Welcome to Redville (2023) Movie Script

[low droning music playing]
[siren wailing in distance]
[siren getting louder]

[mysterious Western
music playing]
You scared?
Hey, what happens when you play
country music backwards?
Get your job back.
Get your farm back.
Get your wife back. [chuckles]
What about the dog?
Yeah, you get the dog back too.
Dog back too.
[dispatcher speaks indistinctly
on radio]
[dispatcher continues]
It is an amazing stone.
Look at the dimension.
58 facets.
Intensely white.
It is flawless.
[Leo] All right,
stick it up, nobody move!
[door slams]
[peaceful music
playing on radio]
[dispatcher continues]
[sirens wailing]
Toss it on the fucking floor.
Real slow.
Ready, jiggle boy?
Toss the fucking gun.
-Didn't you hear the lady?
-I-- I can't do that, sir.
What the fuck
did he just say?
It's my job. I--
I can't let you
steal anything. It's--
It's my job.
[police siren wailing]
Frank, do what the man says.
Don't be stupid.
I'm sorry, Barnie.
I just can't do that.
Everything's insured.
Fully insured.
J-- just take
the stones and go.
Get the diamonds, Toni.
You sure?
We don't leave
till we got what we came for.
[police siren wailing]
[metallic rattling]
[tense music playing]
Drop the fucking gun!
I can't let you--
I can't let you
st-- steal anything.
S-- s-- stop.
Stop, please,
Don't make me. Don't.
Don't, don't.
[gunshot booming]
[dramatic music playing]
[car engine racing]
-[metallic crash]
-[police siren wailing]
[car engine revving]
[dramatic music playing]
[Toni breathing heavily]
-[Leo] You okay?
-I'm okay.
-It's just a scratch.
-Come on.
[music intensifies]
[police siren wailing]
[tires screeching]
This is not good.
[car whirring quietly]
End of the road.
[man speaks indistinctly
on radio]
[Toni breathing heavily]
[car engine revving]
[tires screeching]
We'll never make it, Leo.
It's, like, a 30-foot drop.
Going back to jail
ain't an option.
[man speaks indistinctly
on radio]
[Toni breathing heavily]
I'm with you.
[heartfelt music playing]
[car engine revving]
[faint thud]
[tires screeching]
[car whirring quietly]
[Toni breathing heavily]
[car engine revving]
[peaceful music playing]
[Leo] I think we're clear.
Hey, let me look at that.
[music fades]
Why'd you have
to do it, Leo?
I had no choice, baby.
-I had no choice.
-We agreed.
No shooting.
Plan gets fucked up.
I can't let
anyone hurt you.
You know, I--
I made a promise.
[quirky music playing]
I know that, baby.
I know.
[emotional music playing]
[radio static crackling]
[static intensifies]
[static stops]
[clears throat]
Breaker, breaker,
this is Desperado.
I'm, uh, rolling south-
southwest with my lady love,
my Queen, Miss Toni Olson.
Wondering if there's
some kind soul
that could tell me
how the roads look up ahead.
[deep voice] Well, that depends
where you're headed.
-Montezuma, Costa Rica.
-You hear that?
South of the border,
close to the sea,
we're gonna walk
in the white sands
and swim
in the rivers of tequila.
Thank you. Thank you.
Over and out.
[clicks tongue] Yeah, babe.
Says the road
is clear up ahead.
[radiator bursts]
What happened?
[brakes squeal]
[engine stops]
[door opens]
Yeah, we must have blown
the radiator.
So, what do we do?
Well, we got
to take her in.
You nailed down
where we are yet?
There's no service,
there's no GPS here.
[Leo groans]
I mean,
I don't get it.
This map is messed up.
We're supposed to be
in Tucson by now.
What about that place, Redville?
What is that?
It's not on here.
What do you mean
it's not on there?
It's not on here. Look.
[Leo] That's got to be it
down there.
If you wanted
to go somewhere...
no one could find you,
where would you go?
Come on, where?
Think, baby, think.
I don't know.
Like a town so small
that it's left off the map.
You know,
it's a perfect hideout.
We-- we go there for a few days,
let the trail go cold,
and we're-- we're clear.
[quirky music playing]
[car whirring quietly]
[engine stops]
Hey there.
What can I do you for?
I gotta get
the car looked at.
Well, then you came
to the right place.
You new to these parts?
No, we're just
passing through.
We get visitors
stranded off
the highway sometimes.
Sure looks pleasant here.
Well, it don't look
too bad.
Of course, we'll have
to hold it over 'til morning
to get the full look-see.
[Toni] Yeah, that's fine.
Um, are there
any motels around here...
You could try
the Kings Inn.
It's on the north side.
Just past the train yard.
I hear it's pretty good.
All right. Uh, thanks.
-See you tomorrow.
-Yes, ma'am.
[quirky music playing]
[street din]
[music continues]
Let's go
get something to eat.
[neon sign crackling]
[music fades]
[diner din]
What would you like?
-See the lady?
-Just a Diet Coke.
Extra ice.
I'll have a cheeseburger,
fries, Coke.
[pleasant music playing
from radio]
It's just a cheeseburger.
I've got it now. [chuckles]
Make a smile, baby.
Got law enforcement
sitting at the counter.
Sheriff's gonna think
you don't like me.
I'm just tired, Leo.
Just tired of living
on the run.
We're sticking to the plan.
This is just
a little bump in the road.
I don't know
if that's what I'd call it.
Never had them stones
in your pocket before.
Not too shabby for two kids
from Fresno New Hope Orphanage.
What's a redneck's
last words before he dies?
[in an accent]
Hey, y'all, watch this.
-[police radio warbles]
-I might as well check this.
We got any information
on that 1065?
-[dispatcher] Nothing yet.
All right, will you get back
to me as soon as you can?
Yep. Still nothing.
I'm really sorry,
I hope you find Millie.
-Thank you, Vicky.
-You're welcome, Sheriff Brooks.
-How is the cherry pie today?
-Good as always, Vicky.
As good as always.
Now, I could not help but notice
that you two are new in town.
Yeah, we just--
just got here.
Well, you know, we take pride
in entertaining our visitors.
Yeah, nice-- nice people.
Good citizens.
Where are you folks from?
Yeah, you.
Who'd you think
I was talking to you?
[Toni] California.
-Central California.
Well, what exactly
do you do out there
in Central California?
This and that,
you might say.
I mean,
nothing to brag about.
Not much to brag about.
I guess
I understand that.
Most folks around here
are pretty humble, too.
You're welcome to stay
as long as
you stay humble.
people are gonna start
asking you
a lot of questions.
Nosing around your business.
Well, I better be going.
Uh, listen, if you need
a place to stay,
I hear the Kings Inn
is awful good.
Yeah, we heard.
[Leo exhales]
Room 12, it has
a view of Main Street
and check out
is at 11:00 a.m.
-Thank you.
-For tonight's entertainment,
we have world famous
Roy Valentino,
a magician/comedian
from Las Vegas, Nevada,
United States of America.
[gentle piano music playing]
I h-- I hope you enjoy
your stay at Kings Inn.
[Valentino] Showtime!
[people applauding]
[Valentino chuckles] Showtime!
And here's the legend himself!
How are ya, folks? Great to be
back and Redville. What a crowd!
What a crowd!
Now, ladies and gentlemen,
I am gonna do a trick for you.
It's amazing.
In this hand,
I hold the king of spades.
In this hand,
I hold the king of diamonds.
Now, before your very eyes,
king of spades will
magically jump in my right hand.
King of hearts will
magically jump to my left hand.
Are you ready?
All right, here we go.
-[rim shot]
-[people applauding]
[Valentino chuckles]
Now, how many gorillas does
it take to fit into a hatchback?
How many chickens does it take
to fit into a hatchback?
Gorillas took all the seats.
-[rim shot]
-[people laughing]
I was speeding here.
I hit something.
I got a flat tire.
-Okay, let's go.
-I didn't see anything.
Been a long couple of days.
-There was a fork in the road.
-[people laugh]
-[rim shot]
-[people applauding]
[zipper zipping]
[TV remote clicking]
Phone's out, TV don't work.
Kings Inn? More like
Piece of Shit Inn if you ask me.
[slide clicks]
I don't want you
to carry.
What do you want me to carry?
Ping pong paddle?
Just put the gun away,
-All right.
-[gun clicks]
See what we got.
What do you think?
100, 200 grand?
I mean,
you're the expert.
How about this one?
That one's
definitely the queen.
Yeah, it's too bad
we can't sell it.
[heartfelt music playing]
What you gonna do with it?
Gonna give it
to a queen.
-Do you know one?
Dream of my life.
The one I want to marry.
Did you ask her?
I am now.

Check this out.
This is the front page
of The Redville Gazette.
"Wanda Samuelson,
proprietor of Samuel's Notion,
reported her cat, Millie,
missing since last weekend."
-Nothing about a robbery?
-No, we're in the clear.
Oh, wait,
there-- there's more.
"In response, Sheriff Brooks
ordered a search of the area,
which failed
to turn up any sign of Millie.
If you have
any information,
please call the Redville
Sheriff's Department
during office hours."
Yeah, and if the phone's out,
you can just use two tin cans
and a piece of string.
No one will ever
accuse you of being subtle.
-Aprs vous.
-[bell chimes]
What do you think, Leo?
This look like
our future?
More like somebody's past.
These here are good.
Very good cut. No blemish.
You guys professional?
No, no. Just hobby.
We buy and sell.
Well, I can offer you
$4,000 for each,
total of 12,000.
-What do you think, Toni?
-Yeah, that sounds fair.
Do you know
the myth about diamonds?
Well, centuries past...
Eros and Venus
fell in love...
but began to neglect
their heavenly duty.
So Zeus separated them
and Venus fell to Earth
and cried for 100 years.
The tears
dripped into the soil
and were changed
into diamonds
so that Eros
could follow the jewels
back to his true love.
Did he ever find her?
Some believe
he's still looking.
By the look of that rock,
sounds like she threw
one hell of a tantrum.
Ah, yes,
my prized possession.
The only item
that's not for sale.
It's absolutely beautiful.
[Swanson] Been in my family
for generations.
I hear it's nice
in Costa Rica.
Lots of Americans live there.
How we gonna
survive there?
We got some money,
maybe we can,
I don't know,
start a business or something.
What business?
We selling sodas? We know
shit-all about business, Toni.
Where you going?
Gonna go check
if the car's ready.
[toys squeaking]
[spring boings]
[eerie music playing]
[toys squeaking]
[footsteps echoing]
[tools whirring]
[Toni] Hey, Jason.
Hey, how are you
folks today?
We're good.
-Right, Toni, we're good.
So, you fixed the car?
I think I found
your problem.
This right here.
Water pump gone downright
flooey on ya.
Flooey, huh?
Can you fix it?
Not today, sir.
I got a backlog.
We really need to get back
on the road, Jason.
I'll do my best, ma'am.
Maybe I could have it ready
for y'all by tomorrow.
It's the best
I could do, ma'am.
Hey, Jason.
That barber down the road,
they any good?
Chester and Willy.
They're my friends.
Pretty good.
Tell 'em I sent you.
Sharp razors.
[razors being sharpened]
[Chester humming]
How about
this weather lately?
Oh, it's awfully warm.
this late in the season.
I second that.
-[bell chimes]
-[Chester hums]
Good afternoon to you.
Can I help you?
Yeah, I'm just looking
to get a shave.
A shave it is.
Have a seat right here.
[Willy chuckles]
You know,
I don't usually let, uh,
strangers with blades
so close to my neck.
You heard what
he said, Willy?
He don't like blades
too close to his neck.
How's he gonna shave you then?
Well, maybe
where they come from,
they shave the blades
away from the neck.
-[Chester laughs]
-[Willy cackles]
Relax, Leo,
you're in good hands.
The lady's right.
So what do you guys do
for fun around here?
This and that.
Mostly we like entertaining
visitors, don't we, Willy?
Oh, yes, indeed.
That is
our main attraction.
they're so very interesting.
They come in here
with their out-of-town ways.
They give us
the once over.
But it's change
that we like to see.
See, after you spend
a little time here...
your mind
starts to alter.
[mysterious music playing]
Your eyes,
they start playing
tricks on you.
You start seeing things
that aren't really there.
And then they learn
they have to pay.
They have to pay
for their sins.
-[blade slicing]
-[Leo] What the fuck?
[Toni] Jesus, what?
I don't know,
I thought he, uh...
Yeah, [chuckles] you seem
a little skittish there.
I'm sorry.
I think the heat's
getting to him.
[Leo breathes heavily]
Son of a fucking bitch!
What the hell's
the matter with you?
What are you talking about?
You see that guy
come with that thing at me?
He was shaving you
like he's supposed to.
Leo, you need
to slow down, all right?
I need a fucking drink
is what I need.
Wait, just wait a minute.
[Leo] Come on, Toni,
let's get a drink.
Relax, okay?
We need a break.
You go, okay?
Just chill.
I'll see you in the room?
[Leo] Yeah.
[country music playing on radio]
[woman] Well, you know,
that's wonderful.
Oh, I know.
[indistinct conversation]
[liquid pouring]
[indistinct conversation]
[Riley] Hey, Mister.

Give me a dollar,
I'll tell you your future.
[bills rustling]
You know what? Here's ten.
Keep my future.
Fuck. He's fucked.
I can see myself
in my whole life
You're fucked.
Give me another dollar,
and I'll tell you
how fucked you're gonna be.
Hey, Riley.
Let's call it a day, yeah?
Come on, let's go.
Just trying to tell
the man the future.
Same old same game
Night after night
after night
What can I get for you?
-Which one?
-Anything you got.
-On the rocks?
-Straight up.
Straight up, huh?
Nice and neat.
Yeah, I like
to keep things simple.
[chuckles] Well,
then you'll like this town.
Simple is all people are
around here.
Especially the men.
Now what do you know about men?
I know they tend to move on
unless you give them
a good reason to stay.
How old are you?
Old enough.
-[rim shot plays]
-[audience laughs and applauds]
So, these two guys
are walking home,
and one guy goes, "You know,
I'm a sinner, I want to repent."
The other guy goes,
"Well, you're gonna do that,
you gotta have
holy water."
So the guy says, "Well--
well, how do I get holy water?"
He goes,
"Well, you take regular water
and boil the hell out of it.
-[rim shot plays]
-[audience laughs]
[crickets chirp]
Thanks for the drink.
You have to be
one of the most beautiful girls
I've ever seen.
You wouldn't be fibbing
with me now, would you?
Want to be nice,
telling me lies?
Where'd you get that?
Yuma. Yuma State Prison.
I was on vacation there
for three years.
Must have been a bad boy
to get a three-year vacation.
Did what I had to do.
Don't got a lot of options
when you grow up
in an orphanage.
Orphanage? Ooh.
Guess I need to feel
sorry for you now, right?
No need. I'm good.
Did you ever find out
what happened to your folks?
Don't really know much.
I've got, uh...
bad memories of growing up
in a circus company.
Ferris wheels...
clowns, jugglers.
The records showed
that I was four years old
when they left me
in the orphanage.
Guess my folks
worked in the circus.
Maybe my dad
was just a big fucking clown.
Circus, huh?
Know any tricks?
Yeah, yeah, I do.
-What's the matter?
-Oh, man.
-You got someone?
-Yeah. Yeah, I got someone,
-How did you know that?
-Says that right there.
You don't know me.
If you did,
you'd be fucking scared.
Only thing I'm scared of
is getting stuck in this town.
I mean, even on my days off,
I get so bored
I go I work
in my Uncle Swanson's shop.
-You work where?
-My uncle, Swanson.
He owns a curio jewelry shop.
I work there on my days off.
What do you do there
at the shop?
Fix the antiques,
straighten the jewelry,
clean the diamonds.
Clean the diamonds, huh?
That part I like.
Especially the big one.
The blue diamond.
It's a pretty, pretty stone.
This is crazy.
This is fucking crazy, um...

[water running]
What are you doing?
Fingerprints all over them
the way we're handling them.
They'll be opaque soon.
There. Nice and shiny.
Nice and shiny.
Nice and shiny.
[country music plays on radio]
-I'm getting engaged.
My favorite job.
She seemed to like this one.
Nice. Uh, how much?
Since you're providing
the stone, say, 500.
[Leo] Fine. Let's do it.
[Walter] You don't have my
permission to come in here.
I did nothing.
[crowd chatters]
Orders out to someone
who can get me out of this.
[indistinct chatter
on police radio]
[light string music plays]
You have to get out of here.
You have to leave right now.
They'll keep you here.
They'll play with your head
until there's nothing left
but madness.
Nothing but madness.
I'm not your prisoner!
I won't let you do it
to me anymore!
They'll play with you!
They'll fuck with your mind.
Put him in the car.
You all need to get out of here.
You need to run away
from this place.
All right, now, folks,
to be concerned about here.
This is all taken care of here.
Everything's under control.
You know what this is?
I suppose it's if a person
wants to go crazy,
they're gonna go crazy,
and there's nothing
we can do about it.
Sometimes people wake up
in the morning,
and they just decide,
"We're gonna go crazy."
[crowd chuckles]
Now, you folks, that's enough
hullabaloo for today.
You go on home now.
[sinister music plays]
[country music plays on radio]
Enjoyin' love
is all we stand for
Open the door to your heart
Everybody's smiling,
we don't have a care
Sun is always shining
it's your time to share
[liquid sloshing]
-[Leo scoffs]
Everybody's smiling,
we don't have a care
Sun is always shining,
it's your time to share
You want to buy a gun?
[Leo] I got one.
They're on sale,
two for the price of one.
I said I got one!
[Lester] Here he is.
[Leo] Got a receipt for that.
Here he is, Sheriff.
Mister out-of-town hotshot
Ain't he though?
All bright and shiny.
Like an Indian nickel.
You wanna tell me
what's going on here, Sheriff?
-[Leo groans]
You mind telling me
what those slugs are for?
I don't need to.
This is America.
I want sarcasm, I'll ask.
Is philandering common
where you come from?
You like young girls, don't you?
-You accusing me of something?
-The girl from last night.
-You know who she was.
-No idea.
Sheriff Brooks's daughter,
you son of a bitch.
Lila your daughter?
[Leo grunts]
Was she sweet to you?
Did you like laying with her?
Did she please you
in every single way?
I swear, nothing happened.
Ask her.
Don't you lie to me.
No son of a bitch drifter's
gonna make a whore
out of my daughter.
You got that?
Now, if I were you,
I would get my sorry ass
back in my Dodger
and never show your face
in Redville again.
[Leo] Nothing I would like more
than that.
Let's go.
Fucking hillbillies.
What are you doing?
Jesus, what happened to you?
Who did this?
Sheriff and his
fucking hillbilly friends.
-He doesn't like my face.
What are you doing with that?
What do you think?
Next person that touches me
is eating lead.
[city din]
Well, hello, stranger.
-Stay away from me.
-What's wrong?
Did my father do that?
Son of a bitch,
he ruins everything.
Doesn't let me have any fun.
He still thinks of me
as daddy's little girl.
What? What? Whatever.
The fuck is she talking about?
Makes no fucking sense.

You can't break that case,
and you know it.
Has a magnetic lock.
I can give you
what you want, Leo.
All you have to do is ask.
Just say it, baby. Just say it.
Say what?
Say, "I want it."
I want that big...
blue diamond.
Come on. Just say it, baby.
-I'm not a baby.
-[Lila] That's right.
I want that big blue diamond.
I want that big blue diamond.
[engine starts, revs]
Well, I hope you like
your diesel.
You're going the wrong way.
Gotta show you something.
-It'll just take a minute.
No. Turn around.
We're fucking leaving now.
It will just take
a fucking minute, Toni.
Why do you have to fight me
on everything?
I just want you to meet someone.
[door opens, closes]
Toni, this is Lila. Lila, Toni.
What's going on here?
Lila's got a business proposal.
-What business is she in?
-[Leo] Same as us. Diamonds.
Yes. Let's talk about diamonds.
What diamond?
Big blue ones.
Lila here just happens to be
old Swanson's niece.
She can help us get
the big stone, baby.
Is this a fucking joke?
You can't be serious, Leo.
We agreed we're fucking leaving.
[Lila] Suit yourself.
I told him it wouldn't take
more than the two of us.
Okay, hold on,
just tell her
about the glass case.
It's a magnetic lock,
and I know the combination.
What's going on between you two?
Just business, baby.
Big blue business.
That's it, I swear to God.
Leo says we can get
over a million for it.
Split it three ways.
Two ways if you ask me.
This is fucking crazy.
I think I'm losing
my fucking mind.
After everything, you still want
to keep doing this shit?
Hon, if you ain't got the nerve,
then move over.
Let the new blood in.
What you say? In or out?
Oh, I'm out. All the way.
Fucking son of a bitch.
To-- Toni, wait!
That's it?
You're just gonna leave?
With a--
with the million dollar rock
-sitting right fucking here.
-Yeah, you watch me, Leo.
this is the holy grail, Toni.
This is a gift from heaven.
Since when does
your fucking name
-carry any weight up there?
-It's gonna be a snap, baby.
We pop in the shop, we're set
for the rest of our lives.
God, can you just shut up
and try using your brain
for a second?
Don't you wonder
what it's doing here?
A stone like that
in this fucking shithole?
Okay? It's too good to be true.
It's a fucking trap, okay?
Someone is fucking with us.
What do you mean
someone's fucking with us?
I don't know.
Haven't figured it out yet.
It just doesn't feel right.
Feels perfectly right to me,
I'm gonna go for it.
Well, fuck you, Leo,
and your fucking jobs
and your fucking promises.
Toni, just wait,
I'm-- I'm sorry, okay?
-Well, work hard so far.
No, no, no, no, no. Come on.
Why don't you just let me go?
I mean, fine
if you want that girl.
Fine if you want that diamond,
just don't make me
a part of it anymore, okay?
I can't live without you, Toni.
I don't think I can go
a whole fucking day without you.
[piano music plays]
If you don't like the ring,
I can get another one.
It's beautiful.
You know, they say marriage
is an institution
of three rings.
Well, engagement ring,
wedding ring...
Your jokes are not funny.
They're not funny.

Keep your eyes open, babe.
[quiet tense music plays]
[Lila] Isn't it
the most beautiful thing
you've ever seen?
[Leo] Perfect.
It's our key to freedom.
[keypad beeps]
All right, hurry.
Good things take time.
-I mean, even wine.
-[Leo] Okay, I get it.
[keypad beeps]
One more number.
[lock whirs]
There you go.
[drill whirs]
[mechanism beeps]
[indistinct chatter
on police radio]
Yeah. I thought that did too.
-Just keep your eyes peeled.
-Sure will.
[imitates chewing]
-Don't do that.
We make a pretty good team, Leo.
[Leo] Yeah, sure,
whatever you say.
[mechanism hums]
[tense drum music plays]
Come on, let's go!
The sheriff is outside,
let's go now.
[laser beeps]
[alarm blares]
Oops. Forgot about that one.
[Toni] Let's go now.
[alarm blares]
[Brooks] Stop!
Stop or I'll shoot!
Oh, now, come on now, boy.
You don't think you can get away
with this, do you?
Lila, sweetheart.
Hi, Daddy.
What are you doing here?
They stole the blue diamond.
Whoa! Oh, now-- now, come on.
Come on, boy, you don't think
you can get away with this,
do you?
I'm going to put a bullet
in your fucking brain
-is what I think.
-No, no, no, no, no.
What we're gonna do is
we're gonna
put our guns down
right now, okay?
All right? You know why?
'Cause bullets ain't gonna
solve your problems.
Your problems are much,
much bigger than that, Leo.

-[Leo] Fuck you!
-[Lester] Shit! Get him!
[tires screech]

Okay, Dad.
Enough of the drama. Get up.
You're right, honey. [chuckles]
I do tend to overplay
things these days, don't I?
[intense music plays]
We did it, baby,
we fucking did it.
Let's just go far.
Far away.
[orchestral music plays]
-Where are we?
-I don't know.
It's been a couple of hours.
Should be coming up
to something.
What the fuck is this?

Did you get turned around?
No. No, no, I don't think so.
What the fuck is going on?
I don't know. Let's just go.

[tires screech]
What the fuck is going on?
This has got to be a trick,
okay? Just keep going.
[tires screech]
-Hey, up there
-Yeah. I see it.
[tires screech]
[tires screech]
-Toni, what the hell's going on?
-[Toni] I don't know.

Oh, my God, it's the sign again.
I don't
fucking understand this!
-What the fuck is going on?
-I don't know.
Okay. Calm down, all right?
We'll figure it out.
Just-- just keep going straight.
-Keep going.
-You sure?
-May be something
on the other side
of this fucking place.
[tires screech]

Am I losing my fucking mind?
Leo? Are we--
do you think--
Toni, if-- if you wanna say
something, just say it.
-Do you think maybe--
-Do I think what, Toni?
Maybe we didn't make it.
Didn't make what?
When we jumped off that cliff.
Maybe we didn't make it.
I don't think
any of this is real.
Look, Toni. Toni.
You're losing it.
You're-- look,
you're losing it, okay?
Just like you did
when you were on drugs.
Come back.
I got to make it disappear.
I got to make it disappear.
No, I'm fi-- figure it out.
It's circling around
in my head.
[tires screech]
-You're back.
-[car door slams]
We're back, we're back,
'cause we're going around
in fucking circles!
Car okay?
You little flooey in the head,
You think I'm a car part?
Only car parts can be flooey.
Ah, Jason. [laughs]
[Jason] Yes, ma'am.
Have you ever gone
out of Redville?
-No, ma'am.
-Not even once?
I have no need to.
I got everything I need
right here.
Do you know if anyone
has ever left Redville?
Some try in the beginning.
But after a while,
they just give up and...
And what?
I don't know.
[whispering] Settle.
[atmospheric ambience plays]
What are you guys talking about?
Just this and that.
Let's go eat. I'm starving.
-What's gotten into you?
I'm just starving.
Just like to have a good meal.
Is that a crime?
Look, it all might work out
if you just go with the flow.
Flow with what?
Flow with all of it.
You know, it might not be
as bad as you think it is.
we are not staying here, okay?
Get that through your brain.
Hi, guys. You're back.
[Toni] Hi, Vicky, how are you?
You put your hair down.
I like it.
Oh, thanks, I didn't think
anyone would notice.
Oh, I noticed.
-Looks great.
-What can I get you?
Well, um, I would like to have
your fabulous cheeseburger,
a fry and a Coke.
No diet for me.
I want the real.
I like that.
I like people
who choose the real things.
Not people
who live in fantasies,
messing up their own lives
and everyone around them.

You know what?
I'll have the same thing.
You can just write
"2" next to it,
instead of writing
the whole damn thing out.
What's the rush?
Are you going somewhere?
Toni, what the fuck
is wrong with you?
I like it here.
Why don't you just try and get
along with the folks here?
I don't know
what the hell is going on here.
What-- what is going on?
Life is simple here.
There's no robberies,
no chases, no killings.
Simple, yeah.
It's simple, all right.
Everyone here
is real fucking simple.
We have to get back, Toni.
-Back where?
-I don't know. Civilization.
-[rim shot]
Now, this father and son,
see, they're having an argument,
The son says,
"This glass is half full."
Father says, "Oh, no,
this glass is half empty."
And the mother says,
"What's the matter with you two?
-Use a coaster."
-[rim shot]
See? It's all good.
His jokes are just like yours.
They're not funny,
but they're funny
because they're not.
-Get it?
No, Toni, I do not get it.
I don't know
what's going on here.
Are you on fucking meth again?
Oh, fuck you.
[Valentino] ...ex-NFL lineman.
Over there, motorcycle gang.
-[rim shot]
[indistinct radio chatter]
[Leo] What the fuck
is going on here?
[slow rock music plays]
Hi, Mr. Swanson.
Oh, hi, Toni.
I'm glad you're back.
Strangely enough,
I'm glad, too.
That's a beautiful ring
you have there.
It fits you.
Thank you.
Thanks to you.
You know, a ring like that
is very uncommon.
It's usually only given
by someone who truly loves you.
I know.
Just sometimes he can be so...
-So crazy.
-[ring clanking]
I wouldn't worry too much.
He'll come around.
[machine beeps, whirring]
[upbeat puzzling music plays]

[Leo sighs]
-[Leo shouts]
-[Riley] You missed her.
Give me a dollar,
I'll tell you the truth.
Get lost.
[Riley scoffs]
You want to know the truth,
don't you?
-[body thuds]

-[Riley grunts]
-Okay, buddy, time to go home.
-[Riley coughing]
[Riley grunting]
-You're back.
-Yeah, un-fucking-fortunately.
Lila, I saw your dad today.
So what?
I see the bastard every day.
Well, I shot him
right-- right in the chest.
Yes, you did.
I was there, remember?
Oh, what, was--
was he wearing a vest, or--
Always does.
Kinda part of the job.
When you see him, you say,
"Stay out of my way,"
'cause next time I aim
right for his fucking skull.
Wow, I'm sure
that will frighten him to death.
-You want a drink?
-[Leo] Yes.
[Lila] The usual?
-I-- I need your help.
-Of course you do.
There's only one way out.
-[glass clanks]
-I'm listening.
We burn it down.
We make it disappear forever.
Yes, Leo, make this
whole place disappear.
[Leo] Hellfire. We burn it down.
Wipe it off the fucking map.
Wait, isn't it
already off the map?
It is off the map.
Just tell me what you need.
I need guns,
I need big guns.
I-- I need-- I need ammo.
I need kerosene.
The rest
I can take care of myself.
My brother-in-law.
Son of a bitch.
He beats my sister,
but she doesn't admit it.
But I know he beats her.
What the fuck does that
have to do with anything?
Never mind.
[Lila] Rupert.
His name is Rupert,
and he owns the gun store.
I know where he hides the keys.
I know where he stores the guns.
I know everything.
You know,
I knew that you would know.
-You always have what I need.
-I'm here for you, Leo.
Just promise
you'll make this place go away.
Yeah, yeah, right, yeah.
I'll make it disappear.
I'll make it all disappear.
Can I help?
[Leo gasps]
[Leo breathing rapidly]
[Leo] Hey.
I remember you.
You tried to run away from here.
Wouldn't you?
How long have you been here?
It's not that long.
It's how many times?
How many-- how many times
have you been here?
Many times.
Many, many times.
I'm gonna find a way out.
Little man.
You think you're so smart.
You think you could
outmaneuver all of this?
Let me tell you something.
Little man.
You're stuck here.
Just like everyone else.
[Walter laughs]
I remember you.
You're the homeless guy
on-- on-- on Adams St.
when I was a kid.
Yeah, I remember.
Wait, what?
Maybe. [laughs] Who knows?
Yeah, well,
I-- I got a plan.
He's got a plan.
Little man.
With a little plan.
Little man.
With a little plan.
Little, little man.
With a little plan.
Little man.
With a little, little plan.
Nothing fucking works, Lila.
Give me the keys.
They're gonna
play with my mind
till there's nothing left
but madness.
You wouldn't let that happen.
Let's get to work.
[door creaking]
[door slams shut]
Little man, huh?
Little man, hell, yeah,
I got a fucking plan.
-[keys clanking]
-[Leo] Dark.
Look at this.
-[door creaks open]
[upbeat electronic music plays]
[Leo] This is good.
This is good.
Lots and lots of guns.

[Leo] I think this will make it
fucking feel like...
Look alive, Lila.
Come on.
Believe me, I got this.
They do not know
who they're messing with.
They can't keep me here.
They don't know
who they're fucking with.
Oh, I need some of these.
Gonna get some of these!
Need lots and lots of bullets.
Come here, guys.
[tense music plays]
Here it comes.
Oh, yes.
Think you can keep me here?
So we begin.
Let's burn it all.
Gotta make it count.
I don't wanna tempt them
with my stay in Yuma.
Oh! [laughs]
Can't believe
these guys stay here,
go round in circles
[laughs maniacally]
Got plenty for everyone.
[gas can thumps]
Don't try to mess with me,
Come on. All right.
They don't make these fucking
matches like they used to.
Fucking work,
you motherfuckers.

Now, release me,
[upbeat electronic music plays]

[Leo whooping]
This little man
has a big fucking plan!
[Leo] Yeah! [laughs]
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
I'm here to entertain you
every day, forever.
[jaunty music plays]
[guns firing]
Here's what we do.
[guns firing]
you're completely surrounded.
There's no getting out.
-[glass breaking]
-[Leo] Fucking clowns.
Fucking hate these clowns.
I don't need help
with the amateur show
of the Yuma State Penitentiary.
[man] Well.
[woman] Hi.
[man] Well?
[Leo laughs]
Fucking done playing nice.
-[glass breaking]
[guns firing]

Leo, Leo,
we're all here for you, boy.
Come on, now, bullets--
bullets never solved anything.
What? What?
Uh, actually,
sometimes they do.
Yeah, okay.
Sometimes, actually,
bullets do solve things.
But-- but not right now,
they don't.
You can't
keep me here, motherfuckers,
I'll burn you all down.
[guns firing]

-[bullet clanks]
[guns firing]
[glass breaking]
I'm gonna make
all these fuckers disappear.
Yes, Leo.
And then we'll go
south of the border,
walk the white sands
and swim in rivers of tequila.
Just shut up, Lila,
can't you see I'm busy here?
Just shut--
Hey, Sheriff,
let's see you dodge this one!
[gunfire in distance]
-Who is it?
-It's me, Toni. Let me in.
Why should I help my competitor?
Leo is in danger, okay?
Just open the fucking door.
Well, when you
put it that way,
I guess we're all
here to help poor Leo.
-[automatic gunfire]
-[Leo laughs maniacally]
-Eat lead, slugs!
[lock clicks]
Just stay there.
One step and I'll shoot.
-[gun fires]
-Leo, what are you doing?
[Toni gasps] Leo, it's me.
You can't keep me here.
I'm gonna leave this place.
You try and stop me,
I'll put a bullet
in your fucking head.
Release me, please.
-You're hurting me.
[Leo] You come any closer
and I'll fucking kill you.
You're not even real.
-You're fake.
-What do you mean?
-They're all fake.
-Hey, okay.
It's me, okay?
-It's me.
-[Toni] Yeah.
-You're one of them?
No. No. No.
-[Leo] Where were you?
I was looking for you.
I'm burning it down
for you, baby.
I'm burning it to the ground,
and when it's gone, we're free.
Just you and me.
-[glass breaking]
Come on, let's go.
Come on.
[fire crackling]
Where did they go?
There they are!
-Let's get them bastards!
-[overlapping chatter]
[jaunty music plays]

[guns firing]
-[engine roars]
-[gunfire continues]
-Yes, sir.
Get me my rifle.

[Sheriff sniffs]
[spring boings]
Not this gun, Tegan.
The other one.
Not me. Tegan.
Woo. [chuckles]
[Sheriff grunts, clears throat]
[engine roars]
You know I love you, right?
No matter what happens.
-[rifle fires]
-[tires screeching]
[car crashing]
-[car horn honking]
[indistinct radio transmission]
[Toni panting]
Leo. [whimpers]
Please, get up.
[Leo] Ugh, Toni,
where are they?
[Toni] We made it.
-[Leo] It's okay. Where are we?
-[Toni] It's okay. Come here.
Got to get you out of here, Leo.
It's all right.
[indistinct radio transmission]
-Get out of here, baby.
-[Leo grunts]
I gotta get you out.
We gotta keep-- keep going.
[Leo grunting]
[Toni] I think we're clear.
-[Leo coughs]
-I think we're clear.
-Are you okay, baby?
-I'm all right, baby.
[soft music plays]
Look how beautiful
they are, too.
There's also a couple hundred
grand in there.
No, not quite.
Why is that?
You see the big one here?
That one's not for sale.
That one's
for a special girl.
My queen.
[police siren wailing]
[Toni] Let's get out
of here, now.
[police siren wailing]
[Western music plays]

[siren wailing]

[upbeat electronic music plays]

[music ends]