Wer (2013) Movie Script

There you go.
Mrs. Porter,
what do you remember from that night?
It was dark,
but I could see.
The sky was
so bright.
There was
a full moon.
It was beautiful.
Peter Porter,
come here please.
Good work
on the fire, bud.
Look at this.
This is a very
beautiful spot.
What about this full moon?
You could get a moon tan.
So tell us about
the meteor shower.
And do you know what
a meteor shower is?
It's the ice and
debris that's...
Well, actually,
the sun is melting the ice off the comet
and that's when
the debris falls loose.
- Do you believe him?
- No.
I don't believe
you either.
Check out
our campsite.
Are you guys hungry?
Yeah, what'd
you bring to eat?
- Hot dogs?
- "Sot" dogs.
This is the Porter family.
Can you turn the little...
Look at that!
...yard this big and
our dog will always be happy.
- Wow. Okay. Oh!
- Hello.
- Oscar!
- Oscar!
What is he doing?
- Oscar!
- Shit!
Excuse me?
Crap. Don't repeat that.
Oscar! Oscar!
Do you see him?
Is everything okay?
Okay, do you
remember anything else?
I just remember
He was eating
my boy alive.
very sketchy details here.
An American man and his young
son holidaying in France
were brutally
killed last night...
The circumstances are very graphic.
...what police believe was
a vicious animal attack.
In what authorities
believe was a brutal animal attack...
...an attack
that has shocked police officers.
Authorities have confirmed the
death of 36-year-old Henry Porter
And Peter Porter.
...found mutilated.
He was just seven years old.
The young mother is the only survivor.
Claire Porter...
...taken by ambulance.
Authorities are hopeful
she will recover...
I have lived here,
my whole life.
Cannot remember
anything like this ever.
People are wondering
what type of animal...
A breed of animal has
yet to be determined.
Police are urging
people to be patient
as they continue with
their investigation.
He was tall and thin.
It had hair all over.
His hands,
they were huge.
You said "he."
A major turn in
this tragic case.
This is now officially
a murder investigation.
suggesting that there may be someone...
...responsible for the death
of the Porter family.
This is not
an animal attack.
Not an animal attack.
What type of man could be
capable of such things?
The question many in
France are asking...
One of the
biggest manhunts in recent times.
An entire community living in fear.
A very peaceful place and what has
happened has shattered that peace.
Major developments in the huge manhunt.
A local man was
taken into custody.
At 14:52, we apprehended the
suspect at his residence.
Police have identified a man...
...involved in the Porter tragedy.
- The suspect's name is Talan Gwynek.
- ...Talan Gwynek.
- The only suspect...
- ...accused of murder.
This monster of a man...
...refusing to answer police questions.
We also learned that
Gwynek's home in Cerdon...
...is only two miles from
the location of the attack.
Gwynek has been
transferred from Cerdon to Lyon.
But the question,
the validity of the charges.
No clear motive.
No prior criminal records.
Some legal analysts are calling his
arrest an abuse of human rights.
Well, at this stage
there is no factual evidence
to indicate anything more
than an animal attack.
Katherine Moore...
Gwynek's court-appointed attorney...
There is a vague description by a
woman who was very much in shock.
Europe has a long and sordid
history of animalistic murderers.
To be honest,
I'm not convinced
this is an act
of murder at all.
The French legal system
values hard evidence
more than eye
witness testimony.
That nuance is certainly
relevant to this case
and I believe it will
work in our favor.
You're an American living in France,
an expatriate.
Well, um, both my parents
were human rights lawyers.
My father was French,
my mother an American.
When they divorced
I spent every summer
in France with my father.
Mrs. Moore,
were you hesitant to accept this case,
considering the victims are American
and the defendant is French?
What matters to me would be to see
an innocent man sent to prison.
I think we got it.
You look great.
Yeah, you too.
How are you?
I'm good, good.
Mmm. Oh...
Uh, how was your flight?
It was fine.
So, uh...
So you're doing
TV interviews now.
Yeah, I'm not used to that,
that's for sure.
Did I look as nervous
as I felt?
No, you looked like you'd
been doing it for years.
Good. Um...
Oh, here, let's just move out here.
Been a while. So...
Damn, I didn't want
this to be awkward.
Oh, hey.
Mmm. Monsieur?
Oh, shoot, uh, Eric,
this is Dr. Gavin Flemyng.
Kate, come on.
It's Gavin. Gavin.
Oh, okay.
He doesn't
speak French.
- Very well. The Gavin, right?
- Mmm-hmm.
Yeah, I heard a lot about you.
Come on in.
Thanks for
helping out.
Ah, of course. Um...
Didn't realize
you were American as well.
- Do you have a PhD in wildlife forensics?
- Yeah.
Probably just
set up right here.
Kate said you did an amazing
job on a similar case
where you helped
redirect the investigation
from murder
to animal attack?
Oh, no,
he more than helped.
His testimony
was instrumental.
I hope you can do the same for us.
Here's the initial stuff.
I just wanted to thank
you for your time.
Uh, if you need anything, like bios,
statistics, police reports,
hash... Anything.
Anything. Anything.
Um, actually,
I've already put a request
to examine the victims'
bodies as soon as possible.
Maybe you can make, uh,
a request to the judge
so we can get a quick response?
I'll lean on him.
Okay, so, uh,
back to the Claire Porter interview.
The investigative judge
agreed to let you
review the tape,
so we're good on that.
He's also okayed you
sit down with Talan.
All right,
and who's investigating?
Uh, yes, Captain Klaus Pistor.
Ex-military pilot.
Been heading up murder
investigations for nearly a decade.
Every Thursday
he eats lunch at Pierre's,
orders the Croque-Monsieur
with Bleu d'Auvergne cheese.
Hates raisins,
like crazy.
I think there's an
allergy issue there.
So if you want to kill him
that's the way to do it.
Hang on a second.
Is there a...
It's good to see
you again, Kate.
Give it time.
You just got here.
I just remember
He was tall and thin.
It had hair all over.
His hands,
they were huge.
You said "he."
He was eating my boy alive.
I'm sorry, uh,
you don't speak French.
Of course,
you're English.
But you see there was
a camera malfunction
and, uh, Claire Porter's
condition was so poor
that the judge concluded
the interview.
So, you took Talan Gwynek into
custody based on her description?
Yes, I did.
He more than fit the description,
don't you think?
I am aware his
appearance is unique,
but did you pursue other leads?
Uh, yes,
apart from surveying the crime scene,
the entry points and
the attacker's footprints.
Uh, footprints?
We didn't, um...
We didn't see that evidence
in the investigation dossier.
Were they
photographed or cast?
No, the heavy rain
had washed them away,
but the measurements
matched the suspect's.
Okay. Um...
I do find it a bit unusual that
you took my client into custody
based on an inconclusive eyewitness
account and not hard evidence.
Uh, we have
the camera malfunction,
the footprints
being washed away...
This investigation's had some issues,
You agree?
The test results for your
client's DNA at the crime scene
will be back in
less than 48 hours.
So, I suggest we continue
this conversation then.
That is if Gwynek's DNA doesn't
show up at the crime scene.
Very good.
So why don't we go see your, uh, client?
Thank you.
Follow me.
Your team will stay in
the observation room.
You all right?
Very important.
You do not touch him.
You do not hand him anything
unless I say it's okay.
But your guards will not
be allowed to be in here.
It's my client's right.
I guess it is.
Okay, you have, uh,
only five minutes for the initial meeting.
Five minutes?
Yes, believe me, it will be long enough.
He hasn't spoken a word
since we arrested him.
You can angle
these cameras?
Take it off, now!
Okay, he's all yours.
Good luck.
Bonjour, Talan.
Uh, I would like to
remove his handcuffs.
Oh, no, no, no.
I take full responsibility for my security.
Absolutely, not.
No, categorically not.
His feet are chained
to the floor.
And you have guards
right outside this door.
Don't let me regret this,
Ms. Moore.
Okay, Rineaux.
What's she doing?
Thank you.
You speak English?
Did your mother teach you
how to speak English?
My mother,
how is she?
She's very worried
about you.
And your father,
I have yet to speak with him.
My father...
Your father?
Listen, everything is going to be okay.
We will talk again soon.
Until then, do not speak to anyone
else about this case but me.
Help me.
Everything happened so fast.
I got in there,
scratched my arm.
My glasses went flying.
- Are you okay?
- Jesus Christ.
No, I'm fine,
I'm fine.
The whole thing just
happened so quickly.
You all right?
You didn't get
hurt, right?
Yeah, thanks for
that back there.
I'm just your regular
knight in shining armor.
Did you hear what he said to me?
He said, "Help me."
That's what he said?
You sure this is
the right case for you?
Yeah, more than ever.
This doesn't make any sense.
You could have been really hurt back there,
you know?
The guy can barely move.
There's no way he could have
committed these crimes.
If his mobility is as
limited as it seems,
and, you know,
with those attacks,
then there's no way he could have done it,
you know?
There's no way.
Wait. Do you know
where you're going?
God sakes, Katherine.
Yes, I know where I'm going.
I'm going to look
it up on my GPS,
because I know your whole,
uh, brain GPS is...
You're like an old married couple,
you two.
- Bloody hell!
- Jeez.
Nice driving skills,
Eric, really.
- Thanks, I got the instinct.
You all right? - I'm good.
All right.
Shall we?
Mrs. Gwynek,
can you tell us
what you remember
about the night
the Porters died?
He was home that night.
He was very sick.
He did not leave.
He couldn't.
Sick, how?
Talan's condition...
He can't move.
Can't even get out of bed
for days sometimes.
- What was he like as a child?
- Mmm...
He was a happy boy,
a kind boy.
Children made fun of him,
called him names.
He didn't ever want
to leave the farm,
so we choose to
school him at home.
I take it you taught
Talan English as well?
Yeah, but he speaks
much better than me.
He's very smart.
Mrs. Gwynek,
your accent is Eastern European.
It's Moldavian?
Uh, Romanian.
I was born there,
but we moved to France when I was young.
We had family
all over Europe.
Not so much anymore,
but we still remember.
Do you see me?
And this is your mother?
Oh, Mama.
She's beautiful.
And what about
this gentleman here?
Oh, was my uncle,
He had the same
condition as Talan,
only he died before it became too severe,
in the war.
what can you tell us about this condition?
Well, it's sometimes passed
down to the men in our family.
Their bones too long and
too weak for their bodies.
- Has there been any official
diagnosis too? - No.
No, no one's ever
been able to help.
We tried, but...
I'm sure you did
all you could.
What was it like
for Talan growing up?
He spent the most time
with his father.
He died last year.
I'm so sorry
to hear that.
Mrs. Gwynek, um,
if you don't mind,
would you speak about
what happened there?
It was a car accident.
Uh, he was just
driving home late,
lost control...
That must have been
very hard on you.
It was hardest on Talan.
Mrs. Gwynek,
I'm having a really hard time understanding
why they've decided
to target Talan.
Do you know why they are
convinced that he's guilty?
Our land.
Your land?
They've always
wanted this land.
If I give up my land,
will they give me back my boy?
Holy shit!
Hang on.
What is it? You okay?
What is it? No!
"Killer." It says "Killer."
No, he's not killer!
Please, please, people need to know that!
He's no monster!
People need to
know that, please!
- We're gonna help him.
- We're gonna help him.
the government wanted
to turn the Gwynek's land into a
storage site for nuclear waste,
which would have given the
town a sizeable contract,
but the
Gwyneks refused.
What's so special
about their land?
The clay down there
is extremely dense,
which makes it
safe for storage.
For nuclear waste?
I mean, nuclear energy
powers about 80% of France,
so their land is unique.
Valuable, I bet.
How much was the contract?
Um, about
30 million euros.
It also says here
that Klaus Pistor
is on a committee trying
to win that contract.
You think he had
anything to gain?
That's a lot of money.
Especially down there.
You thinking about
his father's death?
Yeah, I am.
Yeah, me too.
I just remember...
Kate! Eric!
I just, uh...
I was speaking to a doctor friend
of mine from Oxford and, um...
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Um, we were discussing Talan's
appearance and symptoms,
and there's a very rare
disease called porphyria.
Um, symptoms include, um,
excessive facial and body hair
and receding gums which obviously
makes the teeth look longer.
And yeah,
it also causes crippling
chronic joint pain,
muscle weakness,
all sorts of nerve damage,
even seizures.
So, people with
this can barely move?
Exactly and it's so rare that some
doctors haven't even heard of it.
Okay, great.
What's up?
Uh, my necklace,
it's gone.
I haven't seen it.
Sure it's around.
Uh, anyway, um, this condition,
how do we test for it?
It's actually
pretty complicated.
It needs a pretty specialized facility
in order to handle the tests.
There's only one hospital
around here that can handle it.
How does one... Is it genetic?
How does one catch it?
I'm not too sure,
you're gonna...
But, uh,
it's certainly a good start.
Okay, perfect.
We'll request an evaluation for
Talan tomorrow first thing.
Good. Good. Good.
I'm gonna go home.
Kate, do you want...
Do you want to just go grab a drink,
catch up for a second?
I'm beat. It's just... It's
been a hell of a day, so...
- Okay.
- Okay. All right.
Um, all right.
Good night. Good night.
What the hell
are you doing, man?
What's that?
What are you doing?
Here with her?
What's going on?
Um, look, Eric.
I don't know you,
and you don't know anything
about my relationship with Kate.
Actually, I know a lot about
your relationship with Kate.
I don't give a shit about
your personal life, man.
I really don't.
I just hope you're not
trying to win her back here.
We don't need that
kind of distraction.
Right, well, first off, it's
been five years. Mmm-hmm.
I'm in a relationship so you can rest easy.
No, you're not.
Yes, I am.
No, you're not.
You looking into
my private life?
I'm just doing
my job, man.
You mind your
own business, mate.
How do I know
I can trust a man
who steals information for a living?
And actually,
that reminds me,
why is it exactly that you
don't work in the States, Eric?
You should go home.
Oh, by the way,
we received the DNA results,
but, uh, unfortunately,
they were contaminated.
We're relying
on those results.
Of course, we all were.
Right. Are you familiar with the
offer made on the Gwynek land
for federal storage
and nuclear waste?
Of course. Of course, in fact,
I talked to the judge already
and he said
it was irrelevant.
The land dispute complicates
the investigation,
and personally
I agree with him.
Oh, I'm still adding it to the dossier.
Well, you know,
that is your right, I know.
But remember this
is a murder case,
not a land dispute. Okay?
Okay, the offer made on the
land would have brought
30 million euros to this community.
That type of motive...
The motive?
Ms. Moore, come on.
Let's remember
who's on trial here.
No one is on trial yet,
Wow, he didn't want to touch that, did he?
No, he didn't.
Can you get me the police report on...
Talan's father's death.
Got it. Thank you.
Let's go.
Well, I hope you
have strong stomachs.
Oh, God.
You don't have
to be here for this.
Oh, no problem.
You all right?
I'm fine.
Want a glass of water?
No, thank you.
Okay. I'll try and do this
as quick as possible.
Bodies have been preserved in a
negative temperature chamber,
so there's minimal
to no decomposition.
Very vicious
clawed attack.
Um, the back
of the skull
has been completely ripped away.
There's also a
discernible bite pattern,
consistent in
a large animal attack.
The left femur being completely exposed.
Bottom jaw's been
completely ripped away.
Also the tongue been partially consumed.
Moving down here
to the femur,
there's evidence
of severe mauling.
Once again,
no evidence of
any type of weaponry
and the same
bite pattern.
An animal did this.
Fucking hell!
You okay?
Fucking hell.
Let's take a look
at the boy.
So I had hoped
to bring you some good
news about the DNA,
but the samples were
It's nothing
to worry about.
It was just a mistake
at the lab.
It happens all the time.
And they're running
the new tests now.
But I do have some
good news for you.
We may know the condition
you suffer from.
It's called porphyria.
Did any doctors ever mention this
to you or your family before?
The symptoms of this disease and what
you suffer from are very similar.
And if you
do test positive,
it will help prove that you
were not physically able
to commit
these crimes.
Uh, we'll have to move you to
a hospital for some tests.
Is that something you'd
feel comfortable with?
I would like to talk about
the night of the deaths.
Do you remember where
you were that night?
I cannot remember things
when I am sick.
Okay, I understand.
We call those blackouts.
I thought I lost that.
It was bent,
but I straightened it.
Thank you, Talan.
It was my father's ring.
I lost my father
not long ago also.
I know how
that feels.
Thank you.
Is that Talan's
arrest video?
He didn't even
put up a fight.
His father's accident report.
Oh, good.
Pistor investigated this case and
Rineaux was first on the scene.
Single car collision,
no foul play, ruled an accident.
Yeah, but check out
the toxicology report.
He had Phenobarbital
in his system.
He had 15 times any
normal prescribed amount.
I talked to Mrs. Gwynek.
So she swore that her husband
has no history of drug problems.
No depression problems,
no medical problems at all.
Okay, guys,
do you want to come in here a minute?
I've just sorted through
my findings for the, uh,
Henry Porter examination.
Yeah, uh, so
why didn't Pistor
investigate his death
as a possible homicide?
Money makes people
do strange things.
It certainly does.
Right, so, um,
Henry Porter...
For the bite marks,
first of all, indiscernible.
I can't tell you what
animal they're from.
Um, also, Henry Porter's
skull was crushed
and it takes 1400 PSI
to crush a human skull.
And obviously a human's bite
is maximum 200 pounds.
Good, so not human.
No, no...
Um, so...
Sorry, excuse me
a second.
What's up with him?
I don't know.
He's a prick is
what's up with him.
I mean,
he's an animal expert.
There are thousands of them.
Why him specifically?
'Cause he's best
for the case, Eric.
Is that right?
He can't even tell us
what animal that is.
Let me ask
you something.
You tell him what happened
to me in the States?
What happened?
No! Why, did he
say something?
It wasn't her, mate.
It was me, I found out myself.
It wasn't difficult.
You sold privileged
information for cash.
Solid work.
Cash? You don't know what you're
talking about, all right?
So, please,
shut the fuck up.
What's going on?
Did you get sick or what?
Yeah, I don't know.
Yeah, I think it's just the food here.
France is really known for shit food.
I'm sorry.
So, right, anyway, um...
Where was I?
Uh, the bites.
So, it's definitely not human, then?
Oh, yes.
So, no, no.
Uh, no, this was a huge animal.
Good. Oh, my God.
The hospital...
Claire Porter went into
septic shock and died.
Oh, Jesus.
So the judge authorized your
request for a medical evaluation.
It seems that you made
an interesting point
concerning your client's
physical deficiencies.
Uh, thank you, Ms. Moore.
We'll keep you informed.
Uh, actually,
Commissaire, if I may.
Uh, I was going over
the police report
issued for Jorge
Gwynek's car accident.
You investigated
this, yes?
Yes, that's correct.
Then, I'm sure you're well
aware that he had 15 times
the prescribed amount of
Phenobarbital in his system.
What's your point,
Ms. Moore?
As the
investigating officer,
I feel like you have ignored certain
elements pertaining to my client.
Why didn't you at least
investigate the crash further?
Because I think that
he's a drug addict.
There is nothing in
his medical history
to suggest that he had any
substance abuse problems. Nothing!
If you have any requests,
why don't you put it in writing?
Wait, please.
A farmer from
outside the city
reported that some kind of
animal attacked his horses.
He was standing
on two legs,
over two meters tall,
covered in hair,
and called it
a "monster from hell."
That sure sounds like the animal
that killed Henry Porter.
We'll follow you.
Yes, why don't
you do that?
Oh, my God.
That's impossible.
There hasn't been a bear,
a wild bear in this region for...
A hundred years.
This has to be the bear
that attacked the Porters.
It's all consistent, the area,
the size of the animal. Gavin?
We'll have
to run some tests,
but this is
looking good.
DNA results.
We need Gavin.
I was just, uh, reading that there
are certain strains of porphyria
that are not only passed genetically,
but in rare cases,
they can be transmitted through
blood or any mucous membrane.
Just gonna turn
this light on.
So, um, I need you
to look at this.
Talan's DNA results,
cross-contaminated again.
Well, get them to
do the test again.
Actually, can you, um,
ask them to send me
both DNA analysis reports
for both tests?
What's wrong?
I don't know.
I'm worried about you.
No, don't.
You should be worried
about the case.
'cause I'm never worried about my cases.
Nothing's changed
there then.
Yeah. Mmm.
Do you think he could have done it,
Look, there is no way a man could
have done anything like that.
Yeah. Yeah.
You're doing
a great job, Kate.
Thanks for saying that.
And you were right
to move here.
I should have
come with you.
I miss you, Kate.
I miss you too.
The day has come for
Gwynek's specialized testing
which could
produce results that
exonerate him of
all criminal charges.
Why are you
helping me, Kate?
Because I was taught
from a very young age
that everyone
deserves to be heard.
Especially the ones that
think they don't deserve it.
They'll get
what they want.
Do you want
me to quit?
You thought about it though?
Mmm. Yeah.
Yeah, come in.
Uh, Talan,
these are my partners Eric and Gavin.
You haven't
officially met yet.
Uh, Gavin is gonna explain a few
of the specifics about the exam.
So, okay?
Okay, so, um, Talan,
along with the normal battery of tests,
the lead physician is also
going to administer, um, uh,
a corneal impression to get a
cell sample of one of your eyes.
Um, this will be the early
indicator of the porphyria.
After that, he's going to attempt
a photic-induced seizure.
A photic-induced seizure?
It's strobing lights that will
cause stress and trigger an attack.
It's the only way to
confirm the porphyria
and allow it to be
admissible in court.
All right, we should get going.
It's gonna
work, right?
It has to.
Mrs. Gwynek, okay.
Commencing the examination
of patient Talan Gwynek.
Okay, we will now do
the corneal impression.
Relax, Talan.
The early indicator
for porphyria is positive.
Excellent, excellent.
Now let's move on
to seizure induction.
I will need you to stare
at the flashing light.
Uh, doctor?
No, no, it's normal.
We need to stop
this right now.
This is unusual.
Doctor, please!
Help, somebody!
No, no, no! Gwynek, don't!
How did this happen?
He could barely move.
That was not Talan.
I hope you're happy, I hope you're happy!
All this is on your head!
How the hell were
we supposed to know
that this was going
to happen?
I knew! You got
him transferred.
He killed three people
and now he's gone!
I promise I was only doing what I
thought was best for my client!
I don't give a fuck! Just go!
Go! Let me do my job. Go!
Go! Go! You go!
Reports from Lyon
indicate four more dead.
Gwynek's whereabouts
remain unknown.
Where would our werewolf legends be?
Put "luna" in
the word lunatic.
Researchers tracked down
more than a thousand reported attacks
and compared the dates
with the lunar cycle.
The most dangerous time
following a full moon.
Eric? You here?
Did you spend
all night here?
How you doing?
You all right?
Listen, uh,
I'm glad you're here.
Um, you know how we were wondering
how it was even physically possible
for Talan to destroy
that hospital?
Okay, so, bear with me.
You know how people
say the full moon
can make people
go mad, crazy?
Okay. So, watch this.
Put "luna" in the word lunatic,
but do we really know what effect
the moon has on our lives?
Okay, look.
The sky was so bright.
There was a full moon.
There's been these
studies on epileptics
where a full moon triggers
these prolonged seizures.
They have these
violent outbursts
and they get almost this,
like, super human strength.
It has something
to do with water.
You know how like the moon
affects the tides, right?
Well, human beings have almost 60% water.
I mean, it kind of
makes sense, right?
They even have
a name for it.
It's called
the Lunar Effect.
Okay, so...
So you think he
becomes what he is
under the influence
of the moon?
What are you saying?
Last night the moon
was 98%.
Tonight, full moon.
What's this?
It seems there's
no more running for Gwynek.
Police have
the building surrounded.
However, details on
how he escaped
a heavily guarded hospital
wing remain unclear.
I'm going. Yeah.
I'm going to get my coat.
Why? Pistor doesn't
want you there.
He's my client, Gavin.
I have a responsibility.
But he's a murderer, Kate.
Leave it alone.
I know he's
a murderer, Gavin.
I'm done defending him.
- I don't know, I mean, if this
Lunar Effect... - You coming?
You're making
a mistake, Kate!
Yeah, I'm coming.
A lot of people have died.
I don't want them to die
because of me, okay?
Yeah, well, the person you're
trying to save is a fucking animal!
I know that, Gavin!
What do you want me to say to you?
Haven't you helped him
kill enough people, Kate?
All right,
you need to stay here.
I don't want to see you.
Can you pull your shit together, please?
Go, go, go!
Uh, Katherine Moore...
What are you doing here?
I told you to stay away.
He is my client.
I don't want to see anyone
else hurt either, all right?
Don't worry.
He's on the eighth floor.
He hasn't killed
anyone yet.
We have the situation
under control.
Control? You have no idea what
you're dealing with here.
Oh, really? Why don't you
tell me, Mr. American.
What are we
dealing with here?
I think he has this condition where
his behavior is affected by the moon.
The moon?
What are you talking about?
His violence
isn't naturally there.
Okay, okay, okay.
All I know is
I don't want any more
innocent people
killed by that maniac.
He moves,
he's dead.
Oh, fuck.
Talan Gwynek.
Pull your men back.
Pull your men back. Right now!
He's right.
I don't want anyone else to die, all right?
We got it.
Get them out of there now!
You don't know what you're talking about,
What have we done?
Based on eyewitness reports,
authorities believe he is
headed to his home in Cerdon.
Get in.
Get in. Get in.
I tried to tell you, Kate.
I know, Gavin!
Fuck, what happened
to your eye?
I saw the news,
what happened?
It was unlike anything I've ever seen, man.
The guy fell 10 stories.
It was like Planet of the Fucking Apes.
He was standing right
in front of us, Gavin.
That thing inside of him,
it was not Talan Gwynek.
- It's like he wasn't even...
- He wasn't even human?
- Exactly.
- I don't think he is.
I looked at the DNA analysis
reports Eric sent back to me.
The results were exactly
the same both times.
The contamination
patterns were identical.
- The DNA just wasn't classifiable.
- He's non-human?
Yeah. He's non-anything.
I don't know what he is.
It looks like
we're too late.
She's not here.
What's with
all the security?
I'd say she was afraid.
What was she
afraid of, huh?
Now she's gone.
She probably left to meet him somewhere.
What if that was
her plan all along?
No. What choice
did she have?
What are you talking about?
Hang on, hang on, hang on.
Think about it.
If 500 years ago
someone saw a man
with Talan Gwynek's same appearance,
that condition, okay?
And that man was under
the influence of the moon.
This Lunar Effect,
and it made him predatory
and it made him this killer,
this man eater.
Wait, it sounds like you're
talking about a loup-garou.
A werewolf?
Yes, they'd say that he was not human.
He was a man and a beast
like Talan Gwynek.
All the more reason that his whole
family should be exterminated.
For 50 years they lived in peace.
And then something
bad happened.
Talan's father was killed so that
you could profit from their land.
I just need some air.
All right?
Mrs. Gwynek?
Mrs. Gwynek,
are you in here?
It's Katherine Moore.
It's just me, okay?
I know about the secret
you've been hiding
about your family.
I know you're...
I know you're, um...
You're just trying
to protect your son.
If they killed your husband,
we can help you.
But Talan has
to be stopped.
Please come out.
- Fuck!
- Sorry.
You go. You're not
supposed to be here.
Eric, I have
an ax in my hand.
Don't sneak up on me.
What are you
doing in here?
Nothing. I thought
I saw something.
Yeah, I was
worried about you.
Let's get out of here.
Where did
the cop...
Jesus Christ!
Talan Gwynek!
I don't know.
I don't know.
At the rate he's moving,
he could be anywhere.
I don't think he's going
to leave the forest.
It's his home.
The cave system here, he and his
father spent a lot of time there.
He grew up
in those caves.
Okay, we leave
in one minute.
He trusts you,
so you're going to help me bring him in.
Let's go!
I'm not going.
I just need to figure
some things out, Kate.
I can't explain
right now. I can't.
Gavin, come on.
What the hell is going on, really?
What is this about?
Show us your arm.
what's going on?
Let me see your arm.
Gavin, let me go.
Let me go!
What is that?
I got, uh...
I got infected
by Talan, um,
in the police station.
And that's why you're changing?
Where did
you get that?
It doesn't matter.
If I do anything,
you use the gun.
I'm scared.
Me too.
I hope you know
who you're trusting.
If you decide to meet at the convoy,
I'm ready to take you.
Thank you, Officer.
They found something.
Let's go.
Oh, my God.
Stop. Stop. Stop.
There's something.
It's coming from that hole.
Quiet. Shh!
Hold on.
Come on, you motherfucker.
Show yourself.
What is that?
Oh, shit!
Talan! Talan.
Talan, you don't
want to hurt him.
I know what this
man did to you.
Just let him go.
That's right.
That's right, Talan.
No one else has to die.
That's right.
- Kate?
- Hey, are you feeling okay?
Yeah, yeah,
I feel pretty good.
Listen, I've found
a basement here.
I think it was used as
a holding cell for Talan.
His mother
knew all along.
He's dead, Gavin.
Hang on,
I can hardly hear you.
I tried to plead with him.
They're taking his body to the morgue.
Listen to me. If you
start feeling anything...
Kate, come on.
I feel fine.
Just be careful.
Watch Pistor, Kate.
He can't be trusted.
Oh, Jesus! Let's see.
Come back here.
Oh, Jesus Christ!
Okay, come here. Come here.
Who did this to you?
Can you tell me who did this to you?
Look, I'm gonna get
you some help. Okay?
You said you'd protect him.
Now look what you did.
What's gonna
happen to me?
I don't know.
I'm not your mother!
But you won't
ever be like him.
Not with
what you did.
Your son did this to me.
You all said
you'd protect him.
Your son did
this to me.
So what did Gavin tell you?
Is he all right?
He said he was fine,
but I don't know.
We don't know.
It might be too late for him.
He could be turning into what Talan is.
A fucking animal.
We don't know that. I pulled Gavin
into this and I'm gonna help him.
No matter what it takes.
Fuck, fuck, fuck!
Pistor's gonna do
what he wants to do.
He's gonna kill him and
who's to say he's wrong?
This is all about money to
Pistor and I'm not gonna let him
get away with killing
Talan's father or Gavin.
Get in the car!
Eric, fuck,
what are you doing?
Sixty, 70 miles an hour.
I couldn't catch him.
I couldn't
catch up with him.
And they shot him, like,
10 times, and he didn't die.
He didn't die, Kate.
What does that mean? He can't be killed?
Is that what that means?
He can't be killed?
Maybe they have to
shoot him in the head.
Is that what it is?
Is that the only way that he can die?
Kate, run.
Talan, it's okay. No!
It's fine.
Talan, please, come on.
None of these people
understand you,
and they never will.
They're scared of you.
But I can help you.
Please, Talan.
Talan. Talan, no.
Talan, Talan, please, Talan.
No, no, no, Talan, Talan.
Talan, no!
Talan, no! Talan!
No! No!
No! No! Please! Please!
It's a case that has horrified France...
...because of its brutality.
This story raises such
questions about humanity
and what human beings
are capable of.
Gwynek is now responsible
for killing more than 40 people.
Including two
dozen law enforcement officers,
his own mother, whom
he bludgeoned to death,
and Eric Serran,
a member of his defense team.
Gwynek is assumed dead,
however, officials have
not recovered his body.
Katherine Moore
remains in serious condition.
Doctors are cautious,
but remain hopeful for her recovery.
Deceased Judiciary
Officer Klaus Pistor has been implicated
in a conspiracy
to commit fraud
and the murder
of Jorge Gwynek.
Another disappearance
near the Luxembourg border.
There's growing concern
that Talan Gwynek is still at large.
Another disappearance
near the Luxembourg border.
After being
released from the hospital,
he has agreed to
an exclusive interview.
I'm glad to be here.
Thanks for having me.
Yes, it's hard to believe
it's almost been a month.
A couple found mutilated.
I'm fine, thank you,
and Kate's recovering well.
A pregnant woman has
been reported missing.
No, no, I don't think
he's dead at all.
Family members say their son
was on a backpacking trip...
...son was on a
backpacking trip across Europe.
But you ask how
a human can do that
and my answer is simple.
He isn't human.
A brutal slaying
near Cologne.
No, no, the reports are
not embellished at all.
I've seen what he can do.
You've seen what he can do.
Have you felt any side effects?
Have you been
affected in any way?
An entire community
is living in fear
of what they're calling
The Beast of Strasbourg.
I'm completely serious
when I say to you
that Talan Gwynek,
by the mere definition
of the word...
Is a werewolf.