Welcome to the Punch (2013) Movie Script

- Nathan?
- Talk to me.
Yes, tonight. Sternwood
is doing it tonight.
Jesus, Max, you might finally
have got him. Where?
Aberdeen square.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I'm positive.
Max, Sternwood is highly
dangerous. You're obsessed!
You're not thinking straight!
Listen to me. Backup is on
its way. Don't go in unarmed.
Repeat: Do not go in unarmed.
That is an order!
Newspaper, Sir?
Sir? Thank you, Sir.
- Paper, sir?
- No.
Thank you, Sir.
Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Joanna
McCauley and I'm your chief flight attendant.
On behalf of captain Hanna and
the entire crew, welcome aboard...
this non-stop flight from
London to Reykjavik.
Our flight time will be approximately
two hours and 35 minutes.
We'll be flying at an altitude of 32,000 feet
and a ground speed of 500 miles per hour.
Sir, sir, the seat belt sign is-
- Sir!
- Get out of the way!
- Dad?
- Ruan?
I'm so sorry, dad.
I wouldn't have made it.
- Made it back?
- I fucked up.
What do you mean?
What's wrong?
I fucked up. I have to go
back to the Greigo Mar.
Greigo Mar, what's that?
Stay where you are!
Look, if you're in some kind of trouble,
- I can have somebody-
- Dad, I'm scared.
Lie down on the floor!
Ruan, where are you?
- Dad-
- Ruan!
Gun crime is an election issue
this morning.
After last night's shooting of
two young men,
Robert Wiseman, the
shadow home secretary...
has again called for the police
force to be fully armed.
We're late.
Place is looking
really homely, Max...
So, Mr. Warns,
escorting convoys and guarding v.
your days have got to be pretty
regimented, haven't they?
Something funny?
I'm wise to you.
- Yeah?
- I can see the path that you're on.
It's like I'm looking at a grid zone.
All rolled out in little coordinates.
And I'm tracking exactly where
you're going with it.
I reel off my old routine.
Like the brainwashed robot
that you think I am.
And then you tell me how
unfortunate it is that...
someone with my conditioning
doesn't know...
his exact movements
on Saturday night.
Well, the security guard patrolling the
container yard, said he saw you...
and a kid fitting the description of
Otis Blake, the night he was murdered.
That's unfortunate.
In fact, he took down
your number plate.
Means you're fucked.
I wanna told them
and now I'm telling you...
- I was with my grandmother.
- Doing what?
- I was watching a film.
- What film?
Calamity Jane.
- It is a classic.
- How's that film end again?
They ride off into the
fucking sunset.
- All right, max?
- All right, mate?
They wanna see you.
- Max.
- Nathan. Sir.
We all good?
We're letting warns go.
The security guard who identified him
at the container yard.
He's retracted his statement.
Says he made a mistake.
Warns' grandmother backs up his
alibi, says she was with him all night.
- Watched a film Calamity Jane.
- This is bullshit.
I need this arrest more than anyone, but
without hard evidence, he walks, all right?
- So what, nothing turn up at the container yard?
- Team swept every dock.
Found nothing.
You know why he was thrown
out of the army, Nathan?
- He resigned.
- He was guilty.
He witness has retracted. The container
yard is clean and Warns' alibi is solid.
The decision's already
been made, OK?
- Well, the decision's bad.
- And so's your attitude.
Oi, why don't you go and
wait inside, yeah?
Go on.
She's good at her job, you know.
No, I like her. She's got the
same fire that you used to have.
- How can you do that?
- What?
How can you just stand there
and not even argue your point?
If I had a point, I'd argue it.
When I asked to work with you, Max,
I thought you'd at least have my back.
Yeah, look... Look, I've just
learned not to get involved, all right?
You've just learned to take it up
the ass from Geiger.
Human emotion, my god.
- You want to get yourself a notebook.
- You worried I might get ink poisoning, aren't you?
- It's already infected your tongue.
- At least my ass is still intact.
Juka, what's that about?
Young guy traveling under
the passport of William Morgan.
Collapses on the runway
at city airport.
Turns out the real Morgan died five years
ago in a car crash in Dudlowe, Essex.
- So what?
- So they check his fingerprints.
Turns out that he was arrested
as a kid for shoplifting.
Juka, come on, man,
my toast is getting cold.
It's Ruan Sternwood.
All right, I'm being asked a lot of the same
questions, so grab pens 'cause I'm not repeating it.
Last night, Jacob Sternwood's son...
Ruan Sternwood was picked up at city airport
suffering from a gunshot wound to the stomach.
Ballistics show he was shot by
the same gun as Otis Blake, but this...
this is the icing.
Before Ruan collapsed, he made a call from
a mobile to a landline in Hella, Iceland.
Right now, an s. F.O. Unit is making its way to a
remote address 94 kilometers east of Reykjavik.
They'll make entry at approximately
2200 hours...
and they've been instructed
to shoot to disable.
- It won't work.
- Why?
Because it won't.
They need to hold off.
Or let Sternwood think
we haven't clocked on.
Surround the house, take him when he
moves, that's when he's vulnerable.
- Say something then.
- No.
Something you want to add, mate?
No. No.
It won't work.
Uh, all right, um...
Well, what do you think will work...
Well... Nathan...
You've gotta...
Hold off, wait,
Surround the house and...
Take him when he's least expecting it.
And if I tell them to hold off...
and we turn up and find out
that he's got away-again-
Who's gonna take the flak? You had no
problem pointing the finger last time.
You disobeyed orders, you paid the price.
If you're such an expert, mMax, why's he still
at large and why is you not standing up here?
I don't give a fuck about
any of that stuff.
- Do you know what, mate?
- It's your call.
Yeah, it is and it's done.
Max, this is gonna be hard.
Try not to act too smug.
Innocent people were killed last
night. I'm not smug about anything.
You know what I mean.
Oh, for god's sake, I'm Robert
Wiseman's campaign manager. Max...
Tell him who I am. I What? No, I've
never seen her before in my life.
And we're trying to establish whether
there's a link between the two cases.
Right, I'll take any
questions you might have.
That's two people in a related shooting
and not a single lead to show for it.
As I said, we're on top of it.
I'm confident it will be
resolved quickly and efficiently.
How do you react to the shadow home secretary's
claims that we're suffering twice...
the level of violent crime
committed in the United States?
Well, I'm not gonna get
involved in an election campaign.
Suffice to say, whoever takes office on the 21st needs
to ensure the police have all the resources they need...
to carry out their job. \You think what
happened to Sternwood's son will draw him out?
I was shot in the leg,
Jane, not in the head.
Don't I know it.
Arm transport police with tasers.
Increasing the number of officers
qualified to utilize firearms.
- Don't ask.
- Wasn't gonna.
Your own figures show a 17% increase
in gun crime in the last 12 months.
I'm not gonna get into a debate
about statistics.
If there's no more relevant questions,
I'll bid you all a good morning. Thank you.
Tough questions.
I've heard worse.
You ducked them like a pro.
I'd take that as a compliment...
If you weren't the shadow
home secretary's campaign manager.
We win this election and you'll get the
backing you need, but for now...
the questions are gonna get tougher.
Well, I'm sure you'll spin it
to your own agenda.
The kid at the airport, any
truth he's Jacob Sternwood's son?
- Where did you get that?
- Come on.
I ran your press for five years.
Could be useful.
- If it's handled well.
- Yeah.
- See you, Jane.
- See you.
I've got a meeting with the anti
- gun lobby, I've got two minutes.
Max and I were just discussing
this Blake case and...
We thought there may be a way through
Ruan Sternwood. Didn't we, max?
Uh, yeah! Look, I don't know
about the Blake case, but...
if it was me, and it's not me, but if it was,
I'd put Ruan in an open hospital, public...
man it 'round the clock, dangle the
hooks, see if Sternwood bites, that's it.
- You think you two are up to this?
- Yeah, of course we are.
- Aren't we?
- Mm-hmm.
- Max? He's still reeling from last time.
- He was bang on about Iceland, wasn't he?
Look, um, I'm up to it, all right?
You leave the Blake case to Nathan and
you stay out of his way, do you understand?
I take your point. You get
the hospital, but that's all.
- Thom, he's too close to it.
- Nathan, fuck off.
I'm not too close,
I'm just over it.
You won't have a problem then, will you?
- Do you want me to start on row two?
- No, just start with the "a" class, son.
Yes, boss.
Jesus, jake. Why don't we just let
off some fireworks while we're at it?
I wouldn't be here if I wasn't
a thousand percent, you know that.
Come here.
- Car was run of the mill?
- It was perfect.
- Took a few knocks?
- I've had worse.
So why did you level the house?
Became just another
place to hide-I'd rather see it burn.
If it's any consolation,
you're looking good.
- Great outdoors.
- Mm.
What's that?
Karen says I carry it off.
Oh, does she now? Well,
you look like Kenny Rogers.
Mmm, I can shave and you'll still
look like a bag of smashed crabs.
How is he?
They've taken him to st. Bart's.
Apparently Ruan was involved
in some low-level stuff.
Nothing serious.
But he started hanging out with
a kid called Otis Blake.
All mouth, no muscle.
Ruan raised the cash, using the
family name as leverage.
Otis did the deals.
And that's where it
gets complicated.
Four days ago, Otis was found floating
in the Thames with a bullet in his head.
The next day, they pick up Ruan at city
airport suffering from a gunshot wound.
They know who he is, Jake.
They're going to make
an example of him...
because of us.
Because of you.
Eastover Air, Beaverbrook
Chartered, Conlin Museum,
Sherriff Capital, Armourers Pacific, Elite
security, landed armored trucks twice.
He's created a legend for
himself, I'll give him that.
Man can kidnap, kill, rob...
hurt people.
And he gets called a legend.
Do well at school, Juka?
Get good marks and all that?
- Hmm?
- Yes.
So you work hard, you do your best.
And I guarantee you'll get
remembered as a nobody.
The only lasting thing about Jacob Sternwood
should be his fucking prison sentence.
- Do you work here?
- What's that?
Sorry, mate...
I'm looking for room 45.
- Second door on the right.
- Nice one, cheers, mate.
Get down!
- Fuck are you doing here?
- I'm looking for room 45!
All right, fuck that,
up you get, come on.
- Who fucking sent you?
- No one sent me.
You're lying to me already!
- Max. Max!
- I fucking swear!
- Can I ask you a few questions, sir?
- No, no, it's fine...
Oi. Who told you that was room 45?
What? I dunno, some tall geezer
in a baseball cap.
Move, move!
Get down!
How is he?
We're not gonna walk him
out of there.
Lewinsky's all over him.
I told you. You should have killed
that prick when you had the chance.
- Do you know the Greigo Mar?
- Yeah, it's a...
a hotel.
Ruan mentioned it the night he called.
It was the last thing he said.
Take me there.
Sorry, excuse me.
- Excuse me, what's going on?
- He's going into cardiac arrest.
- What?
- Wait outside.
No, if you let this out,
he'll disappear.
Oi, you just stuck a gun
in a visitor's face.
- They're trying to kick us out of here.
- All right, all right, look, look.
Just, let me think. Just.. You keep
Sarah and I posted here, all right?
We keep things ticking over.
You release that Ruan's improved and
that's going to keep Sternwood in play.
If he thinks he can walk his son out...
he's going to check the angles.
Thom. Look, at the very least,
It's gonna keep the press off your
back for a couple of more days.
All right, you stay here.
Got it all figured out, haven't you?
He would have checked in
under his mother's name.
Welcome to Hotel Greigo Mar.
Roy, bring me that penknife.
What are you thinking?
I'm thinking...
You put it out there...
Ruan Sternwood was staying
at the Greigo Mar Hotel.
And let's see what comes crawling in.
- Can you hide that somewhere safe?
- Yeah.
When you've done that...
go home, kiss your wife.
Don't get involved in this mess.
I was involved the second
they pulled the trigger.
I take it we're not staying here.
You are. I'm gonna go track down this security
guard, see if he's been squared off by Sternwood.
What, you think he shot
his own son?
No, no, I've think he's been
planning something.
It fucked up and now
he's covering his tracks.
Can you just take a step back
for a minute?
What the fuck's that
supposed to mean?
Meaning maybe it's not
all about Jacob Sternwood.
What else is it about?
Dean Warns for a start.
And a dead 22-year-old.
Yeah, which all lead back
to Jacob Sternwood.
- I've just got to figure out how.
- You?
You know what? Catching Sternwood
is not going to change the past.
It has to!
Or I'm always gonna be that nobody
that got shot in a tunnel...
and let him get away with it.
- Listen!
- Don't.
- Please..
- Don't.
Listen to me!
What went down in that tunnel...
does not make you a nobody.
Hey, trust me.
Concentrate on now.
'Cause you're too good
at your job to waste it.
You're still gonna have to
stay here and cover for me.
Didn't anything I just said
make sense to you?
I understood it,
just don't agree with it.
- I'm coming with you.
- Sarah, I am not fucking asking!
You're staying here.
Fuck off.
It's down to you,
whatever you want.
I mean, you want it
new school or old school?
We roll it new school, I'll get that shit
on Facebook, Twitter, BBM. Instant.
That's the way the gospel's
usually nowadays, cyber-styley.
We go old school, it's more orthodox
methods, people on the pavement.
Bookies, dog tracks, runners,
bit of a nightmare, but I can do it.
Or I can blitz it on both platforms,
but that's pretty much gonna be double.
You want me to get rid of
this shit?
Ruan Sternwood is staying at
the Greigo Mar Hotel...
room 1308.
Just put that out there, okay?
And Rob...
You mess this one up.
I'll show you
fucking old school.
Joseph Ojogo?
Right, wait there.
Did you ever see or hear
a Jacob Sternwood at the container yard?
- No.
- No?
Do you never met him?
Then what'd you retract your
statement for?
You said you were positive you saw Dean Warns
with Otis Blake the night he was killed.
What's changed?
All you people look the same.
Yeah, look at this.
Go on, look at it.
He'll walk free, do it again,
and that'll be your fault.
in Nigeria, this is reality.
- No one gets justice.
- Yeah, and in this country...
You'll go to prison for taking bribes
and pretending something didn't happen.
- How's that?
- Please...
I have a family to support, eh?
A family who I hope to come and
live with me here in England.
So what are you saying?
I'm saying, I don't know
this Jacob Sternwood.
I'm saying when I'm given
a new job..
With more money, I don't argue.
- What?
- This may be nothing...
All the informants, all of them, called
within the space of half an hour...
of each other saying
exactly the same thing.
What thing?
They've all heard that Ruan Sternwood is
apparently staying at the Greigo Mar Hotel...
room 1308.
- Money's not here.
- Keep looking.
Fuck you, Bartnick.
What do you think I'm doing?
Harvey, go!
Get out of there!
- There you go.
- Thank you.
- Sarah.
- Luke.
- Luke?
- Yeah.
Luke, um...
I'm in a lot of trouble.
And I was wondering if
you could help me.
Yeah, yeah, what is it?
Well, my company's lost this container.
I was wondering if you
could help me find it.
Yeah. Then I'm your logistician.
Well, I was hoping you'd say that.
- Um, what's the name of the company?
- S.C.I Haulage.
Yeah, if you wanted, we could...
Um, find it together.
But this is actually one of the largest
container yards in Europe.
Max knows I'm here.
Don't do this.
This is Sarah Hawks,
leave a message.
Sarah, it's Max, call me.
Have you ever heard of
someone called Bartnick?
- Who?
- Bartnick.
These two guys, you know,
they scoped the room.
The way they fired their guns,
it's like they were trained, you know?
It was all too practiced.
Hey, honey.
Give me the keys, I want to open up.
- Kids go off to school okay?
- Yeah, fine.
- Hey, Karen.
- Fuck you, Jake.
Roy, do you know what? I don't want this
shit in my life again. Do you understand me?
If it was one of ours, this never
would have happened in the first place.
I'm just hoping that this dead policeman
hasn't got anything to do with you.
This government expects brave officers
like Harvey Crown...
to go into battle armed with
only a whistle and a baton.
That guy's not dead two minutes, Jane. Already
you're going to use that for your campaign?
This is for your benefit, Max.
When he's Home Secretary, you're going to get
the proper tools you need to do your job.
And half the people in this city won't be
shit-scared just to walk down the street.
Of all people, I thought you'd
have believed in that.
Jane, I'm paid to catch
crooks, not... get them elected.
Gotta talk to you.
I can't understand why an
officer from clubs and vice...
was found dead in Ruan's hotel room
with a gun in his hand.
Yeah, I can't understand
what you were doing there.
I told you the hospital was
yours and nothing else.
- I had information, I acted on it.
- Well, so did Harvey Crown.
Maybe he was checking out a lead
and needed protection.
If it was just a routine check, if it
was just a couple of good old boys...
doing their duty, that's fine.
But why two officers from separate divisions
twinning it? Why did one of them run?
What do you mean two officers?
Found that at the hotel.
- Did you know about it, Thom?
- Of course I didn't.
I've got the press jumping all over me,
I'm trying to run this division,
I don't need this shit as well, do I?
Jacob Sternwood was there too.
- Have you got evidence?
- He was there.
Well, that's not good enough.
You better get your facts straight.
I'll look into Nathan and Crown and you focus
on Sternwood, okay, and you get back to me.
It's good to have you back.
Kincade Security Solutions,
founded in Switzerland 1942...
by a devout Christian. Get this.
He used to inscribe biblical verse
on the side of their weapons...
Recently experienced a fall in share prices
which they put down to...
and I quote,".. uncertainty over
U. S. Foreign policy...
and poor visibility on contracts
from the U.K Government."
What about Warns?
No record he's ever worked for them
as a military contractor.
Then you've got to find a
connection with Sternwood.
- I've tried, there isn't one.
- Try harder.
Has Warns traveled to Iceland
in the last 12 months?
Were any weapons that Sternwood
used in the past Kincade? Come on!
Where the fuck is Sarah?
Find her, all right, tell her to call me.
Tell her if she's still pissed off...
I've got something
that will cheer her up.
- Oh, Sir?
- What?
Otis Blake arrested a year
ago for a minor drug offense.
Arresting officer: Harvey Crown.
Well done.
Nathan Bartnick.
My son got involved with something
he didn't understand.
And he paid the price.
He's got a good heart,
unlike ours.
- You killed Crown.
- You shot my son.
But I know who did.
Look, maybe we should
meet tonight.
Talk this through.
- I know a place.
- Where?
A club.
- You all right, mate?
- We're closed.
Yeah... Yeah.
Did you get my message?
Yeah, that's the second time.
That's the second time this week...
you sent me to fix a machine
when it's not broken.
Yeah, so what's..
I don't give a fuck what kind of-It's
fine mate, it's a balls-up at the office.
I don't give a fuck what you said.
Just tell him he's a fucking moron.
This is Sarah Hawks,
leave a message.
Relaxing at a murder scene?
That's commitment to the
cause, isn't it?
How did you know I was here?
I know everything.
Don't doubt it.
Night shift reported you here.
I was looking for Sarah.
Lovers' tiff?
You could say that.
Do you want to know the real reason
they first asked you...
to head up the Sternwood case?
Not fucking really.
I dunno, my good looks, my charm?
We hadn't been able to get anywhere
near Sternwood for years.
Our incompetence could be passed
off as your inexperience.
You were so fresh, Max.
I knew you could take a couple of knocks
and keep on running.
You worked harder than any man
that came before you.
I mean, Christ, you nearly
caught him single-handedly.
And you still had to fight
them to take me back.
I never thanked you for that.
So when you take him down this time,
you take him down hard, okay?
And I'll make sure the whole
world is watching.
I did something,
something I'm not proud of.
So you better be right
on this, Max.
I tapped Nathan's line.
Someone called him
about the Greigo Mar.
Nathan was guarded,
he was paranoid...
couldn't wait to get off
the phone quick enough.
They're meeting tonight.
They're meeting here.
I want you to go and
check it out.
Keep it contained, yeah?
Call me when it's through, yeah?
Sign here please, sir.
You fucking owe me for this.
I'd say this makes us
fair and square.
The first one's in.
Gun's ready to fire.
You take Sternwood, he's unarmed.
I'll deal with Lewinsky.
Now take me to my son.
I've been trying to call you, Max.
I'm glad you turned up.
- Pete, we'll talk later, yeah?
- Yeah, right.
I'm taking this man
to see his son.
Give us two minutes, could you?
What's this?
Get out.
Get out.
What the fuck?
Call for backup! Go!
Deal with him or I fucking will.
Just give me one minute.
Walk away, Juka.
You have to trust me, this isn't what
it looks like. Just turn around.
Please, juka, you're gonna
get hurt. Just walk away.
We found her body.
We found her body in your bed.
Juka, you armed?
Who killed my son?
Was it the police that came to
the hotel looking for money?
The ones in the club?
What about that girl?
Who was she?
Was she involved?
Why didn't you just kill me
that night?
Why didn't you just kill me
in that tunnel?
For what?
Your son and Otis Blake were killed by
an ex-soldier called Dean Warns.
That's the guy that focused
on me at the club tonight.
He was working with Nathan Bartnick...
Harvey Crown, and possibly...
possibly Lieutenant Commander
Thomas Geiger.
That girl...
Sarah, had written
something on her hand:
PUNCH 1-1-9
Now, Dean Warns was seen
at the container yard...
with Otis Blake the night of his murder.
That place is separated into
three different docks:
Turk, Acorn and The Punch.
And that's what I know.
1-1-9 are container coordinates.
We used to bring diesel in
off the ships.
We'll end this tonight.
And when it's over...
you'll go to prison and I'll be
the one that puts you there.
I got your message,
are you all right?
What, you feel ill?
Look who's here.
It's your old mates from
the Second Battalion.
All right, mate?
- It's good to see you.
- There's fresh tea in the pot.
Your old nan was just telling us how you
make big money working for some...
private military contractor.
- Kincade.
- Yeah, that's it.
Says they pay you straight into
some European bank account...
so you don't pay no tax.
- No tax.
- That's amazing, mate.
What sort of thing
they have you do?
Oh, it's, um...
Pretty cloak-and-dagger.
- Yeah?
- So when'd you turn up?
- Oh, not long ago, darling.
They told me not to tell you.
Said you'd get a kick out of it.
I wish you had, Nan.
- I'm busy tonight.
- Come on, mate.
Come and sit down.
Yeah, why not?
What could be more important
than seeing your old squad, darling?
That's all right, Iris.
We know how busy Dean's been
keeping himself recently.
We were just telling your old nan how
we were the only ones to stick up for you.
How we were the only ones
to speak up and voice our disgust...
when they forced early retirement.
You were like a rock.
Smuggling guns in the coffins
of dead soldiers.
Yeah, you wouldn't be involved in
anything as sordid as that, would you?
Let's hope it's all behind us.
How's your son?
I hear he's been getting himself
into a bit of stick.
Yeah, unfortunately,
Ruan passed away recently.
And that's why we've come
to see Dean.
Take him down to the punch
for a few drinks.
See our old friend, Thomas Geiger.
- So how do we do this?
- Roy's feeling a bit rough.
I get terrible migraines.
Feels like my head's gonna explode.
He's gonna stay here
and keep her company.
You don't mind if I stay here
and relax, do you, Iris?
'Course I don't,
handsome man like you.
Maybe they can watch
Calamity Jane.
I can make us some more tea.
No, no, no, Iris,
you just stay right there.
Dean, what's going on?
Tt's all right, Nan.
I'll tell you why I'm
a good soldier.
Because of selfless commitment.
Otis Blake, Ruan Sternwood...
Harvey Crown, Sarah Hawks...
all necessary casualties.
All necessary fatalities
of this operation.
Or maybe we're just
murderers, plain and simple.
That's where you're wrong.
I'm a superior soldier.
You're just a hired fucking killer.
I want to settle things.
When I close this down...
it'll be because I put the operation
before my own needs.
Told you before,
I'm wise to you...
You think keeping her hostage as
collateral's gonna force me into a corner.
But none of you
have been where I have.
Seen what I've seen.
None of you have that
selfless commitment.
Not one of you possesses
what it takes.
To actually put a bullet
in the back of that woman's head.
It's gonna be all right, Nan.
Just close your eyes.
- Warns?
- I need you to meet me.
At The Punch...
tonight at 12.
Kincade want me to move them out.
Lewinsky's getting too close.
This could all explode in our hands.
I can't do it, it's too risky for me.
You meet me...
Or I'll make sure all this lands
on your fucking head.
- Why do you need me to come down?
- Just fucking do it!
Oh, fuck!
How you doing?
I can't feel my legs, Jake.
Fuck off.
- No, you fuck off!
- Jesus.
You gonna be all right
staying here?
I'm sorry for this, man.
No, no, no, you did good.
You did good.
I'm sorry about your boy.
Ladies and gentlemen, the man who's
going to lead this party into government...
our friend, our leader, Henry Callaghan.
You're a very difficult woman
to track down all of a sudden.
It's a very busy time for me.
Warns wants to meet me tonight.
At The Punch.
Who arranged this, was it you?
Thought you had everything you needed.
All the headlines you require, am I right?
Janie, you listening to me?
Your little project came
apart at the seams.
Max is an inch away from piecing
all this together...
and Sternwood is still at large,
so you better pay attention.
Campaign's going very well.
We're ahead in the polls, if that's
what you're referring to, Thom.
No, it's not what I'm referring to.
Who arranged tonight?
- You've lost me, I'm afraid.
- You fuckin' bitch!
People have died because of this...
Because of us.
I've lost men all because of
your fucking progress...
and you sit there in denial
like some fucking royalty..
You don't even have the class
to look me in the eye.
Thom, listen.
I have to get this speech
right with Robert.
I think you did the right thing.
I hope this pans out
for you, okay?
Sorry to call you on this number.
But Warns can't be reached.
It seems we've got a serious problem.
You broke my fucking arm!
Thom. Thom.
You tell me what the fuck this is.
Don't make things worse
for yourself, Max, eh?
You stop this now
and we can settle it.
You can't settle the death of Sarah.
You can't settle trying to
set me up for murder.
I am your commanding officer. Right now
you're wanted for the murder of your partner,
so you're going to need all the...
Those two boys...
came here on the night of the seventh.
To buy guns from him.
He was with Bartnick and Crown.
And one of the boys, Blake,
recognized Crown...
he'd been arrested by him a year ago.
And that compromised the deal.
Blake died, but Ruan got away
with a hold-all full of money.
You get your fucking
hands off me!
Bartnick and Crown went to the
hotel looking for their money.
They come across Sternwood.
And you suddenly get worried that
I'm gonna piece things together.
You, Thom, were meant
to be my friend.
This can't just be about money.
Not for you.
Policemen weren't meant to die.
It was all gonna be simple.
It was gonna change things,
make things better for us.
Robert Wiseman, he got it.
Just... one more gun scandal and
his party would win the next election.
Jane Badham?
She found Warns.
He shipped in the guns,
set up Otis and Ruan as buyers.
I provided some manpower,
turned a blind eye, you know.
Then a new squad would come in...
arrest the two boys
with the guns.
Big public outcry,
Jane handles the PR...
and Wiseman takes
the next election.
Kincade supplied Warns.
Kincade'd get the multi-million-pound
contract to supply body armor...
training packages and
guns to the police.
What do you get, Thom?
What'd you get?
You get a healthy bank account?
Get fast-tracked to the role
of... What?
All for obedience in the line
of fucking duty!
Fuck off!
You, more than anyone, should get
what's happening here, Max.
I'm the one has to go and see Coppers'
families when they've been shot...
and murdered in the street 'cause
they haven't got the proper armor!
What do you think's gonna happen, Max, eh?
You think we're just gonna walk out of here?
Kincade have got all
the bases covered, you know?
All this means too much to them.
And Warns, eh?
He's not just some fucking
amateur you just walk all over.
You shouldn't have
brought him here, Max.
You shouldn't have fucking
brought him here.
Get to the car!
I'll cover!
Let me have your gun.
Selfless commitment.
Think what he did to you, Max.
Remember who helped you
come back, huh?
You owe me.
This is your chance, Max.
You bring him in.
- You bring that fucker in.
- Enough!
- Clear!
- On me!
I don't have visual.