Welcome to Marwen (2018) Movie Script

Fighter Command, this is
Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo.
I just tiptoed into one hell
of a triple-A shit storm.
Like the freaking
Fourth of July up here.
I got flak coming in
from everywhere.
Damn it!
Mayday, Mayday! I'm hit!
I'm on fire.
Got smoke everywhere.
Smoke coming in.
Got no control.
There's a river
and a swamp below.
I'm gonna ditch her there.
Atta baby.
I'm going in.
Son of a...
Lousy Army-issued
goddamn flammable boots.
Frilly underthings.
Not bad.
Not bad at all.
Wen haben wir denn hier?
Einen Amerikaner.
That's right, Fritz,
an Ameri-can-doer.
Hnde nach oben.
Sorry, I don't speak Nazi.
Hands up.
Die Pistole.
Kommen Sie mal her.
Kommen Sie her.
Ein schmutziges
amerikanisches Schwein!
Go ahead!
Laugh it up, Heinie.
But these heels ain't for sale.
Since you obviously would
rather like to be eine frau,
perhaps we should cut off
your schwanz.
Oh, yeah?
Well, schwanz this.
Tritt dem Homo in die Fresse!
Who are you?
My name is Wendy,
and you are saved.
Hey, looking good.
Oh, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
You got to be kidding me.
I guess I got it.
Yeah, I think
I finally got it right.
After all these years...
How long has it been?
Three? Three years.
Three years.
Time flies
when you're having fun.
Right, Hogie?
I'll put the pumps in the bar.
Sorry, Wendy,
you have to go back.
That was then; this is now.
How you doing, Deja?
You got here so fast.
Just one sec.
I have to unlock the door.
Keep your head down, Deja.
I say she's the new neighbor.
A redhead.
You're just jealous.
You always have been.
Oh! Give me a break.
Are you kidding?
You have been doing
the same thing for centuries.
Uh-oh. Here comes trouble.
What's all this? Huh?
I need you to stop, and I
need you to leave right now.
- Leave?
- You have to leave.
- Why?
- You have to stop harassing me.
Her name's Nicol.
That's a nice name.
I'm asking you nicely.
- Okay?
- Hey, hang on, Nicol.
Harassing you? Really?
- Yes, really.
- I come home, you're gone.
- No call. You didn't tell me.
- I need you to leave. I'm...
- What do you think, Deja?
- I'll go.
If that's what you want,
I'll go.
Yes, I want you to go, Kurt.
All right, I'll go. I'll go.
His name is Kurt.
And he's a dick.
- Hi, Anna.
- Dobriy den, Mark.
I bring grocery and mail.
Here. I bring you timer clock.
Use to breathe.
30 seconds,
no more than one minute,
when you get anxiety, huh?
Mark, how you feel? Horosho?
Um, pretty good, I guess.
- And how is Captain Hogie?
- Um...
- The SS beat him.
- Again?
But Wendy and the women
saved him.
Ah, Wendy.
She come back to Marwen?
No, no, she's never
coming back.
I just resurrected her for
an old picture I wanted to fix.
Picture for show?
Ah, show looks good.
- You go?
- No way.
That's something Roberta
and her cousin cooked up.
I don't...
I don't want any show.
Not to go is dumb.
Bad choice.
I bring you more meds.
Huh? What happened?
- Why you need more so soon?
- I...
- dropped 'em in the sink.
- Ah, again?
You take only one, da,
only one for day.
Too many is no good,
is dangerous.
I don't know why your doctor
still gives them.
It's not good.
They're very addicting.
You can be addicted.
So, have you been doing
hand exercise?
- Da.
- Mm-hmm.
And what about eating?
- Da.
- Have you been eating?
Way too skinskie!
You need meat for bones.
Up. Mm-hmm.
Hey, hey.
Ah. Good.
Okay, I go.
Ah! I forget.
- I see Julie.
- Oh.
Uh, she says hello.
She run Rochester Marathon.
Oh, Julie.
How is she?
Is she still in Ithaca?
Da. And her kids grow.
- Six and eight.
- Six and eight. Wow.
Okay, I go now.
Please, don't lose pills.
And don't be stupid.
- You are an artist.
- Mm.
Go to your show. Be proud.
Okay. All right.
No more playing.
You know the drill.
That's right.
You got it, Mark.
Just one foot in front
of the other.
Come on, baby.
You got it. You got this.
We're gonna be tangoing
next month.
You got... I got you.
I got your back.
I got your back.
I'm not gonna let nothing
happen to you.
- It hurts like hell!
- I know, I know.
But you gotta embrace
that pain, Mark.
You gotta love the pain.
You gotta love the pain.
Love the pain.
this is Elsa.
She's a milkmaid.
You found her two klicks east
of the river.
A squad of SS wanted to...
have a sausage party,
but you shot 'em.
Uh, what your name is?
Captain Mark Hogancamp,
United States Army Air Corps.
But everybody calls me Hogie.
At your service, mademoiselle.
Mademoiselle, aprs vous.
Well, here it is.
Beautiful downtown Marwen.
Garden spot of Belgium.
And my little piece of heaven.
It's got everything you need.
Fountain, boulangerie,
church, of course,
market, hotel, sidewalk cafe.
And right over there
is my place,
the world-famous
Ruined Stocking.
Friendliest bar
in all of Europe.
There's Julie.
Hey, Jules, how's tricks?
Suzette, bonjour.
What's shaking with le bacon?
Qui sont-ils?
These beautiful dolls...
these are the Women of Marwen.
- Who is the new face?
- She's a milkmaid.
I found her two klicks east
of the river.
A squad of dirty Bosch bastards
were about to have a
sausage party, but I shot 'em.
- Oh.
- Does she have a cow?
Got caught in the crossfire.
Cow-lateral damage.
But what's her story?
Yeah. Can she handle a rod?
No, but she can handle a teat,
that's for sure.
She's a milkmaid.
All she knows how to do
is squeeze cow teats.
But you dolls are gonna have
to teach her how to squeeze
the wretched life
out of black-hearted Nazi scum.
But she's soft.
Probably been soaking in milk
her whole life.
- Way too skinskie.
Mm. No meat for bones.
All right, all right,
enough with the "skinskie" bit.
All you dolls are skinskie.
And I hate to pull rank here,
but she stays.
- Come on, honey.
I think I have a blouse
that will fit you.
And I've got a pair of capris
that'll look great on you.
So, listen, we have rules.
Rule number one:
Never get too close to Hogie.
That's sure to get you killed.
Un moment, s'il vous plat.
Thank you.
- Merci. Merci.
- No.
Don't. Don't!
The church!
In the steeple!
Hang in there, doll.
We'll have you fixed up
in no time.
She's losing a lot of blood.
Captain... merci.
Poor kid.
That lousy Kraut slug
was meant for me.
That's right, my love.
That bullet was meant for you.
I'm warning you, Deja.
Let's not start
some big commotion here.
What do you mean, my love?
I'm your salvation,
your protector.
I saved you.
Women are hopelessly
attracted to you.
But I will stop
these foolish women!
Back off, witch!
I've heard enough of
your voodoo crap for one day.
no use crying
over spilled milk.
Jules, what's wrong?
I don't know. I...
I just keep thinking about
that poor little milkmaid.
She never knew what hit her.
Like I said,
that slug was meant for me.
No. I'm talking about
after she got shot.
When Deja Thoris
zapped her away.
Poof! Gone.
Just like she did Wendy.
Yeah. Just like Wendy.
Look, we all know the story.
This thing with you
and the Belgian Witch
has been going on
for nearly 3,000 years.
The dewy-eyed little milkmaid
got a little too close.
That's all.
Da. Way too close.
But what about us?
When are we going to get
poofed away to who-knows-where?
Ixnay, ixnay.
She could be hearing us.
Dolls, dolls, listen up.
Here's what you got
to remember.
We, us, we're here right now.
We're still alive,
and that's what matters.
So a toast.
To life, to love, to Marwen.
And the beautiful women
There you are.
You sneaky little witch.
All right, girls,
time to hit the hay.
Rack time.
Hello. You
have reached Mark Hogancamp.
He can't get to the phone
right now,
but if you leave your name
and number,
he'll get right back to you.
Mark, it's Demaryius Johnson.
Listen, I'm sorry
to be calling so late.
And I assume you're monitoring,
so I'll try to be brief.
Listen, um, I don't know
if you remember,
but the sentencing
is on the 13th, Friday.
And, as we discussed
many times,
it's vitally important
that you be there,
that you be in court that day.
We want the judge to hand down
the maximum sentence,
so it's-it's important
that you're there.
To look your assailant
straight in the eye
and for the judge to see you
face your attackers.
They need to
pay for what they did to you.
I want the judge
to throw the book at them.
I want the judge
to throw the book at them.
- Hit the dirt!
- Hit the dirt!
We got Heinies swarming
I'm out!
I need more ammo!
More ammo!
More ammo! We need more ammo!
Goddamn it, get me more ammo!
Is everything okay?
I heard screaming.
Are you all right?
Yes. Okay.
I thought I heard you yelling
for more gumbo.
Not gumbo.
No gumbo.
Okay. Sorry for disturbing you.
I love you.
Come away with me.
I will love you forever.
I alone am the one
who has the power to help you.
Only I can stop your pain.
Rise and shine!
Rise and shine!
Out of your box,
and grab your socks.
It is Thursday.
We have work to do.
I suggest that you rise
from the prone position.
Can you hear me?
- Da!
- Yes, sir!
Keep your eyes peeled.
Lousy bastards
could be anywhere.
Carlala, keep your eyes
on the road.
Jules, shoot anything
that moves.
Wilco, Cap'n.
- Hi, Larry.
- Hey, Mark.
Carlala's looking for you.
- And, uh, tell her I need more limes.
- Roger.
And don't forget, uh,
Thursday's meatball day.
Roger. Meatball day.
Hey, Mark.
- So that's the guy?
- Yeah.
He was right out there,
right in the middle
of the road.
Five of 'em jumped him.
It's a miracle he survived.
Wendy, the woman who used to
tend bar here, she found him.
Thought he was a freaking
garbage bag until he moved.
Let me tell you, Carlala,
Deja vanquished her.
So she just zapped her away?
Yep, just like that.
- Just like Wendy.
- Wow.
That Deja Thoris is a real
piece of work, isn't she?
But I don't understand;
why is she being so weird?
She loves Hogie.
She wants him for herself.
Mark, can I ask you a question?
How come I have to be alone
in Marwen?
Don't I ever get a lover?
You never know.
Patton's Third Army may be
rolling through anytime now.
Well, if that happens,
make sure to keep
that Belgian Witch
far away from my man.
Nah. Deja only cares
about Hogie.
She's obsessed with him.
Do you ever hear
from Wendy anymore?
Wendy, do you take Hogie
to be your lawfully
wedded husband,
until death do you part?
I do.
Then, by the power vested in me
by the Kingdom of Belgium
and by the supreme commander of
the Allied Expeditionary Force,
I now declare you man and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
She moved on.
What did you say?
I said, "She moved on."
I heard she moved
to California.
Oh, yeah, right.
- Hello.
- Hello, Roberta.
I'm making some coffee.
You want some?
No, thank you.
Jeep looks good.
Mud splatter's really cool.
Mm. It's gonna take a long time
and a lot of miles
to get the right amount of wear
on those tires.
The coffee's good stuff...
dark roast Colombian.
Oh, no,
I've had enough already today.
All you ever drink is coffee
all day long.
Yeah, I need to cut down
on my caffeine, I think.
- It's decaf.
- Well, I'm kind of in a hurry, so...
- It's instant.
- Um, oh-oh... yeah, okay.
Yeah, instant decaf.
It'll be ready in a jiffy.
- Hey, Mark.
- Hmm?
My mom's baking a ham
on Sunday.
Do you want to come over
for dinner?
Ham? Your house?
Well, it's my mom's house.
But, yeah, my house.
Um... yeah, I don't know.
I'm-I'm not really crazy
about ham.
That's okay. I'm sure she'd
be happy to roast a chicken.
Ugh. I'm not crazy
about chicken, either.
- How about pot roast?
- Uh, that gives me gas.
- Ribs?
- That's kind of messy. Um...
Your mom can make sushi?
No. But we can find
a place to get it.
Actually, I've...
I've never tried sushi.
But I'd be happy
to go with you.
I've never tried it, either.
- Oh.
- Um...
Wow. Look at that.
It's another thing
we have in common.
Neither of us
has ever had sushi.
I'm looking for a
Glamonista doll with red hair.
A redhead?
I thought you liked blondes.
Yeah, but I need a redhead.
- Oh, yeah.
- How about this one?
Oh, good eyes.
Nice paint job.
What are you gonna name her?
- Scarlet?
- No, Nicol.
- Nicol, huh?
- Mm-hmm.
Come on, Nicol,
let's ring you up.
- Put her on your tab?
- Yeah.
Oh, hey, are you excited
about your show?
My cousin is thrilled.
And so is everybody
at the gallery.
Check this out.
This SS general just came in.
High-end figures are so cool.
They're so beautifully
Do you want me
to wrap it up, too?
I can't... I...
I can't afford this.
It says here he's
a major general Waffen-SS.
Fought in Belgium in 1944.
Isn't that a coincidence?
Name's Kurt. Kurt Meyer.
the five assailants convicted
of the beating of local artist
and photographer
Mark Hogancamp.
Let's go live to Jennifer Cook,
- who's at the Ulster County Courthouse...
- I'm sorry, Mark!
- I'll get the remote!
- ...with the latest update.
Yes, Bill,
I've just been informed
Judge Harter
has revoked the request
for a further
psychiatric evaluation
of one of the defendants.
The sentencing
will proceed as scheduled
for the five
convicted assailants
for the brutal attack
of the local artist
Mark Hogancamp.
For crying out loud, Carlala,
what do you think this is,
the Indy 500?!
I'm only doing 80.
I'm sorry, Mark.
Take this medicine, mein love.
It will make you feel better.
I know how much you suffer.
How much it hurts.
How much pain you've endured.
I will always be there for you.
I'm the only one you can trust.
The only one
who understands you.
The only one who feels
your pain.
The only one who loves you.
Take this medicine, mein love.
Take this medicine.
Take this medicine.
- Get away from me now!
- Ooh! - Du dumme Schlampe!
Du dumme Schlampe!
Das reicht.
Bitte, mein Frulein.
Just tell us where we can find
your Cap'n Hogie,
and we will be on our way.
I promise.
Get your mitts off me,
you filthy scum.
You heard her, scum.
Get your filthy mitts
off of her.
Come on.
Get 'em up.
Reach for the sky.
Let me see
a two-handed "Sieg heil,"
you box-headed Rhine monkeys.
Same goes for you, four-eyes.
Where's my top?
- What happened to my top?
- The Nazis ripped it off.
I know.
It never ends with these guys.
Hey, I brought your doll.
You left in kind of
a hurry yesterday.
What was her name again?
- Nicol.
- Oh.
And I found these
in the thrift shop.
- Oh, wedges!
- Yeah.
- Oh!
- Definitely vintage.
1960s, size 11.
- Mm.
- The lady in the shop
said they were espadrilles.
Cool. Espadrille wedges.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
I felt bad about
the TV yesterday.
You seemed pretty freaked out.
You taking your meds?
- Mm-hmm.
- Good.
So, are you gonna go
to the sentencing?
I doubt it.
I'll go with you, if you want.
It's important.
You need to go.
So those jerks get
what they deserve.
You can't let them
get off lightly.
I mean, they ruined your life,
for cripes sake.
I can't.
I can't be in the same room.
I understand, but running away
is not helping you any.
Oh, hey.
Are you sure you don't want
the SS doll?
It's better-made than any
of the high-end action figures
or even the Glamonistas.
Did someone say "Glamonistas"?
I... Uh, the gate was open.
I hope it's okay.
I... I love Glamonistas.
I hope I'm not interrupting.
I, um... I just moved in
across the street.
I just wanted to say hello.
I'm Nicol.
- Hi.
- Hey.
I'm Roberta. This is Mark.
Hi, Mark.
- Nice to meet you.
- Mm.
I always liked the name Nicol.
Oh, yeah? Thanks.
Mine's spelled weird...
without the "E" at the end.
So, you bought Colleen's house?
I did, yes. I love it.
Aren't Colleen and her husband
just the sweetest,
cutest couple?
Mm, yes.
They seem very much in love.
They were always
very nice to me.
I'm... sad they left.
What is all of this?
Is this a model train?
This is the world-famous
village of Marwen.
It's an art installation
of Mark's.
Isn't that near Poughkeepsie?
This is Belgium,
during World War II.
Mm, I've never seen
anything like this.
And you're an artist?
I just take pictures.
He's just being modest.
He's a great photographer.
And he has a show opening
in the city on the 27th.
Wow, that's great.
Oh, I'll get you a flyer.
I work at Al's Hobby House,
by the way, so...
I'm ready to fill any
of your Glamonista needs.
- Oh, great.
- Yeah.
Well, um,
I'm sorry to have interrupted.
It was nice meeting
both of you. Okay.
Well, now we know who Nicol is.
Well, that's better.
Oh, we have to do something
about those shoes.
I gotta tell you, Nicol,
even though stilettos
aren't invented till 1954,
they're totally you.
Are those espadrilles?
Sorry. Sorry.
They're wedges.
I heard what happened to you,
and I just want to say
that I'm really sorry
and that you didn't
deserve that at all.
I'm really sorry.
Those from Zappos?
No, they're vintage.
- 1960s, I think.
- Oh, yeah.
I think my mom used to have
a pair just like that.
Something going on
in the church?
Oh, yeah.
You mind if I take a look?
I love how everything
is so cute.
All the little flowers
and the mailbox,
and these cute little curtains.
It's just all the details.
Oh, my God!
What are they doing?
Who are they?
They are Nazis.
Torturing Hogie.
- Why?
- They hate him.
Because he's an American?
Because he's different.
Well, what's gonna
happen to him?
That's a complicated story.
Well, tell me.
I'm fascinated.
- You really want to know?
- Yes.
The Women of Marwen are the
women who guard the village.
- And they have gathered at the bar.
- Mm-hmm.
And they haven't seen Hogie
in a while.
Has anyone seen Hogie?
No. Not since breakfast.
I heard him say he was going
to check the church.
Excuse me.
I'm new.
I just moved in
across the street.
I'm looking for your C.O.
That will be Captain Hogie.
Nobody knows where he is.
And who... who are you?
They got Hogie!
Five SS men are holding him
in the church!
They're whipping
and torturing him!
- Let's go.
- Wait!
We can't.
The Krauts have
the church surrounded
like a fat-ass sitting on a BB.
There's no way
for us to get in.
They'll kill Captain Hogie
the minute they see us.
Well, what can we do?
We can't just leave him
to be whipped and tortured.
I have an idea.
Hallo, meine Damen.
Comrades, let's party.
- We got schnapps, baby.
- Ja, let's trinken.
Oui, juste comme
le Oktoberfest.
That's right. October-fiesta.
Bring Deinen sssen Arsch her!
Bottoms up, girls.
Let's toast 'em.
I'm saved.
You're saved.
I'm saved.
You're saved.
You have
the most beautiful eyes.
And the most amazing heels
I've ever seen.
They're called stilettos.
But they won't be invented
until 1954.
It's weird, huh?
A lot of weird stuff
happens here in Marwen.
Lot of stuff
that makes no sense.
Like how you got here.
I just moved in
across the street.
What's your name?
without the 'E' on the end,"
she says.
To be continued.
That's sweet.
Mm, that's one heck of a story.
It's kind of violent.
But at least
the Nazis are dead.
- That's good.
- Well, for a while.
They seem to have
more than one life.
And I like that Nicol.
She's pretty clever.
I like her, too.
I like to wear heels sometimes.
I don't know why,
but they somehow connect me
to the essence of dames.
Does it bother you?
It doesn't bother me
in the least.
'Cause I love dames.
I do love dames.
Sweet dreams, Nicol.
Good night, girls.
I think they're in love.
What does Deja have to say
about all this?
Ugh. She's not happy.
Last night, I actually
caught her trying to...
- What?
- Nothing.
I mean, I know that you
were saying that I'm crazy,
but I just personally don't
trust this Belgian Witch.
I think you need
to keep an eye on her.
I know. I know.
She keeps bringing
the Nazis back to life,
and that confuses me.
What was that
redhead's name again?
Nicol, without the "E."
And who is she named after?
- No one in particular.
- You're not gonna tell me?
Hey, Mark.
You got a phone call.
It's your lawyer, Johnson.
H-He's sorry
to bother you at work,
but he says he needs
to talk to you.
Tell him...
Tell him it's meatball day.
He knows it's meatball day.
Well, then... tell him...
tell him I'll call him later.
Hi, Mark.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Are you just getting home
from work?
Can I ask you a favor?
Um, I have a hutch inside
that I need help moving.
Would you mind
giving me a hand?
- Sure.
- Okay.
Uh, okay. Okay.
Thank you.
It's really heavy.
How's your day?
Are you having a good day?
- Good. Yeah.
- Yeah?
- I like that hat.
- Thank you.
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
What the hell?
My brother is into stilettos.
Six-inch heels or higher.
He and his family
live up in New Haven.
- He...
He also collects lingerie.
I just collect shoes.
You have a shoe collection?
I have 287 pairs.
Oh, so you only have
a shoe fetish?
Oh, I wouldn't
call it a fetish.
I'd call it essence.
A woman's essence.
I collect women's essence.
When I wear them...
I don't know why...
they somehow connect me
to the essence of dames.
Of women.
I get that.
Does that bother you?
No, it doesn't bother me
in the least.
Is that why you got beat up?
Well, I was wearing
running shoes that night.
But I guess I said something
about essence.
That's awful.
I'm so sorry.
I'd been drinking.
I drank a lot in those days.
Maybe if I hadn't been drunk,
I would've kept my mouth shut.
Don't say that.
There's no excuse
for what they did to you.
It's a hate crime,
plain and simple.
No matter what you said.
- Okay?
- Hmm.
I think I used to be
a pretty good illustrator.
Even though I can barely
write my name now,
I have these World War II
action comics
with my name on 'em
as illustrator.
Pretty cool.
You don't remember
what your job was?
No, no, they kicked
every memory I ever had
right out of my head.
They kicked all of the memories
out of your head?
Well, I still remember facts
and stuff, like multiplication.
But I... I have no memory
of my personal life.
Everything from
before the attack is gone.
All I remember about the attack
was the word "queer."
They called me queer.
Tammy Wynette was playing
on the jukebox.
"Stand by Your Man."
That's all I remember.
That's awful.
You're lucky
they didn't kill you.
I guess.
I was lying in the road
for over an hour,
and that's when Wendy found me.
She was bartending that night.
Um, just one second, okay?
Oh, yeah.
- Hello?
- Okay.
Yes, it's Nicol.
Yeah, I can be there.
What time?
Have they removed
the ventilator?
How many cc's?
Okay. Has anyone
contacted the family?
All right, good.
Okay, I'll be there.
Okay, great.
What are you gonna do?
Do you like teapots?
Yeah, I love tea.
I love everything
to do with tea.
I love making it.
I love the ritual
of serving it.
I'm even thinking about
building a teahouse,
- now that I have a yard.
- Mm.
Just a little one
in the backyard.
The last time I had tea,
I was in the hospital.
I bet. It has amazing
therapeutic benefits.
Are you a nurse?
I'm a vet tech.
- A veterinarian technician.
- Oh.
And I also volunteer
at Under One Woof.
Under One Woof.
- Get it? "Woof"?
- Mm...
Animal shelter.
- Right.
- Okay.
Anyway, thank you.
- I really appreciate it.
- Thank you.
Here, have this.
- Oh, no.
- It's from the movers.
Thank you.
I don't drink anymore.
I haven't had a drink since...
They beat it out of me.
Beat me sober.
Oh. Here. How about this?
- Muffins from the Realtors.
- Oh. Thank you.
Okay, so we'll have
a cup of tea sometime?
Thank you.
Yeah. Yeah, let's do it.
Let's get together
for tea sometime.
Tea and muffins.
What a cozy idea.
- Kurt, what are you doing here?
- Who is this?
It's Mark.
He lives across the street.
Ah, jawohl.
Was ist los? Achtung.
Sprechen sie Deutsch?
Sieg heil!
Oh, for God's sake, Kurt,
stop it.
- So tell me, Mark.
- Please. Please don't.
- What's with all the Nazi toys and shit, huh?
- Stop it.
You some kind
of white supremacist
- pedophile, Mark, huh?
- Stop it. Such a jerk.
Oh, I'm a jerk? I'm a jerk?
Hello, Mr. Johnson.
Afternoon, Mark.
You're a difficult fellow to
get ahold of on the telephone.
Yeah, well,
I've been pretty busy.
I can imagine.
I'm extremely glad
I caught up with you finally.
I took a chance
and drove out here
to implore you
one more time to...
please attend court tomorrow.
It's important that you appear
at the sentencing.
I don't want these guys
to just get away
- with a slap on the wrist.
- I got...
I have to go to work.
- It's meatball day.
- No.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Meatball day was today.
I had your suit and shirt
dry-cleaned and pressed.
I spoke with your friend,
Roberta, from the hobby shop,
and she's agreed
to pick you up in the morning
and stay with you
throughout the proceedings.
Yeah, I don't know,
Mr. Johnson.
I've prepared
a victim impact statement
for you to read tomorrow.
All you need to do is read it,
and it'll be, uh, officially
entered in the court records.
I'll then speak about
the extent of your injuries.
How you were savagely beaten.
How they nearly pummeled you
to death.
You do remember how you
were beaten, don't you?
I'll then show the court
your art journals.
The elaborate illustrations
you used to draw.
Mm, no.
This mentions high heels.
I don't want to talk
about high heels.
Mark, I put the high heels
in there
because I want to reinforce
the idea that this attack
was a hate crime,
not just some street mugging.
I want your attackers to be
locked up for a very long time.
I want the judge
to see your face.
you're a suffering human being.
I've seen cases like this
go both ways.
Okay, I'll go.
- Good morning, Mark.
- Morning.
Morning, Roberta.
I think maybe the dolls
should stay in the car.
I never go anywhere
without my backup.
Can't he bring them
as kind of comfort items?
Then just bring one.
All rise.
The Superior Court
of the State of New York,
County of Ulster,
is now in session.
The Honorable Martha J. Harter
Please, sit. Thank you.
Having been found guilty
by jury
to the charges of gang assault
in the first and second degree
and reckless endangerment
in the first degree
against the victim,
Mark Hogancamp,
the defendants
are summoned here today
to the Ulster County Court
for the purposes of hearing
the recommended sentence.
Does anyone have
any legal reasons
why I cannot proceed
with sentencing?
- No, Your Honor.
- No, Your Honor.
Before proceeding to sentence,
do the People want
to make a statement?
Yes, we would
like to, Your Honor.
Is the victim here?
Would he like
to address the court?
Yes, Your Honor.
Mr. Hogancamp,
please address the court
when you're ready.
Order! Order!
Get down.
On your feet, Hogancamp!
Go, go, go!
Is Mr. Hogancamp all right?
Your Honor,
if it please the court,
the prosecution requests
a 20-minute recess.
I'll do you one better,
Seeing as Mr. Hogancamp is
obviously out of sorts today,
I'm hereby postponing
these sentencing proceedings.
Court will reconvene
on the 27th of this month
at 10:00 a.m. in this chamber.
Court is adjourned.
Hi, Mark.
It's Roberta.
Wow. Some day, huh?
Uh, we were on the news.
You probably didn't watch.
I can't believe the judge
put the new sentencing
on the same day
as your art show.
What a mess, huh?
But, um, anyway, let me know
if you need anything.
Talk to you. Bye.
Excusez-moi, monsieur.
I was just doing the polishing.
Well, bring them Frenchy ta-tas
over here, baby.
I got something
for you to put in...
I'm cracking up.
All right.
Oh, God.
It's such a beautiful moon.
It sure is.
Just like you.
- Hey, Hogie.
- Mm-hmm?
I've never been happier.
It's like
I've been telling you.
- I'm cursed.
- No.
Whenever someone I care about
gets too close...
We got company.
It's Nicol.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Tough day yesterday, huh?
I saw you on TV.
Um, anyway, I hope
I'm not disturbing you.
I just wanted to apologize
for Kurt's behavior.
Is that your husband?
- No. No.
- Is he your boyfriend?
For, like, ten seconds.
- He scared the crap out of me.
- Yeah, I know.
He definitely has his issues.
That's for sure.
I think it's a cop thing.
He's a cop?
Yeah. Well, was a cop.
Uh, is it okay
if I come in for a second?
Oh, yeah, come in.
Yeah, Bomb Squad commander.
Endicott PD.
Um, until he got
his second DUI.
- I...
- Uh, can I take your coat?
Oh, sure. Thanks.
Um, anyway, I was
cleaning out my closet.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
And I thought
you might like these.
I put a lot of miles
on some of 'em,
but some of 'em
I only wore once.
And those are my old heart spikes.
Are these Christian Louboutin?
They're knock-offs.
- Those never really fit me.
- Mm.
So, look, if you don't
want them, just toss 'em.
Oh, no, no, no.
Are you kidding?
I will add them
to the collection.
Wow. So, this is what
200 pairs of shoes looks like.
- 287.
- Wow.
I have no idea
where they came from.
I got back from the hospital,
and I saw all of these,
and I asked my friend Larry,
"Do I have a girlfriend?"
And he says, "No.
These are yours."
- Oh. I got it. I got it.
- Sorry. Sorry.
- That's okay. I got it.
- Sorry.
Are these your drawings?
That's my art journal.
- Mind if I take a look?
- No.
Why World War II?
I don't know.
At least we were the good guys
in that war.
- These are beautiful.
- Thank you.
So, you switched to photos?
Had to.
I can't draw anymore,
so my dolls have to
tell the story.
Oh, I Googled Marwen,
and there's no town
called Marwen in Belgium.
Yeah, I made it up.
"Mar" is for Mark,
and "wen" is for Wendy.
Mm. The same Wendy
who found you in the road?
Wendy saved Hogie
on the day he crashed his P-40.
She was the love of his life.
Hmm. Hmm.
And are all of the dolls
in Marwen people you know?
Yeah, pretty much.
Wendy and Carlala,
I met at the Avalanche.
Carlala still works there.
Um, Anna is my caregiver.
She comes every month.
She's a crazy Russian.
Uh, Julie I met in rehab.
She had her leg
blown off in Iraq.
- Mm-hmm.
- And Suzette...
Suzette St. Sweet
is my favorite actress.
- Mm.
- She's in the, uh,
Backdoor Bodacious Babes
- I haven't seen it.
- It's pretty good.
What are those two doing?
Are they making out?
Well, Nicol wants to,
but Hogie won't let her.
He never lets anybody
get too close.
He doesn't want
to end up alone again.
And who is she?
What's her story?
That is Deja Thoris.
She is the Belgian Witch
of Marwen.
She has a magic glove.
Can zap anyone she doesn't like
15 million light-years
into the future.
And who is she in real life?
I'm not sure
where she came from.
Anyway, I'd like
to have you over for tea.
- Like I promised.
- Oh, okay.
Um, how about Thursday?
Yeah. Yeah, that's great.
- Let's say 4:00?
- Great.
It's official tea time.
Um, I make a mean
pomegranate cranberry blend.
Hey, you know,
I-I got to tell you,
from the first time I saw you,
I knew you were
a stiletto woman.
That's why I put
stilettos on you.
You mean the doll?
It's why you put stilettos
on the doll?
Yes, right.
Okay. See you Thursday.
Close your eyes.
I have a surprise for you.
You know I can't close my eyes.
I'm a doll.
Okay. What's the big surprise?
Hey, hey.
Hey, hey.
What are you doing?
- No, are you crazy? You're...
- Shh.
Nothing happened.
I kissed you,
and nothing happened.
Well, I'll be damned.
They think they are so clever.
I will show them.
No one defies Deja Thoris.
I am the Belgian Witch
of Marwen,
and Captain Hogie
belongs to me.
Me and no one else.
You will build me
a time machine!
A time machine?
Jesus Christ.
- Carlala!
- Oh, my God, Mark!
You scared the shit out of me.
- Is Larry here?
- Yes, he's out there.
What are you doing here?
We're closing up.
Hey, Larry, can I buy
that lava lamp off you?
- Lava lamp?
- Yeah, we could really use it.
You want to climb in there
and blow the dust off it?
You can have it.
Geez, this town of yours
has turned into some kind
of Melrose Place.
They're only safe to make out
between midnight
and the darkest hour
before the dawn.
I see.
- So, nothing happens to her, huh?
- Mm-mm.
You think it's a time thing
that allows them to kiss?
Yeah, could be that.
Or something else.
True love.
I think Hogie's in love.
I like this one
in the churchyard.
It has beautiful lighting.
Are you gonna present these
in your show?
Oh, hey, do you have any, um,
miniature teapots,
cups and stuff?
- Teapots?
- Yeah, teapots, teacups.
In the doll house section.
So, listen,
my cousin has to print
the program for your show.
So he wants me to ask you
once and for all,
are you gonna go?
I said, "Yes."
Are you sure?
'Cause he's putting
in the program
- that you're gonna be there.
- I'll be there.
Are you gonna do
the court thing in the morning?
Because the sentencing
is the day after tomorrow.
Do you have any
doll-sized cookies?
No. But you know what?
We just got in
some new fruit salad.
Wow! A Purple Heart.
Look at that detail.
Just like the real thing.
Speaking of which...
- How much?
- $39.95.
40 bucks for a Purple Heart?
Al said it belonged
to a real wounded vet.
Not yet.
- Don't look. Don't look.
- Now?
- A little bit further.
- Okay.
A teahouse.
Just for you.
It's beautiful.
I've always wanted a teahouse.
How did you know?
- Little birdie told me.
- Thank you.
Thank you!
May I pour you a cup
of cranberry pomegranate?
Yes, please.
I have one other
little surprise.
There's something
I've been meaning to ask you.
I wasn't able to scrounge up a ring,
but as soon as the war ends,
I'll buy you a beaut.
It's a promise.
He built her a teahouse,
and then proposed to her in it?
That's right.
That's exactly what Nicol said.
And then he gave her a medal?
Well, he couldn't find a ring.
- Remember? There's a war on.
- Oh.
- Um...
- Yeah, of course.
So, uh, Roberta told me that
you decided to go to your show.
I think that's a great idea.
- Yeah.
- I think... Mm-hmm.
Um... there's Hogie's
Purple Heart.
He got hit in Burma.
He was serving under
General Stilwell.
- Oh.
- And...
there, they decided
to get married at night,
one minute after midnight.
- Mm.
- So, when it's time to kiss the bride,
they can, you know, do it.
And he got down
on one knee and everything.
- Mm-hmm.
- What did he say?
"I never met a doll
with such a gorgeous set
of torpedoes
in my entire life."
Such a charmer, that Hogie.
And you are
the most thoughtful,
kind and beautiful woman
I have ever been
lucky enough to know.
It would be my honor.
Would you marry me?
Get up, please.
Get up now.
I'm sorry, I think this has
been one big misunderstanding.
I... Sorry if you mistook
my intentions,
but I don't, um...
I'm sorry, uh...
We're friends.
We're, uh...
we're really good friends,
but we're just not
in the same place right now.
But I really value
our friendship.
But I don't s-see our
friendship in a romantic way.
And you deserve
someone who does.
I'm sorry.
If... I hurt you,
that was never my intention.
I have something for you.
M-Mark, will you look at me?
Or say something?
Okay, I'll be back.
Mark? I got this for you.
I wasn't sure what you needed,
but the guy
at the hobby shop said...
Damn it, Deja.
Oh, yeah, you really are
a piece of work, aren't you?
Huh? Yeah?
So, now it's me, right?
Why are you all of a sudden
following me?
Yes, it's ready.
It's exactly
what you asked for!
It's a countdown timer.
55 seconds, then a one-way trip
to the future.
Of course it can fly.
I know you can hear me.
Um, I got you this.
It's to commemorate your show.
Okay, well, I hope you like it.
Was ist los? Achtung.
Sprechen sie Deutsch?
Sieg heil!
Where'd you go?
When are you gonna get
that Belgian Witch
off your back?
What are you doing here?
What do you want?
I want you to grow a pair.
That's what I want.
I want you to stop acting
like a sniveling little...
That was a Luger!
Oh, no.
Oh, no, what has happened?
Some Nazi bastard shot her.
Look, the medal
stopped the bullet
from hitting her in the heart.
Oh, but she's losing
a lot of blood.
Guys, we have to go.
The hell are you?
What, are you queer and deaf?
I asked you a question,
Do you wear women's clothes?
Shoes only.
The higher the heel,
the better.
Oh, yeah!
You dirty queer!
It is you.
You're the one
who is deficient, worthless,
crippled by fear.
Oh, you see.
There is no justice for you.
You can never go
to that courtroom,
because you are the guilty one.
What happened at that bar
was your fault.
That is why you are unloved,
mein love.
I am your only hope.
The only one
who can remove the pain.
The only one who can
grant you freedom
from shame.
It's my fault.
It's all my fault.
I'm so tired.
I'm so tired of being alone.
And ashamed.
Here are her heels.
Keep them close, Hogie.
We got your back, Hogie.
We always have your back.
We're here for you.
It hurts, Jules.
It's so painful.
I know, but you have to love
the pain, Hogie.
Like the wise man said,
"Our pain is our rocket fuel."
It reminds us of our strength.
Her heart is weak.
Only time will tell.
I've done all I can do for her.
All we can do now is pray.
I'm not really sure
how to do this.
But if you're up there
and you can hear me...
You got to be shitting me.
This is the answer
to my prayer?
So, we finally meet,
Herr Kapitan.
I see you sprechen
sie English, Fritz.
Hands... up!
Now stand.
So, how'd you find me, Fritz?
Turn. Bitte.
Remove the weapon.
Step into the aisle.
Was? Stckelschuhe?
You are a weak
and pathetic little man.
And after I kill you,
I will kill all
of the filthy women
in your stupid little town!
You just don't get it, do you?
Women are the saviors
of the world!
Oh, come on!
Oh, that's not good.
Oh, nuts!
What the hell
is this contraption?
- A time machine.
- Time machine?
It will take us to the future.
Ze future?
Yes, mein love.
15 million light-years
into the future.
So we can be free.
You see?
They are back.
They never die.
Oh, nein.
Oh, nein, nein, nein, nein,
nein, nein, nein.
That's right!
They never die, mein love.
They will never stop
torturing you.
The stilettos. They're Nicol's.
I need both of them.
No way, Deja.
I cannot leave one
of Nicol's heels with a Nazi!
Eat lead!
Give me your arm.
Give me that shoe.
Can't you get this crate
any lower?
You spy!
That's right.
It's you. You're the one
keeping the Nazis alive.
- That's right.
- And keeping Mark sick!
- That's right!
- You're the problem!
You are his addiction!
I will not let you kill him!
In the name of Marwen,
I vanquish you!
- We got 'em all.
- And this time,
- the bastards aren't coming back.
- Yeah.
Wake up.
Wake up, sweetheart.
You came back for me.
Of course I did.
I would never let you go.
My true love.
What about Deja Thoris?
She's gone.
Gone for good.
She's out of my life forever.
She's never coming back.
Auf Wiedersehen.
Can't write worth a damn.
Hey, Mark.
Happy Friday morning.
Mr. Johnson asked me
to give you a call
to remind you
that today is court day.
Remember to wear
your sport coat
and a collared shirt.
Mr. Hogancamp,
please address the court
when you're ready.
"I was a hell of a good artist,
an illustrator.
"I loved to draw,
"and now I can barely
write my name.
"The life I once had
"has been taken away
from me forever.
"I was not wearing high heels
"the night I got jumped,
Your Honor.
"But I did mention
"that on occasion
I might try them on,
"and because
I made that comment,
"they beat me severely.
"They jumped me from behind
and kicked every memory
I ever had out of my head."
Now, I admit that I had been
drinking and I was drunk,
and the way I responded
wasn't smart.
But now I know I...
I know what I should have done.
I should have kept
my mouth shut and walked away,
but I didn't.
And I got beaten.
Beaten within an inch
of my life.
Beaten for no reason.
And I needed you to know that,
Your Honor, because...
whatever sentence
you decide to give these...
...so-called people...
...I want them to know
they can't hurt me anymore.
They can't hurt me anymore.
Because they're gone.
They're gone for good.
But I'm still here.
And I have my friends.
And I have my town,
and I have my pictures,
and I'll be okay.
How do they feel?
Pretty great.
I know I keep saying it
over and over,
but gosh darn it, Mark,
you did it.
And you're still breathing.
Did they have stilettos
during World War II?
There are a lot of
strange things in Marwencol.
I'm sorry? Marwen what?
"Col." Marwencol.
I'm sure there is a story.
You want to hear it?
after Deja Thoris
zapped herself
15 million light-years
into the future
and the Nazis were eliminated,
peace and happiness
reigned throughout.
And in commemoration
of this epic event,
Hogie decided
to rename the town.
Oh, now I get it.
The "col" is from Nicol.
Nicol without an "E."
I... I suppose,
in life, in real life,
some of us are just
destined to be alone.
Maybe never find love
or know another's essence.
But others...
others are more fortunate.
Like Hogie and his Nicol.
They found true love.
In Marwencol.
Has a nice ring to it.
Do you want to go get sushi?
Well, we've never tried it.
We might not like it.
Maybe we will.
You're right.
Let's go for it.