Wendigo (2001) Movie Script

I'm sure | we're not far off.
I'm glad you're | sure of it, George.
Oh, shit! | Hold on! Hold on!
Oh, sweetie.
Everyone all right? | You okay?
Okay? | Everyone okay?
- You all right? | - Yeah.
Sit back, sit back.
Fuck, I think we're stuck.
Oh, shit.
How're you doing? | Hey--
you mind just | putting that down?
- Sorry. | - Thank you.
Where's the buck?
Will you guys cool it in front | of my kid, for fuck's sake?
- Kim, Kim. | - Excuse me, ma'am.
We've been after that buck | for 18 hours.
- I don't fucking care! | - Kim, Kim, Kim.
We just had an accident, | and you fire your gun
- 15 feet in front of my fucking car! | - Kim, cool out.
- Yeah, Kim, cool out. | - Hey, listen, look!
We're a little shook up. | Kim, just cool out for a minute.
- Can you tell me-- | - Goddamn it!
Kim, cool out, | sit in the car.
Check on Miles.
Can you tell me who I can | call in town to get a tow?
Nobody open | this time of night.
That's just not true.
Can you tell me | the next big town?
Is there anywhere | closer than Danbury?
Hey, one of these antlers | is cracked, Otis.
That guy's a real treat.
Did they tell you | who to call?
No. | Let me see the map.
This is a bummer, right?
Were you scared | when we hit that deer?
- Yeah. | - You okay though?
- Yeah. | - Some people out here
hunt the deer | and they catch the weaker ones
who wouldn't survive | the winter, that's the idea.
But it's sad.
- Poor deer. | - Yeah.
I'm about 20 miles | south of Danbury.
Um, I just passed a bridge,
Shadow Ridge? Shadow Creek? | Something--
Shadow Creek.
Your daddy's gonna-- daddy's gonna | get us a tow out of here.
Right, Dad?
I said it was a mile | after that bridge
- on Shadow Ridge, right? | - Yeah, sounds right.
They said half an hour.
Okay. Then I'm going | to make us all dinner.
The antler on that deer | is busted because of you.
I'm sorry for that. | I wish it hadn't happened that way.
That all you got to say?
I think we should | just leave it at that.
Is that right?
Excuse me, | can I...
Excuse me, excus e me.
Can you step away | from the car, please?
Can I ask you your name?
- Otis. | - Otis?
My name is George, | and I'd like you to please
stay away from the car, | if you don't mind.
My family's very upset. | We want to wait here for our ride.
Now, I'm sorry | about the deer.
But it was an accident, | there's nothing we can do about it.
I don't know how | I can be any clearer.
Rack of antlers like that | worth a lot of money.
Hey, Otis, | I'm gonna go get the truck.
- Otis. | - I'm going to get the truck.
Otis, what do you say?
I say it's my deer | and this guy busted an antler!
Otis, that ain't right. | We got to talk about this.
Billy made the first hit, | so I don't know if it's yours.
The fuck with that. | I had the fatal shot.
Billy wounded him. | This guy took him out.
And you did the mercy killing.
Mercy killing.
Excuse me.
Guy's a piece of work.
Good shot, man.
That guy's got a problem.
Are you dead or alive?
Are you famous?
Are you...
in showbiz?
- It's like a farewell butt, right? | - Yeah.
- Madonna? | - No.
Courtney Love?
No, you have to keep | asking me questions.
Spice Girls?
Don't just assume | I'm a woman.
I think this is | our ride.
What's he up to now?
Could have saved you | some trouble. We got this.
- You the one that called? | - I called. What are you doing?
I'm getting you out of that ditch. | You could've asked.
No, no, no.
Looks like you got yourself | a friend for life.
Are you going up | to the Stooky place?
I guess you were right, Otis.
You all from the city?
You want to give | it a go, Billy?
Wait. Just wait. | Wait a minute. Wait.
- Stand back. | - Relax.
Here we go.
Here we go.
Okay, okay. Thank you.
There it is. | Ha ha ha.
It's $40 | just for coming up here.
- I won't charge you for the tow. | - Thank you.
I'll only charge you $20.
I'm not paying you | anything.
Look who's got a bug | up his ass.
Listen, I didn't ask | for your help.
I'd already called for the tow. | You knew that.
I knew what?
I'm not doing this. | I'm not! This is ridiculous.
I don't think I understand | what your problem is, George.
- I really don't. | - Here.
- Somebody's got some manners. | - George, let's go.
Thank you, Kim.
I make a point of pissing in | your drinking water once a week.
New York City reservoir | just a mile from here.
- That's nice. | - Don't say anything, just drive.
I drink bottled water anyway. | What a prick.
It should be to the left. | There's a bridge.
Bridge? | Only Richard would have a bridge.
Here we go, Miles, | over the moat.
The moat to the castle.
Richard and Annie's mansion.
Yeah. It's a tan house, | isn't it?
Oh, it's beautiful. | Well, of course,
it's Richard | and Annie's house.
Whoo-oo... | Richard and Annie's house.
George, shush.
See, babe, not even a dent. | Built to last.
Lap of luxury, George.
Hey, Miles, | look at that.
- Huh? | - Hmm.
Looks pretty old, Dad.
Come on.
Let's go, Miles.
Whew, it's cold. | It shouldn't be so cold.
- There's a draft. You feel it? | - Yeah.
I'll turn the heat on.
Want to unpack your bag?
Are you okay?
Uh, yeah, I just found--
The window was broken.
Go find some cardboard | and some tape.
Ask your mother.
Oh... okay.
Were you scared before?
Maybe I was more shook up than I | thought by that thing on the road.
That's better, right?
Hey, Miles, why don't you | go get the cards?
- Dad! | - Get them, we'll have a quick round.
All right. | So...
Pick a card, any card.
Ha! Da-dum-dum-dum. | Da-dum-dum-dum.
All right. | ''Together.''
Hmm. T-o...
- I don't know. | - Come on, try.
Hmm, e-r?
Good, yeah, good. | Remember, it's basically ''To get her.''
See what I mean? | Let's see what's next.
It's ''Separate.'' | This is a tough one.
I can't even spell | this one Every time.
In fact, if you get this, | you'll be top of your class.
You'll rule. | You will rule.
Come on, try.
- p... | - Uh-huh?
- H mm? | - Where are you going, buddy?
- a-r...? | - Yeah?
Good for you. | Nice one. Well done.
All right-- Ooh-hoo-hoo.
Toughy, toughy.
- I don't think so. | - All right, all right, all right.
- Dad! | - All right, all right, all right.
''Appetite, appetite.''
- ''Appetite.'' | - Come on, Dad. We did two.
Come on, try ''Appetite.'' | What's wrong with that?
- You can do that. | - Dad!
All right, all right. | Go on.
You're no fun.
Nice going, kiddo.
What if you're sitting | in your living room
and a bullet | flies through the window?
Who do you call?
I'm just so glad we don't | have Star anymore.
She looked just like a deer.
She wouldn't have lasted | 10 seconds out here.
- I miss Star. | - There's no TV.
You've got those | cool books there, Miles.
There are videos, | aren't there?
Nothing good.
Nothing you've heard of. | Let's build a fire.
Richard said there'd be some wood | in the shed out back.
- let's go get us some wood. | - Yeah!
Come on, bud.
Okay, help me | find some kindling.
Do you know how | to use an ax?
- Huh? | - Mm-hmm.
Okay, first you've got | to get it balanced.
Get it right there | in the hole.
Holy moly!
Careful, Miles!
They let me use this road | to pass through.
- Is that him? | - Shh, shh.
He didn't get to keep the deer.
Go to your mom.
So he just drove across?
Just drove right by.
I don't understand why Richard | would let anyone
drive across the property.
Maybe Richard, | or maybe Annie,
wanted to seem neighborly | so they let him.
I don't know.
I think Annie and Richard | never come up here.
That's why they're | so generous with their keys.
It was Annie's thing anyway.
I knew Richard's interest | would fade.
He needs to be | in the center of it all.
Who wants to retire | to the country when you're young?
It's called an inner life, | George.
Just 'cause you don't approve | of my inner life
doesn't mean | I don't have one.
Besides, didn't he have | some weird incident up here,
and he just stopped | coming up for a while?
I don't remember that.
Maybe he just | told me about it.
What was it?
Some incident. | I guess I don't remember.
Probably had to do with that guy | driving across the property.
Annie would've told me | about something like that.
How you doing, Miles? | You liking the pasta?
Mmm, it's okay.
What's the matter?
Come on, what is it?
That man knows | where we live.
Miles, don't worry, | sweetie.
I know I got angry | with him
outside the car,
but he was very excited | because he was chasing that deer.
It's really okay to hunt if you're | getting in tune with nature.
Don't feed him | that sack of shit, Kim.
- That guy was demented. | - George.
Your father exaggerates, | you know that.
It's nothing | to worry about, Miles.
Your mom can be very fair | and even-headed,
which is cool, right?
Except you don't want | to be a softy, either.
You got to be wary | of people like that guy.
They can be bad news.
No, queen! | King! King, king!
- Okay, okay. | - Jack.
Oh, five!
Five, six, seven, six--
no, no, eight! | Wait, wait, wait.
- Nine, five, five, three... | - Jack, Jack.
- Victory! | - No, no. You!
- Dad cheated! | - I did not.
- We have to let your father win. | - Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, you. | Hey, you.
Okay, Miles, come on.
- To bed. | - To bed, to bed, to bed.
One more game, please?
- No, come on. Up you go. | - To bed, to bed.
What'd you draw?
Oh, nothing.
- Okay? | - Okay.
No one there.
No one there? | Okay...
And no one there.
You're safe.
- Mom? | - Yeah?
Do you think that deer | had a little family?
Oh, Miles...
don't think | about that, sweetie.
That's just sad stuff | that happens sometimes.
But you know, in nature
things like that happen, | and all the animals,
they adjust. | There's a balance.
Think about that, okay?
- Dad--! | - Dad!
It's not funny.
Good night, kid.
Night, Dad.
- Leave it open. | - I will, I will.
- Leave the hall light on. | - Shh-- go to sleep.
Can you tell me a little more | about ''sack of shit''?
Talking to Miles | like that at dinner?
- It was a bit harsh, I guess. | - What's the matter, George?
I don't know, | I can't put my finger on it.
Is it the reshoot? | Are you pissed off you're here?
No, no, babe. | That's not it at all.
Huh-uh. | This is nice.
- What is it? | - I don't know.
Yeah...? | Hmm?
- Those fucking guys. | - Out on the road?
- Yeah. | - What about them?
I just felt | the abyss between us--
me and that guy | with his shotgun.
That wasn't a shotgun, | but anyway...
And he had a pistol.
Did that threaten | your manhood?
Yeah, I guess it did, | Dr. McLaren.
Well, it's very | archetypical
for the civilized man
to feel threatened | by the man of the country.
That one guy, | he just seemed like--
how do you get through | to someone like that?
- George. | - Aaah.
- George? | - What?
We have ways of restoring | confidence in men with...
With emasculation problems?
Really? | Perhaps you should show me?
- Perhaps you could show me, doctor? | - Yeah.
Oh, yeah.
- This could take a while. | - Ooh, I hope so.
We'd like to start...
with a full checkup.
Hey, you.
Ho, ho, ho.
Wow, is this | to impress your clients?
No, my clients aren't | privy to this information.
Oh, really? 'cause I think | this one would cure them all.
- Is Miles in bed? | - He's fine.
Are you there?
I'm s cared.
Shh. | It's okay, honey.
Dad and I are right here.
Try to go back to sleep.
Anyway, Stefan's going | to stick to the prenup,
and he's not going | to budge.
He's got a right to be pissed. | She slept with his best friend,
who happens to be | his accountant too.
She's not going to ask for money, | she just wants out.
She's going to take him | for all he's worth.
You're sweet to be naive | on this one, but no.
All right, | maybe you're right.
It's pretty tacky.
If there's any justice, | she'll be hit by a bus.
Doesn't work that way, | George.
Here we go.
Who wants to go into town | with me after breakfast?
- I do. | - Me, too.
I need curry if I'm | going to make that cass erole.
We must have curry.
Is very very important.
- Must have the curry. | - Dad.
I like the curry.
I cook the meanest curry | this side of Delhi.
Think that guy | really pees in the reservoir?
Shush, George.
You're going to get Miles | all excited talking about pee pee.
We're going to go in this store, | you want to come?
No, I'm going to go | get the milk and curry.
What'd you say, | olive oil?
Something for Miles | to drink, too.
What should I get him?
Something he'd like, | George.
Okay, okay. | Cool it, baby.
Fruit juice or something.
All right. | I'll pull the car around.
- I'll meet you right here. | - Okay.
You like that?
It's okay, | you can talk to me.
- Mm-hmm. | - Do you know what it is?
- Wendigo? | - Wendigo.
- What's a Wendigo? | - A Wendigo is a mighty,
powerful spirit.
What's it look like?
It can take on | many forms.
Part wind, part tree,
part man,
part beast.
Shapeshifting between them.
Can it fly?
It can fly at you like | a sudden storm, without warning,
from nowhere...
and de vour you--
consume you with its | ferocious appetite.
The Wendigo is hungry-- | always hungry.
And its hunger | is never satisfied.
The more it eats, | the bigger it gets.
And the bigger it gets,
the hungrier it gets.
And we are hopeless | in the face of it.
We are devoured.
Is the Wendigo bad?
Nothing between | the earth and sky is bad.
But there are spirits
that should be feared.
'Cause why?
Because there are spirits
that are angry.
Do you believe me?
I guess.
Go ahead and take it.
Nobody believes | in spirits anymore.
Doesn't mean | they're not there.
He who hears | the cry of the Wendigo
is never the same again.
Miles, let's go.
Come on.
Whoa, whoa. | You've got to be careful in here.
What have you got?
The man gave it to me.
What man?
Behind the counter back there.
Excuse me.
My son said the man up there | gave him this little figure.
- Is that okay? | - What's he got?
That's... $5.
$5? Come on, Miles, | who said you could have that?
The Indian guy | behind the counter back there.
Is that possible | someone gave it to him?
Nobody works here but me.
Nobody's been in here | but me.
Oh, okay. | Come on, Miles.
Let's give it back.
He's kind of cool. | Will you take $3?
You just blew | our budget, Miles.
There was a guy, mom.
- He gave it to me. | - What kind of a guy?
Hey, Dad.
- What? | - Later.
Come on.
- Mom? | - Yeah?
Didn't you see | the man?
I didn't see him. | Doesn't mean he wasn't there,
but you shouldn't | make stuff up that isn't true.
He was there.
I believe you, sweetie.
If it's true.
It can grow as tall | as the trees
and still it aches | with hunger.
The Wendigo is hungry--
always hungry.
And it's hunger | is never satisfied.
The more it eats, | the bigger it gets.
And the bigger it gets, | the hungrier it gets.
And we are hopeless
in the face of it.
We are devoured.
It can fly at you like a sudden storm, | without warning,
from nowhere...
and devour you--
consume you
with its ferocious appetite.
There are spirits | that should be feared...
because there are spirits
that are angry.
- Jesus. | - What?
I can't take this guy.
Seriously, he's like Boo Radley | the way he's always around.
George, Boo Radley | was a good guy.
Right, Miles?
Did you realize how close | we are to those guys?
Those are some | nice neighbors to have.
George, shush.
Look, Dad.
Look what I got from the man | at the thrift store.
- It's magic. | - That's cool.
Why don't you go show that guy | to your transformers?
They're not transformers.
What? What?
You got to show | more interest.
Last week it was transformers. | What can I say?
You don't see it, George,
but he lies and makes stuff up | to get attention.
It's because you got | to be there for him.
If we're going to do these weekends, | you got to be engaged.
You put these ideas in his head that | I'm not interested. It's not fair.
Come on, I don't | discuss this with Miles.
You've got all this anger | you carry around from work
or I don't know where, | and he feels it.
- He thinks it's directed at him. | - Oh--
He doesn't know what it is, | I don't know.
- Everyone's got anger. | - Oh, George.
I don't want to be | analyzed right now.
Miles sees this stuff. | He sees.
I got to make this phone call | to Charles in the city.
I told him I'd call.
I'll take Miles out afterwards. | We'll go sledding.
I'll cook.
I got the curry.
Thank you, dear.
Come on, baby. | Hey, hey, hey.
We never even looked around | the whole house together.
No, go ahead. | Go on, make your call.
No, no, no. | Let's look upstairs. Come on.
I guess they're | still fixing it up.
I'd love to have the time | to acquire all this stuff.
Annie has a good eye.
She really has this whole | stag thing going here.
I mean, look at this.
Poor deer.
I took this funny picture | of the sheriff in town today.
He shot me this look.
It must piss | the locals off,
all these outsiders | coming up here.
It's really great | you brought your camera.
Get some pictures | for yourself.
- Yeah. Hey, look at this. | - What?
- You know that reservoir? | - Yeah.
This whole town's | buried under there.
- Hmm. | - 10,000 acres.
They flooded the valley | in 1907
to make drinking water | for New York City.
- Wow. | - That's a lot of displaced people.
We'd already displaced | the Indians.
Now Annie and Richard | live here.
Displacing Everybody.
A lot of Indian stuff | in the area.
Yeah, it's | the Catskills, George.
''Yeah, it's the Catskills, George.''
''It's the Catskills.''
Miles: No!
Are you okay, sweetie?
- Are you okay? | - Yeah.
What's the matter?
Nothing. | I just got sad.
- Are you cold out here? | - I'm okay.
What made you sad?
- I don't know. | - What do you think it is?
You can tell mommy.
Maybe he's just moody | like his dad, right, tiger?
Sometimes it helps to talk | about things when you're sad.
You've got to watch for those moods. | They'll get the best of you.
You'll end up taking soulful | pictures of corporate logos.
Oh, you shush. | Don't listen to him.
Your father complains | about his work,
but a lot of people | would kill for his job.
Don't listen to her.
Feeling sorry for yourself | is very unattractive.
Miles, remember, | boys against girls.
Hey. | Hey, tiger.
I think your dad wants | to take you sledding.
- Right, Dad? | - Yeah! What do you say?
Um, okay.
All right, I'm going to make | this call and we'll go out.
So you get ready. | I'll be right back.
- Yeah, man? | - Yeah.
Yeah, man.
You okay, sweetie?
- Don't worry, mom. | - '' Don't worry, mom''?
You're growing up | so fast.
Now come here.
Hey, Chas, | it's George.
So what's the verdict? | Are they serious about this reshoot?
Really? Fuck!
I'm up here, so...
It's nice. | Yeah, it's pretty cold.
Well, we had this--
this weird thing happen.
Yeah, we hit this deer.
It came right at the windshield, | so that was bad enough,
but then there was | this one guy, man.
I'm telling you, Chas, | this guy was bad news.
It scared me, yeah.
I was afraid | for Kim and the kid.
So what do they say | the problem is?
It's too dark?
In terms of light or tone-- | like content, know what I mean?
Do they know what they mean?
Maybe it's just | a question of contrast.
No, I mean visual contrast.
I could bring out | the highlights.
Anyway, I'm not fighting | for anything anymore.
Just tell them to tell us | what they want,
I'll deal with it on Tuesday. | I'm taking Monday off like I planned.
They don't own me.
Okay, they don't | own me till Tuesday, okay?
All right, Chas. | Thanks, man.
Okay, I'll see you.
Hey, hey.
I'm going | to take Miles out.
We're going sledding.
You better believe it.
Hey, Miles, help! | Aaah!
I know. | Ha ha ha.
No, aah!
Come on, kiddo. | Are you ready?
So, what happened?
They want to do it, | fuck them.
What are you going to do? | You need to go back?
No, baby, I want | to do this for us.
Charles can | take care of it.
We could go back | early Monday.
It's beautiful, it's perfect. | Come on, kiddo, let's go.
Ha ha ha!
We're off, we're off, | we're off!
Here you go, buddy. | Take my hand.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, | yeah, yeah!
Sledding, sledding, | sledding.
You guys be careful.
- Oh, Mom. | - Oh, Mom.
Andy? Hi.
It's Dr. McLaren. | Is Everything all right?
I thought we weren't going | to call on the weekends?
Okay, okay. | What happened?
How do you feel | about that?
You were intimidated, but...
What did you tell him?
Sorry, Andy,
but that's good.
It's right, because | you don't have the money.
So-- wait a minute, Andy, | I think they have call waiting here.
Hey, Richard, | thanks for getting back to us.
Oh, yeah? | You getting a tan down there?
Listen, we called because--
I'm sorry, | can you wait a minute?
I have someone | on the other line.
Hold on.
Andy? Hi. | I have to take this.
But listen-- you did well.
You asserted yourself. | Try to experience that on your own.
After you've thought about it, | we'll talk on Wednesday.
Okay? It's important to keep | some boundaries between us.
You're trying to get | to be more independent, right?
Okay, bye bye.
Richard. | Richard, are you there?
Hello? | Hel--
''Whose woods these are | I think I know.
His house is in | the village though;
He will not see me | stopping here
To watch his woods | fill up with snow...
The woods are lovely, | dark and deep.
But I have promises | to keep,
And miles to go | before I sleep,
And miles to go | before I sleep.''
- Miles! | - That's right.
The poet's name | was Robert Frost.
He was writing | about the cold.
- What do you think about that? | - Oh, Dad.
Now Frost could take a simple image | and make it seem deep.
That's his rap.
Hey, what's the matter?
- Dad? | - Yeah?
- What's a Wendigo? | - A Wendigo?
I don't know. I never heard of that. | What's a Wendigo?
I don't know.
Where'd you hear | about it?
- This man. | - What man?
- In the thrift store. | - In town?
He told me the Wendigo | is this man
who's part animal, | always hungry,
and he eats people.
The Wendigo only goes | after bad guys, Miles.
You're safe. | You're a good kid.
- Hey, Miles? | - Yeah?
A lot of people | make up stories
to make sense | of the world.
It's a big world | after all,
and nobody really understands | how it all works.
Maybe for that guy | it's comforting to think
that the Wendigo is responsible
for all the bad stuff | out there.
That's okay. | That's what myths are.
They help us | talk about stuff.
Like Mr. Freeze | and Dr. Evil.
Dr. Evil.
There are good myths guys too, | like Superman and Yoda.
- Hmm. | - It's important to know
that they're just myths, | just stories.
You'll end up being | very disappointed
when things don't come true | that you're wishing.
Like when you didn't get | your big show in Soho?
Soho? | You little monster.
You are a dead man.
Oh, Dad.
You-- | I've had enough of you.
You little-- | you're a dead man.
- No! | - You're a dead man.
Truce! Truce.
Truce? | Truce?
- Okay. | - Dad.
Come here, buddy.
Hey. | Come on, let's sit.
It's good you feel bad about | that deer we hit, you know?
But things like that happen.
And you have to go through | a period of mourning.
Like where you're sad, | and then you put it behind you.$(where czy when)
You get it?
Where even | the worst thing
can be seen | in another way.
'Cause you got to be flexible | to make it in this old world.
You sure you're not just stalling | 'cause that hill looks steep?
No way!
Okay, buddy, | let's get that ride
so we can go home | and bother your mother.
Come on, buddy!
Can you hear me?
Are you okay?
Can you hear me?
Can you get up, | sweetie?
Here. | Careful, careful.
Honey, | you hit your head.
You're okay. | You're okay?
Huh? | Where's your father?
Where? Huh?
I don't understand, | Miles.
What happened?
- Daddy fell off the sled. | - How did he fall off the sled?
I don't know.
Hold my hand tight.
- Oh my God. | - He was here, mom.
He was here. | He wouldn't move.
Oh, God.
It's okay. | It's okay.
It's okay.
Come on. | Come on.
Come on.
Oh, God.
Hold on.
Oh, my God.
did you hear anything when dad | fell off the sled?
- I don't remember. | - It's okay, sweetie.
Come on, | hold my hand tight.
Come on-- wait, wait.
We've got a whole deer | to cut up!
Where are you going?
- Hey! | - Oh.
Can I help you | with something?
I'm-- I'm trying | to find my husband.
- There's been an accident. | - What kind of accident?
- Have you seen my husband? | - What's he look like?
What was the name | of the guy who left?
He pulled out in his truck | just before I got here?
Brandon, put those | on the bench.
It was you that was out | in the road last night, right?
You're staying at | the Stooky place this weekend?
Anyway, I'm sorry. | I saw a light on,
I-I needed to check.
- Come on, Miles. | - Just a minute.
Did you have some kind of accident?
- You want a tow or something? | - What happened?
No, I-I'm--
I'm sorry, | I-I was wrong. I--
I-I'm sorry. | I have to run.
Come on, sweetie, come on. | Hold on.
- Jesus Christ. | - Just let her go.
- Dad, where do you want these? | - Put them in the freezer.
- Spooky, man. | - Yeah.
- What was that about? | - They're just excitable city people.
Hey, man, what'd you do | with the beer?
We drank | all the last stuff I bought.
- What do you want to do with these? | - Put them in the freezer.
Unless you want | to eat them tonight.
Okay, Miles,
sweetie, you're gonna | have to walk.
Daddy's probably | gone home.
Oh, my God!
Miles, | he did go home!
Come on. George!
- George! | - Dad!
George. | Oh, my God.
Kim-- Kim.
Oh, my God! | Miles, get a blanket.
Daddy's going to be all right. | We just want to keep him warm.
And a scotch-- | Aargh!
- What happened? | - This is bad.
Who would believe it-- | I'd swear I've been shot.
Those fucking guys!
- They shot me! | - Can we get you inside?
No, baby, no, no, no. | We've got to get to Danbury.
There's a hospital there. | We-- just get in the car.
- I'll call an ambulance. | - No, baby, no, no, no.
I got to know | we're on our way.
George, are you sure? | I don't know.
Let's do it! | Let's do it, Kimmy!
Oh God, oh!
Miles, help me!
Okay, push me, | push my back.
- Let me do it, let me do it! | - Can you get up?
- Let me do it! | - Okay. Okay.
Oh God, George... | Oh God.
Hand me the blanket, | sweetie.
Okay... Let's go, | let's go.
Hey, you okay?
- You okay, Miles? | - Yeah, Dad.
Yeah, you see me | fall off that sled?
- Yeah. | - How about that, huh?
I ran into a tree | looking for you.
Aww, good for you. | Atta boy.
Shh, shh, | stop talking.
Get the door.
It can fly at you | like a sudden storm,
without warning, | from nowhere...
and devour you--
consume you with | his ferocious appetite.
The Wendigo is hungry, | always hungry.
Its hunger | is never satisfied.
Do you want this?
I don't believe it.
Miles, seatbelt.
I fell back off the sled.
I didn't know what had happened | for the longest time.
I couldn't even feel the pain.
I didn't know if it was | hot or cold.
But then I saw the blood, | I must have fainted.
When I woke up, | it was like I'd been drowning
and this was | my last breath of air.
Like if I didn't | take this breath, I'd--
I'd slip away | for good...
into some euphoria.
I was tempted, | but I made myself get up.
I found the house, | it was easy.
It was like I was | carried by a big wind
and dropped at the door.
This is it, | I can feel it.
I'm only half here, Kim.
Daddy's gonna be all right, Miles.
Daddy's gonna | be all right.
This is an emergency. | My husband...
has been shot.
I need to know where | the hospital is in Danbury.
I'm heading west | on Route 19.
I need you to call | the sheriff
and have him | meet us there.
And-- are you serious?
What's the number? | What's the fucking number?!
- | - What's the fucking number?
Don't be scared, | kiddo.
Don't be scared.
It's going to be okay.
Hey, hey, hey! | Listen to me--
remember that little thing | you got from the store?
What was it-- | yeah, there it is!
Yeah, it's got | magic powers, right?
Huh? Isn't that | what you told me?
Right? Huh?
I was listening, | Miles.
Miles, I was | listening to you.
Don't be scared, | kiddo.
Don't be scared.
It's going | to be okay, huh?
Oh, Kim, oh baby.
What a fucking waste.
What a fucking waste.
Give me your hand, Miles. | Give me your hand, buddy.
Watch the door.
Okay, somebody get | his feet!
One, two, three.
It's his abdomen. | Right in here.
Yeah. | Just a second.
I want you to tell Charles I'm | definitely not doing that reshoot.
- Shut up, George. | - What are you going to do...
when you got no one to shush?
I love you. Hang in there. | I got separation issues, you know?
Yeah, I know.
S-s-- s-e-p--
- Dad? | - Hey, Miles.
Miles, | listen to me,
I want you to take care | of your mom.
- All right? | - Dad, what happened?
I don't know, kiddo.
Kimmy, Kim.
Ohhh, Kimmy!
Oh, such a beautiful day.
God, I remember | so much about today.
Those eggs and--
a drive, and--
we went sledding, | Miles and me.
You're my family, | my family, my family.
Oh, Kim, Kim.
Kim, you remember-- | do you remember?
Do you remember | his first week home?
Do you remember he kept us up | for two nights screaming?
Yeah, I thought we'd | never make it through.
Listen, I'm always going | to be with you.
Come on, sweetie, | it's going to be okay.
Take my hand-- my hand.
Second down and 9
at the 35...
I'm sorry, sweetie.
Um, excuse me. | Mrs. McLaren?
- Yes. | - Hi, I'm Tom Hale.
Hey, there, | buckaroo.
I'm the sheriff.
Do you mind telling me | what happened?
My husband--
my husband was shot.
I think he was, | by this man
who we saw at--
at Braintree Road. | His name was Otis.
- Otis? | - Do you know who he is?
Mmm, yeah, well--
I'd seen him before. | He was--
he seemed capable of--
Now, Mrs. McLaren, | we don't know for certain
that your husband | was shot.
Mrs. McLaren?
Your husband was shot | once in the side
with a high-powered rifle.
The bullet grazed his liver | and the doctors
are recommending | emergency surgery-- immediately.
There'll be some papers | for you to sign,
so if you'll | wait right here...
Well, do you | know him or not?!
Yeah, Otis Stooky.
- What? | - Pardon?
That's the place | we're staying,
- the Stooky house. | - Really?
That's where Otis | grew up.
- What? | - Yeah, his mother died,
and then she left it | to Otis' sister.
Sister sold the place | and moved down to Florida.
You mind telling me exactly | what happened, Mrs. McLaren?
Last night we--
we hit a deer with our car.
It was a fluke. | These men came out of the woods
and one of them was named Otis. | Oh, I can't believe this!
Wrong place, | wrong time.
Mrs. McLaren?
With your permission, | the y'll get started right away.
Oh, God! | I cannot fucking believe this.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
Miles, help me.
Jack, | this is Tom Hale.
I want you to meet me | up at Battle Creek Road.
Otis Stooky's place.
I need backup.
Do you copy? Over.
Hey! Otis, you in there?
Tom Hale.
It's the sheriff. | You in there, Otis?
What do you want, | Sheriff?
I want you to step outside | for just a moment, Otis.
What is it, Tom Hale?
Those people staying | up at the Stooky place,
they filed a complaint.
I just want | to ask you some questions.
You come down | to the station with me?
What kind of complaint?
Ah, come on, Otis. | Do me a favor.
They're from the city.
I've just got to go through | all the formalities.
What'd they say happened?
Oh, I don't know.
Just something about | them hitting a deer
and you was there,
and I got to--
I just got to get a statement | from you, that's all.
- Aw, shit, Tom! | - Yeah, I know what you mean.
These people come up | from the city,
they act like they own | the damn place.
Look, I get it every day.
That fucking Ben Stratton, | you know.
Raising our taxes, | kissing these people's ass.
Yeah, that's right.
You come with me now, huh?
I got Jack stopping by | in a moment.
I'd like you to come down | with me now, just to-- you know--
just to keep it | simple, huh?
okay, Tom.
Right, so we can say | we did it, okay?
Okay. Sure.
I was just going | to watch the ballgame.
Yeah, I know, sorry | to put you out and all.
That game was | just getting started
when I stopped by | the hospital earlier--
What you doing | at the hospital, Tom?
Routine stuff.
You know...
I don't think I'm gonna go down | to the station there, Tom.
- What's that? | - I think you know what I'm saying.
Otis, I know it's been | you shooting up
the walls at | the Stooky place.
- Why do you say that? | - People see you there.
I spend time at Everett's, | you know that.
He's got that | shooting range.
Listen, Otis, I know you | got dealt a bad hand
with that house and all, | but a lot of people got problems.
City guy lets me take | the shortcut through the property.
You know, Otis, | I was gonna let you off
shooting up that place | and all, but...
I want you to come down | to the station with me now.
That really | what it is, Tom?
What do you mean?
You come all the way | out here over that?
Yeah, they're mad as hell.
Look, I got Jack | stopping by.
You coming with me | or not?
Okay. I'm coming.
I don't want to slap | the cuffs on you,
just to take you down | and give you a $30 fine.
- Coat. | - Right.
Don't lie, Tom.
Give me my liver.
Give me my liver.
You'll be okay. | You fainted, sweetie.
You'll be okay, Miles.
Wha-- | what are you?!
The devil?
Fuck you!
I'm sorry, Mrs. McLaren,
there was nothing | we could do.
So you get ready. | I'll be right back.
- Yeah, man? | - Yeah.
Yeah, man.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, | yeah, yeah.
Sledding, sledding, | sledding.
Where even the worst thing | can be seen in another way.
Nobody believes | in spirits anymore.
Doesn't mean | the y're not there.
I'm getting you out of that ditch.
- You could have asked. | - No, no, no.
If I fall down
I'll try to get | back up
I'll catch you rain
In this paper cup
And you can | call my name
And I will come
I won't be far away
No matter what,
And you can hold out
Hold out, hold out
Hold out, hold out
Hold out, hold out...
And if you lose | your way
I will steer | you straight
And if you lie awake
I'll sing you to sleep
And you can call my name
And I will come
I won't be far away
No matter what
And you can hold out
Hold out, hold out
Hold out, hold out
Hold out, hold out...
If I fall down
I'll try to get | back up
I'll catch you rain
In this paper cup
And you can call | my name
And I will come
I won't be far away
No matter what
And you can hold out
Hold out, hold out
Hold out, hold out
Hold out, hold out.
ripped by Someone