Wendy Williams: The Movie (2021) Movie Script

Wendy Williams
in the hot seat today.
Is he getting me fired?
...seven weeks pregnant.
...with his mistress!
Wendy Williams'
husband, Kevin Hunter...
Wendy Williams
and husband
in an epic showdown!
TV icon
files for divorce.
The real reason
Kevin cheated on Wendy.
An unfortunate state.
Whereas Wendy...
Talk-show queen
Wendy shock jocket
out of pocket.
Don't call it
a competition.
Wendy Williams...
Will Wendy win?
Please, Dear God, just...
give me strength...
and help me just block out
all the chatter and the noise.
Thank you, God. Thank you.
Oh, my God,
these photos are amazing.
Wendy, did you
watch the game?
Good morning.
Hi. Oh, good morning.
Girl, you all right?
I'm... what? I'm great!
What happened?
Well, we was
just talking about the gala,
and it was fabulous, so--
Oh, I saw that!
Feathers, and the drama...
-Oh, they were serving.
We got to serve all them looks
on you, girl.
Oh, I'll take
these looks right now.
Yes, do this touch-up
real quick...
-Thank you.
Boss is walking!
Boss is walking!
Hi, John.
You look fabulous, darling.
-Oh, thank you.
-Oh, yeah.
Do you like this orange...
I do, I do.
Ready? Five, four, three...
Okay, real talk?
What the hell
is going on with Wendy?
I mean,
everybody's been asking me,
"Behind the scenes,
behind the hype,
I mean, Wendy,
how you really doin'?"
I've had a lot of time
to think about it,
and I've had enough
with everybody else telling me
who I really am.
So now it's time
to dish my own dirt...
and, honey...
nobody does it better.
If you really want
to know my truth,
come here.
Closer. Closer.
Come walk a mile in my size 11s.
Once upon a time,
there was a little girl
who was a really big misfit.
Yup. Aged 11, size 11.
Welcome to the street
where I grew up.
One day, the city council
of neighboring Asbury Park,
where we had
our first family home...
Get in here now, Wendy!
...will unanimously vote
to rename this street
Wendy Williams Way.
Yup! Wendy Williams Way.
We're late,
and we got to get you ready.
Back then, people just
wanted me out the way.
How many times I got to
talk to you about this?
When we get to the party,
please, remember the code--
"Wendy, don't talk too loud.
Wendy, don't talk too fast.
Wendy, don't tell too much."
Ow! Mommy!
Wanda, can you come in here
and help me, please?
Wendy, we just bought you
a size 12.
Now we're going to have
to go and get a 14.
What are you going
to do next, girl?
you'd be so beautiful
if you'd just lose some weight.
I'll do it myself, then.
Let me just help you.
No, I can do it.
Tommy, did you help Wendy
sneak Twinkies?
I'm going to a party!
This day stands out
in particular
as, shall we say,
Here's what I was thinking.
If I obey the rules
for once in my life
and get my butt
on that winning chair,
I will be the hero today.
It's my birthday!
I was supposed to win!
Turns out,
even when I do play
by the rules,
things don't always go my way.
What-what happened?
I'm the fat Black girl
who broke the chair,
but she gets to cry.
Yeah, right!
Well, thank you for having us.
It wasn't my fault, okay?
I can't take you anywhere.
Just come on!
There you go.
Ah, all those
gorgeous celebrities,
with their perfect bodies,
fame, and good fortune.
That's what I wanted.
I told myself,
one day.
One day.
Come on, Wendy.
Are the rumors true?
What you wearing?
What are you wearing?
Just one comment,
just one comment!
Are you cheating
on your husband?
But it wasn't
gonna happen just like that,
you know?
I mean, no fairy godmother
was coming to rescue me.
It's your weight putting
pressure on your bladder.
- It was anxiety.
- I didn't...
Let's try a new diet.
Tuna fish in brine
with mustard.
That's it.
I told myself,
one day,
you will show the world
that a big girl
can handle hers.
Too much, too fast,
too loud, too big--
it will all make sense
one day.
It was my futuristic vision.
I got myself to college,
and discovered radio.
By sophomore year,
I had my own radio show!
Hey, hey, hey,
roving reporter
Wendy Williams here,
bringing you the latest
neighborhood scuttlebutt.
I set my sights
on the Big Apple--
that's where my idol,
DJ Carol Ford, was working.
In the beginning,
I had to go
where the work was,
including going to St. Croix.
But I did not give up.
I always had a back-up plan.
I kept on plugging,
and, eventually,
visionary radio titan
Cathy Hughes
hired me
to come work for her in DC.
Hi! Good morning!
Oh! Good morning, Ms. Hughes.
Nice shoes.
Oh, thank you.
And I like yours, too.
Oh, and I just want you to know
that I've really been thinking
about how to be an asset here,
and, uh, I really
appreciate you hiring me.
Did you hear?
I'm interviewing
Ricky Tony today.
I mean, he is so...
I know what you're thinking.
I mean,
I'm looking good, right?
Yeah, well,
this particular diet I was on
was a whole lot more fun
than tuna fish in brine
with mustard.
Coke was everywhere
in those days.
It suppressed my appetite
and gave me
all the chemical courage
I thought I needed.
Seemed like nothing
was going to stop me.
But I was about
to be proven wrong...
Ricky Tony is here with us,
and his hit single,
"Make You Feel It,"
is burning up the charts.
This is WOL 1450 AM,
I'm Wendy Williams,
and... hi, Ricky.
Hi, Wendy.
What's up, DC/Maryland?
Nice to be back
in the Chocolate City!
Oh, wow.
You have a great speaking voice.
It's a nice baritone.
Well, I certainly
wasn't expecting
to find a pretty thing
like yourself
tucked away in this little
AM radio station.
Oh, well, thank you,
but, but let's talk about you.
Nah, let's talk about you.
How old are you?
Old enough.
So, "Make You Feel It."
What is the inspiration
behind this?
M'lady, your limousine awaits.
thank you, M'sieur.
This is so fun!
So, we're going to a party?
Is it like--
like a music industry
thing, or...
Yeah, indeed, it is.
I just gotta stop by my hotel
before the party.
I've gotta change.
Oh, well, do I need to change?
Do I look okay?
You look perfect.
Let's go.
I didn't have a clue.
I thought this cute,
talented music guy
was going to be my boyfriend.
How's your drink?
Mm. Let me take that.
Don't be shy.
You know, I'm...
I'm not so sure...
-about, uh...
Look, be cool, baby.
Now, just lie down.
I got you. Don't worry.
Uh, you know...
I, uh...
We're supposed to be getting
to that party, right?
-I thought you were old enough.
Mm... mm-hmm.
Let's just...
just wait one second.
-I, uh...
Wait, okay...
Um, just...
-Hold on.
-It's okay.
Relax. You're here.
Let's enjoy each other.
You can let yourself out.
Back then,
they called that "date rape."
It was rape.
It was also the last time
anyone was ever
going to tell me to "shh."
So.... I hear you left with
Ricky Tony himself last night.
I just want to say
thank you so much
for letting me
play a contemporary song
here and there during my shift.
My listeners
are really responding.
My call number is increasing
every single day.
I'll be playing
a lot more like that.
A lot more of my own thing.
Thank you so much again
for the opportunity.
Just keep
moving forward, Wendy.
Just keep sending tapes
to New York, Wendy.
Just keep thinking
about tomorrow, Wendy.
There was this new,
incurable disease called AIDS
out there.
It was the most urgent
health problem
facing the world.
After I was raped,
I knew I had to get tested.
Waiting for the results
was agony.
I was terrified to die.
Jackson in the pocket--
throws, and looks like...
Mm-hmm! Yeah, that's what
I'm talking about.
That was quite the catch...
Oh, hello, Wendy.
How are you?
People in this business...
entertainment business
is just really crazy, Dad.
Why don't you come on home
and get a steady job
in a stable field?
Something sensible?
No, no, it's fine, Dad.
Look, this is my dream.
I just can't let it die.
Aw, come on!
-Dinner's ready!
I'll talk to you later, okay?
All right.
I love you, Daddy.
I love you, too.
Oh, man.
My AIDS test
came back negative
for four months in a row,
so I decided
to stop living in fear.
I wasn't going to let
the fun in my life
be taken away from me.
I was going make
my own parties.
My shift on WOL
wasn't until
3:00 in the afternoon,
so that gave me
plenty of time to sleep it off
and to make it to work on time.
I was never late,
and I never missed
a single shift.
No vacations for me.
I was on a mission
and I had faith in my vision--
New York.
Sure enough,
after sending out
resume after resume
and sample tapes galore,
it finally paid off--
I got myself a second job.
It was only part-time,
but it was in...
New York.
Hey, Hot 103.5, New York.
I'm the new girl,
Wendy Williams,
and this is my spot.
Here's Taylor Dayne,
"Tell It To My Heart."
She made it to New York.
That's right, DC,
this is Wendy Williams on WOL.
That's right, New York...
My weekend job
in New York
was super important to me,
but I wasn't under contract,
so I kept my weekday job in DC
and drove between the two.
By now, my relationship
with cocaine
was the most important
social relationship in my life.
I dated casually,
but finding friends
who weren't starstruck
by my new fabulous lifestyle
were hard to come by,
so I was my own best friend.
No one better.
I did so well for HOthat they offered me
a position full-time.
Hi, Dyana.
Hello, Ms. Hughes.
I've been offered
a full-time position
at Hot 103.5 in New York.
They threw me out
like I was trash,
but I went from making $9,000
to $60,000,
and like they say,
success is the best revenge.
Get out of my office. Out.
And you don't stop...
All right, New York,
it's your girl, Wendy Williams,
on the air tonight.
I really like that guy,
Bobby Brown.
I think he's just so tal--
I mean, he's come
such a long way, too.
I was at HOT 103.5
for two years.
I had a great time
and I worked hard.
And when Hot 103.5
became Hot 97,
I had an even greater time
and worked even harder.
Hey, New York, it's your girl,
Wendy Williams.
I hope you guys are enjoying
this beautiful, gorgeous,
sunny day...
...And I'll never
know the truth
of why they fired me.
It was a huge blow
after I'd worked so hard
and was thriving.
But I'll never forget
what that guy
who fired me said--
"Go get married
and have some babies."
What type of shit is that?
Most people don't know this,
but I was never unemployed
more than two weeks
my entire adult life.
I love my work,
and the hustle
wasn't about to stop
just because some fool
couldn't see what I was worth.
I knew somebody would--
if I could just
get in front of their desk.
The woman, the legend--
Carol Ford--
what a trailblazer--
my icon.
I was determined
to meet her program director,
Tony Gray,
the biggest program director
in the country.
I parked my ass in the lobby
of Kiss-FM every day.
While at night,
I worked
as the only Black girl on air
at an all-white pop station.
No growth for me there, though.
You know.
While I waited for Tony Gray
to give me a shot,
I read up on the tabloids,
because if and when I got
my chance to impress him,
I had a plan...
It's you.
Oh, hi, I'm Wendy.
I know.
Get in here.
Carol Ford is on vacation,
and my regular fill-in
just fell through.
You've been sitting out there
for two weeks,
so... you get the shot.
Lucky you.
Actually... you've made
your own luck.
Wait, did you just say
I'm filling in for Carol Ford?
Song list.
Commercial reads.
You know the drill.
Make me proud.
There it was--
the winning chair.
Violate any body
you see clockin' my chain
I grabbed my lady
by the arm
And I sway
While I'm watching
all the fiends
Hypnotized by the bass
The bass getting stronger
as we moving along
While I'm concocting
the rhyme
That I'm about perform
Wait a minute
That's one of my favorite songs
this year,
from one of Uptown's finest.
I'm Wendy Williams,
filling in for Carol Ford.
I've got more of today's hits
coming up for you,
but first, New York,
let's dish some dirt.
The word on the street is,
the duo might actually
be lip-syncing
over other people's voices...
-What did she just say?
-...which is scandalous,
because they just recently
won a Grammy
for best new artist.
And according to Page Six,
did you know
that their real names
were Pilatus and Morvan?
Anyway, friends of theirs
have said
they had never heard them sing
before they were Milli Vanilli.
It's so cute.
It's such a scene.
Okay, look, I'm Wendy Williams,
and this is Kiss FM.
We don't do that here.
Not on the radio.
Yeah, right, I know, okay,
but listeners want to know
this type of stuff.
I mean, they have
a right to know.
It's revolutionary!
Wendy, we're going to find you
a permanent spot here.
Wait, what?
Welcome to Kiss FM.
Oh, my g-- thank you!
Thank you so much!
I'm gonna play
a song for you, Tony.
Thank you!
Oh, my goodness.
Hey, good Morning, New York,
it's your boy, Jeff Foxx,
in the studio with Ken Webb...
Good morning!
...and the lovely
Wendy Williams...
Hi! Good morning!
...here with
the Kiss Wake-Up Club.
-Let's go!
-Let's get it!
Aw! Hey, Carol.
One week later,
Tony left,
and Vinny Brown became
the new Program Director.
He was ambitious
and competitive,
and he didn't want to lose
his best jocks,
so he created
a new morning show
and gave me a contract.
Up next, it's time to...
what, Wendy?
Oh, it's time
to dish the dirt, Jeff.
Ooh, you know
I like it dirty, Wendy.
Oh, yeah, I know you do!
I'm a bad boy, Wendy.
Oh, oh...
Even Carol Ford
thought I was good.
I want to know,
where did you get this stuff?
I'd tell you,
but then I gotta kill you.
Come on, Jeff.
We need you around, now.
I gotta stay, I gotta stay.
Today, I have a story
about a popular R&B singer.
I won't name him,
but he's part of a group
with two big hits out right now.
I know who it is.
I know who it is.
Okay, apparently...
...this singer has been cheating
on his wife.
He and this other woman
have had a baby together.
Yeah, but they ain't
being too smart.
Yeah, yeah, I know.
I know what irony is.
Not me.
"Dish the Dirt"
became so popular
that my previous life
of privacy and anonymity
was no more.
Um, excuse me...
you're Wendy from the radio,
ain't you?
Yeah, that's me.
My homegirl over here,
her boyfriend used to date
one of them girls from Total.
She got some juice on Puffy.
He ain't paying them,
and they broke as hell.
Tell me everything.
Last night, I found out
that despite being
one of the biggest R&B groups
out right now,
the ladies of Total are broke.
I heard they signed
a bad contract
with Puff Daddy's
Bad Boy Records,
and all I gotta say is
Puff, pay your artists.
I mean, they work
so hard for you.
I had to hire myself
some major muscle.
You just need to pay them.
This is Wendy Williams
on Kiss FM.
Thanks, Cory.
-And a personal assistant...
-Let me eat a fry.
...who I called Skeletor.
No, Skel, 'cause you know
you just can't eat one.
That's foul, Wendy. Here.
Well, I'm gonna be foul today.
Oh! What's this?
Turn to page 65.
Okay, where... oh, my god!
There I am.
Always knew I would be!
"Radio star
at one of the biggest stations
in the country..."
"Becoming the Queen
of New York radio"!?
My god! I'm in a magazine!
You did it.
Oh, my god.
Okay, hold on. Let's celebrate.
Hey, New York, I got a song
for you right now.
We have to celebrate!
Get into it!
Yes! Oh!
Go, queen! Go, queen!
With my career
firmly on track,
I felt ready to have some fun.
I met Eric B
when he and Rakim
came to KISS 98.7
to promote their latest single.
We started dating,
and I was thrilled to be seen
on the arm
of a certifiable star.
I mean, that music
was everything, okay?
Still might be.
And he was mine.
All mine.
At least
that's what I told myself.
Oh, Eric B.
Yeah, baby. Say my name.
Wait, wait, baby, Eric...
Take that thing.
Okay, I'll be
right back, aight?
Hey, can I get your car today?
Oh, what's wrong with yours?
Oh, uh, I'm getting
some new rims.
Well, I need it back by 5:00
so I can get to work on time.
Look, I got you, baby.
Mm. Okay.
He did not have me.
He's gonna be here soon.
He's gonna be here soon.
Yeah, I got you, baby.
Yeah, I got you, baby...
Come on, hurry up, please.
He messed up big-time.
I should have realized
I was just a booty call
and he was using me.
But instead,
I rented him a car--
on my credit card.
So this weekend,
Spike is hosting another
family day in the park.
This is Wendy Williams
on Kiss FM.
What's going on?
Your phone's been ringing
off the hook!
Why, what happened?
Some car rental company's
about to issue an arrest warrant
if you don't bring the car back!
What the hell?
You got it?
-Yeah, I got it.
I paged you 911
two hours ago!
You told me you returned
the rental car two weeks ago,
but you didn't!
Now they're issuing
an APB on me.
They're not going
to arrest me,
because I'll call the police
on you myself if I ha--
Did you just--
You mu-- Asshole!
God damn!
Our relationship--
I mean,
if you could call it that--
didn't even last a year.
When it was all over,
my credit was ruined.
You're welcome, bitch!
And I was growing his seed.
I went alone
and I went in secret.
I didn't tell him
or anyone else.
It was one of
the loneliest experiences
of my life.
Right there.
Skel! You better
be good tonight.
Oh, no, he's good.
Come here.
Eh, you see my boy over there?
That's Kevin.
He wanna know
when you two can hook up,
get yo' Pathfinders
dirty together.
If you'd told me
this guy was gonna be
my husband,
I wouldn't have believed it.
Well, we'll get to it.
And yeah, I'm skipping over
my first husband
because he was just a rebound
after the disaster with Eric B.
Starter marriage,
lasted five months,
and frankly,
it's not interesting enough
to talk about.
By this time,
the same company
that owned Hot 97
purchased Kiss FM .
And with my audience
being a younger demo,
I was promoted back to Hot 97.
I wasn't looking for
his number.
I'd kind of forgotten about it,
to be honest.
But there it was--
and I thought,
"What the hell, why not?"
Yo, you've reached Kev.
Drop your number,
and I'll hit you right back.
This moment
changed everything.
This is Kev.
I'm at 1440 Broadway.
I get off at 7:00.
If you're here,
we'll ride.
If not... your loss.
Hello, Kevin.
What's happening?
Are you in a relationship?
Does someone else think
that they're in a relationship
with you?
How old are you?
I'm good and grown.
Is this car registered
to you or to a woman?
And if it is
registered to a woman,
it better be your mother.
Yo. I love my moms,
but this car is mine.
I've paid my way.
I have a hair salon in Flatbush,
I work as a party promoter,
and I do a couple other things
to make ends meet.
I like you.
I saw you across,
you know, the spot,
and I was like "Yo, that's
an empress right there."
I knew it.
I knew it right away--
I could fall in love
with this man.
We wanted to see each other
all the time...
Just laws of attraction.
...and bam, we were a couple.
All right,
oh, you got a Heineken.
Yeah, a Heinie.
A Heinie, that's okay.
Thank you.
Oh, you gotta look at me.
-'Cause you know...
-I know.
...what the rules are.
-Oh, I know. I know.
I looked away one time.
How long ago was that?
Mike Tyson.
That was it.
-Mike Tyson.
-Street fightin'.
-Did you know him?
I mean, we all knew Mike.
You know
how attractive a thug is
when he lets his guard down?
Mm. I mean, he's still a thug,
so you feel protected
with this big, strong man,
but there's more there.
The way he opened up to me...
You are a professional.
After high school,
I just started, you know,
just done on my street gang,
you know what I'm saying,
so, out there hustling
one night,
then I started
promoting parties, and...
He told me
he had been on his own
since he was 17.
He told me
about his hopes and dreams
for a happier future.
What do you know about hair?
We had each other,
physically and emotionally.
I felt safe.
And not to mention...
...And the touch
of your hair
I'm lovin' the way
you kiss me
When you're kissin' me there
I'm feelin' you so much
I don't even care
'Cause I won't be happy
unless my baby kiss me...
Kevin was starting
to become my everything.
...I can hardly
sleep at all
And I'm not afraid
to feel the way I do...
What's all this?
Two months, and you ain't
bored of me yet.
Figure that's worth
a celebration.
Look, wait, um...
wait a second.
Okay, cool.
You can tell me.
I think I like you.
I think I like you, too, Wendy.
A whole lot.
Every week before school,
I, uh... I had
to get weighed,
because I was too fat.
I figured out
putting the scale
on the bathroom rug
made it read wrong,
you know,
took a couple pounds off,
I did that...
but my folks figured that out.
By the time
I got to high school,
I was bulimic.
I mean, well,
I tried to be bulimic,
but the whole thing was a mess,
and I was not ever trying
to clean a toilet.
I mean, the whole thing
was just... exhausting.
I, uh...
I don't want
to be exhausted anymore...
so I'm planning
on getting liposuction
and breast implants.
I think you're beautiful
the way you are right now.
Oh, f-- that corny shit,
all right,
and let's get real
about these fat lil' titties.
Look, I'm not asking you
to pay for it,
and I've already decided
what I'm doing,
so you can spare me
the Ugly Duckling speech,
because my inner swan
needs a little help
making an appearance.
I'm just...
sick of how my outside
doesn't match who I am in here.
I hear you,
and I promise you...
no matter what,
I'll always support you,
whatever you need...
no matter what.
So, let's talk
about these breasts.
Yes, doctor,
I want them that big.
Large, in charge,
voluptuous, show-stopping.
Look, I'm a big girl
who needs big girls.
Okay. You got it.
Here was warmth.
Here was companionship
and support.
Here was understanding.
I wasn't alone anymore.
Kevin may not have been the man
that my mom had prayed for,
but he was the man
that I had prayed for--
a thug with a heart of gold.
Kevin saw me.
He loved the whole of me.
And I loved him for that.
Plus, I felt safe with him,
like he could protect me,
and that was important...
because things were about
to get hot in the streets.
Nah, na na na nah
Na na na nah
na na nah, na na nah
Na na na nah
Here comes the hotstepper
I'm the lyrical gangster
Pick up the crew
in-a de area
Still love you like that
So, look, if you're going
to lay on a table
and have somebody else
cut you open,
I say you see at least
three doctors first,
and then you decide
between them.
But most importantly, I say
pay for your own
plastic surgery.
I mean, seriously,
do you really want some future
ex-boyfriend out here
talking about
how he bought your breasts?
I mean, Skel, would you do that?
Hell, no.
You better not. Okay.
Oh, um, it's 78 degrees.
Stay tuned, because we've got
more hits for you
from Biggie, Nas,
and Tribe Called Quest
after the break.
You're off the air
next week.
What? Why?
You can't talk about your
plastic surgery on the air.
You do realize
that 80% of the stars
that we interview here
have had work done?
I mean, Skel saw it, I saw it,
everybody sees it!
You're off the air
for two weeks.
And when you come back,
tone it down, okay?
How dare they?
It's your surgery.
Yeah, I tell it like it is!
I'm not about to pretend!
You know, Kevin should be here
any minute now
to come pick me up.
Just wait till he hears
about all of this!
What you
talkin' about, Wendy?
What're all these people
doing here?
Why are they all looking at me?
What's happening?
Go see what's happening, Skel.
Go see.
Oh... mm-mm-mm-mm-mm.
Oh, no... no, no...
I don't know
what's happening, Boss,
but I don't like it!
-I don't like it.
-Oh, sh--!
-I don't like it.
-Is that the girls from Total?
Yo, who want it?
Who want it with me? Yo!
Oh, my god, it's Kevin.
Get on out of here.
Sing yo butt on in
that motherf-- car.
Aight? Yo. Baby, what's up?
Come here. Come here. You aight?
I'm okay. I'm okay, I'm okay.
I got you, aight?
Won't let nothin' happen to you.
-You understand that?
-I got you, okay?
-Thank you.
Let's go.
I was dating
a nice man,
a man who knew
I had a cocaine habit,
and though he made it clear
it was something
he did not support,
he never pressured me to stop.
It took me four days to quit.
Cold turkey.
It wasn't easy,
but I knew why I was doing it,
and it was time.
I need a new day
to start fresh
Time to get back to me
You've got a goal
Yes, I know it
I made up my mind
Starting over...
He asked me
to marry him.
Now, I wasn't in a hurry--
I'd already had
that starter marriage--
but it felt good
to make things official
with a nice big piece of ice.
News of me getting engaged
was so big
that Page Six wrote about it.
Page Six started writing up
a lot of stuff
that was going on with me
because I started revealing
the real-real skuttlebutt
at work.
This weekend, I was at
a photoshoot, okay,
and my photographer,
who happens to be a lesbian,
she gave me a copy
of One Nut Magazine.
I'm new to One Nut Magazine,
but there's this fascinating
article in there
about this gay rapper,
and it's very, very detailed.
Okay, look, look,
look, so, look,
all I want to know is,
DJ Red Alert,
who this gay rapper is.
Yo, son.
I have no idea.
You know that
some of these hiphop guys
are into this lifestyle.
-You know, Red Alert.
-I don't.
I got no comment, Wendy.
You got no comment?
You gotta... you gotta spill it.
Dish the dirt.
Don't look at me.
Red, get a little
closer to the mic.
Look, bes...
See, I told you
he was in the lifestyle!
-Not my lifestyle, Wendy.
-Wendy, stop.
He's like oh-oh-oh-oh-oh!
That's not my scene, Wendy.
Everyone loved it.
Let's play a guessing game.
Okay, okay,
maybe not everyone.
I just hung up with Puff.
What did he want?
Is he getting me fired?
Look, I can't fire you.
You're under contract.
So I'm going to pay you
even if you're not working.
So I'm suspended?
I got the biggest music
producer in the industry
up my ass.
You're causing more trouble
than you're worth,
and I'm over it.
Well, then, fire me,
so I can work somewhere else.
What kind of dummy
do you think I am?
You are under contract,
and as much as I don't need
the drama anymore in my life,
I don't need you running off
to the competition in this city,
getting bigger ratings
over there.
Are you going to let me
back on the air again or not?
I have no idea.
You're about
to have a heart attack.
Slow down.
Don't tell me
I can't work anywhere else.
Check the fine print, bitches.
It says I can't work
anywhere else in New York.
So I guess
it's "Bye-bye, Big Apple!"
I'll take a bite
out of another city.
Wendy always has a plan.
I'm outta here!
Philadelphia, get ready!
Wendy Williams
is coming to town!
New York City's Shock Jock,
Wendy Williams,
is, indeed, set
to join Philadelphia's
Power 99 morning.
Jay-Z, Q-Tip, Mariah Carey...
I'm gonna be a mom!
Babe, you wanna order
some room service?
Throw the ball!
Come on!
I wonder if they deliver
Philly steak sandwiches.
Yo, Wendy, f-- Hot 97.
No more tears, yo!
They lost the best thing
they ever had.
-We 'bout to tear Philly up.
They don't even deserve you.
I told you Philly
was going to be good!
When I started,
they were ranked
the 15th spot in Philly.
By the time I left,
we alternated for the top spot,
so that was good.
Your girl, Wendy Williams,
right here at Power 99.
I'm gonna come in
like a hurricane.
Hey, Power 99,
it's your girl,
Wendy Williams, here,
look, I got something
I want to share with you.
I was seven weeks pregnant...
and I miscarried.
Now, I'm fine, Kevin's fine.
The doctor said
losing a pregnancy at this stage
is extremely common,
Anyway, I have two questions--
because I'm new to the city, so.
I just wanna know
where's the good hair
and who makes
the best Philly cheesesteaks?
Trigger warning--
the rest of this story
is going to be rough.
It didn't take long
before I was pregnant again.
Five months into my pregnancy,
I lost that baby, too.
I told myself
to just keep moving forward
and try again.
And guess what?
I got pregnant again,
and everything was going great.
Oh, five months.
Oh, sh--.
Until it wasn't.
-Call an ambulance.
You okay, baby? Baby...
You're going
to be okay, y'hear?
It's okay, baby.
It's gonna be okay, right?
Mm-hmm. That's right.
That's right.
Excuse me, Ms. Wendy.
I don't mean to be rude,
but I listen to you every day.
Can I have your autograph?
What's your name?
Thank you, Brianna.
I'll get that
for you later, okay?
Just keep on listening.
God bless you, Wendy.
Thank you.
It's going to be fine this time.
- Wendy.
- Hi.
I've looked at the scans.
I'm sorry.
Your baby is stillborn.
Wendy, the baby didn't make it.
We're still going
to have to have you deliver
because you're so far along.
Oh, no.
I know this isn't
what you wanted to hear.
No, no.
Okay, doc, all right,
we heard you.
No, no, no, no, no.
It's okay, baby.
No, it's okay--
I'm sorry.
I can't do this.
I can't.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, too.
I'm so sorry.
But it wasn't fine.
It was a girl.
A baby girl.
God, help me, please.
No, no, no.
Kevin, you've got to take this.
Let's go home.
Let's go home.
You must be Wendy and Kevin.
Please step up
to the front with me.
Please join hands.
Kevin was convinced
that maybe God wouldn't
bless us with a baby
unless we're married for real.
...Kevin to be your husband?
Kevin, do you take
Wendy to be your wife?
You may kiss your bride.
So we got married!
And I got myself a new doctor.
There's a few things.
You have a hyperactive thyroid,
and I've diagnosed you
with Graves disease,
which is related
to thyroid function, so--
Why do my babies keep dying?
I was getting there.
your cervix is a little weak,
so when you stand,
your body isn't able to hold
the weight of a baby.
My cervix is a bit weak?
I've seen
four different doctors,
I've blamed myself,
my husband--
I mean, the abortion I had
in my early 20s.
I mean, I regretted
every time I smoked a joint,
I took a drink.
Now you're telling me
that it's just as simple
as I just need to lie down?
Thank you.
Thank you.
This one.
This is our baby.
And I'm telling the station--
I'm working from home,
on bed rest,
my entire pregnancy.
I'll research equipment
so you can broadcast from bed.
Hey, it's Wendy Williams.
I am tuning in at home,
on bed rest,
'cause, you know,
we are expecting
a little baby,
me and Kevin.
I got Kevin sitting here
with me right now.
No, we're not doing "Ask Wendy"
right now. Bye.
And I mean, I thought it was
the most cutest--
cutest moment ever.
You want to do it there?
All right.
Over the next nine months,
I put on 103 pounds.
I stood up for no longer
than five minutes at a time,
and when he wasn't hustling
back and forth to New York,
my husband waited on me
hand and foot.
Hey, everyone,
I'm back on the air.
You know, the doctor said
I could just walk
for, like, five minutes a day.
We hoped, we prayed.
Oh, god.
You got this.
Push, baby, push, baby.
Okay, baby.
Where's Daddy?
You did it, girl!
Just perfect.
I'm about to tell you
a lot of crazy stuff
about my marriage,
but my son is off-limits.
Shorty, just calm down,
all right?
How much you need?
All right, give me a few days
and I'll get you some money,
all right?
- Okay.
- Ahem.
What, what?
Hold on, hold on. Wendy--
Wendy! Wendy, give me--
Get off of me, Kevin!
Who the f-- was that, huh?
Who the f-- was that, Kevin?
It's this girl I was seeing.
But it's over, baby, I swear.
Wendy, we haven't had sex
in a year--
I was on bed rest,
gaining over 100 pounds,
to give life to your son!
I know, baby, but this was
hard on me, too.
The miscarriages,
watching you
stuck in bed all day.
I just needed
someone to talk to.
I swear, it's over.
She just wants some money.
It's over, baby.
It's over.
Wendy, come on.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I did not believe him.
You know how I always say
you should have
a private investigator
on speed-dial?
This is the origin
of that philosophy.
I wanted to kick her damn ass,
but I realized
the affair was his fault.
People always blame the woman,
but it's him who's married
with a new baby.
She don't mean nothing to me.
You're so goddamn boring.
-I'm boring?
You're boring.
You're arrogant.
Everything I do
I'm doing for you.
I'm out on these streets.
I'm protecting you.
Everybody got a hit on you
because you want to out
every rapper--
from Diddy, Meth--
all these people--
because you're calling them out.
You got a coke habit,
but I'm boring!
I just wanted to have some fun!
If you ever
cheat on me again, Kevin,
I swear...
and I promise you,
you will lose me.
-You will lose me.
-I'm sorry.
I took him back...
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
...but I would never
love him the same.
I'm sorry.
I need to get
an STD test,
and I'd like to get
an IUD placed.
Well, while I was pregnant,
Kevin cheated on me
with some whore.
And I just want to make sure
she doesn't have anything.
And I don't want any more kids,
so, I'd like
one of those 10-year IUDs.
Obviously, Wendy,
I'm your physician,
not a marriage therapist,
but I do think
that maybe you and Kevin
should talk
or go to counseling
before you make this decision
not to have more kids.
Respectfully, I disagree.
Now, Kevin made his decision,
and now I'm making mine.
My body can't take another baby.
All right, come on, let's go.
I always have a plan.
That was taken care of.
Now I had to get us both
out of Philly.
Out of sight out of mind.
I got my body together,
got the work done.
I'd been gone from New York
for years
and they still didn't have
a new "Wendy", so...
You look good, Wendy.
Oh, Vinny.
Thank you!
All right, you called me.
I'm here. Spill it.
I want back in New York.
And you're at WBLS now.
First, I can't pay you
what you're worth.
Second, we don't have
anything open in the mornings.
Okay. Well, I want afternoons.
You wanna do afternoons?
My own show, my way.
What's your budget?
Wendy, look.
I'll do what I can,
but more money will be hard.
Six-month contingency raise?
A signing bonus?
Come on.
when I call you with a number,
you're going to take it
and you're going to like it.
Wendy's back at WBLS.
Guess who called today?
Vinny Brown from 'BLS.
He wants me back.
Hell yeah!
That's what I'm talking about!
I knew they'd come
crawling back!
I knew it.
Yo, give me his number!
So I got us
back to New York.
Him, me, and baby makes three.
Not long after we got there,
9/11 happened.
I was actually supposed
to start work
on that very day.
Everything was different
after that.
I stopped thinking about
where Kevin was all the time
and settled into our new life--
decided to focus
on the hope of us just being
stronger as a family.
This was our second chance.
I also decided
to write a book--
about my life--
the ups and downs,
the highs and lows.
It was only 90% narcissism.
The rest of it
was about wanting
to help people see
that when you rise and fall,
you can rise again.
Oh, hey.
In this book,
I'm going to be honest
about your affair.
The book got published,
and there was
a huge launch planned.
It was going to be
in Times Square,
but I didn't think
anyone was going to show up.
Hey, baby.
You ready?
Tell me what's wrong.
What's wrong?
All your dreams are coming true.
Times Square!
Who do I think I am?
What if I embarrass myself?
I mean, I'm not
a book-writing kind of girl.
Yeah, but you wrote
a great book.
It's real, it's raw.
People need that.
What if nobody shows up?
Are we talking
musical chairs here?
No, no, no, no.
Look at me.
Look me in my eye.
What do you see here?
I see that you believe in me.
That's right.
Your book signing
is going to be a mob scene.
All right?
are we ready?
As difficult
as my relationship
with Kevin could be,
he knew how to reach me--
and he was right--
we had a New York Times
Best Seller on our hands.
And my radio show
was climbing the charts.
Life was good.
Whitney Houston!
Hey, Whitney in the house!
Now, Whitney,
are you still on drugs?
I thought
she was going to hang up.
I thought so, too.
That's my girl.
That's why I've always loved me
some Whitney Houston.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we have Ms. Mariah Carey!
- Yeah, Mariah!
- Hi, Mariah!
We're so happy to have you here!
You know,
you've changed your style.
Remember, she used to be
really dressed--
- All kind of covered up.
- All covered up.
You gotta be free.
Be free.
Let yourself go.
This big change--
was this before or after
your breast implants
and all that stuff?
No, you didn't.
Oh, my--
she hung up.
You know,
I know this guy, Kanye.
He's producing
for Jay Z right now,
but I see
really big things for him.
I wasn't just
Wendy Williams anymore--
I was the Wendy Williams
Things couldn't have
been better--
Excuse me.
Where's Arlissa?
Sorry, I got no idea
who you are speaking of.
The girl who normally
takes the tickets.
Why are you collecting the money
instead of pushing the liquor?
I dunno.
Kevin told me to be here.
Kevin told you to be here.
who's that?
That's my home girl, Sharina.
We grew up in SC together.
Is Kevin f-- her?
All I had was suspicions.
People around me
said I was paranoid.
Kevin had asked me for trust...
so I gave it.
Kevin, he drew
the cutest picture today.
It had
the three of us in it.
Who is that?
I don't know.
Some random number
that's been calling me
the last couple of weeks.
Probably a telemarketer
or something.
telemarketers don't call
three times in a row.
Answer the phone.
Yeah, this is Kevin Hunter.
I'm her manager.
Let me talk to her
and I'll get back to you.
That was some producer...
Denmar, something.
Yeah. Debmar.
They want to give you
a talk show.
Kevin, they've been
leaving messages at the station
for two weeks,
and you haven't
called them back?
You're my manager now!
I'm becoming a real business
and I've been trusting you
to take care of all of that--
but you've got
no respect for time,
no respect for protocol.
You show up to meetings
late all the time,
and you wear
sunglasses at night.
I mean, who the hell are you,
Corey Hart?
Yo, calm down.
I got this.
You can't get hype
every time TV calls.
They've been calling
since you did
that pilot with Monique
and none of them
have come correct.
We're not doing some panel show,
no "The View" co-hosting mess.
Let's see what these dudes
are talking about.
But as far as I'm concerned,
either they give you
your own show
or there's no deal.
The big ass.
These are the things
I want to talk about--
keep it clean for the kids,
but, you know,
they're at school,
so who cares?
We like it
raw and hardcore, right?
Right? I know you like that.
Turn a red right there.
You see who I'm with, right?
"Tell it like it is"--
that's what I intend
to bring to life on screen.
In-person celebrity interviews.
"Their business
is our business."
Green light, yep!
Go, go, go!
We got an order
for five shows a week
for 30 episodes--
daytime talk show
featuring, uh...
yeah, you know it--
Just Wendy.
Hey, Joanna?
How are the bookings looking
for episode one?
I mean, we're only
three weeks from air
and we're running out of time,
I need the update.
Well, we are having
some trouble
securing guests
for the inaugural episodes.
With all your controversy
over the years,
people are...
how to say it...
You know, without me,
half of these motherf--
wouldn't even have a platform
to talk their sh--,
and now they want
to boycott my show?
You know,
millions of people
turn on their radios
every single day,
across the country,
to listen to me, right?
You know, what if
I don't even need guests
to make my stuff hot?
That's right. You're the star.
People come for you.
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
I'll focus on the audience--
the people who read my book,
my connection to them.
The people who listen to me!
Sounds fantastic.
Oh, my god.
We have our own show!
Whatcha gonna call it?
"Hot Topics."
Hot Topics.
Hot Topics.
Wendy Williams.
-I like that stuff.
I love it!
Soon enough,
a whole new audience--
a national audience--
most of which had never heard
of Wendy Williams--
started to watch my show.
Oh, my god.
My parents were proud of me.
I had everything I ever wanted.
I had a TV show
where I could connect
to people,
and by the end of the year,
we were picked up
for two additional seasons.
I got to be a Mommy,
I had my family,
and it was so, so amazing.
Yeah, it was.
But you know what,
I was so busy
focusing on doing the work
and enjoying
the fruits of my labor
that I was ignoring,
and actually tolerating
how Kevin had gotten bolder
and more brazen
with his reckless behavior...
I took my eye off the balls.
Did you close the garage door?
I was handling some business
at the Fort Lee apartment.
You mean the club house
where you keep
your hoodlum friends and ho's?
Everything I do
is for you, Wendy.
My life is protecting you.
You don't even see it.
You don't see when these dudes
try to get at you, do you?
Nah. Because I'm protecting you.
Can't even pour me
a glass of wine.
Okay, that's enough waiting.
Kevin will get here
when he gets here.
Oh, Kevin.
Take a seat, please.
another sports watch.
Actually, that's for you.
Be careful,
you'll break the table.
F-- the table.
My bad, Wendy.
Just picking up something
for Kevin.
You still working?
Come on in.
Have a seat, Ryan.
You want a drink?
I'm good.
Are you okay, Wendy?
you know I care bout you.
I'm great.
You know, I'm just happy.
Me and Kev,
we've been through a lot.
And despite everything
he's done to me...
I do love him.
And I think we're in
a good space.
And I just want to say
that you're a part of it--
and I really appreciate
how you've been
such a good part of our lives
and in making
my happiness happen.
He is in L.A., right?
He's in Miami with--
with Nikki.
Who's Nikki?
You know her?
Her name is Sharina Hudson,
but she goes by "Nikki".
She's one of the model girls
y'all be having
at parties and stuff.
That's his other girl.
What, they live together
in the condo in Fort Lee?
I knew Fort Lee
was the hangout spot.
I figured that they might have
all been doing dirt there,
but what he said next
I wasn't ready for.
Nah, they live in a house.
In Jersey.
Not far from y'all place,
But wait--
you've been there before?
So this is a house,
not an apartment?
Is there, like,
a chandelier, Ryan?
I've been there before.
You know, Kev has the guys
meet there all the time.
She be walking around
like she own the place,
you know,
like she is Ms. Hunter,
bringing us wings and Henny.
I be looking at my dude,
like, "Kev, man,
how you gon' be out here
looking like this
when you got
Queen Wendy at home?"
What's the address?
I need the address, Ryan.
What's the address?
Okay. We don't want
Kevin to know
that you blew his cover,
so sit low,
duck down.
I'm going in.
Sleep with a married man...
I'll show you.
Really, Kevin?
My god, what is the mortgage
on this place?
To think you've got chandeliers.
Oh, my god, you've got a pool?
You always said
that you'd give me one.
The son of a bitch has dogs!
With my money!
Leaving the garage door open.
And that was the final straw.
I needed something
to ease the pain.
And after making
several phone calls,
I was on my way
to getting to the bottom
of everything.
Kevin had purchased the house
in his business name.
People thought I knew.
To be clear, I did not.
I see you've been
to my investment property.
Oh, so that's
what we're calling the place
where you stash your whore?
You're lucky
you didn't get arrested.
The police were there
when I got there.
My neighbors called.
I'm lucky
I didn't get arrested?
Oh, hell, no,
I'm not throwing my stuff.
Why don't you go
grab some of your raggedy crap
from your other house
for me to throw?
Or you know what,
better yet, Kevin--
just get out!
Yeah. Just get out of my house!
Get out!
Just get out!
Please, just--
please get out.
Please, just go.
Come on.
Get away!
I wanted to end it then,
but our son had two more years
before he went off to college.
I said to myself,
stay strong
and wait for your moment.
But that wait
was long and hard.
Show me a woman
whose husband
moves his side-piece
into a home
less than 10 miles away
from yours
who doesn't start
downing some wine
and I'll show you a liar.
Welcome back.
It's time for
our how you "boo-ing"
Halloween co-- costume contest.
We do it every year,
it's always a lot of fun,
so let's get started.
Our first carest--
Medic! Medic!
You just fainted, that's all.
How are you
feeling, baby?
More pretty,
young assistants, huh?
You sleeping with them, too?
I love you, Wendy.
I was worried about you.
Our son saw you
drop to the ground on TV.
I think you need some help.
Why don't we take you
to one of those fancy places,
clean up your soul and spirit?
I don't want you
to start using again--
I would never use again.
You better watch out, Kevin.
Don't push me on this,
'cause if you test me,
you will lose me.
I know you're mad.
People are talking about you
at the show.
People are afraid
for their jobs.
There are rumors
that we're gonna get canceled.
I've never missed
more than one day of work,
and I don't plan
on starting today.
Everyone thinks...
that you need some time off.
Do it for our son.
And that is how
the man convinces you
that you're the problem,
that you're the one
that needs help.
While I was
shuttled off to rehab,
I knew there were headlines
I shouldn't be missing.
Oh, um, excuse me. Yeah.
What can I do for you, Wendy?
You can give me back
my cell phone.
We have been asked
that we do not allow you
to have a cell phone.
Was it my husband?
You need to rest and relax
and have a break from all that.
You cannot have a cell phone,
media of any kind,
or access to a TV.
No, but I need to know
what's going on in the world.
I mean, I have
absolutely no idea
what people are saying.
Wendy, you know
it triggers you.
If you see that stuff,
you will want to drink.
Didn't you say
your mother was a fan?
Wait, what?
Oh, my god, Kevin.
she's pregnant.
He's having a baby with her.
Yeah, it's me.
How did I get a phone?
Because I'm smarter than you.
Now, I know that I agreed
to stay here in Florida
for a hot minute,
but a few things
have come to my attention,
and it is no longer tenable.
Number one--
our show is falling apart
because of all the bad press
about me.
I mean,
sponsors are dropping out.
Do you want that?
I mean, this is our livelihood.
We could lose everything!
Yeah. So get me
the hell out of here
and book me a plane ticket
back to New York!
Because I gotta save my show.
Okay, fine.
Fine, fine, fine, yes.
I agree to continue rehab.
I cannot and I will not
let my show go down the toilet!
You bastard.
Get me out of here.
These two guys
were hired to take me
from the sober house in Queens,
where I was living,
to the studio for work,
and back again every day.
They watched my every move.
I agreed to this
in order to save my show--
but I had a couple of tricks
up my sleeve.
First was to take back
the narrative of my own life.
I've been living
in a sober house.
I go there every day after work.
Lights out by 10:00.
And then I come back
to see you all again
the very next day.
So that is my truth.
It's a very, um...
regimented place,
very sterile,
very weird,
a good place...
for me to...
gather my thoughts and myself.
-I'm Wendy.
-Hi, Wendy.
I'm not an alcoholic.
My husband of nearly 20 years
is having a baby with...
his mistress.
We just want you
to be happy, Wendy.
That's what we've always wanted.
We want you to be healthy.
Kevin's been worried about you,
and I know Kevin Jr.
is gonna try
to come see you as well.
What did he tell you?
You shouldn't be here.
There is nothing
to be ashamed of.
Everybody has problems.
We are not judging you.
I knew what I had to do.
I secretly assembled my team.
Next, somehow,
I had to actually
get myself there.
Okay, can we hurry up?
I'm going to be late
for my meeting.
Just cut across
and take Third all the way down.
It's faster.
Yeah, we don't think
it's good idea
for you go
to this meeting today.
We don't think
you're in he right head space,
so we're taking you
straight back to the sober house
right away.
It's just my will being tweaked.
We'll reschedule it for you.
Hey, Wendy! Wendy!
I had everyone assembled
and ready to take action--
my accountants, lawyers,
business managers,
estate planners--
all there to help me
reclaim my life.
Hello, everyone.
How you doing?
Thank you so much for this.
Caviar, my favorite.
Let's get me legally
and financially free
from Kevin Hunter,
and then all I'm going to need
is a divorce.
We're doing this.
It's after 10:00 p.m.
Who let you in here?
I just need to talk to you.
Security! Security!
Hello! No.
Who let him in here?
-Because I want him out of here.
He is your guardian
and medical proxy.
No. He's making me sick.
Because I'm the one
whose health is on the line
and he is making me ill.
I mean, he's killing me.
He is emotionally,
mentally, and physically
destroying me.
Wendy, we think
it would be healthy
for your recovery
for you and Kevin to talk.
- Yeah, okay.
- We're all here for you.
You need to comply
with your treatment.
I need to talk to you.
Oh, about what, huh?
The studio you rented
for that little thing, Sharina,
so she can live out
her stylist pipe-dreams?
Or about the house
that you're keeping her in?
Or about all the cars
that you bought
that we can't afford--
or should I say,
that you can't afford--
because we all know
whose money is being spent here.
You know, the only reason
why anyone entertains yo ass
is because
you're Wendy Williams' husband.
Because I'm the one who's up
every morning at 6:00 a.m.
hosting the talk show
to pay for
your flashy-ass lifestyle,
and you've got me up in here--
calling me
a pill-popping alcoholic...
and a bad mom,
and a bad daughter,
and a boss
who's on the verge
of a breakdown.
Now, you're here to tell me
that she's had your baby.
Was it healthy?
Was it a boy or a girl?
It was a girl.
A baby girl.
Wendy, stop acting like
you don't have a problem.
I see you.
This isn't all about me--
you're not happy,
you're never satisfied.
Look at what I built us,
and you want
to throw it all away?
You can lie to yourself
all you want,
but I know and you know
you got a problem.
Yeah, well,
before I had you,
I had me.
And not you,
nor anyone else,
have the power
to take away my gifts.
Yeah, you almost
broke me, Kevin.
But you failed.
And we are getting a divorce.
Yeah. The paperwork's
on your desk.
So I suggest
that you get a lawyer,
because who I am
puts food on your table.
And, honey,
you will starve without me.
I know things
have been turbulent
over the last several months,
and I apologize to you all.
Going forward,
Kevin Hunter is no longer
a producer
or part of
the "The Wendy Williams Show"
in any way.
The middle man is gone.
Now I'm in charge.
Now, I hope you all
will continue to have faith
and believe even more
in the magic
of what we do here every day.
Let's get to it,
because I've got
way too many exciting plans
for the future.
I'm back!
About to be zipping and zooming
I'm about to be a single lady!
Okay, I did say it,
and I did mean it.
Now it's time to party--
and you are all invited.
After everything that happened,
you know what I realized?
Parents, siblings, friends,
colleagues, the world at large--
I was always trying
to make them proud.
Now, finally...
I'm proud of me.
Thank you
for everything that you do
and for being who you are...
because, together,
we will get through anything.
You know,
I want to thank you
for sharing my journey with me.
As a little girl growing up,
all of my life,
I've always had a plan.
The first big plan
was to get out of
my parents' house.
The life that I live right now
is bigger
than I could ever dream.
I have none.
It took all those mistakes
to get me right here,
to this purple chair,
I got one question for you.
How you doing?