back in town?
Are we ever gonna
be safe again?
If you watch the videos
of Craig Cobb
in his City Council meeting
coming after me,
after me over
my murdered daughter,
let me tell you,
this guy ain't sorry
about nothing, okay?
It's a failure of justice.
I sympathize with one
of the victims a great deal.
One of the victims
has been through
something horrible
before coming to North Dakota,
and this just reminded
him of that.
Nobody should have
to go through it.
But I have to look
at what the law allows,
what's appropriate
to the facts of this case,
and what the likely outcome
would be.
And this is the
likely outcome.
So, you feel
justice was served?
Yes , it was .
Wanna get in back or...
North Dakota.
Is it just yourself?
- Just me.
Hi, this is Cobb,
I'm over in 234.
Please don't tell
any visitors
that I'm here or anything.
No, don't even tell 'em
I'm in the motel.
Thank you so much,
I appreciate it.
Hey, Jeff,
this is Craig Cobb,
I'm calling from Bismarck.
Um, you may have
heard on the news,
but they let me out today.
I was quite startled
and stunned by it.
I think there's some
political reasons
because they even had
a representative
from the attorney general's
office there.
His mission was to affirm
that the attorney general
wanted Judge Reich
to go along with it.
So, uh, I guess they said
there will be a lot of jokes
about Judge Reich's name.
And, uh, thanks for
your help, Jeff,
and for coming down there in
the preliminary and all that.
Okay, talk to you
later, Jeff.
Hi, Tom,
this is Craig Cobb.
I'm free in Bismarck,
I'm pretty sure you've heard
on the news by now.
But anyway,
I wanted to call
and maybe I'll
try again later
when you might be home,
perhaps after dinner
if you're around.
And thank you very much for
all your communication help
when I was imprisoned.
And, uh...
Yeah, I have a felony now,
but, uh...
unavoidable under
the circumstances, I think.
Okay, I'll talk to you later.
We even drove around town
going to the attorney
general's office--
- Yeah.
-And, you know,
trying to get a hold
of the probation
and parole office
to find out where he's at.
Either he's going
to come out
with guns blazing,
you know,
to get us all back,
to get revenge,
or he's gonna
Here's some...
You see how the boy...
To me, this one looks
similar to as I did
when I was a child.
This is our religion.
Uh, the 16th Commandment says,
"it is the avowed duty
and holy responsibility
of each generation
to assure and secure
for all time the existence
of the white race
upon the face
of this planet."
They're probably sorry
they let me out already, huh?
You know, when you spend
many hours online,
you know, sometimes
16, 18, 20 hours of the day,
it's very, um...
pleasant and familiar.
That's why we focus on the Jews
and the system they built
rather than whichever
nigger it happened to be
who carried out the murder.
I have a reputation online
of speaking very...
I guess that's a word.
Why? Because...
it shocks
the limbic brain.
It's to get people
out of their lassitude
of which they're--
by which they're mesmerized
and hypnotized.
And this is what Jews do.
They have this
verbal effrontery
and chutzpah that they
continue to manifest,
and it's not going to stop
until they're stopped
from doing it.
And one way to stop
them from doing it
is you, uh...
physically take apart
their molecules and atoms.
You know...
I felt that I could
make my mark
on white nationalism
by becoming a speech
or a thought criminal.
I've tried to do
my pan, and, uh...
I really feel
these things.
I just, I've always
seen North Dakota
as secluded or...
just safer.
It's not.
We live here,
we breathe here,
our kids grow up here.
It's not over.
Yeah, you can't stop
in the middle of the fight.