Welcome to Sodom (2018) Movie Script

Immortal God, invisible God,
immortal God I will praise you.
Immortal, immortal God, invisible God,
immortal God I praise you .
I tell you : Sodom and Gomorrah,
they are wicked, wicked, wicked!
In such a way that, they are killing people,
collecting their goods, taking their land .
So, Jehovah, Allah, Jehovah Immanuel says:
my name is God of mankind.
I created you and you are punishing
them like it you were God .
Jonah says: I don't go. God must
destroy them and bring the doom.
Because the city of Sodom and Gomorrah
they are too wicked!
- This is your first time coming this week.
Don't spoil my scale. Why? -
- Because I need plenty money. -
- you need plenty money.
Don't spoil my scale.
This one. Is there sand inside? -
- No, no, no ! -
- Are you sure? -
- No. -
- you said there is no sand inside. -
- No, there is no sand. -
- Let me pour. You wait and let me pour. -
- There is nothing inside. -
- Are you sure? -
- Yes. -
- O.k. let me look.
O.k. fine. Don't worry.
This is 15 kilos. -
- Hey, no no no -
- Why? It is 15 kilos. Why? -
- No no no ! -
- Are you blind. You watch. -
- It is 18. -
- 18? you are right. See it is 18.
Let me check the money I give you .
What do you want to see.
Why are you watching my phone? -
- I want to see. -
- It is seven Cedis. -
- What? No no no. -
- It is seven Cedis. -
- This is nine Cedis. -
- No, you don't read nine Cedis. -
- No, no, no, see -
- I know there is weight. -
- This is heavy iron and you want
to give me seven Cedis. -
- Don't worry I add you somethIng.
Don't worry I add you one Cedi. -
- What? One Cedi? So how much is it? -
- It will be eight Cedis. -
- I said nine Cedis. See, the scale is
not even good. The scale is hard. -
- I'm here for you. Don't worry.
I will do it for you, o.k.
Take this one. -
- How much did you give me no no no ! -
- Take it and go. -
- No, you keep this and give me one Cedi. -
- You like the money. -
- Then give me this one. -
- Don't worry. Go come, o.k.
Don't keep long this time around. -
- O.k. -
- It you go, buy
some bean stew for me. -
- The small one or the one for five Cedi? -
- Bring me the big one. -
- Good morning. -
- Good morning. -
- Any new stuff you received? -
- Yes. -
- Where did you get everything? -
- My brother brings them from Europe. -
- From Europe? -
- Mmmhh -
- We want to buy something. We go and look. -
- You buy. You watch. The one you like
I will put them down for you! -
- How much, how much? One, like this? -
- This one will be 30 Ghana Cedis. -
- Come down small. -
- You said : 30 Ghanas? -
- 30 Ghanas. One for 30 Ghanas. -
- I watch if it is good for me or not. -
- Watch them. Ah, you like them.
Do the watch, watch them. -
- I will take this. -
- So, you bring them from the other side? -
- My brother brings them from Europe. -
- If you get some more soon -
- Oh yes, I go stop you when you pass. -
- Did you give him the money? -
- I gave him the money. -
- See you tomorrow. -
I need to take my time.
Then you will look really beautitul.
That's what I am trying to say.
I want you to look good .
Nice one, fine boy!
It is so nice ! Working well!
The word of God says, a time is coming,
somebody will come to you and say follow me,
today you will have money and there is no God.
There is no heaven. Those are false prophets.
I am telling you, that is what Hebrew 9.27 says:
It is appointed onto all mankind or human race,
both grandfathers, grandmothers,
both young and child,
both boys and girls, both brothers and sisters.
They want to die after their chilldren - Hebrew 9.27.
When you think you can do anything you like,
you can kill, you can do any wickedness,
remember the judgement day.
I will sing one song
The judgement day, the judgement day,
the judgement day is coming very soon!
Hey, give that to me. You are too fast.
It's not your turn yet.
- You see?! -
- That white men enjoy themselves
too much. They are sitting. -
- Plenty people. One, two, three ...
seven people. They are eating. -
- Their kitchen. See that white man. -
- What are you thinking about that white man. -
One of my brothers gave me this phone.
You see, they enjoy the beach .
See, there. Hey, white small boy. -
- Small dog. -
- That white man in house. -
- See, this is in New York or what.
See. White woman. See. She has cups. Big cups. -
- House flowers. -
- Big flowers. Hey, this one I love it. -
- D-Boy, are you ready? -
- I am ready. -
- I want to make you correct something
for the voice inside. So you are ready.
You are welcome.
You descent, o.k.?
Are you ready? Alright! So we go.
Only that one. Only that one. -
- Welcome. -
- No. You are welcome. Ready, we go.
You are welcome. -
- You are welcome. -
- No, you continue with this one.
See, listening. -
- You are welcome. -
- No, no, listening : You are welcome.
So, ready! -
You are welcome, you are welcome
Welcome to Sodom!
I am a Rapper, I am a Rapper!
We are here hustling!
Everyday hustling for Sodom.
Any time hustling from Sodom
We are suffering so much!
Northern people we are in this area only suffering.
More suffering. In Sodom suffering.
Welcome, you are welcome
Brother, go front and don't look back.
Go front and don't look back.
Sodom, go, go, go front and don't look back
Baby, go, go, go front and don't look back
Go front and don't look back.
Welcome, you are welcome
Pure Water.
- What do you want? Pure water? -
- Yeah. -
- Go and sell it quick. And then come back. -
- Yes. -
- What do you want? -
- More pure water. -
- How many bags you want? -
- I want many. -
- Let me help you. Hurry and then
come back right away. -
Hey, I want to buy some candy!
That is not enough. Give me one more.
- Check this one first and see
whether it is working or not.
It does not work.
Let me bring this one. Test this one for me. -
- Is this one working? -
- Not working. O.k. -
- A condemned one. -
God wanted to come and
preach to Sodom and Gomorrah
to save them from their wickedness.
Because we have dos and don'ts.
They are killing human beings too much.
Even do you know:
they sacrifice their children to their idols!
And a man can sleep with a man .
Homosexual. And a woman
can sleep with a woman.
They are doing when you carry a yam,
they will kill you all.
They will say: bring me food.
They will kill you. They don't care.
They have their own battalion.
And Jonah says the ship that should
put him into the ocean is ready.
So if it's me, it is one person that dies.
God can punish 44 Billion people.
He doesn't care.
Because the people of Sodom and Gomorrah,
they are too wicked.
And the mighty God Jehovah, Allah
himself, when I say Allah means
God almighty, Jehovah Immanuel,
the omnipresent and omnipotent God.
So, God want to send his prophet Jonah.
You know Jonah is from Jehovah, Allah.
Jehovah means Allah.
Supreme God. The Lord our God is one God.
The God of Africa is the God of Antarctica.
The God of Ghana is the God of Germany.
The God of Ghana is the God of Chicago.
God of Africa is the God of Europe.
The God of USSR, Union Soviet Socialist Republic,
I call it communist - it is the same!
- The yam is almost ready,
we can eat soon. -
- The money is for my little brother. -
- Who told you to give him money? How much is it? -
- That is all I have made today. -
- Have confidence my dear loved
ones and God will take care of you. -
Bankkonto, n. - bank account
Bankrott - bankrupt
Bann, m. - ban
Banner, n. - banner
Bar, f. bar, nightclub
Today it is Sunday, through God Amina was born.
May God let Amina and her mother live together.
Let her make a change in the community.
Through her we will succeed.
May God give Amina a long life.
May God bring a lot of money to the community.
We are the elders we will take care of her.
But tomorrow she will take care of us.
May god give her brain and
later let her be somebody important in this world.
Agbogbloshie. We are in Agbogbloshie.
Freedom city.
I was born in freedom country.
Agbogbloshie, now we are standing in Agbogbloshie.
Americans do bad things.
Agbogbloshie is our world.
We take it as our world.
Freedom country.
Freedom city.
Freedom town
Agbogbloshie, we are standing in Agbogbloshie.
No one is asking you questions in Agbogbloshie.
We are in Ghana.
We can make it by ourselves as Ghanaians.
Let me tell you about Agbogbloshie,
we know what we want. If you go home,
you go and give back.
What are you going to take home?
Agbogbloshie will tell you, what to take home.
We want to share with the northern people.
We are working in scrubs.
We are working as a family, Agbogbloshie.
Sickest people.