Welcome to Pine Hill (2012) Movie Script

[ Gate Squeaks ]
Hey, come on.
[ Gate Squeaks, Clangs ]
[ Chattering ]
Hey! How you doing?
Hey, how you doing? That...
That's... That's my dog, man.
I lost him, like, a few...
couple weeks ago.
[ Man ]
I found him two months ago.
He's not your dog. Look, I'm telling
you, you had him for two months.
You said you found him.
Ye... I'm the owner
that lost him.
You don't just put a little
dog out into the street.
I ain't... I was afraid he was
gonna run into the traffic.
I ain't put him in the street.
I left him on my stoop,
in the confines of my property.
Where did you find him?
Right over there.
Right over where?
At... At my house.
You found him, right?
Yeah. Exactly. I lost him.
I found him, put up signs
up and down the street.
I knocked on doors.
So why... [ Chuckles ] Why didn't
I hear you knock on my door?
I've been looking for him
for how long now?
I paid $250 for this dog.
You can't pay $250
for a pit bull.
You can't tell me what I can pay and
what I can't pay. In Brooklyn there's...
a thousand pit bulls running... If I wanted to
right now, I'd just take the dog from you.
That's what I used to do.
When I was young... I was 16 years
old, I see something I want...
You got my dog. He's mine.
No conversation.
I wouldn't have none
of this dialogue with you.
It's not...
It's not like that, okay?
Look... Okay, look... It's not
like that now. I've changed.
You put up signs. You did whatever you
had to do. You knocked on doors.
Now I'm here.
This is my dog.
You put up signs to find the
rightful owner. Here I am.
His name is Prince.
His name's William.
Why didn't you put up signs?
Hey, come here. 'Cause
it's something I don't do.
Where I'm from,
we don't put up no signs.
"We don't do that." Who's we? Look, we
are from two different worlds, dog.
Tell me.
I'm from where people get...
shot on a regular basis,
and it's nothing.
That's what I'm telling you.
I want my dog.
What would I...
The thing is
that I love this dog.
I love him too, man.
There's no way
I could keep this dog?
You either give me the money
I paid for him,
or you giving me my dog back.
It's plain and simple.
So if I...
If I give you $250?
If you give me the $250
right now, he's yours.
So when am I gonna
get my money?
I don't know, I'll give you...
I'll go get money in the morning.
[ Man #2 ] All right.
I was expecting to come back to Prince
on the stoop exactly where I left him,
like many times
I've left him before.
But that's all right?
It's not all right, but I honestly
don't have a choice right now.
What's your name?
[ Machine Beeps ]
I understand that you were in a
car accident, right? I was, yeah.
Uh... I was really running late,
and it was pouring rain.
Um... I had pulled over
to a bus stop actually.
And I asked somebody
for directions.
They told me I was in
the complete wrong area.
So I was trying to make a
U-turn, trying to turn around.
So I was crossing over. I crossed
into the right lane of traffic,
and I was coming up like this, and I was
trying to turn into a turning lane.
Um... And when I turned into the lane, he
hit me on the passenger side, this way.
So it kind of caused the car to spin,
and I ran into a median wall...
and really kind of crushed the
whole front end of the car in.
And did you, uh,
wait for the police?
I did, yeah. It actually happened
right in front of a police station,
so I didn't have to wait real long.
[ Mutters ] All right.
Did you get a estimate for the
damage to your vehicle? I did.
They have to replace essentially the whole front
end of the car. It was something like $15,000.
Okay. I'm gonna ask you to get that to me.
Signed and stamped, please.
All right?
You know, I... I spent quite
a bit of time in Kenya.
That's great.
How was it?
It was amazing actually. It was
a really unique experience.
Okay. And where did you
have the accident?
It was in Queens. It was in Queens.
All right. All right. Queens.
the insurance company has a certain
dollar amount for your injuries.
We're making a left-hand turn, and all
of a sudden this big truck comes...
rearing around the corner
and hits us head-on.
The whole front of it
was smashed in,
and the wheel was, like, turned up.
[ Chuckles ]
It was a Honda Accord.
It was, like, '89.
I know, you imagine it still out there?
Oh, wow. Pretty old car.
You have any, uh,
pictures of the damage?
I have pictures, but I
didn't bring them with me.
Oh. Okay. I don't know. But I can
get them to you if you need them.
Don't worry about it.
I've seen a lot of accidents,
heard a lot about
different cases,
so... that's it.
Now, the insurance company has a certain
dollar amount for your injuries...
[ Typing ]
[ Buzzing ]
Baby boy.
What's up, man?
What's popping, baby?
All right, all right.
Looks good.
Six months?
I had to get out, man.
Word, dog.
What's up with you?
Chilling, man.
The hood miss you, boy.
Miss me? You already know.
Come on, man.
I wonder why.
Come on, man.
Every time they see me, they be
like, "Yo, where A at? Where A at?"
You know what I mean? So, I don't
know, you know what I mean?
So now I know.
Corporate life, corporate
world... treating you good?
I do all right.
All right.
I hear that, man.
But, yo, I need you
to do me a solid, man.
I need you to hold
something for me.
All right.
[ Zipper Unzips ]
[ Typing ]
[ Typing Continues ]
[ Birds Twittering ]
[ Doctor's Voice ] How long
has it been bothering you?
[ Abu's Voice ]
A couple of weeks now.
[ Doctor ] Stabbing pain or...
[ Abu ]
Severe, yes. Stabbing.
I was driving in the rain. It was
raining really, really hard.
And this big Bravada just
literally hit me on the side.
And my car spun a couple of times.
Air bag comes out.
That's pretty much
the short story of it.
Exactly... [ Groans ] what
part of your car got hit?
The, uh, my... The passenger
side of the car.
The passenger...
[ Groans ]
[ Coughs ]
[ Children Chattering ]
This could be the flower.
So the test results came back,
and the problem that you have is coming
from one of the soft tissue organs.
The pain you're having...
is all coming from something
called a sarcoma.
Have you ever heard
of a sarcoma?
No. A sarcoma is a
malignant type of cancer.
And you have this
in your stomach.
I had hoped that this
was a benign tumor...
that was causing all the gastrointestinal
problems you were having.
This is a very rare type
of cancer that you have.
They tested
and re-tested everything,
and they came out
with a diagnosis...
of hemangioendothelial sarcoma,
which is a very,
very rare type of cancer.
And how to treat it is, really,
a little uncertain right now.
So at this point, I'm gonna
send you to an oncologist...
to get evaluated,
and they're gonna treat you.
They'll probably go with chemo.
You've heard of chemo?
It's gonna...
It's a process.
It takes time, it's
gonna knock you out.
You're gonna lose weight.
You're not gonna feel great,
but it might buy you
another six months.
Do you have any family,
friends... a girl?
No, not really.
Do you have insurance?
[ News, Indistinct ]
[ Sighs ]
[ News Continues, Indistinct ]
[ Retching ]
[ Coughs, Vomits ]
[ Groans ]
[ Gasps Softly ]
[ Typing ]
So on a scale from one to 10, how
bad would you say the damage is?
Eight. Did you end up
going to the hospital?
Uh, no. The paramedics cleared me at the scene.
I was... I was okay.
Are you in therapy?
Are you in therapy?
Physical therapy?
"No." [ Mutters ]
- You go to a physical therapy office.
- Right.
Not a doctor's office.
I don't know what to tell you, but
this is really, really irresponsible.
The car hit me. You are in charge of
taking care of the car's policy holder,
or whatever,
and you don't wanna pay me.
[ Cell Phone Buzzing ]
What's going on?
I'm at work right now.
I was at the second job, you
know, doing the bouncing thing.
Oh, man, well...
It was crazy.
The whole bar was fighting,
throwing chairs, throwing bottles...
flying through the air,
you know.
It's, like, I busted up my hand
taking out this guy's teeth.
Huh. It was a few guys.
They took me out?
I know.
I got some bills to pay and
some people to pay back, so...
I'm gonna make
a little bit more money.
# [ Speakers:
Man Rapping, Indistinct ]
It seems like one of those jobs that's
pretty easy to kind of just... pick up.
If you know the right people though.
Lily, can I get a soda water?
Yeah, sure.
Do you want anything in it? Bitters?
Just straight, fine, thanks.
How's it going, man?
Pretty good.
How was your night tonight?
Wasn't that bad.
Oh yeah? You didn't have
to bust any heads?
No, not tonight.
[ Chuckles ]
He busted a million heads.
Hey, man, so I want to know...
Um, you ever been shot at?
[ Lily Laughs ]
[ Abu Chuckles ] It seems like the
sort of thing that might happen...
to a bouncer if you're working
at a certain kind of bar.
Ah. I've been shot at
about four times.
I think I would've remembered
how many times I'd been shot at.
You see, I try to avoid situations
where people might be shooting at me.
But you, you enjoy... You walk right into them.
You get paid to do that.
That's your profession, right?
[ Scoffs ]
If I was a cop,
that would be my profession.
[ Man ] Yeah, I guess you're not a police officer.
What you do is a little different.
You're still here, right? That's what counts.
You've been shot at,
but you're still here
sitting at the bar.
That's true.
[ Man ] Lily, where did you go to college?
Did you go to school?
I sort of went to school, yeah.
[ Man Chuckles ]
Did you go to school, Shannon?
It's all right, man. You don't need a
college degree to do what you're doing.
You know what I mean?
So where did you grow up, man?
You grow up around here?
I grew up in East Flatbush. What
was it like growing up out there?
A lot of kids in the neighborhood,
they just ran wild...
and... just being stupid.
[ Man ] I've heard about it in rap songs, I've...
I've seen news stories about it, I suppose.
So it's like that.
It's like 50 Cent says.
That's exactly how things go down.
[ Laughs ] Not though.
Personally, I don't
really know you that well,
but I don't... I don't know what the fuck
you're talking about, to tell you the truth.
[ Laughs ] My personal opinion.
I mean, what are you
trying to say?
I just said it. You don't know what
the fuck you're talking about.
I'm sitting here, I'm trying to
have a fucking conversation...
with the bartender here.
It's been a long fucking night.
[ Mutters ] It's time to
wrap things up, I think.
You went to college. You learned all
what you had to learn in school,
and you're still dumb as fuck.
So shut the fuck up. I mean, I'm...
You're not the first person...
I appreciate you insulting it, but I don't really
care what you think about me, to be honest.
Now, you shut the fuck up, or
I'll make you shut the fuck up.
Come on, man. I mean, I don't think physical
violence is really necessary right now.
[ Bottle Shatters ]
How many times I gotta say?
Man, come on. [ Lily ] Guys, this
is fucking retarded. Stop it.
I mean, just chill the fuck out.
Guys, stop it, seriously.
It's the end of the night.
I really don't want, like...
You're here to, like, stop people from fighting.
I'm gonna clean up the bar, man.
[ Lily ] Everyone just... I'll... [ Man ] And
I'm so gonna get your ass fucking fired.
[ Lily ] I'll just... I'll just close
up, like, seriously. [ Man ] Fuck you.
[ Lily ] Just don't...
[ Woman's Voice On Phone ] Please
enter your password. Next.
Saved message.
Main menu.
To listen to your message,
press one. To change your...
First saved message.
[ Woman ] Hi. Are you doing okay?
[ Indistinct ]
I wanted to see how you're doing. [
Indistinct ] ...that I love you.
And, um... Okay, I'll give you
a call as soon as I can, okay?
Bye-bye now.
Take it easy. Okay.
[ Woman's Voice ] Message saved.
You have no more messages.
Main menu. To listen to
your messages, press one.
[ Beeps ]
So where you from?
[ Driver ] Hmm?
What country... What country you from?
Ecuador, huh? You been
here a long time?
You don't speak much English, do you?
[ Chuckles, Coughs ]
[ Abu ] Ecuador.
You got donkeys and stuff?
Yeah, right, no English.
You've probably never been back
since you've been here, huh?
All illegal and shit, right?
[ Laughs ]
Get a pain in your gut
and adios.
[ Abu Chuckles ]
That you understand, huh?
It's freaking stupid, man.
Die of something
you can't even pronounce.
[ Dishes Clattering ]
[ Water Running ]
Take these out later,
'cause we made 'em already.
Okay. Now what else?
[ Chattering ]
[ Dog Barks ]
[ Knocks ]
[ Knocks ] Okay, okay. I'm coming.
I'm coming. I'm coming.
I'm coming.
How you doing?
Oh, I don't know.
I don't know.
- What's going on with you?
- Been around working.
Been around working.
Yeah, that's fine.
Doing what? I got a job. I
work at a insurance office.
Are you sure?
One hundred percent sure.
Can I trust you?
I got a good job now.
I'm doing good for myself.
[ Woman Arguing, Indistinct ]
Here come loudmouth.
Lord, have mercy.
[ Arguing Continues ]
You don't have no respect for me.
[ Woman ] I sure don't.
You can just leave it at that.
See nothing changed.
Yeah, sure ain't.
[ Chuckles ] Sure ain't.
Yeah. I came back with
the money I had for you.
Oh, yeah?
I told you I'd pay you back.
A lot of times when you tell me stuff
like that, you don't follow through.
I changed, Ma.
Things are different now.
Oh, yeah?
That's clean money. Told you I have a job.
I work in midtown Manhattan now.
Yeah, but a lot of people have jobs and
have drugs on the side and stuff like that.
And they be doing stuff that
they ain't supposed to be doing.
No, no, no.
That's all in the past.
[ Clears Throat ] I don't know.
Can I count it?
We'll see.
$200 is what you owe me, right?
So this is 300.
I know.
So what's that for?
That's for you.
- What is that?
- That's my phone.
Oh, okay.
All right.
I just want to take
a picture of you.
Well, you know I don't
take a good picture.
So... whatever's there,
you get.
Just throw one at me.
'Cause that's it.
Can I see what it look like?
[ Woman Muttering In Next Room ]
'Cause you know I can't
take a good picture.
[ Woman ] That's what
I feel... stupid.
[ Muttering Continues ]
Okay. All right.
But my head look like it's all bloated.
[ Chuckles ]
Look at my head. That's where I get it from.
When people tell me...
I got a big head, I'll know
what it look like on a picture.
[ Laughs ] I got a big head.
I got a big head. That's where I get it from.
That's 'cause you're a guy.
You're not selling drugs anymore?
I don't touch that.
I stay away from it.
You know, it's easier to get... to get into
that stuff, but it's hard to get out.
There's always somebody willing
to pull you back in there.
Yeah. There's always somebody
willing to pull you back.
You right about that.
[ Woman Mutters ]
But I'm out, Ma.
All right.
I promise you.
[ Woman Arguing, Indistinct ]
Be quiet for a minute.
[ Arguing Continues ]
You know, if they don't leave, I'm
gonna put my foot up this bitch's ass.
[ Chuckles ] I swear I'm
gonna have to hurt her.
Her husband came in
last night saying... Oh, man.
Your aunt is really ridiculous.
Pretty eventful life, don't you think?
Your aunt is really ridiculous.
She keeps going on and on
and on about nothing.
About nothing.
[ Abu ] You know, I've been thinking
it's time to go back home...
get out of the city.
In a way I wish I could...
move back home,
'cause I have to live
with all this.
New York City is definitely
not... Live with all this.
It's definitely not
the right place.
You know, you're doing... With the
stuff you're doing and whatnot...
and you say you're gonna straighten
up your life a little bit...
But you're still my kid,
you know.
You're still my son, regardless
of whatever happen, you know?
I will always love you.
You can't just have a child
and-and forget about it.
You love it regardless of what it do, but
you can always turn your back a little bit.
You know. Distance yourself
from that child...
until they decide
to straighten up.
I guess I just had
to learn by myself.
You have to learn from your
mistake. Not by yourself.
You have to learn
from your mistake, you know?
You make a mistake,
you learn from it.
You learn from it.
I'm just saying I'm sorry.
All right?
You know,
I'm still angry at you.
I know. I didn't say everything
was gonna be perfect.
Well, it ain't gonna
never be perfect.
It will never be perfect again.
But we can work on that.
We can work on that.
[ Elevator Bell Dings ]
Yeah, man. Remember Ace?
Uh-huh. Yeah. The boy
got locked up again.
What's new?
[ Scoffs ]
Whew! I'm gonna
take my hat off.
Corporate America, huh? Life
is good, huh, good brother?
Yeah, life is definitely good, man.
Why do you think I left?
Where's your desk at?
Right here.
[ Drawer Slides Open ]
That's what I'm talking about.
Probably lookin' too hard.
Think I'm gonna come back... try and
get a job in here. Nah, you good.
[ Sighs ] You don't have to.
It's all right.
Told you I'll take care
of you, right? Yeah?
We good? Yeah, yeah, we good.
Just about.
Yo. Appreciate it, man.
Take care of yourself
in this new life of yours, man.
You know where I'm at.
I won't be coming back.
You're good.
I'll see ya later.
Love you, bro.
# [ Rap On Headphones ]
# Brother bear, brother bear,
what's the word? #
# I got a new attitude
and a mockin'bird #
# And when I do the wild,
better watch and swerve #
# Just sing a little song
in the wild back... Word #
# Brother bear, brother bear,
what's the word? #
# I got a new attitude
and a mockin'bird #
# And when I do the wild,
better watch and swerve #
# Just sing a little song
in the wild back... Word #
# Oh, man
[ Men Laughing ]
Yeah. Yeah, basically.
I'm not your classic alcoholic.
[ Chuckles ]
This is cognac, '93, summer.
[ Men Laugh ]
Yes. The taste of summer.
Right here.
Yes, sir. There you go. There you go.
Tip it in. Yes.
There you go. Health, wealth,
happiness and mo' money, mo' money.
Mo' money. Yes, sir, yes,
sir, that's what it is.
Damn, which one you want first?
I'm about to spit some poetry.
Y'all ready? Y'all ready?
Uh-oh. Ooh! What up? What up?
Don't get nervous.
No, no, no, no, no!
Yo. Hit that shit.
Hit that shit.
Look, my name heavy in the streets,
'cause they call me J.R.-ah.
In about two years,
I'm-a be a big star-ah.
So if you drivin' slow,
you better stay in your lane.
'Cause you about as real
as Jake's fake chain.
Oh! [ All Exclaiming ] Ooh!
I had to do it. That's good.
That's good. That's good!
- I think it's the Miller in me.
- That's good.
I think it's the Miller in me.
A'ight, a'ight.
A'ight. I'm up with that.
[ All Exclaiming ]
It's all good. What if we
bought that shit on food?
[ All Laugh ] [ Imitating
Accent ] 25.99.
Nigga, it was 22.95.
I told you you need that shit...
He's like, "Don't change my price."
I get a dollar free
for 50 cent, a'ight.
And guess who stole it
for weed and shit.
He's a...
[ All Laugh ]
A'ight, dig it. I'm old money.
Too much to fold money.
Mmm! Double one "O,"
rose and gold money.
I'm old money. If you want
it, it's sold, money.
I walk through the hood, like,
"Damn. You bold, Money."
My sixes thicker than ass
on black "chicks-es."
You and your fam be, like,
"Damn, I hate rich kids."
Hey! Oh! Whoo!
My man is a disciple, baby.
I like that.
A'ight, a'ight. Who goin'? Who goin'?
Who goin'? I like that.
What's good, Abu?
Let's go, baby boy.
Good to see you, son.
It's good. Shoot.
What's up, brah?
You a'ight?
Yeah, I'm a'ight, bro.
I'm drinking good.
I know I'm a'ight.
Where you been, man? I've been around.
How's my brother?
What you got? What you got?
What you got, Abu?
What you got in the bag, huh, boy?
[ Chattering ]
Can't be coming over here
with... shit.
Let's go, baby.
This is Old Faithful.
This is Old Faithful.
What's going on, playa?
Chillaxing and shit?
You're not even drunk, and you're
spilling all your drink, man.
You've been doing this
all afternoon, man.
[ Man #2 ] Where my
motherfucking Jordans at then?
God, I got you, a'ight?
Hold on. Let's wake up this boy A back, man.
What up, baby?
Hey, yo! I ain't seen this nigga
in six months before yesterday.
He Hollywood. That's why.
I seen him with a suit on.
I couldn't even say hello to him.
Can't talk to him.
You know how I rock these wild-ass button-ups.
He had the clean button-up.
You don't look very clean.
One color.
One color.
[ All Chuckling ]
Right to the neck.
Where were you going? I was in the city.
I was working. I was working.
Working in the city?
- The right way.
- [ Chuckles ] The right way.
The right way.
Yeah. The right way.
He all quiet now. He tight.
He tight. The right way?
Fuck these motherfuckers.
What's up though, man?
It's what it is. It's good
to see you, man. Same here.
[ Man ] Keepin' the jury
out... Where you been, man?
Good. You guys, you do well,
shining... What's going on?
- [ Laughter ]
- I'm good. I'm good.
I'm just saying, you know,
we gotta parley, man.
We can do that.
Two... Yeah.
What happened? You got something on your mind?
We all boys here.
- Speak your mind, baby.
- Yeah, man. I needed you, man.
That flooring joint.
I couldn't make it, brah.
You couldn't make it?
You couldn't make it.
You told me that before.
I just couldn't make it.
What you talking about? Some
other stuff I had to deal with.
What you have to deal with? Never
would... That's personal business.
Some personal shit
I had to deal with.
Same way we tried to make deals before,
and you fell through on it, all right?
I... What?
Yeah, you fell through.
You left us high and
fucking dry in the air.
What are you talking about?
I mean, what are you talking...
What are you talking about? Ah.
Yo, word on my life, I've never
fallen through for any of y'all.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
You know this.
You know this.
What are you talking about?
Remember that uptown shit
we had at the end?
Where the fuck was you?
You said, "Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'll be there. I'll be there.
Man, I got your back.
It's all good. Yeah."
Where the fuck was you? I ain't
see you... Nigga, you know...
[ Man ] That shit six years ago?
You know. Nigga, you know...
Nigga, you know they locked
me up the night before.
I told you I was
in there for the weekend.
And you was out
the next fucking day.
You can feed them the bullshit,
but... Oh, it's bullshit now?
I know what it is. [ Chuckles
] It's bullshit now.
Feed it to them.
[ Man ] There's gotta be more
to it than just that, man.
It's bullshit, huh?
Those niggas
would've killed me, man.
I needed you.
I needed you.
What you want me to say now?
Apologize, what? I
ain't gonna say sorry.
You ain't gonna say sorry? For what?
I had shit to deal with.
You had shit... What the
fuck could you deal with?
What the fuck could you
have to deal with, man?
It's me. Nigga, it's me. He said he got
locked up, man. What happened to you?
Nigga, it's Jay.
How the fuck do you got something
to do on the same day...
we gotta leave for work, man?
Four niggas, man?
Them niggas had heat, my nigga.
Can't even fucking believe you. You
just walk in here like every...
Shit is fucked up, man.
You don't... You don't do that
to your peoples, man.
Where you going right now is gonna be fuck that.
Know what I'm saying?
What are you talking
about "fuck that"?
It's gonna be fuck that
on the real, son.
Coming at me sideways and all that shit.
I told you I had shit to do.
How many times you said to me,
"I have something to do"?
Tell me when I told you... How many
times I called your phone, son?
I had something to do. How many times I
called your phone, you ain't answer.
I was knee shit...
knee-deep in shit. Huh?
I had to work my way
out of that shit by myself.
By myself.
Where the fuck was you at?
And the one time...
the one time I'm not able to
make it, you're giving me shit?
Nigga, 50 g's. Who the
fuck is you, on the real?
Who the fuck am I? Who the
fuck... Who the fuck am I?
Think because you got a job
now... Yo, easy... Right, man.
- This is some good shit.
- Hey, Miss D, how you doing?
Hey. [ Chuckling ] I was
gonna pick that up.
My name ain't D. My name... No, no.
I take bottles to the store.
My name is Margaret, not no D.
Miss Margaret D.
[ Chattering ]
I'm still full. It will
always be Miss D to us.
Always be Miss D.
Thank you.
Yo, when you gonna smoke...
quit smoking, man?
I got one more,
Miss Margaret. You good?
[ Chattering ] Got a bottle.
Yeah, 'cause the recycling come on
Mondays around here. [ Chuckles ]
Monday there ain't no fuckin'
maid... Y'all pick up your own shit.
[ Chattering ]
[ Man ] Come on, D.
You got a shot.
God knows...
I told you I got it. All right?
[ Chattering ]
Why you hounding me
like this, man?
[ Chattering ]
What do you mean
I'm trying to avoid you?
How many times... Look. I got the money.
I got the money.
I'm gonna get the money to you.
[ Man ]
Yo, fuck y'all niggas, man.
You know, look... Don't even worry
about that, man. That's nothing.
Don't even worry about that.
That has nothing to do with you.
Don't even worry about it. Look. I said I have
the money to you. I have the money to you.
All right?
Is every... Everything's good?
All right. All right.
I don't know, man.
Brother said, "I'm leaving too."
Yeah, he like, "I don't know. I
see two dudes leaving, I'm out."
For real.
[ Chattering ]
We got shit to do.
Yo, whose is this, man?
[ Chattering ] Whose is this?
Oh, a'ight, my man.
Yeah, don't drive, man.
Don't let this motherfucker
charge you gas.
[ Man ] I'm saying, can a guy hit it though?
Can a guy hit it? Oh!
What's going on, playa? Peace.
What up? How you doing, man?
A'ight. My fault if they made
too much noise out there, D.
[ Margaret ] No, no. Don't worry about it.
We good. Let's go, baby.
You chillin'? Yeah, I'm chillin'.
I'm chillin'.
I got everything.
Tell Vanessa to call me.
Stop saying that shit, man. Yo,
I'm gonna tell... I'm gonna...
[ Chattering ] That's what I'm talking about.
Leave her alone, man.
This nigga's still on Vanessa.
[ Chattering ]
[ Chattering ]
[ Hands Clapping ]
[ Man ] Hey, excuse me, my brother.
Can I say something to y'all?
[ Man #2 ] Yes, sir.
[ Man #1 ] All my life I've
been getting into trouble,
you know, selling my little
drugs here and there.
I did it more times
than making money...
I just maxed out June 11
of this year right here.
The last bid I just did
was a two and a half to flat.
Every time I put my hand
on a bundle...
or anything,
I'm always in jail.
I'm always here calling
my people to help me out.
I can't do that no more.
I'm getting too old for that.
So I chose to stay home
and get my own money.
You know, I'm getting ready
to get a lot of shit, man.
All you gotta do is just get out there and do it.
And you gotta do the footwork.
The footwork ain't gonna do you.
You gotta do the footwork.
See what I'm saying? Y'all
can spend money to get that.
Y'all can spend money
and go and look for a job, man.
See what I'm saying?
And that's easy.
'Cause sooner or later, this
world gonna come to an end, man.
Sooner or later this world
gonna to come to an end.
You want to leave
something here in this world...
that you could at least say I left
something in this world, you know.
And that's how it is
with all parents.
And that's what y'all gotta do.
You want to have
something in this world...
that you can talk about
that you left behind.
That you left somebody here
to carry you on.
If y'all got kids...
See them kids grow up...
to get to where y'all got, man.
You never want to see a kid die before
their parent. That ain't no good.
You die before your parent, there's
something wrong with that.
Ain't gonna come in this world and say,
"I'm not gonna leave nothing in this world.
I leave this daughter or this son
in this world here to carry me on,"
you know, and that's how it go.
You know, you don't come in this
world and ain't got nothin'.
You leave out of this world... You
come in this world with nothing,
you leave out with nothing,
that ain't no good.
And-And-And y'all can do it, man.
And y'all can do it.
And y'all can do it. All you gotta do
is just... [ Man Speaks, Indistinct ]
Fall back, man, and say,
"I could do it one day."
I told you. I did it.
I ain't been back to jail
since I've been home.
And I usually
be... be in jail right now,
you know,
because I like doing my thing.
I chose not to
do my thing no more.
I do my thing,
I get in trouble.
You know,
I sell my little loosies.
I get my money
from selling loosies all day.
[ Bottle Shatters ] Got a hundred
dollars in my pocket every night...
I'm not bothering nobody, I'm not stealing
from nobody, I'm not robbing nobody.
So there's plenty of time... I came here...
And I've lived here all my life here.
And I'm 51 years old.
And I let y'all know
what I'm talking about.
[ Chuckling ]
That woman got better taste than me.
You know what I'm saying? Uh-huh.
It's all good, man.
I got that money I owed you.
Oh, I wasn't sweating that too much, you know.
That's what's up though.
Yeah, I got you right now.
Oh. What you doing,
my man?
That's what it was.
That's what it was. Yeah.
And? What you trying to say?
[ Exhales ]
I mean, I know you doing your little office
job thing, you're getting serious about that,
you know what I'm saying, no
disrespect to you and all that, but...
out here, this is
my office out here, man.
You know what I'm saying?
[ Laughs ]
And... See, you laughing. Ain't nothing
funny, you know what I'm saying?
But I didn't give
that money to hold.
I didn't give that money to hold.
It was a loan, you know.
Certain rules come with that.
Trying to charge me
interest now?
I'm not trying to charge you interest.
He's charging interest.
Yeah, yeah. I got it. Standard
operating procedure, man.
I know what it is.
All right.
What you got? Now we talking.
Now we're talking. Okay.
No. Hold on.
Wait, wait, wait. Hold up.
This is how much it would have
been if it was on time. [ Sighs ]
But seeing as how you're late, you
know what I'm saying, it's $200.
Yes, late is $200.
And this is business.
It's not personal.
It's not my money, you know.
You know whose money it is.
You know where
this money's going.
If it was me, it would be
different, but it's not.
Yeah, I know. Whatever.
[ Chuckles ]
Don't be like that.
Don't take it personal, man.
This is us, B... This is...
Oh, okay, I like that.
You want a receipt
with that, friend?
[ Belt Rattling ]
[ Chattering ]
# [ Headphones:
Hip-hop, Faint ]
[ Coughs ]
[ Coughing ]
[ Vomiting ]
[ Coughing ]
# [ Headphones:
Hip-hop, Faint ]
[ Chattering ]
Hello. How are you?
[ Indistinct ]
You like something to drink?
[ Indistinct ]
[ Chattering ]
[ Chattering ]
[ Birds Chirping ]
[ Chattering ]
Hi. How you doing?
Can I help you?
Do you have any rooms
for tonight?
Uh, yeah, we do.
How much?
Uh, $50.
[ Chattering Continues ]
Uh, Room 7, okay?
Thank you.
# [ Speakers: Country Ballad ]
# [ Woman Singing ]
# [ Continues ]
Yeah. Me too.
The county of Kings.
# [ Speakers: Rock ]
You know, a friend of mine
used to live around here. Mmm.
Um, then he started this farm,
Flaming Bunny Acres.
I asked him once,
"Why Flaming Bunny Acres?"
So he tells me this story.
He's out camping.
They got
a campfire going, and...
this bunny rabbit
comes running in...
from... from out of the woods
and, like, leaps into the fire.
They grab the bunny, and they
put it on... [ Taps Table ]
They stamp out the flames, and
the bunny goes running away.
They're like,
"What the fuck was that?"
So they wait a little while, and they're,
like... You know, now they're relaxed, and...
the bunny comes back...
[ Chuckles ]
And goes for the fire again.
Again, they, like, take it, and
they walk it far into the woods.
And they're like,
"Bunny, like, go. Live."
A little more time goes by,
they're laying down, they're barely...
they're kind of falling asleep,
and they're woken by the
sound of the bunny on fire.
Flaming Bunny...
Flaming Bunny Acres.
Acres. Wow.
So I'm out there. Last night
was my, like, third night out.
I'm thinking of going back,
but, uh... [ Indistinct ]
I, uh, didn't check the weather.
Rookie mistake.
So, I wasn't
thinking much of it,
but there's these thunderclaps far off
in the distance, and they get closer.
I'm here in my tent. I can't see anything except
flashes of lightning and hear this thunder.
And I'm like, "Oh, my God, you know,
the lightning's gonna hit a tree,
it's gonna fall on this
tent, it's gonna kill me."
And so I just laid there, like,
wide awake, couldn't sleep a wink.
You know, anything can happen to
you, and if you're hiking solo,
you know, who's gonna find you?
What are your plans?
I don't know.
See what they got, I guess.
If you do hike,
when you get to the trailhead,
there are these little boxes you gotta
register in at the head of the trail.
You gotta fill that out,
if something should
happen to you... Mm-hmm.
You know, that's, like,
the last place that you've been.
So they can... You know, the rangers
will start to look around.
So, really important.
So, um, you fill this out...
so they can find you.
If you get lost, and
you're not back. Yeah.
So how would I get there?
the trailheads are pretty well marked
right there on the side of the road.
It's usually a brown sign
with yellow lettering.
You just follow the trail.
And like I was saying, it gets
dark out there real quick.
Um, goes dusk to darkness
real fast.
As soon as you notice that it's starting to
get dark, you don't want to be on the trail,
'cause then you can't
see shit, you know.
You know.
So you thinking
about going hiking?
Yeah, I just might.
I just might.
# [ Speakers: Rock ]
I think this is something
I have to do by myself.
Can't always have
somebody there with you.
Look at your hiking.
You got lost,
tree almost fell on you.
You were by yourself.
That's true.
Yeah, I guess,
you know, that's...
Maybe that's what
camping's about.
Hmm. Maybe.
Ah, especially out here.
Quiet. Dark.
[ Chuckles ] Yeah. It is
quiet, and it is dark.
And there are bears around.
What's up, guys?
How you doing?
You have a drink with me
for... on my birthday here?
It's your birthday?
All right then. [ Man
] Happy birthday.
- Happy birthday.
- Thirty... Thirty-one years young.
Thirty-one years young. Here you are.
[ Woman ] Happy birthday.
All right. Cheers, boys.
What's this? Tequila?
Oh, yeah.
[ Sighs ]
[ People Chuckling ]
Hey, big guy.
What's up, man? No, I'm
talking to this big guy.
How-How-How do you sing
happy birthday?
[ Man, With Accent ] # Happy
birthday to you [ All Chuckling ]
[ Abu ] Oh, one more time. I
gotta hear it one... Come on.
# Happy birthday to you
[ All Laughing ]
What sort of accent is that?
I think it's, uh...
[ Abu ] Sounds Canadian.
[ Chuckling ]
Very well could be.
[ Chuckling ]
[ Imitating ]
# Happy birthday to you
Oh, wow. That's awesome.
# Happy birthday, man
[ Laughing ]
# To you
Oh, man.
It's all for the birthday boy.
[ Chattering ]
Cheers. Cheers.
Happy birthday, buddy. [
Woman ] Happy birthday.
[ Chattering ]
[ Whispers, Indistinct ]
[ Bird Squawking In Distance ]
[ Birds Squawking ]
[ Bird Chirps ]
[ Breathing Heavily ]
[ Birds Chirping ]
[ Breathing Heavily ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Breathing Heavily ]
[ Breathing Heavily ]
[ Birds Chirping ]
[ Chirping Continues ]
[ Chirping Continues ]
[ Chirping Continues ]
[ Chirping Fades ]
# [ Men Singing In Spanish ]
# [ Continues ]
# [ Ends ]
[ Footsteps In Forest ]
Closed-Captioned by
[ Footsteps Continue ]
[ Footsteps Continue ]