Welcome to Willits (2016) Movie Script

[static crackling]
[instrumental music
on TV]
Electric shavers,
vacuum cleaners
stereo, power tools
even being available at Macy's,
Gimble's, Two Guys,
and any participating
hardware store near you.
That's the space vehicle
which orbited Venus
and then pur -- was
purposefully destroyed
when scientists discovered
it was carrying
a mysterious
high-level radiation.
You been sneaking
that meth again, huh?
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
- No, no, not me, man.
Stop, it's not worth it.
Why the hell
did you do that?
'Cause you wouldn't
let me shoot him.
A dark night of tyranny
has descended on..
[dramatic music]
[eerie music]
I wanna go home.
I'm not a bad guy.
I'm not a bad guy.
[intense music]
The fuck do you want
from me?
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey. Hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
Where? Where?
We're just
fuelin' up, hon.
Dip or smokes, sugar?
- Uh, both.
- Okay.
A sixer too, uh
and one -- one
of them little,
keg things.
Oh, hold on.
- How long was I gone?
- Oh, only a couple hours?
Hey, I'm gonna, uh,
run inside
and -- and grab
a couple of things.
Hey, sweetie,
would you mind braggin'
grabbin' some,
some smokes
and -- and some booze
for Brock?
Whatever's cheapest.
He ain't picky.
Nothin' -- nothin'
Okay, sure.
You okay, sweetie?
[phone beeps]
Oh, geez, Peg.
I'm gonna plug this in
for ya.
- It's dyin'.
- Thanks, hon.
I don't know
why you have it.
You never charge it
a day in your life.
Well, that's why
I have you.
[instrumental music
on TV]
[door dings]
[indistinct chatter]
You guys get
what you need
I'm gonna gather some
last-minute provisions.
Oh, provisions?
Affirmative, captain.
We shall procure
rations ASAP
as to avoid
future SNAFU.
You're a fucking
douchebag, dude.
Huh, yeah.
I'm just making sure
we're stocked.
No need to ruin
a good trip.
Oh, and I just want
to pull that stick
out of your ass.
Hi, uh, n -- nice boots.
Nice blade.
Smith & Wesson?
Good eye, miss.
- Courtney.
- Courtney.
I, uh, I actually prefer
anything Kershaw makes.
I feel like, um,
S&W oughta just
stick to sidearms,
ya know?
Oh, okay, well, maybe
Jeremiah Jones
doesn't bring
his best steel out
in a Podunk town
like this.
Maybe I'm from this
Podunk town
and I don't need a tourist
telling me
what he sees fit
to bring in and out.
Well, it just so happens
that I'm from
a few miles up north.
So, that makes me
an authority
on Podunkery.
Podunkery, yeah,
you must be
from somewhere
around here, handsome.
So you've never left
this area?
- No, not at all.
- No.
No, actually, um, I, uh,
I was just at school.
I just came back.
I'm gonna be staying
with family
until I get all settled.
Oh, Jeremiah Jones
stands corrected.
Does Jeremiah Jones
actually refer to himself
in the third person
all the time?
No. No.
No, but what I -- what I
do do is tend to, uh
get a bit goofy
and become an idiot
when I meet
a pretty girl.
Actually, um
if you wanna see
some real foolish idiots
you should, uh,
come down to the bar.
Where I work.
On Monday, maybe?
It's my first
shift back.
I could give you
a long pour
and you could fight off
the scumbags.
- Just go over there.
- What?
Just go that way.
I don't want you
to get in trouble.
- Klaus.
- What?
If you ask me,
Sasquatch was responsible
for them deaths.
Just says they're
missing. Doesn't say
they're dead.
You ever hear
of someone goin' missin'
in the woods, showin' up
two months later
roastin' marshmallows?
Sasquatch got 'em,
for sure.
Unless you believe
in aliens.
Well, I do watch
all that
Discovery Channel
History Channel stuff,
so at this point
I'll pretty much believe
any hare-brained
explanation, am I right?
- Klaus.
- What?
Sorry, what I mean
to say is, uh
it's really nice
to hear it
from a legitimate,
first-hand source, hm?
You lose something
in there?
No, I was just checking
out the brand.
Um...cool bag.
Ever hear of karma?
No, um
it's, but it just
looked more
like, more expensive
from over there.
I won't deny the needy.
What the shit's
that supposed to mean?
Pardon me.
How ya doin', buddy?
You okay?
Is he bothering you?
Uh, nothin'
bothers me, man.
I've transcended that way
of thinking.
You need a ride
somewhere or somethin'?
What? No.
Alright, cool.
Come on.
That's rude.
[eerie music]
No, no, now, don't go
hermit on me now.
No boys allowed,
no boys allowed.
Now, don't you start
boltin' up on me now.
Oh, no.
You're lookin' good.
Look at you.
Look at you.
Oh, you're comin'
along ni..
You got competition.
[distant howling]
[saw whirring]
Oh, for fuck's sake.
Peggy, you gotta be
on that.
It's gotta be runnin'
all night by sundown.
I ain't takin' any chances
I ain't gotta.
What's he so
worked up about?
Baby, while we're young.
I was hopin' I wasn't
gonna have to tell you.
You're only here
a couple of days.
Oh, okay.
Thank you.
Thank you.
[motor whirring]
I don't wanna
scare you, hon.
I don't think
they want you.
I really don't.
But it's only fair
that you know.
- I ain't crazy, either.
- He ain't.
Know what?
a couple years ago
we told the family
that he was locked up
for hittin' up
that liquor store?
He wasn't locked up.
He didn't rob nothin'.
They had him!
I'm -- I'm sorry.
Who had him where?
I don't know.
Uh...a -- a different
I don't -- I don't know.
Them grey fuckers.
Those -- those -- those
grey fuckers!
You know,
and -- and Martians
or whatever you want
to call them
but they're not
from Earth
and they ain't cute
like no E.T.
Not like no E.T.
...you see, Court.
I ain't sure
what they want
but they ain't nice.
It's like they come
through this -- this
chemical pathway-like
type thing.
You see, meth,
meth, for example
it opens up somethin'
in the mind.
But what does it really
open, huh?
For some, creativity.
And, uh, others,
they just wanna
just wanna fuck
like rabbits.
Pardon my French.
But for them, maybe
it's a way in, right?
Or maybe
they just know better
how to access its power.
Well, goddamn,
I ain't no scientist
but I know what I see.
Why you, Uncle Brock?
[Brock chuckles]
I've been workin'
on a special isomer
of meth for years.
Started on accident.
I was makin' a batch,
already halfway through
and it comes time to add
the red phosphorus
but I was out.
It was either throw out
the whole batch..
...or improvise.
Well, I guess
I don't have to tell you
what I did.
I improvised.
Invented this
whole new shit.
And was startin'
to get it perfect.
And I think they know.
Hell, I think
they might've even
rejiggered my brain
so I could make this shit.
You ever, uh..
You heard
of emerald ice?
Well, it's pretty
goddamn famous.
I mean, they even got it
on the internets.
- Internet.
- Yep.
You should google it.
[distant howling]
- I have to pee.
- Fine.
But it's -- I think
it's right up here.
I -- I know it's
a little dirt road --
Alright, dude,
you're full of shit, man
because we've passed
this same exact road
like 10 times now.
Well, can't we just
wander out into the woods
set up a few tents
roll a doobie
and call it a night?
I wanna find these
fucking hot springs, man.
Babe, can we just
get out of this car?
I wanna find a hotel.
We could take some shots.
Maybe just..
It'll be my treat.
Hey, I'm -- I'm cool
with whatever, guys.
Guys, I'm cool
with, uh, whatever.
Whatever the flow
dictates, ya know?
Wait, yeah.
Wa -- wa -- wa -- wait.
I th -- I think
it's here.
Yeah, I know,
this is it!
Besh's little,
tiny bladder
finally paid off.
Alright, you better
be right, dude.
Hey, we -- we shouldn't
be here.
Ah, don't be a puss.
First of all, this sign
is like 30 years old.
they just don't like
hunters and shit
out here.
There isn't a house
for miles.
Let's just throw up
a few tents and chill.
who's gonna know?
I don't tell a lot
of people this, alright?
But you're family,
so that's different.
I re -- I recently went
to go see a hypnotist.
I'm not talking
one of them
TV assholes
that scam your money.
I'm talking, like,
a real doctor-type
Well, what'd he say?
See, you sell yourself
short when you do that.
You know
what I'm talking about.
Now, are all docs dudes?
They are not.
Not all docs are dudes.
Okay, what did, uh,
what did she say?
Apparent -- apparently
I've been seeing
these things going around
since I've been
pissin' in my diapers.
It's one of these..
...depressed memories,
you know what I'm sayin'?
- Repressed, sugar.
- Huh?
It's repressed
memory, re.
Ah, d -- d-- depressed
repressed, abscessed.
Anyway, that -- some
shit that's locked
back there.
The truth
about these things
that no little kid's
supposed to see.
Uncle Brock, I mean..
...I don't know
what to say.
There's nothin'
to say, Court.
I just hope that whatever
it is they came here for
they find it
and just leave us alone.
I hope.
We get by how we get by.
[dramatic music]
[indistinct chatter]
Um, inside.
I don't know.
Hey, hey.
What'd you say
your name was?
- Beth?
- Besh.
How about you tell us
your name, huh?
Uh, Possum.
- As in opossum?
- Yeah.
Yeah, that's what it says
on my birth certificate
but I -- I -- I dropped
the "O."
You know, 'cause it was
all I could think about.
My -- my silent "O."
Do you guys think
there's anything
to what that creep said
at the convenience store?
Oh, my God.
Baby, really?
Wait, wait, what exactly
did this creepo say?
It's stupid.
Just forget about it.
He didn't even care
about the money.
It was like
he wanted to warn us.
He said something
about some people
going missing
a while ago.
He said maybe
it was a Sasquatch.
Like Bigfoot?
No, Sasquatch.
It's different.
Anyway, it might be
Ever since the '70s
there's been
a lot of UFO activity.
It's Big Brother
that keeps it secret.
You know, they
have the power because
they have the money.
And the only power
greater than money
is knowledge.
So, you keep
the knowledge out of minds
you keep the money
out of pockets, boom.
The power is yours.
Y'all know
what Lucifer means?
Uh, the devil, duh.
...the bringer of light.
Yeah, people been
scaring each other
off of knowledge
a long time now.
Yeah, parents lie
to their children.
It's precious.
...check out what I,
Mr. Slickness
jacked back
at the gas station.
Really? You're stealin'
shit, dude?
It's fucked up.
And even worse is
calling yourself
"Mr. Slickness."
[Jeremiah laughing]
Fuck, damn, guys.
I'm just tryin'
to have some fun.
No need to get
all preachy
and start throwin'
finger quotes around.
Is this a better use
of my finger?
I'm gonna go find
those fuckin' hot springs.
If any of you lame-asses
wanna be less lame..
...let's roll.
Why does he smoke
this stuff?
Isn't it pretty bad?
The government would like
you to think so
but mostly, we just
we just try not
to sleep much is all.
Especially at night.
They're more likely
to come around then.
You know, we've learnt
how to deal with them
over the time.
The floodlights,
for one thing.
They hate floodlights.
And then, sometimes..
...they tell us things
about themselves.
Captain really
let you have it
this time, huh, Derek?
Screw Captain Barnes.
He's just pissed 'cause
it's my face that ends up
on the papers
for doing a job
that he can't
even handle.
Maybe he's pissed
you assaulted another
innocent person.
Well, it's not assault
if they get between me
and this meth case.
You consider that
collateral damage.
Jesus Christ, man.
I'll do whatever it takes
to get you, Brock.
I see you.
I wanna..
[crickets chirping]
Holy motherfuckin'
Oh, if those asswipes
could see me now.
Screw the hot springs,
I found the pot springs.
Can't believe
I just said that.
Where the fuck is he?
I mean, I doubt we're
even anywhere near
the stupid fucking
hot springs.
Wait, do you think
that he met a girl?
As charming
as Zack is, Cassie
I doubt he met a girl
in the middle
of the woods.
I'm sure that Zack
is just doing
whatever Zack does.
Getting raped
by Sasquatch?
I'm sure he's fine,
Oh, man.
God, those guys
are gonna shit
when they see what
Dr. Slickness
pulled off this time.
Anyone who doesn't see
the system is corrupt
doesn't see at all,
is all I'm sayin'.
I've been up
and I've been down
both directions,
shit is crooked.
You know, I bet, I bet
you're one of those kids
from the suburbs that just
decided one day
to go follow a band
around on tour, right?
Look, I've -- I've made
plenty of money up here.
Enough to get corrupted.
You know, I thought
I was better than people.
That's what money
will tell you, man.
Whisper it, right
in your...fuckin' ear.
So, what, you were a dick
to your friends
or somethin'?
I went to jail.
Didn't stick though.
What? You got caught
dealin' weed and they
dropped the charges?
Like everybody
in California?
No, I...I killed
You know, I -- I -- I
got a good lawyer.
Even better doctor
that made me look crazier
than a shithouse rat
took all my money
brought me back
to Earth.
As much as
I'm ever here.
Hey, I'm just -- I'm just
fuckin' with you guys.
It was some weed shit.
Like you said, it -- it
always gets dropped
in Cali.
You guys are adorable.
Let me be perfectly
clear, buddy, okay?
I went out on a fuckin'
limb to pick you up.
Don't fuck with me.
Now, who the fuck
is worried about Zack?
I mean, I -- I don't think
the guy knew
where the hot springs were
and I doubt
he could even find
his way home
from the grocery store.
I'm sorry, Cassie,
but who's gonna come
find this jackass
with me?
Wait, wait, wait. What?
No, I'm sorry,
you're breakin' up.
Okay, yeah, yeah,
now I can hear you.
What I was saying is..
...I'm freaking out.
It's weirder than usual.
My uncle is saying
some shit in the woods.
I don't know, like..
What are you doin',
I -- I was just callin'
a girlfriend to tell her
that, you know
I'm a little spooked
with everything
that's -- that's
goin' on.
What exactly
is goin' on, Court?
Didn't I tell you
to put that up?
Don't you know that they
can pick up your signal?
They'll get your
Heck, they'll get..
Hell, I don't know
all the shit
the bastards
are capable of.
- I don't fuckin' --
- Uncle!
Uncle Brock, I love you.
But I am scared.
I mean, yesterday
everything was normal.
And today,
we got aliens?
You know?
I'm sorry, sweetheart.
I've been wrapped up
in this so long
I forget
what it must be like
just comin'
into this kind
of knowledge.
Alright, well,
go on inside, pumpkin'.
Go on inside
with your auntie.
I'm gonna make
my rounds.
[instrumental music]
I'm gonna be rich.
And high...and rich.
[leaves rustling]
Oh, fuck.
[instrumental music]
Bring me
that bottle, baby.
[glass shatters]
We celebratin', sweetie!
- I got one!
- Oh!
There were a million
of them little fuckers
and, all of a sudden
all of them,
they just disappear.
And then, suddenly,
one comes outta nowhere
slowly, but he don't
see me, right?
- And then, bam!
- Oh, yeah!
Oh, I got the sumbitch.
Oh, baby.
You okay, sugar?
- Am I okay?
- Yeah.
- Am I okay?
- Yeah!
Yeah, baby, I'm okay.
I swear that was a gun.
Might be good ol' boys
havin' a get together.
Maybe growers
remindin' trespassers
where they're at.
Don't trip.
How can you be so sure
it wasn't some psycho?
What's more likely?
A, out here in the middle
of the Emerald Triangle
the country's largest
producer of marijuana
someone's lettin' off
warnin' shots, or B..
...Charles Manson's
havin' a little
Helter Skelter
reunion tour?
Pick up, come on.
Pick, pick, pick.
[footsteps approaching]
The fuck are you doin'?
Baby, are you sure
that she's helpin' them?
No, goddammit!
I ain't fuckin' sure!
Look, all I'm sure of
is that she was
on that goddamn
cell phone
after I told her
to put it up
and after I shot one
of them goddamn things.
And I -- I ain't takin'
no chances. That's it.
I ain't taking
no goddamn chances.
Okay, alright.
Alright, let's get her
in the goddamn closet
while I have a chance
to sort this shit out.
- Well, I, uh --
- What, goddammit?
You wanna put her
in the closet?
Courtney baby..
...if you in there,
if you in there
I want you to know
I love you
and I know
if you involved
in this in any way
it ain't
your fault, honey.
I'm just doin' this
'cause I love you
and I'm tryin'
to protect ya.
Alright, let's go.
- Let's go!
- Okay.
[distant screaming]
I hate this place.
I hate the woods.
I hate camping.
[distant howling]
What the fuck is that?
- It's probably coyotes.
- You sure?
Do you know
what probably means?
It could be Bigfoot..
...or Bigfoots..
Or Bigfeet?
Alright, it's Bigfoots,
not Bigfeet.
Yeah, I think
he's right.
that makes sense.
That Bigfoot shit,
that's, that's no joke.
Neither are
the UFO sightings.
My friends, they -- they
seen some crazy shit
in these woods, man.
Incidentally, were these
friends of your
'shrooming, or..
Incidentally, yeah.
Yeah, some of the time.
Some of the time, they
were sober though, so..
But I tell you, man,
I think
there's a connection
between hallucinogenic
drugs and aliens.
You could tap in if you
were really open to it.
I wouldn't mind
tappin' somethin'.
Oh, Bigfeet
aliens, fucking
I miss my apartment.
I miss the
Mindy Project.
Mindy Project.
Fuck it,
you guys seem cool.
This will get you
fuckin' there.
What is that, blow?
No, no, no.
No, no, no.
It's better.
It's pure, fresh,
local emerald ice.
It looks white.
Uh, as -- as
in triangle.
It's Emerald Triangle.
Shit just
get too real, maybe?
No, shit's just
not my apartment.
Are you sure the closet
was really necessary?
- Jesus.
- She's scared, Brock.
Well, she's scared?
You don't think
I'm scared? Jesus Christ.
What if she ain't her?
Not her?
- Well, who is she?
- Well, that's just it.
I don't fuckin' know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
She could be tryin'
to trick us, right?
We cannot, under any
goddamn circumstances
allow them
to make us vulnerable
because we have
human emotions.
I know Court's also
in there, goddammit.
I know that,
I know that!
'Cause I guaran-fuckin-tee
if she weren't
she wouldn't be
under this roof.
In the mornin'
we'll let her out, okay?
We'll reassess
the situation.
- Okay?
- Yeah.
Now, worst-case scenario
she's a little pissed.
- She's a little pissed.
- Yeah.
I buy her breakfast,
I apologize.
We good.
But, if she ain't her..
She better off in there.
This way,
I can keep her safe.
I got it.
God, I'm so tired
of this shit.
We'll pull
through, babe.
Oh! Goddamn Chinese
fuckin' generator!
I'll get it, hon!
Try an' relax!
I'm fuckin' relaxed.
[door closes]
[instrumental music
on television]
Alright, you ready?
Born ready.
Brock, we know
you're in there.
[pounding on door]
Police! Open up!
Last chance.
Holy fuck, Brock!
I've never seen so many
and they're
all over the house.
I was kickin' that thing
and there are so fuckin'
many of them
I barely got
the thing goin'.
They're just
all over the place
and the floodlights
came on
and they export
or teleport
or whatever the fuck
they do but I don't --
Sugar, shh.
Come on, sugar.
We're not ready
for them.
Baby, we ready.
I don't think
we're ready --
We gonna be ready.
- There's too many --
- We gonna be ready.
- Know that.
- Okay.
- Okay? Alright.
- Okay.
The fuck are you, Zack?
The hell was that?
A -- alright, seriously,
what the fuck was that?
Let's find out.
What a freak.
Why, this should
slow 'em down.
It's not gonna
keep 'em out, but it'll
slow 'em down, I think.
- You get the traps set?
- I got the traps.
We're gonna set,
we're gonna
set them next.
- Yeah.
- Gotta secure the base.
Hold on, little baby.
I'm comin'.
[purring continues]
Yes, yes, yes, yes,
yes, yes, yes, yes.
Ya gotta keep your head
in the game.
- It's in it!
- Stay focused.
- Stay vigil.
- I -- you confused me.
If you see somethin',
say somethin'.
Get your nails.
[leaves rustling]
I saw a grey.
A visitor.
That dude seemed cool.
Oh, a -- a grey visitor?
Yeah, don't you watch
The History Channel?
Yeah, yeah,
a grey alien.
They're the most common
to visit Earth.
You know, I know
quite a lot about history
but from school.
Well, there's your
first mistake.
Right, 'cause TV
is a much better teacher.
Yes. Yeah,
there's a bunch
of different kinds
of aliens.
From all different,
different galaxies
and different
That dudes that built
the pyramids are
w-a-a-ay different
than the greys, you know.
The greys are just,
just tryin' to study us.
You know, they wanna
learn how
the Anunnaki made us.
What the fuck
is an Anunnaki?
Okay, try to keep up.
I only wanna explain
a million years
of history once, okay?
So, the Anunnaki,
they -- they're the guys
from Egypt and Sumeria.
You know,
they're -- they're
the ones that made us.
You saw one of these
Anunnaki in the woods?
No, no,
don't be foolish.
I saw -- I saw a grey.
I saw a grey,
and he was --
Hey, can you guys stop
that for, like,
two seconds?
Look, maybe he saw
an alien,
maybe he didn't.
You heard what he said.
The little dude was nice.
He was tryin'
to teach me.
Gonna offer him some
candy or maybe
a gentle bro'ing.
I'm sure
Jeremiah and Zach
are out, blazin' up
talking about girls
or guitars or whatever.
Yeah, I know
what I saw.
[door opening]
Yeah, yeah, they tough,
they tough.
But they still animals
like we got here.
I'm sure they got
special powers
and technology and shit
but they still
flesh and blood.
And I know,
'cause I've killed
enough of 'em.
Now, this might not
catch 'em necessarily.
But it's gonna
fuck 'em up.
It's gonna fuck 'em up
pretty good.
Let's get these
traps set.
I'm getting
the willies out here.
- Hey.
- I hate tonight.
This is
my every night, Peggy.
I love ya and I wish
none of this on you.
An idea come to me.
You get these set.
I've gotta build
somethin' inside.
How the hell do you know
all of this?
Like I said,
History Channel
talks about it.
There're a lotta
books too.
There's, um,
"Behold The Pale Horse"
Of The Gods"
"Magicians Of The Gods."
Fuck. Ev -- even -- even
Nat Geo'll throw
some clues out there.
Yeah, the day after
the, uh, the crash
in Roswell
a local paper
put out a story
sayin' it was
a f -- flyin' saucer.
That was
a government statement.
Next day,
they retracted it, why?
I mean, maybe there was
a mistake or misprint
or something.
No, no, no,
no, no, no.
Think about what would
happen if everyone
found out
that these dudes were
comin' down
and takin' people.
People would
f -- fucking flip out.
We'd see nobody
has control.
We don't have control.
Have you ever considered
your sources
might not be
a 100 percent?
Has it ever occurred
to you that nothing
that human beings
know or do
is a 100 percent?
Do you answer every
question with a question?
Do you?
Alright. Well, at least
he's thinking
of something.
He definitely saw
something out there.
The only thing that
is for certain
is that this guy
is high.
High on drugs I shared
with you, bro.
You know what else?
I'mma find your boy.
I'm gonna find your boy.
Mr. Slickness?
What's his name?
Mr. Slickness.
I'mma find
Mr. Slickness, yeah.
Come here, baby brother.
You watch them.
Thank you.
Be careful.
I'm going to my tent.
What the hell
were you thinking?
Well, I was thinking
I wanted to stop
the son of a bitch who
was pumpin' his poison
into our community..
- I told him --
- Shut the hell up,
Do you know what it
would look like
if this got out
to the public?
Do you?
Do you?
It would look like
somebody's finally
doing your job.
Gleesh nosh nish nosh.
Ginish nish nosh loke.
[door opens]
Baby, how long was I
out there for?
You get your traps set?
I -- I was setting
that last one
and then -- then..
...one of those things
showed up.
See, they're already
messin' with the TV.
I...started makin' this
for Court.
Then I could
bring her back.
What is it?
It's a wave-transmission-
blocking helmet.
This is
a military technology.
Leaked out to the public
quick enough.
Come here.
I don't know if this
is going to be enough
to bring her back.
They might already
be in too deep.
Go get some bobby pins,
would you, baby?
It's okay, darlin'.
Uncle Brock thinks
he figured out
a way to help.
Look, I ain't
a 100 percent.
But I reckon
this just might
block them signals
comin' into your head.
Okay, secure
the bobby pins.
It's just a little pin.
It's okay,
it's just a little pin.
I'm just pinnin' it.
There ya go.
- Hurry now. Come on now.
- Almost.
It looks kinda nice.
- Would you stop?
- Okay.
Nice work.
What exactly were you
meant to catch?
You're relieved of your
duties tonight, buddy.
[trap slams]
What happened to you?
Who did this to you?
Calm down. Tell me.
Zack, where..
Zack, what the fuck
What the fuck
did you do, dude?
Zack. This over some
fucking weed?
[intense music]
[alien growling]
How many times
do I have to ask ya?
How long you been
scoring from Brock?
I don't know a Brock.
To a tweaked-out scumbag
like yourself
he may be God.
Let me tell
you somethin'.
He ain't no God.
He's not even a man.
Look, if I knew who
this guy was,
I -- I would tell you.
You just sit there
with a shit-eating grin
plastered all over
your face
tellin' me you
don't know who the
fuck this guy is?
- Yeah.
- Never seen him before?
I'm serious!
Well, I don't buy that.
I'm tellin' the truth!
Derek, no, no.
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Calm down now!
[intense music]
[alien growling]
Let's do something
How different?
[Besh squeaks]
I don't wanna bug
poor Cassie.
Let's go do
something different.
Come on.
[trap slams]
Oh! Oh! Oh!
Oh! Oh! Oh!
Well! Yeah!
They still
flesh and blood,
ain't they?
[inhales deeply]
I promise. I promise.
I promise.
[dramatic music]
You ain't so bad now,
are ya?
[alien growling]
What? What?
How 'bout this?
You speak
a little English
tell me what you freaks
are after
and I'll let you go.
If not...we gonna perform
a little brain surgery.
What? We was..
I miss my mother.
[alien growling]
Well, okay.
How about I take
a little peek at yours?
How'd that be? Huh?
- No.
- You know what I mean?
Now, that's
gonna leave a mark.
This here's
gonna leave a wedge.
[distant yelling]
Oh, fuck!
Like I was sayin'
son of a bitch.
[door opens]
Holy Mother.
What is that?
Proof! That's what it is.
I mangled the other one
pretty bad
to get a sample, but look
at this goddamn thing.
That's what
I'm talking about.
Get some
freezer bags, baby.
Now, I'd mount it
right up there if
it didn't smell
like shaved ass.
Shaved ass juice.
Ugh, it's touchin' me.
I know.
It'll sting a little bit
right at first.
Then, it goes away.
It's fine.
Get in there.
Oh, yeah.
I got you!
You done!
You barbecue.
[instrumental music]
I should've been
a kindergarten teacher.
[breathing heavily]
[door opens]
[instrumental music]
- Peggy.
- Hm?
You really are quite
the homemaker.
Yeah, my momma
always said
"Peggy, if you're
gonna do it
"why do it wrong once
if you could do it
right twice?"
My mom always just
punched me in the face
told me not to smoke
in the house.
And I got, I got
a different color marker
for every single bag,
so we can help keep it
nice and, like,
You would've been
one helluva
kindergarten teacher.
Alright, let's do this.
Those other SOBs are
comin' and they ain't
gonna be too happy
that I killed
two of their compadres.
Let's do it.
This is probably
far enough, right?
I wanna find a clearing.
I wanna see some stars.
Are you sure
you know exactly
what you're doin', baby?
Well, I don't know
exactly, but..
...I do know
I can't shove
the whole goddamn thing
in the freezer.
I can use a hand
over here.
Grab the..
Uh, can you -- can you
just hand me the, um..
...the -- the..
Can you just..
[Peggy vomiting]
You want me to hold
your hair for ya?
[saw whirring]
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa.
- Baby.
- Yeah?
Do you not see
the joy around us?
The lovely weed garden?
This pot paradise?
You are such a weirdo.
And you're all about me.
Come on.
Come on, guys,
this isn't funny.
Where the fuck are you?
[instrumental music]
Oh, God, that..
This is retarded.
Alright, well, I guess
it's better than nothing.
Here we go.
[Besh moaning]
[Klaus grunting]
[Klaus howling]
[both moaning]
[Klaus howling]
The smell don't get
any better.
[distant howling]
Shh, shh, shh.
Ya hear that?
Good ear, Peg.
That ain't no animal.
Sounds like it's comin'
from the garden.
Quick. Get the gun.
It's under the bed.
[intense music]
[door closes]
[Klaus grunting]
[alien growling]
So, this is what they
wanted with my weed.
[alien growling]
Slowly, Peg.
[growling continues]
Keep me flanked
on my right.
[both moaning]
Baby. Baby!
No! Agh!
No! Please!
No! Please!
Aah! No!
You picked the wrong place
to start a family.
Please! Oh, my God!
[dramatic music]
Come on, Cassie.
At least
I'm fucking tryin'.
I fucking hate you guys.
I swear when I get back
I am gonna go
to the gym everyday
and I'm gonna eat
really well
and I'm gonna call
my mom.
And I swear to God,
I am never, ever fucking
going camping again.
You guys, we gotta, uh..
Hey, Klaus! Besh!
Ah, fuck.
Just think, Peg,
if we hadn't intervened
when we did, these things
would've been parents.
Uh, sugar..
...what's that?
[instrumental music]
Oh, my God.
I'm not sure, but I got
a pretty good idea.
Probably sent a scout.
I doubt they sent one
to surrender.
Actual people.
Oh, my God.
[intense music]
Welcome to Willits.
Well, shit. What are we
supposed to do now?
Now, we have another one
to deal with.
Should we bury 'em?
I'm not gonna show 'em
that much respect.
Well, they're not gonna
all fit in the freezer.
- You think I'm stupid?
- No.
Well, that's a rhetorical
question, honey
I know they ain't
all gonna fit
in the goddamn freezer.
But, baby, my parents
are comin' in a week.
What am I
supposed to say?
That we got rotten
all over the yard
from Halloween?
Why can't your parents
just stay
in Shreveport
like my parents?
Okay, look. We burn 'em
in the burn barrel.
We use the ashes
for fertilizer.
[dramatic music]
Ah, fuck.
Fuck. Zack.
Where'd you put 'em?
You think
they come from, like..
...one of those like
really far planets
or somethin'?
I heard that
Pluto's far --
Yeah, well,
it ain't local.
You see that
right there?
Maybe that's where
they're from --
- Damn it, Peg!
- No!
Why do you
always do that?
What difference does
it make what planet
galaxy, dimension
they come from, okay?
Why do you
always do that?
Their family's
lookin' at us.
Don't, you don't
always have to know
every goddamn thing that
I'm doin' here.
- Just let me do my job.
- Okay?
- Okay?
- Okay.
I'm just tryin'
to get her done.
- I'm just tryin' to help.
- Hey, get that.
Which one?
Yeah, we're gonna
save that one.
Right here.
How 'bout this one?
This one's a good one.
Put it in.
Gettin' her done.
Well, okay then.
Pretty much oughta
do 'er.
Goddamn, they're
fuckin' ugly.
Let's send
these fuckers back..
...from whence
they come.
Poetic justice.
Besides, we don't
want 'em
stinkin' up the place.
- No, we don't.
- Two in the woodpile,
- No, we don't.
- Right, Peg?
Look at it.
Look at that.
All Halloween orange
and chimney red.
- Right?
- I like it.
- Get it.
- I'm gonna get more logs.
Now, you keep puttin'
them on the fire.
- I'm gonna get more gas.
- Okay.
Them are gonna
burn really nice.
Hey, baby, where's
the goddamn gas can?
Let me bring a light.
Where's the goddamn gas,
Could you not
shine the light
in my goddamn face,
and shine it down here?
I'm tryin'.
Well, stop tryin'
and start doin'.
Did you get more gas
like I asked?
It's now or never, babe.
Obviously I did.
What makes it obvious?
The fact that I can't
find it?
...maybe it was them.
Maybe it was them?
So...they fly high
way across the universe
would have to siphon fuel
for their spaceship?
Does that make
sense to you?
I'm sorry. I'll get some
more tomorrow mornin'
before I
make you breakfast.
I'm gettin' tired, babe.
Well, goddammit,
I've been tired.
No, I mean sleepy, hon.
We'll go back inside
and do another hit.
We shouldn't even consider
sleepin' tonight.
They're burnin' good.
You think they'll go..
...to regular hell?
Or you think they
go to alien hell? Huh?
Well, I don't know,
They're burnin' just fine
right here on Earth.
[door opens]
Hon, do you think
Courtney needs to use
the bathroom?
She's been in there
a while.
I could help her go.
Yeah, I guess she do.
I'll help you
get her up.
She's -- she's gone.
She's -- she's gone!
She, she don't even
have this to protect her.
Where would she go?
Why would she go?
Ain't it obvious?
Yeah, I guess she got
tired of being tied up.
Think harder, Peg.
You don't think..
[car horn blares]
[dramatic music]
No fucking way.
Jeremiah Jones?
What are you doing here?
I don't even know
where to start.
- You hurt?
- Yeah, but I'm breathing.
Okay. Well, we gotta
get outta here.
I'll drive if
you're too hurt --
There's no keys
in there.
What are you doing here?
...sort of.
Tryin' to find
these hot springs.
They're right
over there.
- Are you serious?
- Yeah.
I've heard gunshots,
and my friend..
...my friend was shot.
My leg..
There's some psycho
out here.
I don't know
what happened after that.
I don't even know
if any of my friends
are still alive.
Wait, why,
why are you here?
I don't think
that Courtney
would wanna help them,
She loves you.
She loves us.
Yeah, she loves us,
but that ain't
really the point now,
is it, Peg?
'Cause she ain't
really her, is she?
I'm -- I'm sorry,
sugar, I..
...you know I just don't
think as quick as you can,
but I'm, I'm just tryin'
to keep up.
Well, it ain't always
easy havin' this 180 IQ.
I think that's why
they chose me
in the first place.
We're too late for you,
They got in there
too deep.
They used ya.
I was just tryin'
to protect ya.
What kind of beast
has such little regard
for human life?
Don't they have families
of their own?
She was like a daughter
to me.
Alright...let's get
to it then.
Get to what, baby?
Killin' what used
to be Courtney.
You're good at that.
Maybe you're just drunk.
Should be good.
How are we gonna
get outta here?
I don't know.
Walking's out.
We don't have a key.
My uncle's van.
Do you have the keys?
[intense music]
...not exactly.
Good God, woman,
what the hell
is takin' so long?
I'm just tryin' to find
my pepper spray
and my -- my
Dale Earnhardt
pocket knife.
Goddammit, I told ya
to keep that
pepper spray
in your damn purse.
That Dale Earnhardt knife
ain't worth a damn.
Don't talk that way
about Dale, baby.
You know better
than that.
You're right,
I guess the Good Lord
just needed a driver.
Found it.
Is there anything else?
Like what?
You need a mani-pedi?
Then, let's go.
I think this goes without
saying, but..
...if we have to do
something to my family..
...then that's what
we have to do.
- Okay.
- Right.
You out there, darlin'?
We're worried.
We're here to help!
I know, by God,
I didn't
I didn't handle
everything perfectly.
And I know that..
I baked ya cookies,
What? She likes cookies.
Who the fuck bakes cookies
at a time like this?
I do. I bake 'em
all the time.
I gotta batch I baked
back at the house.
[crickets chirping]
We got cookies, Court!
Did you hear that?
- What?
- Voices.
I think it's my uncle
yellin' over there.
Isn't that where
his garden is?
I mean,
if he's there, that..
...that'd be
our perfect chance.
[intense music]
Come on.
[crickets chirping]
[owls hooting]
[cellphone beeps]
You expect me to believe
that story? Ha-ha.
- Peggy.
- About the aliens?
Tell me what happened
to the kids?
The kids up there
in the woods.
All those kids.
All those kids,
what happened to 'em?
You must see.
You must see. Ha-ha!
You must see.
You must see.
First, you must see.
I wanna go back..
I wanna go back..
[speaking in
alien language]
First, you must see.
I can't.
Wha -- what's wrong,
You were there
the whole time.
- I was where, sweetie?
- "I was where, sweetie!"
Just tell me this, Peg.
Did you get enough
fuckin' samples?
Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God.
Oh, God. I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry for my sins,
oh, Father.
[Brock screams]
We should
pick up the pace.
- Come on.
- Okay.
You've always been weak, Peggy.
Please, just one bar.
Oh, please.
Please, one bar, please.
I can hear you, Peggy.
You can't run.
If you keep running,
you're gonna get tired.
You get tired, you're just
gonna get cranky.
Oh. Ah.
[intense music]
I'm so sorry, Court.
I'm so sorry, God.
I'm so sorry
for all my sins.
Is that what
I think it is?
Look, I'm gonna
run inside
grab the keys
and be right out.
I'm not a cripple.
I know, but that engine
is loud as fuck
and as soon as I start it,
we're gonna need
to fuckin' move.
You good?
Fair enough,
but just in case..
Be careful.
[instrumental music]
How long's this been
going on, Peg?
How fucking long
has it been going on?
Huh? Hours?
Days? Years?
Have you been involved
from the beginning?
Hell, I'll bet
you're even the one
who brought Courtney
to them.
You fucking bitch.
[Peg crying]
She was my own flesh
and blood.
How could you?
I can't even
look at you.
Shut up. Shut up.
Don't you say nothin',
I'm a bad guy,
but I have compassion.
Unlike you.
Baby, I can't hear you.
You gotta enunciate.
I mean, where
are your manners?
Just kill me.
Just kill me.
Kill me.
Just kill me.
That's not what
I was expecting to hear.
Anything for..
...anything for you,
[intense music]
[music continues]
Well, there you are.
Come on, asshole.
[intense music]
[machine whirring]
[instrumental music]
Still like to get
that drink Monday?
If you're workin'.
Think I'm gonna
call in sick.
Try that.
Jesus fuckin' Christ.
Okay, we gotta get you
to a hospital fast.
Still got a couple
of minutes
left of consciousness.
Might as well
not waste it.
[instrumental music]
Jackie did
a line or two
And swore up and down
that the sky wasn't blue
And we'd all
And we'd all
been fooled
And everybody laughed
and hissed
They swore that Jackie
was loose in there
but I knew
I knew
it wasn't true
Sometimes crazy
Is the only thing
that's sane
When life
deals a hand
And your
queen of hearts is made
Who are you
to place blame
Jackie dances
when she cries
But they look
at her hips
Not in her eyes
When she moves
The whole world
moves too
And you would think
she's havin' a ball
But if you
knew well
It's not
the case at all
Though I know
It's just
another show
Sometimes crazy
Is the only thing
that's sane
When life
deals a hand
And your
queen of hearts is made
Who are you
to place blame?
And she says
I've been trying
Oh Lord knows
I've been trying
But I never seem
to end up on my feet
And when the
latter comes crying
I face it
with the lies
And nobody's left
to hear me
When I scream
[instrumental music]
Jackie said
these walls are thin
So it shouldn't matter
if they're cavin' in
But when they do
Everyone will see
right through
Now she's standing
in the cold
And nobody left
to offer a coat
And she says
It feels
just like my soul
Nobody's left
to hear me
When I scream
No no no nobody's
left to hear me
When I